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Hello everyone. It's me, Lori, aka the "single woman". Since I haven't posted in a while let me reintroduce myself. I'm 34 years old, single of course. I live in a two bedroom apartment by myself. I'm tall, very thin, with dark blue eyes, and short hair that I bleach blonde. Any way this happened to me the other day. I was off from work one day I decided to read a book by the pool at my apartment complex. I laid there on the chairwearing my sky blue bikini and my sunglasses when all of a sudden everything went south and I needed a toilet now! I ran to the pool bathroom but it was locked.I knocked but nobody answered. Darn! I tried the men's room, locked as well. CRUD! I knew I wasn't going to make it back to my apartment since it was too far, so I did what I never would have ever thought I'd do. I squatted in a corner, took off my bikini bottom, and pooped in my beachtowel. I squeezed out so much goopy poop while hoping that nobody saw me. After I finally finished, I threw the towel away and rinsed my butt at the pool shower and went back to reading.

Koala, have you ever been examined to see if you have a spinal defect? From what you've said, it's possible that you could have either Spina Bifida Occulta, or Occult Spinal Dysraphism. Check out this link for a little bit and some of the other symptoms.

Sorry for not posting in like what a month? But I've been sooooo busy. And for like one week I was feeling so crappy. I had like the worst stomach flu in the world. Not even Orange Smencils would help :[.

But I do have a story from when I was sick ...

8:00 AM
I woke up with the worst stomach ache in the world. I started feeling a wave of nausea hit my body. I ran to the bathroom clamping my mouth. I threw against the mirror >.<, and the rest in the toilet. I went back to sleep, clutching my stomach. (NOTE: I'm in College, so I don't have to call work or anything, (GO UCSB!!)

9:45 AM
I woke up AGAIN! About 20 minutes later my friend called me something about her car being dead or something like, that. I told her I would pick her up in twenty minutes. She said OK, and hung up. I was feeling a little better, but that well. I made myself a Peanut Butter Sandwhich, only resorting to another wave of nausea. But I held it down well!

10:10 AM
I picked up my friend in my little beat up Jetta, and we started driving back to her house. It was about twenty minutes into the ride (she lives 30 minutes from her work place) when my stomach started reacting to the Sandwhich. I could feel it trying to squeez thru my butt. By the time we got to her house I asked her if I could use her bathroom. I ran into but I could feel my need to vomit. I wasn't sure if I should vomit first or go crap. But either was it was coming out (both ends >.<) I had the door locked and I knew what to do. I would go to the bathroom on the toilet and hang my head over the bathtub to vomit. I started doing both and it was chunky on one and and wet on the other. She asked me if I was OK and I told her I might take a few more minutes. I eventually finished, and told her I was sorry about the mess. She told me it was OK and she knew how I felt. I drove home groggily.

By the time I drove home I was feeling like crud, and I ended up falling asleep on my recliner. I heard a knock on the door, and it turned out to be my boyfriend.

It was actually 2 PM when my boyfriend came ... He came in with a bowl of soup and I guess the Peanut Butter was still in my system. I projecting vomit directly at his shirt while wet, liquidy poop was crawiling down my pants.



I'm 16, in plenty of school activities and often will spend 12 hours or more at school. That's OK with me because both my older sister and brother were involved in school sports and clubs and it helped them get into private colleges that my family never could have afforded. Each day I will use the bathrooms at school 5 or 6 times. It is no problem for me but for my friend Lauren, who goes to my church and is in three of my classes, it is something that worries me. Many times it's obvious that Lauren needs to use the bathroom because she smells or she starts farting right after lunch, but she just holds it in. Yesterday, I could smell that she needed to crap before homeroom began and she went in with me when I needed to pee. The stall next to the one I used was open and I showed her the door before I sat down to pee, but she just stood outside the stall and talked to me while I peed. It's like so strange. Then at the end of second hour, we went back in and I had to really crap fast because I had only 5 minutes to do it, clean myself and then Lauren and I had to walk two floors up to our science class. There were a couple of empty stalls but she just stood there and waited for me. While I was sitting wiping (my crap was loose and messy) she volunteered to go to our locker and get my lab notebook and when she came back in, I was still wiping. We ate a full lunch and after she got done with her Coke, Lauren admitted she was feeling even more bloated. She went with me to the largest bathroom in the school with like 20 stalls and there were a few open but she just stood and waited for me while I sat down and peed. I grabbed for some toilet paper and there was none to be found, just two empty rolls. Anyway, I asked Lauren to get me some from another stall and she did. My mom's complained a couple of times about me spotting and staining my underwear, but she understands that sometimes there's just a shortage of toilet paper. When school got out a 3:15 p.m. Lauren and I went downstairs to the locker room for 90 minutes of volleyball practice. Again, she continued to smell and was in obvious pain. Coach has a rule that we should all go to the bathroom before warmups and drills start, so I sit down and can usually pee a little. It's strange, though, because all 8 stalls have no doors--you just sit in the open. Well, again Lauren waited for me and talked to me until I was done. By 5 p.m. our practice was over and Lauren and I quickly got dressed and made the 10 minute walk to her house where we were going to order pizza since her family would be out that evening. No sooner than she opened the front door, Lauren threw her bookbag onto the sofa and literally ran to the bathroom, dropped the seat and had a ferocious crap and pee combination that I swear lasted for about 10 minutes. She didn't take the time to close the door and you could hear her sigh and awe in relief as her bowels and bladder blasted away. It's a miracle that the bowl finally flushed. Our large pizza was delivered and both of us were hungry enough to finish it off.

Baddude: I squatted, my back to the tree. I kept my balance by putting one hand on the tree and the other on the ground. Hopefully I'll get better at writing stories on here, it was only my second so I'm not the greatest with detail.

Mr. Clogs- I have yet to pee in a garbage can and other places you mentioned. Hopefully I will have a chance next time I am home alone. The only thing is if I were to pee in a garbage can, I'm not sure what I would do with the pee. I do not want my parents finding out about this so I don't know how I would hide it. Any reccomendations?

Sorry I don't have any stories for you all today, but I do need some ideas for where my next peeing spots would be...

Here is a survey for you to fill out, and hopefully I'll find ideas from it.

