My sister is going to kill me for posting this but I'll change her name to Karen for this story. Besides she deserves it, but more about that later.

For the past two weeks, the whole family has been at my uncle's beach house and we just got back. My whole family was arriving there on Friday night, but my sister and took off from work and Friday and got there on Thursday night. It's a good thing for "Karen" that we had the day to ourselves on Friday.

Anyway, we are both avid surfers (BTW, I am 20 and she is 17) and we got up early on Friday morning, had a big breakfast and then headed up to the ocean with our surfboards. It's a three block walk from my uncle's house to the beach. No sooner did we reach the beach when Karen complained that she had to go to the bathroom. "No problem," I told her, "Just go in the water once we get in." "No, it isn't that," she said, "I gotta do the big stuff." This was a bit of a problem since they didn't have any bathrooms at the beach. This was a residential town and I guess they just expected people to go back home to go to the bathroom and this also discouraged people who didn't live there from coming to the beach.

I suggested that she just walk back home and get it over with, but she was determined to get some surfing in first. I didn't think much of it at the time -- I just figured she'd go home when she got desperate enough. After less than an hour of surfing, it was apparent that she was getting pretty desperate to go. Several times, I saw her stop and squeeze her legs together to keep herself under control. I again suggested that she go home and take care of it, but she said the surfing was too good and she could wait. Again, I didn't think much of it -- I thought she was being silly to suffer like that from holding it in, but at age 17, I figured she knew what she was doing.
Finally, after about 2 hours of surfing (and more frequent stoppages by her to keep from having an accident) she motioned to me that she was going back to the house. "It's about time," I thought to myself, and figured I'd see her back up here in about 15 minutes or so.

After about 40 minutes, though, she still hadn't come back, so I headed home to see what was the matter. When I walked into the house, I was surprised to hear the shower running, but when I walked into the bathroom I got the shock of my life. Just as I was about to ask her why she was taking a shower, I happened to look over at the bathroom sink. There in the sink, was Karen's brand new one-piece bathing suit well soiled with a major bowel movement. This wasn't just skid marks from not wiping well enough or a little coming out on the way to the bathroom -- this was a big time, major dump right there in my 17 year old sister's bowel movement. Just as I was coming to grips with what must have happened, Karen stepped out of the shower and saw me there. I was just about to start laughing at her, when suddenly she just started to cry from the embarrassment. I wanted to laugh and tease her and tell her that I told her so (that she should have gone when she first felt the need) but as she stood there crying like a little girl, all I could do was be her big sister and tell her that everything was going to be allright.

She told me that about a block from the house, it just starting coming out and she just couldn't stop it. She explained by the time she got to the bathroom, it was all in her bathing suit and that her behind was such a mess, all she could do to clean herself was to take a shower. I calmed her down and told her that no one else had to know about this would just be a secret between sisters (Well, I fibbed a little on that one, but I didn't use her real name). I told her I wouldn't tease her, but I couldn't help but remind her that she teased me plenty when I had my own accident coming home from school on my first day of middle school. (In my elementary school, each classrom had it's own individual bathroom attached to it, but in Middle School, they now just had the regular girls' room with a row of stalls. My accident happened because I was afraid at first to poop in the big girls' room never having done it before.) "I was 11 when I did it," I reminded "Karen", "You pooped in your pants at 17 -- who do you think should get teased more." Well, she knew I was right, but still she was my little sister and she was upset, so I wasn't about to make it worse for her.

There was also the matter of our parents who really laid into me when I had my accident back in middle school. I was initially grounded and lost all privilidges (TV, phone, stero, etc.) for two weeks but they releneted after less than a week when I promised I would poop at school when I needed to -- although it would be like three months before I actually did it. I would seem ridiculous for my parents to punish my sister like that at age 17, but then again, it certainly seemed much worse for her to do it at age 17 than for me at age 11. That's why I say it was lucky only the two of us were at the beach house that day.

Anyway, I helped her clean out her bathing suit and that wasn't easy given the huge pile of shit that she had done in them. She wanted to just throw them out but I knew that our parents would get suspicious as to why she wasn't wearing her new bathing suit. So we got it clean and she was able to wear it again. We also had to clean out the shower and completely air out the bathroom, but by the time our parents and everybody else arrived there that night, no one was the wiser about what Karen had done that morning.

Clogged up
Embarassed but here goes. I am a 43 year old male. I have been on pain meds for a leg injury. I am going on day 5 without a bowel movement. I usually have at least one every day. My stomach is very tight and I am feeling a lot of pressure. I have taken a laxative without any results. Any other suggestions?

