Talya - Your story about you peeing in your denim shorts on a hotel balcony was great. Nice description of your desperation and when you initially started to wet your pants. Wonder what the manager thought?

Toni - A likewise great story of you peeing in your knickers in a store fitting room. Yes, I'd like to hear more of your stories. I have a story too about another Toni I knew...

It was 3rd grade, and a few kids from my class were lined up on stage and each kid was to recite some lines. There were 3-4 other kids, then Toni, then me. I could tell she was terrified of having to go up there and say something. As we were waiting our turn, Toni wet her pants. Fortunately, she had dark pants on, and we were the last two in line, so not too many noticed, at least not right away. Incredibly, she still went up there and recited her piece!

Some women have a mega-bladder like Taylor, but it certainly wasn't one in a woman I met this weekend. I volunteered to man a station pass out water to walkers - about five hours. Sara was assigned to help me. She had on a white top and black pants. About a half hour, she says that she didn't want to leave me here alone, but she had to go to the bathroom. From where we were, we could see the bathrooms, but it was about a five minute walk (one way) to them. I told her go ahead, as that's why there's two people assigned to each station along the route. About an hour later, Sara says, "After the next group of walkers, I need a bathroom break." From our vantage point, we could see if people were coming in the next few minutes, and there was no one. So I told her, "If you want, go now, while we have a little break in the action." So, she left to use the bathroom again. A little while after she returned again, She remarked that she needed some water, so she opened up one of the water bottles and drank half of it. "Now you'll need to go to the bathroom again," I remaked. "I know," she replied, with a smile. And indeed, another hour later, she went to the bathroom again. Less than a half hour later (now a little over three hours we'd been there), I noticed there were no walkers coming in the next few minutes, so I told her I was talking a break and started walking toward the bathroom. On my way, I glanced back, and saw Sara walking about thirty steps behind me. I stopped and waited for her to catch up. "I'm sorry, I need to use the bathroom and I couldn't wait until you got back," she said. "Why didn't you just let me know?" I asked. "Because this is my fourth bathroom break and it's only your first," she said. "If you need a break, just tell me," I said. "I don't want to see you pee your pants." By that time, we has reached the bathrooms, and there was one toilet unoccupied. She wanted to let me go first, but I insisted that she take it. After we both finished, we walked back to our station together. Four times in a little over three hours - definitely no mega-bladder there.

Hi everyone. I'm 16/f and a sophomore in high school. I have never had an actual pee or poop accident in my panties. However, i do sometimes dribble in them, usually at school.

I prefer using the toilet at my house, and sometimes i try to put off going pee until i get home from school if i havent had a lot to drink at school that day. I would say on average i leak in my panties 2 or 3 times per week. When i say leak i mean just a few drops or a squirt.

Is this normal for most girls?

Has any one really had to pee but were in front of other people so you dropped your pants and peed through you underwear so you could at least keep your pants frome getting wet?

Once I was in the car with my mom and I was bursting to pee but we were stuck in a traffic jam I held it as long as I could but I told my mom that if I did was going to pee myself if I did not go soon. I asked her to pull over. When we stopped I pulled my pants down and hung my butt out the door and peed through my boxers onto the street.

I saw a girl do that once too we were out in this field (don't remember why!) but she really had to pee but there were no bushes or trees around. Shen kew that she was going to wet herself so she pulled her shorts down and squated down and peed in her panties.

Tulsa Boy
To reading girl:
I don't usually read anything.
I've never understood where that trend came from.

Random Girl
Freshman year in high school, I still remember.
One Wednesday while staying after school to finish an assignment, I began to feel a burning sensation all over my abdominal area. I feared I was coming down with a winter bug, (it was December) as I also felt vaguely dizzy. I finished my assignment, and called my mom for a ride. I stumbled down the stairs to the school entrance, and my pain and nausea worsened. I leaned over the railing while my insides tried to cope with whatever it was that was irritating them. When my mom came, I just got in the car, simply nodding to inquiries of "are you okay?"
As soon as I got home, I took two tablets of Pepto-Bismol, and my stomachache subsided. I felt well enough to complete all my homework, and neither my stomach nor bowels were heard from for rest of the day.
The next day was a normal day at school, and still, no response from the digestive department. I suffered from stomach aches no more, but remember, my last dump had been on Tuesday. I guess I just didn't have the urge to go. That night, I treated myself to a large fruit salad for dessert.
Next day, of course, was Friday, the day that my mom and I would take some friends and I to the mall for some X-mas shopping. As I shifted through my morning classes, I felt, for the first time in days, my bowels getting ready to move it on out. Due to my busy schedule, I was unable to respond to the growing impact on my colon. My mother arrived at school, retrieving my friends and I from school.
On the way, we ended up taking a bit of a detour up to my friend's job feeding goats on this farm. I agreed to help her. As I got out of the car and made my way to the barn behind the farmhouse, I was reminded of my growing urge to defecate. I looked around: I was in the middle of absolute nowhere, surrounded by hungry goats, a locked farmhouse, and a set of impatient bowels. "Guess I'll just have to wait," I thought.
We climbed back in the car, and I was forced to sit though at least forty-five minutes of bloating until we reached the mall.
As we arrived at our destination, some of my urgency had subsided due to holding it for so long, and we walked around and visited several stores. I didn't think much of my biological needs, and although I still felt a bit full and blocked up, I figured I'd just enjoy myself for the time being since we weren't near the restroom anyways. It wasn't until we were waiting for a lunch table at a pizza restaurant, and my friend excused herself to the restroom, that I was reminded of how I needed to take a crap. I figured I'd wait to go till she was done, since it can be awkward to poop within earshot of people you know. When she came back, I blurted out, "are the toilets here automatic?"
"Uhh... no," she replied.
'Thank God,' I thought silently, since automatic toilets are a longstanting pet peeve of mine.
She gave me a puzzled look. "Why?"
I shrugged. "Oh, just wondering."
"It's Ok," she said. "I don't like those things either."
I relaxed a little, and just as I was about to to excuse myself, a waitress lead us to our table. Preoccupied with looking at the menu, my bodily urges began to get the better of me. 'Wait,' I thought to myself, thinking I'd better decide what I as going to order first. Since I suspected it was going to be a big one, I didn't want to miss when the waiter came. I checked my watch. It was only two 'o clock (we had had a half day of school for the beginning of the holidays), and I usually don't have my daily BM until late afternoon/evening. Still, even as we talked amongst ourselves about school, relationships, work, etc., the bloated feeling in my stomach returned. As I tried to look at the menu, my stomach churned at the thought of putting more into my system. My friends and I decided we would split a cheese pizza and salad, while Mom ordered a chicken sandwich. The waiter came, took our orders, and left. Just as I was about to get up and hightail it for the ladies' room, a family friend of ours showed up, and began asking me about school and such. Not wanting to be rude, I answered that all was well. My friends got talking again after she left, and of course, I didn't want to miss the conversation, not to mention contribute. Before long, our lunch arrived. If I wanted pizza, I'd have to claim it now. I proceeded to grab a slice, and dish a bit of salad onto my plate. As I caught a whiff of fresh-baked pizza, I was reminded again of the fact that I wouldn't be able to eat a thing until I rid myself of two-and-a-half days worth of meals. Finally, I got up. "I'll be right back," I said politely. Without further ado, I made a beeline toward the ladies' room.
I grabbed the handicapped stall for space, and sat down. I relaxed, gave a bit of a push, and slowly, I felt the beginning of half the week's crap easing its way out. I leaned forward, feeling what seemed like my entire intestinal tract pushing out the unwanted substance. The muscles in my lower intestine contracted slightly, and I clenched involentarily. Splash. The rest of the log formed, its ridges passing through with distinct texture. I released a few smaller bits, and just as I thought I was done, my bowels contracted again, obviously trying to get more out. A few more small pebblish things came out, and after a pee, I felt truly emptied. I wiped only about twice, then got up to see the product of the past few minutes. There was a long, thick log, accompanied by a similar type poo, and a few small pieces. I flushed, washed my hands, and returned to my table about 10 lbs. lighter. The fresh-baked pizza on my plate now looked delicious, and so I dug in.

