The Blue Gentleman

What's good? I am The Blue Gentleman. A nickname a deceased friend once gave me.

I've been to this website a couple of times over the years and I've read some interesting stories. In a way, I'm kinda envious that I never experienced any problems with bowel movements and urination like the most of you. I've always been good at holding in my business so the stories I will share won't be about me. However, I've seen others lose control of their bowels in public or those who weren't ashamed to relieved themselves in the open, in front of god knows who. Funny thing, the majority of them are female.

This will be my first post, so I'm not familiar with any customs or posting ettiquette you guys may have. Plus, my typing is a bit off today for some reason so bear with me. On with the story.

I'm currently 21 years of age but this story happened back when I was 14. At the time I lived in Cheltenham, PA and a couple of friends and I went to see a movie together. My friends were Thomas ( I have a story about him but that's a story for another day). He's one of my oldest friends seeing as though I met him in kindergarden. Then there was Theodore, who I met at summer camp one year and became friends with him as soon as he moved to my city. We have Spencer, who was paralyzed from the waist down since birth but still a very active basketball player. And last but not least, the lovely Melina, who happened to be the only female of the group that day. She lived right across the street from me since we were 8 and moved at 17 but we're still close friends to this day.

Moving on...

That day, my friends and I went to see American Pie 2 ( courtesy of Tom's brother letting us in without an adult) and we all enjoyed it except Mel, who wanted to see Legally Blonde but was outvoted as usual. She's a good sport however. Anyway, after the flick we all went over to McDonalds and got some grub. Theo's big ass got like 5 big macs that day and we still laugh about that. I had a Big and Tasty, Tom got a quarter pounder and Spencer got the 6 piece nugget thing. Mel just orders a medium drink and I said " Come on. I know you're hunger after watching that ' boring' movie".

She replied " It's ok. Usually I would but I'm not really hungry for some reason." So I shrug and we continue to eat and joke around. Now it's like 8:30 pm and we're all going home. We first reach Spencer's place, so we chilled with him for like 5 minutes. Soon after, we walked like 3 blocks since no of us thought to bring money for bus fare so we had a little joke rap battle to kill the time. Finally it came time for Tom and Theo to split paths with Mel and I to go their own way as we walked through a park. As the two as us walked home, I noticed that Mel had placed her hand on her stomach a if she were nursing a stab wound. I asked what's wrong and she said " My stomach is bubbling. Oooh, I so hate my mom right now". I didn't bother to ask why, so I changed the subject as quickly as I could.

Then, she suddenly let out this long, bubbly sounding fart and I couldn't help but looked shocked. Melina was a very beautiful young girl back then and she still is but that was something I never expected to hear her do,at least not in front of me. I must of had a funny expression on my face because she laughed and and said " Yeah. Every once in a while, I bust ass too." I said " Damn. You better your panties for doo-doo stains. That one sounded like some got out".

She gave me this very cute look, smiled and started laughing then replied " Man, you're taking this pretty well" and I informed her that " Girls don't usually fart around me. That's why I'm shocked." Then she started to frown. At this time, the smell of a rotten corpse garnished with rotten eggs wafted in and I was like " Damn! that's a spicy meatball" She didn't laugh but instead grabbed my hand and lead me into a heavily wooded area. It was kinda of dark so I was kinda weary of rapists and predators. " I asked " What are you doing? " As she started to undo her pants and pull them down, she answers " I have to shit really bad". So I say, " Whoa. Can't you wait until you get home or something?" She says " I can't hold it for much longer and I'm sure you don't want to be seen with me if I poop myself".

So I say what the hell and she asks me to look out to see if anyone else is coming. She squats down in front of a tree (only because some idiot cut down the little shrubs), then she quickly stands back and turns around with her ass facing me. Let me tell you, Mel had a nice body at age 14 and her ass was still developing, so I was turned on from the sight of it. She started to look around, clasping her butt as she asked " What am I gonna wipe with? Could you find me a leaf? This one will be messy, I can feel it." So I reply " I don't wanna know that! Naw, I'm kidding. I got you".

I pluck off this big ass leaf and handed it to her. At first I thought those leaves where poisonous, but I stopped caring later. So she squats down again and almost immediately she started to unload. I didn't see any of it but I could hear the funny sounds coming out of her nice ass while she pooped. I joked and said " That shit sound like a flat tire coming out your ass". She started to laugh so hard that she almost fell into her own doodoo. Then the smell hit me and I pretend to gag. I tell her that next time I'm bringing the smelling salt and she says " You're just jealous that your shit doesn't smell as good as mine".

Then I asked her " What did you eat?"and she said " My mom made those enchiladas with guacamole again. Everyone she does, I get the shits." SO I ask " That's why you weren't hungry, huh? You were fighting the urge to go right then." SHe smiles, farts and says " Yeah. I would of gone there but the bathrooms in Mickey Ds are filthy".

. She finally finishes up and breaks the leaf in three pieces so she could wipe her ass thoroughly. She then says " I think I wiped pretty well. Could you check for me." I said " Um.. I think I'll take your word for it". But she hit me with the old sad kitten eyes look and I'm a sucker for pretty eyes. So I cave and said " Ok". She giggled and turned out as she bent over and spread her cheeks. It was clean so I said " You cool. Now put your pants back on before I lose my mind". She does so and puts the leaves on her pile, which looked like peanut butter and smelled like death and eggs benedict. I made sure that no one was around and we made our escape. The whole time we walked, we made jokes about what had just happened.

We finally make it to our neighborhood and we approach her house. Before she went in, she leaned foward and kissed me on the cheek. I couldn't help but blush and ask " What was that for"? She simply smiled and said " Because you were so sweet. I didn't expect you to be so cool about me shitting in front of you. I knew Tom, Theo and Spence would make fun of me if they found out, so let's keep this between us." I agreed ( she told them 2 years later) and she added " You also didn't laugh at me for not being ladylike." I said " Oh, I laughed but not because of that. I always laugh when someone farts."

So we said good night and I went in to reflect on what just happened.

Anyway, that's my first story. I hope you guys like it. I'll try to post more as soon as I'm available.

until then.....

I'm not sure if the Webmaster will allow this posting, but there have been many posts here from people who suffer from IBS or Crohn's disease that might find the info useful. I got it from BBC online service:

>Bacterium 'to blame for Crohn's
Researchers believe the lack of a specific bacterium in the gut may be a cause of Crohn's disease.

A shortage of naturally-occurring bacteria is thought to trigger the inflammatory gastrointestinal disorder by over-stimulating the immune system.

