I had mentioned my old girlfriend Kyra before, and this is another great story about her was when she was over at my apt. She came into the bathroom while I was shaving, and sat down on the pot to pee. After she was finished she just sat there watching me shave, seemingly fascinated by it all. I rinsed off my razor and she said "I have to go no. 2. I'm really sorry."I said that it was no problem. Then she said "I think you'd better turn the fan on." and I did. (Fortunately, it was'nt a loud fan). She was wearing a T-shirt, and white cotton undies that she had down around her ankles. She folded her arms across her stomach, and leaned forward staring at the floor. Her butt was about 2" inches from the toilet seat because she was leaning so far forward. She was tapping her bare feet on the floor and humming, until a soft grunt came out of her. "nnnhhhh." Her first poop started slowly pushing it's way out, crackling and inching its way along. It looked like a big brown pickle, real wide, and long. It finally fell with a hard "Plop!", and just then, she looked up and caught me staring at her. She just smiled and said "Oops." I smiled and continued my shave, only very slowly. She looked down at the floor again, and let out a few soft grunts, followed by about 3 more medium sized poops that fell out one after another. This was a great show! Fan or no fan, the room was beginning to fill up with her smell. She was taking a real long BM, as she casually talked to me in between little plops. There was a short silence, and then I heard a "Splat!" . I think her pile was getting rather large, because that last poop did'nt hit the water, but fell on top of the others. After that, she began pulling wads of TP off the roll, and when she had a handful she just sat there frozen for a second. I said "What's wrong?" and she strained out "nnn-nothing-hhhh..." and there was a couple more poops. "Not finished yet I guess." After that she wiped thoroughly, about 5 times. When she got up to pull her undies up, I got to see her brown masterpiece as it swirled its way down the toilet. I was surprised that it did'nt clog. That first "pickle" turd was huge! at least 16" and it curled around the bowl. She washed her hands and left. I'd say her total time spent on the toilet was about 15 min. I remember that she also had a girlfriend who was really turned on by the bathroom habits of men. She really wanted to watch me take a big dump, So she asked Kyra if it was OK. She said yes, so I let her. Her name was Patty. Are there any other ladies out there who feel that way too? I'd like to think that she was'nt the only one.

Speaking of boys firing into urinals from 8 feet away - sometimes when I clean the 5th grade bathrooms, there is pee all over the outside of the urinals and walls. Plus, they don't often flush them and this time of year it is warm and the bathroom really smells by the end of the day. Also, their urine is much more concentrated in the warm weather - dark yellow. So I must wipe all of this up, which I don't really mind. The girls continue to comment: "The boys bathroom really smells!" when walking by. A few of them said this to me, and I offered the above explanation, and they giggled. A few girls are very curious at this age, so I let them run into the boys bathroom after school and look, without there being anyone in there. They think that is cool.

