I wanted to share a story of a time when i peed and crapped my pants in public. it was one of the most embarassing things that's ever happened to me. anyway, here's how it happened. i was 12 and i had to go to the driver's license place with my dad and my older sister because she was getting her learner's permit. my younger brother was with us too. anyway, we had to sit and wait for a really long time and it was so boring. worst of all, after a while of sitting around waiting, i had the familiar pressure in my butt, and a bloated bladder. i had to pee and poop, not TOO badly but bad enough to make me worry. i was fairly accident prone growing up so whenever i had to go badly when i wasn't home there was always the fear of an accident. when i had to pee and poop at the same time was the worse, it's like the pressure from both needs made eachother worse. i was wearing light blue cotton capri pants over a pair of light purple cotton panties with white flowers on them so i knew an accident would be pretty obvious. luckily for me my sister was just about done, she had passed her test and was just finishing up some paperwork and they were about to take the picture for her permit. i was squirming in my seat and just trying to hold on. finally, we were finished and my undies were still clean and dry. as we were leaving, there was a pet store across the shopping center and my dad decided to let us go look at animals because we had to wait through all of that. my brother and sister were excited about that, and i was too, because i love animals, i was just kind of worried because i really really had to poop and pee still. i just hoped we would go quick. the second we walked into the store i felt a jolt of pressure, and i knew i was gonna poop my pants. i started to panic and my eyes teared up. my brother and sister went straight to the puppies and i kind of followed, trying to discretely put my hand on my butt to try and hold it in better. i was in agony. the poop kept trying to force it's way out and i kept fighting it back in, and the struggle was making me lose control of my bladder, and i started to wet my pants in little spurts. i wandered down an aisle where there was no people, and with tears streaming down my face, i lost it. i farted one loud, bubbley fart as creamy soft poop filled my undies as i also peed my pants. i could feel it pushing my panties out into a bulge as it spread across my butt, and it was an all too familiar and shameful feeling. i pooped a lot too. it wasn't like a liquidy too messy poop, it just wasn't totally solid so it made one big soft lump that stayed in my panties. i gently put my hand on my butt to survey the damage. my butt was soaked from the pee and the bulge from the poop felt like it was the size of one of those little foam nerf footballs. my pants were clinging to the insides of my legs, and they were pee soaked all down the inner side and back of my legs. i could feel the wetness in my shoes too and i looked down and there was a puddle around my feet. i felt like i was in shock. i just stood there and cried until my older sister came around the corner because she heard me, and saw me standing there crying in wet pants and standing in my pee puddle. she turned her head for a second and whispered "dad kayla wet her pants". she didn't know the half of it. she rushed over to me and tried to calm me down and started to walk me to the car, and when i had to turn around she said "oh my gosh. kayla..." as she notice i didn't only pee my pants but i pooped them too. i started to cry even more becuase it told me that i was that clear that i had pooped. when we got outside my dad and brother were right behind us. he just said "relax, relax get in the car." everyond got in and my dad put plastic grocery bags on the seat for me. it felt really gross having to seat down and smoosh the bulge of poop in my pants. it made it spread out of my panties and i felt it get on my legs and thighs outside my underwear. the ride home was really awkward. we had the windows down and everyone was just quiet and looked weirded out. my dad just kept asking me if i was ok and telling me we were almost home. when we got home he sent my straight to the bathroom and told me he would bring clean pants and underwear and some stuff for me and to just wait a second. i went in the bathroom and closed the door. i saw my face in the mirror all red and puffy from crying. on the front of my pants you could only see a small wet stain right on my lap and you could kind of see the wetness spreading down the inside of my legs. i slowly turned around, and the back was a horror story. i had a gigantic wet stain on my butt and the back of my thighs were completely wet and there were trails of wetness down the backs of my legs all the way to the bottom of my pants. the wetness made the pants kind of see through so i could my panties and of course the big load of poop in them. it was like kind of a lightish brown. there were too separate poop stains that were a little more prominent on each side of my butt where it smooshed out of my undewear. i was a total mess. my dad knocked on the door and handed my clean undies and jeans, and gave me a plastic bag and told me to put my dirty clothes in it and bring it to the laundry when i was done. i spent a long time cleaning up, i took a shower too. when i was finally finished i put my clean underwear and pants on and took the bag with my soiled pants and panties downstairs. my dad saw me coming and met me in the laundry room and helped me get them rinsed and into the wash. he then closed the door to the laundry room and asked me what happened. i just said i really had to go waiting at the driver's license place and i thought i could hold it until we got home, but then we went to the pet store and i couldn't make it. he told me he wasn't mad, but that i'm 12 years old and it's really not good to "let myself" go to the bathroom in my pants at my age. i said it wasn't like i planned it and i was kind of annoyed that he said that, but then he told me he just meant that at my age i should be able to know whether or not i'm gonna be able to hold it in or if i should use the bathroom or else i'll have an accident. he told me there was plenty of time waiting at the dmv and i could've just gone to the bathroom there. i knew i could've gone there i'm just really embarassed to use public bathrooms, and i told him that, and he said "well, what's more embarassing, using the toilet like an adult, even if it's a public one, or wetting and messing in your pants like a little girl in public?" i saw his point, obviously, but i still reiterated that i thought i could hold it until we got home. he then said "ok. but be more careful next time. i don't see how you thought you could hold it until we got home, you had an accident less than 5 minutes after we walked into the pet store, so you probably still would've gone in your pants in the car going home even if we didn't go to the pet store. i talked to katie and tanner (my sister and brother) and they're not going to tease you about this so don't worry. just be more careful next time and remember it's okay to use a public bathroom." i felt better that he wasn't mad, but it was still awkward to talk to him about it. eitherway, even though it was only my family and a couple of strangers at the pet store that saw me have an accident, it was extremely humiliating. i should've told my dad i had to get home when we decided to go into the pet store....although he was probably right, i probably would've pooped and peed my pants in the car going home anyway.