Now a French team has highlighted the bug, Faecalibacterium prausnitzii, which they show secretes biochemicals that reduce inflammation.

The study appears in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

The researchers, from the Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique, had already shown that patients with Crohn's disease have a marked deficiency in bacteria from the Clostridium leptum group.
Their latest work shows that F. prausnitzii - a major component of this group - accounts for a large part of the deficit.

Bowel surgery
The researchers found that Crohn's patients who underwent bowel surgery were more likely to experience a recurrence of the condition if they had low levels of F. prausnitzii.

And in experiments on cultured cells, they showed that liquid in which F. prausnitzii had been grown provided an anti-inflammatory effect.
The researchers said that if ongoing animal trials prove successful, human patients could benefit from a probiotic treatment with F. prausnitzii.

Dr Anton Emmanuel, medical director of the digestive disorders charity Core, called the study "exciting" and agreed it raised the possibility of a therapeutic "replacement" therapy.

"It would be interesting to see how this finding relates to the emerging body of evidence looking at genetic changes in some patients with Crohn's disease, with the known abnormal gene being one that codes for the body's ability to recognise foreign bacteria."

Dr John Bennett, chairman of Core, said there was growing evidence that micro-organisms combined with immunological weaknesses to either cause, or exacerbate Crohn's symptoms.

However, he said: "The gut contains a huge number and variety of organisms, and many of them have been investigated without any single one seeming to be entirely responsible."

Dr Bennett said scientists were testing the theory that harmful bacteria could be neutralised, or at least counter-acted, by preparations of beneficial "probiotic" micro-organisms, but as yet no definitive proof of their effect had been produced.<

Take Care!


Ok so me and my brother, Joe driving(well I was) in a cool van i got. I was driving on a turnpike which had no bathrooms. I had gotten a HUGE urge to poop. I had a feeling it would be squishy because i had mexican yes-turd-day(lol get it?) I let it pass.

"Dude I gotta pee." Joe said.

"Can't you wait til we get home?" I responded.


"Well too bad. There's no bathrooms."

"Then pull over!"

"Fine." I began too pull over then...

I felt a really strong cramp, then WHOOSH!!! I couldn't believe it. The smelly pile of poo in my pants just sat there. I felt another cramp and WHOOSH!!! There it was again! Joe just looked at me for a few seconds. Then he burst of laughing uncontrollably.

"HAHAHAHAH!!!! YOU JUST CRAPPED YOUR PANTS!!!!" He stopped laughing when we heard this hissing sound. Joe was peeing his pants (haha) He tried to grab his penis to stop the flow. Man he peed a river!! It went on for a looooong time. Then we laughed at our messy pants. It was an interesting experience =)

Mike from Mi.

To summarize my first post I made on this site a couple months ago,I never used public restrooms as a child. I was way too mortified even at the thought of doing so. However,when I was about seventeen years old at a Grey Hound bus stop,I took my first ever dump in a public restroom and found the experience exhilarating. From that point on, things have definitely changed. In fact,I believe I have become somewhat of a toilet exhibitionist. I'm a strong man with a decent masculine physique and I've come to like being heard and seen on toilets,plain and simple.

During mid-October of this year,I drove up to the upper part of Michigan to visit friends,hike and see the autumn color. I had to take a dump before I left home but since I prefer the camaraderie of public restrooms,I waited until I got to a mid-state rest stop off I-75. Once I parked my car there,I walked into the restroom,went straight to the first stall and after latching the door,lowered my trousers and briefs to my ankles as I always do,seated myself and took a quick but good shit. I could hear the faint crackle of the main log as it left my anus. No plops. If I hear a plop I know I,ve done a dinky one.

I favor that restroom because the stall doors are only about 4 1/2 feet from the ground and the partitions less than five feet. When men walk by to use vacant stalls or the wash basins on the opposite wall,they can easily see the faces and shoulders of the guys on the toilet.

On that day unfortunately noone else entered the restroom while I was on the can. After I wiped several times and stood up,I looked down and was satisfied to see a log that bent around the bowl filling much of it and with one end vanishing down the drainpipe. It averaged about 1 1/2 inches in diameter and if unbent a good two feet long maybe considerably longer for much of it was down the pipe and out of sight. Only shortly before I flushed and left the toilet did an older guy enter and use the urinal out of view of the stalls.

Other days when I,ve taken dumps in this and awhile back in other restrooms along I-75,guys have often walked by my stall while I was on the toilet and I could just as easily see their heads and faces as they could see mine. Occasionally with a little luck one or more of them would take a quick furtive glance over my stall door and get a full view glimpse of me on the can.

A couple times the glances were not so furtive. Awhile back I was in the above I-75 men's room concluding a shit. It was far from my biggest one but still decent. All at once a man maybe in his late thirties to around forty with short,dark hair and comely in appearance looked over my stall door. I had started wiping my butt at the time and at first thought he just wanted to use the toilet. But as he continued to gaze-his manner was not threatening-I knew differently and implicitly let him know that I was cool with his actions. Indeed,his actions were great! He watched with affable interest for maybe 30 seconds to just under a minute while I continued to wipe in front of him. The only thing I didn't do was examine the toilet paper. Hopefully he got a glimpse of the respectable dump beneath me and there's a good chance he did.

Shortly after he stepped away,I pulled up my briefs and pants,flushed and left the stall. He continued to be friendly as we exchanged comments on the pleasant weather we had been having while I washed up. Just as I turned,I saw him standing a slight distance from the nearest urinal with his penis out pissing in my full view. I couldn't have cared less! I do not have a fetish with urinating. I just have one for shitting. Shortly afterwards,we left the restroom together.

My interests strictly aside,I do not really approve of his type of behavior in public restrooms because families with children are vulnerable. For me,however,it was cool.

Some advise for those who suffer from constipation. Along with eating fibrous food,drink plenty of water;glass after glass throughout the day. Often that will help you very much. For me it just makes my dumps really big.

Jamie: I think you'll find it immensely enjoyable if you do! I used to feel weird about public restrooms until the setting of my bowels kept me in one for over a half hour. I learned to truly enjoy the experience--the smells, sounds, the strange feeling--and now love using public restrooms, especially when I have nasty diarrhea. I hope you give it a try; I'd love to hear how it goes! :)

Ashley D: Love the stories; keep them coming!

Admirer: Great story! Thanks for your comments! Don't worry, I'll keep everyone posted on past and future dumps!

Stan: Yes, sometimes I do get "splashback," it can be weird at times but it certainly makes wiping a little easier!

Mysterious Man: That is funny! I keep my pooping habits a little more secretive around friends; I'm not sure how my friends would react if I told them about the joy I get from being in public restrooms. Glad you liked the story!

