I'm back! I still have diarrhea, but for a different reason. I feel better from eating a lot, but now I've got diarrhea cuz it's almost time for my period. In addition to the survey, I have two stories from today--they both involve me having diarrhea accidents. They're equally humiliating. Enjoy. :P

Story #1: I woke up this morning having slight stomach cramps and really bad gas. I let out some silent farts, and then a loud nasty-smelling one. My cramps escalated in pain as I ran to the bathroom. I pulled down my pajama pants and underwear, and before I could even plunk my ass on the bathroom floor, I lost control and a big glob of diarrhea fell onto the floor--it looked exactly like chocolate pudding--as for the smell, it was much worse. I cleaned up my bottom, picked up the poop that was on the floor, put that the toilet and flushed.

Story #2: My mom and I had to go shopping for groceries, so she took me with her. I had been feeling fairly better from my diarrhea accident earlier. However, my stomach cramps were kicking in, and I had to go to the bathroom quick. I told my mom I was going to the bathroom, so she knew where I'd be. Sadly, there was a line near the women's bathroom--my stomach muscles clenching as diarrhea threatened to come out into my jean shorts. The woman in back of me saw me doing the poopy dance with a hand on my bottom and a hand on my stomach jiggling around, and she asked me if I was alright, and I told her I had diarrhea. I ended up doing the most ghastly thing--doing a juicy fart right in front of her. She looked at me funny. I was so embarrased. The line wasn't getting any shorter anytime soon--and my bowels were churning. I doubled over in pain as another juicy fart escaped my bottom. The lady behind me waved her hand in front of her nose. Suddenly, I felt my hole open, and mushy creamy poo began to feel my underpants. The lady behind me got so angry that she left the line. I began to cry my eyes out. My mom found me with her groceries, grabbed my hand and marched me out the store, leaving me to sit in stinky jean shorts. When I got home, I went upstairs to my room, threw my panties away and had more diarrhea. She's coming to talk to me now, so I can't write anything about it anymore. :(

Happy Pooping!


To bubba turd:

Great stories, Boy!! Keep them coming.
Do you often clog toilets becuase of your massive turds??

I've peed my pants numerous times, most by accident. But it's so weird. Sometimes I'll be totally into something and all of a sudden I'll have to pee so bad it's uncontrollable!! A while ago I was at my Grandma's fixing her computer. I was coming up the stairs from the basement when all of a sudden out of no where I exploded. I peed and peed all over her new hardwood. I was SO humiliated. Luckily she was out so I cleaned up my mess and washed my pants. When she asked what stank ... I blamed it on her cat.

Anonymous Girl

Once in my life, I was going through a week of really bad food poisining-induced diarrhea. after the first day of shitting myself over and over, my mom got me some diapers. I made it through the second day with only one or two accidents, until dinnertime. i was at the table, and i farted really loud. i got up to run to the bathroom, but diarrhea stopped me in my tracks. right in front of my whole family at the dinner table, an epic, 20-second bubbling diarrhea fart left everyone in disgust. i ran off, crying and farting to the shower.

The next day, my sister had cought the bug, and was shitting quite loudly on the can. i ran in the bathroom, having to go, and for a few minutes, we managed to pull off a razor's edge game of musical shits. one of us would shit until we could hold it for a moment, then the other would do the same when the lovely "music" stopped. then neither of us could hold it, so i pulled up the toilet seat to give us more room, and we simultaneously took a dump.

mom was gassy after the third day, but not diarrheal. my little brother saw me waist-naked on the toilet when he had to go, and ended up me spreading my legs apart while he sat on my lap and had diarrhea through the gap in my legs, I think he "accidentally" leaned and shitted on my leg during that on purpose, but who knows.

After a few days, i thought it had passed, but almost at the same time, my little brother and I shitted our pants in the backyard, overflowing the. we ran into a bush and emptied our colons.

Mom was ripping rancid, loud wet farts, but never had diarrhea

cool dude
My girlfriend and I went camping recently. The first morning, I woke up, and looked over to see her bare ass as she was getting dressed in the tent. She farted really loudly, quickly threw on some clothes, and ran off to the restroom. I got on my shoes and followed her. I could hear a bunch of really big farts coming from the building before she washed her hands and walked out. I pretended like I hadn't heard it. As we were walking on the trail, I felt like I had to take a dump. I told my girlfriend, and we walked a short way out and I sat on a tree stump and did my buisness off the edge of it. It was a pretty silent dump, but when I finished, she said that she really had to go too. she sat on the stump, moaning and farting while a veritable hot mud spring bubbled out of her. I got a perfect view of the whole thing.

my nephew says I fart loudly in my sleep and he heard my fart thru my bedroom door. I feel embarrased.

Hi, everyone, it's the rainy season in Japan now. I don't like the muggy weather but it can be refreshing to listen to the rain pattering down.

That was what I was doing this Sunday morning about 10, when I entered the toilet to empty my very full bottom.

I opened the window a bit to listen to the rain. My parents don't like me doing this because of the humidity, but I decided I didn't care. I knew I would be on the throne a long time and I didn't want to read or do anything like that, I wanted to listen to the rain.

So I just sat there, trying to forget that the toilet is a bit small for my rather large bottom. Pitter-patter....ooof....plop plop plop plop. Pause. Pitter^patter. 2 immobile minutes. Then push....ooof....plop plop plop. Repeat procedure. The rain kept falling...peace perfect my bottom every two minutes. Flush after 6 deliveries; hear loo water and rainfall together. Pause. Peace perfect peace. Plop plop plop plop. Getting soft. 2 immobile minutes. Pitter-patter. Plopalopalopalopalopalop. And the same 10 seconds later. Then silence, except for the raindrops. Quite a long pause now. Then again, plopalopalopalopalopalopalopalopalopalop, very long one. Suddenly a second wee, mixed with the sound of rain, followed by 2 small motions.

Decided to wipe. My parents might be back home at any moment and they say it isn't ladylike to stay a long time on the toilet or to enjoy doing motions. But as soon as I had wiped my bottom opened suddenly....plopalopalopalopalopalopalop. I flushed at once; that last one was smelly. Then I wiped again. I wanted to stay longer, but my bottom felt empty at last, and I have tomorrow's classes to prepare....

If you don't like rain, and you like pooing, try this.

A word to the wise... be wary of what you eat, for you may pay for it later. I just learned this lesson the hard way. Earlier today, my local firehouse was having a chili cook-off. I figured, hey I love chili, why not go and sample some.

I had a little sample of each one... some were better than others, but they were all good. Very very spicy was the only common theme. But luckily they had plenty of water. I stuck around for the next hour mingling with some friends who came also. But then we all left and went home.