later that night i was in my room and my sister came in. i thought she was gonna make fun of me or something, but she just asked if i was okay. i said yeah and that i didn't want to talk about it. then, what she told me was really surprising. she said "if it makes you feel any better, it's happened to me before too so don't worry. you'll get over it." i thought she was just trying to make me feel better, but then she told me. the year before, when she was in 8th grade, she had to go really bad at school. she also preferred to wait until she got home because she was embarassed to poop in public bathrooms. she held it for 3 classes, and then she pooped her pants on the bus going home. i was shocked, and it actually did make me feel better. i don't wanna sound mean, but her accident was way worse than mine because she was 14 and did it on the school bus, i was 12 and did it in front of just my family and a couple strangers. i can't imagine what she went through. she told me that it smelled but she just tried to act casual and stayed in her seat so people wouldn't know it was her, and when she got to her stop she tried to get off the bus with her bookbag covering her butt, but someone must've seen the bulge on her butt anyway because she heard a kid tell another kid "katie crapped her pants!" she rushed home crying and cleaned up and changed without telling anyone. she said she never told anyone, not even my parents that that happened. she said a lot of people heard about it at school but no one really bothered her about it, she just got weird looks and was really self conscious about it.

anyway, thanks for reading my story. like i said, i was pretty accident prone growing up, and still am to an extent, so if you guys liked this story i can share some of my others, but this one was the worst.

Carmen (new here)
I just stumbled across this site, and have a few stories to tell. first off, i am 15, latina, tall, and very pretty. I have lived in america all my life, as have my parents. my great-grandma was from tahiti, my great-grandpa the dominican republic.

anyway, my first story. my family and the family of my best friend stephanie took a trip to N. Carilona recently, our families shared a very nice, fully decked out cabin up in the mountains. on the second night, stephanie and I decided to camp out in a tent behind the cabin, for fun. we got everything we needed, I grabbed a metal bucket to keep outside the tent in case either of us had to pee. we both slept peacefully that night. I woke up around 7:00. the fist thing i saw was steph's naked bottom in front of my face. first I thought I was dreaming, then steph farted right in my face. it smelled really bad. i shrieked, trying to undo my sleeping bag zipper. she kept laughing, and farted two more times. then, she said "oh, shit" and ran to the tent entrance, jumped outside, grabbed the bucket, and started ripping big diarrhea farts into it. I got up, and jokingly asked "feeling all right, steph? did you try to push to hard?" then I started laughing. she looked so embarrased on the bucket.(luckily, our parents wouldn't wake up for another 2 hours). after a short while, stephanie thought she was finished. she stood up, only to let loose a messy poop fart halfway through the motion of standing up.. then she was done. the bucket was about half full. i squatted over it, dropping a few logs into it. we wiped off and used the hose to rinse out the bucket. then, I suddenly had to go again. i started violently farting. it seriously sounded like the fart scenes from "not another teen movie" or "harold and kumar go to white castle". it was that bad.

I don't have time to write the other story right now, but expect more soon!!!

this is to the chick w/IBS.

