Hi everyone. I wrote a few weeks ago about having an accident in my shorts when I was with my Uncle Andrew. I'm 10 and from England. I'm on holiday in the USA at the moment with my Mum and Dad and my brother. We have rented a house which is enormous. You Americans like everything big don't you ? Well my story this time is about the girl who is on holiday in the house next to us. She is called Ellen and she is 10 like me and we have become friends. She is an only child with her Mum and Dad on holiday as well. Today we decided to go on a trip to a shopping complex out of town, and Ellen asked if she could come with us. Mum said she would have to ask her Mum and Dad, and they said yes. When we went in the car Ellen said she would sit in the middle. It was so she could sit next to my brother Harry. I think she fancies him ! Well, we arrived and Mum and Dad said us kids could go off together provided we promised to stay together, and meet them every half hour so they knew we were ok. We went looking in all sorts of shops and then went back to Mum and Dad like we were told to. Then we went off again. After only 5 mins Ellen said she needed to "Go". I said OK but how are we going to stay together ? So we agreed I would go in the restrooms with Ellen and Harry would wait outside. He's 12 and can look after himself. Ellen asked me if I needed to "go", I said no not really, but seeing as I would be in there with her I said I might as well "empty myself". Ellen thought that was funny. But we had a shock in the restroom. It had 2 stalls, but when you shut the doors, they wouldn't lock and there was a big gap in the edge. I looked at Ellen and she said it sucks doesn't it. Then she said, I'll guard you if you guard me. I said ok and went in, shutting the door, well as shut as it could be. She stood in front of the gap with her back to me so if anyone came in they couldn't see me on the toilet. I wiped the toilet seat and I pulled down my shorts and knickers and began a wee which turned out to be quite big seeing as I didn't think I needed to go. As the last drips dribbled out of me Ellen surprised me by turning round and looking at me on the toilet. She asked if I was about done as she was close to going in her panties ! I nodded and she turned round again. I quickly wiped and pulled my knickers and shorts back up and flushed the toilet. As soon as the toilet flushed, Ellen opened the door and raced in. She was wearing a short denim skirt and she had already pulled it up showing off her knickers as she ran in. Then she pulled them down and backed up to the toilet and sort of squatted over it. I could see her wee coming out ! I asked her why she did that and she said so she didn't catch germs. I told her I had wiped the seat well before I sat on it with my antiseptic wipes in my bag. She said really ? and then she said ok and sat down mid wee ! She looked at me and said she was glad cos she had to doodie. I never heard of that before but understood that she must mean have a poo. I then found myself staring at her cos of how she looked on the toilet. When I pull my knickers down, they hang down between my legs just below my knees. But Ellen's were kind of pulled inside out with the waistband half way down her thighs and the part that covers your bits still sort of attached up there some how ! I'd never seen a girl do that before. Non of my friends do. Some have their knickers above the knee and some below like me, but all of them close to our knees. I came to my senses and obviuously had turned red when I saw her kind of grinning at me staring. Then she said you can count the number of splashes I make if you want to stay inside ! I must have gone beetroot ! I said I would go and stand guard and went out. I could hear Ellen gasping as she strained to poo. I asked if she was ok and she said yep. I heard a couple of little plops and then nothing for a while. I asked if she was ok again and she didn't reply, so I turned and saw her bent over with her head between her knees. Just then she let out an enormous gasp and an equally loud splash of what must have been a huge poo ! After that effort she was breathing fast like she had been running. Then she said phew, bet you heard that one. So I said I wasn't deaf ! She laughed. Then I heard her pulling toilet roll and then the toilet flushed. I turned round to see her smoothing down her skirt. Then she turned and looked in the toilet and went Oh my God, it's still there ! We had to wait a while for the water tank to fill up, then she flushed again and it still wouldn't go away ! So we had to leave it there. We washed our hands and got out quick before somebody came in and found it. Harry said you took your time. So Ellen told him all that had happened. I could tell he was surprised and amazed at a girl giving away all these details.

it was the end of school and most people had gone home. I needed to go to the toilet real bad. I had been constipated for a week. It felt like a 10cm wide poo. luckely my anus was big. I sat down and started to push. when a girl came in and chose the stall next to me. she just sat down moaning and groaning. 10 min later she was still there. when she stated pushung now groaning even more. she suddenly let off 2 farts followed by diarrhea. I asked if she was all right. she said "yes (more bad diarrhea) just a little (even worse diarrhea)bit of the runs (more farting followed by terrible diarrhea sounds)" she finished up. but since no one else was around she used a hose left by the cleaners to clean her ass (whuch was probably covered in diarrhea). she dried her ass pulled her jeans up to leave when she swore and started to run back to the stalls. she startted fartting but halfway back she went diarrhea in her jeans which overflowed messing the floor and her pants. I felt sorry for the cleaners. she pulled her pants down and whent of on another bad bout of diarrhea. she suddenly swore and stood up and changed satalls. the toilet she had been using had overflowed with diarrhea (they were small toilets) she eventually finished and left. it took me another 40 min for my poo to start coming out amd another 20 for the rest. I had mild diarrhea for the next week. training was cancled so I did need to explain why i was late to my mum.
I hope no one else gets diarrhea that bad

update on the pooping-in-front-of-gf situation: still can't do it! It's getting very frustrating. Holding a load back for 2 or 3 days is pretty uncomfortable, especially when things get intimate. I'm always afraid I'm going to let out a bad fart uncontrollably, or worse get a big urge and actually start doing the BM.

I'm confident that I have excellent bowel control, and this would probably never happen. But it's a shameful secret fear I can't get out of my mind.

Also, someone asked if my gf dumps around me. I am not sure. She has let out some pretty nasty farts in her sleep when I'm with her... they smell very strongly of poop. But my gf only really pee twice a day when im around either. I think she is able to put of the urge to pee and poop longer than me.

The only full accident I ever had was when I was 16 at an outdoor adventure summer camp. Made it 8 days before the inevitable. I ate a little more for breakfast than i usually did, and the urge struck with incredible force. I fell the huge dry turd in my rectum trying to turtlehead and knew it was either going to have to come out in the camp toilets this time, or it would be coming out in my boxer briefs. I was in the middle of a game of capture the flag, and just had to take off for the toilets. I took the back way through the woods so no one would see me running and know about how bad I had to go. About halfway there I had to stop in my tracks as a powerful involuntary push by my abdomen that made my -popping-in-and-out-turtlehead slide out about 3 more inches. It was completely beyond my control - my body just took over. My hole just couldnt close after spasming open for my embarrassing large dump.