Holly here
I've had something wierd happen, i wet the bed last night, it hasn't happened in a while, although i was in diapers at night until i was 12 *shame*
Because i've always had this problem where for NO REASON whatsoever, i need to pee, i could be dehydrated and i'd still randomly be desprate, but i haven't wet the bed in ages
Does anyone else have this problem?



Reading Girl-

Nothing weird about reading on the pot. I almost always have to take a crap before I leave for work, and I like to read some of the morning newspaper. I can get caught up on sports and entertainment news while squeezing out the brown snake. I've found this is a great way to start my day.

Another suggestion- keep a novel with a bookmark in the bathroom. you can always pick up where you left off each time.

Hi, my name is Brittni and i'm 31. I'm short and have light brown hair and i'm normally thin but currently i'm 5.5 months pregnant! So thats what i'm hear to talk about. This pregnancy has recently started to cause some real bathroom issues for me! First let me say, however, that i was never particularly good at holding it in for very long, pee or poop. when i have to go, it becomes an emergency for me pretty quickly, more quickly than for most people i believe. i've always dreaded long car rides for this reason, and i've never been a huge fan of going to the movies. but i haven't let it control my life, i had a great childhood, i never really had a poor self esteem and i've always had good friends around me, most of whom found it cute or funny how i needed to go to the bathroom so much. there was a point where my friends said my catch phrase was "i gotta pee!" growing up, there are plenty of kids who have accidents in there pants in say, kindergarten or first grade, sometimes second, but i was that kid who went to the bathroom in her pants in the 6th grade and the 9th grade! in 6th, i had rushed out the door in the morning to get the bus, and had to pee. by the time the bus got to school i was bursting to pee, and was starting to panic. i had to go to homeroom first before i could go to pee, and that lead to my downfall. sitting at my desk in homeroom, with my legs pressed together as hard as possible, a squirt escaped into my jeans, then another, and another, and it was over. i sat there wetting my pants as it splashed on the floor underneath me and people reacted with a mix of shock and amusement. i was pretty humiliated and upset, but i laughed about it and said something like "when you gotta go you gotta go!" as i was walking out of the room. no one really gave me a hard time about, i just played it off as something funny and i while people talked about it and some kids made jokes behind my back i'm sure, i never got teased about it. i felt pretty subconscious for a while but it didn't have a big effect on my self esteem. 9th grade...that accident was WAY worse, but i wound up getting away with it because only 2 people knew about it and they were by best friends...anyway, for some reason i had a pretty strong need to go poop during gym class. i was pretty nervous about it but i thought i could hold it until the end of gym, because we were playing volleyball which i liked a lot in high school. we were in the middle of the game and i rushed over to get the ball that came into my area and i was i was running over, i felt a fart escape. it didn't make any noise, but that wasn't the terrifying part. when i came with a big, hot, squishy feeling that filled the seat of my underwear. my heart, frickin, stopped! i went into a total state of panic i was just like "oh, my, god...i did NOT just poop my pants!" i had a pair or small red gym shorts on too, so i probably had a lump on my butt. i immediately got my composure and jsut said to one of my teammates "hold on i'm gonna run to the bathroom." and i gingerly jogged off to the girls' locker room. i stepped through the door and all hell broke loose. a big load of poop exploded into my panties to add to what had escaped in gym class. it was pretty mushy. i just firmly kept my hands on my butt so it wouldn't fall out of my shorts. i just stood there pooping and thinking "i can't believe i'm doing this right now.." finally the damage was done and i waddled over to a stall, and to my horror i heard the locker room door open. thankfully though it was my 2 friends. they asked me if i was pooping (because they could smell it) and i had to admit to them that i pooped my pants. they were shocked but sympathetic. they got my regular clothes for me from my locker and kept handing my damp paper towels over the stall wall as i cleaned myself. i emptied out my dirty underwear in the toilet as best i could and cleaned a little bit out of my shorts too, and i rolled them up in a ball and tied them really tight in a plastic bag and buried it in my gym bag. i even put some deoderant on my upper thighs and on my butt cheeks (LOL) to help with the smell. finally i was done and in clean clothes. i guess i was fortunate that of all places to poop my pants at school i did it in the gym, where i had an immediate change of clothes. my friends told me teacher that was feeling nauseous and thats why i had rushed to the bathroom and they told her i was gonna go to the nurse. so i went to the nurse and acted sick, but i didn't have a temperature (obviously) so jsut had had me lay down for the rest of gym class, eat a cracker then go back to class. but THAT was a close one that day. i managed to my poop my gym shorts in class and completely get away with it.

