Hey, Z-dude again. Been busy, so I haven't had time to do a second post, but I really have to go tonight, so I'm going to give you all a little treat and transcribe my dump again. I've got this little metal bucket that they used to sell Boy Scouts popcorn in, and I'm going to go in that while I'm on the computer.

About an hour ago I felt a hard turd moving towards my hole, but it was no big deal. Now it's really struggling to come out. I don't know how I'll hold it back for too long, but I'll try.

I have a story from when I was about 6 years old. This girl from school called me, she wanted me to go to her parents lake house with her for the day. I hardly knew her, but it seemed nice of her, so I asked my dad if I could go. He said yes and drove me to the dock where their boat was, and we went to the house. She was real cute, long blonde hair and hazel eyes. So anyway, she shows me around for about half an hour, then she starts acting kind of funny, like she's got to go to the bathroom. So she goes to her mom for a second, and I hear her say "I have to goooo." Her mom just said to go, but she said "Nooo, I've got to go poooo." [Ugh, I can barely hold it, it's starting to hurt.] So her mom takes her outside, and from the corner of my eye, I can see her pull her pants down, and then she holds her arms while she squats down. I saw her face really contort, like she was really constipated, but then I decided I shouldn't watch this, and they might see me. Too bad, I'm sure it was quite a sight. Then we just played around and watched TV until they took me home. It was pretty fun, all in all.

It's really struggling to come out, I think my underwear is stained now, but it feels kinda good holding it this long. Crap, I have to pee now, too. Good thing this is a big bucket. Ok, I stripped down so my clothes don't get in the way, but now I'm afraid I'll poop on the floor. Hope I can hold it. Only a few more minutes until I want to unload, so at least it won't last much longer, it's getting almost unbearable.

*Pssss* Ahh, just peed in the bucket, feels a little better. Still gotta take a dump, so I'll do that right now. *Nngh* *Prrt* Ugh, this is going to be a huge one, I can feel it already. *Uggnnnggh* *NNGH!* Oh, it's coming out. Oohhh, my hole feels pretty good right now.*Mmmmmmmgh* *Frrrt* I can feel my hole starting to open wide.*Nngh* *Prrrt* *Crkl* Oh man, it smells. *Prrrrt* A little gas from holding it so long. *ffrrrrrttt!**Mmgh* Heeeerrre it comes. *Nnngh* *Splspls* *Crckl* *Crraaackle!* *Spspsps* *PLop! plop thunk* *uuugh* Oh my god, it smells like nasty meat. Ok, let's see what we got here. Oh my, two logs, about 3-inches around and the length of my index finger! I didn't know I had it in me. Oh, hang on, got some more. *Nnngh* *Crkl plop* Ok, done. Wiping up now, it'll be a tough job.Phew, that was a good shit! See you all next time!

i think my bathroom has a poltergeist...

i was peeing just now, door open, no one home, pants to my ankles, hands on my knees, and when i was done and reached over to wipe, or.. as i was wiping, actually, the toilet paper roll seemed to move itself down. by the time my paper was in the toilet, i looked in front of myself and practically the whole roll was on the floor. WHAT? will someone please explain to me what happened? do i have hulk like strength or a haunted bathroom?


Dan Boy
Are there any girls out there who get coffee shits?

If any women have stories from bootcamp or the military about pooping would love to hear them. Someone must have some good stories about this...

I'm having a bit of a problem, and well it's getting bigger as it goes. As many of you know I live with my older brother and just turned ten last week and I have no problem using the toilet in his presence. But well, I'm starting to feel maybe there's something wrong with me or that. One time I told my best friend and she looked at me in total horror and disbelief, like I had confessed to murder or something. She was like " You're insane" I told her she goes in front of her older sister, and she told me "yeah but she's a girl" And reading here I find people who'd rather go in their pants than do so, some even freak out at their own family even knowing what they're doing in there. And I have to say I'm starting to feel like a freak. Take for instance last night. I hadn't gone in a couple days and it was asking to come out pretty bad. My brother was in the tub so without even a single 2nd thought I rushed in, aplogized for coming in and told him it was an emergency. He said it's cool and I sat my big old butt down. I pushed, grunted, strained, and was very vocal like when I'm alone. He heard every Oooooo every Aaaaaaa and I know he heard it when it kaplunked in the toilet.... actually there were a few of those. But it didn't bother me, didn't bother him. As a matter of fact, he put a hot towel on his face and never onced peeked. But if it was anyone else, I could not even stand them knowing what I was in there for.If my aunt is over I'll hold it for days if I have to. I can't explain why I trust him, why I have no problems doing what I have to do I even when he's there, but I do. I mean I even talk to him about my day while I'm on the toidy going. Don't get me wrong I don't like do this every time, it's like maybe once a day if ever..sometimes days go by. And, I'm starting to feel that maybe I'm wrong. People here are very open minded, I mean they write about going to the toilet..geez how open can you get. So please, am I wrong, crazy, a freak? Thank you all.


ruli (optional)
laura we miss you . I would love a story where you have stomach pains bloated and trapped gas but cant go for ages . Please share

Hi Blake,
I am sorry I didn't put my name in my post. I am the IBS chick Melissa. I am having such trouble with urgency lately. I have had about 20 accidents in the past month. It horrible. I have decided to wear diapers it helps with the clean up. Is there anyone else here that has IBS-diarrhea?


Becky M
Hi Becky here.

1) Is your poop normally liquidy? Yes, very much so.

2) When you are feeling sick to your stomach, do you barf, have diarrhea, or both at the same time? Usually just get diarrhea.

3) Have you ever witnessed a friend use the bathroom because they couldn't wait any longer? Yes, a couple of years ago. I'm usually the one in this predicament, so we got a good laugh about it.

4) is there a food that you eat that you know makes you have diarrhea, yet you eat it anyway? Chinese and Mexican food, ice cream.

5) Can you pee standing up? And if so, do you do so often?

6) Has anybody ever seen you have a BM or pee? Pee, yes

7) Do you poop in the ocean? If so, do you take off or pull away your swimsuit, or do you just go in it and clean it off later? No way.