By the time I got my pants down all I could do was stare in shame. There was an ENORMOUS hard poop laid out in my boxer briefs, also going from the butt to the part of my underwear that touches my balls. I let about 4 more huge solid turds out uncontrollably, and also realized after the whole ordeal was over that I had inadvertently released some pee into my pants as well. When having a poop, my pee just usually comes out too.

Fortunately I was able to change without anyone noticing. That was definitely the worst poop accident ive ever had, although there have only been 2 since being very young.

These are my answers to the survey about using public bathrooms. By the way, I find the responses of the others so far to this survey to be very interesting. This summer I'm taking a Diversity class for my human resources credits and the answers of the others have been quite enlightening. I guess we're all, excuse the pun, "diverse".

1. Do you ever put off or refuse to use a public toilet when you need to? No way. When I have to pee, the urine almost automatically starts as I pull my thong down. On a couple of occasions when I've been on-the-job (we have a strict professional dress code) and I've had to fumble with my dress, it's a miracle I haven't had an accident. Zippers suck.

2. If several stalls are available, which do you select and why? I learned my lesson on this in junior high. Like if I was going to crap, I would look for the one with the most toilet paper. Ten seconds later, I would go back and the doors on each of the others I had seen were being shut. ****! Since then, I always take the first available one to my left or right as I enter the restroom. I don't even care if I have to flush someone else's shit or pee. Puke is another matter; I will bypass that stall.

3. Do you wipe the seat off before sitting on it? Why? To pee, I don't actually sit, but will squat about a half inch on top of the seat. To crap, I seat myself on the seat.

4. If toilet paper or seat protectors are available do you put them down before seating yourself? Why or why not? I already explained my squat which I use two or three times a day for peeing; once or twice in junior high I put paper on the seat before I sat to crap. It would fall off before I could seat myself (thanks to a blower on top of each stall), and as I spread my legs to release the crap (I've always had larger BMs!), I noticed much of my thighs were touching the seat anyway.

5. Have you ever finished a messy crap, only to find there's no toilet paper left on the roll? What do you do? I guess I've been lucky because at my college and my part-time job, there have been two and sometimes three rolls of TP in each dispenser. Once last winter my luck ran out when I was at an I-35 rest stop. I had just dumped a four-day crap at 2 a.m. I noticed on the inside stall door there was a paper taped down about some ski lodge nearby. I was on bright orange paper so it caught my attention. I tore it down and it worked pretty good, although it was a lot more coarse than normal TP.

6. Do you flush with your hands or foot? Foot. You get a little leery of why some flushers are wet!

7. How often do you thoroughly wash your hands? Each time. And even if the sinks are stopped up or have something gross in them. However, that Kotex floating in front of me yesterday at the Shell station was disgusting.

8. What has most influenced your habits and procedures? Parents? Friends? Time available? Long-standing habits? All of the above.

9. Gender: Female. Age: 26.

I just had the most amazing experience earlier today! My parents went out for a bit, so I had my girlfriend over. We were hanging out in the basement for a while, but then all of a sudden, she said she needed to use the bathroom. I knew the upstairs toilet wasn't working properly, so I told her to use the basement toilet.

As per usual, she invited me to come watch, but until now I'd only seen her pee. After we locked the bathroom door, she undid her jeans button, pulled them down and sat on the toilet. It was strange, because she didn't sit all the way back on the toilet like normal, but scooted a little forward, so I could clearly her nice shapely butt.

Some silence as I waited with anticipation, and a tiny fart, like braap. And then a faint crackling sound as I saw a short turd emerge and break off. Then another right away, this one a few inches long. In rapid succession, two more turds plop, plop almost landing on top of the others. The smell of poop was definitely present, but not overbearing. She said she felt so much better, but there was more. A few more pfft farts, then a loud one that echoed in the toilet bowl.

With that loud fart a short turd fell out. And then a turd poked its head out, went back in, poked out again and grew to about an inch before snapping off. Then I heard the ever familiar tinkle as she peed a little bit, giving the water a faint yellow-orange color. There was already quite a bit of poop in the toilet, but it was all gathered in one spot. And yet still, she said she felt more poop inside.

She pushed for a bit, I could see her butt move some. But nothing came out, so she decided to wipe. She wipes different than I do. When I wipe, I just roll out some paper, wad it up and dig in to clean. But she's more methodical.

She rolled off some paper, making sure it was at an even square mark, and then tore it off. She proceeded to fold it three times and reached back and wiped, pulling away her butt cheek and getting the residue. She showed it to me, there was a long brown streak and then dropped the paper in the water.

She rolled off more paper, and folded it three times again, this time wiping the other butt cheek. It was still pretty dirty, so she rolled off more paper, but less than before, this time only folding twice. She wiped down the center this time, and there was only a little brown streak now. One more wipe, this time the paper only folded one time and it came back perfectly clean. And then one wipe, folded over twice to dab the front clean.

She stood up so I could see the big pile of poop in the toilet. There was a lot there, but any one piece wasn't really big. She flushed the toilet once, but some of it didn't go down. One more flush and the rest went down, but there were still some skid marks in the bowl.

I'm awe struck at how somebody so gorgeous can produce so much poop. She told me that she poops about every two days, each time about this much. Come fall off next year, if we're still together (which I think we will be), we're going to get an apartment for when we're in college. So I look forward to seeing more.

Whitewater - I've got no more stories about Tonya as that was her only accident (at least that I knew of). I have other stories from my childhood though...Jess, Katie, her brother Kevin, and I were playing some kind of game in my yard. Suddenly, Katie reaches down, holds herself and says "I gotta pee." I guess the power of suggestion got to Jess - she does the same thing and says "Me too." Katie takes a couple of steps and stops, as she begins to pee her pants, actually a white jumper. As she watches Katie pee her pants, Jess starts peeing her pants too, pink shorts. Yes, the two of them peed their pants within a minute of each other.

Karen from MO - Having an accident at work is bad enough, but to have your boss call you and say that - unbelievable! She knew you had to use the restroom when you got there. The computer could've waited another five minutes so you could've gone to the bathroom rather than going in your panties. And you're not a loser or a baby because you peed your pants.

