I am a single, white, female who is 25. I work a full-time office job, attend night school classes as part of my MBA program, and I sometimes have to babysit for my half brother and sister when my mom needs to go out of town. This past Thursday was an especially bad day for me. I normally use public bathrooms daily without incident, but I find it surprising how many things can go wrong in just one day. For example, I left my apartment at 5:30 a.m. for my normal 35 minute drive to my office building. Upon being hired in July, I found the coffee made by our department's administrative assistant to be really bad (extremely bitter, among other things) so I now break up my 12-mile drive into downtown by stopping midway at a convenience store/gas station where I buy coffee that I drink on my way downtown to work. After making my purchase I spotted the restroom sign at the back of the store. It was one unisex toilet with a partially jammed door, a loose door knob that almost broke off in my right hand, one dim light, a danky toilet with the most badly stained seat I have ever seen and a leaky sink. I latched the rickety door to the best of my ability, tore off a small piece of toilet paper and used it to lower the seat, and then I placed three additional pieces of tissue over the seat. I pulled the bottom of my dress up high as I laid my coffee down on the floor and used my left hand to lower my thong. I've been in bathrooms before where the bottom of my dress will knock the paper off the seat just as I go to sit down. Urrrgggghhhh! With my butt carefully placed on the paper, I reached down and picked up my coffee, and after very gingerly taking the lid off it and tossing it forward into the trashcan, I took my first swigs of the coffee and was feeling my crap slowly advancing toward evacuation. Perhaps I was relaxing too much because within seconds the door was thrown open on me, the hot coffee splattered all over my groin and dress, my crap came out over the front of the bowl and onto my thighs, I had a deep pain and abrasion on my left knee, and the high school boy cursed me for not fully latching the door so that an "occupied" sign would show beneath the outside door knob. My immediate concern was not the messy crap smeared between my legs and over the front of the seat, but the intense pain from the hot coffee and my worry that I had some serious skin burns. It took me nearly 10 minutes to clean myself. I used all the toilet paper on the roll plus some of the paper towels which we stacked above the seat. I thought about calling my office on my cell phone and going back home to change, but I decided that the coffee spilled on my black outfit would probably not stain and would likely be mostly dry when I got to the office. The boy had taken off by the time I got myself presentable and left the bathroom, but the incident caused me to be even more cautious when I got to the office, parked my car and immediately headed for the first floor bathroom where I could finish my crap. I sat down on three separate occasions that day and despite feeling my crap ready to come out, I was unable to move my bowels. It was so frustrating that on the third attempt I even started to cry. Anyway, that night I had my Banking Theory class and like always, I arrived on campus about 45 minutes early, parked and then walked all the way up to the fourth floor of the student union where I would have privacy. I again placed myself on the seat and with considerable pushing was able to partially evacuate my bowels. Two three-inch logs looked like the biggest production possible compared to all my frustations earlier that day. On my way into the CBA building, I passed a coffee machine. For a moment it looked inviting, but based on what happened to me earlier I just thought **** **! and I decided to risk falling asleep in my 3 1/2 hour lecture.

I shit like a rabbit! Haha never a log. Feels better.

To Constipated girl
sorry to be constipated it sucks so here are my things to may help u so wat I do when i might be constipated I sometimes hav my pants and thong around my ankles and i spread my legs and I push and see what happens and if still nuthing I wrap some tp areound my finger and work it into my butt and sometimes without the tp i stick my middle and index finger up ther and see what I can find sometimes I find my poop relly hard and thats the Problem so i dig out my hard poop and whenm i do that that seems like it works so if u wana try that tell me how its works ,

Linda from Australia here again. After a week of liquid shit and not pooping much, I FINALLY started doing solid loads!! Yesterday I went 3 times which is unusual for me as I normally only go once a day, twice if I'm not having trouble. Each dump consisted of heaps of poo which was great because I haven't been able to get much out lately. This morning I went before I ate breakfast and it only took about 3 minutes. Then I went again after I ate lunch, another easy dump. I'm going away camping this coming weekend and we normally eat junk the whole time so I will probably get a bit backed up.

To Keith D: Have you been on a winning streak with your poos lately? Or have you been having a hard time? Let us know, I love reading about your constipation struggles.

Constipated Girl:

If the stool feels like its right there pressing on your butt, then chances are it has become hardened and is going to need to be softened before it can pass. You can either take an oral stool softener and wait a few more days for it to work, or insert a glycerin suppository up your butt and have it out within an hour.

Mr. Clogs
Constipated girl: Have you tried green tea or ex-lax to relieve your constipation? It makes you go to the bathroom without the diarrhea effect. Maybe squatting to take a dump on the floor or a wide mouth container like a bucket, chamber pot or trash can and allow gravity to take control over your bowels. Let me know if these things I mention work. Happy pooping.

Constipated girl: Hey there, nice stories, like the details and keep the posts coming.

The Tourist: Great post about your international toileting experience across the world.

Here's a quick story for ya. Last night I was a buzzed from drinking a 32oz of Smirnoff Ice drink. I drank all of of it and I was getting sleepy and need to go to bed. As I was undressing, I needed to pee. I was deciding what to pee in, so I decide to pee in the empty liquor bottle. I removed the cap and aimed my pee hole into the narrow opening of the bottle. I peed into it with full force not filling it up, about 1/4 in the 32oz bottle. I placed the cap on back real tight and got myself ready for bed.


Mr. Clogs

hey yall!
I am lexi and I am 15 years old and I will tell you about a time when my best friend jen pooped her pants. She totally said this is Ok with her so here we go.
One day in class(gee this sounds like a story)Jen was sitting next to me and we had just got back from lunch and we had chilly cheese for lunch.Jen was so hungry she decided to have a second bowl.
Once we were in class she started to jump around like she had to poop and she grabbed her thingie.
She asked the teacher if she may use the restroom but he said no.And right then she pooped a little.and then she asked again and got a detention because mr.fran didn't let her go.Then she told me she was going in her pants and she did she actually did it and being in a 9th grade class she started to scream and cry as she pooped.
The next day Jen called me after lunch and said to me"Lexi I was not only pooping I had diaheriia and that is whyI screamed." "sorry to ruin your rep". I said "gotta go bye"

and that is the tale of Jen poopie pants.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Constipated girl
I'm so constipated! I've already pooped twice today but it was only about 3 little marble size turds each time. Ugh. It hurts so bad. I just want it out. I can feel it pressing on my butt but nothing happens when I sit on the toilet. Can someone help me? I don't know what to do. It's been like this for 2 days. My stomach really hurts too. I just want to poop but I don't want diareah or anything. Yuck. So is there any natural way that will get my poop out the way it is?

