hi i just found this site today, and it is neat! gross, but neat. anyway, i have two stories about trips i have taken to the hospital. btw im brunette, married, 30, have one four year old daughter and a ten year old son.

here is the first story.

About six years ago, I had to get my appendix removed. I was in one of the hospital rooms, they were going to take it out the next day. I was just laying in my bed in a hospital gown, watching tv, when a massive urge to poop hit me. i was on an I/V and couldn't leave my room, and I had peed in the bedpan an hour ago, the nurse had taken it away. I couldn't hold it much longer, and I didn't want to go in the bed, but i had no other options. i pressed the nurse call button so a nurse would at least arrive quickly to clean up the mess. Then i hiked my hospital gown up to around my navel(luckily i hadn't gotten around to putting on the loose fitting hospital panties that day, or i wouldn't have been able to get them off in time), spread and raised my legs into the air, and started pooping. Immediatly, a thin, soft, mushy snake rapidly came out with surprising force, landing at least a foot away from its launch point, and continued shooting out without breakng, coiling up in a pile. by the time the snakes stopped, the pile was HUGE!!! Then the pooping stopped for a second, I passed a lot of loud gas, and then chunky, messy diarrhea sprayed out all over the bed. it came out with a lot of flatulence, and the whole room smelled like poop. right as i was finishing, a nurse came in. as the poo flow slowed to a halt, i let out a few last bursts of wet-sounding toots, looked up at the nurse, and said very calmly, "I had a little accident.". They moved me to a new room, and gave me a thorough sponge bath, and the rest of the stay went pretty smoothly, everything turned out fine.(But they made me wear a diaper while i was there, just in case)

The other memorable poop happened more recently, I think two years ago. This time, it made it to the bedpan, or bedpans, i should say.

I had a respritory infection. the doctor was asking me about any other symptoms i was experiencing. when he got to how my bowels were functioning, i mentoined that i hadn't been able to have a bowel movement in the past week and a half. he told me this had nothing to do with my lungs, but while i was here, that was a problem that definitley had to be fixed. he said he would send in a nurse soon to help with that. whle i was waiting, my hubby showed up for a visit. when the nurse came, i told him what was going on, and that he could stay to watch. the nurse put on some latex gloves, and told me to lie on my stomach. once i did, she pulled up the back of my gown, slid down my hospital panties to my knees, and rubbed some lubricant on her hands. first, she spread my cheeks with one hand and stuck her index finger into me. she felt around, and then said that there wasn't much feces in my rectum, it was all in my mid-colon, and that a suppository was the best course of action. she rubbed lubricant around my hole, then inside it. after that, she stuck the suppository deep in there and used something to push it in a little further. she said she would leave a bedpan with me and be back in 45 minutes to check on me.

as the suppository stewed in my colon, i felt a burning sensation, but i tolerated it, and about 30 minutes later, i felt a pressure in my rectum, and told my hubby i had to go. he handd me the bedpan, i sat on it, and pushed a little. at first, all you could hear was the trickle of lquid poop on the metal pan, but then it was like the floodgates opened. it was this flowing loud splattering, and it seemed to be forcing itself out. i dont think i could have stopped pooping if i tried at this point. i realized it wasn't going to stop anytime soon, so i told my hubby to go find another before this one filled up. . that one filled up, i managed to hold it in long enough to make the transfer from one pan to another. i filed that one with liquid poop, and transfered to a third. after a small spurt of liquid, logs and snakes began pouring out. i started to get gassy and it sounded like my butt was stammering as i pooped. after FIVE bedpans, i felt like i was done, but during the sponge bath, round two came. i grabbed another bedpan and filled another two and a half with kind of mushy poo. then i was finally done. i felt ten pounds lighter after that experience. it was great!

I'll write more soon!

Julia M
To Anna and Jessica Lyn:

This is my first writing to this board but I wanted to say that I too believe that it is not uncommon for women to dribble in their knickers when they are desperate. I am now 42 and have experienced this almost as long as I can remember. If I have to hold on because there is nowhere to go, or no opportunity, I find myself leaking. Usually it is not much though two or three times I have been unable to hold and have wet myself completely. I have an 18 year old daughter and I know from doing her washing that she occasionally must dampen her knickers. Quite recently she arrived home from a party very embarrassed because she had wet herself. My husband once told me of a story told him by his mum about a bride who wet herself.

Hey everyone heres a post. Once I was at this party and I ate like a TON of food. Then 4 hours later I realized I needed to poop so bad but there was no bathrooms so I held it and 30 minutes later I couldn't hold it anymore so I ran outside and pooped in the bushes it was all wet and hot and chunky but it felt sssoooooooooooooooooooooooooo good.

TO ANNY, I hope things are moving along...I know the feeling!!!
TO KATHY L. Age 34 and had not done a poo outdoors! It was time you did. I have never been caught in a situation such as yours but very often wonder about it.
I know as a young kid i hated the thought of dropping a load out doors and then I realised, if the need arose then it was the best thing to do for comfort and health.
AS I am out and about i often see secluded spots which might be useful if one was "caught short"...I have never had to use them for a poo but have done so for a wee.

Earlier I went poop again, this time it was about 8 inches. My body's cleaning itself out pretty good :-)

Hi everyone,

Holly - sorry to hear that you had to wear diapers in bed until you were 12. If it's any consolation, I wet my bed the last time when I was 15 - so quite a lot older than when you stopped! (Although thankfully it wasn't happening too often by the time I was 14 or so.) Did you parents used to get mad when you wet the bed? I wouldn't worry too much about it happening again this one time, since it's just a one time thing. Although you don't say how old you are now... (ie, how long ago you stopped wetting the bed regularly).

