ok, is it just me, or are there other people who actually enjoy watching themselves poop?

I never use the toilet when I'm having a BM..... i think its.... boring.

ok, so bout a half hour ago, I had the urge to poop.

I ripped 2 paper towels off the roll, and layed it down in the bathroom. I put a large mirror in front of it, and then placed the TP roll down. I squatted over the paper. i lifted the bottom of my butt towards the mirror, so I had a clear view of my anus.

i placed my hands behind me, so that I stayed balanced while my butt was lifted. then, I started pushing. My anus started to open, as the tip of a dark brown turd slowly emerged. my anus started stretching wider and wider the more my poop came out.

I found the soft crackling sound very amusing as my rock hard turd came abut 3 inches out of my anus.

I grabbed a small wad of TP, and slowly started to push my turd back into my ass.

Then, once my poop was back in my anus, I started to poop it back out again (it doesn't make the crackling sound the 2nd time)

I repeated this a few times, and then I let it completely leave my body the fourth time.

the entire size of my poop was the width of a coke can, and was about 4-5 inches long. it was very dry, and hard, and the whole thing was bumpy. i didn't even need to wipe.

Took a nice big healthy shit about 2 hours ago. Felt like I lost 20 pounds and felt like a new man afterwards.

Good times.

Keith D: I'm glad I'm not the only one! : )

Lisa: woah! thats insane! did you work as a flight attendant?

Pooperazzi: to be honest, some they are kinda enjoyable. yes, my turds are very wide in the middle, and bumpy.

Stevie: well its not constant pressure of having to do a BM for two days, its on and off pressure. When I feel the urge to go, I go to the toilet and try to let it out, but I have to strain a lot, and it can really hurt. So instead of wasting all my energy on straining, I wait until it decides to emerge on its own. I try to eat fruit and/or ???? a day, I drink a lot of milk, i eat foods with grains (i choose rye over white bread), and I always take out the yolks of an egg when I use it.

Harmony: LOL! that story is HILARIOUS! kudos to you!

Ok, so about an hour ago, I felt that my turd was ready to break free. So I went to my bathroom, and i sat down on the toilet. I pushed a little, and then my poop started to come out. After about 30 seconds of slowly emerging, it came to a complete stop, and I had to strain hard, at the middle of my turd, as the width grew to 1.5 times its original size. it finally started to speed up, and then it dropped into the bowl with a "splash".

luckily, the nose of the turd landed in the hole of the toilet, so it would flush down easily.

: )

I'm 24 and dating a wonderful lady I met at work, Jade. She's 23 and has a 5-year-old son from a short-lived marriage. We involve her son on many of our dates because his father doesn't take any interest in him and she is very close to him. Josiah is well behaved for his age, but since we're out away from home and at places such as amusement parks and beaches frequently, I've noticed that he absolutely insists going into the public toilets with his mother. He's going to be starting all-day kindergarten in less than three months and I feel he needs to be encouraged to be more independent. Well, this past weekend at the beach, Jade dozed off and since she had worked a double-shift the previous day, I stopped Josiah when he had his hands between his legs and was about to wake his mom up. We walked the equivalent of about four blocks to a bathhouse where there was a row of six doorless toilets and one very long urinal that could probably accommodate 50 or 60 guys, depending on how close they were standing together. Probably because of his experiences with his mother, Josiah ran ahead, actually almost slipped and feel with his bare feet on the wet floor, and went into a stall. Before I could catch up, he had his swimming trunks dangling at his feet and he was on the stool and using his right hand to hold his penis down into the bowl. Being accustomed to the ladies rooms, he had never used a doorless stall before and seemed uncomfortable just sitting there with no door to close. And it didn't help that a boy, twice Josiah's age, crapped in the next stall and then discovered there was no toilet paper. The boy then gets off the stool, stumbles over to Josiah's stall with his pants down and dirty butt, and asks to use the toilet paper. I was just finishing up at the urinal so I quickly ran over, grabbed a good amount of toilet paper off the roll and gave it to the boy because Josiah seemed really intimiated by the intrusion. Then it clicked! Josiah needed to learn to use the urinal. He was a little reluctant at first because of his small size, but I showed him how to lower the front of his trunks enough to get his penis out, how to hold it steady for a good aim (this was his biggest challenge...I guess he thought some mysterious force would set it up for an exact aim!) and he had to partially stand on his toes because I didn't want his penis to continually rest over the front of the dirty urinal bowl. Once he got his flow going and aimed correctly, he loved it. He had me take him back twice that afternoon because he was so thrilled about is newly learned skill. When Jade finally awoke, his first words to her were "Matthew learned me to pee like a man!"

