The church my family goes to sponsors a two-week Bible school each summer. I taught the 4th grade class. Our church council raises funds to send each student who has perfect attendance at Bible school on a trip with us teachers and our youth minister to a theme park. They charter a bus and we take a 3-hour drive down, have the entire day to ride the rides and see the shows, then we come back late that night. I had 5 kids in my class. Keesha, who lives with her mom in the inner city and who doesn't have much money and who hasn't had a lot of such experiences due to her mom's divorce, was my only student who qualified for the trip. Well like I said earlier, Keesha (who is 9) has never been out of our city. She had never been to an amusement park, never traveled to a museum with her grade school class, and her mom has told her there's no money for her to go and visit her grandparents down in the southern part of the U.S. My parents aren't loaded by any means, but at least at age 16 I can say I've visited six states and had some nice experiences away from home. Keesha hasn't. Before we left the church parking lot, our youth minister told our group that they should all go inside and use the bathroom. Then they came out and got on the bus. I went in an peed because I've been stuck on buses before in traffic and had to pee so bad I remember crying. But although Mom comforted me, there wasn't a lot she could do. I guess I learned my lesson good! Well, Keesha nudged me about a half hour into the trip (just after we had left our city where there were numerous possible bathrooms) that she had to pee and pee really bad. She had her hand over her crotch and I could tell that she just wasn't bored and looking for a pit stop to goof around. I told the driver who was a college student who drove a bus full-time in the summer to make ends meet. He was nice, but said it would be 15 minutes or more on the interstate before we came to a rest stop. Keesha started to cry a little when I insisted that she sit down and make the best of it. Anyway, we got to the rest stop finally and there were three or four vans full of some sport teams there so there was a line for each of the 4 stalls in the ladies room. I think Keesha was being blamed by some of the kids for holding the group up and keeping them from their fun. She was the only one who needed to use the bathroom. We must have waited 10 minutes while the van girls got done. I didn't think it was fair that we had to wait that long but some of the girls used the potty break to also change from their softball uniforms into their street clothes. So it was an even longer wait. Our youth paster came to the door of the restroom building and called for me. He suggested that I take her next door into the mens room because there were no users and that it would be faster. I was reluctant at first, but he stood in the doorway to stop any guys from coming in while Keesha and I were in there. There were three stalls, each without a door and Keesha ran to the far one, dropped the seat, and from the entrance you could hear her shorts come down and butt being thrown onto the seat. I think it spooked her to sit and pee and not have a door. I know that even I thought it was gross, but that we the first time I had ever been in a boys bathroom. There were like 6 or 7 urinals on the wall--all were gross, had unflushed yellow pee in the bowls and they smelled. I remember glancing over to Keesha sitting there with her shorts on the floor. She was moving her legs in disgust and partially stood up and re-seated herself, but still she was unable to produce and I knew she was in pain. I think the problem was she knew she was pissing the kids off on the bus but she just couldn't get her pee flow going. I thought that I might be scareing her just standing there and pacing so I took the stall to her left, pulled down my shorts and had a seat. Although I didn't have to go, I just thought getting a conversation going with her would help her take her mind off her frustration. I was somewhat worked! While we made small talk I could hear her pee flow start and I swear it went for 3 minutes or more. I heard the toilet paper roll being moved and noticed she was crying happily, wiped her eyes and blow her nose because she was finally able to empty her bladder. Then she pulled up her underwear and shorts as she started to run for the doorway. I reached in and flushed her toilet. As we got back on the bus, I heard one of the 6th grade boys make a crude remark to her about her being on the stool so long he thought she fell in. She turned right in front of Pastor Matt and flipped him off. Both he and I laughed. We weren't about to say anything!

3)sex: female
4)Have you pissed in a bottle in your bedroom,computer room?no
5)How often (if ever) do you have a peeing accident/wet yourself on purpose?about twice per month.
6)Do you wet the bed on purpose (explain)?once i peed the bed just to see how it felt.
7)Have you pissed in a doctors office while the doctor was checking you out? no
8)do you ever pee on the floor on purpose(explain)? no,because there would be to much of it,but i have peed the floor on accident a year ago
9)Do you pee on the floor when you're in the changing room?no
10)If you pee on the floor when in the changing room, how did you do it(explain)? no
11)Have you ever pee in the sink? yes
12)Do you wipe when you pee? yes
13)If you were at your friend's house sleeping while she wets her bed, what would you do(explain)? i'dreassure her that its ok and feel really bad 4 her
14)If your friend were at your house sleeping while she wets your bed, what would you do(explain)? id do the same
15)Do you ever pee your pants on purpose(explain)? yes,i like it,i cover my crotch while i do it idk why
16)do you like the feeling of wet panty? somtimes
17)do you change your wet panties or do you remain with wet panty for a lot of time(explain)?i change
do you always use toilet paper after pissing?yes
Do you always wash your hands after pissing?no
Have you ever pissed or pooped in your bed? no
Has you ever pissed other places than the bathroom in your home? my room on newspaper
What was the worst condition of a toliet or urinal that you last used?i dont remember

1. Is your poop normaly liquidy:
No is usualy soft and light brown.
2. When you are feeling sick to your stomach, do you barf and or have diarreha:
Yes I have been sick enough at my stomach to do both and at the same time.
3. Have you ever witnessed a friend because they couldnt wait any longer:
Yes, my noyfriend and his 2 roomates took all the interior doors off in thier house...3 girls and 3 guys...we have all seen each other use the toilet.
4. Is there a food that gives you diarrhea, yet you eat it anyway:
Yes fruit and tomatos give me diarrhea, but I eat them anyways.
5. Can you pee standing up:
Yes if I have a skirt on and spread my legs I can pee standing up.
6. Has anyone ever seen you poop:
Yes refer to question 3.
7. Do you ever poop in the ocean: No not yet.
8. Did you ever have a accident as a child: Yes I peed my pants at school in the 4th grade, it was all around my desk when I got though...I was so embarrassed!
9. When was the last time you had diarrhea, the cause: I did a couple of days ago, I ate 3 tomatos and I had diarrhea for a whole day.
Love, Amy

My Adventure at Motel 6

The toilet at Motel 6 wouldn't flush. They're not the heavy duty types that shopping centers have.