Hey everyone... Yesterdays post indicated the ned for a second dump while writing the note. Well, I did indeed have a pretty decent second dump. It was a lot of little logs, I think the longest one was about 4 inches long. What did I eat to produce such a load? For breakfast I had yogurt and a nutrigrain breakfast bar with OJ, Lunch wasn't until 3pm but was 2 turkey sandwiches an orange and a granola bar. Dinner was boring and was another turkey sandwich with wheat thins and OJ. Yes, I am addicted to OJ. Todays dump... I woke up at 7am for my for my flight (I am pilot) with some nasty farts exiting my hairy anus. But the urge to dump wasn't there yet, but it was on its way. I had my shower and left for the flight with a thermos of OJ. It ended up getting weathered as there was too much wind so I came home. I was doing some reading, letting more sbv's out and about 9am the urge to go was there! Went into my bathroom and dropped my jeans and boxers to the floor at sat down. I let a little sbv escape and gave a little push and I dropped a good one! I looked at my masterpiece and I was a log about a foot long only it got bent somehow into a V shape or an L... which ever way you look at it. I then squeezed a few more little bits out. I wiped and flushed and left the bathroom reeking and unfortunately no skid marks in the toilet. Bummer... I did leave feeling not satisfied so I predict today is a double dump day. Either after lunch or dinner. What did I eat yesterday? Breakfast was yogurt, toast and jelly and coffee. Lunch was thai shrimp stir fry I made earlier in the week and for dinner was 2 deluxe tuna sandwiches with wheat thins and lots of ve????s. That might explain the sbv's. I am hungry now and think I'll have some breakfast. Oh, I wanted to mention that picture at the top... that's a traditional asian toilet. They believe that the body will eliminate its waste more naturally if the body i positioned in a way, like squating. Our western style of sitting on the toilet apparantly doesn't work as well. Well, when I was in Japan last summer I had an opportunity to try that very squatting toilet out! Well... sort of. After I got off the plane (after many hours of gorging myself in first class) I needed a good dump. IN a western style toilet in the Tokyo airport I unloaded a very disapointing 2 small logs. I then went to this temple and wanted to explore the place as well as the loos. Well, I found a long row of stalls with doors and the asian style toilet in them!! I was alone in the loo so went in and tried it out. Well, I didn't have to dump, but I tried anyway. I had to take my shorts and boxers off and got into the position. It turned me on so my willie was very large and hard which every guy knows makes it hard to piss!!!! I ended up just doin a bit of yankin and left. I wish I could have dropped a good american shit in those squatting pots. We'll see what kind of restrooms I'll encounter in Europe this summer. I plan on having a lot of good dumps (as I did the other 2 times in Europe, you might have read about a long time ago). I plan on eating and drinking a ton while in Europe! I find when mixing those 2, a good bout of jobbies can be produced. Ciao for now... Keith

pooping girl
As I sat here reading the most recent posts, a stomach cramp hit and I had to go to the toilet, I just finished so I figured as long as I was here Id tell you about it {not a real interesting trip though) I grabbed a magazine and went into the bathroom pulled down my shorts and underpants (pink) and sat on the toilet. I passed a loud and long fart with the first push. Took another breath and grunted and a nice long jobbie started out of my fanny as that fell off another one started after these I did a nice long weewee and more gas or as we called it as kids fanny burps. I pushed out a few more smaller jobbies read for a few minutes peed a little more and was finished. I wiped my vagina and fanny pulled up my underpants and shorts and flushed. Now back reading about others toilet activities.

I once overheard a conversation between my aunt and a friend of hers that had a problem with his toilet overflowing all the time...I almost asked if the toilet had a small passageway for the waste to exit through, and if he came from a family that passed large jobbies...He was too embarrassed to really talk about it in detail except that he thought there wasn't enough water being emptied from the tank when he flushed and stopped talking about it at that point... As for toilets with small passageways, I hate them with a passion! It means that when I have to take a dump in one of those, I have to pinch off little bits at a time, and if I have a large movement to get rid of, it seems like it will never come to an end...I prefer the large passageways that allow for large dumps and then I don't have to worry about plugging them either...

