hey its poop
Hello everyone!! I got a story from when I was 18 years old. Me and my family had went for a weekend on the beach, and I hadn't pooped for a couple of days, and was really feeling it knocking at my back door as we were enjoying a hot day on the beach. I was extremely poop shy back then, and tried to avoid pooping around anyone, especially my family. So, I tried the best I could to force my poo to wait until I got home in the privacy of my own bathroom, but I was very uncomfortable now, and knew I would not be able to enjoy this day if I did not have a BM NOW!!! There was a public bathroom just up the beach a little, and I was hoping maybe I could do my poo with nobody else in there. I told my mom that I had to use the restroom, and rushed to the bathroom as quickly as possible. I was relieved that there was nobody in there. There were only 3 stalls, and I took the farthest one, which was the handicapped one, and I quickly closed the door behind me, and ran to the much needed toilet, and my bathing suit was still soaking wet because I had just gotten out of the water, and it was difficult to get off, but with some effort, I finally got it pulled down, and plopped my bum onto the cold, hard toilet seat, and immediately a strong stream of pee began to flow. It felt warm coming out, because my body was very cold from the water. The stream of pee finally ended, and I relaxed my hole. I thought since I was so desperate to get there, the turds would just come out easily, but surprisingly I had to push with some force to get things moving. Finally, I felt the thick, warm turd slowly moving out of my hole, spreading my hole to the max, and it made my eyes water as it moved slowly out, and I began to get goosebumps as this large log was ever so slowly moving as I was pushing. My breathing was very heavy, and I was enjoying the feeling this large turd still slowly exiting my hole was giving me. Then my enjoyable dump was interrupted by another lady walking into the restroom, and I immediately stopped pushing, and my large log stopped moving, and was hanging half way out my butt. I didn't want this person to hear my large turd drop, and I very uncomfortably held the turd in its position. My butt muscles were longing to just be able to relax and let the turd continue its journey out, but I refused to give in. The lady had chosen the stall next to me, and had already finished her stream of pee, and to my horror began making straining noises. Oh know, she is pooping!!! She was making some pretty loud grunting noises, and would let out a sigh after a minute of pushing and grunting would produce no results. This went on for 4 minutes straight, and I was sitting there very uncomfortably just wishing I could push my turd out in peace again like I was before. Finally she made a very loud kerploop, and said, " DANG!! That thing is a monster!!!" She wiped two times, I imagine one for the front and one for the back, and flushed twice, and said, "My monster has clogged the damn toilet!" She didn't even bother to wash her hands, and left the bathroom. Finally I was alone again. I relaxed my muscles, and realized I was going to have to push a little harder to get it to move again. My feet were pressed hard against the floor, and I grabbed onto the handicapped bar to brace myself, and I began to push very hard, and the log slowly moved out a little more, and I let out the breath with a sigh...I took a few seconds to catch my breath, then began to push hard again, and I was letting out some involuntary grunts as I was pushing the monster log out. Finally with one last hard push, it landed with a loud kerploop, and ended up splashing my bum with cold water. My hole stayed open as another large turd slowly pushed its way through, with little effort on my part, it crackled loudly as it slowly slid out, and landed with a soft plip into the water. It was a rather long one, because it didn't even break off until the tip had already touched the water. I thought there was maybe more left, so I pushed for a minute straight when I felt a wide log emerging slowly, and it slowly slid out, and it felt like it went on forever, but finally broke off with a plip, and oh here comes some more....plop.........plop.......plop. Finally I felt my two day load was completely out now. I looked at my watch and realized I had been in there for 20 minutes. I just knew my mom would know what I had been doing in there. I had to wipe 9 times, and ended up clogging the toilet. I pulled my suit back up, and began to unlatch the door when I heard footsteps, and I hoped to get out of the stall before someone entered and saw me leaving it, and then seeing the clogged toilet with all those turds in it. However, I wasn't so lucky, as I walked out of the stall, my mom walked into the bathroom and saw me leaving the stall. My face turned red, I could feel it. My mom said, "I was coming to check on you. You alright? You have been in here for awhile." I felt humiliated, and made up a phony story that there was a huge line. She believed me, but to my horror said she had to pee while she was in here, and she walked right over to the stall I had just come out of, and she took one look in the toilet, and said "Holy crap!!! Did you do that?" I didn't want to lie again, and quietly said yes. She must have known I was embarassed by this whole ordeal, because she said, "Honey, its alright. Don't be shy about it. Everyone does it!! I am just surprised that so much poop can come out of someone as small as you." We had a good laugh about it, and it actually kinda helped me get over some of my poo shyness. Well, thats all for now. Sorry so long!!

this is my first time posting. a little bit about me: i'm elevn years old, around 100 pounds, and 5'4. by the way, i am sitting here with my friend right now.

so one time, about a week ago, i was walking around my neighborhood (my neighborhood has 700 houses, so it's pretty big), when my friend really had to poop and pee. she didn't know what to do, so we just went behind a random house, and she started her business. we could tell no one was home, so all that was good. just as my friend was peeing (she had already been peeing for about a minute), some guy came up to us and asked what we were doing. her pants were done, and she was peeing (still going strong) and we didn't no what to do so we ran

just thought i'd share that

I peed my pants a little yesterday at school. Luckily, I was wearing black jeans that weren't too tight so it wasn't as obvious. What happened was that the lobby hallway of my school was closed off to students because it's a polling place and it was election day. There were like 25 or 30 election workers there from when I got to school until I went home yesterday afternoon. On top of that, there were long lines of voters that came throughout the day. The fact that we have a large senior class and that many of them have turned 18 and are qualified to vote didn't help. So because of all these people, the bathrooms in the main hallway were closed off for the workers and visitors. So at the end of 1st hour when I usually go in to pee, which is especially important because I stop at Starbucks down the street from our campus on the way to school, I got the bad news. When your bladder is ready to eliminate and your butt is ready to be situated on the seat, it really sucks both mentally and physically when that doesn't happen. At first I was shocked that they would close off like an 18 to 20 stall bathroom for any group of visitors. Like why can't these adults just share with us? Well anyway, the warning bell rang and I went to my 2nd hour class and suffered through the lecture. I must have spent the lst 10 minutes working out in my mind what my options were going to be for the next break and how much time I would have to get to an alternative location, get a stall, sit down, pee and still get to my 3rd hour class on time. Well, my English class is on 3rd floor so I had half the distance of the hallway to cover as I started my run for the toilet during break. The bathroom on each of the upper floors is smaller, like 9 or 10 stalls, and I wanted to get a stall and avoid a crowd by moving as fast as I could. Wrong! When I got there there were students as far back as the restroom doorway so I moved myself away from the crowd pushing toward the sinks (I didn't need to hear water running anyway!) and I got hit harder in the side by a bookbag of a girl who was trying to push herself away from the sink. At that point I could feel pee start to trickle into my underwear and a little more run down my left leg. I was practically leaning against a stall door when a girl throws it open and starts pushing into the crowd. She swore and as she tried to push her way through, I quickly ducked into the stall. I latched the door just as I dropped my bookbag, and despite seeing quite a bit of urine sprinkles on the seat, I wasted no time in pulling my jeans and now semi-damp underwear down, and seating myself. My pain continued but I couldn't get my pee started immediately. After about 10 seconds it gushed out and continued for more than a minute. The light wasn't very good but I took my thumb and rubbed it across the crotch of my jeans and my underwear to find how much of an "accident" I had had and I guess I considered myself fortunate that I didn't have to do a lot of cleaning as I sat. The 1-minute warning bell rang just as I was getting up off the seat. I got my panties and jeans up, flung my bookbag over my back and made a run for class. I could still fill a wet spot in my underwear for the next hour or so, but I made it to class without a tardy penalty. I would never tell my mother about this because she would worry about the what holding it longer is doing to my bladder and the sanitation issue about having to sit directly on the toilet seat and also in someone else's urine. But I don't have any alternatives.