To Claire/David/etc.: Interesting. I never really thought about the physics behind stretching your legs wider. I've only tried squatting on a "western toilet", only once...I've never done it outdoors or have been in any countries that featured squat toilets. Hopefully one day I'll have the chance and be able to make a just comparison.

Are there any other techniques, or has anybody ever tried taking a dump or peeing in a different way? I remember when I was younger, for experimentation, I pooped standing up, right above the toilet...not a great way, obviously: loud splash and left streaks in the bowl (plus, I stupidly didn't spread my butt cheeks, which resulted in about five minutes of constant wiping afterwards). Another interesting yet simplistic way is to sit backwards on the toilet; it actually feels kind of weird, going against the contour of the toilet seat.

bubba turd
Traveling always makes me super constipated for some reason and the vacation i just got back from was no exception. Me and two of my buddies went to Vegas for a week and man was it fun. We ate cheap buffett food at the casinos, lots of cheese, meat, and carbs. These dudes are pretty big guys so we spent a lot of time at the all you can eat places, hours and hours every day. By the third or fourth day I was totally stopped up, even though I was eating all the time and could feel a big poop load brewing, I had no urge to take a dump. I was really gassy and letting off these stinky silent farts all the time. When we got back to our hotel room at night I could really let em rip which my buddies thought was hilarious. Let me tell you they both woke up to the site of my ass a couple times because i couldnt resist playin some pranks. When the trip was all over, almost on cue, I started feeling the urge to take a big shit while we were drivin home. I stunk up the car with huge lays as the urge got stronger and stronger until it was almost unbearable. I dropped them off and hunkered down for the final few miles to my house where i knew relief awaited. I felt the turd head pushing against my asshole and since i knew it was going to be a hard, dry one, i let my o-ring relax and felt the bumpy log inch out until it was touching cloth. It felt really good to let it out a little bit but when it came time to get out the car I knew i had a problem. So i reached back and held the turtle head in place to keep from having a week's worth of poop overflowing my briefs! I waddled into the bathroom and carefully took off my clothes and underwear. I got into the birthing position in my bathtub and let the huge log stretch my asshole wider and wider. I could feel every bump on it and it looked really compacted, dark brown and dry. I actualy had to move backward in the tub to keep pushing this monster out in one piece. Probably two feet log and really thick, my asshole was hurting at this point. Then I squatted over the log and let out some loud farts and some light brown sludge. Then a thick, soft rope of poop started to come out. It curled around and around, making a huge mountain on top of my monster log. Every time I thought i was done I would get up and the movement would set off a ton of slimey farts and then some more thick soft stuff to add to my piles. WHen it was all over I felt really satisfied because this is one of the biggest dumps i've ever taken, and I can really make some toilet cloggers. My asshole was all pushed out and sensitive afterward and i kept making skidmards because every time i farted more brown liquid would come out and seep into my underware. Thankfully that stopped after a while.

