Ugh... I had a really bad case of diarrhea again. I woke up this morning having a bad stomach ache and my stomach was really distended like a beach ball. However, I didn't poop this morning for some reason, but the cramps stayed throughout the day. I went out with my friends We first went to Taco Bell where I had a chicken burrito, and afterward to Barnes and Noble to check out the manga section. About 10 minutes later, I had the strong urge to poop. Some of my friends went with me to the bathroom, but I was practically running down the escalator, trying to get there before there would be a hot, sticky load in my pants. I finally got to the bathroom along with my friends, the minute I got a stall, I yanked down my pants and underwear. When I sat down a soft mushy turd had came out without any pushing. Wet farts began to blast out of me, and some thick soft-serve began to ease out. I farted, and I began to practically pee out of my butt. My last wave came out really fast, as it was nothing but mush. I wiped, and looked into the toilet. I won't describe this disgusting mess, as it is now in the sewer and I don't have to worry about it. I had diarrhea again 4 times after I came home. Hopefully I will be better by tomorrow morning.

Happy Pooping and Peeing!


I took a shit on a dead fly in my toilet. Has anyone else take a shit/pee on a dead fly or other creature that has landed in the toilet?

to joe the janitor, what about a story about guys got anything there?

Father P
Well, I called my doctor on friday, after still not being able to poop for a very long time, and I was in fairly severe pain. Anyway, he suggested a over the counter drug first, and if that was unsuccessful I should try something more severe, and he suggested something called Ex-Lax, which he said was one of the more gentle laxatives. Let me tell you I hope it's not. I figured that it wouldn't do much of anything, because, as I mentioned in my previous post, I have not had laxatives, so I was unfamiliar with how they affected you, and I assumed that it would not be extremely effective. This was my first big mistake. I took it about 5:30PM on Friday, and realized that I had a dinner date with a priest friend at 6:30. I should have cancelled, but I didn't. This was my second big mistake. On the way to dinner, I felt absolutely awful, with horrible cramping. I had to stop once and vomit. I picked up my cell phone to call my priest friend, who I choose not to name here, so we'll just call him Father A. I was dialing his number, but decided I shouldn't, because I've always hated to cancel an appointment at the last minute. This was yet another big mistake. Well, I obviously really wasn't in the mood to eat much, so I just ordered a dessert and a soda. The laxative worked in record time, and I had to excuse myself to the restroom only a few minutes into dinner. By the time I got on the toilet, I was almost screaming in pain. The moment I got on the toilet, it felt like my bowels exploded. The noise it made nearly made me vomit, it sounded like I was urinating out the wrong end, with loud juicy farts spaced in between blasts of liquid poop. I sat there for about ten minutes in agony before I felt a little bit better. When I got up, pieces of partially solid poop were sliding down the bowl into the toilet water which I could best describe as being the consistency of fresh mud. I prayed that the toilet would flush, which it did, wiped and washed my hands before returning to the table. However, I soon began to feel even worse than I had before. Father A. must have noticed, because he asked "Are you alright, you look dreadful" I couldn't lie, so I said "I feel dreadful, too, my stomach is killing me" normally I wouldn't have used such language, but at this point, I cared very little. He told me I needed to go home to bed, and I decided to comply, and after saying farewell, I headed to my car to drive home. Before getting in I threw up again, removing any of the dessert I had just eaten. About five minutes from the rectory, I had to poop again very badly, and pulled into a gas station and literally prayed that no one would be in the bathroom. I thanked the Lord nobody was in the single bathroom as I basically threw myself on the toilet and spent the next fifteen minutes alternating between sitting on the toilet with my back end exploding, or bent over the toilet vomiting violently. I was miserable. I didn't feel like driving home, so I called one of my friends who lived only a block away, and he walked to the service station and drove me home. After he helped me get undressed, I had to run to the bathroom again and had another bout of diarrhea. Finally, I half walked, half crawled out of the bathroom and collapsed into bed, feeling awful. My friend asked if I needed anything, and I managed to gasp that I was OK. He said I didn't sound it, and stayed with me until almost midnight. Finally, at about three in the morning, I fell asleep, and had a few more bouts of diarrhea during the night. I slept very little and finally gave up trying to sleep at 6AM. I staggered out of bed, showered, and got dressed. I decided to try and go for a walk outside thinking it would help me feel better. It did help considerably, and I felt the best I had felt in at least a week when I came inside. My doctor had suggested that I take it again, but I wasn't sure I dared to, especially as I had to hear confessions that day from noon til 4PM. I decided not to, and see what would happen. After confessions, I decided to try and poop, with a little success, but not as much as I would have thought, but I guessed the Ex-Lax cleaned me out pretty well. After 5PM Mass, I watched television for a little while, said night prayer, and went to bed early. This morning, I woke up around 5:30AM, and tried to poop again, and this time I had a nearly normal bowel movement that was almost solid. I feel absolutely wonderful now, but I don't think I'll take Ex-Lax again, as I've discovered it has very harsh consequences, but I am thankful it worked.

