some person
Im Sarah and im 16. This is a story from about 3 years ago. me and my friend and his little sister were gonna have a water gun fight. now i thought this was weird but he always used to wet himself fully with water and then pee. i dont know what he was thinking but it was kinda weird. another time me and my friend ***** were at the playground just down our street. he really had to pee and there were these stairs that led to doors to the school that the playground was at. alot of people had peed down there before so he decided to do it. i think he was kinda nerveous since i was there cuz it took him a while to finally start going. he is one of the weirdest guys i had ever met cuz he drew a smiley face and then asked me to see it. when i told my friends this story they were creeped out but his smiley face wasnt that bad. back later.

To: Sarah
I have also asked for stories of people you look up to having accidents, but don't have any stories of my own. I would love to hear stories about your aunt and BFF's mom having an accident though!

Last night's BM was a bit strange. After placing my beige bottom on the loo I didn't take long to release a long long motion that broke up into several smelly pieces, nothing unusual about that, and then I settled down for the wait to produce more and more, that too is my usual routine.

But then I produced two very long farts, very noisy ones, followed by a variegated motion which went in all directions. Then a few minutes later there were two more long farts immediately followed by the same sort of motion.

The process went on and on. 2 long noisy farts preceding very mixed motions. I know my bottom does all sorts of things when I put it on the loo for a really long time, but these huge farts were new to me. Towards the end, after about 30 minutes, the motions were mostly soft and mushy, but I was still farting just before them. However, there were no farts just before the last motion which was really soft and very smelly indeed. After that I knew I was done, I weed again and then washed and wiped.

Where all that gas came from I can't imagine.

But actually I enjoyed the long session. Vive my bottom and everyone's bottom!

I have been constipated for the past few days and generally haven't felt very well. Yesterday I had nothing except a big bowl of Raisin Bran since I was not very hungry.

Today I had 2 slices of pizza and 2 apples throughout the day and a few minutes ago I finally went to the bathroom.

I sat down after having a sudden urge and burning in my rectum so I thought uh-oh, better sit on the toilet. I pushed gently and a big soft load started pushing out. I was done in a couple of minutes and took about 5 wipes as it was really messy.

The turds were not really hard but not super soft either, kind of in the middle. They were a light brown/peanut butter colour. There were three or four of them in the toilet. Wiping up the mess was kind of like the consistency of diarrhea which is weird.

My stomach is slowly but surely getting better, and I'm trying my hardest to train my body to go every day to every couple of days but it will take a little while to train my body not to hold off so long on going.

Hopefully will have another big one in a few hours or tomorrow.

Mr. Clogs
Hey folks, Mr. Clogs in the house, got a quick post to share.

This past week, I've been pooping up a storm, usually serveral times a day for this week. Nothing wrong with that, at least I know I'm still healthy and alive. Here is a story I can recall this past week.

I think it was Wednesday morning while I was getting ready to go to work. I was in the bathroom showering when I felt the urge to poop. I just dumped my "pee-pee cup" after peeing in it the night before. While the shower water was running, I grabbed the "pee-pee cup" and filled it half way with water, I placed it in the tub's floor, got the "pee-pee cup" into position and I squatted over the mouth of it and pooped into it.

I filled the cup almost to the top with poop and it was smelly. I dumped out the poop filled "pee-pee cup" into the toilet and rinced the cup out with the water and finished up my shower. Well I hope you like my story, I will post something if something interesting comes up.

Take care,

Mr. Clogs

By the way, please keep the posts coming with peeing and pooping in strange places and things like containers.


I'm 16 and spend all my summers working on a farm. Usally the only time I am near the house is when I'm eating or sleeping. The rest of the day I'm near the barn which is a good walk away from the house. So of course I pee and poop alot in the woods. Since I'm a guy I don't mind peeing in the woods but if you poop in the woods all the time it eventually gets very annoying. I was thinking of building some kind of outdoor toilet.
Maby taking an old patio cair and cutting a hole in the seat.

Does anyone have any other ideas for what I could use as an outdoor toilet?

To Freaked out father:
If she takes resposibility for it and cleans it up herself and the fact that she hides it means that she mature and knows what she is doing and that it is not normal. Since she cleans it up herself it's nor really hurting anyone so I don't see anything wrong with it. I think you should be relieved that she is doing what she is doing instead of something like drinking, drugs, or sex which could really hurt her.

Freaked out Father, The reality here is that although most of us can't see what there is in it, that some people do enjoy doing this. At 17, she seems to be able to take care of the "aftermath" properly, so I wouldn't sweat it. Just try a simple "ice breaker" with her to start with and let her know that you're not angry with her. Try to find a casual way of letting her know that your only real concern is her health and well being, and that you are wondering if any of this has anything to do with her mother's death. If it is, it's possible that she may not know why, or may not realize that it's related to her mother's death. Other than that just let her know that as long as she keeps things clean and does this in private (where you or others aren't forced to endure the odors) that you won't say anything more about it. Hey, it could be a lot worse! Be glad that you didn't come home to her drunk, or with a needle in her arm, or some guy on top of her on the couch. It's obvious that she knows that most would not consider this socially acceptable behavior, and she may now be worried about the relationship between the two of you. Don't make a big deal about this unless there really is a problem concerning her mental or physical health. See if you can get her to open up about it, but DON'T push it.