Brittni - I can really sympathise with your story of wetting your pants in 6th grade because you couldn't use the toilet at home and were desperate to pee when you arrived at school. My dad was a teacher, and so we lived at the school a lot of the time. So if the toilet was occupied at home in the morning, I could just quickly dash and use a school toilet before first class. But sometimes, when we were living in a house away from school, I couldn't do that because I had to take the school bus and so if I couldn't use the bathroom at home, I would get to school desperate to pee and I wouldn't have time to use it before class - often with embarrassing results!

Keep the pee stories coming :)


This summer my girl friend and I have been biking in Aland. A couple of times both she and I have experienced that we have had to go to the bushes not only to pee but also to shit. I had not done that before but to her it was nothing new as she has been a scout for several years. The vegetation was quite dense and it usually was easy to find a suitable spot. Still I happened to see her squat some times. I must admitt that I a few times went to pee just where she had been. Curious to see what she had done. I also happenend to see other persons squat mostly women to pee I guess but once also a man. Once we stopped for lunch at the same site as a Dutch couple. We had a nice lunch together. Just before leaving first the husband said that he should have to go to toilet thereafter his wife did the same. Interesting that some people can be so open about this issue.

to tayla: i loved your peeing story about being stuck in the balcony

To toni: i loved your peeing story too!

more peeing storiess!

So far today I've pooped twice. Since starting this diet I've been going to the bathroom more regularly and feeling a lot healthier. My poops have been lighter in colour and easier to pass. The bloating in my stomach has mostly gone too. Yay.

Earlier I pooped and it was only a couple of soft squiggly pieces. A few minutes ago when I went, there was lots of crackling. A bunch of small/medium squiggly pieces had come out, about 9 or 10 of them.

I'm sure I will have to go again later :-)

Friday, August 22, 2008

While we're here, one other item: The ruling on the Concerned Father/Teenage daughter thread stands. I wrote this whole thing up today, brought it in here to post, and was about to do so, when someone pointed out that 95% of it is already in the FAQ, and "The Golden Ruling/ Seven lacks of common courtesy and other head scratchers" at length. On top of that, it has been there for almost six years! The entire issue now, was covered then. So, the only part left for Mary, Most bodily waste's weight is water, so volume is assumed to be about 1:1 for simplicity. Think of the size of a gallon jug and where it could fit in the pelvic area. Imperial gallons and metric are not assumed. One gallon of water weighs ~8.3 pounds, and for reference, one cubic foot is 7.5 gallons, yielding ~62.4 lbs with some rounding.

I took my dad to JC Penney's last weekend to buy a suit to wear to a wedding he is going to. He ordered his suit and left it there for alterations. Before we left we both had to use the mens room. We found the mens room right by the elevator, and went in. Very nice clean and very will stocked with toilet tissue, and hand towels. The only thing we noticed that was strange was there were no stall doors, but we really didn't care. The seats were spotless, there was no odors whatsoever, so we both dropped our trousers and underpants, sat down and started doing our business. We heard the entry door open and an employee came in to use the third toilet. He was wearing a white jacket and a name tag, I think he was the eye doctor from Penney's. We all three were farting, pissing and shitting, when the entry door opens again, and we hear giggling from outside. Within a second or two, three girls, about 19 or 20 ran in and stood in front of us, laughing at us, and making farting sounds, and looking at our penisis, and watching our shit drop, and watch us wipe. They were hysterical, my dad was embarrased, as was the eye doctor. I laughed it off, but I felt a bit embarrased too. I told my dad we better shit before we leave the house, when we go to pick up his suit LOL

some guy
Monica P.: How about in a flower pot? Or a pillow even?

Mr. Clogs
I got a quick post to share, I hope you all like it so here goes.

I was getting ready for bed and I needed to go to the bathroom. I had bought what resembled a chamber pot a grocery store which is metal enameled, blue speckled and shabby looking. I decided to answer the call of nature in it. So I had to pee no big deal just wip out the woody and let loose! I was done peeing and I felt my insides churning up that I was time for me to take a dump. I said to myself why not finish the job into my new toy (chamber pot). I placed the chamber pot on the floor and got into position. I pushed and pushed, nothing came out but just air and gas. Well I spoke to soon, I gave another push and turds plopped into the chamber pot. It was small nothing big, as the turds came out, I felt so much better and was ready to go to bed. Problem is I had to wipe but had no toilet paper to use, so I used some McDonald's napkins to wipe my butt with. It took two good wipes and I threw the dirty napkins into the piss/poop filled chamber pot and slid the container under my bed. My room kinda stink a bit but oh well. I hope you enjoy my post and I look forward to your response.


--Mr. Clogs

Linda K.
I have quick story of last year when I was on the train at night in a bad area and I got a sudden and urgent need for a toilet. I knew that there were no bathrooms at the stations and nothing around would have restrooms. I decided to just try and hold it. The problem was I hadn't gone for 4 days and I had to go now. I was very embarrassed about anything that had to do with me pooping and there was now way I could just go in between cars like I knew some people would do when they had to pee. So I held it until I was desperate. Finally, my stop came and it was just two blocks to my apartment. I went as fast as I could but about a block away I couldn't hold it any longer and it came out in my tight jeans. There was a lot and it spread all around and up into the front. Clean up was not fun.