Hi everyone. I used to post here a while back.. I think the last time I posted was back in '07, way long ago. Lots of new things in my life.. I'm still dating the same guy I was as of my last post, but I did get a new job.

I used to work part-time at a video store while I went to night school. But now I've finished school, moved to a much bigger city, and I got hired as a nurse at a family-owned clinic. Well, anyway, enough ramble, and I'll get on the stuff you came to the forum for.

On days when I work, my life is pretty much governed by a routine. Wake up, have a long pee to drain my bladder from holding it overnight, shower, eat, you know generic getting ready for work type stuff. Then I finish my cup of coffee on the way to work. I usually have another smaller pee around lunch break (12:30) when I take my daily crap.

I always try to take one last pee before I leave, since rush hour traffic is unpredictable. If I didn't pee that much before leaving work, I have one more pee after dinner, but that's all for the night.

On days when I don't work, it's more relaxed. I just go whenever I feel the urge. It kind of sucks to work my toilet time around my job, but the job is so great, I don't mind too much.

Alright, before I go I'll share one story from last week at the clinic. A mom came in with her son, he was 6 years old. I checked him in, recording his weight and height and handed him over to the doctor. About this time, I started to feel the beginnings of a crap. Normally, I'd wait until I'm actually off for lunch, but the Mom asked where the bathrooms were, so I decided to show her. "I was actually just headed that way myself, follow me", I said.

We walked to the bathrooms, and I took my stall and she took hers. I pulled down my skirt and panties to my ankles and sat on the toilet, waiting a bit for my crap to begin. I could hear her start right away, a small tinkling sound. It didn't last long and then she wiped and flushed. She was washing her hands, when I felt the first turd start out.

There was a slight crackling sound and then a ploop. I released some long but silent farts. A small delay, but then plop, plop, plop. Three turds fell into the bowl, one after the previous. It was then that I farted loudly and sploop, let out one final turd. I inspected my work and saw a couple long sandy brown sausages in the water and the three smaller turds were really light brown. I wiped and flushed, washing my hands. I could still smell my crap, although it was about a 2 out of 10 on the stink scale, so I didn't worry.

Single Woman
Hi everyone! I used to post alot, but I've been busy lately. Anyway I just turned 34, so my friends and I have been celebrating alot. I've been regular with my BM's lately. The other night my friends took me out for Thai food for my birthday. It was delicious but very spicy. After I got home I started to get the urge to poop. You know, that feeling in the lower part of your stomach. I got back to my apartment at about one in the mourning and I was in terrible pain. I love Thai food, but I always wind up on my toilet at least three hours after eating it. I went straight to the bathroom and tried to poop. I squeezed but nothing came out. I pushed again and still nothing. My intestines felt like they were going to fall out though. After about fifteen minutes I woke up the next mourning at eight with the same feeling but this time it was in my butt. I ran to my toilet, yanked down my pajama bottoms and flopped on the bowl. That instant I let out the loudest fart. Then gooey,mushy diarrhea flowed. I squeezed again, and a semi solid pice fell into the water. It smelled rancid! I sparyed air freshener and held my nose while I sat there. I thought I was done but then hot, brown, iquid oozed out of my hiney. I let out a sigh of relief and finallly after twenty minutes of extreme pooping, I finally finished. I flushed the sluge down and jumped into the shower. I scrubbed from my putt to my vagina like thirty times just to get all that shit off. Boy, what fun that was? I swore never to ate Thai food again!

I was attacked by a real ambush shit today. Having doen my early morning ablutions as usual I assumed I was done for the day. How wrong!!! I was driving along a country road to take something to my husband on another farm when a pain like no other suddenly sliced through my stomach. I knew this was not going to wait or be controllable, so I just pulled off the road ran around to the other side just nanaged to open the door and get my kit off and sit on the door sill, when a huge cramp hit me and I lost all control. My pants were down so I did not hold back. A lump of shit blasted out followed by a torrent of water and chunks. The pain was unbelievable as the world just fell out of my arse. In about 30 seconds it was all over bar a few wet farts and a pee. I was sweating with relief and almost in tears as I reached into the glovebox for some paper. I wiped and dressed and was actually so weak that I just sat in the truck for 10 minutes before driving on. I cannot think of any food I ate that was off so it must have been a bug. A real ambush shit, it nearly caught me, would have been a first, except for the odd skid mark I have never crapped myself but this was nanoseconds from a full blown accident.

Today I woke up with stomach cramps I just ignored it and came downstairs on the computer a little while later I started farting a lot then I had to go poop I went upstairs pulled down my pants sat on the toilet and a bunch of soft poop came out then I wiped and flushed and came back down and was fine a while later I decided to go over my grandmoms for a little on the way there I stopped to get chicken for dinner as I was eating it my stomach started to hurt again I stopped eating and just layed down and watched tv then my favorite show came on and as I was watching it I got the urge to go poop again I really had to go but my show was almost over and I wanted to watch the end so I sat there squirming and shaking my hands then it was over and I ran upstairs to the bathroom pulled down my pants sat on the toilet and tiny squirt of liquid came out and it really burned I squeezed my cheeks together to keep more from coming out cause it really burned and I just sat there moaning a little then I was like screw it and just let it go and a bunch of semi diarrhea came out of me then i let out a long wet fart and was done I wiped and flushed my poop was like a reddish brown which i though was weird guess it was from the red hot cheetos red slurpee and red vitamin water I had my butt was sore for a while after but its not anymore

I have one more thing
On Saturday when I woke up my stomach was hurting and I had to go meet my friend to go to an amusement park so before I left I went upstairs to try to poop but nothing came out so I pulled up my pants and left to meet my friend when we go to where we had to wait for the bus I decided to get a coffee at dunkin donuts so me and my friend were sitting talking when my stomach started to hurt again it went away after a while I was fine I was glad i didnt have to go poop cause we had a long bus ride and I def didnt wanna go at the amusement park
I noticed sometimes when I drink coffee i tend to get stomach cramps

After the diarrhea attacks on Friday night, I've been kind of blocked up since then and been eating loads of fibre cereal, vegetables and whatnot. Now I have my period and I think it loosened up everything in my stomach. Between drinking tons of water, the fibre working and having stomach cramps from my period I think it set off a need for a good poo.