Hello. I'm fourteen and I've been reading this site for a while. It's nice to know I'm not alone on this stuff, although I still hide it from my friends and family. Anyways. I finally had something to contribute. Recently I went on a trip to New York and DC with my school. I had to wake up early and go to the airport at four am. Not alot of fun. After getting through security and all that jazz, there was still an hour or so left until my flight. Being as it was early, I decided to grab a full throttle to wake me up a bit. I hadn't ever seen the huge 'BFC' cans before, so I picked it up and drank it. I've never had a huge issue peeing on airplanes before. I forgot to factor in my shyness around crushes, however. He also happened to be on this trip and was in the path of the bathroom on all flights. But I figured it wouldn;t be much of a problem. Our first flight wasn't very long, only around two hours, and I was fine at the end. So we stopped before our second flight, again for an hour or so and ate breakfast. I didn't think to go to the bathroom until I didn't have enough time. But the need wasn't too strong, so i figured I'd be alright. Our second flight was about three and a half hours or so. I was a bit worried, but I held on. By the end I was nearly bouncing however. I thought I'd have an opportunity to go at the airport. As it turns out, you had to have a buddy with you at all times. No matter what. None of my friends had to go and all were waiting for luggauge. One said as soon as she got her luggauge she'd go with me. I nodded and said alright. As we headed over towards the bathrooms however, roughly an hourly later because the stupid luggauge thing was messed up, I felt like I was going to burst. We started to head over to the bathroom, but the teacher stopped us and said we had to get on the bus. It was a male teacher, and I was way too shy to admit my desperation. We got on the bus and I was miserable for the first half hour or so, before the need began to go away. We didn't stop again until making it to mount vernon, at around 4:30 pm, over twelve hours sense I'd last been able to go. I thought we'd be able to go right away. Instead we had to hike around and take the entire tour first. By the time we reached the facilities, I was pretty much beside myself. They'd continually forced us to drink water so as not to dehydrate. I wasn't sure how much longer I could hold on, and wetting myself not only in front of my peers but my crush just wasn't an option I could cope with. Fortunently, when we reached the bathrooms a friend of mine also had to go pretty badly, and we headed that direction. The line was agony. I was nearly crying out of pain and desperation, and was far too shy to hold myself or do much of anything other than chew on my watch and kneed my hands together. After ten minutes of line hell, I finally made it to the bathroom and peed for a minute and a half, which is a very long time for me. I'd never felt so relieved in my life.

I notice a few of my dreams this week have revolved around poop or the bathroom in general. One night I dreamed that I was on a schoolbus going to a hotel with my class and I had diarrhea and I ended up having a wet fart and then trying to hide the smell and stain from my mom and everyone else. Last night I dreamed that I was at a guy's party and he had slipped laxatives into bottles of pop and people, including him had drank them and there was only one toilet in the house, so people had to squat over it at once or had to shit themselves...most people crapped themselves. Though surprisingly, I didn't drink any so I didn't get affected by it.

Anyway, enough about the dreams. I have a couple new stories. I just finally went to the bathroom after popping two stool softeners last night and it took me under 2 minutes to poop. It came out pretty easily, though my stomach is still cramping. The stool wasn't that big, maybe 4 inches at the most but at least it didn't hurt.

My 7 year old sister and 11 year old sister wet themselves last week. They were both at the park, and they both held it too long. The youngest came in first to change her clothes and my mom asked "Did you pee yourself?" and she said yes and went to change. Then she asked her to go back to the park after she changed and bring my other sister the cell phone and my little sister said okay. Then the other sister came in and said in a little girl voice "I pee-peed my pantsies." My mom and I both were like "WHAT?!" because we thought she was joking. She wasn't. She had on jean capris and they were soaked. My sis said that a hit on the head from a basketball caused her to do it. My mom told her off, not because she had the accident but because she had told my little sister not to pee in her new clothes and she had too. My mom told them they were responsible for washing their own peed-on clothes and she said "Maybe I should get you ladies some diapers." My 11 year old sister was pretty embarrassed about her accident and didn't like that my mom kept talking about it. My youngest sister didn't really care, but she has accidents all the time at the park.

That's all for now.



Wow - thanks for sharing those obviously precious and intimate moments! Your former girlfriend certainly sounds as though she was a one of a kind type gal. Do you miss her?

Yes, I fully understand your plight so far as not being able to discuss your special 'interests' with others. (That is, with people outside of this particular forum.) I too have found this topic to be unusually compelling for as long as I care to recall. And you know, I've not the faintest idea where it stems from. There was nothing unusual or untoward with regards to my upbringing, and my parents were neither too open, nor overly hung-up on toilet related issues. Everything at home was 'situation normal'. I think I may have already mentioned that my two sisters, Svetlana and Zdenka, whilst subject to the same house rules and conditions as I was, display no sign of interest in any of this, and I've never broached the topic with either.

On this point though, I recall an incident when I was six years old and Svetlana and I were heading home from school one afternoon. We were taking a short cut through a wooded area at the rear of a park when she turned to me and said 'Nika, mit sracku!' - Nika, I've got the shits! She looked a bit panic stricken, finally saying 'Musim srat!!' - I really have to shit!!
Hurriedly hoisting her little skirt up and pulling down her panties, she dropped down into a squatted position and let it go. I still remember the feeling of not being sure whether or not I should be watching, but as this was yet another step in the learning curve of life and its experiences, I decided to.

