Karen from MO
Hey Randy, good to see somebody on the Toilet who lives by me. Anyway, I live a ways east of KC, in a rural area, so I have a little commute to work, but I am in KC fairly often, not only because of my job, but because I'm a city girl in some ways, but I'm not sure I would like to live in the city, so I go there to shop quite a bit, so who knows, maybe we will see each other. Maybe perhaps we have seen each other and we just don't know it! I guess anything can happen? Anyway, since I'm making a post, I might as well post a story, so I'll tell you all about the poo I had. I got up early and went to an early Mass before I headed back home. Shortly before arriving home, I felt like I had to poop, and this time it was pretty urgent, I could feel it pushing against my butt very hard. I was struggling to try and keep it in, and finally I just pulled over by the side of the road. I live in a rural area, so there was hardly anybody out on the road, especially on a Sunday morning. I was wearing a gray pantsuit, and as I walked into the woods, I began unbuttoning my pants, as I was about to poop my pants. The problem with the location I had chosen was there was very minimal cover, but I didn't think anybody would be driving past anyway. I was now a few feet away from the road. As soon as I got my trousers and white lace panties down, a huge log began sliding out of my butt. It took a long time, and it hurt because it was so big. It took me several minutes to get it out, but it did finally drop off. Then, I began peeing a torrent. But just then, I heard an engine, like a car coming along the road. I knew I didn't have much time, so I cut off my stream very rapidly and yanked my panties and trousers up in record time. As I got my trousers snapped, I saw a pickup drive past, and the guy looked at me kinda funny like what was somebody doing in the middle of a field. Well, as soon as he was out of eyesight, I pulled my trousers back down and finished my pee, and I felt there was still some poo left, but I decided I could wait til home to finish, and pulled up my trousers and drove home. I sat on the toilet for a little while and finished my poop, only a few small pieces came out, I wiped, as I had some poo left from my earlier poo.

That's all for now, but hopefully I should post again!

Haven't posted on here in a while. But I must tell this incident that happened to me. I was severely constipated on Friday, August 1st and did not have a bowel movement in 4 days. As I have mentioned on my other posts I have a problem with constipation since I am 5 years old. I am now 22 years old and must to resort to enemas. Well to make a long story short, I took a 4 quart enema which I normally do to have a good bowel movement. For some reason this enema gave me severe cramps and could not wait until I reached the toilet. I expelled the enema as usual and afterward felt very weak and thought I would pass out from being weak, started to perspire and got dizzy after this enema.

I called my doctor when I felt a little better and he told me I should have eaten after the enema to regain my strength and I did. This incident never never happened to me before. It could be that my body chemistry may be changing. What is your opinion on this matter.??

Please advise your opinions on this matter. Thanks Much.


My name is Beth.

I am a doctor.

I am a colo-rectal specialist.

I have been reviewing this site for about ten years and finaly decided to join in.

About me -- I am 6'4 and a half. I am an Amazon. My hips are 38" wide.
Blond and busty -- to say the least.

When I have a BM, I usually have to sit for about a minute then I urinate for about two minutes -- working as a doctor, you have to hold it a lot! If I just need to urinate, I start righ away and it takes about two minutes. My urination is very slow because of my pelvis size and my vaginal area -- natural bilt-in clamp to my ureather. It is like ther is a barrier between my opening and my labia majora. I then work on relaxing. This usually takes me 10 to 20 minutes to have a BM.

My BM usually starts with pellets but, it is not individual ones but,
a shower of them when I start my movement.

If you can imagine several pellets hitting the water upon my start, about an minute later, another shower -- i usualy have 3 or 4 of these, then, larger defined "clunks" of larger, singal, "big balls" -- usually about 4 -5, then a hard 8 - 12 inch stool, that's what I do almost every day. It's usualy from 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 inches wide. I need about 20 minutes to have a BM. I usually read while waiting for my releif process to be completed.

I do have to spread my cheecks when I sit to allow my recttum to have an open path to the toilet.

Have any of you women/girls ever got so drunk that
while sleeping you peed and pooped your panties in bed?

Were you alone or with BF or husband?

How bad was your panty mess and was it solid or runny?


Toni: Please tell us your stories. I'm one of many who would love to read them.

As for "Opiate drugs are well known for causing constipation", I wish my doctor had TOLD ME this information. Instead, after he had prescribed such drugs, I casually mentioned my constipation and, only then, did he inform me of such an effect.


Monday, August 04, 2008

To Miss Mega,

I have an average bladder but I found out the other day my friend is like you sometimes. She has partial diabetes insipidus which means when she is having a flare up she feels constantly thirsty. Well one day a few weeks ago we went to an afternoon movie and she started having one. She has medication for it but it apparently happens so rarely that she didn't bring it with her. We we both peed before the movie which was nothing special and both got drinks, only she took advantage of the free refills on the giant size not once but TWICE during the show. AND she got a liter of water. She was just downing liquid like she had been on a desert, I felt so bad for her but I had never seen her when her disease was acting up because it hardly ever did.

