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Hi everyone. Just a quick question... What if anything do you read on the throne? I like to read Cosmo while I'm squeezing out a thick poop. But I want some other ideas of what to read, so I thought I'd ask people who wouldn't think I was weird.

Tulsa Boy
To Mary of T4C:
Heh-Heh, sorry, it's just that you haven't been as proactive as Holly, but if you do some good posts, i might change my mind.

matt- excellant story if you have another story please post it

The other day I got locked out of my hotel room and stuck on the balcony. The glass doors locked behind me, 10 stories up. Beneath me was the hotel pool, full of people. I had just gone out to have a cigarette, but I really needed to pee because I had drank a bug cup of iced coffee about 45 minutes before. My husband had just gone for a run on the beach. He is in the Coast Guard and runs for miles. I started to get really desperate after about 15 minutes. Another 10 minutes, and I felt like I couldn't hold it. I started calling for help. I had to squeeze my crotch to keep my pee in. Someone a few floors down heard me and yelled that they would get the hotel manager to come into my room with a key and unlock the balcony doors. I waited and waited. . . No one came. . . I started calling for help again. No one answered me. It hurt I had to pee so bad. I had to rub myself to keep my pee in. Then all of a sudden, I felt it running down my legs. I looked down at my shorts and they were wet. Bending over made more squirt out, and all of a sudden I just couldn't hold it and I flooded the balcony. About 3 minutes later, the manager came into our room to let me out, and my denim shorts were soaked and there was pee all over the balcony floor. I've never been so embarrassed in my life.

Strange thing happened to me. I was at JC Penney's last weekend, when I had to use the mens room. Just as I was approaching the enrrance a middle aged woman approached me and said "Sir, can I ask a favor of you"? I was taken back, , but I said "certainly" She wanted me to look in the mens room for her department msnager, as she was an employee of Penney's and there was a situation going on in her department that needed his immediate attention. "He is wearing a black suit with a mauve shirt and a striped tie" she added. "And the stalls in there do not have doors, so if he is in there you should find him immediatly" I agreed, and went into the mens room. There were 3 stalls all without doors, and all in use. Now I had to look for a black suit. First and second stalls were guys in shorts (customers) Third stall had a guy in a pair of grey slacks and a sportcoat hanging over the partition. The guys must have thought I was nuts looking at their apparal, but I excused myself , and waited for an available toilet, I had already forgotten about the woman waiting outside, when the entrance door opens up, and she shouts 'DID YOU FORGET ABOUT ME?" I said to the guys "oh shit, she's going to come in here if I don't get out there and answer her" I walked out and told her he was NOT in any of the stalls, and she thanked me. I went back in and eventually got a toilet and took a long relaxing shit, until my cellphone rang, and it was my wife looking for me. Why can't a guy take a shit without you gals hounding us, and how did that woman know there were no doors on the mens room toilet? LOL.. Opinions welcomed

Kelly P
Somebody who didn't put a name on their post (on page 1690) mentioned kissing while pooping. Sounds like an interesting idea. Next week we're off to the little cabin we rent that has a two-hole outhouse, so we'll have our chance. But if we run true to form it will more likely be while trying to poop rather than pooping. We both usually get stopped up when we travel away from home. Fortunately, we now know a good cure. We'll be taking along those little enemas called, for some reason, "Liquid Glycerin Suppositories." They aren't suppositories, but tiny enemas, and you can buy them at the drugstore. They are incredibly effective. Much better than suppositories or regular Fleet enemas. If you squirt one in, you'll be pooping in 2 minutes, literally. They're really small and convenient to take along, and they don't seem to leave any nasty side effects, either, like suppositories and laxatives sometimes do. The one disadvantage is that they're really very hard to give to yourself. For us that's not a problem, though, because we like to give each other enemas anyway. It should almost guarantee that we'll be able do our poo simultaneously in the two-holer.

Sure hoping for good weather. I'll report when we get back

Once again my bowels refuse to co-operate with me. I've done everything I can. I've changed my diet, eliminated things, tried different fibre supplements, drank more water, added more fibre. Nothing has worked more than a few days. Very frustrating. I went back to the doctor yesterday (Tuesday) complaining that I still wasn't going very often...every 3 to 4 days, up to a week. And when I did was still hard!

My doctor couldn't understand why my body is doing this. I'm doing everything right...why isn't it working properly? Why am I still not going normally? She suggested that I try a stool softener and I said depends how much it costs because my husband and I don't have a lot of money. She suggested I try Mineral Oil, as well as my regular diet.

She wants me to take 1-3 tablespoons of Mineral Oil 2-3 times a day, as well as continue to eat well, including lots of fibre, fruits, vegetables, etc and drink plenty of water.

Yesterday I was really hungry and had a bowl of Raisin Bran for breakfast, tuna sandwich for lunch, and a footlong BLT sub from Subway for dinner. Later in the evening I had a small bowl of Raisin Bran. I was out all day, so I was very uncomfortable in my stomach on the way home. After I took the Mineral Oil the cramps got worse to the point I could barely stand up. My husband was worried, seeing me hold my stomach and trying to move to go to the bathroom.

I pulled down my pants and undies and sat on the toilet writhing in pain. I tried relaxing my body, I tried putting my head between my knees and holding my stomach. Nothing except really loud, smelly gas came out. So much for that. My poor stomach is still swollen, but at least some of the gas relieved it.

I will try this new method, and hopefully in the morning I will have a nice easy BM.

Has anyone else used Mineral Oil? I'd like to hear your experiences. I'm a little nervous of the outcome now that I'm using it. The cramps are coming back.



You can get stool softeners at any drugstore. They are not that expensive. I hope this helps.