Hope to post again soon, and may God Bless you all!

Fr. P

Olivia - I liked your story about your 7th grade teacher peeing and pooping her pants in front of the class. I'll bet she was very understanding when one of her students asked her to use the bathroom.

18/F: That was interesting story that you wrote about.

Mistee: I applaud you for helping that little girl out. You're a good person :)

We are still camping i quite remote areas. I have had no visits to ordinary toilets since last posting. Everything is done outside. I have just returned from the bushes after taking a dump. Today somewhat softer than usual. My sister went just before me, usually she goes after me. Her poo was also softer than usual. My mother is just now away for her second time I think. Probably our urgency is caused by a huge intake of fresh fruits yesterday. There has come to a fixed pattern among us every morning now. First my father goes up and starts boiling water. Then he takes the roll of toilet paper and disappears for some minutes. Thereafter my mother gets coffee served by my fater. After a while she goes up takes the roll of paper and a towel and disappears. She first takes a dump and then she goes to the water to take her morning wash. Then it is breakfast. After breakfast I usually go and then my sister goes just before breaking up the camp. Nobody mentions anything about this. Everyone knows that everyone else does but I think we all find it inconvenient to speak about it.

Anne- That was a hell of a story about your friend, Megan. If you have any others, do share.

Same to you, Olivia. I quite enjoyed reading that. If you have another accident stories, either with teachers or just anybody, please share.

Anybody else have stories about teachers having accidents in front of students? If so please share, I am eager to read about them.

I really love this site - so honest and unpretentious. All about something which we have to do, which usually makes us feel good but which most of us have been taught to regard as disgusting, me too, though I changed my mind about that long ago.

So I decided to read all the pages starting at page 1. I don't get that much time but have made it to page 23. Are any of the people who posted at that time still posting?

Just a little confessionů

I can't poop when my girlfriend is anywhere in the vicinity. This is especially problematic as we are in a long distance relationship, and when I go up to see her, it's usually weekends. I'm very regular, so 2 or 3 days is quite a long time for me. I am so afraid to dump when I'm at her apartment, I've been holding it until I get home at the end of the weekend.

The is annoying and shameful for a number of reasons. Firstly, because by the second day of being there, I know I am paying less attention to my girlfriend because I'm preoccupied with holding it in.

Next, I have bad anxiety about farting loudly in front of herů or even worse, because I know if I continue this pattern one of those things is bound to happen.

To Katie and her parapelegic friend. Katie I'm a quadripegic which is almost the same but my arms don't work either. I have to help with pooping too, and yes sometimes accidents happen your friend like me only can feel the urge about few seconds before we start going and we really can't hold it. For most of us that are paralized either from neck down or waist down we try to do our pooping before we really have to go but there are times we eat alot or didn't get to get enough out when we had help and we end up going cuz we can't wait.