All was calm on the home front until another hour passed, when I felt a massive shit storm brewing. I was literally clenching my ass shut and running to the toilet. I barely got my shorts and panties off in time to plop down and unleash a horrible shit.

It wasn't quite diarrhea, but it wasn't solid by any means either. It was kind of just a never-ending fountain of semi-solid poop. At last the butt fountain turned off, but OW my hole burned like never before. I was almost scared to wipe, I knew it would hurt so much.

The smell was absolutely horrid and I don't think there was any water in the toilet after that barrage. Cleanup only made the hurt worse, an awful stinging sensation. Finally, I had a bright idea - I'd wet a washcloth and wipe with that. Still hurt, but slightly less that paper, because the cold water was a little soothing.

I flushed my putrid mess down the toilet, but the bowl was still a horrible mess. Even after two more flushes, there was still some residual mess and a nauseating smell. I had to come back later to clean the rag after the smell died down.

Even now, over 6 hours later, I still don't think I've fully cleaned the toilet, but my butt isn't sore anymore. I don't think I'll be going to the chili cook-off next year.

I've recently done so many things that would have normally embarassed me no end, but for some reason I just don't care. After last night's peeing experience, I thought for sure there's no way I could top that... Guess I was wrong.

I awoke early this morning before everyone else with a major urge to shit, probably because I hadn't taken a dump in four days. I think we all know where this is going, but I'll finish the story anyways.

I went into the bathroom, closing the door and pulled my pants down just to my knees and sat on the toilet. After a quick check for paper, there was plenty on the roll plus two more rolls ready, I began. A lot of loud gas came out, Brraaaaaaat, SsssPfft, Brat, Plop, Plunk, Splash, Brrrrrraaaaaaarrrp, Pffft, SssPlop. Ohh, it felt so good, although didn't smell nearly so pleasant.

I tried to get up to turn on the bathroom fan, but I knew I'd be busy for a while. Suddenly I let out a big Brraaaaaappp, SccplBrrraap, Plop, Bloop, Pft, and then Crrrcccklllll, the familiar sound of a large turd,I mean both large around and long, It stretched all my butt muscles and extended my hole to about as wide as it'd go. And then it just broke off, plip.

I'd hoped I'd be done here and could deordorize the bathroom before anyone noticed - obviously not happening. I heard a voice outside the door and one of the guys was like "Damn, what'd you EAT?". Braapp, SssPfft, Brat, Plop, Plop, Splunk, And then liquid shit just spewed out for a long time.

The cleanup was awful, and the smell made me want to double check to make sure the paint wasn't peeling off the walls, but the worst part had to be walking out and having everyone realize that the foul mess had just been unleashed by a cute girl.

Military Pooper
I recently spent 2 weeks at a military fort. The base was well kept, but the latrines were not very good quality. But it's necessary to not be shy about pooping and peeing while in the military.

The first morning we were there, I got my first experience with the latrines. I awoke with a mild urge to pee, but ignored it. By mid-morning I felt the oh so familiar rumblings in my gut telling me I needed to poop.

I can't speak for the men's latrines, but the women are afforded very little privacy. I headed over towards the latrines and found the door to the women's side. Upon entering, I realized that was the only door in the toilet area.

There were no stalls, no doors, just two rows of toilets with paper on both sides of each toilet, and 5 sinks for everyone to use. I saw that 7 of the 10 toilets were occupied with women who hardly seemed fazed by having their bathroom habits on full display.

I joined them taking a seat in between two other poopers. I had to give a small push to get it started, but several small stringy turds launched out at high speeds, and then the flood gates opened, and I peed a forceful stream.

Pee stream still going strong, I was pushing out another rope-like turd. I could feel it curling against the bottom of the bowl, eventually breaking off with no sound. It's unusual for me to have a poop without gas, but this one was gas free.

I felt empty, so I leaned forward to grab some toilet paper, but when I did one last turd shot out with a splash. I probably wiped 6 times maybe more to get clean from that messy poop, but only a quick wipe to my front got my clean. I'm sure I left skid marks, but I didn't care.

The restroom at a state park beach that I went to has flush toilets, toilet seat covers and enough toilet paper. There aren't paper towels. There is a hand dryer instead. That is probably to cut down on the mess that people make.

When I walked into the restroom at about noon, it was faily clean. When I walked in two hours later, it was a mess. The floor was wet and dirty. There were four unisex restrooms. I walked ino all of them before I found one that had a floor that was fairly clean. People must have walked in with flip flops or sandals that were wet from the ocean.

The janitors who clean up messes like that every day deserve good pay.

I am a 15 year old girl with blonde hair. Last week me and my mom were at the mall shopping when all of a sudden i really had to go to the bathroom. We were watingin on line at macys though. So i told my mom and she told me to hold it. I knew i couldnt though because there was 4 people ahead of us. I told my mom i was going to find a bathroom and she said no. She said i needed to help carry things. I begged but she yelled at me saying a was a 15 year old girl not a baby and that if i couldnt hold it that maybe i should be wearing diapers. At this time a couple of girls from my school were passing by. I was really humiliated but it only got worse. About 5 minutes later i started to fill my pants. I immediatley started to cry and my mom got really mad. We finially finished paying and she dragged me by the wrist all the way to the car. On the way home she called my dad and told him to stop at cvs on the way home from work and pick up some diapers for his daughter who childlishly pooped her pants in public today.

What am i supposed to do? I dont want to wear diapers. Can somebody please help me

Hey guys! This is my first time writing here, but i've been reading here for a loooong time. I don't really like the poop stories, but I love pee stories. Especially ones from guys! So come on guys! Please, share them ALL with us!

My name is Mark 14 years old.

I am reading these when i got an urge to pee and poop but it wasnt that bad but the need to pee got too strong and i peed a little in my underwear. I did make it before i pooped my self but barely. I put on new underwear seeing as the other one was soaked. Tell me about your stories though.

In earlier posts I mentioned the embarrassment of wetting my pants at school and what my classmate Karen did to help me hide the evidence as we walked home. Later in the year she even let me in on her secret that, wearing a dress (tunic) to school made it less embarrassing for her if she had an 'accident'.

But she wasn't the only play friend who would take advantage of her dress to cover up being wet.

The summer I was 9 am small group of kids on my city block often played together in the street or local parks. Being the late 1950's, mostly the girls worn thin cotton summer dresses with only panties underneath. A few of the girls didn't seem to concerned about what showed when they played on the swings, climbing bars or squatting in the sandboxes.

So one afternoon in a sandbox at the park I happened to notice that Lucinda, who was about 10, had a wet stain on her white panties, made more obvious due to the sand clinging to it. Of course, I didn't say anything about it, but I did wonder how, and when, it happened.