Hi guys. Blake and Keith, it's great to see both of you back on here! I know what it's like being busy with school- I've been studying for final exams (next week). Silent Spice, sorry that your mother is such a jerk, but I'm glad to hear that many friends and relatives will be attending your graduation. I have a couple of stories from the past week. Tuesday afternoon, after lunch and drinking several bottles of water [I drink lots of liquids and have a small bladder, so I think you know where this is going to lead :) ], I suddenly had a strong urge to pee. I was in my dorm room, so I walked down to the bathroom; as soon as I pulled down my pants and sat down, I immediately started to pee. I'm saying "immediately" because I usually strain for about 5-10 seconds before starting to pee. I didn't time it, as I've had several times before, but I'd guess I peed steadily for about a minute. I had a slight urge to shit, so I pushed a couple of times and let out two, one-inch "pellets." Wiped a couple of times, flushed, and then left. Friday night, a classmate named Rob and I went to a college dance. Rob's quite cute [:)] and though we've been friendly over the last few months, our relationship is not quite boyfriend/girlfriend. We were out dancing when I started to feel gas in my ????. I excused myself to go to the toilet. This wasn't a "formal," but I was dressed up, wearing a skirt, pantyhose (very unusual for me, btw). I went into one of the stalls, pulled down my nylons, whipped up my dress, and sat down. I'm glad I didn't fart out on the floor [I wouldn't do so in front of a guy, anyway :)], because I ended up taking a very runny shit, almost diahrrea-like. I wiped six times (it was very gooey) and then flushed. I'm usually fastidious about washing my hands, even after just peeing, but that night I must have spent two minutes washing my hands, making sure every nook and cranny was cleaned. I happened to have a perfume sampler bottle in my purse; the perfume was a different kind from the one! I was wearing, but I sprayed some on my hands anyway. I wanted to remove any detection of what I just did (wiped) from my hands. I returned to the dance floor and hung out with Rob and a few other male and female friends. About a half hour later, Rob said he wasn't feeling well and excused himself to go to the bathroom. Rob came out about 20 minutes later and said he had "stomach pains." Sharon, a mutual friend, asked him if he had diahrrea. Rob said "yes, must have been the food we ate." [Sharon, Rob, and I, plus a few others, went out to a local fast food joint prior to the dance] Sharon then volunteered that she had "the runs" about an hour earlier. I then said I was also in the bathroom about an hour ago. It was consoling, in a weird way, that I wasn't the only one who "threw up from the butt." A couple of other notes. I have been good about not using handicapped stalls. I think I have the answer to how the term "loo" came into being. The French word for water is l'eau ("the water"), pronounced as "loo." Since one of the European words for toilet is "WC" (Water Closet), I think that has something to do with "loo." Lots of love, Alex :)

your name (optional)Philippe
To John-Ohio: It is sooooo nice to hear from you again !!! based on your few posts here and there, I was thinking that you guys in Ohio have a better time watching girls pee in unisex toilets than we do in the Toronto bars. In Toronto, the situation in this regard has somewhat deteriorated for the past ten years. Ten years ago, Yonge street, which is the north-south artera dividing Toronto-east from Toronto-west, used to be a heaven for the undiscrimating voyeur that I am, as there were two gay bars where one could watch girls almost unhindered. These two bars have unfortunately closed and nothing of the kind have replaced them, at least to my knowledge. So, yes, I started to visit Bar 501 as a default venue and would go there every other week, with nostalgia. There are just not enough girls to keep me busy and furthermore, the gaps between the door and partition walls on the three girl stalls are too narrow to enable one to see anything. So, yes, I went to that place on Queen street west that you indicated (last November). The bar was in a basement, below another bar at street level. The bar was open, but had very few patrons at 10pm and still fewer an hour later. I of course checked the bathroom facilities and the girls room was clearly apart for the boys room. I haven't gone to the place since. I however discovered a BAR 621 in the Yonge Street area that has divided washrooms but boys freely go into the girls room. The only problem is that lighting over the stalls is too dark to see anything interesting and the music is too loud to hear anything. So, until further notice, it shall still be BAR 501 ! Thank you for having remembered me. Anything to report on your side of the lake ? Philippe.

In reply to the various postings about seeing people on the toilet in films etc , I can rememember an "educational" film I saw in 1973 called THE BODY. It was very progressive for its day and I suppose it got away with it because of the Educational handle although it was the old style X adults only certificate it was on general release in the cinema. It showed all sorts of interesting internal photos using endoscopy, x rays etc, and also showed a couple having intercourse, (it looked real not simulated too!). The interesting part for readers of this site however was that it followed the passage of food through the digestive system and yes, at the end of the line it showed a young man of about 20 or so I'd say sitting on the toilet doing a motion. I think he was wearing white Y Front briefs pulled up to the top of his thighs, any way his private parts were decorously covered. As he sat there all the sound effects were given ,his straining to pass his motion and the resounding KER-SPLOONK!" as what sounded like a fairly substantial fat solid jobbie was power dumped into the toilet pan.(I wonder how many "takes" they had to get the scene and the sound effects right as some of the actors could have been constipated or worse still had diarrhea. Istead of the director saying "its a wrap", did he say "its a CRAP!") This caused a laugh amongst the audience but it turned me on. George also saw this film and he comments that it would have been better had it been a woman sitting on the pan do! ing a motion as far as he was concerned. An amusing thing happened to me last week. I was on the train back from Edinburgh to Glasgow and had gone to the toilet for a motion. Just as it was coming out of my back passage the door opened and a teenage lad of about 16 or so came in and saw me sitting there with my black skirt (Id been to Court) hitched up and my pale blue Sloggi Maxi briefs down at my knees, going "OO! OO!". He apologised but I noticed that he had a good lingering look. At that moment my jobbie dropped into the pan with a loud "Floomp!" (It was a really big one over a foot long and very fat). I heard him say to his mate, "I just walked in on a ???? red head who was shitting a brick". When I had finished and came out I gave them a smile and said "the toilet is free now if you still want it" They both blushed but I saw that he and his buddy went into the toilet and I hope they liked the fat sausage I had left behind for them. I suppose this incident will amuse Jill , has anything like this happened t! o her or other women readers?

