Hi, me again. I had quite the day today. and of course im gonna post about it!

Well last night i didn't get an enema. My Friend told me to take a Stool softener next morning. I said "ok." well at 11 o'clock i went to the gym for my workout. I got done at 2 but i stayed until 3 because there was nothing else to do. at about 2:30 i felt the urge so i went to the locker room. It just so happens that the girls workout lessons thingy gets out at 2:30 and they were ALL going to the bathroom. I was in no rush but the urge was still there. There were 6 girls (including me) and 3 stalls. EVERYONE was pooing. Every girl only had there panties on since they just pooed and got dressed. The girl in the first stall sounded like she was almost done, The girl in the second stall was grunting pretty hard, and the girl in the 3rd stall was moaning and pushing out waves of soft poo. Poor girl. I was last in line, the girl whoa was first looked like she could wait a bit but the girl in front of me was doing the poo dance. She turned around and asked me if i minded tht she farted while she was waiting. I said "not at all." She was letting out some real stinkers! her first fart smelled like rotten eggs! it was loud too. BBBBBBRRRRRRRRRRRUUUUUUPPPPP!!! She blushed and kept farting. By this time my urge was getting pretty strong. The girl in the first stall was done and the next girl went in. You could hear the turd coming out of her butt wty a loud crackle. The girl in front of me took her panties off because she was getting desperate. I looked at her butt and her hole was open and about half an inch of poo was sticking out. About 15 minutes later i was doing the poo dance! the girl in the 1st stall was about done. but the other 2 girls were moaning loudly and pushing out waves of soft poo still. The girl in the 1st stall came out, but didnt flush. The girl in front of me jetted in, before she opened the door her turd was coming out! She turned halfway but her 1st turd already hit the floor. It was light brown and about 12in long and 2in thick. She didnt even bother sitting on the toliet anymore. She pooed out a big lod tht coiled around 2 times. My guess it was 18in long and 2in thick. Then her stomach gurgled and she moaned "Oh God!" and quickly sat on the toliet and let out a torrent of soft poo. I wasnt paying attention and almost lost control of myself! i knocked on the door of the other too girls and they both said they we wiping. They came out at the same time and i rushed in. My turd came out slowly. It came out wth a loud crackle and lots of brruuuppppp and ppfffffffffftttt farting. It landed but didnt splash. I guess it was 20in long and 2in thick. Then the monster came. I grunted loudly and push hard. It came out wth a ccrrrraakklll. About 2in came out and i pushed again. another 7in and it landed wth a kersplunk. It was 9in long and 3in wide. I was done. i wiped and flushed and felt pretty full still. i knew i could do more but i thnk im gonna get tht enema tonite. Tht poor girl was still pooping her brains out. To be nice, i picked up her pile and threw it in my potty and flushed. She said thank you and tht she can take it from here. I left and got home now im here. My friend is coming over in a hour to give me an enema. I'm very excited but a bit scared. Well happy pooing every1! I'm sure to post a story on my enema!


Just Me :)
FR P - Wow 11 days, thats a long time hun. I hope by the time you read this you will have been able to go. Dont be embarrassed about telling a doctor and asking for something, and everyone farts remember. You seem so cute and shy. I hope you get back into a regular routine soon. Let us know how everything goes, I hope its not too painful when it finally comes out. Take care!!! :)


1. I peed my pants two years ago. I really had to go bad and I was riding the bus back to my apartment and it was taking forever. I managed to hold it until I got to my apartment building, but right when I got to my door I started to leak. I ran straight to the bathroom, but I had peed my pants pretty badly before I got them down.

2. My roommate Megan and I sometimes have seen each other go. She saw me have that accident two years ago.

3. Yes! I saw Megan have a really embarassing one... or two

4. We were downtown at a club one night and Megan said she was feeling kinda sick. We decided to take the bus home but while we were waiting at the stop Megan started getting frantic. She told me she thought she was going to crap her pants and I said don't be crazy. Five minutes later though I hear this long, messy farting noise. The wide eyes on her face said it all. She started bawling and said she wanted to find a bathroom to get changed. I looked at her butt as we were walking and there was a nasty stain on her dress. We found a bathroom and threw away her underwear and cleaned up her dress as besst we could and then caught a later bus. Unfortunately she coudlnt hold it again. I heard her say "no no no" and then crap herself again. This time she had no panties on and she kinda had to hold the poop in the dress. It was so gross. When she got home she went into the bathroom and showered for an hour and didnt say anything when she came out.

5. Not really

6. 25

hello. i am a female, 21yrs old 112lbs, and i will describe myself. I'm skinny, blond hair, round butt, and sizable breasts. I always have trouble pooping. im not constipated. but my poos r always very hard. It usually takes me an hour just too have a full bm. I rarely have diarrea or mushy poo. But after i do poo it feels GREAT! But i never feel completely empty. I eat alot of fruits and i usually go every 2-3 days. When i get the urge, it meens i have 2 go NOW but when i get there it takes me a 5mins just to get the tip out. i have too grunt alot and it doesnt hurt when it comes out but i moan and groan cause its usually huge. btw i like pooing in my panties while standing up. it feels good too me. i also fart alot. Anyways i guess ill do a quick post.