8) Did you ever have an accident as a child? Yes.

9) (the kind of random one) When was the last time you had diarrhea, and do you know the cause of it? Last week. Can't say for sure the cause of it, as I get diarrhea most of the time.

Keep the stories coming.

In college, I was going out with a girl for a few months. It started out great, but she got more and more possessive and demanding with each passing week. She wanted me to stop hanging out with my friends, wanted me to cut all ties with my female friends, wanted to make all the decisions in the relationship. Finally, after a few months, I'd had enough. I told her I really liked the girl I thought she was, but she was becoming someone who I just didn't like anymore. She, of course, freaked out and screamed at me before storming out.

A few days later, she came over to my dorm room and apologized for yelling at me and that she agreed we made better friends than a couple. She gave me a plate of brownies as a token of good will. Me, being a trusting moron, accepted them. And, being a chocoholic, ate five or six of them for breakfast the following morning.

I was walking to my first class of the day when Istarted to feel pressure building in my bowels. Within a few minutes it went from just a queasy feeling to emergency. I made a mad dash for the cafeteria, the closest building to me that I knew had restrooms. I ran toward it, but the pain in my guts started to become overpowering. I only managed to get a few more feet when I lost control. Everything in my intestines came gushing out of my ass, filling my underwear and jeans. I just stood there frozen, trying to convince myself that this was just a nightmare.

I turned and slowly waddled back to my dorm. If every person I went past didn't know that I had shit my pants they must have been the stupidest people in the world. After what seemed like an eternity, I got to my dorm. I grabbed a towel, clean underwear and pants and waddled to the men's shower.

After getting cleaned up, I went back to my dorm and sat down to write my professor an e-mail that I got violently sick on my way to class. I was about to start writing, when another wave of intestinal cramping hit me. I lept from my seat and raced to the men's room, luckily making it this time. I had another bout of explosive diarrhea.

I got back to my dorm and sat down. As I caught my breath, I noticed the plate of brownies. I suddenly put two and two together. I threw the remaining brownies away and tried to decide what to do. I decided to do nothing. I figured if I tried to get back at her, it would probably backfire somehow, and if I sent her a nasty e-mail or phone call, I would pretty much be acknowledging that she got me. I decided to wait until I heard from her.

After a few days, she finally e-mailed me. "How were the brownies?" I told her they were delicious and that from now on I would think of her every time I took a shit. I didn't hear back from her after that.

I did run into her at a party a few months later and seriously considered spiking her drink with laxatives, but never did. Mostly because I didn't know how I would go out, buy a laxative, bring it back and spike her drink with it without being obvious.

Pee Shy
To Dara:
I really empathize with your inability to pee in a strange public place where people wait to get into your stall. I believe that you have a case of bashful bladder, otherwise known as pee shy, shy bladder, stage fright, etc. The medical/psychological term is paruresis. I have suffered with the problem for many years. Please see what I wrote in p.1678 and my story. Also see Matt's response in p. 1679. He also is a fellow sufferer. There are techniques to help you with this. One is a taking a deep breath and hold it as you go into the stall and sit down on the toilet seat. Then let it out. That will help relax you. Don't try to force yourself to empty your bladder. Just relax, count backward from 100--99,98,97 etc. to distract yourself.
Some people find gentle pushing on your full bladder may get the stream going. I assume that you can pee at home all right so there may not be anything physical that is causing your inability to pee. If you also have trouble at home, then you need to tell your doctor.

There are groups to help. Look up shy bladder on Google or other search engine. There is also a book available through Amazon by Dr. Steven Soifer, Shy Bladder Syndrome. It tells the whole story with suggestions to help yourself.

Do you folks recommend me installing a yellow toilet to conserve water? The gent at the plumging centre told me you only need to flush them when you make a BM ... what do you think?

To Blissey: I love answering questions I hope you like them -love Sita

1) Is your poop normally liquidy?
No, most of time my poo is like long sausage and smooth but lots of times it gets very hard and has bumps on it and then it hurts sometimes very bad.

2) When you are feeling sick to your stomach, do you barf, have diarrhea, or both at the same time?
Most times I have diarrhea but I have done barf and diarrhea at same time. It was horrible and mum gave me a bucket to do the barf in and I was sitting on the toilet at the same time and all diarrhea was coming out of my bum and my inside all hurt real bad.

3) Have you ever witnessed a friend use the bathroom because they couldn't wait any longer?
Yes at my best friends house. We went there after school once and I was washing my hands in the bathroom and she ran in screaming she had to go poo. She sat on toilet in very big hurry and had really bad diarrhea.

4) is there a food that you eat that you know makes you have diarrhea, yet you eat it anyway?
I don't think so

5) Can you pee standing up? And if so, do you do so often?
I had to pee in the park once because I couldn't get to public toilet in time. I try to hide behind some bushes but they were next to the footpath. So I had to try and look over bushes to see if anyone was coming. I took my panties off and lifted my skirt up as high as I could and opened my legs wide as I could and started peeing with knees bent. Then I stood right up as pee was coming out and it went straight down. I was scared it would go down my legs but it didn't. It seem like I pee for ever.

6) Has anybody ever seen you have a BM or pee?
My mum and my sis both seen me do pee and BM

7) Do you poop in the ocean?

8) Did you ever have an accident as a child?
Yes I pee myself a lot when I was little and I did a BM in my panties.

9) When was the last time you had diarrhea, and do you know the cause of it?
Last week and mum thinks it was something in food we had at a restaurant. My sis got it too but not as bad as me. That's when I barfed at the same time. She just had diarrhea.

To Keith D: You asked about preference between squatting toilet and English toilet. Most times I like Indian toilet because poo definitely come out easier and quicker. I thing squatting makes my bum hole open wider and let poo come out quicker. Also my poo doesn't make my bum so messy. Also there is no messy seat like sometimes I find in public toilets. Sometimes when I have bad constipation and my poo is big and take long long time to come out its more comfortable to sit on English toilet. Sometimes I sit on toilet for nearly half an hour trying to get big long hard poo to come out. English toilet better for bad diarrhea too because sometimes on Indian toilet my diarrhea so bad it splash over top and over floor. On English toilet it not get on floor it just sometimes make my bum very very messy.