Thursday, August 14, 2008

Karen, Kathy & Sue--I'm guessing you didn't get together again. I liked your stories and all the detail. Well, I hope you post again soon. Do you have any public pooping stories, where someone is also going? I remember reading some of Karen's in the past and they were enjoyable too.

i pooped 3 times today!
ive also been peeing like non stop.. but that's nothing new, really.

so here was my day. first off, as i've mentioned the city i live in, (toronto), there were explosions going off all night. see the news im not giving details on here. i live reallly close to where the whole ordeal happened through.. so when i was woken up by the sound of huge explosions at four am, i nearly pooped my pjs! well i didn't, i shuffled to the bathroom, kicked the door closed, sat on the toilet and took a dump, just like a normal sized one. no trouble, no real pushing necessary. and, as i usually do after a few hours of sleeping, i let what felt like a gallon pee gush out of me. then i wiped thoroughly and went back to watch the news to see wtf was going on.

so the second time i pooped today confused me some. i thought i felt empty after that 4am poo, but the urge hit me in the middle of the day like a ton of bricks. i ran to teh bathroom with my right hand clamping my butt. i pulled my pants down to my ankles and began to push immediately. it felt like a big one. i strained quietly but painfully, and squeezed the fat on my thighs to relieve it a little bit. when i started to feel my thighs hurt i started pulling on the shower curtains. then on the edge of the toilet seat. i gripped for dear life as this monster ripped its way through my butt, stretching my hole like plastic. and then it was out, with a thud at the bottom of the bowl. i was confused. like i said i thought i felt empty after that first poo. clearly i wasnt because when i looked in the bowl this was clearly a blocker. i broke it up with the toilet brush, flushed, washed my hands, and left. i felt empty.

and the third time was pretty much just now. it was just like the one in the morning, a regular little poo. WTF?

happy days to all!!


Has anyone had this experience?
Constipated again, passing a few very dehydrated and small turds.Yesterday afternoon my boook keeper figured out my tax position and it was extreme! I had nowhere near enough money too pay then my poo pains developed and then I found she made an error and the tax was a more manageable amount. It had got my bowels going so off to the toilet and had a reasonable is interesting what a good shock can do. This morning, in my stretches at the gym, I could tell I was well backed up so if nothing substantial happens today I will take my laxative tomorrow.

Once again my bowels refuse to co-operate with me. I've done everything I can. I've changed my diet, eliminated things, tried different fibre supplements, drank more water, added more fibre. Nothing has worked more than a few days. Very frustrating. I went back to the doctor yesterday (Tuesday) complaining that I still wasn't going very often...every 3 to 4 days, up to a week. And when I did was still hard!

My doctor couldn't understand why my body is doing this. I'm doing everything right...why isn't it working properly? Why am I still not going normally? She suggested that I try a stool softener and I said depends how much it costs because my husband and I don't have a lot of money. She suggested I try Mineral Oil, as well as my regular diet.

She wants me to take 1-3 tablespoons of Mineral Oil 2-3 times a day, as well as continue to eat well, including lots of fibre, fruits, vegetables, etc and drink plenty of water.

Yesterday I was really hungry and had a bowl of Raisin Bran for breakfast, tuna sandwich for lunch, and a footlong BLT sub from Subway for dinner. Later in the evening I had a small bowl of Raisin Bran. I was out all day, so I was very uncomfortable in my stomach on the way home. After I took the Mineral Oil the cramps got worse to the point I could barely stand up. My husband was worried, seeing me hold my stomach and trying to move to go to the bathroom.

I pulled down my pants and undies and sat on the toilet writhing in pain. I tried relaxing my body, I tried putting my head between my knees and holding my stomach. Nothing except really loud, smelly gas came out. So much for that. My poor stomach is still swollen, but at least some of the gas relieved it.

I will try this new method, and hopefully in the morning I will have a nice easy BM.

Has anyone else used Mineral Oil? I'd like to hear your experiences. I'm a little nervous of the outcome now that I'm using it. The cramps are coming back.


Hello all, yet another post from the poosome twosome (Note: that has NOTHING in ANY WAY to do with 2-girls-1-cup {shudder}), Holly and Sarah.

Sarah: Holly's seen my post, so knows about the accident, but thinks we should post about the OTHER hide-and-go-seek incident.

Here goes:
We were at someone's birthday party, we don't have permission to use names of any of these people, so we won't.
We played a BIG game of hide-and-go-seek, the rules weren't as standard, if you were found, you had to go and sit by this wall, if someone who hasn't been caught touches the wall, everyone there is free.
Two people were on, 28 hiding (i know, big party, and FYI, the age range was 4-10, the host was turning 8, we were both 7 and sex ratio was 9/21 to the girls, the host was female).
The seekers win if everyone gets put on the wall, the hiders win if the wall is empty for 5 minutes.
Now we all knew that people would need the toilet, so a 'toilet' was devised, it was just a pit with a crude wooden fence around it, the rules about this were that the seekers couldn't catch anyone inside the fence (which was about 5 feet square, the pit was 2 feet square, and right in the middle) but the seekers were allowed in to go, yet, the hiders, couldn't spend more then 5 minutes inside the fence during any one round of the game.

So, off we went, me and Sarah hid together, and about one minute after the seekers went off, i had to pee.
I made my way to the pit, only to find one of the seekers standing right by the entrance, that just wasn't fair! although seekers couldn't catch people inside the pit, the could catch people on their way to it, and if you were on the wall, you weren't allowed to leave.
I went back to my hiding place and told Sarah, she told me that i should just pee here, because he wasn't going to move, i took her point and went there, I also needed to poop, but I decided it better to hold it.

While my baby cousin was peeing (From Holly: STFU!) i decided to go free my team mates from the wall.
As i got nearer, i could see that only two people were there, both boys, seemed about 9, i could hear one of them say "I've got to go so bad, I'm just going to have to go here" so he just pulled out his thing and went on the wall, as he was going i walked up and tagged the wall, he seemed pretty angry with me for catching him, but thankful for me freeing him.
I went back to my hiding place, to find that a little 5 year-old girl had joined us.
It wasn't long til i had to pee, so instead of bothering going to the pit and having to avoid capture, i just dropped and peed.