Ever have this happen? You run into a public bathroom with a bad case of the runs and to your horror you find somebody you know already in there! You want to wait to start your inevitably loud and smelly poop, but you know you can't afford it, so you just try to avoid being seen by this person until you get into a stall? I had this happen the other day at my college. A guy in one of my classes was already at a urinal. Luckily I managed to avoid being spotted. And thank god, too, because he made some nasty remarks about what I was doing. ;)

Hi this story hapen the first week i met my gf one night we cam home and she said that she need to go to the toilet.So as soon i unlock the house door she went to the washroom and she let the door open.She then drop her jeans and panty around her ankle and sit on the toilet.She let a big fart and i ear the crakling sound of a firm poop coming she continue the conversation we had in the car and was leting out big turd,sudenly she said look inside the bowl there was 3 big log probaly 10 inches long each,she said that she need to do a courtesy flush,and she did it,but after that she let out another turd and she start with soft mushy poop and diareha for 2 or 3 min and she said she was done.So she start to wrap toilet paper and she clean herself from the front it was the first time i saw a women clean her bottom from the front and she said she always do that like this.After six wipe she was clean and she flush the toilet back,there was a awful smell in the house but i didnt care i gave her a big kiss and we went back in the car to continue our drive.Like a hour after she told me she need to get back to my house because she have cramp,so we went back to my house as soon i open the door she rush inside drop her pant and panty befor she reach the washroom,and as soon she hit the toilet she explode again but this time it was only liquid poop she was on the toilet for another 15 min.After that she said she feel a lot better and she went in the shower and clean herself in there and we watch a movie for the rest of the night.The next morning went i woke up she was in the washroom and i had a pretty big need to do a job so wen i came in she was on the toilet and having a big dump again i ask her if she expect to be done soon and she said no she just start ,i look at her and i said i need the toilet to she said well just sit with me so she open her leg and i sit between her leg and i let out a big snake of poop afther that i jump in the shower and wash myself ....... good bye for now need to go!....

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Punk Rock Girl
Hey you guuuuyyyys!!!

Hi all. I had to take a shit in a porta-potty this past weekend. Colin and I went to a farmer's market in Jersey on Saturday. I had to take a dump almost right after we got there. I saw a row of porta-potties against a fence with a line. They didn't seem to be designated men or women, so I just got on line and waited my turn.

After a few minutes of clenching my buns it was my turn. I stepped inside and immediately saw that the seat was covered in piss. Now, I don't just blame guys for this. In fact, I think most guys pee in the little urinal-like thing in most porta-potties. I'd say much of this is caused by women too squeamish to sit their bare asses on a porta-potty seat with gallons of other people's piss and shit fermenting just inches from their behinds.

Anyway, I rolled off a ton of TP and layered the seat with it. I unzipped my jeans and pulled them and my underpants down and sat. As badly as I had to go, it was kind of tough to get it moving. It took a few pushes and a nice solid load started creeping out. It felt pretty good, and was followed by a few smaller chunks that slipped out with ease.

After, I stood and wiped my ass. As always after using a porta-potty, I checked my thighs and ass for any sticky spots. My buns were clean. I pulled up my pants and pushed the TP from the seat into the cesspool below. I always think it's nice to drop some TP in there so the next person doesn't have to look down and see your load before sitting above it. That's kind of personal, you know?

Anyway, a relatively pleasant dump in unpleasant surroudings. Thought I'd share.

Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!



Ashley D.
Hey, Ashley here again.
I have a good story about an experience I shared with my mom when I was a junior in high school. I went on vacation with just my mom during spring break one year. We went to Southern California, and because our hotel reservations were messed up, we had to stay in a small, yet nice, motel.

One morning I woke up and noticed my mom was out of bed and then I heard the bathroom door shut. The bed I was in was probably a foot away from the toilet, separated by a paper thin wall. I heard the toilet seat drop and my mom drop her sweats. I perked my ears up and immediately heard a couple of farts. Then a quick pee and she gave a tiny grunt. I now had my ear pressed up against the wall. I heard another fart, then an explosion of what sounded like loose poopie. She moaned, which I had never heard her do, then I heard another couple of plops, a fart, and some more loose doodie. I heard the toilet flush and then it was silent. I heard my mom curse and the bathroom door open. I quickly got myself back in bad, pretending to sleep. I heard her creep across the room, and go to her purse. I opened one eye and looked over her, her underwear were down and she was rifling through her purse. She pulled out some tissues and proceeded back to the bathroom. I heard her sit again and another blast of poo. Then I heard her wipe, which seemed to last forever. She flushed and came back to bed.

When I went to pee when I woke up, I noticed my mom had used all the tissues and had ordered plenty of TP for the rest of the trip. I have another great story from this trip. I will post it next time.

