I'm over in the US, doing a multi-city holiday.

I was in San Francisco last weekend, but I was staying the other side of the bay, near Oakland airport.
Anyway, I'd been out in SF on the Saturday night and planned to get the last BART train back from Civic Center.

I'd been for a pee in the last pub, just before I left, but because I had to get a streetcar back to Civic Center I was starting to need to pee again while waiting for the train.
No problem though, I would be able to hold it until I got back to the Coliseum station, where there were restrooms (I'd used them the night before).

The train didn't get far though, it stopped a couple of stations along and it was announced that we were being held due to some incident further down the line that required police assistance.
Time was getting on, and the pressure was building. The train was full of people (and CCTV), so there was no option to pee there, and I was determined I wasn't going to have an accident.

Eventually the train got to my stop, and it was agony going down the stairs. I got to the restroom and it was locked. Was someone in there?
A black woman had tried the ladies' room and also the mens' room.
I explained my desparation to one of the staff, but she said the restrooms were locked at midnight. Whether the train was late or not.
OK, only one thing for it. I put my ticket in the exit barrier and headed outside. I knew there was a bit of a dark corner at the side of the building, under the tracks, so I headed there.
I turned around just as I was unbuttoning my jeans and noticed that the black woman was sort-of following me.
I started to pee against the fence in the corner. Because I'd held it for so long, I didn't seem to be peeing that fast.
I kept glancing around for my own safety, and saw the black woman squat behind me, one of the big concrete pillars that supported the track shielding her from the road.
I couldn't believe the sound of the torrent splattering on the sidewalk as she released the flood gates. She must have peed this torrent for at least a minute, my slow trickle seemed to go on for about twice that.
She moaned about splashing her shoes a bit, but I said that when you gotta gotta go.
I don't know how much I peed, the most I've ever "measured" is about 16 US fl.oz (473ml), but this woman had left a puddle which was about 3 feet by 2 feet, plus what had run down the curb. Impressive.

Sunday afternoon, on the drive from SF to LA, I had a bit of an upset stomach and needed a dump.
I saw a sign for a rest area and pulled in there.
The Mens' room was very busy, there was a line back to the entrance screens.
I walked over to the other block which wasn't as busy. I found an empty stalls in this one, but there were a lot of flies in there.
But I HAD to go.
There were a few tiny little splatters of poop on the seat - either someone had hovered and had a bowel explosion, or else they had splashed out when flushed.
Now this was the first time ever, that I have used one of those "ass gaskets". I think they're a waste of time on a normal clean seat, but in this case it was justified.
I unloaded and flushed.
The flush was so fierce and so long that I reasoned that the splashes were caused by the the flush hitting someone else's BM, rather than a hover explosion.

Nothing else toilet-interesting to report yet.

Soap and constipation in kids:
I recently failed to get permission to conduct a poll on this subject on another website. Let's see if I can get any responses if I put the same questions into survey form here.
This is strictly for parents of babies and children aged under 10 who have had to give "soap up the bottom" treatments in the past six months. Questions pertain to the last time you had to do this. Obnoxious remarks will I'm sure be dealt with by the moderator.
All questions are based on real life events Ive experienced from one side or the other. I've given my own answers as I had to unconstipate my dd again just last week (which I always dread because of my own sensitivity on the subject).

What was your main reason for giving the soap treatment (constipation/potty training aid/punishment/other) - Constipation
Why did you use this particular method (no normal medicine/rapid relief needed/it was my first choice 'cause I know it works) - First choice
What did you use (bar soap/liquid soap) - bar soap
If bar soap, was the piece you inserted the size of a normal suppository/bigger/smaller? - Normal
If liquid soap, how did you administer it (injected enema-style/with finger/with thermometer or similar) - N/A
In which room did you give it (bathroom/bedroom/other) - Bathroom
Were any other members of the family present - No
Is the child (boy/girl, aged 0-3/3-5/5-7/7-10) - girl, 5-7
In what position was the patient (over the lap/lying on side/on back/on stomach/bending over/on all fours) - over the lap
If it was for constipation (or potty training), what was the trigger factor for giving the soap (stomachache/headache/difficulty doing shit/hadn't done a shit for days/not doing enough shit come the time) - ????che and hadn't done a shit for days
If it was for constipation (or potty training), you typically give soap or a suppository if the child hasn't done a shit for.., - 3 or 4 days
If it was for punishment, what was the child being punished for - N/A
Approximately what sort of thing were you saying on the point of inserting the soap (Nothing/I was trying to distract him or her/I'm sorry but you need this to help you do a shit/You're naughty because you haven't been doing enough shit/You're naughty, this'll fix you) - Nothing
Did he or she cry and scream when you put the soap in (yes/no) - yes
Did you have to watch over him or her to ensure they didn't expel it prematurely (yes/no) - Yes
Were you still watching when the soap took effect and he or she actually did a shit (yes/no) - Yes
When it was over did you examine the shit, checking quantity, consistency, any blood etc (yes/no) - Yes
Did your parents do this to you (yes/no) - yes
At what approximate age do you think parents should stop doing this (5-7, 7-10, 10+) - 7-10

I've been a long time lurker, but this is my first posting. I'm 20 and an IT worker from Yorkshire, UK.

I'm only interested in accidents and "accidents", and I much prefer pee to poo! I also enjoy reading about bedwetting and intentional bedwetting.

I've got VERY good control of both functions now, but as a kid I had my fair share of accidents, mainly through leaving it to long.

As this is my first post, I'll just give you a run through of a couple that spring to mind immediately.