Age: 16
Sex: male
Have you ever pissed in a bootle in your bedroom, computer room: nope
How often do you have a peeing accident or wet yourself on purpose: quite often
Do you ever wet your bed on purpose: once I really had to pee and did not want to get up
Have you ever pissed in a Doctors office while being checked out: nope
Do you ever pee on the floor on purpose: yes
Do you pee on the floor in the changing room: no
Have you ever peed in a sink: more times that i can count
Do you wipe when you pee: no
Do you ever pee pants on purpose: no
Do you like the feeling of wet underwear: no
Do you change your wet underwear or do you remain in them for a period of time: change out of them.
Do you always wash your hands after peeing: yes
Have you ever pissed other places in your house other then the bathroom: floor, sinks,

hey there Josh. Why would you guys even think the girls would not have stall doors? Depending on your state, Stall doors are required in ALL womens restrooms on every toilet. We men are not granted that priveledge. for us it's a luxury. I have been working for a very well known major appliance manufacturing plant for years. We guys never , ever had any stall doors, while the gals always had stall doors with locks. I'm there 25 years and it only recently became a topic for discussion at our dinner table, as my college kids Brad and Jen (twins 21 years old) Brad asked me why there were no stall doors for the guys, and Jen freaked out just hearing that. Brad said it was no big deal, just like high school. Jen asked if we ever shit side-by-side in the mens restroom. I said 'of course" and after shitting out moms meatloaf for lunch, we both drove away the evil gods. LOL

To: Freaked Out Father
Usually I'm a lurker but I had to post for the benefit of our freaked out father. I'm a teenaged girl and of course I do things I wouldn't want to be caught doing by my parents. I don't poop my pants, but I do things of similar embarrassment.

Don't just be like, "So, Daughter, why do you poop yourself?" Pretend as if it never happened. Make her feel better. She's probably really embarrassed to talk to you or even look at you. Am I right? Say something like, "Man, the dog took a nasty crap in the living room the other day. That was clever, racing out of the room so *I* had to clean it up! Ugh. It was gross." She'll never know whether or not the dog (or whatever) really pooped in the living room. It will just give her peace of mind that you didn't see anything. It'll make everything easier. It's nothing for you to worry about. It's just something she likes to do.

1. Do you ever put off or refuse to use a public toilet when you need to? No, providing its clean, I feel very natural in public toilets with people around.

2. If several stalls are available, which do you select and why? Apart from the cleanest one, I go next to someone else, so that we experience each other's toilet trips more closely. I don't know why I just feel drawn to it.

3. Do you wipe the seat off before sitting on it? If its dirty I hover.

4. If toilet paper or seat protectors are available do you put them down before seating yourself? No.

5. Have you ever finished a messy crap, only to find there's no toilet paper left on the roll? Yes once in a mall. I wiped as best as I could with my panties, which ruined them, and then I threw them in to the toilet and didn't flush, in protest.

6. Do you flush with your hands or foot? hands.

7. How often do you thoroughly wash your hands? After toilet, before meals.

8. What has most influenced your habits and procedures? don't know.
9. Gender: Female

Can't remember where this posting was but I read something about couples kissing on the mouth while passing turds. My partner and I do this often. When I start to kiss her or vice versa it's a signal that something is going to come out of my bottom or hers (depending who is on the throne at the time; we take turns).

We've never tried sitting on the toilet back to back at the same time, as I also read in this forum. I'd like to (our bottoms are slightly below average size), but my partner seems less keen.

It's been at least 6 or 7 months since I last posted here. Until just this past week, the only PC with net access I could use was very restricted in the places you could go. It's so nice to see the site is still up and going.

No real notable toilet news except perhaps that I began to document my BM's with a digital camera... just for the hell of it mostly but I also make note of any disturbing trends if I spot any. It's a shame most people are too embarrassed to take notice of what comes out of the back end since that is just as much a part of maintaining your health as eating right.

A good thing did happen to me yesterday. A valuable lesson learned in the past prevented me paying for some other person's 'crime'. Working as an office-temp last year, I went to the toilet to have a quick poop before heading back to my desk. What I didn't notice was that one of the other workers had pissed all over the floor - so for the 5 minutes I sat on the can, my pants were soaking up all the piss. Needless to say, I wasn't happy when I pulled up my pants and felt an mysterious 'dampness' on my butt...
This time around, I was in a public bathroom at a local shopping mall. For some reason I took a careful look at the stall floor before sitting down and saw a big piss-puddle. Since all the other stalls were in use, I just closed the door, took a few fistfuls of TP and cleaned up an area just large enough where I could be confident my pants weren't going to get another soaking.

TO Lisa:
If that motel you visited was in a very rural area, it might simply be an unfortunate situation that the local soils are high in sulphur. When you've got high levels, it can really stink-up the well waters in the area. Glance at my post waaaaay back on page 1440 for a personal account.

Take Care!