Ashley D. <3

I work at a small privite college I am a janitor in a student dorm.This dorm was bult 25 years ago and did not have your standered cleaning closet.After much debate they let me have a small unisex bathroom as my cleaning closet.I spoke with the maint. man and he asked what i would need to be changed I told him he could remove the small sink and paper dispensers. He asked me if I wanted to have a slop sink I said if you want you can just leave the toilet as my sink. I told him I would need a facuet with hot and cold water for mixing my cleaning stuff. He mounted one right over the toilet this had a hot and a cold knob and one spout where the water comes out. I had put all my cleaning stuff in and got it set up the way i wanted. The last thing he did was change the lock on the door. I was cleaning in the bld. one day when I saw this girl go up to the door of my new closet and try to open it. When she saw it was locked she let out a sigh. I went over and asked whats wrong she said that she liked using this bathroom to go #2 it is away from everybody and she liked being out of ear shot of everone else. I told her that It is now my cleaning closet she said that a lot of the girls are going to be bummed out. I said well the toilet is still there and if you want I don't mind if you use it she said really your sure I said no problem. So i opened the door and told her to take her time I would be at least an hour sweeping the stairs. She said cool and shut the door. So I went off to sweep. I had frogot to get my broom so I went in the boiler room to get an other one. This room is right next to my closet as I was walking in I heard some noise comming from there so went over to the wall and was able to hrer what was going on. I heard her letting out loud farts then some plops she was moving around in there I heard the sound of clothes comming off. just then I heard the toilet flush and then another long fart and more plops then heard toilet paper being used.I waited a couple mins then I made my way out and saw her going down the hall but she didn't see me. I went back to see what she had done when I opened the door I could already smell a strong poop smell and going it got stronger I looked in the bowl and were some skid marks and some leftover stuff in the water. I stod there and thought wow this going to be a good year. I'll keep you posted on things going on. I love my new closet/bathroom

To the teacher with the bathroom question... I am also a teacher, but we have bathrooms in our classroom so that is not much of a problem for us. However my mom teaches high school and she gives out three bathroom passes at the begining of the semester. If the students do not use there passes they get five bounus points on their final exam. This cuts down on the number of students who are just leaving to get out of class because most students want the five bonus points. She records each student's name when they go in her grade book and takes up their pass. If they are out of passes she will still let them go, but they do not get the bounus points. This really encourages the kids to go between classes and make sure they bring all their materials with them.

Kelly P
Hi Bethany,

Six days is a long time with no poo. I know, because it's happened to me, too, especially when I was in college. Even if you get an urge now the poo may be too big and hard to grunt out. If I was that stopped up I'd use an enema for sure. I use a regular water enema, not one of those little Fleet enemas. You can do it yourself, although it's much easier if someone helps you. My husband and I help each other. Could your mother or a roommate help you?

If you don't have an enema bag, you can buy them at most drug stores. Sometimes they call them douche bags and they have a bigger nozzle, which I actually prefer. Also get some lubricant like Astroglide or KY and use plenty of it in your hole and on the nozzle. It makes it easier to push the nozzle in and easier for the poo to come out. Just don't get the bag too high. It should be 2 feet above your bottom at most. Take your time and let the water go in slowly. It actually feels good, at least to me. Try to hold it in a few minutes to let it soften the poo.

Let us know how you get unplugged.

Hugs, Kelly P

I go to my local library often. I have since grade school. And inevitably, being there an entire day, I would probably have to go to the bathroom there once or twice in my life. The library I go to is huge, one of the largest in my city: 6 floors. So 6 floors = 6 sets of bathrooms. On the floor I'm usually on, there is one bathroom way at the end of section. So, a few years ago, I was.. thirteen? And I was sitting there reading, when I felt the slight urge to poop. I put down my book, and went to the bathroom. This bathroom had two stalls and a sink, no urinals. I went into the first stall, pulled my pants down to my ankles, and sat on the toilet. As I sat and waited, someone came in and went into the stall beside me. I saw his pants fall and heard him sit. He had a fairly short poop, wiped, and left. I relaxed more once he left. I settled in for a nice long sit. I felt something begin to move, so I started to push it out. When it was just coming out, I heard the door open again, and I saw little feet walk by my stall a couple of times. I held off letting my poop drop for until the visitor left or at least was washing his hands. The boy stayed quiet for a while, and I started to feel uncomfortable, and sucked my poop back in. Then he said, "hello?". I stayed quiet. He said "hello?" about five more times before I said, "what, kid? I'm trying to go to the bathroom here." Then he left. I found it rude, but thought not much of it. I finished my movement with no more trouble, washed my hands, and went back to reading.

Now here's the really odd part. Just today, I was at the library, same situation, this is about three years later, by the way, I am sixteen. I was at the library, reading, had to poop, went to the bathroom. Same bathroom, same floor, but it was pretty crowded. There was one guy at the sink washing his hands and one guy in the stall farther from the door. I went into the unused stall (the one I was in when I was thirteen and that kid came in to bother me) and locked the door. But when I looked at the toilet seat it was disgusting, covered in pee and used toilet paper. I immediately left my stall and waited for the guy in the other stall to finish. He did, and came out, gave me a weird look, then both men left leaving me to my business. I went into the stall, closed and locked the door, put down my stuff, undid my belt and sat on the toilet. I was rather constipated this time, so I began pushing immediately. Nothing was moving at all, even though I felt an extreme pressure in my bottom. Then I heard the door open, and a woman's voice said, 'do you want to use the washroom?' apparently to her kid. Then I heard the door close, and the lights went off and on a few times. I was confused, and a bit annoyed, but I remained seated. Then a somehow familiar voice walked by my stall and said, 'hello?'. I was amazed, it was the same kid as when I was 13. I immediately said 'what?' and then he left. It took me a while to finish my poop, it was hard and eventually clogged and overflowed the toilet.

I wonder why, particularly, he would do this? I figure it's because he had to poop and didn't want to go with someone else in the bathroom, which is understandable, but there are better ways to figure out if someone else is in there, for example, checking if the door is locked.

Another possibility is that he's a pest and likes annoying people while they're on the toilet.

Next time he does this, what do you think I should do? I might just tell him, there are two toilets in this bathroom, and he's just as welcome to go here as I am. I could lecture him on annoying people on the toilet. Better yet, I could tell his mother. I could be nice, and leave the bathroom, let him poop, then come back. Any other suggestions?

I had my morning cup of coffee and felt movement down below so I sat on the toilet and didn't have to push very hard before a BIG turd came out.

It took me less than 2 minutes to finish and when I wiped I saw a MASSIVE turd, about 14 inches long and about 2 inches thick!!

