I have been a fan of this site for a while and it seems to have grown in popularity over time. Online searches for pictures of people on the toilet, guys and gals, seems to have expolded (if you check google search engines).

I was just starting to wonder... is there any sort of law against these kinds of pictures or websites? Im sure it is socially looked down upon but was wondering because it seems like they are popping up everywhere. Has anyone else noticed this? Hit me back. Its all pretty interesting.


Hey guys, do you guys have loose bowel movements and gas like 3 or 4 hours after eating fruit? I have that a lot!

Blissey, I hope you get well soon!

Cute & Shy, I'm still around and thank you for remembering me :)

Hi I'm 17 yrs old and very tall 6ft 5" and weigh 14st.Last week whilst on a girls holidat to greece I had a embarassing experience.
I hadn't been to the toilet for days, as I am shy, when I got this shooting pain in my stomach. I rushed to the hotel bar toilet,as soon as my butt touched the toilet the pain got worse.I fet the poo move out slowly, then it shot out. As it landed in the bowl it was too wide for the hole in the toilet, so I flushed it but it refused to move.
The pain returned, so I entered the next stall where I dropped a massive load of soft mushy poo with the most loudest farts I have ever heard and done. I quickly wiped my bottom and on seeing how much I had done, dident bother to flush, I just washed my hands to get back to my friends.On leaving the ladies toilets a group of fit boys were looking at me, and asked if the toilet was alright.
I have never been sooo emabarassed, I mean ok I accept I poo big, but farty sounds are touch much for a young girl!!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Miss Jay.
This happened another time, during the summer heats of school sports day.
I was outside supervising a group of about 10 children. All but one was away competing in various sporting events. Feeling the need pee, I told the last girl I would take her to join another group whilst I went to the toilet. She told me not to bother and that she would go to the toilet too. She headed off in the direction of the girls toilets, which were right next to the changing rooms near where we were, whilst I went to the staff ladies'. Now, the blocks that were the set of our previous experience (read last post) were closed for refurbishment. They're trying to squeeze three stalls into the small hole where our two current toilets stand, and also paint a bit I think. Anyway, this meant I couldn't get in to use the toilet unless I wanted three male contractors staring at me whilst I made pee with no cubicle walls. The sign on the door read: "Staff Ladies Toilets - Closed for refurbishment, should reopen after summer. Please use girls toilets by PE department.". (I did not miss out the apostrophes, they did!) I went over to the girls' toilets, where my student had gone, and sneaked in, hoping not to see anyone who knew me. I'd never been in these toilets before. There were five stalls, all dirty white coloured, a dark orange lino floor, and a row of circular basins with a tiny mirror in the middle for all of them and a single hand dryer at the side. I went into the stall second to the end (the only one with decent light), waited a second, and let out a stream of pee. The only other person in the room was to my right, in the end cubicle. I realized that it must be the student who had gone to the toilet at the same time as me, only she came here directly. I was done, and wiped up, but the student next door was groaning and grunting trying to heave out a large poo. I stood up as her poo exploded out her bum, hitting the water sharply. This was followed by a stream of liquid farts and a stream of pee coming out. "Is anyone there?" she called out. Not wanting embarrass her by letting her know that I had overheard her, I remained silent and lifted my feet from the floor. She had not yet wiped, so I wondered if there was no paper. I took some from my dispenser, and passed it under the partition. She and immediately wiped her bum. She stuck her hand under the partition again, and I gave her some more. I noticed her hand was covered in runny brown poop. I gave her a whole roll of paper and quickly ran out of the girls' toilets, as another member of staff came into the room. It was not until I went in to one of the art classrooms to wash my hands that someone pointed to the brown toilet paper attached to my shoe.

My grandmother recently celebrated her 100th birthday. The sugar icing on the cake did not agree with her and she shit right in her bloomers at her birthday party. The party disbanded soon, as the hall stunk. We all knew it was her.


There are a few things that you have to remember about going to the bathroom:

1. Everybody does it, from your English teacher, to the bitchest girl in school, to that really hot guy sitting next to you. Everyone.

Now another option for you.
I don't know the area in which you live, so this might not work for you, but you might want to try going outside like in the woods or in a park or something. That way you could just tell (insert whoever here) that you're going to go for a walk or something.

Ow my hole hurts. does any one know why your hole sometimes burns after you take a poo? i haven't eaten any spicy food lately. oh well just one of those painful mysteries of the universe. p.s. monica i love your stories about peeing in odd places. for your next post can you add more detail? like how your flow starts or how it feels while you pee. maybe you could pee yourself?

TKC (my girlfriend )
can anyone tell me what i should do? my babe sarah has been having poop stains like "skidmarks" in her panties very often... she is very embarrassed about it... she is 19 and a freshman at ucla... is this normal... should she be in disposable panties?

i know EXACTLY what it feels like to have to wait until lunch time to pee every single day. i wasnt getting picked on or anything like that, but i went to a strict public school that only allowed restroom use during lunch and then they would lock the bathrooms all other periods so i couldnt even sneak in during passing periods, although i tried like hell to pull that door open. it hurt real, real bad a lot of times. lunch was 6th period for me every year in middle school, so i had to wait from 7am to about 12:45. a couple of times i didn't go at all b/c we were being punished as a group (lunch in the auditorium, no food, no talking, no restrooms or getting up for any other reason). but i am proud to say, there were no accidents in middle school for me! im 23 now

Jessica Lyn
Hey Ashley, I'm kind of bathroom shy too. I just don't like having an audience when i am needing to do my thing in the bathroom. Whenever i am needing to pee, i am always trying to find the least busiest time of day when i can have some privacy. For me, it is ok when i am around my best friend, but with strangers and other students, i feel scared and it causes me to lock up and i just can't pee. I've read posts on here where girls are able to do both pee and pooh in front of other people but i need my privacy. It feels like i'm doing a public performance, especially when i have to pee because it tends to be on the noisy side, especially when i am full. I'm 16 now and have had this fear for most of my life.