Anyway, after the movie she looked at me and said "oh my gosh I have to pee like a Russian racehorse." The movie wasn't very crowded and we were the first ones out of the theater and found the little bathroom off to the side. It only had three stalls and one had a sign saying it was out of order. So we went into the two that were working next to each other and started to go. A few seconds in I heard the door open and someone came in. My own large soda affected me and I was peeing for longer than usual, maybe 30 seconds, and I finished and went to the sink to see two women waiting their turn. I washed and dried my hands and heard a flush behind me, but when I turned around I was shocked to see the lady who had taken my place leaving and could hear my friend still peeing like a steady tap! The lady who left didn't even wash her hands (gross!) and the next one took her place. This lady was one of those power pee-ers, so she was in and out quick but still my friend was peeing when she left! She had outpeed three people! I couldn't help it, I started to laugh and told her that toilets were only made to hold so much. She started laughing as well and said "don't make me laugh, I'll never finish". I'll bet! She came out a short time later (finally!) and had this sheepish look on her face. I broke out into applause and she gave a little curtsy. "I haven't had to pee that bad in a long time" she said. "When I do, it's like I'm never going to stop going!" Yep, no argument here!

I remember when I got married and my new bride went back to work, we got up that morning and I prepared breakfast. She got washed, dressed and put on her makeup. She came into the kitchen wearing a beige blouse, brown skirt, pantyhose and beige high heel shoes, wow she looked hot. She sat at the table and I served her breakfast, when she had finished eating she put on her apron and washed up the breakfast things. As she finished the washing up I could not resist putting my arms around her waist and I kissed her on the neck. She said "Sorry, wifey needs to do a poopie", she took off her apron and went into the toilet and closed the door. I heard her adjusting her skirt and pulling down her pantyhose and panties, she settled on the toilet seat and after a few seconds there was a "Phluunnkkk" as her poopie dropped out of her bottom into the toilet. A few seconds later there was a "Floommmpppp" as another poopie dropped into the toilet. Then there was a fart followed by smaller plops and then a wet bubbly sounding fart accompanied by some loose poop dropping out of her rectum which sounded watery. She sat there for a while and after another wet sounding fart she tore off some toilet paper, stood up and wiped her bottom about four times. I heard her pull up her panties and pantyhose and adjust her skirt. She then flushed the toilet and came out, she said " give it a couple of minutes before you go in there and I need to flush it again because my droppings are still there". She went into the bathroom and cleaned her teeth before returning to flush the toilet to get rid of lingering poopies. She then left for work

gf watcher
To: Lady with fairly large bms,

Thanks for the interesting story. I love the honest details you gave. Over the past five years I have watched my gf struggle and strain to do
her rock hard, 5 day to once a week, bowel movements. She is amazing, it is hard to believe she can do such wide stools. They are so big that
they really stretch her out wide. One time she told me it stretched her so much that it formed a small split in her butt and was very painful.

To describe her she is a beautiful lady of 45 years, slim, with a great figure. She works out a lot and you wouldn't think she had trouble going poop, but she does. She doesn't eat much, just soft foods, but that makes her constipated. I think she does not eat enough fiber to create enough bulk to move the stool, and she seems to want to delay the bathroom event as long as she can and does not want to eat a lot because
she will eventually have a painful bowel movement.

Like a lot of women in the 40's she has to pee a lot. So she takes a little pill that stops her from having to go pee as often. These pills are known to have a side effect - constipation. So her, already slow, hard, bowel movements are even more of a problem.

She likes to try to 'go' at night when she can be alone and undisturbed to do what she has to do. Several days go by when she quietly gets up, late at night, when she thinks I am sleeping, to go to the toilet. But often I become aware that she has gone in to the bathroom and I roll over to get into position to watch her reflection in the full length hall mirror. I must admit it is exciting to watch and listen to her performance on the toilet.

She always has the light on in the bathroom and the door open. From the darkened bedroom I can see her sitting on the toilet and watch

everything she does. Many times I have heard the straining and heard her hard pebbles plopping as she forces them out of her butt into the toilet. But there are times when its not like that, she is all plugged up, the pebbles are all crammed together, in one big wide stool, that won't come out. She just sits there, leaning forward, her face all scrunched up with effort, taking a deep breaths, straining, and then sighs and moans, with another gasp of air for the next big push.

So when it just won't come out and all the hard straining won't budge it, she has to resort to several measures. She puts vaseline on her finger and trys to lubricate her hole inside (if she can get in there) and out, then using her hands to pull her butt cheeks apart she then uses her finger to sort of - dig it out. I like to watch her reaching around to her butt, contorting her body and face to dig the log jam out. It takes her about ten or more minutes to get it all out.

She says ever since she can remember she has always had a hard time pooping and it always came out like hard pebbles or a big hard solid log. She said she has never been able to go easily - even when she takes a laxative she knows she it will be difficult.

cool dude
Hey, haven't posted in a while, I have a story about seeing my girlfriend move so much poop out of her body in one bathroom trip that it seriously left me speechless.