Needless to say I feel better now :)

hi i'm jenie and i'm 24. just fyi, its pronounced like jenny, not genie. its a common error. anyway, i'm 5'2", about 115 lbs, white, green eyes, and i have light brown hair just past my shoulders. i have always had an issue with pooping in my life. As in, when i have to go, i HAVE to go. My urges hit suddenly and badly, so when i need to go i need to go urgently. It made potty training a nightmare for my parents. i wore diapers until i was in kindergarten, and at that point the teachers were concerned about my wearing diapers and didn't feel they should be dealing with needing to change me, so they gave my parents books and pamphlets and stuff about potty training. by the time i was in first grade, i was still pooping my pants a lot, but they made me stop wearing diapers and if i messed in my undies i would get in trouble. i guess it was supposed to motivate my to go to the toilet. they even arranged for there to be an aid in my class to walk me to the bathroom every now and then to tell me to go. nevertheless, i continued to crap my underpants frequently all throughout first grade, and got teased for it non stop. i didn't finally get a hold on it until 2nd grade. over the summer i had seen doctors and a child psychologist that helped greatly with the problem. i was put on a very consistent diet and made a schedule for going to the bathroom to poop. i had doctor's notes to give to my teachers throughout school to let them know i needed regular bathroom breaks and they should allow me to go when i need it, without my having to ask or wait, lest i mess in my pants in class. i only had one accident during all of 2nd grade and i was on the recess yard. i was far away from the building and it was time for me to go poop, and it took me a while to get inside and get to the bathroom, and i had overalls on and i didn't get them undone in time and filled up my underpants. from that point on though, i was fine all throughout elementary school and junior high, just the occasional accident at home for one reason or another, as well as bed time accidents. by high school, i was very regular, and had no problems as long as i always had access to the toilet just in case. now in my mid 20s, i live in a small apartment where the toilet seat is never more than 15 feet from my butt cheeks. and i work as a legal secretary and my desk is very close to a restroom there as well, so i have it good.

but last saturday i had my first accident in a pretty long time. i think the last accident i had was during college, when i crapped my panties in bed at night once, so it's been at least 2 years. i had a guy over for most of the evening. we had dinner and listened to music and talked a lot. it was only the 3rd date so i wasn't expecting anything to happen. around 11:30 i needed to go so i told him i was pretty spent and needed to get to bed. it was taking a while to get him our the door, however, and i was needing to go more and more urgently by the second. i was finally on the brink of a complete pooping accident and he was still there! i was screaming in my head! i finally got him out the door and quickly gave him a kiss goodnight. i was acting and sounding very nervous so i think that's why he was trying to hang around so much, like he wanted to make sure i was ok. anyway, the worst thing happened. before i closed my door and before he even started to walk away, i LOUDLY farted twice...he had a very surprised look on his face and i just said "night!" and quickly shut the door. the second the door shut i ripped the loudest, wettest fart i think i ever have and completely shit my pants, in my living room, 10 feet from the toilet....i felt like such a mess. i couldn't believe that at my age i actually crapped my pants in my own apartment when the toilet is so close. it smelled so awful, too. i had tight, dark blue jeans on with no back pockets. i gently felt my butt with my hand and my jeans were damp and the bulge was huge. i was just in total disbelief. i waddled to the bathroom and spent the next hour cleaning up, and being thoroughly humiliated about the way the date ended...

Sorry for the delay in posting again, I didn't have internet access for a while.

I started learning how to pee standing about four years ago. I don't do it in public that often because I don't need to, I don't really go anywhere except shopping and to bars cuz I live in a small town, and if I need to pee I can usually wait til I get home. I love to pee outside, though, and the last time I had fun with that was when I went on a drunken canoe trip with some coworkers. I drank three Coronas and was moving way faster in my little kayak than the rest of my party, because they kept having to stop to line up their boats and pass illegal I was way farther up the river than the rest of them. I had lots of time to sneak up on animals and quietly enjoy the scenery, and I was also grateful that I could sneak onshore to take a piss if I needed to without anyone asking me what I was doing. I'm a little shy about that kind of thing sometimes. Of course, after all that beer I really, really needed to go after a while, so I beached the kayak by some trees and went into the woods a little ways to find a good spot. I don't know if anyone else, especially guys are like this, but when I'm outside I have to find *the* spot, where everything is spaced out right. I was wearing a bikini so I just pulled the crotch fabric out of the way so I could aim with both hands, and peed a nice, strong arc onto a little tree I'd found. It felt sooooo good to let it all out, and I loved the sound it made when it hit the grass, way less harsh than the sound of a pee stream hitting a toilet bowl. On the way back to my boat I realized I had come out a different way than I'd gone in, and suddenly I accidentally stepped into a swamp. I had to wash my legs off in the river, then I was back in the boat and off again. Later our party stopped by an open area to swim for a while. By this time I was desperate to take a piss again, and badly wanted to go look for somewhere discreet to make it happen. I had wanted to stop and find a place earlier but there were more people around who I didn't know and I felt nervous about it. I didn't want to just pee in the water because we were swimming in it, so I climbed onshore again into some tall grass and walked through it to a stand of trees. There were some ferns and stuff behind the trees so I stood and peed another healthy stream into the ferns. My bladder was more full than the last time, and almost ached. I sighed with relief when I let go, which is kind of funny to me cuz I'm usually not that dramatic about it. Beer makes me have to go worse than anything--usually even if my bladder has a lot of fluid in it I feel like I can hold it for almost forever, but beer-pee kills me, maybe because it makes urine heavier on top of the alcohol making the muscles more relaxed. I dunno--anyways--when I was done I walked back down to the water, and as soon as I stepped back into the river I felt something cut my heel open--I'd stepped on a zebra mussel! I told my friends I cut my foot, and my boss asked me where the hell I'd gone off to. I told him I went into the woods to pee (I was kinda buzzed at this point so I felt more open about it) and about how my foot got cut, and he asked me why I didn't just pee in the water. :l I didn't agree with his logic about how it was okay because it went downstream anyway, and I didn't want to take the time to explain about my unconventional method of peeing, so I just shrugged and laughed at him. It was a really good time, and I can't wait until summer is back so we can make the trip again. I'd still rather just go in the woods to take a leak, even if bad stuff apparently happens to me when I do.

One of the things I'd really like to do is stand and pee somewhere with some of my best guy friends. There's no sexual subtext or anything, I just think it would be fun and a good way to bond and show trust in each other. I'm bi and kind of a butch girl, so I like it when my guy friends treat me like they would any other guy, and not act differently around me just because I'm female. I almost did the other night with one of them, but I was on my period and didn't know how well it would work with a tampon in, that's territory I haven't explored much of yet. What do some of you think of this?

To baddude: I know of one other guy who sits to pee regularly, an ex boyfriend of one of my girl friends. He's six and a half feet tall and uncircumsised, so he just feels its much easier to sit. I know some other guys who should, because their aim is terrible, like an ex roommate of mine. I couldn't believe I could do it better than he could, when I'd known how for like a year and he'd been doing it since he was two! (or so I would assume). I don't think anyone is less masculine if they'd rather sit to pee, anyone who puts that kind of weight on a minor detail like that has serious issues with their own self-image.

to CURIOUS---yeah, I like peeing in the snow too, writing my name, drawing pictures. I'm a guy, the only negative part is that my weenie freezes when I take it out! LOL

to TEACHER NEEDING ADVICE: I think what you are doing is fine. Make it clear to everyone that they have to have a monitor, but if it bothers them for the monitor to hear/smell anything, they can ask him/her to step outside the door. But its also good to have the monitor in hearing distance in case the person is sick or needs him/her to get an adult for help.

