To Emmi: Hi, Emmi, I'm Melissa and I used to post here quite regularly about 7 or 8 years ago when I was still in school. Most of my stories concerned my sister Melanie and me and the way our mom used to treat us. I think my posts start around page 200. I still read quite regularly but I don't get much time to post these days. You reminded me of old times Emmi so here is something that happened to me just a few weeks ago.

I had arrived at my office very early that morning to meet some deadlines. With the work done and mid-morning approaching I decided to take a break and drove over to the mall. Well, I think the walking and a large Starbucks conspired together because I started to feel I should visit the ladies room.

At that time of the morning this particular mall is never too busy so it didn't surprise me when I found I had the little three stall restroom all to myself. I sat down listening to the quiet and letting it relax me. As so often happens with me when I sit on the toilet, the urge to do a poo, which had driven me here in the first place had now almost disappeared. But I knew it would come back in its own good time and so I just rested my chin in my hands with my elbows on my knees and sat there on the stool absently staring at the floor.

I must have been almost asleep because I jumped as someone came in and took the furthest stall on my left. She started to pee, and almost immediately someone else came in and took the middle stall next to me.
I glanced under the partition and saw a pair of hands pushing jeans all the way down to ankle level over a pair of smallish blue and white sneakers. A pair of pale blue panties followed, resting on top of the jeans. The woman who was peeing was now finishing her stream and pulling toilet paper from the roll. She quickly wiped, flushed the toilet, washed her hands and disappeared.

Everything was now peaceful again and I relaxed hoping my poo would soon begin. That's when I heard a soft groan from the next stall, soon followed by a much louder moan . Without a thought I called out "Are you OK honey?" There was a hesitant "Yes" and silence. I glanced under the partition and saw her start to rock her feet up and down on her heels and I guessed she must be straining, and probably quite hard.
It was then I felt my own urge to do a poo return and I made myself comfortable once more, this time leaning forward on my arms which I folded and rested on my knees. The urge to poo got stronger and at last I felt my ring slowly begin to open.

I was just beginning to enjoy the feelings and sensations when I heard a loud painful cry from the next stall as if she had been holding a very deep breath for a long time. "Are you sure you are OK" I asked. There was a sob and she tearfully answered "I can't go… hurts too much." I asked her if it was her ???? that was hurting and with a whimper she said "Nooooo… butt".

"Is anything coming out" I said quietly, and she moaned again "Yes…sob…a little bit… but it hurts so bad now". "Oh sweetie I know" and I recalled the countless times I had nearly cried in pain as a huge poo had forced my ring to open impossibly wide. "I'm Melissa by the way". "I'm Sharon" she answered still getting her breath back. "How old are you sweetheart" I added. "Thirteen she replied". I managed a small giggle and told her I was nearly twice that. She giggled back "OK".
By this time I could tell I was opened very nicely. I could feel my ring was fully stretched to the point where the slight pain was actually pure pleasure. I was pretty sure the nose of my poo was fully out. But as often happens it was very very slow and I knew I would likely be sitting on the stool for quite a bit longer. I sighed with satisfaction at the wonderful feelings as it hung from my rear end.

Sharon obviously heard me and in a very soft but strained voice asked "Have you started going yet?". "Yes" I replied….."It's just starting to come out" I couldn't believe I was discussing such a personal activity with a teenager I didn't even know.

I suddenly thought of what I had learned from all the really difficult poos I have had and whispered; "Sharon, you know what I do when it gets stuck? Open your knees sweetheart and lean forward as far as you can, and hold your ankles. It'll help open your bottom" I saw her feet move a little and her hands come down to grip her legs just above her rumpled jeans and panties. She cried out again, a long painful cry, and then a huge splash. She caught her breath and I could hear her straining again. She was still holding her ankles tight when a second loud splash seemed to echo around the small restroom. She let go her ankles and gave a huge sigh of relief.

"Are you done?" I asked. "Yeah….I think so" she answered, still out of breath. "My butt still hurts real bad". She waited a little, tore off some toilet paper, wiped once, then flushed and pulled up her clothes. As she was doing that I started once more to savor the enjoyment of my poo which was still hanging from my rear. Sharon left her stall and just as I felt my poo begin to ease a little faster past my ring I saw she was stood outside my stall looking in through the gap between the door of the partition. Normally I would have been upset at anyone doing that but somehow, this time, I really didn't mind at all.