Around a week later she and I were playing alone with toy trucks moving dirt in my back yard. Lucinda was about ten feet away from me and I turned my truck towards where she was. Looking up I saw a shiny wetness on the crotch of her pink underpants and a small stream dropping onto the ground. Staring I asked her, "why are you peeing your pants?".

Her face turned red and she pushed her yellow sun dress down between her lags a bit, to hide her panties, but the stream continued a few more moments. Then she told me she had to wet herself because she just couldn't hold it any longer.

However, as the summer progressed I found out from her brother that she often did pee in under underwear when it might interrupt her fun at play. After that originally embarrassed reaction to my seeing her, she became less concerned about me, sometimes even telling me she was about to wet before letting a stream drop between her feet where she stood.

In August another dimension was added to my awareness of her toilet habits. We were walking back to our street from the rec centre, past a group of warehouses and storage lots when Lucinda stopped on the sidewalk. "I have to go bathroom really bad." I expected her to move over onto a grassy strip and pee, but instead she turned into one of the company lots. "Come here and stand guard beside me so no one sees me pooping. Peeing my pants is alright but I don't like to walk around in poo!"

Lucinda moved into a corner, near some boxes and reached under her dress to slide her underpants down to her knees, then lifted her dress and bend over. As I stood watching the gate she was within my view, yet hidden by the boxes from the street. It was long before a pile of brown, smelly weiners lay on the gravel at her feet, soon joined by a stream of warm liquid as she let loose some pee. Relieved, she stood up without wiping, pulled her panties into place and said, "Let's go."

AS far as I can remember that was the only time She let me see her pooping.

Keith D
To Eva: Poop smells for a few different reasons. A lot of the smell is gas produced during the digestive process. Although a lot of gas is released when you fart a lot is also trapped in small pockets inside the poop. I think the gases are mostly methane. But there are also some sulfur dioxides too that give it a 'rotten egg gas' smell. But a lot of the really "shitty" stink is produced by bacteria. Although it sounds weird, your gut is filled with bacteria. It's a natural and healthy thing. A lot of foods can't be digested by the human body and the bacteria do it for us. In fact, a good portion of the weight of your poop is made up of bacteria, plus your waste food and some waste cells from your body.

To Matt: LOL! I guess I've developed a good sense of balance over the years. I started by going outdoors, with my feet on the ground. Perhaps you need to start while going outside. You need to balance on your feet outside but you can hold onto a log or lean against it or something. When's your next camping trip?

Hi Linda: I hope you're feeling better after finally finding relief. It's just sooooo satisfying dropping the mother load after days of straining.

I remember something I did when I was about 6. I was staying with the rest of my family over at my aunt's house near the beach. I was often constipated as a kid and it was always hard and I used to try to avoid the toilet. Halfway through a hot day I got an urge to poop. I don't think I'd gone in 3 or 4 days. I crept away from everyone else so I could squat down and strain against the cramps in private and try to hold it in. I really didn't want to tell my mom as it would make a big deal in front of my cousins for her to take me to the toilet and make me stay there. But I didn't want to start pooping my pants either. So I started looking for a place to hide where I could poop in peace.

The garden was very open. I finally found a crawlspace that went below the foundations of the house! I crawled inside and from the voices and sounds coming from above I could tell that I was underneath the kitchen floor. Squatting down with my head bumping up under the floor, I pulled my shorts down under my butt to expose it and started pushing. Although it still took a bit of effort, I remember feeling how easily the big solid log began to move and that my butthole didn't hurt so much as it opened. For a large log it was much easier than my normal poops. I was impressed, got my shorts back up and crawled back out.

But I was naive to think I wouldn't be caught. About half an hour later my female cousin (same age) walked down the side of the house and so smelt the poop. She ratted me out and I got scolded by my Mom and my uncle removed the poop with a shovel. Still, a nice effort, though.

To Brenda: Forget your inhibitions! It's ok to strain and groan in a public toilet. Many people do. When there's quiet it usually seems to mean that everyone is holding their breath waiting for someone to break the cone of silence. I usually try to muffle my sound effects even when I'm home alone but I have tried audible straining a few times and find it a whole lot more relieving. If you're embarrassed about facing the people who might have heard you then wait a few minutes after your poop so that anyone sharing your toilet time has left before exiting to wash your hands. Do you often need to lean right forward and strain hard to get a bm out? I often struggle too. Sometimes I fell like I need to scream and yell while I'm pushing just so that I can get the energy out and focus on pushing through my gut more.

Claire N
I am not the only Claire posting on this forum so to avoid confusion I will now call myself Claire N. My previous posts are on pages 1632 (the joy of going to the toilet), 1634 (phobia about public toilets), 1641 (first outdoor poo), 1645 (pleasure of having a wee outdoors), 1658 (squat toilets) and 1665(having a poo in the garden).

Mona and Veronika - great posts about smoking on the toilet...keep them coming. Long before I met her, my wife used to smoke and she told me that she had a similar routine. Her morning coffee used to get things in motion (so to speak) but it was smoking on the bowl that finished the performance. She could be semi-constipated, she could have diarrhea, or anything in between but the one constant was that she would be smoking. I'm happy to say that she has long since quit because there's NO WAY she would have been married to me if she still smoked. Anyway, I hope that both of you will someday kick the habit permanently also, but in the meantime I'll be watching for more of your posts. Good luck!

Surveyyyyy!!! :)

1) Is your poop normally liquidy? Depends on what I eat. If I eat too much though, it changes between liquidy and hard.

2) When you are feeling sick to your stomach, do you barf, have diarrhea, or both at the same time? Most of the time I just have diarrhea, but if it's really bad, I throw up.

3) Have you ever witnessed a friend use the bathroom because they couldn't wait any longer? Yeah, I've seen my friend pee and poop and have diarrhea before.

4) is there a food that you eat that you know makes you have diarrhea, yet you eat it anyway? There isn't really just one food that makes me have diarrhea, but if I eat too much junk, I have really bad diarrhea. At least I didn't eat any cheese fries--because that would have been complete and utter hell on my bowels.

5) Can you pee standing up? And if so, do you do so often?
Yeah, I don't to it often though.

6) Has anybody ever seen you have a BM or pee? If so, was it on purpose? Yeah, girls and guys have seen me poop before. A few times it was on purpose, and a couple of times it was by accident.

7) Do you poop in the ocean? If so, do you take off or pull away your swimsuit, or do you just go in it and clean it off later? When I pooed in the ocean, I pulled away my swimsuit, and just let go.

8) Did you ever have an accident as a child? I'm still a child somewhat, but YES, I've had many diarrhea accidents before. My first one was when I was 4 years old on Christmas--I woke up crying of a stomach ache and having to go potty, and when my mom carried me to the bathroom, I started pooing in my barbie PJs. I can't remember having any peeing accidents.