KELLY P: I'm a guy, so I've never aimed anyone's penis but my own, but my ex girlfriend was very excited when I told her she could aim for me. She said she'd always wanted to, but all her ex's thought she was weird and invasive when she asked to. It became a joke for us. Every time we were together and I had to pee, I'd ask her if she wanted to help me go pee. lol

To tom, id love to hear the other accident stories you have

We had to complete a group project for my 8th grade English class. My assigned partner was Tyler, a guy I always wanted to get to know better, but he hung around with a different group than I did. He was a pretty popular and good looking kid. As the due date got closer, we needed to spend some time outside of school to get it done. Tyler asked me if I could come over after school one day to work on it together. Turns out he didn't live real far from me. I rode with him on his bus to his house, where my mom would pick me up when it was time for dinner. When we got to his house, we were the only ones there. We headed to the basement, where he had a nice study area with a computer and internet. He said he would be right back because he had to use the bathroom. There was a bathroom in the basement right near where the computer was. When he went in he didn't close the door completely. I was a little surprised that he kept talking to me. Through the crack in the door I could see he was sitting on the toilet. I heard him groan and poop was falling in to the toilet. After about 15 seconds, he sounded like he was done. He moaned again and told me there was no toilet paper. He asked me if I would grab a role from the storage closet on the other side of the basement. When I came back with the role, he told me to bring it in. My face was red as I tried not to look, but it was hard not to see him sitting on the toilet, his pants around his ankles. I handed him the role and started to walk out but again he started talking to me. I turned around to answer him and again turned red as he was wiping his ass. He got up from the toilet, and pulled up his pants. This was an awkward situation for me but he didn't seem very bothered by it. My body started to remind me what time of day it was. Usually the first thing I did when I got home from school every day was take a crap. I tried to never use the school bathrooms when I had to poop. Way too embarrassing. But now I had a similar problem as Tyler. I wasn't as bold as Tyler. I tried to hold on until my mom came to get me. After a half hour of research, I was squirming in my chair, trying not to fart, and trying to keep the load back. I couldn't concentrate anymore. When a silent but smelly fart slipped out, Tyler scrunched up his nose and asked if I was okay. I lied and said I was. I was really struggling to hold on. When another fart slipped out a few minutes later, I decided I was beyond trying to hide my need. I blushed and told him I needed to use his bathroom. Tyler laughed and said, "I guess you do!" I ran in to the bathroom and closed the door but there was no lock. I got my pants down and quickly sat on the toilet. Unfortunately this wasn't a quite one. There was a lot of poop splashing in to the toilet. Suddenly there was a knock and the door opened. Tyler came in to show me the picture he found and printed for the project. It was the exact picture we needed but I wasn't really thinking about that. I put my hands between my legs to cover up, but I'm sure I was really blushing. The smell in the room was bad. While he was still showing me the picture, more poop slid out in to the bowl. Tyler laughed and said he always has to go as soon as he gets home from school because he doesn't like to use the toilets at school. I giggled and said I have the same problem. Before I knew it, I was no longer covering up between my legs, and Tyler and I were talking like we had been friends forever. I still felt funny wiping with him in the room, but he was in no hurry to leave, and I had already seen him do the same. I finished by pulling up my pants, but I pulled them up while I was still sitting down so he wouldn't see much. I'm pretty sure he saw the toilet bowl filled with crap before I got a chance to flush. We finished the project before my mom came, and oddly enough became pretty good friends all the way through high school. He still hung out with his group and I hung out with mine, but in an odd way, we ended up being best friends, spending many nights sleeping at each other's houses. We were never shy about taking care of business around each other. In fact there were a few other times that we did our business together. I'll tell you about them another time.

To Teacher Who Needs Advice:

I am a substitute teacher in a primary school. I, like you, do not want to tell a student that they cannot use the restroom when they need to go. I vowed before I graduated high school that I would not be like all other teachers and tell a student "no". However, there are times you have to. Some of the best things to do for students and restroom use is designate times of the day to go. For example, I let the students go before we have to take roll and submit absences to the office through the computer. I also expect students to go at recess and after lunch and PE. You may want to look at your schedule to find times to assign bathroom use to all students daily. And, it should be several times a day. When I let students go at assigned times, I notice a decrease in students begging to go in the middle of a lesson. Only students with dire emergencies ask to go at unassigned times. And, you can tell if they have to go or not, just by looking at their facial expressions when they ask. It's just a matter of how you feel about letting the students go.

The thing I hate about students asking to go to the bathroom is that you never know when an emergency drill (fire drill, lockdown, etc.) will occur. I had a student ask me the other day if he could go pee and I told him to wait the 15 minutes until we got ready for PE. Right after he sat back down, the fire alarm rang. Glad I didn't let him go. The fire drill (which turned out to be a false alarm) lasted 25 minutes. By the time we got back in, the boy came back to me and told me that he was going to pee in his briefs and on his khakis if I
didn't let him go.

Now for me:
Not much to update. I have just had a bout with diarreha that lasted from Thursday-Tuesday. Kind of hard not to leave class to go to the restroom with students in class. I definately stuck with briefs, just in case; but no accidents. I did go to the bathroom a lot while at home.

Monday, November 03, 2008

The other Sunday the weather was unseansonally hot. I had arranged to meet my sister in law Trica in Margate. Arriving a little early , parking by the Flag & Whistle pub on the station car park. I made my over to the Ladies opposite, entering I made my way to a cubicle mid way down ( there were approx 8 ) bolting the door rustling up my denim skirt slipping my tights and knix down. I sat on pushing my knix to my knees my pee started glancing down as I peed ,pulling my old towel from my knix and applying another always towel to my guset, letting out a loud fart,whihc smelt quite strongly i could feel a large number 2 slipping into place leaning forward slightly my number 2 slowly edged & cracked it's way out hitting the water with a loud splash,the smell got worse phew!! I peed some more relaxing. Some foots steps were approaching she went in the cubicle 2 to my right, listning I heard her rusttle her knix down, sit on a long pee gushed away, my number 2 went plip plop plip just pebbles, still feeling bloated , I heard a crumple of paper from my neighbour then the flush went. Straining and leaning forward I felt another large number 2 slip into place and push it's way out, looking down I saw a chesnut coloured large brown piece begin to ermerge from my arse it slowly cracked it's way down hitting the water with a large splash.Some more pee dribbled from me, crumpling some paper I commenced to wipe my arse first it toOk 3 LARGE WADS OF PAPER TO DRY My ARSE. I crumpled off some more and wiped my vagina dry from my pee. pulling my knixs up tights and adjusting my skirt, I flushed the toilet unbolted the door and made my way to the sinks to wash my hands.