This is my story from the other night, hope you all enjoy. I take a laxitive so when I have someone help me poop it's easier to get out.
So it was about 9:30p.m. And my stomach started to really hurt, I began to fart and knew I had to go. I'm scheduled to poop every other day at 5:00a.m. that way I usually don't have a accident during the day. Well anyway i was farting and hurting but I knew I had to wait until time because my body will usual hold everything until it can't or I get help with going. I went to bed that night at 11:00p.m. When I got undressed I had a big brown patch on my tighty whities. I thought oh ok I must really need to go and it's not going to be 5:00 soon enough. Most of you probably don't have any idea what it's like to have a massive dump ready and not able to go unless someone helps you get it out. Ok it's 4:00 a.m. and time to start my pooping process. I first have my nurse or whomever is taking care of me put a suppository in my butt. I let that work about a hour to get all the muscles and the poop starting to move down and out. Then at 5:00 a.m. My nurse does some exercising of my legs and arms. After that it's about a half our later some nights like the other night my body started to push some poop out. I still have to finish my dump so I have to have help from my nurse. They put on gloves and jelly up their index finger and push it up into my hole and push and wiggle their finger around to get my muscles to react and help push more poop out and if there is poop near there finger they pull out what they can. Then they pull out and wait and see what my body will keep pushing out. If my poop stops coming they do the finger trick again until i don't have anything left to go. I don't really get to poop in the best place like a toilet or one of those chairs ment to help people like me. I have to poop in my room in bed with paper pads and we put a adults sized diaper to let my poop fall into so it's easier to clean up and manage. The other night was really bad I really had to go because I filled up two diapers and three pads. I don't really know how much that would be because I don't really ever see what I'm pooping but I'd say it really was a ton.

If you have any questions or what i do let me know.

For The One Suffering From a Bad Accident -

As many others will probably post as well, your workplace
accident, in which you had an involuntary bowel movement in
an encounter with your boss, was totally beyond your ability to control.

This reaction is very common for almost everyone when placed in a fearful or dangerous situation. Everyone has sphincter muscles (anal
and urinary) which prevent the accidental loss of stool and/or urine.
During periods of very high stress, these muscles relax and allow the release of urine or having a BM. Ordinarily, one voluntarily relaxes
these sphincters at the time one uses the toilet in order to permit
the emptying of the bladder and/or to have a bowel movement (e.g.,
empty one's rectum). However, upon being toilet trained these muscles
become involuntarily tightened to prevent elimination accidents. As an
aside, some forms of incontinence associated with various spinal cord
defects (traumatic injuries, spina bifida, multiple sclerosis, etc)
result from a lack of involuntary neurological control over the sphincters.

As a child I had this problem at different times with my urine. I'm sure lots of people will recognize this or something similar. On a number of occasions in school, I wet my pants (or at the time, did "wee-wee" in my pants) upon being scolded by someone at school.

I don't know how to tell you to deal with your problem. But, I think
that regardless of how embarrassing your situation was, you need
to understand that physiologically this was something you had absolutely no control over, and that in the "right" circumstances,
this can happen to practically anyone.

I FINALLY took a fairly big dump. I've been eating fruits, ????, dates, Raisin Bran, etc all weekend and I went to the bathroom with a really strong urge and with one hard push this big fat monster of a turd squeezed out and flumped into the toilet. Finally I was done and I wiped and pulled up my pants. There was a little blood on the toilet paper.

The turd was long, like 12 inches, and thick. It hurt, and my hole still hurts but at least my stomach feels a lot better.


1 What is your gender? Female
2 What is your age? 15
3 How would you describe your body? slender
4 How often do you poop? Four times a day
5 How long does it take you to get started, after sitting down? About 10 minutes
6 How long takes the complete pooping session? 20 to 30 minutes
7 Do you enjoy watching others poop? Never done that.
8 How much time took your longest pooping session you can remember ? About 45 minutes
9 does your poop come out in one wave, or do you have to pause between the turds? It comes out in small amounts
10 How many pieces do you produce while pooping? Dunno
11 Do you fart, while pooping? Yes, constantly.
12 Do you shart while pooping? When I have diarhea, yes..