I don't know what advice to give you other than to seek help if it is really bad, or to try putting on some music or running a tap or something so that it masks the sounds that you are making. It's got to be easier for a boy sometimes though i couldn't imagine myself having to use a eurnal with all the guys staring at me watching me pee.

Maybe guys have this kind of problem too in some ways with being stared at.

I've got another pee story but will save it for next time.

Jessica xoxoxox

Me and my best friend from 8th grade, Camdyn, went to our first state fair on Labor Day weekend. We are both 13 and unable to drive yet. Our fair is about 60 miles from the town we live in. Both of us saved our babysitting dollars to buy a day-long pass that entitled each of us to 15 hours of rides, some free food and a classic rock show. Camdyn's mom drove us down and dropped us off and my dad picked us up at 11 p.m. and drove us back home. I walked over to Camdyn's house and before we went downstairs to the car, her mom ordered her to go in to the bathroom one more time and to try and pee. Her mom said something like that was the last clean restroom we would be seeing for 12 hours or so. It did make sense to me so while Camdyn used the upstairs bathroom, I went downstairs and peed. I had my legs spread and a nice flow of pee going when her 16-year-old brother jerked the door open and because he had just woken up, he needed to pee fast because he had overslept and was late to his job. It was amuzing because he had his zipper down and was in the process of pulling his organ out when he saw me. Immediately he cursed, then he started to apologize. When I'm startled like that I lose my concentration and my pee flow dries up. I didn't even try to get it going again. Within a minute I had wiped, flushed and my underwear and shorts were up and I was opening the door for him. As he brushed by me and lifted the seat, he again said he was sorry and within 5 seconds I could hear him sigh and a tremendous storm of urine was hitting the bowl. I knew my bladder was still more than half full and that my next pee would probably come when we got to the fairgrounds. Was I ever right! More on that next time.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

This morning I was in the bath, my wife had already got dressed for work and done her make-up and was downstairs eating her breakfast. I then heard her walking up the wooden stairs in her high heels and she came into the bathroom. She said "Sorry but my bowels are going to burst if I don't empty them right now". She walked across the wooden floor noisely in her four inch stiletto heels to the toilet and pulled up her skirt around her waist, she pulled her panties down over her suspender belt and stocking tops and down to her knees. She then sat on the toilet, after a few seconds there was a 'phlluunnkk' as a turd the size of a cucumber dropped out of her botty into the water in the toilet bowl. This really stunk the room out, she said " Sorry but I can't help this, oh that feels better", then there was a 'plunk, plunk, plunk, plunk' as four smaller turds dropped into the toilet. Suddenly she did a big loud wet bubbly fart followed by a load of loose ploppings which ended with another loud bubbly fart which spattered the toilet bowl. She said "God, I needed that" The smell in the room was absolutely rancid, she then tore off some toilet paper and stood up and wiped her bottom. She wiped another four times and then reached for her perfume and sprayed it over her bottom. She then pulled her panties back up and pulled her skirt back down. She flushed the toilet and watched while it flushed, she said "Theres still some of my poopie in the toilet". She washed her hands and then flushed the toilet a second time. She said "That's better, it's all gone now". She then turned on her high heels and walked out of the bathroom and went downstairs. Trouble is that she left me with the smell, never mind, I forgive her.

I ALWAYS hold my poop in until the last minute, and hate using public bathrooms. Is anyone else this way? I'm 17/f/NYC and this is how i've always been since I was a kid.

I hadn't pooped in about 4 days and was feeling very uncomfortable last night and this morning. I ate lots of salad, fruits, vegetables, almonds and things like that yesterday and drank lots of water. I could feel pressure around my ribs and my sides but no poop yesterday.

Finally this morning I felt pressure on my stomach and went to sit on the toilet. The first time nothing except oil and a few tiny little pebbles came out. About 10 minutes later I had to actually go and I sat on the toilet and pushed out what felt like a medium sized load. There was oil in the toilet as well as a 6 inch turd.

I went again earlier and pushed out more orangey-brown oil, another 6 inch turd and a couple smaller ones about 4 inches each.

I feel a little better but my stomach is not completely empty. I've been taking Mineral Oil every few days rather than every day like my doctor told me to do.

I've also changed my diet a whole lot. I've cut out breads, pastas, cereals, etc and been eating lots of vegetables, fruits, lean meats, nuts and drinking more water. A gluten-free diet is hard but I'm slowly starting to feel better.

Patrick, I've often been in the same situation as you, needing to take a dump at the beach in a doorless stall. The town I used to live in had no doors on any of the stalls at the various beaches.

The stalls that took a little bit getting used to were the ones that faced the entrance. It would sometimes surprise the guys coming in to walk in on someone on the can. I would sometimes hear a "whoa" from the guys coming in.

The first few times I used one of those stalls, I would keep my pants and underwear up around my thighs. I was a bit modest in those days. It was a bit difficult to "evacuate" properly, so I then started to slide my pants down just below my knees, but keep my underwear up, so as to hide my "stuff". Baggy boxers are like shorts and hide alot. At some point I started just dropping all pants and underwear to my ankles, just like at home. It was just the most natural and comfortable.

Several years ago, when I switched back to briefs, I started the cycle all over again. I was shy about anyone seeing my underwear, so I would keep everything up at my thighs again. That didn't last long, though. It was simply too uncomfortable to unload with the restriction. Now I have no qualms about crapping in a doorless stall. I have even had conversations with fellow crappers and other guys who are either waiting for my seat or using the urinal or sink. Funny patterned or colored briefs and jeans sitting nicely around the ankles and all!

