It's been a little longer than a year since I posted. My posting was about my getting use to using toilet seat protectors at my middle school for three years and then when my family moved, starting 9th grade in a much larger high school that didn't have them. I was 15 and I did learn to adapt to the situation. I started like once a day just sitting down at school on the stool when the stall came open and not worrying about covering the seat. Most of the other girls didn't worry about it either. However, what grossed me out was the growing number of girls--especially juniors and seniors--who would stand over the seat to pee, but not lift the seat first. So there would be pee splattered on the seat and, as the next user, I had to decide whether I wanted to get back in line for a dry seat or whether I would just sit down in the pee and make the best of it. After the first few weeks of school when I would go into a line for another stall, I would notice others running up to the open stall and within seconds, they would be sitting on the seat and right in the pee. I got to thinking that there was something wrong with me for holding out and risking a detention for several tardies to my next class. Well, I'm 16 now and a junior and I use the bathrooms each morning to crap and twice later in the day to pee. There still are some girls who are really messy about themselves and a few will even crap while standing over the toilet, and as you might guess, some just think nothing of having their logs plop right onto the seat and they don't do anything about removing their crap before they open the door and the next user comes in. I do have my limits and one of them is that I always check the seat before sitting down. I will take the time, and possible after-school detention, for taking toilet paper and removing crap from the seat and dropping it into the toilet which I then flush. In such cases, I actually wipe the part of the seat the crap was on before I sit down, but I just think it's gross that high-school age students don't take the time or pride to keep up the school bathrooms. Also, there are times when all 10 or so stalls are in use and when I come out, I'm the only one going to the sinks and actually washing my hands. So many others just grab their bookbag and make a run for class. I haven't told my mom because she's very clean about herself and she would be appalled. I have a few friends that say this situation is pretty normal. However, I feel there's little "normal" about sitting in someone else's pee. If the seat tissues were installed in each stall, I know I would go back to using them. My friends, however, say "dream on". I have two more years of such high school experiences that I don't really look forward to.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Where were the top five weirdest/most fun places you have peed:
1. Off the edge of a boat
2. In a garbage can in the house that already had garbage in it
3. On the kitchen floor (when I knew nobody would be home for a while)
4. One time I went in my brothers shampoo bottle and didn't tell him
5. On a chair while using the computer

I have always wanted to pee on the carpet somewhere but I'm not sure where to do it.

Random Girl
Just had the most satisfying, relaxing dump.
About 10 minutes ago, I started feeling that pressure on my lower colon signaling that my daily load was on its way out. I went to the bathroom, pulled down my pants, sat down, and relaxed my bowels. Within seconds, a solid, healthy log was making is way out, gently massaging my bum as it exited my body. Plop. I sighed. It seemed like there was more coming, so I leaned forward and pushed a little bit, squeezing out a few smaller pieces. I wiped three times, and stood up to see what I had produced. There was a 6-or-so inch log, accompanied by a few little ones. I pulled up my pants and flushed, empty in content in both bowels and mind. I'd say th whole thing took about 5 minutes.

Here are some things that I have always wondered about people...

When you have to pee very badly and have to hold it for awhile and you are in public, do you resort first to physically holding yourself "there," or do you squirm/dance/pace/fidget before you would hold your crotch/dick in public? I know most people simply sit down or cross their legs at first resort but I am talking about after that stops being "enough" to hold it.
Which is the next step?
When I was young I was a definite pee-pee dancer I remember doing some seriously frantic violent pee-pee dances in desperate attempts to hold it in until I got my butt actually planted on the toilet seat but I would NEVER not in a million years hold myself "down there" like it felt dirty or something. (My sibling on the other hand... did everything necessary in that department) On the other hand, as an adult I find excessive movement of any sort detrimental to holding my pee and if I need assistance in public I'll put a hand down there for some relief, maybe rub my hole a little and sit down often and make sure to be discreet.

I've also wondered about boys/men who hold their dicks when they need to go to the bathroom. Like females hold their crotches and push up against their pee hole because it helps the lower bladder muscle relax/gain some relief by supporting it but I don't really understand how grabbing your penis when you've got to pee badly helps the bladder muscle maintain control. Does it help to push/rub behind/on your balls too? Any explanations? Thanks.

Ken D.
I have a question for the guys who are in their mid-forties, or used to be. I seem to have suddenly reached "middle age" right on schedule, bifocals and all. Also, in the past year another thing has happened: now, when I think I'm done peeing, AND done shaking it, the darn thing still keeps dripping a little. Occasionally I end up with spotted pants, and drops on my bathroom floor. Not disastrous but no fun.