Where were the top five weirdest/most fun places you have peed:
Please fill it out! (:

I'll fill one out for fun,
1. In my underwear
2. Outside in the woods
3. On a carpet in my basement
4. In the shower, on a washcloth
5. On my bathroom floor
(no particular order!)

random screen name
So I've been a lurker for a few years and figured I'd finally post something. I'm male,18, 5'11" and of medium to large build. Sorry if I double posted but I think I accidentally pushed the back button but it could have been submit...not used to this laptop yet.

Nothing too interesting has really happened any time recently so I'll just post about a childhood experience. When I was a kid, I pulled my pants down completely when I went pee, didn't use the zipper. In the first grade, I didn't get that this wasn't acceptable behavior in public outside of a stall. So I proceeded to pull my pants down at the urinal at school. Well of course all the other boys freaked out and told the teacher, and I almost got a referral for it but the teacher figured out that I truly thought it was acceptable behavior.

I have a few other bathroom related childhood experiences but I'll save those for later. The only thing thing I have that is recent is a little note about my girlfriend. She has some digestive issues and she found out that it may be something called Gluten Intolerance, basically wheat intolerance. Well we were talking and I was like "You don't have all of the symptoms." And she said "Yes, but you don't have to to have it and I have like six of them". She's kind of a shy person when I comes to discussing her poop habits and so I said; a little later, "Aren't you glad you don't have constipation and diarrhea?" because thats one of the symptoms, and she said " I do sometimes." And I said "Everyone does." She said "No, I mean more than normal, I just tend not to share." The more than normal part intrigued me while the I tend not to share kinda made me sad. She knows that I'm a little bit turned on by bathroom functions and isn't really freaked out or grossed out about it, but I just kinda wish she was a little more open with me.

Recently, upon swimming for the first time in months, I realized its extremely hard to pee while in water, even if you need to extremely badly.

I was at a friend's house for a pool party, and while I was swimming with her I felt a great urge to pee. Unfortunately she only had one toilet, and it was used up by someone showering after swimming. I tried to hold on, but after a while in cold water I realized I couldn't and tried to let go in the pool (bad idea, now to think of it). The weird thing is even though I was in a bit of pain, I still couldn't let go! So I got out and went behind a bush, straight away because I was bursting.

My question is, does being in water mean you can't pee?
Has anyone ever peed in a pool before?

To Kayla: Wow, awesome post !!! glad to finally hear about someone who shares an interest of mine ! I'm a 15 year old male who also likes pooping in odd locations! I'm looking forward to hearing more stories of yours ! Please keep them coming !

As I may have mentioned before, me and my little girl are still having to live with the family - so much for single parenthood guaranteeing you a council house! Because of my childhood history - having to battle with my constipation-obssessed, suppository-wielding, parents for the right, and ability, to control my bowel movements, I've always been somewhat embarrassed in adult life about using the bathroom. Having a pee is embarrassing enough, because of the thin wall problem which makes all bodily functions audible, but doing a dooey when they're in the house is something I really dread.
But I just had one of those post-constipation mega-dumps. The last time I "did" was on Sunday and not very much came out then - I'd taken a couple of Fybogels (Tuesday and Wednesday). Wednesday night I'd gotten the urge but the entire family was home and I was too embarrassed to actually go and do on the lavatory (which normally takes quite a while, either because of straining or wiping). So this evening when the house wasn't so crowded I nabbed the bathroom. Because I'd now gotten through four days without doing, I had to use a couple of glycerine suppositories.
About fifteen minutes later my bowels erupted - there was the usual progression from chocolate-sauce mushy-merde to great steaming dooey-dollops. I probably filled the pan twice over - probably because my mid-way flush failed to eliminate much doo. Ten minutes, much difficult and messy wiping, and three flushes later, there were still two massive lumps clogging the toilet. So I had to go down the wooden hills to fetch a pail of water - so I could give it a proper maximum-strength flush next time! My attempts to preserve my dignity ended there - my father had just come home (from the pub). He saw me with the washing-up bowl full of water (yes, that's what I actually used) and said "where are you taking that?" as if it were some emergency. I said "upstairs", he said "knocked over a cup of coffee again?". I said "no, something else..." and ran upstairs. I managed to get to the bathroom and slam the door but I just know he figured out what was going on. Filled the bowl with water, flushed the toilet again whilst pouring it in, and the dooey-demons were swept away. Whether he's guessed at what led up to the toilet blockage and stored it away in his mental dossier of evidence that I'm nt qualified for independent living, remains to be seen.
BTW: Thank you to the editor of this site for getting my name wrong a couple of weeks ago. I don't know who Melissa is, but I'm not her! And I don't know why you censored my e-mail address either.

Stitica Laura
Some days ago I wrote a post describing one of my last difficult poos due to my chronic constipation. I left that post incomplete, so now I will finish my description. But first of all I would like to tell you that writing that post has helped me to assume more my constipation and my obsessions concerning it. I think writing here will be a great therapy for me, and I encourage everyone with the same problem to do it too, and share their stories here. And would also like to thank Joe Stool for the nice feedback regarding my previous post!

I had left my story in the point when I got rid of my first log. I realised there was more to come out, and after some time to rest, I repositioned again for the rest of the ordeal. Again hands parting my butt cheeks, leaning forward, eyes closed, painful grimace in my face, and started the long, strong pushes again...a couple of minutes before the tip of another rock hard turd started to emerge. I went on pushing, grunting loudly, the pain in my hole was bigger than before, but slowly the turd was coming out. At some point a couple of tears of pain and effort came out of my closed eyes. I stopped pushing for a minute, again to enjoy the feeling of the huge log leaving my rectum. Then I went back to the pushing and grunting. Another five minutes passed like that until the turd landed in the toilet with a really loud splash.

Again time to rest, to regain my breath, to wipe the sweat out of my face, and to enjoy the feeling of the stools being out of me. I thought I might have been over, but after another couple of minutes I decided to check if there was still some stool in me. Back to pushing position, I started pushing again although my bum hole felt sore like it was on fire. After a couple of pushes three tiny balls fell into the toilet. I pushed a bit more, but nothing more came out. The work was over....Sorry I can not give you details about the size or colour of my stool, but I never look at it after it is out of my body.

