petite pooper's been a few months since I posted here...I have thyroid problems and recently I have been having a strange reaction to wheats and whole grains, ryes, and oats...It makes me extremely gassy and bloated...and I get the runs or really watery poops. I told my doctor and she suggested I might have celiac diease and cannot digest these foods well. I stopped eating them and completely readjusted my diet...the problem was then I started getting very constipated for days on end..once for almost 10 days. Complete torture! :( I'm eating activia yogurt. It works! I ate one 4oz cup of the peach kind and immediately needed to poop...I highly recommend it.

This morning I ate some oat bran toast with my breakfast and less than ten minutes later I was running to the toilet..I almost didn't make it because I was headed out the door and had to run up two flights of stairs back to my apartment...I bet people who saw me were wondering why I was

Hiya, guys. I just came back from a soft dump... because of Taco Bell. At Taco Bell, I ordered that lunch box thing with a bean-and-cheese burrito, a taco, and a chicken club chalupa thing with a large Pepsi. I polished it ALL off. About 45 minutes later, I could feel things begin to churn in my bowels, meaning that I was gonna have to shit soon. I was making farts that were silent, and smelled very poopy... and I had a feeling that there would be some gooey shit coming out of me soon. I also began to get the feeling to pee... not the feeling of I'm-going-to-pee-in-my-pants-right-now-if-you-don't-pull-over-this-car type of pee, but the mellow feeling of having to pee that is almost pleasant in a way. I didn't go at the first signs of having to go pee and poo, because my favorite show was on TV, and I didn't want to miss a single minute. Heh. So, right at the end, I began having the I'm-going-to-pee-in-my-pants-right now feeling, and gooey shit would either be in my pants or on the floor if I didn't go to the potty RIGHT THAT MINUTE. With one hand on my crotch, and another hand on my ass, I unbuckled my jeans, pulled down my panties (or string...), releasing loud gas all the while (showing that I really needed to go) and plunked my butt on the cold toilet seat. Within seconds, pee flowed out of me, a long stream for almost 2 minutes, as a relaxing feeling went over me. It was time for my shit to come, and I farted a hissing fart as the first turd came out without me having to push. It was thick, long and gooey, and it splashed into the toilet. I farted loudly, and a second turd--without pushing, came out. It was gooier than the other one, and it made my stomach incredibly crampy and gassy. I doubled over, as a booming fart rocketed out into the bowl, a gooey turd came out with a sizzling feeling on my hole. I farted again, only a bigger turd came out and it BURNED my asshole sooooo badly, which let loose a stream of liquid poo which also burned my asshole. I was finally done with my taco bell shit (and pepsi piss)--and here's what I made--some dark yellow pee, the smell was pretty nasty, three long gooey poops, ranging from dark brown to light brown-ish, and some liquid poop. The smell was like I had eaten 25 cans of Alpo (which is dog food). Gross. Before I wiped and flushed, I let out a booming fart, then my asshole closed for good. I wiped up, flushed the TP, the taco bell poop and the pepsi pee, pulled up my string and my jeans and left the bathroom.

I'm not sure whether I'm gonna eat at Taco Bell again, cuz it makes me go poo and fart like I've eaten dog food with tabasco sauce, but the food there is wicked good (to me anyway). I'm probably going to have to end up eating there anyway tomorrow... Whatever. If I eat at any fast-food place, I will tell you about the shit/piss that will come out afterward soon.

Happy Pooping! :-)


Harmony <333
I believe I posted something a three or four days ago, but I have another story.
Its seems alot of people like to poop outside nowadays. The other day I looked outside my window and saw a few people squating just near the bowling alley >.<.

This is my real story. I was in the Toilet at Nordstorm around half a week ago. I was sitting on the toilet and having a quite "large" poop, since I had been constipated for around three days and thats quite alot for me. I was sitting quietly and just waiting for it to come out. A tan lady (legs) comes into the next stall and starts talking. I thought she was talking on her phone until she said "Hey, you next stall, are you taking a pee, or a poop?" To be nice I said "poop". She started grunting and asking me questions. One of her questions were quite strange. She asked "Is your poop usually soft or hard?" This one I didn't answer.
I quickly finished, flushed, and left the stall. I had a feeling she had fetish for poop. After a half an hour of browsing thru the store I came back into the stall because I didn't finish my poop. I walked into the bathroom and saw the lady was still on the toilet, and was still sitting on the toilet with no luck. She was still grunting, when I stepped into a DIFFERENT stall and started to poop the rest out onto the toilet. It took me around 10 minutes to finish. I looked in the toilet, wiped and decided to leave my poop for admiration of a another poop fetish person. (^.^)

Harmony <3333333333333333333333333

This is a weird site but cool. When I was a kid we used to go into the woods and watch each other pee and poop. Anyone else do that? One time, one of the other girls had eaten something bad and she barely got her pants down before she just about exploded. We were all gawping as she let loose like a mud geyser. She had a real hard time getting cleaned up too back there in the woods. All we had were dinky little paper tissues and she had sprayed herself pretty good. Nowadays, I still think about that and wonder what it'd be like to do the same thing as a grown up. Not sure if it's gross or kinda appealing ... later ...


yo PIXIE im wantin to hear more from you :)

Anny - I can imagine how embarrassed your 11 year old sister was when she peed her pants at the park. I have a story to relate. In 5th grade, my friend Ruth and I were running around on the playground at recess, when she suddenly stopped and quietly said to me "I just peed my pants." Ruth was wearing dark blue pants, so her accident was not that obvious, but if you looked really close, you could tell that she had peed her pants. She was so embarrassed, she did not want to tell anyone, and I promised I would not either. So she sat in her peed pants in class for the rest of the day. No one else noticed, or at least I don't think anyone did.

Catherine - Wow, totally embarrassing pooping in your pants at the mall! Don't're not alone, as you likely found out here.

Lately, I've noticed that it doesn't take me very long to poop. It usually takes me about one-two minutes and that's it.
Is that normal? Does anyone else poop in less than two minutes?

btw, I've been reading all the posts here for a while now. I really enjoy reading this and knowing that it interests other people too.

I just got done taking a refreshing dump. A while ago I was having really bad gas and cramping and I knew I'd be needing a dump shortly. I let off some tiny farts, but it did nothing for the pressure. I went into the bathroom and took off my jeans and thong, sitting on the toilet.

I was able to pee a tiny bit, but my stomach was still hurting. I tried pushing, but got nothing. I figured that eventually something would come, so I just went and got some reading material and a cigarette. Sweet relief came at last as I pushed out a long skinny turd. I spread my legs and looked and saw a pale brown skinny turd curled up against the toilet rim, just floating there.