Kathy L.
Hi! I thought I would share a terrible poop experience I had in 1998 when I was 34. My husband and I decided to go to North Carolina to visit his parents during winter break. On the fifth night his parents decided to treat us to a buffet at their golfing club. I tried to limit myself, but at that time I was a little chubby and could not turn down good food. I ate an obscene amount and had trouble sleeping. The next morning I felt bloated and out of shape. I decided I would take a long walk on the beach to try to burn of some calories. I ate a light breakfast and then went to the bathroom. After sitting on the toilet for a few minutes I concluded I was constipated and thought the walk would be just the right thing. Little did I know it would work a little to well. My husband was going with his father to golf for the day and my mother-in-law was going shopping and so they had no objections to me going out on a walk. I left the apartment, went down past the pool and down the boardwalk to the beach. It was a relatively chilly day, with temperatures in the low 60's. I started a brisk pace heading north. About 1 mile down the beach I noticed and slight pressure in my gut. Instead of turning around to head back I continued happy I was getting
exercise. I had no concern that I wouldn't be able to find a restroom. Another mile later however, I was in a different area without any apartments that would offer restrooms. The pressure had grown and I was ready to go to the bathroom. I was still completely unconcerned with faith that there was soon going to be a restroom. 10 minutes later and still there were none. I then remembered my husbands parents telling my about the touristy boardwalk area 3 miles down the beach. I thought I was close to 3 miles from the apartment and I walked on. The pressure began to turn into an urge and was looking forward to the boardwalk. That is when I saw the sign on the side of the road saying Coral Island Boardwalk. I rejoiced and began moving a little faster. But as I got closer I saw printed below the name, 6 miles. That was when I realized I had been going the wrong direction. When my in-laws had said 3 miles up the beach I just assumed they had meant north. It was clear now that the boardwalk was 3 miles south of the apartment. I was a little more urgent now with a definite need to go. I reassured myself in my ever positive mood that I held my poop in all the time at my job as a secretary and I could wait the 2 mile walk back to the area of the beach with all the apartments. I didn't yet realize that when walking it is quite a bit harder to wait. I turned around and set off back down the beach. A fog rolled in and my visibility shrunk to less than 300 yards. I soon came to the point where the urge became slowly yet progressively worse. It became harder to walk normal with the growing pressure. Soon I could say I was desperate and a little panicky. The area I was in was completely inhospitable to walkers in search of restrooms. On one side was the cold, choppy ocean and on the other were a low fence with no trespassing signs in front of large, ugly, houses. My options for relief were non-existent in my mind. I had never pooped outside before and had only peed outside a few times when I had been completely surrounded by nature. I was in serious desperation now with the tip of the poop poking out. I just kept walking with increasing panic. I soon resigned to the fact that I would have to poop outside. I knew I could not go here though. I had to just try and go a little further to find something, anything, a clump of bushes, a large dune. Finally, I could see the end of the houses. I could see a that I was coming up on some state owned beach area. There were trees and bushes set high on some dunes. I relaxed slightly and knew relief was in sight. As many of you probably know this is a bad thing to think when you are desperate. My hole opened a little before I could close it again letting a little bit squish into my tight exercise pants. I swore and put my hand on my ass for support. Only a little further. Finally, I passed the last house and waddled towards the dunes, set further back from the shore. The dunes were steep and people were not meant to climb them. I stepped over the low fence and quickly began climbing. It was difficult with only one hand, but I knew if I let go of my ass I would release my load. I was almost to the top when I slipped and in reaction I let go off my ass. I began pooping myself again and I frantically got on top of the dune, and waddled behind the first small bush. I quickly pulled down my pants and relaxed as I let it come out. My pants now had a baseball sized amount smeared inside and my ass was a covered slightly but I was mostly alright. I looked down at what I was doing and was shocked to see that I some of the poop was hitting my pants when it dropped down. In surprise I sort of stood up quickly. The combination of shock and standing up to quickly caused me to fall, I tried to step forward as I fell but I tripped on my pants around my ankles. The next thing I know I am falling backwards off of the dune. I flail my arms and try to catch myself but it is no use. I fall down head over heals causing me to completely release my load as I am falling. I land in a heap at the bottom covered in sand and poop. Quickly looking around I am relieved to see no one. I then decide I only have one option. I get up as quickly as possible and pull my shit filled pants up. Then I run towards the freezing Atlantic pulling of my socks, shoes, and fleece as I run into the surf. The water is cold. The depth rises quickly and soon I am up to mid thigh. I squat down in the water as the waves berate me and slowly step out of my pants. I poop out the last and begin washing myself off. I face the beach constantly checking for people. If anyone came onto the beach it would be obvious what I was doing. In the midst of washing myself of in the water and checking for people, I fail to notice a larger then usual wave. Suddenly, the water rises up to my chest and I am swept of my feet. In this turmoil, I let go of my pants. I completely panic as I am know half naked in the Atlantic ocean. I desperately search for my pants in the water for a few minutes until I realize it is hopeless. I try to formulate a plan in my head for what to do. The temperature of the water forced me to make a decision and finally I decide I will zip my fleece around my waist and tie the sleeves together. One final check for people and I run/wade out of the water bearing all. I grab my fleece, tying and zipping it around me. I grab my shoes and socks and finish my walk. There are only a few people around due to the cold temperatures as I make my way back. Surprisingly, I get few stares for my unusual way of wearing the fleece. However, my shirt is soaked and I am freezing so there other reasons for people to look at me.

Jessica Lyn
Hey Anna, i've got that problem too with the occasional leakage of pee especially when i'm trying to hold it in while looking for a toilet or those times when I am forced to hold it for a long time till i can get home because some of the public toilets are so discusting.