It was time for wiping now. I squatted again with my left hand grabbing the toilet rim, while I took some.TP with my right one. I wiped very very slowly and carefully, it hurt a lot, there was hardly any trace of shit on the TP, but there was some blood. I threw the used TP in the toilet and searched in my bag for some moisturing handkerchiefs I always have with me. I wiped my bum hole with them, until there was no trace of shit or blood, now the pain was not so intense. Then I sat on the floor for around five minutes ( I usually do it when I notice that the floor is clean), my bare ass touched the cold tiles, feeling a bit of relief of my pain and soreness, feeling really happy that I had been able to get rid of the load inside me, and wondering when the next time I would be able to do it will be... I put on again my panties and trousers. Then I checked the time, it was 11.29. I had spent 53 minutes in the toilet with my BM. I took out my notebook, and wrote that finishing time, and a mark of 7 for the pain and difficult of the BM (I always put a mark from 1 to 10, 10 being the hardest time, to my BM). Put back the notebook in my bag, got out the stall, wiped my hands and left.

Hope you liked it. I hope to write more in the future about all the issues I have with constipation. Best wishes to all, especially to the constipated ones

DNA if you are ever constipated like that again, try to use a stool softener called lactulose.
It is an osmotic laxative so it pulls water back out of the colon to moisten the hard bm and makes it more comfortable to go.
Unlike some laxitives you dont get diarhea with this type.
It is a medicine that you take 15mls at night and 15mls in the morning.
Over here you can by it over the counter or goet a script for it.

Montana's story about swallowing the gold filling and retreiving it was interesting. It reminds me of my own little story (slightly gross, but that doesn't seem to be a problem on this site):

One time in ninth grade, I swallowed a nickel. I was "impressing" my friends with my antics of stupidity and I intentionally swallowed a (presumably filthy) nickel. I was kind of worried by what I had done and asked one of my friends what I should do, to which he responded "poo it out". Seemed logical to me.
I did some internet reading and found out the near-fatal hazards of swallowing coins, so for the next few days, I obsessively checked my poop, desperately hoping to find it and avoid an embarassing operation. Whenever I went to the bathroom, I would grab my turd as it fell out, then quickly poke it up with my other index finger. I didn't find doing it all that gross, actually, but I certainly did wash my hands thoroughly afterwards.
My friends did often ask if I recovered the nickel, and four days later I finally found it, nestled into one of my logs, but after a good cleaning, none the worse for the wear. I showed it to my friends, and not only were they impressed, they never bothered to ask me for money ever again. :)

Finding GOLD in your poop, that's hard to beat ("there's gold in them thar turds!").

I never swallowed another foreign object again, nor do I plan to. However, has anyone else had any experiences"lost and found"?

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hi it's me again the tall 17 yr old from the north east of england U.K.
I was down at the beach today going for a run when I got the urge for a poo. luckily I wasn't far from the public toilets, so I ran over to them.I hadn't been for 4 days, and the last 2 days I had been taking psyillum husks 3 times a day afer each meal.
My stomach was bloated and felt very heavy.
When I walked into the stall I noticed the toilet bowl was made of metal, which I havent seen before. As a shy pooper I flushed before using the toilet and sat on it and started my business.
After the first poo came out it was like undoing a soda bottle upside down.I filled the bowl! It was really satisfying to releave my bloated stomach of all that matter and gas. Luckily the toilet had an amazing powerful flush which managed to move my load after only 2 flushes.
Today I discovered that psyillum husks are great for constipation, and the public toilets at Seaton Sluice beach are great at shifting my big loads!

I had to use a doorless toilet stall in JC Penney's mens restroom yesterday. It looked like all the stall doors were removed some time ago, because the partitions were all painted blue-gray. I sat down on the center toilet bowl, and my shit just started sliding out of my ass. Farts and piss were also expelled. The entry door opened and I heard a cleaning cart roll in. A gent, I'd say in his early 50's looked in all three stalls to refresh the rolls of toilet tissue. When he looked in my stall, he pointed to the toilet tissue, and I said 'plenty, thanks" and he took the first toilet stall, and sat down and started shitting. I'm the first guy to admit my shit don't smell like roses, but mygosh, it smelled like this guy had a dead rat festering up his ass. I was going to ask him for a courtesy flush, but then the entry door opened yet again, and a younger guy came in and sat on the third toilet and had terrible diahreah. It was time to finish up and get the heck out of there. I wiped my ass, flushed, lifted my shorts, washed my hands, and bolted out the door. I swear I smelled those guys shit while I was waiting for the elevator. LOL

After reading Emeline's post and decided to post my own experience, partly because i could relate to your experience and feelings about it, and maybe reading mine might help you to not feel so bad!

I'm 32 and i never outgrew bedwetting or daytime accidents, so i wear full fledged tape-on diapers at night and protective underwear (pull-up diapers) in the daytime. These almost always keep me safe, but i have had a couple of embarrassing leakage experiences, possibly the worst of which was on a particular road trip i went on a few years ago.

I was on my way to drive back home, a few hours' drive, after visiting a friend and incidentally also having coffee. I got a call on my phone just as i was about to get into my car and it ended up taking longer than i thought, and wouldn't you know it i had to go to the bathroom. Well, i thought i would be on the highway soon and i could just change at the first rest stop rather than go all the way back to my friend's apartment to use her bathroom. So i let go. Big mistake. I ended up getting stuck in a traffic jam.

Pretty soon i had to go AGAIN, and i was still forever away from being able to pull over. Traffic was at a standstill, and, like the woman in the Tena commercial, i lost it while i was waiting for traffic to move. This time it leaked, and my jeans were wet, i knew because i was sitting down, and the car seat was going to get wet as well. I was stuck--now it was obvious that i was wet, so i was afraid to get out of the car. Even when traffic finally started to move again and i did have a chance to get out at a rest stop, i didn't dare. I just braved it and drove all the way home, which was a ride of a few hours.

Needless to say, i wet again before i got home and my jeans and the car seat were soaked. I never took any chances again--i always use the bathroom when i can, and i always wear tape-fastened diapers for driving any significant distance.

I have other leak experiences, but that was the worst one in terms of damage. I can share more if you like, but the point is that plenty of others have been there, and it's just one of those things we have to deal with. So keep your chin up, and don't feel bad!

Hi everyone, thanks for all of the comments. It made me feel a little better, unfortunately there isn't much good to update. Things are still just getting worse and I still can't bring myself to ask anyone for help. Luckily I've been in school for 2 weeks and nothing has happened there but I'm still having to hold it all day.