Here is my answer to Christine's public toilet survey:
1. Do you put off or refuse to use a public toilet when you need to? Why? At school between classes or at the mall, I will go in immediately because there are lines and sometimes the waits are long. Might as well get started on the wait--don't want to go in my pants!
2. If several stalls are available, which do you select and why? My lst choice is always an end stall because there's 50% more privacy and I feel they're cleaner.
3. Do you wipe the seat off before sitting on it? NO, but I use to because I had friends that had been taught that way.
4. If toilet paper or seat protectors are available, do you put them down before seating yourself? Why or why not? Only when my mother's with me. She insists on it. She's also critical of those who don't. Like three years ago she, me and a classmate of mine went to the movies. Mom was in the stall next to Tina when Tina got done crapping and discovered there was no toilet paper left. Mom told her to pull off a seat tissue to use and Tina hadn't even noticed they were in there. Mom told her she should never be sitting directly on a public toilet seat. Later Tina asked me why Mom had gotten so bent.
5. Have you ever flushed a messy crap, only to find there's no TP left on the roll? What do you do? It happened to me 2 years ago at a concert. When I have a large, fully-sized harder crap, I flush it separately before I start wiping because wiping takes up enough paper, which along with the crap, has in the past plugged the toilet. I tried to get the attention of the user on the right side of me and was unable to. So I pulled up my underwear and shorts and walked carefully to the shortest line (it was intermission) when I sat down and did my usual wipe. Luckily, that line had TP still left.
6. Hand first, then if that's not strong enough, I use my foot.
7. How often do you thoroughly wash your hands? If the line's not too long at the sinks I will wash my hands. If the line is long or a sink is overflowing or there's a girl puking into the sink (yesterday at city hall when I had to pay for a parking ticket) I get out of there as fast as I can and I don't worry about it.
8. What has influenced your habits/procedures? With the exception of when my Mom's with me, I just think I do what most of my friends do. I do worry about taking too long, though, especially when there's a crowd waiting.
9. Gender/Age: female, 16.

Punk Rock Girl
Hey there!

I had one of the nicest dumps in a long time this morning. I was in a meeting and started to feel that tell-tale pressure building in my bottom. The meeting adjourned and I headed over to the restroom. I chose my fave stall, pulled down my jeans and underpants and saat on the crapper.

After a single push, a heavy, thick load started inching its way out. It took a while and finally slipped out without another push or getting squished between my buns with an involuntary clench. No farting, no cramping, no pain. Just that nicee, relaxing, empty feeling you get after a nice dump.

I wiped my ass, but the paper was clean. I stood and pulled up my pants, not able to resist a peak at my deposit. It was HUGE! Maybe two inches around and well over twelve inches long.

What a pleasure after a good month of going back and forth between constipation and diarrhea. If only every crap could be as pleasant as this one.



I was on the computer when i suddenly felt an urge for #1 and #2. I quickly went as fast as i could but it partially came out a few inches from the toilet and i got the rest in there. I wiped 5 times then left.

Reply back to this

To the anonymous poster about the bad accident. It's too bad that you had to deal with that, but no matter what you did, your boss had no right to behave that way. Many places now institute a zero tolerance policy toward fighting. That can include verbal abuse such as you experienced. the reason for it is that Even yelling and getting in someone's face is considered intimidation and/or a threat, and there's no way of knowing whether, or if it will escalate I would suggest that you consider getting some counseling. If you have another job, see if they have an employee assistance program (EAP). This will provide you at least several sessions to help you cope with it. If you're concerned about others finding out about it, it is all confidential and no one else can be given any information regarding it to your boss or your employer unless it's authorized by you. Don't feel like your strange, or a freak, or crazy either.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Arizona lurker,

I more often than not lower my underwear to either just below or just above my knees. On that particular day in question though, I do remember them being just below my knees. As to the specifics of style, colour etc., they were red Vanity Fair nylon-spandex string bikini panties. Most, if not all, of my panties/knickers are either Vanity Fair or Versace, string bikini in black, red, pink, blue & green. (The red ones are my favourites, followed by black!)

Perhaps I'll follow through with your suggestion and let them drop all the way to my ankles on the next visit to the boys' & girls' room.


Haven't had anything to post so
Il do this quiz
(1) Have you ever pooped in the shower, accidentaly or on purpose(please be descriptive)- Nope
(2) When you were a child, did you ever see a child of the opposite sex go to the bathroom- Yep I saw my brother peeing all the time
(plaease be descriptive)
(3) When you were a child, did your parents ever go out of their way, trying to make you go poop? Nope when I had to poop I took a poop
(plaease be descriptive)
(4) What was your most embarrasing moment relating to your bodily functions (i.e., accident, someone hearing you on the crapper, someone watching or walking in on you, ect.)
(plaease be descriptive) Having to take a large poop in an office before an interview that I believe is the reason I didn't get hired