I went to my colleague Anita's office to discuss an upcoming presentation we needed to prepare for. As soon as I entered, I was assaulted with an unbelievable stench. It was obvious that Anita had just let loose with a very smelly fart. She looked down sheepishly and said she had to "run to the ladies." I watched her urgently walk down the hallway and take a left into the restroom. I became aroused as I pictured her rushing into the stall, lowering her pant suit and panties, and then unleashing the fetid stew that was percolating in her bowels. Several minutes later she appeared at my office, looking very relieved. She apologized and said she got caught in an early meeting that went on a little long and was now ready to begin our project together. I said, "no problem, I know how these things can happen." She smiled slyly.

I just found this site because I had a rather cool and unusual experience with a good friend of mine last week. I can't believe that there are over 1700 PAGES of stories about pee and poop. I never would have believed that I would be posting one of those stories, but all that changed last week when my 25-year-old friend and co-worker Brandon desperately went to the toilet with the biggest most MASSIVE, most EXPLOSIVE LOAD of SHIT I have ever seen a human being ever unleash in my entire life!

Brandon and I are good friends and we hang out quite a bit socially outside of work so I have seen and heard him shit numerous times. He's dropped several big loads at my place and I have returned the favor in kind more than once. And when Brandon goes, it is no small affair. Usually Brandon unleashes a couple of loud deep farts combined with audible crackling and numerous plops and splashes as the stools leave his body. I'm pretty much the same way. In other words, good healthy robust bowel movements from healthy robust fit young men.

But THIS was like NOTHING I've ever seen before.

It was last week about 10 AM and we were taking a break from a training meeting at work. I had to take a nice healthy shit so I made my way to the restroom. When I got there, I found the three toilet stalls already taken along with the 5 urinals. I knew it might be a while since I heard farting, crackling and splashes of turds hitting the water coming from all the stalls.

Suddenly, the restroom door just BANGS open and Brandon charges in sweating bullets and looking like he was being chased by Al Capone. Seeing the 3 occupied stalls and me in line, he muttered "Oh F__K!" It was then that I realized that Brandon was in really serious trouble and had to get himself on the toilet in the worst possible way before his butt exploded into his pants.

"Full House!" I joked, but Brandon seemed to not find it all funny. As we waietd there for a stall to open up, Brandon squirmed and squirmed and I found myself a little bit entertained by it sort of like a kid back in elementary school. I smiled and tried to keep the mood light but I could tell that it was a major struggle for Brandon as he winced and grimaced from the obvious labored effort it was taking for him to keep his overwhelming load of shit from filling his pants.

Finally, we both heard a guy banging around with the toilet paper roll and Brandon finally broke the ice to reveal the obvious.

"Dude, is there any way at all I can go ahead of you? I have to shit SO bad, I think I'm about to let loose in my pants!" I replied that would be fine. Then Brandon goes up to the door of the stall where the guy was wiping up, knocks and asks the guy in there if he could hurry up as well. The dude inside the stall replies that he had heard everything and that he would be right out. I could hear the guy inside the stall speed up his work in an obvious effort to help Brandon out of a really desperate spot.

Well as soon as the door opens, Brandon rushes into the stall just about knocking over the guy who was just leaving and slams the door shut. Now normally, Brandon meticulously wipes down a toilet seat before he shits,and, if it's available he puts down one of theose paper ass gaskets. But this time, with a lot of urgent moaning and groaning, he just ATTACKED his belt and zipper with almost maniacal desperation as he furiously RIPPED his pants down and just threw himself on the crapper. The instant his cheeks touched the seat, Brandon then ripped the loudest deepest fart before POURING out a veritable AVALANCE of shit that just went on and on and on.

At this point, there were still 8 other people in the restroom who all witnessed Brandon's incredible desperation and then heard the incredible mass of stools rush out of Brandon's body accompanied by deep moans, groans, and sighs. That had to have been so embarassing for him, but I was still enjoying it nonetheless and marveling at the spectacle. After his first astronomical wave, Brandon continued to sit with his pants down and settled into grinding out several smaller rounds of softer mushier shit which seemed to go on forever. I was thinking that Brandon's work pants fit around his buttocks pretty tightly (He and I are quite athletic and our slacks accentuate our ASSets! ;-) )and if Brandon had lost his struggle and let loose in his pants, the shit would have quite literally been ALL over him.. Down the legs.. EVERYWHERE.

I finally got my turn to go and I took the stall to Brandon's left. I sat down with a big fart then proceeded to pinch off several long loaves of shit myself and numerous smaller pieces before finally feeling empty. Meanwhile, Brandon was STILL at it churning out more brown mush. I had just taken a nice big healthy shit which would make most guys my age very proud, but it was NOTHING compared to the COLOSSAL PILE Brandon had just unloaded and was STILL UNLOADING!

"Ahhhhhh... " I said. "THAT sure feels beeter!! How about you, B??"

"Ohhhhh..." Brandon moaned. "You DON'T want to know Dude!" Brandon's pants were all the way down to the floor but his powder-blue briefs hung around his calves as he sat there moaning, groaning and churning out all sorts of wet mushy shit.

After I wiped, I washed up and waited a few more minutes for Brandon to finally finish up what HAS to be the most incredible dump I've ever seen someone take. I know that I have never had to shit THAT urgently or that MUCH in my entire life!

Finally however, Brandon did begin to tear off sheets of toilet paper. I figured after such a titanic dump like he had just taken, Brandon's butt just HAD to be one major shitty mess. As it turns out, it did take Brandon numerous wipes to clean his ass up before standing and hiking his pants back up nearly 15 minutes after he had dropped them to sit down.

As Brandon flushed the crapper, I wondered if all that shit and paper would go down, and in fact the toilet gurgled for a bit before flushing. Brandon then gave the lever another pull for a second flush, apparently to get the rest of the shit and paper down before coming leaving the stall.

"How are you doing now?" I asked as he came out.