Hello everyone,

I was watching some late night reruns on TV last night, in specific NBC's Will & Grace. Grace was waiting for will at a theatre and people kept leaving their kids with her for various reasons. What caught my attention was this black lady who asked her to watch her kids while she used the ladies room. Now of course this is me watching this, forgetting all about the main plot of the show, and wanting just to dig into that one moment, wondering what that mom was going to do if it was reality. I was hoping for a mushy, stinky dump with all the acoustical farts to accompany it, but the reality probably would have been just to pee.

SO it got me in the hunt for stories by moms about having somebody watch their children in public while they went to the ladies room to take a shit.

I tried to think back to my childhood to see if I could recall any such events, but nothing really came to mind. had a few baby sitters do that once or twice... but not what I was in the mood for.

My ex wife has had my mother watch her children while she went to the ladies room a few times for a #2 but all while I was in Iraq...(she wrote me about it in a letter)

So i'm looking for some stories... anybody got any?

To Anna:
Dribbling pee in your panties on occassion is pretty normal. I believe most girls do it every so often. As a mother of 2 girls (ages 13 and 16) I have definitely seen some pee stains in their dirty laundry. And, I also occassionally dribble in my panties as well - but no more frequently than maybe twice a month.

I pooped twice today and I'm starting to go every other day now that I changed my diet whereas it was every 4 to 5 days before. I'm on a gluten-free diet and it is an adjustment trying to get used to it but I think I am beginning to feel better.

The first time I went, I pushed and a turd easily slipped out. It was about 10 inches long which is pretty big for me.

The second time kind of stung when it came out, but again it came out easily without much effort. It was smaller,about 6 inches long and really skinny.

Both times were very light brown as apposed to the color my BM's used to be...dark brownish-black.

My stomach is slowly getting better and I am feeling a lot better.

I've eaten a lot of vegetables, fibre, fruit and almonds over the past few days, and since the "sharting" accident on Monday I've had no more oily orange diarrhea or any more incidents :-)

I hope never to crap myself again...that was really disgusting :-( Luckily though the stains came out of my clothes so no one was the wiser :-)

My poops look more healthy and are softer and easier to come out. Finally! Too bad I couldn't have solved this problem YEARS ago!!

Hi my name is Karen, I'm 34, brunette ,5'7' tall, fairly average looks,my body is trim cos I work out alot and am very flat chested, saves on bras LOL.. Last Friday night I actually shit my bed for the first time since I was a kid. I've had a few close calls, some closer than others. Although I have had a few piss accidents.

Friday Ileft for work early cos I had a few meetings to attend plus I knew there was going to be a company dinner later. I decided to take a cab to work that would allow me to have a few glasses of wine with dinner, then take a cab home. Usually I shit in the morning b4 I leave for work, but that wasn't the case on Friday, did not even get the faintest urge all day , although I did piss about 4 times. The day was busy and I was so glad to end it with a nice dinner. I was ravenously hungry so I had a big steak together with ahuge pile of vegetables.I left the restaurant around 10 pm, caight a cab on toward the end of the I almost fell asleep in the cab, I was just so tired. The cabbie arrived at my place and almost had to wake me. As I walked up the path a sudden urge to piss hit me so I hurried up the short path,unlocked the door. I dumped my laptop and handbag on the hall table and raced into my bathroom undressing as I was walking. By the time I reached the bathroom my shoes were off, my blouse was unbuttoned, my skirt was unzipped, which I just let drop at the end od my bed followed by the blouse. I was just standing in my thigh high stockings, white nylon high cut panties and cammy and about to enter the bathroom to relieve this aching bladder of mine. As I walked to the toilet a drib ble of piss escaped and ran down my left leg, so I just flopped onto the seat,pulled the crotch of my panties aside and let go this huge gusher accompanied by a loud fart.

I felt so releived. Now normally I wipe, I'm very hairy, have never trimmed or shaved since I was in my 20's . could not handle the itch as the hair was regrowing. But because I was so tired ,all I wanted was bed, so I just let the panty crotch repostion itself, then I just fell into bed.

I woke around 8 am in my usual position which is on my left side with my legs tucked up and usually in the need of a piss. For the moment I was too tired to get out of bed so I just grabbed mt crotch, I thought for awhile I'd pissed myself but remembered that I'd not wiped from the night b4 and my panties were still damp whew! I fluffed the covers a bit that was when the stench hit me. I certainly did not remember farting, I know I can fart pretty good at times. I straightened my legs out that was when I felt the bulge between my ass cheeks. I felt the back of my panties, there was huge bulge in the back of my panties about the size of a softball. I think last night's dinner was there as well as Friday mornings shit as well. I t actually felt fairly hard , so I thought if I roll onto my stomach and stand up I should be able to make it to the bathroom with out dropping shit onto the carpet. As I stod up I caught my foot on the sheet and fell back into the bed on my ass, mashing the turds up my ass crack and into my pussy. I made it to the bathroom without any other mishaps, dumped most of the shit into the toilet then had a really long shower.