You dont need to know!
Age: 19
Sex: Female
Have you ever pissed in a bootle in your bedroom, computer room: Yes, One time in my bedroom I was cleaning and had an empty bottle of water, so I held it up to me and peed. I missed part of it, and it landed on the floor.
How often do you have a peeing accident or wet yourself on purpose: I probably do it at least every other day
Do you ever wet your bed on purpose: Yes, I love wetting the bed, sometimes I will wake up in the middle of the night having to pee, and I will just lay there. It usually takes me a few minutes to get started, but then I can feel that I am going to pee before I actually do pee, and then it starts. It floods out of my underwear, and usually makes a pattering sound on the bed, and then I fall back asleep.
Have you ever pissed in a Doctors office while being checked out: Actually yes! Just as the doctor started to check my ears, I was sitting in the little gown, and I started to pee. It automatically made a crinkling sound, and then went all over the little table I was sitting on. I knew it would be hard to pee like that and I would get nervous, so I hadnt peed all day and had drunk a bunch of water, the whole time I was being checked out I imagined peeing on a toilet, and then I finally went. I said I was trying to hold it for when he needs a sample, lol.
Do you ever pee on the floor on purpose: Yes, I like to pee on hard wood floors to see how much it is, I like carpet for the smushing sound and the wetness, and I like seeing it absorbed on concrete
Do you pee on the floor in the changing room: All the time, it is fun!
Have you ever peed in a sink: Yes
Do you wipe when you pee: Yes
Do you ever pee pants on purpose: Yes, it is so much fun!
Do you like the feeling of wet panties: SO MUCH
Do you change your wet panties or do you remain in them for a period of time: Remain in
Do you always wash your hands after peeing: no
Have you ever pissed or pooped in your bed: yes
Have you ever pissed other places in your house other then the bathroom: yes, garbage, floor, chair, computer chair, many other places
I have so many peeing stories, so if you want some tell me, but everyone who wants one has to post their own, or I won't post one!

I try to answer some surveys, I think they are fun.

Survey 1

1// When was your last accident, if you ever had any?
My last real accident was over year ago when I try and hold my poo in after school so I could sit on the toilet at home. But I walk home from school and there is no where to go because houses all around. Before I get to my home I cant keep my poo inside any more and big poo come out in my panties. It was a little bit soft and make sticky mess on my bum and in my panties.

2// Has anyone ever witness you while you were doing your business?
Yes my sister and my mum. They both seen me sitting on toilet at home doing poo when my dad was using other toilet. My sister seen me go in the park when I had emergency. My mum also stay with me a little while ago when I have really really bad diarrhea.

3// Have you ever witnessed anyone?
Yes my sister going pee and poo at home. I also seen my best friend going poo. She leave the door open when she go and it only her and me in her house. Like after school sometimes.

4// Describe it.
We only have two bathrooms and if dad is using one then sometimes my mum and sister and me use the other one at the same time. The last time I was drying my hair and my sister had to do pee and poo. So she come in and sit on the toilet and do her poo while I dry my hair. She sometimes talk a lot when she does poo and she very noisy too. I don't know why she talk a lot.

5// Have you ever gone in an awkward area, place, thing?
I had to do poo in the park because I couldn't get home in time from after school. My friend lives on the other side of the park so we walk through it lots of times if I got to her house after school.

6// How old are you?

Survey 2

1 What is your gender?

2 What is your age?

3 How would you describe your body?
Very slim and I do sports.

4 How often do you poop?
It change a lot but usually once every 2 days sometimes it go for 3 days. If I'm sick like recently I have bad diarrhea maybe 10 times in one day.

5 How long does it take you to get started, after sitting down?
My poo usually start coming out as soon as I sit down. I always hold my poo in to make sure it come out when I sit on toilet. Sometimes I get very bad constipation and I feel like I have to poo but I sit and nothing happen. Then it sometimes take 20 minutes for poo to start coming out. And sometimes it never come out so I give up waiting and pull up my panties and leave.

6 How long takes the complete pooping session?
If it normal poo that start coming out when I sit on toilet it take only 5 minutes. That include my pee and all wiping in both places. . If nothing start coming out in 15 or 20 minutes I give up. But if tip of poo begin to stick out of my bum I have to sit until all the poo has come out and I might have to sit on the toilet from 10 minutes to an hour waiting for all my poo to come out.

