Regarding my posting last week about the teenage boy throwing open the unisex bathroom door on me while I was seated taking a crap and the reason why I messed myself and injured my knee. First, the question was asked did I jump up when the door was thrown open on me. The answer is no (at least I don't think so). Rather, what I did was lean forward to close the door on him as he was coming in. Because I was on the stool, sitting on toilet tissues that I had put over the seat, and releasing the largest part of my crap at that instance, my butt slid forward over the front of the seat, causing my crap to get mashed between my legs over the front of the seat. Yes, I pushed the door shut on him at about the time my cup of hot coffee went splashing all over me, but the tiny bathroom was so dimly lit and the door was partially jammed, so I think the boy threw more of his weight onto it thinking that the bathroom was not in use. That's what caused the accident. That was over a week ago. My knee is still bruised, although it doesn't hurt as much as it did earlier. I still have a few red marks on skin in my pubic area and on my thighs from the coffee, but they hurt a lot less now. The drycleaner was able to get the coffee stains off my outfit. That was probably easier because I tend to wear darker clothing in the fall. However, since I have to use public bathrooms three or four times a day, I now find that I'm much more conscious of the bathrooms I use, the stall I select and the privacy I expect. I hope I'm not getting paranoid, but I feel I'm taking extra precautions so that this won't happen to me again. For example, yesterday a colleague from the coast was flying in, the flight was late, and I had hoped to hold my morning crap until I got her back to the office. However, that wasn't to be. After trying to hold my 3-day stool for about an hour, I finally had to break down and go at the airport. I went into three different restrooms at the terminal, all were quite busy at mid-morning, but although there were stalls available, I got scared and decided to leave. By walking up to the second level on the other end of the terminal, I used a 2-stall bathroom in a restaurant and I was able to fully relieve myself. This afternoon I stopped for gas, and because I had downed at least 20-ounces of soda, I had to pee with almost no time to spare. This was an old-style gas station with the restrooms that you enter from outside the building. We'll I got the key from the attendant, opened the ladies room door, but at that point I got really nervous about closing the door, sitting down and peeing. It only took me about five minutes more to drive down the street to Wal-Mart where I found myself feeling much more comfortable using the bathroom. I don't know how long this anxiety about using single-stall bathrooms is going to last, but it's starting to worry me.

me and my friend we at the bay in our school and she had to pee but we didnt want to leave, so she pulled down her pants and stood in front of the tree and peed
i couldnt believe it
it was funny though

Ok so I've never posted before. Honestly im not into all this stuff but here it goes. Ever since I was little I've had trouble holding my pee. I've been a chronic bed wetter my whole life. My most embarrising moment happened when I was 6. I had just moved in with my big brother(he got custody of me bc of my abusive parents) I still wasn't comfortable with him and didn't want to tell him I had to pee. I was out to eat with him and his friends. He was 21 at the time and all his friends were jerks. I thought I could hold it till we got home. I was doing pretty well until we stood up to leave. The sudden move was too much on my bladder. I wet my pants in the middle of the resturant. I had light jeans on and it was very obvious. The carpet was soaked. I just stood there letting the pee run down my legs in shock. Luckily my brother was very nice about the whole thing. He picked me up and hugged me and told me he loved me and it was ok. Still...I was mortified. Ever since then I've had more accidents usually in public. I don't mean to but wait till the last min to go and then don't make it. I have a small bladder. I am 20 yrs old and still wet the bed. My brother is also very nice about this problem and never made me feel bad about it. Well I have more stories buts that enough for now. Just though id share. Are there any other females out there who either have this problem or more importantly live with their big brothers or had a situation like this happen with their big brothers? Thanks

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Hey Everett,

Terrific story on page 1699 about you being forced to make a run for the crapper in the middle of a game. Trust me, it happens a LOT more often than you may think and I'm not sure why parents and coaches get upset about it. It' not like something you have total control over. I was just very surprised you didn't have an opportunity to go to the toilet at halftime. Most teams go back to the locker room at halftime to give players just that opportunity. Anyhow, if you're ever in that situation again, next time, you'll ask to hit the facilities at halftime when you don't have to miss playing time and it's not quite as obvious to others that you are away attending to personal business!!

As far as your dad, he KNOWS darn well that a nasty overwhelming dump is *NOT* something you can plan for or head off with with a pre-emptive strike on the toilets! They come when they want to come and there's usually nothing you can do about it except go with the flow!! (Pun Intended.)