Sunday, May 10, 1998

A few years ago, while on vacation, I saw something I had not seen before, although most probably have here. I was using the bathroom at a national park, and while I was peeing, a boy of about 12 or so came up and just started going. It did not start fast or anything, but it kept on going and going and going. I left after about 20 seconds, but about a minute later I came back in because I had left my jacket inside. I saw a stream still coming out, still steady. He continued for about 15 more seconds before finally coming to a halt. I could only imagine how swollen a bladder he had had. Then, as I was washing my hands, I was using it again, a boy of about 10 came in, who I later found out was the first person's younger brother. He walked over to the urinal, except that he stood about 5-7 feet in front of it, and started peeing, and kept it up for about 15 seconds. I couldn't believe it. He was standing almost three-fourth's of the way to the other wall, and was peeing away. I remember thinking about just how long they had been forced to hold it before they had been able to go. I asked him after he was finished if he felt better, and he said "yes" with a huge sense of relief. Relief is an understatement.

Hey guys, it sure has been a long time since I have posted, here and for that I apologize! I have been reading though all of the past posts, and i just found sometime to sit down and post! I have been so busy here at school! I have been pretty regular, and I have been staying away from dairy products to avoid accidents! Is anyone here lactose intolerant? I really don't know most of you who are posting now! But those of you from the old toilet, keep posting you are the best! Any way here is my story! This is a story about something which happened about 2 weeks ago. I was on my way back to school from spring break (which I spent in Cancun), I was on the plane listening to my walkman, and i guess I must have dozed off. After sleeping for about an hour and a half. I woke up with an intense need to pee. I got out of my seat and walked towards the restrooms on the plane, but i encountered a tremendous line. I had on choice but to wait, and wait, and wait. Finally after about ten minutes of waiting, i finally got into the restroom. The place smelled awful! The little girl who was in here before me, must have been sick. There was wet diarrhea on the toilet seat, and on the back of the toilet! But i only had to pee so I hovered over the toilet! I was peeing for about thirty seconds, when i farted, something i always do when i pee. Then i wiped up and was just about to pull up my pants when i felt a fart coming on, so i let is fly! A stream of diarrhea felt out of my butt, well i just stood there and kept shitting for about fifteen minutes! When i was finally finished i wiped up, pulled back up my pants, and headed back to my seat! I had to shit one more time during the flight, and I just baly avoided an accident! I did notice that someother passengers on the plane also had stomach distress! When we landed we we were told that some of the chicken sandwiches we were served had been sprinckled with cheese, and it turned out that that little girl along with myself are both Lactose-Intolerant. This was an awful experience! I'm going to try to post more frequently, so post some stories! I love you guys, Blake :-)

FLUITITY: The opinion girls having wetting problems came from speculation. and I also read that girls do not feel the urge to pee as quickly as boys. However the sexes have similar bladder capacity, hence giving the girls less time. Do any of you males in the forum occasionally ask a lady when she is exiting the bathroom if she feels relieved? I have; sometimes there is nervous laughter, sometimes there is a warm chuckle, one said "Yes, I feel relieved!"