Like Ginno, I also babysit a child of the opposite sex. I'm 13 and he's 5. His name is Mikel. Well, this past April Mikel's parents were out of town at a wedding and Mikel was with me for four days. We walked to the food court at the mall a couple of times and he had to use the bathroom three times the Sunday afternoon I took him to the Shrine Circus at the City Auditorium. That's where the problem happened. Mikel said none of the stalls had doors. Many boys and even some grown men would just go in, select their stall, pull down their pants and shit. Mikel took an end toilet which is something his mother had taught him because there was nobody else standing in line and waiting for it and watching him. He said he peed a little bit first and then after sitting a few minutes (it was like 10 minutes but I didn't have my watch on), he was able to take his full shit. What was upsetting to him, although, was that in a stall right next to his there was this father who was fighting with his son who had to take a shit. The father was yelling at the son because while the father was getting ready to I guess put toilet paper over the seat before the boy sat down, the boy didn't wait and instead sat down to crap because he thought he was going to have an accident. The father was very pissed at Mikel and told him he could catch several diseases from a public toilet seat. Mikel had heard the name AIDS before, but was also scared because he was told he would probably get two or three other really dreadful diseases. He started to cry when he finally came out to tell me about it. He had just wiped himself, and he did so fast so that he wouldn't be on the seat any longer than necessary. I felt so sorry for him and told him that the father was making stuff up to scare his son and that you don't have to worry about catching dreaded diseases from toilets. I told Mikel, for example, that I use the bathrooms three or four times a day at my middle school and have used school toilets every day for years. I'm not about to waste time by spreading paper on the seat and then sitting on it. I did, however, explain to him that I will wipe off any urine before I put my butt on the seat. I just think sitting in another person's pee is gross. Mikel seems to be a little more careful when we're at the mall or places like that and I think in some cases he's holding his shit in until we get back home. I worry about him doing that. Parents can be so wrong in what they say to children. I wish they would think first before they lecture and belittle their children.

Kelly P
Since I wrote about how we like to go to the bathroom together (it's on page 1687) I keep thinking of more ideas to share. For example. every now and then my husband likes to wipe me after I pee. He seems to get quite a kick out of it, and he has a really nice way to do it. He takes about three sheets of toilet paper and makes a little pad which he puts on top of his middle three fingers. He reaches between my legs and moves his fingers up and down one after the other several times. That way he sort of blots me instead of rubbing. It seems to dry me very well and it feels just wonderful. So guys, if you're trying to wipe your wife or girlfriend after she pees, I can certainly recommend this way of doing it.

To Freaked Out Father,

Your daughter sounds very very much how I was at her age, however I was much more into wetting myself at that time (I'm now 26) . For me when I was younger, I would wait until my parents were not home for the night (or if they went away for a weekend, that was a bonus) and put on a pair of old jeans and wet myself in front of my mirror in my room. I would often pee out in our yard to, or in a variety of vessels.
As I have gotten older pooping has often come into play as well, although as an adult I do not do these things nearly as often as in my teens.

When I was younger I was very confused as to why I was fascinated by elimination. I know that the thoughs began as early as 10, and I though something was very wrong with me until I was about 15 and learned on the internet that it is a common intrest.

I agree with what others have said, she will talk to you if needed, most likely she will not however. If it is something that interfers with her daily life (school, jobs, friends etc) that you may need to talk with her. If not I would let her be, she's finding her own way and enjoyment, and though it may be very different to you, as long as she is not hurting herself or anyone else things should be ok.


My name is Sebastian and I´m a 16 year old boy from Sweden. My older brother Daniel told me about this site.

Yesterday I was at a shopping centre with my family when I got the urge to poop. At first I tried to hold it in because I didn´t want to use the public toilets (I mean when you are 16 you are supposed to be cool and not sit and fart and poop on a public toilet). But the urge got stronger and I really had to go so I decided to find the toilets and check if they were acceptable. I found them and they were very modern and clean. 7 unisex toilet stalls in a row, with 100% privacy and a sink and everything in each cubicle.
I went in to one of the middle ones and locked the door. The toilet was very clean so I decided to go ahead and poop. I made sure to clean the toilet seat carefully and then pulled down my jeans and boxers to my ankles. I sat down and relaxed my anus and farted a loud dry fart. It felt so good! I farted loudly a few more times and then 3 rather big turds slowly started crackling out with a few farts inbetween. Then I just sat there totally relaxed, took a pee and farted a few small farts. By now it smelled rather badly in the cubicle and I felt embarrassed and really hoped no one would come in after me, especially not a cute girl!
I pulled off some paper and wiped a few times from behind. Luckily it wasn´t messy at all. Then I stood up, flushed the toilet and pulled up my boxers and jeans. I washed my hands carefully and went out and made sure to close the door behind me when I left. Luckily no one else went in to the cubicle.
I rejoined my family and my younger brother (10 years old) started asking me why I had been so long and if I had taken a poo. I told him that was none of his business and he started teasing me that I had taken a poo! Well I let him go on with it.

That was all for today, hopefully I will write more later! /Sebastian.