Hey, guys. I think my stomach is irritated. I ate some hamburger helper earlier for dinner, and a couple of minutes ago, I went sent flying to the bathroom with a gurgling stomach and a feeling like there was going to be an explosion. I plunked myself on the toilet, a large wet-sounding fart came out, and a wave of chunky, mushy crap splattered in the toilet, burning my hole. I farted again, and then moaned as another wave of hot poo squirted out. I was done then, so I got up, looked in the toilet, and saw some mushy greenish-tan shit, with tiny pieces of corn in it. Ew. I wiped, flushed, and left the toilet. I don't understand why my poop came out so strange, but I hope that hamburger stuff didn't make me sick. I feel like I've got to go again, and it's gonna be mushy. So, I'll go now.

Happy pooping.


Jessica Lyn
I've got a pee story from 6 months ago.
I had just got home from school and i needed to pee but didn't think i would have too many problems since i could just go when i got home. However, when i got there, to my horror, i looked in my backpack and couldn't find my key to get in and i thought that i could just ring the dorrbell because usually some one is at home when i get there but this time, there wasn't any one and i had to wait around for somebody to return so that they could let me in but after a half hour, i was starting to feel desperate and i didn't know what to do. About 45 minutes into the wait, i felt a little trickle into my panties and i knew that i needed to find some where to go outside so i walked around my parent's house and found a place in the back where i felt safe and didn't think anyone would be looking. So i put down my backpack and took off my jeans and panties and shoes and walked a little ways from the backpack and quickly squatted down and tried to pee but my nervousness kept me from releasing the pee and it was hurting and and finally a little trickle came out but after a couple of seconds, i it stopped and i was feeling scared that someone might catch me in this position but i did some self talk to try and relax myself and as i was able to relax, the pee began to trickle again and then, as the muscle began to relax, it suddenly started to push it out faster and faster and it made a lot of noise as i usually do when i am really full and it took like 50 seconds to pee and my feet got a little wet and a bit of my legs but oh i sure did feel better and i felt so relieved. I didn't have anything to wipe with so i just put on my clothes and got back to the front door just in time to have my mom come home and it was nice to get inside and change my panties into a clean pair. Isn't it always like that if i had waited an extra 10 minutes, i could have used the in door toilet instead of the outdoor ground but i had to do it cause i couldn't wait any longer. I admit that it felt different and i know that i can do it in the future if i ever find myself in that perdicament again.

Monica, i liked your story.

It's funny how some people won't leave a class or meeting until there's a break, even if they really need to go. I was in a training class with about 6-7 others. Part way through, Trish, who was sitting right in front of me softly says (though I overheard) to another woman next to her that she hopes there's a break soon because she really needs to go to the bathroom. About 20 minutes later, the instructor finishes the topic she was on and begins another one. Trish speaks up and asks, "Can we take a quick break? I really need to use the bathroom." The instructor informs her that there will be a break right after the next quick topic. Trish asks, "How long? I can only wait about 10-15 minutes." The instructor says, "5 minutes, tops" and starts the next topic. Well, it actually took about 15 minutes with all the questions. I was watching Trish to see if she scurried out of the room because she couldn't "wait" any longer. Trish stayed seated, but as soon as the instructor said "break", she immediately left the room. I guess she made it!

I took another poo at work today. I was going to go when I went pee after work, but someone was in the bathroom when I entered so I decided to just wait until she left before I went in to poo. The other person was definitley pooing because when I entered the bathroom to pee, it smelled really strongly of fresh poo and she was being awfully silent. As I was peeing, she let out a couple dribbles, probably because she was pushing a turd out. After I finished peeing I sat on the toilet longer to see if I could hear her drop her load. Unfortunatly, I didn't. But she was ripping an awful lot of toilet paper off the roll and wiping but when I flushed and was washing up, she wasn't getting up to flush, so I left. About 5 minutes later or so, I heard the bathroom door open. I was going to try to see who it was cuz I have a feeling it's the same person who I've heard taking a dump in the bathroom the last couple times I've gone, but I didn't look in time. :( Shortly after that, I went into the bathroom to take a poo. The bathroom smelled really bad now, but I had to poo so I didn't care. Plus, I knew that I was gonna end up stinking it up even more anyway. lol. I sat down and started pushing. I could feel my hole opening up and I could hear faint crackling sounds every time I pushed, but nothing had started to emerge yet. I sat there for a couple minutes just waiting for the poo to move some more. I pushed again and the same thing as before. This went on for a few minutes. Finally I just decided to push as as hard as I could. I pushed my toes against the floor and pushed hard. I felt my hole open even more and the poo was finally coming out. I continued squeezing it out and while I was doing that, I let out a few grunts in an effort to get the poo out faster. After a couple minutes, the first piece hit the water with a sploosh sound and I was starting on the next piece. This one took less effort then the first. I pushed gently and it fell with a plop. I felt finished but just to make sure I was for sure done, I sat on the toilet for 5 extra minutes. After I was satisfied with my dump, I wiped and flushed. The bathroom now smelled really bad now. Haha

I have a question. This might not be the best website to ask but I will try anyway. My question is when I pee my stream sometimes breaks into two ones like this < and another one is I beleive i'm circumsize but on the tip of my penis there is a little sorta like swollen bump on it whihc has been there for ever and I don't know what to od

Thank you for the responses it really means a lot.

I guess being afraid of people seeing/knowing I'm doing it would be the closest thing to my problem. Its weird though because I don't really think about that I just get really scared like I subconsciously linked the bathroom to fear for some unknown reason. I know I don't really have a reason to be that afraid I just suddenly start to get nervous and panicky when Im in there. It feels like I'm about to speak publicly or something. Ive always had a bit of bathroom shyness my whole life but I don't think it was anything that was really uncommon until recently.

My house isn't too crowded. Its fairly small but its only my parents my younger sister and I normally. My older sister lives here too now but only during the summer. She goes to University in another city. The house has two bathrooms but one is in my parents' room. They use that one and the other is for my sisters and I. We're not forbidden from theirs or anything that's just kinda the way its always been. Anyway, lately it doesn't seem to matter which bathroom I try or if the house is full or empty. Even when the house is empty its really hard to use it.