9) (the kind of random one) When was the last time you had diarrhea, and do you know the cause of it? Today. I woke up with nasty diarrhea, because it's almost time for my period and I usually get it a couple of days before. (I'll post more about that.)

Happy Pooping!


I just got to work I had been real gassy and stomach pain well about hour later. I had to take a dump or my undies would have big pile of crap. I got to the bathroom and farted four times then my butt hole got bigger and then out came two 14inch fat logs. I wiped got up my stomach quit hurting then I went back to work

Mona, that's not unusual at all. In fact, the color of your urine can also give you an idea of when you are dehydrated as it will start getting darker.

In reading the most recent posts, I'm really surprised to find that there are some people who can poop independently of their peeing. The only time that I've pooped before peeing is when I've had a diarrhea attack and can't hold it, which thankfully is a very rare occasion.

today I had my first date with a wonderful lady, on the car ride home from the festival she crapped her pants in my car on accident. I pulled over and helped her clean up (there happened to be a roll of tp under the passenger seat) I have always been fascinated with the bms of females so she pulled her pants down and I wiped her up, I'm probably going to see her again next week.

You told us that you read, "from several of you that a daily BM isn't important."

Even if you were to accept that statement as true, when you find your body needing a BM as you did, you have to let that process play out. You can't clamp up your body and say, "Well, a daily BM isn't important!" That is nonsense.

As you grow up you learn to know when you can hold back your bladder and your bowels, and you know when you can not. It is best to pay attention to your body's signals.
Best wishes,

Hello again...

Remi - that was an engaging account of the butterfly in the French countryside! What better way to connect with the natural elements of nature whilst taking care of personal business. I loved the way you described the beautiful distraction it provided whilst you were caught in a somewhat 'vulnerable' position. I'm afraid I don't have any anecdotes involving outdoor relief that quite rival yours in terms of poetic content. In which part of the french countryside were you lucky enough to experience this?

You mentioned you were singing on that particular evening you last posted. I would have suspected something of an artistic temperament based on your story! My musical contributions extend as far as cello and violin; my parents were adamant that my sisters and I gain a certain level of proficiency along the lines of a classically based musical education. (Although the thought of taking my sheet music into the toilet with me had never occurred. I must do this one day.)

Also, thank you for you for your kind and encouraging words; I'm both humbled and flattered.

Keith, I think perhaps we're rowing the same boat. It seems my eyebrows are often in a perpetually raised state!

Yes Mona, it is bad for us, but some things just seem to go right together!

OK, its freezing cold in Melbourne at the moment, and I now have to go and sit my bottom on a rather cold toilet seat. I think I may be in there for while.

Until next time.



Tuesday, July 01, 2008

To Brenda:

I feel we have an obligation to ourselves to abandon what our parents have taught us if it is not practical and if it is not always in our and others' best interest. Brenda, what you were taught about using public toilets was mild comparatively speaking. Let's take a look at your list and compare it with mine:
1) Keeping an empty stall between yourself and the next person. While there's nothing wrong it doing that, there are those of us out there who sit, shit and then find there's no toilet paper. I've been in a situation two or three times this year where I've had to ask the person in the adjacent stall to pass me some under the partition.
2. Wiping the seat before sitting on it. Wow! I was taught and later retaught how to take the time to carefully place three or more sheets of toilet paper over the seat before sitting on it. My mom was adamant about that. In fact, she would do all of that then squat over the stool without sitting down. I remember once asking her when we were at a theme park why doing both was necessary and her answer was occasionally, her foot might slip or her butt would get too low when she was shitting and it might touch part of the seat. Most of my friends thought she was strange, but....
3. I was also taught not to fart in public places. If I farted let's say after a restaurant meal, mom would say "Please excuse yourself Carolyn and go to the bathroom ..." I learned to do it quite effectively standing up in the bathroom; anything else would have required two or three minutes of preparing the toilet seat for me sitting down and releasing two or three farts. It just seemed like a wasted effort.
4. Noise from hard pushing. Me and my friend Megan were playing around once when we were probably about 8. We were at the mall and she was groaning and finally elated when her crap dropped like the older woman you mentioned, Brenda. I got into it and Megan started giving me a countdown and mom who could hear us from a couple stalls down, "corrected" each of us while we were washing our hands. Also mom got on Megan for flushing with her hand. Mom thought Megan should have used her foot. When Megan talked back and started arguing with mom, she then became critical of Megan's sitting directly on the seat instead of doing it the normal way--covering the seat or staddling over it.
By now, Brenda, you have probably concluded that your mom's list was relatively "easy" to follow compared to mine. However, once I started middle school I gave in and started using the bathrooms just like my friends. However, I had to remember mom's "rules" when I was out with her. Just last year we were traveling out of town on a church-related function and both of us needed to stop and pee at a gas station. My bladder was like bursting and I beat mom into the bathroom and she had to wait and watch while I dropped myself onto the toilet and took one long and refreshing pee. Even though I'm 31 and have two daughters of my own, mom was surprised that I didn't tear off and use one of the toilet seat tissue covers that was available. She later tore one off and gave me essentially the same lecture and demonstration that I had received 25 years ago. Some things just don't change.

Lately I have been using public toilets quite a bit...still stunned at crapping in a toilet without toilet paper. The other day I got the urge to "sit" as I was on the road and the only toilet I knew around was a doorless one...there are not too many of that kind around...anyway I put my pride aside and headed for it but it was locked up... i then headed on to work and by the time I got there the urge had gone and despite having a sit at work and a few grunts etc., could not even manage a fart! The next day (still had not gone) I went to see a customer and on the way walked past a "new invention " toilet. They are self flushing etc and when you go in you have ten minutes to do the nine minutes a whistle is blown and at 10 minutes the door opens automatically....the mind boggles...if you over stay your welcome will the door open to see you sitting there for all and sundry to view??? Sadly the toilet was occupied and I did not feel like waiting to use would have been rather obvious. Anyway I went to the customer and soon after arrival that welcome urge hit...the toilet on the floor are very quiet as the building is mostly should have been knocked down years ago. I went in and took a seat...the doors have no locks on them and the door hangs open...I did a reasonable poo but was prepare to close the door if I heard footsteps. I left that customer and then needed a wee and went into the public toilets which are lit by ultra violet light because it makes it difficult for the drug users to inject themselves...apparently they cannot see their viens with such lighting. Next toilet sessions was in a luxury guest house in the mountains with my partner..I had a few good poos over two days ( in a magnificent bathroom). Since then constipation set in and i took my laxative before going to the gym. After my session I felt the sudden urge...I went in to the toilet, closed the door and sat, undies around my ankles. Rather than pushing I relaxed and instead of a great gush I released the poo slowly and it went plip...plop..plop..etc and the once rock hard poo and softened and was coming out nicely...the water in the bowl was brown thick soup and had a bit of froth on it and it stunk!!! I felt so much better.