What I do remember is this rather sloppy, light caramel, brown coloured stream of poop issuing forth and forming into a little pile under her bottom. It all happened in such a remarkably short space of time. No sooner had she squatted down, and it was seemingly all over, the look of relief on her face a ready indicator that all was well!

Using some paper from an exercise book, she did her best to wipe, straightened out her clothing and picked up her things. We both ran all the way home, neither of us telling anyone else about it. In fact, writing here about that distant, long ago story is the first time I've divulged any of this to anyone. I feel almost ashamed at having betrayed Svetlana's trust. Looking at her now as a grown woman with two children of her own only serves to render that distant memory as a somewhat surreal event.

Not that it was ever a concern of my sister or myself back then, but I can't help but wonder as to the outcome if someone had have reported the situation to the school's authorities. Political reeducation for my parents, or something of an equally stupid nature that only the bureaucratic apparatus of the former Czechoslovak communist state could be capable of.

Keith, I almost forgot... you asked me whether or not I'd ever had a 'shared experience'. Well, certainly nothing to equal that of your ex partner and yourself. I could probably count the times on one hand that I've been seen by a guy whilst I was on the toilet, and of those, only twice was there any real indication of conscious 'awareness' on the part of my boyfriend.

On one of those occasions, we had just arrived home from a performance by the Australian Chamber Orchestra, and I'd gone straight into the toilet for a poo. I had been sitting on the toilet for a minute or so when Karl, my partner, knocked at the door and asked if it were OK that he get some aspirin from the medicine cabinet above the sink. I told him it was fine, and that the door wasn't locked. He came in, smiled and stood next to me as he took what he wanted from the shelf. The smell in the bathroom space left no room for error as to what I was doing on the toilet. Turning to face me, he smiled and said something to the effect of 'You've always been beautiful, and please don't take this the wrong way, but for some reason you look extra sexy sitting there like that'. I was wearing a long black evening gown which, on sitting down, I'd arranged so as to reveal all of my left leg and thigh up to the buttock. He sat on the rim of the bathtub and we chatted for a few minutes, the occasional faint plip, plop sound punctuating our conversation before I pulled off some toilet paper and wiped, all in full view of Karl.

The interesting thing here is that he simply didn't have any interest in pooping, whether it was me seeing him or him seeing me. But on retiring to bed, our lovemaking that evening seemed to be charged with an energy that eclipsed any we'd engaged in, prior and subsequent to that night. I sometimes still think about Karl.

Well that's it for me now; I shall return.



Kevin, that is disgraceful that K-Mart does not offer their male employees and customers any privacy while having a bowel movement. Your boss made the best of a very uncomfortabe situation. The store manager however should have all those doors and locks replaced immediatly. I will not patronize K-Mart until they replace your stall doors.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wonderer (Asking?)
Any of you feel like sharing with us pertaining to any of the following about the last time you pooped yourself?
1) Were you wearing slacks,shorts,jeans,skirt or a dress?
2) Were you wearing pantihose,pantie-girdle or panties?
3) How long was your clothes "messed" until you could clean up?
4) Was your load messy or firm?
5)Did it stay contained in your underwear?
6) Did anybody know you had messed your clothes?
Thanks to all who answer.

Hi Cathleen I think you should support your daughters pants pooping I mean it is her choice and if you try it you might find out why she does it

I have no problems with open toilets but in Aust they are somewhat rare. One thing that I would not risk is that I would hate to be seen by anyone that knows me....otherwise no problems at all.
As to pooing on a boat....that was years ago. To rationalise it we were on the water for many hours and usually from pre - dawn to mid day thereafter. One of the fellas I fished with use to get constipated often but the rocking of the boat seemed to stimulate his bowels. When we all started fishing together he was the first to shit. He happened to say he had been a bit bunged up and now needed a crap. He was on my boat and I said use the bucket up the front. At first he declined but then gave in. He had a rwally big crap and said he felt much better. There were three of us on the boat and the next person then went up front and crapped....I was the only person who did not poo. Next week we went out and I had my maiden poo! Nobody else did the deed. Soon we gave up on the bucket and just hung our bums over the back of the boat. Often on the bigger boats that have a toilet crew poo over the side because the toilet space is so small and confined it brings on sea sickness so over the side is best.