I went to the bathroom and pulled down my black boy-short style underwear and sat on the toilet. The cramps in my stomach were pretty bad but I relaxed and gave a gentle push and it slid out into the bowl easily. I was done within a couple of minutes.

I wiped and saw that a good amount of poo was in the toilet. That will do it to you if you haven't gone in a few days. The poo was thick, light brown, soft/solid and about 8 inches long. My stomach feels a lot better because I've been bunged up over the past couple of days and passing really nasty gas.

My body finally is starting to work properly. I've changed my diet a lot, been eating lots of fibre, fruits, vegetables, etc and eating 3 good meals a day. I've also been drinking at least 6 tall glasses of water a day and it really is helping to soften everything up in there.

With the exception of being constipated since Saturday, I'm training my body to go immediately when it needs to and to eat properly to help make BM's easier. I've been going every 2 days or so rather than once a week to every two weeks. The uncomfortable symptoms and nausea have stopped. Yay! I am starting to feel so much better. My stomach is getting smaller, I have my appetite back and generally my mood is a lot better. I am kicking IBS-C's butt! :-) Slowly but surely!!

Before I would go maybe once a week. I would be gassy constantly, sick all the time and just felt miserable. I'm glad I'm starting to do a turnaround.

Happy pooping!


We had our company picnic last weekend. It was a great turnout and a beautiful day. We were allowed to invite 'extended family" which basically means anybody you want to come is welcome. Lots of food, beer, and sodapop. The weather was hot but nice. The restrooms were very convienent to each picnic grove. They were the standard cinder block buildings, with the entry doors secured open for ventilation. Not much privacy from outside for either gender. The women's room had several stalls facing the entry door, but they all had stall doors, so all you could see from outside were the shoes, and the pants of the women on the toilets. you could however hear every fart, grunt, plop and wipe. The men's room had 3 stalls, but no stall doors on them. They were positioned differently from the women's obviously to offer some privacy from people passing by, but they were very narrow stalls, and you could see the feet of the guys from outside, but when guys stood up to either wipe their asses or lift their shorts, they were somewhat visable from outside. The urinals were in plain sight, but you could only see the backs of the guys standing at the urinals. I went in with 2 of my buddys and we took up all 3 toilets. We laughed, we farted. we pissed, we bullshitted, and we wiped our asses. We know that when we stood up, some of our female co-workers caught glimses of our dicks and asses, but what could we do? Everybody has to shit, right? It was a really nice day.

I am so proud of myself. At age 27, I pooped in port-o-potty for the first time in my life. Yes, it was gross but not as gross as what would have happened in my panties had I not pooped in that port-o-potty. I'd peed in them before on numerous occasions, but this was the very first time I'd done the dreaded #2.

I went to my niece's softball game last night and on the way I stopped off for dinner at a nearby fast food place. BIG MISTAKE. I wasn't there for 2 innings before I felt that rumbling in my stomach that told me it was time to find a bathroom. What annoyed me most (other than my stupidity in gobbling down a greasy burger and fries on the way to the game) was the game was at her middle school field, but the school was locked up so you couldn't get into the school. Why in the world with a school right there, presumably one with regular bathroom facilities, would they lock up the school and force people to use a crummy, smelly, disgusting port-o-potty. But as I said, I had no choice but to use. I dreaded the idea so much that I even thought of driving back home or at least back to the fast food place from whence the burger came, but the present state of my bowels was such that that was not an option. In other words, I wan't sure I could make it there without the bowel movement going in my panties.

So, ever so reluctantly I headed to the dreaded port-o-potty, pulled down my jeans and panties and carefully positioned myself squatting over the hole. I wondered why I was being so careful about my squatting because the person before me obviously wasn't too careful as the seat was not only wet but has brown streaks on it as well. From this very uncomfortable squatting position, I was able to make my deposit -- a very large but surprisingly firm load of poop. Wiping myself was another adventure as the thin toilet tissue they had there was hard to wipe with, especially since I didn't want to get anything on my hands since there was no way to wash up. Suffice to say, it took what seemed like forever to wipe myself and the stench in there (partly from me, I suppose) was beginning to make me sick. I finally got myself clean, pulled up my panties and jeans, and got myself out of there as fast as I could. Suffice to say, it was not a pleasant experience, but I managed to do what I had to do and saved myself the embarrassment of going in my panties -- GOLD STAR FOR ME.

And that leads me into another story -- this time of NOT using a port-o-potty when I desperately needed to. I was a freshman in high school at the time and on the JV soccer team. Our own soccer field was at the school (which they kept open for games and let peopel use the bathrooms in the school), but this time the game was at the other team's field. The field was away from the school and the only bathroom facility was a port-o-potty. Naturally, I had to go both ways at the time. I had to pee kind of urgently, but since I didn't really have to poop that bad at the time, I just peed and hoped I could hold in my bowel movement until we got to school. The smart thing to do would have been to do both at the time before the game when the port-o-potty was at least a little cleaner, but holding it in seemed like the better option at the time.

By the end of the game, I had to go #2 really bad, but that port-o-potty was just too disgusting to use. I was hoping we could stop somewhere on the way home (by now it was clear I wasn't going to make it all the way home), but no sooner had we got on the bus when I felt it starting to come out. I tried desperately to hold it, but I just couldn't. Though I was able to keep most of it inside me, I could tell that some of it was already in my panties. And now with some of it already in my panties, I didn't want to risk stopping somewhere and having everyone see the back of my shorts as I left the bus to go the bathroom. So I kept holding it in as best I could, but as we made our way home (it seemed like the longest bus ride of my life), more and more kept coming out in my pants. For a while I thought I could hide it from everyone, but close to school, a felt a big surge from my bowels and a lot more came out in my panties. Now it was impossible to hide as people were starting to react to the smell and it was pretty clear what the smell was and that it was coming from me.

People were starting to laugh at me when something else happened. Suddenly another girl on the team was having an accident of her own -- not poop like me but she completely soaked her shorts and the pee was even visible on the floor of the bus. Well, I guess misery loves company because with the two of us having accidents, I don't think the teasing was as great as it would have been had only one of us "disgraced herself" as the coach put it.