Well today i was at the mall looking around 4 clothes when the urge hit me hard. i havent gone it about 4 days since then so i knew this was gonna take awhile. so i went to the bathrooms. 1 of the 3 stalls were taken. and by the sounds, it sounded like the girl in the 1st stall was pooing her brains out! I asked if she was ok and she said "yea its just those tacos." so i went in the farthest stall down. i lowered my tight jeans and sky blue panties and sat down. I grunted and i felt the poo inside me shift around.. i push as hard as i could and the tip came out but went back in. i got impatient and stuck my finger up my anus too see wat was up there. well alls i can say is the turd was BIG!!!! so i sat down again and grunted and pushed and hard as i could.By this time the girl had already left. i kept grunting and pushing and the turd was making its way out. about 7in out it just stopped. it was stuck! i push and pushed but nothing happened. i started to pull my buttcheecks apart and grunted again. it was coming out and the about 13in out it fell. no sound because it was already in the water. then i let out a LOUD fart and spreaded my legs too c my creation so far. it awas about 13in long and 3in thick. but i wasnt done yet. i looked at my watch and i noticed i had been in here 4 about 20mins. so i grunted some more and pushed out 2 more pieces of poo. they were both 10in long and 2in thick. then i started dropping little ball and they fell wth a KLOP KLOP KLOP! i looked in the toliet and it was full! i was done so i wiped and TRIED 2 flush but it didnt budge so i left for all to c my creation. i have to go 4 a bit so ill be back wth another story.



fast food is bad for you..

all i ate yesterday was pizza and a big mac. and now i feel like i'm about to take a painfully gassy poop. THIS is why i usually eat healthy..

Hey everyone ive boon reading a lot of the posts lately and decided to add a few of m own. i a 14 year old girl and ive had quite a few bad peeing and pooping accidents all mostly within the last year or so... so ill share maybe one or two right now and some more later.....
ok so this one happened two years ago and it had to be the worst thing to ever happen to anyone: i had been sick for a few days with what i thought was the typical stomach virus( throwing up, stomach ache, diarraih) but i began to feel better so my mom insisted on me going to church with the family. so i ate a small bowl of cerel hoping to just settle my empty stomach. we got to church and were only about half way through mass when my stomach began to hurt. it didnt take long for the pain to worsen. i excused myself to the bathroom, not sure which end of me i was gonna explode from. i had just reached the back of the church when i absentmindidly released a few farts... o so i thought. instantly my panties filled up with massive loads of thick, mushy diarriah. i could not tell if it had reached my jeans yet. i raced into the empty (thank god) bathroom and examined the damage. it had begun to soak through my jeans... not to horribly but enough to notice. i then realized, a little too late, that i wasnt finished and a nother load of thick diarriah. it was too much for my panties to handle and began to squeeze out the leg holes and down my jeans. i was dumbfounded and had no clue wat to do with myself. i hadnt had an accident since i was way younger and this was just horrible. so i decided the only thing i could do would be to pull my pants down and see if there was anything to do to clean up the horrendous mess. when i pulled down my pants and panties i could no longer see any pink color that they used to be. i turned to grab some TP and nearly died when i saw the roll was empty. i was defeated and just sat there and cried. it didnt take long until my mom came back looking for me. she told me to pull up my pants and she would take me home. i reluctantly pulled them up feeling the uncomfortable squishing of mush against me and waddled out to my moms car. she made me sit on a trash bag. i just threw the clothes away and got into the shower to clean up. within the next few days my symtoms returned and i had sharted atleast twice a day sometimes more. my mom decided to take me to the doctors and find out wat was up. i sat in the waiting room feeling horrible and felt pressure in my stomach. i naturally released a few farts carefully consiering i knew wat would happen if i was careless. i was doing good ... until i felt some diarriah go into my panties. my heart dropped. it wasnt enough to show through but it stunk and i didnt know wat to do. so i thought maybe the doctor wouldnt notice... haha yea right... so i walked the checkup room following my doctor (a woman) and my mom. as soon as we were closed in the room my mom and the doctor got a strange look on there faces and then my mom looked at me and said "o honey, did u have another acccident?" i didnt no wat to do other than die of embarresment so i sat there saying nothing. the doctor walked over to me and said "if ur not gonna tell me ill have to peak and see" i didnt no wat else to do so i said nothing again and sure enough she looked down the back of my pants...she nodded to my mom and then asked how frequently it has happened and my mom answered w. three times a day when i was sick. then the doctor left the room only to come back with diapers. she changed me and cleaned me and then gave me a pack to keep until i got better. it turned out i had the flu and after that it lasted for another two weeks. i had to wear the diapers under my moms supervision and was so glad to ditch them. im not gonna lie tho... i would have run outa panties really quickly w/o them. o well ive put it behind me... although my doctor always reminds me of it every time i go back there. well this is all i have time for now. ill tell more if u want later. dont worry there shoter... lol

To Pee Shy and Dara, and matt,

I am male and also suffer with this. At home and at public restrooms if they are not crowded I have no problem.

The issue comes when I have to wait in a crowd or outside a restroom that I havew the problem. Being male this sometimes manifests the problem with a unintended erection and then no matter what i cannot pee. this is embarasing and painful. In a crowded restroom sometimes you cannot wait and have to leave.

Dara you do not have this issue but any comments. I read the old posts.

So, as I posted in a survey not that long ago, I said I had some dairy and had diarrhea after. Well here is the story.

