had an awful and embarassing incident the other day. i'm 26 and i needed to get a root canal. my appointment was at 7:25 in the morning on wednesday. i hate getting up early. i need to poop early in the morning before i can start my day. anyway, i woke up late, and it was 7:04. I needed to rush to get ready and make it to my appointment. I tried to poop but my body wasn't ready to go yet. sure enough, in the car on the way to the dentist, i needed to poop. but there was nothing i could do about it now. when i got in for my appointment i was pretty worried about how badly i had to poop. but i just tried to relax and hold on until this was all over. i got into the office and was getting situated for the procedure when i lost control of myself and shit my pants in the dentist chair. it was mushy, hot, and really smelly. i just felt it spread out across my ass and smoosh in the seat of my panties. i was freaking out i was so upset and embarassed. the dentist seemed annoyed about it, too...i guess because his office smelled like poop now. i had tears streaming down my face and i just rushed out of the office and told them i would call to reschedule. but there's no way i'm going back there.. now i have to find another dentist that takes my insurance and pray he doesn't know the dentist that i shit my pants in front of.

Hello, i'm Sarah and i'm a 37 year old mother of 2. I like to keep in shape so I find myself to be fit and good looking. My diet and exercise routine has pretty much regulated my bowel habits for the past several years since i last had a baby, so i am very used to going to the toilet at about 3:30 everyday which is approximately when I arrive home from my job as a school teacher. It's become such a regularity that sometimes when I stay late or I'm taking a long time to get home, and it's getting closer and closer to 4 o clock and i still haven't gone to the toilet, it gets to the point where i need to go VERY urgently. needless to say, there have been close calls. There have been countless times where i had to go so badly that i was in a full panic as i pulled into my driveway because i was unsure if i could make it. a few times i've even left all of my things in the car and my keys in the ignition while i bolted inside to get to the toilet before soiling my panties. I think the closest i came to a complete accident was a day about 3 and half years ago when i had a staff meeting immediately following school, then i had to make about 75 copies of an assignment rubric before leaving, and i didn't get back home until nearly 4:30. i didn't even close the car door, i just rushed inside, and i was in such a hurry to get on the toilet that i pulled my pants down but not my panties!!! i sat on the toilet in my underwear and started pooping right in them! i was so shocked by the feeling. thankfully only one small poop made its way in before i frantically pulled them down and continued going in the toilet. it wasn't much of a mess. that was the closest i ever came to a complete pooping accident.

until this week.

oh, boy. what happened to me this past tuesday is something so incredibly embarassing that i don't know whether to laugh or cry about it. it was another long day, school ends at 2:30 and i usually need to do a few things before i head out around 3:05-3:15, and i only live 6 miles away. On tuesday I had to meet with a student and her parents and the guidance counselor about an issue she was having with my class. it took a while, and i regret it but i really was kind of detached from the whole discussion before i felt my normal afternoon poop coming on. finally we wrapped things up, and i headed out. but there was one more problem. i HAD to stop at the bank on the way home to deposit a check i hadn't had a chance to yet, and the bank closes at 4 (which i still think is absurd. my bank closes at 4 and even 3 on some days, what happened to 9-5 mon-fri????) so i couldn't put it off, it needed to be done on the way home. I was getting a little anxious on my way to the bank. Finally i got there, but there were about 5 or 6 others there waiting in line and only 2 tellers. i sucked it up and got online while filling in a deposit slip. i really, really, REALLY had to poop at this point. i was nearly in tears. i had panic thoughts going in my mind. i debated in my head using the ATM but it was a very important check and i needed to make sure it would be available as soon as possible and i don't trust the machines. i decided to tough it out and wait in the line, but i also decided to do something that i really don't like to do- use a public bathroom. my plan was to get up there, make the transaction, ask where their bathroom was and get sweet relief! But i didn't make it. I got up there, i began my transaction, and while the teller was doing here thing...i realized to my horror that I was going to poop. And i did. A lot in my panties. I winced and sheepishly apologized to the teller just before i passed a very noisy, squelching fart as soft poop quickly flooded my panties. i couldn't even breathe. i had to just stand there and let it happen. i don't even know how long it took but it felt like i was standing there for 5 minutes pooping my pants. i was in a complete whirlwind. i didn't even listen to anything the teller said to me, i think she was asking if i was alright but i just grabbed my receipt and got the hell out of their. both tellers, a bank manager and 2 customers were all witnesses to my humiliating ordeal. I got into my car and wept for a few minutes, and sat in my soiled pants in total disbelief that at 38 years old, i pooped my pants at the bank. but it was over now. there was nothing i could do. i went home and changed my underwear. i felt strange all day long. the only thing i could was pray no one that saw what happened knew who i was and would tell people, and NEVER use that bank branch again... I guess now i'll need to either get in the habit of pooping at school if i need to stay late, or wearing diapers!!!

How common is it for girls to hover when they go to the bathroom?
in response to curious chick;
At public toilets if the seat looks reasonably clean, I'll sit right on it. If the seat has pee or whatnot splattered on it, I usually cover it with tpaper and hover. This is only when peeing, I can't hover when pooping, and I never hover at home.

Mercedes, you go girl!! It's fantastic how you seem to be coping with this and taking it all in stride. Your folks are doing a great job raising you.
If you wouldn't mind, I'd like to know a little bit more about why you're in a wheelchair. Is it because of cerebral palsy?

The other day I went out with a two of my friends, Sue and Melanie to the movies. I've gone to the movies with Sue and Mel quite a few times, and know from experience that they are both not shy at all about bodily functions, and also that Sue has the world's smallest bladder.