I posted a similar story about a boy in a situation similar to yours on page 1633, except THIS happened on an ESPN TV show for the WHOLE WORLD to see. I sure wish I could get video if that show! JUst like you, this boy got severely loaded with crap right in the middle of the game and was forced to evacuate his butt during play as well. Except, this kid didn't tell the coach he desperately needed to shit and just took off thinking he could get back in time. BAD IDEA. Next thing you know, the TV ANNOUNCERS are wondering where the kid is and then focus in on the restrooms. The coach is absolutely P***ed and removes all doubt by yelling "He's in the BATHROOM taking a damn POOP!" to anyone who will listen. After a few moments, the cameras zoom in on the boy running back on the field still lacing up his pants!!! The coach then gave him a tongue lashing that probably had the boy wishing he had just filled his pants instead.

My brother-in-law Josh also let loose an absolutely HUGE mushy load in his pants during a football practice when he was 16 (Page 1464), and he's gone on to lead a very happy and fulfilled life, so take heart Everett, you are NOT alone in this pooping world!!

Be Safe,


person man
can girls please post more stories about emenas or taking very big dumps? it will be much appreciated

Worked Maintainence
To the poster that wrote

"I've always wanted to go into a dressing room and pee either in a puddle on the floor or into some clothes, but im too afarid. Has anyone ever done anthing like that. Fyi I am female"

Please, don't do this. There are people that have to clean it up. The clothes can't be sold after that so it costs the store money. I like the idea of you peeing in a puddle or into some clothes, but please do it at your own house into your own clothes.

party guy
funny thing happened last weekend. well, gross, but funny too. my fiancee and i had a party. it was a good time, we had about 20-25 people over and needless to say there was a lot to eat and drink. we had a good time. only a few people over did it with the alcohol but we managed to get everyone who was really drunk into a car with someone who was sober behind the wheel. one of the people who over did it with the alcohol, however, was my fiancee kelly. she was pretty trashed. i couldn't even understand what she was saying half the time and she wouldn't stop laughing and could hardly walk. she doesn't usually get really drunk but some of her best friends were over and they got rowdy. anyway, i helped her to the bedroom to lay down and got her into bed and she calmed down and started being quiet. she was trying to take off her jeans so i helped her, and then she was just laying there in her blouse and purple panties. i was cleaning up and eating a sandwich (i was fairly buzzed myself) when i could hear her whining and trying to call me. i walked in there and she was fidgeting around on the bed and i noticed she had completely wet herself. the wet stain on the sheets was huge and her once light purple panties were now dark purple. i guess when she wanted her pants off she thought that meant it was okay to pee. she was whining still and trying to say something to me. i kind of understood her say she had to go to the bathroom, and i told her "babe you just peed all over yourself, you went to the bathroom." and she just said "gotta go ta the bathrooooo". she then ground and rolled over on her side, ripped this loud, bubbly fart as a massive bulge suddenly formed in the seat of her panties. then she sighed and relaxed again. i didn't know whether to laugh or get angry, she totally wet our bed then took a big shit in her underwear right in front of me in the bed. a few seconds later i could hear more little pattering farts and a crackling noise and the bulge continued to grow slowly as a brown stain started to show on the seat of her panties. i just stood staring at her in disbelief. laying in bed in a gigantic puddle of her own pee with no pants on, soaking wet panties with a huge load in them, hair a mess, drunk off her ass, and i just thought "i'm gonna marry that girl."

Laura (Teacher) - Good to hear from you again. I enjoy reading your stories and hope you continue to post. As someone else mentioned, your stories are among my favorites. Also, congratulations on your engagement!