"Is yours stuck too" she asked through the gap. "No…I think its coming out….slowly" I answered. And at that I felt it move a little faster and then wonderful relief as it passed out of me completely and slid silently into the waiting water. I sighed, looked up at her and smiled. "Ooooo….that feels better." I stood up, wiped, flushed, straightened my clothes, and opened the stall door. As I smiled at Sharon she looked up at me and with a rather shy smile whispered a very quiet "Thank you." She was such a sweet little thing and I knew exactly what she meant. I just put my arms around her and we must have stood there for a good fifteen seconds just hugging each other.

Love you all, specially all my old friends who are still here - Melissa xxx

Southern Belle Shelby Sue
Below are my answers to Christine's public bathroom survey:

1) Do you ever put off or refuse to use a public toilet when you need to? Why? If I'm only 5 or 10 minutes away from home I'm probably going to hold it until I get there. I can pretty much guarantee that my apartment's toilet and bathroom is cleaner than most I would use away from home.
2. If several stalls are available, which do you select and why? My requirements are minimal: door, dry seat, toilet paper.
3. Do you wipe the seat off before sitting on it? Why? Only if it's wet. Unlike some of the others, however, I'm not going to wipe and sit. My butt has never directly touched a public toilet seat and I'm not about to start now.
4. If toilet paper or seat protectors are available, do you put them down before seating yourself? Why or why not? I prefer the circular-type of toilet seat tissues and I generally will pull off 2 or 3 to put down. When I'm in large public places that doesn't have them, I carefully place 2 or 3 layers of toilet paper over the front and both sides of the seat. I do that because that's what we were taught in our family and it makes sense.
5. Have you ever finished a messy crap, only to find there's no toilet paper left on the roll? What do you do? It's impossible for me to ever be in a situation like that because if there's not enough paper to cover the seat, I'm not about to use the stall. Within a minute of checking out the supplies and conditions of the stall, I know whether I'm going to stay to use it or not. About 50% of the time I will go to another stall, even if it means waiting in line. Friends have asked me if it pisses me off to be waiting in another line and see 5 or 6 others use the toilet I rejected. My response is hell butt's not going to be a human sponge.
6. Do you flush with your hand or foot. It's easier and faster for me to put my left foot up. Otherwise, I wrap my hand in toilet paper before I flush.
7. How often do you thoroughly wash your hands? Each time I use a stall. There's usually not a lot of women using the sinks, sad to say.
8. What has most influenced your habits and procedures? Parent? Friends? Time available? Long-standing habits? All of these! I've always been pretty clean about myself.
9. Your gender? Age? Female, 33.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

To: JACK : For the $550 + dollars you spent on tires, Sears could have bought three stall doors for the mens bathroom, and you guys could have shit with a lot more privacy. Who wants to watch each other grunt, grimace and wipe their asses? Nobody I know, thats for sure...and the auto department manager should have a bit of privacy from the customers while he shits... I bet the womens restroom all have stall doors.

A story from my childhood...Tonya and I were playing at my house. We were both about 8 at the time. Suddenly, she comes up to me and says, "I went pee." I had heard what she said but I couldn't believe it, because she never had accidents. So I asked Tonya to repeat. "I went pee. I went like this and went pee," she said, making some dance move with her hips. I looked down and sure enough, there was a softball-sized wet spot on her pants. Fortunately, she was wearing dark blue pants, so it was not too noticable. We kept the secret that she peed her pants between the two of us and no one else found out.

rick: I had to go so bad once, I found a cup underneath a changing room bench at the walmart and peed in that then put it back in a corner

I have a quick story. I was on the phone with an old friend I hadn't spoken with since high school. I felt the urge to poop when she called. I knew that this would be a long convesation so I prepared to hold it. The urge began to get pretty bad and I knew I'd have to go soon. After an hour of talking I knew I would have a load in my panties if this didn't hurry up. I held on for another 15 minutes and I wasn't about to interrupt our conversation so I regretfully let myself have a poopy accident in my panties. It was soft and it crackled audibly as it came out. The conversation ended fifteen minutes later. I went into the bathroom to inspect the damage. I pulled down my jeans to reveal my white panties with a large brown lump in the seat. This is my second poopy panties accident this week. And no I don't enjoy accidents at all. Even though I am very accident prone and have about two poopy panty accidents a month. I'll post about my accident earlier this week next time.