Before going in, we all bought the largest size frozen cokes, ice cream and a lot of junk food, to supply us on the two hour long movie. The movie started and as usual Mel ate a lot, I don't know how she manages to, and I started to feel the need to pee. After a while, I really needed to pee, because I had not gone before and had drunk a big glass of water in the morning. I looked over at Sue and saw her with double crossed legs, while holiding her crotch and jiggling up and down. Then Mel told my she really had to poop, and felt like it was going to be a soft one, but she said she'd hold on, because she didn't want to miss any of the movie.

At the end of the movie, we all needed to use the bathroom really badly, and we bolted to the toilets. Unfortunately, the line was quite long and we lined up, me being the last, Sue being the first. By now, Mel had to go very badly, and was jumping up and down to keep it in. Finally it was our turn, and we all crammed into the cinema's reasonably large cubicle. Sue went first because she said she would be quickest and she peed quickly while I nearly lost it. I held my crotch tightly so I wouldn't leak. Mel said she couldn't hold any longer, so she went straight after, and showed us some of the new marks on her undies. Suddenly, I felt a spurt, and just stopped myself in time, and Mel finally finished. I pulled my skirt up and tried to hover over the seat, exept missed and got most of it on my undies, but it felt so good.
Yeah. I guess that's my contribution to this site.

I'm a 40 year old male living in Florida. These days, I am happy overall with my poop situation. I go every day or every other. The experience is pretty routine. I sit down and apply moderate, firm pressure and in most cases, one massive log measuring nearly a foot long and 2 inches around comes out. Sometimes it feels like it will never end. But that's it. No multiple bombs. Just one log. I do admit I clog the bowl on occasion. The feeling of relief is tremendous. The sheer size of the turd itself is incredible. Just massive.

Ashley D.
Hey It's Ashley. I have to correct a mistake and I have an exciting story! In my survey in my answers I said I never look at the TP after wiping in public, but I meant at home. You will see this when reading my story. When I poo at home I don't look.

We have a spanish teacher at our school who commonly visits spain and will tell us about her trip. She stays with a family so they always feed her. One day when we had down time, she told us about the eating situation in spain. She said that every night they would have greasy french fries for dinner and chocolate dipped churros for dessert. I thought she would stop here but she didn't. She then talked about how she would always get stomach aches from all the sweets and greasy food. This is when I got really interested. I just imagined her pooing in Spain. Suprisingly, the story didn't stop here and she said that she would often wake up in the middle of the night with an upset stomach and she would use the bathroom and wake everyone up. The thought of my spanish teacher having diarrhea in the middle of the night is amazing. She told us nearly every night her stomach was unsettled. What a day!

Ashley D. <3

This happened a few years ago. I went out to dinner with Amy, a woman who I knew from school because we were in a few classes together, and we stayed friends since. The restaurant was only about five minutes from her house, so it was a very short drive. As soon as we went into the restaurant (before we even sat down), Amy said she needed to go to the ladies room. I figured she didn't get the chance to go before she left home. She didn't go to the bathroom again the rest of the time we were there, so I didn't think any more of it. We then took a short ride after, at her request. A short time later, I looked over at Amy in her black top and off-white pants, and she had her legs pressed tightly together, like she needed to pee. I ask her if she needed to pee, and she said she did. Since we're now far out of town, I pulled over by the side of the road. Amy got out, took two or three steps, stopoed and leaned over a little. I got out and went over to try to help her, and just then, Amy started peeing in her pants. I froze, I could do nothing but watch her as she peed her pants right in front of me. She apologized, and I told her it was OK, accidents happen. I put a towel that I had in the car on the seat. While I was bringing her home, Amy admitted that sometimes she "either has to go right now or she doesn't have to go at all".

Keith D
To Linda: I have tried standing to poop, only a few times. Usually when I can feel that the log is going to be really huge and might hurt coming out. Somehow, it seems my anus is more supple while standing and the muscles around it aren't as tense so it will stretch more. But I can only do it on the rare occasions that my urge to poop is really strong. I back up to the toilet, usually lift the seat to make sure the "target" hole in the toilet is a bit bigger, lean forward slightly and bend my knees a little.

Ashley D.'s survey
1. Do you wipe standing up or sitting down?
Sitting - it's much more relaxing.
2. How do you wipe? (Back to front, front to back, etc?)
I open my legs and reach one had under from the front to wipe. I rub the paper from back to front, then front to back.
3. On average, how many wipes do you use? What do you do with the TP?
3 or 4 wipes does the trick. I fold the paper in half twice then crumple it slightly in the middle to make it extra thick.
4. Do you do anything special with the TP?
I wet it if my butthole is a little dirty. Or sometimes I wet it if the poop was big and my butthole is a little sore. The cool water is certainly refreshing!
5. Do you look at the TP when you wipe to see if you're clean?
Yes, I don't stop wiping until I see a piece that comes back clean.

Keep the poop stories coming everyone!


last month, i was on a party with a few friends in a summerhouse.i am 17 years old,5.8 ft,145 lbs,black hair,blue eyes,lightskinned with a rose-tattoo at my right ankle and two dragon-tattoos from my navel over my hips.
but enough from me,let me tell you what happened....

at this party,i drank too much....
i woke up in the dawn of the next morning and i really didnīt felt head ached and i felt a little bit of nausea.but the reason that i woke up was a pressure in my guts...i had to shit.... but because i didnt was in a good condition,i decided to wait a while.i tossed and turned 20 minutes at my airbed but then i got up because i really had to use the bathroom. but as i arrived the toilet,i couldnīt believe it: someone had puked all over the toilet...really disgusting!