I had to use the mens restroom at "The Home Depot" yesterday. I asked a male employee where the restroom was, and he said "Follow me, I was just heading there myself" We walked to the rear of the store and it was right near the lumber dept. He opened the door for me and we went in. There were several urinals, and four toilet stalls, all which had the doors removed. We headed for the two inner stalls, since there were no stall doors, the employee hung his orange apron over the partition towards me. We both put down 'ass gaskets" dropped our jeans and undershorts and sat down. The farts started as well as the pissing. The entry door opens up, and in walks two huge tatooed biker guys, must have weighed 400 pounds each. The take the two outer stalls, drop their jeans and sit down without putting ass gaskets down. We start shitting in our stalls, and the bikers start farting and shitting immediatly. Our shit ends, but the bikers continue to shit, and shit and shit and shit. What do these guys eat ??? The room stunk like a sewer. Guys came in, laughed , and ran out. The didn't know who produced the stench, but the biker guys carried on a loud conversation during their entire shit session. At this point my eyes were tearing, and even though I wasn't quite done. I wiped up and pulled my pants up, and ran out. The employee followed me, gagging for fresh air. The bikers were really cool and told us to 'Have a great day" we both said "you too" and made our escape. I don't know if the employee was finished, but I went home and finished up. Peeeeeeeeee-uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu !!!! What do bikers eat?

For all of you who are wondering if the female Mega-Bladder exists or not I can most assure you it does. I probably wouldn't qualify for that category although mine is on the quite cavernous side. Not a lot is written on the subject and, funny as it seems, when I started looking around online some of the best posts came from this website (which is comprised almost entirely of poop stories.)

My first inklings about bladder size came from my younger sister when we were on trips and I would take a lot longer to pee than she did. Our mother would try to shut her up by saying that since I was older I held more, a neat explanation except I also peed a lot longer than my mother as well. It was all in good innocent fun and that was that until sometime in high school when I ran into a new girl to our school named Angela in the restroom one afternoon in September just after school started.

I remember it vividly because I had gone into the restroom after my sixth period when I knew I had to go pretty badly. I raced into a stall, throwing my book pack down and just starting to pee and pee. After a fashion I remember hearing another person doing the same thing and just by deduction thought gee, whoever it was had to go badly as well. Little did I know my simple explanation wouldn't begin to describe it. As I said I do have a large bladder do I peed through a couple of turnovers of other stalls before I felt my organ completely drained- but whoever it was showed no indication of finishing. I cleaned up, grabbed my book pack and went over to the sink to wash up and whoever it was kept right on peeing. By this time I was really impressed (if that's the right word) and she was starting to draw the attention of others as well.

Just then there was a cut-off in the pee. Just hearing a stoppage from the ever flowing sound sort of psychologically allows your heart rate to return to normal if that makes sense. Anyway these girls were sort of giggling and looking right at the stall when (about 15 seconds later) the peeing girl started going again. This was too much for them to take and they began howling with laughter and comments before running out of the restroom. It was all pretty juvenile but I couldn't secretly blame them for being shocked. I was all through cleaning up but something inside of me couldn't allow myself to leave until I found out the identity of this mystery pee 'er with a monumentally gigantic bladder. The outside door opened to the restroom and a couple of other girls entered, so I used the opportunity to grab an adjacent stall to the never ending pee 'er. I could embellish this story more but on my honor she peed through those girls and didn't finish for probably two additional minutes.

When she came out I followed her to the sink in total shock and awe of that peeing performance and had no idea how to break the news. I think I said something like "my little sister thinks I'm an incredible pee 'er but you're out of my league." To me relief she wasn't insulted but shrugged her shoulders introduced herself and said she always had a very oversized bladder and couldn't help it if she took really-really long pees.

Our paths crossed again about three weeks later when we ended up in Mr. Simpson's office. I hated his dumb science class, didn't share his fascination with astronomy and consequently did miserably on the first exam. To my surprise Angela was there as well; I didn't even know she was in his other introductory science class. As we sat waiting for him I said "Hi" and told her I had just gotten an F on the test and inquired if that was her sin as well. To my surprise she said no, she had asked to be excused to use the restroom and was gone so long that he sent someone to search for her thinking she was cutting the class deliberately. Instead her crime was that she was still peeing! We started to laugh uncontrollably. I told her she wasn't actually going to tell a teacher the reason she was gone so long from class was because she had a humongous mega-bladder?

I don't remember what B.S. she made up but Angela and I agreed to meet at her house after school to do to solve two things at one time, relieve our bladders and do Mr. Simpson's additional assignment. At least that would solve her public peeing embarrassment and mine provided I could hold my bladder until school was over. I recall we ended up in her bathroom simultaneously chanting "piss on Mr. Simpson and his geeky class."

Angela said flip a coin for who used the toilet and the loser peed in the tub or sink- I won something for once. So I plunked down on the toilet and Angela had no trouble climbing on the counter to use the sink. Dum-de-dum, a few seconds passed and I started to tinkle, then pee stronger into the water below. Up on the sink with her long legs hanging over, Angela started to hiss into the drain at about the same time and then gosh, what kind of conversation do you have in the bathroom with a person who you've known for a relatively short time who's only notoriety is an ability to pee for an unearthly long time? After all, it's so personal and has an overtone of sexuality. Like I said (for the third time) I was no slouch in the bladder department either and after holding it all day at school it had a considerable quantity in it. I peed away as Angela hissed until a full minute or more had passed. We let out a little nervous giggle and I turned to Angela and said old Mr. Simpson (the perv) would probably have an erection if he new we in the bathroom peeing away because of his extra homework assignment. She rocked her legs back and forth casually and said "yeah, really." So more time went by while I continued to pee and so did she.

