So yestersay I decided to have one more tanning session by the pool at my apartments before it gets too cold out. My apartment is in the front of the building and the pool is in the back. So I put on my bikini and head on back. I kinda had to pee, but I ignored it figuring id just go when I got back home. Well the pool ended up being too cold, so I went in the hot tub instead. The warm water and bubbles increased my need to pee. I hate peeing in pools so I decided to get out and go home. Well as soon as I got out the need to pee became urgent. I could barely walk without peeing myself. I knew there was no way id make it back to my apt. Frantically I looked around. The neighbors were watching so I couldn't pee right there or in the bushes. All of a sudden I sopotted a sign saying that they were going to replace the longe chair cushins that afternoon. I ran toward the lawn chair and sat down. Almost immedietly my warm pee gushed out of me and into the chair. I spread my legs and watched it come. I was peeing faster than the chair could absorb and I watched the yellow pee puddle around my crotch before soaking in. It was the best feeling ever. I finshed and stood up. The chair was pretty wet but it just looked like like I got it wet from the pool. That's my story hope you enjoyed!

Hot Chick Heidi
I spent last Friday night with my friend Karen and her mom. They live in an apartment way on the other side of our city, but Karen goes to my school and we've become pretty good friends. Karen like has to take the city transit bus for 45 minutes to get to school and back home again. The routes suck, you hit bad rush hour crowds and often there's no seats left on the bus, and she has to transfer to another bus twice each trip. It's like insane, but until she turns 16 next year and can drive, nothing's going to change. Because she explained the long bus ride to me and how crowded the transit center would be, I decided to go in and take my crap right after 8th hour class got out. Like within two minutes of the final dismissal bell, I was on the toilet and taking the crap that I had been holding in since morning. There just isn't enough time between classes to hardly pee and definitely not to take a full crap. And over the lunch hour many of the lines are five and six deep for stalls. Karen met me in the bathroom as I had asked her to and she got me some toilet paper from another stall because I had again forgotten to check before I selected my stall and sat down. Oh well, I felt like 10 pounds lighter after having taken the dump. After we got to Karen's apartment her mother made dinner for us and then we decided to walk about three blocks to a strip mall where there's a music store, and some other shops to hang out at. It was dark and like 8 p.m. when we finally got down there and the walk in the fall chill and the 48 ounces of soda I had drank made an immediate pit stop for peeing like pretty important. We were walking through the lot of this really strange and old-style gas station which was still open because the service garage door was still up when I realized I wasn't going to be able to hold my pee until we got to the mall. So Karen and I walked around the back of this gas station and we spotted two restroom doors. I spotted the womens, went to open the door and found it was locked. Fearing I was about to burst my bladder (and wouldn't you know it I was away from home and without any clean underwear or jeans!), I asked Karen to check the mens room door and it too was locked. She then ran to the office and asked the clerk for the key. He was like a college-age guy who was pretty negative. Like he wouldn't let her have the key but rather he insisted on coming back and opening the door for us. Like what is there for us to steal or do with the key? Can't we be trusted. He came back and moved the key enough in the lock to open the door. I don't remember exactly what he said but he made some negative remark about us promising not to stop up the toilet ( I shit 5 hours ago at school!) and that the bathroom was for paying customers. His attitude really sucked but I knew I needed to get onto the toilet and relieve my bladder like ASAP! He quickly walked back to the office when he heard a car pull in. I opened the door and fumbled with the wall trying to find the light switch. With the door still partially open because I was getting a faint amount of light from a nearby street light, I ran my hands over both walls on both sides of the door. Finally, I couldn't stop drips of pee from wetting my panties and I knew I had to throw myself onto the toilet. While Karen held the door open as far as it would go, the light still sucked and I knew I would have to like play it like a blind person. As I ran my hands in front of me, I found the bowl and with some additional feeling, I found the seat which I immediately flicked down. With my left hand I lowered my jeans and panties, and with my right hand, I put my arm's weight on the seat until I could direct my butt down to it. It was about 50 degrees out and the seat was every bit as cold. I still got my pee going almost immediately, although at first I was positioned too close to the front of the seat and my pee was going directly onto the seat and under my thighs. Without interrupting my flow, I sat back farther and felt relief as I could hear the pee hit the bowl water. Karen had decided to come in when I asked her to close the door and she was like spooked shitless and she screamed when something raked across the top of her hair. At first she tought it was my finger, but it wasn't. When she turned around and it touched her a second time, she grabbed and pulled on it. It was a chain and onward came the light. I had never seen anything like that before. I reached for the toilet paper, it too was cold and the wipe was also quite cold, but I felt an indescribable relief because I didn't have a fully embarrassing accident. As I was pulling my panties and jeans up, Karen said she had to shit. So as soon as I moved aside and was making myself presentable, she lowered her butt to the seat (that I had warmed for her--no thanks!) and she took a massive shit that only took about 5 seconds, but it filled the bowl and then some, and it really smelled. I wanted to go outside but opening the door with her on the stool would probably be seen by any one in the neighborhood who was in their yard or walking down the street. Finally, when Karen finished, wiped and flushed, I opened the door and we both enjoyed much-needed fresh air.

i was just wondering if anyone likes to pee in the snow.
i do,and this is how:
firstly, im a girl. i put on a old snowsuit and sit on the frosty snow in the back of my house so nobody catches me. my butt and crotch are turning cold so i let the pee slowly trickle out. it warms me down there and leaks out of my snowsuit and turns the snow yellow:D.
please respond!!