Hot Chick Heidi
You might remember my last story earlier this summer about me and my friends who take the bus down to our city's mall on Saturday evenings. Some alternative rock bands play, there are food and drink stands, and lots of people--especially hundreds of hot guys hanging out. A couple of months ago I nearly peed my pants trying to find the bathrooms and was shocked that they had doorless stalls, the toilets look like metal sinks that are gross and not very comfortable to sit on and there's like only two stalls with so many people on the mall. Well, the past two weekends I've had a couple of "accidents". Before they happened, like about 6 months ago, my dad introduced me to one of his truck-driving co-workers as "15 and dangerous". Unfortunately, I think I've tried to prove it. Situation #l: I waited in agony for about 15 minutes for a line that went halfway up the staircase leading to the toilets. I got bored and wanted to take my mind off my bladder so I called one of my friends, a guy named Troy who has talked to me in biology class. He answered, said he was under his car changing oil and would call me right back. There were a couple of groups of parents and their daughters in the line in front of me and two of them got upset with the impatient and crying kids (I don't know why!) and turned around and left the line. Great for me. I was within eye range (or should I say smell) of the bathroom doorway. Within a couple of minutes, I was in the bathroom and trying not to look at two girls about my age who were sitting on the toilets, relieving themselves. One had a shopping bag positioned on the middle of her lap as she sat and you could tell by the frustrated look on her face that she was taking a painful shit. I felt sorry for her because she must have had an audience of 6 or 7 who were waiting for her to vacate the stall. Finally, she laid her bag on the floor on the side of the toilet, pulled some Kleenex out of her purse, and did a quick wipe while in a semi-squat. She pulled up her thong and shorts as she was walking away from the toilet--obviously embarrassed and eager to get out of the stall so as not to make the line any longer. Just as I was ready to pull my shorts and underwear down and be seated, my cell rang. It was Troy. I wanted to talk to him so while I held the phone in my left hand and put it up against my ear, I was having trouble with my right hand getting the top button open on my shorts. I don't remember what happened next, but apparently I thought by sitting on the toilet and better handling the phone which I damn near dropped, I could get my button open and then from a seated position I intended to slide my shorts and panties down from under me. Troy said a couple of things about a mutual friend of ours, I was surprised and started asking him for more information, and before I knew it I was peeing my shorts and panties. I remember saying ****! and trying to shut off my flow but I couldn't stop it immediately. I think it went for like 30 or 45 seconds. Luckily, I had dark blue jean shorts on and they didn't show as much water as I thought they would. I pulled them down and was inspecting the damage as I sat and finished my pee. With others waiting for the toilet I sure didn't want to draw attention to it. All this time Troy thought I cut him out which, of course, I had to because I didn't want to tell him what a dumb thing I had done. When I got back upstairs and returned to my best friend Megan, she said she knew a guy who she quickly found. He had a car and she and him drove to Target to get me new dry underwear and shorts. It cost like $30 and that's a couple of babysitting jobs for me but I didn't have any alternative. Since it was dark, he let me use the back of his car to change my clothing. I know I owe him, like big time! Situation #2: it happened this past weekend. Megan was 5 days constipated (she lives on pizza) and had taken some milk of magnesia that morning. I was at her house that afternoon and we were watching DVDs. She had some "feeling", if you know what I mean, but she was not able to go. The bus for downtown came early, we paid our $1 fare and about 10 minutes into the ride she started to sweat and said she couldn't wait to shit. We started to look outside for alternative places for her to shit. At one stop, there was a swimming pool, but it looked like they were closed and getting the last people out of the pool. Two blocks away there was a bowling alley and I knew they would be open because my mom's a bowler and she's on a Saturday night league. Because Megan wasn't feeling well, I pulled the cord for the bus to stop and went up and asked the driver for transfer tickets. They let us get on the next bus free. Me and Megan got off and we walked through traffic to save some time and get her to the bathroom faster. There was a neon light and flashing arrow showing us to where we wanted to go. Our biggest problem was stepping over bowling equipment and squeezing around some guys who were standing and talking without spilling their beers. I got some ashes on my left arm as one guy with a cigarette in his hand, turned around while gesturing to a friend. When we got to the bathroom door, we saw six stalls. The corner one was open and I pointed it out to Megan. Although she was sweating badly and in some pain, she refused to use it...get this, because there wasn't enough toilet paper on the roll for her to completely put over the seat. I couldn't believe it! We must have waited another 3 or 4 minutes for an older lady to get done and come out. Megan look in the stall and reported back "I can use this one." It seemed like another two or three minutes as she stood facing the toilet and carefully placing toilet paper over the seat. Then within a couple of seconds of her sitting down the eruption began. She flushed twice from her seated position and each time it was followed by additional blasts. When she finally came out, she complained her ass hurt. I wouldn't know why! Although we were late, we got down to the mall and had a great time.

to Melanie,(from a Male here)

You Need To get over the fear of Taking a shit in a public restroom whether it be at work,while out shopping,dining or even on a date.Your body tells YOU when It is time! The more you resist the urges....the more desperation you will have to go and alas...either your only choice will be is to find the nearest toilet or being the 28+yr old that inevetablly gets caught with a massive smelly load in her pants,Which by most is "socially unacceptable" at this point you are a very lucky woman having soiled yourself and not getting "caught"

I was once like you (and I am not much older),being shy with taking a shit in a public restroom and tried to hold it as much as I could,But the one time that I held it for too long and not being as lucky as you,I shit my pants in front of a bunch of fellow workers.Although they were comforting at the moment,The next day I had a ton of packs of diapers either in my cube or being deliverd to me.

I have learned a valuable lesson in all of this,I will go Poop when I have to,and not wait too long,as long the toilet that I am pooping on is clean.I have learned that...If seen or heard of while pooping on a public toilet in the presence of your social circle or co-workers.......No one really cares!(we all shit and we all stink)

Melanie,Unless you really get a "charge" out of Shitting yourself(like some people describe on this site) please take my advice and,the next time you are at work and a BM comes a callin...go to the nearest or cleanest restroom and LET IT RIP!

Let us Know how you do.

Happy Pooping.

Kelly P
Hi everybody,

We're back, and we had an incredible week at the cabin. The weather was mostly very good. It's a very isolated place at the end of a rough road on an in-holding in the national forest. The road is gated, key needed, so the only person we saw was the ranger who patrols the road once a week. We could hear his truck coming 15 minutes before so we had plenty of time to put on clothes. There is no electricity or telephone or running water. Just a hand pumped well, bottled gas for cooking and kerosene lamps for light. Also a fireplace for heat on cool evenings, very romantic, and a small river flowing by with a wonderful swimming hole. It's just beautiful. So we did a lot of reading, games, skinny dipping, loving and a bit of hiking.

Of course, the best part is the two-hole outhouse. It has regular toilet seats mounted above the holes, so it's very comfortable. The seats are close together so our legs touch and my hubby usually puts his arm around my waist. As I predicted, we were both constipated. Lots of hard grunting together. We talk while we're straining, which makes our voices go high, so we really share the feeling of trying. We also tried kissing while we strained, as suggested by Monique. Fun.

We used the little "liquid glycerin suppository" enemas to be able to go on Monday and Thursday. I squirted my hubby first, since he can usually hold it a bit longer, then he immediately squirted me, then we ran to the outhouse. 3-2-1-PUSH, and we sure went big-time together. Sorry, forgot to kiss while doing it. We both left giant piles in the pit, especially Thursday when we hadn't been for three days.

We got home constipated again on Saturday night, and couldn't go Sunday morning, so we gave each other our old favorite water enema to get cleaned out and hopefully back to morning regularity. I don't know why some people don't like enemas. We think they are fun and very intimate. We have figured out quite a few ways to make them easier and more fun, and I'd be glad to share most of them, if anybody is interested.

We also invented a great new peeing game while skinny dipping, but this is getting long, so maybe another time. Have a great remainder of the summer.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I started working at K-Mart department store about a month ago. All of the stall doors have been removed in the mens restroom, the ladies room has doors (I asked some of my female co-workers) They told me our doors were removed because of vandelism. We all use the toilets whenever we need to shit. It's not a big deal, as nobody looks that closley at other guys 'private areas" As long as the restroom is clean and well stocked with toilet tissue, which it always is, no doors are not a big deal. But I would HATE to have females walk in and laugh at me ... LOL

Monica- yes, i like peeing in odd places. Once, i was watching tv on my bed,and i had to pee badly. Both of our bathrooms were occupied,so i grabbed a pillow and pulled down my panties. I placed the pillow between my legs and felt the pee trickle out slowly ,then faster. It was fun,and ive been doing it ever since.

