Okay, I have a couple of stories for you all today.

The first one, I tried peeing an old pillow. I sat in my room until I had to go a good amoount. I grabbed an old pillow out of my closet and sat it down on my bedroom floor. I took off my jeans and thong and sat down. I relaxed a little and my pee started flowing. I'm not sure what I did wrong, but the pee didn't soak into the pillow. It just ran right off onto the floor and made a HUGE mess. I wasn't too satisfied with that pee because it was a pain to clean up. Any suggestions to make the pee soak into the pillow next time?!

My next story was when I went to my friend's house. We decided to go on a walk to the local lake type deal. We had to walk on a walking trail to get there and we kept getting lost. Before we started I forgot to pee at her house so about half way into the walk I knew I needed to pee. Since we weren't at the lake yet, there were no bathrooms around. I desperatly told my friend that I needed to find a spot to pee now! We looked around and found a tree right of the path. While she looked out for me, I quickely pulled down my jeans and thong and started a long stream of pee. However, while I was finishing up my friend told me that there was a man coming. I quickely pulled my pants up as soon as I finished, but I think I was too late. I'm pretty sure the man saw me peeing and pulling my pants up. Oh well, it was a fun pee and very adventerous for me, being my first pee out in the forest in public.

Hi Laura. It sounds cool that you are a bicycle courier and that you often need to find a place to go while you are on the job. Do you (or anyone else for that matter) have a story about peeing while you were actually riding a bicycle. I had a friend that used to ride a lot and rather than stop she used to pee while riding with just a gentle stream escaping through her shorts as droplets behind her while she rode. I do not think anyone ever noticed while she was doing it.

Mr. Clogs
Hey I got a quick post to share so here goes....

Last night I woke up and busting to pee. I was too lazy to walk to the bathroom, so I grabbed a Snapple Ice Tea bottle and decide to pee in it. I had a full bladder but was so afraid that I was going to overfill the bottle, I had to stop my flow and only filling the 20oz bottle 3/4 way. I put the cap back on the bottle and went back to bed.

Kayla: Excellent post about pooping into your mom's new coffee pot, was this to get back at your Aunt? Have you tried pooping into a cup, bucket, chamber pot.

Monica: Hope you're doing well, have you got a chance to pee in those cups, vases or garbage cans yet?

Cheryl: I hope you're still lurking around, I miss your posts

Carmelita: I hope you still lurk around as well. Miss ya.

Take care and enjoy.

Mr. Clogs

I earlier described problems that I had in being able to pee before my friend Camdyn and I were dropped off at the state fair by her mother. At the highway rest stop, we had to wait in the longest of lines for a toilet to open in a very crowded restroom and next to the stall I used, I was surprised to find that Camdyn's mom peed very fast without ever sitting down on the stool. I guess I was envious somewhat, but it seemed a little hard to do. You have to realize my mom when she's shopping with me or driving me and Camdyn places will sit down to pee and actually looks forward to telling us how nice it is to get off her feet. I know her legs get tired and there have been times when she'll call out to us to go ahead and she'll catch up to us in the mall. She's 41 and says how lucky we are to be "energetic" 13 year olds. Despite all the traffic, we finally got to the fair park and were dropped off by 11 a.m. Because both Camdyn had peed before leaving her house and I had peed at the rest stop we were both ready to start the rides. With our special passes, we could ride something as many times as we wanted, but we were required to get off the ride and go back through the line. We rode rides for about 2 hours and by then, because I had drank a lot of soda, I needed to pee. There were bathroom buildings--lots of them--throughout the fair and each was pretty well-stocked with toilet paper and they were pretty clean. Each had at least 10 stalls and with the exception of some soda spills on the floor, they were pretty easy to use. No lines. It was nice to just go into a stall, sit down and pee. After I peed and went to pull toilet paper off the roll, I noticed something I had not seen before. There were no rolls. Rather there was this large metal dispenser about a foot high on the partition wall and it allowed you to pull down one sheet of toilet paper each time. I thought it was strange but I had very little to wipe so I pulled one off, used it, and reached back and flushed the toilet as I stood up and pulled up my underwear. When I went over to the sink to wash my hands, Camdyn came over to me with her problem. Her daily crap was ready to come like bad and she had been having trouble lining the little sheets of toilet paper over the seat. Several would fall off before she could sit down and start her crap. I got to thinking about what I had heard her mother do (squat to pee) and I mentioned to Camdyn that it was an alternative to consider. Like she was starting to sweat and I knew that she was going to have to do something in a minute or two. Finally, she went into a stall, used her right foot to kick up the seat, and she turned around and dropped her shorts and underwear all the way to the floor, she spread her legs wide, and despite some grunts at first, you could hear her crap splashing into the toilet. Because of the length of the fall and because it was larger and harder, it made quite a bit of noise. When I snuck a couple of looks through the opening between the partition and door, I could see the stance was causing her some pain. Finally, you could hear her sigh in relief, but it must have taken her 5 minutes or more to clean herself with probably a half of a hundred of those little pieces of toilet paper. I was surprised the bowl flushed them all at once. She finally came out and while she was washing her hands, a young girl about half our age came running into that stall, dropped the seat, and you could literally hear her crap explode just as she hit the seat. Her mom, who came in through the doorway right behind her, took another stall and was cussing her out about having eaten too much and the fact that she was probably going to be sick. Camdyn and I rode rides until 8 p.m. when we went to the arena to see the concert of his classic rock band that had its hits like 30 years before we were born. It was OK though and both of us went in and peed before it was time for my dad to come and take us back home.