I had a friend who said he sneezed while peeing, and it hurts.

Hi I have been lurking here for a couple months and I feel comfortable enough to finally post for the first time. I'm 17 years old, 5'4" 125lbs, brown eyes and I have strawberry blonde hair to my waist. Oh btw I am a girl LOL although Ive never met any guys named Jessica. Ever since I was about 7 years old I have been having "accidents" on a regular basis. I dont have any sort of medical condition that causes it so I guess the term accident is misleading. The first time I did it was at the babysitters on a Saturday. I didnt like her because she would put me in the corner for almost any little thing. I had spilled my drink on the carpet this particular time and was put in the corner for 20 minutes. I had been holding my poop in since the day before and I got the urge after only a couple minutes in the corner. I asked my babysitter if I could use the bathroom and she told me no, thinking I was just making excuses to get out of my punishment. As soon as she said no I started pushing and in less than a minute or so my poop was starting to come out. I was wearing pink sweat pants and I reached back to feel my poo as it slowly came out. My babysitter noticed me doing this and realized I was pooping my pants. She screamed loudly scaring me badly and the poop came rushing out all at once. I had a huge bulge in my panties after only seconds. She made me stay in the corner like that until my time was up. Then she made me clean myself in the tub and spanked me with a hairbrush on my wet bum. Although the spanking sucked I realized that I liked the feeling of going in my pants. That very next week I peed and pooped my pants in school and I was sent to the nurses office to wash and get clean clothes. I have been pooping and peeing my pants almost every week since. I have many many stories to tell... more to come.

Bethany- It is not impossible. In fact I do it often. I will be pissing and sneeze and the sneeze will cause me to lose control, often pissing on the floor and/or wall

Hi everyone. I'm 13 years old, I have light brown hair and blue eyes. I'm 5'2, and weigh 101 pounds.

There has been a lot of talk here lately about going in your pants out of convenience. I was wondering if anyone here was ever told to go in their pants by a parent or other adult because taking you to the bathroom/finding a bathroom was inconvenient for them?

I remember once when I was six I was with my mom while she was running errands and we were in the middle of a very long line when I realized that I needed to poop. I told my mom, but she said that I would have to wait because she didn't want to lose our place in line. After a while I guess she got sick of hearing me complain because she whispered in my ear "If you need to go that bad just do it in your pants."
I hesitated for a minute because I didn't want to get in trouble later for messing up my clothes. My mom sensed my hesitation and said "It's okay."
I didn't want everyone to know what I was doing so I didn't squat down. I just spread my legs a little and started pushing as quietly as possible. It didn't take me very long to start pooping because it was on the edge of coming out on its own. Thankfully it was solid enough not to leak. I'm sure people noticed what I'd done but I don't remember anyone saying anything. When we got back to the car my mom spread beach towels across the backseat for me to sit on. While she was adjusting the towels I stood outside the car and peed my pants. When my mom saw the puddle between my legs she thanked me for waiting until I got outside and not making the puddle on the floor inside the building. I'm pretty sure that's the only time peeing my pants earned a thank you.

When I was ten I broke my leg, and one night while I still had a cast on my leg I woke up needing to pee. I called for my mom to take me to the bathroom, but she told me to just wet the bed and she would take care of it in the morning. I was only wearing a long t-shirt and underwear because my PJ pants wouldn't fit with the cast. No matter what I did I couldn't make myself pee the bed on purpose. Eventually I fell asleep while trying. When my mom came in to wake me the next morning my bed, my underwear, and my t-shirt were soaked.

Those are my stories about being told to go in my pants for my mom's convenience. I would love to hear any similar stories you have. I'll write more later.

Long time lurker here. I got a question for the ladies, as there seems to be quite a few large-dumping girls here. A friend of mine serioulsy clogged my toilet a few days ago, there was so much we could not even see the water. All long thick solid logs too. She said she had been constipated for eight(!) days. She spent over half an hour in the bathroom, making a lot of noise from both ends. She was very sorry about it, but I honestly told her that it did not matter if she was feeling better. There was so much I had to use a small flower pot showel to empty out the toilet into a garbage bag, and when I carried it away i almost got tired in my arm from the weight!

So I'm asking if any other female here has experienced anything like it, either by themselves or by someone else? Or if any guys here have been in a situation similar to mine that day.

I have a hard time believing such horse sized poos are normal, but she said she had done similar ones before, and so had others she knew.

I've loved the "romantic" poo stories that have come up on this forum. Thank you Veronika and others. Veronika I like your stories best. Since I was 12 and did a motion at school for the first time I have always been positive about that as something to be enjoyed.

So here's one from me which I had been thinking of posting for some time.

It happened when I was 13 and a loo was being installed in our second house, deep in the French countryside, at a time when people never really worried about pooing outside. My family had all been making a point of going in restaurants etc., but one lovely Wednesday evening I knew I would have to go in the copse not far from the house.

So I armed myself with TP and found a nice place where I thought I wouldn't be seen.

Actually I was seen as I squatted there, by a very pretty butterfly. It flitted from leaf to leaf, watching me all the while. And I became so engrossed in it that I almost forgot I was there to poo. My pants were down and my small bottom exposed all ready, but I just didn't poo, I went on watching the butterfly, and the sunset. (I was facing south.)

After about 10 minutes I came back to my senses and remembered! As I had expected, it was diarrhoea, within a short time there was a large cow pat below my bottom. I decided to move before producing a second cow pat of similar size (Mei you are not alone). The butterfly, which had gone, came back while I was in the middle of the second one. After that second one I peed. Then I let out some noisy wet farts, but the butterfly didn't care. So I shifted again to deliver the third cow pat which was even bigger than the 2 others, about the width of a dinner plate and about 3 cms high. The sun was setting by now and I knew I'd have to be quick. Fortunately I was almost empty by then, just a few little spurts and then I started wiping.

When I got back to the house I was relieved to see that no one had noticed my disappearance.

And that night there was a major thunderstorm that lasted six hours and my cow pats totally melted!

Our loo started functioning the following Saturday. My first visit to it was another large-size marathon of soft motions, but not as soft as the Wednesday's.....

Happy pooing all. It's such fun. I am singing in a concert tonight. I want to poo now. I'll take my musical score with me.

Bethany, it is possible to sneeze while peeing I have done it and blown a huge shit at the same time. Was peeing in the dunes on the beach once and thought it was just a pee and the freash sea air made me sneeze and lo and behold I blew out a spray of liquid shit I did not know was at the back door!!!