About three months ago, I stopped at a pharmacy for some vitamins. It was an out of the way pharmacy and I didn't think I'd see anyone I knew, so after getting my vitamins I walked towards the laxative aisle. I like taking a peak at the different types, and have a sort of fascination with anything that disrupts the bowels and creates an urge to go. While scanning the aisle, I saw plenty of things I'm planning on trying in the future (like castor oil). I came across Metamucil, and knew it was a bulk laxative, but never used it before. It was on sale, so I thought "why not?" and decided to make an experience of it. I picked up a jug of prune juice (which I love for more reasons than one!) and made my way to the checkout aisle. I kind of blushed when the lady eyed up my purchase, and it gave me a little excitement. I drove home thinking about how interesting this might be.

I had nothing to do the next day so mixed up a double dose of metamucil that night after a big dinner. I made sure to drink plenty of water, because I've read it can have the opposite effect if you don't. The next morning, I felt quite full, but no significant pressure in the bowel yet. I got out the prune juice and poured myself a large glass of it. I was about to put my glass away but then decided that I really wanted to experience something powerful, and had another full glass. I then carried about my day as normal while I waited for the urge to hit. I drank 5 or 6 glasses of water while cleaning, reading, and calling friends. Around 1:00pm, I started to feel a little something in my lower abdomen, so began to conjure up interesting public places to release the load. I decided to go and grab a bite to eat somewhere then use the restroom on the way out. I know of a nice little cafe that is usually pretty busy, so decided to head there. Before I left, though, I downed a half glass of prune juice for good measure; to make sure I had the full experience.

I must say, the Metamucil gave me powerful gas! I can't recall a time I've had such loud, long, peasant farts in my life! Since the massive load was getting closer to the exit each minute, the gas came to be quite foul smelling, and I got strong wiffs of the gas even though my car windows were down. I got great pleasure in knowing that I might stink up the whole restroom (it's quite common for me). By the time I drove into the parking lot of the cafe, it felt like there was a bowling ball in my stomach, and the pressure on my butt was incredible. I'm not sure if it was just being there that triggered it, but a cramp and the pressure let me know one thing: the bathroom, not the food counter, would be the first place I visited upon entry.

An unavoidable silent fart squeaked out as I left my car, hand placed firmly on my abdomen. I hastily scurried towards the door and made my way inside. I felt weird walking right towards the restroom without getting any food, but there was no choice in the matter--this heavy mass needed to be released! It was pretty busy, and nobody seemed to notice that I was just scrambling in hastily towards the restroom. I flung open the ladies' room door and saw relief in the form of three gray stalls (one being occupied). I passed a rich stench as I entered the middle one, and while closing it let out a little purposeful fart to bring the poop closer to my butt--it brought forth a warm solid feeling; the poop was more than ready to come out. I hiked my skirt up, yanked my panties down and plunked onto the seat without wiping or covering it. It was an immensely comfortable seat, and fit the contour of my bottom nicely. I readjusted my butt until it was just perfect, then decided to let loose.

A quick but loud rippling fart blasted out of me, and then the show really started. A comfortable, fast and immensely volumous blast of soft poop forced its way out with a "ffffffffffffffthffffth--pthtpthtpttt--fff-THLUNK" followed by a monsterous bellowing fart, letting my neighbor know my intentions. I loved how powerful and loud the fart sounded in the toilet bowl--they're usually never that loud! The smell of the initial blast was awful and immediate, and added to the nasty stench that my neighbor had seemingly been making. I let out another loud fart and then another big, fast poop; letting my neighbor know the sincerety of the intentions.

In response to my initial blast, my smelly stallmate countered with a big wet fart of her own that ended in a mushy plop. There's something very exciting about pooping on a toilet in a public space when someone just a few feet away has their panties around their ankles blasting poop into their adjacent toilet. The whole idea of there being rows of toilets set up for public use just excites me.

I put more pressure on my bowel and forced out another loud, volumous fart followed by a feeling of solid warmth. I took a breath then added a little more pressure and a mass of mushy soft poop and farts simultaneously flew out of me at rapid speed and splashed against the toilet bowl. I heard the lady next to me start reaching for her toilet paper, but I still felt I had a little bit more to get out, so I stood my ground. The smell was getting worse by the minute.

My neighbor finished wiping and left her stall to wash her hands, and in the mean time I blasted out more of my master Metamucil farts. One of them, probably my most impressive of the session, lasted literally about 5 loud seconds, and took chunks of fast soft poop with it on the way out forcefully plopping into the bowl. I stayed about 2 more minutes mostly just blasting really loud farts into the bowl. Another lady came in during my fart campaign and took her stall to pee. I made sure to let them rip as loudly as I could to let her know why the whole bathroom stunk. At the same time, strangely, I didn't want her to ACTUALLY see me, so I waited for her to finish peeing and leave before I started wiping, even though I felt pretty empty. After she left, I wiped up (it only required a few wipes--I attribute that to the high fiber of the Metamucil) and took a look at the poor toilet. It was a mammoth load, probably one of my biggest. There was a big log approximately 13 inches long, thick, with a bend to it, topped with another smaller log and a bunch of mushy poop around it. I know some people will find this kind of weird, but when the poop is particularly impressive I tend to leave it without flushing (from some of the messes in toilets I've seen, this doesn't seem to be all too uncommon!). Unfortunately, this time, perhaps subconsciously, I hit the flusher and watched my mammoth piece of work become sucked away. It left a huge skidmark on the bowl that gave me some joy.

I washed my hands and left the now-stinky restroom, satisfied and feeling well cleaned out. I grabbed a sandwich, and while eating occasionally glanced towards the restroom to see who was entering, hoping they would get a good wiff of the dual effort of me and the other stinky dumper.

Happy Pooping,

Ashley D - Keep YOUR stories coming! You must have some good ones from school. Although, come to think of it, I almost never pooped during the day mainly out of fear of being made fun of. From my previous story, I become a little more brave after school when I had no choice or hold it for two hour practices. So not fun!!

To whoever posted saying they like my stories, thanks :) I'm not always in the mood or sometimes in too much of a hurry to notice what my neighbors are doing, but I'm surrounded on a daily basis by other girls my age (21) doing their business. I guess I have it lucky. LOL!