Have any of you been unfortunate enough to shit the bed by accident ????????/ Thank goodness I was alone at the time


I'm back on my college campus now after making the 400 mile drive home for the summer. Although we're starting rush week activities for the new pledges joining my sorority, I'm moving a little slower because I have my right knee wrapped pretty tight and I'm on medication because of an accident on Sunday when I strained a legiment. I was on the interstate and, true to test, the two liters of Dr. Pepper I had drank, went right through me. So I pulled over at the first rest area, parked and get on line for one of the three stalls. I already had unbuttoned the top of my shorts as I nervously waited for a door to open. By the time I was next in line and starting to feel some urgency, all three sets of legs that I could see under the doors showed no movement and I started to get a little worried. After a couple of more minutes, I heard a flush and I saw movement in the middle stall. A girl who was about 8 came out and as I started bolting to the stall entrance, she went back into the stall and spent another 5 or 10 seconds pulling off some toilet paper that she wasted no time in using to blow her nose while she waited for her mom to finish in the next stall. I didn't want to intimidate her but I had to continue advancing toward the doorway and was about to bump into her as she finished her task. My bladder was about to burst. I pushed by her and luckily the seat was down because I dropped my shorts and panties in one single instant motion and was peeing a couple of seconds before my butt touched the seat. It was a torrential output for 2 or 3 minutes--one that gave me great comfort. As I sat for another minute or two in total relief and turned to grab some toilet paper, I started to get that feeling that after three days of bloating and sluggishness, my bowels were about to cooperate. As I sat, there were three moderate farts and I could feel my shit readying itself I stood up to re-position myself on the toilet because for years I've found that spreading my legs much wider will aid me in releasing difficult shits. The door and stall partition were at best only 3/4 as high as normal and I could see five others waiting by the sinks. I don't know why, but that has always made me a little more nervous. Will they bang on the door? Will they order me out? What are they thinking? I sat back down, sliding myself up a little more to the front of the toilet and with my shorts and underwear all the way at floor level, I spread my legs wider as I gave my first hard push. I could feel the progress I was making and I knew that such a large shit would need an even greater effort to come out of the gate. After another 5 minutes or so of pushing and re-positioning myself, I knew I was very close to expelling it. However, beads of sweat covered most of my body and the humidity and my awkward nervousness was taking its toll. I decided that one more gigantic push was in order before I gave up the stall and continued my drive. Despite a lot of gas and unfortunate noise that I'm sure the others heard, I wasn't quite able to drop the big shit. The pain it made in my rectum was something I hadn't felt for years, but I had no choice but to flush, make myself presentable and exit. Even standing at the sink and walking didn't make the pain any easier. I got back in my car and continued to head east, all the time thinking ahead as to where the next rest stop would likely be 40 or 45 miles down the road. I thought about pulling out another bottle of soda from my cooler, thinking the gas it would create might aid me in dropping the demon. I pulled off at a small town exit and used the shoulder as an opportunity to grab another two liter bottle. For some reason, I was thirsty again and I downed it pretty fast over 45 minutes or so. All of a sudden, I started to feel that sensation again and it encouraged me. About 10 minutes later I came to a sign about an upcoming rest area and I picked up my speed. It looked ideal from the highway as I saw the building and no other cars parked out front. I pulled up to the closest curb, put my car into park, and hustled to the bathroom. Problem: both sides of the building had temporary wooden barriers covering the restroom entrances and a construction sign! I got to thinking that there should be a major city coming up close by so I followed the "downtown" signs knowing that even though it was Sunday, there should be a Greyhound station or something similar open. Within a minute or two, I saw the bus symbol on a pole. I hoped that I was no more than 3 blocks from relief! As I drove, I put my left hand into my underwear and I could readily feel bowel activity scheduled to happen. There were several parking spaces outside the dingy metal building. As I opened the front door several children were running around in front of me as I looked and spotted the restroom sign all the way in the back. I walked at a good pace to a brown wooden door that was so loose that it practically fell off when I pushed it open. There were two stalls--both doorless. I chose the second just as the girl on the first stool was just standing up to wipe. I hoped very much that I would be needing such an action in a couple of minutes. I placed myself directly on the seat, oblivious to first wiping it like I normally do in such cases. With my first push I could feel the large log emerging and although it hurt due to its size, I moved up on the toilet and spread my legs so wide that both of my knees were practically tapping the blue-colored stall partitions. The head was just about to come out and I hurt like hell. I remembered something my mom had taught me when I was in a similar situation when we vacationed in California. I jerked my body forward and at the same time spread my knees into the partition. It worked and within a couple of seconds, a wide and almost 2.5 foot long shit was in the bowl. My butt momentarily hurt worse, but meraculously there was no blood in the stool. However, as I stood up to inspect the bowl and my accomplishment, my right knee started to hurt and was essentially limp. So much so, that in turning to my right, I feel onto the toilet. An older lady came in at that point, saw me bacing myself on the seat to get my footing, and after I explained what happened, she suggested I got to an emergency room. Luclily, County General was just a half block away and I hobbled over there. Being constipated while traveling is no fun and I learned that my body has certain limitations. And I suspect I'll be re-learning that for the next several days.

Once in junior high (7th grade), I was outside hanging with my friends (all guys) when I felt like I had to fart. I had always prided myself on being "one of the guys" so I annouced to them, "I have to fart!" They all laughed and said go for it. I let it rip and shit my pants. Not much, just a glob of watery poop was forced out with the fart and splattered on the seat of my panties. I gasped and then groaned. I said, I have to go to the bathroom and waddled off to the girls room. I was lucky enough to have the girls room to myself, and was able to pull my shitty panties off and throw them in the trash. I wiped my ass and pulled my jeans back on, spending the rest of the day with no underwear. Later, one of my buddies asked me if I had shit my pants. I admitted that yes, I did. He said they all thought so. Luckily, to my knowledge, it remained between us. What a gross, embarrassing experience. But kind of funny I guess. I would have laughed if it happened to one of them.