I had some large size brown bags with handles from a grocery store. I took one and rolled it up. Then I poked it into the toilet. The toilet was still clogged. So I did the same thing with another grocery bag. Success! Everything went down!

If you poop into a toilet at Motel 6, you should just flush the poop and throw the toilet paper into a trash can at the end of the walkways. That's what I did. Or, flush poop, then flush paper. But don't flush both at the same time.

The same thing happened another time I was staying at Motel 6, but I was leaving the next day, so I left the toilet in a clogged state.

When you're at home, a wire hanger is good for unclogging toilets.

Joe The Janitor
My name is Joe, I am a janitor at a high school part of the week and a middle school the other part of the week. I used to work at a gym. After 17 years as a janitor, you collect a bit of a mental database of all kinds of stuff you see (and clean up).

My first story is one that has stuck in my head for a long time. I was at the middle school one afternoon, about 4:00 checking to see if the bathrooms were clean. There were no kids, but the some of the teachers were there. Somebody had purposefully clogged up all of the toilets in one of the girls's bathrooms. I was working on the first one when one of the teachers, Ms. Gabriel, walked in. We're good friends. She's about 25-26, I'm not sure, and pretty hot. I told her that all of these toilets were backed up, and she said, "thats okay, I just have to go number 1. act like im not even here. She opened one of the doors, and i heard her sit down. After a very short pause, i heard a powerful pee stream that continued for about two minutes. She then said, "See, i told you, just number 1, no worries." Then I heard a loud dry fart or two come from her stall. She started laughing, kind of embarrased, saying. "Oh my, I guess I had to go number 1 and a half!" Then I heard a gurgling sound, Im guessing it came from her insides, and she said, "Oh god, it really wants to come out." I was pretty sure what she meant, and, concerned, I asked "you gonna be okay?" She said "sure...[PFFFFFFPLLBBBBBB PPPPPP SPLASH!SPLASH!SPLASH!!!]...Just a little...[more sounds of gassy diarrhea follow, gradually intensifying] of the runs[diarrhea sounds erupt into full-blown shit-attack. Entire bathroom smells like shit.]...i think i'll be fine[violent diarrhea sounds continue]..." The sound of the shitting changed, and suddenly, she exclaimed "oh shit!" i heard her get up, the splatters continued, and she sat down in the third stall. apparently, she had filled up the bowl. When she was finally done, she asked me if i had a towel. i got one, and she told me that her ass was covered in shit. I was about to wipe her off, when she farted and sprayed shit all over the towel. I got another and managed to get her and the bathroom clean. when she transfered toilets she had gotten shit all over the floor and doors. I managed to get it all up arough 6:30 that night, but man, seeing her ass was worth it.

The other story for now, it waas around 1:30 at the high school, i got a call about a girl throwing up on the bathroom floor. I gave her a bucket and proceeded to clean it up. I couldn't help but notice the girl kept farting. I looked over to see if she was okay right as she
had an accident and simultaneously hurled and overflowed her jeans with diarrhea. THAT was a big mess to clean.

Anyway, bye. That story involving the gym rache posted reminds me of something, ill post it later.

Everyone: I have a LOT of stories, so I do take general topic requests

my name is katie. my best friend, who is a parapalegic, needs assistance with the bathroom and has been pretty embarassed to go when we're together. in the past couple of years it's resulted in her having a few accidents. first, there was this one weekend when we were in jr. high where i slept over her house. we had been doing typical sleepover things which included snacks and TV, some surfing online and lots and lots of talking. not too long after we had gone to bed i could hear her quietly whimpering. i asked what was wrong and she said "nothing" but with a really stressful tone in her voice. a few minutes later it smelled really bad in the room. i said "what's that smell?" and she went "i dont know" but i could tell she was crying. i turned on a light to ask what was wrong, and i could see she'd pooped her pajamas. she had on these tight fitting light blue cotton pajama pants so the bulge and the stain was really visible. i was trying to comfort her, and she told me she didn't want to get her mom to leave and go to the bathroom because she'd be in there for a long time and it would've been embarassing so she was trying to hold it in until i left in the morning.

another time, we went to the movies in 9th grade with another friend, and she had another panty pooping accident in the movie theater. it smelled really really bad but you couldn't see the bulge on her butt because she was sitting in her wheelchair. me and my other friend sarah gave her a lot of perfume to put on to cover up the smell because we couldn't go home right away, so she was gonna have to hang out with a load in her undies for a while.

there was one other time which was probably the most embarassing for her. it was the week before prom when we were in 11th grade and we had a really long assembly all about not drinking, safe sex and blah blah blah. all of i sudden i heard her whimpering and i looked at her and she had a pained expression. i said "are you ok?" and she said "oh god, oh god i'm gonna poop my pants.." sure enough i could hear a "pllpt pllpt plllpt" chorus of quiet farting noises and some crackling, and then the smell of fresh poop filled the air. tears formed in her eyes, and i asked if we could be excused and we quickly left.

I was doing some research last night and I read an interesting story about a singer named Amy Winehouse. Apparently she was feeling sick during a performance. After she sang she went to her dressing room and had diarrhea. However she didn't flush and someone from the show noted that the lid was up and it smelt awful. She also said that there was a mess on the floor and the diarrhea wasn't flushed. I can't imagine how amazing it would be to see Amy Winehouse drop the kids off at the pool. I googled her and she is quite pretty.