The coach was angry though -- "You two are in high school, for pete's sake," she yelled, "How can you disgrace yourself like that."
We each got benched for a game (which I guess you can kind of understand) but she also made me write "I will not go to the bathroom in my pants again." 300 times and she made the other girl write the sentence 200 times. I was too embarrassed to ask her why my punishment was worse than hers, but I guess the coach thought that pooping in your pants was worse than peeing in them. But I also thought about that I at least peed in the port-o-potty while the other
girl obviously didn't even do that -- so maybe she should have gotten the worse punishment. Anyway, we both handed in our punishments the next day, sat out our 1 game suspension and went on with our lives. Yeah, we got teased a little at school but it really wasn't as bad as you would have expected. Again, I think sinc it happened to two us at the same time, we got to share the teasing.

Anyway, I so proud of myself for finally using that port-o-potty for #2 last nigh. I just wished my first time had been back in high school.

I had a farting contest with a few of my sons buddies last weekend. We were drinking beers and it just felt natural. How often do you all fart in a 24 hour period? Just put the number next to your name. Thanks

My answers to the public toilet-user habits survey:

1. Do you ever put off or refuse to use a public toilet when you need to?
No, not usually, unless I'm in a busy place like an airport and I will seek out the cleanest stall.
2. If several stalls are available, which do you select and why?
I will select one with the seat up. I like the feeling of dropping it and role-playing that it is reserved for only my butt.
3. Do you wipe off the seat before sitting on it? Why?
No. The woman whom I am engaged to--who is a nurse--says very little is accomplished by such wiping.
4. If toilet paper or seat protectors are available, do you put them down before seating yourself? Why or why not?
Yes, but sometimes it's a hassle when they stick inside the container. Once at Wal-Mart, I nearly crapped my pants. I immediately gave up my struggle and my butt hit the seat just in time.
5. Have you ever finished a messy crap, only to find there's no toilet paper left on the roll? What do you do?
I usually have a few sheets of Kleenex in my pocket. On occasion, I've pulled up my pants and gone into an adjacent stall to finish the job.
6. Do you flush with your hand or foot?
Hand. It's the last thing I do before I get up off the stool.
7. How often you you thoroughly wash your hands?
It depends on how long the lines are at the sinks and how much time I have. I wasn't about the miss the opening song of the Neil Diamond conert the other night... I don't think I should have admitted that!
8. What has most influenced your habits/procedures? Parents? Friends? Time available? Long-standing habits? I try and do what I have taught my 3 children--ages 11, 13 & l6.
9. Your gender: Male. Your age: 41

AJ :-) Loves Russell ;-)
Karen From MO--I hope you're looking for other employment! Your boss sounds like a real piece-of-work! Do you have personal issues with her such as you have a boyfriend and she wants him? It sounds as if she set you up to do what you did.

Carmen--Welcome to the potty party! You must have quenched your thirst with an excess amount of magnesium citrate! That six year old boy will probably be telling his friends about his entertainment for the day. No doubt, he's going to be getting lots of mileage out of that listening experience!

Public Bathrooms Suck--Haven't those girls' mommies ever told them that toilets do occasionally (at the very least) get used for pooping no matter where they're located!?! They just might have to use them for such an experience before they become much older if they "get lucky" and eat food court nachos at just the right time for their bodies to respond with the need.

Melissa--That was really sweet what you did with Sharon. She sounds like a very sweet and sensitive young lady, and I know she appreciated your support and encouragement.

Kelly P.--Thanks for the romantic story of you and your husband! I'm a hopeless romantic--who is (obviously, if you read my handle)crazy-in-love at this time (a love I hope lasts forever--and I believe it will, because, even if Russell doesn't turn out to be Mr. Right-For-Me, I'm so blessed to have someone like him in my life who shares my spirit of activism, so we'll always be loving friends). Even before I knew Russell existed, I was a hopeless romantic. I think I was just born that way!

I think I've figured out the "OUCH!" experience.

Most of my BMs are very easy to pass, but there's this one experience I have from time to time (which will come from having the urge but then putting going to poop on the back-burner while I finish a project online). What is most likely to happen at a time like this is that I will get the urge to poop--but will decide that it can wait, if I'm in the middle of writing something.

Not only can it wait, but the urge goes away. So, I forget about it until it returns again.

When it returns again, one of two things might happen. I might go right in and make a deposit.

Or, I might be so involved in another writing project that I don't want to quit and hold it until I finish writing what I'm writing.

By then, it's trying to come out.

So, I start spanking myself to discourage it.

Does spanking yourself help any of you with something like this?

After I've spanked myself enough that I can stand up without losing it, I head towards the bathroom--generally, having to stop for between one and three more spanking sessions along the way.

So, I sit down, and I can feel it coming out--but, instead of coming out, when it gets to the exit, it will pause.

It's not a comfortable pause, either.

It's like I'm feeling a real pain-in-the-butt that won't go away until whatever is in there is out--and out of there FAST!!!

So I get myself positioned to where the gravity will work most in my favor and start pushing it out while going, "OUCH!" over and over like a hen laying an ostrich egg that's also square.

When it's out, I feel soooooooooooooooo relieved.

I decided to look a couple of times to see what kind of monster I passed--and what I found was that it was not only long but that it also curled backwards on an end.

This gives me the impression that what happens is that, when I delay the process, it might sometimes have part of it backtrack--meaning that the initial part of it is actually a doubled length of poop trying to stretch through my ring. That is, if it were something that was two inches in diameter, what would be passing would be four inches in diameter!!!

Does this make sense to you?

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

AJ :-) Loves Russell ;-)
Somebody unidentified asked why his/her poop is always green all of the time. I have no idea why all of the time, but having it green some of the time might have something to do with what you eat.

Here are some of my strangest poops (colorwise). Has anybody else experienced strangely-colored poops, and do you know what the explanation is?

1. My mom has always made the best mashed potatoes--even though I don't do too badly with them myself these days. They're so good that, one day, I told her that I was in the mood to eat nothing but her mashed potatoes for the entire day.

She went along with that--after all, I was an adult (twentysomething at the time), and it seemed to be harmless enough.

I wasn't trying to experiment with my poop. I was simply craving her mashed potatoes bigtime. However, when I pooped the next day, I happened to see my poop (I think I found myself out of paper and had to get off the toilet to get some), and I was amazed to find out that it was white with a tinge of very light green.

2. Another time, I went on a carrot-eating spree. I was wiping my butt the next morning and noticed that the residue was carrot-orange, so I decided to look into the bowl. It looked as if there were a bunch of carrots in there.