i had a response to the person who asked about wearing disposable underwear just for convenience or whatever. I know the commercial you're talking about and I don't think it was just suggesting that it's okay to wear disposable underwear just to pee your pants when there's no where else to go. The commercial talks about people with bladder weakness and issues so i think the woman in the commercial just has a weak bladder and knows she's going to pee her pants if they don't get anywhere soon. I would think it's a little weird for someone without bladder problems to wear disposable panties just for convenience. I have a weak bladder myself and am prone to dribbling in my panties and full blown wetting accidents. It's a pretty difficult way to live, it creates a lot of anxiety because i'm seriously nervous to do ANYTHING that takes more than an hour or two without the immediate availability of a bathroom. this includes car rides. i can identify with the woman in that commercial. when i find myself in traffic like that, i pretty much have to accept the fact that i'm gonna pee my pants. anytime i KNOW i'm going to be in the car for a while i make sure to wear protective underwear. but it's really embarassing and upsetting when i am unprepared and wet my regular panties in the car if i get stuck in traffic. it happens every couple of months where i wet myself in the car when not wearing disposable panties, and it's a really terrible feeling. it makes me feel like a real failure to know that i'm a working woman in my 30s and i can make the commute home from work without peeing my pants. so i can identify with those people who need to wear disposable underwear in the car. even in other situations too- i even wear disposable panties to the movies. i try as hard as i can not to go in them though, it's just a last resort inc ase i'm trying to hold it until after a movie and i start to squirt. also, when i was a kid and i slept over people's houses (which i tried to avoid doing at all costs) i had to wear protective underwear under my pajamas so i wouldn't wet my friends bed. that was really embarassing too because when i was 14 i was having a sleepover party with 4 of my friends and we were hanging out in my friends basement, and they all had little nighties on because they thought they were hot or sexy or something and i had my plain boring pajamas on, and they were telling me to put a nighty on. i kept refusing because they'd see i had disposable underwear on, and one of my friends tugged on my pants like she was pretending to pull them down and it showed some of my underwear. none of them said anything to me then but i felt really bad. then, a few years later one of the girls there didn't like me anymore for some reason and told some kids at school that i pooped my pants at a sleepover once. i was sooo mad. anyway, i don't really need to wear them to bed anymore. i don't have bedwetting accidents as frequently as when i was younger. i still wake up with soaked panties a couple mornings a year but nothing i can't deal with. anyway, that's about it. i really only wear them on long car rides and at the movies these days. i can tell you though, there have been times i wish i could go back to and put some on. When i was 25, i badly peed my pants in line at the bank. it was extremely humiliating having to leave and seeing everyone spread away from the puddle and see a guy put a wet floor sign near it. i had blue jeans on too so everyone could see how wet my pants were. i would do anything to go back in time and put disposable underwear on that morning instead of regular cotton panties.

one thing i will say that i am guilty of though....i did something else in a pair of disposable panties that probably could have been avoided, but i really needed to go and didn't want to wait. i was at my parents house about a year ago for easter dinner, and i had a pair of my disposable underwear on because it was an hour and a half drive home. well, i was on the drive home and i had to poop. i was holding it in, because i don't have a problem with my bowels like i do with my bladder, i've probably had no more than 2 or 3 poop accidents in my entire life. but as i continued to drive i was having to go pretty bad. i didn't want to get off the turnpike to stop somewhere because you have to pay a toll when you get off, then i'd have to get back on and pay another toll when i got off my exit to go home. so i just held on and held on. finally though, i got really uncomfortable holding it, and i pooped my pants at the age of felt pretty strange, it was warm and sticky and formed a tight, softball size bulge in the seat of my pants. i was pretty shocked that i'd pooped my pants but i imagine if i wasn't wearing disposable underwear i probably would've gotten off the turnpike or managed to hold it the whole way home so i wouldn't soil my panties. even so, for pooping accidents you really need a diaper, the disposable panties i wear aren't really made to contain or hide the smell of poop, so it was still pretty bad. to this day though i can't really figure out if that was an actual accident or if i just subconsciously went in my pants out of convenience because of the disposable underwear. i mean i had to poop very very badly, but still...i may have been able to hold it.

Hi people. It's been FOREVER!!! How are all of you?! Hope you've been doing well.

I am currently bursting but don't feel like going. I'm such a smart person, huh? Haha, right. I'm in a chat on another website and don't feel like leaving because I'm really interested in what they're talking about. I mean, I don't want to miss any of it. Who would? So yeah... Thought I'd post about my need to peeeeeee. I went at Nine this morning and now it is 4 PM. that is.... 7 hours I believe. And I've had a diet Cherry pepsi for the 4-6 hours of those 7. Haaa this should get fun....