After that, I waited for a bit and was able to push out a few more tiny turds. They also floated on the surface of the water and were skinny, but these were darker. Then I let out some long farts and a few sloppy little turds just jetted out of me.

It was very smelly and took a ton of paper to get clean, but it was soo relieving to finally have the pressure off. I just thought I had to share it with someone and this site seemed like the best place. After all, I've been reading for a long time, but never gathered the courage to post.

To Pixie

great post; please tell us about more of your poops

To Catherine,

It happens to the best of us. I was driving home from a short trip and pulled into a service station to refuel my truck. I thought I could fuel the truck then use the restroom before getting back on the road. As the tank filled so did the pressure. I strained to prevent filling my pants as I waited in line to pay for the fuel. I exited the station and rounded the corner of the building to join the line to the restroom. It was a short line, only three people ahead of me. That was to many. I dropped an extreemly soft huge load in my pants while waiting in line for the restroom. I had no other clothes to put on so I had no choice but to sit in that mushy poo almost two hours as I completed the drive home.

You know what's really annoying? When you're in the middle of pooping and you get interrupted. That's what happened to me this morning.

The morning was normal in every regard - I woke up and headed straight for the bathroom. I began with a pee, it must have been a minute or more. As I was just about to begin pooping, the doorbell rang.

I decided to quickly wipe my front area and answer the door. When I got to the door, I found out it's just the UPS guy with a package. I didn't want to tell him I needed to go the bathroom, so I hurriedly signed the form and he left.

Finally I got to go back to pooping. I sat back down on the toilet and let out a thin but long poop. I only had to wipe three times and then I flushed it away.

Oh, while I'm on the topic of things that annoy me, why can't men just put the stupid toilet seat down when they're done? I understand they need the seat up when they pee and all, but is it so hard to put it back down when you're finished?

Hey Matt, I too would like to know if there are any other ways to poop. I'd love to try them.

I've been reading storys in here for years. Seems funny that the doorless stall storys are always from the same stores, JC Penney's , Sears, K-Mart , and Home Depot. Never in Macy's or Target or Lowes. Strange. We hadd a bake sale and craft show to support our high school. I ate a lot as I walked around with my wife, my daughter and my son. My son and me went off in our own direction because the gals stop at every booth, while Jake and me were just there for the food. After eating over a pound of butter cookies and frankfurters with kraut, eventually we needed to find the closest "Mens/Boys restroom. We pushed the door in and raced for the toilets. We laughed when we saw 3 toilets side-by-side with no partitions. All were in use, so we had to stand there and wait our turn, while the 3 guys were crapping. What made us nervous, was the fact that there was only ONE roll of fresh toilet tissue for the whole room, and being Italian (hairy) we knew we needed a good amount of tissue to clean our asscracks in this heat. We finally got our turn to sit, and we laughed at how warm the seats were. I guess butter cookies affects a lot of guys the same way. We sat down and both exploded "WHOOOOOOOOSH" at the same time. We really stunk the room badly. The outer door flies open and in walks on of my sons teachers, who he hasn't seen since he graduated high school 5 years ago.We say a quick hello, and Mr. ________ sits down right next to my son and "WHOOOSHHHHH" 'Butter cookies?" my son asked him? "Uh huh" was his responce. "Damn how much butter do they put in these things"? I asked. We all laughed and started tossing the roll of fresh toilet tissues around for 'the clean-up" We were 3 'deep wipers" and it took a while for us to get nice and clean. We yanked our undershorts and cargo shorts up, flushed our messes,and washed up. Three new guys came in needing to shit, but there was only ONE SHEET of toilet tissue left on the core. It was embarrasing to leave with them knowing we used all the paper, but "Mr. _______ said he would go into the janitor closet and get them some paper. Good guy.

Lurker Pretty Girl
Back when I was 7, I had a long time friend since pre-k. He had always been really close to me as a best friend. We were playing in the wooden playground fort his dad had built for him in his backyard. He told me he had to poop, and went behind a bush in the wetland area next to his dock, while I waited on the other side of the bush. Hearing all of his farts and plops made me really have to go, so as he was finishing up, wiping himself with a tissue from his pocket, I came around next to him and squatted down next to his medium-sized pile of turds and relaxed myself, preparing for what felt like a lot of poop. I pushed a bit, and farted so loud that he looked at me, as if in surprise that I had farted do loud. I relaxed a little more, and some soft logs began to plop out. A few gassy minutes later, my pile was about the size of his. I wiped off with one of his tissues (He had seasonal allergies, and carried around tissues for his runny nose) and stood up. Suddenly I felt as though my insides were churning, and I quickly dropped my pants and squatted to release burning diarrhea. The diarrhea kind of burned, but at the same time, the relief felt good. It slowed down, but I still felt a big urge, so I huunched over and pushed. With each push, farts sputtered out along with some watery poop. It finally ended with a really long fart-squirt. I wiped off, and we kept it a secret.

Ever since that day, I have been noticably more flatulent. I think I may have mild IBS. Anyone with experience on this site care to elaborate???