Pooping has really become a problem lately. At least when I pee I can quickly use the bathroom and leave but pooping takes a long time especially after holding it for so long theres always a lot of it. That's one thing that added to my fear over the last couple years. I guess when I started through puberty or something my poo started getting pretty big even if I didn't hold it very long. I can even see a bit of a bulge in my stomach when I hold it that long, although I'm built fairly small. Last week I had been holding it for days and by then I had to go so bad I just stayed in my room all night because the only way I can hold it when it really starts pushing is to stand still and cross my legs, which is a little hard to play off in front of everyone. I tried to kill time as usual just sitting at the computer, watching tv, or whatever, then standing up every 2 minutes to hold it. I was getting more and more frustrated and everyone was home so I didn't even see the bathroom as an option at that point. As I stood up to start holding again I finally got so tired of struggling. So while I was standing there in the middle of a huge cramp I stopped fighting and just let it happen. I stood there and waited for it to all come out in my pants but I couldn't believe I just gave up like that when I knew I could hold it longer. I knew I probably would have lost it soon anyway but I still felt guilty. There was so much from holding it so long but I thought I may as well finish so itll be a while before I have to go through this again.

Unfortunately the next time I did have to go through it again but much worse. A few days ago I was in pretty much the same situation after holding it for a few days, except I hadn't peed since early that morning and I knew I couldn't wait much longer for either. I guess I've pretty much resorted to hoping for a miracle of everyone leaving the house for some reason, or else being able to build up the courage when everybody else is asleep. Anyway I planned to wait for an opportunity to pee in the bathroom then wait in my room the rest of the night until I could poop just like the other accident but my sister wanted help with her homework. I told her I was feeling really tired or something but she said it was only a couple questions and I didn't really have the energy to spare to fight it so I tried to help her. I went into her room and sat at her desk but right away I got really nervous because the poop was a lot harder to hold sitting down and I had to pee so bad. As I was helping her it pushed harder and harder until no matter how hard I held on, it started to come out. Luckily it could only come out a little bit while I was sitting down. I tried to act normal as my stomach tried to keep pushing it out but it wouldn't move. I was so nervous and uncomfortable for at least 10 more minutes until my sister finally wanted to try the work herself. Now I had no clue what to do. My stomach wouldn't stop pushing so I couldn't get up but it was starting to hurt from not being able to come out. Even if I was brave enough to sprint to the bathroom I still probably wouldn't make it. So I just sat and waited hoping it would stop pushing. The real problem was my pee because I had to go really bad when I got home from school but I chickened out and decided to wait. Well that was about 4 hours earlier so I was dying at this point. She probably wondered why I was still sitting there but didn't ask. It was only a couple minutes later I knew I was within minutes of losing my pee. I wanted to get up but I didn't know if I should run to the bathroom or run to my bedroom. Right when I was about to get up and just decide while I was walking out of the room, my sister asked me another question about her work. I stayed seated and tried to think and talk normally to her while I was in a panic. I don't think I was even talking coherently when I suddenly felt my pee starting to come out. I knew it was too late to do anything so I just sat there frozen and stared at the desk. She asked me if I was okay but it didn't take her long to figure out. She either saw or heard the pee running off the chair onto the carpet. I was just numb with embarrassment but I actually remember feeling sorry for her a little bit for being in this awkward position. We both sat there in shock watching me pee my pants. When I was done I just kept staring at my lap. Like that wasn't bad enough I knew I wasn't finished. My stomach was cramping up painfully and I knew I couldn't wait much longer to poop. After sitting there for a while my sister started asking me if I was okay and trying to help me get up. I just remember saying "I can't," then I lifted my butt off the seat and started pooping my pants. The room went quiet again except for the crackling sound of my poop pushing into my pants. Again there was so much and it took forever to finish. When I finally did I just hovered over the seat for a minute, then without either of us saying anything, I stood up and walked out the door to my room and closed the door. I didn't change or anything right away, I just wanted to be hidden so I went behind my bed in my usual hiding place and just sat down, not really thinking about what I was sitting on. I didn't cry or anything I was in such shock the whole time. I don't know how long I stayed there but it must've been over an hour because when I finally got up I could hear my parents getting ready for bed. I changed and cleaned up as well as I could. Luckily I know to keep a few things in my room to help clean up now.

That night I was so worried about how my sister was going to react to this. She's seen a couple of my accidents, but never one that bad or awkward for her. The next day though she asked me if I was alright and tried to talk a little bit about it. It was so embarrassing but I was happy that she didn't pretend it didn't happen and make it kinda weird. Probably the worst part of all of this is that I feel like her opinion of me is a little lower. She doesn't make fun of me or anything and shes supportive when she sees me upset about it but shes supposed to look up to me and it must be hard when I have a problem like this.

I don't know how I'll be able to get rid of this but I hope I can build up the courage to get help because this can't go on.

To the Chris that accidentally swallowed a quarter.

Your story reminded me of someone I knew years ago that had to do some "gold mining". This was back in the late 70's/early 1980's when the price of gold was at an all-time high of about $800.00 an ounce. What had happened was that he had to have a tooth filled at the dentist's office and somehow had swallowed the gold that was supposed to be in the filling. So, for a couple of days after it had happened, he was having to go through every bowel movement he produced until he found the gold!

I'm 16. Once I was at my friends house for a sleep over. He has 2 bathrooms in his house but one is strictly for his parents and the other is for his sister and himself. Although his sister is only 14 she is still attractive. Anyway in the mouring I woke up and went into the bathroom to brush my teeth. I was halfway through when his sister walked in. She said hi to me and then to my surprize walked over to the toilet, pulled down her pants and sat down. Almost amediatly she let out a long stream followed by a large plop, which made her giggle alittle bit. Then I heard a crackle followed by another plop. She then stood up and pulled her pants back up. "Up still more" she said She pulled her pants down to her thies but kept stnding as a huge turd pushed her cheeks apart and slid into the toilet. "Now I'm done" she said. She pulled her pants back up and started to walk out "sorry about the smell". After she left my curiosity got the best of me, so I walked over to look into the toilet. There were 5 of the biggest turds I'd ever seen. I went back over to the mirror to finish brushing when she walked back in. "Almost forgot" she said she pulled off some toilet paper and balled it up in her hand. She stuck it down her crack and wipped. When she pulled it back out it was brown with a little peice of poop on it. "All clean" she said, (she wasn't) she put the paper into the toilet and walked out. Ever sence then we've been really close.

i've never really had wetting accidents. of course i've leaked a bit when i was younger but i never really had a peeing accident until this year. i'm male, 21 btw, i was at my girlfriends apartment last winter, and we went to sleep and i woke up the next morning to find that i had completely soaked her mattress. i was horrified but she said it was okay and we did laundry and i didn't think much of it and we joked about it even. but just in the last 4 weeks, i've stayed all night with her a few times i've managed to wet her bed 3 more times! the most recent was friday night. so i'm a little worried, i have never had an accident in my own bed and i never have a problem holding it ever. does anybody else know what could be going on or have a similar problem? this site looks like a good place for some answers...