7 Do you enjoy watching others poop?
My sister and me have fun talking ands stuff sometimes when she does a poo.

8 How much time took your longest pooping session you can remember?
Over 1 hour. My mum got very worried and she opened the bathroom door so she could see if I was OK. My sister and dad were not in the house then. I sat on the toilet late in the morning and I didn't finish until just before lunch. It take a long time because I have very bad constipation and my poo nose was sticking out of my bum but it got stuck and it hurt too much to push. So I have to sit until it come out

9 does your poop come out in one wave, or do you have to pause between the turds?
My poo usually come out as one turd. Sometimes I do several turds but I don't have to wait between them.

10 How many pieces do you produce while pooping? 5-6 medium sized pieces
Usually I do one big long poo but sometimes I do 2, 3, or 4 turds.

11 Do you fart, while pooping?
Sometimes I do a fart just before my poo starts coming out. If I have diarrhea or a bad ???? I sometimes do lots of farts.

12 Do you shart while pooping?
Only when my ???? is upset

13 Are these questions annoying?
No they are fun
Survey 3

1 Do you enjoy pooping?
Yes if I don't have to hurry. I like it best at home and I like the nice feeling while my poo is coming out and the nice empty feeling after all my poo has come out.

2 What is your favorite position when passing a BM?
With my arms folded resting on my knees so I lean forward a bit. But I sit other ways sometimes but this is my favorite.

3 Do you get stomach aches before your BM? Are they severe?
If I have diarrhea they are bad and hurt a lot. When I have bad constipation I feel just like Graham said he feels when he has bad constipation. Like an ache. He describe it very very well.

4 How many times a day do you poop?
I go poo once every 2 days or 3 days unless I have ???? upset

5 What was the longest poop you ever did?
I don't know but over an hour

6 Do you find pooping relaxing?
My usual poos don't take very long but they feel nice. If I have constipation I sometimes have to sit for a long time with poo sticking out of my bum. Then it very relaxing sometimes because I just sit there and daydream if no one is there. Then it very relaxing.

7 Do you make grunting noises when pushing?
At home yes but when I'm using public toilet I try and be more quiet. If I get bad cramps I make moaning noise and I cant help it. If I have to push hard I grunt and I cant help that either. I also cry out if my poo is so huge its hurting my hole very badly.

8 How often do you get constipated?
About once a month. That's when I haven't done a poo for about 5 days.

9 What was the longest time you were ever constipated for?
I think 7 or 8 days.

10 After being constipated or just having a difficult poop, and it finally comes out, do you ever yell of relieve?
Sometimes a big sigh or long groan

11 Do you get stomach aches often, when you don't have to BM? If so, how long do they last and are they severe?
I get bad pains when I have diarrhea. If I have bad constipation I feel just like Graham described recently.

12 Are you gassy when you poop?

13 Do you look forward to take a dump?

14 What are the two signs that you have to go? (besides a stomach ache?)
If it's my usual poo I get big pressure inside my bum hole like my poo is trying to open it to come out. If it's a constipated poo I feel aches inside.

15 Do you ever lie down after taking a looong dump because you feel weak or tired?

16 Do you ever have to catch your breath after pooping? If it was a hard one to get out, Yes

17 Do you like to take as long as necessary on the bowl, or do you get it done as fast as possible?
I like to take as long as I need. I hate having to try and push my poo out faster than it wants to come out.

18 When you are constipated, or are having a tough time getting it out
what do you think is the best way to relieve yourself without taking a laxative?
I don't know. My mum gives me a laxative if its really bad.

19 Has a BM ever hurted so much that you started to cry?

20 How often do you have diarrhea?
2 or 3 times a year

21 When on the bowl, taking a dump, what do you think is the most comfortable position? Legs spread apart
If I'm doing my usual poo I sit with my arms folded resting on my knees and my legs are open enough so my elbows are on my knees.

22 Do you push on your stomach to get the poop out?

23 Do you ever massage your stomach to help a stomach ache or to help yourself poop?
I rub it sometimes just because it hurts

24 How do you feel about having someone to poop with you, like to keep you company?
It's OK if it's my mum or sister or even my best friend. But no one else.