The first was when I was 7, making me year 2 at school, and my class was being taken by another teacher (guess mine was off ill). We had been taken to the other teachers classroom and after about 40 mins or so I felt a need to poo. I put my hand up and asked to go to the toilet, and I was allowed to go. The toilets were just across the corridor from the room, so I popped in and sat myself down in the stall. I wee'd straight away but couldn't seem to poo, and as I wasn't familiar with this teacher I didn't want to spend too long in the toilets, so I just pulled my pants up and went back to class. Another 5 mins or so and I needed to go again, so I asked and not suprisingly was told no...I waited another 20 mins or so before asking again, and I was really desperate by this stage, but the answer was still no. I sat back in my chair and proceeded to fill my blue briefs with poo! After a couple of mins the kids I was sitting with noticed a smell, but I guess they just thought somebody had farted. I went up to the teacher, but I was too embarrased to admit that I'd had an accident, so I just asked again to go to the toilet - and started to cry. This time she said I went into the toilets, closed the stall door and pulled my pants down. I was hoping that I could just dump it out, but it was too soft and would have made too much of a mess, so I had to swallow my pride and go back to the teacher to tell her I had an accident. I was mortified! She took me to a store cupboard and dug around it a box, before producing a pair of light blue briefs, and told me to change into them. Me, being a 7 year old used to changing in front of my mum, started to pull my pants off right there in the corridor before being admonished by the teacher and ushered into the toilet's to change. I'm not sure whether the other kids in the class guessed what happened, but if they did nobody said anything. For me, though, the most embarrasing bit was going home and handing my mum the soiled undies, wrapped up in paper towels, and telling her I'd poo'd my pants at school.

Okay, running out of time now, but I'll try to post again later. :)

Dan Boy
Allison aka Alleycat:

How does a girl your size eat that much? I don't think I could have even eaten that much, and I'm more or less twice your size. lol So how'd all that come out? You mind going into a little detail about it?

Friday, October 10, 2008

Random Graduate
I just graduated college last year, and I now currently live in an apartment, but not like a small one, it's a decent size. I work long hours right now so I can pay back all of my debts so I'm not home very often. I recently hired someone for cheep to help me clean my apartment when I needed. Not a proffesional, just some girl from high school that I sort of knew. I had a crush on her through my senior year of High School and she happened by chance to move into the same apartment complex as me. She was waroking odd jobs alongside her regular job to make ends meet.
Well it was saturday and I called for her to come help me clean that day. She showed up around noon. I answered the door and let her in. It looked like she was attempting to impress me or something because she was wearing tight shorts and a tight shirt, I thought she was trying to excite me, but she claimed that these were some old clothes so she wouldn' have to get a new pair dirty. We got right to business and started with the kitchen. We finished and moved to the living room and then to the bedroom. I noticed that she was slowing down in the bedroom. I thought nothing other than that she was probably getting tired. But what she did next really surprised me. She stopped what she was doing and crouched like she was going to tie her shoes. But then I heard a few muffled farts and then a squelching noise as a bulge started to expand in her shorts. I was left speechless. A really cute girl was messing herself right in plain view. She did this for about thirty seconds, then stood up and continued to work with a big poop in her underwear as if she had not just completely soiled herself. I was excited. I didn't say anything nor did she. As she was standing outside on her way out, she stood still, completely peed her pants, and then left. That must have been the weirdest thing I've ever seen.

At last success! Yesterday morning I had to sit on the toilet and then my wife had to come into the bathroom to do her hair and put make up on. Usually she waits impatiently etc or rushes in and out to grab her brush etc. This time she came in and did her hair etc normally without making a "scene" and we engaged in general conversation. I did not drop any poo but did give a couple of pushes but nothing there. I did not wipe in front of her but might do so if it happens again. I wipe from the front between my legs...I cannot properly reach around the back how many people do it.
I am on minimal pain meds now...just putting up with the pain. The constipation is a bit better but the other day i was in the shower and my anus suddenly got very itchy...I felt there and it was swollen. Since then with haemorroid cream it has quickly improved. I am on a lot of fibre which is helping but it makes my turds big and hard. I might take a laxative to night to soften things up for tomorrow.
Does anybody feel their anus after they have been pushing hard. Mine really pouts out in a big lump.
On another subject...I have been doing a bit of yoga and some of the positions put pressure on my fact in some positions I think I could easily do a poo.
I might try and do some yoga (privately) and see if it helps me evacuate my bowels in certain positions.

To Loki,
It is an issue of muscle control. You may start with strong muscles but over time they get tired and tiredness becomes weakness. The longer I hold the more difficult it becomes. Eventually I can not hold while standing, I must sit down (on a hard surface).

Linda from Australia here again. I've been having lots of explosive loads lately, they shoot out of my anus really quickly. I haven't felt satisfied after pooping either. I've also had lots of butt phlegm and liquid poo. I'm longing for a decent sized poo that will stretch my hole. I wouldn't mind being a bit constipated right now, its better than doing liquid shits!!

To Thunder from Downunder: I don't think I need to use suppositories right now but if I get really backed up again, I might consider them. There have been times when I needed something to help me go but I just pushed and strained to get the poos out instead. As a kid I took laxatives when I was constipated.

Ashley D.
Keith D: Thanks for filling out my survey!

MaryKate: Thanks for the welcome! And yes I play sports and come to think about it I have a good story. I play volleball and we have just one team. So each year we would take a trip to play in a tournament that would require the team to sleep over. This story is from when I was a junior:
When I was a junior our team was not the greatest, so we lost our first two games and had nothing left to play. It was about 5:00 so we didn't want to leave for home as it would be too dark and we had made reservations for the hotel. I shared a room with a junior whom I wasn't too close with and a sophomore who I'd only talked to at voleyball. Needless to say, the rooming stituation was a little awkward. We had showered at the gym so we didn't have to worry about that. We got room service around six thirty and at around 7 30 or eight I had to poo. Our room was very small, even though we had three people to a room. Our coach wanted to keep it cheap. So I started to get the feeling of a poo but I didn't want to go with all the people around. Eventually our room is where everyone came to, as the whole team came over at around nine. At this time I had to poo and didn't want to put it off. I'm not that shy about pooping, but with fifteen girls in a small room, I think someone would hear or smell my poo. So I decided to go down to the bathroom by the pool. I grapped a roll of TP just in case and headed down there, and luckily nobody questioned me or saw my roll. When I got there I noticed one of the senior girls headed in. I got VERY excited. There were three stalls, she took the middle and one was handicapped so I was forced to take the small one next to the senior, I'll call her Misty. I don't think she knew it was me beside her. We both covered our seats, she used TP and I used one of those cover things. She dropped her sweats and started to pee. I peed as well and we sat in silence for about ten seconds. She flushed and I got dissapointed, thinking she only came to pee, but I was wrong. She farted pretty quietly, but the stall was small so it echoed. She farted again and I put my ear up to her side of the stall. Then I heard a small plop in the water and I decided to join her. I didn't have to push as a soft piece of poo slithered out of my butt. The tip of my poo had hit the water but more was coming. Meanwhile, Misty flushed after one more plop, then she farted loudly, and dropped what sounded like someone dropping skittle into a toilet. Repetetive little plips and plops, what I perceived to be diarrhea. My poo eventually ended. I took a peek. What I saw was unbelievable. The poo coiled around the bowl. It didn't go down the center, it coiled around the whole bowl and met itself at the front of the bowl. I was in shock. As I was inspecting my doo doo Misty flushed and stood up. Her feet were facing the bowl and she bent down to get TP. She took one wad and rubbed back and forth a few times. Then she grapped more and wadded it up and did the same. She threw it in the bowl. Then as she reached down for more TP she hurridly sat down on the bowl and passed some loud gas. She exhaled and grapped more TP, stood up facing the door, wiped and threw it in the toilet, opened the door and NEVER FLUSHED! I quickly grabbed TP and folded it and wiped, there was a long brown streak. I flipped it over and wiped again, getting less and less brown. I repeated this about three times, then wiped my front. Misty had left by no so I flushed my creation. It went down alright, but because it was so long it had trouble, leaving terrible skid marks. I thought about flushing again but I thought the heck with it. Then I went to Misty's stall, there were three wads of TP, covered in light brown leftover poo. She also left a solid skid mark. Then I washed my hands and left, never thinking about Misty the same. Hope you enjoyed, especially MaryKate. =)