i had a number of other accidents in my pants growing up, but those were the only ones that happened in school. most of them were in the car as a kid when we were going on family vacations or going to visit a relative or something. in fact when i was 9 one time my mom and i had a long discussion about me wearing a diaper in the car on the way to my aunt's house, but i refused, and sure enough i peed my pants. also when i was 11 i was rollerskating with some kids in my neighborhood and i fell on my butt and it made me poop in my pants, but i just got up and skated home without saying anything.

anyway, since my 9th grade gym class pooping fiasco i haven't had many problems. i wet myself in the car coming home from work a few years ago but thats about it. but now, i'm pregnant...and for those women who have been pregnant, you know it makes you have to go a lot! so yeah, 5.5 months pregnant, and i've peed my pants at least 6 or 7 times so far. and i've been wetting the bed occasionally. its become more frequent in recent days. but i had 2 bad pooping accidents i wanted to share. the first one was actually pretty funny. about a week ago, i was at home while my husband was working and i was really exhausted so i was just going to sit in the recliner and watch TV for a while. big, big mistake. i could NOT get out of the recliner!! (PREGNANT WOMEN DON'T SIT IN RECLINERS THEY SHOULD PUT A LABEL ON THE CHAIR WARNING YOU!) i tried and tried, but for the life of my i couldn't get up! so eventually i peed all over myself in the recliner. it was lovely. i continued to try and get out of the chair in my soaking wet pants, but still i could not. then i needed to poop. so, out it came. into my underwear. it was pretty loose and wet too, and it really filled up my panties. and i was still stuck in the chair. it was HORRIBLE. but my husband and i had a good laugh about it when he got home to help me up. but 2 days ago i had a much more humiliating one! i decided to go grocery shopping. so i was shopping and pretty much putting everythign in my cart because of my hunger. then i had to poop. i quickly finished up and got in line, and it was kind of long. i didn't even make it to the cashier when it started to come out. i pressed my butt cheeks together as hard as i could but it was no use. a little glob of squishy poop forced its way into my underwear. i farted audibly as more poop followed, and i pushed a big load into a big bulge in my stretchy maternity pants. again i had that feeling of shock and "i can't believe i'm doing this right now" that i had that day in 9th grade. i apologized to the cashier and the other customers as i rushed out of line. it was extremely obvious what i had done. so now i can't shop there anymore becuase i was the woman in her 30s who pooped her pants in line!

Today I was out taking a walk when I got hit the biggest urge to poop ever. Making it home without soiling myself was not an option, so I chose the next best one. It was late at night meaning dark out, but I could still see, and I figured no one else would come by. There was a park bench nearby which I could use to provide perfect pooping position.

I lowered my jeans, my guts screaming for relief NOW. As soon as I got my pink panties off, I unleashed the loudest fart I'd ever heard. It was loong too. I'm so glad no one heard that one. I slipped off my shoes and climbed up on the bench part of the table, so my butt was hanging over the grass. All the while I was letting out silent farts.

Finally, I let go and surrendered to the giant poop that wanted out. It wasn't very big around, but the first poop grew and grew along with my relief. I heard it break off and thud on the grass below, but I still had much more to do. More gas to let out and then I felt another poop ready.

Another long one, stretching my butt good. I savored every moment of having this poop inch out ever so slowly and then hit the grass. I figured I'd released a fairly big amount of poop, even though I still had to go. The third poop was a lot faster and also got longer than the other two. I felt this one touch the ground, so I actually had to pinch it off.

By this point, I was beyond relief and just amazed I could make so much poop. On top of all that, I squeezed out another shorter one. I didn't hear it thud on the grass, I think it landed on my pile of poop. There was one more long one that just zipped out, I barely even felt it that's how fast it came out.

I inspected the ground and saw a huge pile, I couldn't believe that all came from me. And at that moment, I remembered - I had nothing to wipe with and quite a messy butt. I had no choice but to just pull up my panties and jeans and hope for the best.

I know I don't poop as often as other people, only going once, maybe twice a week. But I think this has to be the biggest poop I've ever had.

Oh God I had a horrible experience the other day.

I work part time at a big grocery store. My stomach hadn't been feeling the best on my way to work, but I really needed the money so I went in anyway. Well, about two hours into my shift, my stomach was definitely going south on me. Things were slammed at the store so I couldn't get reliefe because there were no other cashiers, and the manager was already helping on another register.

Suffice to say, while I was checking out a woman with a ton of groceries, I felt a bad cramp, and squatted a little bit to get control. I felt the tip of a good poop start to poke out, but I managed to get it back in, but knew I didn't have long.

Five minutes later another cramp hit, and this time I couldn't stop a small turd coming out into my panties. By the way, our work uniforms are dark blue pants, white button up shirts with vests over them. Under neath my pants I was wearing pink high cut Jockey for Her panties.

Finally I finished with my customer, and frantically waived over my manager who was now free, telling her I had to go, NOW! She took over and I headed towards the employee bathroom at the back of the store, I didn't want to go in the main store bathroom as this wasn't gonna be good.

I go to the back, and as I pulled on the door, it wouldn't budge! Someone was already in there. I knocked on the door and said please hurry. One of the girls I work with responded and said she would. But it was too late.

I felt another cramp, and lost control of my bowels, loading my panties and pants with an enormous load of mushy crap. To top it all off, I started peeing a bit too.

The girl, Vanessa, came out and saw what happened. She todl me she was sorry, her stomach got really upset, and she had a small accident on the way to the bathroom. She looked down at my pants, then the smell hit her. She quickly helped me into the bathroom and said to sit tight, she'd get a spare pair of pants and some underwear form the store for me.

I got into the bathroom, took off my shoes, then began unzipping my pants. My panties had protected them from most of the poop, but the pee didn't help, thank God they were dark colored!

My panties though were an absolute wreck! As I was trying to figure out what to do, another cramp hit me fast, I just sat down on the toilet with my underwear still on and my body pumped more crap out into, through, and out the leg holes and waistband of my underwear. It was horrible. Fortunately I got my work shirt out of the way, and took it and my vest off to be safe, as another wave of poop flushed out of my body. I was quite the site in my white bra and pink underwear, sitting on the toilet messing myself.