It was a few days ago and I had some tomato soup and a tuna sandwich for lunch. I was thirsty and I decided to pour myself a glass a milk. I knew fully well that I was gonna pay for it later, but I was thirsty and I didn't care at the moment. So anyways, I finish my lunch and my milk and decide to watch a bit of TV. About 30 minutes later, I start to get really gassy and bloated. My stomach was hurting real bad and I knew it was the milk. I go into the bathroom and sit down. Right away, I farted a wet one and heard chunks splatter against the water. I let another fart and another wave of diarrhea started. It was soooo nasty! The bathroom already smelled bad and I wasn't even in the there for 5 minuted yet! More wet, sloppy poo splatterd below me and I sighed as t poured out of me. 10 minutes later, I felt better. I went a couple more times that day and then I was fine. :)

well..i can't think of intresting story for you , but i have question that bothers me:

if we will make peeing contest (distance) between man and woman (concidering that woman position will be like the man)

who will be the winner?

i am asking this question, cause, many feamles stories about peeing, talk about extream strong stream, so..i was wondering..
what do ou think (also from anatomically aspect)?

For Talia on p. 1679---
You requested pee stories from guys, so here goes.

Several years ago, when I was in college, I was going for a walk with a friend of mine (girl) who I lived with in a large building. Anyway, she was slim, shy, really smart, and super super cute. It's important to point out that she was really shy; had this been anyone else, male or femaile, I would have excused myself to piss in the nearest available bushes, but I knew I couldn't because it would embarrass her. (Digression--This is how I knew she'd be embarrassed: One day she was eating raisins like they were cereal--i.e. an entire bowl of raisins!--and I asked her if she knew that raisins worked like prunes. She turned red and denied all knowledge. About three minutes later, she jumped up and ran for the bathroom, and was in there a very long time! Had there not been a very loud fan, I have no doubt I would have heard a poo EXPLOSION. She was a bit embarassed when she came out, and much more so after I said "See? told ya!")

Anyway, back to the pee story, I was walking one night with her through campus after dinner, which included watermelon for dessert. I love watermelon, and ate and ate watermelon util my plate was covered with a heap of watermelon rinds. Well, you can all probably figure out what happened; it's called WATERmelon for a reason!
Just as we reached the top of a hill, I felt like I needed to pee, pretty urgently. I was having a nice walk with her, though, and didn't want to say anything. Then I needed to pee more, and was really temped to casually excuse myself to pee in a hedge. But, I still thought I could hold it. A few minutes later, we started heading back, and were passing by a woods on the top of the hill, and I really desperatley needed to go. I just kept thinking "I just need to get to the woods". Well, once we got to the woods I would have not been able to hold it without darting across the road into the bushes,a nd probably losing it on the way (making it so obvious that I was desperate,a dn I was mostly embarassed that she know I was embarassed to tell her I really needed to pee!), and it was now only 1/4 mile home, downhill, through campus, so I decided to try to hold it. Big mistake. Walking downhill was brutal; my near-bursting bladder bounced with every step, and about halfway downhill I began to leak! Then, suddenly, it just started spraying out! I don't know how she could have possibly not noticed me suddenly stuff my hand in my pocket and grab the source of pee to squeeze it off, or the trail of wet spots on the pavement, or me not-so-subtly untucking my shirt to somehow hide the huge wet spot on the front of my pants, but she didn't say anything. Humiliated doesn't begin to describe it--I almost wish it had been daylight so that it would have been obvious and I could have admitted it, but to this day nothing was ever said and I wonder whether she noticed, and was just to nice, or embarased, to say anything.

Well, that's my guy's pee story, so here's a story request in return. Have any girls had to desperatly take a dump while jogging?

Arizona lurker
Hey, Veronika: Love your posts, and your thrill about sharing adjoining stalls with a member of the opposite sex while you do your business. Your descriptions are detailed and specific, making us all think we're in there with you.

How about describing your panties? You just say you "lowered your panties"...what color? What style? What fabric?

And if you really want the guy in the next stall to you to enjoy the experience, you should drop your panties all the way to your ankles!

Cathleen, from page 1675

Still out there? What did you decide? Just curious, I'm not as casual about it as your daughetr but, occasional accidents have been a part of my life and, well there are time when the need is great, the outcome is in doubt, and no one will know, so what does it really matter?

The Lone Ranger
To Isabelle

I had a similar experience to you yesterday.

I'm a twenty eight year old Driving Instructor, so I often find that I have to use public toilets through the course of my job as it would be imposible to get home between pupils.

Yesterday I had a one hour comfort brake at a local McDonalds, I have just been getting over a stomach bug so I'm finding that the sight of a toilet is making me want to go when I wouldn't normally.

On leaving the restraunt I headed to the toilet, the place has only just been redecorated however there is still only one toilet and two urinals in there. I was halfway through when suddenly someone starts rattleing the door handle, the next thing I know there is a young boy of about six sitting on the floor, and looking under the gap in the door trying to see who is on the toilet.

he keept asking innane questions like "is that you dad" to which I reply no, and "is it grandad" again to which I reply no.

These two experiences both mine and the one isabelle described weirded me out, for a few reasons, why was the child talking to a complete stranger in the mens room, with all the warnings against "kiddie fiddleing" you would have thought that the parents would have taught their children to be careful about talking to strangers. and in isabelle's story what was a boy of that age doing in the ladies room anyway.

If it ever happens to you again Izzy use some good old righteous indignation, as in how dare a mother and boy of whatever age you feel is inapropriate to be in the ladies is there, and advise them next time to use a disabled toilet or mother and baby room.