It was un-eventful for about two minutes, until we were found and had to run, surprisingly Sarah was the one to get caught.
We found a new hiding place, and no sooner had we got there, the little girl said "I have to go potty", I told her about the seekers by the pit, so she should just go here.
She said she didn't want to go here and that I should check if the seeker was still there, I ran there, and the dude was still there.
I went back and told the girl that she either had to wait, or go here , she said "but I don't want to do a doodie here!" which reminded me that I had to go as well, but I still wanted to hold it.
The girl clearly did not, she was bouncing around, holding her butt ect.
I figured I'd give it one last try, I got down on one knee and asked if she wanted to use my leg to sit on, she finally agreed, pulled her pants down and sat on my leg, she peed a bit, then farted a couple times, then a slightly rounded turd started to emerge, it made it until it was an inch from the ground, then fell out.
She thanked me, got off without wiping, and acted as if nothing had happened.
For the rest of it, nothing toilet-related happened apart from my growing urge to poop, which I stupidly ignored.
On the ride home, I was in a REALLY bad way, my Mom's all into me being what she considers 'Lady Like' so I can't grab my butt, can't go by the side of the road, can't even fart.
I saw a gas station and said "Mom, I have to go, can we stop here?" we did, Sarah came with me, saying she had to pee, as soon as I got out of the car I let out a long hissing fart.
When I finally got to the bathrooms, it smelled horrible, despite it looking pristine.
When I sat on the toilet, I figured I wouldn't have to push, but I sat there for about 10 seconds, then pushed, nothing happened, I pushed again, nothing.
I sat there for about 10 minutes, pushing really hard, nothing happened, I figured I wouldn't waste any more of my Mom's time, and got back in the car.
When I got home I told me Mom, who gave me some laxatives, my older brother told me that I should wear a diaper until I've felt the effects, so I did.
The next day, I was with Sarah, playing around on the computer, I was feeling my insides churning (for the record, because of the diaper, I wasn't wearing any pants, Sarah's not the judgemental type) when all-of-a-sudden, I felt my colon fill with hot liquid poop, I jumped off my seat and bent over slightly and just let it all out, it burned my anus but it just felt so good to get it all out, as I was going, I knew that diaper wouldn't hold it, so I went and sat on the toilet, sure enough, it was too much for the diaper, and flowed out the sides, it took 5 minutes to finish, and another 10 to clean up, but it felt SO good.
My Mom found out by the smell, after I was clean, she spanked me three times and told me I should just use the toilet, i was tempted to tell her that I never would have made it to the toilet, but I decided to save my breath.

Wow, and that concludes another great post by T4C

Holly, $arah

To Freaked out father: I am about 17 years old and I have been pooping my panties purposefully since I was about 15. My parents found out about this about a year ago. They just talked with me about why I was doing it. It worked really well and they've come to terms with my pooping accidents. I started because I was just completely curious about what it felt like to be helpless and to have an know what little kids felt like when they poop their pants. I think your daughter does this because it makes her feel younger, when she had fewer worries and less stress. This happens to a lot of teenagers that lose a parent. My friend is the perfect example...her uncle died of cancer and they were really close. About a month after it happened she started pooping her panties purposefully. She wants to regress to a time when her uncle (in your daghter's case...mother) was still there. I know this sounds very corny, but it is entirely true. You just need to see if she does it again, and then at some point, just casually bring it up. Don't scold her or anything. Just try to find out if she does it because she enjoys it (like me) or if there is something else behind it (like my friend). If it's because she enjoys it, just let her be, she's just experimenting and it is likely that this will just pass. If it is because of your family's loss. Let her know that you are feeling sad just like she is and tell her that you are allways there for her to talk to.

There are two things you shouldn't ever do
1. Don' any way, scold her or punish her, or even show that you disapprove. This is for obvious reasons
2. Don't take her to a psychiatrist or related person for this unless she asks to, this would give her the message that you think she is a freak, or that she is crazy.
Don't expect to get all these answers right away, it could take a few months for it to surface. Just keep reminding her that you love her.

To the rest of the board, I will tell some of my stories in later posts.

Hi guys, another emetophobe checking in! I'm proud to say I haven't hurled in probably six to nine years. (Interestingly enough, I think I've figured out the root of my fear too--as a kid I was always catching what seemed like a more-intense version of the winter flu bug, which would come on suddenly and make me puke painfully over and over with no control. I also just hate the feeling.))

Anyhow, to the stories! The last time I really got sick was when I was about twelve--I guess some really nasty stomach bug was going around. in this household, the way it usually happens is that I'll catch the virus first, but mildly, and then my siblings and their father will come down with it the next day or a few days later, more severely, and finally mother will have it lightly. Well, this time I caught it BAD. I don't know if this was a particularly nasty bug or what, but it hit me hard. I woke up in the middle of the night--around 3 AM--drenched in cold sweat, shaking, and dizzy, my stomach kind of...twitching. I wandered into the bathroom thinking maybe a sit on the pot might help--no sooner had I reached for a magazine when I gave an almighty fart and my melted innards exploded from my ass. It was so gross, chunky brown-red and reeking to high heaven. Plus again, no control at all. Once the intial flow ceased, the cramping began, and for about twenty minutes I hunched up with my feet on a stepstool squeezing out the rest of the diarrhea. I got up,wiped, managed to flush the nearly-full toilet somehow, God only knows how, and proceeded not to go back to bed. Instead I opted for pacing a circuit between the door of the bathroom, and my room. I did this for maybe half an hour, and I remember being oddly entranced by that very motion, the circling. Delirium, perhaps? Anyhow, eventually the standard poop-rumblings again begin to assert themselves, and this time i'm feeling the cramps already and I just know with a horrible certainty that I'm not going to escape hurling this time. So I grab a small cheap plastic trashcan, and a towel to cover my eyes with so I at least don't have to watch myself barf. I sit back on the toilet, moaning and rocking with the pain, and my stomach starts gurgling. It wasn't until the puke actually started climbing up my throat that I actually felt sick enough to vomit, and of course by then it was immenint. I reached down and smoothly grabbed the little trashcan, opening my mouth to spill chunky brown puke into it. It didn't even really feel like I heaved, per se, and I don't recall retching, just let my jaw open and the nasty pour out. Six or eight times that happened, and then I had to move on to a slightly-larger trashcan, sturdier-made. There were about half-hour to forty-five minutes intervals between the trashcans, by the by. Betweentimes I paced some more and sweated copiously. The final time, for a grand finale, I managed to get the towel partway over my eyes as I leaned forward into the open-fronted shower stall and covered the walls and floor with thin brown puke. My stomach muscles spasmed twice, resulting in huge burps but no further explosions. Drained after all this, I staggered back to bed and lay there shaking and burping very gently the rest of the day.