I've seen that Tena commercial too. I think the point they were trying to make is the underwear is so absorbable, it can be used as a toilet and not just for little leaks. Clever advertising to convince those with more serious bladder issues that this is the product to use, as well as for times where you know a bathroom might not be available or convenient (a bride at her wedding, for example). The end of the ad enforces this more when the woman is presumably peeing in her Tena underwear with the confidence that her white pants and the car seat will remain dry.

Hey, bathroom issues are a fact of life...

Hi. I'm new here. I'm from Kenya, though not living there now. I'm 25 and look like Martha Komu who ran the Olympic marathon and came 5th. Same face, same body shape. I found out about this site by accident. Me, I've never had an accident, though in Kenya toilet life offers plenty of variety. But I do love pooping, and now I always take a long time over it.

Because I tend to fantasise. I'll sit down on the toilet and slowly unload the lower half of my dark brown bottom. Then I try to feel the upper half of my bottom beginning to work. It feels as if lots of little beings are slowly and steadily filling the lower half again. I can feel them pulsating and can feel the lower half getting more distended. After a few minutes they have finished their work, so I open my bottom, and empty the lower half again. Then my mind returns to the upper half and the little beings. They are so cute. They know I want to do as many motions as possible and they are so cooperative. What a pity that after about 15 minutes and about 6 openings of my bottom (the last one usually rather quick because the motions are very soft), they have to tell me that there is nothing left to fill my bottom with and I'd better go and eat something...

That is my dream time, and I can usually go every day, almost always in the morning.

Ashley have you tried fantasising? Maybe it can help you forget things you want to forget, like the existence of other people in your house. (In my case, people in my house don't seem to even notice that I am pooping....)

to the Tena poster,

I wear Serenity pads to keep my underwear clean. Once when I was driving a long distance, I peed into the pad instead of stopping to look for a bathroom. I only did it once. I wouldn't do it on a regular basis because the pad would sag and leak.

Kayla, People can get very sick and sometimes die from E. Coli, which is in poop.

This is in reply to the person who wrote about the Tena commercial, and the question, "Does anybody here think it's okay to wear disposable underwear and just pee in them when it's inconvenient to find a bathroom? TV seems to think it's ok."

I don't think the point of the commercial was really that way at all, it was more to the point that you should make sure you're protected in case you can't hold it. The woman in the commercial wasn't just using her Tenas instead of going to the bathroom--she was very uncomfortable and didn't have much choice in that situation. The implication it sounds like you're making is that those of us who wear these products are just being lazy, and the fact is that some of us just can't hold it when we're stuck in a situation like that. It's not like we just go around wetting ourselves whenever we feel like it.

I was randomly reading postings and came across a story where a poster named Lizzy (college gal) kept a 5 day diary of her dumping habits. I thought it was pretty cool idea for this site. Anyone else think of doing something like that?

For all those Girls out there who have toilet phobias,especially portapotty ones, there is a device called a shewee that u can use to pee standing up and without removing your clothes.
It might be a help to those of you who are self concious.
Its available on the internret and is much better than the card board disposable alternatives as it can me wash .

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Mysterious Man
Kayla, that's cool how you go in different places. Have you ever thought about going in your pants?

By way, I hope you're aware that it's very unhealthy for a person to eat poo, it can give them ecoli and that's not a laughing matter.

Hi it's me again the tall 17 yr old from the north east of england U.K.
I have had the funniest experience whilst taking a poop today.
I sat on my ensuite toilet this morning and did a really long snake like poo.However when it finished my butthole must have been relaxed or somthing, because I took in a load of air. It made a sound like water does when it goes down the plughole!
I then released the air in a big deep long basey fart(which vibrated the toilet bowl) When I went downstairs for breakfast my dad sarcastically said he heard it as it made the house shake!
Has anyone else experienced this before?

Your 19 year old girlfriend has skidmarks simply because after she poops she doesn't adequately clean her anus. She probably leaves a little bit of poop up there out of reach of the toilet paper. It works its way out during the day and ends up in her underwear. A bidet is the perfect solution. I have one, and I never have skidmarks. Lacking a bidet, the cheap solution in my opinion, is for her to squirt a little bit of water up her butt using a shower hose or a soft-squeeze bottle and force the water back out immediately. This will get those last few remnants. I have done that when I am not home and have no access to the bidet.

Recently I had posted about stories I enjoyed reading or would like to hear more of. I forgot to mention that I enjoy hearing ladies talking about having to take a dump on a date and how they handled it. I remember Laura (teacher) having a great story about this. Does anyone else have experiences like this that they like to share?

Also, thanks to Kari for the nurse story. Although different than what I was expecting, it was great!!!

I was in the restroom at work, standing at the urinal, when Mike, a very heavy set man, walked in and entered the stall. Not a stranger to the restroom, I fully expected Mike to have one of his very loud and gassy movements. Instead, there was a high-pitched fart, some grunting and a small plop, followed by a lot of sighing and straining. It was clear that Mike was having a tough day. Later, I entered the restroom to use the urinal, and from the stall there was quite a bit of grunting, sighing and straining. Curious to who it might be, I lingered at the urinal until I heard the occupant of the stall pull up his pants and flush without wiping. Out came Mike, red faced and visibly distressed. I couldn't help saying to him that it appeared he was having some issues with his bowels. He offered that he hadn't had a good movement in three days, and he is usually "a once a day guy." I suggested that he try a laxative, and he mentioned that his wife, who suffers from frequent constipation, swears by Ducolax suppositories and he was going to try one when he got home. The next day, I saw Mike and he looked visibly relieved. I asked if everything had "come out" okay, and he said that indeed the suppository had worked splendidly, and he had spent an hour on the john getting rid of three days worth of back up in his intestines. He attributed it to some peanuts that he had ingested at a baseball game he had attended with his son earlier in the week.

