silly sophie
i remember doing something really weird when i was in 4th grade that i instantly regretted. i was at school and i had a little flowered dress on that my mom got me. during the day, i really had to go poop. in my elementary school classrooms there was a boys and girls bathroom (single person bathrooms). it was okay for like, 1st grade i thought but it was not "cool" to use those bathrooms in 4th grade. especially if you were pooping because often people in the class could hear the noises and the class would laugh. so most kids just waited until lunch or when we went to one of our classes that were in another room, which there weren't many of, to go to one of the big bathrooms in the hallway. well i had to go really bad and i really didn't want to use the bathroom in the classroom. i had to go so bad and i couldn't hold it in any longer so i knew i wouldn't make it if i tried to wait until we left the classroom. for some reason i decided that it was a better idea to just poop my undies instead of use the bathroom in the room. i seriously thought it would be more embarrassing if people heard me in the bathroom pooping... i don't know what i was thinking. i figured if i pooped my panties it would be quiet and wouldn't smell and no one would ever know i did it. i only considered that since i had a dress on no one would be able to see a bulge in my pants. i came to this conclusion because my big sister pooped her pants in a line at disney world when she was 12 and i was 7 and i remember i didn't hear it happen and it didn't stink, i just remember her suddenly start to cry and say she had an accident, and seeing a big bulge on her butt. so i figured that was exactly how it would go for me and my dress would hide the bulge.. so, sitting at my desk, i pooped right in my panties. i farted a lot when it was coming out and it was noisy. and it smelled really bad. and it made a huge wet bulge in my undies that stained through the back of my dress too since i was sitting. you had to be blind, deaf, and unable to smell to know i didn't just poop my underwear. i just started crying and the teacher told me to go to the nurse's office. yeah, it was a really dumb idea. to make matters worse, as i waddled to the nurse, a blob of poop slipped out of my panties and slid down my leg onto the floor in the hallway. the nurse was pretty weird about it (she was used to it happening to kindergartners, not 4th graders) and my mom was pretty mad at me too. needless to say, from that point on i never let myself believe that i could poop my pants and no one would notice.

HI folks.Andy from Scotland here.Now occasional poster i guess.Three incidents from last night.I saw one girl pulling up her knickers or panties and adjusting her dress after peeing with some male friends.I did'nt actually see her peeing but it was obvious that she had been.She glanced at me as i walked by,but seemed unfazed by the fact thati had almost caught her.And that i had seen her private parts and underwear.Incident number two involved a couple(Male/Female).The girl was peeing in a corner and it was dark so again i didn't see anything.Her boyfriend was there too but he just stood waiting for her to finish.Incident 3? Well,this time i had a perfect view of a girl pulling up her dress,pulling her knickers down and squatting to pee between two wooden benches.Her boyfriend stood in front of her but,from the side i saw everything.I heard a splattering noise as she peed for about 30 seconds.So that was it,just another average Saturday night in Aberdeen,Scotland.Hope you enjoyed reading this.Take care, ANDY.

I'm the assistant manager of a small store in the mall. The other day I was working with Axel (a new keyholder still learning the management stuff) and Dane (a young teen who is a new employee). That morning, I had gone to the food court before opening to get my regular sugar for the mirning--cookies and sweet tea. but the guy screwed up and gave me unsweet tea and the cookie place wasn't opened yet. So I figured I'd survive. For lunch I had pasta with white sauce and went back to the food court to get my cookies and sweet tea. I ate the cookies and drank the tea on my way back to my store. Before I even got in the store, my stomch began to cramp from the sudden large amount of sugar after going all day without. I felt like throwing up. I headed toward the back room to the bathroom, but Axel stopped me. Dane's register was screwing up and Axel couldn't fix it. So I had to deal with that. Then I was stopped by a customer that had a million questions about an item. I wasn't hearing half of what she said, as I was much more focused on not throwing up. As I talked to her, I felt the stomach ache move south. I knew I had to poop BAD. Finally, she was satisfied and I ran to the bathroom, without even locking the door. If one of my coworker burst in, it would be his own death...No sooner than my ass hit the toilet seat, it exploded. Mushy poop seemed to just fall out of me. I hadn't eaten that much, but what I had eaten had a very bad effect on me. I felt like I'd never stop pooping, but it felt so good to get it all out of me. When I was done, I felt like no matter how many times I wiped with that thin junky toilet paper, my butt would never be clean. And when I was done wiping, I wasn't sure if the toiler would flush everything or stop up. Luckily, everything went down, and I went back out on the salesfloor to finish my day.