"Bro...." He groaned with his eyes rolling and letting out another long sigh of relief. I have NEVER had so much SHIT in my entire LIFE!"

After that experience, I began looking for sites with poop stories and happened upon this one. Very INteresting to say the least.

Happy Pooping!



I really enjoyed your detailed account of your shits.

Please do some more - I'd like to hear some where you do some loud plops

Do you splash your bum much ?

hey its poop
OK,second time posting today. I get excited when telling stories on here's another story.........

My boyfriend is not shy when it comes to his bathroom habits. He tells me when he has to poop and pee all the time...sometimes he will even text me and tell me he is I find so cute. Sometimes when I'm on the phone with him, I can hear him kinda straining, and i will ask him if he is pooping and he says yes..and i love talking with him when he is pooping. One time when I was over at his house, he went into the restroom and said he had to pee, but sat down and said he might poop too. Then about a minute later he asks me to come in there and reach him something that was on his sink, and I heard a soft plop when I walked in and his eyes were watery....I loved day we were on our way to his house, when he says, I gotta poop so bad...and he began holding his stomach, and started driving faster, and I said slow down, and he said I can't, i'm gonna poop myself if I, I didn't say anything more...I felt so bad for him, he was in a lot of distress, we finally made it to his house, and he rushed out of his car and into his house, and he practically threw himself down on his toilet, and I heard liquidy poo squirting and some farts too and he groaned as it came out. After a minute of that, it was quiet and I heard him pushing and breathing heavily, and it really turned me on..and needless to say when he finished his poo, we had really enjoy hearing him poop and I thought I was wierd for that, but finding this website made me realize I'm not wierd, and a lot of people like it. If he has had a significant poo he will tell me about it, like if it was all liquid and a wierd color, or if it was a huge turd that made his butt bleed a little...I'm so happy he is so comfortable about telling me about it..I hope to marry him soon so I can listen to many of his poos...he knows i like to hear him and will often leave the door open so i can...hehe...I love him so much!!!

Anyone else out there have good boyfriends/girlfriends that don't think you are totally wierd about being fascinated with pooping?

Sammie: I loved your story about your diarrhea in the ladies' rooms! I've never been that crazy about public ladies' rooms, but I must admit that I'm seriously considering trying out some laxatives and going to the mall. We'll see what happens. Please tell us some more of your experiences. Love, Jamie

My mom had a tax bill to pay and it had to be paid like by 5 p.m. tonight or it would have been marked "late" and there would have been a horrendous fee or fine due on it. So my mom gave me the check for something like $2,500 (I've never carried a check with that much on me before) and her directions to the room at the city-county building where property taxes are paid. Because she had to work double shift at her job, there was no way she would have been able to get across town to do it so it fell on me. She emphasized what bus I should take right after school, where I had to transfer for the downtown route, and the importance of me getting to the payment office by 5 p.m. By the way she had it figured, I had about 15 minutes to spare. I waited on the bus bench outside my high school for about 10 minutes and the first bus came. I started to feel the need to pee and wished I had done so before leaving school, but I didn't want to miss my bus. It might be because I haven't ridden buses that much, but I thought the ride was pretty bumpy. And it didn't help on a couple of the narrow turns, the back wheel of the bus clipped the curb and then dropped with a thud. I thought for sure I would pee my pants at that point, but it only caused more pain as I held my pee in. When I got to my transfer stop, my connector bus was nowhere in sight. There was an old lady there who was also going downtown and I asked her to come to the door of the nearby BP station and get me if the bus were to come while I was in the bathroom. I left my bookbag right outside the door and went in. I had just latched the door, dropped my panties and jeans, and my butt had just contacted with the seat when she knocked and said the #41 was coming. It hurt because my pee flow was just about to start when I had to abruptly stand up, pull up my panties and jeans and grab my bag while I raced past the pumps to the bus bench. I looked up the street and the bus was still on the hill, like 6 blocks west. I got to thinking that I could have completed my pee and then some, but I didn't want to chance missing the bus. After boarding the bus, like 5 minutes later, I glanced at the time on my cell phone and felt and even more intense pain in my bladder. And of course, the bus went over about 10 or 12 railroad tracks at once crossing and I thought for sure I would have unwanted moisture between my legs. The pain became more intense as I could see the downtown skyline through the front windshield. I now had less than a half hour to find the building, get to the 4th floor, and make the payment. And it didn't help that it seemed like we were hitting a red light at most every intersection. Finally, I got to my stop, and before going down the rear stairs, I again checked the time on my phone. 4:49 ... I thought I could make it. I pushed around others and ran about a half block up stairs to the main floor and I asked an old man at the security desk for directions. I reached the office and got inside the door just as a guard was closing the blinds and locking up. There were only three ahead of me in line and when I finally got my receipt, I told the lady I needed to pee like a dog. She seemed sympathetic and gave me directions to the bathroom down the hall. I hurried as much as my bookbag would let my aching back and I found a faded Public Restrooms sign hanging from the ceiling. I opened the door and expected to be on a toilet and peeing within seconds. All 12 or so stalls were taken and additional women were waiting. There were a couple of uniformed police women waiting along with several people who had juror badges. I got to thinking they must have been on a recess or something. Suddenly I heard a door to my left being unlatched and I immediately grabbed for it. Out first came a jail officer in uniform pulling a prisoner in an orange jump suit and chains. The prisoner was saying something about being hurt and not able to flush, but the guard continued to pull her out through the door. The first thing I saw was urine and some shit floating in the bowl, but I didn't care. I flung my bookbag down and had my jeans and panties all the way down, and my butt was sitting on the warmed seat just in time as my explosive flow started. It took about 5 minutes for me to finish my pee and while I was accomplishing the relief, my boss from the mall called on my cell to tell me I was about an hour late to work. Like duh!!!! I told her I was on my way to work on the next bus and that she should be happy because I wouldn't be needing my usual pee break.

Ashley D.

Samantha: Great story! Those ladies were quite lucky to hear you! I know exactly what you were talking about when you waited for someone to hear you pooing. I do the same.