I'm a 20 year old guy with the same shit (no pun intended) to deal with as you and yeah it's a real bitch. I've had to cancel plans before because of an episode of it, had to seriously throw down my fork and run to the bathroom before because whatever I was eating went through me so fast and yeah I've had my share of accidents. For me the most dangerous kind doesn't come with cramps, my stomach starts growling and I just feel like I have to fart. That kind's usually completely liquid and coming out whether you can get to a bathroom or not and that's usually also when I end up having at least a little accident. The last time I had an accident I had both things goin on at once. I woke up early in the morning with my stomach bubbling and cramps that bent me double, got out of bed and was heading for the toilet with my asshole clenched as tight as I could when I stubbed my toe in the dark, relaxed my hole for a split second and that was all it took. I was wearing boxers and basketball shorts and it shot all over the back of them and ran down my legs and after that it kept seeping out till I finally got on the toilet where I sat cramping and every now and then shitting a couple squirts of liquid crap for like an hour. Good luck w/it, I've found out the best thing for me to do is avoid anything even kind of greasy and take a daily fiber supplement. Pepto bismal chewables are a good thing to keep on hand too and don't think sugary shit, coke makes me have explosive diarrhea within minutes of drinking it. good posts everyone, I lurk a lot but you'll prolly hear from me now and then.

-- blake --

When school ended last month, my parents moved from a small, rural town to a large city because my dad had lost his job. Well, after 6 weeks in our rental home and learning my way around the city, I'm embarrassed to admit I have a peeing problem when I'm away from home. I'm 15 and will turn 16 in December. There were only 200 students in my previous high school, like 20 stores in our mall, and I never, never had a problem of just pulling my underwear down and peeing. Never. Now, I've become much more self-conscious and on several occasions I've sat for 5 or 10 minutes, while others wait in a line for my stall, and I can't go. That makes me even more angry. Today, was one of my worst experiences. I work at a jewelry kiosk in the mall. The mall is huge, goes for several city blocks and it has several wings, each wing has a different type of store or service. My co-worker, a middle-aged divorced mother, says there's something like 500 stores plus theaters, a children's play auditiorium, etc. Every time we have to go to the bathroom and I'm working 40 hours a week, plus some overtime when my co-worker has sick children (which is like weekly) we use the bathroom closest to our stand in the mall. Despite the fact that it's down a huge flight of steps and quite a long walk from "main street" there's almost always a line. I think I've counted about 20 stalls, although a couple of them aren't operating and there's usually a couple that are messed up pretty bad. One I've noticed doesn't even have a door, but I wonder if that's for use by the handicapped. Each morning about 10:30 I go in for my crap. The wait's usually no more than 10 minutes and while I don't like the pain of holding it in, once I close the door, pull my underwear down and place my butt on the seat, I have my full bm within 15 seconds. Wiping takes me about three times as long because my bms are soft and I don't like taking my underwear off when I'm sweaty at night before I shower and find there are skidmarks left on them. However, peeing is what has caused me the most stress. So much so that this afternoon after sitting for about 10 minutes and not being able to get my flow going, I started to cry. This was because a couple of little girls who, get this, we're being encouraged by their mom, started to pound on the door and tell me to hurry up because they were going to pee their pants. Well, about 15 minutes earlier when I was standing in line, I felt that way too. It's just that once I place myself on the toilet and concentrate on getting my flow started, I get too flustered. Once, I looked up and was grossed out by a drawing of a penis on the door as well as a phone number. Another time, I had my underwear all the way down to the floor and I could see eyes peeking in on me. Once last week, there was some pee on the floor around the stool (probably the young boy the mother brought in before me who had no aim!) and I grabbed for some toilet paper to lay down over the pee on the floor and found there was none left on the roll. So I just sat down frustrated with my flip-flops getting wet and hoping that my butt would not be getting wet also because I don't think the kid raised the seat. I stood up three times and re-positioned by myself before I was able to get about half my pee to trickle out. A half hour later I was back in there to complete the job--and with more frustration. Mona, my co-worker, has commented on a couple of occasions that I take longer in the bathroom than some of the others she has worked with. You think!!!! How can I have the ability to crap without a second thought and yet experience so much frustration with a simple urination? I hope this is not going to spread over to my new high school this fall. That would suck big time.