Hi. My name is Mandy, really Amanda but everyone calls me Mandy. I'm 19 years old, freshman in college away from home for the first time finally, brunette hair, brown eyes, 5'4" and just a typical southern girl for the most part except my family has always done civil war reenacting for fun (for my dad anyway, the rest of us just went along mostly). We would all dress up and stuff. Ever since I was little. So it is like camping out in the woods all weekend and the only bathrooms are portapotties that can get really dirty. I hate them. I got into the habit of holding it as long as I could anytime I needed to go to the bathroom because the portapotties would get so nasty and smelly. Plus it is hard to use those things in the old fashioned dresses. Now that I'm in college I don't have to go any more thank God.

Anyway, because I held it so much I frequently had small and sometimes big accidents, both pee and poop, and would have to hide it from my mom. We had a little camper the girls (mom, me, little sister) stayed in but dad slept in a tent with the other "soldier" guys, so it was just us girls in teh camper, which wasn't big so there wasn't a lot of privacy. No bathroom in the camper either.

We started doing all this when I was 14 years old. Our first reenactment we went to in Georgia and I was wearing an old fashioned dress, but not the big hoop skirt type, just a normal skirt, and regular modern white panties underneath since you couldn't see those, but had to always wear an old fashioned bra/corsett, especially with the fancy dresses but anyway... so we were camping and I was holding it because I hated portapotties. I had looked at them earlier in the day after we got there on Friday but didn't use them. It was now late Friday night and I really had to pee. I finally decided I was about to lose control so I left the camper and walked towards the portapotties. Halfway there a spurt of pee came out and wet my panties. I crossed my legs and stopped it and kept walking. It was very dark out and you could only barely see from campfires - no bright lights at all really. I got closer to the portapotties but another bigger squirt of pee came out. I couldn't believe i was 14 years old and peeing my panties. I stopped it again but my crotch was soaked. I could see the portapotties in the distance and hurried up, little drips leaking out on my way. I finally got to them, found an empty one, got inside where it was very dark, hopped around still leaking a little trying to not completely pee myself, finally gave up and pulled up my skirt around my waist, sat down and finished peeing through my panties, soaking the back and crotch. I walked back with wet panties and drips of pee running down my legs and before I got into the camper I slid the wet panties off while I was sure nobody was looking, made sure my sister and mom weren't looking at the door and snuck inside and hid the wet panties in my clothes bag to dry. Anyway, that was the first time. After that I frequently would have small accidents before finally going to use a portapotty and probably had at least a small wet spot in my panties almost every day we were out camping at those things, sometimes a bigger wet spot, but only completely peed myself a few times over the 5 years I had to go to them and even then nobody could see under my dress except the one time I peed them while sitting down and soaked the back of my dress - mom got really mad at me for that!

But like I said, sometimes I had to poop, too. I would hold the poop as long as I could and hope to get home to do it so sometimes had to hold it from Friday morning until Sunday night. Sometimes I just couldn't though. I remember one when I was I think 16 years old and had been holding it since Thursday already and now it was Sunday afternoon. It was gonna be a really big poop. I was farting and prarie dogging it some and my butt felt sticky and I knew I already had skid marks on my panties. But we were going to be leaving soon and were already packing up and I wanted to try and hold it till we got home since we only lived an hour away from that place. We had two vehicles - dad and mom drove the truck hauling the camper and they let me drive our car back with my sister with me - my sister was 14 then I think. So we get finished packing and start driving home. I can barely hold it and have to keep squirming. Sis asks whats wrong and I tell her I really have to go to the bathroom. By now I really have to pee too. I wearing normal modern clothes now, btw, jean shorts and a tshirt. Anyway. We've been driving for a while and I felt a spurt of pee come out. I swore and squeezed my legs shut. Sis asked "What's wrong?" I told her "I just peed a little." She was nice about it though. She said we could pull over or find a bathroom but I didn't see anywhere to stop. I told her I wanted to wait until we got home becuase I had to "do more than just pee." "Oh," she said. A few minutes later I was prarie dogging it and the poop was pushing against my panties but the car seat was stopping it and it hurt I had to go so bad and another bigger squirt of pee came out. "O God I can't hold it," I said. "You can do it, Sis," my sister said. "No I can't," I told her, "its too late. It's coming out." I couldn't take it any more. I lifted my butt off the seat a little and immediately my poop just shot out of my butt into my panties and began spreading out into a giant lump making a loud crackling noise. It only took like 5 seconds and I had a huge mound of poop like the size of a softball in my panties. As soo as the poop finished my pee started hissing out into my panties and soaking my shorts and puddling in the car seat. I just hovered there for the next 30 seconds while I finished peeing myself. I wanted to cry. My sis was nice about it though. "Its ok Mandy. It happens to everyone sometimes," she said. I slowly sat back down and felt the poop squish out all over my butt. "Oh yeah?" I asked my sis, "When was the last time you pissed and shit yourself?" She said, "Well, a few months ago at one of these stupid reenactments actually I did both in my panties one day. But I pee myself quite a lot if you realy want to know." "Really?" I asked. "I do, too at these reenectments. I hate the portapotties." Sis laughed, "Me too. That's why!"