I have a question for Ruth, who has mentioned twice in recent posts that she has learned to both suck and blow air .....please tell us how you do this great trick !?
The only other person I know of who could do this with incredible success was a a boy in my class at school. He would lie on his back with his knees up and kind of 'pump' his ???? muscles vigorously in and out, and this would apparently store up a huge amount of gas which he could hold (with difficulty) for a few minutes. His favourite trick was to do this just before class resumed, and then run in and take his seat. Just as the teacher then got the lesson going,he would let out a huge blast which rattled the windows,or better still let it out slowly as an incredibly long and loud squeek for at least 5 or 6 seconds..he even once managed to play a little tune ...I kid you not !. To cap it all, he would always then very politely say "excuse me " with a perfectly straight face. This of course would make the whole class collapse in helpless laughter,leaving a very red-faced and fuming teacher . Once when the teacher couldn't take this any more, he ordered the boy to come up to the front of the class to receive punishment(this was long ago and far away in the 1950's when teachers would frequently paddle boys for any misbehaviour ),and as he bent over to receive a wallop, he let out yet another huge blast right at the teacher's face. Well as you can imagine,the whole place collapsed in chaos, so much so that we all had to go up for a paddling too, but it was so funny that we all took it cheerfully . Oh yeh, the teacher's name was Mr. Clinch ,but known to all as 'Porky' Clinch, as he was a large fat man with a very pink complexion, and I thought this day that he was actually going to pop like a balloon,poor guy having to deal with all those cheeky schoolboys !

Yesterday, whilst at work I really had to go number two.
I couldn't hold it any longer so I hovered over the small low toilet (I am 6ft 6" tall) and began to push.
Out it shot like a bullet from a gun, whilst it was quite thick and very long, the speed it came out helped it into the waste pipe connected on the toilet. I let out my usual after gas as quiet as I could, wiped, and flushed. I saw the tip of my poo just disapear at the end of the flush. I returned to the shopfloor to help close up for the night.
I went to work today and saw an out of order sign on the door. Apparently another girl used the toilet for a pee, flushed and to her horror my poo returned! I took a quick look as I didn't believe them, and sure enough it was there - like a big fat snake!
Thankfully no one knows it was me.

hi everyone, sorry i haven't posted in so long!

so we're going to get right down to business. i have a problem: i'm constipated. because i procrastinated. (oooh im a poet and didn't even know it lol) but yeah, i haven't pooed in 6 days and i'm going to give you a few of the times when the urge actually hit and i just didn't go.

naturally, the first urge came on the day after my last poo. i was in the shower, and really tired (i shower at night). i just wanted to finish and get to bed, like, i was wobbling cause it was so hard to stay standing and awake. it was 2 in the morning, id just finished my homework. and yeah.. i was tired. lol. so, back on track, i felt the urge to poo there and i started rubbing my ???? cause i knew i had to wait. i also had to pee, and i thought abuot doing it in the shower cause i've read some stuff about doing that on here, but i decided against it. so anyways, when i finished the shower i just threw a towel on and collapsed in bed. which felt damn good despite having to pee and poo. didn't even get changed or clean up the bathroom.

on the next day my urge came in english class. we were playing a game at the time with flash cards about romeo and juliet and as boring as it was i hadn't read my part so i had to stay right to the end. when i started feeling like i had to poo again, i raised my hand. "yes, bethany?" i put my hand down. "just stretching." my stomach hurt throughout all class, i guess now the urge wasn't an on and off thing. so at lunch my friend erin asked if i wanted to go to her house for lunch, and naturally i said sure. we stopped at the bathroom before we left the school. we took stalls right beside each other. the wall thinggees are too high in my school's bathrooms, i think. i saw her jeans bunch up a bit at the bottom, so she clearly only pulled her pants down low enough to get herself on the bowl. i pulled my pants all the way to my knees. i heard erin start her stream, and i started some chat to overpower the sound, i never liked it much. i tried to pee, but it felt like it wouldn't come, even though i felt like i had to pee. i figure the poo was doing something to my insides, but after about a minute (erin was already wiping by this time) i started peeing, and it came out fast, and it was orangey. i thought about pooing but i'd wasted enough time trying to get my pee out. i wiped, came out of the stall, and we headed to erins house.
when we came back, there were 5 minutes before the end of lunch. i said my goodbyes to erin, hugged her and all that, and she went off to her class. i went to the bathroom. when i got there, i took the furthest stall, pulled my pants down to my ankles, and started pushing down on my stomach. i felt it big in my ????, with my hands, but when i actually pushed like i would when i usually poo, i didn't feel like anything was at my back door. i felt nothing, nothing came out. a lot of people came in and out of the bathroom, i heard some gosssippp. but as hard as i strained myself, nothing would even hint at coming out. i even tried spreading my legs. no such luck. when the bell rang, i pulled my pants up, flushed the toilet like i'd actually done something, and ran uncomfortably to class.

anyways, it's late and i should probably go to the bathroom and try for a while. laterz!


I think its just me.
Im sometimes scared to go poo. Because i have suffered with constipation for nearly all my life, i find it terrifying. But i manage in the end.