We were watching tv at her place when she said that she really had to poop, and asked if I wanted to watch. I said sure, and said to myself, "anything to see that ass of hers." (I think having someone watch her poop turns her on. Seeing her poop isn't really a turn on, but seeing her naked is[duh!]. I kind of enjoy hearing a pretty girl fart, though.) Since I said I wanted to watch, she grabbed some newspapers and layed them out all over the floor of the bathtub. She said she would go on the newspaper and then lift up the papers and drop them in a garbage bag and throw them away. She took of her pants and panties, but left her top on :[. She first sat on the toilet and peed. She didn't want to soak the newspapers. Then she stoop on the wall of the tub and squatted down. She unpuckered her anus a little bit, and let fly a few quick farts.The farting continued, and some small pieces of shit began to fall out onto the newspaper. Then, she pushed her anus all the way out. She was still passing a lot of gas, but now, this soft, mushy poop was just POURING out of her like a waterfall. It was a thick stream of what I can only describe as a mudslide. It went all over the newspaper and got on the sides of the tub. She continued to, well, pee out of her ass doesn't do it justice, GUSH shit for the next 4 minutes nonstop. I was pretty sure she just completely emptied her bowels, but I was wrong. After another minute of sitting there, dripping, She started to push out this huge, hard log. Then another log, and another. She pushed out probably 20 8-inch logs. Then she started shitting water. I was literally just brown water. it kind of sprayed out of her. She was finally done, for the momentthere was too much to lift the newspaper so we just ran the shower on cold for the next hour to wash it all down the drain. My girlfriend wore a diaper the next day, and good thing too, because she managet to fill it involuntariy when she tried to fart. There was just a bubbling noise and i saw her pants bulge.

Now I think I have whatever she had. Write about that later, bye!

TO the 35yo female who has had sugery: i am very experienced with pain meds and constipation. Yes, you can tear your is called an anal fissure...can be serious. You can also get piles too. Probably not in your case but straining too much can cause a stroke.
You have options....probably a glycerine suppository or an enema. I use suppositories often. If you do not feel fully empty after a suppository then a laxative. If you are in USA I would suggest magnesium citrate. You could see your chemist about a laxative. Try more fibre and water. The problem with fibre suppliments is that if you do not poo they mount insuid you making the bloating wors...if that is the case a laxative.
If caught with difficulty passing a hard turd try squatting.
Hope that helps.

My stomach's been jittery all day. I don't think I'm really sick, but it's just eh... When I took my daily crap today, it was very loose. Not quite diarrhea, but not solid either.

There must have been like 20 small turds floating in the bowl, all shades of brown. It was very messy too, taking 8 wipes to clean up. And I still felt dirty, so I took a shower right after getting home.

Well, at least I don't have to go to work tomorrow (Saturday), so I'll definitely be taking it easy.

Still on the move. Now over six weeks in caravan car. Almost every day we have had to go to toilet in nature. Yesterday I noted that there was only one roll left when I went to relieve myself. My mother that went after me obviously used the rest because when my sister should go there was no paper more to find. She had to use some paper from a magazine and was very upset about that. This lead to our first real conversation about going to toilet on this trip. None of us have really complained or felt any discomfort by going the primitive way. My mother said that it reminded her about one trip to Asia when she was young when they had to use all kind of primitive loos. Among them one built on a platform over the water where it all went straight down and everyone around could see the result falling. Here at least it had been possible to find privacy.

To Tourist: I was interested in your observation that your mother and sister do not squat when doing poo outdoors. I believe Sita said something about this in one of her recent posts. I think Sita's reason was that during her poos she often finds herself with a very long length of poo hanging from her bottom. If its nose touches the ground while it's still hanging, it can become rather uncomfortable and may even stop the poo coming out. So she bends her knees and leans forward giving her turd plenty of height to hang without touching the ground before it drops from her bottom. I think Sita also said she squats when peeing.

My wife, daughter and me all do outdoors poos standing and bending over like Sita. My wife and daughter also use the same position for peeing. The reason we do it this way is to make sure our bottoms don't touch any strange plants like nettles or poison ivy or even just the grass. Also my daughter is terrified that some forest insect might find her bottom. We have found that we have to be careful not to pee or poo in our pants and we have found the best way to hold them to avoid this.

To Sita: Sita I hope I described what I think you said correctly.

To Rob: I think you made my very point when you said you discovered you had peed in your pants while shitting outside. This happened to me too when I was just a kid and I soaked my shorts and unders before I could do anything about it. Of course, like you, I also had the enormous distraction of a huge turd exiting my anus at the same time.

To Melissa: Yes I remember you from years back and I missed you. I was just a lurker then. Your stories were so detailed I really thought I was there with you watching every little thing. Please try and find time to post some more stories like those, I would love to read some more.

Opiate drugs are well known for causing constipation. Ask your doctor what would be the best thing to do about it.

To Melissa: Thank you for the information. I'll look out for you! But I've never felt the need to converse with someone pooing in the next stall. Maybe men enjoy it less than women do. If it were a woman next door, I might try it.... but only if I am sure that she will not be upset.

I didn't touch this site for a week as I was away from home but I am now on page 26....

I was rather moved by your story, you are a very compassionate woman. I can understand Sharon's desire to hug you very very well. If it were me and I were only 13 I would feel just the same.



Thursday while showing an apartment to a divorced
mother in her mid to late 30's her young daughter around
12 or 13 had quite the accident in her yellow shorts.