bubba turd
To Yves: yes my poop clogs up toilets all too often. Sometimes, the problem is just that the turds are too long and too hard to bend, I can break them up and then they go down. A lot of the time though, my logs are too thick to fit down the toilet drain pipe. When that happens I have to fish them out and throw them away. To avoid this, I like to poop in my tub when I know my turds are going to be really huge. The clean up is easy and I dont have to deal with my roomate bitchin about a clogged toilet. Or this one time when he couldnt hold it, so he took a dump on top of my big clogger. The toilet was full to the brim and took forever to unclog, we pissed in the tub for two days. Also, gruntin out my logs in a public bathroom is great cuz I don't even flush, I can leave it there for others to appreciate lol.
To the poster who asked if I have a lot of accidents, it depends on what you mean by accident. Usually I get brown liquid seeping into my briefs, but its just coming around my turd without me even noticing. Sometimes a big log will start to push its way out of my anus and i'll get too caught up in enjoying it. Usually i can get my turtle heads back in, even if I have to use my hand, but sometimes its just out too far. So when i squeeze my hole shut it pinches off a poop nugget as the rest of the turd moves backwards. I've only ever really lost it a few times and just let my whole load come out into my underwear. Ill post about those times if anyones interested. And speaking of turtle headin i'm having a hard time with one right now, I cant get it back in. Wedging a tennis ball into my buttcrack and sitting down on it seemed to do the trick. This is going to be one big dump!

It's been a long time since I've posted, since I've been away on vacation. We were traveling one day and I had to hold back my BM since we weren't near a bathroom, which always makes me constipated, and this time is no different. I haven't had a BM in four days and I'm really miserable. Guess its time for some Correctol since it seems like I really need to be 'corrected'.
Anyway here's your survey:
Any of you feel like sharing with us pertaining to any of the following about the last time you pooped yourself?

1) Were you wearing slacks,shorts,jeans,skirt or a dress?
Short summer dress, about mid-thigh.

2) Were you wearing pantihose,pantie-girdle or panties?
Sheer-to-the-waist pantyhose with no underwear.

3) How long was your clothes "messed" until you could clean up?
About an hour.

4) Was your load messy or firm?
Pretty firm.

5)Did it stay contained in your underwear?

6) Did anybody know you had messed your clothes?
No, it was late in the afternoon and no one was in the office. I went home right afterwards.

It seems like almost everyone on this forum who poos their pants automatically throws the underwear in the garbage. I poo my panties regularly but I wash my panties and wear them again. I have panties that I have probably filled with poo more times than I have fingers and toes. Why throw away the underwear? Why not wash them?

to olivia:
Your mother is mean and abusive. Accidents happend and she shouldn't be so harsh. Don't let her get to you. You only have a few more years till you're an adult and then she won't be able to treat you like this.

1) Is your poop normally liquidy? No. It's usually really hard

2) When you are feeling sick to your stomach, do you barf, have diarrhea, or both at the same time? Mostly just diarrhea

3) Have you ever witnessed a friend use the bathroom because they couldn't wait any longer? No

4) is there a food that you eat that you know makes you have diarrhea, yet you eat it anyway? Certain dairy products

5) Can you pee standing up? And if so, do you do so often?

6) Has anybody ever seen you have a BM or pee? No

7) Do you poop in the ocean? If so, do you take off or pull away your swimsuit, or do you just go in it and clean it off later? I've never pooped in any body of water. Haha

8) Did you ever have an accident as a child? No

9) (the kind of random one) When was the last time you had diarrhea, and do you know the cause of it? Yesterday. I have no idea what caused it. Maybe I ate too much. Haha

Hi! I'm Julia from Munich/Germany, I'm back.

Today after school I was shopping at the mall in Munich with friends.
As we came out of one shop, I startet to feel my seven-day crap is ready to come out (I always have to go very rare to the toilet for a stool).
I told my friends that I have to use the bathroom and I went to the next bahroom. Thankfully no one else were there... The bathroom was really clean, no piss on the floor or anything like that. I took the last stall and locket the door. Then I squattet over the seat and begann to push really hard. Slowly the hard turn come out. It hurt a lot, but it always hurts me, when I have a stool...
I had to push very hard to get the monster out, it hurt so bad...
after i think more than then minutes I had the shit out, and flush the toilet. I feel ten kilos lighter after that shit...
I washed my hands and go to my friends, they are waiting outside...

Keith D: wow! i love those poops... they are so fun to film, and then watch over and over, ahah

great story! Despite the fact that pushing out 2 inch-wide turds is fun, its also quite painful, but they make good stories!
: )

Mr.Clogs: When I have a day where I can go poop, I am happy. Thats normally every 3rd or maybe 4th day.