Vanessa got back and helped me clean up and get changed. The manager let me go home early, and on the way home I had another accident in the underwear Vaness got me!

It was awful, thankfully no one outside the manager and Vanessa knew about what happened.

Reading girl: Normally I read either Popular Science, Popular Mechanics, or Smithsonian Air and Space. Hope this helps!

On friday on the way home from school i had to pee well actually I had to poop! But i really had to pee also! So i got the Idea to pee on the bus on the way home! What i did was but my back pack in the way of my pants and then unzipped and pulled out a bottle and started to pee a little in it then i zipped up again and waited to get home and poop!

I also was at the flea market over the weekend shopping at the junk, went into the large indoor building and noticed a boy and his mother walking around looking. The boy had to pee real bad, he had both hands in his pockets and was squeezing himself, he was really animated and I am surprised the mom didnt notice. The boy even took his hands out of his pockets a couple of times and pulled the front of his shorts up real tight and danced for a second. He was wearing kacky shorts and a striped polo shirt, looked to be about 8. We pulled his pants up tight again and I noticed a wet dot on his pants, he started to let some squits go, the wet spot got a little bigger and he walked around to the back of a stand out of sight. I walked around the other end and met up with him face to face, he was peeing his pants now, the wet spot was now a huge wet spot and was growing, he looked at me with embarrasment, I walked past him and said its ok, accidents happen. The pee was flowing down his legs and onto the floor. The mom still did not notice, in fact she was not even looking at him while this happened. He finished wetting himself and was wiping his legs off with his hands. The front of his shorts were soaked all the way down the legs. The back of the boy was dry, it had not soaked around to the back, so from the back it didnt look like he peed but you could see his set legs and shoes.

I constantly clog my toilet. I've pooed in pretty much every toilet available to me, and it's just mine that I keep blocking. And plunging it is a bitch because I hardly know how. Suggestions? Directions? Help?

I've been doing well with the Mineral Oil. I've only had to take it twice last Tuesday and my body seems to be working fine on its own now.

On Tuesday I wasn't able to pass anything but loud gas. On Wednesday I passed 7 or 8 4-inch turds. On Thursday I passed an 8 inch turd and some smaller pieces. Friday and Saturday nothing. Today I passed a pretty big 8 inch turd.

My doctor also suspects I might have something called Celiac disease and that consuming foods with wheat/gluten in it might be contributing to the constipation, bloating, etc.

She wants me to change my diet and eliminate anything with gluten/wheat in it. So I will start that and see how it goes.

Happy pooping.


I was going boating with my friend , [we are in our teens so her mom and dad came with]then,suddently i had the urge to go pee-pee.we were still in the boat and it got to the point where i was holing my private part in order not to compeletly pee on myself. her parents went 4 a swim and me and my friend decided to stay on the boat and have a snack.I tol;d my friend, "um this is really embarassing but i hav to go pee and poop and i dont think i can hold it anymore.long story short i needed a new bathing suit.

what would u do in this situation

Hi,Iīm 37,long blonde hair,5.7 ft,156 lbs.

Last month i was at an open air rock-concert.The toilets there was in a disgusting condition,so it was impossible to sit on on of these toilets.One hour before the end of the concert,i began to felt this special pressure in my guts.I had to shit.But it wasnīt too hard and i wouldnīt go poop on this disgusting toilets...Never!!!
My turds are normally fairly solid an so i decided to wait until home.
After the concert,as i went to my car,i felt a little concern because the pressure in my butt increased more and more.But the feeling in my bowels beckoned me that i had a very large and fairly solid shit waiting in my intestines-no imminent danger for my panties,particulary i had just a 20 miles-drive until home....
That works for 19 miles,but at this accursed last mile, my perfidious poop overwhelmed me with such a huge pressure,that i couldnīt clench my trembling buttocks anymore.The turd slid out and touched my white lace-panties,before to my(momentary) luck,the seat stopped the shit.
Fortunatly,it was an old,abandoned barn around 150 ft from there.At this place,i stopped and rushed out my car.I felt this hot and hard log between my cheeks,at this moment my turd was surely hanging nearly 3 or 4 inches out of my butt.I dashed along this dark field path to the darn.My heart was pounding loud and i was in a desperatly conditon.Mighty shivers running hot and cold over my complete body.But i didnīt made it not even the half distance...Pfrrt...Prrrpfrrttpft....Pfrrrrrrrrrpffttpfrt...3 farts destroyed my desperatly hopes. Too late !!! The turd was completely squeezed out in my pants..
Slowly i waddled back until i was in the light of a street-lamp.Ich took a package of kleenex out of my pocket,unbuttoned my jeans and let them carefully down.
Luckily,it was remote little street and in the next 10 minutes nobody drove along.
That had being anymore embarrasing for me-imagine a woman standing there with straddled legs and her jeans around her knees,whoīs picked big brown lumps out of her pants....
That would have been really degrading....

Hi. I've been reading the posts on this site for awhile and actually went back and read through all the postings. I would like to know what your favorite posters or type of postings are. My favorite posters in no specific order are/were: Amy (co-ed), Summer ('01), Meredith, Jeff A, Laura (Teacher)-are you still here?, Carmalita & friends, Desp to Poop - she's still here!, JaLe, Karen-she might still be here!, Jane-Gary's wife (my all-time favorite), Laurie('00), & Lisa ('00-'01). I put years next to individuals with common names.

As you can probalby tell, I like ladies/girls who give detail about their bms, have large bms, are often gassy and aren't afraid to comment about the stink they make. I like the stories about going in public restrooms including school/work environments as often you get more than one story in one post.

Other stories I particularly enjoyed were about brides having to go on their wedding days. I also liked the stories about waitresses having the urge to go while waiting on people, stories about nurses or stewardess going or needing to go. I also just enjoyed the stories about passengers having to go but needing to wait and about female celebs farting. Well, sorry about the long post, but what are your favorites?

I was reading a story the other day about the U.S. Olympic Team swimmer Michael Phelps and the typical diet he is on while in training/competition and the article was saying that he consumes 12,000 calories in a day's time.