anonymous responder
to the guy who posted as "interesting sighting" about a high school classmate possibly pooping in her pants in class, but there being no stain or bulge on her butt. if the smell was that strong and lasting, and went away when she walked about but came back when she returned, i'm pretty sure she did, in fact, poop her pants. if it was a fart the smell wouldn've have returned when she did, it would've just been gone after it disipated. there has to have been actually poop in her pants for the smell to remain with her. if she had jeans on then that explains why you couldn't see a stain or bulge- the poop would need to be pretty wet to stain through her panties and her jeans for a stain to be visible. as for a bulge, i've noticed girls tend to wear jeans that fit tightly on their butts so it her poop probably just smooshed and spread out flat across her butt, and plus she was sitting down which would also help to flatten a bulge. in 9th grade i was with my friend jen riding home from school on the bus, and there was suddenly a really fowl odor that would not go away and she completely stopped talking and just stared out the window. she continuously wiggled around in her seat and i could see her cheeks were bright red. when we got to our stop i got up and stood back for her to get out of the seat and go ahead (because i'm a gentleman and i wanted to look at her butt to see if she pooped herself). she hesitantly got out ahead of me and started rushing to the front of the bus. she had a slightly waddle to her step too but she had light blue jeans on that were tight and i could see no bulge or stain on her butt. as we were walking back to her house she still really smelled like poop,and she was acting really nervous and quiet and abruptly said "k bye" when we passed her house and rushed up to the door. she seemed like she really wanted to get away from me. i couldn't stand wondering for the next few hours if she had gone in her pants or not so i asked her on the bus the next morning and her face turned deep red and she admitted that she did poop her pants on the bus the day before. so yeah, i imagine that girl in your class did go in her pants and you just couldnt see a bulge or stain because it wasn't wet and it flattened out in her tight jeans.

Teacher who needs advice
Hello all. I have been on this website and enjoying the stories for years! I am a 32 year old male who has serious digestive and bowel problems myself, however, I enjoy public pooping and hearing others pooping, especially when they are urgent. Okay, well with all that said, here is my problem. I am hoping that some teachers or even parents or anyone on this website can offer some advice. I am a third grade teacher. I have read many stories on this website in which people tell the horrors they have endured, includig accidents, becasue of teachers denying bathrooms to students. Since I have stomach issues myself and since I don't want my students to have any accidents, I do not like to deny bathroom use to students. Yet, as I am sure most of you can understand, far too often, students will pretend to have an "emergency" and then leave the class simply to get a break or more often meet a friend at a designated time and place. Also, when they actually do go to the bathroom- especially when it is a real emergency, the students are often bothered or picked on by others. So, the best compromise I could come up with was to talk in a very matter of fact manner to my class and tell them that I do not want to keep them from going to the bathroom when they really need to go, but I also do not want them fooling around or being bothered by others. Then I chose 2 boys and 2 girls who are very trustworthy and helpful to be what I call "bathroom monitors". Now, I almost always allow a student to use the bathroom as long as they have a monitor. The monitor is to report to me if there are any problems. That was working out well until today. I had a girl ask me to go to the bathroom about an hour after lunch and she was doing the gotta go bad dance. I made a light joke with her about her potty dance and then sent her with a monitor. Quite a long bit of time passed before the girls returned. When they got back, the monitor (who is a very honest student) said that the other girl REALLY HAD TO GO. She was rubbing her stomach when she said this and then gave me that knowing look and kind of mouthed that the girl had to poop very badly. The girl herself told me she had to go really badly and it took a long time. Then she laughed and asked how long she was gone. After all of this, I talked to the monitir and told her that if she takes a girl to the bathroom in the future and someone has to "do what the other girl did today", that she could use her best judgement and perhaps wait outside of the bathroom door. I explained that when someone goes to the bathroom for a while that they can get ambarassed and might appreciate some privacy. She said ok and seemed to understand. I am just confused on how best to handle this. I do not want the children to have free roam of the school if they are lying and saying they have to go to the bathroom, however I also do not want anyone to have to wait if they actually do need the bathroom. Yet, now I picture this poor girl in my class probably having diarrhea and having to do that with her classmate just a few steps away. Maybe I should leave it the way it is and just chalk it up to "everyone poops" and let them also learn this for themselves and break the culturally influenced taboo of pooping in public bathrooms or maybe I have to find a better way to ensure privacy? I just don't know. Please respond and give me any suggestions you might have. What would you do?

Hey nony, we'd love to hear your constipation stories!

Kelly P
Hi all, haven't posted for a while, but something happened yesterday that I wanted to tell you all about. It was a beautiful day and my hubby and I went for a long hike in the woods. After a while we both needed to pee. We went off the trail and he unzipped his pants. I don't know what got into me, but I asked him if I could aim him. I've never done it before, for some reason. He seemed to like the idea, so I did it. I tried to write my name on the ground with his pee, but that wasn't too successful. I could feel his penis getting bigger and bigger as he went, though. Afterward he had a hard time getting it back in his pants. I thought he looked pretty funny doing it. Anyway, we both liked the experiment so I guess we'll do it again some day.

Has anybody else tried this?

Keith D
Hi nony, haven't heard from you for ages. So your friend is still cyptic about her poops? Unfortunately for her, the mystery only seems to make it more fascinating!