Sorry I haven't posed for a month or so. My last post was on Page 1684 about being on our church's Bible school trip and having it being held up by one of our 9 year old students who had never been out of the city and had no experience in using public toilets. Well, I was involved in an additional experience this past month. The mother of a 5 year old who lives across the street had to go back to her family's home on the coast to care for a sick relative who later died. The funeral was just last week but up until that time I spent three weeks living at their house and took care of Alexandra. I got paid quite well, much more than my parents expected, but it did get frustrating because this was the first time Alexandra and her mother (who is a single parent) were away from each other for that long. Although Alexandra was no problem in terms of behavior, there were several situations when we were out in public places and she had peeing problems. After about a week I told my mom and she said Alexandra's problems were probably from anxiety and separation from her mother. But they all made for some real frustrations for me even though I have been babysitting for three years. Like the day we were at our city's largest water park. After I paid the clerk, we went into the locker room. There were seven stalls--all without doors--and I told her of the requirement that she sit and pee before we got into the water. Her toilet seat was up so I dropped it for her and showed her how to pull the bottom of her suit down. I don't know if it was the humidity or my feet on the wet floor, but I had to pee bad. I quickly got myself on to the next stool and peed with a steady stream for what I'm confident was more than 2 minutes. Under the stall, I could see Alexandra's legs coming up and down off the stool and walking around. Immediately after wiping I went around the partition and found that Alexandra was just sitting over the front of the seat and was largely faking it. I looked in the bowl and it appeared that she hadn't peed at all. However, the little sneak tried to cover it up by partially standing/sitting at the front of the seat, grabbing toilet paper, and faking like she was wiping herself. It didn't work! I also corrected her because she wiped from back to front and my mom taught me when I was about her age that it was absolutely the wrong way to wipe because it could be messier and cause me when I got older to develop urinary track infections. I had Alexandra stand in front of me while I sat down on the stool and demonstrated the proper way. I wasn't sure she would comprehend it all, but I thought I should at least try. After about 45 minutes in the smaller pool, I could tell by the way she was holding herself that she probably had to go again. By the time I got her into a stall, I could smell the poo and she started a routine that involved farting followed by a snicker. After helping her with her swimsuit, I got her into the only available stall and by the use of her toes, she was able to get up on the front of the seat. The problem was that she didn't want to slide back fully onto the seat. She started pooping while she was pretty much standing against the front of the seat rather than sitting back on it. After about 5 seconds I could see her snake coming out on the front of the bowl and curling up on the side of her left thigh. I tried to push her back more on the seat and to spread her legs for both balance and comfort, but she started to cry a little at being corrected. I wasn't surprised when I had to wipe soft crap off the front of the bowl and (and this grossed her out) her inside left thigh. Then I insisted that she take her time and wipe properly. She did better this time, although I had to wait until another stall opened and I could get a fistfull of extra toilet paper for her. A couple days later we used discount coupons for an indoor circus at our civic arena. One of my friends at school gave me the idea that she uses with a couple of pre-school age children she cares for: it involves seating the child over the side of the stool and then encouraging them to hang onto the toilet paper dispenser. Maddy said it makes the child feel more "secure" in sitting on the toilet. Sure enough, it worked and Alexandra both peed and crapped that afternoon. No mess! The final week Alexandra was with me she got more public bathroom experience at the theatre and mall. Because the stalls, just like her grade school will be, had doors I went in with her, got her confident about sitting over the front of the seat, and I made a little progress on getting her to spread her legs. Too much of the time Alexandra sits very rigid with her knees touching one another and her hands on her knees. Getting her to loosen up will be my next project with her. Peeing and crapping in public doesn't have to be a frightening activity for a child her age.

hi, im a guy, 16, and the other day me and some of my closest friends since pre-k took a walk out in the woods behind my house to reminisce on all the good times we had playing back there since one of us is moving to virgina soon. we were there, just all sitting on a fallen tree, tellng funny stories when one of the two girls, katie, clutched her stomach and said, "oh, god. i gotta shit real bad!" she immediatley pulled down her jeans and panties, lifted her legs into the air, and just started spraying this really liquidy poop off the tree onto the ground. it was all just pourin out of her. she farted alot, and threw up some. we were all there just kind of holding her hand, talking her through it. the spray eventually stopped and she felt all better

Mr. Clogs
Monica: Have you peed in cups, garbage cans, those large glass vases? Let me know and give it a shot. I look forward to your response.

Here is a quick post from the Mr. Clogs toilet bowl. Today so far a great day is good. I have the house for the weekend and I can pee and poop freely into my containers like my new toy the chamber pot. I took a laxative the night before, and this morning was time to have some fun. After brushing my teeth, I felt the urge to poop. So I grabbed the roll of toilet paper and went back to my room. I took off my shorts and grabbed the piss filled chamber pot and got into position. I squatted over the pot and let my poop fill the container! It felt so good squatting and pooping into the chamber pot but the knees were feeling the pinch :)! Once I was done, I wiped 3 times with toilet paper and dumped it into piss and poop filled chamber pot.

melanie: Sorry to hear about your dilemma, it's ok but I can sympathize with you about the cleanup, yuck! Hey stuff happens.

Take care everyone and enjoy your weekend.

Happy Peeing and Pooping!


Mr. Clogs

What exactly do you do when you get caught on the toilet in the middle of a poo? I really had no option except to take it in stride and hash it out later. My friends decided it was a good idea to walk in on me while I was pooing.

I had my panties and jeans around my ankles when they came in, fully knowing I was on the toilet. About all I could do at that point, was pull my jeans up to gain at least a little privacy. But I wasn't done and had to poo bad.

I told them I had to go and was holding it, but they didn't care. "Come on, get out! I need to go!" I told them, still trying to hold it in. I knew it was useless, they weren't going to let me have privacy, so I just let it go.

Awkward silence as nobody said anything, and then ploop, then another plop. My friends finally left after that, complaining about the smell. I guess they didn't know I was pooing.

I don't really know what to do... I mean it wasn't harming anybody, just a prank amongst friends. I wouldn't have minded so much if it was a pee, but I'm more private about pooing. Maybe some time I'll reverse the role and see how they like it.

Hi all!