Pee Pants
This was a 'poop dare' gone bad:
My young female friend (early 20's) observed me taking some psyllium hole-husk one morning, my favorite bulking fiber, and made some 'you old fart' kind of jest. I mentioned how strong the urge was when in hit you to go that you pretty much had to be close to a toilet or else. She laughed dismissively and bragged about her sphincter 'prowess' and how she'd held poops back for days, so I dared her and we struck a bet between us. The terms were thus: if she held it for an hour after the urge to poop hit her, I'd give her $100 cash, no questions, no critiques, but she's have to show me her underwear before shitting so I could verify if there were marks. Being exceptionally flirty and open with each other (she's just a friend and I'm married, so there), we could play with this kind of thing for the hell of it. On my end of the bet, if she did poop in her pants, I got to spank her over my knees with a paddle or belt, one smack for every year she'd been alive, ha ha! Now, I take dares with cute young girls very seriously, especially when they make my sex life hell sometimes, so I made sure the next day that we were in my house with only one bathroom, door locked, key in my pocket! The day went by uneventfully until just after lunch when her eyes became glassy and dilated, looking at me pleadingly, she said to me, "Please, listen, I'll give you the hundred dollars, just let me go!" I silently shook my head 'no', wryly smiling back at her injured expression. She slowly moved to a kitchen chair with a hard wooden seat, hoping she could hold it in against it's firmness (little did she know, psyllium always produces soft, doughy poops that slip out of you effortlessly, sometimes the consistency of oatmeal or porridge)! We played cards for almost a half hour after I'd marked the waiting period for her 'toilet liberation', and observed her squirming and grimacing non-stop throughout our play. At some point I made fun of her in a loving, silly way, impersonating her with a high falsetto when a muffled, dull rumble blasted from underneath her. It was immediate and obvious what happened: she slowly raised her head from her lap and said in a mouse-like voice, 'you give me that ???? key you ass!' I pulled it out of my pocket and watched her slowly get up and walk off to the bathroom, a damp spot in the seat of her pants, a faint odor of poo wafting behind her. Poor thing, little does she know, I shit my pants all the time, just for the hell of it! I'm always seeking 'converts' so perhaps she'll be my next 'project'...LOL!

KEITH D I feel your frustration!
Yesterday my wife and I stayed at a motel, we had to go to a celebration and came home and went to bed before mid night. At 1 am I awoke with a pain in my stomach and the urge to defecate. Motels have their bathroom straight off the bedroom. I thought my wife was asleep and got out of bed (quietly) and went into the bathroom and closed the door and turned on the light. I had no clothing on but for a T-shirt. I sat on the toilet and nothing happened despite me feeling full of poo and it felt stuck and jammed in my back passage. As i pushed and gasped i could clearly smell poo but nothing was happening...after a few minutes I could feel something come out of my did not drop into the bowl but was hanging there. I reached down and it was a very small hard dried up turd. After several "efforts" I dropped a small pebble and then another and another. There was very little shit in the water but the smell was rank. I was tired but it was one of those poos I had to get out. Grunting started! i then had another plop that was almost respectable. Vey minute or so there was another the end I could not get any more retum felt clear but there was heaps further up. I wipped and looked into the bowl...there was a fair bit there. I flushed and returned to bed and my wife said why was I in the toilet so long...I said I was very constipated...she then objected to the smell that was drifting through the room!
Next morning she was much more pleasant and when I said I had pain below and had to have a long sit on the toilet she was understanding. Yes, I was on the throne for some minutes and passed a bit but not a lot...shorly later I was there again for a very small result.
Feeling unwell and bloated when I got home I took a fast acting laxative that is new on the market.....will report the results as they come to hand.
By the way, my back passage really hurts from the abovementioned episode....hopefully the laxative will give an easy soft evacuation.

I am starting to get a real urge...the laxative is kicking in methinks.
Wish me luck!
I had better go to the toilet is starting to turtle neck.
Sweet success!!!! I went out to the toilet, sat relaxed my anus and just relaxed everything and out it came...big time!!! Lump of shit after lump and liquid poo too. The toilet was full of poo and the walls of the bowl took a bit of wipping but flushed in one really stank!
Oh!! Here I think I go again...pressure is building, but 3/4 hour since the last "drop the kids off at the pool."
Off I go and will report back.
I am butt was like a fire man`s hose spraying butt piss in the bowl. I am wondering if the prescribed dose might be a bit much for me....we will see!

I like to wait till im really desperate and then take a shower. Then I take the shower head and spray it between my legs causing me to involentarily wet myself. Does anyone have any good shower pee stories?

Keith D
Some great stories on here lately, particularly from Hey its poop, The Tourist, Samantha and Kerry F. Your detailed descriptions were fantastic.

To Linda from Australia: Yeah, I have been struggling with my logs a bit lately. I had a few goes at it today. The urge first hit me while I was out walking my dog. It was a strong urge and the first I'd had in days so I didn't want to lose it. I was walking through a woodland area and decided that I should at least try for a poop as I didn't think it could wait until I got home. I let my dog of his leash and I went just a bit off the trail behind a tree. I was surprised to find a couple of pieces of folded tissue. I guess someone had stopped to pee there before. I dropped my shorts just to expose my butt and squatted. I gave a couple of quick, really hard pushes to get started because I didn't want to take long and their were other walkers around.