I was thinking earlier about my ex-girlfriend and I realized something interesting. Whenever I saw her on the toilet, she was relaxed around me, with her pants around her ankles. I won't say I didn't like it, but that was perhaps the only part of the relationship I did like.

My current girlfriend is much more modest. The only time I've seen her on the toilet so far she was kind of shy, her jeans were barely down just far enough to go. But the interesting thing is, although the bathroom scene is a bit of a let down right now, we get along better in every other way.

I dunno, maybe I think too much, but I thought there might be a connection. Or it could all just be randomly stringing two unrelated events together and calling it a conclusion. I dunno.

Journey back with me to a simpler time... that of youthful innocence. The year was 1998 - lol I know not that far back, but work with me - and I was just a schoolgirl, 8 years old.

I was at a park nearby our houses playing with a male friend of mine. Perhaps then I would have called him my "boyfriend", but he was more of a youthful crush... something that never matures. Anyway, as time wore on I felt the intensifying urge to pee. I told my friend I was going to the bathroom.

When I got to the restrooms, I saw an awful sight - the girls' room was closed for repairs. I wasn't about to go into the mens' room, so I wandered back to play some more. It wasn't too long, before I was in agony. My friend began to notice and asked what was wrong.

I explained the whole situation to him and he reacted with kindness. He even offered to stand guard while I used the mens' room. I was dying to pee now, so I took him up on the offer. As it turned out, there was no one in the bathroom anyway, so I was worried over nothing.

Using a toilet I knew I wasn't supposed to use was an odd experience. I almost couldn't pee, but eventually my bladder gave away and I let the pee rush into the bowl below. I relief was so amazing!

My friend must have heard because he said I must have really had to go bad. I got embarrassed but managed a shy "yeah". We went back to playing though and I forgot all about my embarrassment after a while.

Pat- Yeah she was very understanding. We didnt even have to ask to go we just could after that.

Responder- Sorry but thats all the accident stories i can think right now. If anything else happens ill post it here right away

To: Carlo and Larry: hey guys I used a doorless stall yesrerday at Sears. This restroom had only 3 stalls and none had doors. I was waiting for my tire installation to complete, so I thought I would relax for a while. I took a magazine from the waiting room in the auto dept. and went in. This bathroom was not as clean as the ones you guys visited. There was very little air-conditioning or venting for that matter, and there was already one guy shitting, and you could smell a combination of his shit, and stale shit odors from previous men. But I loosened my jeans, dropped my briefs, and sat down. It felt good to sit and shit, and I added to the stench. I read the magazine, and sat there maybe 20 minutes, when the entry door open up and in walks the service manager of the auto dept. he saw me and said "Hello, Mr. ----------" I said "hi Bill, how are my tires coming along?" "They are nearly done" he replied, as he dropped his workpants and sat down in my neighboring stall, and started shitting. "Wow, you really hadda go? I said" He said he was holding it in for a while, because customers kept walking in. We laughed and both farted and shit. Eventually we both wiped our asses, and flushed. We washed our hands and walked back to the auto dept. According to my calculations., That shit cost me $553.75 .....LOL

To Rebecca: Rebecca honey this is sooo typical of mothers who can't or won't control their children. I am surprised you didn't just explode when he started crawling under the door. I can certainly understand you getting extremely upset when he asks you directly if you are pooping. That is so personal, made even worse by the fact that he is a little "boy" and you are in such an uncompromising and vulnerable position. Full marks for keeping your cool as long as you did.

To Lone Ranger: After Rebecca's and my experiences, it's interesting to see that little boys also do this in the men's room. Again, you are right in the middle of your BM and you can't move and I'm sure you also felt rather helpless and vulnerable. All you can do is try and cover up as best you can so the child hopefully doesn't see too much of what they are not supposed to see.