Suddenly this weird tension started rising in the air. I looked over at her and Angela I swear read my mind. "Well you're not doing so bad; you're still peeing." Oh lord, yeah but for how much longer I thought? And then how much longer after that are you going to go? I just said "Angela, gawd!" She turned sort of red and told me she was just trying to make me feel better and that I had peed far longer than most people she'd observed. I thanked her for the compliment and tried my best to keep a stream flowing until at last I was pushing out pee in short bursts with increasing intervals in between. Up on the counter Angela was on her third or fourth long interval, still merrily peeing away. Finally I was completely dry, my muscles softly aching from trying to push. I just sat on the toilet in humble, stunned silence as the hiss continued to my right.

"Are you sure you're done Taylor?" I was more than certain having taken the best (and longest) pee in recent memory. But I bravely looked over at her and said as casually as possible "I'll check. Give my a second..." That second turned into thirty as I silently tested to see if Angela's mighty bladder would give up and run dry. Not a chance. "Taylor, if you're done let me take your place. My butt is sore sitting here." I wiped myself and flushed the toilet. As Angela took her place on the toilet she again said "hey, don't feel bad. That was a longer pee than most people take." I guess I should have felt honored as that came from the all-time peeing champion.

I thought of Angela recently because our ten year high school reunion is coming up. According to her update sheet she is married ( as am I.) I silently wonder what her husband must feel like living with a woman who pees gallons forever and ever?

Saturday, August 09, 2008

I Have had great success using a new magnesium based laxative; have it with lemon juice first thing in the morning. I was, as usual bunged up so early Thursday morning I had my dose, I have quiye a big dose, had a shower and shave, breakfast and off to work, i had no poo pains so did not bother siting on the throne. Half way to the customer it hit me so pulled into MacDonalds...rushed into the toilet and dropped a large runny load....wipped, flushed and was walking out when this bloke came in and took the toilet I had used....I really stunk up the place....10 minutes down the road i had more poo pains so stopped off at a toilet in the park where I hovered over the bowl and let loose an even bigger gush of runny stinking and old crap!
Got to the clients, it is a big organisation with many public toilets so soon after arriving I took my position on the pot and another round of pooing. Again the same thing later that morning and after lunch I had the " Main event". I sat on the toilet, trousers and undies around my ankles, elbows on my thighs and leaning a bit forward....the atmosphere was very quiet.....justas I got ready to let loose somebody took the next I just let loose a torrent of poo and then I got some pains and a real urge to defecate and heavy breathing and quiet but still audible grunting ensued...there were then wet farts , squirts of butt piss and then a few plops of what seemed old hard shit...heavens knows how long it had been inside me. I did not know what the fella next to me did, I heard nothing but then I was concentrating on my own situation. I was there for qite a while many minutes but left feeling empty and relaxed.
Again later that afternoon another trip to the toilet for a smaller but satisfying result.
The next day, Friday I did a good soft poo before leaving for a customer, Soon after I got there I had another soft poo, not too much and then in the afternoon I had another long session like yesterday, but not quite so long and dramatic. Yesterday, up and to the gym. I sat on the toilet at the gym ( I had a slight urge) and was there for quite some minutes slowly releasing turds and punctuated by farts...a lot of gas. After quite some minutes I felt good, I looked into the bowl and there was a big load...well Done!
Now for this morning I got the poo pains in the early hours( I sometimes do). It would be totlally wonderful, if when such occurs , that some nice person could put a bed pan under me so as I do not have to get out of bed and brave the cold. I did not get out, the urge went but this morning I sat on the toilet for a good easy result. I think with theses laxatives I need a good dose to do the trick!
TO FREAKED OUT FATHER: what your daughter is doing might not be your cup of tea nad it is not mine either but what harm is she doing? It is better than drugs, alchohol, smoking and probably strange religions.
If that is as much as we transgress then maybe she is on track and not others.
TO MELISSA: I wished I had someone to help me when I am in difficulty on the toilet or at least to keep me company during hard times.

Yes my name DOES mean flower. You're like one of few people to actually get that. You get plus 5 brownie points. Anyway I bent all the way over as I could but I have my hands clasped inf ront of me and it took half the time and straining, which is always welcome. I did try to also do it the way you do, by letting it come slowly and on it's own.... not only did it take forever but it was way too much for me. I'll stick to MAKING it come out. It's very nice that you have someone like Valerie and she's lucky to be able to share stuff like that with you. If you don't mind me prying. when was the first time she saw you? Mind you I don't think I'd EVER be able to let someone see it coming out of me like she did with you... I don't know maybe. My big brother did once when I was like 6, but well that's another story. Take care.