Whew, long post! let's see, any other good ones...oh yeah, once when I was younger--probably around nine, my eight-year-old cousin and I were playing in one of those little plastic kiddie-pools in her driveway. She was splashing around, and I got the fun idea to walk really fast around the pool to make the water swirl. I started walking faster and faster, and soon enough my ???? starts swirling as well. i gulped deeply and burped, thinking that would help--nope. It just made me dribble brown-tinted water and bits of sandwich into the water. We left the pool pretty quickly after that and went to watch movies.

Dan Doy
Is it just me or is youtube getting a little more open with regards to female toilet videos. Just seems to me that they used to never even have satirical videos that involved a woman pooping. Now they seem to have a lot of them up, including real videos of women pooping. Might just be me though. Has anyone else noticed this?

Heard a joke last night at the rodeo I thought would be worth repeating here:
An old man walks into a hardware shop, goes over to the plumbing section and asks one of the workers if he could give him some advice. The old man tells the worker that he's still got a johnny-house cuz he ain't got no indoor plumbing up in the woods. Only problem is, it's full and he's too old to clean it out. The worker tells him to take two sticks of dynamite, light them both at the same time, throw one in the hole and one under the door, then get the hell out of there. So the old man listens to this and decides he'd give it a shot. So later on at home, he's got the two sticks of dynamite, lights 'em up, and throws one in the hole, one under the door and runs like hell, just like the guy at the hardware store says. But about this time, grandma comes runnin out from the house, runs into the outhouse and slams the door. The old man tries to go get her out, but he runs out of time and the dynamite goes off, blowin the hole out and clearin the johnny-house, just like the guy said it would. Old grandma is standing there in the middle of it, wipes her brow and says, "PHEW! Am I glad I didn't fart in the kitchen!"

I'm beginning to see why people dislike auto-flushing toilets. On Friday, I happened to be in a place that had auto-flushers when the urge to take my daily crap hit.

At first, I didn't even notice it had the auto-flushing mechanism, just sitting down like normal. I let out a few farts and then a long turd eased its way out. It touched the bottom of the bowl, so I moved a little to help the turd out. I was greeted by an unusually loud flush.

I let out one more turd and then set to work trying to dry myself. The actual crap made very little mess, but my butt was very soaked. Normally I wipe while seated, but given the toilet I was using, I decided it would be better to wipe standing up.

I think that places install these auto-flushing toilets because some people don't remember to flush. I can't even imagine how you could forget something so basic... but then again, plenty of people also neglect to wash their hands after using the bathroom.

This is Mary, yes i am finaly doing a solo post.
Sadly, it's just replies

To Freaked out father:
There may or may not be a solid reason why she did that, but at the end of the day, it's not hurting anyone, just use some air-freshener.

To Tulsa Boy:
Holly's your fave!?!?!?! What about me?
And that little girl was probably desprate, it's not a huge deal if a little desprate kid pees in the street, but if the girl was doing anything more then peeing, it's not ok.
But if the kid wasn't desprate and the Mom let's her pee in the street whenever she feels the urge, that's also not ok

To Kelly P:
Personaly, i've never seen the appeal of doing that, i mean, sometimes if me and the girls need to go at the same time and we're in the woods, we'll squat together, but it's not a pleasure thing.

More Soon

As a lot of people have been sharing accident stories as of late, I guess I'll chime in with yet another story of mine: the only time I've ever had an intentional accident (disclaimer: I'm not the kind of person who's *into* that sort of thing, it just kinda happened).

This was two years ago (I was 18), and I was attending a concert alone at a dingy little club right after school. Around the second band, I was suddenly stricken with the urge to take a crap. When the third band finished, I was feeling major discomfort: I really needed to go. However, this particular club had terrible (and rather unclean) bathrooms: there was one urinal and one stall, poorly hid behind a flimsy partition, with no door. If I was sitting on the toilet, I'd have been in clear view. I wouldn't even feel comfortable *peeing* in there, let alone drop my pants. So, trying to ignore the growing pain in my butt, I made it through the headlining act.

Following the show, I made it to my car, thinking that sitting down would relieve some of the pressure...I was wrong. It was pretty bad: I couldn't even fart, the turd was right at the front of my 'exit' was urgent. And what's worse, I had about an hour's drive ahead of me. I was determined to make it. After about halfway through and constant shifting in my seat, I couldn't take it anymore. It was around 3 AM, and thus just about everything was closed, and there was no way I was pulling over to take a dump on the side of the road.
Frankly, I don't quite know why I didn't go to a gas station or something...I guess I was pretty damn stupid back then. I figured since I'm comfortable with my bodily functions and I was returning to an empty house, I'd relieve some of the pressure by letting a bit go into my pants. Lifting my butt off my seat, it took a little bit of straining before I could finally push some of it out. I didn't push all of it out, but I ended up dropping a firm, baseball-sized lump into my underwear, which greatly decreased the discomfort. Of course, once that was over, I had a long ride of sitting in my own poo to look forward to. However, as I'm not grossed out by my poop or the smell, I didn't mind (I wouldn't say I *enjoyed* it, but I didn't mind).

By the time I got home, I obviously headed straight to the bathroom. There was a light brown stain on the back of my jeans, but, most surprisingly, there was very little mess on my butt. I got on the toilet, finished my huge load (EXTREMELY relieving!), threw my pants in the wash and showered.
The next day when I got in my car, I was overwhelmed by the fact that it still smelled like poop, even after a few good spritzes of air freshener and a bit of driving around with the windows down. When my girlfriend got in my car shortly later, the first thing she said was a sarcastic "uh-oh, did you shit your pants again?". I think I tried to pass it off as spoiled food or a bad engine smell. (A long time after, I told her the story and, rather amused, she asked just one question: "why didn't you stop at a gas station or something?")