Trouble is you may need to apear older and turn your own embarasement into venomous anger to carry it off and shame the mother.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hi everyone. I used to post here a while ago.
I like listening to people having a good shit. I like to hear the plop sounds.
I dropped my wife off at work - and when I got home I wanted to go.
There was some toilet paper in the toilet. so I flushed so that it didn't interfere with the sound. i took my pants and underpants down, and sat down. When the cistern had filled, I dropped my first one with a good plop. I then lifted myself up so that I was about 1 ft clear of the seat to get a longer drop. I squeezed, and the result was awesome. An enormous splash that wet my bum from that distance.
I dropped a couple more with loud plops, then wiped.

Heya, I'm back, sorry for the long gap. Now, I know there is more than one person called laura here, but I heard somebody ask for a laura to do a have to poo, gas pain story, and I thought you wouldn't mind such a story, even if it was from the wrong one. If I am the right Laura, then many thanks for the request! Ok, not used to doing this kind of story, but here's a couple.

I've always had a problem that if I eat lots of salad, when I have to go for a poo, I have to go RIGHT NOW, or it will literally force itself out whererver I am, whatever I am doing. I also have irritable bowel syndrome that is fairly erratic when it rears its ugly head. The only thing it is constant with is potato waffles; they irritate me all the time.

Anyway, I was with my boy in my flat, and we were doing a complicated maneuvure which involved switching from laptop to computer and back to laptop and to computer (4 switches in all) transferring stuff between the 2 on a memory stick. At the start of the maneuvure I suddenly felt the urge to go, and I had been eating salad for the last week, with olive oil dressing. I was in control of the pen drive and he was telling me when to put it in and when it was safe to remove it. Very quickly the urge built, but I was trying to hide my desperation. I let out a couple of farts and my stomach started to hurt, as did my rectum, which felt kinda like a sleeping bag cover, bulging with a person length's worth of sleeping bag. I tugged out the pen drive, and my boy said "That was quick!" I said "What?" And he said "The 'it is safe to remove USB port' sign didn't come up, you just yanked it out!" I said "Um, yeah...", and carried on working grimly, now rigid, sweating and wondering if I could make it to the end of the transfer. As the final pen drive bit came up I stuffed it in and carried out the transfer, but because it was starting to come out slowly but surely, I made all sorts of mistakes my boy pointed out and I had to keep going back and correcting, which was making the situation worse. Finally I lept up as another fart forced its way out. "I have to go to the bathroom" I said and without waiting for a reply, I dashed off. The annoying thing was though that it took a while to get started, but once it did it took forever for colossus to erupt from me! When I'd finished I looked; it was light yellowy-brown, smooth-sided (proof of how tight the fit had been), about as thick as a small kid's wrist, and as long too. I flushed, and got overwhelming euphoria of complete emptiness. For me, the euphoria comes in holding and also in relief, but I find the actual defecation process is unpleasant.

Another story; one night I was staying at some friends' with my Mum and sister, and we were all sleeping in the same room. They are REALLY light sleepers, so when I woke with the familliar stomach pains (and for some reason I was in mid orgasm when I woke up - the only one I've ever had...) I didn't want to get up. But the pain built. With my IBS I find I don't get the urge; the pain forces me into the toilet way before it's time. Seriously, this time it felt like I was in labour; the pains coming very intense and concentrated and stabbing, every few minutes. Eventually I got up quietly and hobbled to the loo. It was warm, bright and very comforting. I looked at the picture of the light house and the bath toys on the side of the bath and hoped the pains would ease soon. After fifteen minutes of agony, there was a sort of WHHHHOOOOOSH inside me, and I felt searing burning diahorrea pour out of me. I collapsed, sweating, and then another wave ripped out, silent and silky. Two more of the same, before I wiped. It took only a few wipes to get the greenish stuff from the last wave (must've gone right through me) off. It was just as well cos it really hurt to wipe. When I looked, it literally looked like flood-water; cloudy, brown and very, very dirty with splatters up the side of the toilet. I flushed and the brown swirled in a choclatey whirlpool before it disappeared under fresh clear water. Much relieved and rather exhilirated after my night 'adventure' I returned to bed and slept very peacefully and softly. I always feel particularly peaceful, content and soft after having an IBS attack. At least it's a reward for all that pain preceding.

That's all for now, but I have more stories of the same. I will try not to be so long this time, and thanks for listening. Hope you enjoyed it!

running boy
I went for a run last night.usually I make sure I don't need to poo or pee before I set out.but this time I thought i'd see what it felt like to poo outdoors.
after about fifteen minutes I was running through a small wood.I went off the track and found a clearing where I felt nobody would see me.I picked some leaves to use to clean my bum afterwards and chose a flat spot which didn't have any stinging nettles around.
I put my feet at a comfortable distance apart,lowered my running shorts to my ankles and squatted right down close to the ground.I looked straight forward as I found ir easier to keep my balance like that.
by this time I was bursting for a pee so I pointed my penis straight down between my legs and let go.I peed a long stream onto the ground which made a small indentation in the forest floor and then trickled away under my I was finishing my pee I felt a poo start to slide down towards my was very smooth and there was no need to bum hole opened straight away and one long coil of poo eased out onto the ground between my legs.after a few seconds I pushed to see whether therewas any more but there wasn't.
I stood up and looked at my was still in one coil,bout eight inches long,light brown in colour,quite wide and soft.I picked up some of the leaves to wipe myself but hardly needed any as it had been such a smooth shit.I then used the rest of the leaves to cover my poo which was now smelling quite potent.
I pulled my shorts up and rejoined my running route,amazed by how easy and natural everything had felt.