To everyone
Bet you've been wondering where I've been lately and how my situtation of feeling like a freak because of my trust of my older brother seeing me on the toilet. Well I have some news to share.... I found someone, and many of you won't believe, but some will recognize this person. My older brother run his own networking and PC repair business out of our home. One time he picked me up from my aunt's and took me on a quick call. I tell you this, see if you can figure out who it is before I give it away. We met a guy whow as having trouble with the network between the computers in his house. I met his wife Elena and his twins Lynda and Kendal. <big give away there> I saw their new baby too, so cute. But then I met a sweet older girl and was invited into her room. So had so much pokemon stuff, toys and such. I've been a lurker for a while and have gone back to read many of the back stories here, So I took a chance and said with a grin " So Cute Linda, shoudl I call you Linda GS or Linda RS?" Her eyes opened wide as she covered her mouth. That told me all I needed to know. I introduced myself and told her I was new to the Toietstool. We've been talking a lot and such and becoming great friends. it's nice having someone who understands me and won't think I'm a freak. More later. Take care

Jenny - I watch kids all the time, but I could do without the changing diapers part. Today I was watching a little girl and she pooped so much that it leaked out onto the carpet. It was a mess and smelled really rancid too. Guess it's no more runny baby food for her.

To Kari: I've had the same experience of dropping something which I thought was huge and which turend out to be tiny, or so I thought. More than once. And then one day.... I did the same thing, and looked into the bowl. Just a little one. What, again? and then....I saw the tip of a much bigger one at the bottom of the loo, in reverse gear. It moved a bit more and then stopped.

What happens, I suspect, is that you drop a big heavy one, it enters the water so fast that it goes right round the s-bend under its own momentum, and if it succeeds then you won't see it any more.

I'm 15 and because the economy sucks so bad I wasn't able to get a job like I expected this summer. Well, since I have time on my hands, my mom expects me to babysit for my niece. Lizzet and her mother live on the other side of our apartment complex. She just turned 6 last month. Her mother drops her off at our apartment at 6 a.m. and picks her up at 7 p.m. I make some OK money doing this and get to use my aunt's season pass to places such as the zoo, a water park, an amusement center and some Cubs games. Like some of the others who have posted, I, too, have trouble with Lizzet when she needs to use the bathroom. A girl in our building who is a friend of mine said I should insist that Lizzet go in and pee before we leave the apartment. I started doing that and it has worked a little, sometimes we're just 3 blocks away at the bench waiting for the bus to come and Lizzet has to pee. One time, I walked her over to the side of this gas station and luckily the ladies room door was not locked. She was in there about 5 minutes when I heard the toilet flush. She came out a little scared because the first 2 times she tried to open the door, the knob didn't work and she was scared she was trapped. I took her in, flipped the light on, and showed her the button inside the knob that she should check. Then she seemed better about it. The following week we were at a Cubs game when she had to "do a Number 2" (as her mother calls it!). I took her down to the nearest group of restrooms and told her that I would stand in the hallway doorway and that I would not move. I reminded her to latch her door, flush and then wash her hands. The place was pretty busy and I hoped the number of users--including others with kids with them--would not upset her. I started to worry, but just then she comes scampering to me. She was crying and her top was not tucked into her shorts. Also, part of her underwear was also showing. Then a lady, about 60, with probably her granddaughter who was about 8, came up to us and started yelling at me. She said Lizzet was "inconsiderate of others" for staying in the stall that long and that she was way too young to be in the bathroom unsupervised. This lady said something about "child abuse" and that she should report me. Once she was done yelling, I took Lizzet over to a bench and we talked about what happened. She said the GM was taking the girl from one stall to another and inspecting each. After they briefly looked in and went to the next stall, Lizzet went in and claimed it. That's what pissed the GM off. While Lizzet was on the toilet she said the GM looked in between the door and stall panel like a dozen times with an evil eye. This creeped her out like crazy. All the while the granddaughter was begging her GM to let her use one of 2 or 3 vacant stalls that were right next to the one Lizzet was using but Lizzet said the GM repeated several times that although the girl was in pain and needed to pee, that because there was no toilet paper left in those stalls, she was not going to sit directly down on a public toilet seat. The seat had to be covered if the girl was going to use it. After Lizzet explained this, I think I just said something like "Wow, this lady is wacko." However, the problem remained that because Lizzet had been bullied, she hadn't been able to crap. All I could think of was taking her next door to the mens room. I took her hand and as we cleared the door and I saw a couple dozen guys standing at the urinals, I yanked her over to my left side so there would be less embarrassment for her and I steered her into the first stall. I noticed the seat was up and I reminded her to drop it, which she quickly did. I remained outside the door but could hear 2 or 3 loud farts and then she dumped. She wiped, flushed and came out within 2 minutes. I was so proud of her attitude. I told my mom about the incident that night. She said the need to take children of the opposite sex into public bathrooms in common, and that that GM was just an evil *****!

To Freaked Out Father:

Your daughter has a fetish for pooping her pants - she must get some kind of enjoyment or pleasure from it. She is somewhat embarrassed by it and didn't want anyone else to know (judging by her reaction when you came home unexpected). She is putting a towel down when she does it and she's washing her own clothes, so she is taking responsibility for her actions. Don't get angry at her or punish her for this. Just tell her if she ever wants to talk about it, you're there - and leave the door open (so to speak) for her to come to you when she's ready.