Wedding observer
My present girl friend (38) told this to me.

Some 13 years ago her best friend got married and my present GF was maid of honor.After rehearsal practice an the rehearsal dinner my Gf said another of the bridesmaid's who was married already and who had flown in very late was complaining her dress was to tight in the stomach and bottom.
Since it was to late to have alterations made the brides mom suggested the girl take 1/2 of an ex-lax before bed and in the morning go and buy a pantigirdle or a panty shaper to hold in her stomach and bottom.
My GF said the married woman took the whole ex-lax that night before bed and did indeed go and buy a pantigirdle prior to the wedding which was at 11:00 AM.
During the wedding the married woman was acting uncomfortable standing up during the proceedings,holding her stomach once even farted not loud so those in the church could here and then my GF said that just towards the end of the wedding you could here the sounds and smell her as the woman let loose a mushy load in her pantigirdle.
My GF said that she helped the distressed woman after the bride & groom walked down the aisle and before pictures were taken.They walked to the bathroom and just prior to getting to the bathroom the woman bent forward grabbed her stomach and let loose with another load in her underwear.
My GF said that the womans pantigirdle and pantihose both had to be thrown out because of how messy they were and brown covered they were,the womans husband had to rush to their hotel and retrieve her another pair of panties.
What made it worse though prior to her husband returning with clean panties the woman had to stand and pose for wedding pictures with no underwear on under her dress,her bottom still slightly poop stained and she was still farting and her stomach was rumbling.

To Freaked Out Father:
Youve got a very delicate situation there. Try looking at it from the point of view of a teenage boy who has been busted by his mother while he was getting "intimate" with himself. He would never want to have a discussion with his mother about this - ever. Not even hear it mentioned. As time passes, the awkwardness will pass. Neither of you will ever forget that day but you kind of bury it in the back of your minds. Someone made a good point that if this behavior ever begins to have real consequences of any kind, then you might have to broach the subject - and then tact becomes critical. Another very good point was that she could be doing much more harmful things to herself as many teens do so you should be thankful for that.

Hope that helps.

Good Luck,


Thanks to people who replied to my first post. It seems that there is definitely interest in hearing my stories about peeing myself. Since Rick wanted to hear a story about peeing in a fitting room, I'll start with that...

In school one time, when I was 11, I needed to pee during the last class of the day. But I didn't have to pee too badly and I knew I could hold it until the end of the class, so I wasn't worried. By the end of the class, I was shifting around in my seat a little bit but I planned to go straight to the toilet before heading home. Anyway, I came out of class, chatting to my friends, and practically walked straight into my Mom, who was standing outside the school building, talking to a couple of my friends' mums. When she saw me, she said that we were going straight out shopping. I was a little worried, because I was very aware of my need to pee, but I didn't want to say that I had to pee in front of my mum or my friends, so I just said okay and went to the car with my mum.

For the first couple of minutes in the car, my mum asked me how my day had been and we chatted about school. That took my mind off my bladder for a short while, and I wasn't too aware of my need to pee, but my urgent need soon came back to me. I was trying very hard to sit still, so that my mum wouldnt realise that I had to pee, but the longer I had to sit still, the more afraid I was getting that I might wet my pants. I really had to pee very badly by this point. Luckily, I had put my school back on the back seats, so I started twisting around, and rummaging in my bag, pretending that I was trying to find something. Twisting around to reach the seats behind me, it was much easier for me to squirm a bit without it being obvious what I was doing. I couldn't do that forever though, and before we got to where we were parking the car, I had resorted to shuffling about on my seat, tightly crossing my legs, doing whatever I could to avoid leaking into my knickers, while also trying desperately to hide my predicament from my Mom.

I was so relieved when we arrived and parked the car. While my Mom went to pay for the parking, I lent against the car and held myself tightly. The sensation of relief just from being able to hold myself was amazing, but soon my Mom came back and I had to stop. We started walking towards the shops and I was frantically trying to think of a way that I could use the toilet. My Mom had probably used it at home before she came to meet me after school, so it wasn't likely that she would go; we would have dinner at home, so there was no chance of going into a restaurant etc. As we walked, I could feel my need to pee getting even greater. After a few steps, I would twist my hips, or turn and look behind me, anything to put some pressureon my crotch. I must have looked pretty strange if anyone was watching, but thankfully my Mom didn't seem to notice.

The first couple of shops we went into (we were shopping for clothes), my Mom pointed out some things that she thought I might like, but I just said that I didn't want them. (I was trying to make us get finished as quickly as possible, so that we could get home; that didn't make much sense, since there was really no way that I could hold it the whole time until we got home, but I didn't have a better plan.) The whole time we were in each shop, I would be shifting my weight from foot to foot and crossing my legs whenever I had to stand still. By the time we were in about the third shop, I was close to tears, because I really didn't think I could hold it much longer. I HAD to hold myself or I was going to pee my pants. Thankfully, at that point, my Mom found a dress she liked and she went into the fitting room to try it on. Immediately, I sat down on a chair in the corner of the shop and held myself as tightly as I could. My Mom had left her handbag with me, and that was on my lap, half hiding what I was doing, but it might still have been clear if anyone looked at me - I hated the thought that someone might see me, but it was better than peeing my pants in public! Holding myself made my need to pee more bearable - I would probably have wet my pants in the next 30 seconds if my Mom hadn't gone into the fitting room - but I was still so desperate to pee. As well as holding myself, I was squriming a lot in the seat, desperately hoping that my need to pee might ease off a little.