1 What is your gender? Female

2 What is your age? 19

3 How would you describe your body? Slender with somewjat big breasts for my size

4 How often do you poop? 2-3 times a day

5 How long does it take you to get started, after sitting down? Usually 5 minutes, although it can sometimes take 10 minutes before anything happens

6 How long takes the complete pooping session? 45 minutes to an hour or so

7 Do you enjoy watching others poop? Never watched anyone before

8 How much time took your longest pooping session you can remember? 1 1 1/2 hours

9 does your poop come out in one wave, or do you have to pause between the turds? I have to wait in between each poop. Usually 10 minutes in between

10 How many pieces do you produce while pooping? 5-6 medium sized pieces

11 Do you fart, while pooping? Only if I strain real hard or if I have diarrhea

12 Do you shart while pooping? Sometimes

13 Are these questions annoying? No

Survey 2:

1 Do you enjoy pooping? Yes

2 What is your favorite position when passing a BM? Legs spread far apart with arms on my knees

3 Do you get stomach aches before your BM? Are they severe? Only if it's diarrhea

4 How many times a day do you poop? 2-3 times a day

5 What was the longest poop you ever did? I don't know

6 Do you find pooping relaxing? Not really. But I still enjoy it.

7 Do you make grunting noises when pushing? Yes. Usually not on purpose. It just sorta happens when I push too hard.

8 How often do you get constipated? Not very often. My poops may take a while to come out, but they aren't super solid so, yeah.

9 What was the longest time you were ever constipated for? 5 days

10 After be´ng constipated or just having a difficult poop, and it finally comes out, do you ever yell of relieve? No. I just let out a nice sigh of relief. lol

11 Do you get stomach aches often, when you don't have to BM? If so, how long do they last and are they severe? Only if it's diarrhea

12 Are you gassy when you poop? No

13 Do you look forward to take a dump? Yes

14 What are the two signs that you have to go? (besides a stomach ache?) Pressure on my bum

15 Do you ever lie down after taking a looong dump because you feel weak or tired? No

16 Do you ever have to catch your breath after pooping? If it was a hard one to get out, yes

17 Do you like to take as long as necessary on the bowl, or do you get it done as fast as possible? If there's peopel home, I like to finish quickly but if I'm home alone or out in public, I'll take as much time as I want.

18 When you are constipated, or are having a tough time getting it out
what do you think is the best way to relieve yourself without taking a laxative? I don't know

19 Has a BM ever hurted so much that you started to cry? No

20 How often do you have diarrhea? A few times a month

21 When on the bowl, taking a dump, what do you think is the most comfortable position? Legs spread apart

22 Do you push on your stomach to get the poop out? Yes, But it doesn't work too well

23 Do you ever massage your stomach to help a stomach ache or to help yourself poop? No

24 How do you feel about having someone to poop with you, like to keep you company? I'm too keen on that idea

25 How do you feel about someone talking you through constipation, a rough poop, diarrhea etc.? Same as above

26 After a long hard poop, diarrhea or constipation or even when you have the stomach flu/bug, would you enjoy a stomach massage? Maybe

27 Do your stomach aches continue even after you pooped? Only if it's diarrhea. It will hurt for a while after I've finished.

28 How often do you get off the bowl, and then realize, as you walk away from the bathroom that you weren't done? Has this ever happened to you more then twice in a row(for the same dump)? I;ve had it happen a couple times.

Lady businnes
Yestarday, I was on the toilet at work. I was very surprised by this thing.
Between the stall the partition have an high gap so you can see a part of the legs of the other occupant. So after this short description. The lady in the next stall was sat on the toilet with her pantyhose aorud her ankle the long skirt raised up and a tan tong just below her knees.
For me the strange thing is the pantyhose lowered to the ankles , i can understand if you wear short on large trouses.

what do you think? normally how do you put far your pantyhose or tights?

Have nice toilet time.

Hello everyone...

Thought I'd touch base and regale you with my most recent poop, having only minutes earlier flushed the toilet and washed my hands.

Well, I'd been putting off going to the toilet for the best part of the afternoon, so upon arrival home, and after hanging up my coat and scarf, I made my way straight into the bathroom. Having already retrieved my cigarettes and lighter from my bag, I closed the door behing me and unzipping my jeans, plonked my bum down onto the seat. Lighting my cigarette, I leant slightly forward, my elbows resting upon my thighs, my feet set slightly apart. Peeing for around twenty seconds, I emitted a silent fart, the odour of which immediately filled the room.

Drawing on my cigarette, I felt the first poop commence its downward descent, this being no more than thirty seconds from sitting down, its 'ploop' into the water followed almost immediately by a rapid succession of small to medium sized splishes and splashes, some nine or ten in total. Drawing on my cigarette once again, I exhaled a steady plume of smoke as five or six more soft poops eased their way out of me and into the water below.