There was no water hooked up in the new apartments yet
so the toilets weren't working and the girl must have snuck
off alone. When she returned she was crying,she said something to her mom who turned the girl around and noticed her obviously filled shorts and panties swatted her bottom 2-3 times and sent the girl outside.

The mother apologized to me for her daughters actions,what could i say? So we finished looking at the apartment and left.

Quite the day i only wish the mother had filled her slacks instead of her daughter who more then likely got spanked later..

I almost pooped my pants in my sleep last night. I was really tired this morning and passed out, having this slight urge to poop but I was too tired and lazy to get up so I fell asleep.

I had a dream last night that I was living with the Family Ties cast (I know, 80s flashback right? Considering I'm only 22 this show is before my time!). Alex (Michael J. Fox) complained he had a stomach ache and there was a bottle of juice on the table so he picked it up and drank it without reading the label...only after he drank most of the bottle did he's PRUNE JUICE!! Then the next day after school he ran inside and up the stairs and in the bathroom. I followed him (I was Mallory) and noticed he was standing by the toilet but he didn't do anything or make a move to sit on the toilet. He looked at me in a panic and said "I crapped my pants." For some reason I was excited about that and I said really enthusiastically "I'll crap my pants too!!" and came back, stood in the bathtub and pooped a solid turd into my undies. Odd dream!!

I woke up to realize there was a turtle head sticking out and I had a vague thought to just go ahead and poop my pants (I was wearing only a t-shirt and undies to bed) but then I was like nah and it went back in. Then the urge came back after my husband left for work and I went to the bathroom, pulled down my undies and pushed. A kind of big-feeling turd squeezed out and fell into the bowl. I couldn't see how big it was or how thick it was because of a thick layer of toilet paper in the toilet. I wiped and flushed it down.

And now I'm feeling the urge coming back and I'm very gassy right now. Here's hoping it's a big one!

Hi Melissa, Welcome back!! We had some interesting correspondence back on page 213 where you said I was preceptive! What you did to help that young teen was most kind. Hope you stick around and write some more.

I just took a healthy size dump. My stomach had been feeling bubbly/gurgly since this morning and I've been really gassy. I ate nothing last night except for a bowl of Shreddies and today I had a 6 inch cold cuts sub from Subway.

My stomach started to hurt, enough that I felt like it would double me over so I got to the bathroom as soon as the urge hit, pulled down my undies and sat on the toilet and gave a couple of gentle pushes. It took a couple of minutes to get started, and my stomach cramped but within a couple of minutes I was pooping out a nice big one. Finally I was done, so I stood up to see what I did.

The turd was soft-looking, dark brown and about 8 inches long, curved into a "U" shape. There were some flakes of poop also in the toilet, showing how soft it was. Wiping up was really messy and it took about 5 wipes. It was really dark brown and very hard to clean up. Eventually I climbed in the shower and scrubbed myself clean and then flushed the toilet.

The bathroom still smells bad, 10 minutes later! I might need to do more later. I am happy with this...I am finally starting to become healthier

Lots of people on here relate their stories about uncontrollable, diarrhea or soft poop, but most of my accidents are from very large, firm turds:
One night at the Jr.College some years ago, while taking a pottery class, I felt that familiar, 'full in the upper stomach' feeling I get sometimes. Now, normally I'd just hang on and keep doing what I needed to get done, but this time the fullness was accompanied by sharp pangs deep in my bowels-the kind you almost lose your breath from. I decided I was at a point in the class where I wouldn't be missed as everyone was working on their projects independently so I left for the lav. This school has a really strange layout (many new students get lost the first few weeks) with lots of twists and turns, bathrooms tucked away in funny corners, so I knew it would be a few minutes walk to find a quiet set of lavs. Luckily for me, this was an off-peak time for classes (Summer) and the bathrooms I liked were located in a remote, empty section of the school this time of night. I made my way across a connecting balcony and into the huge, cylinder of a building where the lecture halls and set-design shops were located, finding the bathrooms just around the 'cylinder' at the eleven o'clock position on the dial, so to speak. Of course, my pace had slowed a little as a few more pangs began to hit and at one point a stooped over to hold myself still and fight back the pain of the impending poop now forcing its way out of my rectum. With my breathing labored and my steps very hesitant, I shuffled my way along hoping that I wasn't spotted by anyone wondering why a 25 year old guy was walking like an 80 year old! Despite my efforts to clench my butt cheeks together, there was now what felt like a golf-ball wedged between them emitting a faint poop smell as I closed in on the bathroom doors. To my shock and surprise, a tiny note was taped to the doors that read, "bathrooms out of service"! I pulled on the handle but it was no use, my only chance was to make it to the women's bathrooms at the opposite side of this very large, circular building. Slightly quickening my pace, I sort of hopped along to almost half way there when a sudden, shooting pain hit my lower bowels and the turd began its descent into the seat of my underpants. I stooped involuntarily over and felt my sphincter dilate allowing the giant, coiling turd to swirl and strain against my jeans, piling up against my cheeks and tenting my pants out to an embarrassingly large bulge. Although relieved a bit, I stood motionless, my heart pounding in my chest, poop smell wafting around me and decided to push a bit to alleviate my discomfort, unbottoning the top of my jeans and squatting down now on my knees as another, somewhat softer but almost as large turd piled up against my balls. Needless to say, I didn't return to class and just waddled out to my car, sitting down on the big fat mess, mashing it all over my ass and balls for the drive home!