Am I getting stronger, or was the lock on the door faulty?

Working in a School, we have three toilets in separate cubicles (2F, 1M) facing in towards the staff room.

I ran in once, in a rush to use the toilet and 'broke the door down on' a young teacher, leaving the sight of her peeing visible to all in the crowded (mixed gender) staff room that break time.

i'm kelly, i'm 20, petite, long brown hair and i'm a sophomore in college. i wanted to post here because for some reason, even though it's never really happened since i was a little girl, i've gone poopies in my pants not once, but twice in the past few months. one time was kind of on purpose but i didn't have much of a choice, and the other time was an accident. the first time, it was toward the end of the semester last spring. i was really stressed because i had classes most of the day and i had a ton of homework to get done before the next day. i didn't get home and get finished eating dinner and all until around 8:30. i got out all my homework and immediately had a mini panic attack. i needed to be up pretty early the next morning so i needed to get to bed fairly soon, but it looked like i would be doing homework for hours. so i just tried to calm down, get my composure and get down to business. so i did. i got going and was on a pretty good roll, getting through some of the less complicated assignments quickly. then, i ran into some trouble. about 45 minutes or so after i got started, i began to notice that, well- i had to go poopies! i just squirmed around, held it in and tried to ignore it. every few minutes or so a little fart squeezed out and relieved some pressure. i worked like that for another half hour or so, but eventually i had to go poopies so bad that i was struggling to keep from going in my panties. it made me feel really stressed because i could not afford to take a long break to go to the toilet. so, i didn't. i just continued to do my homework and started pooping my pants! it felt sooo weird but relieving at the same time. it pushed out really slowly at first and i could feel it tenting the seat of my panties, before the first poop finished coming out and spread into a little bulge. it felt warm and squishy on my butt. it felt really strange because i'd never pooped my pants before but i tried to ignore it and get my work done. over the next 10 minutes or so while i continued to work, more poop kept coming out and making the bulge in my pants even bigger. finally it felt like i was done, and i continued until i was finished my homework with a load of poopies in my pants. i cleaned up while i got ready for bed, went to sleep and carried on with my life!

the second incident was last week, and this time i didn't do it on purpose. i have another long day this semester, and usually by the time i'm able to get home one of the first things i need to do is rush to the bathroom to go poopies. i got through the day, and i needed to go pretty bad. i met with my boyfriend near the parking lot where his car was and we got in the car to get home. it doesn't take that long to get back to our apartment because it's in town, but you need to get away from the campus first which can be a bitch because there is a ton of traffic around it. so we were sitting in the campus traffic, meanwhile i'm panicking because my poop is kind of poking out trying to go into my pants. i was tapping my foot furiously and squirming a lot. we kept easing our way through the traffic. we were at this one light that must have cycled between red and green 3 times already and we were still sitting there. cars had to sit and wait even when it was green because mobs of students would cross the street in front of them even though it wasn't their time to cross. i may have whimpered or groaned or something because my boyfriend asked if i was ok. i started to tear up and said "no, i'm not i think i'm gonna poop my pants!" he said "well hang in there once we get by this light we'll be home in like 5 minutes." i tried to hang on but it was no use. like 30 seconds after he said that i farted loudly, and followed up with a huge load of soft, mushy poop that completely filled my panties. i sat there and cried. he kept telling my to relax and we'd be home soon, but i was too embarassed about pooping myself in his car in front of him.

Hi, im new here, i like to read about other peoples peeing stories, i dont have time to post right now, but i work as a bicycle courier, so i regularly pee outside, sometimes its fun but sometimes it can be hard finding the right place, i usualy go in an alleyway or behind bushes in a park or somewhere

Sickly shopper
My wife and I were shopping in a mall when she said that she felt sick, we continued shopping for another ten minutes when she said she had to go and be sick in the toilet. As we approached the toilets she took off her coat and handed it to me, she must have been feeling very warm as she was wearing a jumper, long skirt and knee length high heeled boots. I stood just outside the ladies toilets and as women were constantly going in and out I could see the backs of her high heels under the door of the cubicle. I could hear her retching and vomiting into the toilet, there was about four or five loud splashes going into the toilet. I heard her flush the toilet and she came out of the cubicle, after cleaning her face up she came out. Just as she reached me she suddenly stopped and said that had to go back and poop, she went back into the same cubicle and I could see her boots under the door facing forward this time. I heard a loud wet fart and a gushing sound as she unloaded her bottom into the toilet. There was another gush of poop and another loud wet bubbly fart, then I could hear her wiping her bottom and rearranging her clothes, she flushed the toilet and came out of the cubicle. After washing her hands she came back out and said that she was empty both ends, she said that she felt better and we continued shopping.