I have a very exciting story for all you! Probably my favorite pooping experience, and Ive had a lot. So I don't often poo at school, but a few days ago I had a feeling I should go and I had study hall, so it was no big deal. Without hesitation I went to drop the kids at the pool.
I went to the girls bathroom, it was empty and I was a bit dissapointed. There were four stalls so I took the middle left one. As I settled myself in and covered the toilet, I heard someone else enter. I got pretty excited and luckily, she took the stall next to mine! This is what made the story so great. The lady next to me dropped her bag, and it was my Spanish teacher! The one I mentioned in a previous post. I prayed that she would be pooping, and a quick fart confirmed that. We sat in silence and eventually she grabbed a binder out of her bag and I assume she started to grade papers. Well I figured I would put on a show for my teacher, so I let out a dry fart then peed quickly, then started to poo.
I let out a small poo that landed with a plop. Then they continued to come. Relatively small pieces of poo conitinued to come from my back side, making plops and plips as they dropped. Then my spanish teacher farted VERY loudly. I was shocked, it sounded like a fake fart from a movie or something. Then as I released a fart and another small piece of poo, my teacher gaved a soft push and I heard a crackle. Then there was a really loud plop. Then she started gassing again, they all had a different tone. Meanwhile, I was empty but I stayed for the show. My teacher farted once more than continuos logs came from her butt, splashing the water as released. Each one I could her crackle. Then she placed her binder back in her bag, grabbed some TP and stood up. She squatted and I could see her hand reach around with the TP. I decided to clean up to. My teacher dabbed at her bottom then threw the TP in the bowl. She flushed and her feet remained facing the toilet. I was wiping now, it took me about four wipes to get clean.
I didn't want to meet my teacher at the sink, so I stayed and pretended to wipe. My teacher left and as I was about to flush and leave someone came dashing in. She went in the stall that my teacher had been in, lowered her jeans (while standing) and farted real loud. She then exhaled and quickly left. I flushed my work down and checked on my neighbors stall. There was a fresh scent from the fart and a few skid marks in the bowl. What a great day!

Ashley D <3

Also, thanks to all of you who filled out my survey, I have another one for my next post. BYE

hey its poop
OK, so I'm back again! Its a new day, so I thought I would post some more stories since I have so many to tell , so you will probably be seeing a lot of me. I will tell you again if you didn't read my other posts, I am 20, 5'3, and weigh 120 pounds.

OK. Well, this story takes place a couple of years ago. My friends were staying the night with me as we were going out of town the next day, and I was home alone waiting for them to come. I had been needing to poop for quite some time, but didn't want to do it until they came, so they wouldn't come while I was taking my poo. I was feeling very uncomfortable by now, though, and I couldn't hold it much longer. It usually does not take me very long to poo, so I just decided that I'd go ahead and do it. I walked into my restroom, and dropped my panties to my ankles, and pulled my skirt up to my chin and rested my chin on my fists. I spread my legs and hunched over a bit, which is normally how I do my poos. I peed for about a minute straight and then began to push as I felt a large turd sitting on my rectum. The turd began moving slowly as I pushed. It was a little difficult to get it to move. I had to push hard for it to move out only a little at a time. I looked between my legs and saw a thick and smooth turd hanging about half way out of my bum. I looked at my watch and realized I had been pushing this turd for 2 minutes already, and I knew this BM wasn't going to be a quick one. Then I heard a knock at the door. OH KNOW i thought. I tried pushing the turd out really quick but it was stuck at its position, and then very uncomfortably, I sucked it slowly back in, and pulled my panties back up, and went to get the door. It was my best friend, Amber, and she said what took you so long...and i said, i had a huge turd hanging half way out of my bum, and she laughed and went to my room, which is attached to my bathroom. I told her I was gonna go finish my crap, and I resumed the same position on the toilet as I had before. I didn't have to push to get it to move back out, it slowly opened my hole back up and moved slowly back to being half way out of my bum, and stuck there again. I began pushing really hard, and I must have been making straining noises, cause Amber said, you ok in there? I said, yeah, just pushing out a big log. Then I heard another knock at the door and I told Amber to get it, and it was our other friend, Kathy. I said, I'll be......nnnnnnnggggggghhhhhhhh.......out in....nnnnnnnggggghhhhh....a few minutes.....nnnnnnnnggggghhhhhh. Then the huge log began slowly moving again with every push, and finally dropped 2 minutes later making a loud kerploop. I felt more coming, and my hole was opening and closing as I pushed to get things moving again. My hole stayed open now as another large turd, this one softer, began to slowly move. It made a crackling sound as I pushed it out and my hole was stretched to the max and my eyes became very watery as a stream of pee also came out, and then a minute more of pushing and crackling, it broke off and landed with a plip, and the other half of the turd was still moving with a crackling sound as I was pushing, and it also took about a minute and landed with a plip.....plop,plop,plop and finally I felt done. It was a messy poo and I had to wipe 7 times, and had to also plunge the toilet as my first turd plugged it up. I washed my hands, and opened the door and said, wow i feel good. Amber said, good, now i gotta poop. She went into my restroom, and you could hear everything in my roombecause they were attached. I heard her butt hit the seat and a stream of pee flowed, then immediately after the pee....kerploop, kerploop, plop, plop, plop, plop, kerploop,.......silence.............................kerploop.....then about a minute of silence and she farted a few times, and then nonstop plops as it had turned to diarreah now. She was in there for about 5 minutes. The rest of the night, she had more diarreah about 10 more times.

My boyfriend has diarreah a lot, and he uses the toilet about 2 or 3 times everyday and I have lots of stories about where he ALMOST didn't make it, but I will write about them later. I hope you all enjoy my stories!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Hi there, fellow ploppers

I felt like a shit at work todaY, went into the toilets, where there are 2 cubicles.
I turned the fan off so I could hear the splashes better. I took my pants and underpants down and as I sat on the toiletseat I farted.
There was no-one else in, so I sat for a couple of minutes hoping someone would come.
I felt it starting to slide out, and heard a crackle. The first one dropped wit a loud PLOP which echoed, followed by PLOP, PLOP

I pulled the chain so I didn't make a smell, and I dropped another one, which I could't hear because of the flush

I didn't get a bum splash, unfortunately.

I stood up and had a good wipe.