Soon my Mom came out of the fitting room, put the dress back, and said we could move on. As I stood up, for an awful moment, I thought I was going to wet my pants. Fortunately, I just managed to hold it, although I've no idea how, and I went with my Mom into the next shop. She started browsing the racks as usual, and I shuffled around, moving from foot to foot with increasing anxiety. Then my Mom called me over. She had found some leggings that she thought I should try on (buying me leggings was the main reason that we had come shopping). Initially I said that I didn't like them, but she insisted and said that I should try them on. I realised that it might be a blessing in disguise, since I could hold myself privately in the fitting room, so I agreed and took them to the nearest booth. With the curtain closed behind me, I could hold myself as openly as I wanted. I pushed my skirt right up out of the way, and held myself just through my knickers. But I was so deseperate that even doing that didn't relieve my need to pee much. I squirmed around on the spot, holding myself as tightly as I could, desperately searching for any relief of my urgent need to pee.

After what seemed like several minutes (it was probably less than 60 seconds!), I knew that I should put the leggings on because my Mom would be worring why I hadn't come out yet. I kicked off my shoes, and tried to work out the best way to put on the leggings without having to let go of myself for very long. Unfortunately there wasn't a seat in the fitting room, which made it harder. I tried to put my feet through the leg holes using just one hand, so that I could hold myself with the other, but I couldn't do it. So, trying to keep my legs half crossed, I let go of myself and quickly tried to pull the leggings over my feet. Just as I managed, I felt my pee finally start to leak out. I pulled the leggings up and immediately grabbed myself with both hands and crossed my legs over the top of my hands. But it was too late. I couldn't stop the pee flooding out of me, soaking my knickers and the leggings. By the time the flow finally stopped, I felt totally drenched. I took the leggings and my knickers off. The knickers were dripping wet, so rather than trying to hide them, I just screwed them up in a ball and left them in the corner of the fitting room. Then I used the dry bits of the leggings (mainly just the bottoms of the legs) to dry my legs and my crotch, and the small wet area at the back of my skirt which had got caught between my legs. Finally, I wiped the tears from my eyes and, trying not to look as humiliated as I felt, I stepped out of the fitting room.

I had screwed the leggings up in a ball and was carrying them so that my Mom couldn't see that they were wet. I told her that they were too small and I was putting them back. But then she said that she wanted to see them on me. I tried to argue, but before I could stop her, she walked over to the fitting room and opened the curtain for me to go back in. Of course, she immediately saw the wet knickers. I'm not sure if she had realised before that I was desperate - but she knew straightaway what had happened and I was taken home in disgrace.

Sorry it's such a long story! Lots more if people want to hear them though...


Holly Hold It
My mom is a very serious shopper. She is also very proper and petite and while she will use a public toilet to pee, I can't recall her ever using a public bathroom to crap. Never! We'd be at the mall or a movie and if I said I had to pee, she'd take my right in to the nearest bathroom. There might be a "Why didn't you go when we stopped at the food court?" or "Didn't I tell you to go while I went down to warm up the car?", but she took it seriously. However, you just didn't crap away from home. When I would fart or there would be a smell that I would have to go her response was "Holly, you're just going to have to hold it." I remember asking her about why she would say that and she would have a long line of excuses she would draw from. "We're going to be home in a half hour," "The restrooms are so crowded here so you'll have to wait", etc. By the time I was 7 or 8, I finally started to get it: peeing was important and a crap could wait. You could put it off until you got home. "Holly, hold it!" was her retort when I would whine. I know I was lucky because I never had an accident. Now, I'm 27 and I can't seem to break the habit of "holding it", although last Saturday night I came very close. Lance is 29 and we've been dating for about eight months. We had been at an early evening 50th anniversary employee picnic for my company which was held in our city's largest park. There were so many (about 500) people there and the conversation was so engaging that I put excusing myself off for the time being. Then it got dark and the bugs were horrendous. I put the bathroom trip off and Lance wanted to take in a late movie. We got to the theaters just as the movie was starting so I decided to continue to hold it. Then at 1 a.m. when the show ended, the ushers wouldn't let us back into the lobby but ushered everyone out through the back door into the alley and parking lots. At this point my bowels seemed a little more urgent in demanding attention and Lance said the three or four beers he had consumed made a restroom stop even more urgent. I reminded him that earlier the gas light had been on and we needed to stop for gas. Both of us started to think about 24/7 gas stations at the same time and I vaguely remembered stopping once a few years earlier at a Shell station about six blocks down the street. Lance said that was good because his bladder was about to burst and the traffic in the parking lot was moving so slowly. I was starting to feel nauseated which is common for me when I've held my craps in for too long. About a block from the station we noticed that there were no lights on in the c-store but the pump lights were on meaning that credit card transactions were necessary. Lance tossed me his wallet and told me to pull of a couple of credit cards--one of which he was sure the pump would take. As we pulled in I noticed in the very faint lighting on the side of the building and a door that I was hopeful would be a bathroom. Lance pulled the car into the closest row of pumps, put it in park and we both ran into the dark toward the door. Sure enough, it was a unisex toilet, but we weren't sure it was open. Luckily it was. We had a brief fight as to who was going in first since we both had an emergency. Finally, Lance held the door open for me and we both ended up going in. So much for modesty. I dropped my jeans and thong and luckily the seat was down, because I seated myself so fast I had forgotten to check it first. As I spread my legs for what I knew would be a horrendously large crap, Lance was quickly unzipping and preparing to go into the sink. He was standing up on his toes a bit to get his penis over the front of the sink when it suddenly dawned on me that I could slide back a bit on the seat and he could pee into the bowl. He promised he had good aim and with the aid of both hands he did. His stream was strong and remainded strong for just less than two minutes. I had slid all the way back so that my tailbone was touching the front of the tank, and luckily there was no splashing. However, there were a couple of splashes directy over the very front of the seat. Within a minute of sitting down, I had a log of about 18 inches in the bowl. It was so soft that it took me several to clean myself, but I had a real feeling of relief from it. While I was finishing up, Lance went out and pumped a tank's worth of gas. He joked about me forgiving him for not washing his hands and that reminded me that I had also forgotten to do that. We had more immediate things on our mind.

1. Do you ever put off or refuse to use a public toilet when you need to? Not any more. Lance says I'm now a "shameless shitter"!