So mom and dad were really pissed when we got home and found out what I had done and it took forever for me to clean up and then clean the car, but sis offered to help me clean the car and we talked about other accidents we had and it made us closer and after that we weren't so shy about it around each other. I can tell some other stories too but I think this is really long already.

More later.


To Ashley D:

Your questions (I hope I get them in the right order, my memory is not good)

1. I sit while wiping.

2. I'm male; I wipe from front ot back mostly, but sometimes I twirl the paper around in my bottom, as I have haemorrhoids.

3. I always fold paper. My home toilet has a machine which washes the bottom after a poo, so quite often one piece is enough. I always look at it, as I like to be perfectly clean.

4. one problem though, after wiping I sometimes feel the need to poo again. Sometimes I poo again between washing and wiping. I've said this before but I am the sort of person who stays on the loo as long as I need, and poos every few minutes, so that my production is large. Along the lines of Mei, Yukari, Veronika and others. (Veronika when will we hear from you again?)

And by the way Ashley, thank you for adding the D to differentiate yourself from the other Ashley, who is very different from you and wouldn't like to be confused with you. To the other Ashley: I hope you are finding things easier. We will all drink champagne when we hear your success story.

Love to all from remi

Rachel, its VERY easy for guys to hold it b/c we have a special trick that you dont. if we have an erection, we cannot pee. its that simple. i mean, maybe if your erection lasted for hours and you were bursting it would probably come out slowly but under normal circumstances, no. so i always get an erection just by being full anyway. other guys would have to rub it through their pockets

the Juiceman
Hi Sophie. Sorry you didn't get away with pooping your pants. I hope you don't envy your sister too much, because even if she didn't show much of a mess from the outside, her pants were probably totally messed on the inside, maybe even permanently stained. On the occasions when I've shit in my pants, it's always been a dilemma. Do I rush to the bathroom and risk spilling the mess all over when I pull down my underwear, or do I wait while it eventually stains through or runs down my legs? I don't shit in my pants that often, luckily. Though the occasional distressing shart does happen!

I still think that a dress is better for concealing accidents. When I was in third grade, my classmate Tammy peed in her frilly, pleated skirt. She sort of slightly crouched and a silver stream of pee ran out from under her skirt and onto the floor. So she didn't get away with it in that sense - the teacher scolded her - but she didn't get in trouble with her parents because her skirt and white stockings weren't wet so she didn't need a change of clothes. She just had to spend the day in wet underwear, that's all. I sort of envied her the freedom to pee in her skirt without staining her clothes like a boy in pants or shorts would.

If you really wanted to poop in your pants and not get caught, the best way would probably be tight pants or leggings with a skirt over them. A skirt would conceal the bulge. Good underwear would probably be, if not an actual diaper, at least bike shorts would probably work. I've never had the guts to deliberately shit in my pants in public, but I admire you for your attempt.