Yeah, I agree that she might be dropping tp into the toilet before she poops to muffle the impact. I've done the same thing myself. I used to do it a lot as a kid living at home with my parents. I was a bit shy about people hearing me go. Especially because I used to be constipated a lot and used to do these big hard knobbly logs that made a huge splash when they finally hit the water. So I tried to muffle it a bit by dropping in paper. Sometimes I also tried to "aim" my turds so that they dropped on the porcelain instead. Maybe your friend also does that? The downside I found was that it left tell-tale skid marks on the bowl.

nony, do you use the toilet much when she is around? Perhaps if you take an obviously loud or smelly poop when she is nearby it might bring the subject up in conversation. Difficult with close friends, I know.

And nony, any stories about yourself would be great. I like your descriptive style of writing. Particularly constipation stories - it's something that has tortured me for years!

to tom - interesting story, is this the only time this ever happened, if not id love to hear more of your stories

Tom - although you mentioned that you never dated that girl again, in my opinion you didn't miss out on anything. If she had any class at all, she would have kept a story like that to herself instead of blabbing it all around. You're much better off without someone so shallow like that - who cares how hot or gorgeous she was. Ironically, you received a gift when you got to see her true colors.

nony - I definitely would be interested to hear more of your stories.

Mr. Clogs
Hey ya'll, I forgot to post about my mega dump experience on Sunday. Sunday morning I had a nice fulfilling funky dump in the toilet, I woke up with cramps from the laxative and got up and made my way to the bathroom. I got in locked the door, took off my pj bottoms and sat my butt on the toilet. Immediately I started ripping up some soft smelly poop matte into the toilet. I was amazed by my load I made in the toilet, since the bowl is small and low water filled, I filled the bottom with poop half way past the water line! I wiped up and washed my hands, and flushed the toilet and left the bathroom.

Amie: Hey there, great story but wow what a mess to clean up. Here is a suggestion to you, keep some kind of large container like a big gulp cup, bucket, or large vase for peeing into if you get desperate and need relief, let me know if this helps.

hairy annie: Hey great to see you post again, always nice to read. I like the description of how you go, wipe and seeing skid marks on your panties. I was going to ask you if you wear other styles of underwear do you wear and prefer due to your intimate area being hairy and the stuff that comes from being hairy, but you've already answered it for me. Keep those posts coming.

Take care everyone and have a great week.

Mr. Clogs

I haven't posted here in a while. Since I changed over to a gluten-free diet I've been pooping every day to every two days rather than one to three weeks like before.

And every time I go it's a massive FAT turd, about 12 inches long. It kind of hurts to push that big of a turd out.

My husband can't understand how I can poop so big and that I'm so skinny :P LOL

to Mike from Mi

It's nice to know that some guys actually enjoy being seen and heard on the toilet. I myself also prefer to shit in public. I like it when I take a real big noisy one and I sometimes leave the door unlocked in case someone accidentally barges in. I have always suspected some guys like to be heard or watched, as some of them seem to make a lot of noise and sometimes sit there with the door open. I have also noticed some who grunt, sigh, and fart real loud.

To: Hairy Annie -- Great to see you posting again! I always enjoyed your old posts about "convenience accidents." I know you do it alot, but I would still love to hear (more specific) stories about you and or Jas pooping you pants! Thanks

Amie-i too am way into pee stories. Please share some more.
Noni-you mentioned you have lots of stories of desperatrion. I am very interested

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Richard (a.k.a. The R Man)
To the person with the post on page 1704 who had the near accedent in his or her robe while sitting on the couch:

I know you have a strong bladder, but even so, holding it in as much as you do is not healthy at all, not even a little bit, it ups the chance of lots of medical conditions including, over-active bladder, U.T.I, and even the mac daddy of them all, bladder cancer.

So, if possable, stop holding it A.S.A.P.

P.S. If you have any questions and/or comments about this info or anything else, you are welcomed to ask/tell me.