But it was useless. I just felt a dull, hard dry feeling in my rectum and couldn't even feel a poop moving against my anus. So I quickly pulled up my shorts and kept walking.

The dog had run ahead and it was taking a while to catch up with him. Annoyingly, I started to get a weak urge again so ducked behind another tree. This time, the tree was right beside the track and if someone came along then it wouldn't conceal much. But it was a quiet time of day and I thought I could be quick. I slid down my shorts as I squatted and pushed hard. Immediately, a small brown pebble popped out. Then nothing. I felt empty, like there was no more poop waiting to come out. I knew this wasn't true. But another hard push and I felt nothing. I could hear a car coming in the distance and panicked and pulled my shorts up. Damn it!

It's now 4 hours later and the urge to poop is starting to return. Wish me luck!

zen ana
To once ever

The Tourist
Well, here's my stories of the time I spent in France. It's a really nice place, especially Paris, but I felt as though I stood out, with my shaved legs. But that's the beauty of being a tourist, we're supposed to stick out like a sore thumb. I have so many good stories, but I think in the interest of keeping the post in check, I'll do the usual overview of my thoughts on the country, and then my favorite 3 stories.

I really have lots of nice things to say about France's toilets and bathrooms. Public toilets buildings are sometimes found about. They usually require a fee to get in, but they clean themselves after every user, so you go in to a clean toilet and a fresh smell. If all else fails, you can always go into a cafe or a bar, order a drink, and ask for the toilet pass (if there is one, some have and some don't).

I also never found toilet paper to be a problem. I'd liken it to most bathrooms you'll find locally, most times you'll have no paper problems, but every once in a while you just hit a bad time of the day, and have to ask a neighbor. Every once in a while when you're out in public, you'll find a bathroom with a bidet, and you won't need much paper at all. I think most hotel rooms have one in the toilet room (water closet as it's called sometimes), at least mine did.

To start with, this is my third favorite story of my time in France. I of course have to talk about the bidet, this being the first time I'd ever used one. This story takes place in my hotel room, in the evening. I had just returned from eating out, and was watching some TV, thinking about heading to bed. Well, I began to feel an urge to poop, so I figured I'd go to bed when I finished.

I headed into the bathroom, took off my pants and thong, shirt and bra too, and sat on the toilet. I peed a little bit, and then felt a turd move into position, so I gave a slight push. It slid out with relative ease and made a floomp sound when it hit the water. I peed a bit more, almost involuntary, while I pushed again, and another log slid out and plopped into the bowl. I heard a few quick splashes, maybe five or six, as I let out lots of little turds. I still felt I had one more big one in me, so I gave a push, peed some more, and it began slowly moving. I usually don't have to push a lot, but this one was taking it's sweet time. I grunted a little bit, and pushed harder. I felt the tip emerge and slowly it was on it's way. Unn.. Uggh.. I pushed one last time and it crackled as it came out and splash! I got my butt a little wet on that one.

After recovering my breath a bit, I moved over to the bidet and turned it on to a moderate temperature. I had heard about a bidet before, and using it was very simple, but I wasn't sure how it would feel. It was kind of weird at first, as the water hadn't quite warmed up yet. Then it was soothing as the nice warm water washed my butt and cleaned away all the poop. I spread my cheeks a little and let the water rinse and then moved back to clean my front. After I got done, I sat back on the toilet and only had to wipe twice, and then dry with a towel. The towel didn't have stain on it at all, the bidet worked wonders.

My second story was in a public toilet building. I don't remember where I was at the time, but I do have the story. I put my coins in and entered the building. The toilet was clean, and I think the machine had sprayed some perfume, it smelled nice. I sat down, pulled down my dress and panties, and peed a big stream. It seemed really loud as it echoed off the walls. I never really thought about peeing sounds before, but I could clearly hear the tinkle as my pee hit the water. I wiped twice, flushed, and left on my way.

The best story I can think of was when I used the train toilet. I know some people do that all the time, but I don't, so it's an experience for me. Anyway, this particular ride was kind of bumpy, but I really had to go, so I went into the ladies' toilet on the train. I peed a lot while trying not to fall off the toilet. We went over a particularly bad bump I guess and I think I actually went up in the air. I wasn't sure I'd be able to finish my poop if the train was going to rattle this much, but I could feel that I needed to go.