Has anyone peed/pooped in a strangers/neighbors yard? has anyone peed on someone's front door? has peed in someone's mailbox?

Harmony <3 U
I thought I might ask this question --------->
Have you ever pooped a bridge? Like lean ur butt of a bridge and start pooping ...
Strange question but I have a story x]

Okay, okay so this one time we were playing truth or dare and my BEST friend [name] (use for privacy) dared me to poop of a bridge, that or she would be able to spread nasty rumors about me XD. So stupid me did the DARE. We found a pretty small bridge, I lowered my pants, and slid my underwear of my butt. And things got pretty messy. I was sitting there for about 15 minutes with my bare butt hanging. Moments later three logs came out [3-5 inch each. [Name]came running down measured my poop and took pictures. x]

don't hate

Hot Chick Heidi
Each Saturday night some of my friends and I take a city bus down to our city's big outdoor mall. It's a park that's about a mile long and we hang out there until the last bus comes, then we make it home just before curfew. There are several hundred--sometimes a thousand people--down there and we just hang out and talk. There are street vendors for food and sodas and the mall attracts a lot of hot guys, some of them college age, from several high schools and universities. Well last night I went down there at 7 p.m. with my four friends. I hadn't crapped for three or 4 days but didn't worry about it because it's not unusual for my bowels to catch up on Sundays when I'm home, bored and doing nothing. However, by about 8 and after drinking one 48-ounce soda I started to feel a crap coming on. My high school got out just the past week and since my mom wouldn't let me hang on the mall until I turned 15, I didn't know where the bathrooms were. At first we looked for portable toilets, but we couldn't find none. After about 15 minutes of walking around and looking for signs, lines (I hate them but I needed a bathroom!) or other indications we were getting closer to the toilets, I knew that I was going to have to find one...and fast! Well, there was this policewoman on a horse at once corner and I asked her where the bathrooms were. Get this. Her words out of her mouth were "Well didn't your mother teach you to go before you left home?" I thought to myself **** ***! It's a good thing I didn't say anthing because I probably would have been given a ticket. As we started to walk away, I could see a smile on her face and she called me closer to her and she gave me directions to the bathrooms which were way on the other side of the mall. She said they were hard to find because they were right underneath a huge fountain and were not very well marked or lit. So me and my friends picked up the pace and walked toward the fountain. After about 8 blocks we could see it in our view. Sherry assured me we would make it in time and said she thought she would pee since we would be in there anyway. I was already sweating from the fast walk and humidity and I knew I was starting to feel some nausea. So when we got there this big crowd around the fountain blocked our view of the restroom entrance and we literally had to walk all the way around all four sides before Sherry finally saw a "T" symbol thata was pretty faded. There was a flight of 12 to 15 stairs we had to go down and that required stepping in some spilled pop and beer and on some paper plates that were blowing around. About 5 steps down I could already smell the stench of the restrooms. We saw a woman with two young girls come out of the left side so we knew where we were heading. Wrong! Just as we cleared the doorless entrance we saw two doorless stalls--one had an elderly man peeing into it but he was standing totally exposing himself with his slacks and underwear at shoe level and the other stall had a young boy about 5 sitting on the stool and swinging his legs as he loudly farted. Sherry was so startled that she burst out laughing just as we turned to walk about 20 feet over to the other side of the building. We walked in a little more cautiously, and although it wasn't clearly labeled the ladies room, it was. What it consisted of was 2 open stalls, one wash basin and a mirror that was cracked multiple times and which had gang symbols etched on it with some type of lipstick or marker. Luckily, there was no line and we were the only occupants. I went to the first stall and was pulling my shorts and panties down when I noticed that it wasn't a normal-looking toilet. There was no white toilet with a white or black seat that was attached to the floor. Rather, it looked more like a square counter of steel that was built into the back wall. There was not a normal-looking seat that you could wipe off and sit on. Rather there was a bowl, about the size of the average butt, built shaped into the steel and I guess it was a little higher than normal-looking toilets. The whole place really stunk and there was a piece of shit about the size of a normal stapler on top of the floor drain which was about two inches from my right sandal. I placed my butt on the steel while Tori stood in front of the door to give me privacy. Sitting on the steel was so uncomfortable, but within 5 seconds, I was passing three,well-formed pieces of about a half-foot each. I slid farther back on the steel and I swear there was some kind of a screeching noise my butt made and I quickly looked between my legs to admire the haul that I had been carrying and just now dumped. I got one look and the toilet flushed automatically. Then I looked to left, then the right, and finally the back to find toilet paper. There was none! I couldn't believe it. I asked Sherry who had just sat down to pee in the other stall and she didn't see a dispenser, roll, etc.--anything. Then Megan, who had just slurped the last of her 48-ounce soda offered me her Subway cup. As I sat there and got to thinking, it was a brilliant idea! Luckily, it was not made of plastic, but rather paper and she put it on the floor and stepped on it to crush it. She handed it to me, and while I was still seated, I tore it into about 6, although uneven, pieces and I used each of the six as I sat and wiped. Twice during my make-shift wiping routine the sensor went off and after the second time, I stood to finish my wiping. I was feeling so hot and dirty and wanted to get my underwear and shorts up ASAP and get out of there when Megan, despite the gross conditions, announced that she too had to pee. However, she hover peed. This is the first time I had seen it done. She dropped her underwear and shorts to the floor, spread her legs as wide as they would go, and while she was hunched over the toilet, and with the use of her right hand, she directed her pee stream right into the toilet. I don't think the process took her even 2 minutes. Because she stood totally still, the sensor didn't go off. (Some people have all the luck!). As for me, I'm going to start carrying those packages of Kleenex in my purse. My mom's offered them to me before, but I always thought they were for old ladies.