Ashley D. <3

I am terribly shy about using the bathroom. I'm 19 years old, male and the idea of anyone knowing I need to use the bathroom is mortifyingto me. I don't know why it bothers me, I mean, I know everyone has to do it, but I still get embarrassed. I'm lucky enough to live alone so going at home is not an issue, the problem arises when I'm in public or with friends.

I refuse to admit I need to go. And I'm pretty good at hiding it. I don't squirm or grab myself. I suffer silently. Sometimes I think I'd rather go in my pants than admit I need a restroom, but then I know I'd be even more humiliated if someone noticed. Wearing diapers is not an option either, as I'm too embarrassed to buy them and I really don't need them, as I'm not incontinent.

Its not b/c of a fear of germs or b/c I think I'm too good to pee or poop. I'm just very self conscious about it. I don't want other guys to see me peeing and I don't want them to hear the splashing in the toilet.

Does anyone know how I can get through this? Any suggestions on how to ease into it without therapy? thanks.

I liked the blood drive story! LOL My friend passed out at a blooddrive, and when he woke up it was all he could do to hold his poop back until they let him use the bathroom. He kept begging to go, but they told him to wait. One nurse told him he was lucky b/c most ppl who pass out do shit themselves.....

Question for everyone:
Is it normal to not be able to hold it any longer and go in your pants? I've never had an accident (pee or poop) since I've been potty trained. And even when i was training, I only had 2 accidents that I remember. I'm not talking about ppl with medical issues, I mean perfectly healthy ppl who just can't wait. I know there are a ton of stories, I just can't imagine ever being so desperate that you really can't stop an accident. (I think I could have a peeing accident before pooping....)

Hey, I have a quick question for all the ladies out there. Has anyone else used a female urination device (you know the ones that let you pee standing). I have a travel mate, but don't like it as much as I thought I would since it leaks if not properly sealed and when I really need to go. Has anyone used a shenis or the Whiz. The Whiz looks like it would work the best since you don't have to place it between the vaginal lips like the travel mate, you just place it over the outside of the vagina and go. Do either of these work? Also I'd like any general comments on peeing standing.

Quick story. I work as a substitute teacher. I spend much of my time in pre-k and kindergarten classrooms. As such I get to help kids go potty quite often. The other day I was checking on a kindergarten girl and noticed she was sitting sideways on the potty facing away from the tp. Next she gets up and walks to the other side and sits facing the tp and grabs some to wipe. After one wipe she stands up, flushes and pulls up her pants. Another time in pre-k I asked the kids to try to go potty before lunch. The door is kept craked open so we can see if a child is playing in there or needs help. A little boy goes in and I check on him after a while to make sure he's okay. When asked if he's done he replies... it's not working I think my "pee pee's" broke. I just had to laugh at that one.

Another story.
I take a bus and a train to my high school, which results in about an hour and a bit of commuting in the morning. This particular morning, I had jumped out of bed quickly because I had slept through my alarm and I grabbed a croissant and my bag and I was out of the door, to walk about two blocks to the bus stop. While going, I realized I hadn't peed yet, but I thought I'd be okay, cause I could pee at the train station. The bus came and I hopped on and had to stand, which wasn't good because of my growing need to pee. I crossed my legs and hoped for the best. There was a traffic jam, but I didn't think much of it as I usually wait at the train station for a good fifteen minutes. Soon the bus arrived at the train station and I got off the bus.

To my dismay, I saw my train coming, and realized the traffic jam had held up more time then I thought. I got on and sat next to a young girl, how looked about four. By this time, I was about to leak, and tried to hold my crotch so that others wouldn't see. After a while of staring at me weirdly the girl asked me "Do you have to weewee?" I stared at her for a split second, because that has never happened to me, and I nodded and asked her where her mum was. She pointed to a woman about two seats away who had a baby and another child with her, and she said there were no more seats over there so she sat here. Then she told me that when she got on, her mum had to 'weewee' as well when they got on. I looked at the woman, who was now holding the baby on her lap and realized she had a small wet spot on her long skirt.

This made me need to pee even more and I wiggled on the spot while grabbing my crotch. The girl looked at me and told me the station where she was getting off, one after mine. Finally my station came and I ran for the doors, waving goodbye to the girl. I ran accross the road to my school, but I knew I wouldn't be able to use the toilets because my train came rather late to the school. I raced to my classroom, as the bell rung. Well, raced as fast as I could run in my state. As soon as I got there, I asked my teacher if I could use the bathroom, but she gave me her 'look' and I knew that was a no.

I grabbed my crotch hard and bounced about as kids in my class teased me. Suddenly I couldn't hold it anymore, so I just ran out of the classroom and ran to the toilets. ahhhh. such relief.

the Juiceman
Mercedes - keep on staying tough, you sound like a wonderful person. When you mentioned apple juice, it brought back memories of when I was little and had to learn how to not pee in my pants. It's not that I couldn't control myself, exactly, I was just confused about what counted as peeing in my pants and what was 'apple juice'.

