Heyy everyone!!! I'm back!!!!! I was away on holidays for a month.

Not many people replied to my question, so I thought I'd ask again. Has anyone ever seen one of their parents or an adult they looked up to have an accident??? Just curious. Like I said before both my aunt and my BFF's mom have.

I was at camp for two weeks that I was away. Two girls in my room wet the bed. One girl hadn't been feeling well. In the middle of the night she had to go but couldn't get up so she fully emptied her bladder in bed. We knew as soon as we woke up! The stench was horrible. She claimed that she'd spilled a bottle of water on her bed, but we knew it wasn't true. She had to change beds and let her seeping bag air out outside so everyone knew what she'd done. Later that same girl and two of my other friends entered a talent show. They were doing a dance. They practiced all week. The night before the show we had a practice version. She really had to go pee, but didn't have the chance before they went on stage. She went to do a jump and she lost control. She totally pissed herself in front of the whole camp. BTW, this girl's 15. Another girl in my room was sleeping with my cousin. In the middle of the night my cousin woke up to find the bed wet and the girl she'd been sleeping with up changing her pants. She came to sleep with me instead.

Age: 15
Sex: Female
Have you ever pissed in a bootle in your bedroom, computer room: nope
How often do you have a peeing accident or wet yourself on purpose: quite often
Do you ever wet your bed on purpose: nope
Have you ever pissed in a Doctors office while being checked out: nope
Do you ever pee on the floor on purpose: yes
Do you pee on the floor in the changing room: nope
Have you ever peed in a sink: more times that i can count
Do you wipe when you pee: no
Do you ever pee pants on purpose: all the time
Do you like the feeling of wet panties: hell ya.
Do you change your wet panties or do you remain in them for a period of time: change out of them.
Do you always wash your hands after peeing: not usually
Have you ever pissed or pooped in your bed: yup. but not in a long time
Have you ever pissed other places in your house other then the bathroom: ya! almost every floor in my house.

i always piss my panties in the tub before turning on the shower and then wash the undies as i shower. just a habit.

advice guy
Freaked out Father
sit her down and ask her do not get upset with her. Find out why she does it and how often tell her you want judge her or think shes weird that you just want the truth and I think you will be ok besides shes not really hurting anyone by doing it right

I just took a poop after not going for a day or so. My stomach was hurting when I got up and I was passing really noisy gas and feared that I was going to get diarrhea.

I went to the bathroom with my book, pulled down my pajama pants and sat on the toilet. I gave a gentle push and this turd started squeezing its way out of me easily. I was done within 2 minutes.

I wiped and it was messy. In the bowl I noticed that there was a very skinny turd, about 6 inches long, and a couple of smaller pieces. I'm starting to feel better but my stomach is still bothering me. It hurts and is kind of bubbly, so hopefully later I can take a good poo and get rid of the discomfort.

Survey 1

1// When was your last accident, if you ever had any?
couple of weeks ago with food poisoning, I had taken the day off work and was watching tv on the couch. I had some serious cramps so I got up to go drop a load but I lost part of it on the way if ya got me, not too messy but it ran down my leg and stained up my underwear (I threw them away)
2// Has anyone ever witness you while you were doing your business?
when I was 23 and went to jail for a week - the food ran right through me and - since it was jail - there was just a row of toilets in full view of everyone. it stopped being a big deal after the first couple times and there were other guys taking loose shits (guess I wasn't the only one that can't do jail food).

3// Have you ever witnessed anyone?
see above

4// Describe it.
some of the guys dropped their pants all the way, some of them kept them up so everyone couldn't see their junk. it was interesting watching everyone's wiping methods (not like you could wipe much with their "paper", it was slick and didn't absorb anything so after a couple days I had some serious skidmarks which I noticed from the guys that dropped all the way were not uncommon) all basically the same thing but little differences, a couple guys wiped standing up, usually they did what I do (move your junk, cock your leg up a little and wipe your crack from the top moving down). like I said, me and some other guys didn't handle the food too well so I took a lot of shits with them and one guy REALLY had the squirts, like totally liquid, mine were runny but not that bad. me and this one guy couldn't keep from laughing, we gave him some shit for stinking the place up. he took it pretty well.

5// Have you ever gone in an awkward area, place, thing?
see above. I had to crap off a boat once too.

6// How old are you?

Does anybody have any diaper sightings or have you had to change a children's diaper? I have 2 kids in diapers and want to share my stories and hear about other peoples experiences.

Talk to you later.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

I just tried the method you told to a girl in your post a while back. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I just tried it and boy did it make a difference. You're an angel.

yesterday i was in walmart and i felt like i needed to poop and pee. it felt like it was gonna be loose so i didnt fart. i was almost done shopping so i was gonna just wait til i got home. i was in line to check out and there was 3 people in front of me. the need to go kept getting worse and i thought i could let out a little fart so i pushed and i farted but along with it came a little bit of poop that felt like hot ice cream that made a small bulge in my pink and red panties. i was glad i was wearing a skirt because it would have been visible if i was wearing pants it would have shown through. after 5 minutes it was finally my turn. as i was putting things on the conveyor belt thing, a little more poop nesled itself into the seat of my panties along with a spurt of pee. when i got out of line. i rushed to my car. by now pee was dripping from my panties leaving a trail all the way to my car. i put my stuff in the trunk and when i bent over to get something, the whole load of soft poop rushed into my panties as a steady flow of pee followed. i got into my car and sat in my load all the way home. when i got home i took a shower and washed my panties. they are cmpletly stained but ill where them when i have diarea so if i have an accident (i always do) i wont be ruining a good pair of panties.