I work at K-Mart doing inventory pull. About a year ago, there were some problems in the mens restroom (loitering, grafitti, etc.) so the stalll doors were taken off, along with all the brackets and hinges. There were similar issues in the womans restroom, but the store manager (a woman, of course) said that by law, womens stalls must have doors for privacy. We had a meeting last year mostly to discuss other store problems, but this subject did arrise, as the manager explained her decision to remove the stall doors was not to embarrass anybody, just to help curb vandelism. We all agreed it was the right thing to do, and there is virtuallly no grafitti or vandelism in the mens room anymore. We now have a new assistant manager, a man about 45 years old, very pleasant guy. Yesterday I went in to the mens restroom to take my afternoon shit, and "Noah" the assistant manager was sitting on the middle toilet, grimacing and grunting. I could tell he was having a tough time. "The fudge wont budge" he said, as he pointed to his ass, and I imagine a turd stuck in third gear trying to pop out. "Wow" I said as I sat in the stall next to him dropped my jeans, and "WHOOOOOOOSH" my shit flew out of my ass. "Man, I'm jealous Kevin, I've been sitting here for 45 minutes, and he repeated "The fudge just won't budge" I finished shitting, and washed up, and he was still grimacing. He reached into his rear trowser pocket giving me a view of his dick, balls, and the jammed turd. "Would you mind getting me some stool softener from the pharmacy?" he gave me a $20. I said "of course not" I bought the cheapest brand, rushed back in and gave it to Noah. he took 2 pills, no water. thanked me, and I went back to work. About 4:00 he came into the stockroom with a big smile on his face. "Finally? "I said to him. There were women in the room, so I didn't want to embarras him. but he said "yes" so I just dropped the subject. I guess not having stall doors helped Noah in this instance.

To Matt: I actually just tried the squat technique for the first time. I went into the bathroom, closed and locked the door, and pulled my pants and underwear down. I've noticed you have to pull your pants and underwear up to your knees when you squat in order to stretch your legs apart. So I did that, and put my feet on top of the seat, and bent my knees. It's too bad toilets don't have wider seats so you can stretch your legs farther and therefore open your anus wider. So I bent my knees as high as possible and held the bar next too the toilet and relaxed. I felt a really long log emerge and come out quickly, like a foot long, which is long for me. I usually let my load out in a bunch of short logs, instead of one long one. It felt a lot better to have a continuous log instead and I'm thinking the squat made this happen. It felt like a fatter log came out instead of a skinny one, because maybe my anus was stretched wider? Anyway, I think it didn't make a splash in the bowl because it was so long, but I have to admit a had a large pebble come out at the last minute and made a splash. It wasn't the loudest splash, but it was a splash. I sat for a few minutes before getting up. It was a pleasant shit, I have to admit.