Starla (fake name, lol)
Random thoughts survey:

1)If you were to have an accident in public what would be more preferable? Going #1 or #2?
#1 definately

2)what would you do with your undies and any other clothes that were peed and/or pooped on/in?
peed in i just wash them..pooped in, i through the underwear away

3)When you have a stomach bug which would you rather be doing? Vomiting in a trash can or on the toilet with diarhea?

4)What is your favorite on the toilet poop position?

5)What do you do when constipated?
usually wait it out..a lot of foods that i eat go right through me,so i know it's only a matter of time before i go

6)Where is the most public place you've done and emergency poop-the I've gotta go RIGHT NOW or its all gonna end up in my undies type situation?
the mall on a few occasions..i'm NOT a public pooper, but when you gota go, you gota go

7)Do you routinely carry tolet paper or tissues or anything in case you get into just such sitation?
no but i usually have tissues in my car cuz i always seem to have a runy nose

8)Besides a toilet what is your favorite thing to poop in and/or on?

9)Have you ever pooped in the tub or shower either accidentally or on purpose?
yes, i pooped my pants in the shower twice..just to try it..and i dont like it

10)If you have to vomit and use the toilet at the same time and there is nothing to vomit in what do you do?
poop on the toilet, vomit on the floor

11)Have you ever preferred going in your pants to using a extremely gross bathroom?
never came across something like that yet

1) Have you ever deliberately tried (for example, drinking lots of water before going to bed) to make yourself wet your bed/sleeping bag?
yes a couple of times

2) Have your ever been successful in such an attempt?

3) Have you ever tried it while sleeping over/camping out with another dude?

Laura's survey
1) age: 20
2) sex: female
3) have you ever pee your pants on purpose? many times
4)have you ever pee on purpose on bathroom floor?explain
5) have you ever pee on purpose on another floor?explain

I was visiting a friend tonight and she wanted to try some new beer she bought so we partook... I drank way too much and made the mistake of "breaking the seal" before I left. (Not that I should have left, I was too tipsy to be on the road.)

Ten minutes later, I had to pee again. 20 minutes later, I was extremely uncomfortable.

And half an hour later, I was completely bursting. I had intended to stop at a gas station before I got home but I couldn't make it.

Literally like a mile before I got there, I had to pull over on the side of the road. I barely got the passenger side door unlocked and open (to shield me from possible oncoming traffic) and my pants down before the first spurt escaped.

I had had to keep my hand pressed between my legs for a few miles and I was really worried that I'd end up having to mop up my seat. That's the closest I've ever come to having an accident in my vehicle, I think.

And wow, the volume! It went on and on even though I tried to hurry (didn't want to get caught in someone's headlights!). Thrilling and exciting and adventurous in an embarrassing kind of way...


Hey all,

About 6 days ago I underwent laproscopic surgery to remove adhesions from my abdomen, mostly around my uterus and ovaries (I'm 26 with a history of horribly painful menstruation). Two days ago I still hadn't pooped (it had been 4 days). I'm a veterinary anesthesia nurse, so I knew that there were a few reasons I was not evening having an urge to poop, those beginning:
1) I was fasted prior to having surgery, and really hadn't been eating well.

2) The gas anesthetics often cause your bowels to slow down.

3) I was taking oxycodones for the pain, which are opiod based and also can cause me constipation (which they have done in the past, I will tell that story about the worst constipation EVER later in the week)

Needless to say I needed fiber, a friend of mine had just a similar surgery and had suggested I start taking Benefiber or Fibersure once I started eating to help things along, since I knew I got constipated with opiod based meds. I went and bought FiberSure 3 days ago, and started having 2 to 3 doses (1tsp each) a day mixed in with tea. Nothing still, not even an urge.

On Saturday, at 11pm, I knew I needed to enema. The Rite Aid down the street was open 24 hours, so I started to get up, saying I needed an enema. My boyfriend was surprised about the urgency but I told him lets go now. After some bickering about which one would be best, we settled on a Fleet Enema that also contained mineral oil. I have given myself enemas before with no problem, but because of my abdominal incisions I was unable to do it on my own.

I laid on my bed on my side, with my knees pulled up a little and my boyfriend used a little Vaseline on the tip and stuck it in, I kept telling him make sure he squirted ALL the liquid in, there was some liquid left when he pulled out. He was going to put it back in but I told him I couldn't relax my muscles to let the tip back in because I would let some liquid out. I had him time 5 minutes for me told hold it. He was very nice and comforting about it, which made me feel less embarrassed about the whole thing.

After the 5 minutes were up I tried to poop. It was mostly the enema and a small amount of hard poop. My butt exploded out the liquid, and I was very greasy all over from the mineral oil. I looked in the toilet and there was a skim of oil. Anyway I finally started pooping well today, no thanks to the enema but the FiberSure.

My advice: If you want to add lube to an enema use something like K-Y Jelly (this is what we do at the animal hospital) and warm H2O. Don't get the mineral oil enemas!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Last october my boyfriend, his friend, and I did this thing called DAnger run where they give you a clue book and you go all around the city and you end up at two different haunted houses if you don't get lost. Well we had been out for like an hour and I really needed to pee and my boyfriend needed to get gas anyway. so we stopped at this gas station and I got outto find the bathroom and on the door it said no public restrooms so I didn't know what I was gonna do because the other gas station near by was closed and I don't have the strongest bladder. We got back into the car and i saw his wendy's cup and I asked if it was empty and he said yes so I told him to give it to me let his friend sit up front and I'll sit in the back and go in the cup. He said are you sure and I said yeah because if I don't go now I'll pee my pants. I scooted up to the edge of the seat and pulled my pants and panties down, I put his hoodie over top of me just in case his friend looked back there, even though I didn't think he was going to. I put the cup under me to catch me pee. I thought I would have trouble going since his friend was in the car, but I didn't, as soon as everything was in place pee just started flowing into the cup, it felt so good. When I was done I wiped with a napkin pulled my pants up and put the lid on the cup and threw it away when we stopped next.