To Keith D: Thanks for your advice on waiting, I've done that a few times. At home I have lost all my inhibitions, which is easy I suppose since I live alone. I agree with you completely that audible straining and pushing as well as moaning during very painful BMs does bring considerable relief. You asked if I lean forward when I have my BM. Yes I do lean forward. As a child I found that when I was trying every morning to have a BM it seemed to help. Now I sit on the toilet only when I feel the need and I don't have to push and force it out any more. I do often suffer from constipation, and as you say, have to "struggle" with a very large and hard BM that can take quite a while to complete. I find that leaning forward does help in these circumstances. The main reason I lean forward every time now is not necessarily to help it come out but if I lean forward as much as I can, reach behind with both hands and hold my cheeks open, I stay much cleaner. So yes I always lean forward as far as I can with my chest on my thighs and my hands reaching behind holding my rear open.

To Anny: I've had the same thing happen to me and that is why I don't like to push. I much prefer my BM to come out on its own. Sometimes I can tell its going to be a very large motion just from the feelings as its starting to come out. And yes they can be extremely painful and sometimes come out very fast in which case the pain doesn't last very long and the after-pain may take only a minute or so to fade away. Sometimes my BM can take as much as 5 or 10 minutes of actually passing the motion, and the pain lasts just as long. I also find the after-pain can be quite excruciating and last for many minutes. And yes my BMs are usually very long which makes them take a long time to come out and that's what makes the pain last so long. Also they can be very thick and it's the thickness that makes the pain so intense. This is why I find such relief in being vocal while I am having a difficult BM, see my other posts.

If you don't mind telling me Anny, do you like to be vocal during your BMs? Brenda.

To Fluidity: Thanks Fluidity I know what you are saying. My point was that my parents insisted I do a BM every morning whether or not I needed to. They also insisted I do a BM immediately I feel the need. And as you say, as I grew up I realized I was actually fighting my body's natural rhythms which seemed ridiculous. So now I allow myself to have a BM only when I need, and yes I hold it in until I can reasonably get to a toilet. I admit sometimes that maybe most of a day because I still much prefer the privacy of my own bathroom and I will hold it in until I get home in the evening.

To Carolyn: Carolyn, I don't feel so persecuted now I can see someone else who suffered at the hands of their mom. My heart goes out to you too. Incidentally we are about the same age but I am not married. I didn't mention it before but up until I was about 7 or 8 mom often would come in to the bathroom and ask how I was doing and even stay with me until I did a BM or she was satisfied I had tried hard enough to do a BM. Also I had forgotten about how she peed. Yes she hovered just like your mom . She never bothered with a seat cover when she peed because that was a relatively quick exercise. When she had to do a BM however she would cover the seat but she would still hover. I asked the same question as you about why do both, hover and cover the seat. Her answer was she didn't know how long her BM would take and she might have to sit down if it ended up taking a long time. Thank you so much for the support Carolyn - love Brenda.

Yesterday I had my first good poo where a laxative was not was like a big soft serve only a little more solid. Today I needed a suppository to get things going.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Mr. Clogs
Hey ya'll, Mr. Clogs here. Here is my post about using an enema to cleans out my system this weekend.

Saturday I finally had the opportunity to use the enema that I bought from Walgreen's, it was the Walgreen brand and not the Fleet kind that common folks use. I waited to my folks left the house for a much needed colon cleansing. I took off my jeans and underwear and got ready to give myself an enema. I laid on the bed in the recommended position indicated by the product. I removed the green cover which holds the lubrication for the enema. I inserted the enema into my butt hole with steady pressure. Since I have a big bubble butt, I hardly noticed that the enema was fully inserted! So I squeezed the saline liquid into my butt hole to start things. I squeezed as much as I could into myself, then I pulled the bottle out to see how much I squeezed, it was half done and I wasn't feeling it. So I lubed the enema tube with Vaseline and re-insert it and finished up, I may have gotten 2 squeezes and now I was feeling it working, I thought I was about to spray the walls in my room with poop! So I hobbled to the bathroom half naked and sat on the toilet. I had to give a little push and the liquid started pushing out, I was disappointed by that figureed no poop pushed out with it. Well I spoke to soon, I felt like my inside just flushed itself out like a toilet, then woomp!!! Finally some poop into the bowl! This one smelled terible, I was like stale poop it was a dark green/brown color, must of been the greens, ribs and corn that I ate the night before.

I ripped some toilet paper, and wiped up my butt hole. I was very surprised that I didn't spray the bowl with liquid poop. I was disappointed but releived in a way. I might give it another shot someday, it felt nice giving myself an enema and migt do it sooner than later.

Hoped you liked my story, let me know what you think.


--Mr. Clogs

This summer my family have the opportunity to take a very long vacation. We have rented a caravan car for almost three months and are just now travelling around northern part of Europe. The caravan certainly has a toilet but we have not used it very often when taking a dump. The first days I think we all tried to open the bowels when having the opportunity in cafeterias, shops etc. Mostly to avoid the smell and be private about the sounds I think. (Talking about toilet habits is not the easiest subject between family members I guess.) But as we moved more into the wilderness we have tended more and more often to camp in the woods and mountains along our route. No toilets around so either one has to put off going or one has to go in the bushes. At the beginning I was a bit reluctant to go in the bushes. But I soon realised that at least my mother took her dumps in the bushes. And in addition I happened to observe some other campers doing it too so now I also do it that way. Usually it is very easy to find spots with enough privacy. Perhaps I will write some more later. By the way I must say it is quite amusing to see adults squatting with their throusers pulled down.

Linda from Australia here again. After not being able to do a decent poo all last week, I finally let out HEAPS of poo on Saturday. When I woke up in the morning, I went to the toilet and lots of soft poo shot out of my arse. Then a few hours later, I pushed another HUGE load out, this tiime the logs were firmer and I felt so much BETTER after that! Then after dinner that night, I dropped another medium sized load, that was even firmer (but not hard to push out). I was so glad I was able to get rid of all that poo that had been building up inside me all week. On Sunday, I only dropped one load and it took a while to get it out. I really had to push and strain to get the poos out because they were rock hard. Even though I had a hard time, the poos were only medium sized and there wasn't many logs.