And here's a story of my own:
I had a friend over and we made mac and cheese, drank soda and had some chocolate. Well the milk we used to make the mac and cheese I was not used to. So a few hours later my stomah started to churn and I could feel pooh trying to make its way out. I excused myself and went to the bathrrom (which is right next to the room we were in). We weren't watching TV so I'm sure he could hear me. I immediatley pulled my pants down and let it go. I knew it was gonna be diarrhea. I relaxed and it started. First it was PLIP PLIP PLIP. Then the floodgates opened and diarrhea poured out. I have to say I really enjoy diarrhea. This lasted for a good few minutes. Then I farted loudly and wiped three times. My friend never said anything. later that night I had a little more diarrhea. I drowned it out with the shower because she saw me go before and I didn't want her to know I had diarrhea. She gets too cautious.

I also have a story about my sister: (Sorry about the length of the post)
Even though we share a bathroom and live together I rarely see my sister poo or pee. I have heard her pee, seen her go the bathroom for a poop, but I never hear anything. But this night was different. I had gone to bed around eleven but couldn't sleep. It's hard to sleep on a summer night when you're not tired. At around twelve I heard my sister's car. She went straight to the bathroom and I perked up. I heard the lid drop (remember, it's right next to my room), and then I heard her pee for about ten seconds. Then it was quiet and I got dissapointed. For about three minutes it was dead silent and I tried to fall asleep. Then I heard her pee for about five seconds and then I heard a series of small plops which eventually I could tell was diarrhea. It sounded just like when I had it. I was very excited. For about ten minutes she would go diarrhea, fart, pee, fart, diarrhea, pee, fart, diarrhea. Eventually she started to wipe. It took her a few wipes. She didn't flush because our mom is a light sleeper and she gets angry when we flush at night. But this was the first time my sister pood and didn't flush. I waited about an hour and then inspected the bathroom. I opened the lid and there was murky light brown water, with something brown at the bottom. It was definitly diarrhea. Near the front of the bowl were four folded up sqaured of toilet paper smeared with doo doo. My sister got up early to flush it, though she'll never know I saw her poo.

I never found out anything else about my sister in law. but its funny you asked about a teacher beacause my seventh grade teacher actually had an accident during class. She was the prettiest teacher in school, and all the boys had a crush on her. It was her second year teaching. She had dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, and was about 24 years old. She taught social studies. She was giving us notes on the board when all of a sudden she started squriming around she continued giving us the notes for about five more minutes until she sat behind her desk and told us to take out our books and do some work. I looked up and saw she had her head down on the desk. We were doing our work when she got up and called another teacher on the phone to come in and cover the class because she had to go to the bathroom. A couple of kids started to laugh when they heard this. She was waiting about a minute or two when we heard her say oh my gosh we all looked up to see her jeans darkening in color and a puddle on the floor. Everyone started laughing, but the laughing got so much harder when the other teacher came in and our teacher left only to see a brown stain on the back of her pants. She was crying her eyes out and i felt really bad for her. She was sent home for the rest of the day. The next day something similiar happened again to her but this time a different teacher came quicker and she only had a wet spot about the size of a baseball but kids still made fun of her. She had to come back to class and teach like that except when she got back it was the size of a softball so ovbiously she made it in time but her face was all red and her makeup was ruined from crying. The next day she came in and was wearing very loose pants and as i was walking into class her pants had fallen down a little and you could see she had an adult diaper on i went up to her and told her it was showing and she fixed it before any other kids saw and she asked me from now on to check that for her. She wore diapers for 2 weeks untill finially getting rid of them. She told me she stopped and i didnt have to check anymore. I wonder if she ever used them though. Oh well i guess ill never know


hey ive got a story about somrthing that hapened to me yesterday. i was swimming in the pool with my friend who is a very beautiful girl whose name i will not give and i have a crazy crush on. we were swimming in the pool and talking and and she made a comment about needing to use the toilet so i said just pee behind the shed. she blushed a little and wispered i dont have to pee, i realizing what she meant said well just go use the bathroom inside, she then said but i dont wanna get out of the pool. so we dropped it and i contined to swim when all of the sudden i saw her put one hand on her ???? and one on her tush, so faking ignorance i asked whats wrong and she said in a very stressed tone i gotta go to the bathroom really bad! so i said just dry off and go inside when all of the sudden i hear this huge rumblibg noise and she stood as straight as a board and said ohh noooo a little just leaked out, this is really bad diaherria. so thinking on my feet i said if u cant hold it go behind the shed and she seemed reluctant but her stomach made up her mind and she her ran behind the shed and nerly ripped offf her one piece bathingsuit showing me her body in its full gloy before she squatted and had a volcano of boiling hot shit come flying out of her ass. she was blusing like crazy and refused to look at me and i couldnt help but stare and this spectacle of her bowels. after what seemed to be an eternity her bowels stooped churning iout the liquid and she asked me so quietly that i almost missed it for some toilet paper. so i ran inside and handed her a roll od toilet paper and turned my back as she wiped up and put her suit back on. after a few akward moment i asked are u ok? she said ya i dont why that happened to me and she blused like crazy. so i then asked have u eaten anything unusal in the past few days? so sais no just some grilled chesse and soup last night and a bar of chocolate i found in the cabinet today, suddenly realizing what happened i began to crack up ans she gave me a weird look so when i finished i explained u probaly ate a bar of chocolate laxadive and her bowels would be going through hell foe the next 24 hours. she then looked ate me and moned loudly saying i really hope your wrong nick i realy do. so we continued to hang out that day and it seems ny prediction was right because she ran to the toilet 5 more times that day and had two near misses. so when she went home around ten i called her today to she if she was alright and she said ya her bowels have calmed down and she hadnt used the toilet since last night.

To Larry: cute story about the library mens restroom. It's fine with me that the men's restrooms don't have doors, because from what I've read in here, you guys like to 'brag and show off " your toilet functions. thanks ok. But I hope the womens room has doors with locks. I don't even like washing my hands in front of other women.