I left the summerhouse and got on my way home.i had to take a walk 30 minutes until my home and already after 10 minutes the pressure increased intense and ominous pre-pooping-farts crackled in my jeans.5 minutes more an my intestines began to pressing the poop forward.i clenched my cheeks with a all might and hasted as fast my butt allowed.i needed the toiletseat under my ass and that really soon! otherwise.......
no,i would made it,....i talked to myself...probably i would made it really at he very last moment...but i would made it!!!
10 minutes later i rushed through the frontgarden of my parents house,sweating,groaning.massive shivers was shaking my complete body.I reached the door,with gritted teeths,hard nipples, pressing both hands on my ass,attempting to hold back my raging turd...but then....a huge log poked out my butt and before i reached the toilet,at least the half of my brown load was gotten out....

Random Girl
Yesterday when I got home from school my stomach felt a bit off. I went to the bathroom, and released a ton of loose nuggets as soon as I sat down. I took some Pepto-Bismol, hoping it would help. Today, however, after lots of straining, all I could produce was some black rusty stuff... frustrating, as I really wanted to empty myself fully. Grrr... guess I'll have to try tomorrow.

pooped on bus
I was stuck on a Greyhound bus once in a snowstorm and was in a desperate need of a poop. Fortunately, the bus didn't have many people on it and although there was a bathroom, the driver had informed us it was at capacity and couldn't be emptied until he got to the station. Of course, he'd planned on getting us to a rest stop but when the snow got worse and he had to wait it out, the most we could hope for was the plows coming by and shortening our wait. During that last two hours of the trip I'd been feeling an urge to go but it wasn't nagging so I held on, then, as if my body sensed we'd be near home and toilets, my bowels started moving. I tried sitting down on the seat with firm pressure but it was no use, I felt my anus open and a hard poop 'tip' poke out. My heart racing, I looked around the bus but everyone was either sleeping or just tired and out of it, so I wondered how I could discreetly deal with this. Thoughts of pooping on the floor came to mind but I just couldn't be that rude, then I thought I might try pooping into my backpack but I didn't want it to get all messed up. I stooped up off of my seat a little and almost immediately a very long, thick poop slid out of me, coiling into the seat of my underpants with serpentine twists. I half grunted/exhaled uncontrollably in response to the volume and girth of poop coming out of me. My heart was pounding and I was panting and smelling myself, a huge bulge sagging in my pants all warm-my anus a little sore from the girth of it. Very slowly, I sat back down and flattened the firm, dry poop into a semi-flat pancake, spreading it across my buttocks and up against my balls-I was literally 'fudge packing'! I was careful enough to keep my jacket over my lap to mask the smell, then did my best to not waddle too much as I exited the bus, thankful the driver had gotten off before everyone to get a smoke in after his ordeal-little did they know about mine!

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Well a bit constipated!!!!
Only managed a small amount the day before yesterday and have also been having heaps of fibre. In fact for the last several days my shits have been less than average. Anyway, yesterday i could not move any turds in the morning.....I went to a customer and later in the afternoon I got the urge and went and sat on the pot. I got a couple of small hard and compacted turds and that was it. When I finished I went to a public toilet in a shopping centre on the way home and sat on the toilet. Soon I was grunting out loud but the poo would not move...I do not know if anybody heard me, i am sure they did but it is a very noisey area with traffic etc.
Having continual constipation problem I have in my work bag a suppository...some people have head ache tablets etc., but I have glycerine suppositories. I inseted one and sat and waited, I had a technical magazine in my bag so I read that, after more than 20 minutes the urge built up and I started pushing and ejected a few hard rocks but nothing like what was still there....obviously the poo was higher in my colon. Last night I took a good dose of laxative...this morning I had a less than average movemet but now the pressure is building....I will now go and have a "sit" and report back!!!
SUCCESS!!! I dropped my shorts down to ankles, sat and all these soft stools tried to escape my rectum/anus at once.....the actual movement of the poo felt soooo good! All the pressure in my bloated ???? just poured out.
LINDA FOM AUST: the way you describe your b/m I think glycerine suppositories would work perfectly. If you would like instuctions on how I do it then put in next post.

Cal, please tell us more about being a toilet attendant. You must hear and see some interesting things.

my old friend and i were at the park and she goes i have to pee and i go then just go. she starts to pee down the slide at the park. im like cool right. then her little sister started to pee on the other slide it was like lol.

Curious Chick
I have a question that I just have to ask everyone here. How common is it for girls to hover when they go to the bathroom?

I always sit on the toilet, no matter whether a piss or poo. Sometimes I'll hold it in if the toilets are too dirty, but I've never hovered over the toilet.

Normally I'd not care, but today I was with my friend shopping. We went to the food court and had a large drink, so we both had to pee bad. There was only one stall open in the ladies' room, so we both went in the stall.

My friend let me go first, as I really really had to go now. My friend giggled when I sat right down and started peeing a forceful stream. I asked what was so funny, but she just said nothing. My pee stopped off and I wiped once and traded places with my friend.

What she did really surprised me. She didn't sit down, but hovered over the seat and angled her pee down into the toilet. I'd never seen anyone do that before, so I was kind of surprised.

I asked why she did that and she said "I don't want to get germs from the toilet seat". I asked her "Do you do that every time?" She said "yep, even when I poo."

I just have to ask, is my friend just weird, or do girls really hover pee or even hover poo? It seems like trying to avoid touching the seat while you poo would make more work... what if you get poo on the seat or even on the floor?

Hi everyone. I'm 15 years old, I'm a girl, I've got brown hair that goes down just past my shoulders and brown eyes. My skin is tan and I have braces on my teeth. I'm 5 feet tall and skinny. I was born handicapped, and I can't walk so I use a wheelchair.