Today at work, I was having my lunch break with 2 other girls in the staff room. I'm not sure how we got onto the topic but one of the girls said she hadn't done a poo for about a week. She said she has been eating lots of apricots and other things to help her go but nothing has worked so far. The other girl said she gets constipated when she goes away on holidays. Tomorrow when Im at lunch, I will ask that girl if she has done a poo because she said she's gonna try a laxative if nothing happens in the next couple of days.

One day my boss ( a male ) used the restroom before me. He flushed the toilet bowl, but some of his shit did not swirl down. Now I have a visual of his shit, and I can't get past it. I am applying for a new job on Wednesday.

Hello There, I had a super time last week. SA readers will know what I am talking about. I went to an Arts festival and spent a night there. I had a room in one of the hostels of the university, very comfortable, shares ablutions but men and ladies separated on different floors. Early the next morning I thought I would just nip up to the bathroom for a quick shower before the rush got there. Grabbed my towel Toilet bag put on a track suit and nipped up to the top floor think it was the forth. Very nice bathrooms as you walk in 3 loos on the right 2 showers 2 baths and a row of basins. The first loo was in full view of the corridor if the bathroom door was open so I nipped into the second one. Track suit off and sat. Nice big seat first time in a long time I used the seat regulars here know I use the porcelain but this was ladies and very clean I used the seat. I had just relaxed and got ready legs apart for a nice relaxing dump, I had lots of time, when I hear a door open and close down the passage. Pitta patta of feet walking quickly and a person came in rather fast breathing heavily. She went into the last cube next to me did not even bother to close the door, I suppose she thought it is early and quiet, but not so she just did not have the time as no sooner had she got her pants down and sat a torrent of chunky water sprayed out of her. I could not believe just how much liquid shit she just let pour out of her. This raged for about 30 seconds and tapered off to a splatter as she farted. Then silence followed by a short pee, three wipes and she flushed and left. Must have been one of those early morning ambush shits. If there was no smell you may have been mistaken in thinking she had had a noisy pee. I sat a little longer as I dropped my load and was accompanied by two more visitors. One had a real case of the winds before managing one hard turd and the other was on her period as there was much rustling of plastic wrappers before she cut loose with a semi soft shit interspersed with a lot of short farts. Much grunting and sighing as she fitted her pad and left. I finished up had a shower and left. I went back for a final pee before moving out and was just in time for rush hour as I had to stand in line waiting for a booth as sleepy eyed ladies came and went doing there early morning business. The flushing and running of showers masked the noises but the reek was strong. I had the pleasure of a warm seat and a very shit sprayed bowl for a short pee as I sat. It suddenly went quiet and I was able to hear a lady have a huge dry fart followed by a nugget dropping session. She must have dropped about 20 little plinks straight into the water sure she was splashing every time. I would have put a wad of paper into the loo if I shat like that. One came in and dropped one huge loge very fast and left without a pee. Eventually it went quiet and I wiped and left. Will go back next year for sure.

Has anybody ever seen their Mom or Dad wet/poo themselves?

I have a friend who thought she was dancing with her Mom in the hallway. Then she suddenly realized that her Mom had peed all over the hallway because my friend had been blocking her way to the toilet.

When my cousin was younger her and her Mom went to a parade. On the long ride home she declared that she had to pee. Her Mom told her to hold it and that they couldn't stop. She wet herself in her car seat. Her Mom however was rather desperate too. When they got home she saw that her Mom had wet herself on the way home too. With a look of shock she said, "Come on Mom! I'm only eight .... but you're forty-two!!!!

Anybody else got good stories???

Currently Harmony!
Ok, another post from me, a lurker!

I just got out of using my bathroom. I had the biggest load ever, I'm not joking. I had sat there on the toilet for a full hour at the least. The first half had been surprisingly painful. The second half had been easier. By the time I finished I realized I was out of toilet paper. Making the story short and simple, I had on a pair of TIGHT skinny jeans. So the matter got messier in my pants. Has that ever happened to any of you?

Experienced Mall Rat Rachel
To Dara:

I started hanging out at the malls about 7 years ago whenever one of my friend's parents could give us a ride. It just got the the point where it sucked sitting home, especially in the summer, with nothing to do. I found the EXACT situation you have. I told my mom one day at the doctor's office where I had a urinary tract infection and I had peed my pants twice in two days. We were surprised but my pediatrican (who by the way is a male!) gave us this advice. Don't use the bathrooms in the mall. Use the one's in the stores instead! The mall bathrooms receive so much use from those just hangin' out, in the food court, looking at the displays. By using the bathroom at Sears, Penney's, Old Navy, Barnes & Noble, etc. they are not going to be as large. Some have only 2 or 3 stalls and I'm the only user. The lack of a crowd and the "pressure" to "pee and flee" (my grandma has some really great lines!) work against us in the larger bathrooms. I'm 20 now and stall get frustrated at concerts at our city auditorium because of the crowd and the hassle to vacate the stall ASAP for the next person in line. Also, my grandma showed me another way to help those of us who are pee shy in public bathrooms. She observed me once and said I was sitting too far back on the seat and that it is physiologically (I can't pronounce it but I can look up the spelling!)harder that way to get confortable and spread my legs in such a way to make peeing easier. The first time I tried it (sitting over the front 1/3rd of the seat, if even that far back, seemed strange but it worked) and I was able to complete my first COMPLETE, non-frustrating mall pee! Finally, I find the toilets in the individual stores are much cleaner because they don't get heavily used like those out in the mall. I don't even wipe the seat off before sitting down and that's an accomplishment for me because my boyfriend teases me about being a "germ freak".