Have any of you other guys noticed a sudden change like this when reaching your mid-forties? Or is it just me? Is it one of those things I'll just have to "get used to"? Thanks, everyone!

It's been a few weeks since I posted. Getting adjusted to my new high school and my first job at a kiosk at our city's huge mall has gone OK, I guess, but a 500-store mall and a 2,000 student high school (I'm a freshman) are different than my previous small town lifestyle. After four months, I still hate using the bathrooms at our mall. I can crap pretty fast, but it takes me four or five minutes on the seat to get my pee flow going. That doesn't help my relationship with my co-worker who is older and bitches about me taking too many trips to and spending too long in the bathroom. Well, yesterday was my worst experience yet. I got to the mall a little before 4 p.m., deliberately peed at school before I caught my bus to the mall. We had had a spaghetti bar at school and like it's my favorite. Two liters of pop also contributed to the turbulence in my stomach. In turning into the mall parking lot, the bus driver ran over a couple of curbs and I knew from the jolt that my three days without a crap was about to end. The bus takes me right to my wing of the mall, but I noticed that a crane over the sidewalk, trucks taking out debris and a fence around the entrance. I had heard they were talking about remodeling before Christmas and breaking up one large store's former space into several smaller shops, but as I got off the bus, about the explode if I didn't find a bathroom fast, I began to panic. I must have walked 10 minutes through the parking lot to G-wing and I knew I should stop by our kiosk and let my co-worker know I was there. Well, it was like 4:10 when I arrived and she wasn't happy. Having to carry my book bag with a weekend's worth of homework hadn't helped my bowel situation, but I immediately started to wait on customers. Friday evenings are really busy with students getting out of area high schools and middle schools, plus large families come down to eat at one of the food courts and take in a movie. Well, by 5:30 p.m. it had slowed down enough that I had decided I shouldn't wait any longer to take care of my "problem". I was already sweating and fearful that I might have an "explosion" in my pants. I remember my co-worker said something partially nasty when I asked her if I could take my bathroom break, but I emphasized to her that I wasn't going to get anything to eat and I would be right back. Well, the bathroom we normally use which is much closer to us was in the wing closed by the construction. So I started walking to the north where I saw a lot of lights and people congregating for some pet talent competition. I knew there would have to be a bathroom close by. Sure enough I saw a sign directing people off the mall and through two swinging doors down a hall and with bathrooms at the end. By that point I was already mentally getting the relief I needed by pulling my jeans down, dropping my underwear and getting the satisfaction of one massive crap well done! A sign on the door drew my attention: "Restrooms locked for cleaning!" I even tugged on the door and sure enough it was locked. I was desperate enough to use the guys, but that too was locked. And it would have worked perfectly because there was nobody around. I had no choice but to walk fast back the way I had come in and to continue north. As I picked up my pace, more perspiration started to roll down my face and arms. My longest five minute walk ended behind the theatre complex when I saw the ladies sign. I couldn't believe it but upon entering I found there were only two stalls and the far one had the door locked because the toilet had been removed. The one stall was already in use by a middle-age lady who I just briefly glanced at through the crack. Her feet weren't moving but her jeans and underwear were at ankle level on the floor and you could hear a rather strange sound of like crap falling onto other crap. No splashes. It surprised me, until I heard her knees crack and she wiped, stood up, pulled up her jeans, and exited. It was obvious that she had forgotten to flush and when I grabbed the door as she left the stall, she muttered something to me about "good luck". Before she had even started washing her hands, I got my first full view of the stall and it was gross. I don't think it had been flushed all day! The water was a yellow pee-colored and there were balls, pieces and logs of crap stacked above the water level. I knew, however, that I had no choice. I had to sit down and I could feel my crap already coming out even without me being seated, and despite the stench and a few flies around the bowl, I ever-carefully sat down with my only concern being that the top of the crap stack would not be touching my pubic area. It was close, but I lucked out. My log was more than 2-feet long and it came out immediately. I knew I would have to stand up to wipe even though I normally do it from a seated position, but my butt sweat caused my to stick to the seat for a split second. I would have liked more paper to wipe with but I just wanted to get the essential cleaning done and knew that I needed to make quite a walk back to our kiosk. When I got back, my co-worker made some nasty remark about my being gone for 25 minutes. I told her if it would make her feel better, I wouldn't take a dinner break. And I guess it did.

sorry to those who follow regular posters like me. i've been busy what with school and all. grade eleven, IT'S ALMOST OVER. :)

but okay, i have a question that's more medical than bathroom related but i really need this solved and didn't know who else to turn to (i asked my best friend about it she just said to 'go to the bathroom' i just rolled my eyes)
so yeah, here's my problem: intense pains in my stomach. not near my period. not after eating something disagreeable. not after not pooping for a few days. unprovoked, just.. like, horrible pains. like, double over and cry sort of pains. like, i can't talk or eat or sleep sort of pains. it feels different from anything else. it's not common. it's probably like three times a year that i get it. but like... what's wrong with me? i know most of you are going to tell me to go to a doctor. i KNOW that. i want to know if there's a way i can solve this problem WITHOUT going to a doctor.