I'm a 28 year old male at an IT company.
I generally pee when I wake up in the morning, once at work, and once before bed. however, at work I usually put off the urge until it's pretty strong as i hate using public toilets and urinals. I have good bladder control and have never had a full pee accident. But sometimes i do dribble or leak if i put it off for too long.

Hi, Holly here, Sarah next to me.
Sarah has some sort of bug and is feeling REALLY awful.

Anyway, the story.
Me and her were at a party, at about 10:15 (PM) Sarah said to me "Holly, do you mind if we leave now? I feel really sick" (Just so you know, I'm staying at Sarah's for the week)
I said fine, I mean she would have done the same for me.
As we were walking back, Sarah kept rubbing her stomach, when I asked what was wrong she said "I've got diarrhoea"
I'd been there, after a while, she was holding her stomach with one hand, her bum with the other and moaning.
I put an arm around her to comfort her, she said "I can't hold on much longer"
I said that she'd have to hold on for about 10 minutes, normally she'd just go in some bushes, but there were people everywhere.
As we had just reached her front door, Sarah sobbed "Oh no" then the smell hit me, she had lost control of her bowels for the first time since she was using the toilet. It began pouring out of her pant legs and onto the floor.
She began crying inconsolably and peeing "I'm such a f**king little baby!" she kept saying
I gave her a hug and kept telling her it was fine.
After about 5 minutes she had calmed down, we went inside, we went into the bathroom and she took everything off, here's the damage report
Shirt - Small brown stain, not a problem.
Panties - DEAR GOD!
Pants - Beyond repair
Socks - Beyond repair
Shoes - Beyond repair (Has this happened to anyone else?)
Legs - I've never seen anything like it, completely brown.

Anyway, that's that, Sarah's just gotten up and waddled over to the bathroom.
So from Holly and Sarah, it's goodnight!


Freaked out Father
OK. I think this is the kind of place i'm looking for...

I have a dilemma, folks. Something very strange occurred in my home this past Friday and i was seeking advice on how to deal with it. I think it's best to start from the beginning. I lost my wife several years ago to heart failure and have raised our daughter as a single dad. She's 17 now and is a sharp, mature and beautiful girl. I normally work a 9-5 shift as a security risk consultant for a lot of manufacturing companies. On this particular Friday, I had no meetings and my boss was on vacation, so I figured I'd call it a day around lunch time and just finish up some paperwork at home, I told my assistant she could head out too and I left for home. It felt great to be able to head home at 1 PM on a hot friday. I thought of calling me daughter to let her know, but i just figured she was probably not even home, so i didn't. This was a key decision in the events that were about to take place. I pulled into the driveway, got out of the car and headed inside. I dropped my keys and briefcase next to a table in the foyer that i always do. Then i saw my daughter. She was sitting in a chair in front of the living room TV, looking at me with that deer in the headlights look, wearing just a small t shirt and a pair of cotton pink bikini underwear. she said "what are you doing home!?" with a desperate degree of shock and anger to her voice. I said "nice to see you too!" she stood from the chair and her face was bright red. that's when i noticed the stench. the room clearly smelled of, well, poop. she rushed past me and straight up the stairs, and as i looked at her going up the stairs, the seat of her panties were drooping in the back, they were stained brown, and clearly full of poopie. it took me a minute to realize what the hell was going on. she locked herself in the bathroom. i tried to make sense of what i just saw but could not. in the living room there was an old towel on the chair where she was sitting. this told me that the mess in her underpants was clearly not a stunning accident that my daughter had just as i arrived home. at least she was considerate enough not to mess on the chair. so yeah. my leisurely friday workday that i cut short suddenly wasn't so great anymore. i was left to wonder how often my daughter hangs out at the house home alone and.. poops her panties for fun. so many things started clicking all at once. it started to explain why she is sometimes taking a middle of the afternoon shower when i come home from work, why she constantly, constantly does laundry, and why on the occassion that i take a load of her laundry out of the dryer, it's always underwear (of all the things that belong to my daughter that i constantly must remove from the dryer) and that everytime, at least one of those pairs of underwear looks stained enough for me to ask myself "...can she not wipe herself properly?" now i know that she just doesn't use the toilet properly. or at all. it also brought back a distinct memory. when she was 12 years old, i was called from work to her middle school where she had just started the 6th grade, where i was informed she'd had an accident and i had to take her home. i drove to her school, fairly irritated (i probably wouldn't have been if she was in kindergarten or 1st grade, but you don't expect the wee-wee accident call when your kid is in 6th grade.) when i showed up at her school and met her in the office, fully expecting that she'd wet herself, i found that she'd crapped her underwear, badly. in gym class. she didn't seem too upset about it either. she was embarassed, yeah, but you'd think most preteen girls who did something as horrifying as poop in her pants at school would be catatonic. the drive home was awkward. i didn't know what to do except ask her if she was ok and she just said she was fine, and that she didn't realize how bad she had to go until it was too late. she seemed real casual about it too. now i understand why she was so casual about it. i can't imagine she did that on purpose at school, i believe it was an accident, but she probably didn't mind.

so anyway, i haven't had to guts to ask her about it, but it's really bothering me and things have been extremely awkward between us.

how the hell do i talk about this with her? am i supposed to even? should i ask her what the deal with staying home to poop her panties is or should i just let her be?

any advice would be much appreciated.