So, I always come up with a fun creative way to do a BM. I'm glad I inspire you in this way! haha
: ))

ok, so its been a few days since I last dropped a log. I have eaten at Hard Rock Cafe', Johnny Rockets, Cajun food, italian food, been to 3 bars, McDonalds, and a few other snacks, all in the past 4-5 days. (I went on vacation)

So I waited until just now to have my BM. I have been having this urge all day, and finally I let it escape.

I knew this was going to be a HUGE shit, so I prepared for it, and place 2 paper towels (folded) onto the ground. I squatted low to the ground, and started my BM. It emerged rather quickly out of my ass, and I looked down at it as it kept growing, and growing longer and longer. Finally, it was all out in one solid piece. 2 inches wide, and about 10 inches long! this was one of THE biggest shits I've ever taken, no joke! I had to break it up to flush it down the toilet, because our water system isn't that good....

I wiped about 3 times, and I was finished. In all, it took me 3 flushes (i normally take 2 flushes)

well, tell me what you guys think about this story!

This is my first post. I'm 10 years old and at school in England. I have one older brother called Harry. He is 12. Unlucky for me, Mum read the Harry Potter book, and already having had my brother, she decided she liked my name from the book. My nick name at school is now witch ! I have quite a lot of stories to tell. But the worst one for me happened on last sunday. My Uncle Andrew, well, he isn't really, he is my Dad's best friend, took me to see Narnia at the cinema. He bought me a drink of coke. I asked for medium size, but he got me large. I drank a lot before the film started. So I had to go to the toilet, and did a huge whizz about half way into the film. At the end of the film, I still had a lot of coke left and I have been taught not to waste things so I drank it all. I really needed to wee again, but there was a big que for the ladies and I knew Andrew wanted to get me back home so he and Dad could watch the football on the tele. It is 20 minutes walk to Andrew's house so I thought I could last. But half way back I urgently needed to go. I knew Andrew would put us in his car as soon as we got to his house, so I told him I would need to go to the toilet first. He said that was ok cos he needed to go in the house to get the car keys. That made me feel better, but only 5 minutes later I was really bursting. I didn't like to tell Andrew as it would make me go red. All of a sudden as we got to a drain in the path, I could not hold on any longer, and a big gush of wee came out and soaked my shorts and ran down my legs into my shoes. I started to cry. Andrew asked me what was wrong. I said I just wet myself. He looked at the wee still running down my legs. I thought he would tell me off. But he just hugged me and kissed me and said not to worry. Thankfully no one saw my wet patch back to his house. When we got back, he took me upstairs to his bathroom, and got me a towel and told me to have a shower. He said to give him my wet clothes, and turned his back while I took them off. Then he went out and shut the door. By now I needed a poo as well. I didn't want him to hear my plops, so I turned on the shower to mask the noises and sat down on the toilet. A big long poo came out my bottom. All of a sudden the door opened and Andrew came back in with one of his t-shirts for me to wear like a dress. My poo broke off with a loud plop. He said how sorry he was and that cos he could hear the shower on, he thought I was in it and it would be safe to come in to leave the t-shirt as he wouldn't be able to see me in the shower. Then he smiled and said nice plop ! That made me laugh for some reason. After I showered, I put on his t-shirt, and went down stairs. Andrew had washed my wee wee panties and shorts in his sink, and was now drying them for me. After about 20 minutes they were dry and I went back to the bathroom to change. I needed another poo. This time I just sat down and did it without masking the noises. It came out as one more big plop noise. When I went back down stairs, Andrew must have been listening cos he said nice plop again ! I am very grateful to him for looking after me and washing my clothes, cos it meant that Mum and Dad didn't have to know. It is our secret. I love my Uncle Andrew.