About finding something to go in if I cant make myself go to the bathroom, I might try that. One time when I knew I was going to have an accident I was in kind of a panic so I tried just ducking behind my bed and peeing on a towel without my pants on but it made me feel really guilty like I was doing it on purpose or something. It just made me feel bad in a different way than going in my pants. That was pretty frustrating because it felt like there was just no good option for me, but maybe if I could find something to go into it might not be as bad. I'll look for something and maybe give that a try, at least for now, I know I can't let that be a long term solution.

Oh and I tried Googling it and I mostly get stories about a woman being afraid to get OFF the toilet lol. I have found a little bit of helpful info on but I'm still looking.

I know I have to do something about it but lately it seems like I'm waiting for it to stop getting worse. I don't know if I can bring myself to spill all of this to my parents or anybody right now. It would be really embarrassing but I'm also worried its going to get to the point where I have a bad accident in public or in school or something before I find the courage to ask for help or somehow fix this. I guess we'll see what happens but I'm sure I'll have more to update later.

Hi, all im 18 and a guy. the most embarrassing thing happened to me while i was with my girlfriend.
we were cuddling on my bed and i had to go to the bathroom not just #1 but #2 too. well i was not about to stop right then. so i held it. about 2 hours later , my stomach gurgled, lurched and i had to squeeze my butt cheeks together to keep from crapping myself. my girlfriend noticed and asked what was wrong, and i said i was fine. so we laid there and cuddled. and we were getting pretty intimate. and at this point well i was "up" so to speak, so holding my pee was easy. after about 40 minutes of us playing around. i "sat down" and i relaxed, just at that moment, hot water poop came shooting out of my butt. so i clenched my cheeks together, and got my pants on. then i began to pee uncontroabley , and i jumped off the bed, shocked i started to head towards the bathroom and i only made it a few feet infront of the bed when my stomach gurgled and my bowels opened up. i had hot pee and poop streaming down my legs. infront of my girlfriend. now this was my first real accident since i was like 5. and i really couldnt help it and i started bawling like a little baby. My poor girlfriend was so shocked, she just gave me a hug and helped me get on the toilet, and get cleaned up. all the while im bawling. she was so great about it , she clean up my pants and threw my boxers out. she got me new clothes and everything.
She felt so bad that i was still crying after getting outof the shower she held me and said everyone has accidents, and right there she peed her pants. i calmed down a little, and helped her get changed. i will never live it down if any of my friends find out what happened.

Dan Doy
Me and one of my friends (I'll call her Ann) went out for some fondue a few nights ago. Ann is dirty blond, slender but with good curves, and a nice, round butt. She is also not afraid at all to tell someone she has to poop or fart or anything like that. The meal was great, and as you can imagine, we ate lots and lots of melted cheese. We went back to her house and had some drinks with some friends and I ended up sleeping over there. We're not romantically involved in anyway, just good friends since HS. I was sleeping in the common area, her bedroom is right next to the bathroom and about 10 feet from the couch I was sleeping on.

I wake up at about 6:30am to Ann opening her bedroom door. I heard her open the bathroom door and close it again. I get up and sneak over, lay on the floor and look under the crack. I knew she had to take a dump cuz she was complaining about how the cheese was making her gassy the night before and how she almost always took a huge poop the next morning after eating fondue. I could see a reflection in the polished tile threshold of the door, it was her legs up to about mid-thigh and the whole bottom half of the toilet. This was fantastic I thought. I saw her PJ shorts and panties lower, and I saw her take a seat on the toilet, I could clearly see her legs, beautiful butt, and the lower part of her stomach. She let out a puffy fart as soon as she sat down, and I immediately heard loud crackling of a log sliding out. The crackling went on for about 2 minutes and I could barley hear a "plip" as the top slid into the water. It was obviously long enough to touch the bottom of the bowl already. She had her hands clasped between her legs the whole time, but then took one out and started rubbing her stomach. She farted 6 hissing farts in about 20 seconds, then I heard some more crackling. Just as loud as the first time but not as long, only lasting 30 seconds or so, but it sounded like the log was moving out a lot faster, and again another plip as the log fell into the water. Then another puffy fart, and right after a zipper fart that lasted for a few seconds and while she was farting she dropped about 5 small poops. She flushed once, but stayed seated and started getting toilet paper. I decided not to watch her wipe so I got up and went back to the couch. She flushed again about 3 minutes later and came out of the bathroom. I was pretending to still be asleep on the couch as she went back into her room. The whole process took about 7 minutes or so.

For Ashley,

I can really understand what you are going through. I am 20 and have had the same problem for about 7 years. Mine started when I got picked on in the bathroom at school. I always had to wait to pee in school for a long time.. I left home about 7 a.m. for school and didn't get to pee until lunch time. By that time I was ready to burst. Sometimes I would pee very loud when I gushed a bloated bladder worth. One time there were two upper class girls who listened outside my stall. They started to laugh at my long piss. I froze up. I still had more in me but it wouldn't come out. The next day when I went to empty myself out, I couldn't go. That began to happen all the time. I was afraid that someone would make fun of me because I made so much noise when I peed. So no matter how bad I had to pee I held it until I got home about 4 p.m. It meant that I had held it for 9 hours. I was in terrible pain. Sometimes even at home I had trouble starting to pee and waited and waited until I was able to get going.

Ashley, I think that you have bathroom phobia (fear that you may embarrass yourself either being unable to pee or afraid that someone would hear you pee). Did anyone ever make fun of you when you went to pee? Someone at home. Or some stranger? Was there a time when you could go OK, say before you bacame a teenager. Teenagers are very shy sometimes. A lot of boys are afraid that someone would see their penis when they are at the urinal trying to pee. Or they are afraid that they will have an erection and not be able to pee. They also have bathroom phobia.