In December of last year I became curious about exactly when and how many BM's I have during the day so I created a log (no pun intended) where I could make note of it. It has been 8 months since then and finally put my data together to spot interesting trends.
For much of my life, I knew I was an afternoon guy - having 1 to 2 BM's a day (mostly 2 BM's.) The first one happening sometime between 2 PM and 4 PM and my second session between 8 PM and 10 PM.

After charting my log entries, it is clear that things have changed somewhat. I still have 1 to 2 BM's a day (~80% twice a day, ~15% once a day, ~4% where I have three or more pooping sessions, and <~1% where I don't have a poop on a given day), but now things have switched to the mornings.
My information indicates that the majority of my bathroom sessions now occur between 10 AM and noon - with a very obvious spike between 10 and 10:30 AM. The time of my second BM of the day seems a bit more spread out - happening any time between 4 PM and midnight (however, the most likely time seems to be about 4 and 4:30 PM.)

An unexpected blip also appears at those rare times I wake up in the middle of the night for a BM. Between three and 3:30 AM seems to be the peak for those rare sessions.

I still have to put together information on the number of stools and consistency of each movement, but that is going to take additional time.

**A question for everyone:
-How 'clockwork' are your bowel movements?? Can you say with confidence the times of the day you'll stop what you're doing and head to the bathroom?
-If your natural body BM clock interferes with your work or other responsibilities, how have you learned to cope?

TO Monica:
When I have the house to myself, I sometimes pee in a large planter in the living room. To this day, nobody has noticed but there have been a couple of times someone has detected a 'stuffiness' in that room - which was a clear signal to me that it was time to hold off on my 'fertilizing' sessions.
I once lived in an apartment where I could poop outside on the balcony pretty much whenever I wanted. But that has not been the case in the house I live in today. Every inch of my backyard is visible to most of my neighbours so going out back... dropping my pants... and leaving a mark on the lawn is out of the question. :(

Take Care!


Toni: great pee stories, please tell us more. Maybe some of the times you went to school desperate?

Brittni: great stories too. Peeing your pants in 6th grade and pooping them in 9th must've been so embarrassing! You're not alone, though. Here's a story of mine from 10th grade...

It was the first period after lunch. Katie asked the teacher if she could use the bathroom, but the teacher wouldn't let her go, saying Katie should've taken care of that during lunch. Katie wasn't one to make a scene or walk out, so she just sat there. A little while later, Katie peed in her white pants. I was sitting next to her and saw the whole thing. Class ended a few minutes later and Katie slowly got up. As she did, I could see the back of her pants were wet almost all the way up to her belt. And there was something more I noticed. Since she was wearing white pants which were now wet, you could see the design of her panties through her pants. Katie learned that it's embarrassing enough to pee your pants, but it's even more embarrassing when you pee in white pants.

Does anyone else have any stories about peeing in very noticable colors of pants? Keep the pee stories coming!!

Hello my name is Ashley and I'm 14. I have a huge problem and I don't know what to do. It sounds so ridiculous and embarrassing which makes it even harder to get help. I am deathly afraid to use the bathroom with anyone knowing. I don't even know why its so bad, I know theres nothing to be ashamed of and all that but I almost can't even use the bathroom at all anymore unless the house is totally empty. Its always been a problem but over the last couple years its gotten worse and its gotten really really bad over the last couple weeks.

About a year ago a few incidents started happening. I would always force myself to use bathrooms at school if I really had to go because I don't think I could survive having an accident at school. But if I was at a mall or something theres no way I would use the bathrooms there so I would hold it until I got home. Well the first incident happened one day a couple months before last Christmas my parents, my sister and I all went to this big mall to do some early Christmas shopping. I didn't know how long we would be there so I didn't pee before going and I had to pee pretty bad after we'd been there for a while. After we were all done shopping we went out for supper. I had to go really bad by then but I was really confident in my bladder so I just squirmed my way through supper. I had to go so bad by the time we left but I didn't even look at the bathroom there as an option. Well on the way home I was holding as hard as I could when it just started coming out. I couldn't believe what was happening. I was trying as hard as I could to stop it but it didn't work. All I could do was look down and watch my pants get soaked. I remember how terrible it felt to be holding on for dear life like that and then losing it. After that I felt so guilty and ashamed, like I was a little baby or something. It was also pretty embarrassing to do it in front of my sister who just turned 10 at the time and kind of looked up to me. She was in the back with me but she didn't notice what happened but I knew my whole family would find out. When I was done peeing I just got so scared and waited until we got home. When we got back to our house I just stayed frozen in my seat. Unfortunately I was in the back of our van and I was on the one side with the door with my sister on the inside so I would have to get out first. She looked at me wondering what I was doing. I didn't know what to do, I just sat there hoping she would find another way out and leave me alone but then I heard "Ummm… did you have an accident or something?" She said it loud enough for my parents to hear and I just burst into tears as they all looked at me. I can barely remember anything after that. My mom just helped me into the house and gave me clothes to change into, then I just went to my room and lay in my bed pretty much crying myself to sleep.

Anyway I guess you could say I took it pretty hard but that was just the beginning. You would think that would make me learn my lesson and use the bathroom more but it actually made it worse. I can't really describe why but every time an incident like that happened it just made my fear worse. I had another accident in almost the same situation a couple months later and the incidents kept getting closer and closer together. I think the next one was about a month after that then again a few weeks later. After a while I started taking more chances at school and tried to hold it all day and often I would be bursting by the time I got home. Eventually I started getting afraid of using the bathroom in my own house. I tried to wait until late at night or I was home alone.