Its a pity there had been no-one to listen

On the subject of not being comfortable to poo: today was an example.I did a poo this a.m. before heading to work, on arriving i got a low grade urge so went and sat on the throne but no go. I then went of to a customer who I have known for a long time and they have their business at home. I would be there until early in the afternoon. Just before lunch I had a developing feeling down below. They had a nice lunch organised and I knew that this would bring on a need for a dump.
Lunch was had and back t work with much internal pressure. I thought I would have to use their toilet and then I discovered that the amount of work ahead of me was not much at all. I worked with great speed! I was getting a bit worried that my bodily needs were affecting my concentration. Soon later I finished my task and left...I hope I did not appear to be in too big of a hurry.
I got in the car to head to another customer only minutes away. It was a large organisation with plenty of toilets. As I drove along the urge subsided to my horror....when this happens it is the signal that constipation is setting in.
Luckily as I entered the car park the urge returned big time! I parked my car right opposite the car park toilet. It was vacant and clean.
I went in, locked the door, put down the seat, dropped my attire and sat. No farts, no grunts, no sighs, no straining....just one big dump of soft mushy very easy...minimal smell and wipping was a breeze.

The Tourist
First off, a little introduction. I'm a new poster here, who likes to travel a lot (duh). Usually, I go places in the states, and go to a different country only twice a year. My real name is Mary, but I felt that was too common a name, so I'm posting under "The Tourist" instead. So, on with the stuff you came here for.

I'm actually making this post from my hotel room in Japan. This is my first time here, so I'm seeing the sites, enjoying the food, and of course using the toilets. That's the main reason I travel, is to see what kind of toilets they use all around the world.

Over the past 5 days of my week long trip (I leave tomorrow), I've used many toilets, both for pee and poop. I pee at least 5 times every day and poop once, sometimes twice a day. I tried to be somewhere different each time I needed to use the toilets.

Well, most of the places I visited had squat toilets, which seem to be common in Asian countries. I used them and enjoyed it very much. You just squat over the little metal bin, it's kind of inclined, so your pee and poop end up at the bottom. Some of them must have a cleaner who comes and removes the waste a couple times a day, but one I saw was kind of weird.

As I entered the cubicle, I saw a weird handle, and wondered what it was for. But I squatted over the tray and peed a forceful stream and then let out a thin little turd. Wiping once in the front and once in back was all it took. After I was done, I realized the handle was probably some sort of flush. So I pulled it, and my pee and poop fell into a basin below.

But today, I had a unique experience, at least compared to what I'd expect in Japan. I was struck by the urge to poop when I was nowhere around any place likely to have a public toilet. Luckily, after not too long, I found a porta-potty. I always thought those were mainly an American thing, but maybe not.

Well, I had to go bad, so I had no time to ponder it, just take it as a blessing. I took off my pants and flowered panties, setting them beside the box. It had a toilet seat, like it was meant for sitting, so maybe it was intended for American tourists. Nonetheless, I was so used to squatting, and feeling adventurous, I decided to slip off my heels and place my feet on either side of the hole and squat.

With the seat lifted, I could be sure all my pee and poop would actually make it in the hole below. No sooner had I gotten into position than I unleashed a torrent of skinny turds of varying lengths. Some of them were probably not even an inch long, some of them were really long. After that I loudly farted and let out another skinny turd, but it was incredibly long. Like I felt it touch the pile of poop underneath me and curl up and keep going. It did eventually break off though. I must have wiped at least ten times, and they even had a separate container off to the side for toilet paper, so I put my paper there.

The porta-potty was weird, because not only did I not expect to find one outside of America, it also had a sink and soap dispenser. I took advantage and washed my hands thoroughly, and put down the seat for the next person to use.

In my next post, probably in a few days when I'm back home and settled in again, I'll share another one of my experiences. I'm torn between two good ones, my experience in Russia or France. Feel free to let me know which one you'd rather hear about.

Mary (The Tourist)

I have pretty much grown out of my pee shyness. I am now out of college and working. But I don't like the public toilets and urinals near our office. We are in a very busy, large building, and the traffic in and out of the men and womens rooms is tremendous. I still don't like having someone standing and pissing next to me. Sometimes they are the only times that I cannot go. My girlfriend works nearby on another floor. She also has bouts of being pee shy especially when there are women on both sides of her stall. She pees forcefully and makes a lot of noise for 30 to 45 seconds. She is embarrassed about that. When she thinks about it she tightens up and can't piss a drop.

We began to train our bladders to hold more longer. I suggested that she and I not drink more than one cup of coffee and one glass of fruit juice during our breakfast and not drink more than one soda or water at lunch. We began to drink more in the middle of afternoon. Now we can hold our bladders until we get home. We leave for work about 7:30 a.m. and get home about 5:30 p.m., 10 hours. To train ourselves at first we had to try to go about 2 p.m., then after a few days, 15 minutes longer to 2:15, then to 2:30, and so on step by step to 3 and 4 p.m., then the same to 5 p.m., and finally to our goal of 5:30. The time from 3 p.m. to 5:30 was very difficult. One problem was that we still had trouble going in the afternoon at work during the bladder training at work.

Around 5:30 we would stop at her apartment to see who could win the holding contest that day. We both peed real gushers after holding close to a quart (or liter) in our stretched bladders. She could do better than I did. She is close to having a megabladder. Since she is very thin, she has a large bulge in her bladder area when she is full. That excites me. She sometimes would pee beyond a quart (or liter). We measure what we have done in a 2 liter large mouth jar.

The good thing about bladder training is that we usually don't feel the urine in our bladders until the time to relieve ourselves takes place. After a while during the training our bladders told us the time to piss. Now we pee only in the morning, late afternoon, and then at bedtime.


That was a glorious description of the effects of the laxative and I for one would love to hear more of your experiences.

I've been fascinated with women having laxative diarrhea ever since I was 10 when my pretty cousin, Victoria (who was 13), suddenly clutched her stomach and ran from the room almost shouting 'OOoooooh' I followed quickly but discreetly and her liquid shit pouring from her (no farts, sadly). The odd thing, and what set my excitement, was that when she emerged she was flushed in the face and with a look of great satisfaction - like she was smiling to herself.