Joe Stool
Stitica Laura: I really enjoyed your post; not only is your command of the English language better than that of many native speakers, your descriptive ability as a writer is excellent and the detail with which you describe your ordeal is wonderfully precise. Those who have read my occasional posts know that I really enjoy a good account of a women struggling to move her bowels. It is interesting that you touch upon the simultaneous pleasure and pain of a hard bowel movement - this is so true and this nuance/contrast is typical of most things in life that bring joy. Could you describe the size/appearance/smell of your BM on this occasion?
Ladies: keep the posts with descriptions coming, they are much appreciated.
Guys: stories of overhearing women pooping (particularly with grunting) always brighten my day.
Single Woman: I always enjoy your posts, it would be nice to hear a story from you.
To the poster about a month ago whose name I can't remember: you asked folks who've been coming to this sight for years to name some of their favorite posters from back in the day, who they always enjoyed reading. Here is a list off the top of my head; it is no doubt incomplete. Sorry, I know I'm leaving folks out, but will mention them later as they come to mind. Here's a list for starters: Jeff A., Carmalita, Gruntly Bogwell, Cute Linda, Jill, Nicola, George, Tony, Moira, Nate AZ. Hope they all are doing well and hope all you shitfans are too! Happy Dumps to all, Joe

Just thought I would share a MICRO POOPING experience.
I was digging through some old shelf decoration type stuff
and found something unique. It is a "coffee mug" or maybe
an "ice cream or desert bowl". Anyway way it is the size
of a large coffee mug and looks like a miniature toilet stool!
( I know, you can see where this is going )
YEP, you guessed it. I thought to myself "I wonder if......?
Well know way to know but to try ! I carried it to the bathroom
and luckily the trash can was empty, so I flipped it upside down
to make a "stand" for my micro pottie. I put a folded towel on
it to catch the overflow and "sat down" ( well really kinda
squated and dropped my penis into it) There was not much room
left for the pee, but I let rip anyway. It filled in seconds as
it is only about 2 inches deep by maybe 3+ inches across and with
me hanging in it already. Whoahhhh ! Well after finishing
with the pee I dumped it and put it back on the towel, squated
again with a slightly different angle. ( the thing was tooooooo
small for anus and penis alignment at the same time ).
Well you know whats next. I squeezed out a moderate sized one
and as it hit bottom it pushed back at me, so I lifted a bit as
I finished pushing it into my "micro pottie". As I was doing
this I of course squirted some more pee into the towel.
When I finished I stood up over it and it kinda reminded me
of a curl top of chocolate ice cream in a novelty bowl.
I added my last squirt of pee around it in the little thing
to help it empty to the real toilet, and did so, and washed the
mini pottie thing real good. WELL, THAT WAS DIFFERENT !
Any one else with any thing else like that, that was that close
to actually being a toilet but wasn't and really used it as one?
Lets hear the stories.

So I moved into my new apartment. Its on the 13th floor. I love the view and thought it would be a lot of fun to pee out the window one night. I made sure I reall had to go. And then popped the screen off and hung myself out and let go. I wanted to see how far out I could pee. The wind took alot of it. But it looked so cool. I don't think anyone saw me. And I wanna do it again soon.

college guy
i saw something interesting today. There is this big wall at the student hub on my college campus where there is this "post secrets" thing going on. it's where people anonymously put their darkest secrets on post cards and they get hung on the wall for people to read. i saw two that interested me. One of them just plainly said "a few days ago, i laughed so hard that a little poop came out into my pants..." i figured it was a girl because it was girly handwriting and was done in pink highlighter. the other one was a lot better. it said "In my senior year of high school, I had to go #2 really bad during a class." ("#2" was written in brown colored pencil and "really bad" was underlined.) "I excused myself from class to go, but the girl's bathroom was far away, and I couldn't hold it in. I pooped in my pants on the way there, then i peed myself too." ("pooped in my pants" was written and underlined in brown pencil, and "peed" was in yellow and underlined.) "I was so mortified, I ditched school. People were really worried about me when I never came back. But I never told them what happened." That was the whole thing, and next to it was a cute drawing of the girl standing there with her hands behind her back like they are on her butt, and she is saying "oops" and looks nervous. there is a big wet stain on the front of her pants and there are little noise balloons coming from behind her that say "brrmp" and "plllttt".

I found that really interesting.

Mr. Clogs
Hey got another quick post to share so here it goes....

Today I took a monster dump today. I believe this was the largest dump I ever took while sitting on the toilet. I got this morning Saturday to be exact doing my usual trip to the bathroom. I removed my sleeping boxer shorts and plopped down on the toilet to take a nice, relaxing morning dump. I felt so good, didn't think much came out but I don't know why I like to look how much I make in the toilet but was amazed what I produced! I filled the bottle of the bowl with some poop rising above the water fill line in the bowl. It took several good wipes to clean up and that's it. Must of been that 10 OZ hamburger for lunch and the Popeye's chicken from dinner with the help of beer and exlax! Well I hope you like my story.

Take care.

--Mr. Clogs

Monica: Regarding the pillows, try aiming your stream directly on them if you know what I mean.

This is an addendum to my earlier post. I just wanted to add two things.
The event I described which was so very similar to yours never happened again.
It is good to know that a woman can also encounter such a sighting and have a response similar to mine.
Best wishes,

(And if my earlier post was bounced, a very similar thing happened to me many years ago.)

Something happened to me that hasn't ever before. I'm 22 years old, big fat butt but everything on me is a bit fat.

I was really hungry this day so I wound up eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwhich for breakfast then I had a really small poo. I got to work had a bagel with cream cheese and like six donuts over the course of the day, they were just sitting there all day and i'm weak. I went for lunch at mcdonalds and got a cheeseburger meal with a milkshake and dinner I had noodles with sasuage.

I went out with my friends to a local bar where I ordered hot wings and we had some drinks. my stomach was feeling really like sluggish and i kept feeling like farting but i kept holding them in. Eventually i got home. I walked in two steps and stopped to fart. It was really wet with a slight pause then continued. I thought i might've pooped myself so i checked. It was all good.