Breakfast: 3 fried egg sandwiches, 2 cups coffee, 5-egg omlette, bowl of grits, 3 pieces of french toast, 3 chocolate chip pancakes

Lunch: 1 pound pasta, 2 ham and cheese sandwiches, energy drink (1,000 calorie)

Dinner: 1 pound pasta, 1 large pizza, energy drink (1,000 calorie)

After reading the above, it has me wondering just how big of a load he drops when taking a dump, as it must be pretty good sized.

To Kelly P.

Sorry, I gave my name as "34" but the machine doesn't seem to like numerical pen-names so here is my real name.

My partner and I also have trouble pooping on occasions and when the kiss starts, it's a sign that the trouble is coming to an end.

Yesterday we had a combination of "trouble" and large-volume production so a total of 13 kisses were exchanged. 8 of those signalled expulsion from my bottom and 5 from hers; but her fourth expulsion seemed to go on for ever so we were a bit out of breath when her bottom decided to take a break.

Of course it's up to you how you time your kisses!!

TO Reading Girl:
I don't usually read on the can mostly because it's rare that I'm in there long enough to make it worth while... But on those occasions where I am fairly certain it'll take more than my standard 5 minutes, I'll grab the newspaper or a magazine. Being a bit of a geek (and not caring a rat's ass about the latest celebrity scandals), the magazine must be science related in some way - like Discovery or Scientific American.

Take Care!


After a mind boggling number of X rated and or inappropriate posts, the thread on the teenage girl filling her pants is over, good bad and indifferent.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Mr. Clogs
Hey folks, Mr. Clogs at it again. I haven't done a survey in a long time, so here goes another one. Please feel free to take this survey and be honest with your answers, thanks.

1. Your gender:
2. Your age:
3. Do you like to go the bathroom other places than the toilet for example your room, outside, in a parking lot etc.:
4. Do you keep a container in your room for the purpose of peeing and/or pooping, if so what kind do you use or prefer examples like cups, bottles, chamber pots, buckets trash cans, etc.:
4a. To continue on with question 4, can you specify what you use the container for and please be descriptive for example "I pee in a bottle, I poop in a bucket, I pee and poop in the trash can" etc:
5. After you use the container to go to the bathroom in it, do you dump it into the toilet and flush it away, throw it in the trash, what do you do with the stuff:
6. Do you wipe after using a container, going outdoors or in strange places:
6a. Do you reuse the container for the next time for peeing/pooping or just get a fresh one:
7. What do you experience when you poop and/or pee in places or things other than the bathroom:
8. Do you like going to the bathroom in your pants or in strange places or things:
8a. What style(s) underwear do you use to pee/poop in, please be specific:
9. Do you clean up the mess you made after you gone to the bathroom on yourself or using a container:
10. Do you have friends or family that use containers, going outdoors, or strange places, and do you go together as a group or privately:
11. Do like going to the bathroom over the toilet, in a container, or other places than the bathroom, please specify:

Thank you for taking my survey, and I hope to see your response.

--Mr. Clogs

Big Wang
Survey for the ladies!!
1. Age
2. Gender
3. What drinks make you pee?
4. What foods make you poop?
5. Do you wash your hands after you pee? Always, sometimes, or never?
6. Do you wash your hands after you poop? Always, sometimes, or never?
7. If never or sometimes for #5, why?
8. If never or sometimes for #6, why?
9. How often do you go poop?
10. What kind of underwear do you prefer? Thongs or briefs? Why?
11. How often do you pee in the shower?

I'm having gas and orange oily poop...sorry if this is a gross question...but why is that happening? Is it because I am changing my diet and my body isn't used to it?


I just had a runny poop accident. I started my new gluten-free diet which means a lot more fruits, vegetables, fibre, etc and less of the grain products. When I got up I'd eaten a bunch of almonds so I figured they would be fine and wouldn't upset my stomach.


I had to go to my mom's to drop off her mail for her (she just moved) and I felt stomach cramps and I had to fight not to fart in public. Good thing I didn't! Because when I got home the bubbly feeling in my stomach got worse and I had gas. I should've known better than to let go of it.

Because the moment I did -----FLURRRRP. A massive wet fart that felt VERY wet and disgusting. My hands went to my butt and I knew that was a big mistake to do.

I went to the bathroom and pulled down my pants and my thong and jean capris were covered in diarrhea in the seat area. I rinsed out as much of the mess as I could and then immediately put them in the laundry.

I hope the stain comes out or else I'll have to throw both of them out. My stomach still doesn't feel all that great either.

Time to switch to regular undies from now on! If this is going to be a regular occurance until my body adjusts, I want to at least keep the outside layer of my clothes from being ruined.

An update:

I'm still pooping out orange oil, probably caused both from the almonds I ate earlier and my change in diet (my doctor wants me on a gluten-free diet). So my body probably is trying to clean itself out.

The good news is that the stain from the earlier accident came out of my thong and jeans, so I am happy that I don't have to throw them out.

I just did a good poop, and with the help of the new diet and using Mineral Oil every few days (rather than every day like my doctor wants) I have had no pain with passing a BM.

I had more of the "orange oil." followed by a 12 inch turd. It had no trouble coming out.

I still have more poop that will probably make its way out of me later, but it's an improvement.

I will never miss being constipated again! I'm starting to feel normal and more comfortable it looks like I am kicking IBS-C's butt instead of the other way around!

Shannon K.
Pooped my pants walking home from college

I am a 34 y.o. full figured woman with a curvy figure. This spring, I did a BIG semi-soft poop in my sweatpants walking home from college. Here is my story:

My last class of the day wrapped up around 4PM. I had to go poo since 9AM that morning, I figured I could hold it and do it on my potty after I got home. As the instructor finished, I felt cramping in my butt and knew I would have to find a toilet soon. After the professor finished, I put my books in my book bag and got up and started walking out the classroom door and down the hallway with my bookbag in tow. Got into a hallway in the next building and felt a cramp and farted uncontrollably for 3 seconds and felt my poo trying to poke its way out of my butt. I clamped my butt cheeks down to keep the poo in. There were other students nearby some of who gave me a funny look when they heard and smelled my fart.