My spine is fine, but thanks for your concern! No, it's just bladder weakness, pure and simple. This kind of thing is actually much more common than complications of spinal disorders, but again, thanks for your concern.

For about two months now I have been dating a girl and, in the last few weeks, we have also publicly become a couple. We are quite comfortable when together and if either of us needs a trip to the bathroom that has never seemed a problem although it is not something we have ever talked about as such.
Yesterday I got home from work a little later than I had hoped and, as 'Ella' had had the luck to be able to escape work early for once (and now has a key to my place) she was there when I arrived. That was lovely except for one problem...
On the drive home, which only takes about twenty minutes, I became very aware that the toilet was the first stop once I got home! I couldn't hide it so I just blurted it out without thinking about the embarrassment factor.
"I need to go to the loo badly."
To this she replied, "So do I." and I then suggested that she go first because the bathroom would otherwise be uninhabitable for some time thereafter... I'm a pretty much a once-a-day person and my dumps are usually fairly soft and quick to do, if somewhat messy to clean up. This topic is not one we had discussed before, although it was clear that neither of us were particularly toilet-shy either, and certainly not one that I had intended to address in detail unprepared like this. Maybe it was the best way for her reply was so dead-pan that it almost stopped me thinking about my needs altogether:

"I haven't had a shit since Monday morning".

This was Friday evening, the time is what amazed me, and I was still speechless when, as if it were the most ordinary suggestion in the world, she added:
"Let's just go together. You can do it first since yours is an urgent one. I'd really like that."
I don't know why I agreed so readily, but it suddenly seemed such a natural thing to do, so without further discussion...

Multi-drop Pete
We were out for a fairly long walk, expected duration about 2 hours; 3 boys age 5, 7 and 7, a girl (T.) 10 years old and about 6 adults. The adults were walking fairly slowly so by about 15 minutes into the walk the children had got well ahead; the adults stopped to collect some holly for Christmas decoration, so I hurried ahead to mind the children (I usually end up with the child-minding duty). T. was 100 yards ahead, just about to disappear around a bend, and the boys were a bit further on, out of sight; I quickly caught up with T. and overtook her heading for the boys. As I passed her she grabbed her crotch twice, her face wrinkling with effort each time; she wasn't looking at me and I don't know if she knew I had noticed. For a moment I was not sure what to do; one of the deficiencies of the old, grey, wrinkled organ that lives between my ears and jokingly calls itself a 'brain' is that it is slow to ask for help, so it didn't occur to me to ask T.'s mother for advice; by then we had widened the gap to well over 100 yards anyway, so that would have been difficult even if I had thought of it. I had to solve the problem for myself. Lots of thoughts rushed through the aforesaid wrinkled organ - if she was already desperate after just 15 minutes walking, she had probably needed a pee fairly urgently before leaving the house; if she didn't use the toilet then, it probably meant she was too shy to let the adults know she needed it; so she would probably be very embarrassed to think I knew she was nearly wetting herself. That meant I had to provide her with privacy for a minute or two without letting her know I knew she needed it. Tricky!

My spur-of-the-moment solution was to run towards the boys, a few yards ahead, calling 'let's go and see the bridge!'; the boys caught my enthusiasm and ran with me around the next bend to a small but interesting bridge, leaving T out of sight. I knew, and I hoped T. knew, that the adults would take a few minutes collecting holly so T. had privacy for a bit. When T. caught up a few minutes later she no longer seemed to need a pee so my plan must have worked.

However, that brain thing of mine does tend to worry; when I ran off with the boys, what did T. think? Did she think I was ignoring her and rudely leaving her alone? Or did she think I knew she needed a pee, so she felt embarrassed? Or did she think my call to the bridge included her, but we wouldn't notice if she arrived a bit late? I hope it was the last, but I couldn't think of a non-embarrassing way to ask so I'll never know.