Random Girl
Hey, I've posted on here a few times already, but I don't think I've ever actually introduced myself. I'm currently a sophomore in high school, 5'5 with brownish hair, 126 lbs, from the northeastern US. Ever since I was a kid, I've been kinda OCD about pooping, (when I was a toddler I always had to lean against something and look out the window... and I always had to be with my grandma for some weird reason. Until recently I had this thing where I could never go in the morning, or until a set time.) Yeah, anal I know, (haha no pun actually intended.)I've always enjoyed the sensation of a good dump, and I like having scenery around me (i.e. paintings, tiles, a window to look out, etc.)Mind you, I don't have a fetish, i just find my bowel movements as a time where I can relax and appreciate my body for what it does.
I've got a few stories for all y'all. First one was a few years ago, when my family had this friend. He was from England, and was tall with dark wavy hair and quite good looking. He also had this super cute London accent and could play a mean violin. I admit I developed a little bit of a secret crush on him, despite the fact that he was way too old for me. Anyways, he came and stayed with us once, as he was going to some sort of concert thing in our area. When we were eating breakfast in the morning, he discreetly got up from the table. Curious as to where he was going, I watched him head across to the bathroom. (By the way, I lived in an apartment then and the bathroom was pretty close to the dining room.) Within a few minutes I began to hear faint cracking/plopping noises from the bathroom accompanied by what sounded like heavy breathing. I then heard toilet paper fumbling and a flush. Mr. Cute British Guy (will not name names here) made his way back to the table, looking like he had just gotten rid of ten pounds. Feeling like I should brush my teeth, I headed towards the bathroom. I was greeted by the sound of the toilet still running, as well as the smell of poop. This was the day on which I learned the true validity of "everyone poops."
Back when I was still in middle school, my friend and I went to Cape Cod for a weekend over the summer. This one night, we decided to go to the beach. I hadn't pooped in a day or so, and began to feel a slight urge as we were getting ready to go. We were in kind of a hurry to get there before the beach was closed off for the night, so I figured I'd just have to suck it up. So, we got in the car and headed out. We got there, piled out of the car and began to head towards the water. Just then, I don't know if it was the sunset that stimulated my bowels, but I, really needed a dump. It wasn't like I was on the verge of an accident or anything, but I felt a tightening knot and a mass on my colon that could become mightily uncomfortable pretty fast. I turned to my friend and whispered, "I've gotta go to the bathroom."
She said, "well, just pee in the water. 'S not like anyone really cares. It's the ocean, and it'll just go out to sea."
I would've told her that I also had to do #2, but in those days I was really, painfully shy about bodily functions. So, realizing I didn't yet have my bathing suit on, I said, "I need to change, too."
"Well, just change in the back of the van then," she replied. "I don't think there's a restroom around here."
I said I'd be right back, and ran over to a little white shack next to the beach. The door was locked, so I turned to a guy who was standing in a towel and swimming trunks. "Excuse me, do you know where the restroom is?" I asked.
"Nope, sorry," he replied. "I think there might be one under the bridge," he said with a chuckle. "'S where my kids go."
I thanked him, and headed toward the bridge, the idea of relief pushing by bowels further south. Dismayed, I realized that there was absolutely nothing under the bridge. It looked sketchy and uninviting down there, so I headed further down the beach briskly. I saw a restaurant about 100 feet away, so I began to almost run (the mass on my rectum slowing me down, of course.)
I reached the restaurant, where there was some sort of wedding going on. I managed to sneak in past somebody who was making a speech. Kind of desperate now, I searched around for the restrooms. Finally, I saw it: "Ladies." I could practically hear the hallelluja chorus. I made a dash for it, grabbed a vacant stall, pulled my shorts down and sat. I noticed some nice green tiles, and the walls painted with vines. I relaxed, releasing two firm logs within about a minute. I only had to wipe about twice, before I flushed and changed into my bathing suit. I washed my hands, and literally ran up the beach to where my friend was, accompanied by her dad, who was thoroughly pissed. Realizing what i had just done, I felt really guilty for quite a while after that incident. It wasn't until much later that I finally confessed to my friend that the reason I had run off was because I had to go #2, and I had been way too shy to say so at the time. She just laughed, having long forgiven me since. In turn, she told me about how when she and her dad went to look for me, they found some shady-looking man taking a leak behind a tree near the shack, who said he thought a girl had headed towards the bridge. I laughed, and told her it was probably the guy I had seen before. So, in the end, the whole ordeal just made us closer, if anything.

So, hope you enjoyed. Sorry about the long post; just had a lot to get off my chest!

Hi everyone. I'm David and like Everett, I'm a high school football player. I'm a junior at a somewhat successful program in the southeast and needless to say, we take our football somewhat seriously here. I had to follow up Everett's "football-player-on-the-toilet-during-a-game" story with an explosive dump story of my own. This particular explosive dump was taken by Brian, my best friend in the whole world during a game a couple weeks ago.

To start, I'm the second of five kids but for all practical purposes, I'm the oldest since an early childhood accident left my older brother mentally retarded. Because of what I and my family have been through with my brother over the years, I realize that kindness and service are far more important than being cool and I don't think of myself as being anything special just because I play football. My best friend Brian is a pastor's son and shares all of these values and I suppose that's why we've been inseparable friends since second grade when his family moved here. Brian is a great athlete and football player and even better person and still an even better friend. He's like a hero to my brother.

Anyway, like I said, we've been inseparable for over 9 years. I take vacations with his family and he takes vacations with my family. What makes that relevant here is that Brian and I have pooped together just about EVERYWHERE. We've buddy dumped on bowls with no partitions between them. I've seen him crap over the side of a boat and he's seen me drop a major deuce in a bucket. And of course, there's always the famous poop you take in the woods while hiking or hunting. We've done that too more than a few times each!!

Brian is 6'4 now and 185 pounds while I'm 6'1 and roughly about 170. We're the only 2 juniors that start on the defense. Brian wasn't elected captain this year because he's an underclassman but physically, mentally, and emotionally, he's the clear leader of the defense and everyone knows it. Well anyway we had a game a couple weeks ago on Brian's 17th birthday (although I'm not really sure that had anything to do with it) We're just into the second quarter of play when unbeknownst to me at the time; Brian's seventeen-year-old body suddenly and without warning gets hit really hard with an overwhelming and desperate urge to shit. (I have a feeling there may have been something more than just sugar and cocoa in that Chocolate "Birthday Cake" Brian had been given after school although we can't prove anything!) I'm noticing that Brian just wasn't playing with his usual speed and aggression actually moving very tentatively.

Then, on the sideline, instead of getting in people's faces to fire them up, he was sort of keeping to himself standing around and rocking back and forth with a bit of a worried look as the throbbing pressure from the poop in his butt mounted. Finally on one play, he had a bead on a ball carrier where he usually just DESTROYS the guy with a vicious hit but this time just barely trips the guy up at the ankles. I had finally seen enough and came out and asked him. "Dude, what's going on? You made that tackle like a girl. That's not like you. What gives??"

"Bro, I have to take a crap SO BAD I can't see straight. I don't know what to do. I'm not sure I can hold on until halftime."