Last week I pooped on campus, Thursday I think. I had a slice of pizza at one of the delis on campus, and in between my two afternoon classes, visited the ladies room. When I got in two of the four stalls were taken, but one vacated almost right after I got in mine. I latched my stall and peeked under - my neighbor was two stalls away and quiet. She had on Uggs and jeans pulled down, and I thought was probably taking a dump. I really didn't have the patience to sit this one out, so I did a cover up cough (which almost never works haha) and dropped two logs. I'm not going to lie, I was a little embarrassed. No matter how relaxed you get at public restrooms, it's still embarrassing to be heard pooping.

Well, my neighbor didn't move so I wiped and got going. I thought my noise may have helped her become less shy, but no such luck. I flushed and washed and left. Once I got outside I thought "I have five minutes, let's wait around". So I pretended to be on my phone, and about 3 minutes later this pretty black girl walked out blowing her nose. I can't say for sure that she was pooping, but she definitely was in there long enough to. She looked at me and smiled, but I don't think she ever noticed or checked out my outfit in the bathroom. She had no idea I just had pooped hehe!!

Keep the stories coming, everyone. :)

Peeing Girl
I have a question for everyone. I never used to think anything of my pees, but some of my male friends tell me I pee a long time. I told my girlfriends about this and they said they peed just as long as I do. But now I'm wondering, is there a difference between the amount of pee a man can hold in, versus a woman?

If you wouldn't mind, I'd like both men and women to respond and let me know how much/long you pee. I've never peed anywhere except the toilet, so I don't have any way to measure my pee, but I did time my last few trips to the toilet.

Yesterday Morning: 42 seconds
Yesterday After Lunch: 28 seconds
Yesterday Before Bed: 33 seconds

This Morning: 1 minute, 4 seconds
Today After Lunch: 37 seconds

The Tourist
Well, I've seen some good stories here lately, and I particularly liked Misty's and Kalee's stories. As for my post, I've decided I'll share my experiences in Russia. I haven't been there for a few years, so it won't be fresh in my mind. But that's where my journal of my experiences comes in handy, so that the stories won't be lacking in details.

The first thing I feel inclined to mention about Russian toilets is that toilet paper is not always available in the stalls. Sometimes there's a communal supply you take before you go in, but I've seen a few where there is none at all. In these cases, I took the advice of my good friends and bought some toilet paper to carry in my purse at all times, just in case.

Also of note is the train situation. People who are only familiar with the United States may expect a toilet on the train, but I learned not to expect the luxury and to always go before boarding, if you had even the slightest urge. Unfortunately, while there are toilets at each station, they are almost always a pay toilet. Whether there's an attendant, or a coin slot that unlocks the door, I expected to have to pay. That way I was pleasantly surprised when a fee wasn't required. I never had to use a train station toilet for a poo, but I used several for pees. I found it rather annoying when I'm bursting for a pee to have to dig in my pockets for change, but the relief made it all worthwhile.

Actually, my very first toilet experience of this latest trip to Russia was in the airport. I had just departed the plane when I had an urge to poop. It wasn't overwhelming, but I knew I should go now instead of risking an accident on the way to the hotel. Upon entering the bathrooms and selecting a stall, I looked for paper. I figured since I didn't really have to go, if there was no paper, I'd wait and buy some later. But luckily for me, there was a fresh roll available. So I just sat on down and did my business, just two moderate sized firm logs. Cleanup was a breeze too, three wipes and I was done. The paper wasn't quite what I'd been using back home, but it was tolerable.

At the hotel, the bathroom in my room was nice and had it's own supply of the good toilet paper. I guess they went all out trying to have a good impression on tourists, or maybe the horror stories were just made up to scare people. As I've found to be common in European countries, particularly Eastern European countries, the toilet had it's own room with a door, separate from the sink and tub/shower. I like the idea because it makes it so someone can be bathing or showering while you pee or poop, and they won't have to see you on the toilet. I personally like seeing others on the toilet (with their permission of course), I can respect that others may not.

I think I really only have two memorable stories worth telling. Most times I used the bathroom, it was just an in and out every day job, nothing of particular note. On the first occasion, I was out with some people I'd met around. We were having lunch at a restraunt. I don't remember the name, it was something in Russian. In otherwords, it wasn't a worldwide chain like McDonalds. I politely excused myself from my company and headed off to the loo. I found a small hallway with a sign that said Restrooms in both Russian and English. At the end, the women's was on the left and the men's on the right.

The door had a sign like you sometimes see on airplanes, I couldn't read the text, but I knew from experience if the arrow pointed towards red that meant the door was locked. Well, this one was pointed to green, so I opened the door. Inside there was a small room with a toilet and sink, no soap though. There was a toilet paper roll, but it was empty. I locked the door and set down my purse, unbuttoned my skirt and pulled it down, panties too. Not too long after sitting down, I started peeing a very forceful stream, even though I didn't think I had to go that bad. It came in a few spurts, each lasting about four or five seconds. After I think three spurts, I was empty, so I got out my toilet paper. I tore off a few squares, folded once, wiped, folded again and wiped a second time, tossing it in the water. I pressed the lever to flush, but nothing happened, so I pressed it a second time. It worked that time, just needed some weight on it. After pulling my panties and skirt back up, adjusting the skirt a little bit, I rejoined my company and had a nice meal.

The second story wasn't so pleasurable at the time, but I know some people here like diarrhea stories, so I'll tell it anyway. This time I was at a museum, just wandering around looking at various exhibits. I felt a rumbling in my guts that told me I needed a toilet soon, so I headed off to find one. Finally I did find one, although I had to wait a bit. I could feel stuff rumbling around in there, I knew I couldn't wait too long, but finally someone came out. I put my money in, and the stall opened again. The seat was pretty filthy, because the lady who was in there before me wasn't too concerned with not peeing on the seat. But I was seconds from an explosion, so I didn't even bother with the seat. I just quickly undid my jeans, yanked off my panties, lifted the seat and hovered.

The poor toilet didn't even stand a chance. My butt just unloaded a horrid stream of diarrhea, complete with gut rumbling, lots of juicy farts, and everything. Finally, I felt a little better, but I knew there was more to come. I at least put the seat down, lined it with toilet paper and sat. I put my hands on my knees and had more liquid poop poor out. It really sounded more like I was peeing than pooping. A small stream of poop, short pause, another stream, then a really loud brraaappp style fart. Then another fart, kind of like a squelching sound. More liquid poop for a while, and finally I felt something solid pass. Two small plops was all I heard and then I was done.