I must have been somewhere between 2 and 3 years old when my parents took me out of diapers. I was given underpants instead. Looking back, I'm sure they were actually cloth training pants. They were briefs with elastic leg holes, white, and fairly thick. Sometimes I got in trouble for shitting in them, but that's another story! I learned quickly that they weren't diapers. The first time I had to pee and didn't feel like running to the bathroom, I found out that they didn't hold pee like the old diapers (and rubber pants) did. I got totally soaked and made a big puddle on the floor, and got in big trouble. I remember being told that I would go back into diapers and rubber pants, and I agreed, but my parents decided not to do that. I was told not to pee in my pants anymore, because it made a big mess, and I promised not to.

At some point - I probably was playing and not paying attention - I accidentally let a little pee out and noticed that the 'underpants' held it. Soon I discovered that if I really had to go I could just slowly let out a series of little squirts, giving each time to soak in, and eventually I wouldn't have to go so badly anymore, but there wouldn't be any pee puddling down my legs or around my butt to get me into trouble. The underwear would feel a bit wet, and would get cold, but then I could let out another squirt to warm it up again. It felt nice and warm to do that, and for some reason I thought of it as 'making apple juice'. I'm sure my parents must have noticed, but they never said anything about the wet underpants at the end of the day.

By the time I was in first grade, I was wearing thinner underwear. Normal briefs. But I didn't realize they were any different from the training pants, I didn't know that I was supposed to be peeing in the other underpants and not in these, and so I still made the occasional 'apple juice' when I really had to go and couldn't get to the bathroom. It would make a dark stain on my pants crotch sometimes, but I would aim myself upwards so that the stain would be high enough that I could cover it with my shirt. This way let me release enough pressure that I wouldn't be forced to actually 'pee in my pants'. My biggest fear was that I would pee in my pants. That I'd soak my pants down my legs and make a big puddle and my mother would come get me and I'd be in big trouble, so I had 'apple juice' worked out as a way to not pee in my pants and get into trouble.

Our teacher was a horribly mean lady who would never let anybody go to the bathroom except between lunch and recess. A few girls peed in their pants and made big puddles. One girl named Kelly peed in her jeans during show n' tell. She just stopped talking, froze perfectly still for what seemed like forever but was probably only 10 or 20 seconds, long enough for me to wonder what was wrong with her, and then the crotch of her loose jeans darkened and seemed to fill and bulge out, almost like rubber pants, as a dark stream of pee rained down her left pants leg and over and into her shoe and made a huge puddle all over the floor. Kelly's mother had to come help her. I was surprised that Kelly's mother comforted her and told us all that Kelly was a good girl before taking Kelly's wet clothes home in a black trash bag. I was never called a good boy, and didn't think I'd be called one after peeing in my pants. I figured it was because she was a girl and couldn't 'make apple juice', that girls always made huge puddles when they leaked a bit. I imagined that their girl parts always aimed down their leg, so if they started losing pee it would always stain their pants and make a puddle. None of the boys ever peed in their pants in that class it was only the girls, that was probably just luck but it's probably why I thought that.

So one day after I was sitting there, having to pee so bad, and I made apple juice. It was aimed upwards, and I felt the warmth spreading around my waist a bit and even a few drops of warmness on my belly, but I figured my shirt would hide it. I didn't have to go anymore, and I felt much better. Until later on we all had to get up for an activity, and the other kids started yelling that I'd peed in my pants. I knew I hadn't peed in my pants! The teacher came up and demanded to know if I'd peed in my pants. I denied it, repeatedly, and she gave up. Of course I hadn't peed in my pants. I'd just made a little apple juice, that's all.

I'd do this at home too, because my parents didn't allow children to just run off to use the bathroom during dinner. One night I just happened to let a little too much out, and before I took a bath my mother wanted a hug for some reason. When I gave her one, she noticed that I was wet and told me that I'd peed in my pants. I knew my mother wouldn't lie.

It was horrible. I'd been peeing in my pants all along! From then on, I managed to hold it. I never made 'apple juice' again.

What's weird is that - I don't think they sold this stuff when I was little - all the stores have incontinence underwear for grownups. Not just drugstores, but ordinary grocery stores too. They're not real diapers, just a more modern equivalent of my thick elastic-leg briefs. So they won't hold a lot, but people can do squirts in them. And people must be buying them, lots of people. So maybe kids should be allowed to do it too. Who knows? And I don't know how much Goodnites hold, but probably they're as good as the thick briefs I wore when I was little. So Mercedes, don't feel bad if you aren't wearing 'regular' underwear. Sometimes the absorbent kind is just less stressful for kids and adults alike.

The funny thing is that, as an adult, I don't drink apple juice.

allison (A.K.A) alleycat i am 14 years old i weigh 100 lbs i am 5'6"medium lenght brown hair and wear I glasses anyways

has anyone here ever been put up to a eating contest i was tonight i managed to eat 15 sausage bacon and cheese omeltes it was at a school function tonight i'm starting to feel them now ittyl buh bye any questions
later let me know lol

Mr. Clogs
Monica: Congratulations!!! Yes you did it!! I see from the post that you really enjoyed it and it hope you try other containers when you get a chance. You asked about the video 2 girls, 1 cup. Yes I saw that video, the thing I liked in the video was when one of the girls poop in the cup. When they start eating the poop and vomit on each other, that was a huge turn-off for me. Poop is not safe especially ingesting it, so we really don't know what happened to the 2 girls in the video, maybe that's why they vomit it up again.

Wow, I got a few stories to share so here goes. Let's see where do I begin???

Ok I'll give you one, last night I was drunk and was getting ready to take my drunk behind to bed, I had to pee and too drunk to walk to the bathroom to pee so I grabbed the 40oz bottle and peed in it. I filled it about half way and I put the cap back on it.

Another story, me drunk again on Friday night well early Saturday morning, I was online chillin and I had just finished the can of beer I had from dinner. I had to pee but didn't want to go to the bathroom, I grabbed the empty beer can and proceeded to pee into the opening. I made sure I aimed directly at the hole and not make the disaster I made sometime ago doing that stunt.