My sophomore year of high school ended yesterday. OUr more than 2,400 student body had to go a week longer because of some snow storms we had this past winter and two days while our boiler was down. Even the seniors had to go longer and there was a lot of them who were really pissed off. Me and my best friend Melissa walk about a mile to school each morning. Our families live in the same apartment complex and because we have younger brothers and sisters plus our parents all sharing one bathroom, Melissa and I generally wait until we get to school to use the bathroom. Most every day while she's peeing, I'm having my stool. We arrive on campus at about 7:15 a.m. and have 45 minutes before homeroom starts at 8 a.m. We get a lot more bathroom time this way and there's less pressure than if we were at home. My 11-year-old brother is very obnoxious and even times me when he's waiting and timing me while I'm in the shower! Well we arrived on campus at 7:10 a.m. and I was ready to drop my load, if you know what I mean. I know I probably shouldn't be doing it each day, but when we go by Starbucks I stop in for a cup to go and once I've dranken about half of it, my poop is ready to pop. There were more students than usual in the parking lot so Melissa and I walked around it hoping to save some time because our need to use the restroom was becoming more and more immediate. I let off about four farts in quick succession and my rectum knew that relief was just around the corner--in about 3 minutes I would be seated with my thong down, dress up over my thighs on the seat and I would have relief. Unlike Melissa, my relief usually comes fast. In less than 30 seconds I'm cleaned out and wiping, although I often will sit longer because she's in the next stall and usually it takes 3 to 4 minutes before I hear the tinkle start with her pee. And there have been times when the flow goes for 3 or 4 minutes straight, only to be punctured with the explosion of gas and then a crap that might take 5 minutes or more. Also, although she's on honor roll and scored higher on her PSAT than me, Melissa will often forget to check for toilet paper ahead of time, so when she craps, there might not be enough for her to use or there's none whatsoever, and then I have to hand her some under the stall. Once we got into the building, I drank some more of my coffee so I wouldn't be splashing it as I told Melissa that we needed to walk faster because my ass was ready to explode. Having the white dress on didn't seem like such a good idea as I momentarily envisioned a brown montage forming in the back. The closest bathroom which we use each day has about 20 stalls all in a row on one side and about an equal number of sinks on the other side. Often we have to put the seat down, meaning we are the first to use it that day. For some reason, it makes me feel better that I'm not sitting on a seat that 200 or more skanks have already peed and shit on. Sometimes, Mellisa corrects me and if the seat is already down, she says somelike like I'm Number 199. Thanks! Then I might wipe the seat off with a piece of toilet paper before sitting down. She thinks that's dumb and that it accomplishes nothing, but I don't know. Anyway, yesterday I just needed to throw myself onto the seat and drop the big one. No questions asked!!! I was pretty much running when I stepped up into the room and I remained running until I allowed my eyes to select a stall and with my right arm extended, I crashed into the door. Literally, the side of my face even hit the green stall paint. I quickly looked in...the seat was up, no occupant but I couldn't get in. I spilled what was left of my coffee, threw the cup onto the floor, and put my left arm and shoulder into the door. It was latched. I swore just as Melissa was trying to wiggle or jiggle her 3rd or 4th door open. Then in frustration and futility she worked to the right, while I worked to the left. After about 30 seconds, I just said #### ### ####! and I realized that some prankster--probably a senior--had latched all the doors from the inside. My thong was already holding the entrance of my soft crap and the next second a warm expansion was already entering my red thong as I quickly threw myself onto my back and I used the bottom of the door to quickly pull me over the tiles and into the stall. I remember my left arm hurting from scraping a drain cover and I did run my head up against the toilet bowl which I could see from atop my eyes, had no seat lowered onto it. As I got myself up, I used one hand to reach back and drop the black seat and the other hand was ripping at my thong, although not fast enough to prevent a 6-inch piece to congregate and mass itself in the tight quarters. I called out to Melissa and she had already done the slide-under exercise, but with her jeans and underwear down, she still had a couple of minutes to spare before the usual slow flow began. Must be nice, right? Well, I must have sat for 20 minutes and used up a half roll of toilet paper cleaning my thong and my butt. Pubic hairs that typically don't need wiping after a shit needed attention, as unfortunately, so did the seat because just sitting caused me to smear the seat. If I had worn my jeans, it would have made it easier because I would have just disposed of the thong in the trash. But I lacked alternatives. After about 10 minutes I decided to let Melissa in to see the mess. About that time, other girls started to arrive, but many just swore and turned and left for another bathroom. Although I tried to shake some dust off of my dress, Melissa showed me in the mirror that there were crap stains back there as well as a tan coffee stain on the front. I also had to wash my hands about 3 or 4 times because not only did I smear some crap on them, but there was a distinct smell on my fingers and my right wiping hand. Melissa volunteered to wait in the parking lot for my mom who I thought would leave the office, go home and bring me up other clothes. I called her on my cell, she was stuck in heavy traffic and said I was learning a valuable lesson about the importance of crapping at home. Then Melissa called her mom and she brought me up a clean thong, jeans and a sweater. Even though I had to pee well before noon dismissal, I held it. Melissa and I peed in a coin operated laundry on the way home. It looked pretty inviting when we walked home to look through the storefront and see a bathroom, with a door wide open for the next user.

bubba turd, have u ever had an accident, it seems like u were close there

keep up the good stories

Does anyone else's need to pee intensify if they are also holding in a poo?

Yesterday after work I was talking on my cell phone on the porch and I ran into this dilemma. I had a slight urge to pee before getting on the phone, but while on the porch I also began to need a bm. However, this really intensified my need for a pee! I have excellent bowel and bladder control, and have never had an accident so I figured I could put off going until I was off the phone. But after about 10 minutes the urges intensified, particularly my need to pee. I began to involuntarily push my but into the air and then… OOPS… a spurt of pee came out in my white undies! I immediately got off the phone and rushed into the house to take care of business. I finished doing my pee and HUGE poop in the toilet, and ended up having to change my panties. It felt like I had just let out a tiny dribble in them but the entire crotch and into the but was stained yellow from my little accident.

Mr. Clogs
PIXIE: Cool post, interesting way of taking a dump, what do you do if you had to pee? Do you put a container on the floor and place that same mirror and watch yourself go. Me if I want to see myself, I bend all the way down until I can't no more so I can see me pooping.

Catherine: I feel your pain, you shouldn't feel bad, I've see a lot of posts about people pooping in their pants whether it be an accident, on purpose or for the thrill of it (fetishes). At least you find a place to share that somewhat embarrassing experience.

Matt: I find squatting exciting because I don't squat all the time I usually sit on the toilet. I find when I do squat, I find that my dumps are complete and refreshing.

Anny: I've had those types of dreams before but not in a long time, I find myself in these dreams going to the bathroom in unfamiliar places, going into some kind of container or some weird setting. Not unusual, happy dreams.

about 3 weeks ago, my girlfriend who is in her 20s and had never had an accident before to my knowledge, had one while in our bedroom out of either laziness or carelessness. it was really strange. she was pretty embarassed about it and felt weird, but she said with a mess in her underwear for a little while before she even cleaned up. what happened was we were watching the season finale of the show lost, which we both love. we don't have the luxury of tivo or anything like that so we can't pause it or rewind it or anything. it was a 2 hour long finale, and it was about 40 minutes in and she was clearly very desperate. she was sitting on the end of the bed kind of bouncing a little in rocking back and forth while watching the show. during a commercial she got up and looked toward the bathroom and then said "jeez i don't want to miss anything but i have to poop soooo bad." i said "well just go it's a commercial" and hse said it would take a while and she wouldn't be back in time. i said "well ok then" and she said "i think i can hold it." and sat back down. for the next 15 minutes she did more bouncing and rocking on the bed, when i heard her gasp a little and stand up from the bed and hunch over. she ripped a loud fart, then i could hear a crackling sound and a few muffled farts, and she said "i'm so sorry i just couldn't hold it." her face was bright red and she looked nervous. she had this big, big bulge on her ass in the seat of her jean shorts, and to my surprise she slowly sat back on the bed and continued watching the show. i could hear more muffled farts and irregular breathing and grunting from her as she continue to fill her pants more as she watched the show. she sprayed perfume in the air and again apologized. during the next commercial she waddled to the bathroom. the bulge on her butt was flattened and there was a stain on her shorts. she came back from the bathroom and laid a towel across the bed and sat on that for the rest of the show and sprayed more perfume in the air, and said "i'm really really sorry about this i just could NOT hold it in anymore and i cannot miss this show." in a way i understood because i didn't want to miss the show either, but i was really surprised that a grown woman would be so into a tv show that she would poop her pants instead of go to the toilet. anyway, she said in her messy underwear for the next 40 or so minutes of the show before waddling off to the bathroom to clean up and change her underwear. after a while she came out ready for bed just in a big t shirt and her panties, and she had her soiled shorts and underwear in a ball and she carried them to the wash. when she came back in the room we talked about how good the show was for a while, and finally she brought up her accident again. she just kept apologizing and sounded sincerely embarassed about it. she said she really thought she could hold it in for the whole show but the urge got too intense and it just started to come out in her pants and she couldn't stop it. i asked her if that had ever happened to her before, where she messed her pants because she was too into what she was doing. she denied it but seemed weird about it, and i kept asking, and finally she confessed to an incident when she was 15 where she went to a spice girls concert with a group of friends and pooped her panties real bad during the show and had to ride home in a car full of her friends stinking to high heaven.