25 How do you feel about someone talking you through constipation, a rough poop, diarrhea etc.?
My mum does that because sometimes she stays with me while I'm trying to poo

26 After a long hard poop, diarrhea or constipation or even when you have the stomach flu/bug, would you enjoy a stomach massage?
Yes I think so

27 Do your stomach aches continue even after you pooped? Only if it's diarrhea. It will hurt for a while after I've finished.
No but my bum hole sometimes hurts for a time after my poo has come out because it had to open so wide.

28 How often do you get off the bowl, and then realize, as you walk away from the bathroom that you weren't done? Has this ever happened to you more then twice in a row(for the same dump)?
It not happen much. I think about 2 or 3 times.

Survey 4 from Christine

1) Do you ever put off or refuse to use a public toilet when you need to? If so, why?
I'm a bit shy about public toilets because people can hear what I'm doing. But if I think there is any chance I might poo in my knickers I use the public toilet but I try and be quiet if I can.

2) If several stalls are available, which do you select and why?
An end one farthest from everyone else so it's a bit more private

3) Do you wipe the seat off before sitting on it? Why?
I always look to see if its messy. If it is I try and find another stall. If I cant find a clean one I take a big piece of toilet paper and wipe it and I try very hard not to touch any of the mess. I only wipe wet off. I don't wipe poo off. I leave if they all have poo on them.

4) If toilet paper or seat protectors are available, do you put them
down before seating yourself? Why or why not?
I hate them because they stick to my bum so I wipe the seat first if it's messy.

5) Have you ever finished a messy crap, only to find there's no toilet
paper left on the roll? If so, what do you do?
Yes. I always have clean-wipes with me because I like to get my bum as clean as possible and I know that sometimes there is not enough toilet paper. When I go poo at home I always wash my bum and my bum hole before I wipe.

6) Do you flush with your hand or foot?

7) How often do you thoroughly wash your hands?
Every time I go bathroom

8) What has most influenced your habits/procedures? Parents? Friends?
Time available? Long-standing habits?

9) Your gender? Age?
I'm a girl and I'm 16

To Lady business. When I go poo I sit with my arms folded on my knees and if I'm wearing a skirt I lift it up high around my waist at the back and hold it tight in my hands. This stops it falling down on the bowl at the back because sometimes it's very messy there. I pull my knickers down half way to my knees so they don't stop me opening my knees. If I've got tights on I pull them down with my knickers. If I've got shorts or jeans on I pull everything including my knickers all the way down to my ankles.

Love to all from Sita

Larry, I also used a doorless toilet stall at the beach yesterday. I had mud brewing inside me for about an hour, and finally my buddy Pete said he had to go to the mens roon, so we walked together. There were 6 doorless stalls, also very clean and well stocked with toilet tissue. We both had to shit badly. As soon as we jumped on our bowls, other guys started filing in and also headed for the remaining bowls. We really stunk up the mens room. I wiped my ass good because it was so hot out I didn't want to smell like shit. I stopped in fromt of Pete while he was still pumping out Hershey bars, and told him I would wait outside for him. He started wiping up, and stood up and flushed his shit down. We washed our hands and headed back to the beach. We peeked in the ladys restroom, and their toilet stalls all had doors.

Once again my body is being VERY stubborn. I've tried almost everything. Yesterday I drank tons of water, ate lots of vegetables, took a few stool softeners and even bought dates (dried fruit) and ate a bunch of them between last night and this morning. For breakfast this morning I had a few dates and a bowl of Raisin Bran. My bowels just don't want to move yet.

Hopefully by tonight or tomorrow morning at the latest I can finally "go". I can't stand being uncomfortable.