Now that we've covered all of that, on with the bathroom stuff. I'm not paralyzed, so I can feel when I need to go but I need help with my clothes, as well as getting on and off the toilet and wiping. Kind of embarrassing sometimes but I'm used to it.

I wear Goodnites in bed so that I don't have to wake my parents up in the middle of the night whenever I have to pee. I just wet myself and go back to sleep. I do wake my mom or dad up if I need to poop. When I was younger I didn't wake them up to poop in the middle of the night either, but as I got older and my poops got bigger it became too uncomfortable to sleep after I did it.

During the day I use the toilet like everyone else (with help) unless we're going on a long car trip or I'm going to a place where handicapped toilets might not be available. In those situations I wear my Goodnites.

As you might expect, being dependent on help from others as well as needing a handicapped accessible toilet, I have more accidents than the average 15 year old girl. Thankfully I can get away with minimal embarrassment because most people understand. I've never gotten in trouble with my parents for having accidents either. Growing up they always taught me that it was better to pee my pants than hold it for a long time, so I do a lot of "convenience wetting", so to speak. I try a little harder to hold it if I need to poop, but I still don't let it get to the point of suffering before I give up and go in my pants.

I'm not shy about my bathroom habits because I really can't be. If I need to go, I have to ask for help from whoever is available. I have even allowed my male best friend (who is also sort of my unofficial boyfriend) to help me pee a couple of times.

I gotta go out, but I'll write more later.

I have a question about my sandals. Where I live it rains during the fall and winter.

I wear sandals all year. I have a pair of sandals which I just wore during the winter. Last winter while it was raining, I stepped in some brown water that hadn't drained into the drain in the street. The brown water was right next to a sidewalk. There also was grass nearby. Usually when it rains, the water in the street is clear.

Was the water brown because it was poop, or could it have just been dirt?

I threw away the socks I had been wearing. Should I throw my winter sandals away too? Are there too many germs on my sandals?

Desperate to poop--are you still out there? You had some great stories--hope you can post soon again. I loved the detail you gave about others going, while you had to wait--that is really agonizing hearing and smelling others go while holding a much needed dump back yourself.

Also is Red Headed Michelle still there? I also miss your stories. I can remember you telling some great stories about dumps at work.

Ashley D.
I am a first time poster yet I have been reading all the posts for about a year now. I can't tell you how much I enjoy reading this website. There is nothing better after a long day in school. I have a survey and a quick story. But first off my name is Ashley, but I will go by Ashley D. to avoid confusion. I am a senior in high school. I have short brown hair and I am a little chubby. But not very noticeable. I love to listen to basically anyone poop.

My Survey (I will give my answers as well)
1. Do you wipe standing up or sitting down?
(I sit.)
2. How do you wipe? (Back to front, front to back, etc?)
(I wipe my front on its own first, then I wipe front to back.)
3. On average, how many wipes do you use? What do you do with the TP?
(I used from 3 - 4 wipes and I usually crumple them up, but sometimes fold.)
4. Do you do anything special with the TP?
(I wet it when my stomach is upset,if you catch my drift.)
5. Do you look at the TP when you wipe to see if you're clean?
(At home yes, but if I am in public, I will never check, I don't know why, but I do wipe very thoroughly.)

My story:
I LOVE to poop in public bathrooms and hear others do the same. Often times after I work out, (this is usually the time I need to poo) I will go to the mall and do my business there. About a week ago, I got my very first action at the mall. I raced to the mall after my workout and headed straight to the little girls room. There were three stalls all empty, so I took the middle, that way I could hear both sides. The stalls are crammed so it's great if you want to listen to others. I held my poo as I waited for someone to come. Luckily, I didn't wait long before a woman in her forties (the cracks in the door are huge) who was very pretty enter the stall to my left. She didn't cover the seat but sat down. As she sat, I pushed and a thick piece of poo left my butt and hit the water with a thud. I knew that was it but I wanted to hear the lady next to me. After about a minute after pooping, the lady grunted softly and I heard two straight plops. Then she dribbled some pee and farted twice. Then again she grunted softly and one piece of poop fell with a plop. I was so happy to hear this. To avoid suspicion I grapped some TP and wiped my front. Then I went for my back the same time she did. I wiped once and there was a faint streak of brown. One more wipe did it. She only wiped once and flushed. I did the same as I wanted to get a good look at her. I left a fairly good skid mark as my poo was pretty thick. I washed my hands next to the lady and she seemed to be embarrased. She hurredly washed her hands. Since she obviously felt uncomfortable, I said what the heck and released a fart I had been holding. I said excuse me and she murmured and left. I then looked in her toilet and she left skid marks and a wad of TP (I guess she wiped when she flushed). That was a great day and I hope to return and bring good stories. Soory about the length.
Ashley D. <3

Keith D
Hi laina: I too also hoped that I'd outgrow holding in my poop! Does not seem to have happened. My poops used to be very infrequent as a kid (once or twice a week) but I'm more regular these days. Although I still frequently wait 2-4 days between going.

My poop usually consists of the one big torpedo-shaped log. Always hard dry and knobbly, even if I've gone recently. And it always requires a good degree of pushing. So I always wait until the urge is quite strong, even if it means waiting days. If I lose the urge on the way to the toilet, it's gone. Holding it in isn't a problem, I don't think I've ever had a major accident since I was 3. Up until I was about ten, sometimes if I'd held one in for about a week then maybe a little bit of fresh wet stuff would squeeze past the dry plug and put a small stain on my pants but I never let a log escape. They're so damn hard to push out they'd never come out by themselves!