China girl
My good friend was over my place the other day. We just hang out and feast all day at my place. It was another moment that I did big turd in my toilet. Later at night when we get ready for bed, my friend was just about to shower. But I started to get pressure in my ass very quickly. I had been eating all day and farting a bit and it final catch up. My friend and I talk while she uses toilet for pee, then she undressed for shower. When she got off toilet I then came over. Although I could hold maybe longer I didn't want to. I could just tell it was going to be a good turd and wanted to go so my feeling don't get worse. So I walk in and she gets things ready for shower. I told her I'm coming in because I have to shit. She says toilet is all yours. When I walked in I had happy smiling face, but I looked rushed because the pressure was building. When I pulled my pants down, I did a strong but brief soft fart while I was still standing and sat right away. She knows me so she said this is going to be bad isn't it? I said no comment. She says I'm glad I don't have anything to do with your wicked shits. It did start to smell because I farted. I sat straight up on toilet with my ass completely covering, my legs slightly spread apart with palm of my hands on my thys.This position is really good and more comfortable when my ass opens wide. I then farted some more soft airy farts that could be heard. Then the buldge came and my ass started to make a wet crackle sound as turd comes. Then, catching toilet be surprise, I shot it out of my ass. It made a soft but powerful thud sound followed by a long wet sliding sound. Though it seems suddle, the turd was large and firm. During the entire sliding out process by ass was just opened to max. So I knew it was big. My friend heard it come out softly but knew it was big too. She says damn is that going to flush. I said it better. She then started water to shower. I did a small nuget turd and then peed. I stood up to see my powerful shit thick and long. Choking the toilet hole at the large end then extending straight all the way outside toilet water. I felt so much better. I flushed while I started to wipe. Turd did not break at all and slid down slowly. I flushed again but had partial clog. The whole bathroom stunk and I'm sure toilet got very foul experience, and no doubt didn't want to deal with this. I wiped when turd was gone but flush was slow. There was shit load of saturated paper too. Well I left toilet with slow flush for a while, because shower water kept getting cold for my friend. Turd was probably still stuck down there, but if it can't take it down it will have to endure that powerful shit while it's stuck there. I just smiled and put the seat lid down. My friend opened the window over the shower.

cassie :-)
i am 13 and hav medium length blond hair oh ya im a giirl
i just got bac from camp,and no i really didnt want to go.a few very embarassing things happened to me . we hav small cabins w/ no bathrooms. 8 girls in a cabin w/ a counselor. we cant go to the bathroom unless we ask the counselor. one night i really really had to go tinkle and poo so i sat up in bed-i was on the top bunk & they r very squeeky i didnt want to wake anybody so i had no clue wat to do. i held my vagina to try and keep the tinkle in. i squeezed my but cheeks together. that helped 4 a while. then, i layed on my stomach and took my blanket and pushed it between my legs to hold it in.i decided i just couldnt hold it in so i quietly took off my pants and underwearso they wouldnt get soiled. iput the blanket over my private parts and reluctantly tinkled onto the blanket. then i pooped in the bed onto the blanket. then i fel asleep not worrying about the smell! i woke up to girls walking around the cabin wondering what that terrible smell was. i was about to get out of bed when i realized i had no pants on!i quikly got them on and finally the counselor realized it was me who went. she had an [embarassing] talk with me about how not to be embarrassed to ask to go to the bathroom and dont do it again. all i can say is im glad i wont ever hav to c any of those people again!!

I was in a relatively minor car accident last year. Just a fender bender. Not my fault, fortunately. The other driver was a kid in an SUV who inadvertantly forced me off the road while he was trying to make a right hand turn from the left lane. He hit my car and I went up over the curb into some bushes. Some scratches and dents and a misaligned axle. The kid's insurance covered it all.

What does this have to do with going to the bathroom? Well, I very much had to take a dump when I left work. I was only a few minutes from home when I was in the accident and by then I REALLY had to go. When the kid hit me I lost control and crapped my pants. The whole time I was talking to the kid and the police officer (who luckily saw the whole thing from across the street) I had a load in my panties. If they suspected it, they didn't say so.

Afterward, I got mack in my car and drove home with my underpants full of crap. I calmly went home, hoping to God I had somehow beat my husband home. Luckily, I had. I emptied my panties in the toilet and rinsed them in the sink. I took a shower and by the time I was all cleaned up, my husband walked through the door.

To this day, as far as I know, I am the only one who knows this. I've often been itching to tell someone, just because it's a funny story, but I know I'd never live it down. So I'm telling all of you.

Not my real name, by the way.

I had one of those dreams last night in which my bladder was about to burst. I was walking in a city in Belgium, and there were no public toilets. I asked a passer-by, who told me to go into a bar, so I went into one, and followed a sign indicating that the men's room was upstairs. When I got there, I found a food counter with a couple of men behind it preparing sandwiches. Attached to the front of the counter were four urinals, all occupied. A man at one of them saw my desperation, and kindly stepped aside. I walked up to it and pissed a river. The feeling of relief was so intense that when I woke up at that point I was convinced that I must have wet the bed. Realizing that it was just a dream added to the lingering sensation of relief, one of life's great pleasures.