I began pushing out a long turd and then we went over some more bumps. I did slide forward a little, but still managed to get my turd in the toilet. I farted a few times, silent, but they were forceful still. I completely lost my balance when there was some bad bumps. Readjusting myself on the toilet, I was already feeling the next one squeezing out. It hit the rim and fell into the bowl, so I tore off a little paper and wiped up that spot and sat down again. Just then we hit even more bumps and I nearly fell off the toilet again, but finally I decided to just wait and finish my poop later. One wipe was all it took for my front, but the back I could feel was messy. After five wipes, the ride smoothed out a bit, but I didn't feel like trying to push again only to hit more bumpy tracks.

So, that completes my foreign toilet stories. I want to go visit more places, but my budget doesn't allow travel very often, except quick trips here and there. If I'm going to go to another country, I want to stay at least a week.

yother day-
If you naturally only feel the urge to move your bowels every other day this is totally normal. however, if you are feeling some weak urges more frequently than that and ignoring them, i would suggest visiting the toilet when you first feel the need. holding poop back is a waste of time and energy.

i only mention this because of personal experience. until about the age of 21 i only sat down and had a bm every other day as well, or sometime every 2 days. however, i also was guilty of feeling the urge more frequently than that, and holding back my poop until i could do it in the privacy of my own home. so, i basically got used to putting off a bm until i couldnt wait another minute. i never did the thing that i dreaded most in the back of my mind (poo in my undies) but i did stain quite a few pairs of panties from turtleheading pretty frequently. Being on a date when your 16 with a massive urge to dump is not fun - especially when 3 inches of a huge turd is splitting your cheeks, and pressing into the bottom area of your panties.

now i just go when my bowels tell me the first time, and it saves quite a bit of stress!

A couple months ago I was at a conference and during a meeting one morning, I started feeling a growing urge to poop after my morning coffee and breakfast. I left the meeting early and went back to my hotel room to make some phone calls, brush my teeth and push out my poops. When I got to my room, I was disappointed to find that the housekeeper was cleaning. I went in, did my phone calls and planned to wait until after she cleaned the bathroom before unloading. But she was taking a while and I started to get bad stomach cramps and pass lots of smelly gas to relieve the pressure. Finally I decided to just let go. I closed the bathroom door, sat down and about half a minute later, the previous night's dinner fell in the toilet with two soft ploops. There was a noticeable poop smell, which was a little embarrassing, but I felt so much better after that!

Richard (a.k.a. The R Man)
To Peeing Girl:

I am a 19 year-old guy. To answer your question about how much/long do I pee, I usally pee about 10-15 seconds per day. Also, to answer you first question, Women can hold more then guys, women have bigger bladders.

To All Mom's:

When your little boy is on stage at a school proformance or some kind of school function, and he's gotta go really bad, in other words he is doing the pee-pee dance, why do you just watch him instead of letting him go to the bathroom?

P.S. I do not mean for this messrage to sound mean and/or demanding, if it does, I appolegize.

Hey all,

Here's a list of the top 10 guys I'd love to watch and help
them while they take a dump.

#1-Jay Hernandez
#2-Mario Lopez
#3-Pooch Hall
#4-LL Cool J
#5-Orlando Bloom
#6-Chris Brown
#7-Johnny Depp
#8-Lenny Kravitz
#9-Kamar De Los Reyes
#10-Ricky Martin

Hope you all enjoy.
Let me know what you think

Iv had a lot of bathroom expierences ay home at my job in the service.I was given 3 meals a day in the service and pooped every day a whole lot.
Sometimes easy sometimes hard big ones. Now im into enemas and suppositories a lot,still prefere a good warm soapy enema for a good cleaning of the system.
Any young ladies want to expierence enemas with me juat e-mail me at
????im in ????

Anonymous Freak
Laura (Teacher), I love your stoies so much! Please, please, please continue to post your stories. I'd love to hear about your fiance helping you while you are ill, or more stories from school. I hope you don't disappear again and you start posting regularly, because we really missed you. Your stories are pretty much my favorites.
Samantha - I love your stories too! I hope you'll let us know about all your experiences in public restrooms. =)

Hello Samantha.I've been enjoying your stories.Please keep them coming.Have you had an occassion when you had to use a clogged toilet in.I had to one time in a Micky D's.There was so much poop in the toilet I had to cover it with toilet paper to prevent splash back.After I finished if there was any possibility of flushing there wasn't anymore.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Once everyother day
I only go once everyother day, is this a problem?

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