My job also means I need to travel a bit and that tends to get me stopped up a bit. I don't mind using a toilet when complete strangers are around, like in a public toilet, but am much more private around family, friends and work colleagues.

Laina, it's awesome that you are able to start your "pre-pooping" while at work on a Friday. Nobody notices? When I first get the urges the cramps in my anus sometimes cause me to bend forward a little. It takes some effort to hide it. Sounds like your technique works very well if the big lead up through the day results in your log escaping before you can be fully seated!

Andrew I liked your story about the 3 women construction workers and the portable toilet. It must have been quite an amazing experience for you to look at all that massive pile of poop. I like the smell of poop too and like you, specially if I know the woman who dumped it.

I like the big turds they are so nice to look at.

I usually poop about twice a day and dont have to push too hard. Often it is big turds too and sometimes they look so nice I have to touch them.

I love reading all the stories here where big turds are involved!!

By the way, I am male, and 65 yrs old.

Linda from Australia here again. For the last couple of days, I've had a bit of trouble pooping. I didn't go for almost 2 days over the weekend. Yesterday morning I tried to go before work but I could only get a tiny log out. I could feel a hard turd in my anus but I just couldn't squeeze it all out in one sitting. Plus I didn't have time so I had to wipe my butt and go to work. For the whole day, I could feel a load slowly moving down and my stomach was making 'farting noises'. When I got home I had another go on the toilet but I only managed to do a wee. I ate dinner and waited about an hour before trying again. I had to push hard to get things moving and I thought it would take a while. Two small logs shot out of my anus and then lots of liquid poo. It wasn't satisfying at all and I didn't feel finished. I tried pushing again but only more liquid poo came out. I wiped my butt and had a shower.

This morning I could feel a hard poo up my butt. I thought about trying to get it out before work but it felt like it was well and truly stuck up there. All day at work, I could feel the hard, sharp log sitting in my anus. I pushed a bit during the day to get things moving along. When I got home, I thought I had a huge load in me but after I sat on the toilet, only a small amount of skinny logs came out. I hardly had to push or strain at all. I didn't feel finished but as I type this, I'm getting the urge to do more poo.

When I'm on a winning streak with my poos, I find they are softer and they usually consist of several medium sized logs. They also smell different too because they haven't been 'stuck up my butt' for too long. I can complete my dump in 3-5 minutes when I'm not constipated. I normally go twice a day when I'm not backed up, sometimes 3 times a day if I'm lucky. When I'm having trouble, I can't push out the entire load in one sitting. I have to go back a 2nd and 3rd time and sometimes even a 4th time to get it all out. I can take me up to half an hour to do a poo (occassionally it takes longer, once it took me an hour) My poos smell bad too, like they have been stuck in me for too long. They also consist of small, rock hard balls or medium sized, rock hard logs. They break off and get stuck in my anus. I never go more than 2 days without doing a poo.

Just another question, do you ever stand up to do a poo? Also, when you were a kid, did you ever have to break a poo off with toilet paper, that got stuck while you were trying to push it out?

TO HOT CHICK HEIDI: I never put paper on the toilet seat.If it is a bit dirty I hover just above it, or what I mostly do is I put up the seat and hover just above the bowl. One thing I hate is men puting paper on the seat or the rim of the bowl and leaving it there.
TO CAL: I come from Aust and have never seen a pay toilet on a railway station but for the benefit of those that are not familiar with Australia, railways are governed by states so I am not doubting you. I hope nobody from the NSW Government reads your post because that state is so broke I would not put such a move beyond them. Anyway, back to the subject. When you are desperate, you are desperate! I think you should have turned a blind eye and let her use the mens toilet. If you had have what ensued would not have happened. Rules, although they are for community benefit have to be broken at times. Cal, say you were in real urgency yourself, how would you have felt?
TO LIANA: Take my advice, stop being shy, your bowels (and general health) will love you for it. Consider this, being shy might be because you were brought up to believe bodily functions were dirty or unpleasant or something else negative. You might try and conform to good standard (perfectionism) and did not want to be associated with such unpleasant things or be weak. This means you are denying that you wee and poo!!! People you do not avoid going to the toilet and are reasonably open on such topics convey confidence, strength and common sense. Those that enjoy a good b/m or a wee give indication that they are in tune with their bodies and their senses.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Keith D.

I also feel the need to 'push' a bit before i seriously think about trying to use the bathrooms. I also normally poop every 2-5 days (yes, i am pretty inconsistent!), mostly because my work requires me to be away from home quite a bit and i am very shy/private about my bathroom habits. So, my poop is usually very hard, large and doesn't usually get to come out at first urge. i put it off also because for the first few days when i begin feeling the need for a bm i have excellent control over my bowels, and can easily wait until i get home.

anyway, i find the best situation to 'push' a bit before actually heading to the bathroom are fridays at the end of the work day - probably the last hour or half hour. this is because 1) on fridays i usually seem to have a fairly strong urge to poop throughout the day and 2) i usually go home early and have total pooping privacy at my apartment!

i sometimes send faxes near the end of the day so i can stand up and push a bit to get things moving. i feel the built up bm fill my rectum and let it press against my anus until i clench my butt muscles to regain control. Usually when I do this, I get home and have to go straight to the bathroom. Then it comes out easily, sometimes before i can be fully seated!

Putting off a bm until the last minute always means i won't have any trouble letting it out which honestly i prefer over pushing. i thought i would outgrow holding my poop in, but it appears not.