Brian at Sears
Hey guys hope everybody's summer is going well...Been busy here, we are buying a house. There is a new manager in the eyeglass department. His name is Danny, and he is a laugh a minute. He comes into the mens lounge and pre-warns everybody to put on their 'gas-masks" before he sits down. He farts lounder than anybody I know. He also can tell, sometimes just from a fart, what everybody ate earlier in the day. Of course with not having stall doors, he 'peeks' into the bowls and has a comment about everybodys shit. But he does it in such a way that we all crack up, never in a derogatory way. He is a really cool guy, and we all give it right back to him ...After his first firecracker fart, my buddy Josh from the auto dept. said "egg-salad Danny?" Danny replied , "yes with tabasco sauce." We laughed our asses off, wiped up, and left our stench for the next group of poopers. LOL

I was traveling with a buddy of mine and we ducked into the restroom at the airport before our flight. He went into the stall that was at the far end of the room, facing the room. It's an interesting set-up because you can see the feet of the guys in the stalls as soon as you enter the restroom. He got in there and quickly dropped his shorts to the floor. He was wearing flip-flops, so there were no socks to get in the way as his shorts came down. Then I see his bright white briefs drop down in a pile around his ankles. He was wearing dark shorts and he has an olive skin tone. I was still by the entrance, getting wet towels for cleaning up, so I had a great view of his dark legs and shorts with his white briefs from way across the room.

He's around 36 years old, European and Middle Eastern background. Relatively slim, but in good shape.

I took the stall next to his and also dropped my shorts and briefs to the floor. Mine were blue briefs though.

He crackled out a few turds, all while lifting his heels. He actually has pleasant looking feet, too. No fungus, dried skin, hammer toes, etc.. He finished dumping pretty quickly and cleaned up. I think he leaned over on his left cheek and wiped from the right side. Then he stood up and turned to his left. I think he was standing to look at his "work" before he flushed. I saw that he was wearing basic JC Penny briefs, the ones with the black and yellow stripe around the waistband.

He pulled up his briefs then his shorts. He flushed and left the stall. I was done right after and he was drying his hands as I came out of the stall. He smiled and said "ready to go?"

Some more very recent toilet stories; there are two: The first is a few days ago I was at the car wash and needed a dump. The toilet is unisex and is in a large room with mirrors around the wall! I sat on the throne and saw myself at a few angles...I Liked it but the bowels did not cooperate. The second story is that I was at work on Saturday night when the people upstairs decided to have a party and in no time had over 100 people in the back yard...that was where the toilets were. During the night I needed a wee and I did not want to intrude on the party...they were all rather drunk. The solution for me was to wee in a cup in the office and pour it down the sink and then give the sink and cup a good wash....apparently healthy urine is slightly more sterile than local tap water.
LINDA: In the last few days I have not had any grunting and straining in public toilets but nobody has ever asked me if I was OK...I do not know how I would handle it! If I was in a unisex toilet and I woman asked it would be quite OK but I do not know about a man.
As to my present BMs I take my laxative a couple of times a week and in between when I do go the turd is hard and chunky...I seem to pass only one turd or two which is only a small amount of which is there...I just cannot get the rest out....I find too much straining makes me feel ill and dizzy so the laxative is my is an osmotic laxative which drwas water from the colon thus making my poo softer and puts fluid in to the colon to help flush the poos out....I took a laxative this morning and have had one seesion on the toilet that was rewarding but I feel more is about to happen.

To bubba turd:

Great stories, Boy!! Keep them coming.
Do you often clog toilets becuase of your massive turds??


I've just arrived home from work and thought I'd share the experiences of my most recent poop, seeing as it's still fresh in my mind.

Well, I had just arrived back at my office after having spent the morning out with a client, had a brief discussion with one of my colleagues regarding an upcoming project, and decided that the time for a visit to the 'loo' was well overdue.

Excusing myself, I made my way downstairs to the unisex toilets. Upon entering through the door, I saw that three of the six cubicles were occupied. I made my way into the first and closed the door. The adjacent cubicle on my right was one of those occupied, and I could see a pair of guy's shoes under the partition wall.

Hoisting up my skirt and lowering my panties, I sat down and got ready to go. There was already something of a faint aroma coming from my neighbour on the right, indicating that he was some way into his own business.

It seems that each and every time, without fail, I experience this heightening of my emotive state whenever I'm in these toilets and there's a guy there. I've no idea who it was that I was sitting next to, and that's not the issue; it's the prospect of engaging in an intimate and private thing such as defecation in the company of a member of the opposite sex that propels my levels of arousal and excitement to unprecedentend levels.

As is always the case in such scenarios, I began to experience a quickening of my pulse as the tension and excitement began to mount from within. Leaning forward, I started weeing, all the time remaining alert for any sounds from next door. My bowels felt firm and full as the stream of pee tinkled its way into the water, my hands pressed together between my knees, fingers slightly splayed, and all the while, my heat raced as I listened.