Some Guy
Hey everyone! I agree with Steph and Sara that it is much better to let nature take its course and not use laxitives or (gasp) enemas. It is interesting what that "bloke" George said about the differences in our languages. I have some other synonyms for taking a dump that you guys probably haven't heard of is "hatching an egg" ,"sitting on the throne" and my all-time favorite "taking a hockey" don't ask me where my crazy family gets these from. [Ha ha ha! I said "bloke"] Bye now!

Looking at the photo of the Japanese(?) girl on the toilet at the top of the page, a question occured to me. Wouldn`t it be dificult to change a tampon sitting on this? Are there any girls out there who have used this type of toilet, and if so, am I right?

Some points to answer. To Harry. Yes I have also indulged in "Buddy Dumping" I started this as a kid when I got a buzz from doing my then much smaller jobbie on top of the great long fat turds my Aunt Helen did and which often stuck in the toilet pan. I also used to do this at school and Moira also did this with the two teenage girl classmates she had previously mentioned doing it in the woods together with. They would use the same cubicle (stall) in the Girls' Toilet at school and I wonder hat the caretaker thought when he found 3 big fat long jobbies stuck there when he cleaned the toilets after school finished for the day. Moira and I still "buddy dump" with each other to this day. I also found his comment about the kid doing a real whopper in first grade interesting. We had a kid called Jerry who did this from an early age but more about his exploits later. To Jill. Moira and I have often blocked the pan with our big jobbies and we don't let it bother us leaving our efforts for others to see and perhaps admire if they are like the readers of this web site. I like your remark about elephant turds as when I was a kid my two cousins Nicky and Debbie used to think the song "Nellie the Elephant" referred to Aunt Helen, their mother, as she did such big fat turds. To Peter. Yes I have often felt the presence of a big solid stool inside Moira when we have been making love . A good anatomy book will show that there is very little separating the vagina from the rectum inside the human female, indeed this structure can be damaged in a difficult childbirth. Certainly it makes things down there a bit tighter if she is needing a motion at the time. Moira always goes on top when we make love which is just as well as on one occasion I felt the big fat turd slide down inside her. It was strange sensation as I felt as if I was doing it myself as she actually passed the jobbie when she had her orgasm. Luckily it was a very firm solid stool and didnt make a mess. She just got off me, picked it up and dropped it down the pan in our ensuite toilet, then washed her hands and got back to love making with me. Moira says that sexual intercourse often gets things moving if she is a bit constipated and I have observed this to be true. I suppose it is becau! se of the muscles used and the movement of the abdomen and its organs during lovemaking. I wonder if any other readers have found this to be the case, especially women. Certainly it is a far nicer way to ease constiaption than using laxatives. Finally, to Silent Spice, enjoy your graduation. Im sure many of us readers will be with you in our minds. You have your life before you, enjoy it! Seems your mother has blown it with hers! Peace :-)

Phillipe: About a year ago we exchanged some posts about the gay bar on Church St. in Toronto with the unisex restrooms that we had both visited, as well as some information on the vampire bar. Have you been back to either place lately and, if so, have you had any interesting experiences?