I get up to my room and stop mid step to fart. I push and thats when i just feel liquid poop shoot out. I pulled down my jeans a bit and tried to clean it with some klenex. I pulled my jeans back up when i felt like farting again but not really pooping. I figured i should head to the bathroom for this. I sat down and farted for like 2minutes straight all these wet farts. I looked in the toilet after and it was barely anything, like only 2 squirts of that liquid poop.

I went back to my room and laid in my bed constantly ripping loud wet ones. One fart was stubbon to come out. I pushed and it went out but a small amount of liquid poop went out. After that my next fart was just liquid poop. I figured i'd stop trying to fart and just goto bed.

I was so shocked when that liquid poop initially came out and suprised i had no diarehea

Rider: Ive never actually peed while riding a bike, although sometimes ive really wanted to, especially in heavy rain when it wouldnt show, but it would still leave a smell on me, unfortunatly =)

Hot Chick Heidi
Getting back into the routine of school really sucks for me. Like I wrote about in earlier postings, I enjoyed spending time this past summer down on our city's outdoor mall and doing other things with my friends. Having to get up at 5:30 every morning for school and spending like 9 or 10 hours there each day has messed up my system. At home, I have my own bathroom just down the hall from my bedroom. Right after my music first wakes me up, I go in and sit down and pee. I don't dare stay on the toilet any longer than necessary because I have only a half hour to get dressed, walk two blocks to the bus stop, and I have a half hour ride to my high school. I'm a sophomore and because I had a lower grade in math as a freshman, my parents insist that I get into the math tutoring lab by 7 a.m. each day for help. While I'm on the bus which makes several stops for both workers and students to get on and get off, my bowels start rumbling. That tells me my morning crap is coming. Before I started high school last year, I was able to crap at home each morning before I left for school, but my early start has made such a continued experience a luxury. By the time the bus drops me off within a block of my school and I start walking uphill with my backpack the block necessary to school, my crap's really ready to come out. Over the past three weeks, I've learned to walk faster because I want time to go the the bathroom before math lab. Because of my willingness to walk faster, I usually enter the school with about 5 to 7 minutes to spare before I have to log onto the computer that monitors time spent in the lab. And that's really no problem. I have soft stools. Within 5 to 10 seconds of my butt touching the seat, it's out and I'm wiping...which by the way takes me two or three times as long because I'm trying to cut down on the skidmarks in my underwear. The problem I'm having, however, is that 3 out of 5 days the school restrooms all of them I try ... are still locked up when I arrive. Apparently on some days, the janitors don't open them until like 7:15 or 7:30. So I have to sit on the lab, with increasing amounts of distress, because once you enter you can't leave until the end of the 0 hour or your attendance doesn't count and point can be deducted from your class average. Like the first time this happened, I quickly stopped a janitor who was sweeping in the main hallway and he was really mean and said something like "haven't we had plumbing in homes for more than 100 years now?" I started to cry but composed myself and got into the lab on time. What sucked worse than holding it was having only 5 minutes before first hour to go into the bathroom and waiting for one of the 5 or 6 stalls to open, finally sitting down and crapping, and then hurrying to clean myself before grabbing my bag and literally running to World History. My boyfriend has suggested that I can buy myself a few extra minutes by telling my teacher that I need to go to my locker for my textbook or that I need to go to the bookstore to buy a pen. Although college is still 3 years away, the freedoms and being treated as an adult look pretty good.

Monica, Not sure what you did wrong? How can anybody pee wrong? You just picked the wrong pillow.

Stitica Laura
Hello! My name is Laura. I am a 21 year old student from Italy. Stitica means constipated in Italian, I chose that name for my posts because I am a very constipated person (obviously!) ,to the point that constipation has becomea big issue, even an obsession for me. I have developed a lot of rituals about the way I poop, and think very much of things related to constipation.

My last bowel movement happened two days ago. I was at the university. I had not gone for the last three days, and woke up in the morning feeling very bloated, with the feeling that maybe that day I could have a BM at last. During the first two lessons this feeling increased, so I decided to skip the third one and try to get rid of the load inside my bowels instead. I went to the toilets in the upper floor of the university, which are usually the cleanest and emptiest ones.

I entered the toilet. All the four stalls were empty. I took the second starting to count from the door, as always (the things that I am going to describe is my usual routine). I took out a notebook from my bag and wrote down the time, it was 10,36, and the place (university, upper floor). I took off my trousers and my pants, leaving my shoes and socks on, and left them on the floor on the right of the toilet. Then I squatted over the floor, grabbing the rim of the toilet with my hands. I started pushing gently, just to get things going. I went on like that for about five minutes, until I realised that some small movement was starting to happen inside me.Then I sat on the toilet, leaning forward, with my hands parting my butt cheeks, my eyes closed, my hair almost touching the floor. I started to push with long, forceful strains. All my strength was concentrated in my butthole, I was totally oblivious of the rest of my body.

Nothing happened at first. I went on pushing stronger,already making audible grunts, but totally unaware if anyone else had entered the toilet and could hear me. After a while, I noticed that the log inside me was starting to move. Slowly and painfully the tip of it started to come out of my anus. With every push it moved a little bit out of me. I felt it rock hard, it was causing me pain. I stopped straining for a minute, to regain my breath and ease a bit the pain, and mostly to enjoy the sensation that the shit was leaving my body. I went back to the hard task. More straining, my ass in pain, the grunts getting louder, my eyes closed and my face contorted in a grimace, sweat running down my face, and at the same time the joy of being able at last to get the monster out. It went like that for another ten minutes or so, until it finally dropped into the toilet. I made a loud sigh, muttered "thank god", and decided to take a rest. I took some TP and wiped the sweat out of my face. My ass was in great pain. I took a look at my watch, it was now 10,58. I felt there was more to come....but I will tell about the rest in my next post.

Hope you liked it. Greetings to you all, especially to those dealing with constipation.


In your story about walking to the lake with your friend, when you peed near the trail, did you pee against the tree standing up, or use some other position? Please give more details as to your technique.

There was a quickie on the news one time, and there is more on the web about the huge increase in the sale of disposable diapers in China. The reason: Very long train rides (several hours to a full day), and no restrooms in the stations. Along with that, extremely crowded trains. I've seen stories about pilots who wear protection on flights as a way to empty their bladders. Kids who will go to amusement parks wearing protection so that they don't have get off the long lines to use the bathroom. What about the astronauts who wear diapers inside their suits?