Sitting up straight after some minutes, I gently shrugged my shoulders & stretched my neck, looking up towards the ceiling before closing my eyes and delighting in that familiar sensation of 'fullness' from within my bowels. Thirty seconds later & still seated upright, my anus began to part as another length of poo began to emerge. Drawing on my cigarette, I resisted the urge to push, allowing instead for it to hang there in place, its soft but wide, firm texture producing an intoxicating sense of euphoric pleasure, my senses brought to an elevated state of tactile sensibility, to be capped off by its slow release and quiet splash below. I suspect that most contrbutors to this forum are keenly aware of the indescribable sense of almost erotic joy and self-indulgent pleasure that this sort of thing is capable of producing, yet find it an almost constant sense of frustration in not being able to share or recount these experiences to others who simply don't understand.

Seconds after the release of that last piece, a progression of soft medium sized poos began to slide out of my bum, a continuous stream of plips, plops and ploops that in all honesty, seemed destined to go on for all of eternity. To attempt any sort of count would have been both futile and counter intuitive, as to do so would have detracted seriously from my utter enjoyment of this necessary yet sensuously compelling act of bodily relief. I often marvel at the mere fact that my 5'10", 150lb frame remains capable of such emissions, and on a daily basis!

Sitting forward again, I waited patiently for the next assault on the toilet bowl, staring absently at my feet & pondering whether or not my faded black canvas Converses had reached their use by date, their sentimental worth far outstripping their usefulness. staring down at my feet and beyond to the base of the door in front, I collected my thoughts on the days events as a fresh wave of poo announced its readiness in preparation for release. Rather than mimic the performance of the previous round, on this occasion, a series of small drops plopped their way into the toilet, a regular cadence of small splashes each about a second or two apart. whilst I failed to maintain a reliable count, the duration of intermittent plops spanned a rough scale of ten to fifteen seconds. A momentary pause of around a minute and my bum was 'back to work', delivering a slowly produced supply of little plips and plops. A faintly audible fart preceded two more quick drops and it was all but over.

While it isn't something that I normally do, I did time myself on this occasion, noting that from the time I sat down until the first wipe, a total of eleven minutes and sixteen seconds had elapsed. wiping several times more, I stood up, raised my jeans and flushed. As is not uncommon, a couple of flushes were needed, along with a rather rigorous scrubbing of the bowl to remove any residual evidence. Exiting the bathroom/toilet space and emerging into the 'fresh air' of the hallway was profoundly telling as an exercise in environmental contrasts.

And so ends the anecdotal narrative of yet another wonderfully fulfilling experience. I can barely wait for next time.



1) Is your poop normally liquidy?
Kinda. It's not super liquidy, but it is quite soft all the time

2) When you are feeling sick to your stomach, do you barf, have diarrhea, or both at the same time?
It depends on how sick I am. If I have like the stomach flu, it's both at the same time.

3) Have you ever witnessed a friend use the bathroom because they couldn't wait any longer? No

4) is there a food that you eat that you know makes you have diarrhea, yet you eat it anyway?
Yes. I am lactose intolerant so I can't have dairy. I still eat it though, eventhough I know I'll pay for it later. lol

5) Can you pee standing up? And if so, do you do so often?
Yes. I am a male

6) Has anybody ever seen you have a BM or pee?
My mom. A few years back, I had a really bad stomach bug and my mom came into the bathroom with me and massaged mt back and stomach while I had diarrhea.

7) Do you poop in the ocean? Nope. Just pee

8) Did you ever have an accident as a child?
I can't remember. Probabaly did.

9) (the kind of random one) When was the last time you had diarrhea, and do you know the cause of it? The other day. I had some milk at lunch and I had really bad diarrhea after that.

new survey, please answear
4)Have you pissed in a bottle in your bedroom,computer room?
5)How often (if ever) do you have a peeing accident/wet yourself on purpose?
6)Do you wet the bed on purpose (explain)?
7)Have you pissed in a doctors office while the doctor was checking you out?
8)do you ever pee on the floor on purpose(explain)?
9)Do you pee on the floor when you're in the changing room?
10)If you pee on the floor when in the changing room, how did you do it(explain)?
11)Have you ever pee in the sink?
12)Do you wipe when you pee?
13)If you were at your friend's house sleeping while she wets her bed, what would you do(explain)?
14)If your friend were at your house sleeping while she wets your bed, what would you do(explain)?
15)Do you ever pee your pants on purpose(explain)?
16)do you like the feeling of wet panty?
17)do you change your wet panties or do you remain with wet panty for a lot of time(explain)?
do you always use toilet paper after pissing?
Do you always wash your hands after pissing?
Have you ever pissed or pooped in your bed?
Has you ever pissed other places than the bathroom in your home?
What was the worst condition of a toliet or urinal that you last used?

hello i posted once before im 15, mixed race and male

last night i had alot to drink before i went to bed, i woke up late and had to rush out peeing, i realised this but carried on to school.
I arrived at skool and went to 1st lesson and 2nd lesson, at break i 4got to go and ate some crisps and had a drink then went to 3rd lesson and straight to fourth. At lunch my friends decided to get food from outside school and i went and got a pattie and a drink that i quckly drank, i got back into school late for P.E and had to quickly get changed and do 2 hours of P.E. At the end I got changed again and walked 3 miles home, I got in about 5pm and had a cup of tea and 2 glasses of juice. The time is now 9:02 and i still havnt peed but now i really have to go, around 27 hours since I last peed and 14 hours since ive been needing to pee lol...