A few weeks ago I said that my gf and I had been to the toilet together for the first time but gave no details I thought it might just be a one-time thing and anyway we had not discussed sharing until the moment she suggested it.
The weekend just gone was one of glorious autumn weather and, on Sunday morning we want out exploring locally, mostly on some local off-road trails. It was nothing extreme but the dry trails and the colors of the trees were magnificent. It was warm also, at least for mid-October in the UK and so by the time we got back we were both in need of freshening and decided to take a bath together. I turned on the bath to fill it and then went off for some more towels. When I returned a minute or so later Ella had stripped, just her t-shirt remained, and was sat on the toilet having an on-off-on pee. No longer being as surprised, as not so long ago I might have been I just said, "that was quick work".
To a great extent I was referring to her state of undress. In a break in her pee flow she let out a long quiet fart, while telling me that she had had got 'the urge' earlier but before we set out on our bike ride it had subsided well before we left home. She sat there, waiting and farting softly, while I got undressed and once the tub was almost full I got in.
When 'the urge' returned Ella suddenly arched her back, bent right forward at the waist while on tiptoes and, seated near the front of the toilet, sighed oooh nnnhhh uhhh as her hole opened. The blunt nose of her turd soon appeared and it was a thick mid-brown one some 2 inches in diameter, fairly smooth in appearance but obviously very solid. It came out very gradually and curved slightly upwards until, when about 6" long, it stopped entirely before it broke off and fell with a splash leaving an inch-long stub protruding. Another push, uuuhhh mmmaah-uuumm nnuuuooohhh, and it started out again but quicker this time and accompanied by hissing farts. After another three inches or so it tapered and then slipped out quickly. After a short pee she started to unroll some paper but stopped suddenly as three loud, wet farts were followed by some soft chunks.
She then wiped well and - more cute than ever before - joined me in the tub.

Today I spent over an hour and a half of my day using public restrooms--it was great!

Last night I took a triple dose of chocolate laxatives. I like having the runs, especially if I know I can use a public toilet. I had been a little bound up for the past four days, so I was hoping to feel some big time relief.

I woke up this morning feeling like something was moving around in my ????, but it was nothing too serious. I decided to drink a few glasses of water and hit the mall for some shopping. I browsed through a few different stores, waiting for the "big one" to let me know it was ready.

Quarter to noon, I was looking at some clothes when I felt it: a huge rumble in the pit of my stomach, the kind where you can feel and hear a series of large bubbles rapidly moving upwards. I placed my hand over my stomach in excitement and anticipation. I knew the urge to poop was going to come soon--and strongly.

I decided to wait a little bit longer until the urge picked up. I wanted to be in a rush to hit that porcelein throne. About five churning stomach gurgles later, I felt a twisting cramp in my lower abdomen, accompanied by a feeling of heaviness in my bowel--the feeling of pressure on my rear let me know that it was time to dash out of the store.

I swiftly walked towards the women's room a little ways outside the store, but then I got a better idea--I would use the one in the food court, which would likely be busier. I like having an audience for my noisy public dumping experiences. It's exciting for me, and I didn't want to diminish the experience by blasting my mess into a toilet all alone. I placed my hand on my abdomen and made my way to the food court restrooms.

The food court was pretty full, since it was just about noon. I clutched my ????, and like a cheetah looking for prey, spotted the "Restroom" sign. I made my way over as quickly as possible without running, my elbow swinging as I rubbed my belly. While passing through the tables to get to my destination, I saw a few people glance at me as if they knew I was going to 'do the deed' by my speed and hand position, my fixation on the destination.

Approaching the toilets, the warm, tight feeling of sensation and arousal in my chest was almost as intense as the heaviness and pressure I felt in my colon. I passed the little symbol of the lady with a dress and made my footsteps known to anyone in the room. To my surprise (and dismay), there was only one middle aged lady near the sinks, washing her hands, and nobody else in the 6 available stalls. I walked to the stall second furthest from the entrance and looked at the toilet: it was clean. I then looked into the 6th stall (I tend to check out at least two prospective stalls before deciding to 'make the investment'). This toilet seat was different--it looked like it had a more comfortable contour to it than the fifth, which was pretty much a flat horseshoe. I thought about checking the middle stalls, which would give me closest proximity to a future neighbor, but the lady was already looking over my way in a "just pick one" fashion. I decided to take the 6th stall because I really like the feel of a comfortable seat to press my rump against, especially since I anticipated to be there a while. My favorite are those thick black seats, which I haven't seen in a while. I'm not sure why, but I've always liked those better than the newer white ones--but beggers can't be choosers, and my stomach let me know this.

My brain must have told my ???? we were in a bathroom, because it let out the loudest grumbling sound I've ever heard a stomach make, and then it delivered a rather uncomfortable but exciting cramp accompanied by a feeling of great volume in my bowel. Yes, I thought--I was going to be here a while. I wondered if the lady near the sink heard it, but I could already hear her feet clicking out of the restroom.