Later, in a summer vacation and when Victoria was 15 I was visiting her when again she suddenly clutched her stomach and, scuttling to the toilet said 'How embarrassing, I've got diarhea', this time I heard her squitting and splattering all over the place. Again, she returned with rosey cheeks, which I found, combined with the thought of all that glorious liquidy poo gushing from her lovely bottom, just so arousing. I didn't realise at that time but I think that she was aware of her effect on me because, a couple of weeks later in the vacation I heard my aunt tell my Mum about the terrible diarrhea Vicky was having and how she badly messed her PJs and had diarrhea on the floor. This was just too much to bear thinking about - I had to visit Vicky during the day whilst the grown ups were at work. She was in her PJs in her Mum's bed which was nearer to the bathroom so that she had less chance of shitting her pjs again. Whillst we were talking and I was trying subtlely to ask about her 'Illness' she clutched her stomach and said 'Oh No, I've got to go'; she leapt out of bed and sort of ran with little 'Geisha steps' to the hallway and the bathroom; I walked quickly after her when suddenly she stopped, looked over her shoulder and gave a litle smile and then her PJs turned yellowy brown. She ran on into the bathroom and I heard her talking to herself, then the toilet flushing and then the shower running. My heart was pounding - I just coudn't believe I'd just seen my beautiful cousin have what looked like a deliberate diarrhea accident!

I went back to the bedroom and, flustered, started making her bed as a kind of way to calm myself; when I picked up the pillow to ???? it I found an open box of ex-lax chocolate with 12 of the 18 tablets gone.
I never mentioned my dicovery to Vicky who later returned to the room in new Pjs.

I went into the bathroom and breathed deep of the smell of her scent mixed with a kind of sweet, fruity smelling diarrhea which I just loved. This is very weird because I'm not attracted to poo and certainly not the smell but ever since on the very few occasions, I've found the combination of dairy smeling runs and perfume heart poundingly exciting which I guess goes to show what patterns are set in childhood.

Anyway, Thank You for your Glorious and exciting description and long may you gush your brown and liquid way!

An Admirer

hey its poop
Hi again all!! This is like my third time posting something today, but I had to post about a pooping experience I had today. OK. So I was at the mall today,and I was looking around when I felt the urge to poop. It was not very strong, and me being able to hold in my poo for a long period, just decided to wait, because I'm a little shy about pooping in public restrooms, but like 30 minutes later, my urge got stronger, and I had to clench my butt cheeks together to keep the turd from coming out. I very uncomfortably walked to the restroom near the food court. Luckily, there was no one in there at the time. There were probably about 10 stalls, a large bathroom, and I chose the first one I came to. I quickly undid my pants, and shoved them down to my ankles. I plopped down on the toilet, and finally was able to relax my hole, and a large sticky turd came slowly crackling out. It was one of those kind of poos where your eyes are all watery. It took about a minute for it to come out and landed with a small plip, as the tip touched the water before it let go. Then I peed for about a minute. After my flow died, I felt another large poo sitting on my rectum, so I gave a few gentle pushes, and finally about a minute later, another large turd slowly crackled its way out, stretching my hole as wide as it would go. It took about a minute to completely exit, and was the same length as the turd before, but a little wider. Still not feeling empty, I began pushing, feeling another large turd sitting there waiting to come out. I had to push for about 2 minutes before the tip of the turd slowly made its appearance, and had to keep pushing to keep it moving. It took about 2 minutes to come out, and landed with a loud kerplop. Feeling somewhat better, I began to roll the toilet paper, when I heard the door open, and another lady came into the stall right next to me. Curious as to whether she was also in here to take a poo, I waited. She unzipped and threw her jeans down, and sat down. Nothing happened, no noise, and she was completely still. I was begnning to get excited, hoping she was in there for a poo. About a minute later, I soon got my answer. I began to hear her straining and a stream of pee came out, and then followed by more straining. The lady was really struggling. After a couple more minutes of straining and grunting, she leaned over and grabbed her ankles, and I saw her hair touching the floor. She would take a deep breath and would hold it while she pushed and then let it go with a sigh. After probably about 5 minutes, I heard a loud plop in the toilet and she rolled the toilet paper roll only once, and wiped and quickly pulled up her pants. She didnt bother to wash her hands and just left. I finished up my duty by wiping 6 or 7 times, and I DID wash my hands and that completes my mall pooping experience.

One more story really quick. This one is about my boyfriend.This has been a couple of years ago, and he was 22 at the time. My family went camping for a weekend, and he went with us. Our tent was right next to the restrooms. The second night there, he announced he had to use the restroom, and I said I had to go too. Well the restrooms was one building with the mens on the right and the ladies on the left. I was in and out quickly as I just had to pee, then I went out into the middle area to wait on him. I heard his heavy breathing as he would hold it for a little bit and let out with sort of a grunt. I was so excited to think that he was pooping and I was gonna hear the whole thing. He kept up with the breathing thing for 2 minutes, and then I heard a medium sized plop........plop.........plop. Then his breathing became heavier again, as he was pushing out another turd. 3 minutes passed by with him pushing, and then a loud kerplop, sounding to be like a large turd...then inhale, hold..............................exhale, inhale, hold........................................................exhale, then plop, plop, plop, plop.....inhale, hold...................................exhale, inhale, hold longer............................exhale, another minute of that with one long inhale and finally a kerploop. I looked at my watch and he had been in there for 10 minutes. He wiped 6 times, and flushed twice, then washed up and rejoined me. I loved the whole thing!!

It's me again. I have so many stories I wanna share but I will only share a couple right now and I posted another story a little earlier. So, anyway, probably about 10 years ago, when I was 10, me and my friend, went out into the woods for a walk. About half an hour into the walk, my friend says, I gotta go to the bathroom. I said, "Well, lets go back to your house." She said no, I am gonna go now. She pulled off her skirt and undies, and took a squat next to a tree. She gripped the tree with both hands and I saw a stream of pee flowing from her. After she peed, I figured she was done, but she did not move, and then I heard her take a deep breath and begin pushing. She closed her eyes tight, and began straining really hard. She did this for about 2 minutes, and then with her butt in plain view to me, her butt cheeks started to spread apart as a thick, hard turd was very slowly inching its way out with every push she gave. When she stopped pushing to take a breath, the turd stopped moving. When the tip of the turd was touching the ground, and still was hanging from her, she had to lift up a little higher, so the turd would have room to fall. Finally after about 5 minutes of straining and grunting, the turd fell with a thud onto the ground. It was shaped like a banana and was very thick. She stood up and admired her creation, and said wow thats a monster log!!! She put her clothes back on, and we continued our walk through the woods.