I had my daily crap at Subway today. I've found their bathrooms to be well maintained, not like other more heavily visited bathrooms. I was in line for a stall, when a little girl came in. She clearly had to pee bad, because she was doing a little dance. I let her go first - I could wait a few more minutes.

She ran in the stall, got the needed relief, wiped once and flushed. I went on in and saw some pee on the seat. Not a big deal, kids do that sometimes. There was still about half a roll of toilet paper, plus an unopened one for me to wipe the seat and clean myself with.

I sat down and farted a few times then released two medium sized green turds. Even though they was plenty of paper, wiping was a bit of a hassle, with the thin paper they get at some public places. But I did get sufficiently clean, wiped up, flushed and went to wash my hands.

To Rob:

I think you just go with your girlfriend around. I know it's kind of scary at first, but putting it off won't get you anything but discomfort. Everybody poops and pees, including women, so your girlfriend won't even care if you go while she's around.

Once you do it for the first time, it's really downhill from there. I used to be embarrassed, but really you have to decide which is worse - holding it in and being uncomfortable or being a little embarrassed.

To: anonymous suffering side effects of pain meds

First of all, I hope you get well soon! For advice on what to do PLEASE consult the medical staff who are familiar with your condition and responsible for your care regimen before doing anything. Please do not feel embarrassed about asking because it is a well-documented issue and they will not think it unusual in any way. In case it helps to raise the topic more easily, here is a little background information:

Constipation is a very common side-effect of many of the stronger pain meds that you might be given after surgery or other trauma and is a particular problem with, but not only limited to, the opiate analgesics. You can find much about this, if you are in a position to do so, by using a web search engine to search for <opiate analgesic constipation>. (I used Google to check this out)
When I was a kid there was, at least here in the UK and I'm not that much older than yourself, an over-the-counter preparation called "kaolin and morphine" of which we were given a spoonful when suffering from diarrhoea. In this case the small amount of morphine was there not for its ability to relieve pain but rather for its ability to reduce bowel motility. [As an aside: It tasted hideously bitter and the kaolin component made it disgustingly powdery too. On mature reflection I suspect the mere thought of being a second dose cured more cases than the preparation itself ever did!]

On the plus side, these side effects are only temporary and once you stop taking the medicines, or the dose is reduced, you will soon return to normal.
When I was in hospital last year, following an accident, I suffered from this problem and was prescribed a mild laxative containing sennosides, which are derived from senna seeds. The problem did resolve itself in time but I can't really say how much the laxatives actually helped; to do that properly I would have needed a "second me" who didn't use them to allow comparison.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

hello girls!

i was wondering if there are any girls with huge bladders out there? i have read a couple of really good posts - but it has been a while ago.

please post

Peter from Australia reporting in.
I haven't posted for a while as I have been busy moving house and settling
into a new job.However,I have been keeping up with the great stories.Keep
them coming.
I don't know about the US but here in Oz we have an annual garbage collection where you leave unwanted furniture outside the front of your house for collection by the local council.Many people take the opportunity to grab something that may be of use to them.
I found one of those toilet seats fitted to a metal stand that people with mobility problems use so I took it home.
It adds variety to my daily dump as,when placed over the toilet bowl
there is about a six inch gap between the top of the bowl and the seat.
If you hold a mirror at the correct angle you can watch your load coming out and,as there is now a bigger distance between your arse and the water
my logs make a booming splash when they hit.
Happy dumping to you all!!

to rob- id love to hear the other accident stories if you are willing to share

Randy in KCMO
To Karen, I'm sorry to hear about how your boss treated you. However I must admit I wouldve loved to have been in that part of town to witness your accident. I have had many accidents in public places in the kansas city area and I was humiliated every time. Once my zipper was stuck while I was shopping at Independence Center and I had a very large load in my bowels. I was on the upper level and practically as far from the restrooms as I possibly could be when I realized I needed to go immediately. I began to make my way to the restrooms that are in the center of the mall, literally walking with my buttcheeks clenched tightly which made me very obvious. I finally made it to the mens restroom only to find that my zipper was stuck and my jeans were too tight to just wriggle out of. I thought about asking someone working there for pliers or scissors to get it loose but on top of the overwhelming pressure in my bowels I also needed to pee badly too. I hurried out of the restrooms and decided to make my way to where I had parked. I hadnt made it 20 feet from the restrooms when I lost control of my bowels. I froze in place as the massive load forced its way into my pants, instantly creating a very noticeable softball sized bulge. Of course you know what happens to a full bladder after you poop... I began wetting my pants as well. I stood there frozen from the embarassment, my face burning in shame. I finally snapped back to reality and began to jog towards the exit where I had parked. I finally made it to my car after being lauged at by more people than I want to remember. Then I had to ride home in my wet pants while sitting on a giant load of poop. Who knows Karen... maybe someday you'll see me have an accident instead.