3. One morning, I wiped my behind and looked at the paper and thought, "What on earth!?!" The residue was BLUE!!! I looked into the toilet, and the water (my pee, I assume) was blue, and it looked as if the poop were a bluish-black. Then, I remembered that I'd pigged out on gourmet popcorn the day before that was blue-raspberry-flavored.

4. I remember when I was three or four years old and still used a potty chair. When I got up so my mom could wipe me, I got a look at the urine in there, and it was red. My poop looked red to me, too. I thought that I was bleeding, even though I didn't hurt anywhere. So I asked my mom why I'd pooped blood. She told me that it wasn't blood but had to do with the beets I'd eaten the day before. That grossed me out so much that it was a long time before I touched another beet!

5. Along those same lines...when I was about seven, we were trying to paper train our puppy. I was eating breakfast (scrambled eggs), and my mom told me that Tippy had pooped on the living room floor.

Unfortunately, I was just nosy enough to go look. What she did smelled like rotten eggs and looked like scrambled eggs. It was sooooooo gross. I went back to finish my breakfast, but I looked at the scrambled eggs, and they reminded me of Tippy's last contribution, so I couldn't finish them.

Does anybody else have anything colorful to share?

Carmen(new here)
About 3 months ago, we went to my grandparent's house. I was thirsty, and the only thing that looked drinkable in the fridge . I drank another three glasses and went on with my day. The next day, we were back home, and I woke up, yawned, and suddenly blasted out a HUGE fart. The noisy farts continued periodicaly through the day, but I just thought I was gassy, nothing more. My parents were a work, so I walked to the park. There, I suddenly felt like shit was about to explode out of me. I ran to the portapotty ( I think it was brand new, there was just a little tinkle in it) and tore down my panties, and began to shit like crazy. some was solid and sharp, other bits of it were completely liquid . about two minutes into it, some little kid, about six years old, opens the door and looks at me. I shrieked and covered my private spot, he just giggled and closed the door. I could hear him outside, listening to all my farts and shits, chuckling.


A few more days in the wilderness have passed on without anything really interesting to report. Still we mostly stay far away from modernity. Now it is about one month since I last sat on a throne! Squatting really is ok. Interetingly I have noted that my mother and my sister do not really squat when taking a dump. They more like bend forward (even though they both squat when peeing!) I do not know how my father does it but I squat.

Karen from MO
Good evening everyone,

I've been very busy, so I haven't been able to post, but I thought I would post and let you all know about my accident yesterday. It's the first accident I've had in a long time, and I was extremely embarrassed about it, especially because it happened at work. Here's how it happened:

I work at a small family owned company that does computer work, and I am the software technician for Macintosh computer systems. Anyway, I woke up early yesterday, at about 5AM. I am supposed to be on call from 8AM to 6PM. I had a few hours, so I made breakfast, and after eating, I got dressed and sat down to read the paper. As I sat down, I farted REALLY loud. I mean, it was this huge roaring fart. I'm really glad no one else was in the house, because it was really smelly. I decided I would try and poop before I left the house. I went in, lifted my blazer and lifted my knee-length skirt to my waist. After I pulled down my panties, I settled in and a long turd began to slide out. It felt really good to be getting it out, and it took several minutes to get it out. Finally it broke off and hit the water in the toilet with a splash. I then peed a little bit before wiping and pulling my panties up. I let my skirt fall down, and washed my hands. It was about 7AM, so I still had a little over a half hour before I had to leave, so I went back to reading the paper. About 40 minutes later, I headed off to work. At about 8:30, I got my first call from someone who was having some difficulty with a printer. I packed up my things and headed off to their address. It ws a fairly long drive through the country, and it took me nearly an hour to get there. Once I got there, it took me another hour to repair the problem, and I got up and headed off. I called in to the office to see if there had been any more calls, and they told me that there had been none. Then five minutes later I got a call about yet another problem, where an entire office was down because of a computer with some software problems. It sounded pretty serious, and I assumed it would be there a while. I stopped at a gas station to get a soda, and I should have peed then, but I foolishly did not. I got to the office building in downtown Kansas City about 40 mins after that, and went into the building. I ended up having to reload the operating system on the computer, and by the time I got all the software and files back on the computer, it was past noon. I could definitely feel the need to pee, but I went back to the office, as it wasn't too far away. To make matters worse, as I got closer to the office, I began to feel the need to poop again. This was not helping my situation any at all. The office building where I work is a small one, and has just one bathroom in it. The bathroom is a small one, with two toilets, but no stall doors. The bathroom was originally just a single bathroom, but they had split the plumbing to allow installation of a second toilet. There is also a trough style urinal in front of the toilets, and a single sink. It's very cramped, and I try not to use it, but as I pulled into the parking lot, I almost let a spurt out into my panties, and it was looking like I would have no choice. I walked into the office, and I immediately was greeted by my boss, who said that they were having a big problem with their main computer, which is a Mac, in that they could no longer connect to any computers on the network with it, and as this is the mainframe computer that supplies several terminals, this made things not terribly good. I said I had to use the restroom, but my idiot boss said "Unless it's urgent, we need to get this computer online NOW" I was really mad, and was almost holding myself, but I said I would check it out. It took me almost a half hour to fix it, and by then I literally was dancing. I was headed for the bathroom when the floodgates opened. I soaked my panties, and it began to run down my legs. I was really embarrassed, but at least my skirt wasn't wet yet. I ran into the bathroom, hoping nobody else would be in there. Thankfully, it was empty, and I quickly pulled my skirt off and threw my panties in the toilet. and flushed. It went down, as our toilets are not the new stupid water saver ones, and I finished what little bit of pee I had left off, and washed my hands and got out of there, wearing no panties. I finally got off work, and headed home. Once I got home, I took a long shower, threw on some jeans and a t-shirt and stretched out on the sofa. Just then I got a call from my boss and he said "I heard you had an accident like a pre-schooler today" I was really embarrassed and wondered how she found out. She said that our employees are known for being the best, and accidents only happen to losers and babies. I almost told her it was her fault, but I like my job, so I said "I'm sorry, I just couldn't get the bathroom in time" and she said "Well, the next time it happens, don't bother coming back" I couldn't believe it

See you all soon!