I continued walking and 15 mins later about 2 blocks from home the cramping got worse and worse and there was a sharp pain in my butt and then a large amount of semi soft poo came out of my butt hole uncontrollably into my pants. I froze and turned beet red as the poo filled up the seat of my panties. After it stopped, I touched my butt with my hand there was a big lump the size of a big cucumber and it STUNK to high heaven. I continued walking and noticed it was a little difficult to walk and my butt waddled slightly with all of the poo in my panties. While walking several chunks of poo got past the leg openings of my panties and rolled down the legs of my sweatpants and out onto the sidewalk. Several guys (early 20's) walked by on the sidewalk going the other way and they smelled my poo and one of them said "Did you see that woman? she shit her pants real bad." I went in the front door when I got home and went to the bathroom right away. Looked in the mirror just before cleaning up and poo worked its way to within an inch of the waistband and there were streaks of poo down my right leg from the poo that leaked out and rolled down my leg. Panties were in rough shape. My maxi-pad was 80% covered. Clean up took a while. Went through several rolls of toilet paper.

hi i'm a 17 year old female and i have a story about my fiance. well we've been living together for about six months now and are getting married in 2010. he is about 6'4" 280 pounds. last night, he went to the bathroom and we were laying in bed when he got up and walked to the hallway, paused as if in pain and said "i need to drink water" and went and got a gallon of water. he came back and sat by me and grabbed his belly and said "my stomach hurts." i rubbed his back and he put his head down and bent over. he got up and went to the bathroom, and i went in the other room. he came out holding his belly and said "my stomach hurts so bad, i'm having like really bad gas and pains and diarrhea, i hate this" he went in the other room to do some stuff and i heard him say "WHAT THE HELL" and run to the bathroom. then i heard some explosive farting and diarrhea...he came out and asked me what to do. i told him take pepto so he did. later on i rubbed his ???? and asked him if he felt better and he said yes. it was making lots of loud noises tho. this morning he shit a little again before he left for work when i was sleeping. poor guy is probably in pain...


Hi everyone, sorry that I haven't been writing about any of my pooping experiences. I have been so busy with work and doing a lot of redecorating in my house. I know Kathy and Sue feel the same way. As a matter of fact I called them to let them know that someone was missing our week long poop parties. The fact of the matter is we will be getting together for a week of fun in Minnesota the week before Labor Day and lasting up to that weekend before. We couldn't decide where we wanted to meet up at. But then when we checked around we saw that Minnesota had a lot of nice pleasures to enjoy. So you will be hearing from us within a couple of weeks. And I myself will try to write about a good pooping session before that. So we will see you real soon. And might I add there has been plenty of great stories being shared here.

Joe Stool
Ladies: Do you ever enjoy the smell of your own poop or farts? If so, what types of poop/fart smell do you enjoy best? I would appreciate your feedback; hope you all have satisfying dumps that "hurt so good".

Hi everyone. This my first time here and I have enjoyed reading all the posts. I just got back from the local county fair today. It was great being in the bathroom and listening to all the farts,plops in the water and grunting. I was hoping for doorless stalls or no stalls at all but they all had doors but it was still exciting. Does anyone here no of any county or state fairs that have doorless stalls or no stalls at all. Keep up those wonderful stories. I will write more soon.

Reading Girl
Hi everyone. Just a quick question... What if anything do you read on the throne? I like to read Cosmo while I'm squeezing out a thick poop. But I want some other ideas of what to read, so I thought I'd ask people who wouldn't think I was weird.

Mimi here.
A poop story for you all, not recent, it dates back to when i was 8.
I was in a car and really had to go, we were in traffic, and nowhere near a toilet, so my mom told me 'Honey, if you don't think you can hold it, just dookie in your pants' and i did.
I know it's not the great a story, but that's where Holly and Sarah come in handy.
But has anyone else peed/pooped their pants on purpose because they knew they wouldn't make it?


I call today's crap 'the twins'. Upon sitting down on the toilet, I had a long quiet fart and then began easing out a slender turd. With nearly no delay, there was another one that followed.

When I inspected my productions in the toilet, there were two turds that almost formed a ( ). It was so weird that I'd actually made that shape without even trying.

On another topic, I feel for most of you on this forum. Here I am, able to squeeze out a nice crap everyday, and so many of you can't go for a week or more. I can barely imagine how uncomfortable I'd be after a week of not crapping.

The other day I got locked out of my hotel room and stuck on the balcony. The glass doors locked behind me, 10 stories up. Beneath me was the hotel pool, full of people. I had just gone out to have a cigarette, but I really needed to pee because I had drank a bug cup of iced coffee about 45 minutes before. My husband had just gone for a run on the beach. He is in the Coast Guard and runs for miles. I started to get really desperate after about 15 minutes. Another 10 minutes, and I felt like I couldn't hold it. I started calling for help. I had to squeeze my crotch to keep my pee in. Someone a few floors down heard me and yelled that they would get the hotel manager to come into my room with a key and unlock the balcony doors. I waited and waited. . . No one came. . . I started calling for help again. No one answered me. It hurt I had to pee so bad. I had to rub myself to keep my pee in. Then all of a sudden, I felt it running down my legs. I looked down at my shorts and they were wet. Bending over made more squirt out, and all of a sudden I just couldn't hold it and I flooded the balcony. About 3 minutes later, the manager came into our room to let me out, and my denim shorts were soaked and there was pee all over the balcony floor. I've never been so embarrassed in my life.

Karen, Kathy & Sue--I'm guessing you didn't get together again. I liked your stories and all the detail. Well, I hope you post again soon. Do you have any public pooping stories, where someone is also going? I remember reading some of Karen's in the past and they were enjoyable too.

Kelly P
Somebody who didn't put a name on their post (on page 1690) mentioned kissing while pooping. Sounds like an interesting idea. Next week we're off to the little cabin we rent that has a two-hole outhouse, so we'll have our chance. But if we run true to form it will more likely be while trying to poop rather than pooping. We both usually get stopped up when we travel away from home. Fortunately, we now know a good cure. We'll be taking along those little enemas called, for some reason, "Liquid Glycerin Suppositories." They aren't suppositories, but tiny enemas, and you can buy them at the drugstore. They are incredibly effective. Much better than suppositories or regular Fleet enemas. If you squirt one in, you'll be pooping in 2 minutes, literally. They're really small and convenient to take along, and they don't seem to leave any nasty side effects, either, like suppositories and laxatives sometimes do. The one disadvantage is that they're really very hard to give to yourself. For us that's not a problem, though, because we like to give each other enemas anyway. It should almost guarantee that we'll be able do our poo simultaneously in the two-holer.