Another story was last week of having near pooping incidents in my pants! I could remember last week I had started drinking my tea to cleanse and slim me down. Well it was nice day outside temps in the upper 70s, I tend to wear thong back style briefs when the weather is warmer. Ok on with the story, so I got to work and getting ready to use the toilet. The cramps were unbearable and I was starting to poop into my pants! Lucky for me the thong back style briefs had a about 1 1/2" backing and I got a mild poop stain on the side of them. I lowered my undies and pants down and finish pooping in the toilet. What a mess to clean up!

This morning I took a massive dump this morning while half asleep.

Sarah: Nice stories, I've always wondered what school teachers experience with bathroom related issues. We need more stories like yours thanks for posting.

Take care,

Mr. Clogs

I did a HUGE poop just a few minutes ago. I haven't felt very well all day, kind of like my stomach has been bothering me. I felt very 'plugged up'.

After eating a fairly large breakfast and then eating sausages and a baked potato for dinner I could feel my stomach start hurting more and things moving around in there.

Finally it got hard to hold and I went to the bathroom and pulled down my pants. Immediately I pushed and this huge load came out and started coiling around. I was done within a minute.

I saw a MONSTER load in there. I saw a 12 inch fat coiled turd and a bunch of smaller 4 inch ones around it. No wonder my stomach was hurting!

I feel better even though there's probably more that needs to come out.

The New Guy
The New Guy

Hi everyone, this is my second post go check out my first if you wana know more about me. Since I started working 12 hour shifts, 70% of my dumps are taken at work. This upsets my girlfriend because she loves watching me poop on the toilet as I love to watch her do the same. I don't have any problems pooping in public toilets; I been doing it all my life, every one shits what's there to be ashamed of? I love my girlfriends cooking she is Filipino and cooks excellent Asian meals. Only "problem" is some times they don't agree with my stomach and I end of getting the diarrhea. I suspect that she puts extra oil our spices in the food in order to give me the runs; so that she can have a show. I have confronted her with my theory on numerous occasions but she just says that it's a secret family recipe, then walks away snickering. This one time we went to the movies; I forget what it was called but it was about everyone in the world committing suicide. I tell you what; I wanted to kill my self right there in the theater. My bowels were in an uproar thanks to her fine cuisine. By the end of the film the pain had subsided. Then we went to the mall next door and started shopping. Every thing was fine until we hit American eagle. I started stiffening and my girl friend asked me what the matter was. I told her that I needed to take a forty pound shit then made my way to the near by toilets. I saw a very cute executive guy rushing in. (Yes I am attracted to both sexes; don't be jealous because I have twice the fun as you do) This is going to be interesting I thought to my self. I followed him in; there were two dumbo jock types talking to one another, waiting for their boyfriend to finish shitting who was occupying the closest stall from the door. The cute executive raced to the furthest stall and I took the one adjacent to him. The excitement had given me a boner; I didn't want to piss all over my shirt as I was sitting down, so I stood pissing before I began. It's hard pissing when you have a boner, trying not to hit the seat. I heard the man covering the seat with toilet tissue; I could tell he was desperate because of his panting. Then I heard his pants drop and his butt hit the seat. Then an explosion erupted in his stall. The three idiot jocks started laughing as more diarrhea exploded out of the poor man's anus. I wasn't finished pissing but I didn't want to shit in my forty dollar pair of jeans. So I turned and pissed all over the stall wall and sat down on the toilet. All those piles of greasy noodles, roasted pork, and vegetables cascaded out of me with a noise loud enough to be heard half way around the world. The jocks weren't laughing any more. I sense that they were afraid because soon they all hurried out. What followed was a waltz of shit explosions and earth shattering farts between the man and my self. It seemed to end for an eternity and stank almost as bad as Bush's bail out plan. As soon as I stood up to wipe my self I would sit right back down, diarrhea so runny it was like water. The man left before I was finished. When it was finally all over my ass felt like some one had set it on fire. My girlfriend asked me what took so long. Your g????n food is what, I replied. She started laughing "oh honey I thought you liked my cooking" she said. I latter saw the man at a pharmacy, probably buying some Imodium AD. I pointed him out to my girl friend and we both started laughing; I think he may have seen us? LOL. Thanks you all.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Dave B
Haven't been posting on here in a long time. I don't know if anyone remembers me. For a quick reminder I'm male, 20, about 6ft, medium build, medium brown hair, blue eyes. I love to talk about pooping and reading about other people's experiences (especially the girl's stories). I've been swamped with college and work which is why I haven't been able to keep track with my postings. Yesterday I did something that I don't normally do which is poop twice in the same day. Usually, it's just once per day, but it's always fun to do it two or more times a day..unless it's diarrhea or constipation lol. My first poo occurred after I got back from my geology field trip. We went to a park that was far south that had canyons, cliffs, caves, etc. We did a lot of hiking and I was getting my shoes dirty and my clothes all sweaty. We were there for about 10 hours and I had brought a sack lunch with chips, an apple, crackers, and an energy drink. We we got back on the bus I could feel an urge for a poo. I had the hold it the two hours back to the campus and the another 20 minutes in the car ride back to my house. When I walked in I took off my all my dirty clothes and started running the shower while I sat on the toilet. Running water helps me poo sometimes and plus I was going to clean myself off after. I had to give a good couple pushes to get it started as I could feel it was a big one pushing against my rectum. I held the counter to my right and squeezed the toilet paper roll to my left as this massive poo was exiting me slowly. After the head got out, the rest of the poo smoothly dropped into the toilet in one plop. I thought I felt empty so I got up and looked in the toilet and saw what looked like a huge brown chili pepper that was a good 8 inches. I hopped in the shower and thoroughly cleaned my ass. Later on that night I had gotten really hungry and went out to get some food at McDonald. I bought myself two double hamburgers, some fries, and a chicken sandwich, all of which were very delicious =P About 20 minutes later while I was sittin on the computer, I felt the urge for another poo! This time it was really pushing to come out and had to rush to the toilet. Luckily I made it on time and a huge long thin poo slid right out of me without any sounds. I pushed a little more to see if there was anything left and sure enough four little poops popped out. Well that was my story for today and now I wanna give some shout-outs.