To Hot Chick Heidi,
You don't say what city or state you are in but you mentioned traveling by train and coming up to the street, this implies a city big enough to have a subway. I can only speculate about the potential dangers of leaving a small child outside the stall while you do your business. If somebody grabbed him, they would be long gone before you could get your pants up and get out of the stall. You wouldn't be able to describe the abductor or even tell the authorities which direction they went after exiting the restroom. I would suggest that in the future you take him in the stall wth you. Inside the stall you can close and lock the door then make him stand directly in front of you facing the door so he does not see anything he is not supposed to see.

Multi-drop Pete
Steph: It's handy having a toilet that can accommodate a diaper, but can the sewer pipes cope? Have you checked it's OK with the sewerage company? One of my neighbours has had her front garden flooded with stinking sewage several times because it's near where somebody's diapers keep clogging the sewer. She hasn't found the culprit yet, but I expect there will be fireworks if she ever does! I hope it isn't you!

Dear anna most guys I know deliberately pee in the shower.
They find it fun to aim for the plug hole.

There was a time that I pooped every day, generally first thing in the morning. My eating habits have changed and now normal is three times a week. Ususlly Monday, Wednesday, and Friday but for some unknown reason I have only pooped two times in the last fifteen days. Hopefully I can purge tomorrow morning before reporting to work.

Hi, new here. Just a quick story.
I was golfing a few weeks ago with my mom, in blue panties and a short-ish skirt. Suddenly, the urge to pee and poop came on quickly. I asked my mom, but we there were no bathrooms for about 3 holes. After finishing the hole we were on, my mom pulled the cart over near the woods, and I squatted and pooped my panties. I stayed like that until the bathrooms at the ninth hole, and I cleaned myself up. My panties were ruined, and I had to sit the rest of the round out because my mom wouldn't let me play. She was furious about the ordeal.

More to come.

Mr. Clogs
Hey folks, I'm back again and got a post to share, so here goes...

Yesterday morning which was Saturday morning I was up and about around the house running around. I was waiting for my Saturday morning dump and my coffee to kick in so I can take a dump. I can't really remember if I took a dump in the morning or afternoon. Oh I remember it was about 11:00 AM, yeah that's right, anyways I felt the urge to go to the bathroom, I got into the bathroom and removed my PJ bottoms (I don't sleep in underwear) off and sat down on the bowl and gave a little push to get things going. I let out some gas first then a wave of thick stinky turds started to exspel1 out out of my butt hole. It felt good coming out and the smell was nice and ripe. I got off the toilet bowl to see what I've created, I felt satisfied and felt better. Now cleaning up was a chore, I had to use about 6 wads of toilet paper and a couple of damp toilet paper to really clean up. I got some crap on my hands (I hate that), hey that's the price of having a big butt and a small toilet bowl to poop in. I washed my hands good and left the bathroom.

Take care everybody and enjoy your weekend.

--Mr. Clogs

I've been very interested in women going to the bathroom, specifically pooping, but peeing is good too. I just had what could be called the experience of my dreams.

There's a new construction site within five minutes walking of my house. I noticed one peculiar thing about this particular construction crew, it was a crew of only three women, no men. They had two porta potties set up, so as not to have to leave to go to the bathroom.

I covertly watched them, sometimes going around the block to not draw attention to myself for a few days and learned a few things about their bathroom times. One of the women was probably a little shy, or just good at holding it, she never went into the potty at all. The second one would go in a few times during the day, but they all seemed too quick of a trip to for her to be taking a dump.

But the third woman was my favorite. I observed her go in for a few quick trips just like the second, but shortly before they left the site, she would go in for about 5 minutes, maybe more I don't know.

Yesterday, I made a plan of action. I knew the third woman would go for a dump around 5:30, and they'd all leave the site at 6:00. Being late in the year, it would get dark after about 7:30, so I could safely go out without being seen. I would go out and sneak into the porta potty that night.

So, the time came and I did just as I planned. Inside the potty, I saw a metal box with a hole in it and a seat loosely placed on the hole. I removed the seat and peered into the box. There was a massive pile of poop in the box. It smelled quite strong, but I like the smell of poop, especially if I can picture the hot woman sitting on the can, emitting the smell.

I've seen women do some big dumps before, but this was a whole new level of BIG. I just can't help but wonder, what do these construction workers eat? It must be a lot of food, but I guess they need it to keep up energy to do the hard work.

Ever since I was potty trained, I've never had an accident to my knowledge untill today. I was at home alone and I really had to poop, but I was doing stuff on my computer and didn't want to get up, so I just held it. After a while it got too much for me so I got up to go to the bathroom. About half way there, I let out a sneeze and completely filled my panties. It was somewhat soft so it spread and squished. It was realy awkward being a 14 year old girl with a poopy accident in her pants. THough in a weird way, it didn't feel disgusting at all. Being as curious as I am, I just stood still in the bathroom with my panties still soiled and felt the odd sensation. I then cleaned up. I hated the clean up, but I actually enjoyed the feeling of the soft load in my panties. I don't know if I'll try it on purpose sometime soon, but I in no way felt disgusted during the entire ordeal.

everett - that was an interesting story, u ever have any other close calls like that before, or worse ?