Now, as if little boy's, who look under the doors and try crawl under the partitions are not enough, I have discovered that unruly teenagers can be equally disturbing.

This last Saturday I spent almost the entire day shopping at the mall and given that it was now the third day during which I had not relieved my bowels, I wasn't surprised when in the middle of the afternoon I felt the need to sit on the toilet. The restroom was small and tucked away in a corner with only five stalls offering privacy and quiet.
The furthest stall, which I would have preferred was occupied, and I didn't want the one closest to the door, so I chose the middle. I settled in, made myself nice and comfortable on the pot and relaxed. The person in the end stall had obviously finished because she flushed, washed her hands and left. I was now alone in peace and quiet and I started to pee. It was a surprisingly long pee but as my stream began to weaken I felt the pressure building just inside of my ring letting me know my BM was about to start.

I leaned forward all the way and eased towards the very front of the seat as I always do for a BM. I reached behind and gently parted my cheeks which I think makes it a little easier for it to come out and very definitely makes it less messy. Almost immediately the nose of my poo started to emerge and very very slowly opened my ring further and further. I could tell it was quite solid, rather dry and fairly large because for about 2 or 3 minutes I felt it sliding out of me, albeit with excruciatingly slowness until it just stopped.

Then suddenly the restroom door burst open with a bang and the excited noise, chatter and laughter of a group of teenage girls filled the restroom. I was so startled I felt my ring try to shut but it was held firmly open by the hardness of my BM. I couldn't tell how many girls there were but it soon became apparent that the main topic of the shouting was who had the most urgent need to go. In no time all the stalls were filled and I got the impression that it wasn't so much who most desperately needed to go, as it was who could secure a stall first. On my left and right I could see sneakers and bare legs and hear noisy pee streams hissing and splashing from both girls as they obviously forced their pee out to get back to whatever they were doing before.
The shouting and rowdiness continued undiminished but all I could do was to sit there looking at the floor. I couldn't move because my BM was halfway out, but I did become aware of shadows on the floor. I managed to turn my head and looked up to see the two girls on either side of me were laughing and giggling at each other across the partitions and looking down on me.

I heard one of them say OMG and both of them erupted in squeals of laughter only to be interrupted by their friends shouting at them to come on. I felt completely violated and my humiliation was totally completed when as they left I heard a conversation that went something like; "Somebody else is in there"…"Yeah (giggles) she's taking a shit (giggles and laughter)"….."Ewww that's gross"…."Well she is"…(more laughter).

The door closed and the noise quickly faded but it left me feeling deeply humiliated.

why is my poo green?? everyday all the time

To Blissey...I've been reading your stories for a while and the way you describe them are a bit funny in a way. I do feel sorry that you have to keep going through stomach ordeals. Hope you get well soon!

Age: 15
Sex: Female
Have you ever pissed in a bootle in your bedroom, computer room: nope
How often do you have a peeing accident or wet yourself on purpose: not since grade school
Do you ever wet your bed on purpose: nope
Have you ever pissed in a Doctors office while being checked out: nope
Do you ever pee on the floor on purpose: no
Do you pee on the floor in the changing room: nope
Have you ever peed in a sink: no
Do you wipe when you pee: yes
Do you ever pee pants on purpose: no
Do you like the feeling of wet panties: i might.
Do you change your wet panties or do you remain in them for a period of time: dont know yet. when it happens and it's not a situation where my mommy gets called to bring me a clean change... then i'll tell you.
Do you always wash your hands after peeing: unless i'm in a porta potty, yes.
Have you ever pissed or pooped in your bed: not recently
Have you ever pissed other places in your house other then the bathroom: yeah, kitchen floor.

sooo yeah..
my bathroom door needs a better lock, i got walked in on. when i shower, i usually turn on the shower, so it can warm up, i use the toilet quickly, usually just for a pee, sometimes poo if i know it'll be a quick one that cant wait until after my shower... and yeah. i had just sat down when my mom unlocks the door with her fingernail, opens it, says sorry, and then closes it. it baffles me, how she didnt figure out someone needed privacy.. thats what locks are for.


This is for Christine's using a public bathroom survey. Since my boyfriend Joe is with me, he's going to take it too.