Joe Stool
Jackie: Loved your love story. I'm a romantic guy, but not a gushy type. Nevertheless, it was and ooh and ah kind of moment. Has he ever seen you shitting? Good luck on many great years together.
Everyone else: Got any stories of gals taking difficult dumps? Personal accounts from the ladies are great and accounts of those who hear/see them are even better. Happy dumps to all!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Does anyone find it difficult to get over a bad accident, psychologically and emotionally? I had one two years ago and still find the humiliation almost unbearable when I think about it, and there aren't many days that go by when I don't think about it. I never told anyone, and ended up leaving my job because of it. It is very difficult for me to write this, but I'm hoping that by doing it I will feel a little bit better about things. I did something at work that I shouldn't have done (breaking company confidentiality policy), and my boss found out about it. He called me into his office, asked me about it, and initially I denied it, which only made him more angry. He started shouting at me and threatening me. Eventually, when I saw I couldn't get out of trouble, I admitted it, and he went ballistic - started yelling and screaming at me (he had a temper anyway). He got up from behind his desk, and came round and started screaming in my face, backing me up against a wall. I couldn't get away, his face was right in front of mine and he went on and on screaming, all the different things he was going to do, from sacking me to suing me - the strange thing was, even though he didn't lay a finger on me, I was physically intimidated and scared by him. The shouting went on and on and eventually I just broke down - I was crying, shaking. My vision started to blur and eventually - to my intense shame - I messed in my pants. It's hard to describe the humiliation I felt. Not only because of the disgustingness of the accident, but because it had been caused by fear - and all he'd done was shout at me. During the next half hour he continued to yell at me and I must have messed myself four or five times, each time thinking I'd regained control and then losing it again. Eventually, the unthinkable happened - my waste started to come out of my trouser legs and pool on the floor around my feet. When my boss saw this, he stopped yelling and seemed to gather himself a bit. He said he was sorry, he'd got carried away, and he hadn't meant to make me crap my pants. I was so ashamed - I ran out of the office and never went back. Since then, I have had one panic attack (in a supermarket) when I thought I saw an old colleague and wet my pants in front of about a dozen shoppers. I think I'll never get rid of this humiliation, and the fear that I'll disgrace myself again.

carmen(new here)
I saw something really weird at the mall today. I was fixing my makeup in the ladie's restroom, all the stalls were full. One girl sounded like she was just letting out a silent, sloppy mess, the other two were the same, but louder. Must have been something going around. then, a girl who looked around 20-23 ran in, and realized that all of the stalls were full. she grabbed the trash can and just exloded with a torrents of farts and messy shits. She began apologizing, saying she was constipated, and had taken laxatives and a suppository the other day. I guess they worked real well

Rebecca (new)
Hi guys and girls, I'm new here, I'll describe myself, I'm a girl, very feminine looking dark hair hazel eyes 19 yrs old gonna be a sophmore (sp?) in college. I work out a lot at this gym near my house and that's where this story takes place. Generally, after my workout, things start moving down there if you know what I mean, about half of my dumps are at the gym locker rooms. Well last Thursday I had just finished working out when I felt that familiar feeling, nothing that strong, but definitely an urge telling me it was time to go for my daily dump. I went into the second toilet from the door out of four and took a seat on the toilet seat. (The toilets are very clean in the locker rooms) After a few minutes, I had done a few pebbles and wasn't very satisfied, and decided to stay a bit longer to see if I could do more. Then some lady with about a 6 yr old boy comes in saying "mommy took a medicine to make her poop. I have to poop now. Wait for me outside like a good boy, alright?" No sooner had she gone into the stall than this little boy starts crawling under the door in mine! I don't really get angry, but I say "Is he yours?" like I didn't know to his mom, and she says she's sorry, then yells "Benny that's so rude! You know better than that!" He ignores his mom and says "Are you pooping too?" This crossed the line. I answered him by straining forward and releasing a huge fart, and the little boy was like "EEWW!" and went out. I still felt like i had to go more, the mom was like "Benjamin you get in here right now!" and opened the door and pulled her son in. Then she said "stay here until I'm done." Meanwhile I finally pushed out a huge stubborn log that was about 8 inches long, and I felt satisfied. The mom was straining very loudly next door with nothing for a while, but when I started wiping, i could hear her letting out massive amounts of soft poop. Myself, I only needed one wipe, I was pretty clean. I heard little Benny say to his mom "are you finished yet?" to which she said "not at all you have to wait. I have a lot of poop in me, I haven't pooped in four days." THe mom was still letting out a ton of soft poop, and it really started to stink, to her son's delight as he continued making snide comments about the smell. I quickly washed my hands and left, leaving the mom and her son in there by themselves, with no end in sight.

Nice to meet you!


Linda from Australia here again. I've been having lots of trouble with poos lately because I got a bit constipated. I was only able to squeeze out rock hard balls for most of this week. I could feel poos inside me but they just wouldn't come out. On Thursday night, I managed to drop a HUGE load in the toilet and I felt finished aswell. Normally I don't feel finished after taking a dump. Then on Friday morning, I had another nice poop and again on Friday night, although it took lots of effort to get it all out. I felt finished after that load too. I just did another poo this morning and I feel great!!

To Thunder from Down Under: My work mate finally did a poo, she said she was constipated for over a week. She said her stomach was rock hard and she literally felt 'full of poo'. She said she almost took a laxative but she didn't have to. Another work mate of mine said she also has lots of trouble and needs to take metamucil daily to stay regular. She said if she misses just 1 day she gets constipated and has a terrible time on the toilet.