I could see that Brian's distress was obvious and very real. It was then that I got this crazy idea… It was worth a shot. "Brian… What did your Dad say in his sermon last Sunday about when you face a really bad situation with seemingly no way out??"

"Well, he said to turn to God and put your trust in Him… but that's different…"

"I don't see how it's any different. God already KNOWS you really have to shit, so you're not going to surprise Him by telling him you do! We need to pray about it NOW!"

Reluctantly, Brian the Pastor's son nervously bowed his head with me as I placed a hand on his shoulder. Brian rocked back and forth real anxiously still desperately struggling to hold the shit in his butt as I quickly made up a humorous rather irreverent but heartfelt prayer on the spot. (Brian probably felt like we were going to get struck down by lightning if he didn't shit his pants first!!)

"Heavenly Father, we ask that you look down on us now in your mercy and compassion. You can see now that my brother and your servant Brian has to shit really bad right now and feels like he's about to crap all over himself. But we ask you now in your abundant lovingkindness to grant Brian the strength he needs to somehow hold his crap and calm his overactive bowels until he can get that big ugly butt of his safely on the crapper. We ask this in the mighty and precious name of Jesus. Amen."

By now, Brian was really laughing while still rocking nervously back and forth. "Bro, I STILL have to take a huge crap in the worst way, but THANK you!" He continued to laugh through the pain. "I can't believe you said "Shit" in a PRAYER!!"

"No problem." I said laughing myself. "Now hold on to your crap and get in the game! Whatever you do, DON'T GIVE UP!"

Well, somehow, Brian DID manage to hold his crap to the end of the quarter although he continued to run and play like his butt was full of crap. I knew it was a real struggle for him, but Brian continued to play bravely through the intense throbbing pressure from all the crap in his butt knowing that he could shit his pants at any moment. I was really proud of Brian on how he really hung in under adversity and didn't give up when the going got tough or when the pressure to surrender seemed unbearable. I myself have never tried playing an entire half of football with a great big load of crap in my butt, (although I DID have to go through a PRACTICE one time in that condition! NOT FUN! I'll tell you about it later!) but I figured it couldn't be very easy!

Right as time was running down, Brian knew time was running out for him too. "Bro, I just HAVE to take a really major SHIT, right NOW." And with that, Brian bolted for the locker room. Brian almost never uses strong language, so for him to say "SHIT" let me know his impending dump was really serious.

Of course, Brian was the first back to the locker room with me trailing behind by only about 75 feet or so. Brian is REALLY fast, but the massive load of shit in his butt kept him from risking an accident by running flat out. When I got to the locker room, Brian was in the toilet stall and already had his football pants unlaced as he desperately pulled them down around his knees and finally dropped his butt on the toilet. I was really happy for Brian and so relieved too see him somehow made it on to the toilet just in time after fighting for so hard and so long to hold his shit. I knew that Brian's relief would be sweet and well-deserved! Just as we had prayed, Brian had found just the strength he needed to "somehow hold his crap until he could get his butt safely on the crapper," and no more.

Instantly, Brian's butt blew up as a huge pile of shit came blasting out of his body hitting the water with violent splashes and plops. Like I mentioned before, Brian and I had seen each other poop before, but this was really BAD! This wasn't just a dump or a BM, but it was as Brian had called it, "a really major SHIT!" I realized it really WAS a miracle that Brian had held his shit until halftime!

The doorless toilet stall where Brian took his major shit is set up in such a way that when you enter the stall, you turn right to face the toilet so you don't face the guy on the toilet head on when he's sitting there. However, because Brian is 6'4, you did get a clear side view of his knees all the way to his shoes as he sat on the toilet with his pants down crapping the enormous load of turds from his butt.

Brian quickly followed up his gigantic shit pile with a overwhelming firestorm of wet farts, large chunks of soft shit that hit the water in rapid-fire sequence and a whole mess of brown chocolate butt pudding and soft-serve butt fudge that could have fed a platoon if it were edible. Now normally, Brian is not normally prone to moans and groans when he takes a dump unless the dump is particularly large and this dump was exceptionally large to say the least. So in this case, Brian's nearly euphoric moans and sighs of relief were quite audible to everyone in the room as he sat there on the toilet with his butt gradually decompressing. Like I said before, Brian and I have pooped in front of each other countless times, but I had never seen Brian so badly overwhelmed by a dump like this before.

As Brian sat relieving himself, the team gathered in the locker room for a halftime talk from the coach. Unfortunately everyone was in clear earshot of the toilet where Brian sat pooping and farting… farting and pooping. It was now taking Brian quite a bit of time and effort to drive the rest of the crap from his butt and pretty soon, the sounds of moaning, grunting, sighing, wet farting, crackling, pooping and plopping became a distraction for the coach who was trying to address the team. Coach found it hard to get their attention because they were all snickering at the sounds of all the crap coming out of Brian's body.

Finally in exasperation, Coach yells to Brian….. "Mr. *********, are you just about done CRAPPING so that you can join the rest of the team?"

"Doing the best I CAN coach!" Brian yelled back. "I'm trying to finish up right now."

That only made the team snicker and laugh even more. I found myself a bit angry at how Brian was being treated in all this. After all, it was for this team that he had so valiantly battled to hold his shit for so long against such overwhelming pressure to give up. A lesser man would have given up long before halftime. What made me even madder was that I was pretty sure it was one of the players on the team who had slipped Brian a laxative to make him shit although I can't prove it and Brian is way more trusting of people than I am. But I guess if Brian didn't take himself too seriously, then I didn't need to either.