I've just had what must be the most stupendous shit in my life. I'm sure that nearly five days without sitting on the pot had something to do with it. The first vague feelings of fullness came on Wednesday morning after getting up, and as always with symptoms that mild I simply noted but ignored them. The fullness got a little more noticeable throughout the day but it wasn't uncomfortable, it was just stronger and present much more of the time.

By late Wednesday evening I was starting to feel uncomfortable enough to seriously consider sitting on the pot but decided not to since my poo wasn't yet pushing at my hole and was giving no real signs of wanting to come out. By Thursday morning after waking up and with all the movement of showering, dressing and breakfast there was a distinct and more focused feeling of pressure building just inside my hole. Nothing urgent but it was very definitely letting me know that sooner or later it was going to get insistent.

Although the achy feeling of fullness and bloating was now very persistent, the urge to poop felt no stronger than those I normally hold in. It was however time to go to work so I had to make a decision. I stood in my hallway for about half a minute squeezing my hole shut and forcing my poo to retreat away from my anus and move back up inside my rectum. The feelings of retreat, the disappearance of the urge to poo, and even some relief of the fullness and boating felt very good and with a new sense of confidence I set off for work.

Throughout the whole of Thursday I felt increasingly listless, bloated, full and uncomfortable at work, and by about 3 pm the dull ache deep inside was constant to the point of being distracting. At about 3:30 I felt the urge to poo build up and this time there was no doubt my turd was trying to open my hole. I leaned back in my chair, making sure no one was looking, put my legs out straight, crossed them and squeezed for all my might. I must have squeezed for about over half a minute and there was a point when the pressure was so great I thought for one awful second that I was about to get a sizeable turtlehead, or even worse. But gradually the urge subsided and my turd retreated once more. I was also gratified to feel I had not leaked anything under the pressure and I was pretty sure my hole was still clean, so not much risk of a messy crack or skid marks in my underpants. It was a real close call and I knew that the next it tried to come out I doubted very much I could hold it in.

At 5:00 prompt I left work feeling very uncomfortable and by 5:30 was back in the security of my home. I went straight upstairs, took my shoes pants and unders off and threw them on the bedroom floor. The bathroom door was open and the pot beckoned invitingly. I went in, sat down on the pot, taking a minute to get comfortable. I breathed out slowly and totally relaxed every muscle in my body. "OK now you can come out", I thought to myself

It must have been at least another minute before I felt the pressure build and the urge to poo return. I felt it come down and start pushing on the inside of my anus and again I consciously relaxed my muscles, specially those in my ass, as much as possible. I closed my eyes and at last felt my hole start to open. Feeling my asshole gradually preparing for a shit and then slowly opening to let the nose peek out and see the daylight is truly an enjoyable experience. This time was no exception as my hole opened wider and wider and the nose came out further and further. After about a minute I could feel my hole had finished opening and was stretched enough to give me an intensely pleasing feeling. It's impossible to describe other than to perhaps call it an almost perfect mix of pleasure and pain.

I figured it's nose was now out completely and it was the main body of my turd holding my hole open. I relaxed once more , took several deep breaths and again made myself comfortable on the pot. I took the time to savor the feeling of my turd sticking out of my ass and the sensations in and around my hole as it was being held wide open. The strange thing was I couldn't feel it moving any more, and this just heightened the anticipation for me because a good hang time prolongs all the pleasure.

I must have been sitting there for a full five minutes relishing the feeling of this huge turd hanging out of my ass when the sensations coming from my hole told me it had started to move very slowly. It was then I felt the first gurgle deep in my ????. In fact I not only felt it, I heard it. Meanwhile my turd continued to come out very slowly and after a short while my ???? gurgled again, very strongly, and very loudly, and for an amazing length of time. It was like everything inside me had started to move again after being held up for so long.

The sensation was nothing less than ecstatic as my turd continued to ease its way past my wide-stretched ring. Within a minute I began to wonder just how much shit was coming out of me because it seemed by now to be never-ending. It still kept coming and I closed my eyes, rested my folded arms on my knees and relished the sensations in my ass for all they were worth.

Eventually I felt my turd speed up just a little and then quite suddenly its tail left my anus and my hole closed leaving me with one of the most pleasant and profound senses of relief, satisfaction and emptiness I have ever felt after a really good shit.

I sat and savored the relief for a while and then stood up and looked to see what I had done. I couldn't believe what I saw. A truly enormous perfectly smooth turd over 2 inches across curled around the bowl. It was so long that it went all the way around the bowl as if it were floating on the water and its tail went way past its head. I gazed in total amazement at what had come out of my asshole. Out of pure curiosity I held my two middle fingers closed with my thumb and stuck my first and pinky fingers straight out. I stepped my fingers along the length of my turd and counted almost 8 steps. I know my finger tips are exactly 3 inches apart which made my turd almost 24 inches long. I couldn't believe I had produced such a monster, but I'm sure it was largely due to five days of constipation and would also explain the two day buildup of listlessness as well as the gurgling inside me when it was half way out.

As I said in one of my previous posts; there is nothing so pleasurable in life as the relief felt after a really good, long, hard shit.

I found a network again. Still in the remote areas. Last four nights we have stayed at a mountain plain without vegetation. Only stones to hide back when going to toilet. Somewhat embarrassing but still quite amusing too.

well..i can't think of intresting story for you , but i have question that bothers me:

if we will make peeing contest (distance) between man and woman (concidering that woman position will be like the man)

who will be the winner?

i am asking this question, cause, many feamles stories about peeing, talk about extream strong stream, so..i was wondering..
what do ou think (also from anatomically aspect)?