Feedback welcome, dear toilet friends - do you think I did the right thing? What would you have done in my place?

earlier today I was sitting here doing stuff on the computer when I had to go pee I didnt have to go bad, so I figured id wait a little I had to go up anyway to take a shower so I sat here and continued what I was doing so im sitting here doing all kinds of stuff on here when suddenly I had to go poop the urge came really strong and I had to go pretty bad. I said to my mom and sister im going in the shower and my sister says the light bulb is out in the bathroom im like you have to be kidding me I asked my mom if we had any and she said we didnt im like oh man I really have to get in the bathroom I sat here squirming in the chair trying not to poop myself I hate the dark but I couldnt take no more my stomach was really hurting and I was seriously going to poop myself I could feel it so I said screw it. I really have to go I darted up the steps and into the dark bathroom I could have left the door open and got light from the hallway but I didnt want my mom and sister to hear me in there (I am shy about going poop and dont like when anyone can hear or smell me)so I shut the door ripped down my pants and as soon as my butt hit the toilet mushy poop started shooting out. it wasnt liquid but wasnt solid luckily it didnt take long only about 2 minutes or so then I was done and had to wipe. I got up from the toilet and opened the door a little to get light from the hallway so I could see then I sat back down and started to wipe it was messy to clean up after that I flushed the toilet and felt so much better.
mom went to buy light bulbs turns out something is wrong with the electric in there its weird the rest of the electricity is good in the house only the bathroom light wont work its really weird hopefully that will be fixed soon cause i dont prefer going to the bathroom in the dark.

i'm responding to rachel about peeing in the water. i've done it for ages -- it's doubtless a psychological thing in that you have to get your muscles down there to open the sphincter so you can pee. i prefer to pee in the ocean and think it's not nice to pee in someone's smaller pool. a lot of people pee in pools, especially public ones. lifeguards will tell you never to drink even the highly chlorinated water in the public pools because kids especially pee in them. i had a doctor friend who used to slip tablets into women's drinks when he gave a pool party -- it made them pee red which in the pool could really attract some attention! it also showed how many peed in the pool. i think he was being an s o b to do that -- some woman might have an attack when she thought she had gotten her period in the pool.

White water
Any girls got any good childhood pee pants stories

To Mistee...That was an interesting story about you and your friend. That really must have been something.

Was there ever a time when you had an accident?

My mom has had a REALLY bad case of diarrhea since monday (its now thursday)... Monday and tuesday should could barely stand up. Now it has went down but its still bothering her.. anybody know how to help?

Ashley, you do need to see someone. This is really now a matter of your health and safety, and possibly your life. What you are experiencing is an irrational fear. This is very treatable and very possible to conquer. If you're afraid of using the bathroom in front of others, what do you think will happen when it gets to a point that you can't go on your own?

Thanks for the concern. I know what I'm doing is really unhealthy and even dangerous, it worries me all the time, and I've always been afraid that something like that would happen before I could get help. I'm really trying to find the courage, and I know I can do it but having somebody know about this is kind of the source of this fear. So its like I have to beat my fear before I can tell somebody about it, that's why I've let it get this bad without getting help. I know now that its only going to get harder to tell somebody as my fear gets worse so I think I'm more motivated to do it now.

I didn't really expect to find an answer or a cure on this forum. It was just nice to have somewhere I could kinda spill everything while I was having a tough time. I also didn't really want to worry anyone or stir things up too much, so I think maybe I'll just post again if the situation ever gets better. I'll definitely keep reading here though.

Just to clear up, abuse was never an issue with me. I've been fairly shy as long as I can remember, that first accident just seemed to trigger everything. Actually that's why I want to try and tell my parents before anyone else. I don't want people to think it might be a problem with that because I know it looks that way.

Anyway I hope I'll be posting soon, I guess we'll see how it goes.

To Rachel
As far as I know being in water does not mean you can't pee physically. I think it's just your brain refusing to let go, because you are trained only to go in the toilet. I do not remember if I had this in the beginning too (very likely that I did), but now I can pee in water relatively fast. It might sound weird, but I'm sure a lot of people pee in the sea! Besides the sea, I also sometimes pee in a pool. I know, maybe it's gross but sometimes I'm just having way too much fun to swim to the side, get out of the pool, get in line (risking having an accident while waiting, if I have to go badly), wait, pee (most of the times through my swimsuit anyway) and then find my friends again. And I'd have to miss all the fun. I know that sounds very childish, but sometimes I'm just lazy. I don't pee in the water every time I swim and not in small pools, but sometimes I do it at the local swimming centre.
To get back to your post, I think it was a natural reaction to try to pee in the pool when you thought you couldn't hold it. Nobody would notice you peeing in the pool, but they might if you peed somewhere else. Don't feel bad about it - though I would've had the same reaction as you. I've never been in such a situation, though.
Having said that, I was wondering whether someone noticed you going behind the bush: you said you where at a pool party, so there must've been people around. Did you take your swimsuite/bikini bottoms down/off? I guess not, that'd be exposing yourself...
And, as to answer your question: I think being in water does not mean you can't pee physically, but you just can't pee because you are used to a toilet and going somewhere else is against your potty training. Doing it more often (not necessarily peeing in water, just peeing in places besides the toilet) will make you go easier next time, I think. Not that you should train yourself to be able to pee in a pool... :P

Keith D
Hello everyone. I've been offline for a while. Nice to see some good stories on here still.