To Ashley D: Here's my answers in regards to your survey

1. Do you wipe standing up or sitting down?
I usually stand up to wipe.
2. How do you wipe? (Back to front, front to back, etc?)
I wipe from the lower half of my bottom to the top and repeat.
3. On average, how many wipes do you use? What do you do with the TP?
Usually about one to two wipes per visit. I just ripe it off the roll, ball it up and wipe.
4. Do you do anything special with the TP?
Sometimes if my ass is burning, I'll wet it.
5. Do you look at the TP when you wipe to see if you're clean?
Ya all the time.

Wasn't sure if guys were able to answer the survey as well. I really enjoyed reading your experience hearing other women in the restroom. Should definitely post some more and I didn't mind the length at all =) The more details about a poop the better lol.

To Linda:

I've only tried to poo standing up once and it was pretty difficult. It's hard to get a good aim on the hole. I have also broken up my poo before using toilet paper. I'd get constipated as a kid a lot so I often did that.

MaryKate - I enjoy reading your stories about taking a dump and hearing others going as you go. I really liked the story that you posted about going at the wedding reception. Like to hear more, if you have more to share.

To the lady having to dump on her date, that was a great story. You shouldn't feel so embarrassed, it happens and the guy should be understanding.

Sarah--sorry to hear about your accident, but would love to hear more about your close calls.

Cal, I'm in Australia like you, I'm a man, but I love hearing/seeing women poo (on the very very rare occasions the chance comes), so it's my dream to be on the fly on the wall! I envy your job and will wait anxiously to hear more about it...

To Linda from Australia, You sound like you could use a good warm soapy
enema. I know that the ausies take enemas and they are much more effective for constipation than laxatives and or suppositories. Try one dear. It will clean you out.

Hey everyone! Sorry, its been a while since I lasted posted.

MR. CLOGS! I FINALLY DID IT! I finally peeing into a garbage can. I didn't have to pee that much, which was good because there was not to much garbage in the can. I really enjoyed it, it was alot of fun! I squatted of the can and slowly released my pee so the garbage would soak it up as I peed. Next time, I would like to have a full blader and pee in a full garbage can.

Has anyone seen the video "2 Girls, 1 Cup?" Well if you haven't, it is these two girls and one girl puts a cone (like an icecream cone) under the other ones butt. She poops in the cone and then both girls eat the poop. Its weird, but isn't that not safe?
I've read on here that poop can be bad for you, so won't they get sick doing that?

Hi everyone. I'm sure all of you have been stuck in traffic needing to go to the bathroom at one point or another. Some of you less shy people may have gotten out and peed beside the car. Unfortunately because I can't walk or stand up on my own, I can't squat beside the car. Today while heading back from getting a haircut with my mom we got stuck in a traffic jam because of a car accident. About 5 minutes later I told my mom that I needed to go, but that I would try to hold it because I was wearing regular underwear since we weren't supposed to be gone very long. After about 15 minutes we had barely moved forward, and my mom told me to go ahead and pee my pants if I still had to go. I told her the seat would get wet but she said it didn't matter. I relaxed and almost immediately started peeing. It lasted for about 30 seconds.

When I was 10 me and my parents went on a long road trip. On the day we left home I hadn't pooped in 3 days, so I was drinking lots of apple juice because it makes me have to go. I was wearing a Goodnite like I always do during long car trips. About 30 minutes before we got to our hotel I started feeling like I needed to go. I tried to hold it because we were kind of in the middle of nowhere and there wasn't a place to stop and clean me up. Unfortunately all the apple juice I had been drinking was working double time and I was only able to hold it for a few minutes before I lost control and three days worth of poop filled my Goodnite. I was miserable for the rest of the ride to the hotel.

Nicole the golfer:

I enjoyed your story about your pooping accident on the golf course and would love to hear more. I played golf in high school and would practice a lot and was out at our local golf course one day and there were hardly any other people playing - it was a weekday afternoon over the summer. I was around the 12th hole and really had to pee badly. I was wearing white shorts and white panties. The next bathroom wasn't going to be for another few holes so I was holding it. Oh, I was walking, not in a cart. Anywya, I was holding it but it was really, really hard and I was worried I'd pee myself and was holding my crotch with one hand while walking between shots. I got to the 12th green and when I squatted down to line up my putt a shot of pee came out. I clentched shut and looked between my legs and there was a small wet spot the size of a nickel. I held myself for a second, then went back to lining up my putt. It was long and I missed the putt. I squatted down again to line up the next putt and another squirt of pee came out, this time bigger. I looked between my legs and saw the wet spot was now bigger, about the size of a baseball. I was really struggling to hold it but at least there was nobody else around. I hurried up and made my put, grabbed my bag and tried to walk towards the next hole. As I got to the next tee another pee squirt came out and I felt some of it trickle down the inside of my leg. I put my bag down and ran over to some bushes, holding my crotch. I went behind the bushes and started to undo my belt and let out another big squirt. I finally got my belt undone and shorts unbuttoned and tore them down, sqautted, and peed out a huge amount of pee for like 30 seconds. I was so relieved. But the crotch of my white panties were soaked and a little yellow. My shorts had a wet spot about the size of a plate and a little down the inside of the legs of the shorts but it was a little hard to tell because the shorts were white - at least I wasn't wearing tan shorts that day. I just pulled everything back up, untucked my shirt, and kept playing with wet panties and shorts. By the time I finished it was dry because it was so hot outside and nobody ever saw the wet spot. I washed them when I got home, no loss. That is the only time I've had an accident on the golf course (but not the only accident I ever had, haha).

I'd love to hear more of your stories.


Ashley D - Welcome!! Being a senior in HS, I assume you are planning on going to college next year? Well, you won't have far to go to listen to poopers! :) I am totally heterosexual, but I admit that there's something exciting about hearing a girl my age poop. I think the most exciting are when you come into a bathroom where someone is already in there and then you sit down and there's a standoff. I know this is like mean because some people are really embarrassed about it, but it's kinda to see how girls react (poop out loud, flush a few times to mask the sound, get up and leave). Would love to hear more stories from you!