Ah yes, July 4th. A time in which we all celebrate the birthday of America by wearing patriotic clothing, watching fireworks at night-time, and of course, eating luscious food... mostly in the form of barbecue. To refresh your memory, I am 13 years old, 5'2'', and I may have never mentioned this aspect of me, but I am African-American. With that said, let me tell you about my divine dinner with my family. There was barbecued chicken and ribs, hot dogs, chili dogs, and my most favorite--cheddarwurst. For dessert, there was brownie cheesecake. I had a HUGE, gooey slice of that. :)

After dinner, my family and I watched the fireworks, and when they were over, I came up to my room to watch TV. A little while later, I began to feel the need to go poo. My stomach wasn't necessarily crampy, but it was strong. As there were also some other family members around, I could bet that the downstairs bathroom was going to be full, and that this dump would be smelly because of all the food I ate. I didn't want to stink up the bathroom (I knew it would, I ate deviled eggs too), either. I went back to my room, being ever-so-desperate to go. My stomach was gurgling, and I was letting out some SBD's (they were beyond deadly, actually), signaling that it was time for me to do something and quick--I really needed to go and get rid of the huge, smelly poo-poo that was in my stomach. Finally, I got the idea to poo into a trash can.

So, I quickly grabbed the trashcan, took off my jeans, took off my string, and got into the perfect position for pooping into a trashcan. I farted softly, and I heard the disgusting crackle of the first turd coming out--without pushing for it. It was very long, and I could smell the stink of it--coming out with wet farts. It finally thudded in the can--with a small turd falling in with it. I straightened my body, but I had to get back into position--as I felt another turd come out. It was very long like the the other one--accompanied by some loud, hot and smelly gas. I looked into the trashcan, and I noticed that I made 2.5 feet of light brown poo. I felt like I was done, so I got some kleenexes, wiped my poopy butt, put the papers in the trashcan and took it into the bathroom. I dumped my poo-poo into the toilet, and flushed it down. I cleaned out the trash can, and sat it back next to my desk where it was when I got back. I put my string back on and got ready for bed.

Later that night, I woke up in the with a gurgly stomach, and some moderate cramping. I farted not so loudly--but it was a little wet. The other food made me shit big, solidly, but the extremely rich cheesecake was getting ready to put up a fight with my butt--and any minute it was going to win. I threw the covers away from me to go to the potty, but I couldn't even get up when my guts rumbled, and a loud wet fart escaped my butt. In an instant, a HUGE (and we're talking filling my pants and getting all over my string and sort of going up my back) torrent of mushy, chunky poo blurted out of my ass, smelling like rotten cream cheese, stale brownies, and rotten eggs. I went to the bathroom to clean up--which was awful. I threw away my string panties and pajama bottoms after I'd washed them out. I saw my bottom, and it was completely blobbed with poo. I gave it a good wet-wipe, put that in the toilet and flushed. I returned to my room, naked from the waist down, and had a good sleep the rest of the night.

I pooed a lot today, this was one of the best dumps I've had, but I didn't even expect the diarrhea. My theory, though, is that the cheesecake was too rich for me and made me poo all over myself. Has anyone experienced eating something too rich and having diarrhea afterward?

Happy Pooping!


Hi my name is MaryKate and am a first time poster. I just finished my junior year at a large university and haven taken many poops there. I enjoy listening to others relieve themselves, and have for as long as I remember. The conception is that most girls won't take a dump in public and wait for the privacy of their home. In some cases, this is probably true, but in a lot of cases it isn't. I think most girls jjust like privacy - if they have the bathroom to themselves, they will poop.

I am pretty shy about having others listen to me go, so I usually wait it out. If I'm in the middle of a poop, and someone comes in, I sit quietly until they leave. Almost always they just pee and are out quickly so I can finish. Once in a while there is a poop standoff (haha, I like that phrase) and it can be a little awkward. Most girls will either just go and get it over with, or occasionally do nothing and leave the stall. To me, that's pretty obvious that they were there for one thing and were too shy to have an audience.

So my story...last year, my roommate's boyfriend was spending a lot of time in our suite (2 bedrooms, a small kitchen area & one bathroom) and I am very uncomfortable pooping with a guy around. So, on nights or weekends when studying at the library, I'd go there. On a Saturday I was packing up around 4:00 and had a good urge to take a dump. I went in and grabbed the last stall and waited while one girl finishd a pee and left. Just as I started to push, the door opened and in came a pretty brunette. The reason I could see her is she went in front of the mirror first and played with her hair before turning around and heading into her stall.

Instead of grabbing the stall at the other end (there were 3 in total) she chose the one next to me. I saw her sweats drop just past her knees - mine are always at my ankles but I make sure my thong is never showing. She peed right away, but when she was done didn't stand up to wipe. She wasted no time and dropped two little poops that didn't make much noise, and continued to stay seated. For some reason, I felt since she was pooping I might as well continue mine that was in the halfway position, and released my log. It fell in the water with a quick plop, and we both sat in silence. My heart was beating a little and I assumed she had more to dump than that.

After a minute or so of quiet, I started to hear a crackle and with a little grunt, she pushed out a rock! She followed that with a sigh of relief, and I followed with my second big log. She began to wipe, and I didn't want to look weird, so I stayed put and let her finish. Her smell was pretty bad, but mine didn't help either! She only wiped once or twice, and left her stall. She took her time washing her hands and I was surprised by her overall lack of urgency to leave or embarrassment. She finally left and I wiped and cleaned myself up. Someone else came in while I was washing my hands, and I got red because there was an obvious poop smell in the small bathroom. Oh well!!

I have other stories that I hope to share in time. Any other college aged people out there with stories? Have a great summer, all!

Mr. Clogs
Have a quick post to share. I was feeling nice-n-high (drunk) of course. I was getting to hit the sack, I had undressed and I had to pee. I was half naked and I just finished my sunny d in the bottle. Instead of running to the bathroom to pee, I grabbed the empty bottle, put the bottom of my woody hole and let loose in that bottle! It was a light clear yellow pee filled the bottle about 3/4 up to the top guessing 16oz of pee. It smelt clean not really pissy inside the bottle, so I placed the cap back on the bottle, hid it from sight and went to bed. I brought an enema to try out this weekend, I need a good cleansing out of my bowels so I can feel empty. I'll let you all know how it goes.