Age: 28
Sex: Female
Have you ever pissed in a bootle in your bedroom, computer room: No
How often do you have a peeing accident or wet yourself on purpose:
I have wet my pants a few times...sometimes its a accident and sometimes it is on purpose.
Do you ever wet your bed on purpose: I have but it is way to much mess to clean up.
Have you ever pissed in a Doctors office while being checked out: No I aways make sure I do not have to pee before I go in to be checked.
Do you ever pee on the floor on purpose: No not on purpose.
Do you pee on the floor in the changing room: No thye keep a close check on girls trying things on.
Have you ever peed in a sink: Yes I have at parties.
Do you wipe when you pee: Yes
Do you ever pee pants on purpose: Yes, sometimes I enjoy wetting my jeans.
Do you like the feeling of wet panties: Yes I love it on a hot day.
Do you change your wet panties or do you remain in them for a period of time: If I wet my panties while I am out, no I just wear them wet.
Do you always wash your hands after peeing: Yes, I wash them before I pee too.
Have you ever pissed or pooped in your bed: Yes i have pooped in my bed when I am to tired to get up...but I always have on some protection to keep my bed from getting dirty.
Have you ever pissed other places in your house other then the bathroom: Yes I have peed other places other then my bathroom, I have wet myself at my computer...but if I do I always clean it up...I dont want things to stink.
What was the worst condition of a toilet that you last used: On the 4th of July we went to fireworks thingy and they had those port-a-johns and they smelled so bad and were so dirty, we girls went behind them and pulled our shorts and panties down and peed in the grass...we had our boyfriends stand around us...the guys got a real show cause they got to see all 4 of us girls with our pants down...that started a whole other story!
Love, Amy

hi guys
i was at school yesterday and i was in the toilet cubical. i was the only girl that was in the bathroom. i needed a shit desperately. i really don't like going to the toilet at school but i just had to. so i carryed on and just imagined that i was at home. it kinda felt like i was constipated so i really had to push and push and push and push and push for my poo to come out. i was sat there on the toilet near to tears it was soooooooooo painful. i pushed one last time and let out a huge fart. but as this happened a girl walked into the bathroom. she went into the toilet next to mine and i heard her shitting aswell apart from she just kept groaning all through hers and i don't think that she even noticed that i was in the toilet next to her because i heard her talking to herself. she let out a huge groan and then i heard her say, its hurting me im constipated. then she said i can't do this for much longer its too painful. whoops sorry i've gotta go i can feel my bouls needing to move.

Hey Mr. Clogs

Great post about using the enema. I have a lot of problems with constipation and have had to resort to them to. Was that your first one? Have you ever tried the larger volume kind that consist of 1 to 2 quarts of warm tap water placed in an enema bag? I have had those on a few occasions when constipation was really bad. They work amazingly well to completely clean you out.

I know from some of your posts that you have to use laxatives and dieter's tea a lot. What laxatives do you use and how often? My most used laxative is dulcolax (bisacodyl) suppositories. Have you ever tried those? They are quite effective and work within about 15 to 45 minutes. By the way, how old are you?

Bubba Turd,

Great posts as always. What kind of suppository did you use? Glycerin doesn't work for me so I have to use the bisacodyl kind. Are you constipated a lot? What do you usually take for it? It is a huge problem for me. I know what you mean about all of the nasty gas that builds up in the colon behind the poop blockage.

I was really plugged up by the end of the week. On Friday night, I took three dulcolax tablets. About 30 minutes after I woke up, I got a hard stomach cramp, ran for the toilet and unloaded a huge soft serve type dump. I had five more over the course of the day. The last one was still a lot. I must have been really plugged up.

Poo Friend
I was at a friends house. We were watching TV when she said she had to go to the bathroom. She told me that she would be awhile because she had to poo. Then she asked me whether I wanted to join her. I thought why not and followed her to the bathroom.

She sat down on the toilet and plopped out a log then another one landed with a splash in the toilet. A couple of minutes later three more logs splashed loudly into the toilet by this time I was quite aroused and I needed to poo as well she finished flushed and I sat on the toilet and pushed out a log which splashed into the toilet. Then six more logs plopped into the toilet but I knew I wasn't done then another Three logs landed with a splash my friend was getting quite exited and said she would love to hear me poo again


I've told this story to many friends, and when I found this forum, I thought it would be a perfect place to tell it again!

My boyfriend and I met in a very unusual way four years ago in New York. I was with some girlfriends in a little cafe in the East Village when I realized I had to pee. I got up and walked to the restroom. Stupid me, I didn't knock. The doorknob turned, so I just opened the door.

To my surprise, there was a guy sitting on the toilet! I gasped, and he looked over at me. To his credit, he maintained his composure. He just said calmly, "Oh, I guess I forgot to lock it." I put my hand over my face and closed the door. I was so embarrassed, I couldn't even say sorry.

I went back to the table and sat down, pale and totally humiliated. One of my friends said, "What's wrong?" I said, "There's a guy taking a dump in there." She said, "So what?" I said, "I walked in on him!" Of course, they started laughing their asses off. I was almost ready to cry because I felt so bad about it.

The door opened and the guy exited, looking a little apprehensive. I knew just what he was thinking: I hope to God no one just saw what happened, and I hope even more that the girl that opened the door is nowhere in sight.

Of course, he ended up looking right at me. I gave him this little wave, like hi, remember me? He just smiled and walked over to the table where he was sitting by himself working on a lap top.

I swallowed my pride and walked over toward the bathroom to pee, when I felt compelled to stop and say I was sorry. I went to him and said, "I am so sorry for not knocking before I opened the door." He said, "Oh, it's okay. It happens. We all need a little embarrassment from time to time to keep us humble." I said, "Yeah, I think so." He said, "My name is Peter." I said, "My name is Jackie." He said, "Nice to meet you." I said, "You too."

I had just broken up with a guy and now here I am talking to some stranger who I just saw taking a shit! We kept talking for a minute, then I excused myself to use the bathroom. When I came out, I politely nodded at him and smiled, but he waved me over to his table.

"Do you come here a lot?" He asked.

"I come here occasionally." I said.

"If I see you here again sometime, is it okay if I ask you out?"

I smiled and said, "You can ask me out now, if you want."

"Do you want to go out to dinner sometime?" He said without sskipping a beat.

"Sure," I said. I gave him my phone number and told him I was free the following weekend.

That Wednseday, he called me and we made a date for Friday night. He took me out to dinner, then to a bar for a few hours, then to a coffee shop where we sat and talked until almost 5:00 AM!