When I was in HS and played field hockey, there was a special bathroom that most students didn't use. I was a little shy then, so if I had to poop before practice or a game, I'd wait until I knew no one was in there. Once inside I would crap as fast as possible and flush right away to get rid of as much smell as possible. In hindsight, this didn't do much and one day a senior came in while I was washing my hands and said "eww Mary, you stink!". I turned 100 shades of red and she said "relax, everyone comes here to shit." She went into a stall and farted before peeing. I didn't stick around, but I assume she went on to add to my stink! :)

From then on, I used it regularly and there ended being a little "poo crew". Some of the girls were too stuck up to go at school and thought we were gross, but about 5 of us were pretty regular and went at least twice a week. It was my first taste of entering a bathroom and being blown away by sounds and smells of poops. But, it become kind of fun!

Would love to hear more stories, Ashley :) Do you play sports? Does anyone? Even girls bond in sports and share stuff they normally don't discuss. That's what being a team is about. Byeeeee for now.

This is the continuation of my story about what recently happened to me at my high school. I had just sat down at 10 a.m. during homeroom for a satisfying crap that had been accumulating for two days. I had just pulled my thong down to knee level and sat on the toilet paper-covered seat with my crap just emerging from between my legs when the fire alarm went off, scaring me so much that I almost fell off the toilet. A teacher came in immediately and forced us off the stools, out of the bathroom and into the parking lot. My crap was starting to come out as I was forced to hustle in pain into the parking lot. After about 15 minutes of waiting with increased pain and an increased amount of nausea because I was literally holding in a crap that had already started to drop, I started to panic and think of what my options were. There were more than 2,000 of us in two large adjacent parking lots. The sun and humidity was already starting to take its toll and as I looked to the east, I spotted a couple of PE classes working out on our football field which is about a block away. I got to thinking and looked more closely and in doing so, saw a building with locker rooms which was probably used by other schools when they came to play on our field. Would those locker rooms be open at 10:30 a.m.? How could I get around the high fence that completely surrounded the field? I quickly remembered a friend who not too long ago had said schools looked like and were operated by jails. Now I was in agreement. I figured I only had about five or ten minutes if I was lucky to be able to find my way into the stadium, and even then I wasn't sure whether my trip would turn out futile or not. But I had to try. I must have walked like two blocks between cars and the crowd of students in order to get to the field. My first encouraging sign was spotting a Pepsi truck with a driver unloading cannisters of soda. He had opened a gate and I followed the driveway he had driven down. There was a concession stand storage building he was loading into and I walked by him. I picked up the speed of my run as I got within about a half block of the locker rooms and I finally started to believe that I could probably avoid an accident if indeed I didn find a locked door. By being able to see a faint light as I neared the entrance, I was relieved to see the door was open. I followed the main aisle in and saw rows of lockers, benches and I could spot the showers at the very back of the room. This was going to be my first trip into a boys bathroom but I didn't care. I didn't see anyone around and felt relatively safe in parking my ass for a couple minutes (actually 1 minute would probably be all I needed) and dropping my demon load that was only becoming more painful to me. Finally, I came across a room of about 6 or 7 toilet stalls--each without a door. There was very little light except from a really dirty looking vent window at the end of the row, but I took the first stall I came to, pushed my hands like a blind person would to make sure the seat was down, and I quickly dropped my now sweaty jeans and thong. Within 2 or 3 seconds my butt was on the seat (actually the lack of light caused me to position myself too far on the left side of the seat, but my crap had already blasted out and into the bowl as I moved onto a more comfortable spot on the seat). It didn't really matter though because in a few more seconds I was done and pulling toilet paper off the roll for what I was certain would be a major wiping job. I wiped myself within a couple of minutes, then pulled my thong and jeans back up, and hurriedly started my exit. I sat down quickly one more time as I fumbled for find the flusher and even though I put a lot of weight on it, I couldn't get it to work. Because of the lack of light, I didn't even try and wash my hands. As I got back into the bright sunlight and humidity, I couldn't see students in the parking lots any more so I knew I was probably going to be in trouble with my teacher. Luckily, when I got back into the building I found that homeroom was still meeting because the period had been extended due to the fire drill. I had lucked out in more ways than one!

Have you ever had to poop on a date? It sucks so bad, and it happened to me. I met a cute guy and we went to a nice restaurant. We placed our drink orders and were looking at the menu decided what to eat, talking about stuff. At this moment, I started to feel a pressure to poop for the first time in 4 days.

I didn't want to tell my boyfriend I had to go to the bathroom, so I ignored it for a bit. The waiter came and took our orders, and then left. I tried to focus on the conversation, but my mind was on the growing need to poop. I knew my boyfriend would notice soon, but I just tried to pretend nothing was wrong.

I let out a silent fart, desperately trying to both hold on and not give the impression I needed to poop. My boyfriend asked what's wrong, and I said nothing. A few more minutes passed, and our food still hadn't come.

I was thinking about casually saying I needed to go to the restroom and I'd be back soon, but I couldn't bring myself to do it. Our food came, and I had a few bites, and farted again, almost audible.

My boyfriend again asked if I was okay, and I said I need the restroom, and politely excused myself. I was faced with the wrong sight ever when I got in the bathroom. All 5 stalls were taken and one person was already waiting.

I really had to go bad, and I couldn't wait! A few more minutes of agony passed and I farted real loud. I got all red and embarrassed, but the lady didn't seem to care. Finally, a stall opened, she went in, closed the door.

I farted again, this time a silent, long fart. I could almost feel it coming out, and I was holding my butt trying everything I could not to poop myself. I stopped holding myself when someone else came in the bathroom.

I heard a toilet flush, but none of the doors opened right away. It seemed like five minutes, but it was probably only a few seconds. The door finally opened, I went into the stall and nearly lost all control.

I felt the tip of my poop touch my thong and it was coming now! I yanked my thong down and skirt up, and got on the toilet. I looked at my thong and it was definitely stained, but my skirt was clean at least.

I felt so good pushing out the big poop. It came out slowly, and broke off. I pushed again, and another big one got into position. Plop. One more big poop came out. I had already almost filled the bowl, and still had much more to go. I flushed the poop away, getting my butt wet a little and kept pooping.

I had three more wide poops that weren't very long. And then I felt a really big one on its way. It stretched my hole and felt actually kind of good, even though it hurt a little. I pushed it out, and it was a long one. I felt the other end touch the toilet, and it kept curling out. At last it broke off, and then I added two more big medium length poops. I flushed again, before I tried to wipe.