Well, after several more labored grunts, moans, sighs, wet farts, crackles and plops, Brian finally managed to empty his butt and then took about half a roll of toilet paper to clean it up before he flushed the crapper and pulled his pants back up. When he returned to the huddle looking very relieved, Brian took some good-natured ribbing from the rest of the team along with a few sarcastic remarks from the coach. What was coach going to do anyway?? Brian is by FAR the best player on the defense and everyone knows it and it's not like Coach never had an emergency shit before. I don't think Brian cared much just so long as he got all that shit out of his butt.

When the game resumed, Brian did play a bit better but still not his best by far. I think having that big shit right in the middle of the game took something out of him and he wasn't his best until the following Monday at practice. We still won the game and Brian and I had a good laugh about it later.

Later on we met up with Brian's dad the Pastor who noticed us praying on the sideline and he asked us what we were praying about. Anyway, we gave him the TRUTHFUL answer which surprised him but he didn't seem to disapprove at all.

"That's a GOOD one!" He said with a big ear-to-ear grin. "But I STILL think I'll make up a DIFFERENT story for Brian's MOTHER!

I've always wanted to go into a dressing room and pee either in a puddle on the floor or into some clothes, but im too afarid. Has anyone ever done anthing like that. Fyi I am female

Hi, my name is Amie and I'm really into pee stories.
I always pee loads of times a day as I have a small bladder and if I have a drink of any sort it always goes straight through me.

Anyway, I have a story.

One time I was staying abroad. I was staying in a 2 bed, one bathroom building, with a communal kitchen a short walk away in a different building.

It was really hot and I was trying to increase my water consumption. As I wasn't planning on going out for a while, I knew I could drink a bit cos I'd be near a loo, so I forced myself to drink a whole bottle of water. Knowing it would go straight through, and with the aim of trying to increase capacity, I decided to try to hold it until 5pm, 1 hour away.

Within half an hour the urge to pee was growing noticeably, but I ignored it and sat on my bed reading a book. Another quarter of an hour and I was pretty desperate, tapping my feet and hands, but I tried to concentrate on the book still.

10 mins to go and I really, really needed to go, but I was determined to make 5pm - it was so close. I was checking the clock more than once a minute.

5 mins left, and I heard my flat mate leaving her bedroom and going to the bathroom. Then I heard the shower going on, and was so worried. My friend had legendary showers where she was in there for half an hour. And I needed to pee NOW.

The tiny bit of outside space we had was a courtyard shared by other apartments. There was nowhere outside I could go.

I was absolutely about to wet myself, and started dancing around my room trying to find some solution. My towel was in the bathroom, and the floor was tiled with no rug. I couldn't hold it any longer, and grabbed two pillow cases off my pillows and scrunched them into a ball on the floor, then wrenched down my trousers and started peeing immediately. Oh the relief! I was peeing and peeing. Trouble was, pillow cases are thin cotton and not absorbent. I suddenly realised that my pee was spreading out in a huge puddle on the floor around the cases. It was running across the tiles in several directions, but I just couldn't stop. This was bad. Finally I managed to cut off the flow, but the puddle was huge. I grabbed the sheet off the bed and used that to mop up as best I could. Then when my friend came out of the bathroom 20 mins later, I shuffled backwards and forwards rinsing the sheet, then going back and using it to mop, several times over until I'd cleared it up. Then I was able to finish my pee in the toilet (still had plenty to go).

Next time I'll try to find something more absorbent…

I'm an 18 year old guy. When I was 15 I had a really humiliating incident. I was very shy around girls back then, but I managed to get a date with a girl I had a major crush on in my English class. We went to the mall. I was extremely excited and nervous. Now, a few hours before I left, my stomach started hurting. I let out some loud and smelly farts. I figured I'd be fine, and I hated the thought of canceling, so I decided to just deal with it. Big mistake.

I got to the mall a little early, and the girl wasn't there yet. My stomach started to hurt a little more, so I squeezed out a few silent farts and felt better. My date finally arrived and she looked GORGEOUS. I was really nervous at this point, but not because of my aching stomach. Though, in retrospect, that should've been what worried me. Anyway, we start talking and just hanging out, and I'm having such a good time that I almost entirely forget about my little gastrointestinal dilemma. She eventually says she wants something to eat, so I stupidly buy us both hot dogs in the food court. My stomach was not pleased. Ten minutes later, I'm in serious pain, and I know I'll need to use the bathroom soon. But being shy about admitting my need to use the toilet, I try to hold it a little longer. But soon, I feel a large load of poop push against my butt hole, and I know I have to get over my shyness. I tell my date that I need to use the bathroom, trying to hide my desperation, and she says, "Okay, so do I." So we start walking to the bathroom. Problem is the closest ones were closed, so we would have to walk all the way to the other end of the mall. I start to feel for the worse at this point. Eventually my date asks if something's wrong, and I say no. She doesn't press me on the matter and we keep walking. We're almost to the restrooms when my worst nightmare happened... I was hit by a REALLY bad cramp and stop. I clenched my butt cheeks together, but I just couldn't hold it... I let out a very loud, very wet fart and began filling my briefs with a load of diarrhea. I was mortified. There I was, 15 years old and pooping my pants in front of the hottest girl I knew. I was wearing khakis, so a big brown stain formed on my butt, and the smell was awful. My face was hot from embarrassment. My date started to laugh and several people gave me funny stares.