I could feel the first of my poos slowly edging its way out of my bottom, the sensation of its being held in a tight grasp by my anus magnified by my state of elevated mental stimulation.

My adrenal levels must have reached their apex, for my breathing, whilst inaudible, was becoming shallow and rapid such was the excitement and anticipation... Sitting upright now, I could feel that my poo was about to release; it had been emerging ever so slowly, due in part to my attempts at slowing things down. At this point, my mouth was slightly apart, the tip of my tongue pressed firmly against my lower teeth, my eyes looking slightly down and to the right as my poop lazily dropped and splashed into the bowl. My temples throbbed as my mind raced; the first one out is generally the most significant, as the ice has been broken, so to speak!

Pressing my knees tightly against my hands, which were still pressed together, I turned my gaze to the front and down at the gap between the door and the floor. Someone in one of the other cubicles was removing toilet paper from the dispenser, indicating a flush of the toilet that I hoped wouldn't interfere in anyway with my hearing my neighbour's activities.

Sure enough, just as I was about to deliver again, the toilet flushed, blanketing the space with its echoing cascade of flowing water. Despite the noise interference, I was able to hear two of my own plops in quick succession, with another half way out of my bottom. (I think it was all the one piece, which had come apart on its way out.) I should also hasten to add that at this point, I'd now contributed in no small way to the rich aroma that was circulating about the toilets!

And now, the bloody hand dryer! And not just once, but twice. Sometimes people and events really conspire to rail against the situation!! Oh well, it is, after all, a toilet.

Just as things were beginning to quieten down, I heard the faintest of sounds from next door - a slight 'plip' sound, followed by a barely audible little plop. Sitting upright again, I looked up towards the ceiling, noticing the smoke detector with its little red intermittent flashing light. Shrugging my shoulders up and back, I pressed down on my thighs with the palms of my hands, eyes closed as I breathed in through my nose, exerting the slightest of pressure to ease the next poop out and into the open air. For some reason its progress had been halted, and there was no reason for it not to join its siblings in the pool below.

Its splash was joined by my neighbour's; a harmoniously juxtaposed 'splash' and 'plop' - a sound in unison that actually brought an ever so slight and muffled laugh from under the partition wall! Rather than giggle myself, I simply sat in silence, my teeth gently biting on my lower lip. For some reason, the interruption of the hand dryer had served to lessen the element of euphoria that I'd been experiencing just prior. Nonetheless, the situation was far from disappointing, and my pooping was far from finished.

Upon the transpiration of a minute or so, another poo began to emerge from my bottom. It had been slowly working its way out and was poised on the cusp of release. Again, the sensation of this dense but soft piece of poo, stretching my anus apart as it fought for freedom was close to orgasmic! Coupled with the psychological significance of sharing the intimacy of the moment with that stranger alongside of me only served to propel the sensation into high relief. Like its predecessors of moments before, it broke apart upon emergence, the net result being a series of soft, flaky pieces issuing forth and into the nether regions of the waters below - 'plip, plip, plip-plop, plop, plip' and so forth for around seven to ten seconds... I think (It was, after all, two hours ago).

It was at around this time that the guy next door indicated that his 'job' was complete, by running off several lengths of toilet paper, wiping, repeating the process and wiping again. The sound of trousers being raised, the metallic sound of a belt buckle being fastened, followed by the flush of the toilet capped off his afternoon's exercise in the 'boys' & girls' toilets. Exiting his cubicle, he made his way to the sinks, the door slowly banging back against the terrazzo wall divider causing a gentle shudder. I have no idea who he was, and unless he went to the effort of identifying and committing to memory the image of my high-heels , it's likely that I too shall remain anonymous ... which I rather suspect is for the better.

Despite his departure, I had unfinished business to attend to, ergo, my bottom remained in situ, expelling a steady but slow stream of soft poo. It wasn't long before I was the last occupant, my efforts amounting to somewhere in the vicinity of ten or so minutes of pooping, an overpowering odour and a rather full toilet.

I do apologise for the length and breadth of this post, but felt strongly compelled to jot this down and provide some scope of analysis into the intrigues and machinations that constitute 'the second floor unisex toilets' experience.

Oh, 777, I read your post regarding females smoking on the toilet. Yes, I do sometimes smoke whilst having a poo, and shall provide you with some details of the next event.

Right then, I think that's sufficient for now...
I look ever forward to the next time.

Love and kisses,


Thursday, July 03, 2008

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