To Stitica Laura: Great description of how you deal with your constipation. I used to really struggle constipation and sometimes still do. I remember the "routines" that I used to get into to get through a difficult poop. I would find one that would work for a while but then I'd find it harder and harder to poop and would have to find a new routine. I think I've tried many of the same tactics as Laura.

When I'm at home and have privacy I often like to drop my trousers and pants right off as it allows some freedom of movement to get into positions when I'm straining. When I was a teenager I also tried squatting down on the floor to try and get my poop moving. I find it easier to push from a squatting position. I didn't try to poop on the floor - just get it started. When I was really constipated I found it really hard just to get the log moving. If I could get just the tip to emerge, it seemed to open my hole a little and even moisten it a bit. After that, getting the log to move was much easier.

I also find that leaning right forward so that my legs are against my chest also makes it easier to poop. Something about having your legs against your chest just seems to make it easier to get your bowels moving. It must put pressure on your intestines or something. I guess it's a similar position to squatting but you are sitting on a toilet seat. I also find it easier to poop if my butt cheeks are spread, stretching my hole open slightly.

Over the years I've found a number of different positions that make the process easier. Sitting on the toilet and leaning right forward like Laura works for me but I find it uncomfortable after a while, especially if it is a long drawn out poop session. Laura, don't you find that in that position all the blood rushes to your head?! LOL.

I now find it easier to sit upright on the toilet seat, then lift my thighs and knees up to my chest and put my feet on the front of the seat. That way I'm in a squatting-type position, with my legs against my chest but I can balance easily. In this position, I can also spread my butt cheeks apart between the sides of the seat so that it holds my hole open so that I do not have to do that myself. I also find that in this upright position, I get some assistance from gravity (good old mother earth!) which helps draw my poop log out. Leaning forward and pooping near-horizontally takes much more effort for me.

Thanks for sharing your story Stitica Laura. Please post some more if you can. Sounds like you keep a diary? It's great that you were able to go through your whole pooping routine while in a public toilet. I'm often very embarrassed by the amount of time that I take to poop and some of the positions I need to get into. I would be worried about someone seeing my squatting under the partitions. I think it was Brenda on here that posted about having to lean forward and spread her cheeks to pass a motion and having children spying on her. I'm glad that you have the self-confidence to get you through your constipation problems Laura. We should all be able to poop in peace!

I also agree that although a big hard poop hurts, it's also a really satisfying sensation like nothing else.

Anyone else got new constipation stories? Linda from Australia are you still on here? Are you still having problems? Tried any different positions?

I'm dying for a shit - so I'll just type this in then rport back in a few minutes - time 0850

time 0855 - I'm back.

I've been upstairs, taken my pants and red underpants down, sat down.
Farted, then one small plip. It then slid out with a louder plop, then 3 splashes in succession, Pulled the chain, then wiped my bum with 5 handfuls of toilet paper, flushed again

I've just had a good shit.

I lifted myself off the seat so I could watch it drop.

4 in quick succession - PLOP,PLOP,PLOP,PLOP

I watched the water splash up as they landed, and ended up with a wet bum

Traveling Guy
Hi! I haven't been here for years, so most of you don't know me at all. Great to see this place is still going strong. I go back to the days of Punk Rock Girl, Malita, and others in our "pooping posse." I see there's a "college guy" on here now. Yo, college!

Just a quick story for now, sandwiched between a really good morning "full automatic" poop I just took - one of those effortless, oooh, that feels so good kind - and getting to work. I promise I'll be back very soon to read your posts and get to know you all better.

Last night I went to a reception to welcome back eight high school juniors. They had each spent a month abroad in different countries around the globe. The room was filled with a really diverse group of families, teachers, folks from the sponsoring organizations, funders, etc. These were students whose families could never have afforded to send them on such trips, which was a great thing. And their expreiences in new cultures were fascinating. Each student gave a little slide presentation on his or her trip. There were lots of the expected shots of beautiful landscapes, historic places, new friends, host families and exotic foods. But there were also a couple of surprises. One girl who stayed with a humble family in Central America told of using their outhouse one morning. "I had to go, so I went in and sat down, and then this rooster came in under the door and I freaked out."