Pensacola Guy
Hi everyone, I have been a long time reader but this is my first time posting.

hmm first I'll do a survey

1. Do you ever put off or refuse to use a public toilet when you need to? I try to avoid it but when you gotta go you gotta go

2. If several stalls are available, which do you select and why? I will normaly open the door and see if its clean or not, sometimes I will pick the farthest fromt he door so I have more of a chance to go in peace

3. Do you wipe the seat off before sitting on it? to pee no I stand but to poop yeah I'll wipe it off and hover if I can

4. If toilet paper or seat protectors are available do you put them down before seating yourself? generaly not

5. Have you ever finished a messy crap, only to find there's no toilet paper left on the roll? hasn't happened to me yet thankfully, though you have to bring your own TP to many toilets in Japan

6. Do you flush with your hands or foot? Foot. There are to many germs on that handle and some guys don't aim well

7. How often do you thoroughly wash your hands? Each time. but if the bathroom is nasty I'll use hand sanitizer or wait a few min

8. What has most influenced your habits and procedures? hmm not really sure, tried and true method maybe

9. Gender: Male age 22

I wanted to share a story that happened to me a few weekends ago. I was out at the beach with some friends ( very cute twins) and I felt that I really had to shit I managed to hold it in untill lunch time when we went to the board walk. so I headed to the bathroom at this one tourist place, freaking doors are locked and the cashiers at the other side of the store have the key so I go there they make me wait 4 people in line and then they tell me some one must have it in the store, so I hurry to the public restrooms and go into the mens and there is only 1 stall and some dad and his kid are in it the dad is watching the doorsince there was no lock and this kid is going as slow as humanly possible washing her hands like twice sitting on the toilet freaking forever so finnaly its my turn I rish in and unload this huge runny shit with the door semi open because I couldn't close it and the little kid was laughing (at something maybe me lol) anyhow I felt better after that.

I'm going to be a junior in high school beginning next month. I have a great summer job because I can have some fun doing things with my friends and earning some good money too. I'm a nanny for a 5-year-old boy who will be starting kindergarten next month. His father is in California where he is finishing up law school. I live at their house. They give me money to take Matthew out pretty much every day. His dad has taught him manners and he rarely acts up. At least not compared to some of the other kids his age who are real brats. I would also put my brother into that category, but he's almost 4. Both me and Matthew are uncomfortable when he has to use a bathroom in a public place. I encourage him to sit and try to crap just before we leave home, but it never works. The problem is that he then has to go at the worst possible times: our shuttle bus is stuck in traffic a couple miles away from Busch Gardens, we've stood in line for 10 minutes for lunch at McDonalds and we're the next to get our orders taken, and he's about to have an accident, I've just started pumping a full tank of gas and he's holding his butt, we're at a window at city hall so I can pay a parking ticket (I didn't see the fire hydrant)and he's farting and complaining about not being able to hold it it much longer. The worst came last week when we were on the beach, we had just walked by I believe 2 or 3 sets of bathrooms (and I asked him each time) but once they are out of sight and we've found our place, he's almost crying that there's an emergency. Can a 5 or 10 minute walk in the hot sand make that much difference? The beach restroom was the absolute worse. A concrete building probably about 70 years old. Five stalls, each without a door. And there were a couple of women in front of us who were not too friendly, especially with me bringing a little boy in there. We stayed in the doorway and watched for a stall to open. After about 10 minutes (agonizing ones I know for Matthew), three stalls opened almost at once and the two ladies in front of us quickly walked ahead. Once they were in their stalls, I pointed Matthew to the farthest stall and encouraged him to hurry because there was a line forming behind us. He started to run on the wet, slick cement floor and almost slipped and fell sideways, but he held himself up by grabbing a sink. Within 10 or 15 seconds, I could see his swim trucks hanging on his ankles as he swung his legs a little from his seat. There was noise from a couple of flushing toilets but I faintly heard him calling for me and I walked over to his stall where he was sitting really embarrassed for two reasons. First, he needed toilet paper for wiping and there was none on the roll. I asked the lady in the adjacent stall for some. She was really straining to get something in the bowl, but she said a few things under her breath, but she at least handed me some paper. When I want in to hand the paper to Matthew, I couldn't help but notice that his penis was over the front of the bowl and he was peeing into his swim trunks and onto the floor. He didn't seem to be too concerned about it. However, I could just see the next user--especially if she was in bare feet--walking and sitting in his pee. After he got done, I wiped the seat off, and sat down to take a pee. I told him at that time that he should point his penis into the bowl and it would be a lot cleaner. He just smiled and looked away. I encouraged him to go into the entrance and wait for me. I might have been the first female he has seen going to the bathroom. I don't like having to take kids of the opposite sex into the bathrooms, but there's really no alternative. Doors on the stalls would sure help though.


When I was at Motel 6, the water that came out of the faucet suddenly smelled the way I think sewer water would smell. So I rinsed my hands with water from a bottle of bottled water.

The bathroom had a bad smell that wouldn't go away. I think I'll do a google search on this topic.

Hi "Need to go,"
I read your story about your dream. I too wet the bed once when I was 40 years old! I'd had dreams once in a while about peeing but I never wet the bed 'til this one time. I was dreaming that I was about 10' tall and I was straddling a toilet and peeing while standing over it. I woke up in a HUGE puddle of piss. And to make matters worse, my husband of only a month or so was lying next to me and I was mortified. I was freaking out, waking him up and saying "You have to get out of the bed!" I was so afraid to tell him why but when I did he was pretty cool with it and helped me change the sheets, thank God, lol! That was the only time in my life, including childhood, that I ever peed in the bed. Weird.