A couple weeks ago things got even worse. I had never had a poop accident, even though I was more shy about that than peeing, because I could hold it for days if I had to and I would eventually find some private time to do it. Well I probably passed up a couple good chances over the last few days that I should've taken, but instead I had to pee and poop really bad and my parents had company over. We all ate supper and I felt really uncomfortable the whole time. When we were done I stayed around as they all talked for a while to be polite but soon I couldn't stand it and went to my room. There was no way I was using the bathroom with those people here especially when it was clear view of where they were sitting in the living room. So I waited in my room playing with my computer trying to take my mind off my problem and hoping they would leave so I could use the bathroom but it quickly got to the point where I knew I had to go within the next few minutes. I just kept waiting until I was starting lose it but I still couldn't force myself to get up. I just stayed in my computer chair feeling the seat getting warm. I knew there was nothing I could do at that point so I just gave up and peed my pants. I heard it pouring off the chair and soaking the carpet below. It felt as bad as the first time it happened but now I had something else to worry about. I had to poop so bad I could barely stand up. I carefully got up and assessed the damage. There was a big wet spot under the chair. I was really worried about that because it would be a lot harder to hide than wet pants. I grabbed a towel out of my closet and draped it over the arm of the chair so it was just touching the ground and the wet spot was at least covered from the door. I was about to change my pants when my stomach really cramped up and I had to stand still with my legs crossed. It really hurt my stomach after not going for a few days. After that I kept getting hit by waves of cramps until finally I couldn't stand it. My parents friends still hadn't left and I didn't know what to do. I quickly walked with my knees together beside my bed in the corner of my room, trying to stay hidden from the door. Then when the next cramp hit me I couldn't wait anymore so I just squatted down and started pooping my pants. Once I started my stomach pushed really hard and I couldnt help but grunt a little bit. I felt so stupid for doing that even though I couldn't help it. Other than that it felt the same way as when I peed my pants except even worse. When I finally finished I just knelt down and put my head on the side of the bed and cried for a few minutes. I thought I should change in case somebody came into my room so I went to my closet and got a change of clothes but when I was about to take my pants off I realized it was going to be a lot harder to clean than a pee accident. There was so much poop in my pants from not going for a few days. I got the towel from the chair and laid it out. This made me feel stupid again like I was a baby on a changing mat or something but I kept going. I managed to get everything off because the poop was a big solid mass but I couldn't really clean up without going to the bathroom so I just hid the pants and underwear with the pile of poop still in them in my closet and tried my best to clean up with a box of Kleenex I had. The smell wasn't overpowering but it was pretty unmistakable so I just opened the window and hoped nobody would come in. I just stayed in my room feeling messy and miserable for a few more hours until everybody was gone and my parents were in bed before I got to the bathroom to clean up.

As horrible as that was it still made things even worse and I've already had another poop accident in the 2 weeks since then. One thing about my problem is that its gotten worse over the summer and its much worse now than when school ended a couple months ago. I'm getting really worried now because school starts in a week and I don't think I'll be able to make myself use the bathrooms there. It was hard enough to do it last year before this problem quickly became worse but the way things are going it will be only a matter of time before I have an accident at school and I don't know if I could handle that. I know I need help or at least I have to help myself but its getting worse all the time so its hard to even think about making it better and it would be so humiliating to ask for help even though I know its getting bad enough that I should. My parents wanted to take me to a doctor a couple months ago when my accidents started getting more frequent probably thinking it was a physical problem but I refused. I almost wish that was the problem, I'm sure it would be less embarrassing than having a bathroom phobia. I know they still want me to see a doctor though. Anyway I found this site just a few days ago and I've been reading it almost nonstop because it makes me feel a lot better to see I'm not completely alone, although I don't think I've read about a situation quite the same as mine yet.

Thanks for letting me post it feels nice to tell my story to somebody. If you have ideas or anything that might help me I'd like to hear it.

I posted the other day but didnt introduce myself.... oops!

Im Kate, 15, from the UK :). This site looks cool so I thought i'd join in!

Iv had a few accidents and lots of near-misses!

Does anyone else have trouble when they're desperate, and they get near the toilet? I always find it harder to hold on, as if your bladder knows its about to get relief!

Like at school, where a lot of my near misses happen! If I'm bursting for a wee, it seems to become more urgent when I get in the toilets, and even more when I get to the stall! I manage to get sat down really quickly though - door locked, skirt up, pants down, sit down within a couple of seconds.

Once earlier this spring, I stayed late after school with my friend Laura and we had to walk home. We needed to wee a bit and tried to go at school but the caretaker had locked them up already. We figured we could wait so we just started to walk. I'd not been since the afternoon but Laura hadn't been since lunch, and pretty soon she started to complain that she was desperate. We walked on and she was crossing her legs every so often. After a while we came to a park, and a sign said there were toilets in there, I was quite thankful because I was starting to feel the need.

In the centre of the park was a brick building with toilets in, and we ran round the side where the sign said the ladies were. But just like the ones at school they were shut! I turned to look at Laura and she had tears in her eyes, she said she couldn't wait a minute longer. I said she should go round the back where it was hidden. She ran round the side and there was a concrete area at the side of the building with bushes hiding it. The secodn we got there Laura pulled her skirt up, knickers down, squatted and let out a massive stream of wee! It made a loud hissing noise and she was worried someone would see, I promised her I was looking out! After what seemed aaaages she finished, and there was a huge puddle on the concrete underneath her. I found some tissue in my bag for her to wipe with. Then it was my turn, it took a while for me to get going but it felt great to let it all out. I wiped and sorted myself out then we both left, but it was a near miss!

Has anything like this happened to anyone else... write back!


hey everyone. i've been a long time lurker here but never posted anything until now. basic info is that i am 16, female, and as for my body type i say the more to love!
anyways, onto my story. (i will refer to my friend in this story as L).
A few years back L and i went to florida with my parents. we were staying in this nice hotel and it was pretty late at night when L and i went for a walk around the hotel and in the lobby. we were in the lobby when my friend says, "i have to go to the bathroom." so we head towards the lobby bathrooms and since it was really late there was no one in there thank god! as L went into the middle stall i stood by the sinks waiting for her. i thought she just had to pee but i guess i was wrong! for the next five minutes all you could hear was her grunting and moaning so i guess it was a big one and man did it stink! when she flushed i heard her saw "oh my god" i asked her what the problem was and apparently the monster had clogged the toilet! water was starting to pool on the floor so we ran out of there as fast as possible, laughing hysterically all the way. the concierge probably thought we were insane or something!
the next day we went in there to check it out and i guess someone called it in because there was no sign of the monster turd that L had passed last night.
well, that's my story and i hope you all liked it. i'll probably be back one of these days to post another one.
Happy pooping!
p.s.- sorry if this was a long one;-)

Texas Hillbilly
Hey everybody, its been awhile. I just want to congratulate anny for getting over her bowel problems, its nice to hear u can enjoy a good poop again. Also Laura teacher i miss u please come back to us.