1) age:
2) sex:
3) have you ever pee your pants on purpose?
4)have you ever pee on purpose on bathroom floor?explain
5) have you ever pee on purpose on another floor?explain

please answear

bye bye

Eric in Chicago
Sorry chicks, these questions are just for the dudes:

1) Have you ever deliberately tried (for example, drinking lots of water before going to bed) to make yourself wet your bed/sleeping bag?

2) Have your ever been successful in such an attempt?

3) Have you ever tried it while sleeping over/camping out with another dude?

My answers: 1) many times 2) no 3) no

i had drank a full two litres of water because i was out jogging.i was dying for the loo. i crossed my legs and tried to think what to do.i was out in the park so i made my way to the puplic loos. Locked. I was so desperate, squirming, doing the pee pee dance. I decided i would go to the other loos, the other side of the park. the park is next to a wood that has lots of undergrowth. i was waddling, hunched over, half way through the park. i had to go so bad! Suddenly it began to leak out. i sqeezed my thighs together and it stop quickly. I knew i wasn't going to make it so i dived into the woods. i found a tree and pulled down my pants. But i didn't know what i was going to do with my undies. they were the only thing stopping it all from gushing out. I whipped them down as quickly as possible and squated. . i swear a second later and it would have been too late. as soon as i did it all released. it flowed out. there was so much. i was peeing for a full 2 minutes. it was such a relief. for a while i thought i wouldn't be able to stop! but it started slowing and eased off. i got a tissue from my perse, wiped, redressed and went on my way.

Does anybody here think it's okay to wear disposable underwear and just pee in them when it's inconvenient to find a bathroom? TV seems to think it's ok.

There's this Tena commercial where a woman is stuck in a traffic jam and has to pee, she's desperately trying not to wet her thin white slacks. Her husband, driving, is oblivious to her situation. She looks enviously at a couple small children in an RV in front of her - they can use the bathroom and she can't. She sees a guy outside tending to his overheating truck, and knows she can't go outside and squat without being seen. Then a porta-toilet just falls out of the sky. The voiceover goes "Like that's ever going to happen. So make sure you're protected". And the ad ends with the woman smiling and looking relieved, presumably as she privately takes a much needed bathroom break right in her Tena underwear.

I think this is interesting because it's not selling the products for people who really can't hold it. But the implication is that the woman wears Tena and when she has to go, she just does.

Does anyone really use these products this way?

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Hi everyone! I'm a 16 year old girl from a small town in the Midwest. I've been reading this site for awhile now after stumbling upon it while doing a Google search on pooping in weird places. Ever since I was about five years old I have had an obsession with pooping in what I like to call "make-shift toilets". I like to take everyday objects that I find around the house and turn them into my own private pooping sanctuary. I've gone in everything from the innocent potting planter, to a dresser drawer, to the more obscure fax-machine bin, old hamster cage, and broken microwave oven. I find the feeling of pooping in a place that is forbidden totally liberating. It's my little secret and no one knows about it! Just the people out there in cyberspace reading this, and the objects in my house that have had the pleasure of my poop filling them up.

Yesterday I had one of the best pooping experiences in a make-shift toilet I've ever had. It was so good in fact that it inspired me to write this entry! Let me start off with a little background information. My Aunt, who shall remain nameless for her sake and my own, is a complete bitch. She is always commenting on how I should be doing better in school, how I should style my hair a different way, and how I'm always attracted to the "wrong kind of guys". Well this particular Aunt came over for an impromptu visit with my mom yesterday. The second she walked into the door she exclaimed "Oh my god Kayla,
have you been using your Clearasil?". Now, I'm not one to get offended by someone commenting on my skin but come on, that was just plain rude! My mother informed me that she and my Aunt would be going out to the local cafe to pick up some new coffee to try at home in my mom's new coffee maker.

They left and still steaming from my Aunt's comment I felt a BM coming on. I was about to just go poop in the toilet since I wasn't really feeling up for creating and cleaning a make-shift toilet but then I got a brilliant idea. I could easily poop in my mom's new coffee pot and clean it out quickly before they came home to use that very same coffee pot to brew their new fancy cafe coffee. Delighted by the idea of getting back at my Aunt for commenting so rudely on my skin, I ran into the kitchen and grabbed the coffee pot and set it down in the middle of the kitchen floor. Normally I set down some kind of towel under the make-shift toilet to insure I don't get the floor dirty but I had no time. The cafe was only a few blocks away and I knew they would be home shortly. I tore off my shorts and underwear and squatted down over my mom's brand new never used coffee pot. Luckily the hamburger and fries I had from the school cafeteria provided me with a quick and mushy poop. I hardly had to push before my poop came flying out splattering into, and all over, the coffee pot. I looked down and saw that it was a greenish brown color with small chunky bits. I also saw that it had gotten all over the kitchen floor which made me regret not putting down a towel. Just as I was about to get up and quickly clean up my mess I felt another wave of poop coming on. Again, it was mushy and easy to pass but this time it was hot and came out with less force then the first round. I could feel the poop splattering off the coffee pot and onto my legs. I knew I would have to hurry if I wanted to be done and have this all cleaned up before my mom and aunt got home. Satisfied that I had passed my entire BM into the pot that my aunt would soon be drinking from, I quickly stood up, grabbed the coffee pot from off the floor, and ran to the sink to wash it out. As I was about to dump the poop into the sink I noticed the poop inside had reached an impressive 1 full cup! Normally I would have relished in such a feat but I had no time. I dumped the poop into the sink and quickly washed it out with warm water. I had to use a little bit of soap just to get the pot to look as if it were brand new, but it definitely wasn't as disinfected as it should have been considering what it had just had to endure. I dried it off, and place it back under the coffee machine. Now I had to clean up the floor which only took a moment. I grabbed my shorts and underwear and sprinted to my room to quickly wash off my legs from the splattered poop. After doing this I headed back into the kitchen and sprayed some air freshener since it was slightly stinky from my little project. A few minutes later my mom and aunt came strolling in the door with their brand new coffee ready to get the brewing started. The whole time the coffee was brewing and dripping into the pot I just smiled and thought about what had just been dripping in their from my body. When the brewing was done my aunt said "Don't you want some dear?". I told her no thanks and she responded "Yes, it's probably better you didn't. I hear caffeine causes acne". As she sipped on the coffee her face lit up and she said "Oh yes..that's good". I'm so glad Auntie that you are enjoying your coffee. I hear poop does wonders for your complexion. :)