Hey everyone! It has been ages since I've posted here. For those new people who don't know who I am I am an American college student on the west coast. I am 20 and posess a normal body. By normal I mean I am 5'9 and 150 the average american height and weight. I must also add, that I am the average man... a big eater and shitter!! =) I have some stories to tell from recent experiences. Actually, before I start, I should let everyone knwo my dumping habits. Usually the urge will come after my first meal. Wether it be breakfast or lunch. Most days I am a morning shitter, and frequently have a second dump in the afternoon. Coffee seems to be a laxitive for ,e as I usually have a good dump after eating breakfast and having coffee. My dumps usually are firm "jobbies" with several wipes at the end. I hardly ever have a huge logs people talk about, but once in awhile I'll produce a winner! I have never had a shitting accident that I can remember and had the mandatory childhood pissing accidents everyone has. After my dump session of 10 minutes where I like to read to pass the time, I leave the loo (yea, I'm american but love some of the british expressions for things... like tele!!) I feel lighter, refreshed and the bathroom has a nice perfume smell of a good dump. In the toilet most of the time I leave a nice mosaic of skid marks! That turns me on. I am pretty hairy, in all places and find that makes wiping after a soft dump very difficult! I rarely have skid marks in my boxers. To the story for today... I think that lAs Vegas has got to be the shitting capital of the world!!! I was there last weekend for a wedding. The first morning I was there, my friends and I went to the Monte Carlo hotel buffet (that's where we were staying). I ate a ton of food!! I also had 2 cups of coffee. The previous days I had been having some very dissapointing dumps. As I was finishing I knew I good dump was on its way. We went back up to our rooms and I was in my friends room visiting and getting the ironing board to iron my clothes for the wedding when I had a very strong urge tto go. It wasn't the pressing its going to be a ton of logs dump urge... it was a power dump urge! Well, my friends kept talking and I wanted to excuse myself to my room for my session. I ended up leaving and going down the hall to my room only to find the maid there!!! Shit I said... and as much as I wanted to be an exhibitionist and shit for her, I went downstairs to the casino!! That was true bliss!! =) There were 10 stalls or so with them all full of men dropping their buffets from the previous day into the Las Vegas sewer system. INcluding me. The powr dump urge confirmed itself with a power dump of logs that filled the toilet. I was in there about 10 minutes shitting but ha to stick around to listen to the other men unloading!! AAAAAAHHHH!!! Most wonderful. I have to admit I did a little yankin of Mr. Winky after that. OKay... I am a heterosexual however I find other men dumping a turn on!! I haven't ever experienced a woman shitting except my mom and my last roommate. But I wasn't attracted to either so wasn't the least bit interested. However, the woman that got married I was really attracted to!!! She's 5 years older and very awesome!!! Very nice tight ass, great tits and very fit body. She was my admissions counselor for the university I attend. Well, the morning of her wedding, which was the morning of my power dump in the casino I found out her bowel schedule!!! She and her fiancee had finished breakfast before us and she announced she had to go t the bathroom... I knew it was for a beautiful woman shit!! But, it could have been a pee. But, the dump was confirmed when I read her lips (which are perfect) when she was whispering to her fiancee "I have to poop". AAAAH! All I could imagine was her cute ass on the toilet in her suite dropping her load!! Even that night when I was dancing with her I was aroused. Well, when she said I do I knew I couldn't have her. Actually, I knew I couldn't have her before I even thought I could!! 1 more Las Vegas story. The night of the wedding I had al ot of wine and champagne and the next morning after breakfast before I had to check out I went into my bathroom and dropped a good load. It was partially diarhea but it filled the toilet. Bottom line, I left a present for the maid!!! skid marks, smell and magazine on the toilet. Todays dump: Pretty decent right after breakfast about n hour ago, but I have the urge again. I better go and dump. Then I need a shower and have to head to wok. I'll try to be more frequent but summer school is going to kick my ass!!! Then I am off to France to study abroad. But we're spending a week in the London area and before school starts and then a week in Austria and italy after school is over. Ciao!!!!! Keith

There has been some discussion of boys peeing great distances. When I was in the 5th grade a friend of mine seemed to have a very small hole at the tip of his penis (boys at that age who are good friends check out each other's equipment; do girls?). This small hole allowed him to develop considerable pressure. When he peed he had a very tiny stream flowing at great pressure. I remember that he could pee on the ceiling! ...fluidity