Closing that stall door, I had the most intense urge to let go, but managed to hold it while I locked the latch and set my purse on the hook. I wiped the seat down and threw my paper into the bowl. If seat covers would have been available, I would have used one, but they weren't. I'm not in the least afraid of germs, but I do like the feeling of having that paper underneath my bum when going--at least when the seat is cold. I undid my belt, tore down my tight corduroys and sat on the seat. But I wanted the first blast to be heard by someone, so I tightened my but cheeks and prayed that someone would come in within the next minute or so.

"Come on!" I thought. Someone has to come in soon: it's lunchtime! Just as I was about to say screw it and let loose, I heard the voices of two girls about my age, probably 19 or 20. They both walked into the restroom; one of them entered a stall (I think the third one) while the other waited by the mirrors. The urge to finally blast this huge mess into the bowl grew stronger, but I decided to wait about 10 more seconds for my neighbor to get situated. She locked the door, shifted her clothing, and plopped her rear on the seat.

"Ohhh, I don't want to go to work tonight..." The girl by the mirror said.

"Yeah, that sucks" said my neighbor somewhat indifferently.

This was prime moment, I thought, and pushed my hand against my stomach. With the slightest pressure, a knobbly chunk blasted out and smacked the bowl with a plunk; then with all the feeling and sound of a huge whoopi cushion filled with water blasting into the bowl, I released about a 7 second blast of liquid poop, followed by a satisfying volume of soft, relaxing mush poop which made a distinct sound when hitting the bowl that I'll never forget. It was like a racketball hitting a court floor, only it reverberated with much more echo as it hit the porcelein and the sound waves hit the walls.

"Eweee, shit! Did you shit?" came a voice from the sinks.

By now, my heart was pounding and my excitement at great intensity. I thought it odd and a little juvenile for her to say this, as we were all in a room loaded with toilets--meant for shitting.

"Ssshhhh!" Her friend whispered.

"Sick" she responded.

"It's someone else!" she whispered. They must have thought they were alone in the restroom. Her friend by the mirrors was silent.

I wanted to blast out another wave of poo, but unfortunately nothing came just yet but a fart, which wasn't too loud but loud enough for the other two to hear.

The friend by the sink asked "are you almost done, Kay?" with a half-disgusted tone.

"Not really" she responded, which signalled that she'd be joining me for number 2.

"I'll meet you outside," she noted, and I heard the clicking of feet out of the room.

After my neighbor finished peeing, she let out a slightly audible, but forceful "ssssssft" fart. I felt a little pressure on my bowel as well, and responded by pushing gently, releasing two blasts of liquid into the bowl. By now, the smell of my poop started to hit my nose. It was a bit odd smelling, like old onions mixed with that generic poop smell. I hoped it would permeate through the whole room.

I could hear Kay (my stallmate) releasing long exhales every 5 or so seconds. Then a quiet but audible "nghhhhhuh" came from her direction. Later a "God!" She seemed to be having some trouble. During this time, another lady walked into the bathroom, entered a stall and began peeing.

But I couldn't concern myself too much with either of them, as more pressure built up in my bowels. This time, it was a massive amount of soft mush that came out at rapid speed with a "ffthgffthffthgffthtunk" sound and felt incredible. The smell now grew stronger, and more sulfiric in nature. I'm not sure if it was just the sniffles or what, but in about 20 seconds I heard one of the two making sniffing noises; was she smelling my nastiness? I hoped so.

Kay let out a big sigh, then another forceful fart. A bit later, I heard a small but unsatisfying-sounding splash into her bowl. She then sighed, got some toilet paper, and wiped. The other lady had finished peeing by now and had left, so it was just Kay and I. Kay finished wiping and got up to exit the stall. Perhaps to sort of apologize for her friend, she gave a sincere "I hope you feel better."

Little did she know how much ecstacy I was really in. I responded with a quiet "thanks."

When she was washing her hands, I was able to muster up enough pressure to release another torrent of loud, forceful, liquid diarrhea. It was the loudest yet, and so powerful that some splashed back onto my butt. She left without saying another word.

I sat on that toilet for about 20 more minutes, experiencing wave after wave of alternating explosive and mushy diarrhea. A lot of women came in during that time, most for a pee, but I enjoyed the sound of one taking a soft dump with lots of farting. Upon entry, one lady said something like "oh, smells awful!" It gave me a grin. I concluded that I should do this more often, as I was really enjoying the whole experience. When I felt like I was well emptied out for now, I got up to look at what I created. It gave me quite the thrill--dead center was a mass of soft mushy poop, about the volume of six or seven fists. Around it was a puddle of completely brown liquid and dotted splatters all over the bowl. I wiped sufficiently and put the paper to the side of the monstrosity. I took a wad of toilet paper and shoved it between my cheeks to avoid a skidmark (I wore a pair of "grandma panties" specifically for this purpose). Then, without flushing, I left the mess for someone else to look at, proud of my work.