The R Man
I have a question for all the moms of little boys out there, but first, let me tell a little about my self. My real name is Richard, I am 19 years-old.

I really don't mean to make anyone feel critisized when I ask this, and also really don't mean to sound mean, angry, or frustrated in any way.

When your little boy is up on stage at a school show, regadless of what kind of show it is, and he has to go pee really really bad, and he is doing the pee-pee dance, why don't you take him off stge to the bathroom or give him a signal that is telling him it is ok to go use the bathroom, rather that just sitting there and watching him?

I very much enjoy reading stories of guys spying on women using the toilet, such as the very old "peeper" posts in this forum. DOes anyone have any, or do they remember page #'s that have them?

oh, melissa, that story was adorable!

Terri - Congrats on using the port-o-potty instead of your pants to do #2! ;)

Great stories! I don't agree with your coach calling what you did a "disgrace". You pooped your pants and the other girl peed her pants - that was it. Embarrassing and/or humilating yes, but no need for a "punishment". The rest of the team teasing you was punishment enough. And not using the available bathroom and later going to the bathroom in your pants was the harsh lesson learned. Note to the coach - people sometimes poop or pee their pants, even in high school! Even a couple of my classmates peed their pants (that's a story for another post).

Desperate To Poop
Hi All,

I've had a few good poops recently including one interesting buddy dump with my G/F.

The first one was on a train journey again. I was involved in a busy
meeting and because we were from different areas we met at central location. The meeting was a long one and we had a working lunch we took a few breaks and I had pee break but no poop. After the meeting I had a short timescale to get my train back so didn't get chance to have a poop and I could feel one brewing. I got to the train and it was a oldish train just two train carriages and quite busy. I found my seat and then once the train had set off I headed for the toilet with a nice big poo waiting. I got to the toilet in the other cariage and it was engaged. After about five mintues a lady in a smart business suite emerged. I went in to the usual cramped toilet space. It was also quite smelly but relatively clean. I pulled my skirt up and nestled my shapely but on the warmish seat and started a nice big poop. As it was a long journey I decided there was no need to rush and took my time getting rid of two nice size logs about 8" long each. I was in for about 15 minutes and felt relieved afterwards

The second experience was with my G/F. We went for a long weekend in Ireland and stopped off for a meal at a very nice restaurant. After the meal we both fel the need for a poo and headed to the toilets having paid our bill. To our surprise when we got inside the ladies facility it was a double toilet with a wash basin. We have been many time before though and we were more than happy :) The toilets were very clean and we both felt a nice poop. I gave my G/F a lingering kiss before we nestled our butts for a nice poop. The toilets were separate and faced each others. My G/f Started pretty quickly and did a sloppy poop with a small moan. I felt a large but pretty solid poop start to emerge and let it slide out easily. It was about 12" long and 2" wide at it's peak. My G/F was still pooping sloppy poops and seeing here there with her cute butt and her knickers down by her ankles was quite arousing. I felt finished and went to wipe when my G/F offered. I couldn't resist and I went over and turned round she gently wiped my arsehole cleaning it out and then kissed me on the butt cheek. My G/F took a few more minutes and was then finished. I also offered to clean her butty too and she turned round so I could gently wipe her clean and I also kissed her butt.

We both washed up, had another lingering kiss and then left. When we came out two ladies were waiting and chatting to each other. They were surprised to see us come out together but we explained about the toilet and they decided to go in together.

Happy Pooping all

Hey everyone,

I've read this site for ages but I'm a new poster here!

I particularly love all Diva's stories about her various escapades that resulted from not wanting to admit that she had to pee.

I was pretty similar as a young girl - I often wouldn't want to ask if I could use the bathroom; by the time I did, it was often too late. My older brother and younger brother both used to be shy about asking for the bathroom as well, although I don't remeber many of my older brother's accidents as he was 5 years older than me.

Anyway, it seems more and more like most of the interest on here these days is about pooping. Good for you guys of course! - But it's not really something that I'm into. If there's any interest in my stories then I'll definitely contribute!

Bye for now,


Miss Mega
Ok i'm kinda new to this posting thing, but after finding out that other woman have the same issue as me, The MegaBladder" I figured I'd share.

Normally I pee 3 times a day. Once in the morning, once in the late afternoon and once right before bed. Now the morning and the night are nothing crazy just basically 20 seconds of a few strong streams.

Usually, my second pee occurs right before I leave work, so because I'm embarassed I usually go to the floor below mine. You see my afternoon pee flow is very strong and for an eternity! Other people use the restroom and start and finish while I'm STILL going!

Last week, though, I had gotten caught up on the phone and during the day I had 1 glass of juice, 2 cups of coffee, 1 cup of tea and about 3 standard water bottles, there was NO WAY I was going to make it downstairs. So, I used the bathroom on my floor. As I went into the bathroom, one of the woman from my office came in the same time as me. We both went into separate stalls. Then I quickly pulled down my pants and let the pee begin and kept going and going etc... But to my amazement the other woman was still going also! Finally, we spoke and she said that she usually tries to wait till she gets home, but wasn't going straight home after work, but had no choice. I told her about normally going down to the floor below us. I told her at home I usually read while going. Finally, after 4-5 minutes our peeing had started to trickle down. I think I may have gone for about 5-10 seconds more then her, but nothing crazy. We both finished up came out washed our hands and never spoke of this again!