Another girl showed a slide of some "surprises" she encountered on her stay in Asia. One of them was a Thai squat toilet. She pointed to the image and said, "When I first saw that, I didn't have any idea what it was. When my host sister told me it's the toilet, I couldn't believe it. You're supposed to learn new things when you travel. Well, what I learned from that is how to hold it. But you can hold it for only so long, so one day I decided I just had to use it. So I learned to squat over it and relax and it all worked out okay." (lol!) The listeners laughed long and hard. We all loved her openness. You won't hear this kind of stuff on shows like "The Savvy Traveler." Afterwards, I had a short talk with this girl and explained that squatters are actually very healthy for the body because they promote full elimination. (Besides that, I just like using them. If you've ever sqautted on one, or in the woods, or wherever else, you know how good it can feel.)

Got to go for now. For those of you with bladder and bowel problems, you'll find lots of friends here, but take their best advice, and mine: see a medical professional. Your condition could be serious and it might be masking something even more serious.

Be back soon. Until then, enjoy your bodily functions, and keep us all posted! - TG

majore femm
I'm a guy, and I pee sitting down. I also wipe after. I can give a few reasons for it:

Sometimes my pee lasts a long time and I don't want to stand up for that long.

I don't bother aiming, but I don't want to make someone else sit on my pee, and I don't want to clean it up if I did miss.

I sometimes like to relax for a while after peeing.

I wipe because, admit it guys: shaking is NOT ENOUGH.

Shaking risks a mess.

When I wipe, I grab a small wad, put it at the end of my penis and pull it, to make sure that all the pee is out of me.

Do any other guys have similar habits to me or am I alone? Let me know, thanks.

to Harmony

you never mentioned whether or not you cleaned up the bathtub :P

Sunday, September 21, 2008

bubba turd
Over the summer I went camping with some friends at a campground with no bathrooms. The three of us would all pee in the woods and those two crazy dudes took dumps in the woods too, but I decided to wait for the comfort of a toilet. At first it was easy to hold in my poop and i started to get really gassy and full and the massive amounts of greasy food we were eating didnt help either. Then a few days into the trip it started to rain and rain like it often does up in the mountains but we decided to stick it out. When it was really bad we just unzipped the front door and pissed right out of it. I was farting all the time and they really stank up the tent but we couldnt open the door very far because the water would get in. I wasnt the only one emitting noxious gasses though. Niether of my freinds had 'gone into the woods' in over three days since the rain started so their turds were producing massive amounts of gas. For me it was over a week since I pooped at this point and I was really lettin em rip. We all sat around ripping huge farts seeing who could make his the longest. Each one of us had a distinct fart smell which was interesting. After a while I had to drop out of the fart contests because the huge log building up was really trying to get out and my farts had to slide out around it. My silent deadly ones stank up the tent to the point where there was practically a brown cloud inside. I got cramps and my stomach was all bloated out, I actually had to reach around and hold my cheeks together while I let out huge loads of gas for relief. The rain didn't let up and it was getting harder and harder to hold it, I wished i had gone in a hole in the ground when I had the chance. Even peeing was hard because I had to relax my bladder without relaxing my hole. I was pissing out the door into the rain when I let out a super long fart that added to the stink already in the tent. It kept going and going until a wave of cramping started and I heard a crackling sound. I could feel my asshole beginning to get stretched by the tip of a monster poop log and I knew I had reached the point of no return. It was slowly squeezing out of my hole totally beyond my control. I felt the back of my briefs begin to stretch which provided resistance to the huge turd. Dudes I have to shit NOW announced as I waddled towards a camping chair in one corner of the tent. It was all I could do to keep the log from coming out any further and I even farted around the turd somehow as I walked. My buddy grabbed a 5-gallon bucket of supplies and dumped it out and put it in front of me. They were both laughing hysterically that I was having an accident. I thought it was pretty funny too but now was the time to get down to business, not laugh. I leaned way back in the chair so that my ass was sticking out over the bucket. I carefully removed my stained underwear to reveal a hard, bumpy turd head sticking several inches out my butt. Now that I was all set up, it was time to take my dump, but the only problem was the log wouldnt budge. First i couldnt keep it in and now it wouldnt come out. My hole was already stretched to the max and I could feel massive amounts of poop and farts were still in me, but this log was just too thick. I strained and grunted a few more inches out, and when I took a break, it actually started moving back in, which was a weird feeling. I wanted to give up but realized this enormous log needed to come out now. After several minutes of grunting and pushing, a giant, thick dry log rested against one side of the bucket sitcking its knobby head above the top. Exhausted, I farted explosively a few times and began to let out thick ropes of soft shit that eventually became diahhrea. By the end of it all I was just farting and my tentmates had fled into the rain. We all marveled at my giant turd which they agreed was one of the biggest.