I continued shopping for about 25 minutes when more pressure struck. I held it, and it responded with a mega-gurgle which gave me a little excitement. The pressure grew, but I waited because I wanted to look at a few more things. Within minutes, I was experiencing one of the most powerful cramps and pressure I've ever had. I dashed with as much speed as I could to the nearest ladies room (four staller), ripped open the stall door, locked it, yanked my pants down, and thrusted my buttom onto the seat of the toilet. I blasted a monstrous riptide of liquified poop into the bowl--I could hardly believe the sound, and am sure the lady in the adjacent stall couldn't either. "Wow," I whispered to myself audibly enough so that my neighbor would hear. The lady soon left (she seemed only to be in for a pee). I sat there having a few more waves of loud, forcefull diarrhea. In about 15 minutes I felt pretty empty again, so I wiped and got up. This load didn't seem to be as aesthetically pleasing as the last one (it was more liquid than mush) but it was still pretty nasty. I left it for the next visitor.

Before leaving the mall, I had a bit more brewing, so decided to visit the food court (which I had to pass to leave anyway).

I got a water at some Asian restaurant and sat down in a chair to let the urge really hit. And hit it did. A minute later I instantaneously grasped my stomach as a painful cramp hit. I got up without my water and made my way over to the previous dumping zone.

I walked over to my stall (I really enjoyed that one) and to my surprise, my load was still there! It seemed as though nobody wanted to have anything to do with it!--I don't blame them. Normally, I like to start out with a fresh bowl, but I was feeling a bit adventerous today--I plopped my rump down on the seat without flushing--I was going to finish what I started. I applied pressure to my butt and let out an explosive fart followed by more spurts of liquid. There was someone in the fifth stall. While sitting there farting, I wondered if she had seen the mess in the sixth stall before going into the fifth--later hearing me not flush before starting to poop away in the messy toilet. It gave me great pleasure thinking she did.

I let out another blast, this time of pleasantly forceful soft mush which made a loud, arousing splattering noise after hitting the heap of poop I made before. I had a few more short waves of diarrhea, but was pretty empty then for about 3 minutes. I got up and examined the toilet with excitement. It looked as if an elephant has used the toilet, but smelled (I assume) much worse! I rubbed my belly in excitement and gave it a close inspection, taking it all in. I wiped, shoved some paper in my butt, and took another look at my 'masterpiece.' I hoped someone else might get as much joy from it as I did--perhaps even add to it. I took one last wiff and left the restroom, and made my way home--back to my old, boring toilet.

Wow! That was long--I didn't want to skimp on any details though. Let me know if you all enjoyed it. I'll try to do some more big time public dumping and write about it soon!


Ashley D. -- Great to see another public restroom enjoyer!

TO LINDA FROM AUST. I got the butt stretching poo you have been longing for this morning!
The last couple of days I have been on pain meds and pain meds equal less pain plus constipation. The night before last I took my laxative but only a small movement in the morning. Last night the laxative again. I got up this morning and was making my breakie and the pressure hit....I let out a good loud fart...I then thought I should sit on the toilet before eating.
I went in dropped my trackkies and sat ....there was already plenty of pressure on my hole...obviously the turd was in place in my farting or anything...straight down to business...the turd wanted out and I agreed!
It was pushing its way out but my hole was allittle small for this piece of poo. i spread my legs a little and leaned forward a bit. i tried to relax my ring and visualised its expansion...the poo was starting to exit...oooh! oooooh!, oooh!. It was like a wedge splitting me in half...or lat least my bum in half. and then PLOP!!! It was fired into the toilet bowl like a cannon. Then another two big ones came out very smartly with a few more gasps and ooohs and aaaars from me. It was all over very quickly. The bowl was full of three big thick turds floating...wipping was quick and easy.
Off to work and on arrival had to do another poo...this lot was really soft and mushy but so slow in getting it all stomach feels so much better and relaxed but my anus is really tingling.