That was just over four years ago. We are now planning to get engaged. You never know how you'll meet your soul mate!

And, yes, he has seen me on the toilet many times, though, ironically, I have not seen him on the toilet since then!

A few weeks ago I slept over my friends house we were sitting on the couch eating snacks watching movies and having a good time when I had to go pee at first I didn't have to go that bad so I ignored it then as time went by it got worse I was to embarassed to ask to use the bathroom cause im really shy about going to the bathroom in other peoples houses so I just held it in I sat there squirming a little and tapping my hands on my lap my friend asked me if I was ok I said I as fine even though I had to go pee so bad that it hurt finally I asked my friend how much longer the movie was she said she didnt know and asked if I was tired and wanted to go to bed I wasnt tired but I said yeah just so we can go upstairs so we went upstairs and were about to go to bed my friend asked you ok gotta go pee or anything I was like yes like really bad and went for the bathroom I got in shut the door I tried to lock it but it didnt lock so I just pulled down my pants sat on the toilet and let it go a huge stream of pee gushing out it felt so good then my friend opened up the door on my i just looked at her and laughed I didn't care (I don't care about people seeing me pee)then she shut the door and left my pee kept coming and coming then finally I was done I wiped and flushed and went back to my friends room I looked at her and was like i had to go pee so bad she was like why didnt you tell me I said I was embarassed she was like you don't have to be embarassed I just laughed then we went to sleep

Hey Lynn,

I believe if I was stuck in a gondola for two hours and I had to pee, I would just wet my pants. Because if I was in a gondola I would more then likely be in jeans or shorts of it was summer. I would probably just one of a few that would wet their pants. Squatting down would be the way to do it, that way it would just mostly get my butt wet. Pulling my shorts and panties down wouldnt be a option, because their might be children around. Now if it was all adults I might pull things down, it would just depend on my mood.

To Isabelle
That mom was being very mean to you and the boy should not have been looking at you!

To Dana
That's too bad! I feel sorry for you. You said someone called the janitor, did he come?
You say you haven't pooped your pants since you were little: how old are you now?

To Harmony
1// When was your last accident, if you ever had any?
I have plenty of accidents... My last one was a couple of weeks ago (normally I have accidents more often :S).

2// Has anyone ever witness you while you were doing your business?
Apart from my sister (see 3): yeah, I was at the beach like a year ago and the stalls there had large cracks between the wall and the door and a boy kept peeking through the crack at me! 0_o

3// Have you ever witnessed anyone?
Yes, me and my sister (younger than me) don't mind going to the toilet around eachother, so I've seen her and she's seen me going. You know, for example when she's brushing her teeth, she'll let me in the bathroom if I have to go.

4// Describe it.
Well, it's not like we're really watching eachother, but if I have to describe it: she'll just pull down her pants and panties and sit down. Mostly it takes her like ten seconds (sometimes longer) to start. Really awkward, because I don't have that! :) If she's finished she'll wipe and pull her pants up and flush. One time she forgot though: I had to remind her! Hehe, that was years ago, though.

5// Have you ever gone in an awkward area, place, thing?
In the sea, in the swimming pool (yes, I'm a pool pee-er, live with it), numerous times in my pants/panties/swimming suite, my bed, but apart from that: in the bushes. I had to go really really bad when I was little and me and my sister were playing on the parking lot of the building where our parents where doing a course. I went in the bushes and peed and pooped there! Had to wipe with a leave... it was all muddy and I think I made a bigger mess by wiping. :P I never told my parents, but my sister knew, of course.

6// How old are you?
15 (almost 16!! :P)


This is my second time posting. I have another story for u all and its about another time when i went to the mall.

Ok, so i was browsing around looking for new shoes, when i all of a sudden, a huge urge to poo hit me, and it hit hard. it usually takes me awhile 2 get my poo started, but this poo was already coming out! I walked quickly to the restrooms when i felt the poo touch my panties. I got to the restroom and took the first stall. (No one was in the restroom) I unbuttoned my jeans and pulled my panties down and sat on the pot. I let go of a booming fart PPPPPRRRRRFFFFFTTTTTTTT! The turd shot out of me. It was very small, about 4in long. 2in thick, but i was far from done. I felt a hard turd in my rectum trying to escape, but it was having trouble. I grunted and pushed as loud and as hard as i could, NNNNNNNNNNNNUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU! I started 2 sweat. the turd poked its head out. I pushed and pushed. I was moaning and groaning because it was starting to hurt! It felt like a football coming outta my butt! It was about 4in out and i spread my legs to c how wide it was. it was about 3in wide! i grunted and moaned. it came out more. then about 20 more minutes of grunting and pushing it land wth a PLLLOOOSSHH. It was 12in long and 3in thick. I was in there for half an hour! I felt alot more but i thought about giving myself an emena tonite, or however u spell it. I've never had 1 but im looking forward too getting all the hard poo outta me! I am sure ill post a story of this. I will have my best friend carol give it to me. we both look the same pretty much except her boobs r bigger, but i have the biggest butt! lol

Happy pooing!!!