Ashley, I don't think that it is the bathroom that you are really afraid of. I think you are pee shy (otherwise known as having a bashful bladder, or have a shy bladder, or have stage fright). I have found that sometimes this is a medical problem. You may want to talk this over with a doctor. But it is mostly a psychological problem and is called paruresis. A lot of people have one kind (just can't go when anyone around.) Another kind is called avoidant paruresis (avoiding public toilets in particular all the time and sometimes even at home).

There is help. Look up any search engine on the Internet such as google and put in "shy bladder" or paruresis. You will find there are sites on the Internet that can help you understand why you are what you are and suggest ways you can get help. I am getting better but I still can't go in very crowded rest rooms. I just freeze up even when I have a full bladder. Not a drop will come out.

Haven't posted here in ages.

TO MONICA: You say you enjoy peeing in odd places? Might I ask, out of curiosity, if you know the technique for women to pee standing up? If not, I definitely recommend that you try it, as it increases the possibilities for peeing in strange places immensely. Some people say it's unfeminine, but that's a load of nonsense. There were many women who used to post here that knew how to stand and go; just try searching the old posts here, particularly for posts by PV and Louise.

Hey All,
How's everyone doing?
Well I finally have a story for yall.
On Wednesday morning i have the urge to poop. So i go in and sit down and let loose. It was kinda solid and kinda liquid too. The kind where your butthole doesnt open, it just seeps out all of a sudden..It felt great I had to go so bad..
Then a few hours later I had to go again. This time a lot worse, It just kept coming out and wouldnt stop, just kept seeping out of my butthole..After bout 10 or 15 minutes i was done.. My butt was so sore, it hurt to wipe, thats how bad it was. I was in alot of pain..
When i got back to my bed it hurt to sit down. Thats how bad it was.
Later after I showered and all, I put some desitin on it to help ease the pain.
Well I hope all of you like my story and enjoy it.
Keep the great stories coming!!

Chelcie is giving good advice.
Please tell us how you are doing.

Claire N
To Melanie. I once had the same problem as you with public toilets, but eventually overcame it. I can sympathise and reading my post on page 1634 might help.

hey every body heres a weird post but its funny. Once I was having a poop and then I looked at it like I always do. Then I flushed and suddenly the water splashed out of the toilet onto the floor. Then I looked at the water and it made this shape like a disgusted face with a mouth shaped like a piece of poop. It was weird.

Monica- I love your story about peeing on the carpet under the couch! I was going to suggest under a bed. Also if there are any plants at your house you could pee there.

I started my new job monday, at a very big production plant. Great company, great benefits, and terrific working conditions, including free lunch buffet every day. My father in law has worked there 20+ years, and pulled a few strings and got me a entry management position. It's great !! The mens restrooms are really clean no matter what time you go in, and they are always refilling the liquid hansdsoap, paper toweling , amd the toilet tissue. For as great a place as this plant is, I was surprised that none of the toilet stalls have doors in any of the mens rooms. Nobody makes a big deal over it, it's just the way it is. My first day working there my father in law and I had lunch and then hit 'the bowls" when we walked in, most of 'the bowls" were occupied, and I was introduced to my new co-working grunters, farters, pissers, and wipers. We got adjacent 'bowls" and did our business. We wiped up, washed up, and went back to work. I don't get why there is such controversy over doorless toilet stalls (well, for men, at least...I understand the gals have doors, as well they should) Just do your business and leave. I like my new job.

Well it has been a while since i posted anything on this site.So seeing as it is a quiet afternoon i thought it was about time i put that right.For those who may care or not or who may have read my previous posts(PAGE 1593 onwards)i enjoy seeing women peeing outside.I also enjoy peeing and pooing outdoors also.
So to my story:Last weekend i was at a local music festival which was really enjoyable.Surprisingly,the toilets were pretty good and no queues!Although when i went into one of them i saw that someone had left a rather knobbly looking turd on the seat!.I obviously didn't know if it was a male or female who had left this calling card,but it may have been a child as it was quite small and there were a lot of families at the festival.I knocked it into the bowl with toilet paper wrapped round my hand several times,flushed then unzipped and peed.
The other toilet related incident occured the same day.I saw a couple of guys standing closely together obviously"GUARDING" someone who must have been peeing behind a wooden tiered seating area.I couldn't see anything ,but someone near me said"ARE THEY PEEING?"I think it must have been a female peeing.Lastly i heard one girl in the campsite say to her female friend"ARE YOU COMING WITH ME TO PEE?"before heading off to the portaloos together.I saw them going into seperate loos and then returning a few minutes later.I will finish by saying that i went to this festival to enjoy seeing some wonderful bands live and experience the unique atmosphere of an outdoor event.I had no other"Motives"in being there despite my interest in all things peeing.
Hope you enjoy reading this.Take care

I took a dump at work today for the second time ever. I was off at 4:30 so I just held it in until I was finished. It wasn't that strong of an urge anyway. But it was strong enough that I couldn't wait until I was home. Anyways, after I clocked out, I grabbed my stuff and headed for the washroom. I took the stall on the right of the center one. I sat down and peed for about 15 seconds. As I was peeing I could feel the poo poking its way out. I finished peeing and barely had to push.
Plop.....plop...plop..plop..plop...plop...........splash...plopplopplop. After about a couple minutes, I was finished my poo. I wiped, flushed and washed up.

Claire N
It is a long time since my last post. Part of the time I have been on holiday in Africa and off the beaten track. We had a great time. For much of the holiday hole in the floor toilets were the norm and I became quite accustomed to them, my previous experiences which I have posted about, being a lot more limited. This was the first time I have had to use them on a regular basis.