2. If several stalls are available, which do you select and why? I don't make a big issue of selection. If several our available, I generally take the middle one and sit down for business.

3. Do you wipe the seat off before sitting on it? Why? No because I don't think it accomplishes anything and it just wastes toilet paper.

4. If toilet paper or seat protectors are available, do you put them down before seating yourself? Why or why not? The covers were available in my high school but most of us didn't use them. They were a hassle and just jammed the toilets.

5.Have you ever finished a messy crap, only to find there's no toilet paper left in the stall? What do you do? It happened once in high school and once while I was away at college and at a concert. I tore off a few sheets of note paper from the pad in my purse. It got the job done.

6. Do you flush with your hand or foot. Foot.

7. How often do you thoroughly wash your hands. It depends how busy the bathroom is, if there's soap, and if the faucets are in good repair.

8. What has most influenced your habits and procedures? Parents? Friends? Time available? Long-standing habits. A combination of the above, but my mom more so than anything else.

9. Gender: female. Age: 27.

Today's crap was a very gassy one. I was ripping a few silent farts shortly after eating my salad, but luckily they didn't smell too bad. I decided to get to the bathroom before they got loud or smelly.

Upon sitting down, I released a big fart I'd been politely holding while I walked. And then a wave a farts, it sounded like Braaaaap, Braarp, Braap, Pfft, Braap, Brraaap, Pfft, Pfft, Pfft. Just a non-stop wave of farts. I got out a nice sized dark brown turd and farted a lot more after wiping but before pulling up.

On a somewhat unrelated issue, why is it that men have no stall doors? I understand that there's a law regarding women must have stall doors. What makes us so special that we need it, while men don't? Aren't we all humans? I'd be a bit reluctant to go without stall doors, but I would do it, if only in the name of fairness. However, ultimately I think the better solution is to give everybody stall doors. Going to the bathroom is a private affair, and need not be shared with everyone.

Sarah - Yes, I'd like to hear about your aunt and your best friend's mom having accidents too.

And anyone else who has a story about someone they looked up to (or any adult) peeing their pants (or pooping them), please post.

I am a 16 year old male from Mexico and live in an apartment rented by my parents, which is owned by the school I go to. I am studying in an other state, that's why.

Let me give you some details: The apartment is really just two rooms, a kitchen, a small living room (very, very small) and a bathroom.

I have a roommate who is 15: brown hair, short, blue eyes. A girl would find him cute. The problem with him is that he still looks like he's 12. He's very mature though.

Anyway, we both share the same bathroom, which usually wasn't a problem, because I usually go during the afternoon and he used to go just before going to bed. The thing is that he just started school, while I had already started two weeks ago. Therefore, his diet and bathroom habits have changed. He now needs to go in the morning, and because of the change of routine he has become a little constipated, and today it took him 15 minutes to take his dump while I waited to use the shower. As a result, I almost didn't catch the bus.

He doesn't like going at school, and quite frankly, I don't like it either. But I hope his constipation goes away quickly because I don't want to be in a hurry in the morning all the time. Should I talk to him about this, or should I just hope it goes away soon?

I will continue posting whenever I have the chance.

bubba turd
to Rob: I dont know what the bikers ate so they take such huge dumps, but i'm willing to bet whatever it is they eat a helluva lot of it. My roomate is a big guy and he eats all day long which results in some pretty impressive logs when it comes out the other end. We figure he weighs at least 400 but dont know for sure becasue the scale only goes up to 350. He can lay some big turds and stays on the throne for a long time. Yesterday he was in the bathroom grunting and farting but I knew I needed to piss NOW so I came in and told him he better stand up. He laughed and said couldnt hold it? and stood up to reveal one of the biggest logs I've ever seen. It disappeared down the drain hole on one end and came up almost to the rim on the other end. I stared in awe as my stream started and sweet relief took over. It took me a few minutes to empty my full bladder and let out a long crackling piss fart. I told him there's no way that monster's gonna flush. He said "we'll see about that when I'm done." I left him to his business until he shouted for me a few minutes later. The giant log was now totally surrounded by softer logs and mushy shit, but strangely no toilet paper. The moment of truth came as he pushed the flush handle. All the water drained down, but the poop didn't move because the giant log was totally blocking the hole. We clog the toilet a lot so we usually just let it soften for a few hours and take a coathanger and cut up any big dueces. After a few hours another flush sent his huge load down the drain.

hi! today i was laying down ready to go to sleep. i already peed and i havent wet the bed in 3 days so i thought i was okay. so anyway i was laying down when suddenly a small drop of pee came out of me. i ignored it because i just went and i thought it was just a little so whatever. about 3 minutes later it happened again. i just ignored it and went to bed cause if i did wet the bed theres a pad under my sheet. so i fell asleep. i woke up about 4 hours later and my panties were soaked. i sat up and when i did i felt a squish. i knew what happened. i pooped in and peed my sleep. this has never happened to me before. i was so tired that i just went back to bed. whaen i woke up again i was fully rested. i went into the bathroom and looked at the damage in .the mirror. it looked like a flattened baseball. i cleaned up and put my panties in the washer. they had a bad stain but ill just wear them to bed. ill post later bye!


Here's a story from this past weekend...a woman (in her thirties or forties) was setting up her booth at a local fair. Just as I happened to be walking near her booth (about ten feet away or so), she called out to the other person in her booth, "I have to go to the bathroom. I'll be right back." She then saw me and asked me if I knew where the bathrooms were. I deduced this was her first time here, plus I figured directions would be confusing from where we were right then, so I said, "Yes, though I think showing you might be easier." So I did, and on the way I sensed that she really had to pee. When we got to the ladies room, she thanked me, and hurried into the bathroom. I went off to do something else, and just happened to run into the woman again a few minutes later as she was returning from the bathroom. She thanked me again and remarked, "A minute more and I would've peed my pants." I remarked, "And I didn't want you to pee your pants." And considering she was wearing long white pants, that really would've been embarrassing!