1) Do you ever put off or refuse to use a public toilet when you need
to? Why?
S: I'm a year-round student in junior college and do one commute a
day to campus. I usually pee at least twice and crap once.
J: Although a student, I'm working full-time this summer making
deliveries for a courier service. I pee regularly when I have to
usually at gas stations (I deliver auto parts) but I hold my crap
until I get back to our apartment.
2) If several stalls are available, which do you select and why?
S: I guess it's just habit. But my eyes focus on the middle one or
close to it.
J: It's the urinals for me, of course. When there aren't urinals
like in gas stations and c-stores, I just take paper for my hand
and lift the seat to pee. I guess I'm a little neater than many
of the other guys. I hang onto that paper and will wipe any pee
off the front of the bowl before I leave.
3) Do you wipe the seat off before sitting on it?
S: No--it's a waste of time and paper.
J: Yes--when I was growing up and out with my dad at stadium games
and in other public buildings, he would line the seat with paper
before I could sit and shit. I thought it sucked, but I didn't
dare to defy him. He didn't like debates. Then once about 5 years
ago we were at the Super Bowl. I peed, he took a stall and I
peeked in on him and saw him sitting right on the seat. He had
his dick hanging on the front of the bowl, something he criticized
me for when I was really young and inexperienced. I didn't didn't
say anything, although Sonya thinks I should have!
4) If toilet paper or seat protectors are available do you put them down
before seating yourself? Why or why not?
S: No. I've walked into too many stalls, and the toilet paper strown
over the floor sticks to my shoes. Once when I was in middle
school I had to pee real badly and forgot to latch the door. Some
girl comes running into the door, has her bookbag already being
slung to the floor, and to prevent from being hit by it a second
time, I slid myself to the back of the seat. My feet went out from
under me when I slipped on a couple of sheets of toilet paper on
the floor from the previous user.
J: Another argument for why I save my craps for home.
5) Have you ever flushed a messy crap, only to find there's no TP left
on the roll? What do you do?
S: I always check the amount available before selecting my crapping
toilet. With peeing, I'm less particular.
J: Another argument for why I save my craps for home.
6) Do you flush with your hand or foot?
S: I have to be seated in order to get enough strength with my hand.
If not, I use my right foot.
J: Since I'm left-handed, my answer is obvious. Too many urinal and
toilet users don't flush. Do I deserve the smell and gross bowls
they leave behind?
7) How often do you thoroughly wash your hands?
S: I try, but if I get burned by hot water or if the soap dispenser
is busted or empty, I probably give up too easily.
J: If I'm the only one in the bathroom (like in a gas station), I
will wash my hands. But in places like stadiums and auditoriums
the lines are too long and the liquid soap (if there's any left)
is too messy. Much of the time, I will try to run at least some
water over my hands.
8) What has most influenced your habits/procedures?
S: Trying to get on the stool, to successfully shit or pee, and out
of the stall as fast as possible. I've learned that from 15 years
of using toilets at school. And it's carried over to other
situations, too.
J: My dad. He belittled me once in front of one of my friends at a
program at high school. I was a freshman and a lot more sensitive
then. He and mom were in the auditorium and I excused myself to
go to the bathroom. At school, just like my friends, I enjoyed
just sitting down and crapping like normal. Well, about about 5
minutes he walks in to use the urinal and here I am in one of the
open stalls sitting on the bare seat. Now do you understand why I
save it for home?
9) Gender/age:
S: F/21
J: M/23

Mr. Clogs
Someone asked if I ever taken a dump or piss on a dead fly or dead creature that fell in the toilet, sure lots of times. I remembered I pissed in a big looked like a cock roach in a urinal. It was fun, what would be even cooler if the bug was still alive and you kill it with your intoxicating piss or poop.

Anny: Congratulations!!! You did it! Finally took that well needed dump making a nice firm loaf in the bowl. Keep the posts coming.

Punk Rock Girl: Always an honor to read your posts, it's nice to hear that you had a pretty good and most of all relaxing dump without all the symptoms associated with taking a dump.

Veronika: I like your response to Arizona Lurker, I see you have nice tastes in underwear if you know what I mean.