If pooping her pants in the 6th grade was the only time it happened, that was very likely just an accident. But fetishes could start from such episodes - either from a child's own accidents or by seeing other kids poop or pee their pants.

PDX formally RJ
Hey all,
PDX here, Im changing my name cause there have been a few Rjs here and i dont want to confuse anyone..
Im the 20 something guy in Portland, Or...
Well, Some stories bout me::
Even at this age I always 4get to go to the bathroom.. Like go Potty or Poop or whatever you want to call it. I'll be at work and have the urge to go really bad or just enough to cause some discomfort but i dont cause I dont want to go cause I'll get embaressed at work.
So I forget about it til I get home then go about the rest of my night then as the night goes on i start to get cramps and a lil gas too..
So I'll be talkin' on the phone or on the computer or doing something when All of a sudden the urge hits me and its like ready to come out-where you feel it movin down and hits your hole but stops and trys to makes its way out but you clench up you cheeks..
Then Im like Oh,I gotta go now, make my way to the bathroom and do my thing which by then is pretty easy cause is so ready to come out no pushin or strainin envolved..
Well i hope you liked this lil story and I hope to hear from you soon..

TO: "Freaked out Father"
I hope my insights will help you with this awkward situation:

You walked in on your daughter at a very intimate moment of self-expression! This was perhaps her 'safe place' where she feels in control and at peace. Thank God you didn't walk in on her with a needle in her arm or half the liquor cabinet emptied!
I submit to you that there are many intelligent, high-functioning people that partake of this activity and their lives are in no way impeded by this. If you must broach the issue, DO NOT mention the situation or use any words that describe it, simply offer to her that if she ever needs to talk about 'something' either with you or someone else (a shrink if you must), that you will love and support her through it no matter what-this is what kids need to hear, even if they don't know how to give it back to you. Lavishing gifts upon her or forcing her into activities that you think will distract her from it will most likely make things worse.
Losing a parent stirs up all kinds of emotions and I'm guessing your daughter could simply be in a period of regression over this, or it's something that she's always done? This activity can resurface after being dormant for a long time in response to trauma or stress so let it her love and interest in her life when it seem appropriate and hopefully, at the very least, she'll know you care (even if she doesn't show it!).
(I am not a doctor of psychology so you will have to use my words as my own opinions and advise that you take responsibility for what you do with them)

To Freaked out Father
As you can see from this website, though what your daughter may be into isnt "average" its sertanly not unheard of, and it dosnt meen there is something wrong with her in any way. She IS young and she is experiencing new things, personal things. Clearly this is not somthing she wants you to know about, and if its not harming her in anyway, I dont see why it needs to be talked about between you two.

Now from the situation, unless she left physical evidence behind of what she was doing, you could always play dumb. Make a joke about how she really gassed up the living room or something and leave it at that. If its already been brought up between you two since this remark, then let her know that as long as she is happy, healthy, and safe, that you dont mind what she dose.

I hope this helps.

1. Do you ever put off or refuse to use a public toilet when you need to? Yes, but no so much because of being grossed out. I just don't mind holding it. Of course there were times when I really had to pee. So no biggie. I just stopped breathing through my nose and went.

2. If several stalls are available, which do you select and why? Normally I pick a stall at random - if it is dirty, then I try another one.

3. Do you wipe the seat off before sitting on it? No I hover all the time.

4. If toilet paper or seat protectors are available do you put them down before seating yourself? On a few occasions I used those papery disposable toilet covers, but they were nothing more than a pain

5. Have you ever finished a messy crap, only to find there's no toilet paper left on the roll? No. Luckily a few times I peed and found that there was no toilet paper there was a friend in the stall next to me who tossed me some.

6. Do you flush with your hands or foot? Foot. I feel bad for the people that flush with their hands.

7. How often do you thoroughly wash your hands? Whenever I feel it is necessary.

8. What has most influenced your habits and procedures? Experience I guess.

9. Gender: Female

To Freaked out Father,
I can't imagine any kid being brave enough to intentionally crap themselves at school but it may be what got her started. I seriously doubt that she has a clue why she does this. I have 15-20 pairs of panties just for that purpose. I don't know why I do it...I do remember the first time I did it intentionally was out of curiosity. I was around 13-14. I had to go and knew it was going to be very soft. Almost runny. I wanted to know what it felt like to fill my pants. Next I wanted to know what it felt like to squish when I sat down. I sat on my bicycle seat. Then I had to wash my bicycle seat. Anyway, if you want to have an honest discussion with her, start by introducing her to this website.
1. Don't make it all about her...this is not about "fixing her" it is about deepening YOUR understanding. You may even discuss why do you enjoy reading about other people's accidents?
2. Don't let her know you disapprove. Let her think you are seeking enlightenment. Your mom told you "grown ups do not mess their pants." and when she was little, you (and her mother) told her the same, that makes it embarrassing, that does not mean she is doing anything bad or wrong as long as she keeps it private.
3. Be prepared to not get answers. As I said, I doubt she can tell you why.

We would also like to hear some of her stories. Has she ever intentionally done it in public?