To Zero. I too used to be very shy about going to a public place to pee. Sometimes in school I would hold a bursting bladder for 8 or 9 hours. I did find help. Check out shybladder on any search engine. You will find help there. The medical-psychological term is paruresis. There are groups to give you support and help.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Anyone ever been to New York City? A friend of mine lives in the East Village and I was spending the weekend with him and his wife. We were walking from their apartment to go shopping and have lunch. Shortly after we left, I started getting cramps and I knew I was going to have to take a shit soon. We were going through a park and I saw a public restroom. I knew it wouldn't be very nice, but by this time I was getting desperate. I told them to give me a minute and ran into the men's room.

It was empty, but I saw that the stalls had no doors and the toilets had no seats. I decided to just brave it and go anyway. I put TP on the rim of the toilet I chose (the cleanest one) and pulled my jeans down and sat. I had a pretty huge dump. While I was shitting, some homeless guy came in and walked past the stall I was in and stopped and looked at me for a minute before going to the next stall.

I wiped my ass and got out of there quick, as the homeless guy next to me had started making some very strange sounds. The only thing there to wash my hands with was Clorox! Better than nothing I thought.

I went out and said, "The stalls didn't have doors!" They both looked at me and my buddy said, "You took a dump in there?" I said, "Yeah." They looked at me like I was crazy. Of course, they didn't warn me before I went in!

to yorkshire poster, please post more stories your last one was very interesting


Hi. Great story! Posts from women who urinate while standing have been rare on this site lately, which is a pity because stand-up peeing for women seems such a good idea for multiple reasons. You've got my respect for learning to do it in spite of the stupid prejudice against the idea of it in society. Thumbs up!

How long have you been peeing standing, and how often do you do it? I expect you've had some other interesting experiences involved with it; are you interested in telling about any of them here? I'd be greatly interested to read them.

As for myself, I'm a guy who pees sitting down. There's no real practical reason for me doing so; it's just a very major and deep-seated habit for me. Many people might ignorantly think that men like me are lacking in masculinity, but I have never felt less male on account of sitting to pee. My being a male with bathroom habits the opposite of what society dictates also serves to explain my interest in hearing about girls who do the opposite as well (standing up). After all, both they and I are in a similar position with regard to how society views us, so I feel I can relate to some degree.

If you are interested in hearing about my experiences as a sitting-to-pee male, I'd be glad to tell about some of them.

Hi, NSonflower--I've never needed a device to help me pee standing up, I learned how to aim with my fingers and after a lot of practice it's like second nature to me now. The only time I have problems is when I need to pee in public when other people are around; I'm kind of pee-shy when I stand and I have a hard time getting a strong flow started when I'm nervous and sometimes I get a wet spot in my pants. This is all pyschological, though, I know I can get over it if I try it more often (alcohol helps, too, lol).

Just the other night I took a nice piss off my friends' front porch at 3 a.m. I had found a dog running around in a bar parking lot. She had a phone number on her tag, but since it was late at night, no one was answering the phone. I took her back to my friends' house and shut her in the living room with me so she wouldnt wake anyone up, including the other dog who lives there. Naturally ten minutes later I had to urinate, not super badly, but enough to be uncomfortable, and it didn't help that I wasn't sure where I was going to let it out. I didn't want to go all the way upstairs to the bathroom and leave the dog alone, because I knew she would bark and cry and start a ruckus. The porch is right outside the living room and you can see it out the window, so I had the brilliant idea to go off the porch so the dog could still see me out the window and not panic. So I stood out there in front of the railing, my pants down around my ass, and pissed a noisy arc that landed in their next-door neighbor's yard, terrified that I would wake them up, or that a cop would come rolling by at just that moment. Luckily no one drove by and I felt much better and kind of proud of myself for being able to let loose in the open like that. The dog and I napped on the couch and her owner came and picked her up the next morning. I apologized to my buddy for pissing off the porch and he just said he was impressed. I'm sure he didn't mind anyway, his guy roommate does that all the time when he's wasted anyways, hee hee. :)

Mallory & Sarah - thanks for sharing your stories about filling your pants in the dentist's office and at the bank. Sorry it happened, but as you can tell from each other's post, you're not the only adult woman who it's happened to.