PIXIE: Thanks for responding, I liked your post about the 5-7 day poop post. Yeah that was some huge turd there, a week almost of not pooping, it'll build up. What do you do if you have to poop in public, do you squat in the floor stall of the bathroom and take a dump? Also do you pee while you poop? Just curious.

Veronika: Hey great post, about smoking and pooping, does it help to to relax to take a dump or mask the foul odor that one produce while pooping?

Take care and enjoy your 4th of July weekend.


--Mr. Clogs

To Megan - that was a funny story about how you crapped your pants during a car accident. Nice how they didn't seem to notice the "load in your pants".

hey billy and kevin L i miss ur stories with ur family and friends. i really enjoyed them. do u still visit? i enjoy the teen age stories. keep dem coming. happy pooping all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have a story about my dad. Some years ago, he and I went to JC Penneys. We went to the mens room, and the stall doors had been removed. At this point, we both had to shit, but my dad was not about to use a doorless stall. He asked to speak to the store manager. Fortunatly it was a short wait. It was a young woman, he brought her into the mens room (after making sure it was NOT being used by anybody) and said to her. "Where are the stall doors and how long will it take for a maintenence man to put them back on?" She seemed surprised to see that there were no stall doors, but said she had no clue where the doors were, who was capable of installing them, etc....My dad was not going to let it drop. He told her that the stall doors are expensive (about $500 each, about 10 years ago) and they had to be somewhere in the store. She said she would contact her maintence department. My dad said "we'll wait right here while the work is being done" She knew he was serious. Long story short, within the hour all three stall doors and hardware were back on, and my dad and I used the private stalls. While we were in there, a few employees came in, and were ectstatic about the doors replaced. My dad asked them how long the doors were off for and he said at least 5 years. My dad told us all to never let people tread on you, and stand up for your rights. My dad is smart !!


How old were you when these happened??????

And no, I never had to mess my self for anothers convenience.

Keith D
To Talia: Personally, I prefer the poop stories but I guess I should contribute more to the pee stories so here goes: Usually I can hold my pee for a very a long time, up to several days without even feeling the urge, but I find it much more comfortable if I go a couple of times a day. When I was sixteen and in high school my class went on a hiking trip. I felt really uncomfortable about public toilets and avoided them like the plague. I'd been subconsciously holding my pee (and of course, my poop) for a couple of days when we went hiking up this mountain. The group of about 30 were spread all along the trail. About mid-morning I broke away from my friends and was walking alone in a position about midway in the pack. As soon as I was alone and sensing my privacy I got hit by a painful urge to pee! I didn't want to stop because I thought someone in the group behind my might catch up. After about 15 minutes of walking in pain I finally decided that the people behind were far enough away and sidestepped off the path and stood behind the tree facing away from the path. I got my gear out and within seconds was producing a dark yellow stream that frothed on the ground. But the pee kept coming and coming for over a minute and I started to get nervous that I would get sprung. Then without warning I heard branches rustling off to my side and there appeared my crush and her best friend. They looked sideways at me and put their heads down and kept talking as the hurried along the path, acting like they hadn't noticed. I was so embarrassed. The track had curved around a bend behind the bushes and they had got a clear shot of me from side on and could see EVERYTHING. I guess I shouldn't have been too embarrassed. I mean, surely everyone in the group had to stop and pee in the bushes at some stage. It was an all day hike and we were all drinking plenty of water. I finished my pee and slowly walked along the track after them. I walked extra slow because I didn't want to catch up with them and need to face them.

To Yukari: Sounds like a very atmospheric way to take a poop. I've had a few relaxing dumps during the monsoon season when the rain is really hammering on the roof. The drumbeat really sends chills up my spine while I'm doing it. But I find that the sound of water also makes me need to pee a couple of times while I'm going so I need to stop my poop and take aim.

To CAG: Other than the situation described above, I don't usually need to pee while pooping. For me the two are totally disconnected. Unless my bladder is really full and pushing with my pelvic muscles puts extra pressure on it. But even then, I really only experience a pain in my bladder, I don't actually pee. Perhaps the log inside is putting pressure on my prostate?

To Pixie: Another monster! Do you find it easier to squat when you need to do a big one? Is it more comfortable or do you just do it for variety lol.

To Military Pooper: That must be so surreal pooping with a bunch of comrades alongside. Were the latrines full throughout the day or were there certain times you could go when there wasn't so much traffic and you could have some privacy?

To Olivia: It sucks that your mom treated you that way after your accident. Everyone has accidents eventually. You can't plan every movement. But there's not much you can do when she's your mom. Take comfort that maybe one day she'll be in one of those homes for elderly people and perhaps she'll have accidents then! Sorry... That was a terrible thing for me to say. Wouldn't wish that on anyone...

To Julia from Munich: I used to only go poop about once or twice a week and graphically remember how hard and how long I had to push and how much it hurt. But that was just the way it was for me and was natural. I take it once a week is normal for you too. I learned to accept it over time and that once I got used to it the sensation didn't feel so bad.

To Veronika: Funny the cold toilet seat! Have you ever seen those toilet seat warmers that some people have? They're really fluffy like fake mohair. They slip over the seat and form a cover. I sat on one once at my grandmothers and it was the most bizarre sensation. They must be impossible to clean. But I do find it difficult to have a relaxing pooping session on a cold seat. It makes my muscles tense and gives my poor bumhole stage fright! And once again you've given us another graphic and insightful story. I can absolutely identify with your heightened sense of euphoria at being close enough to hear another person on the toilet. I've experienced it a few times in situations where I've either been in a unisex toilet or been in a public toilet where the male and female facilities have been separated by a weak barrier that allows sound through. I don't really understand it but it is one of the most amazing and intimate things even though the person on the other side of the wall is a complete stranger. It's an overwhelming and giddying sensation and I become very conscious of my own heartbeat. It gets to the stage when I can actually hear my own heartbeat - pounding through the arteries in my ears. It gets to the stage where it is really quite frightening and a couple of times I've needed to actually consciously get a hold of myself and close my eyes and shake my head and distract myself by thinking about something totally unrelated like work or something or I am sure that I would faint or explode or something! I'm sure that my face must turn either really red or really pale and my mouth gets so dry that after finishing up my own business on the toilet I need to run to the shop and drink what feels like a gallon of water. I don't understand why I feel like this when just hearing someone. Hmmm... Perhaps it's another reason why unisex toilets are very rare. To keep people like us from having a heart attack?