C guy
I'm new to the board, and this is the first time I've posted. I am a guy in my mid twenties, and I had an interesting topic I was wondering about. I'm especially interested in stories from women.(of all ages) I am interested in hearing stories about using public bathrooms at state parks and campgrounds. Specifically, are you kind of shameful to poop right beside a bunch of other women, or are you shameless and go right in and do your thing at the times the bathroom is the most crowded.(like right after supper time at night) I ask because I used to be a little shy about it when I was a teenager. Of course since I'm grown, I'm not nearly as shy about it. You come to realize that everyone has to do it.(you gotta do what you gotta do) I'm interested in hearing the women's opinions and more importantly some of their stories and personal experiences of them and others. I think this will be a very interesting topic that will add to the discussion on the board. I thing it will be both informative and entertaining to hear experiences from women of all ages. Look forward to hearing from you guys. Thanks!

Any of you feel like sharing with us pertaining to any of the following about the last time you pooped yourself?

1) Were you wearing slacks,shorts,jeans,skirt or a dress?
skirt that came to just above my knees.

2) Were you wearing pantihose,pantie-girdle or panties?

3) How long was your clothes "messed" until you could clean up?
about 2 hours.

4) Was your load messy or firm?
mostly firm with some sticky gooey soft-serve near the end.

5)Did it stay contained in your underwear?

6) Did anybody know you had messed your clothes?
it wasn't too obvious visibly, because i was wearing a skirt and most of the poop just piled up in the crotch of my panties and didn't make too much of a bulge in the back, but to anyone who got close enough, im sure the smell must have been unmistakable.

btw i take really massive hard shits, that always seem to stretch my little asshole very wide, about once or twice a week. i find it comes out much faster and much less painful if i poop while i am walking. so i prefer slowly filling my panties while walking around someplace to pooping on the toilet whenever possible.

Hi !

As some of you may recall, I have cerebral palsy and I post here from time to time, although I look at this web site every few days and enjoy reading many of the stories. I had two related bathroom experiences within that last month that I thought I'd share.

Although I haven't written much (if anything) about this topic in the past, I've always be prone to paruresis (or "bashful bladder"), which is broadly an inability to urinate in public bathrooms. I've dealt with this since childhood (I'm in my late fifties) and I suspect that it's somewhat related to my cerebral palsy (CP). Because of my CP I have a difficult time (at times) relaxing various muscles, and when it comes to "going to the bathroom," sometimes I can't relax enough to empty my bladder. However, I don't think it's completely a CP thing, as it also is triggered by the situations in which I find myself.

Nevertheless, over the years, I have worked very hard to overcome this. I've developed techniques (such as trying to take my mind off the matter at hand, urinating), and strategies (like using a stall and sitting on the toilet with my pants down to pee) to work around this, and I've been pretty successful and much better than when I was younger. I understand that I'm not the only person who struggles with this.

So for a long time now, I've been doing much better with this. But, in less than two weeks, I found myself in two different situations where I could not urinate in a public bathroom. Before I
describe the two situations I should point out that I'm taking a diuretic for elevated blood pressure and increasingly, I'm using a wheelchair for mobility in certain venues.

Three weeks ago I was at a major league baseball game (I have a Sunday ticket package, so I'm there almost every other Sunday), and about the fourth inning I needed "to go." I wheeled myself to the men's room and when I got there, there were men and young boys lined-up four or more deep at the urinals. I'm able to stand-up and use the urinal, but I was very intimidated by the lines as I don't like people waiting behind me. So, I wheeled myself to the far end of the men's room to use one of the commodes. I couldn't close the door behind my wheelchair, and get any kind of privacy. Nevertheless, I stood-up, and got ready to pee and I couldn't go. The toilet must have recently been used for someone else's BM, and there was residue of the bowel movement up on the outer rim of the toilet (as well as in the toilet). Stuff like this doesn't bother me (I attended a school exclusively for the disabled, knew kids who were incontinent, and over the years developed lots of empathy for people's bathroom issues), but dirtiness of the toilet just didn't help at the moment (it was just another distraction that I could have done without), and I ended-up leaving the bathroom without using the toilet. I was annoyed at myself for not trying harder, and of course now I was worried about possibly having an accident. Fortunately, I took my mind off it, and was able to hold it for a few more hours until I got home. I probably should have gone back and made another attempt. In the past I have been able to use this particular bathroom, but on this occasion I couldn't.

Then, a little over a week ago I had a similar misadventure. My wife, sister, and I flew out of town for my nephew's graduation. Again I was using my wheelchair (which is a greater necessity at airports), and before departing, I needed the bathroom. It was a large bathroom, lots of urinals, and it was relatively empty (just two pilots). I went to a urinal, stood up, did my thing, and I was fine. I drank a Coke on the plane, the flight was just over an hour, and upon arriving at our destination I once again needed the bathroom. I'm usually not like this and I was surprised that I seemed to need to go as badly as I did in just a few hours. We were down in the baggage claim area, where by now we had been met by my brother. While my sister and brother were working out a strategy for getting our stuff to the car (my wife has cerebral palsy, as well), I said that I was going to go to the men's room. Well, upon entering the men's room, it was full of men, it was very narrow (not very wheelchair friendly, but not inaccessible, either) and I decided to use a stall. Just like a few weeks ago, it wasn't a wheelchair stall, I couldn't close the door behind me. But, I had to go so badly that I was sure I wouldn't have a problem. Once again, I stood up, got ready to empty, and nada. I couldn't relax enough to make it happen. So, I left the bathroom, although I was very uncomfortable with my full bladder. Fortunately, it was only a half hour to my brother's home, and of course I made a "bee line" to the bathroom.