I have noted previous posts saying you have a better evacuation in the squat position and I think this is very true. There were times when I would have a leisurely morning poo on a sit down toilet and think I was completely done. Then later, when having a wee in a squat toilet, I would push and be astonished by the amount of poo underneath me. I would feel really relieved afterwards. Also, I found that I completed my poo much quicker in the squat toilets. Most of the time my bum needed a lot less wiping and it was all over with very quickly. I can poo a lot quieter in hole in the floor toilets as the bowl on sit down ones seems to amplify farts. I always ensured I had toilet paper with me as it was usually not supplied.

There was an occasion when I was waiting for someone to come out of a stall, during a break on a bus journey. The length of the wait confirmed that the woman in the stall was having a poo. I was surprised when the door opened, and the woman walked out, without the sound of the flush. When I entered the stall, locked the door and looked down, I soon realized why. It was a long drop toilet where you relieve yourself over a hole. The hole must have gone down a very long way as there was no odour. This was my first experience of such a toilet and I needed to poo as well as wee. I squatted over the hole and relieved myself in a short time. The lack of any sound, and not having the possibility to view what I had produced, seemed so strange. I had quite a few more experiences of long drop toilets during the holiday. At one stage we stayed with a family where the toilet (outside of course) was of this type. It is very practical, if water is not in abundant supply, and environmentally friendly.

I became very accustomed to going to the toilet in the squat position. I would step out of one side of my knickers/trousers for a better balanced and more comfortable position. To wipe, I would stand up. It has to be realized that most people in the world relieve themselves in the squat position and, once you have done it for a while, it seem very natural. I enjoyed the experience and so did my husband. I would never squat over a sit down toilet though. I think it would be a good thing if public toilets provided a squat cubicle in the UK. I'm sure it would be made use of, and not if it was the only one free.

During the holiday I spent a lot of time bathing in the warm ocean. I always took the opportunity to wee through my swim suit, something I have mentioned in a post previously. It is a nice sensation. I would often have a couple of beers first, making a wee a necessity. I would hold it until I got in the water up to my waist - then relief! It is so inconspicuous. On one occasion my husband said he would have to leave the water to go to the toilet for a wee. I had never said anything about weeing in the water and he had no idea that I had always done so. I decided this was the opportunity to come clean and told him to just go in the water like me. He was a bit apprehensive saying it was a lot easier for me because I did not have to use a hand. For him, to just wee, without using a hand would be very peculiar. I eventually persuaded him by saying I needed a wee and it we would both do so together. We did! He liked the experience and will never consider leaving the sea for a wee again!

monica-it all depends....if its a white pillow, there will be pee streaks on it,but if its a black or navey pillow there wont. to hide my little "accident",i hid the pillow and no one has found it.(:

Hey guys, I haven't posted in a long time, but I have an interesting story. Over the summer I met this girl Sidney. We have a lot of things in common and she is very pretty. She's 15, 5'5 or so, slender, and has brown eyes and hair. We've been going out for a few weeks now and earlier in the week I discovered we have a shared interest in bathroom matters. Yesterday we were sitting around lamenting the end of summer she announced she needed to pee. She tends to be quite vocal about these things, so I was not really surprised. However, I was surprised when she said, "You know, I've always wanted to have a holding contest with someone, but my friends are always too scared." I happily accepted her challenge having a slight urge myself. Sidney suggested we each drink 4 8 oz glasses of water. The water immediately made me feel full, but its effects took some time to hit my bladder. We decided to go to the park near her house to pass the time while we waited to go. On the way, we set up some ground rules to the competition. First, there is no tickling, sabotaging, or any kind of inducing urination. Next, no giving up. If you have to go, you either have to go in the woods with the other person watching or wet yourself. Third, as a consolation prize the winner must let the loser watch him or her go. Anyway, once we got to the park I was still fine. But Sid was getting antsy. We took a walk around the loop. All the while, I was okay, but Sidney started to pee dance a good bit. I also noticed her standing up on her tiptoes and squeezing her butt cheeks together. I asked her if she needed to poop. She admitted it, and said she had to go bad! I said a deal's a deal. She agreed readily, but I could tell she was nervous. She was wearing a pair of solos and a tank top that exposed her middriff. She started to have to hold herself. She begged me to head towards the woods so she could go and I happily agreed. Before we could get close, she stopped and put her hands on her butt. She released a fart that sounded like pfffffffft. All of a sudden a large bulge began to form in her grey solos. The front of which were becoming soaked with pee. She said, "well i guess I get what I ask for." I said that i would live up to my part of the deal. In some cover, I whipped out my dick and happily pissed a gushing stream for her. We went back to her house and I helped her clean up. Her white thong was totally brown in the back and her solos were totally filled with thick, but mushy crap in the rear. I retrieved her a fresh pair of panties after her shower only to discover they were virtually all skidmarked. She explained that she rarely had time to wipe after a poop and she liked the feeling of crap near her butt. Anyway, thats my story. Hopefully, we do this again sometime.

Pissy Paul
Hi all,

First off for Mr. Clogged Up, I think you should take a Fleet enema to get things moving again, since the laxatives haven't worked. I'd suggest some high-fiber foods like bran muffins or salad before the Fleet, but if it's been 5 days I'm assuming you've already tried that. I've been laid up on pain meds too, and you really have to watch what you eat with them, since they tend to constipate you. Lots of meat and cheese in your diet will just make it worse.

There's a question below about peeing in odd places that got me thinking. . .

One unusual place I pee in a lot is an empty plastic milk jug while out in my rowboat fishing. I hate to lose fishing time rowing to shore to find a place to piss and then back out to whatever spot I'm fishing at the moment, and I don't like to just piss off the stern of the boat. There's often others around who could see me and I just think that's gross in general. So I bring along an empty jug and fill it up over the course of the day (actually it's usually half-full).

The best memory I have of that is pissing away as I drifted along, and getting a big bite on my line. I reeled in a 16-inch trout with my pants undone and my dick hanging out, landed the fish and then had to go back to the jug and finish peeing. (Not a fish story!)