To the person who wrote:
"why is my poo green?? everyday all the time"

The answer is, nobody knows...It could be something to do with your body chemistry or something in particular that you eat. My poo changes color depending on what I eat. If I eat Spinich, I poo green the next day. Some foods turn my poo the color of brown mustard, other foods very dark brown. It is very strange when you pull down your panties and discover green skidmarks.

Cute & Shy
Hey everyone!
During the time I've been absent, a lot of interesting things happened to me, so I'll be posting a few stories soon. I should begin next week, so please, include me in your imaginary 'active posters' list. Lol

To Mr. Clogs
Hey! How are you? I remember you from the late 1400 pages when I was an active poster. What have you been up to?

To A.W
Hey friend! I see you haven't went anywhere! How are you?

To Susan:

Well to answer your question, yes I do wear diapers at night sometimes.
When do I wet my jeans? I do it sometimes if I am out playing volleyball or softball. If I really have to pee and there is no place around to go, I squat down and wet my jeans or shorts what ever I may have on at the time. I feel its better then holding it.
Okies, byez

to bubba turd - nice story keep them coming, if you have another accident story id love to hear it

I have only been seen on the toilet by a woman twice (not including when I was a little kid).

Once I was taking a dump at home after a party and my wife suddenly barged into the bathroom. She saw me on the toilet, froze for a moment and then turned and puked in the sink. She had a few too many drinks that night and had passed out on the couch, but awoke and realized she was going to throw up. I guess it's a good thing I left the door cracked a little bit or she might have puked on the floor.

The other time was a few years prior to that. I used to hang out this arthouse theater in the city and would meet friends there for midnight shows. The same twenty or so people used to hang out in the basement which was a second lobby and was also where the bathrooms were located.

One night I had to take a shit and adjourned to the men's room. The bathroom had two urinals and one toilet. The toilet had a stall but no door. I didn't really care so I dropped trou and sat on the toilet and started dumping a load. All of a sudden I hear girls' voices inside the bathroom. Turns out a few of the regular girls decided to enter the men's room just to see what it was like. They commented on how surprisingly clean it was before they saw my feet.

One of them said, "Oh Jesus, someone's on the toilet!" Another said, "Who's in there?" I said my name. The three girls walked over to the stall and peaked inside. They shared a giggle when they saw me on the toilet with my pants and underwear around my ankles. I just waved at them and said, "Hi." They all said, "Hi." We all kind of stared at each other for a second when one of them finally said, "I guess you'd like to finish pooping." I said, "I suppose." They all walked out and I queezed out a few more chunks and wiped my ass.

I went outside smiled at them as I walked over to where the people I came with were standing. I was surprised at how non-embarrassing it was. It was really just kind of funny and weird.

Hey all, MK again! Haven't had a chance to post in a few weeks, but have been reading. I saw a few other college aged posters and would love their stories about college pooping! :) I remember freshman quickly had to adjust to going from the comfort of mom and dad's home to a public bathroom! It was sooooo hard at first.

I attended a wedding last weekend, and it was beautiful! My friend Jenna looked gorgeous. After the ceremony there was a little break before going to the reception, and on the way there I started to feel like I had to poop. I fought it off for a while and kinda forgot about it until after the meal. I started dancing and while jumping around let a small fart out by accident - oops! I deciced I better go take a dump so I could enjoy dancing for the rest of the night. So, I told a friend about my predicament and she said there was another restroom down the hall that most people didn't know about.

So, down I went and was surprised to see one of the two stalls taken! It was a little awkward, but I decided to take the other one and wait and see what was going to happen. As I walked by, I glanced in and saw a lot of pink - it was one of the bridesmaids!! Even though a few are friends of mine, two are also sisters of the groom that I don't know all that well. So, I hesitated to say anything in case it was one of the sisters. I took my stall and as I did, the girl next door flushed. But she didn't get up!!

Now it was silent and I got really embarrassed. I could tell from how my neighbor was sitting, she had her toes on the ground but heels off - total pooping posture. I actually considered just peeing and leaving, but I'd already had a few drinks so I guess I didn't care as much to be polite :) After what seemed like forever of silence, I started my pee and a "pfff" fart. Just as I stopped, the bridesmaid flushed again and just as the flush stopped I heard a big plop! That wasn't all...she released three more plops one after another with a sigh. Ewwww, it really stunk!!! It had that poop that's been trapped all day smell...aww, the poor thing!

I thought what the hell and started my own dump. I pooped out two logs, both solid and felt great. The neighbor started wiping and flushed. She got up, fixed herself and left. I was curious to see who it was so I stood up and looked out the crack. It was one of the sisters, the older one about 26 named Melinda. She seemed to rush through the hand washing, probably wanting to escape before being seen. She left and I finished up. As I walked by her stall, I peeked in and saw a few skid marks. Between those and the smell, she must have had quite the dump. I cleaned up and made my way back to the party. Afterwards I saw her dancing with her date and thought "I bet he has no idea what she did earlier!!"

Love comments and other stories from college agers! Hope everyone is having a great summer. :)

Kelly P
Hi everyone, I'm wondering if there are other couples who really like to go to the bathroom together like we do. We've been married 8 years now and I still get a big kick out of seeing my husband go, either standing up or sitting down. I know he feels the same way about me. For us, sharing the bathroom is one of the great advantages of marriage, but I don't suppose you necessarily need to be married to enjoy it. I remember that we liked to pee together before we were married.

One of our favorite things is to go together in those one-person bathrooms that some restaurants have. At first I was embarrassed when people stared at us when we came out together, but now I rather like it. I've noticed that at first they look confused, then they look upset, then some get this dreamy look and you know they're imagining going with somebody. Hee, hee.

When we visit my husband's parents it's about a three hour drive and we usually stop at a gas station and convenience store about half way. They keep their restrooms nice and clean and their mens room is one of our favorites. It's meant for one person because the outside door locks, but it has both a urinal and a toilet side by side, I guess so guys can have their choice. I use my TravelMate funnel to go in the urinal while my husband sits on the toilet. We love the role reversal. The lady who usually runs the place has got to know us and she knows we go together but I bet she doesn't know which way we like to go. I wonder what she would think if she knew?

Our most favorite of all is the two-hole outhouse at a very isolated cabin we rent for a week each August. It's quite comfortable with regular toilet seats over the holes. We always go together, and the seats are close enough together so our legs touch. My husband usually puts his arm around my waist, too. We both have a tendency to get constipated when we're away from home, so we spend a lot of time there grunting together, which I love. We like to talk and grunt at the same time so our voices go funny. That way we feel like we're really sharing.