For me, what's interesting is that I really haven't been cured of this problem, in spite of all the successes I've had as an adult. At an earlier time in my life (as a young adult and younger), I avoided public bathrooms altogether and waited until I got to a bathroom where I knew I would be comfortable. But, over time I've worked hard at this, learned to relax, etc, and have been more at ease going to the bathroom in public (restaurants, airports, bus stations, etc). So, I was quite surprised that in a little less than two weeks, I had two episodes where I couldn't "go."

I know this has been a long posting, and I hope those of you who took the time to read it found it interesting.

Hi! I'm new here. My name is Julia, i'm 17 years old and from München, Germany, so my english is not so good, sorry...

At sunday last week i woke up feeling like i had to go (I hadn't gone since wednesday), but when I was at the toilet, I was not able to get it out. So I went back to bed.

From Monday to Thursday nothing happend, but on Friday at Gym it feels like I was about to explode. I went to the bathroom (normally, I didnt go at school, its very embarrasing) and take the last stall. I quickly set down and began to push very hard. But nothing happend. So I contine pushing for more then 10 minutes my butt hole hurting me a lot. My butt was stretched open as wide as it could go but the stool was bigger than that so it was really stuck. My butt hurt so much that I started crying.
Then I squatted over the seat and pushed really hard. The hard turd kept slowly and painfully coming out. I wiped and flused the monster down.


Hi, I have really been a lurker here for quite sometime. I enjoy reading the posts that a lot of the ladies post here about there pooping experiences. I know this may not sound right but being in a public rest room and hearing a female on the toilet as she shits is such a turn on to me. Have others had that same turn on. I tend to be private at home as I don't let my husband watch me. And, I in turn have no interest in watching him. But when I know I am going out shopping at one of the good malls in the area I make sure that I will empty my bowels at the mall. And at the same time be able to hear a few ladies as well do the same.

And this is where I first post about myself and another person as well. I was out shopping at one of the ritzier malls in the Nashville area, as thats where I am from. I enjoy coming to this mall, as its a very nice place to shop. Anybody familiar with the area probably knows which one I am talking about. Well it was about 2:30PM and the need for me to sit on the toilet for a bowel movement was there. Nothing major, like loose runny poo, or diarrhea. Just a nice healthy unload.

Getting into the rest room, I went into the third stall. Most of them were empty. I think there were like 9 or 10 stalls total. Sinks and a full length of the wall mirror were across. I was now in the stall with it secured my packages placed on the floor and as I was lowering my jeans another woman hurriedly entered the stall next to me. With my jeans now lowered I was sitting on the toilet. Taking a few minutes to get relaxed, I was then going to push out a nice lovely load.

But what happened next to me was a different story. This lady no sooner sat down on the toilet and she was just letting out a torrent of wet, runny, mushy, shit. And it was mixed in with a lot of gas at the same time. It was loud and noisy and a shit that I know was being heard through out the whole bathroom. This is no joke when I say it had to be coming out of her ass for 15 seconds nonstop. I leaned forward to see what I could see of her. I could see that she had on a pair of really nice expensive shoes with low heels, open toe, lacy straps. Her jeans I could also see were very form fitted. You could tell they would be tight on her probably to show her shapely legs and butt. As I was leaned forward, she lowered them right to the tops of her shoes, along with her gold thong. I could also see some nice rings and bracelets on her fingers and wrists. I no sooner sat back again when she let out a stream of wet mushy farts and within a few seconds a splattering of soft wet mushy shit again. Her smell was very strong as it was coming up and underneath into my stall now.

I at the time was pushing out a soft firm load with hardly any trouble. A typical shit for me. I can go a lot since I am a health freak with my fibers, brans, fruits, ????, you name it. I can let out some gas at certain times as well. I was smelling pretty good and just totally enjoying the feel of my poop coming out of me. Just as I dropped a good one into the bowl the lady next to me again let out a long loud stream of wet mushy farts. And soon after another torrent of totally liquid diarrhea this time. Her bottom had to be quite dirty, the bowl must have been totally sprayed with shit. No sooner had that stopped and again she was spraying a load of liquid. I continued to sit as I knew a few small pieces were going to be coming out of me. But I was also in hearing this woman out to the end and also wiping her self. I didn't know how soon that would be as she now started to strain. The stench was very strong. I was amazed she never once flushed. Straining a few more times she started unloading a good round of wet gas again. She obviously knew she wasn't done. All of a sudden she burst open with the combination of gas and shit together. Another long, long load. Maybe about 10 seconds non-stop.

I now leaned over to wipe my rear end and to check the toilet paper to see how dirty I was. She was now very quiet. Possibly finished. Yes, she was as I could hear her pulling toilet paper off the roll. Myself I was somewhat dirty. Three wipes. Her she was probably on her fifth or sixth wipe and it seemed like there was no end in sight. I was now standing and doing up my jeans. I just had to see how this woman looked when she walks out of the stall. So after flushing my dump away, I grabbed my packages and walked out to the sink to wash my hands. She was still sitting I think on her final wipes.

Hearing her move, I could tell she got up off the seat and was putting herself back together. I continued to check my make up and fix my hair a little bit. Finally the toilet flushed not once, not twice, but three times. The door finally opened and looking in the mirror as she walked out I realized it was a former American Idol winner and now singing star with the initials of C. U. You fill in the name. I said nothing to her as she washed her hands. But it was something that I know I will never forget. Hearing a star like her pooping a load like she did.

I walked out behind her to get a good look at her bottom in those tight jeans and thinking of how she had just emptied herself. And imagining how messy that rear end was. I guess it just goes to show that we are all human. And everybody no matter who you are has to shit at sometime or another. And sometimes just like the lady in the next stall. C. U. you did yourself good.

I am a 35 y/o male. No way to 'sugar-coat" this. I shit a lot ! I can drop a 6 or 8 inch turd literally every 4 hours. I do eat a lot of pasta and vegetables and drink protien shakes though. Anyway, yesterday , my wife and my mom went to a bridal shower, leaving myself and my dad 'bachelors" We decided to hit the beach, since it was a great day. We stayed locally but it was a nice beach and lot of food concessions. After lunch, I decided I hadda take a dump. My dad said he could try to go as long as I was heading over to the bathroom he would walk with me. We get to the bathroom building and there are no entry doors on either the men or the womans. We hit the mens room, and find 6 stalls, none with stall doors, but very very clean and well stocked, so , no problem, we drop our trunks and sit down with the other guys who are already shitting. We start shitting and can hear through the wall into the ladies restroom, we heard the toilet stall doors slamming, so at least the girls get some privacy. no problem, good for them, they deserve it. We are all shitting at this point, when I hear "Tell them "coming in" It was a cleaning woman with a young mexican male I suppose she was training. They both walked in, and she told him to mop the floor and ask the guys to 'lift their feet" so he could mop around us. She stayed close to the doorway and did not walk up to the stalls, but she could still hear all our farts grunts and plops. She directed him to check each stall for any rool of toilet tissue that was running low, and he walked into each stall while we were sitting to check. They continued to discuss procedures, and my dad and I were freaking out that she would just walk over and see us shitting. But she never did. We wiped up, and hit the beach again ....I shit a few hours later, my dad only pissed. We had a fun day together, hope to spend another day with my dad soon.