I've also pissed in a McDonald's coffee cup while driving (actually stuck in a traffic jam). That was great. I had to empty it out my window in order to fill it up again.

I once pissed in my roommate's cat's litter box.

I've pissed in trash cans when someone else has been on the can for an extended period of time. Pissed in alleyways outside of crowded bars, pissed down a storm sewer once.

And my favorite and most ironic was pissing on a locked bathroom door at a highway rest stop in Tennessee.

Hi, i was out for a walk and had to go to the bathroom. I could not hold my body waste any longer. I pulled my pants down to my knees, spread my legs apart on the edge of the sidewalk, my but to the street drain. My body waste started comming out. Large amount of urine and bowelmovement-stool. After i finished i pulled my pants up and was on my way. Igot home and wiped their was lots of waste large amounts on my body.I was clean after wipeing.It felt good.My body waste was there the next day a large amount of it. I like going to the bathroom on the street and sidewalk.

To Ashley

I don't know if this will help you.... between the ages of 7 and 12 I had the same problem, but not at home, and I think it was less serious.

Before very long I found myself able to pee with others knowing but it remained a different story for poo.

When I was 11 one of my friends was "caught" in the loo at school by his classmates. I happened to be near there too but not in the group that was talking about him.

He flushed and came out of the loo, and with a big grin on his face he retorted, "what are you all making this fuss for? I have to be excused sometimes!"

He made a point; we all "have to". You might note that if you go very quietly and very naturally and without fuss, people will hardly notice you, especially at home. Like others I don't know exactly where your fear comes from but if it's embarrassment, then quietness is the order of the day. Open and close the door quietly, remove your clothes quietly, sit down quietly, take care of your business quietly (eliminating noises with music is no problem!!), use paper quietly, and flush before putting your clothes back on so that there will be an interval between your flushing and your leaving the loo. One more trick; if you're doing motions, then spread loo paper over the water in the loo bowl before you sit down, and the paper will dampen the sound of the motions entering the water.

When I was 12 I discovered that pooing at school was less embarrassing than I thought, partly thanks to supportive friends. I hope this happens to you soon.

Me and my wife were at a friends house. Had to do some paper work. My wife is 24 very attractive, slim but curvy and this guy is already quite impressed by her. Anyway, so suddenly my wife whispers in my ear that she has to use the bathroom. Now she has strange bathroom habits. She is not bathroom shy at all in front of ladies. She can shit with stall door open and ladies waiting in line in front of the door. But in front of guys, she usually does not even want to say that she has to use the toilet. On the other hand she either does not know that bathroom noises exist or once she decides to go at someone's place she completely ignores all shame and just concentrates on the task.

So I tell her to just ask and go but she refuses. But after about 15 minutes she thought she couldnt hold it any more so asked the guy "can I use your bathroom" and ofcourse he is all like yah sure and opens the door for him. Now we three are sitting in a small bedroom (the only room in his apartment) which is super quite and the bathroom is all tiled up and of the kind which seems to have been installed with an automatic megafone. Even the slightest sound is heard where we are sitting. You can say it was just like the person in the bathroom is sitting by your side and is just invisible.

So she goes in and we both hear her lower her panties and sit on the toilet. After a few seconds she produces a heavy gush of pee straight into the water in the toilet. She always pees with a strong force and at that moment it feels like a water hose is turned on. She has this incredible ability to pee gushing amounts for a long time. So while she is peeing, I look at the face of the guy and his color is all changed and he is feeling uncomfortable. I tried to talk to him and even the words come broken from him. After about a minute she stops and the guy is relieved a bit but she starts again with same force for about 30 seconds more.

But there is more to come. After finishing with peeing, she starts moaning and farting. And we hear many bloops. She must have about 5 rounds of shit and it takes her about 5 minutes of constant grunting and some farts which we can hear all loud in the room. Meanwhile I tried to talk to the guy but he was almost lost and over powered. So at last she wiped (which ofcourse we could hear again) and comes out after flushing washing etc. and sits down as if nothing happened. And starts talking and all as if we nothing happened. But that guy is not able to look in the eyes of either of us. Probably it was the power of shameless shit of a beautiful woman.

Some Guy
Hey all,

I wrote on Page 1661 about training myself to poop at school with the door open. It is still taking time to accomplish this like my former suitemate. However, I think I'm making progress! I headed to the bathroom a little bit ago, needing to poop. It has been really quiet this morning, which helps me to feel more comfortable. So, I walked in to the bathroom, turned on the light in the little toilet room, and pulled down my pants and underwear, and had a seat. As you will agree, it feels really good to let go! I have to make myself comfortable, but just sit there pooping with the door open. I figure we're all guys, so it really shouldn't be a biggie. Anyway, as I was sitting there with the door open, legs spread and poop falling below, I think one of my suitemates entered the bathroom, but saw my thigh, and left. The way the toilet room is positioned, if one of my suitemates walks in, he will see part of my right thigh. However, my roommate would see me from the front, even though he might have to walk a few steps. I know it sounds weird, but that was a major accomplishment for me! It's kind of like saying, "Hey - I'm pooping, and it's all good!" I think it also represents that I'm becoming more comfortable pooping away from home, which I could never do when I was younger.

Anyway, I think one or both of my suitemates poops the same way, because I hardly ever hear the toilet room door (it squeaks a little when it's open or closed). It's either that, or he's not going at all.

I hope that I have more experiences like today, and maybe sometime the tables will turn. I will write more later. Happy pooping!!!

Was wondering if there are and women on here whe are Hirsute? Would love to here there stories. Mostly pee but poo would be nice also.