I recently had the urge to take a tremendous dump. Unfortunately I was camping aat the time with a bunch of my girlfriends. I couldn't hold it in anymore and so i just pulled down my pants right then and there and squatted over the empty fire. I definitely added six or so more logs to the pit before asking my friend to get me some toilet paper. Most of my friends were appaled at what they just witnessed but a lot were actually in more awe of what they saw come out of my butt. It was definitely the dump of a lifetime and now all my friends poop in front of me as i do them. Is this weird or do any other people poop in front of their friends.


There are a few things that you have to remember about going to the bathroom:

1. Everybody does it, from your English teacher, to the bitchest girl in school, to that really hot guy sitting next to you. Everyone.

Now another option for you.
I don't know the area in which you live, so this might not work for you, but you might want to try going outside like in the woods or in a park or something. That way you could just tell (insert whoever here) that you're going to go for a walk or something.


Your pee stream being split into two streams is very normal and common. I have heard MANY reasons for that. Usually though it amounts to some sort of tiny blockage in you urethra (you know, the small opening on the head of your penis) such as lint from your underwear, semen that didn't completely come out or even sometimes, it is the skin of the opening stuck together.

The bump that you may see on your penis is probably what is known as the "frenulum", which is an "elastic" type piece of skin that you are born with and is usually found right under the urethra. It helps foreskin retract on the penis. Usually when the foreskin is removed in circumcision, the frenulum is removed, since it is usually no longer needed. When I was circumcised in 2004, the frenulum was removed.

Now for a few stories since I haven't posted ina while...

Back in July, I had a weird, unexpected case of diarreha. It was unbelieveable and I hated it. I woke up the Sunday Morning and went as soon as I woke up, (there are many times where when I wake up, I go straight to the toilet, pull my shorts and underwear down, sit down, position my penis and have my morning pee and take a dump at the same time). I wound up going again later in the afternoon, which was a little unusual. At around 8:30, I decided to take a shower and relax for TV time afterwards. I went again, but it was soft. About 1 hour later while watching Nick@Nite and chatting with a friend online, I suddenly had the urge to go again. Well, I immediately posted that I would "brb" and went to the bathroom.... well, 5 seconds from when I got up, I began to lose control. I let out a few squirts into my underwear. Luckily, I was wearing briefs. I finished up on the toilet, cleaned up and canned the briefs. I went back to the computer and told my friend what happened. An hour later, I had to go again. This continuted until 1:00. When I woke up the next morning, I still had the runs and continued periodically to run to the bathroom for loose bowels. It all cleared up the following Thursday.

Really nothing else has been unusual in the bowel department. Monday, we were pounded by Gustav here in my part of Louisiana. What fun?! Monday morning, I had 2 bowel movements (both were kind of forced) and I didn't go again until Tuesday evening,but that was outside in the woods since we didn't have plumbing. I have no idea what my deal is, I can go outside, at school, in stores, in front of male friends and relatives, etc. but cannot go at home knowing a female can here me.

Oh yeah, a few days ago, a friend was visiting with me for the day, since he has been getting busy with preparing for his next year of college and I was getting ready to return to work as a substitute teacher again. It was somewhere around 7:00 that evening, usually when I get the urge to have my evening crap. Since we have been friends for most of our lives (since we were about 5 and now we are 21)followed me to the bathroom and talk to me. I went to the bathroom, pulled off my shorts and boxer-briefs, sat down and immediately peed. Right after I peed, I began to release my load. In the mean time, I had a weak, steady stream of pee begin to come out of my penis, so I had to hold it in. He was confused as how much I can pee while taking a dump (he is always in shock). ALmost the whole 5 minutes while on the toilet, I had a very weak stream of pee. That for me is normal. When I finished my crap, I grabbed the toilet paper, leaned forward and wiped from behind, as usual. I finished wiping in 2 wipes, got up and flushed the toilet. I guess the power of persuasion got the better of him, so he pushed me out of the way before I could pull up my boxer-briefs and shorts. He dropped his shorts and boxers and as he began to sit down, tons of crap whooshed out of his butt, straight into the bowl. He sat down completely, pushed his penis in the toilet too pee. He was done in about 2 minutes, stood to wipe, which didn't have much, flushed and dressed. Since we are best friends, we never care about seeing each other on the toilet or anything like it. We have used the toilet in front of each other many times and have changed in front of each other plenty.