To PIXIE: I love to watch myself poop. I do exactly what you do with the mirror and paper towels. I like to see my asshole bulge as my turd tries to open my hole. Then I love to watch my hole open and its like my ring gets pushed to the outside of my anus and it hangs down a bit and stretches wide as my turd head comes out.

The other thing I have is a portable camp toilet. Its like a fold up toilet seat with legs. This is fantastic because I can put a mirror or camera underneath it and its like I'm sitting on a normal toilet with the mirror or camera in the water looking straight up. Of course there is no water, they are just sitting on the floor right under the toilet. It's also great because I can sit and relax and take as long as I like without any tiredness. If I have a nice hard turd trying to come out I let its nose come out so I can feel it and see it then I push it back in. So I make it prairie dog as many times as I like. Its pure pleasure for a whole hour sometimes.

If I'm using the public restrooms like at the mall I stand over the toilet with my feet apart and bend over at the waist and watch my turd as it comes down. Of course I can't see my anus and my balls hide a little bit of the length of my turd. But I still get a great view of it hanging and getting longer and longer as it comes out. Sometimes I do this at home too, just for variety.

I know a very cute guy who has a weak stomach. If he drinks too much coffee he gets diarrhea or has to throw up. But he is very cool in this things. It's normal that he goes to the toilet between the lessons and that his meal sometimes comes out.

Here is something interesting that happened to me yesterday. My friend and I were out and he had to take a dump and I had to pee a little bit, so we went into a nearby building. We passed several bathrooms that he failed to notice, but finally he found one. We went in and there was a woman with a little boy in the vestibule and she said that her daughter had to go and was in there because they could not find an alternative. As we entered, the daughter ran out without washing her hands. My friend entered the stall and I went to the urinal. He continued to talk about the bathroom and what not describing the grafitti on the stalls. I could hear the occaisional pfffff. He also began to pee. I listened intently while trying to be nonchalant. I washed my hands and walked around. I still did not really hear the sound of feces hitting the water. He then said, "If this is awkward for you, you can wait outside because it's awkward for me." I lied, "Yeah it is. I think I will." He took a long time in there from then on. Maybe another 7 or 8 minutes for a total of about 15 minutes. He later said that it felt really good and he really stunk up the bathroom. He said that he had been building that one up for 4 days. I guess I got what I should have expected pushing the boundaries of normal behavior. I am not really sure if he realized that I was lying about considering the situation awkward. I thought it was kind of interesting as I guess I have a fascination of sorts with fecal matters (no pun intended).

I was with a girl for a long time, and I became very comfortable pooping in front of her. It always made me aroused, but I don't think she felt the same, she probably just thought I liked her company in the bathroom or something... She would sit on the edge of the bathtub and we would just talk while I pooped. One time she walked over and kissed me, and it was great. I never could get her to poop in front of me, she was really private about it. I never told her how much it would turn me on, but i wonder if she suspected anything because I was always hard when I pooped in front of her. The other wierd thing was that I was embarrased to pee standing up in front of her; I know its strange, but thats how I felt. Its hard to tell others what turns you on when it is so bizarre. Has anybody had a similar experience?

To Claire: I never try squatting on English toilet like you I think I fall off. But you are right about pulling pants and panties to knees because it let you open feet more and also stop pee or poo going on clothes. I always do that when I use Indian toilet. Yes Indian toilet also make bum and bum hole open wide so poo come out easier and bum get less messy.

Also I discover if I sit on English toilet I can open bum with my hands before I sit. Then when I sit down the seat hold my bum wide open.

To Pooperazzi: When I had big hard poo come out and all diarrhea after, I dont know if hard poo was usual size. It hurt my bum hole so bad and I couldn't see it in the toilet after all the other wet poo came out.

To Myka Mika: Yes when in India I always wash bum and bum hole with my hand after poo and it doesn't matter if it hard poo or all wet poo. And it very important that I clean bum hole inside to make it very clean. In England we have hand basin next to toilet so I do the same. I have wipes with me always if I go out and have to use public toilet. Then I make bum dry with tissue.

To Keith D: I like your story about squatting to poo. You are right about everything specially making bum hole open and let poo come out easier. You also describe what lots of my poos are like. We must be very similar. When I use Indian toilet the tip of my poo often touch toilet bottom while it still inside my bum. My mum teach me and my sister to start with feet close to the back of the toilet. So if poo very long and hits toilet bottom while still inside bum I move forward a bit so poo can lie down while it comes out of my bum.

To Wondering (Asking?): I always like answering questions. So I hope you like answers.

1) Were you wearing slacks,shorts,jeans,skirt or a dress?
I was wearing skirt

2) Were you wearing pantihose,pantie-girdle or panties?
Panties. I didn't have pantyhose or anything

3) How long was your clothes "messed" until you could clean up?
Nearly an hour until mum took me home

4) Was your load messy or firm?
Very firm and a lot of it

5)Did it stay contained in your underwear?
Yes. Mum made me ride in the back of the car kneeling and looking at back seat so I wouldn't sit on my poo. I was scared it would come out of my panties when I walk to the car. But it didn't. It felt very huge and very heavy.

6) Did anybody know you had messed your clothes?
Yes my mum and my sis

Keith D
To Bethany: Don't hold it in. Either no 1 or no 2. It's not worth it. I'm sure your parents would understand repeat trips to the toilet. Often the relief of one bodily function will soon bring on the urge to have another. There must be a lot of pressure down there!

To Matt and Claire: Yeah, pooping in a squatting position does seem to make it easier. For me, anyway. And it seems to make cleanup easier too. I often squat when I get constipated and it allows me to build a lot more pressure and push harder to force out the really tough logs. But squatting over a "normal" western style toilet stool is pretty difficult. Balancing is hard, getting up there with your pants around your ankles is really tricky, and I find that it makes me squat with my knees too close together and my pelvic area too constricted and that makes pooping harder. My solution is a "semi-squatting" position. I start by sitting down with my butt cheeks on the seat. Then I lift my feet off the floor and up onto the front of the seat, with my knees up to my chest. In this position, my butt is still sitting on the seat, and so are my feet. The advantage is that my butt takes all my weight so there's no balancing or getting tired and my feet and legs are free to be positioned in a more comfortable way. Like this my butthole can open really wide for the biggest most stubborn of poops. Must look odd though. But usually I can poop in a normal position, often sitting fairly upright. Graham's leaning-back position sounded like fun but I think if I tried it I'd leave too many streaks on the front of the porcelain bowl!