It's been 4 months since I last posted. I'm now in 10th grade at a big high school where there's a lot of abuse of the toilets. In my last posting, I talked about how so few of the students flushed after peeing or crapping and how after an hour or so each day, the toilets are jammed and nobody dares to even try to flush them because they would just run over and flood into all the other stalls. I also became upset at the hover pissers who would think nothing of leaving their urine on the seat for the next user to deal with. Often I would have to just sit in the pee because we have only a short amount of time to go during passing periods and often all the toilet paper has been used up off both rolls. Well, yesterday was my worst day of the first three weeks of school. I get permission from my homeroom teacher each morning about 10 a.m. to go in and take my daily crap. I typically can eliminate my bowels in 20 to 30 seconds after sitting down, but the problem is often finding the cleanest stool and sometimes that means accepting a seat that just has pee on one rather than both sides of it. I couldn't believe it but for a Monday morning, each of the stalls I checked were in pretty good shape. I selected the 8th stall because the seat was up (a hover pisser with aim or even a wiper with class is rare!)and there was toilet paper on the roll. I dropped the seat and pulled off 3 lines of toilet paper; one for each of the two sides of the seat and the other to be tucked under the seat and to cover the front. I unbuckled my jeans, pulled down my thong to about knee level and looked at what a nice sanitary situation I had for a change. I was no mop for someone else's urine. I pushed moderately softly and threw my back forward a bit as I envisioned my crap (it felt like a very large and formed 2-day creation because I hadn't been very productive Saturday morning at the mall)just starting to see daylight between my more widely spread legs when the lights flickered and the fire alarm sounded. "****!", I thought, "this is a first for me, what do I do?". The fire alarm, in addition to flickering the lights, gives off a really obnoxious noise and frankly it startled me so much, that I nearly fell off the toilet. I got to wandering about how many other stalls were occupied (I think it was about 4 or 5) but just then a teacher came running in and told us to "vacate immediately" by shouting at us and then pounding on each door that was latched. I pulled my thong up fast, and it caught 2 of the sheets of toilet paper that were sticking to my butt, but I quickly pulled them off and pulled my thong up with my right hand while I partially buckled my jeans with my left. I was apparently one of the last girls to leave the room and the teacher remained near the doorway, monitoring that we all left. As I walked toward the hall doorway and the parking lot, I held my crap in as much as possible and didn't dare let loose of the gas that was forming. In the parking lot, a guy from my homeroom offered me a swig of his Mr. Pibb. I started to drink it, but immediately handed it back thinking that crapping and peeing could be troublesome for me depending on how long we were going to have to remain outside. Once last year, a fire in one of the boys bathrooms caused several trucks to come, an arson investigator to come, and resulted in a 90-some minute wait before the principals came out with bull horns and announced that school was being called off for the rest of the day. This time I had a load to unload and was increasingly feeling discomfort. That will be covered with my next post.

To Thomas,
I once had a bladder problem and as a teacher was terrified I would wet myself in front of my class so I bought and wore diapers while seeking medical attention. I suspected a urinary infection but the doctor said I tested negative on the infection and positive for e-coli. He prescribed antibiotics and after about a week bladder control was restored.

On another occasion I was very sick and in bed. I had not eaten anything for about fourteen hours. I had set the alarm for 6:00 A.M. (only two or three hours away) hoping to shower and go to work. I didn't want to drag myself out of my sickbed to go poo so I relaxed and pooped myself in bed. I then went back to sleep. When the alarm sounded, I got up, cleaned myself, showered, and headed to the kitchen for breakfast. When I got to the kitchen, and started thinkng about what I wanted to eat, I quickly realizied I was not ready for food, or work and went back to bed.

I am an attendant in a pay toilet at the central train station of a certain Australian city. My main duty is to collect money from patrons before letting them through the turnstiles, though to a lesser extent my duties also include cleaning, maintenance and security. One hectic Monday morning a young blonde wearing tight light blue jeans joined the end of the long queue in front of my counter. She struck up a conversation with the lady in front of her. I overheard Blondie say she had been out at a party all night drinking and could not afford to be late for work as she was on her last warning. The queue shortened. Blondie began pressing her thighs together and biting her lower lip. Finally it was her turn. I took her money and told her she would have to wait a while since all the stalls in the ladies were occupied. She puckered her lips and blew. Minutes passed. She began wringing her hands. She looked at me pleadingly: Can I please use a stall in the gents? Apologizing, I explained that was against policy. She kept quiet for several minutes, then suddenly, without warning, jumped the turnstiles and started running for the gents. I tackled her to the ground. There was a hissing sound. Her jaw dropped. She pushed me off of her. Standing up, she looked down at her crotch, at the dark stain spreading down the inside of her legs, at the jet of pee squirting from her crotch to the floor creating an expanding puddle. Look what youve done! she said, How can I go to work like this? Ive lost my job now because of you! She spat on me and slapped me across the face. I restrained her till train station security arrived and arrested her for disorderly conduct. I pressed charges for assault. I was furious with her because I had to mop up her mess. BTW, David & Christin, I really enjoyed your posts.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008



I'm a babysitter for two little ones and I have a lot of experience with diaper changing. They're a 1.5 year old boy and a 3 year old girl, both not potty trained. I am not offended by their smells, and their Pampers diapers mostly keep the smell "embargoed" until a change. Both of them poop a lot - I used "Pampers Swipers" to clean up after one! Usually only need one or two wipes for even the messiest diaper. We have a nice changing table in a secondary bathroom for changing them. It's best feature is an older "full flush" toilet, It has enough flush power to dispose of everything - The poop, the wipes, and the diaper - with only one flush. It doesn't fail at all. We recetnly got a new padded surface for the changing table because the old one got a tear.