--Mr. Clogs

TO ROB The big question is does your g/f dump when you are around? I think you will just have to shit at her place if you want the relationship to continue. It is all really funny (strange)....we share and see all these intimate details with our g/f or b/f and see them naked continually and share emotions..... so why not a good poo????
After all we all poo so what are we waiting for. I think when you can poo when the other is around then it puts the relationship to a new level. My wife said on our wedding night (just to me) ..that she knew I might be the one because she could "go to the toilet" when I was around.
ROB...please report back.
Now to my subject...I have been having lots of fibre but the meds I am on is making my poos big and very hard...yesterday I was on the pot really grunting and leaning forward and my wife flew into the bathroom to tell me something and talking at a million miles an hour. I find my poos are real grunters,thick and big but they take so much effort to eject. Also i alawys feel there is more inside me. This morning I took my laxative, went to the gym...showered and shaved...came home...had breakfast and then suddenly and urgently onto the poured out so easily and I feel so much arse thanks me!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

To Amy:
You say you have some protection to keep your bed from getting dirty when you

poop. You mean like diapers or like a sheet? Do you have them on every night

in case you want to go at night?
Also, in what circumstances do you like to wet your jeans (you said


To Rebecca
Welcome on this forum! (Nice to meet you, too!)
Funny story about the little boy, Benny! :)

To Nick
Cool story, I'm sorry for you friend, though!

To Olivia
I really liked you story about your teacher. That's really nice of you,

helping her by checking if her diaper was showing and feeling bad for her!

To Katie
To bad your friend had those accidents, but it's really nice of you to help

her the way you did! Did you ever have an accident in front of her?

To Carmen
Welcome! I'll fill out your quiz:
(1) Have you ever pooped in the shower, accidentaly or on purpose. Nope.
(2) When you were a child, did you ever see a child of the opposite sex go to

the bathroom. No, I don't remember.
(3) When you were a child, did your parents ever go out of their way, trying

to make you go poop? Nope.
(4) What was your most embarrasing moment relating to your bodily functions

(i.e., accident, someone hearing you on the crapper, someone watching or

walking in on you, ect.) Lots of accidents! During the day, but I've also wet

the bed at a sleepover: that was embarressing!

To 'So imbarrassed'
I hope your parents were not mad at you, it was not your fault you had an

accident. If they do get mad, don't worry because you did the right thing:

many people would've just hold it and have an accident, but you at least tried

to handle the situation with the newspapers. Please don't be embarrassed!

To 18/F
Nice story.

To You dont need to know!
I am very much like you! I also wet myself rather often - though not every

other day - and I also like to wet the bed sometimes, but also not so many

times as you. I wouldn't dare doing something like peeing while the doctor is

examining me, like you did, though. Very brave!
I'll post a story when I have time again.
And, please pick a name, it can be a nickname, but it will help to respond to

your posts! Thank you.

To Angela
Wow! 0_o So you poop 4 times 20 to 30 minutes + 10 minutes to get started a

day, that's 4*(10+20) to 4*(10+30). So you spend between 2 hours and 2 hours

and fourty-five minutes on the toilet a day! That's a lot of time. How do you

manage this at school?

To Anne
Really nice of you to help you friend Megan. Too bad she had those accidents.

If she had any more (or you or an other friend did), can you please post about

them? Thanks.


mike v.

Survey 1

1// When was your last accident, if you ever had any?
My last real accident was age 15 on the way home from a long football practice. Had been putting off the urge until i got home since 3rd period, but just didn't quite make it. It was a full load - about 3 days worth as I had been ignoring the urge when I felt it in the mornings at school for most of the week.

2// Has anyone ever witness you while you were doing your business?
No, I'm very private.

3// Have you ever witnessed anyone?

4// Describe it.

5// Have you ever gone in an awkward area, place, thing?
Whenever I get the urge in a public place I usually hold it in until I am home later. However, if I start needing a whiz on top of a bm I will begrudgingly use the public toilet. A full bladder and bowel make an alarmingly uncomfortable amount of pressure together for me, so I am able to look past my shyness because of the fear of peeing and pooping my pants in public.

6// How old are you?