Another story, this one only a few months ago. I had went probably 2 or 3 days without pooping. When I felt the urge to go, there were always too many people around, and I wanted privacy. So, finally one day came along when I was home alone, and the urge hit me. I made my way to the toilet, and stripped of my pants and undies, and plopped myself down on the cold seat. I let out a stream of pee for probably a minute, then I positioned myself for a good poop. I spread my legs apart, and hunched over, with my arms resting on my legs. I began pushing, and I could feel things working around up there. I was ready for what I thought to be a quick easy release of the load I had been holding in, but in fact, it wasn't easy at all. I felt my hole stretching as I forced a thick, hard turd out a little. It moved slowly as I pushed and it stopped about half way out, and it was stuck there. I pulled my cheeks apart to open my hole a little wider, but the turd wouldn't budge. I usually don't make a lot of noises when I poop, but this time I did. I began grunting and straining extremely hard and little trickles of pee would escape everytime I would strain, because I was straining so hard. The sweat was now trickling down my forehead. I sat on the tolet pushing for 5 minutes, and the log didn't move at all. I climbed off the toilet and squatted down in front of my toilet, holding onto the toilet, and began to push really hard nnnnnnnnnnngggghhhhh....sigh.......nnnnnnnnnnnngggggghhhhhh......After pushing in that position for another 5 minutes, the turd finally started moving. I quickly plopped myself down on the toilet, and bent over hands bracing myself on the floor, my butt hovering over the toilet, the turd finally made a loud splash into the toilet. I looked at the turd and was amazed by how thick and hard it was. I only had to wipe my sore butt once, and then I flushed. I looked at the time and was completely surprised when I realized I had been in there for 13 minutes pushing the rock hard turd out. Sorry so long, but like I said in the last post, I love giving you every detail.

Hi everyone! I have been a lurker on this site for quite some time and wanted to post something finally. I am 20 years old, 5'3, and weigh 120. I wanted to post some of my pooping experiences.
Last week, I forget what day,but I had felt the urge to poop when I first awoke, but being shy about doing a poop when people are around,and my family was home, I held it. I could feel a large turd just sitting on my anal hole, and I would have to keep tightening my butt cheeks and sucking the turd back in every few minutes, and this went on for the whole day, and then my boyfriend came over and spent the night,so I held it the rest of the night. The nest morning, when my boyfriend was at work and my family was out, I finally would be able to relieve myself in peace. I made my way to the restroom and stripped completely of my pants and panties. I like to spread my legs and watch the poop emerge. So, anyway, I relaxed on the toilet, and let my stream of pee flow, and once finished with that, I spread my legs and hunched over a little, elbows resting on my legs. I began to push gently, and nothing happened, the large turd refused to move. I sat there for 2 minutes pushing when finally I felt the large turd slowly move, now with the tip just out my hole, I let go of the breath I was holding as I was pushing. Then I took another breath, and started pushing really hard, toes pushed against the floor, and I watched as the turd grew larger as it very very slowly inched its way out, my hole was strecthed to the max, and by now was very sore, and finally after two more minutes of pushing, it made a very loud plop when it hit the water. Then without pushing, I felt another turd coming, with a crackling sound and no pushing on my part, it took only a few seconds to break off and make a loud slpash into the water, then the other half of the large turd started crackling out and after a few seconds made a loud splash. Feeling pretty empty now, I had to wipe about 5 or 6 times to get completely clean. Hope you enjoyed the story. Sorry so long, I love giving detail. I will be back later to tell more poop stories.Bye!

Julia M
I have only been reading this occasionally and went away almost straight after my only other post, about two months ago. Now I have realised that I never responded to the person who asked if I could remember about the bride wetting herself.

My husband told me the story which his mum told him. It was before he, or I, was born. It was a village wedding. The bride's family was not at all well off and the bride decided to make her own dress. My mother-in-law helped her to make it. For some reason my husband's mum could not go to the actual wedding but went later to the reception. She had been looking forward to seeing the bride in the dress on her wedding day but when she got to the reception she was not wearing it. Rather surprised, mum-in-law asked why and discovered that the bride had wet herself and soaked the dress which was hanging up to dry.

You mentioned your aunt talking of peed in dresses coming to the cleaners. Have you any more details?

Richard (a.k.a. The R Man)
To all Women:

What are the best ways to hold your bladder?

Kerry F
Hi, I'm new here. just thought I'd write to you all to tell you about my biggest dump ever.

I had just come back from a trip to Latvia where I'd eaten a lot of meaty / cheesey and stodgy but delicious food. I hadn't had a poo for 6 days and I was starting to get worried. In the way back in the taxi from the airport I started to get terrible cramps and could feel the dump in my rectum pressing uncomfortably inside. The taxi ride was only around 10 minutes from the airport to my flat, but it seemed like ages.

I rushed into my flat and quickly hiked up my skirt and pulled down my tights and thong before jumping onto the toilet pan. As I pushed to try to defecate I let out a bit of pee and started to realise that this wasn't going to be the quickest or easiest trip for a number 2 ever! \my poo was rock hard and heavily compacted. I strained and could see my face reddening in the mirror across from me as I struggled to press out my six day old load of processed meat and cheese. After 4 or 5 minutes the head of poo started to really stretch my anus painfully, yet in a strangely nice way. I pushed and strained some more and at last the solid log began to crackle slowly out of my bottom. It was so solid it touched the water while the other end was still inside me.

A large splash surprised me and made me jump as the cold water hit my bum, when the gigantic log cracked off and fell into the toilet pan. The first log must have been about 3.5 inches wide and around 14 inches long! It was dark brown, in one piece and was rock solid with nobbly bits and cracks. I stopped for minute to get my breath back then began to strain again resulting in a much softer and lighter brown snake like poo. I stood to wipe and turned to see that I had completely filled the part at the bottom of the bowl where the water is with my enormous faeces.

It took 3 flushes to get rid of my queen of dumps, but I have not had such relief in a very long time. I almost blocked my toilet!