To Toni:

I agree, we do need some more pee stories in here. Diva's stories were among the most amazing ones in this board, so if you have anything pee-related to contribute, keep your stories coming.

girl on the "loose"
So i've been on a diet for the past 2 weeks. I am a 17 year old female. Well the other day i was craving something sweet but didn't want to undo what ive been doing. So I opted for the sugar free candy. Now i heard about the so called "laxative effect" that they could produce after consuming large quantities, but i knew my bowels and it was not going to be a problem. Boy was I wrong. At the time i was so excited to "treat" myself with sweets, so i picked up the sugar free York peppermint patties. I ate nearly the whole bag ignoring the sign pertaining to the laxative effect. Again, I was so sure i would not have an issue. Well about an hour later i was watching TV and i started farting like crazy! just one right after the other. They didnt even really smell, but the frequency was insane! The trombone concerto stopped for a few minutes. Then my stomach gurgled and bubbled something wierd and i was positive i had to fart again. I figured y not? ive been cuttin away, what's one more? So i pushed out what i thought was a fart but to my horror and much to my surprise, liquid shit shot into my panties. I quickly stopped the flow by clenching my ass cheeks. I was frozen in shock by what my body was doing. my stomach gurgled again so i sprung up from the bed and sprinted to the bathroom, all the while grabbing my ass with my hand. i used the other hand to open the door. I felt the liquid sloshing in my anus and knew it wanted out. I undid my jeans, pulled down my Victoria's Secret panties and slammed my ass down on the seat. Pure liquid shit was shooting out of my poor asshole. i wasn't even pushing! it just exploded out. It sounded like a big stream of pee (aside from the wet explosive farts) but it was coming out of my butt and it was poop! finally the madness stopped and i figured there couldn't have been anything more inside of me so i surveyed the damage, wiped a few times, washed hands and went back to watching TV. only about five minutes later, i felt like i had to fart again. I gave a little push, but before i gave bigger one, i noticed more liquid on its way out. Again i ran to the bathroon with one hand grabbing my ass to keep the shit in. the other one on top for extra backup. i was running like the wind (no pun intended). i got to the bathroom and undid my jeans again keeping one hand on my butt. i unzipped and barely made it onto the seat. more water blasted out of my ???? ass faster than i could say "Damn you sugar substitute!!" the whole scene was very much similar to that of the movie Dumb and Dumber. my legs were off the ground out in front of me while my hands were grabbing the sink and toilet bowl to keep myself from flying off the pot. I could not believe this was happening to me. And the farts were unbelievable!! i honestly never farted that much in my entire life! when the blast came to a hault, i wiped, washed, and went to check email. this happened 5 more times that day. with no decreased intensity unfortunately. Luckily nobody was coming home until later. I was in complete shock and couldn't believe that candy could do that to somebody. The sugar substitute that did it for me was called Lactitol. i knew it wasn't Maltitol cuz i chew sugar free gum all the time and that never happened before. If a candy has lactitol in it i will not eat it. i'd rather gain a few pounds from indulging than going through that shitty ordeal. Man, if you want a cleansing, these candies with Lactitol sure will do it.

Some people are just able to hold it all day and can not understand anyone not able to do the same. From an early age I was afraid I would poop my pants. And of course I did, more than once. I think I was around age 4-6 and I got what I thought was a bright idea, to line the inside of my undies with toilet tissue. The idea was that if I did have an accident, all I would have to do is go to the bathroom, dump the evidence in the toilet, and wipe my bottom. It was a bit odd when my mom saw me and asked, "Why do you have toilet paper hanging out of your underwear?" Naturally, she didn't like my answer. I was supposed to be practicing accident prevention not damage control.

I am getting better at holding my pee but the poo is quite often beyond my strength. In most instances I can not hold it more than half hour. Even then I must be sitting on something hard like the edge of a desk or table. It would be interesting to know how many times I have messed my pants, and how many times I have wet them over the years.

when i was in the 9th grade there was this girl at my school who people called "fudge" because she pooped her pants twice that year. i felt kind of bad for her. she was ok looking, she was slightly chubby but i wouldn't call her fat, she had shoulder length light brown hair. she always wore kind of formal clothes, like she worked in an office or something it was weird, and she also got made fun of for that. anyway, the first accident she had i didn't see because it happened in the girl's bathroom, but the story spread through the school like wildfire. it was in the first couple weeks of school sometime, and apparently she had gone into the girl's bathroom and there was a lot of girls in there and no stalls. the girls bathrooms have little couches in them too (which blows my mind because i've never seen a couch or even a chair in a guy's bathroom. what do girls need to sit to help them hold it in or something?) and she went over to sit on the couch to wait for a stall. except it was this old couch that had been in that bathroom since like the 80s and when she sat down in it, it caved in under her and she sank down into it. according to the story, when that happened, she screamed before ripping a couple of loud farts, and when someone helped her up she had totally shit her pants. she had these tight beige dress slacks on too so it apparently really showed with the stain and the lump on her butt. people talked about that for a pretty long time and eventually kids started to call her "fudge" behind her back. then around the middle of the year, we were in gym class. i had the same class as her. we had a substitute teacher so it was just like a free exercise period, and most kids were shooting hoops. so Amy (fudge's real name) was standing near a corner of the gym just talking to friends when i a stray basketball went flying her way and nailed her in the head. she dropped right onto her butt and started holding her head. a couple people ran over to her but she just said she was fine and to go away. well, when she got up, her gray gym pants had a nasty stain on the back and she had a bulge on her ass too. she totally crapped her pants again! it was weird, i guess some sort of shocking trauma to her body, such as a couch collapsing under her and a basketball hitting her in the head, causes her to shit! or she just had to go to the bathroom kind of bad when each of those things happen and they just made her lose control of herself. anyway, a lot of people got quiet and some kids snickered and one guy went "oh fudge." she waddled to the girls' locker room with her friends and she didn't come back to school for a few days.

but yeah, she certainly got teased a lot. that's gotta be pretty tough to deal with, being a high school freshman and having TWO panty pooping accidents at school. at the time i knew i kind of felt bad for her but i still laughed when people talked about it. thinking back though i do really feel for her.