Hey everyone, i would like to let everyone that has problems with irregular disgestion, i suggest trying "Activa" by Dannon. I thought it would never work, but one of my friends tried and had success. So i figured, why not? So i tried it, and the package is no lie. it really works. You take it once a day for two weeks, and it actually taste good! I'm over the two-week mark, but i still eat one everyday, just in case. It really works, and i haven't had any problems since! Godd luck to everyone, i highly suggest it! :]

I went into the public park restroom to take a crap yesterday. There were 2 stalls, both with doors, but the doors were hung low. Low enough to easily look into each stall. As I was opening the door to the larger handicapped stall, I could see the guy on the can in the smaller stall taking a dump. He looked up at me as I passed by. I went over to the toilet in my stall and saw that it was clogged. I flushed it a few times, but it didn't seem to go down. I noticed that another guy had shown up and was waiting outside my stall. We could see each other because the stall doors were hung low. I opened the door and shook my head as the guy approached my stall. "Not working?" he asked. and I told him that it looked clogged up. He said he'll try it anyway. He was about 6ft tall, Middle Eastern/Mediterranean in appearance, about 25 or so, with a dark olive complexion. He wore white track pants and a white t-shirt. Handsome face and an athletic build. As I'm waiting for the smaller stall to open up, I can see the guy in my stall wipe down the seat, then he turns around and faces me as I see him pull up his t-shirt a bit. He is looking down as he unties his track pants. He grabs them and slides them down as he takes a seat.

The guy in the smaller stall seems to be finishing up. He stands up and I see his head and shoulders above the door. He turn to flush and then he pulls up his shorts. He comes out and I see he's about 5ft 10in, sandy-blonde hair, "cute" face with a slim build. I enter the stall and see it is also clogged up. I remembered the larger stall had just a little bit of paper in it so I take the two rolls from the smaller stall and wait for the larger one to open up again.

By this time, the guy in the larger stall is finishing up. I hear him flush and hear water overflow. I see that he stands up and wipes. He obviously couldnt't sit while it is overflowing. He sees me by the door and says, now it's really clogged. I asked is there even any paper left. He says, no, not really. I say, "I didn't think so. Here's some from the other stall." He takes a step towards me and reaches for the paper roll I'm handing him over the top of the door. He smiles and says thanks. No problem, I reply.

He finishes wiping and I see him reach down and pull up his underwear. It sounded like briefs being slid up his legs and there was a snap as he releases the waistband. Then he pulls up his pants. He comes out and says that I might want to try the restroom on the other side of the ball field. I say that I may have to do that. He goes over to wash up at the sink. I see that he is wearing white briefs under his track pants. Very visible against his dark skin.

I go ahead and check out the toilet anyway. It isn't too bad, actually. It's kinda funny to see the crap of the guy I was just talking to sitting in the bowl. I flush a few times and everything actually goes down. Now it's my turn...

So I just took the most ferocious dump ever.

My family came out to Indiana to see DCI finals, and I've been here for 4 days, but I didn't realize I hadn't taken a dump the entire time so i just took said necessary dump. It was two logs about 9 inches long each. I felt tlike I was gonna pass out. but when all was said and done, I felt great.

Mike from Mi
Mike from Mi.

This is my first entry with your site. I am a stable,level man who may have a very occasional drink at social gatherings. Fortunately I have no propensity toward excessive drinking. I don't smoke or do any drugs and I never have. I may be a little overweight,but I am a strong guy with no real belly. I eat well,maybe occasionally over eat,with fibrous cereals,meats,fruits and vegetables-not too much junk food. I drink plenty of water which makes my system regular. I bike and hike extensively.
When I was a child,I never used public restrooms. I was too mortified at even the thought of doing so. On this last point I have dramatically changed! When I was maybe seventeen years old,I took my first ever dump in a men's room. It was at a Grey Hound bus stop and I found the experience exhilarating. I finally broke my inhibitions! From that point on things really took off and I eventually developed a flaw in my levelness. Frankly,I believe I have become somewhat of a toilet exhibitionist.
I sometimes have breakfast or lunch at local restaurants. Maybe 30 percent of the time immediately after my meal,I adjourn to the men's room and enjoy entering a stall,slipping my pants down and taking a good shit ;pleased when I hear other guys come in,move around,and maybe one of them taking a stall next to me. I tend to take quiet shits-long logs-and am fairly quick,although I sometimes sit there awhile listening. After flushing even multiple times,I may still leave some impressive brown coatings and skid marks in the toilet bowl. The next guy who uses the stall would know that they came from a good dump.
I often use roadside and other men's rooms as well to take my shits. My favorite is the small men's room in one of the local parks where I bicycle. The room is somewhat away from most activity,but has no stall doors. I've taken a few good shits there and most of the time noone comes in. On a couple occasions,however, I got a buzz when a guy did enter and see me on the toilet. Frankly,I would like to find more restrooms without stall doors.

My recent best experience came the morning after a somewhat atypical day when I didn't defecate. The evening of the day I missed,I took a heaping teaspoon of Metamucil in a large glass of water and drank it. That morning I felt a good one coming on. After cereal at home-the first part of my breakfast-I drove to a local McDonald's restaurant and went straight to the men's room. I opened the stall door,closed it but intentionally did not lock it,took down my pants,dropped to the toilet and took a dump like a Mac truck! The relief was quick and thorough.
I heard the noises of other guys moving around in the restroom. All at once my stall door opened and a young man,perhaps in his early twenties,stopped short and stared at me as I sat on the toilet over the huge pile beneath me. He said"Oh man!"with some emotion,watched a bit longer,excused himself and left. The experience was indeed uplifting. After I wiped myself I arose,pulled up my pants ,fastened it and admired my hefty,virile job. I flushed the toilet but the massive pile with on good sized log extending from it went down very slowly. Afterwards,the toilet bowl was caked with extensive brown residue and otherwise completely and thoroughly skid marked. I proudly left it that way when I walked out.
Is there a gay streak in liking to take a good shit in front of other men? Perhaps. But it also can be macho. There is a certain masculine prowess,albeit a little perverse,in taking a large dump in front of your kind and hoping to show that yours is bigger than they can do.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

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