Saturday, May 09, 1998

One of the latest posters reminded me of a couple of incidents in grade school years ago, for me...I can remember one time in first grade, taking a peep through the crack in one of the stalls and finding a classmate just finishing taking a dump...I had the misfortune while peeking, having the door open up on me, the classmate had just gotten up and had turned around, pulled up his pants and was getting ready to flush...I did get a look at the job he had done, and it was a good sized log, now mind you this was FIRST grade, and he had had a jobbie about 10 inches long and at least an 1 1/2 inches in diameter. He went to flush the toilet, and it wouldn't go down the first time as it got "hung up" over the top of the hole in the toilet bowl...He made a comment that I was in trouble if it wouldn't go down, because I had seen what had happened...Fortunately, on the second flush, it went down... As for another time, when I was in the fifth grade, at a different school, there was a period when we had a problem with graffiti being written on the walls in the boys bathroom, so everyone that had to use it, had to sign a sheet of paper that listed the person's name, time out, and time of return, plus, only one person could be in the bathroom at one time, as the bathroom was shared by two rooms, both 5th and 6th grade...I remember once, while I was in the restroom, taking a dump, when another guy, from the sixth grade class, came into the restroom. He evidently had to take a dump, because he came over to the stall, and took a peek through the crack in the door, and gave off a loud sigh...I think he had to go really bad, but went back to the classroom...He was, in my fantasies at that time, one person I would have liked to have overheard taking a dump...Unfortunately, I never got the chance... Which reminds me of a time in the sixth grade, I remember going into the restroom, and there were several us in there at the time, one was taking a dump, as we could hear several "Plops" as he proceeded...In the meanwhile, a couple of the guys were seeing how far back from the urinal, being a floor type, how far they could back up and pee, and still get into the urinal without making a mess on the floor. The guy that did it the furtherest made it from 8 feet...In the meanwhile, the guy taking the dump, finished the job, and came out, without flushing the toilet...Being the curious person I was, I had to see what kind of job he had done, so I went in the stall and looked at his job. Sure enough, there were several turds that were small and very firm, sitting at the bottom of the toilet bowl, it turned into a "buddy dump", as I suddenly had to do a job...I left a few more turds...As much as I hated to do so, I flushed both of our jobs after getting a good look at them...His we! re a light brown color, and mine were a little darker than his... On another post sometime, I will tell you about the guy in gradeschool that plugged toilets on a fairly regular basis, just by his dumps...

Doug, You asked me to describe the sensations I feel when I need to go to the bathroom.Well, it depends how bad I need to go.If I just feel the need to pee, but am not desperate, I feel a little pain about 2 ins. above my vagina. As I feel the need more, the pain there increases. When I get really desperate, I tend to wriggle & squirm , & if no one is looking, hold my vagina.If I am standing, I tend to press my legs together from my knees up. If I am wearing a long skirt, I can do this without anyone seeing how desperate I am. Pressing my legs together helps me hold it in.The more desperate I get, the more the pain above my vagina increases. When I eventually get to the toilet & sit down to pee, I can feel the pee emptying from my bladder. this feels good!! Also, the more desperate I am for a pee, the harder it comes out. At work, where the water in the toilet is directly below me, as opposed to being slightly further back, this means that my pee falls straight into the water, making lots of noise. I hope this answers your question. I have got to go now, all this talk of having a pee has made me want to go.(squirm!)

Tuesday was a bad day for me. I believe most people take a shit once a day. I go once or sometimes twice per day. I always shit after breakfast, so if I get the message before breakfast (which seems to happen three or four times a week), I know I will have to go again. Well Tuesday I went before breakfast and produced my usual two installments of very soft turds. I went again after breakfast, just one installment. I had to go to the optician's to get my eyes tested before going to work, so I drove to the town of B..., and parked the car. I had 15 min before my appointment, and dammit, I needed to do another number two. So I went into the men's toilet's in the bus station (they are ones where there is an attendant and you have to pay and go through a turnstyle). I had a real struggle, but I squeezed out two rather stiffer jobbies, but it was a bit of a non-event. In the afternoon, I thought I needed to go yet again, so off I went to the men's room, but this time it was just a prolonged and noisy farting session. But by the time I had got rid of the gas, it was as good as if I had had a large BM! But that was not the end... At 7 pm, just I was about to go out, I got the message again. This time there was quite a lot of struggling and grunting, but I produced about another four turds. Needless to say, the following day I only needed to go once.

This is a fabulous site. I am a regular visitor, and love reading about women's toilet habits. What a turn-on. Keep them coming! Amongst all the candid comments I have read at this site, I have never seen this one. When my beloved wife and I are making love, I can always tell when she is in need of a crap. The contents of her rectum can be clearly felt through the wall of her vagina, and if she is very full it can make her feel tighter, (and she says I feel bigger!) I need hardly say it is very exciting. Is this something others have found?