When I wiped, I used almost all the roll that was left. It was about half full when I came in. Luckily, there was a spare roll, so I didn't feel too bad about using so much paper. But, a girl's gotta get clean, that's what I always say.

So, that's my embarrassing story about my date poop, and almost pooping myself. I know from now on, I'm going to make sure I poop just before a date.

i havent heard any stories on peeing in funny places you need to be more like golden girl try new thing ...pee in the change room locker room or somewere by the way goldengirl hasnt posted in a while

Hi it's me again the tall 17 yr old from the north east of england U.K.
I had a really embarassing time on the toilet at school yesterday.
I was with my friends and I said I needed the toilet, they said fine they would wait in the corridor.
As I started to go being a bit anxious I could not get my poop out.I pushed really hard when I started to feel it slowly move.
It felt like it was made of razor blades and fell into the toilet witha really loud thud.
I thought I could feel another one when it happened- I let out a massive loud fart.My friends all came rushing in laughing saying they heard it in the corrodor.
To make matters worse my smelly poop was too wide for the hole in the toilet!
I flushed saw the water level go up, and slowly back down my poo just sitting there stuck.
When i came out of cubicle to wash my hands one of my friends peered into the bowl and saw what I had left. She said that I dumped like a truck, and how could I do elephant size poops.
I was sooooooo embarassed.

THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER: You asked if I were in real urgency myself, how would I have felt. Once, I abandoned my post to use the facilities, leaving a queue of desperate patrons. My boss found out and gave me a written warning. Another time I did bend the rules for a lady who had just had her purse stolen and could not afford to pay the fee. She was hysterical! How could I refuse, right? I let her through for free and was slapped with another written warning. My boss told me I could not afford another warning. I guess like Blondie I too was on my last warning. I had no choice. I do feel bad about what happened with her. Why do I continue to work for such hard taskmasters? you might ask. Working at a pay toilet is just too much fun! And yes, I also get a staff discount. BTW, I have enjoyed reading your posts over the past three years I have been lurking on this site. (This is only my 3rd post.) And to the anonymous poster who asked me to tell more about my job: I will, but in my next post.

The New Guy
The New Guy

Hi this is my first post I'm 21 years, male, recently graduated from college; 5'10, 195 lbs, biracial black/white, bisexual. I live with my girlfriend who is also biracial white/Filipino. She has blonde streaks in her hair; man she is smoking hot, she knows about my sexuality and is fine with it. I told her about this place and she will probly start making posts, she is also turned on by shit like I am. I work at a factory; the other day I was doing work on the computer when I started emitting very rancid farts from my ass. I got up from my desk and made my way down the hall for a poop. I was one of the only people in the factory since it was so late at night so I would have privacy. I hate the public toilets, the stalls are to cramped and narrow and the toilets are so low you have to squat down on them like your taking a shit on a toddler toilet. Anyway, the poops were nothing special just a few hard pellets and one small log. That's done I said to my self and went back to work. Latter on in the night I was driving a golf cart around the factory, its very large five miles in length, and my stomach started flipping. I ignored it and continued on. About five minutes latter I REALLY got hammered. I didn't have time to go back to the offices; I knew I would shit my pants. So I drove like hell to a porta potty, slamming on the brakes. I trotted in; man it did it STINK in there. I desperately started covering the seat with toilet tissue because it was filthy and littered with pubic hair. I had it half way covered when I doubled over in pain I just couldn't wait any longer. I yanked down my trousers and plopped my ass on the seat. You couldn't imagine how much shit could fly out of a person's ass in just three seconds! It wasn't diarrhea but a bunch of sloppy chunks and mush logs. It came out with a tremendous fart that sounded like a grenade going off in the confines of the small porta potty. The shit hit the water so hard that shit, piss, water came up and soaked my ass checks. I was disgusted by this. I sat there in that stinky hell hole for another 3 minutes our so as small dingle berries dropped. I wiped and left not bothering to clean up the messy toilet paper strewn about. Latter on I was sitting at my desk and a cramp hit me hard. Diarrhea this time I was sure. I made my way down to the restroom but to my dismay the janitor closed them off because he was waxing the floor. I made my way to the managers section of the building. They wouldn't take kindly at me shitting in their toilets but when you gota go you gota go. I barley made it in time. I splattered shit on my boss's toilet seat then set a wave of diarrhea in his toilet that lasted about four seconds. To my horror he called me on my radio wanting to know some information. I continued the conversation with my ass hovering over his seat spotting diarrhea for five minutes; he couldn't hear me unless I pressed a bottom to talk to him. I didn't feel that it was fair that he bothered me at a personal time like this so I didn't bother to flush our clean up after my self. Ill let one of the maintainer guys take the blame for this one he he. Then I took some of his soda from his personal fridge. I felt fine for the rest of the day, but on my way home I got another attack of diarrhea. The traffic was bad and I hit every red light in town. I didn't stop at a public place because I was so sick of taking public shits all day away form the comfort of my own home. When I got into my apartment with my hands clenched on my ass; I nearly plowed over my girl friend as I was trotting to the toilet ripping off my pants and shirt. I limped into the bathroom in my stocking feet, I was wearing black socks for all you foot fetishers, I got on the can and my ass erupted diarrhea into the toilet. My girl friend looked at me condescendingly with a "I told you so look on her face." We had eaten at a restaurant the other night and she told me not to order the greasy steak sandwich. Wish I would have listened to her. She started making fun of me a little. But then she wiped my greasy ass and made some tea to settle my stomach. We spent the rest of the day cuddling on the sofa as she messaged my unsettled belly. God I love that woman. I had another attack in the night but it was nothing serious just a few burst of splattering shit that stained the toilet bowl. Thanks Bye.

Hi all, I was at a gas station yesterday, when I saw a women of about 30+ enter, and head right for the toilets. Right before she got there, an older woman (I'd guess 70+) went in, the first woman looked to see if it was a one person stall (it was) and waited outside the door for the old lady to leave, after less than 10 seconds however, it was very clear that she was desperate, as she was doing the pee dance, and not making any effort to conceal it. She also immediately looked towards the mens, as if she were thinking about using it, but for some reason decided against it. After she had waited for about 5-10 min, she walked out the door and left, i have no clue why, unless she didn't want to piss herself in the store. about 30 seconds later, the old lady came out.

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