One last thing... many guys here talk about wearing underwear that holds in our "accidents" well. I wear briefs a lot, especially when I feel kind of sick (which has happened a lot lately). I have had accidents in boxers, briefs and boxer-briefs. Briefs/boxer-briefs do hold the best. I actually have several pairs of boxers, briefs and boxer-briefs. I wear whatever I feel like putting on that day. That may be why those who have may noticed in my posts how I say a different style of underwear. I switch a lot, just a matter of comfort. I am not too worried about whether or not I have an accident.

When I was 13, I was at the Wisconsin State Fair in Milwaulkee with my aunt, uncle, and two cousins. This was August of 2002. We'd been there all day, and the sun was setting. My uncle decided it was time to go. By that time, I'd already eaten around 30 dollars in fattening, grease-encrusted carnival food. I was bloated and gassy. That loose feeling was kicking in. I'd also drank a lot of sugary soda. We were cruising home on the highway, and it was getting dark. I could feel a fire burning in my bloated stomach, a fire that was reaching my asshole. Noone suspected a thing, as I tried to hide my discomfort. Suddenly, the inevitable struck-a massive tidal wave of liquid brown shit began exploding out of my asshole. It came in indivivual spurts, showering the seat of my pants with filth, until it was dripping down my pant legs and into my socks. I was a walking pile of shit. When we got home, it took nearly an hour for me to clean up.

Yeah, I'm like that too. But it's caused me a few bad days...and a few close calls. Have you had any close calls or near misses?

Random thoughts from a random questioner
I have a small titling mirror that I use to watch myself going in the toilet or to vary the experience I squat over paper towels and watch it that way. I also discoved that I can sorta stand/squat and tilt the mirror to a certain angle I can actually see my hole opening and the poop exiting. Usually the paper towel poops are when I know I am going to have a fairly solid non spattery messy poop.

I have a survey for you:

1)If you were to have an accident in public what would be more preferable? Going #1 or #2?

2)what would you do with your undies and any other clothes that were peed and/or pooped on/in?

3)When you have a stomach bug which would you rather be doing? Vomiting in a trash can or on the toilet with diarhea?

4)What is your favorite on the toilet poop position?

5)What do you do when constipated?

6)Where is the most public place you've done and emergency poop-the I've gotta go RIGHT NOW or its all gonna end up in my undies type situation?

7)Do you routinely carry tolet paper or tissues or anything in case you get into just such sitation?

8)Besides a toilet what is your favorite thing to poop in and/or on?

9)Have you ever pooped in the tub or shower either accidentally or on purpose?

10)If you have to vomit and use the toilet at the same time and there is nothing to vomit in what do you do?

11)Have you ever preferred going in your pants to using a extremely gross bathroom?

I have a story to share. Last week we had a big house party with about 20 people over. Everyone was drinking and having a good time. About 11, a bunch of us started playing a game of quarters. I wasn't the best at bouncing the quarters into the glass. Everytime I lost I had to drink another shot. By midnight I was completely drunk but wouldn't quit. Guess I should have as I accidentally managed to swallow a quarter with the next shot. Everyone thought it was pretty funny except me. I've been looking for it to make sure it passed and today it finally did. I heard it ding in the toilet. It was gross as I had corn on the cob recently. Quarter was stuck to the end of the turd. It looked all blue and discolored but still worked in the vending machine. I don't think I'll be playing quarters again. The quarter didn't feel too good passing through my belly.

Well i'd give anything for burning hole again. yesterday i ate at burger king and got a double stacker meal. well my body didn't handle it well because i had diarrhea nuggets. they were these little nuggets the size of about 2 joints of my finger. i filled the whole bowl. it took two flushes to get she of them all. long story short, i shouldn't eat at bk anymore. keep the pee stories coming.

Nothing much to say
Hey, Karen/ Kathy / Sue

I loved your stories a while back ! you guys told you were getting together during labor day weekend? anything interesting happened? ;-)

I didn't know sites like this existed and i didn't think i would have any interest anyway until something happened a couple of weeks ago. My boyfriend and I were out walking in the woods. We've only been going out together a shorttime and haven't done more than petting. I said I needed a pee and he wanted one too. We went off to different bits of the woods. I did my pee and then went to find him. As I didn't know where he was I saw by accident. He was crouched by a tree, with his back to me, doing a shit. I have never seen anyone doing a shit before and I have had no desire to but when i saw the pooh coming out my boyfriends bum something really strange happened to me. I felt so excited so suddenly it scared me. I felt sick in my stomach and my legs were shaking. My boyfriend didn't see me watching him wipe his bum with grass and nor did he realize why I was so shaky when he 'found' me. I've always thought of myself as a decent girl, I'm 16, but that day and for a week after i felt really dirty and ashamed of myself. I know my boyfriend would be disgusted with me because i know he won't even pee in front of his friends. I've wanted to tell some of my girlfriends but I don't want them thinking I'm a slut. I know women write on this site. Is it something i should just try and forget about?