really imbarassed
this happened a year ago. i am a girl with blond hair and green eyes.

i was at a sleepover with a bunch of my friends,and we were having an awsome time playing truth or was my turn so i picked dare.the girl said," ok i dare you to really go poop and pee in your pants and tell jessicas mom that you did and you cannot say that it was a dare."
oh my gosh i thought it sounds... fun. so, i friends asked me if i had to go,and i said no so we watched a movie while drank water and we all had potato chips. finally, i had to go. we turned off the movie and sat around while i let my pee flow and poop slide out. i was weAring white shorts so you could see everythig. then the pee started to flow down my legs slowly. i went to her mom my friends hiding and watching. her mom wwas at the sewing machine. she looked up. hi sarah she said,what do u need?i weny in my pants i wimpered she looked and saw that it was true. of course she msde me change clotes.she is wierd around me now )=

Jamie W.
Kayla: Thank you for sharing your story. If it's any consolation, I'm over 40 and still having similar accidents. I still get embarrassed and ashamed, but I've come to accept that it's part of who I am. Please tell us more!
tracygirl: Most of my panties are white cotton. This way, when I poop them, I can wash them with bleach. Many of them are lightly stained anyway, but I don't have to constantly throw them away and can re-use them up to a point.
I was recently at work cleaning a very nice house in a wealthy neighborhood. I had just about finished all the vacuuming, dusting, and the two very nice bathrooms with marble counters, etc. (I'd love to have a bathroom like that!) I was feeling a lot of pressure in my bottom, and I knew that a major poop was on its way. All I needed to do was take out the trash and lock up, so I figured I could make it home before it came. Besides, I didn't want to have to clean the toilet over again! I picked up the trash and headed out back to where the barrels are. When I dropped the trash in the barrels, about eight angry bees flew out from behind them! I was so scared! I jumped back about five steps, and then it happened! My soft, mushy poop poured into my panties. I couldn't help it! I felt the bulge and it was soft and bigger than an orange. I looked around and only saw one person, a teenage girl was sitting in the backyard two houses down and not seeing anything. I quickly locked up, put a plastic grocery bag on my car seat, and drove home. When I got to my bathroom, I found that I had spread the poo past my panties and into my sweatpants. The poo was light brown, but didn't smell much. (It seems like the more people nearby, the more my accidents smell!) I emptied my panties into the toilet, put them and my pants in a plastic bag, then in the hamper, and took a shower.
Have a great day, everyone!

Linda from Australia here again. I've been having more trouble pooping this week but its been a bit strange because I don't think I'm constipated. All week, I've been having small amounts of runny poo but I feel like I've got a huge load in me. I'm desparate for a decent poo because I feel like the liquid poo is gonna come out into my pants. I would rather be constipated than keep having small, runny loads.............

To Keith D: I loved your story about how you did a poo under your aunt and uncle's house! I remember once when I was about 13, I got really constipated and my Mum gave me a laxative. My parents have a big property and at the time, we still used the old outdoor toilet sometimes (they had an old cottage on their place that wasn't used, which the outdoor toilet was part of and we also had a toilet inside the main house). I had taken the laxative the night before so it was starting to work. I could feel the load working its way down. I didn't want to use the toilet in the main house so I went for a walk. I walked around outside for a while, until the urge to poop got bad and then I went into the outdoor toilet. I closed the door and sat down. It took about 20 minutes but I managed to push out a HUGE load. I had been backed up for 5 or 6 days. It was great because I got to grunt a bit and nobody heard me.

The Nature Boy
Anonymous Girl and Military Pooper - great stories! Heh, I've imagined that people have had to play "musical shits" like that when there are fewer toilets around than diarrhea sufferers!

And I love any story of multiple girls pooping in "stall-less" bathrooms!

Carmen, I liked your entry as well.

to bubba turd- id love to hear about one of those times where it came all the way out in your underwear, sounds interesting

Gender stereotyping is very unfair. Like, when a guy says "Man, I gotta go take a shit", all his guy friends aren't even fazed by it. But if I were to say "I'm going to go poo, be right back", all my friends are like "Ew... that's gross" or they say I'm giving too much information. I guess I'll just have to resign to the fact that women aren't supposed to talk about things like that.

Although I do find it funny that in a world were women are ideal model figures who never poop, there's never a man modeling a laxative or stool softener. All the actors are women. Anyone else actually ever notice that?

On a different note altogether, why does it seem like nobody flushes the damn toilet anymore. I can't count the number of times I've been in a public bathroom and seen a bowl full of someone's poo. I don't mind seeing the poo, but it's still just common courtesy.

In some cases, it even seems they try to make it so their poo is on full display. There's hardly any toilet paper, and it's all off to one side. It's really sad when I see someone come out of a stall, and I'll go in to find an unflushed toilet. So, she remembers to wash her hands but not flush? Anyway, sorry for the bit of a rant, but I thought somebody should finally say it.

ruli (optional)
laura we miss you . I would love a story where you have stomach pains bloated and trapped gas but cant go for ages . Please share

Newlywed pooper
Having just returned from honeymoon I will always remember what happened the morning my new wife returned to work. She got up that morning and got washed and dressed and put on her make-up. She made some breakfast and having finished eating it she then proceeded to do the washing up. She was wearing a beige blouse, brown shirt, shiny tights and black high heels, she had been wearing an apron while eating breakfast so that she did not spill any food on her clothes. She was wearing yellow rubber gloves to do the washing up. I walked up behind her and put my arms around her, she smelt good and I kissed her on the neck. She then said that she had to do a poopie, she removed her rubber gloves and apron and turned and faced me. We snogged for about thirty seconds and she said that he had to go or she would poop herself.
She walked towards the toilet and her high heels clicked on the tiled floor, she went into the toilet and closed the door. I heard her adjusting her skirt and tights and heard her settle on the toilet seat. A couple of seconds later I heard a loud "Splunk" followed by another "Splunk" as she dropped a couple of poopies into the toilet. This was followed by some loose poop comong out accompanied by a wet sounding fart. I then heard her tear off some toilet paper and stand up, she wiped her bottom and tore off some more toilet paper. She wiped her bottom about four times and adjusted her tights and skirt. She flushed the toilet and came out, she told me not to go in there yet as her droppings were still there. The smell of her poop was wofting out and it gave me quite a thrill, she washed her hands in the bathroom and went back and flushed the toilet again. She then said that it was all gone, I gave her another thirty second snog and she then left for work.