Survey 2

1 What is your gender?

2 What is your age?

3 How would you describe your body?
Tall and athletic

4 How often do you poop?
I get the urge on most days, but generally only go every 2 to 3 days. I prefer using the toilet for pooping only at home.

5 How long does it take you to get started, after sitting down?
My poop starts coming out immediately, sometimes before i'm all the way seated

6 How long takes the complete pooping session?
less than 5 minutes, including a pee

7 Do you enjoy watching others poop?
never have

8 How much time took your longest pooping session you can remember?
no more than an hour. i am rarely that constipated

9 does your poop come out in one wave, or do you have to pause between the turds?
My poop is usually one wave/huge turd. Since I don't poop often, I really have to go once I finally sit down on the toilet, and my body just kind of involuntarily pushes it all out at once.

10 How many pieces do you produce while pooping? usually one giant thick long log

11 Do you fart, while pooping?
Sometimes, if i've been holding it for a while

12 Do you shart while pooping?

13 Are these questions annoying?

bubba turd
One time I really had a major accident was in summer camp when I was in high school. The camp was only a week long and the cabin bathrooms were really gross, which is what happens when i bunch of teenage dudes share one, so i figured i could just hold in my poop until I got back. The only problem was the greasy camp food, that I was eating a lot of. The cafeteria was a buffet so I had plate after plate for all three meals. After only a few days, I started to feel really bloated and gassy. Usually I could realive the pressure by purging the gas, but sometimes the cafeteria food came back to get me. I would think I was letting a fart seep out but instead there was wet warm liquid poop coating my butt. The liquishit came in waves and After a while the poop inside of me would re solidify into logs so I could fart again. I farted so much in my sleeping bag at night and stuck my head under there to enjoy the overwhelming stink. At first my farts smelled kind of like the camp food but after a few days of not pooping they began to smell really strongly like turds. Soon i was always surrounded by the stench of my farts and my colon started to get really full. When a turtle head started to poke out I would stop what I was doing and clench up my butt muscles until it slid back in. I had to do it more and more as my huge poop load got even bigger. I couldnt do the camp activities and just said I felt sick because I was afraid all the logs would come out if I did anything. Instead I would eat a bunch of leftovers from the cafeteria and go back to my sleeping back to take a nap. I could barely sleep because I was so caught up in enjoying my nonstop farting and the sensations that come with a huge load of poop. On the last day of camp I was dutch ovening myself in the sleeping bag, letting the head of the first log inch out and then squeezing it back in as thick dry farts squeezed out. My O ring was stretching really wide and I guess I just got too caught up in how amazing it felt I was shaking and shivering as the log moved in and out. All of a sudden I realized my hole had closed around the thickest part of the log, the front, and I could feel motion as the thinner shaft inched out my hole. The tip of the log was touching my briefs and I realized that seven days of poop was about the come out whether I liked it or not. I slowly got out of my sleeping bag, trying not to let the half-out log come out any more. Luckily the cabin was almost deserted, with everyone else sleeping. I put on some pants and waddled out the back door as I felt the end of the first log fall out of my hole. I could tell it was really big and dry, curled around from the back of my briefs to the front under my balls. It felt warm and really heavy, it was starting to drag down my tighty whities. I made it to the next cabin over which was under repairs and was deserted. The door was unlocked but I locked it behind me. In the bathroom there were two toilets and four urinals, but none of them had any water. I took off my pants and looked in the mirror. I had a bulge almost the size of a lopsided football weighing down my briefs. I felt the second log pushing its way out with a long loud fart. I probably could have tried to hold it in but i decided not to fight it and watched as the bulge between my legs got even bigger. I had to grab the waistband to hold up my underwear, they were that full! I got into a widelegged stance and let some softer ropes of poop just come out until the back and front of my briefs were totally full. After thirty minutes of pooping I only got farts when I pushed, which i guessed meant I had got it all out. I carefully took off my underwear and put them in the toilet. They were full of thick, soft poop, Medium brown. with several dark brown, massive dry logs poking out of it. I couldnt believe that i could poop so much. Then i snuck back to my cabin and took a shower. Soon afterward a major waave of farting started, but this time I could fart with confidence that nothing else would come out. That way I could make the farts really loud and long. I left the next day so i never found out if anyone discovered my huge dump.

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