Students at our high school last night got 20% off ticket coupons to visit our city's pumpkin patch, which is like a 100 acre farm that not only grows pumpkins, but for a month or so before Halloween is used as a haunted house and spook park. Me and my friend Lauren were lucky to get our parents permission to go because it was on a school night. Well, my mom stopped me in the hallway just before Lauren's mom picked us up and reminded me to go to the bathroom before we left because the conditions would probably be bad there. She was right. When we got there and started walking around, they had a good number of portable pottys set up like every block or so. It was hard to tell because it was dark and like being in the woods. Ok, I guess you're right, we were in the woods. Lauren, who you might remember from earlier postings, doesn't like using bathrooms away from home apparently hadn't peed since she got home from school more than 6 hours earlier. She always holds her pee and absolutely hates using the bathrooms there. There are also times when you can smell her poop and she refuses to sit down and crap when she needs to. Why she is like that I don't really know. However, at about 10:30 she really needed to pee. The portable pottys were unisex and I told her I would watch the door for her when she went in to pee. We must have passed like 10 of them so far and we saw the next one only because it was a clear night and the moonlight allowed us to see it. I opened the door and there was a scarecrow seated on the stool and some sort of recording came on that spooked both of us. I'm surprised it didn't cause Lauren to pee her pants. Well, as we started to double back because her mom was going to pick us up in like 45 minutes and we didn't want to be late, we found a concession stand that was still open and there were like real toilets that were dimly lit on the sides of the shack. There were only 2 stalls, both of which had the bowl stopped up with crap and quite a bit of toilet paper too. Both toilets had pee on the seat and one had a door that was bent so bad that it hardly closed. Lauren felt bad that she hadn't gone before she and her mom had gotten into the car but she didn't think she could wait another hour. I tried to convince her to just sit down and get it over with. She thought about it for a moment, but then decided to look for other options. I swear, she must have a bladder like a camel. Well, we continued our walk back and when we got to a downhill rock slide sort of hill, I suggested that she just sit the very back of her butt on a rock and let the pee flow naturally down the front. I figured that if she spread her legs wide, it wouldn't get on her shoes. Well, we finally selected a rock, she sat on it with her jeans still up, and positioned her feet like I told her. Then she dropped her jeans, pulled down her thong, and with some weeks cushioning her left butt and it seemed like a somewhat sharp rock piercing her right butt, she peed and like flooded the area. I don't think it took her 5 seconds to get it started and I swear she kept it going for like 3 minutes. Then she pulled her thong and jeans up and was careful not to step in what I joked was her "rain water" as well continued down the hill. We told her mom about it in the car and she was very understanding. She even said that she would never want to sit on a wet toilet seat and never has. For someone who is like 45 or 50 something, I find that hard to believe. When I have to crap or pee, I'm down and going as fast as I can.

ack. Really have to pee at the moment, exept the my boyfriend is in the bathroom having a long pooping session. I can feel my bladder is really really full and I can feel spurts of pee starting to come up. I'm holding my crotch right now with my legs crossed so it doesn't come out.

How do you guys keep yourself from peeing when you have to badly ?

Soccer Girl
I have a good story to share from a while ago. It's still fresh in my mind, even though it was a few years back. I played soccer in high school, and I had one school that was my favorite to play away games at.

This school had two sets of porta-potties set up for players and the crowd to use. Each one wasn't so much it's own building, as it was one continuous building with 5 "stalls". Because of this, I discovered if you sat in one, you could hear every detail of the stalls next to you.

At one game at this school, we had just finished warm ups and were instructed to use the bathroom now if we needed to, so we wouldn't stop the game. Well, I got in line behind the coach and took the stall right next to hers.

I got off my uniform and sit on the seat, while I heard her do the same. I started off with a long hissing pee, but no noise from next door. I heard a loud fart, but it was from the other side. As my pee died down, there were several splops from the coach and then she started peeing. My other neighbor did a big plop and then I heard wiping.

I didn't really have to poop, but I wanted to keep listening, so I kind of pushed a bit, hoping I'd feel something move into place. Coach's pee stopped off and then I heard a rapid series of small plops and a small sigh. I knew I couldn't sit for too much longer, but I did feel a small poop ready to come.

I gave a little push again and felt it peek out as my other neighbor exited and someone else came in. From coach there was another loud plop and two farts, then rolling of toilet paper. Just then my own poop broke off and fell on the rest of the poop already in the box.

Coach wiped seven times total, probably at least one of those for her front. I only had to wipe once front and twice back, then I was done. As I was suiting back up, the new person next door was still peeing up a storm, but I couldn't stay and listen. I waited a bit after coach had left so I wouldn't seem suspicious, like I stayed only to listen (even though I did lol)

Well, that's my soccer story. I hope you guys like it, I liked both telling it and living it.

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