Wiping was no easy matter, my whole butt was a little sore after that, but at least I had plenty of paper, and it was the good stuff too, like I had at my hotel room. I flushed before I began wiping, mostly because I wanted to get rid of the smell. I tore off a lot of paper at a time, folded three times, wiped and dropped it in the bowl. After five or maybe six wipes, I started to get somewhat clean. Now I only folded twice and wiped, then folded again and ran down my crack again. I did this four more times and then ran one last twice folded paper. I flushed the toilet again, pulled up my pink flowered panties and rebuttoned and zipped my jeans. I still don't know what caused that bout of the runs. Later that night, before I went to bed, I had a nice solid poop, like I normally do. Maybe I ate something bad, I don't know.

So, that's my post about Russia. From what I hear on the news, it's probably quite different now. Maybe next year, I'll go back. Who knows? As for right now, my next post will be about last year when I went to France. Probably tomorrow, so you all can have time to read this one first :)

i used to be pretty shy about using public restrooms for both pee and poop, especially at school. Now that I'm older (26/f) I'm totally comfortable peeing in public restrooms, although pooping in them is not ideal.

I did used to be in the habit of holding my pee all day, and then letting it out as soon as i got home. I have great control over my bladder so I never had any accidents, although i will admit that staying afterschool for student council my senior year did contribute to yellow-stained panties - nothing major; usually just a few drops or a squirt on the car ride home when my bladder was especially full. but enough that i made sure to wash my own panties... i was mortified of my mom seeing a pee stain in my undies at the age of 17. actually starting when i was around 12, i would always check my panties before putting them in the laundry to make sure there were no embarrassing pee stains (or poop stains!). if there were i would hide them in the closet with clothes in storage until a time when my parents werent around and i could wash them. i never had an accident though. The closest i came was one evening at home when i was about 15. we had a half day at school due to snow, so i was home about 4 hours early and ignored my need for a pee, as i was used to doing. i was lounging all day, so i just had a bathrobe on. i was reading a book on the couch in the living room when i felt a pressure in ???? and groin that told me it was probably very important to go to the bathroom soon. my need to pee was becoming an urgent distraction and i had also been putting off the urge to do something else - a bm that had been baking for a few days. i never did that at school - and would sometimes lose the urge by the time i got home. this resulted in my only pooping 3 or 4 times a week. So when i went it was big and much needed. i decided after i read the last 3 pages of the chapter i would go. i had been doing a pretty good job ignoring my impending need, when i changed positions on the couch carelessly. my arm was falling asleep, so i stopped leaning and sat a bit a straighter. this motion caused the tie on my robe to press into my ????... directly over my neglected bladder. all of a sudden i felt a strange warmth in my crotch and a bit under my butt. after a few seconds i reakized i was doing the unthinkinable - whizzing myself on the living room couch! i was able to cut off the flow after about 5 seconds, but in that small amount of time i had let out quite a bit of pee, and a i felt my bm fill my rectum. thankfully my robe was thick and absorbed most of it, but there was still a tiny spot on the couch. it dried and my mom never knew, thank goodness!

ah, it felt really good to get that off my chest. I've never told anyone although i'm sure there were a few other people that must've been too shy to go at school regularly.

Hi it's me again the tall 17 yr old from the north east of england U.K. Last week my dad has told me that he is sick of me clogging up all our toilets at home, and can I poop in public in future.
So I now have to poop in public rest rooms. However I am starting to get used to it and when I use them go as quick as I can!
I find the old victorian toilets have a more powerful flush, but as I live in a new town I have to go into the city to use them.
I think I am going to get banned from my local Mall if the caretaker catches me, mind I am only doing what is natural, so I think I am safe.
I am developing a talent to control my anal muscles, and can such and blow air! It's really funny and I can do it really loud!

last week i had a pretty bad case of diarrhea. i was pooping like 4 times a day for 2 days straight, but it was over the weekend so i was home and it was ok, i only had one accident where i didn't get to the toilet in time and filled my panties. on monday morning i got up early in the morning needing to go again. after that i went back to sleep for a while, then when i got up i inexplicably decided i was okay to go to my 2 classes at college that i take on mondays. well when i got to my first class at 11 AM i felt pain and pressure and i badly had to poop again. i tried to tough it out, but it was no use. only 15 minutes into class a blob of wet poop slipped out into my light green panties and black sweat pants, and i had to excuse myself and leave the class. no one knew what happened i don't think. when i got out of the class i tried to rush to the bathroom but i took a huge wet crap in my pants in the hallway. i was in complete shock. thankfully it wasn't a busy hallway time, there was only one other person in the hall and they were far away so i don't think they noticed. i left the building to go to my car but i was in a parking lot kind of far away because its a pain in the ass to park on my campus. i had to waddle all the way to my car and the whole time my panties were full of wet poop sloshing and squishing around and i could feel my ass was wet through my pants. luckily i had black sweats on so i don't think anyone could tell by looking at my butt. it was awful though. sitting in the mess when i got in the car felt so wierd. it took a long time to clean myself up when i got home but eventually i had clean panties on and i was comfortable again. that was the first time i crapped my pants in public since i was 7 and i pooped my underwear in the mall because my mom was shopping for clothes and told me to wait, but i couldn't. needless to say, i'll never go to class if i've been having diarrhea again!


Why did everything get so messed up when the teenage boy opened the door? Did you jump up?

Laura here, an infrequent poster, but you might remember the holding contest me and my partner had, and my fascination in male desperation. But here's a cautionary tale for people here;

Today this morning I really, really had to #2, so I decided to hold it and see how close I would come to losing control, whilst all the time looking at things about #2 on the internet to tempt myself to lose control (I was sure I wouldn't - 99.9% of the time I don't, unless I'm ill with IBS). Well, this time I wasn't so lucky and I gave an involuntary bubbling fart. That wasn't the big issue until I chanced upon a squished mess between my buttocks. I was so shocked I ran to the loo, chucked out the rest really fast, and wiped myself. Then I carried on with the morning. But when I went for a wee later on, I found I had wiped inadequately. Since this disgusts me I was further shocked into wiping myself...and here is the moral....VERY, VERY hard, and repetitively with cheap, abrasive loo paper, ignoring the pain at the time, which was a BIG mistake. Most pains get better over time, and not worse. Anus pain gets worse over time because you have to rub and chaff it by walking.

For the rest of the day I was mincing around with my knees together, trying to stop my knickers from riding up between my buttocks and thus rubbing the (extremely tender and sore) 'carpet burn' on and around my anus. Later I gave up and went commando, which relieved the pain. It's slightly better now, but still red and rubbed. There are 2 morals to this story;


Back when I was 11 I remember being at my uncle and aunt's place for some family get together. It was a pretty dull grown-up type thing so I was allowed up to my 13 year old cousin Zoe's bedroom to play on the playstation. Zoe had been on a massive week-long scout and guide jamboree that week and was due to arrive home, and I was hoping she'd turn up while I was there as I'd always thought she was pretty cool, basically because she had lots of computer games and would always play fight with me, and because she had boobies. She also had an en suite bathroom.