Hi this is my first post. I am a teacher at a middle school I'm 28 years old, have medium brown hair, average weight, I,ve been called hot, and I think I'm an attractive woman. I will tell you about one of my previous poop experiences. My bowels work pretty good, i go just about every day at least once, sometimes twice and it usually takes me about ten minutes and I go a considerable amount. Well, I hadn't gone for about three or four days been really bloated and constipated and I don't like to take laxitives because they hurt my stomach. So I hadn't gone for afew days and I was sitting at school and we had just had lunch and my stomach was hurting a little bit from all the poop inside me. We have linch at 12:00 and get out at 12:30. I was sitting there, the students were fixing to come back from lunch and and was feeling bloated and a little bit of pressure was building up in my butthole this was about 12:25. I thought about going to the bathroom but it would take to long. So my students get back and I'm standing up there teaching and feeling a little bit uncomfortable and getting about to pee also. So 3:00 finally rolls around and I got to go pretty bad, pee and poop. I get into my car and start driving home, I put my hand in between the waistband of my panties and skirt to relive some of the pressure. I have about a twenty minute drive home, but this feels like an eternity. So I walk through the door and guess what happens, the phone rings, its my husband, he was on a buisness trip. I didn't want him to know I was about to go to the bathroom and I hadn't talked to him for a while so I just kept my hand on my stomach to try and relive the pressure. WE talked for about forty-five minutes. I was finally getting to go to the bathroom after not going for four days and holding it for alomst four hours. I went into the bathroom, raised up my skirt, lowered my panties and set down. It felt so gooooood to finally be on a toilet. I started a trickle of pee, which turned into quite a gusher for about a minute and a half to two minutes. After I got done peeing I leaned foward and let one of those big wet dog farts. I pushed a little and the tip of the first turd poked out. It wasn't a whole turd though, about four good sides balls ploped one right after the other, then allowed for a good sized turd to make its way out with a big plop. I set and trickled a little bit more pee, the another turd moved its way down and ploped. This poop was felling so good to finally get it out of me. I slid out six or seven of those big turds and a few more balls before I finally felt empty. I peed another torent of pee for about thirty more seconds, it seems like after I get done pooping I always have to pee quite a bit more. But anyway, there were eight turds or so, and a bunch of little balls. It took me about twenty minutes to push all of that out, and I felt so relived. I wiped a few times and flushed, good thing we got one of the good toilets that got a lot os flushing power. Thanks . I'm sure I will be posting some more, I got a few more of pooping stories to tell, let me know if you liked this one.

Italian guy
To Stitica Laura:

Wow,never heard about a 53 mins poop!Is every pooping session so long?
Do you ever have more "relaxing" poops.Sometimes also pooping seems to be a very hard work!

M. from Italy.

>Mr. Clogs
Monica: No big deal, we have something in common, we both live with our parents :( in a good way we live rent free and pay some expenses. Anyways, you asked for suggestions on what to do with the pee if you were to pee in the garbage can, well this one is tough. Maybe I should of been more descriptive with the request. Try peeing into a full load in the garbage can and let the paper waste soak most of the pee so you wouldn't have to dump a piss filled can in the toilet. Well here's my suggestion, wait til' your parents leave and dump the piss filled can into the toilet or sink. Maybe cups and vases are easy to conceal when you get ready to take your shower. Hold your cup or vase like you would hold your towel, and put the towel over the piss filled container into the bathroom to dump it out. Hope this helps.

Frawg: You asked about micro pooping experience, well here's one for you. This past Monday, I took my piss filled chamber pot in the bathroom to dump it out. I just hopped in the shower to take one but I felt the need to poop. So I ran some water to muffle the sound. I placed the pot under me and let it rip! The running water didn't silence the thunderous farts and plops into the pot.

single woman: Hey great post, sucks having to take a dump when you by the pool side. please post sometime and thanks for the visual description.

Taking Monica's survey:
Where were the top five weirdest/most fun places you have peed:
1. Chamber pot
2. Cups
3. Old Mayo Jar
4. Outside
5. My underwear (briefs)