Sure hoping for good weather. I'll report when we get back


You can get stool softeners at any drugstore. They are not that expensive. I hope this helps.


Once again my bowels refuse to co-operate with me. I've done everything I can. I've changed my diet, eliminated things, tried different fibre supplements, drank more water, added more fibre. Nothing has worked more than a few days. Very frustrating. I went back to the doctor yesterday (Tuesday) complaining that I still wasn't going very often...every 3 to 4 days, up to a week. And when I did was still hard!

My doctor couldn't understand why my body is doing this. I'm doing everything right...why isn't it working properly? Why am I still not going normally? She suggested that I try a stool softener and I said depends how much it costs because my husband and I don't have a lot of money. She suggested I try Mineral Oil, as well as my regular diet.

She wants me to take 1-3 tablespoons of Mineral Oil 2-3 times a day, as well as continue to eat well, including lots of fibre, fruits, vegetables, etc and drink plenty of water.

Yesterday I was really hungry and had a bowl of Raisin Bran for breakfast, tuna sandwich for lunch, and a footlong BLT sub from Subway for dinner. Later in the evening I had a small bowl of Raisin Bran. I was out all day, so I was very uncomfortable in my stomach on the way home. After I took the Mineral Oil the cramps got worse to the point I could barely stand up. My husband was worried, seeing me hold my stomach and trying to move to go to the bathroom.

I pulled down my pants and undies and sat on the toilet writhing in pain. I tried relaxing my body, I tried putting my head between my knees and holding my stomach. Nothing except really loud, smelly gas came out. So much for that. My poor stomach is still swollen, but at least some of the gas relieved it.

I will try this new method, and hopefully in the morning I will have a nice easy BM.

Has anyone else used Mineral Oil? I'd like to hear your experiences. I'm a little nervous of the outcome now that I'm using it. The cramps are coming back.


I'm 16 and because I can now drive, I've been using public restrooms more this summer than ever before. Like somedays, I may use them 3 or 4 times, but in previous summers I just stayed home most of the time. Some of my friends think I'm over-reacting; others just think I've been in situations that suck. Like yesterday, me and April were at Wal-Mart. There were like 3 or 4 stalls and all were open. I took the 2nd stall and April took the first. Both she and I had to pee. I was peeing pretty good when someone quickly came into the toilet on my left. I heard the door slam, it jarred my stall too, and it must have been an old lady because you could hear her reach for and pull off one of those stupid toilet seat covers. Me and April don't use them because we think they are dumb. Then I could hear a plopping noise as her crap hit the water and she sighed in relief, like she had been constipated. She then spun the toilet paper roll a couple of times and since I didn't hear her tear anything off, I guessed that the toilet paper was out. Then she tapped on the partition a couple of times and said "Maam, would you pass me some toilet paper because my stall seems to be out?" Her voice indicated that she was quite a bit older than me and I thought it was kind of funny that she didn't check first because I always do. I immediately lied and told her mine was out too. Then April took off a roll from her stall and slid it on the floor to me with her left foot and I reluctantly took my hand and slid it into the lady's stall. I hadn't begun yet to wipe when there was a knock on my door and eyes staring in on me. By now each of the stalls was in use and a lady was pleading for one of us to get up and out and let her daughter immediately get onto the stool because she was crapping her pants. I immediately pulled up my underwear and jeans and opened the door. The woman glanced in real fast then grabbed her daughter, literally shoving her into the stall and onto the stool. At first, the girl was sitting with her shorts up on the stool and for a couple of seconds not even looking like she was going to drop them. Finally, she latched the door and you could see her shorts and panties drop all the way to the floor and hear her and smell her taking a "dump" (my boyfriend's word) However, she must have been on the stool for 10 or more minutes. I still felt some pee to release so when April came out of her stall, I immediately went in and sat down to finish my pee. I admit I got a little frustrated trying to get my pee flowing again and it didn't help that another girl about our age came literally running in asking for a stall because she was having "explosive diarrhea". Again, I got up fast and was pulling my panties and shorts up as I opened the door and walked out to wait. This girl mumbled something like "Thanks" as she brushed by me and within 2 or 3 seconds you could hear her hit the toilet seat with a thud. She was a little overweight and April whispered to me that she might have "cracked" her thigh bones. For about 2 minutes it sounded like a thunderstorm coming from the stall as April and I stood outside, quitetly whispered and waited. Since the other stalls were taken and there were two employees on their break and waiting, all I could do was wait. Then the girl went for the toilet paper and swore when she saw there was no roll to be found. She swore a second and third time and seemed like she was blaming me. At first, I felt sorry for her, but then I realized her attitude was bad so I guess I didn't take it too personally. Me and April turned to leave just as the restroom door opened and a mother and a young girl about 6 who was crying, came in. We saw more crisis and conflict coming, so we got out of the bathroom as fast as we could. After doing a little more shopping, we drove over to the mall and I finished my pee at the food court restroom. The AC was on full blast, much more than necesary and although my butt got pretty cold on the seat, I was happy at being able to finish my pee. April now needed to take a full crap and completed her task within 2 or 3 minutes. Then we went to the food court for lunch. April and I were talking about whether I was too willing to help out those with emergencies. I guess I wonder if the other girls are taking advantage of me.

1. Do you put off our refuse to use a public toilet when you need to? Why? I go immediately when I need to. Waiting sucks and can cause me to have an accident.

2.If several stalls are available, which one you you select and why? It depends on if I'm alone or what my friends do.

3. Do you wipe the seat off before sitting on it? Why? No. I just see it as a waste of time and paper and when I crap, I can use all the paper that's available.

4. If toilet paper or seat protectors are available, do you put them down before seating yourself? Why or why not? I've only seen old ladies use them. I never have used one even though Mom showed me how to put on down when we were driving across the country several years ago.

5. Have you ever finished a messy crap, only to find there's no toilet paper left on the roll? What do you do? I pretty much check before I sit down.

6. Do you flush with your hand or foot? Both. I start with my hand and if it isn't strong enough to move the flusher, I bring up a foot.

7. How often do you thoroughly wash your hands? Almost every time when there's soap and water available. Too often, especially at school, the soap dispenser has ben busted off the wall or screwed with.

8. What has influenced your habits and procedures? Parents? Friends? Time available? Long-standing habits? Some of each, I guess.