I sometimes babysit and sometimes at the last minute. There seems to be so many single parents in my apartment community that they have jobs and other things that are re-scheduled and they need someone to babysit in such emergencies. I'm 16 and got an e-mail at school about watching Timmy for a night and possibly the next day because his mother had some kind of court meeting in a nearby city as part of her divorce. Well, anyway I had to walk over to the grade school, get Timmy when he got out of his all-day kindergarten, and entertain him, feed him, get him to bed, and up to school the next day. His mom did leave us two $50 bills in their apartment in case she was to get into somethng on her trip that caused her to stay a day longer. She also gave me $100 as a down-payment on my time and promised me the rest when she got back. So the first night we stayed at their apartment, watched TV and played some games, and I got Timmy up for school with no time to spare the next morning. I made him some breakfast and then suggested he use the bathroom before we left the apartment, but he said he didn't need to go. Well, it's a 5-block walk to his school and about halfway there Timmy indicated he needed to crap and like right away--he said he couldn't hold it until he got to school. So I had to think about what the options were because I don't use public bathrooms that much. I go before leaving the house or I go at school. Well, I could smell his crap coming as we were passing the gate to this golf course. The clubhouse was open and there were some cars there already and we went in and found the bathrooms were located right inside the door. As I opened the door to the ladies room, he resisted because his dad says he's a "big boy" and can go in on his own. However, I made him go in with me. There were 3 toilets, two were not being used so I opened one door and started to pull down his sweats, but he started to cry and said he was a "big boy" and that he could do it on his own. I finally gave in to him. I only insisted that he latch the door and from the outside I could see his feet as he got up on the stool, crapped faster than I think I probably did at that age, and Timmy was down on his feet and cleaning himself within probably a minute. I noticed that he had a very impressive collection in the bowl when went in to flush because he wasn't able to put enough force on his hand to activate the flusher. I could tell, however, that he hated being in the ladies bathroom with me. Well, the next day was Saturday and we both slept in. After we got up, he asked me about the circus and showed me where his mom had been keeping the two tickets which were for a 11 a.m. matinee performance that day. So we got a subway train, and got down to the arena about a half hour before showtime. Wouldn't you know it, as soon as we got on the train, Timmy had to crap. He did a good job of holding it until we got to the arena. So as soon as we got there, I lead him to where the restrooms were. I remembered the womens rooms as being huge and very crowded from when my mom had taken me to events there, and Timmy assured me (and you could tell it was urgent because he was starting to hold onto his butt) that his dad had taught him how to "big boy" a public bathroom. I told him to go into the first available stall, to latch the door, and not to spend any extra time in there and I would be standing right at the entrance if he needed to call to me. I didn't particularly like being looked at by the men and boys as they walked by me at the entrance, but it was better than the other alternative of him hating me for insisting that he go into the ladies room. There was a constant slamming of doors, almost continuous flushing of toilets and a few fathers who were cussing their child out for playing around too much. Then I had a guy who looked like he might have been a grandfather bring Timmy to me. Timmy was crying and the back of his jeans were wet and he was holding his right arm. The man said he was in the next stall and heard Timmy come in but that instead of putting the toilet seat down before sitting down, Timmy forgot to check and fell into the bowl. The man suggested that Timmy calm down and that at that point he go back in to crap. I thanked him nicely for helping and put Timmy on a bench in the hallway, talked to him and then took him across the hall into the ladies room. There were about 30 stalls, but the first was open so I shoved him in, noted that the seat was already down, and let him operate independently from there. The accident, I think, kept him from having his full crap, but he did get to relieve himself and I was encouraging that "big boy" was able to sit and crap without any assistance from me. However, at that point, I started to feel the need to pee and I briefly started to think how I could best handle it. As Timmy started to come out, I turned him around and we both went back into the cramped stall. I apologzed to him but I told him that I had to sit down and pee and that he should turn toward the door and just stand there while I sat down and did it. When my pee stream first started to hit the water in the bowl, I could see him snicker and try to turn and sneak a look but I reminded him about remaining a "big boy" and following instructions. I don't know what caused it, but when I went to get up off the seat after finishing, the seat stuck to my butt for a moment or two and then there was a thud as it fell down to the bowl. I wiped quickly, flushed, and both Timmy and I enjoyed the circus.

I was in the library working at the computer when I felt a strong urge to pee. I wanted to finish what I was doing so I was sitting at the computer fidgeting,rocking back and forth and holding myself.
An hour later as the library was closing and I was getting ready to leave, I realized that I never did pee and no longer felt the urge.

I had a case of the runs last friday and I was at a sleepover at a friends house we were play fighting in our panties and one girl hit me and it made me shit my pants a little. there was a small stain on my white panties and all the girls laughted at me.

TO THE UNNAMED POSTER: Yeah, I think it would be fun to pee in the floor of a dressing room, but not on clothing. You could get in big trouble for that. A lot of places check what you have going in and again coming out to prevent theft. Some places, like Sears or JC Penney, never check what you have, but they do have closed circuit cameras that would catch you. And if you intentionally peed on clothes you didn't pay for, it is vandalism and you could get arrested. Just pee in the floor and act like it was an accident. :) Can they really get you in trouble if you pretend you are horribly humiliated over your leaky bladder health issue? LOL Its probably worth a try.

Teacher who needs advice - You didn't mention what grade you teach, but from the story I'm guessing its not high school. I believe that for the most part, it really depends on the age of the kids on what to do in the situation. If they're in say 6 grade or below, I would keep it as it is now. If its 7th grade or higher, maybe only assign a moniter to students who have some sort of history with cutting class.

As for the girl being embarresed about having to poop very baddly with her classmate nearby, theres two things, 1. Its probably happened before, and you just don't know about it. and 2. Girls are usually ok with that type of thing around other girls.

I hope this helped.

A friend of mine is into bodybuilding, and he takes vitamin supplements that require him to drink lots of water. Like a gallon a day. So he has to pee a lot, and this annoys him. Practically every time I see him he has to go and he's holding it in. It looks like he's nervous but he's pee-dancing, and when he's playing video games at my house he squeezes his cock to hold it in. Then he has to run for the bathroom. He says he can make his bladder bigger by hold his pee. He feels like a dork for having to go so often.

My boyfriend has been quite sick the last few days. He got some kind of food poisoning and was woken up earlier than usual on Monday morning with stomach cramps. This was followed shortly with vomiting and diarrhea. He went to work anyway (crazy guy) but felt crappy and continued to have to rush of to be sick. He went home that night and went to bed early but had to get up every hour or so for the bathroom. The vomiting subsided but he still had diarrhea all day Tuesday. I didn't talk to him yesterday so I'm not sure where he stands right now. I'll talk with him today and hope he's feeling better. I worry because he never gets sick and seeing him in distress is unusual.

A story of mine next time.

that was not the only time I crapped my pants, though it was certainly the worst incident. I've had 4 accidents since I was little that I can remember.

The first one was when I was 12. I was super shy about pooping back then and rightly so. In my school taking a crap would get you seriously made fun of. Some kids went as far as standing on the toilets peaking over the stall partitions. Most would just laugh and make fart noises. Immature, yes, but what can you expect from a bunch of kids? Anyway... I'd only poop in school if I absolutely had to. Luckily, I usually didn't have to go until I got home. But one day, I felt the familiar feeling of having to go around recess. I thought about going then, because the bathrooms were usually empty around then... But I didn't want to risk it. So I just held it in. About an hour later, it became obvious that waiting until I got home wasn't an option. I asked my teacher to use the bathroom and she said yes. As I walked down the hallway, my urge to go got stronger and I could feel the poop starting to slide out. I walked faster and tried to hold it in some more, but I couldn't and I pooped my pants not far from the bathroom. I could smell it and I figured there was a large bulge in my pants. I got worried. I ran into the bathroom and thankfully nobody was there. Moving quickly, I removed my underwear and left them by the toilet. The next day I heard somebody say something about finding poopy undies in the bathroom. Boy, was I relieved nobody knew it was me!