Jennifer MN
Hi everyone,
its been a while since i have posted in here. I love this site and i like to read other peoples stories.
Today i had a big poop and it was hard and it hurt coming out why is it that sometimes are poops are hard? and what makes it hard i would like too know. im jennifer jenny for short i like to here poop stories too. hi to my best friend andi hey andi u should type one in here its been i while i go into this site every night when i can
well happy pooping everybody.take care
poop is great and sometimes cool too talk about to other people

To Cute & Shy: Hey friend! I read your post about a couple of weeks ago. Thank you for still remembering me :)

Things have been ok for me, no bathroom tragedies for me lately lol. Oh by the way, I'm still waiting for you to write some new stories. You said you were lol. Hope to hear from you soon!


Shopping pooper
My girlfriend and I had been shopping at the local supermarket after work, when we at the checkout she whispered in my ear that she needed to do a poop. I told her to do her poop in the customer toilets but she said that she could wait until we got home. We finished shopping and loaded up the car boot, it was dark and we got into the car and proceeded to drive out of the car park. She suddenly grimmaced and said "Stop the car, I've got to go now" I stooped and she got out, she doubled up and said " I can't make it back to the toilets". I quickly emptied the contents out of a carrier bag as she hitched up her coat and skirt. It was fortunate that she was wearing stockings and suspenders, she pulled down her panties and removed them over her stiletto heels. She then semi squatted and I held the carrier bag under her bottom. She let go a loud wet bubbly fart and a gush of wet runny poop exploded out of her rectum, she let another wet bubbly fart go and another gush of wet runny poop came out. I held the carrier bag under her bottom for about five minutes, during this time she despatched a couple of wet bubbly farts and small amounts of wet runny poop. I put the carrier bag down on the ground, she was holding her coat and skirt above her waist and I got the box of tissues from the back seat of the car and I used the tissues to wipe her bottom clean. I then held her panties open and she put her high heel shoed feet back into them, I pulled her panties back up around her waist and she pulled her skirt and coat back down. I dumped the carrier bag full of her bowel contents into a rubbish bin and we both got back into the car and drove home.

Tulsa Boy
Hi everyone

Two things today

To Holly of T4C
You missed a couple when you were censoring, and you're my favourtite.

I was on holiday a week ago, and i saw a mother holding her daughter over a drain to pee in the middle of the street, the girl looked roughly four, but still, don't people have any decency?

hey Josh: great story, I guess your lucky Ray didn't fart in your face. hahahaha. Typical how guys have mor fun in the restroom than girls. I cannot IMAGINE women pinching loaves without stall doors. But it would be a sight. I wonder if there has ever been a stall without as door in a womens restroom? maybe at a mental institution, or a jail?

To Joseph,
Four quarts seems like a large enema to have, especially when you are already full.
What do you use in your enema? If you only use plain water, your bowel can absorb a lot of the water and cause a electroylite imbalance. It is best if you add something like salt, soda bicarbonate or epsom salts in the enema to stop it being absorbed by the bowel.
Aussie John.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

I have extra large, round-shaped turds even though I'm only 13 years old. They often clog the toilet, which hasn't been a problem since my mom and I live together and she knows about all of my embarassing bathroom issues. Problem is, my mom just got married and I now share a bathroom with my step brother. The idea of clogging the toilet in my new home is unbearable! Does anyone have a suggestion; or perhaps know of a product that can bust up my turds before I flush?

Realtor: The poor girl probably got spanked more later for filling her pants. I don't know why some parents feel they need to spank (or punish some other way) a child because they had an accident. I sometimes wish the parent would have an accident too so they know how it feels. So I also wish the mother would've filled her slacks.

Today was a very interesting day. I was browsing the internet and felt the urge, so I went to take my daily crap. Shortly after sitting down, I felt a large turd ease out and flump into the water below.

The weird part was when I looked in the bowl, it was just a small turd, maybe a few inches long. It felt so long and wide coming out, but it wasn't. I've had that happen a few times, and it's kind of surreal.

I like reading the stories, because we have a large variety of people here. From the multiple times a day crappers all the way to the people who often go a week or more without pooping. Even when I read it here, I still have a hard time fathoming it, because I've gone only once a day for a very long time.

I remember when I got married and my new bride went back to work, we got up that morning and I prepared breakfast. She got washed, dressed and put on her makeup. She came into the kitchen wearing a beige blouse, brown skirt, pantyhose and beige high heel shoes, wow she looked hot. She sat at the table and I served her breakfast, when she had finished eating she put on her apron and washed up the breakfast things. As she finished the washing up I could not resist putting my arms around her waist and I kissed her on the neck. She said "Sorry, wifey needs to do a poopie", she took off her apron and went into the toilet and closed the door. I heard her adjusting her skirt and pulling down her pantyhose and panties, she settled on the toilet seat and after a few seconds there was a "Phluunnkkk" as her poopie dropped out of her bottom into the toilet. A few seconds later there was a "Floommmpppp" as another poopie dropped into the toilet. Then there was a fart followed by smaller plops and then a wet bubbly sounding fart accompanied by some loose poop dropping out of her rectum which sounded watery. She sat there for a while and after another wet sounding fart she tore off some toilet paper, stood up and wiped her bottom about four times. I heard her pull up her panties and pantyhose and adjust her skirt. She then flushed the toilet and came out, she said " give it a couple of minutes before you go in there and I need to flush it again because my droppings are still there". She went into the bathroom and cleaned her teeth before returning to flush the toilet to get rid of lingering poopies. She then left for work

Fanfare Please
We're back, and it's been a while, since page 1670 to be exact.