9. Gender: female. Age: 16.

The Geek
Hello, I'm a 26 year old guy from Ontario Canada. I'm 6'1", 160 lbs, have medium length natural blond hair, a short goatee and mustach, I'm slender and somewhat built (I used to be more built but haven't gotten as much excercise lately.) I wear glasses and look a little nerdy, but I choose to be. Anyways, I guess I have problems with being "backed up" because I only take a dump every 2 or 3 days. They are HUGE though. They almost always sink, so they must be quite dense. Usually I have 1 or 2 big turds that are smooth, not very thick, and really long. They are really easy to push out though, so how could I really be backed up? Other times I have a bunch of small turds like broken rope. All are quite moist and have a big smell. I almost always clog a toilet unless it's one of those power flush toilets in a public restroom! Maybe I just have a large holding capacity? I don't have the urge til I'm ready for a massive dump though and that's when I can go. I've heard docter's say that it is not healthy if you are having less than 2 BM's a day. Oh well, would be nice since I enjoy it.

I work third shift and I was waiting for the bathroom to open up to get a shower. I live with my in-laws, so it's a full house. After about 10 minutes my mother-in-law came out carrying a fiction novel. I decided to poop even though I didn't really have to go since she had just done the same. It didn't look like she had much luck because there was only a tiny thin turd about 3 inches long on the bottom of the toilet and she didn't even bother to flush or wipe her behind. When I sat down the toilet seat was so warm! It felt great and I pushed out my small load then took my shower.

I'm actually very shy about pooping. I have a major social disorder called Asperger's Syndrom which is a form of highly functional autism. It's ironic because it's actually pernounced "ass burgers" LOL. I did great in school with a bachelors in Geology, but work a grunt job because I have major difficulty with interviews and tend to get very awkward when under pressure. Anyways, I was wondering if any women could please post about reading on the toilet. What do you read while pooping? Anyone study on the toilet? I also enjoy diahrea stories. Glasses are actually a big turn on for me because I think it shows intelligence. Also I like to hear from women who are also shy. I myself don't read on the toilet, but every geek loves a geek! Bye for now!

diana c.
back when I was 9, i wanted to stay home from school one day, but my mom wouldn't keep me home from school unless i was throwing up or diarrheal. so, using my 9-year old ingenuity, i probably drank 3 doses of milk of magnesia secretly before i went to sleep(i didnt read the label). The next morning, i was having horrible farting and diarrhea and I felt miserable. i didn't even have to push. it just flowed out.

At least i got to stay home

Strange thing happened to me. I was at JC Penney's last weekend, when I had to use the mens room. Just as I was approaching the enrrance a middle aged woman approached me and said "Sir, can I ask a favor of you"? I was taken back, , but I said "certainly" She wanted me to look in the mens room for her department msnager, as she was an employee of Penney's and there was a situation going on in her department that needed his immediate attention. "He is wearing a black suit with a mauve shirt and a striped tie" she added. "And the stalls in there do not have doors, so if he is in there you should find him immediatly" I agreed, and went into the mens room. There were 3 stalls all without doors, and all in use. Now I had to look for a black suit. First and second stalls were guys in shorts (customers) Third stall had a guy in a pair of grey slacks and a sportcoat hanging over the partition. The guys must have thought I was nuts looking at their apparal, but I excused myself , and waited for an available toilet, I had already forgotten about the woman waiting outside, when the entrance door opens up, and she shouts 'DID YOU FORGET ABOUT ME?" I said to the guys "oh shit, she's going to come in here if I don't get out there and answer her" I walked out and told her he was NOT in any of the stalls, and she thanked me. I went back in and eventually got a toilet and took a long relaxing shit, until my cellphone rang, and it was my wife looking for me. Why can't a guy take a shit without you gals hounding us, and how did that woman know there were no doors on the mens room toilet? LOL.. Opinions welcomed

Like Mike from Mi, I too went from being extremely bashful to enjoying the liberation of open stalls when I can find them. Earlier this week I was visiting a city (Am I correct that we cannot mention specific locations here?) with an amusement pier by the beach.

I hadn't intended to take a dump since I had my regular morning shit earlier in the day. But something I ate didn't agree with me and I charged into the mens room. It had one urinal (the other urinal was missing) and two stalls with cinder block walls and no place for a door.

Some guy was pissing in the second stall so i took the first one, sat down and let loose! While I was feeling relief, a lot of young beach guys walked by my stall to piss, when the only urinal was in use. Some jumped back when they saw me, like I was a snake or something. Some walked by the stall and tried not to look. But a few guys nodded at me on the way past my stall and again on the way back.

No one else took a dump while I was there, but it was great to be so open about what I was doing; even wiping in front of other guys. Like Mike, i wish there were more washrooms like this one.

desperate to poop
Hi all,

I had an attack of the runs the other day at work. I think it might have been some off food the night before (it was just in date but smelt a little funny).

I had an eruption in the morning and my ???? was doing summersaults. After unloading for about ten minutes I made my way to work as I had a busy workload. On the bus in I developed cramps again and was in agony for the last part of the journey. I managed to make it in and dashed for the ladies and had another messy eruption that coated the pan! MY ???? felt awful for a while but then it subsided and I started work.

2 hours later after much rumbling I had to go again. I had to go downstairs as the toilets were closed for cleaning. I managed to grab a stall yank my skirt up and have another loud eruption in the bowl. God did it stink and my hole hurt :(

I had to go out to the post office at lunchtime and another attack hit. I rushed to the mall and found the toilets but there was a queue of 3 and a few ladies were pooping. I was really desperate and was struggling not to fart in my pants and probably unload too. After about seven minutues I was next in line. Luckily the lady in front was just peeing and I dashed in and let rip. The girl next to me was also in trouble and moaning and groaning and unloading. I could see her Red stilleto heels and they were klicking a bit as well as she rolled back and for from time to time. I was on the toilet for about twenty mins. I got some imodium on the way back and took some and it seemed to help although I still had to go two more times but not quite as bad.

I've also started working at a new company and they have some nice size bathrooms. I also noticed in the basement by th snack area some more cosey two cucible ones opposite each other. I quite like them and have had a nice poop in there from time to time and once someone else joined me and was pooping away too. It was a very pleasent experience and quite a thrill

Happy pooping all

Friday, August 15, 2008

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