Done It
Bethany -

It's got to be nothing more than a joke. I've sneezed plenty of times while peeing. It's really inconvenient and stops my flow.

Kevin L
I was staying in a shared beach house with about 14 people, mostly 40.s and early 50's, six guys and eight girls. They rent the house out all summer. It is a real fun time! Anyway I was down with a house member last weekend and when we awoke Saturday morning after a big night of parting we were all sitting around talking about the previous night and the fun we had. There is a powder room off the kitchen and three other bathrooms in the house so there is plenty of privacy if you want it. One of the girls, Beth, who is divorced and attractive with a nice rear and in her early 50's got up and went to the powder room, I went to the kitchen and got a glass of water, knowing the bathroom was right there. AS soon as her butt hit the seat I could hear fairly loud farts and poop hitting the water. She must have really had to go because she wiped and was out in 1 minute. I was standing in the kitchen and she starting a small conversation as if nothing happened. She went back to the living room and I went in the power room and she had left the fan running and it still had a strong BM smell. I quickly sat down and added to the smell, knowing she would take any blame. The next two mornings just about the same thing, around 10:00 when she was finished her coffee she went into the power room and took a healthy stong smelling BM and I topped it off.

One time I shit my pants. We were on a school trip and were staying in a hotel room. There were about 5 or 6 guys and we were split into 3 rooms. Well we decided it would be funny to all shit in the same toilet, without flushing. So we get in line, i am 3rd or 4th. Well I have to go really bad, and by the time the guy in front of me is going I can't hold it and start running to another bathroom. Right before I get there, bam I start shitting myself. I made it into the bathroom, pull my pants down and the shit that's in them falls into the toilet, along with several other logs from my ass. I threw those pants away and that was that.

I'm surprised you have never encountered a moment when you were having a whiz and something caused you to need to sneeze. I remember it happening to me within the past few weeks and your post reminded me of it.

As I began my sneeze I instinctively squeezed my bladder shut (e.g., tightened my sphincters cutting off the flow). As I sneezed I realized that if I had continued to pee (if my body had allowed it), the spasm of the sneeze would have forced a tremendous surge in the pressure from my bladder through my urethra, potentially bursting the urethra.

This makes me wonder, since women have such a shorter urethra than we men do, perhaps you women can sneeze while passing urine without risking damage to your short urethra. Does any woman have an opinion about this?

Fanatical Flusher
I am always very nervous that I will leave a bits of dirt inside the toilet bowl even after I flush. I always flush twice.

Mr. Clogs
Bethany: You've asked a question about peeing and sneezing, it happens and common than you think. It's happened to me, often times I make a mess with my stream because I trying to hold my thingy so I won't make a mess but end up doing so, many times miss the toilet while I pee and end up peeing on the wall or the floor.

PIXIE: Thanks for commenting back, I agree with you regarding pooping, peeing can get kinda boring at times, but pooping yes you can find unique ways to do poop. Cool post about pooping into the vitamin water bottle. I didn't think pooping into a bottle was possible, but I guess it is now that you mention the vitamin water bottle. Like you, I like to try different ways to poop too. I use to poop into laundry detergent bottles, I guess you can pinch a loaf or more of poop into the vitamin water bottle, in cups as well. Wow you inspired me to give it a try, maybe I will sometime, I'll keep you posted. Hey another creative way to take a dump when the water pump is down! Happy pooping.

Kathy: Hello there, nice post, your posts remind me of Carmelita's posts. She used to post here some years ago, the post you just posted Karen reminds me of Carmelita's posts.

I'm wondering how's she's doing, I miss her posts, always interesting and fun to read.

Yeah, what happened to Cheryl too. I hope these wonderful women still lurk around this site or their friends do. I

Hello everyone, I have a great new story to share with you all. I spent yesterday partying with some buddies of mine (both male and female friends). At one point, we ended up at a friend's house and I don't even totally know how the topic came up, but we were discussing how women couldn't pee standing up.

I look back on this and I'm absolutely mortified, but I decided to prove him wrong. Unfortunately, I didn't need to pee, although that could be fixed. I drank so much water, I felt like I was going to burst! And so, with 6 people watching I proved once and for all that women can pee standing up.

I had to completely disrobe from the waist down, I'm sure giving everyone a nice view, but for some reason I didn't care. Spreading my legs wide, I had to use my fingers to angle my stream down to actually hit the toilet, but I did it.

I peed for a long long time, but I felt so much better afterward. The weird part about it was though, my pee didn't have the distinct yellow color it usually has, but it was clear, like water. Is that normal? I'm hoping it's just because I drank so much water.

To Bethany,

It is possible to sneeze while pissing but what Goerge Carlin was referring to was that at the climax of a sneeze you uncontrollably tense your body. Therefore, your pee stream may not completely stop but the pressure will be significantly reduced if only for a second or two.

Claire - Neat that you share an interest in 'toilet experimentation'. Have you tried any certain different ways? Have they worked out?

I happened to remember the way that Keith D described (knees against chest) earlier today and I tried it. Well, I tried to try it, at least. I'm not sure if I was doing it wrong, but I couldn't quite pull it off: I was in constant worry that I was going to fall off the toilet or something. I only managed to finish about half my load before I fell back into the normal position.

Pee Shy - I'm more or less in the same boat as you. I'm 20 and it's still impossible for me to pee in a public restroom that's inhabited by other people (unless, as I've found out, it's a really, really large restroom or I'm comfortable with the area/people surrounding me). Sometimes a stall works, sometimes it doesn''s odd how my body chooses to work. For the most part, I'm pretty much adept at holding it for long periods of time.
I can't say I've ever peed myself because of my shyness, but the closest I ever came was when I attended a concert at this crummy little club whose bathrooms I probably couldn't have done it in. My need to pee escalated so much that I seriously began to worry about going in my pants (not that I have much of a history with that, but still). I left a bit early and, between my car and a brick wall, I knelt down, out of sight, and peed in an empty parking lot, the only time I've ever done it outdoors, and for what seemed like minutes. It was actually kind of an exciting rush, as I've never done that sort of thing before...I'm not going to start running around peeing on other people's property all the time, but for a one-off thing, it was kind of exciting.