I have been away at a conference this week. (I know, it's not the first this year!). My hotel room was fine and comfortable, but there was one smell problem: The toilet had such a small hole in the middle, that almost every time that I did a poo, it got blocked up. I was having to flush several times, or to break up the poos with the toilet brush. Not my idea of fun, and using the brush made the smell worse. Now I cannot believe that I am the only person who had this trouble. I suppose my poos do tend to be larger than average (my husband says I have elephants bowels!), but I would have thought that other people might have experienced the same problem. Perhaps nobody complained! I am very busy with a show at the moment so I won't be posting very often, but I expect I will have some toilet experiences to relate by the time the show is over!

Silent Spice
Pooper-Snooper: Thank you for what you said. That is so nice of you to call me a winner when we dont even know each other. You are 100% right. It really shouldnt matter if mom is at my grad or not because the point is that I am graduating...I went through 12(14 including Pre-school and Kindergarten)years of school and I am finally going to be done and then I will be in college or something like that! Steph: Oh yeah I remember you too! Im really not sure what I am going to do after high school. I might go to school or I might end up being a horror story writer like STEPHEN KING. People LOVE the ones I make up! If your boyfriend is shy about letting people watch him on the toilet...then why dont you just talk to him about how its normal to let others watch(you guys think its normal right?)and then say he can watch you a few times and then he will maybe start to like that kind of fetish stuff and will sooner or later let you watch him! Thats what I would do but of course I feel 100% exactly the way HE feels! I would rather be alone at times like this! Well maybe if I pee if wont be so bad but number 2....I would rather be alone and I dont like doing it in any other bathroom but the one at home. Bridget: I think about the BSB on the toilet alot. I use to think it was kind of abnormal to think that and I kept saying to myself "Okay stop it! Stop thinking about Brian and Nick and the others on the toilet because you are 18 years old!" but then I came here and it made me think this is more normal!! Thanks for wishing me luck on my grad! Good luck in getting the chance to watch Leo poop! Bye!

Sara please tell of more pant wetting accidents

Kevin L
Has anyone ever used a toilet like the one in the picture? It looks fun. I would love to see a girl taking a crap on one of those! I have a couple of good posts I'll share later. Girls keep the good stories coming. And guys I like the stories about girlfriends and wives cought on the pot. Talk to you later, Kevin

Doug, you said: "I think little girls may have more problems with frequent wetting because their bladder gets fuller when they need to pee. When a guy gets a mild to moderate urge to pee he feels it in his penis. When he becomes more desparate he will feel it in his abdomen. A lady feels a mild urge to pee in her lower abdomen, according to the responses I get. Hence her bladder is fuller and more prone to an accident." Where did you get this information? When you say little girls, are you thinking of under 6 years old, or under ten, or under 15? When you switch from little girl to lady, are you moving to over 15? I'm just curious where you heard all of this for it is news to me. Thanks so much, Fluidity

Over the past several days, many folks have provided posts on various accidents during sporting events. While I am glad to report that I have not had any pooping problems, I've had a few wetting accidents during particpation in soccer matches in our local adult recreation soccer league. I have finally gotten up enough courage to relate some of my experiences in this message board. The first happened a couple of years ago when I entered the game in the second half during a rather hot afternoon and during which I guess you could say I "over-hydrated" to combat the heat. Anyway, with about 5 minutes to go I lost it and peed in my shorts. I was wearing a pair of red nylon soccer shorts, so it was obvious that I had peed on myself as the wetness was clearly visible in my crotch and seat. Just this past year, I was wearing a pair of navy blue nylon shorts, and was playing in goal. I was getting equally as desperate as before, so when the action was at the other end of the field, I decided not to put off any longer the inevitable and again peed in my nylon soccer shorts. While this latter accident was much less visible than the previous one, most of my teammates knew I had peed on myself again. While these accidents were indeed embarrassing, I still enjoy playing on the same team, and certainly intend to do so in the future. I would be interested in reading about others, male or female, who have had similar experiences.

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