I posted last month. My parents moved from a small town to a large city because my father lost his job. I never stopped to think about going from a 20-store mall to one with more than 500 shops but at age 15 I got my first job working in the mall at a kiosk. My co-worker, who is older, bitches that I take too much time in the going to the bathroom. The problem I have is that while I can shit pretty quickly, getting my pee flow going after I sit down on the toilet is a lot tougher. And the interruptions in the much larger bathroom are several. One especially was bad and made me cry. Since the school is much larger than what I've been accustomed to, I admit I didn't approach the situation with the best of attitude. However, overall, I like my new school's bathrooms. The stalls are much better lit and there's more of them (about 14 in each of the restrooms)and each and every one of them has a door--something that not every stall had in my previous school. One of the problems is that the seats are really, really old and black. There is a very wide place for each thigh at the front of the bowl and beyond that, each of the seat has a couple of levels of contours which don't make it that comfortable to sit on. Also, since the room is quite well air conditioned, the seats are a little chilly and this hurts my comfort level. Therefore, while I can shit on fairly close notice and be wiped and done within 2 minutes. However, I still find that it takes me 5 or 10 minutes or more after I'm seated to get my pee flow going. Each of my pees starts with a very minimal stream, but sometimes I come back later in the period to find a stall open and as soon as I sit my butt on it, some other girls who are hanging around make me nervous. One of them, for example, deliberately stands over the toilet, pulls up her dress, pulls down her underwear, and from her squat, she pees into the toilet for no more than 2 minutes. It's amazing the ease with which she can do it. Three times in the past week I've been next in line and I've had to wipe urine off the seat before I sit down. I hate doing this. But she splashes urine on it because she won't sit directly down. I think it's gross, but a couple of the girls who are next in line for the stall sit right down in the urine and I don't even know if they see it. Sometimes they--just like me--are in a hurry between classes. The penalties for tardies suck. Two days ago there was urine splashed midway back over the seat and there was no toilet paper left in the stall. I had to pee BAD so I wasn't about to get into another stall's line. Rather, what I did was slide myself onto the toilet seat very carefully with my butt parked just over the contoured, wide area of the front of the seat. With my underwear at seat level, after a few seconds I noticed the back side of my dress was getting into the urine. I took my right hand beside me and quickly raised it up a couple of inches, but in doing so, I got some of the urine onto my right hand. Urgh! Those who are careless in large school bathrooms make it tougher on the next user. When there's no toilet tissue available to clean off the seat before I sit down, I worry a bit and that doesn't help with my pee flow.

I had diahreah at the beach last weekend, and I had to shit in a toilet stall without a door. None of the stalls had doors, but I was exploding. I wiped the seat, dropped my swim trunks, and sat down and EXPLODED !!!! Other guys were shitting, but I created the noisiest smelliest shit of everybody in there (Sorry guys) It was uneventful, I wiped my ass good, flushed, washed up and hit the tide with my girl.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Ali- I may try peeing on an old pillow, but after you pee on it does it smell? What do you do with it so no one finds out what you did?

Mr. Clogs- I think I'm going to try to pee in a garbage can when I get a chance, I'll let you know if I do anything that you mentioned!

I don't have a post for you guys today, sorry. I'm going to my friends tonight, and I may do something crazy there, we'll just have to see. (:

Ali- What all unusual places have you peed? Do you poop too?

Sergei and zip, great stories keep them coming.

Bubba turd, great story tell us more

Ashley, everybody has to poop. Are you afraid of someone hearing, seeing or smelling it? Is it hard to clean up or does it gross you out? Is your home crowded? Did you have an incident that triggered all this? Try to identify the #1 issue that bothers you. What ever the case, you are not alone. Try talking to a parent, close friend or somebody you trust. Ask them where and when they go, and about their habits. Ask that friend where they don't or won't go. Try to strike up a conversation or start accompanying a friend to the toilet. You might as a very short term solution go in your room, in a bag, potty or bedpan or something you can empty or throw away to keep from holding it which is not good for you. Only talking to someone is a permanent solution though. That way you get a handle on what's bothering you.


Sorry about your toilet problem.

Is there any enjoyment using the toilet

if you are alone?

Maybe loud music, (I always run the tap), to

cover the noises in the bathroom. In fact, in

some bathrooms in Japan, once you enter, the sound

of waterfalls fills the room, to make it easier to

go, and cover any unwelcome noises.

You might Google, your problem, (bathroom phobias),

and see what they suggest.

If the body has to release, release! Its all natural!


Ashley- first off, you need to figure out why you're terrified of going to the bathroom. Is it the embarrassment of having someone find out? Is it your scarred of germs or catching something? Is it something else?

Second, You need to tell your parents, or another trusted adult whats happening to you, and why you think it's happening. They should then take some appropriate steps, such as trying to help you themselves, or, if they think that its serious enough (and from what you've said here, it most certainly is), then taking you to a specialist i.e. a shrink.

Third, if they try helping you themselves, but are unable to, then you need to tell them that you don't think its working, and you want to see a shrink.

Fourth, You need to follow up with what ever you and your parents or the shrink come up with, and report regularly on how its coming (I would think about once a week, but that's a number that you need to come up with yourself).

Fifth, If you don't fell that the shrink is working after a reasonable amount of time, 1. Tell him/ her, and they should adjust the plan. 2. if after another period of time, you feel that its still not working, you may want think about going to a different shrink.

feel free to post here with updates with whats going on, I'm sure that everyone will be very supportive and will do their best to help you.

does anyone ever take a crap on a bus trip or plane trip

I pooped a couple of minutes ago. I had a bowl of watery-ish rice earlier and the rest of a bag of grapes and while I was watching a movie I kept passing some wet farts. Luckily nothing showed up on my pad or underwear.

Finally I went to the bathroom and I thought it was going to be hard/solid. It hurt a little but within a couple of minutes I was done. A turd had slipped out easily.

I wiped and saw a mass of crumbly looking crap in the toilet. It didn't seem to have any substance. I wiped and pulled up my pants and flushed the toilet and the flakes flushed down the toilet.

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