Monica hey I am just like you. Love to pee in many odd places. In my room I will pee in bottles or if doing laundry the next day I will pee in the basket. Also the sink and backyard. If i am in the car I will stop and go any old place. i also would like to see more pee stories back on here. If you want we can keep trading stories I have a bunch.

I read posts here pretty frequently, but I never post anything. What the heck.. here's a survey.

1. Your gender: female

2. Your age: 19

3. Do you like to go the bathroom other places than the toilet for example your room, outside, in a parking lot etc.: I love to. I go outside whenever possible, and have also in parks, parking lots, etc.

4. Do you keep a container in your room for the purpose of peeing and/or pooping, if so what kind do you use or prefer examples like cups, bottles, chamber pots, buckets trash cans, etc.: No, but it would be fun to try.

4a. To continue on with question 4, can you specify what you use the container for and please be descriptive for example "I pee in a bottle, I poop in a bucket, I pee and poop in the trash can" etc: I haven't, but I would like try pooping in something like that, like maybe a bucket or trash can. I'm just worried about the clean up.

5. After you use the container to go to the bathroom in it, do you dump it into the toilet and flush it away, throw it in the trash, what do you do with the stuff: ----

6. Do you wipe after using a container, going outdoors or in strange places: After going outside, I don't, because there's nothing to wipe with :p

6a. Do you reuse the container for the next time for peeing/pooping or just get a fresh one: ---

7. What do you experience when you poop and/or pee in places or things other than the bathroom: I get excited and really nervous. I think the thrill of maybe being caught, but I don't actually want to be caught, if that makes sense.

8. Do you like going to the bathroom in your pants or in strange places or things: I do, but I live at home, so I can't exactly pee my pants all the time. My panties is hard enough to cover up, since honestly, me doing laundry would be pretty suspicious to my parents. I need more ideas of places to pee because I enjoy going in odd places.

8a. What style(s) underwear do you use to pee/poop in, please be specific: I've only peed in my underwear a few times, and I like to use old sorta granny panties just because there's more fabric that gets wet. Ditto for pooping; I only tried it once, in granny panties, to hold the mess in.

9. Do you clean up the mess you made after you gone to the bathroom on yourself or using a container: Yes!

10. Do you have friends or family that use containers, going outdoors, or strange places, and do you go together as a group or privately: Nope :p

11. Do like going to the bathroom over the toilet, in a container, or other places than the bathroom, please specify: Going in the toilet is boring, but I like peeing on the bathroom floor, in the sink, tub, etc.

Brittni - Thanks for sharing your stories, especially the pregnancy ones which many can relate to. I'd like to hear more about the times you've peed your pants (during pregnancy or the time coming home from work). And try to go back to that store (show that self-esteem!). If anyone says anything, you've got a great excuse - you're pregnant.

female poop survey
Is pooping really exactly the same for men and women? As a guy, my bm's tend to go like this:
I sit down, fart once or twice, and let out poop immediately. After that, I usually feel like there's more "up there" so I stay on the toilet, in a very relaxed state and wait for more to come down to where I can let it out. During this time, I usually let out some gross-sounding farts. After a few minutes, I let out a "wave" (smaller pieces)of poop. Then I fart again, for a few more minutes, and let out another "wave" (smaller pieces) of poop. At this time I usually feel clean and empty inside. the whole process usually takes 5-10 minutes. How is the pattern different for women? (like, do you usually fart when you poop? before/during/after? do you usually have to wait for more poop to come out after you start?) What is your process like?

A long time ago, I was over at a friend's house bouncing on his trampoline. His older sister was about 10 at the time and she and her friend were playing with us.

I'll never forget what happened next. The sister suddenly stopped jumping and started talking to her friend. They didn't think I could hear them, but they were talking about how she had to go the bathroom. One of them suggested she go outside, but she said, "no I don't need to go #1."

They went inside and came back about 20 minutes later. I pretended to be completely oblivious as to be not accidentally get myself in trouble, but I so badly wished I could have been in that bathroom. Must have been a big poo for her to be gone 20 minutes.

Sadly my friend's sister grew up and stopped hanging out with us, so I didn't get to see anymore toilet-related incidents. I did run into her much later when she was a senior in high school and I was a sophomore, but she didn't even remember me :(

Monica Hi, You have mention of peeing in odd places; there are sometimes i like to pee in a clear glass jar or glass, as sometimes a white coffee cup as I like to see how clear it is as to notice as the differance it can make when drinking water most the day and it makes a big differance as if I drank too much soda. Now that I'm on the website I was getting ready for work this morning and as of me I take my showers as right before I leave and as pooped before I showered I was not paying attention to the time. It was one of them that I can feel the pressure except it wasn't easy pushing it out, as I had some pushed out with a force I still had that uncomfortable pressure against my anus. I tell myself I need to get showered so I gave up on what more I had to come out. after my shower as I washed my behind as I did notice I could have used some more toiletpaper as that is what happens when I am rushing I guess, tells me I shouldn't wait 'til the last minute getting ready for work.

Well, I learned this week that you're never to old to have an accident in your pants

I'm a 48 year old man, and I peed my pants mowing the lawn. Not totally, but enough to leave a softball sized stain. I usually have excellent bladder control but today I had a very full bladder at the time. I had not taken my morning pee yet because my wife was in the bathroom when I woke up. I also had on a pair of shorts with a snug waistband that put some extra pressure on my bladder.

Once I was able to stop the mower (after I had started wetting), I pulled my shorts and briefs down and the choppy spurts of pee that were struggling out beyond my control turned into a huge torrent soaking the grass.