I'll post more when something exciting happens.

You do not provide details so I am only speculating. You say you are healthy because you eat right and exercise, eat right by nutritional standards or eat right to prevent weight gain? They are not always the same.

I only poo two or three times a week but I just can't imagine feeling the pressure nearly two days before getting release. You also admit that when you pass the load, it is extremely hard. That is a good indication that something is missing from your menu.

I was playing on the computer when i had a big urge to #2 it was almost out already. I waddled as fast as i could to the bathroom and as soon as i hit the toilet it came out.

just a little while ago i took a shower and i needed to #2 so i hurried and got done and got my clothes and again it was a close call.

To Matt (and the squat toilet):

When I was in college I had an interesting experience seeing a guy squatting on a toilet. One of the men's rooms in a classroom building had three doorless toilets. The partitions between the toilets were ample, however. I used to shit there at times beween classes. The lack of privacy didn't bother me since I was used to doorless toilets from high school. One time I walked in a saw a guy in the first stall with both his feet on the toilet seat squatting to take a dump. I was taken aback, but didn't want to stand there looking at him. I had to shit pretty badly, so went into the next stall to sit down and drop my load. I could hear him drop a turd that hit the toilet water with a big splash. I started talking to him across the stall wall. I told him that he had "a creative way to take a shit" and he replied that he grew up living abroad and that he was used to doing it that way since childhood. I asked him what he would do if he had diarrhea? Wouldn't the loose shit splash all over the place. He said that if he thought he was going to have a loose shit he would sit on the toilet. I heard him then wipe himself, flush the toilet, get off of the pot and then wipe the toilet seat with toilet paper and flush again. He walked by my stall and said "hey" as he was going to the sink to wash his hands. I thought it was a cool experience.

This story is about my brother Preston!! We were on our way home from the pool and he said he had to pee so i told him there was this picnic area with a little dock and if he couldn't hold till we got home I told him to pee there!! So we were walking home and he was desperate to pee so we went to that area!! Then i checked for the coast to be clear then when it was clear he started to pee on the wooden wall then a car was coming by so he stopped peeing because the people could probably see him becuse there were trees but none that blocked the road that was across the street! So when that car went by he finished peeing and we went home!!

i have to poo so gosh damn badly right now. it actually hurts me to hold it in. i'm almost crying.

I read this story about a girl that shit her pants because she was waiting outside of the bathroom for her brother to come out, and he didnt come out until ten minutes later, and when she got in there her zipper was stuck and she completely shit her jeans I think she said they were fubu, if anybody knows what page that is on please let me now- Jack

This is to the 23 year old that did not leave a name with their post. I too suffer from IBS-D and have suffered for years. After seeing a number of doctors and trying all sorts of prescrptions, I found a solution that works for me.

Every morning, I take four fiber pills and another four at night. Both morning and night I take a calcium pill and four generic Immodium each night. If I have something going on that requires me to not go in the morning, I take two extra fiber pills and can hold off most of the day.

This formula is ont for everyone and probably should be adjusted for each person. The high doses of fiber and Immodium have gien me a life back. When first diagnosed, I was on the commode at least 10 times a day. Now, I usually take two trips a day.

To save money, all the medications I take are generic and I buy the biggest bottles I can find.

To Constipated girl: I liked your cute little story. What you experienced is quie normal, it happens to me a lot. Did you look at your turd afterwards, I mean the one that hurt your hole? I bet it had a real long nose, a bulgy middle and a long tapering tail. That's why it got stuck part way out and why it hurt in the middle. I find some of those are the most enjoyable

To Sita: Wow, you poor thing, that was quite an episode. I've had a plug turd just like yours but it's very rare. If I get diarrhea it's either all loose straight away or there's just a small firmer piece at first. I think your asshole hurt so bad because it didn't have time to open slowly and adjust to the big wide turd trying to come out. Was your hard turd about normal size for you, and does it usually hurt? Nice to have your mom there too.