Pee Shy
To Dara:
I really empathize with your inability to pee in a strange public place where people wait to get into your stall. I believe that you have a case of bashful bladder, otherwise known as pee shy, shy bladder, stage fright, etc. The medical/psychological term is paruresis. I have suffered with the problem for many years. Please see what I wrote in p.1678 and my story. Also see Matt's response in p. 1679. He also is a fellow sufferer. There are techniques to help you with this. One is a taking a deep breath and hold it as you go into the stall and sit down on the toilet seat. Then let it out. That will help relax you. Don't try to force yourself to empty your bladder. Just relax, count backward from 100--99,98,97 etc. to distract yourself.
Some people find gentle pushing on your full bladder may get the stream going. I assume that you can pee at home all right so there may not be anything physical that is causing your inability to pee. If you also have trouble at home, then you need to tell your doctor.

There are groups to help. Look up shy bladder on Google or other search engine. There is also a book available through Amazon by Dr. Steven Soifer, Shy Bladder Syndrome. It tells the whole story with suggestions to help yourself.

Is peeing in the pools or beaches okay?

The other day, I went with my friends to the beach, and it was rather cold, and I felt like I needed to pee, but didn't tell anyone, because there were no restrooms, so I wouldn't be able to go anyway. A while later, a particular friend, Mary, told me she had to poop really bad and I told her I had to pee too. By this time, my bladder hurt, and I was holding myself, and she said if she didn't go she would mess up her swimmers.

So we went to an area where there was no one, and I just peed into the ocean. And Mary pulled down her bikini bottom and pooped into the ocean. It felt so much better, after. After, we all had a lot of soda to drink, and I felt the need to pee again. (As you can see, I have a small bladder) My friend, Cath, I noticed also needed to pee. She was holding herself, and bouncing up and down. I asked her and she said she needed to pee, so we went back into the water again, but Cath said she didn't want to pee in her bathers, and didn't want to take them off in the sea incase someone saw, so we went behind some bushes and peed there. Cath also needed to poop, which she did too.

so yeah. my story. please reply. are pee stories less common nowadays ?

To Veronika: Thank you for your kind words. I like your stories too, tho' as you say they aren't outdoor. But very poetic. Yes, I do have a musical background, singing, piano and harp. And by the way, you don't need to be humbled!!

The French countryside in question was the very rugged and desolate central-south area. Not far from Le Puy. Have you ever been to France?

I'm no longer very young now but I do poo outside if I get a chance....which isn't often. As you say, I like to commune with nature in this way. But differently from the animals, even if I'm outside I remain in poo position for upwards of 10 minutes in order to poo as many times as I need to....which is usually many times.

To everyone else: I also like your stories, tho' poo stories interest me more than pee stories. I don't know why. Perhaps because a pee is so much more routine, while the rarer poo is that little bit special? Keep sending them.

Love to all and especially to Veronika,


desperate to poop
I saw an interesting event the other day
on the train. I was travelling back to London
on the train and part way through a lady got up
to use the toilet for a second time. It was the
disabled one and you have to press a button to
lock it once inside.

I noticed she didn't appear to do this either that
or the engaged sign wasn't working.

Anyway 3-4 minutes had passed when a lady came from
the other carriage pressed the button and I assume
caught the lady in mid stream/poop (Given she'd been
in a few minutes I expect it was a poop or perhaps
tampon change).

I was too far away to warn the lady approaching and
didn't actually see anything but you could tell
from the look on the lady outside she'd definately
caught her on the toilet :).

I also have a severe diarreoh desperation story. Red
Head Michelle are you sitting comfortably.

Anyway I was out in Norfolk the other weekend with friends.
We were taking a walk to Acle and were coming back to the boat
we had hired for the day. On the way back I got a severe need
for the toilet as some food began to disagree with me. The walk
back was through a grass field but cordened of by hedge to make
a public access area with the rest private. There would be
absolutely no privacy if I went there and I really didn't want

For the remaining 15min walk I clenched my bums tightly and tried
to think of getting back to the boat where there were public toilets
(the boat didn't have one).

I finally got back and said I needed the toilet and would be a little
while. They all knew anyway I think from my grimaces and whimpering

Alas when I got in both cucibles were in use and a lady was waiting.
At this point I really did think I might go in my cargo shorts! I had my hand on my bum, clenching as best I could.

Both cucibles were pooping. One had runny poop which didn't seem like
finishing soon. The other one was quiet but you could def smell poop.
Five mins passed and no sign of movement. The lady in front who could
clearly see my predicament said she was bursting for a pee but shouldn't be long.

After ten mins the lady in the 2nd cucible flushed and came out. The lady dashed in and started a big piss. Finally after what seemed like an eternity (prob only a few mins) she came out. I dashed in, tore my pants off and plonked myself on the pot not even bothering to check the seat and brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrpt diarreoh errupted forewith and I let out a load moan of relief and an 'oh god'

After the initial spurt I was relieved but no where near finished. I took stock and the lady next to me was still having soft poop. I could see her brown walking trainers and some shorts and pants (with a slight stain) down by the ankles (there was quite a high gap and I bent over slightly). She was moaning on and off

I then had a second wave of violent diarreoh which splattered all over th pan. I went on and off for another fiften mins, by which time the other lady finally finished

I wiped several times, flushed and left a lot relieved. I spotted the lady next to another moored up boat. In her early 30's with a shapely butt

Happy pooping all

Sunday, July 06, 2008

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