Talk at you later,

Hot Chick Heidi
This past weekend I babysat for our neighbor who sometimes has to go out of town on short notice because she owns a business and employees quit on her and do other dumb things. Like she called me on my cell at school and asked me to pick Jarod up at his elementary school (he's 5 and just started kindergarten) and walk him home. In such situations I stay at their house and she leaves me money (actually 2 $50 bills) to buy some food with and help entertain Jarod. I'm 15 so I can't drive yet so some of the money is spent on buses and trains to get us around. Well, Friday night we went out for pizza and I took him to the movies. I have babysat many times since I was 12, but it's always been for girls. But this was a new problem for me because I have a smaller bladder and pee a lot and I know of no alternative but take Jerod in with me. I had him stand just outside my stall door and told him I didn't want to see his feet move as I sat down to pee. Because he was there and some to the ladies might be uncomfortable with him in the bathroom, I was nervous when I sat down and it took me like 10 minutes to get my pee flow going. Like I had to reposition myself on the toilet about 3 or 4 times before I finally started to relieve my bladder, and even then I think I only got about half of it out before he knocked on my door because he was bored. At that point, I just pulled up my underwear and shorts and gave up. I quickly flushed and we got into the movie just before it began. I admit it was my fault but about two hours later we were walking fast for our subway train, when I again got the urge to pee. The public bathrooms were closed off at the subway station by a screen gate, and I was starting to hurt and knew an accident was coming. It might have been the motion of the train, but as soon as we got on, I knew the need to pee for me was urgent. It was 9 p.m. when we got off our train and went upstairs and onto the street. I saw a port-a-potty by a traffic light and quickly went in while Jarod remained outside leaning against the door. I swear, it seemed like my butt stuck to the seat and again this time I probably got about half my pee into the ... whatever it is ... which is like a box you sit on that has a metal seat because it's getting a little cooler each night. While my butt didn't stick on the seat and Jarod upset me by yanking the door open on me once because he was scared, I did eliminate most of what I had been carrying in my bladder. Well, anyway on Saturday, we left about 10 a.m. for a college football game that Jarod's mother had been given free tickets for. Because I hadn't had time to take my crap at school that previous day and because we had eated so much pizza, as soon as we got to memorial stadium I had to crap like frantically. While Jarod stood forward against the stall door, I seated myself and within 2 minutes I lucked out because there was a little toilet paper on the roll which I basically used up in cleaning myself up. About a half hour later, you could smell that Jarod was holding his crap in. During half-time I took him down. There were about 20 stalls--nost of them were in use--but when I saw a door open and a woman come out, I immediately took Jarod over to it. I opened the door for him, he went in but before I could close the door, I just noticed he was standing there doing like nothing. I told him to pull his shorts and underwear down, to be seated, and that I would wait for him right outside the stall and that he should be done within 5 minuts. Well, he just stood there for like 2 minutes looking at me. It was creepy. A line was building while he was doing this. But Jarod would just stand there like he was ready for receiving more directions from me. From the cheers coming from the field, we could hear that the 3rd quarter was starting and I wanted to get back to the game. Jarod, although he continued to smell and obviously needed to sit down and crap, continued to stand there. It was like so frustrating to me. I finally closed the stall door behind us and in what little room there was, I asked him what the problem was. I pointed out that the seat was down, there was lots of toilet paper on each of 2 rolls, and I motioned for him to sit down. Only when I started to yell at him and unbuckle his shorts did he blurt out what the problem was. He was waiting for me to do like his mom apparently does and that's putting a liner of toilet paper over the seat before he sits down. It was so strange. I had never heard of it being done before, but I did it and within about a minute and a half, Jarod had filled half the bowl. He grabbed toilet paper and I complimented him on the time he took to wipe himself. I showed him how to shove the tissues off the seat just before he took his left hand and flushed. I've never known anyone who puts paper over the seat like that. It still seems strange to me. As much as possible, I think I'm going to avoid taking him into the ladies room when I'm out with him in the future. But I really don't know how that can be accomplished. What ideas do you guys have????

Mr. Clogs
I was on my way home and I take the train to the train station where I get off at, I had to pee and couldn't wait until I get home. So I used the bathroom on the train's bathroom. I got to the bathroom, I opened the door and locked it. I lifted the seat and lid with my foot and to my disgust which was no surprise, toilet full of paper, piss and poop. I didn't bother to flush it down, I just pulled out my penis and peed into the toilet. I quickly zipped and left the bathroom to take my seat. I wondered to my myself who could have plugged up the toilet, hey I could of been the female train conductors who needed to take a dump. Oh well.

Im a thirtysomething from way northern wisconsin and i just wanted to share my accident stories. I have pretty good bladder control because I have to hold it a lot while driving around, but I have had a couple of really bad accidents.

The first one was when I was 25. I was a little heavier back then (I've lost 30 pounds since!) and I was just too lazy to stop to go to the bathroom anywhere other than home. Well, one day this came back to haunt me. I had to go pretty bad but I just ignored it because I was 30 minutes from home. When I pulled up into my drivwway I was practically bursting. I started running into the house when all of the suddeen I just couldn't hold it. I actually had a complete accident (pee and poo!) in my pants. Humiliated and shocked, I took off my panties and pants in the garage and threw them both away and then went in the house to clean up.

Im embarssed to say the other accident happened last winter. My husband and I went up to our friends cabin for some hunting and ice fishing and it was really cold out. This is fine for the guys, but the girls need an inside toilet! Well, we were ice fishing and I really had an upset stomach and I figured I had diaherrea. But being stubborn as I am, I decided I could hold it until we got back. Well a few hours go by and I try to let a fart go... and I pooped a little. I am now panicked but I casually tell everyone that Im going to head back. Everyone else decides that they will come to. So we have to pack up all the gear and the whole time I am praying I don't poop my pants in front of my friends. Well as we are heading back it gets to be too much and I just let it go. Runny poo filled my panties and started running down my legs. I kept it together until I got back and then I burst out crying to my husband in our room. He asked me what was up and I told him what happened. He helped me take off the snow gear and it was disgusting. He never told anyone, but I was still so embarssed


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