I heard her get home about 5PM and she came more or less straight upstairs. She seemed happy enough to see me and gave me a quick hug, but then said that she had to go to the toilet before she could do anything else, and went in to the ensuite.

About 2 seconds after she's shut the door I heard her stream of farts and plops start. The plops were coming incredibly fast but they sounded big and healthy, not like diarrhea, and some of the farts were amazingly loud. Then after a short while this slowed down and then stopped, but then after about 30 seconds more there was another wave of the stuff just the same. After about 7 or 8 minutes these waves of plops and farts were still just as long and just as regular. She was also breathing very heavily in between plops.

I called in to ask her if she was ok and she shouted out that she was fine, just that she had been holding it in all week because the toilets on camp had been horrible. She added that it was the biggest poo she'd ever done and invited me to look when she was finally finished. I could barely walk in to the ensuite because the smell was so bad, and we joked about that, but I was there long enough to see that the poo was piled high in the toilet bowl, and was amazed to see some really long turds in amongst the little ones that must have made most of the plops.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I am having a weird time!
Although I have reduced pain meds most considerably...if I take a tablet I have problems for almost a week. On Friday I was at a customer....had not been able to do a poo all morning....not much the day before.
I was at their office, the only person there was the secretary...quite hot even though she is 54. I went into the mens, which is a single toilet right off the main office as I at last had the urge. I sat there and pushed...the turd moved but it was very hard I slowly dropped a few logs assisted with plenty of grunting...I still felt full. Next morning I took my laxative mixture and within a couple of hours was dropping hard balls in the toilet....about another hour a heap of "poo soup" poured out...I had several more visits to the toilet that day. I felt so much better.

Laura we are so happy to have you back . Are you feeling better now ? Has your fiance ever helped you when you have felt unwell ? Do you have any more stories about students or fellow teacher hearing you in the bathroom especially to the extent they ask you if you are ok ? X

It's been about a month since I've posted. My previous posting was about the fact that the seat tissues are not available at my high school dispite the fact that we have more than 2,400 students and that many of them squat pee, but don't lift the seat first. Too many of the students I've observed (and many of them are freshmen and sophomores)don't take the time to wipe the seat first before sitting down; rather they just run for the open stall, close the door and throw themselves onto the wet seat. They might make it to class before tardies are counted and they might avoid the detention, but I just don't want to sit in someone else's pee. I'm 16 and a junior and try to find a dry seat stall even if it takes me more time and I get a tardy from my teacher. This morning I had one of my worst experiences since school began. I wake up at 6 a.m. but normally don't have to crap until about 7:45 a.m. Classes begin at 8. So I asked my study hall teacher this morning about 8:15 to go to the bathroom. By the time I got down the hall, all 10 stalls were taken. And there were about 5 others waiting for the first stall to open. I knew I was in a situation that sucked. With the hall pass in my hand, I immediately turned around and started to think about what my alternatives were. Although I had had a couple of small craps over the past two days, I knew I was overdue for a major one and I could feel it coming on. When I get nervous, I start to sweat and that doesn't add to my comfort. I could smell my crap and feel it as it started to rumble. I knew I didn't have too long before my discomfort would grow. I walked upstairs to the first floor where there was another bathroom. This one is one of the largest in the school, like 20 stalls, but it's also the most unclean because it gets such heavy use. In my growing desparation I was confident that I could ignore the stopped up and overflowing bowls and frequent lack of toilet paper. My younger brother said it well when our family was traveling last year and the cleanliness of I-80 rest stop alternatives was being debated. He said, "I have to UNLOAD!" We stopped just in time to spare a mess in his clothing. However, when I got to the bathroom, both the swinging doors had yellow closed signs blocking them. When I went around one and stuck my head in, it was easy to smell someone's puke that had yet to be cleaned up. By now I was farting more and gettiing scared that I was going to have an accident--and like fast. I picked up my speed on the stairs to the 2nd floor so much so that I almost slipped on some spilled pop I didn't see and stepped in. Upon seeing the bathroom, I threw the main door open and practically ran for the first stall. I wasn't about to compare the 4 or 5 stalls for cleanliness. With the pass still in my right hand, I dropped the seat and had my thong down and luckily due to my loose skirt, my butt made contact with the seat within a second or two. If I would have had to fumble with my belt and tight-fitting jeans like I do on many days, I most certainly would have had an accident. Within another second or two I had dropped a long, 2-inch wide and at least 2 foot-long log. It came out so easily compared to many days when I have to sit for 5 or 10 minutes, push and often, spread my legs wider and redistribute my weight in order to get a similar result. As I caught my breath, I grabbed for the toilet paper and there was only an empty spool. At about that time, another girl came in, went into the stall next to mine and within seconds of when I heard her sit down, she peed like the ocean for like three minutes. Then I heard her rip off some toilet paper, wipe and then flush. I waited for her to finish wsshing her hands in the sink in front of my stall and leave before I opened my door and I basically hopped with my thong at knee level into the other stall where I took the comfort of sitting on the toilet, using the toilet paper on almost a new roll and thoroughly cleaning myself. I swear, toilet paper was stacked up higher than the water level when I finally flushed, but I felt I had done a good job of cleaning myself in a bad situation. I started my trip back down the two flights of stairs to study hall, but just as I got to the doorway, I remembered I had left my pass in the first stall. I walked back upstairs and went into the bathroom only to find the stall was occupied. I could hear a girl both peeing and farting when I decided to knock on the door and ask her to hand me my pass. She reached down on the floor and slid it to me with her foot. I hurried back downstairs fearful that my study hall teacher would be upset with the amount of time I was gone. When I gave him the pass and he wrote the time on it, I found that I had been gone 19 minutes. I felt a lot more comfortable as I sat down to study for my math test.

I had an awful experience today and it was so embarrassing! I don't know why, but I feel I need to tell somebody about it, and nobody here knows me personally

I was out eating at Taco Bell, and when I finished eating, I felt a pressure telling me I should go to the bathroom. I usually like to go at home, but it wasn't an option this time. I just had to use the bathroom at Taco Bell.

It was a one person private bathroom, so at least nobody else could hear me. I went in, locked the door behind me, pulled down my thong and jeans and sat. I had some bad smelly farts, and then the pressure in my butt grew as I squeezed out a big turd. Two wipes and then I was done.