Mysterious Man

That's very cool how your gf is comfortable with letting you be there while she goes and vice versa. Not only does it show how ok you both are with everything about your bodies, it's also really hot :D (Yea I know, not the best cheering, but it's so cool)


Very hot story, loved every bit of it. Do you like really big poops on ocassion? Can't wait to here more from ya. Kinda funny, I actually knew a girl named Samantha who seemed really into talking about her pooping habits. Though I didn't actually talk to her about THAT, but she was pretty LOUD about the details with others :P

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Dan Boy
I got a new story. I was out for my birthday at a friends house, having some drinks, etc. Well, almost everyone ended up crashing there, including me. I woke up about 5am along with my friend Kristen. She wasn't feeling good at all and ask me to take her home so I agreed and we got in my truck and headed to her house. On the way there, I started feeling like I need to poop pretty bad. I was just gonna hold it till I got home, but then Kristen all of a sudden announced, "OMG, I gotta take a dump sooooo baaaaaad!" I asked if she wanted to stop, and she said yeah because she was about to poop her pants. I pulled into a park and there were two porta-potties in the parking lot, fortunately. They were position right next to each other, like one wall was touching the wall on the other one. We each took one, her the handicapped one and me the regular right next to it. It was so quiet that I could clearly hear everything she was doing, I could even hear her breathing, which was heavy at this point. Oh, btw, she's about 5'11", blonde, 135lbs, athletic body. I dropped my pants and sat on the seat, which had obviously been cleaned, I think they had just emptied the potties. I heard her pull her pants down and sit.

She started off with a zipper fart and 5 big floomps. I let out a small fart and then two kersplunks. Then I started dropping soft-serve crap. I heard a loud, quick, wet sounding crackle from her side that lasted for about 20 seconds and ended in a bassy mushy sounding fart. She sighed heavily when she was done with that and I heard her grabbing some TP. I let out one more splash and bassy fart, then started wiping too. I finished and left the porta-pottie, Kristen came out about 3 minutes later, I think she had a pretty mushy dump. She smiled when she came out and just said, "Sweet." I took her home and that was the end of my night.

had something strange and embarassing that occurred about a week ago. i had spent the entire day up north visiting with my boyfriend's family. we had to leave at about 6 in the morning, it was a 4 hour drive, then all day long we were there going to all sorts of places, restaurants, people's houses, etc. it was a lot of moving around and for most of the day i needed to poop, but i just held it in because i wasn't comfortable going any place that we were at. finally we were on our way home around 8 o clock at night, and i knew soon i could get relief at home. around 11:45 we got to my apartment where i quickly said goodnight to my boyfriend (quickly because since now i was expecting relief soon, the urge to go got intense) and rushed inside. to my great misfortune, my roommate had gotten home just minutes before me and had JUST gotten in the shower. i sighed with frustration. i really had to poop and i was so exhausted, i just wanted to use the toilet and go to sleep! so i sat down on the couch to wait for her to get done.

before i knew it, i was dreaming. in the dream i was in what seemed to be like the halls in like a mall or something, you know like the service areas that are for the employees. eitherway i was wandering through the halls, and in i needed to poop. the feeling of needing to poop was very vivid and realistic in the dream. i was frantically trying to find my way to the bathroom. finally i sat down in the corner and i don't believe i pulled my pants down in the dream, but i started to poop and i remember the sound of it hitting the floor in the dream- except there was a very lucid feeling of the hot poop smooshing in my panties and spreading across my ass. suddenly, i started waking up. i opened my eyes, and to my horror realized i was sitting on my couch crapping my pants!! i jumped up from the couch and squeezed my butt cheeks together and put my hands on my butt, but it was too late, i already completely pooped myself. i felt my face burn red and my heart was pounding. i didn't even know what to do, i was so shocked that i pooped my pants at my age! anyway, my roommate was still not done in the shower- so i sprayed air freshener and sprayed some body splash all over my butt and just laid in my bed with the covers over me, and when she came out and got in bed i grabbed some clean panties, showered and changed. even though i was so exhausted i had trouble falling asleep because i was so weirded out about pooping in my pants...

Hot Chick Heidi
I was at the mall last week. I walked over after school for no other reason than my friend Mark came to me at my locker and was upset because he had to take a shit and the janitors had locked all the bathrooms immediately after school. We later found out in homeroom that there had been a lot of vandalism that day and the administration was pissed because no one had turned the guilty person(s) in, despite an reward being offered. So me and Mark walked the two blocks over to the mall. On the way over, I started to feel the need to pee, probably because all the pop I had drank that day at school. We got over there in about 5 minutes and walked to the food court area where the public bathrooms are that have the most stalls so you don't have to wait. We designated the bench we would meet at when we were done. I went in and none of the 6 stalls were in use. Kind of unusual right after school. I went into the first, closed the door and placed my book bag against it, and pulled my jeans and underwear down just as I started to drop to the seat, I noticed it was up. I took my right hand, took it down, and then sat down on it. I peed for about 45 seconds and felt some relief. Then another spurt came for about 15 seconds and I grabbed some toilet paper, wiped, got my jeans and undwear up, reached down and flushed. It was pretty uneventful. As I was washing my hands, a mother came in dragging a little girl who was probably about kindergarten age. She was crying and her mom was yelling at her as the mom slammed the door of the stall I had used open and then banged the door shut with the mom inside the stall and the girl crying outside. There was even some cursing from the mom when the girl begged to get into the stall before she had an "accident" in her pants. The mom said that would be good because the girl needed to "learn her lesson" and go to the bathroom at home before they left to shop. I heard the mom flush the toilet which was what I had earlier done. I heard a large amount of toilet paper being torn off the roll as the girl continued to cry outside the door to come in before it was too late. After like 4 or 5 minutes, the mom opened the door and was still upset at the girl as she pointed out all the extra work she was making for her mother. From what I could see in the mirror, the mom had placed several layers of toilet paper over the seat as a liner (a really dumb thing I think!) and was trying to scare the girl from using public toilets. I got to thinking like is this lady real!!! She toned down the yelling a bit as she finally lined the girl up a bit in front of the stool and helped her pull her underwear down and pull the back of her dress up as she sat down on all the paper. The girl stopped crying as the first few plops could be heard, but her mother remained standing in there and talking to her in a very rude way. As I was leaving and just about to open the door I heard the mother criticize her again for doing something like touching something. Mark was already done and out and waiting for me. He joked about weighing 5 pounds less after "dumping". I told him the story about what I had witnessed and how I felt so sorry for the little girl. He said he has an aunt who is "anal" like that. Then we went to the DQ at the food court for a treat. Mark bought!

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