ISI from Austria
Well that´s my first poste here.I´m slim blonde,18 year old ,chick from austria.
Here´s what happened to me last year.We made a kind of week-lomg schooltrip(i don´t know the english word for this)to the capitel city (vienna).In the morning and the early afternoon we did some sight seeing but between 12and 14 we had some spare time to go shopping.Me and some friends of mine bought some candys and other sweet stuff .Me and Irene,one of my roommates bought this box of "Linessa light Schaumküsse"( i also don´´t know the english word for Schaumküsse)and ate it together .That was at about half past 13 .At 14 we drove to the castle of Schönbrunn .During the bus ride my stomache started rumbling.during the whole visit i had to pass gas . In the evening we went to the city to party in clubs . I was dancing with this dishy guy when it hit me like a swordstab"PFLUURPP".Without a warning i let a loud wet fart and messed my panties.Iclutsched one hand on my abdomen because of the pain and the other on my butt to prevent the rest of mess to come out then i ranto the toilet. when butt hit the seat i let several waves of diarrhea accellerated and amplified by a lot of gas into the toilet. recently as i finished this rectal eruption i looked how soiled my clothes were and to my surprise there was only a little brown saine on my panties but visible on my dress. when i left the cabin and tried to leave the restroom s Irene rushed in slammed me aside and entered a stall and started her diarrhea gunfire. when irene finished we decided that the evening was over for us and we made our way to the youth hostel.Because we were at home much earlier than the other girls we were able to make several unnoticed visits to the toilets and get asleep before the others came home.we must have been deep slumbering when our other two roommates came home.They told us we farted the whole night but were unawakeable.The next day we were thinking why we got diarrhea when Jaqui(one of the other two girls) told us the trigger was the "light schokoküsse".She told the sweetener leads to diarrhea and she felt bloated after eating two (we ate a whole box which includes 8 for each of us) .Is this believable?
Have you got any stories about sugar free introduced diarrhea?
I have some will be back soon with some more embarrassing stories.

bubba turd
I just took a huge dump that felt so good. I was trying to get really big logs on this one and I really succeeded. I started by taking metamucil every day to get my load really bulked up. and of course I ate a lot too. Then a few days ago I started taking one immodium a day and drinking less liquids than I normally do. This helped dry my turds out so that they were hard and solid. It was really a struggle to hold it, I got so gassy my farts would just slip out whether i wanted them to or not. They were some real stink bombs,silent but deadly cuz I had to let them slide out on thier own. The hard log head was always pushing at my hole so I couldnt push a fart out without pooping in my underwear. I was so bloated and could feel the logs inside my bulging stomach. The pressure was so stron gI could tell the load would be really huge. Me and the roomie were drinking beer and watching TV when I told him to get ready for a major fart. I thought i felt one brewing so I got on my hands and knees with my butt in the air. The noxious gasses crackled around my log and out into the room. Damnnnnnn he siad, laughing. I grunted and pushed a little to get the rest of the monster fart out. Big mistake. I felt a sharp pain on my anus followed by the unmistakable feeling of a giant turd squeeizng out of my hole. He was laughing harder now and said looks like you've got a problem dude! I carefully got up, trying not to let any more of the log out into myunderwear, and reached around and grabbed it to hold it in. I waddled to the bathroom with a log as thick as a beer can six inches out my butt! I took of my briefs and layed down in the bathtub. The log stuck straight out and was hard and bumpy. I pushed on the head of the megaturd to see if it would slide back in. It did a little but it was too big to go any further. So I just let it come out on its own. It was barely moving and took like ten minutes to inch out, it was so hard to resist the urge to push. Finally, my exhuasted hole closed around the back end of the enormous, dry log. This knobbly monster was almost a foot and a half long and really thick. I was still really bloated and full but my anus hurt too much from this dump, so I decided to let the rest out later. A wave of really stinky farts came soon afterward, long loud ones that lasted for like a minute if you control your hole right. I have to poop right now but my butt is still recovering, so I think ill wait a few days until I have a nice big log.

The other day I saw a SUV parked in a turnout on the freeway which passes through a park. The turnout forms a narrow shoulder about 2 car lengths long and barely one lane wide. Next to that is grass. I saw someone bending over next to the vehicle, who I thought was throwing up. It was raining at the time. A woman stood up holding both arms of a preschool age child. She picked the child up several times to help her drip dry then put her back in the van with her pants still down.

Brian at Sears
hi guys !!! hi Mike, gee, I know what your talking about, we guys have been 'invaded" by females many times. some times it was purely accidental, and sometimes it was very deliberate. It is kinda embarrasing to get caught shitting or wiping by a bunch of gals, but it's something we guys have to 'grin and bare" ... one of the disadvantages of having doorless toilet stalls. It's embarrasing, but if you have a sence of humor, it will blow over.

Chris ( aka toast)
Hey guys I just thought that I would tell you that not much post worthy things in my opinion have happend so I want to comment on something strange today. I woke up late today( sunday) and my stomach was grumbleing so I figured I would go get something to eat so I went to Wendys and orderd the Number 4 Combo and not even an hour after finishing it I find my self on the toilet! My bakonator went through me like crap through a goose. Any thoughts onthe matter? Please let me know. Thanks all.


I found out I have Celiac Disease and so I've had to completely change my diet, eliminating anything with malt, wheat products and basically all processed foods. It really sucks because it limits what I can eat but on the other hand this disease has made me really, really sick so it is worth it to change my diet and ultimately become healthier

Since changing my diet last week I've been pooping almost every day as well. Yesterday (Saturday) I was a little constipated due to my period so I ate a bunch of grapes and had mushy poop twice. Not watery enough to be diarrhea but not solid either.

Today I had a 6 inch poop when I got home from my mom's for dinner. The turd was mostly light/medium brown but one tip of it was totally black which shows that things have been sitting up there for a long time. I am hoping to poop again before bed.

My family is being as supportive as they can, especially when it comes to helping me find the specific things to accomodate my diet. It's only been a week but I'm already showing improvement and feeling a little better. It will take a while though.

That's all for now.

Happy pooping


Linda from Australia here again. I haven't been to this site for ages because I've been busy with work and life in general. This week I had some trouble pooping. I haven't been eating much fibre or fruit and ???? lately, which caused me to get a bit constipated. I did a big poo last Sunday morning and then I didn't go again until Tuesday night. I only managed to get a small load out too. Then I didn't go again until Thursday night. I could only squeeze out a small amount then too. Then last night, I managed a bigger load and after dinner, I did another poo.