I'll post more another time!

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Clogged Up
I was recently in the hospital to have a procedure to open up a clogged up artery in my heart. Let's say my arteries were not the only thing clogged up. They told me not to strain to have a bowel movement and I had gone five days without pooping. When I got home I took a soap suds enema to get things moving again. This same thing happened while I was taking pain meds. Is it normal to have to take an enema so frequently? I have tried stool softners but nothing works like the ol enema bag.

Claire N
It is a long time again since I posted, but I have a toilet experience (or to be specific the lack of a toilet) from three weeks ago which I want to share.

For a few days I had had a dodgy stomach and was spending a lot of time on the toilet. Come the weekend the weather was unseasonably warm and sunny. Hard to believe after the past week of freezing temperatures and snow! It was too nice a day not to go somewhere outdoors, all the more so as the weather was not likely to permit it again this yea,r and opportunities had been few and far between this awful summer. My husband and I have a favorite picnic spot in the countryside, which we had not visited this year. I really wanted to take this last opportunity, but the consideration was that there are no toilets for miles at this secluded location and, if the last few days were anything to go by, I would have to poo at sometime.

I was not going to let this put me off. As well as the regret of missing this last opportunity because of the need to go to the toilet, the prospect of an out door poo was quite inviting. I made regular use of squat toilets during my summer holiday, described in my previous post, but being out in the open and not having a hole beneath you is something different. I recalled the time I had poo in the garden, when the water was cut off, in the Spring (the subject of a previous post) and how nice it was,

My husband questioned if we should go out at all, yet alone to a location with no toilets, with my stomach problem. I reassured him that it would be ok. I said that I always have a wee in the woods and it would be no big deal if I had to spend more time there. Although I had a poo, not long before we left, it was highly possible that I would have to go again at any time. I made sure I was prepared, taking hand soap as well as a toilet roll.

We had a pleasant drive to our favored spot which we had not visited for over a year. Parking in a lay-by, we made the twenty minute walk to the secluded tranquil area where he have a picnic. As is usually the case, we were completely alone. It was warmer than expected, more like August than October, and the leaves, changing colour, looked magnificent against the clear blue sky.

After the picnic it was so nice to lay on the grass soaking up the last rays of warm sunshine we could expect for a long time, with the daunting inevitability of long dark winter months ahead. After around half an hour I felt the cramps in my stomach, just the same as on many occasions during the past few days. From the previous experiences, I knew I had to poo as a matter of extreme urgency - sooner rather than later. The only option was the woods, if I was not to go in my knickers. I sat up and informed my husband that my stomach was playing up and I would have to spend some time alone in the woods. When I have an outdoor wee, I squat right in front of him without batting an eye lid, but I do like to poo in private, outdoors as well as indoors. This is something he understands and respects.

I took the toilet roll from the bag and made my way into the nearby woods. Although we had not seen anyone since leaving the car, I walked a decent way into the undergrowth to be on the safe side. My pace increased as the urge became greater and greater. I was really desperate. I noticed a big tree and decided that a pile of fallen leaves by the trunk would be my toilet. With my back to the tree, I undid my belt, unbuttoned my jeans and lowered the zip. With great haste I pulled my jeans and knickers down to my ankles at once. I pulled my right leg out of them, squatted and - RELIEF! The liquid poo was jetting out of me like a volcano, accompanied by thundering farts. When it stopped I emptied my bladder, by far the lesser of the two urges. A loud fart soon followed accompanied by more diarrhea. The air was very still and the smell was strong. I had stunk out toilets at home and work in recent days. I did not think I was done, but did not want to finish off over the mess beneath me. I stood up and viewed what I had produced. The leaves made it look a lot less conspicuous. I had a partial wipe and made my way to a near by tree with my jeans and knickers around my left leg. I squatted down and it was soon confirmed I was not done.

I was determined to have a really good clear out, no matter how long it took. The squat position is the best way to achieve it and this was an opportunity not to be wasted. I soon started producing more, in between farts, and now it was more solid. Although I was no longer desperate, it was clear that there was a lot their which I would struggle to get out sat on a toilet. For the next few minutes I continued to poo, the amounts becoming smaller and smaller. When I thought I had finished I stood up, without wiping, leaving my jeans and knickers around one ankle and walked a little way away. I thought there could be more to come, and after a couple of minutes I was sure there was.

I squatted and pushed. This time the poo was both runny and solid. I remained squatting for a few minutes until I was certain I was done. I stood up and wiped, dropping the paper on another substantial mess on the ground. After all the activity, my bum was not as messy as I expected, though quite a lot of paper was required. I stepped into my knickers and jeans, pulling them up one at a time. I raised the zip, buttoned my jeans up and did up the belt, feeling tremendously relieved and really good. I could not believe the amount of poo which had come out of my behind in three places. Although I had made regular visits to the toilet in recent days, and had sometimes sat their for as long as this, it was obvious that I had not been able to evacuate enough. I hoped this would be the end of my stomach problem and sure enough it was. My visits to the loo were no more frequent than normal from this day on.

I made my way to the picnic spot and washed my hands in the stream. With the walk I had been away a long time. My husband was concerned and asked if I was feeling ok. I told him that I felt great, saying this was the opportunity for the big clear out my stomach needed which would be a lot more difficult, or not possible sat on a toilet. He gave me a big hug and we laid on the ground again. What followed is not appropriate for this forum, but is a reason why we are so fond of this secluded location.

It was a great day out, very unexpected in October, and there will be no more for some time with winter closing in. I am so glad I do not have hang ups about pooping out doors, otherwise, at best, we could have only gone to a more public location with toilet facilities. On the contrary to being an inconvenience and cause of embarrassment, my outdoor poo, although out of sheer desperation, added so much to the total experience. I'm sure it had something to do with getting over my ???? problem.

I hope you enjoyed this rather lengthy post. I will try not to leave it so long before posting again, but I will not have anything like this to report!

Samantha--I liked your stories. I hope you will post more stories especially about going in public. I know you said you're secretive about your interest with your friends, but do you have any stories about any of them taking a dump, while you were in the restroom?

Ashley D & Mary Kate- I also enjoy your stories about dumping in public or hearing one of your stall neighbors dumping while your there.

Are any of you young ladies ever embarassed about going in public and if so what embarrasses you the most (the smell, the plopping noises, passing gas, or just the fact that you had to take a dump)? Did you ever wait in the stall after being finished so as not to be discovered? Just curious.

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