The news I have is that I have gone "cold turkey" and ceased my pain meds and yes, I am experiencing more pain but less side effects. One thing is that the constipation has reduced and I am pooing almost every day. The only thing is the turds are big and hard and a little effort is required but not too much.
SINGLE WOMAN`s story about her urgency by the pool reminded me of similar last Saturday when we were staying at a resort and I got the urge down below. My key did not fir the male toilet and in desperation not the female`s either but eureka! the visitors toilet. I went in and the toilet was very low to the ground, sat on it and a magnificent specimen of a turd came out and snaked round the bowl...all one long piece..relief
The next day flying home I always get wind and bloating from the change in air pressure so went into the plane toilet for a fart...I can never seem to get poo out of me on a plane or at best a few pebbles. I sat on the pot, pushed for a fart and felt there was more there and a good firm shit was delivered a mile high.
On Monday (next day) I that morning I was on the pot and pushing out with effort a very substantial turd and my wife wanted to come into the bathroom and clean her teeth...I said come in anyway but she would not which is a bit silly.
Today I was at the gym and then had to see the doctor....I thought will I poo before I leave the gym or after the doctor...the urge I had was only minor...I had time on my side so i did the deed and produced a long dark brown knobbley shit. I showered and went to the doctor, who out of the blue decided to give me an anal examination...just as well I dropped my load before! Anyway the postate if flat which is good but my hole is a little sore now.

My girlfriend and I were out shopping when suddenly her t???y made a ferocious gurgling noise. Im sorry, she said, well have to finish this some other time. With that she began pushing the shopping trolley to the checkout area. We got in line. Fidgeting, she looked beautiful in her navy blue miniskirt and white blouse, long brown hair soaked with sweat, eyes feverish. Why dont you run ahead to the loo? I said, Ill put this through. Thanks, she said and moved ahead down the queue. As she passed the checkout, the operator said, Excuse me, mam, could I please check your handbag? My girlfriend complied angrily. If you would just do your job properly, she said to the cashier, we wouldve all been out of here by now! She stormed over to the service desk and pounded on the bell, demanding to see the manager. 5 minutes later the manager arrived and she abused him for the slow service. Sometimes, she said, when people want to get through the checkout, its a fricken emergency! People were staring at me. She continued ranting. When I was finished at the checkout, I went over to her, grabbed her arm and said, Come on, we should go now, you can write a letter of complaint when we get home. She gradually calmed down. Your superiors will hear about this, she said to the manager before spinning round and running for the toilet. Pushing the trolley at a brisk pace, I followed close behind her. Her high heels were slowing her down. The toilets were located to the right of the exit leading to the carpark. Halfway between us and the toilets was a sign on the floor that read CAUTION SLIPPERY WET SURFACE. She hiked up her skirt, exposing white cotton panties. She farted loudly. Then she slipped and fell on her face. She tried to get up but landed on all fours. She began to crawl toward the loos, now only 20 feet away. And then... SPLAT! The crotch of her panties turned brown and sagged. Drops of poo fell to the floor as she continued crawling to the loo, sobbing loudly. I put the shopping in the car, drove off and left her there.

Joe Stool
Hey 'yall, hope everyone's bowel movements are as satisfying as some of the posts that I've read lately.

Stitica Laura: Thanks for your response and continued description. Until a few years ago, I assumed that all BM enthusiasts looked at their productions. Then, vixen Punk Rock Girl informed for me that this is not so. One of the great things about crapping is that while everyone does it, everyone has different things that they enjoy about it - and aspects of the process that they would rather avoid. While I respect this, let humbly suggest that you are missing out on one of the most wonderful aspects of shitting; a well composed turd is a thing of beauty. When you are ready someday, you owe it to yourself to reward all of that effort with a peek. Also, please see below,my survey for the ladies.

Single Woman: Good to hear from you again; Check out my survey for the ladies.

In continuation of my fond recollection of old school posters here... You may see above that I mentioned Punk Rock Girl - I didn't mention her earlier, as she still sometimes posts here. Nevertheless, it is always good to hear from you PRG. Other previous posters that I remember fondly are: Kevin L. and also, a group of friends - Steph, Alex and Jody.

A survey for the ladies:

-How often do you fart?
-Do you enjoy the smell of your farts?
-Do you enjoy the smell of your poop?
-Do you grunt when you poop?
-Are you self conscious about farting/pooping around members of the opposite sex?
-How long do you have to date someone before you are comfortable farting around them? Pooping?
Thanks for your responses, happy dumps to all, Joe

We're printing only the post below, (sorry Donna). This one is to the point, that in a case where someone's health at extreme risk, their primary support needs to be face to face in real time. The internet is only good for research and reading over and above that. On a really serious note paruresis often occurs after abuse. While this may or may not be the case here, all healing starts with a single step. Ashley, please don't put it off any longer. Talk to your school counselor, nurse or someone you trust to help you find someone that can help you confront what's troubling you.

Ashley, we're all interested to hear how you finally beat this, but you have to find someone to talk to in real life, your health is at risk. If you continue to hold it until you can't hold it any more, you will do serious damage to your bladder and bowels. You can even get to a point where you end up in the hospital because your bladder is too full to empty. Please talk to a counselor or health care professional. The only thing you have to loose is the anxiety, worry about going and pain of holding it.

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