Very infrequent poster
Ok - I've only taken a dump in public 3 times in my life as far as I can remember. I just can't do it. But just last week, I was finally able to do it again, to my dismay and relief.
I was on vacation, and had checked out of my hotel room. But my flight didn't leave for a while, so I was hanging out at the hotel while they had my luggage checked. I felt like I had to go to the bathroom really badly, but I was a tad worried since it's just like automatic that I can never go #2 in public (peeing is no problem, though).
I went to the public bathroom in the hotel which was not on the first floor, so I was surprised that there were two people there. One woman was done, and she left right after washing her hands, and another lady was still in the stall.
The first turd that came out was effortless and fast. I was shocked! Not only was it possible to do it in public (it never was before) but it was easy! Well, that one was easy. I still felt like I had more left in me, so I kept sitting there. I don't remember if that made a plopping sound, but I'm pretty sure it did since it was the largest of my logs (at about 6-7 inches).
I moved my feet to help relax my anus and ease the rest out. Slowly, some 2 inch ones started coming out, a couple minutes apart. They all made a soft plop sound. I doubt the other woman there heard. Eventually she left as I had about two more short logs come out. I can't even tell how long the whole thing took, at least 15 minutes probably. I'm used to reading when I go at home, so it was not easy at all to do it.
My poop was dense, and formed a pile on the bottom of the bowl, and left skid marks. Hopefully next time it'll happen and I'll get to hear something from another stall!

Nice that you're back again. I've just been re-reading yoru posts from p 199-203, and we have a lot in common in terms of regular recurring constipation, and having grown up in fear of mother's enquiries as to the frequency, consistency and quantity of our doodoos. (Oh, and my daughter's name is Melanie). But I grew up with the glycerine suppository and the soap treatment which Jillian was talking about on those pages.
If you wanna chat privately I'm on ????.

TO MELANIE: I cannot tell you how to get over your fear of pooing in public toilets but I poo in public toilets almost as much as I do at home. If you do not go when needed and keep putting it off you could end up with constipation or an accident or if lucky just a stomach ache until you do go. Why not try and read more of these posts as it my get you more use to the idea?
Also consider the fact that at work you are required to perform at a certain level and how do you do that with with a lump of shit knocking at your back door?
Try using public toilets in areas where you know nobody to get used to the idea? Next question do your co-workers poo or when they eat the residue just "evapourates"?
From a male persective a woman that poos is a positive!
Good luck....and start trying!

TO MELANIE: (continued)
I had to interrupt my post because I really had to drop a load, the urge had come and gone and was starting to build up and it is important that I sit on the toilet when needed due to the medical condition I have.....anyway, it was the most satisfying dump, big and easy, my bum was very dirty and took some wipes and it really had a foul smell.
Anyway, after that digression, back to your case. People, particularly including myself, try and be perfect and BM`s are something considered not perfect. I now have a medical condition where sometimes I look far from perfect, other times OK. I have to deal with people that look down on such disabilities and I ask them if they are perfect and as I am blessed with rugged debating skills and a bit of mild but controlled aggression I put them into their place, well and truly!!!!
Maybe, you are trying to be perfect and if you poo your pants because you did not go when needed then you are being especially not perfect. Are your co-workers able to control their bowels to perform or not perform on demand?
Melanie, you said you were 28 so on that basis you should be hoping for another 60 years of living (thereabouts). How long will you know your present work colleagues for? Sometimes months, sometimes several years but rarely that many years.
Your comfort and your body comes first....go in, sit on the throne, fart, grunt plop and stink up the place and have a great time....wipe and come out feeling confident and refreshed!

to ben - got any close call stories?

Hi everyone,

I woke up this morning and was lying in my bed occasionally passing gas when after one particularly large and satisfying one, I got the feeling that the next one wouldn't be all gas. Thank goodness I made it to the friendly confines of my bathroom before the wave of unpleasantness hit!

Reading girl- On Sunday or Monday sometimes, I read this trashy celebrity news insert in the Sunday paper. Otherwise, I usually read the comics, though I've had magazines in there too. For a while after I moved to a new city, I kept a mapsco in there and would study it to learn the streets. Hey, why not make the time useful, right?

Monica P- How about trying to pee into a garden hose when you're outside?

And now the Mr. Clogs survey:

1. Your gender: M
2. Your age: 29
3. Do you like to go the bathroom other places than the toilet for example your room, outside, in a parking lot etc.:
4. Do you keep a container in your room for the purpose of peeing and/or pooping, if so what kind do you use or prefer examples like cups, bottles, chamber pots, buckets trash cans, etc.:
4a. To continue on with question 4, can you specify what you use the container for and please be descriptive for example "I pee in a bottle, I poop in a bucket, I pee and poop in the trash can" etc:
5. After you use the container to go to the bathroom in it, do you dump it into the toilet and flush it away, throw it in the trash, what do you do with the stuff:
6. Do you wipe after using a container, going outdoors or in strange places:
When I go outdoors when I'm hiking or camping, I definitely wipe, either with leaves or toilet paper that I've brought along.
6a. Do you reuse the container for the next time for peeing/pooping or just get a fresh one:
7. What do you experience when you poop and/or pee in places or things other than the bathroom:
One thing I like doing is peeing off of high buildings/cliffs/etc. I like to see my arc of pee go way out into the air and then break up into drops as it goes down.
8. Do you like going to the bathroom in your pants or in strange places or things:
8a. What style(s) underwear do you use to pee/poop in, please be specific:
I occasionally poop in boxer briefs, and pee and/or poop in diapers.
9. Do you clean up the mess you made after you gone to the bathroom on yourself or using a container:
Yes, I clean up on the toilet and then take a shower right away. While I like doing it, I don't like being messy. Those don't seem to go together, do they?
10. Do you have friends or family that use containers, going outdoors, or strange places, and do you go together as a group or privately:
Yes, I have friends that go outside a lot, but it's not a group thing. I have one friend who uses diapers too sometimes.
11. Do like going to the bathroom over the toilet, in a container, or other places than the bathroom, please specify:
Yep. All the ones I've mentioned in the questions above! If anyone wants any stories, just let me know!

Julia M--

Please share the story (if you can remember it) about the bride who wet herself. My aunt used to work at a cleaners and she said they got a few dresses where it looked like the bride peed in her wedding gown.

I went to the Swap Meet today and of course had to take my usual morning crap as soon as I arrived. I walked in and checked out which stalls were available. I saw the one that's visible as you first walk in was occupied. The stall partitions are quite high and you can see most of the legs of the guys sitting on the can, as well as the toilet seat and a bit of their butt. Well, the guy on the toilet wasn't too modest as he had his shorts all the way down around his ankles. He also had pushed his white briefs down to the point where they were sorta hanging just above his shorts. I recognized them as pouch briefs as soon as I walked in because they are my favorite style. Very comfortable. I took the empty stall next to his and closed the door.