I got up and tried to flush, but wouldn't you know it, it picked now to stop working. I don't mean the toilet was clogged, but the handle just wouldn't work. All I could do was stare in horror at my big green curled turd, while I jiggled the handle and heard clink, clink, clink.

Well, no choice but to pull my jeans and thong back up, wash my hands, and sneak out. I couldn't even sneak out, because there was someone waiting. I got so embarrassed! My face must have turned bright red, and I just ran out of the restraunt and drove home. Hopefully, if I never go back to that place, no one will ever know.

Anyone have any babysitting stories?

TO Constipated girl:

I definitely feel your pain. For the last two weeks I've been so backed up that it's been keeping me awake at nights. If I know that I haven't had a good bowel movement all day, the only thing that gets things moving seems to be a bowl of a generic brand of raisin bran flakes.
When I wake up the next morning, I can pass a very relieving movement around it's usual expected time.

But I can't eat too much of the stuff (one or two bowls seems to be the target amount.) If I do, the stools get very loose.

I don't know how much vegetables are in your diet, but I also find that rice with dinner and some raw celery sticks afterwards helps immensely.

Take Care!


Hey its poop
Hey all you fellow poopers!! Got a couple of stories for you, and I hope you won't get bored reading them, cause they might be a little long. But here goes....

I was at my friend, Amber's house last night when she said I gotta crap.Her room was down in the basement and pretty secluded off from the rest of the rooms in the house. She said I wanna poop my pants though. I said ok, go ahead..I was excited cause she wanted me to watch. She had pajama shorts on. She walked out of her room to the concrete floor so the pee wouldn't get on the carpet in her room. She stood with her knees bent a little bit and bent over with her hands resting on her knees, and then there was a hissing sound as I saw her pee began to run down her legs. Then after she was finished peeing, she began pushing. She pushed for about minute, and she said my turd is coming out now, and sure enough, I heard a loud crackling sound and there was a bulge in her shorts that was growing larger as the turd smashed into her panties. after the turd smashed into her panties, she began pushing again for about another minute or so, then more crackling that went on for 5 minutes straight as turd after turd smashed into her panties......she said..ooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhh it feels so good coming out, and her eyes were really watery and she said I haven't crapped for 3 days and its all coming out now, and my shorts ain't gonna be able to hold anymore, so she took her shorts and panties off and I couldn't believe the massive pile of poo in her panties. Her butt was also covered in sticky poo, and she began pushing slightly as another large crackling turd pushed her cheeks open and began moving slowly out of her bum. There would only be a 30 second pause between turds. I couldn't believe how much she was pooping out. She was pooping non-stop for 5 minutes, and then there was a pause, and I thought maybe she was done, but she started pushing again, and said there is more coming. There were already 10 turds on the floor. She pushed for 2 minutes when I heard another crackling sound as an enormous, and I do mean enormous turd was slowly forcing her cheeks apart sliding out. Her hole was stretched to the max, and was sliding very slowly as she was pushing, and she said, still straining, so you can guess how she probably sounded when she was talking to me, like someone who is pushing out an enormous log, right? SO, anyway, she said, GOd, this feels sooooo good, and let out a long groan as the turd was still sliding ever so slowly out crackling the whole way, and with one long and final push it landed with a thud on the ground along with the other turds. The whole process lasted like 15 mintes, and she said she felt sooo good now, and then she got in the shower cause it was so messy. HOpe ya enjoyed, and I'm out of time now, but will post my other story later. HAppy pooping everyone!!!

Ashley D.
For those of you who watch the MTV show The Hills, they are showing unaired scenes and there is one where Audrina (pretty brunette) farts and she and Lauren start laughing about it. Then Audrina says, "I'm only human!"

I think this was mentioned a while back but in the Sex and the City movie there is a great poo scene. Charlotte and the girls are in Mexico and she gets the runs. In one scene she is hurridly returning to the hotel room and she goes to open the door but it's locked because the cleaner is cleaning. Then she has diarrhea in her pants and there are some good sound effects.

Also in the TV show Sex and the City there are a good amount of bathroom references. For now I will share my favorite two. One is when Carrie and Big are in bed and she farts. And she gets really embarresed and leaves. Another good scene is when the four girls are talking about pooing at their boyfriends houses. Carrie talks about how she did her first "#2" at Big's house. Then Samantha mentions that when she wa vacationing she had to keep running to the lobby bathroom to poo (I'm assuming she had the runs).

Keep up the great posts everyone!

Ashley D. <3

I'm friends with a very attractive, down-to-earth young woman who's long and thin, very full bust for her frame and just a beautifal face. After a couple years of friendship I found out she had this poclivity for holding her pee, to the point where she has to hold her crotch or run to the toilet to let it go-I've even seen her belly sticking out, that's how much she fights it! Well, a couple of years ago we were hanging out in my garage (I was helping her assemble a bookshelf for her apartment) when she asked where the bathroom was in my house, I told her and she dashed out across the yard. When she returned, she looked a little frazzled and she'd tied her hoodie around her waist. I asked if she was ok and she said yes, averting her eyes, so that was that. Recently, she told me she'd had a UTI and that while running across the yard, she started uncontrollable peeing and by the time she'd gotten to the bathroom she we peeing her pants full-on while frantically trying to get them down (hence the hoody coverup). I never noticed a smell and she laughs with me now about how I didn't pick up on it at all! Knowing my interest in body functions now, she ribs me from time to time about my 'not making it' stories knowing full well I do it in my pants for fun sometimes!

The Tourist
So, I'm back home now and done traveling for the year. Although, I still cannot decide whether to tell about my travels in France or Russia, I do have something else prepared. Since I've been a lot of places, I decided to do the world a favor and recommend cities to go for good toilet experiences. Do note that this list has more value for women than men, because (for obvious reasons), I don't go into mens' bathrooms.

If all you want is a clean toilet to sit yourself on, I have a few places to consider. San Francisco comes to mind, as does New Orleans, provided it's not Mardi Gras time. Forget finding a toilet at all, let alone a clean one, during the festivities. This might surprise some people, but I found DC to have very clean restrooms. Unfortunately there is a cost for the cleanliness, literally.

One day when I was in DC, I was really dying for a pee, and I knew I'd never make it back to my hotel room, so I instead opted for a coffee shop I passed on the way. I ended up ordering a coffee after I got my much needed pee, but it was so worth it.

Now, for those of us who are a bit more picky, there's an art to finding a good toilet. The perfect bathroom for me is one that maintains a balance of cleanliness, accessibility, and privacy. And the quality of toilet paper, can't forget that.