To Graham: Hello Graham. I'm glad you liked my stories from back then. I have so little time now but I promise I will try and post something for you to read.

To Emmi: Thank you Emmi. I don't talk to other people in public restrooms either. Although if I go to the ladies room with a friend we sometimes exchange a few words if we are next to each other.

To JW: Hi JW. Yes I remember now. It was all about mom, Melanie (my sister) and me, and mom's awful toilet discipline. And you know, I'm 27 now, and mom really hasn't changed. If I'm at my parents house she still treats me like I am her little girl. She does the same with Melanie too.

To Bethany: I'm glad you enjoyed my story. I do tend to get a little emotional sometimes.

To AJ :-) Loves Russell ;-): Yes she was very sweet and very shy and so very grateful. Hearing her in pain was just too much for me and I just had to try and help somehow.

To Xochitl: I'm so very glad that I helped, that's wonderful. Was it leaning forward and holding your ankles that made it easier? Mom taught both Melanie, and me to do that when we were big enough to keep our feet were firmly on the floor while we were sitting on the stool. Oh, by the way, does Xochitl mean flower?

This is something that happened a little while ago involving Valerie. Most of you won't know of her but we became very close friends in school. Our relationship developed over the years and now we are much more than just friends. On this particular Saturday evening we were both getting ready to go out and as usual we were running late. There were also two other things that led to what happened next. First I had my left arm in a sling and a support strap on my right wrist, all from a recent accident. Second, for most of the day I had been ignoring a growing feeling of fullness inside which given all the other circumstances should probably have convinced me to sit on the toilet much earlier in the evening.

Well I didn't, it was now late, I'm almost helpless, I'm dependent on Valerie for most things, and now I have to sit on the toilet. Of course, Valerie, being the truly wonderful person she is had helped me get dressed, but was only half ready herself. I looked at her very sheepishly and whispered "I think I should go potty". She glared at me for just a second, glanced at the clock, and her shoulders dropped.

I stood in front of the toilet and she hoisted my skirt for me. I managed to hold it against myself with my right hand as she pulled my panties down. Sitting down carefully I managed a small guilty smile at which she shook her head, raised her eyebrows and left, leaving the door wide open and me in no doubt that I needed to be done as soon as possible.

I made myself as comfortable as I could under the circumstances and luckily my left arm, being tucked in its sling, didn't stop me from leaning forward as I always do to help things move more easily. In no time I felt my poo pushing up against my closed ring and for a little while I was quite happy in the thought that this would be a very smooth BM and shouldn't make us much later than we already were.

I was so wrong. I could feel my poo pushing harder and harder and I could tell I was beginning to open but then everything seemed to stop. I had no choice, I took a deep breath, leaned as far forward as I could and started pushing myself. When I'm in the privacy of my own toilet I make quite a lot of noise and my groans brought Valerie, now almost dressed and ready to leave. She put her hand on my back and bending over asked "Are you OK baby"? I took another deep breath and started pushing with all my might but still nothing seemed to move. Without standing up she moved around to the side. "Let's have a look and see what's wrong", she said. I let my breath out and gasping for air, tried to relax a little as Valerie leaned over me. "Ooooo… have a real biggy…..and it's trying to come out……your going to have to push real hard baby….come on….try again" I took another deep breath and started pushing and this time I felt it start to move. "Come on baby….yes…..that's it…'s coming…keep pushing baby…keep pushing" I remember crying out loud as the pain became intense but Valerie's encouraging words kept me going. "Good girl….yes…here it comes….come on….keep pushing" Then to my great relief, almost surprise, I felt my ring start to close followed by a huge splooosh in the toilet. "Hoooray…." I heard Valerie shout, followed by a stifled giggle. But even as she was cheering my little victory I felt another poo following close behind, only this time I was able to just sit there and feel it easing its way out slowly and effortlessly until after what seemed like an eternity it dropped from my poor bottom and slipped silently into the water.

Valerie wasted no time. She grabbed my by the elbows and pulled me up and told me to bend over. She took a napkin from the cabinet, moistened it with warm water and pushed my skirt back up. I felt her fingers gently parting my cheeks and the feeling of that warm napkin running up and down in my bottom was so good I actually moaned. Valerie giggled loudly and told me to behave and stand still. She took a second napkin and cleaned just around my little ring which again felt unbelievably pleasurable. With a third napkin she made sure I was nice and dry and then gently pulled my panties back up, making sure they were nice and comfortable. She pulled my skirt back down, smoothed it out and flushed the toilet for me.

Of course I gave her a big hug and a kiss and told her how much I loved the way she looked after and cared for me. I think the kindness and love I get from Valerie came back to me that day in the mall rest room and I'm so glad I was able to pass a little of it on to Sharon.

Love to all of my friends - Melissa xx

Yo everybody, Sarah's here!
No doubt you've heard about my little 'accident'
I, contrary to what Holly says, have another pooping accident to tell you.
It's not that interesting, it's just that when i was 5, i was paying hide-and-seek with my brother, held it off to long, and pooped myself.

I have another good hide-and-seek story, but it'll have to wait, you see Holly doesn't know about this accident, so i'm writing it quick while she's in the bathroom, and damn she just did a big fart.

Anyway, gtg


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