To Pixie: Really the width of a Coke can? That really would be something worth seeing. I understand why you had to have a few "action replays".

To Constipated Girl: I understand why it takes you a couple of days to go after you first start to get the urge. It was the same for me. After a few days of nothing, I would get sharp urges to poop but when I sat and tried the urge to poop would disappear, as though it would see the toilet coming and run and hide back up inside my intestines. I would have to wait a couple of days until the urge became really persistent and constant before I could get to a toilet on time to get it to move out on its own. Your diet sounds fine. Sometimes it doesn't seem to matter what you eat. It affects different people in different ways. Although I have to admit that I also drink a lot of milk and find that sometimes excess consumption makes it harder to poop. I don't understand why. I'm not lactose intolerant or anything. But it seems to make me a little more gassy and my logs much drier and difficult to pass.

To DBStarman: Wow are you serious?! He dropped a gun on the floor while you were right there next to him? I almost pooped myself just reading your story. Glad you can see the funny side of it now.

To Veronika: Political re-education for your kids pooping in a public place? That sounds harsh. Ah well, at least in Australia people are a bit more relaxed about using the toilet when outdoors and you can just go behind a tree without attracting too much criticism. It does remind me of something a friend told me about once though. It doesn't sound like it could possibly be true but he wasn't the sort of person to make this stuff up. He was from one of the western soviet states (I won't give too much away unless he catches me on here) and he remembered as a child fearing the "underwear police". There was a government task force that went around the schools to check that the children were actually wearing clean underwear. Apparently it was some sort of public health crisis in the area. Every pair of briefs had the name of a day sewn into them ("Monday", "Tuesday", Wednesday", etc). On the given day you had to wear the appropriate underwear. There was serious trouble if you were caught still wearing yesterday's underwear! Apparently the officers used to walk around and randomly select kids and pull down the back of their trousers to expose the stitching. Does anyone think this could possibly be true?

Veronika, I'm sure your partner was right and you would have looked extra sexy sitting unabashedly pooping in a black evening gown. I can't even imagine a poop that classy! Yes, I do sometimes miss my ex-gf. But not because I miss our shared toileting. There were plenty of other, far more important reasons why I loved her. But I admit that I do remember thinking long after we'd broken up that I'd probably never again meet a girl I could share those sorts of experiences with again. But I don't like saying too much about her on here.

I have also had an interest in pooping and other general toilet habits for about as long as I can remember. And I had a reasonably normal upbringing. But having posted on here for a while I guess that I've been able to assemble in my mind the reasons why I am so attracted to this topic. The strange thing for me is that there is no single reason. There are several and they all seem to have built up on top of each other. It's kind of interesting, a little sad, perhaps a bit disturbed, in some ways understandable but definitely would take a long time to describe so I'll need to leave it for another post.

Oh, and I think I posted an error on here before. My story about the first time I remember seeing someone else poop was on p1608, not 1600.

And what has happened to Tia? I miss her writing. She always gave some great descriptions.

Yesterday, my school had a 4-hour long "graduation ceremony" (the reason I put that in quotes is because I'm in middle school). So we're all about to graduate from 8th grade and go on to the "Big House" (high school), when I feel the need to crap. There are still about 2 hours left in the ceremony, but they're not letting anyone leave the auditorium. Not only that, but I hadn't gone for a little over a week and I was sitting right next to my crush. So we're sitting there, and after around 5 speeches and (thankfully) after I had already gotten my "diploma", the turtle pokes its head out. It was probably 3.5 inches in diameter or so, really hard, and bumpy. So it comes out maybe an inch, hits my pants, and stops. I lifted my butt up to give it more room, and around 8 more inches came out. I sat back down on it, and it was still up my butt, too, but there was no more room to let it out and it felt pretty good. It smelled a ton, and my English teacher (who was sitting next to me, just to make it a little more awkward) wrinkled his nose as if he smelled something, assumed (hopefully) that someone had just farted, and relaxed again. I sat for another half hour or so with my own wonderful shit sticking out of my ass, when I notice my crush is squirming a little bit, too. Around 10 minutes later, she stopped being so jumpy. I looked over, and saw that she was wetting her pants right in front of me. Then, surprise of surprises, she lifted her butt up and I saw a bulge the size of a grapefruit start to form. She looked over at me and grinned, and I grinned back. I was still embarrassed, but I hope something more comes from that. She left school pretty quickly after the ceremony ended, and it being the last day of school I don't think anything really will happen regarding toilet stuff, :( but it was a very interesting experience to say the least.

I work as a janitor at our city library. Our restrooms are usually nusy all day. Lately, for reasons unknown, a lot of toilets have been going unflushed. We discussed the situation with management, and the simplest solution was to put up 3x5 signs that say "ALWAYS FLUSH". In the womans restroom I glued them inside each of the 4 stall doors. The mens restroom doesn't have doors on their stalls so I glued 2 signs on the opposite wall from the 3 stalls. They seem to be doing the trick, as I'm finding far fewer unflushed toilets. Why do folks need sighs telling them to do a basic courtesy for the next user? While I can;t speak for the women, I have seen many key male employees shit and walk away without flushing their shit.... This is their home for 8 hours every day, you would think they would try to keep it 'odor-free" Gee, I always flushed my shit even before I mounted the signs. Common courtesy.

Multi-drop Pete
Bethany, (p.1676) you are afraid going to the toilet twice would look weird to your parents. I doubt it. All of us are important in various ways; I (multi-drop delivery man) am important to those who want parcels on time; you, I'm sure, have your own ways of being important in the great scheme of things. However, do you really think you are so important that your family would bother to count the times you go to the toilet? I am certainly not that important; neither are my children; although they are very important to me, I don't really notice when they use the toilet. There could be many reasons for using the toilet twice; pee then poo, poo then pee (not me, when I poo I always pee at the same time), poo then poo again (you think you've finished then a bit more poo gets moving), return to flush away a floater that didn't go down the first time and so on. I bet if you used the toilet every 5 minutes your parents wouldn't take any notice until the fifth or sixth time. Try it! When they ask if you've got the runs just tell them you were curious to see how closely they are aware of you.