To sum things up... I never went on a date with that girl again, and she ended up telling all her friends what I did. So, the whole school found out that I crapped myself. I didn't stop hearing about it for a almost a year.

Keith D--you may remember me. I have the friend I've been wanting to hear fart or poop but she's elusive. Well I was with her again last week for a few days. I did hear a small quick fart escape while we were working in her den. I don't think she knew I heard as we both continued our talking without interruption. I think she either holds them for at night or she slips them out silently. Anyway I also think I figured out why I never hear plops in the toilet when I KNOW she's pooping. The times she does a poop (you know cause she's in there longer and there is silence after her pee) I can hear her roll paper off at the start of her job. I think she tosses it in to muffle the sound of the plops. Just a thought. What do you think?

Laura--I too often have diarrhea during of my cycle. In fact I had a very similar experience to yours recently. I was shopping in a department store for some clothes. It was mid afternoon & I had been having cramps and farting as well for most of the day. (I tend to fart a lot when on my period) Like most women I just try to continue with my day and deal with it.
Anyway, while shopping I got a really bad cramp and put my hand to my stomach as it hurt a lot. I felt intense pressure and knew I had to find a toilet immediately. They're upstairs at this store and so I hopped on an escalator which slooooowly took me to the second floor. I really wanted to fart at this point but knew it wasn't a good idea. I quickly made my way to the back area where the bathrooms were, set my clothes on a table that was outside the door and hurried in. As I was closing the door to the stall I got another bad cramp. Quickly pulling down my jeans I sat on the toilet and let a HUGE fart that (like you) sprayed the whole bowl with liquid poop. I sat there a minute or 2 having a nasty poop. After that I started to pee but then I felt another severe cramp and leaned over pressing my forearms against my stomach. It hurt very bad and I was feeling rather ill now. I let another loud wet fart and the second wave began. This time it lasted a little longer. When I thought I was done I looked in the toilet and cringed at the mess I'd made. I wiped several times and flushed it all away. Like you I was feeling quit ill at this point so bought my shirt and pants and went home. I spent the rest of the day with very bad cramps and rushing to the toilet every couple of hours. The rest of my period I had mushy soft poops.

I have several stories if anyone is interested. Desperation, constipation, even an accident or two. Let me know and I'll share them if you care.

hairy annie
To Dustin.

I intended to reply alot earlier but have been really busy. However you asked if there were any hirsuit women who read this site. Well judging by name you may have guessed I am very hairy. I shall give you alist of my previous posts later in this post.

However to describe I'm a brunette, about5'6" tall, average figure, large in the bust department. I was one of these girls who happened to mature early. By about age 14 I had a full bust and a fully overgrown bush and treasure trail which went up past my navel.I tried over the years all sort of depilatory methods but the itch factor stopped all that when it started to regrow. So at the moment my armpits are quite bushy, my pubic area is the same in fact when I wear panties or bike pants as underwear I have a large bulge of hair.

As a kid I always seemed to get alot of shit on my hands and fingers when I wiped, it was really quite a pain. I really hated going to the toilet to have a shit. So I would always just hold on for as long as possible. My a'hole is quite hairy as well therefore wiping was nightmare. As a result I ended up shitting when I was really busting because I just held on all the time. I cannot recall the number of times I entered the toilet with the turtle head hanging out. Therefore I always had skid marks on my panties, somebigger than others. When I was out I was little bit more disciplined and went relatively soon after I felt a serious urge. But when I was at home I just held on and held on consequently I often shit my panties anyway.Fortunaately my turds have always been firm to hard so the resulting clean up was not all that bad.

My parents who worked long hours and were away from the house for long periods never really knew that I used to shit my panties. I sort of built up a bit of confidence and got to the point where if I felt the urge coming on I tried to hold it as long as possible but eventually just let nature take its course. I trained as anartist and even to this day when I'm having an artistic rush and am in the middle of painting I shit my panties. I guess I have not had many true accidents,by that I mean really getting caught short without any prior notice of needing a shit.
Because my shit does not really smell all that much I can afford to shit myself in public without announcing it to ppl around me.But that is not a thing I make a habit of. You'll read a friend of mine ,Jas she also shits her pants from time to time.She is a bit like me, a "convenience panty shitter", sometimes it is not convenient to go to the conveniences.
I do like when I go to the mall,which is not very listen to other women on the toilet. I live in a rural area and have a 30 mile trip to the nnearest mall. The mall I go to has recently been extended,theold section has alot of the arty shops so that's where I'm often at except for grocery shopping.The toilets there have not been maintained properly for years, but I tell you for some reason the seats are the comfortable I have ever used.
I was there recently and looking through a dress shop when I felt the urge to shit come on. I paid it no mind for awhile and just stood there squeezing my cheeks as I serched through the racks. I had not shit for 2 days and I knew this was gonna be a biggie. The saleswoman Heather is a friend of mine came and started to chat. We'd been talking for 15 mins when I felt this huge cramp, I knew then if I do not head to the toilet I would shit in my panties for sure.I had on my full cut briefs,never wear thongs or high cut. My bush just makes wearing that sort of underwear look silly. I tried a thong once, could hardly find it , it was hidden in the forest,if you know whta I mean. I told Heaqther I would catch her later, as I was in dire need of a shit,she is very opene minded as well.