Well, I don't have any exciting stories to post today, just the usual one long turd that flumped into the toilet. So, instead I'll respond to a survey posted by "Big Wang".

1. Age: 28

2. Gender: Female

3. What drinks make you pee? For some reason, if I drink orange juice I need to pee within half an hour. I don't know why.

4. What foods make you poop? No foods in particular, but nachos tend to give me bad gas.

5. Do you wash your hands after you pee? Every single time, unless there's no soap, but even then I still wet my hands and dry.

6. Do you wash your hands after you poop? See above.

7. If never or sometimes for #5, why? N/A

8. If never or sometimes for #6, why? N/A

9. How often do you go poop? Once a day, almost like clockwork

10. What kind of underwear do you prefer? Thongs or briefs? Why?

Which kind of underwear I put on depends on what I'm doing. If I'm going to work that day, I generally wear hiphuggers or briefs. I do that because on the rare occasion when my jeans slip down a little, I show off the least amount of my butt.

If I know I'll be staying around the house, I like to wear a thong, both because it's more comfortable for me and I know my boyfriend likes it.

11. How often do you pee in the shower?

Not very often, usually I know if I need to pee before showering, but sometimes the need sneaks up on me, so I just let it go.


Something like that happened to me once (Im 15 now but was about 8 then).

They had done some buildings work and the toilets that used to be boys were now turned into girls, some other boys ones had been built somewhere else. Well they were at the end of a corridor that didnt have much else down it.

I was near the door and saw a guy from another class walk that way clutching his bum. Well I asked the teacher if I could go, she said yes, so I went out and followed him, he went in the girls toilets, I followed. There were 3 stalls and I saw he took the middle one, but also that it wasn't locked. So I just walked up to the door and opened it, to see him sitting there, he looked shocked to see a girl, and dropped off quite a load of poo. He said he thought they were boys, but I told him theyd been turned into girls, he said he was sorry but he had been desperate for a poo and had been holding it in since the morning. I told him not to worry and then he realised that there was no paper in the roll. I went and got some from the next stall and he wiped. Then I asked if he would like to see me go, he did so I pulled my skirt up, knickers down and sat down. I had a wee and then a large poo, then wiped, he looked fascinated to see. Then we went back to our lessons.

Big Wang Survey:
1. Age? 28
2. Gender? Female
3. What drinks make you pee? Well the drink that makes me pee the fastest is Mt.Dew.
4. What food makes you poop? A big Bran muffin!
5. Do you wash your hands after you pee? Always
6. Do you wash your hands after you poop? Always
9. How often do you poop? Twice a day at least.
10.What kind of underwear do you prefer? I love to wear thongs, but I do wear bikini panties too. Thongs make me feel sexy...I wear bikini panties because I do not like granny panties.
11.How often do you pee in the shower? Almost always!

Someone who didn't leave their name asked for stories of nurses having to poop, but being unable to because they were with a patient. Well, it just so happens I have a story like that from yesterday. Although it had nothing to do with a patient but rather, being in training.

Where I work had a great idea of making nurses take training once or twice a month, to prove we still understand the concepts. The idea is good, but sometimes the timing just sucks.

I was just about to head to the bathroom for my daily crap when we were called to training. The first half hour wasn't too bad, I could hold back the urge to go for a bit. After that, it became torture. I was so afraid I'd get called up, be so occupied with holding in my crap and screw up.

Of course, about 15 minutes later I did get called up. Luckily for me, the trainings usually only last an hour so I was close to relief. All I had to do was show the proper procedure for taking blood pressure, which I knew by heart.

I ripped a silent fart just after I got the wristband around our practice dummy and I hoped nobody smelled it. While I was taking his blood pressure, I accidentally let off a few more farts, one of them kind of squeeky. I so hoped nobody noticed, and it seemed I got lucky and nobody did. Or else they didn't say anything.

I got done, and went back to sit down, there at least I'd have a chair to muffle my farts and help me hold in my crap. I sat back down, let off another silent one, but it didn't smell too bad. The guy sitting next to be noticed though, I was so embarrassed.

Five minutes passed, only five more minutes to go. I was kind of fidgeting, trying desperately not to crap myself. Three minutes left, let out another fart, didn't smell at all but I heard it braap. Two minutes left, I felt the turd poke out into my panties, but I sucked it back in. It kept edging in and out.

Just one minute to go. The turd poked really far out into my panties. I tried to suck it back, but no luck. I had to just snap the little bit off and hope for the best. It was just a tiny bit, so it didn't smell any. I still had to go so bad, I was on the verge of crying.

Again the turd pushed out and I sucked it back, painfully. Finally we were done, but I didn't think I could stand up without losing it. Slowly I stood up, but the change in my posture let the turd push out a lot. I desperately tried to stop it, but there was quite a big piece.

It was a good thing I had jeans on, so the bulge didn't even show at all. I just quickly got to the bathroom, all the while sucking back in the turd that kept pushing out. I got into the bathroom, began undoing my jeans, got in the stall and absolutely lost it.

A huge turd was pushing out into my panties and I couldn't stop it. Best I could do was pull them down and sit on the toilet. I did, but my panties were definitely stained. Floop! The huge turd landed in the toilet and I began pushing out the rest.

I had another long turd ease out, splash. Then several smaller ones, plop plop plop plop splish plop. I looked and saw two big dark brown turds and lots of little, lighter brown lumps. After that I began the task of cleanup. The mess on my butt wasn't awful. Just six wipes and I was done, but the panties - well that's a different story.