Now about the name...


All conflict has been resolved and she's back on the roster.

Now, in the time we've been gone, a lot of stories have occurred, and here they are


The babysitter
By Holly

A while ago, i was babysitting for a little girl near where i live, her mom told me just to put on her favorite film, Madagascar, and that would pass most of the time.
So i put it on, and the little girl asked for some apple juice, so i got it for her, she drained the cup really quickly and asked for more, i told her that she'd need to pee, she said she knew, so i got it for her.
Then she asked for another cup, i said she'd had enough, she argued with me for five minutes then gave up and watched the film, which just so you know, i hate.
So we're sitting here, and i can feel a huge load, complete with some major gas building up in my ass.
Now, i didn't want to deflate my colon because the little girl wasn't quite mature enough to handle it, so i sat there watching the film, god i almost died when she lifted her butt of the couch and ripped a loud two second fart.
After about two more minutes i realized that i HAD to go take a dump, so i told the girl to behave then got up and headed for the toilet, the second i got the door shut, i let out a six second hisser that stank the whole room out, then I pulled down my pants and sat on the throne.
I only pushed a little, when a massive load of shit came out of me, it was one, long, semi-soft turd that lasted for about 10 seconds, I gasped with relief and began to pee, that only lasted 6 seconds, I wiped, then admired my load, I knew even before I flushed that it was going to take a couple of times.
I only flushed twice to get it to go down, which surprised me.
I went back into the living room, and the little girl had stolen the rest of the apple juice, I told her that I wasn't happy, but couldn't think of anything else I could do about it.
With about 30 minutes to go, she was visibly desperate, I asked her if she had to go, she said yes but she'd go when the film was over.
With 15 minutes to go, she was crying with pain, but still wouldn't go, about 2 minutes later, she wet herself, yet sat in it until the end of the film.
After it was over, I took her into the bathroom and cleaned her up, I told her she was silly for not going when she had to, and boy did her Mom tell me off for letting her make the mess.
Any other babysitter stories?


Side of the road
By Mary

You all have heard about me having a dumping at the side of the road story, I was just in a car with Sarah and her mom, we were in a massive traffic jam and I had to go, I told Sarah's mom and she said that I'd have to hold it (which wasn't going to be easy, I hadn't gone in 4 days), after 15 minutes, and not a whole lot of moving, I was desperate, I told Sarah's mom, who just said that I'd have to go by the side of the road, or hold it in, I got out, squatted behind a tree and went, anyone who saw it would have sworn a bear did it. (Note from Mimi: Damn! Did Mary just say something about something even a little rude? Never saw that s**t coming, no pun intended)


Stuck in a tree
By Sarah

This story contains one of my friends that isn't on the T4C roster, but has given permission to be featured.
Me and my friend were walking in the woods when we saw this tree that looked really good for climbing, so we climbed it, she got higher, but then said that she was stuck, I told her that there was nothing I could do, she said fine, she was ok in the tree for now.
After 5 minutes, she said she needed to pee, just pulled down her pants and peed 20 feet to the ground.
That was that, but just so you know, she got down fine.
Has anyone here ever gone out of a tree/seen someone go out of a tree?


HUGE dump
By Mimi

This ain't no big thing, it's just that I took the biggest motherf**king dump of my life right in front of the younger of my two older brothers.
I hadn't gone for like a week and I was walking in the woods (not the same ones that Sarah talked about) with my bro, when it hit me, there was nothing I could do, I pulled it all down and let it out.
It hurt a lot at first, cause my first turd was 2 inches thick and about a foot long, a tear rolled down my face as I pushed that out.
After that b***h was out I let out a huge fart, then another turd started to move, this one was about an inch thick, but at least 2 and a half inches long.
When that was gone, I was left panting, my brother was all like "Damn sis, you ain't never done a shit like that before"
I was mildly embarrassed, but not too much, I grabbed a leaf, wiped, pulled 'em up and left


The Creep
By Holly

Ok, this story has me a little on edge.
I was walking in the park with Sarah, as I often do, we were talking about this and that, when (I bet no one was expecting this) I had to pee, I told Sarah, she said she did too, so we ducked into some bushes, faced each other, squatted and peed, about 2 seconds after Sarah had finished, a man, poorly dressed and clearly drunk came up to us and said "Very nice, you babes care to come to my house and do that on me?"
I didn't like this, so I stemmed the flow (it hurt but I didn't care) and with Sarah ran away, I'm glad to say, he didn't follow us.
Sarah told the police about it but I'm still shaken by it, it was 3 weeks ago and I haven't been to the park since, I used to go like 4 times a week.
Worse has happened to me (Not something a care to discuss) but I still feel, I don't know, but not good
Has this ever happened to anyone else?