As I headed off to the bathrooms in the old part of the mall I realised I'd made the right choice cos I could feel the turtle begin to emerge from my hole. By that I mean I was not all that far from filling my panties. To reach the actual entrance to the toilet you have to enter a corridore that turns right then left to the ladies. As I entered the first co merridor I started to hurry a litle, not doing the "shit shuffle" yet.I heard footsteps behind me,looking around I saw this rather obese lady in her30's obviously doing ashitshuffle,sheasked me if I was going to use the bathroom,cos she had to poop urgently. Well as I entered the toilet then the stall, I could see the other stall was vacant . There is a hole about 2" in diameter where something has been removed so you have a good view into the next stall. I lifted my dress,pulled my panties to my knees and yes I had quite a skid mark in the gusset.Before I started to shit the stall door next to me slammed open .She hung her bag on the door hook,lifted the back of her tent dress up,displaying a large pair of granny panties. She bent over slightly giving me a good view of the seat.There was a large brown stain in the seat,as she pulled them down to her very fat kness I could see a large amount of shit around the cheeks of her ass.As she went to sit on the toilet she lost control she just let it go.This huge sticky looking brown turd flew out of her shit encrusted ass and landed on the seat,folled by another that landed in the toilet. What a mess, she then completely removed her panties and threw them behind the commode.Hiking her dress up she then faced the toilet and pissed standing up all over the toilet.
I then started to have my shit,I was well worth not shitting my pants, I don't think they would have held the weight. My neighbour then began to wipe. she must have gone through at least a whole roll of tp. She got shit all over hands and thighs, when she thought she was done,she just stood and let her dress fall back into shape.But when she let the dress fall you could still see shit between her thighs and on her cheeks. By then I'd wiped and was walking out to wash my hands. She joined me at the sinks,her comment was , that was close, nearly didn't make.......little did she know.

Previous posts..1436,1415,1406,1401,1606,1600,1598,1589,1587.

Hope I,ve been of some help..........HA

Mr. Clogs
Hey its poop: Hey great story about your friend pooping in her pants in the basement, thanks for the details.

Samantha: Thanks for posting about you using the cafe to take you massive Metamucil and all the goodies that made you go poop! Thanks for filling us on all the details and keep the post coming.

The Tourist: Hey there, great post about you using the bidet to clean yourself after using the toilet. I've always been curious on how a bidet is used. Thanks for sharing.

Nothing interesting in toilet land, I'm planning on holding back as much poop as possible so I can take a laxative and take a nice massive smelly dump in the morning. I'll keep you posted if anything. I gotta go and take a dump, Arrgggg!!!!! Oh well.

Take care,

Mr. Clogs

I had written a post earlier wanting to save my poop so I can take a massive dump with the help of a laxative. Well I gotten up and had my coffee b/c I had to go to the post office to pickup a package. So I finished my coffee and I felt the need to go to the bathroom before I head out to the post office to pick up my package. I got in the bathroom and took off my PJ bottoms and plopped on the toilet. I gave a good push and my poop started to come out slowly and a bit of a strain. I had to really push hard to get the remainder of my poop. I felt much better now and didn't think I poop much in the toilet. I was amazed by the load! Nice large pile of brown poop on the bottom of the bowl and a nice poop smell lingering in the air. I wiped of course put my PJ bottoms on and washed my hands and exited the bathroom and got ready to go to the post office.

Catch ya'll later.

Mr. Clogs

Interesting Sighting
Just thought I'd share something I witnessed my senior year of high school. There was this rather attractive and outgoing girl sitting next to me in my science class and I was totally unable to believe it at the time, but she must have crapped her pants while sitting next to me. It was a double period and we were taking a test. Part of the way through, I started to smell something really awful (like sickeningly sweet chili that has been left out several days) and she was squirming all over the place in her seat, obviously VERY uncomfortable. Several times she went up to the teacher's desk and whispered back and forth with the teacher... and as she walked up there the smell disappeared... but she didn't head out to the bathroom afterward. Instead, she went right back to her seat and that awful smell came back, just as strong as it was before. Each time she went to talk to the teacher, I looked at the back of her jeans seeing if there were any brown stains or anything but I saw nothing. They looked perfectly normal. But she was squirming practically the whole class and smelling terrible the entire time. I felt bad cause it didn't look like she was really able to concentrate on her test very much.

Since I'm kinda into accidents and everything, I kept imagining that she crapped her pants but I kept dismissing it as my imagination cause I didn't see a bulge or brown stain and my memory of her lifting her butt off the chair it actually going into her pants is very vague (she did it quietly or maybe I didn't even notice it or maybe she just had a very very wet fart). However, the rest is VERY clear. Also, there's the fact that same period of time (within two weeks or so before or after I don't remember) I must have eating something bad during lunch cause halfway through class I'm like "oh my god I gotta use the toilet NOW" and got myself excused so the cafeteria likely had bad food it was serving at the time of that incident. And the girl might have been embarrassed or something cause she never talked to me after that incident (though there were other good explanations for this too). In addition, several people on this board say it takes a little time for crapped pants to soak through and cause a brown stain on your pants so no bulge or stain could have meant absolutely nothing. And another time this girl had pants which rode between the butt-cheeks and there was a very clear brown mark I saw where her anus would be yet this girl didn't smell at all. So I guess there still is some doubt but overall I am quite sure.

The weird thing about this is that I COULDN'T think anything sexual at the time cause the smell was so disgusting and I couldn't enjoy it... though I did enjoy thinking about it afterward. Weird!!!

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