I wiped them out as well I could, but they were still quite stained. The way I saw it I had two choices. One, wear them the rest of the day and be itchy. Two, go "commando". I chose number two. I flushed the toilet and hid the panties in my pocket.

I carefully put them in the pocket of my jacket, hoping that no one would find them there. To the best of my knowledge, nobody ever knew about what happened, with the exception of them knowing I farted a few times. But nobody has said anything yet, so I think I'm alright.

First post ever.
In response to Anna, leaking for me is really hard ! I can either go, or not go, and if I try to leak I'll lose it.

1. Your gender: Female.
2. Your age: 18
3. Do you like to go the bathroom other places than the toilet for example your room, outside, in a parking lot etc.: Only where I am not visible to the public.
4. Do you keep a container in your room for the purpose of peeing and/or pooping, if so what kind do you use or prefer examples like cups, bottles, chamber pots, buckets trash cans, etc.: Yes
4a. To continue on with question 4, can you specify what you use the container for and please be descriptive for example "I pee in a bottle, I poop in a bucket, I pee and poop in the trash can" etc: a bucket. It's much easier
5. After you use the container to go to the bathroom in it, do you dump it into the toilet and flush it away, throw it in the trash, what do you do with the stuff: Use it for plants. I'm not sure if it actually works as a fertilizer, so I've been trying it.
6. Do you wipe after using a container, going outdoors or in strange places: When I can, yes.
6a. Do you reuse the container for the next time for peeing/pooping or just get a fresh one: Fresh one.
7. What do you experience when you poop and/or pee in places or things other than the bathroom: Its messy. I have terrible aim.
8. Do you like going to the bathroom in your pants or in strange places or things: Depends.
8a. What style(s) underwear do you use to pee/poop in, please be specific: ?
9. Do you clean up the mess you made after you gone to the bathroom on yourself or using a container: Not usually .
10. Do you have friends or family that use containers, going outdoors, or strange places, and do you go together as a group or privately: No =(
11. Do like going to the bathroom over the toilet, in a container, or other places than the bathroom, please specify: Shower. Its clean and easy.

Big Wang
Survey for the ladies!!
1. Age 18
2. Gender F
3. What drinks make you pee? Milk tea especially.
4. What foods make you poop? Dairy
5. Do you wash your hands after you pee? Always, sometimes, or never? Always.
6. Do you wash your hands after you poop? Always, sometimes, or never? Always.
7. If never or sometimes for #5, why?
8. If never or sometimes for #6, why?
9. How often do you go poop? Every three days.
10. What kind of underwear do you prefer? Thongs or briefs? Why? Breifs.
11. How often do you pee in the shower? Every time. I can't hold my pee when there is water around.

Reply on survey.
1. Age - 17
2. Gender - Female
3. What drinks make you pee? Any drinks especially cold drinks would.
4. What foods make you poop? Spicy food can makes me have very bad stomachache and diarrhea. Fruits like dragonfruit and papaya can make me have very strong urge to poop. I normally can't hold the urge for long.
5. Do you wash your hands after you pee? Always
6. Do you wash your hands after you poop? Always
7. If never or sometimes for #5, why?
8. If never or sometimes for #6, why?
9. How often do you go poop? Twice per week
10. What kind of underwear do you prefer? Thongs or briefs? Why? Briefs because it can hold my poop when i have accidents. I have accidents quite frequent.
11. How often do you pee in the shower? I always pee in the shower.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

hey its me again. im on a bus home right now and im on toiletstool mobile on my cell. i just sharted and im ten minutes away from home. i gotta go i might post later bye.

diana c.
The other post I wrote was kind of short, and not very detailed. Let me first tell you a little about myself and my bowels. I am 17, pretty hot, and when I go poop, sometimes it is normal hardness, but a lot of times, it is mushy, and whenever it is mushy, It makes me REALLY gassy.

I just crank out the farts when I have a mushy poop. Here's an example.

One time, my mom was on the crapper, taking a dump, and I had to poop sooooooo bad. I banged on the door, but my mom said she would be a while. I realized the door was unlocked, and I ran in, pants down before I opened the door.

Diana! My mom said but I didn't care. I hung my ass cheeks over the bathtub and squirted out some chunky diarrhea. Then I farted really loud, then again, and again. My mom shouted "Stop! Stop! Use the toilet! Then I sat on the toiletr and shot out a hot geyser of diarrhea. and a couple really loud farts.

I had to go in my backyard later that day, but I'll tell that story another time, my laptops almost out of power.

I'll post again soon!

Monica P.
This is my first ever post here, I'm fifteen and love to pee in odd places. I've noticed that alot of stories about peeing have disapeared. I've peed in many places over the year including sinks, bathtubs, containers...

I was wondering if anyone has any unique and fun places to pee inside my house, or outside! If you do, please let me know! (:

Hi, this post is brought to you, by the letters S, A, R, A, and H

I have a school toilet story from when i was 6, i was just about to go into class, when i saw a boy from the classroom nextdoor leaving his room, and going in the direction of the bathrooms.
I told my teacher i was going, and left, i caught up with him when he was almost at the little boys' room, it was clear he really needed a crap, which reminded me, so did i.
I'd always wanted to see the inside of the boys' room, and figured now was the chance.
He went in, i followed, he turned to me and said "You're not allowed in here"
I said "I know, can i watch you poop?" (I was never the shy type)
He looked a little confused, then said "No"
I told him that i really had to go, and that he could watch me go after he was done.
I'm sorry, but i don't remember the details, it was more then half my life ago, but i remember that we did just that

Does anyone else have stories like this?


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