I found this site while doing a search for large bowel movements. I had surgery about a week ago and the pain meds are really messing with my poops. I'm female 35yrs old, I've had fairly large bms for most of my life. Since I started my meds I've only pooped once and it was HUGE! I didn't think my hole could stretch that much. I didn't measure, but it was about the size of my forearm and hurt like hell. I sat on the toilet and had to squeeze harder than I ever have in the past. I eventually had to use KY to lube up my hole, I seriously thought I was going to tear something. Does anyone else have this problem? What do you do to get it down the toilet? Is it possible to actually tear a rectum? I usually poop a couple times a week and sometimes clog the toilet but nothing like this time. Does anyone have any techniques to get these huge logs to come out easier

Does anyone have any stories about peeing or pooping in a store fitting room?

Has anyone taken their kids to pee or poop in a fitting room?

Anyone ever been to the Original Hot Dog Shop in Pittsburgh? It's imply known as "The O" to the locals. I used to go there all the time when I was at Pitt. Dynamite hot dogs.

I had heard rumors about how gross the bathrooms were, but I'd never had to use them. One day, more than a little tipsy after a few drinks at a local bar, I was on my way to The O for a post-bar dog when my guts started cramping up. A mixture of the taco and beer shits, I thought to myself. I decided to brave the O's bathroom for the first time.

I managed to find the very difficult to locate staircase that led downstairs to the restrooms. The area down there was full of people. There was a line for the womens room and a line for the mens room. Both doors were constantly opening and closing as people went in and out. I waited on the line for the men's, not knowing what to expect.

I finally managed to get inside and was horrified to discover that the bathroom was tiny, with a sink, one urinal and one toilet, and the toilet was separated from the rest of the room by half a stall with no door! Basically, the stall hid your hips once you were sitting. Unless you leaned your upper body back, everything but your bare butt and upper thighs were visible clear as day. I toyed with forgetting about it, but a near disastrous fart escaped my ass and made me change my mind. I'll never see these people again, I thought.

Suspicions arose right away when I didn't go to the urinal, but waited for the guy who was peeing in the toilet to finish. When he was done, I let him get out of the way and went to the toilet. Not surprisingly, the seat was down and coated with piss. I rolled off some TP and wiped the seat clean, then put more TP down on the seat.

I swallowed my pride, unbuckled my belt, lowered my jeans and boxers just past my ass and sat down. I just looked straight ahead at the wall and let go. Liquid shit exploded out of my ass and splashed loudly into the water below. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the door open as a guy using the urinal left. I saw another guy enter, but quickly turn and walk back out when he saw me taking a shit. I also distinctly heard a girl's voice giggle and say "Oh my God!"

I was on the toilet for a good five minutes, during which time the door opened at least four times, giving the girls wating for the womens room a nice view of some poor guy shitting his guts out every time. It was more than a little embarrassing and I must say it sobered me up pretty quick.

When I finally squirted out the last bit, I rolled off some TP and as nonchalantly as I could, wiped my ass. It took several wipes, but finally it felt safe to pull my pants up. In a swift, single movement, I stood and yanked my pants up. I quickly went to the sink, avoiding any kind of contact with the guy peeing and wahed my hands.

As quickly as I could, I exited the bathroom and rushed upstairs. Again, I heard girls' giggles as I went. I decided to skip the hot dog and get out of there before any of the girls who saw me came upstairs.

A couple of days later, a female friend of mine told me that one of her girlfriends saw me taking a shit at The O the other night. Great.

Mr. Clogs
Hey everybody, I'm back! I got a quick post to share with you, so here goes.

I went to Harmon's to pick up some soap, so called moms on the cell and asked what she wanted. She told me told me to get Mylanta for her upset stomach. I called her back and told her they had pepto bismol (spelling), Malox (again pardon me on the spelling). She said never mind and she'll take the Milk of Magnesium later. So I was in the isle where they keep their laxatives. I debated if I should get the enema or the exlax. So I decided to get the exlax pills instead. I took my items to the counter to pay for them. The cashier was nice and friendly, and hot looking too :)

So I paid for my stuff and went home.

Ok on to the good part, this morning about 5AM, I woke up holding my stomach to keep from crapping in my shorts and on the floor. So I staggered to the bathroom in the dark while keeping myself from crapping on myself went to the bathroom yanked off my shorts and plopped on the toilet seat and let it rip! It felt so good to take a nice smelly juicy crap into the bowl! I wiped several times with toilet paper relaxed on the toilrt seat and savor the moment. About 10 minutes later I got up, washed my hands and left the bathroom and went back to sleep and got up later.