After Camdyn's brother walked in on me as I was downstairs peeing, I wasn't able to finish my pee because both Camdyn and her mom had used the upstairs bathroom and they were outside in the car waiting for me. The drive to the state fair was 60 miles; I know that Camdyn and I will both be happy when we can get our drivers licenses in three years when we turn 16. Camdyn's mom was driving pretty much about 75 mph on the interstate and the fair and other activities made for a pretty crowded highway. So she was forced to slow down. This upset her because she hadn't had a day off from her job for like 10 days and she was hoping to drop us off, drive back and get a lot of shopping done. She said she could use a holiday like Labor Day like every two weeks. We finally got to a place on the highway where the cars were just creeping along because there were construction workers doing something in two of the lanes. Since I had not finished my pee back at the house, I was starting to feel full again and it was hurting me. Although I tried to take my mind off it, I could just envision a small quarter-size pee stain on my red shorts becoming a gusher that would not only mark me but would stain the car seat. At least if the seat was covered with leather, it would be easier to clean up such a spill. I repositioned myself a little by moving up and throwing more of my weight onto the back of the front seat as I tried to get up the nerve to ask Camdyn's mom to pull over so I could pee. I had noticed the toilet symbol on a road sign that we had just passed and it said 10 miles to a rest stop. With the traffic moving as slow as it was, I knew we'd never make it to the state fair without stopping. So I told Camdyn's mom that I needed to pee. She mumbled something which I couldn't hear over the car radio, but I did hear her say that she should probably go in too because she had another hour-long drive back home and something about "feeling" the two cups of coffee she had for breakfast. I looked over at Camdyn and even she was surprised that her mom had said that. Camdyn has always said her mom will do everything she can to avoid using public bathrooms. And Camdyn has felt pressure to do that also. Finally, we got to the exit for the rest area. There were so many trucks and cars out there in the lot that we must have had to park about a block away! Could my bladder hold for the long walk that included an incline and a few stairs? I was probably about 45 seconds or a minute into the walk when I felt a small rock under my left foot. I was startled to find that I had not remembered to put my shoes on before leaving the car. With my need to pee so immediate, I knew I didn't have time to go back for them. By the time I got up the steps to the building, I could see a mother and little girl standing just outside the doorway. There was a waiting line for the toilets. I was hoping it wasn't as bad as the one Camdyn and I had encountered most every day between our 2nd & 3rd hour classes at school. Because there would be times when a stall would open, I would run for it, and as soon as I pulled my underwear and jeans down and seated myself, the one-minute warning bell would go off. That would give me like 30 seconds to pee, pull my clothing up and make a run outside the bathroom and across the hall to class. Like two years ago, my mom asked me why I had no many pee stains in my underwear. I explained the 4-minute passing period rule to her and how that by eliminating flushing and handwashing, I was cutting it as close as I could. She said little has changed since she was 13 like 25 years ago. Anyway, Camdyn's mom nudged me from behind and pointed to the farthest of the four stalls and I saw a lady walk out rather easily. I got to thinking that something was different about that. Once I got up there I could see it instantly: there was no door! I was in such pain that I knew it would have to make due. Within 5 to 10 seconds my butt was on the warm seat and I started concentrating on getting my pee started. It was frustrating to me to be just sitting there, in pain, and not getting my pee started. Then the toilet next to me flushed, I heard the door open and the person exit and I could see over the top of the rather low partition, Camdyn's mom's head. I heard the door latch, the seat being raised, and I swear almost immediately from her standing squat I could hear a strong line of pee hitting the bowl. It went on for like 2 minutes. At that time I could hear her pull her underwear and jeans up. Then I heard a noise like her foot hitting the back of the stall like twice and then when the flush came, I figured she had earlier just missed the flush lever with her feet. While I had been trying to figure out what she was doing, my pee started and I remember even crying a little because I was in pain and getting so frustrated. I was just finishing the last of my pee when Camdyn's mother looked in on me and saw me sitting there peeing. She used a word I hadn't heard before like "adventurous" in seeing me sitting there and peeing. Whether a compliment or putdown, I was just happy to be sitting and peeing. More on the trip later.

Me and my buddy went to Sears yesterday to check out some circular saws and a router. Of course, neither item was available, so we decided to hit the Home Depot. Before we left Sears we decided to hit the 'john' since we had mexican food for lunch earlier. We walked in to find three doorless stalls, all available for our use, but a very stale lingering stench of previous mens bowel movements (can we use the sh-t word in here? ) We took the first and second stall, dropped our workpants and underwear (I wear boxers, have no idea what Mark wears LOL) We started pissing, and farting, and then making our bowel movements, and noticed that besides not having stall doors, there was absolutly no ventelation, and we could hear and smell every fart that each of us expelled. A customer came in saw us sitting there and laughed and said 'no doors? " and took the third toilet. At this point the room really stunk, from a combination of the old stale bm smells, and the three of us contributing fresh bowel movements. We finished up, and started wiping our heinees, and of course you could hear each other 'digging and scraping" our cracks. We finished up about the same time, washed our hands, and left. The Home Depot had everything we needed and more. They actually had doors on their stalls, even though we only had to pee ....

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