Now, something completely different: I was delivering a parcel to a house set back from the road, accessed by a zigzag overgrown path concealing one's view from both road and house. There was nobody home; I went around the back, but nobody was in the garden either, so I filled in a "we called while you are out" card, posted it though the front door letter box and started to return to the road. I saw a man on the path, and for a moment thought the customer had returned, but as I rounded the bend and got a better view I realised something was wrong; firstly he was facing away from me as if about to return to the road and secondly he was dressed like a tramp. That made me think he was probably a tramp (I'm clever like that). He appeared to be fastening his trousers. Then I saw and smelt, simultaneously, the trail of liquid poo extending some 2 or 3 yards up the path from where he was standing; it must have been an impressive squirt. Impressively quick, as well; I hadn't spent long hanging around the house. I said "excuse me" as I sidled past him on the narrow path, carefully avoiding treading in it, "are you Mr. - " (reading the name off the parcel) (not that I thought that was likely, but it didn't hurt to ask). He just blankly said "no", so I hurried to the van to continue my round. I hope when the customer got back home he didn't blame me!

Hey, I am doing the master cleanse and I have some stories to tell all of you.
For those who don't know the master cleanse is a dextox.sort of thing.
it is meant to remove toxins from the body. Some people lose weight but this isn't my objective from it. I am into running and biking and that sort of stuff, and a friend of mine did it three months ago and said she felt much better.
In the master cleanse you are to drink 32 ounces of salt water in the morning, water when ever, a drink that consists of lemonade, maple syrup and cayenne pepper, and a laxative tea every night.

My friend didn't mention ANY of the side effects... such as RAGING URGES TO POOP!
I started off in the morning drinking the salt water yesterday.. that did not go down easy, then I wanted to run so I figured I would walk my kids to school, go for a run and come home. I walked them to school and started my run when I started to feel very uneasy. My stomach started making alot of noise and then all of a sudden I had to poop. I was in a running path and there was NO WAY I was getting to my house. I walked up the street to a grocery store and couldn't find a public rest room. I went up and asked one of the employees and he said that there wasn't a washroom. I said is there one for like you guys and he said that there was. I then asked him if I could please use it and thankfully the young man let me into the back down a fight of stairs and into a bathroom WITH NO DOOR!
He began to walk away and I said HEY BUDDY THERES NO DOOR. he said.. I know. I then asked him to wait turned away from the washroom and make sure nobody came. He did it and I FINALLY got to poop. It was loud.. basically all diarrhea which was followed by loud farts.
I finished ran home and made my lemonade this tasted like GARBAGE!

I think I pooped 8 or 9 times at home. I picked my kids up and while I was at the school .. I had to poop. I needed to be in privacy.. so I walked into the main office and asked the secretary where the staff washroom was. She told me I am not allowed to use it. I told her that it was URGENT and to just let me know where it is and after a bit more convincing she let me in. I was in there for 10-15 minutes pooping. I did not have one solid log come out. I left and picked up my children who thought I had forgotten about them.

At night I took the laxative tea and woke up this morning rolled out of bed and ran for the washroom. I got a lady down the street to bring my kids to school and have had a very messy day.

until next time (which will probably be tomorrow)

Keith D

Found something a bit different today. I went out for a walk after work to stretch my legs and went down a section of the local highway. On my way I passed some road workers fixing where some pipes went under the road. There were guys there working and they had a big flatbed truck with a trailer on behind. Other than that I didn't take much notice.

By the time I had turned around and was heading home it was starting to get dark. The road workers had finished up and left but they had left quite a lot of mess. There were the usual piles of dirt and stuff but they had left a ton of garbage. I'd walked along the stretch of highway the day before and it was pretty clear but around the worksite there was heaps of trash. Paper bags and wrapping from their lunches, banana skins, a stack of beer cans (presumably they had a drink AFTER work and one of them was sober to drive home) and dozens cigarette butts plus a couple of empty packs. It was a pretty bad mess for government maintenance workers to leave. I noticed some bits of paper blowing around and they appeared to be the pages out of a car owners manual with all the technical diagrams. On closer inspection it was the manual out of a new Toyota truck, like the model the workers had. I figured they must have emptied the contents out of their glove compartment. But while I was distracted by that I almost stepped right in a huge pile of poop. There was a big mid brown semi soft log at least 14 inches long and a big pile of mush all around it. Right on the roadside where people walk. Now I'm not against people pooping outdoors, I done it enough times before myself. But not right in the middle of the walkway and not by the roadside where innocent bypassers could see. I presume the guy went behind the wheel of the truck.

It was then that I noticed that the pages torn out of the owners manual had brown streaks on them. Good thing I hadn't picked them up for a close look! Wow, nice use of government assets. I guess the guy really had to go. Must have been all the beer and cigarettes!

It seemed that the pile of poop had been squished a bit. Sure enough, they'd driven away and dragged their trailer through it. There was a brown tire mark in little splotches all the way up the road…

To Kevin at K-Mart - I'm not sure that a stool softener can work for a dump in progress. I think it's too late by then if your bundle of joy is already in position and ready to be born. I believe it only works further up the old digestive tract when those loafs of crap are in the process of being conceived.

Be Safe,


Sunday, June 22, 2008

weird situation.
i just pooped. in the toilet, a regular one, just a little bit of straining but nothing irregular. i flushed and went back to nerding it up on the computer. and now i have to pee and i'd feel weird going back into the bathroom after just spending ten minutes in there. not that i'd feel weird actually more lik it'd look weird to my parents. its like, imagine, you hear your daughter go into the bathroom. ten minutes later, the toilet flushes, she washes her hands and comes out. then she goes right back in. like, what, was she not done? i have to pee. :(

bubba turd
To Graham: You said that you find a "really good long hard shit one of life's pleasures" and I must say I totally agree! I also like to hold it in as long as I dare to make my logs as big and hard as possible. The bloating and massive, unstoppable farting that comes with a huge poop load bulging against my asshole feel really pleasurable. Finally after all the anticipation I can't hold it in any more and I let the turd log stretch my hole wiiide, having it stuck in my butt feels great! After that the relief is amazing and I let my sphincter recover for a few days while the next load starts to build.

Alright. I haven't told anyone about this that I know because it would be too embarassing. I was at a local mall when I felt the urge to take a huge poop. As I was walking out, out of nowhere my bowels gave way and I completely crapped my panties right in the middle of a public mall. I reached back to feel the bulge in my shorts and it was the size of a baseball. I wrapped my new sweater around my waste to hide the bulge and ran out of the mall. I drove all the way home to clean up. Let me tell you, sitting on poop in your panties is not very fun if you ask me. Luckily my parents were home so I could clean up in peace. And I don't think anyone noticed at the mall, and I just had to tell someone, I found this while looking for stories to relate to.

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