Emiline, have you seen either your doctor or a urologist about this? It sounds as if you may have an overactive bladder. If not, either you may have a very small bladder, or you need to work on capacity and control. This can be done in two ways, one is to max out your bladder from time to time. (A good time and place to do this is at home where you have the privacy, and hopefully time to focus on that and not worry about accidents in public) The other is to, in essence, do kegels (sp?) when you are going to the bathroom. The idea is that when you go to the bathroom, work on starting and then stopping your urine flow from a full stream. Just letting a little leak out and stopping it, is not the same as getting a full flow going. This can be done any/every time you go to the bathroom, and no one will be the wiser.

on the topic of the tena commercial. It actually is very common for most teenage girls to wear Disposable Panties. Mainly do with all the stress that is in soceity now. I have like 20 friends who are attractive beuatiful girls who all wear Disposable Panties and there not a shame of it, they find it a way to avoid uncertain stress.

Random thoughts from a Random Poster
Monica, maybe the pee not soaking into the pillow had to do with the cover and/or stuffing.

Kayla, pooping in odd places is okay but something used for human consumption crosses the line.

How about finding some old pots and pans to use as a crap trap? Or a kitty litter box? I like to often hold a plastic Wal_Mart bag to my butt for a nice dump and pee. Last time I did that I must have put a pound in the bag. Came out really fast.

Havent really pooped for a day or to so I should have something ready to move off the back burner soon.

Anybody sit and strain while they work at the computer etc just to get it moving a little?

Lucy 35.
Brunette not very skinny but thin none the less
Married. One child.

I am a secretary at an office and I have the most crazy story to tell you. So my boss was constipated I guess and kept a box of laxative tea in his office. About two weeks ago he made a whole pot of it and poured himself a cup. Usually he makes coffee and I help myself to it so I was almost positive he wouldn't mind if I helped myself to it. I drank two full cups not noticing the difference.

I had to run some papers to a few offices near by and so it was a beautiful day I thought I would walk. With in 30 minutes the two cups of laxative tea I drank had time to brew up in my stomach. It hit me while I was walking on a busy interception. I now needed to poop pretty urgently but I could not seem to find somewhere to go so I held my cheeks together hoping there was a toilet I could use at the office I was about to goto. While I was slowly walking there trying not to poop myself all I could think of was what possibly could have given me the runs, I hadn't eaten anything to bad for a while...

I arrived and slowly climbed the 5/6 stairs on this older building. I walked into the office and asked to use the restroom. The secretary told me that there is only one working washroom and she directed me upstairs. I climbed the stairs now feeling like I wouldn't make it. I contemplated pooping in my pantiehose and then removing them but I figured that wouldn't work. I arrived at the top and looked around for a restoom. There were maybe 10 doors and I had no flippin clue where it was .. she just said upstairs.. .So I tried every door and at this point 9/10 doors we're locked. I got to the very end of the hallway and there was a door that OPENED and thankfully it was a very small restroom. I closed the door and locked it. I pulled up my skirt down my panties and pantie house and before I sat on the toilet I looked at the top and there was a notice saying that this toilet is very old so use in intervals. I pooped for like 5 seconds then flushed another 5 seconds and flushed. This was hard because I didn't want it coming up on me.

Finally I was better and I wiped and flushed again washed my hands and went back to my office where I pooped again!

When I stepped into my office with this pissed off look on my face my boss walked in.
He asked me if it was me who was drinking his tea.
I said yeah.
His face turned BRIGHT RED!
and he told me it was laxative tea
I then tried to make light of the scenario and I said .. OH that explains A LOT and I smiled.
He asked me if I was alright. and I said yeah im fine ... NOW. He even had the nerve to ask me how bad it was
I replied with PAINFUL

and im really hoping he didn't go spreading this around

more posts coming later

Recently I had posted about stories I enjoyed reading or would like to hear more of. I forgot to mention that I enjoy hearing ladies talking about having to take a dump on a date and how they handled it. I remember Laura (teacher) having a great story about this. Does anyone else have experiences like this that they like to share?

Also, thanks to Kari for the nurse story. Although different than what I was expecting, it was great!!!

To Rider, I have no way of confirming this but I was told that when serious athletes like long distance runners and bicycle racers need to pee and/or poo during a race they do not waste energy trying to hold it. It could cause them to lose the race so they just relax and go in their pants.

It's ironic how the last few stories (at the time of my typing) are heavily focused on pee, because my story happens to be about how I just wet my pants last night.

This was around 10:00 PM or so, and I was taking a 90 minute drive back to my nearly moved-out house to grab a few things when I had the slight urge to go. Despite the fact that I went to the bathroom immediately before I left, the urge grew more and more until it began to really, really hurt.
Lacking any sort of bottle, I ripped the top off of a large energy drink can and tried to pee in it as I drove, but it didn't work (for some reason, I can never seem to pee and drive at the same time...); I only managed to dribble a little out. It hurt so much that I was constantly shifting around in my seat, which probably didn't help my bladder. I was going to pull off at the next exit and relieve myself, but it seemed my body decided to do that itself first.

The area under my butt started to feel hot and my suspicions were confirmed when I jammed my hand under there and found it rather wet. It kept going for a good couple of seconds before I finally subsided it. Turning my car's dome light on, and I saw that my dark grey jeans had a HUGE dark spot on the front...I was surprised at how much I had leaked because I STILL badly needed to pee.
Frankly, I was pissed (pun intended): my car seat was soaked, I was going to have spend more time than I thought in order to wash my good pants which I was planning on wearing this made me rather angry. The last 15 minutes of the drive weren't *that* bad...only my inner thighs felt cold and damp.

When I got home, I surveyed the damage: the front spot was pretty big, but the back was soaked! Almost down to my knees. My pants felt twice as heavy and I learned that I had drenched $40 in my pocket and a side of my leather wallet in my own pee. I tossed my pants in the wash and finished urinating for a good minute (strangely, my pee was *bright* yellow, almost Gatorade or something. I'd never seen that before...).

I guess it was an appropriate follow-up to the time I pooped myself in my car a few years ago. This was my first genuine accident in a very, very long time and it was a strange experience...mainly just very annoying and inconvenient.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

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