This past week, I was googling for peeing in the bottle stuff, I found an interesting site about a mother who invented this bottle called "My Pee Pee Bottle". I said to myself why did this invention came out when I was little! Oh well so is life, so I watched the video clips on how she came up with the idea and why she invented it. Mind you it's a cute kids color water bottle with a wide mouth to accommodate the male and female anatomy. Her reason being that her daughter caught the Rota Virus from using a public toilet, now I see why parents teach their children to hover or squat rather than sitting down. Anyways see for your self. Now I'm not trying to knock anyone's hustle, but it was the same water bottle maybe a little larger but you can buy an ordinary water bottle from the dollar store and slap on a label like that. Anyways, I think it's cute invention, she made it for boys and girls, blue for boys and pink for girls. Too bad I don't have children, I would buy one for them.

Now I picked up 2 from the dollar store, one for my room and one I keep in the car just in case if I had to go and where there's no bathroom in reach.

Karen from MO: Hey great post, Macintosh's are better than Windows PCs, and besides I use a Macintosh all the time. Thanks for posting.

Cute & Shy: Thanks for the shout out, I'm doing ok still posting if anything comes up, hope you enjoy my postings. I'm glad you still remembered me, hope you're doing well. Enjoy your summer and catch you later.


--Mr. Clogs


Anna my girl friend and I were in the back seat together on a trip to Rock Island when she suddenly had to go to the bathroom really bad. I told Dad to please accomodate her at the next truck stop, but he said we had to make time to get to his meeting where he was to give a lecture.

I became angry with Dad, so I pulled Anna over onto my lap and told her to take her panties down and go between my legs. She was afraid of Dad's rage, but I told her to trust me. Mom was on our side and urged Dad to stop. No deal! My parents would call poop 'meh meh' So Anna meh mehed between my legs on the floor. Soon Dad smelled what happened and became furious because we were to pick up Dad's collegue on the way. So the stop was made at the truck stop, Mom helped Anna clean up and put fresh panties on Anna. We made it to the meeting
anyway. So everyone was happy. Dad's lecture was given and applauded.

End of a bad situation - all was well.

To Lauren: I know all about the phone ringing while a poop is calling for attention, I posted about my dilemma around six weeks ago. I guess you have a hard wired phone which means you are limited to the length of the cord. You might want to think about getting a wireless phone. Then you can take it to the bathroom and let your poo come out while talking to your friend. It might avoid a future poopy-panties-accident for you, and besides, its kinda exciting chatting on the phone while a nice big poop is coming out.

To Brenda: Wow girl, you must be the center of attention. First little boys peeping at you, and now teenagers looking over the partitions. I've had little boys and little girls peep at me through the door gaps out of curiosity, and always because a parent isn't controlling them. It can be a very disconcerting because I often sit with everything completely exposed and if I'm concentrating hard on a poo that's trying to get its nose out or even one that's already hanging, I really don't want to interrupt it to have to adjust my clothes or how I'm sitting. I've never had, or even heard of problems with teenage boys, but I do know teen girls can get wild as a pack in the bathroom, You are not the first I've heard complain about this very thing. Try not to let it upset you too much.

And now a real close call I had yesterday. I woke up real early and soon became aware of pressure in my ass that told me I should get to the bathroom. Rather than just use the bathroom off my bedroom I decided I might as well get up and get dressed. I put on a t-shirt and my long sweats and headed downstairs. I was in the middle of making a coffee when the pressure in my ass suddenly increased unbelievably.

The intensity caught me by surprise and I crossed my legs and squeezed with every ounce of my strength to keep my asshole closed. This must have gone on for about 30 seconds and then in spite of all my efforts I felt a glob of softserve forcing its way out. It wasn't a huge escape, and I suppose if it had been a nice hard turd, I would have called it a turtle head. The pressure eventually eased off just enough for me to waddle very carefully to the bathroom still clenching my hole shut as hard as I could and holding the back of my sweats away from my ass.

I sat down and immediately a long stream of warm goop flowed out of my ass. As I was sitting I examined my sweats and to my amazement, found nothing in the seat. I guess being sweats and very baggy they were not tight on me and didn't touch my ass. This intrigued me and after a minute or so making sure nothing else wanted to come out, I carefully stood up and shuffled sideways to where I could see myself in the large wall mirror.

I bent over, carefully opened my cheeks and looked in the mirror. There were huge brown streaky blotches on both cheeks centered around my asshole where the pressure had forced out my poo and filled my crack. I knew that mere toilet paper would be totally inadequate so I tore off two kitchen towels from the role I keep there for cleaning and wiped as best I could. I wiped slowly and carefully with the dry towels making sure nothing dripped. They did manage to pick up much of the thick poo-paste but at the same time smear what was left over an even bigger area. The wipe marks made it look as if someone had painted my whole ass brown and left lots of brush marks. I flushed the toilet and thankfully watched the big brown mess and the paper towels disappear. I tore off two more paper towels and this time moistened them with water. The first towel came away covered in poop but with the second towel I was able to give myself a good wiping all over and managed to make my ass look relatively clean. The only real choice I had now was to take a full shower, and that's exactly what I did.

Hey Cute and Shy, it's good to see you back on here again. I missed you a lot! It's been a year since I last heard from you. I've been good and busy with work.

So how have things been with you during your off time from. I sure can't wait for your interesting stories again lol. Talk to you again soon :)

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