At the park yesterday I was on the swingest when I felt myself having to pee. As I slowed down the swing one little squirt of pee came out. I clenched my muscles trying not to wet myself. There was a port-a-potty at the park and I didnt particularly feel like using it, but I couldnt make the five minute drive home. Instead I walked up the nature trail to a spot where there were two mesh metal benches. There was nobody else at the park so I pulled my shorts and underwear down about eight inches, sat on the bench and started to pee. The urine went right through the holes in the bench and soaked the gravel below the bench. I thought I was done, stood up, and shook off the remaining drops. About one minute later I felt more pressure so I sat back down on the bench and shot another stream of pee. Very interesting sensation of having a solid object under my bottom, yet not getting wet.

so imbarrassed
i am currently 12 years old.
My house has two bathrooms and once they were both full[my brother was in one and my mom was in another. I really had the urge to poop and pee,and they both said that they'd be a while. i just couldnt hold it any longer so i went to the basement looking for old newspapers to go on. on my way up to my room i felt a warm gush of pee flood my panties. there was more pee [and poop] coming so in the kitchen i pulled down my pants and squatted on the newspaper. just then,my dad walked into the kitchen. i quikly covered myself and he gave me a wierd look.

how do i deal with this im sooooo imbarrassed!!

What's the worst situation you've been in when you were hit with a case of explosive diarrhea?

For me, it was definitely my first date in high school. I took a girl to a dance and about ten minutes into it I started feeling sick. I had to run to the boys room where I shit my guts out. This happened two more times when my date asked if I needed to go home. I said yeah, and we got in my car and headed back to her house. As much as I did not want to, I asked her if I could use her bathroom when we got there. I raced in a took another nasty shit that I'd been holding for about half the car ride. She suggested we watch a movie, Im said okay, but had to keep running to the bathroom the whole time. I was humiliated, but she was pretty cool about it.

Carmen(new here)
here is my short little quiz.

(1) Have you ever pooped in the shower, accidentaly or on purpose(please be descriptive)
(2) When you were a child, did you ever see a child of the opposite sex go to the bathroom
(plaease be descriptive)
(3) When you were a child, did your parents ever go out of their way, trying to make you go poop?
(plaease be descriptive)
(4) What was your most embarrasing moment relating to your bodily functions (i.e., accident, someone hearing you on the crapper, someone watching or walking in on you, ect.)
(plaease be descriptive)

Please answer

Isabelle, I really do not think that you should let this Mother and her son get to you. You were in there first and you had to go. Do you think that the Mother would have pulled her son off the toilet to let you go? I think not. At the age of 6 the little boy could have gone behind a tree or some out of the way place.
You were right to feel uncomfortable to have the little boy watch you between the door and the stall. The Mother should have had enough respect for you and to teach her son not to peek on you.

The woman will nearly always win.
She has a shorter urethra; there is less drag (friction) which slows down the stream.

Mr. Clogs
Hey, hey, hey!!! Mr. Clogs back into town! Everybody gather around read my post so here goes....

This morning getting up as usual all tired and grumpy. I usually pee in the morning rarely ever get the urge to poop first thing. After I had peed in the toilet is when I felt the urge to go #2. So I undid my shorts and plopped on the toilet bowl and let it rip! I sat for about 10 minutes wave after wave of smelly poop. I wiped 3 times to get the poop from the butt cheeks. I flushed the toilet and hopped in the shower.

BrentC: Thanks for your response and comments about my enema post. I haven't tried the enema with the warm water and the 2 litre size. I've been doing some research about enemas and looking for one of those types that really clean you out but haven't been able to find them in the local drug stores. Thanks again for your comments and have a great day. By the way I'm 28 yaers old.

Veronika: Thanks for your comment, I often wonder why people who smoke light up a cigarette while taking a dump.

Rebecca (new): Interesting story, yeah kids can be curious at times. That boy was very ill-mannered if you know what I mean.

Peeing Rules!: Hey great post about peeing and pooping in that container. You're right we need more peeing and pooping stories in strange places and into things like cups, buckets etc. I see a lot of people posting about pooping in their pants and underwear. Keep those posts and comments coming, I'm sure the moderator would agree.

Take care!

--Mr. Clogs

christina from austria
1 What is your gender? Female
2 What is your age? 21
3 How would you describe your body? slender
4 How often do you poop? on time every day
5 How long does it take you to get started, after sitting down? I need no time to start. My poop comes imediatly
6 How long takes the complete pooping session? 5-10 minutes
7 Do you enjoy watching others poop? Never watched anyone before
8 How much time took your longest pooping session you can remember ? 20 mintues
9 does your poop come out in one wave, or do you have to pause between the turds? In one way
10 How many pieces do you produce while pooping?
11 Do you fart, while pooping? Yes almost every time I poop
12 Do you shart while pooping? Sometimes

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