Now for the replies

From Holly
To realtor:
She spanked her for that? That's appalling, what ever gives someone the idea that having an accident is worthy of a major punishment, my Mom's like that and it drives me CRAZY

From Mary
To Mega_Bladder:
Me, but stories later

From Mimi
To Rick:
Once my oldest brother took a huge piss in a fitting room, I walked by the mall just as he was getting thrown out, he was all like "Yeah well f**k you ****** (he doesn't share my opinion of that word) sort out your motherf**king bathrooms and I won't need to do that s**t b***h!", he's a charming dude, lol

One question for all you toileteers
Which one of us is your favourite? We really want to know.

Actualy, another question, how is anyone meant to use all of the letters you're allowed?

Holly, $arah, Mimi, Mary. (We've given up on fancy signatures, it's not worth the trouble"

This post was censored by Holly

Still on the move. Now over six weeks in caravan car. Almost every day we have had to go to toilet in nature. Yesterday I noted that there was only one roll left when I went to relieve myself. My mother that went after me obviously used the rest because when my sister should go there was no paper more to find. She had to use some paper from a magazine and was very upset about that. This lead to our first real conversation about going to toilet on this trip. None of us have really complained or felt any discomfort by going the primitive way. My mother said that it reminded her about one trip to Asia when she was young when they had to use all kind of primitive loos. Among them one built on a platform over the water where it all went straight down and everyone around could see the result falling. Here at least it had been possible to find privacy.

Joe Stool
Hey everybody, I've really enjoyed all of the posts from guys hearing and/ or seeing their significant others/family members/female friends crapping. These stories are my favorite kind; I blushingly confess that it's partly because they have the voyeuristic component that has always accompanied my interest in female BMs. Ladies, I'm also grateful for your candid first-hand accounts of your own movements - and your observation of others in public restrooms. It takes a special gal to overcome the shallow, sexist, double-standard taboo ("girls are made of sugar and spice")that western society places on openness about female shitting.

GF watcher: Loved your description of your gf's shits. While I'm sorry to hear of her pain, her situation has the elements that I like: big hard turds and lots of vocal straining. Could you perhaps describe in detail the noises that she makes? Have you ever seen and or smelled her poops? Keep us updated. I find it interesting that she craps with the door open; perhaps she tempers her understandable need for privacy with an intutive unspoken attempt to satisfy your interest.

Quick story: The other day, I was receiving a fax at the grocery store's customer service counter. This is next to the restrooms, which consist of a men's a women's and a family unisex restroom. Just as I was debating a bladder break during my short wait, a very pretty, slightly ???? redheaded employee of average height entered the family restroom. This meant that I would have to wait, as the men's was out of order. I knew that perhaps I was in for a discreet treat, as the fact that the female employee was using the "family" restroom in the absence of a child probably meant that she was seeking privacy for a dump. After the twentysomething woman closed the door, she turned on the fan - which is loud and gives the inside user the illusion of being soundproof, but does nothing to mask the sound to those outside. As I continued to wait, I couldn't help but overhear a toilet seat being put down, clothes rustling and a hissing fart. This was followed by a very quick, halted tinkle and a sigh of preparation. Silence for a moment and then a classic sigh/pant of exhalation - loud, but without any vocaliztion (almost like a loud whisper -MMmmmmhhhhhh). Next, there were a few moments of silence, followed by more loudly whispered exhalation mmmMMMHHH and a faintly vocal by a long, loud, whispered exhalation. It must have been a big one, because there was no splash, but at this point, a classic, healthy shit-smell hit my nose. It was in no way sour or unpleasant, but potent, powerful, and impressive in its ability to travel far and fast. Several moments of silence followed another faint pant, the rustling of paper with two wipes, a pause (presumably to look), and then a flush and hand washing. At this point I was concerned, as the gentleman helping me with my fax had not returned from the back and my urge to urinate was growing. It was then that the young woman emerged from the restroom, walked past me smiling, and in a sexy, intelligent sounding alto voice, asked me if if I had been helped yet as she was putting on her apron. I smiled and said yes, thanking her; as she walked off, the young man returned with my fax. I then paid, put the paper in my pocket and entered the family restroom - to be greeted by an overpowering smell of poop. Even to me, some kinds of poop smell can be funky and unpeasant, but this odor was surprisingly comforting and nice. As I peed a continuous stream for what seemed like ages, I also noticed intense doo-doo skid marks in the bowl, and flushing diminished - but didn't erase the smell. I thought about the friendly employee's offer of help; little did she know that she had helped me have a happier afternoon. Ah, life's small pleasures! Happy dumps to all, Joe

Little Brother
new here im 15 now but when i was 8, my 16 year old sister was in the shower and i REALLY had to poop. i kept banging on the door, but she said i would have to wait. a few moist farts escaped, and i reaized the door was unlocked. i ran in and started farting and crapping on the toilet. my big sis screamed at me. it was the first time i had seen a naked girl. i noticed that the shower hose was up her butt. I wasnt sure what she was doing, but now i know she was giving herself an enema. i saw her do it one other time through the crack under the bathroom door. I had put a small mirror on the floor beforehand at a spot where i could see her. i even saw her release the enema in the shower. i never told anyone about it. i woner if she knows that i know what she was doing.

more stories about my sister, myself, and anything else i can think of soon.

I have a bit of time now so I thought I'd share another experience along the lines of my 3 cow-pats in France when I was 13, much appreciated by Veronika (whose posts i keep on hoping for).

Unlike you Veronika, I don't smoke, so can't contribute anything related to tobacco relaxation.

But I do love going outside. Sadly my partner doesn't approve so I can only do this when I'm alone.

About 10 years ago I was in Japan, and driving to a place called Kochi where I had some business. The road followed a very rugged coast, very beautiful, few beaches.