I wiped down the seat and put paper down (it had been a bit damp). I turned back towards the door, unbuttoned my shorts and let them fall to my feet. Then I pulled my white briefs all the way down and had a seat. I looked over at my neighbor and saw that we actually had the same brand and style of underwear on. We both were wearing white 2(x)ist pouch briefs.

His legs were slightly hairy, and his skin was slightly dark. Maybe Hispanic/Mediterranean. The whiteness of his underwear stood out starkly against his skin. He was still pinching out a loaf. I could see his heels rise ever so slightly as he was pushing it out. Then he grabbed some paper from the roll to wipe. I could see his hand pulling the paper down past the bottom of the partition as he was tearing it off. He wiped a few times while seated. As he stood to flush, his clothes were still down and he turned towards the toilet. He flushed, pulled up his briefs and shorts, and left.

Some years ago, just after university I got a job in a small rural community. The local population was very interested in outdoor activities. They readily invited newcommers to join them. I came there in August and in September I was invited to join a hunting team for some days. The team members were only women from 25 to 55 I guess. We stayed for four nights in an old hunters' cottage. There was no toilet, not even an outhouse long drop type. Obviously we had to pee in the wood but comming from a big city I was in doubt about what to do when needing to take a dump. Accidentally I observed two quite fresh poos behind a stone when I went to pee the first morning. Before getting out of bed I had felt a slight urge. Therefore I tried to push a bit when squatting to pee. Luckily I was able to relieve myself immediately probably because I had not been doing that the day before. Thereafter I could enjoy a very good lunch without bothering about toilet any more. I managed to keep normal habits the following days.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Today since I was home alone in the morning, I got to pee in a couple of odd places. The first place I peed was in my backyard. It was behind a small garden shed in the dirt. I didn't have to pee that much, but I felt the urge to poop also while I was there. After I pulled down my shorts, no underwear, I squatted down and began peeing for about ten seconds. Then I pooped one small one incher, pulled my shorts up. I went back inside and wiped since I brought no toilet paper out with me.
Then about a half an hour later, after drinking lots of water, I decided to have more fun before anyone got home. I walked downstairs where it it carpeted. I pulled the couch away from the wall, took off my shorts, and sat completely down on the carpet. I didn't pee much again but did manage to pee a little bit on the carpet. I moved the couch back and will hopefully go there more times later.

I'm going to try peeing in different places next time I'm home alone. Hopefully next time I will have more pee in me! Any crazy suggestions would be great!

Kelly V.
I just moved into my dorm room today, and in the middle of move in day I had a little bit of a problem. I felt these horrible cramps coming up from my rear end and shooting through my stomach as my mom and I were organizing some stuff, but because the room in my suite is so small I didn't want to take a shit while my mom was still there, so I decided to hold it.

We headed towards the elevator to get more stuff to move up, and on the way there as I walked and my ass cheeks moved together my butt squeezed out a couple small strings of poop, and they came out all mushy. As I walked I could feel my ass cheeks moving together, squishing the poop all up between my cheeks and down in between my legs. My mom and I were waiting for the elevator as I noticed the smell, and I think my mom must have noticed it, too.

It got worse when we got into the elevator, as moving from standing to walking caused a little bit more crap to come out, and I walked into an elevator full of people. I was so humiliated as I could smell the poop in my new pink panties. The elevator was crowded with other students moving in, and a couple of people reacted to the smell, though I don't know how many people were able to smell it. I just hope I don't have these kids in any of my classes!

My mom and I moved some stuff out of the car, and as I was bending down to lift up a rubbermaid container, I squatted out a little more. Now my panties were full of crap, and I was sweaty to boot, which made the smell even more powerful! We had to go back into the elevator, and I knew that the combination of the huge load of shit and my sweaty ass would make everything smell much stronger, and there were some people that again reacted to me on the elevator.

By the time we got back to my room I just decided to go into the bathroom and take a shit, and I pulled down my pants and saw the huge load of crap on my pink panties. I farted several times, and the last one was wet, and I knew that it was going to be a huge crap. I could feel every little bit coming out, and some even splashed to the side onto my ass cheeks. I was a very messy and smelly girl, and I hope that no one on the elevators is in any of my classes at my midwestern state university.

hi, i'm melanie. i'm 28 years a receptionist. i HATE public bathrooms so i always make sure to poop before work so i can wait until i get home to go again. the problem is with a 9-5 work day its hard to go all day sometimes. to my horror, about 2 months ago as i was leaving work i lost control of myself and had a humiliating accident- i pooped in my pants badly in the stairwell that goes to the parking lot. it just came out, it was an incredibly helpless and shameful feeling not being able to stop my poop from coming out into my underwear at my age. i had to go for hours but i had a good hold on it the way i was sitting in my chair and thought i was fine. but when i stood up and started to head out my stomach groaned and an immense pressure built in my butt and i felt like it was trying to force its way out. i only got down the hall and into the stairwell when i knew it was going to happen. it just overpowered me and came out in like 6 or 7 big squishy globs really fast, and made a very large lump in the seat of my underwear. i burst into tears and didn't even turn to see if anyone saw me and rushed to my car. it was a total mess. the smell was making me gag, too. i drove home with all my windows down. i just kept saying "i cant believe i did this..." to myself the whole time i cleaned myself.

i tried reading some of the posts here but couldnt get into most of them and didnt find what i was looking for but maybe i didnt look hard enough. first off, i wanted to know- is it something unusual for a woman of my age to have an accidental BM in my pants or does this happen to other women a lot? i'd never witnessed or heard stories of it happening so i've felt very self conscious. second of all- the really weird thing is, on 2 occassions since that happened, i have allowed myself to again accidentally poop in my pants in the car driving home from work because i was too stubborn to use the toilet at work. i dont understand why i cant just get over it and use the work restroom to poop. i have a big fear now that one day i won't make it as far as the stairwell or my car and i'll suffer an extremely humiliating pooping accident in the office around co workers.what can i do to get over my fear of pooping in the toilet at work?


I am 17/m and also leak/dribble in my pants when i'm holding in my pee. I also usually always wait until i get home to go pee, unless i know i'll have an accident if i don't go right then. Because of this most of the underwear I own are very DARK colors :) I've never had a full pee or poop accident either, but i have had close calls/incidents with both.

I always put off having bm's in public as well. The worst place to feel the need for me is at school. If I start letting out farts or everyone around me can probably smell it. Or even worse, needing a poop and having a full bladder at the same time. That's a situation that has caused me to leak in my pants.

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