Just wanted to write about a bit of desperation yesterday....its not too serious but I couldn't believe it was happening to me! I had eaten a salad at 1pm and had no discomfort but I had a feeling I should go to the bathroom but didn't. I had a study group meeting and didn't want 2 be late. The meeting lasted over 2 hours and I had 5 mins to go to the toilet before class. Well, I went to a restroom a bit aways from class (nice private bathroom!) but it was locked! I knew that I had to crap but I didn't have time to walk2 the next nearest bathroom so I had 2 hold it for another 2 hours while giving a presentation and listening to other presentations....when I got out of class, I walked back to the private bathroom and it was still locked!! I had such a hard time walking! I walked 2 another bathroom and it was locked! I was sqeezing so hard and I could feel the pressure of the turd pushing against my anus and wanting to come out! I thought, "'I'm not gonna make it! " thankfully the 3rd bathroom was open and empty! I had to go so bad that I wanted 2 put my hand on my ass to hold it in but was too embarrassed...I got to the stall but had 2 take off my backpack and jacket-- dying to crap!! Just as I sat down....the crap just started easing out! Whew! Just made it!!!!

college surprise
in my 2nd year of college i was really into the whole partying, not going to class, drinking and meaningless hookups scene. i was at a party and was drinking heavily, and i ended up getting with this girl that was there. she was the stereotypical ditzy blond with a a great butt, big boobs. anyway she wound up spending the night with me, and while i don't remember it well, i certainly remember the morning. i woke up, splitting headache, and there was this god awful stench in the room. i got up and looked around and couldn't figure out for the life of me what it was. after a couple of minutes a looked at the girl sleeping in my bed, and the thought crossed my mind. i slowly slide the blanket down, and to my horror, it was true. the girl had taken an enormous, messy shit in her panties. she had light pink, bikini cut victoria's secret panties with white poka dots on them, and there was a bulge on her butt the size of a slightly smooshed grapefruit and they were stained dark brown. there was shit smeared on her upper legs too outside her panties and there was a huge stain on the bed, and it looked wet so she probably peed herself too. i didn't know if this girl had a habit of crapping her undies in bed or if she was just that wasted the night before. of course, she eventually woke up mortified. strangely she didn't even go into my bathroom and try to clean up, she just frantically pulled her pants up over the mess (!) and rushed out of there with that huge mess in her underwear! i didn't see her again for like 2 weeks at another party and we didn't talk to eachother.


To Bethany:

I have an odd answer to your sneezing while peeing question, the flow stopped for a split second and then resumed again. The sneeze also threw off my aim and I accidently peed a little on the floor. I'm a fairly considerate person so when I was done I cleaned the floor.

Jamie ^.^

to Eva: Eva, when I eat hard cooked chopped eggs , my doody stinks real bad the next day.

i had a most unpleasant experience the day after my 24th birthday this week. i went to atlantic city for my birthday with a group of friends. it was a great, great time. we barbecued on the beach, drank a lot, went to some casinos and just had fun. we stayed at a hotel and i had a room with my friend ali. it was a rough night. all the liquor and barbecue food was making me "go" a lot. both #1 and #2. finally i was able to get to sleep. i woke up the next morning feeling a little bit hungover, just a slight headache, a little dizzy for a few minutes. anyway i had to take a nasty dump. when i was finished, i figured that was the end of it. ali and i got dressed and met with the rest of our friends, checked out and had breakfast and hit the road. as we were driving, all hell broke loose for me. i was sitting in the back seat, and i suddenly got this intense bubbling, rumbling feeling in my bowels. it made a noise loud enough for my friend beth to hear but she just looked at me and didn't say anything. needless to say, within seconds of that feeling i had to poop worse than i've ever had to poop in my entire life. i frantically told tom (friend that was driving) to stop somewhere but it was no use. the urge was just too bad, and i started to have the runs in my pants. it felt like i was wetting myself, that's how runny the poop was. i had tight bikini underwear and tight jeans on too so it spread just about everywhere. i just kept having the runs in my pants for like 2 and a half minutes and the car was reeking! i kept apologizing and my friends had a mixture or laughter and horror. we pulled into a gas station, and i grabbed my overnight bag and rushed out of the car toward their bathroom. it was the weirdest feeling. my jeans and undies had this like suctiony sensation to my ass, and i could hear it squishing and sloshing as i walked. i cleaned up the best i possilby could in the gas station bathroom and changed my undies and jeans. when i got back to the car my friends were comforting at first but also gave me a bit of a hard time. my friend beth told me that when i was walking to the bathroom, my entire ass was soaking wet looking with a brown stain in the middle, and that it looked like i sat in a puddle of mudd. it was pretty humiliating. happy 24th birthday to me!

I went to the Mandarin for dinner with my family earlier and we each got at least 2 plates of food, plus dessert. I ate two full platefuls of dinner and got a small bowl of ice cream and some watermelon. The cab ride home was uncomfortable for all of us since we had stomach aches.

I had a cup of tea with my mom and then went home to my apartment and my husband took a shower. After a while I started getting cramps in my stomach, then a fullness in my stomach and I really started getting intense urges to take a huge crap. My husband was taking a long time in the bathroom and I thought about shitting myself but I decided to hold it in until he got out but it was uncomfortable.

Finally the door opened and I went in, pulled my skirt up and my undies down and sat on the toilet and pushed. It kind of hurt but it slid out fast and stretched my butthole. It really hurt.

I wiped and saw that a fat 12" turd lay in the bowl and I felt a lot better and a lot less uncomfortable. My hole hurt though.


No, I don't really find that reading and/or smoking helps the process along. Rather, I just read to kill time, since I typically spend a while on the toilet when I take a dump. As for smoking, I'm on the same mindset as you - I know it's bad for me, and I'm trying to cut back. However, sometimes I do smoke on the toilet.

Linda from Australia here again. I've been really busy lately so I haven't had time to post on here. I've been constipated this week and I've had lots of trouble with poos. I'm not sure why I got backed up because I've been eating lots of fruit and ????. I could only manage to squeeze out small amounts of poo all week, even though I could feel a big load inside me. I tried going every morning but I could only get a small turd out. Then at night, the same thing happened. Yesterday I didn't poop at all. I was in dire need of a poo all week and I wished I could drop a big load. Then this morning, I pushed out a small turd before work. I could feel a HUGE load building up inside me all day and I could hardly wait to get home. On my way home, I kept saying to myself "I need to do a big poo". As soon as I got home, I ran to the toilet. I pulled down my pants and sat down. Almost straight away, lots of small turds came out and I was finished within 5 minutes. I felt SO much better after that!! I had been so desparate for a poo all week and I'm so glad I dropped a big load today.

To Thunder from Downunder: Have you been constipated again lately? I love reading your stories about when you have to grunt and groan to get your turds out. Especially when you need to use a public toilet. Have you ever been on a public toilet, trying to push out a constipated load and somebody asks if you are ok??

To Keith D: Have you got any other stories about doing a poo in the outdoors??