Me and my boyfriend are taking summer school classes. Our city has like 12 high schools but all the summer school classes are held at one location. So we're at a different school. Each of us is taking 3 classes because we're working ahead so we can graduate at mid-year when we're seniors. We're both good students but find school to be boring and during the regular year the classes move along so slow. Well, at our summer school we have bathrooms that are almost twice as large as we normally use at our regular school. In the girls room they hae like 30 stalls on both sides of the wall in one room and there's a small aisle cut into the wall which takes you into another room where the sinks are. I might just be more sound conscious than others but I've always liked having the noise from the water at the sinks to drown out the noise from my peeing and the splattering of my shits which are significant. We start class at 7:30 a.m. and get out at 1 p.m. so that means I usually pee twice and shit once. I would probably pee less but we stop for coffee to go on the way there because it helps keep me awake during the boring English literature class. Because summer school starts earlier than normal school, Chad shits at school as soon as we get there each morning. He says until this summer, he hasn't needed to crap at school in years--like since kindergarten or lst grade. He misses being able to do it at home. He says the boys bathrooms are larger than at our regular school and they are laid out in two rooms pretty much what I described earlier. However, none of the stalls have doors. He thinks it's strange to walk in and see a room of 20 or so doorless toilets facing one another and sometimes as many as 7 or 8 guys just sitting there and shitting. (In the adjacent room they have the urinals and sinks). There's another thing different, I guess. He says most of the stalls in the boys rooms have these papers you can tear off and place on the toilet seat. He likes having one to use. However, we don't have them in the girls room. I wonder why. I remember my mom would put one down for me to sit on when I was really young and we were traveling and like using a gas station bathroom. But I don't think I would use one because they would just make me more conscious of the noise I make when I'm shitting and peeing. My pee stream is especially strong, although I've been trying to lighten the noise by sliding up on the seat toward the front more so that the stream hits the bowl and not directly the water. Both Chad and I hate the bathrooms at our summer school and can't wait to get back to our regular building in September.

The Nature Boy

I'm not quite the Dark Knight Detective, but I'm gonna go out on a limb here and guess that your best friend that thinks you're insane for pooping in front of your big brother - does NOT have any brothers herself? ;-)

You're NOT insane, or a freak, you're just LUCKY imo, to have an open relationship with your brother.

And I suppose that people like your friend aren't exactly in the wrong either...

Bathroom habits are NOT a "ONE SIZE FITS ALL" thing.

I'm not real comfortable going in front of anyone. Heck, I WISH I had someone I was close enough with like you are your brother...


I'm sorry you went through that. I can see why the mom would be flustered, but she didn't have to be such a bitch about it. Hopefully she'll get her comeuppance soon by being in YOUR shoes one day!

Heh, speaking of brothers, I don't THINK I've told this story before. My older brother and I, and some of his friends went to a guys house one day to take a pistol-shooting class. It was cold and rainy. Well, the instructor was delayed by his "day job" (he wasn't one of the big name guys that make their living doing this), so we waited on the porch. And waited. And waited some more...

Eventually nature called, several of us had to PEE!!! One by one, we went behind the house and peed in one of the numerous puddles being formed by the COLD rain. There was one woman there, kinda reminded me of Katee Sackhoff (of Battlestar Galactica). Unfortunately, our teacher finally arrived before I'd get to see if she would "pop a squat..."

Isabelle, you should have given thta woman a mean look! Pull a prank on them if you ever see them again :)


Isabelle, please don't feel bad about what happened.

Parents can, unfortunately, be just as immature as their kids even though they should be old enough to know better!
Look at it this way --- what if the the boy's mother had been the one struggling to push out a big load in a public bathroom and you (not that you would do so)were the one knocking on the door and telling her to finish up quickly? I bet she would then have seen things rather in a rather different light!

today i was outside and i had to pee and i kinda had too poop too. i was a mile away from home. i pulled down myshorts and panties and sat on the ground. just after the pee came outand i was just about to poop a bee stung me in the ass. i quickly pulled up my panties but i was still peeing. i managed to stop but i wet myself pretty bad. i heard someone coming so i pulled up my shorts and i noticed i pooped too. i started running until i was a safe distanse away. i felt my ass and there was a small lump of soft poop in the seat of my light blue panties. i still had to pee so i just squated down and went in my shorts.

Clean up guy
Isabelle: That mother had no right to harass you and call you names. You did nothing wrong first of all, that lady is a bad parent to let her son invade on your privacy. I have a question to ask How come she did mess with other girl or lady in the next stall. It just shows how inmature some grown ups are.

A weeks ago I decided to get a hospital style bed pan from the drug store. The first time got it ,I had to pee so took off my pants and under and placed the pan under my butt and started too pee I tried too poop but nothing came out.
How ever I did poop in it but it was a small amount.
I still have my hospital style urinal.
Now I'm taking those chewable fiber choice tablets and I've been very gassy and pooping more when I go to the bathroom.


this is in response to Harmony's survey:

1. My last accident was peeing the bed this year. I'm in college so it was really embarassing. I just had one of those on the toilet dreams and woke up soaked.

2. I dont think so

3. My mom told me she sharted (pooped when farting) at work a while back, but I didnt see it

4. dont know

5. I once peed in a diaper on a dare in college. After peeing in my bed maybe I should be using them!

6. 20

I had to use a toilet stall without a door today at our city library. I asked one of the male librarians where the mens restroom was, and he gave me quick easy-to-find directions. I walked in and there were 3 toilet stalls, none with doors, and 3 urinals across from the toilets. The furthest toilet was occupied, so I took the center stall, wiped the seat down, dropped my jeans and sat down and relaxed. Almost immediatly, I heard the entry door open, and right in front of our stalls was the librarian who directed me not two minutes ago. I gave a half-nod and half-smile to him, and said "power of suggestion" he laughed and said "oh yes" He took the first stall, I heard him unbuckle his belt, loosten his trousers, and drop them. At this point, all three of us are farting, urinating, and we could all hear each others shit crackling out of our assholes. Sighs of relief were coming from all of us. The entry door opens up, and two guys come in to use the urinals. Strange to have guys standing with their backs to you while pissing, one farted in our face !!!! ... I finished shitting and wiped my behind really good. I flushed my toilet, and walked past the librarian, as he was wiping up. I thanked him again, and he told me to 'Have a Super Day" It was really a very nice clean restroom.

I went to the bathroom today at work to wash my hands before lunch and when I entered the bathroom, one of the stalls had someone in it. She wasn't peeing because she sitting with her feet pushing against the floor like she was trying to poo. I didn't hear any grunts or anything so I assumed it wasn't a hard stool. As I was drying my hands I heard a fart...plop..plop..plop. Then I heard some toilet paper rip.