To Pee Shy and Dara, and matt,

I am male and also suffer with this. At home and at public restrooms if they are not crowded I have no problem.

The issue comes when I have to wait in a crowd or outside a restroom that I havew the problem. Being male this sometimes manifests the problem with a unintended erection and then no matter what i cannot pee. this is embarasing and painful. In a crowded restroom sometimes you cannot wait and have to leave.

Dara you do not have this issue but any comments. I read the old posts.

Hi, guys im an American living in England. First off il tell you guys a bit about me. Im a 24 year old man with light brown hair and have a quite muscular build. I have always been intersted in my poo habits but womens in particuar. So heres my story. When i moved to Britain about 4 years ago i met ths beautful women i nightclub. She turned out to be my girlfriend and still is now. She is just under 6 foot and has beautiful strawberry blond hair. I got dancing before i invited her back to mine. After that we got aquainted together and she told me how she was a divorcee twins both were 10 one boy one girl. She is 33 years old. The first thing i noticed is how open they are are about the pooping habits which really turned me on. It first occured when i stayed the night at her house and as the kids were ready to go to bed Linsay the daughter said i need to go poo and said to her mom can Cory come and help. I didnt know what she meant by this but i was led into the bathroom. Lindsay sat on the toilet legs opening wide and told us to watch for the poo. Quickly a large turd emerged out of her bottom and plopped into the toilet she sat there for another 5 mins making a huge pile of poo. Then she said can Cory wipe me tonight. I was shocked but then my girlfriend said go ahead. I took the paper as Linsay bent over and gently wiped he bottom which from the paper was very dirty. After she finished and i went to bed i sat with my girlfriend on the sofa. She quicky started beggining to fart and stink up the room much to both mine and her ammusment. Well after that she said right my turn. She sat on the toilet farting up a storm before a large poo came out. Once again i was asked to wipe and did so. Her poo stunk to high heaven and it was real turn on. Needless to say we didn't get much sleep that night.

I have many other stories ust tell me if you wish to hear them

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

AJ :-) Loves Russell ;-)
Isabelle--the only rude person I saw in this unfortunate incident at the park was that moron with her son. As for her son, he was just a kid, but, obviously, was her apprentice in rude behavior.

If I had been peeking under the stall at somebody when I was a kid, my mom would have had me pulled away from there quicker than you can say Jack Robinson, and I would have gotten quite a scolding for it, too.

She, also, didn't take the time to try to assist her son in aiming for the toilet.

Then, to continue to be mad at YOU even after her son had found a place to relieve himself just shows that she surely has a screw loose somewhere.

Russell and I are now back on good terms again--even though our face time has been put off until next year in the late spring or early summer due to his being invited to spend the holidays with our organization's president and his family with all expenses paid!

This is an offer he couldn't refuse. Not only will it be a great time with a lot of neat people but it will also be an opportunity to lay some important plans for the next phase of our organization!

Russell says I blabber too much and tell tales out of school, so I'm trying to behave myself and not tell too much, but I must say that I'm very pleased with the developments that will be making a very positive difference in the lives of young people who need a helping hand!

Anyway, I'm long over the queasy stomach and runs that I was dealing with the last time I wrote. I don't think I can blame Russell's and my falling out for this, as it was probably something getting out there in the air, but I don't think it helped any.

No matter, I'm glad to have that miserable time behind me--though I can't say that it was all miserable, as good things were also happening during this period of time.

My mom gets really amused at me, because we'll be talking on the phone, and I'll tell her that I need to go poop and will call her back when I'm done.

Then, I see something online that needs tended to, and I'll get to doing that, and the feeling passes.

Then, I think I'd better call my mom or she'll think I've fallen in, so I call her and tell her that I haven't been to poop yet, and she's like...

"You haven't!?! While ago it sounded as if you couldn't wait to go and were going to go as soon as we hung up."

Then, we'll actually talk a little longer--and, at times, call someone else for a three-way conversation. Then, I'll absolutely HAVE to poop, so it's off the phone to get to the bathroom.

Guess there's nothing wrong with my "pucker string." My maternal grandpa had prostrate surgery, and he said that, ever since the surgery, he didn't have any pucker string. I'm not sure if he were talking about his anal pucker string or the one controlling his pee flow. He might have been talking about both.

He and I were buddies, and I couldn't believe it when I came home from my first day of first grade to find out that he had passed away. He had gone to the hospital over the weekend, but I thought that he would be okay. After all, we had just bought him a bedpan and urinal so he wouldn't have to get out of bed to use the toilet. I was confused as to how he could have passed away when we'd just bought those things for him as if he would be staying with us for a very long time.

I'm getting tired and I really have to pee, so I'm going to sign off for now.

Questions about your public bathroom habits and procedures:

1) Do you ever put off or refuse to use a public toilet when you need
to? If so, why?

2) If several stalls are available, which do you select and why?

3) Do you wipe the seat off before sitting on it? Why?

4) If toilet paper or seat protectors are available, do you put them
down before seating yourself? Why or why not?

5) Have you ever finished a messy crap, only to find there's no toilet
paper left on the roll? If so, what do you do?

6) Do you flush with your hand or foot?

7) How often do you thoroughly wash your hands?

8) What has most influenced your habits/procedures? Parents? Friends?
Time available? Long-standing habits?

9) Your gender? Age?

Thanks, Christine

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