In my mind, the worst experience I ever had was actually in San Francisco. I hate to say it, because it's an otherwise great city, but there's a definite toilet problem there. You'll either find a really outstanding bathroom or one that makes you want to run and scream.

So, on the day in question, I was just out walking around San Fran when I realized I needed to poop big time. The closest place happened to be a Safeway, so in I went, oblivious to the disaster that would follow. I found the bathroom with relative ease, and upon initial review it seemed nice. The doors were intact, the seats weren't broken, and the stall walls didn't have graffiti everywhere.

But, I really had no time to inspect the details, my butt needed a toilet NOW! I plopped down just in time to enjoy a nice, relaxing dump. Once I was done, however, I noticed that this particular bathroom, while being nice in most regards, skimped on toilet paper to save money. No, there wasn't a shortage, rather more than anyone could ever use, but it was the cheap one-ply crap you'd normally find at rest stops.

I thought to myself, "Yeah, that's not going to cut it." I can't wipe myself, when the paper nearly tears when I go to fold it. I had to loosely grab it, dab my frontside clean, and just do my best to clean my butt. Needless to say, I felt as though my hand would never get clean. I think more of my poop got on my hands than on the paper. I washed my hands twice and still felt dirty, and ended up having to go somewhere else to sufficiently wipe.

Oh... Looking back on this post, it's getting very very long. I could elaborate more, but I won't. As it is, I hope this isn't too wordy and gets posted.

Laura (Teacher)
Hello to all,

It has been such a long time that I had contributed and I thought I would share a story that I had on Wednesday. However, before I do that, I would like to re-introduce myself. My name is Laura and I am a Math and Science teacher at a local private high school in New England (USA). I am originally from the general Montreal area, and have been down in this area for a few years. I'm 29 years of age, 5'9", petite, athletic and have brown hair just past my shoulders. I am engaged to the sweetest guy in the world and I love him dearly. He is the closest thing that I have in my heart and I enjoy every single second we spend together.

Anyway, enough about that…lol…on Wednesday morning (4:15 AM to be exact)I woke up not feeling too well. I was at the very beginning stages of my monthly cycle and to be quite honest, I felt horrible. Cramps, bloating, back aches, etc. About 90% of the time, at the beginning stages of my period, I usually tend to get diarrhea or I get multiple bouts of the mushy poops. I awoke, got out of bed, ate a basic breakfast, changed up and went to the Gym for a light morning workout. I completed my workout which consisted of stretching, toning, a very light run, and completed with more stretching. From there, I showered, changed into my clothes and went to work as I had a few extra papers to grade before my students arrived.

During the day, I hadn't been feeling too well. I had been feeling quite gassy throughout the day, and knew that I was going to have my round of mushy poops or diarrhea sometime during the day. During a couple of my classes, I had felt my stomach churn, and luckily for me, it was silent but deadly gas. The trouble didn't start until the work day had ended. After work on Wednesday, I decided to leave a little bit earlier than normal because I needed to do some shopping at the WalMart supercentre. This store is huge, and they sell everything that you can think of at discount prices (with my salary, I need to find bargains). About 30 minutes into my shopping, I had very bad cramps and as I felt my stomach cramps returning, and simply thinking that it was going to be silent gas as it had been all day, I silently let it go as quietly as possible. Unfortunately, it was not gas, I felt a little bit of wet poop slip out and immediately held on with my "back door" as tightly as I possibly could. I needed to find a washroom and quickly. I gathered my shopping cart, found a sign pointing to the washroom and briskly walked over as quickly as I could. Once I arrived (which felt like an eternity), I placed my shopping cart and groceries at the washroom entrance and scurried quickly into the women's toilets. This washroom for Walmart was quite big and very clean. There was a woman at the sink washing her hands and about 4 or 5 stalls that were in use (there were probably 8 to 10 stalls in total - 4 or 5 on each side). I found an open stall in the middle (along the right hand side), quickly closed the door, hung my purse on the door hook, lifted my skirt, pulled down my panties, removed my tampon and sat down onto the toilet. As soon as I let go of my "back door" I farted loudly and had a bad case of the wet poops. The force was so intense that I had sprayed the whole interior of the toilet bowl. I felt bad for anyone who was in the washroom at that time because the smell that had created was simply disgusting. Oh well, what can you do? When a woman's got to go, a woman's got to go!

After the first round ended, I could feel my stomach continue to churn. I had a long pee, and continued to stay seated stomach cramps and all. After sitting for nearly two minutes, my stomach cramps became intense and I knew that I was going to have another round of the wet poops. Without warning, I blew out a "not so lady like" fart, and more wet poops came from my behind. It was somewhat embarrassing, but, this is a toilet after all and anything gives. Plus, the way my period was acting up, I wasn't feeling well. I continued sitting for an extra 3 to 5 minutes or so when I felt the tell tale sign that more was about to come. I felt the rumbling in my stomach once again and with my skirt being held high above my waist and hunched over because of the stomach cramps, I had been passing gas. The smell that I had created was simply awful. I wasn't the only one in there taking a dump. A few stalls down, I could hear a woman dropping her load as well….a pee which came from her stall, and then a ka-plop……ka-plop……..ka-plop….

As I felt my stomach cramps return, I placed my elbows onto my thighs, spread my legs wider, leaned forward, farted loudly and without any warning… pllOOOOOOffeffefftshlufflufffbrtttffft-ffft-fftPLOPfffft-ffftPLOPffft-fffffft into the toilet below.

The smell I created was horrible, but, my stomach was feeling much better. I could feel more in my bowels, I sputtered out more liquid and that was that…. What a difference. I looked into the toilet and I was totally grossed out. I flushed twice even before wiping. It took many many wipes for me to get clean. However, even after all of that wiping, I didn't feel too fresh back there. I grabbed my purse on the door hook, grabbed a refreshing wipe, and thoroughly cleaned back there. After a few wipes with those, I was clean. After placing the wipes back into my purse, I inserted a new tampon, pulled up my panties, lowered my dress and flushed the toilet for the 3rd time. I washed up, left the washroom and left my putrid stink behind. After leaving the washroom, I wasn't feeling too well, so I simply took the few items that I had in my shopping cart, purchased those few items and decided to come back another day to complete my shopping.

I did have a few bouts of diarrhea during the night and at work on Thursday, but, by Friday (yesterday) it ran its course. When I am on my monthly cycle, 90% of the time, I always seem to get bad diarrhea. Are there any others who post here get the runs during their cycles as well? I look forward to your response!



Hey Constipated Girl

After breakfast tomorrow jump in the shower and lather yourself up real good, and slide a small (1/8" or so) soap chip into your rectum. Works every time.


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