Peeing Rules!
HI! We need more stories on here that have to do with
Going in strange places
Using objects for toilets (buckets, towels, etc)
Using Bedpans
Peeing your pants
Being told to pee your pants
Someone you know having to pee and going in their pants/ a random place

Here are my small stories

One time I had to pee/poo so I did it in a container. It was a clear square container, and I took everything out, and then squatted over it. My pee came out and splashed on the sides, and then I pooped in it.

Another time I covered my desk chair with a towel, then sat down. I relaxed, and pretty soon was peeing, a little came out, then stopped. I waited, and then some more came out. For some reason I was having trouble going. Finally, all of it came out, and started making a pattering sound on the towel.

One time, I squatted over my bathroom floor and peed.

Currently, I am sitting here on a piece of newspaper. I am trying to start peeing, but for some reason, I won't come out. OMG a sprurt came out. It felt good!!! I dont wanna make a mess so I am gonna go get a washcloth, hold on. Im back trying to pee. Waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting, why wont I pee? OMG, i am starting to go, little dribble, stopeed, another dribble, going, stopped, leaking again, I think that is the best word, not fully going, i still feel, some in me, hold on, alright. I guess I just needed to know I wouldnt make a mess on the chair because I stood up, held the cloth to me, and let loose instantly. I heard a smushing sound, and one little dribble on my leg and then I was done!!! Now I dare you guys to try something and then post the story!

Hey Olivia,
I really liked your story about your sister-in-law and your mother. Has this ever happened before to your sister-in-law? And do you have any more details about your mom's accident?

For that matter, does anyone have any stories about a teacher having an accident in front of a student? Would love to here them.

Yours etc....

Isabelle, it sounds as if that woman is the one who needs to learn about respect. I wonder where she got the idea that there is a time limit on using the toilet! It sounds like bad planning on her part in terms of getting her son to a bathroom on time, and she was taking her frustration for her own screw up on you. I wonder if she was aware at all that her son was peering through the crack in the door to get a look at you. It's probably a good thing that you didn't say anything, as it wouldn't have served a purpose and would just have had her spewing out more nonsense at you. It sounds as if she was being a real a**. Pun intended. I'm sure that kind of behavior is the exception rather than the rule, so don't let this get to you, or worry that it will happen again.

Hey everybody! I've lurked for a while, and I think I have a story you'll enjoy.

This takes place about three years ago, at the end of tenth grade. I had my very first dance recital ever coming up, since I'd decided to try to lose some weight by dancing. My first dance, ballet, was on Friday evening, and given that I'd never done this before I was nervous as hell! Luckily enough, everything went smoothly, my group looked amazing and I was a changed girl. I was pumped. I was ready for Saturday night!

So, Saturday evening rolls around, I gather up my costumes, and my parents and I head over to the theater. I had four dances to do that night, two of which were spaced so closely together I'd have to get changed fast. I go in, get ready for jazz, get onstage and dance my little heart out. Again, it went well, and I came back to the dressing room full of confidence. Of course, as they say, 'pride goeth before a fall'!

As I'm putting on my tap costume (which closely resembled a Las Vegas showgirl outfit, sequins, feathers and all!), I notice the first hint of discord among the ranks. My stomach aches a bit - no biggie, I think. I'm wrong. By the time my fellow dancers and I line up to go onstage, the cramps have moved down to my abdomen.

We get onstage and prepare to dance. I won't say it was a disaster, but it came pretty damn close - not only was this the tap class for teens new to dance, but I was also having a bit of trouble moving without serious gut issues, so we were a bit uncoordinated. That dance is over, but now the biggest hurdle looms ahead. I have no time to get to the bathroom. I have approximately six minutes to get into my bodysuit and get ready for my acro routine (short for acrobatics, but basically just Gymnastics for Dummies).

This is where it gets ugly. By this point, I'm ready to explode. My intenstines are gurgling nonstop. I live in fear of my sphincter collapsing. In my infinite wisdom, I decide to let off a little pressure. No one will know it was me, the room's crowded, and this way I'll make it through the dance.

I try to fart. More than gas comes out.

Incredibly lucky for me, it isn't a lot, but I can still feel it, and now I'm in full-blown panic mode. Still, there's no time to waste, so I struggle into my bodysuit, get someone's mother to pin my hair into a bun so I can put the hood on (these were hideous costumes), and line up. I stand there, clutching my stomach, breathing weirdly, pale as a ghost and sweating. One of the helpers asks me if I'm okay. I should have said no, but everyone looked right at me, so I said I was fine.

Still in agony, I troop onstage and wait for the curtain. And there in the wings, adding a humiliation cherry atop my embarrassment cake, is a girl I like to call Queen Bitch. Not only is she the pretty, talented, prima ballerina type, she's also in my Italian class. I once overheard her telling the girl next to her (QB sat right in front of me) how huge my thighs were when I wore a leotard and tights. So she is right there, watching me. I want to cry.

I really don't know how I got through that routine. I do know I did the worst cartwheel ever cartwheeled, though. Finally, after what seems like eternity and a day, the music stops, the curtain goes down, and I take off like a shot. Past the sneering Queen Bitch, through the hall, through the dressing room, into the tiny, one-stall bathroom. Someone must have been looking out for me right then (though I wish he or she could have shown up a little earlier), because the stall is empty. I close myself in, practically rip off my bodysuit, and all but collapse on the toilet.

As the mass exodus commences, I try to wipe out the brown streak in my underwear the best I can. Little girls outside the stall start commenting on the smell, but I really couldn't care at the point. Eventually, my aching bowels are empty, and I stagger back to the dressing room. Trying not to move too much, I change into my hip-hop costume, sit down, borrow a magazine from my friend and relax.

By the time my hip-hop dance was about to start, I felt better, though a bit weak and tired, but I got through it all right. When I got home I threw out my stained panties, my slightly stained tights, and no one ever knew but me.

The end! Thanks for reading - I don't have any other good stories unfortunately, but I'll keep lurking! :D

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