After stopping to gaze at the sea I began to feel "the urge". I knew it would be a big one as I hadn't been for a few days.

I drove on a bit and found a place where I could leave the car and move onto the rocks; no beach there, and no people (it was about 8 a.m.).

It didn't take me long to find a place where I could squat without losing my balance. Under me were rocks, with cracks between them so that I suspected my produce would drop between them and find some niche way down below.

My favourite toilet routine (maybe I said this before) is to pee first, then open my bottom about every two minutes, hopefully about 6 or 7 times in total. I thought, doing that while gazing at this beautiful sea would be Paradise.

I peed standing, some distance away, then squatted. My bottom opened after about a minute and a large motion came out, breaking into maybe 4 pieces. It struck the side of a rock, then inching its way downward until it finally disappeared between rocks. At about that time my bottom opened again to release another motion of similar shape and size.

Then I decided to forget about motions for a bit and concentrate on the sea, whose colour changed from blue grey to deep blue to turquoise to light blue to....

In the fullness of time my bottom (which, according to my partner, looks exactly like a peach) began to open of its own accord, releasing motions which were softer and softer each time (which is usual). It dawned on me that I was producing even more than my usual ration....But what the hell. I felt good there, so I would go on doing motions until my bottom was empty, hoping the police wouldn't come.

They didn't. I finally peed again, a sign that my bottom was satisfied, and started to wipe. I'd been there just over 20 minutes and wondered what any animal wandering under the rocks would think when it came across such a huge collection of what dogs seem to like sniffing at. I was still quite alone so before driving off I sat on the wall dividing sea and road and looked at the sea a bit more.

Only when I sat down in my car again did I realise that my stomach felt really good; and I continued to feel that way for the rest of the day.

Hope you like this story; I felt good remembering it.

Josh and Kristen
Josh here: We went to the beach yesterday with our friends Ray and Patrice, and Tim. We had a really nice day. The restrooms were really far from where we set up our stuff, so trips to the restrooms were somewhat limited. We went after lunch. The restrooms were really busy, I suppose because they were so few and far between. There was a very long line for the ladies room, but they could NOT crash the mens room, because there was a line on men waiting also. Ray, Tim and myself all needed toilets, rather than urinals, so we were waiting on the right side of the line. Kristen and Patrice obviously were waiting on a single line LOL. When we finally got into the mens room, there were 12 urinals and 8 toilet stalls, none of which had doors, but all in use. We started laughing at the doorless stalls thinking about Kristen and Patrice having to sit "on display" to all the other women passing thru. Ray said Patrice would definatly cause a scene, and would get her lawyer involved. We laughed hard about that. As we waited for seats, guys were farting, shitting and wiping. The room STUNK !!!! We prepared to drop our swim trunks and sit on the first toilets as they became available. As I prepared to sit, the guy on the toilet pushed the flusher button behind the toilet, but nothing was happening. He sheepishly apologized for his shit not going down, but I could care less. He left a huge fat turd and a load of soiled toilet tissue in the toilet. I sat down, and started farting, pissing, and eventually my shit started sliding out of my butt. Ray and Tim were standing there laughing waiting for their bowls, which opened up shortly. All three of us were now farting, shitting and pissing. We started to wipe our asses , and I hear Ray exclaim "oh shit, there no more toilet paper !!" next thing I see is Ray standing in front of me pulling toilet tissue off the roll. I said "get your dick out of my face this instant" he laughed, and said "OK" and spun around giving me a birds-eye view of his hairy, shitty ass. We both just laughed, and finished wiping up. Ray and Tim flushed, as did I, but mine was not going anywhere... Plunger Alert !!!! Tim finished too, and we washed our hands. We met up with the girls outside and asked how they fared with doorless stalls. They said every stall had a door with a lock. WTF ?????? Anyway, we all had a great day ......

To Graham and Tourist: Graham I think you talk about when I describe using Indian toilet. Yes when I use Indian toilet for poo I stand up and bend over because my poo is sometimes very long and if I squat it touches the bottom of toilet while it still coming out of my bum. And it can then stop poo from coming out nicely. If I'm doing only pee I squat right down so it doesn't splash and get my feet wet. If I'm going pee or poo outdoors I stand and bend over same as your wife and your daughter because I don't like grass and anything like that touching my bum while I'm going. Also yes you have to be careful with clothes to make sure you don't make mess in them if you go toilet standing up. I have different ways with clothes depending on if I am using English toilet or Indian toilet and if I'm wearing skirt or jeans.

Need to go
I wet the bed last night for the first time in decades. I remember dreaming that I was peeing hard and fast on a window sill for some reason. At some point I woke up and realized that I wasn't dreaming but actually was peeing in bed. Luckily I sleep in the nude so once it fully dawned on me what was happening I tried to stop but couldn't so I quickly grabbed my penis pinched it and sat up in bed. The pressure to continue to pee was intense and I wondered how I was going to make it to the bathroom without leaving a wet trail on the carpet leading there. I luckily had a 20 ounce vitamin water bottle near my bed I grabbed the bottle and placed my dick into the opening and let it rip again. The pee just kept on coming and I can't describe how good it felt. I began to get nervous because the bottle was almost ready to overflow then by chance I was finally empty just as the bottle was filled to the brim. I peed 20 ounces plus if you count what I did in bed which had a good size wet spot. I wet to bed about ten and this incident occurred about twelve thirty. so it was not like I had an entire nights piss built up. I ussually sleep though the night without getting up to pee until morning.

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