To IBS: Hey, don't worry, its normal for exercise make you want to crap. I get constipated constantly, it's just the way it is and I eat right too. I discovered when I was at school doing athletics, particularly cross-country running, that in fact exercise is a great way to get relief from constipation. On many occasions running in the woods I have had to detour and take a shit. Initially it was somewhat annoying and I used to try and hurry it up. But I soon learned to enjoy a good outdoors shit and now it's a highlight of my run. I try and hold it to the end of my run, and most times I succeed. I have some favorite spots I go to because the cover isn't perfect and I have to watch for others. Kids sometimes come by on their dirt bikes. But otherwise I really enjoy a nice relieving totally unhurried natural shit in the outdoors. I learned a long time ago to always take some paper with me just in case.

To Tillie: Loved your story about doing a ferocious pee when your friend Kirsten knocked on the door and you had to stop midstream to get off the pot and open the door for her. My sister and some girlfriends have told me they can't stop once they have started, at least if its an urgent pee like yours was. You said it hurt, so I understand. Can you stop easily in mid-stream without any pain if it's just an ordinary pee? Also I see you were not too happy about Kirsten being with you when you peed. Do you just prefer privacy? I had the feeling girls generally were OK with peeing with a friend and actually liked it. Also, would you like to be with Kirsten if she was peeing?

To IBS: I've been following your conversation with Mickey about erections while shitting. I have exactly the same problem and I've had it ever since I can remember. I learned quickly as a young teenage boy not to get excited in bed in the morning because usually the first thing I need when I get up is a pee. I could handle that by taking my shower and pee at the same time. But if I needed a shit then it was impossible. That soon led to the discovery that if I needed to shit I should go and sit on the toilet and pee straight away without doing anything to make my cock hard. That soon led to the discovery that I didn't have to miss any of my needs at all, and I learned to pass the time between finishing my pee and waiting for my shit to start by having my usual morning play session right there sitting on the toilet. I also found that if both sensations peaked at the same time then it was absolute pure ecstasy. It's now a habit with me that every time I shit I play with myself. It doesn't matter where I am, at home, a friend's house, at work, in a public restroom, or even outdoors. It doesn't matter, the sheer pleasure is overwhelming.

Hi I'm new here.I'm 17 and female.I have a few pants destroying stories.

Last week I was home alone, with my parents gone to my grandmas. Well when they left I drove to the store to pick up a ton of junk food and a few litres of Grape soda(my favourite).I took it all up to my bedroom and closed the door. Then I lay on my bed,turned on the TV, and sat for what must have been five hours straight watching TV and eating.I hadn't been to the bathroom since first thing in the morning and I had just drunk a litre and a half of soda,so I realised that I needed to. So I got up to the toilet. This is where it went pear shaped.I went to twist the handle of my bedroom door(which is a very old fashioned typed handle)and it simply fell off.I didn't despair yet though,because my next door neighbor has a key to our house, and I'm friends with our neighbors son,who is my age.So I called him on my cell to see if he could get me outta the mess.He said he'd be happy to,but he was busy so he'd call in a few hours. I didn't know what to do.There was nothing to pee into and I have carpet in my room,so it would be hard to clean up.I did not want to do this intentionally.I figured I'd try and hold it,but it wasn't helping that I needed to poop aswell. I spotted a half roll of toilet paper sitting on my desk though(had to use it for makeup).I tore off the whole thing and rolled it up,put a maxi pad on my underwear for good measure and stuffed in the paper.I figured that if I did happen to wet myself that would hold everything. I also thought that if I let it out a bit at a time it wouldn't be as bad.So I lay on my floor and red a book for a while.The first time I let out some pee,I got frightened because it feels a lot wetter than it actually is.But I got braver and started to let more out. I had my hand down my trousers in case my underwear got wet and I'd have some warning so I wouldn't wet my trousers.I got brave though and kept letting it out.After a little while I accidently let out a big spurt,and I felt it running down the legs of my panties and down the back,where there was no TP.I got a terrible shock and realised it was flowing away and there was nothing I could do to stop it. I tore off my trousers and jumped up.I could see myself in my full length mirror standing in my TP stuffed white panties.A first few drops spattered onto the carpet and then the crotch got yellow and all of a sudden there was a full stream pouring out.I was terrified,but it slowed quickly.I realised the TP had held a lot of it,thankfully.But then I made another mistake.I walked.I walked over to the desk,and the TP got squeezed between my legs and the dam burst forth,issuing out all the pent up pee onto the carpet.I was sodden and smelly.All I could do was wait for my neighbor to let me out and hope that he wouldn't smell the pee.

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