We also really like to help each other go when were constipated, but this is getting long, so maybe I'll tell about that another time. Meanwhile, if there are other couples who enjoy sharing the bathroom, we'd love to hear what you do.

Public Bathrooms Suck
I read your story Brenda, and it reminded me of something very similar that happened to me. I almost always try to go poo at home, where I can have my privacy for the lengthy ordeal.

I don't know why, but I only feel the urge about twice a week, so this makes for lengthy sessions on the toilet and huge poos. Two weeks ago, I was at the mall and felt the beginnings of an urge to poo, but I could still hold it for a bit. I quickly went to the register to pay, so I could rush home, but wouldn't you know it? There's a line, so I have to wait there.

By the time I finished paying, I was in some distress and knew there was no way I could make it home without soiling myself, so I resigned to using the mall's bathrooms. Now, the reason that I avoid public bathrooms isn't because they're unclean, or even because I'm afraid I'll clog the toilet. No, I avoid it because they are open to teenagers. Ugh.

I don't want to come across hating against all teenagers - but some of you guys do give the rest a bad name. Almost all of my experiences in a public toilet were ruined by annoying teenagers. Having phone calls or looking in the mirror and fixing makeup, all while I'm struggling to push out a big poo.

But by far, this last experience was the worst. I, like Brenda, tend to lean forward on the toilet to help the poo out and I sometimes am vocal with my efforts.

So, anyway back to the story. I took the furthest stall and sat down, prepared to push for a while. As I felt the head of my poo get into position, I slid forward a little. Of course, rowdy teenagers had to come in. They're talking amongst themselves, all very loudly, but finally they all take their stalls.

Alright, I thought, finally back to peace. I quietly grunted, and let out some smelly farts. Now, the group of friends all start laughing and going "ew, she's pooping" "that's soo gross" "Ewww, who died in here?"

I'm very self-conscious, especially about bathroom habits, so comments like that don't help. It's very frustrating, because saying something gets me nowhere, just attitude and lip. And I know their poo doesn't smell like roses either!

But at least I can take solace in the fact that somewhere along the line, they'll get caught having to do a public poo, and hopefully they'll get ridiculed. I know it's mean, but I just don't feel like being nice to them.

Still on the move. We have left the mountains for a while. Tonight we have camped in a wood with low pinetrees near a beach. At the same site a German couple and a group of Polish campers. The German woman was obviously not shy about toilet habits because she walked away into the bushes with the roll of toilet paper in her hands. Everyone in my family tries to hide it a bit, perhaps except my father. Yesterday evening I saw one of the Polish men squat. My uncle and aunt say with us now and I have noted that they also go to toilet in the woods. Yesterday I noted that my sister went to the same place as I had used and sure she must have seen my shit. Luckily she did not comment it. Some days back we stayed at the same site as two biking girls. I saw both of them pee and one of them in the morning walked in on me just as I was about to pull up my throuses again. Luckily I did not know her but still it was a bit embarrassing. She just smiled. I think she was Danish cause they had a Danish flag on one of the bikes.

I've been doing good about the pooping issue. I've changed my diet to include more fibre and drinking more water and eating smaller meals at a time and I've been pooping almost every day...latest every other day rather than the once-a-week schedule I was on before. It's making me feel a lot healthier and happier.

For the past few days I've had semi-solid, large poops.

Tonight so far I've had diarrhea twice. I think my stomach is trying to push everything out and perhaps it didn't agree with what I ate, which was BBQ chicken and green onion in a tortilla. Maybe the chicken was a little too greasy for my stomach to handle.

The first time I had diarrhea it was a small wave and I had to wait and try to push gently to see if anything else would come out. Lots of gas and one small wavy of mushy/liquidy poop. Nothing else came out.

The second time came within half an hour. Tons of loud explosive gas and tons of mushy/liquid poop, at least two large waves before my body decided it was finished.

I don't know if I'll continue having more diarrhea later, but my stomach is slowly getting smaller and I'm feeling less and less sick every day. The gas and bloating these days is minimum.

To bubba turd: Great story, mate. Keep them coming :)

Chris ( aka Toast)
Hey its me again, I wanted to share a story, its not terribly tradgic like one my last few storys have been as few and far between. This one takes place in Austin Texas. I was in a Hotel call'd Crown Plaza, I'ts a very nice hotell in every aspect exept the restroom wich I deem woefully inadiquate, there hardly more than a closet and the toilet is much to close to the door and there is no vent fan so if the sink that i thought to turn on hadn't been so noisy my dad whom I had been rooming with would have heard everything and as normal as this may be for many hear, it would be horribly emmbarasing for me.

Also, I dont know what I ate but I Pooped and than wiped it was realy gouy and took 6 hands of TP to get simi clean forget totaly clean.
Well i just though i would share this. I would like to hear your thoughts on the matter. Chris

Today I was at college reading a text in the hall. A very attractive woman was walking around the hall looking for the ladies restroom; the restrooms are not in the same hall and are confusing to find. I pointed towards the hallway, and she promptly entered the restroom. I heard the stall door slam and rustling of clothes. Then she farted real loud on the toilet, like she exploded poop. She dropped about 3 turds in quick succession, following by a peeing. Then she tore off some toilet paper but then dropped another 3 or 4 turds. By then, the bad smell had come out in the hall. After she flushed, she exited, using another entrance, as if she was embarrassed.

i love pee stories especially when girls are desperate too pee!
so please more desperate stories from girls!!

TO LAUREN" I have an interesting situation which prevents me from getting to the toilet at times. At my work there is a flat above my office and our toilet is outside and locked so only we can use it. Sometimes I work Friday and Saturday nights ( for convenience) and the boys upstairs often have a party. When I want a wee I do it in a cup and pour it down the sink and run plenty of water. Urine is slightly more sterile than Sydney tap water. I do this because I do not want to push past a few dozen drunked teenagers to get to the toilet, unlock it go itn etc. So far it has only been for a pee but what about a poo? If needs be I would use the garbage bin with the platic bag linning it but have not reached that stage. I certainly would not hold my poo, due to my bowel condition and it would be much better than crapping my pants.

Pat can you tell some more stories about you and tayna

And can we have some girl swim/bathing suit stories please everyone

Whitewater xx

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