The Solar Flame
Great posts everybody. I thought I'd share with you some instances I can remember of my aunt going to the bathroom. In case you're wondering I'm a guy in my 20's now. The first instance came when I was about 4 or 5. We were at the local grocery store when she had to go to the bathroom and being so young, she took me into the ladies room with her. No one else was inside or would come in. I remember it took a while so she may have pooped. Then one day a few years later (I was about 10 or 11 here), we were at my aunts house. I remember she was talking with some other family and announced she had to go to the bathroom. I casually snuck away and tried to get as close as I could to the bathroom door which was of course closed. Since other family were around, I couldn't get too close or listen without anyone noticing. After about 10 minutes she emerged, and I quickly rushed in. She definitely pooped for sure this time, as there was a fresh scent of poo and skid marks at the bottom of the bowl.
Then, in the the final instance (I was about 14 here), I was at the mall with my aunt. I think she was buying me clothes for school or something. As we were strolling through, she says she needs to find a bathroom. I think I said "Can't you hold it?" and I remember her mumbling under her breath in a quiet voice "I gotta shit!" So, we went to the Arby's nearby and she went into the ladies room while I was stood outside and had to hold her purse which was awkward. After what seemed like a really long time, she came out I said something like "geez, that took a while" and with a laugh she said something like "Yeah, it was a big one". Sorry if this got too long but hope you like my post.

To Anonymous: To answer your question, Does anyone else's need to pee intensify if they are also holding in a poo? Mine certainly does and in fact it works both ways. Most times my feeling of needing to poo starts very mildly and many times, probably the majority of times, I soon also feel the need to pee. I also love to hold my poo in, and I learned a long time ago that if my poo urge isn't too strong I can relax enough to pee without risking my poo coming out. I always find that after I have peed, my poo urge goes away completely for quite a while. The interesting thing is that when I'm holding in a poo and I need to pee, I don't pee my usual amount, it's always far less. Also, when my poo does eventually come out, I always seem to pee, even if I had no great urge to pee before.

I loved reading about your accident. I have had the opposite happen to me on quite a few occasions. I have been holding my poo in for quite a long while and at the same time ignoring my need to pee. This usually happens in the mall when I use the public restrooms. I relax to pee and a huge turtle head starts forcing its way out of my anus. Its very difficult to stop both peeing and pooping while standing there but I have done it on many occasions. I've had many looks from other guys as I have abandoned the urinal and hobbled as fast as I could into one of the stalls, making it pretty obvious to onlookers that I've probably started filling my underpants. And yes I have left some very severe stains in my underpants.

bubba turd
Right now Ive been holding in my poop for four days. The feelings associated with it are great. I'm so gassy, every time I pee I let out a long, low rumbling fart that lasts as long as the piss stream, at least a minute. When I walk there are involuntary farts coming out with every step and I can feel my big poop log pressing aganst my anus. Its so hard to keep it in and The megafarts smell really bad! I was at my friends house last nite and he thought my nonstop farting was hilarious. He tried to outfart me but it didnt work, Ive got so much poop and gas in me. I'm going to hold it in as long as I can wihtout having an accident, hopefully a week or more. Then I plan on popping a suppository up my ass and letting it do the work of moving my huge hard turd out. Hopefully i'll be able to leave my giant load somewhere interesting. Maybe in a urinal or on top of another big toilet clogger in a public restroom, that would be funny as hell. Even right now it's trying to come out but I'm just sitting down on my foot to help hold my poop in.

Bethany: George Carlin also once commented that it is impossible to sneeze while farting. I also can't help wondering if anyone has ever tried it.

Keith D
LOL - after Pixie's story about pooping something the size of a coke can now I've done it!

I hadn't gone for the last 3 days or so and I figured something big and hard was on its way. It was right before dinner and I'd just walked up the front steps and come back inside. Suddenly I felt a hard mass push against the inside of my ring. I walked slowly down the hall and stopped at the end and bent forward slightly as the mass really began to push. i figured I'd better go to the toilet right away or I'd lost the urge.

It took me a few minutes to get through the door. I had to stop every few steps and cramp a bit. As I stood before the toilet the log gave a really hard shove and really hurt my ring. It was going to be really big and hard. I pondered for a minute what to do. The log was pushing so hard I was afraid to sit down on the toilet. It felt like if I bent all the way down to sit, the poop would be compacted back up inside my intestines. It's hard to explain but I felt like it wouldn't come out and it would definitely hurt.

I really felt like I couldn't bend down so I decided to try it standing. I dropped my pants and briefs and kicked them off. I lifted the toilet seat (It hurt just bending down to grab the seat) then turned around and backed up to the toilet. I bent forward slightly at the waist, rested my hands above my kneecaps and gave a little push. the poop began to move instantly and easily. No gas, no straining, it instantly started to open my ring. But before I knew it my ring was opening very, very wide. I started to panic as my anus stretched further than I've ever felt it go before. But unexpectedly, it wasn't hurting. It stretched and stretched and just felt rubbery. The log paused for a moment and I could just stand there with my my butt feeling like an elastic spring wrapping all the way around it. I could actually feel the log between my buttcheeks it was so wide. Then it dropped with a loud thud and immediate splash.

I looked around a few seconds later and the splash was still making waves in the bowl. The poop sat in the bottom of the bowl. It was the weirdest shape. Almost a perfect cylinder! An even length, over 2 inches wide and completely flat on each end. I've never done anything like it before. I think it was something to do with dropping it while standing up. I have wondered before how a log gets its shape. Are logs that long, knobbly shape from the shape of the inside of your intestines? Or does it get its long, tapering shape as it squeezes through your exit hole? It's kind of an aero-dynamic streamlined shape. Does it get deformed into a rounded point as it pushes out through the hole and its long tapering tail as it squeezes out? Perhaps my coke can poop didn't get squeezed and deformed as it came out because I was standing up and that allowed my ring to be soft and supple and it didn't squeeze or deform the poop much.

To Sita: I usually prefer to poop in a squatting position. I wish toilets here were the eastern type. Do you have a preference between the two? It's just so much more comfortable, easier and cleaner to go from a squat. But I usually only get to do it when I need to go outdoors in a wilderness area. As a child I really struggled to learn to poop on a normal western style sitting toilet. My butthole just wouldn't open and I couldn't force anything out. I was constipated a lot. As I got older and spent some time in the countryside I found that pooping was much easier when I went outdoors and finally realised that it was much easier squatting. I became regular through squat pooping then had to retrain myself to poop on a sitting toilet. And LOL I do remember when pooping in a squat that if the turd was long that I had to shuffle and inch my way forward to lay the log out on the ground and prevent it from dropping sideways onto my shoes!

I also have problems with very weak urges to poop. This leads me to hold my poop in for a long time sometimes. And If I'm not getting the urge when I go to sit on the toilet, the poop won't budge by itself and I have no chance of going. So I need to time my poops correctly and hate to hold them in. And when I'm constipated I too am embarrassed about people finding out or hearing me.

To Veronika: Yeah, I never know what to believe. Maybe there should be an urban legends segment on this site.

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