Myka Mika
Hi guys,
One question:
Anyone washed their butthole and wiped after a nice wet poo or wateva instead of wiping it straight away?
Well, i always washed my butthole when i finished pooping and then wiped. I can tell that's much more nicer and cleaner. You wont find the brown stain on the TP if u washed ur butthole. But u may need alot of TP to clean off the wet bum and some wasted time on washing... PEACE!

woman stuck to toilet seat on airplane

Years ago I read about a woman who was stuck to the toilet seat on an airplane because of suction, I think. A male employee of the airline opened the door to the bathroom to see what he could do.

She was eventually unstuck from the toilet. I don't remember the detals since it happened such a long time ago.

The woman was given a lifetime pass to fly for free, but I think she stopped flying after that ordeal.

Keith D
To constipated girl: I don't think there really is such a thing as "normal" when it comes to pooping. For much of my life, I too only pooped once or twice a week. I now go most days. I don't think it means that anything is wrong with you. I too had to strain a lot to get it out and still do need to strain a bit with my daily regular ones. I find that I cannot go until I get a good strong urge. And if that urge only comes every few days, then so be it.

To Sierra: Way to beat a traffic violation! You even got an official apology to boot! Very brave thing to do...

To Veronika: Yes, pooping with company is certainly a different experience. I guess the first time I shared it with someone was the time I described back on page 1600. A few years ago I had a girlfriend who I had a few shared experiences with. She was a nurse so I guess toilet related things were something she dealt with on a daily basis and she was fairly open about them. I haven't really talked about these adventures on this forum before because they are something that was very intimate and very special to me. But I guess I must finally be running out of experiences to write about! And seeing as I've been asked so nicely...

Although I seem to have always had an interest in this topic, I've never really been able to bring it up with someone in person. But one day my (now ex-) girlfriend was over at my place and while she was getting us a snack in the kitchen, I discretely slipped into the toilet for a long awaited poop I had been holding onto for a few days. She'd been staying a few nights and I was afraid to make a smell or anything when she was around. I had been sitting there with my pants down round my ankles pushing quietly for a few minutes and hadn't made much progress at all. Apparently I'd held it for too long. Then suddenly she burst through the door, taking me by surprise. She had a bowl with a new flavour of icecream she wanted me to try. I was totally shocked and surprised. She wasn't deterred. She forced her way in and started spooning out icecream to me, still holding the bowl. It's a weird experience having something go in one end while something is pushing out the other. When she was done she started looking down between my legs and asking lots of questions and why I was taking so long and when I'd be done. She left telling me to "Hurry up! I really need to shit." After that I had real trouble concentrating. I couldn't believe how matter-of-fact she was about the whole thing. Or how interested she was in what I was doing. I sat fumbling with the toilet paper. I only managed to get a few hard balls of poop out, with little "plips" into the water. I gave up, flushed and went to help out in the kitchen.

My girlfriend headed straight for the bathroom. I would have loved to have busted in on her like she did to me but was a bit shy. After a while I realised that she was taking a long time in there. I finally decided to take a peek. She was was sitting leaning forward, reading a novel. She looked up over the pages and smiled at me. "I thought you'd never get here..." She put the book aside and looked up at me with her big brown eyes as I just stood there in the doorway. Pressing her knees together, she rocked her butt backwards and forwards a little and closed her eyes. There were a few plip-plips falling into the water below. She opened her eyes and looked directly at me again. Then shepulled off a lot of toilet paper and bunched it up into really tight wads and reached around and wiped from behind. As she moved about on the seat I could see that to toilet bowl was full to the waterline with wadded paper interspersed with little almond-shaped nuggets. She'd obviously been having quite a session before I got there. I didn't notice any smell at all. She lent forward and I bent down and kissed her lips gently. It suddenly felt a bit wierd there in the toilet. She must have felt it too and started giggling. I pushed the button behind her while she was still sitting and the flush gave her a surprise and she squealed and we both burst out laughing.

But since then we were able to share our toilet time together. She suffered terrible bouts of constipation and I would often go into the toilet and stay with her for hours. She didn't like to push and preferred to just sit for however long it took for nature to take its course. She would get really frustrated and upset. I would just try and comfort her. Sometimes she would sit and read to me from her novel. Sometimes I would just sit down on the cold tiled floor right beside her while she sat on the toilet seat. I would sometimes just rest my head against her bare thigh and we would talk for hours. Or drift into sleep!

For some reason those were some really intimate moments, when you feel like you are sharing everything and can talk about anything or nothing at all. Veronika, have you ever had a shared experience? It takes a very special kind of relationship before you can share all that with someone.

I agree that using deodorisers to mask the smell of poop is a bit of a waste of time. It still smells like shit, just with something else on top. My bathroom has an open window and a great extraction fan. If you start the fan just as you go in, the smell disappears almost as quickly as it appears. But I don't always use it. Sometimes I just need to be able to take in the full experience.

To Matt and Sita: I personally find that squat toilets make it much easier for me to get my poop out. It's not easy to try and squat on a western style toilet though. If you try and squat with your feet on top of the seat (I have when a few times in particularly dirty public toilets), I find that it keeps your feet too close together and that makes it hard to get the poop out. Not to mention that the balancing act is distracting. Proper asian-style squat toilets work better because you squat with your feet wide apart and it helps open up your hole. And yes it does make cleaning easier too!

Speaking of squatting, I had a good outdoors squat earlier today. I was hiking on a short trail in a National Park when the urge came on strong, really banging on the backdoor. It felt fairly soft so it wasn't uncomfortable and I didn't think I'd have too much trouble getting it out. I didn't have a long trek until I got back to my car and I could have held it until I got home but I don't mind an outdoors poop as long as I can have my privacy. I was looking for a good spot along the trail but was walking more and more slowly. The nose of the poop was pushing against my ring, moving back and forth and really massaging the inner sphincter. I wasn't clenching very hard as I didn't want to compact it back in or lose the urge. But I was almost letting it move too far. Every now and then I let a little gas escape and I hoped that I didn't pass anyone else on the trail as it was getting a bit stinky. Finally I left the trail at a clearing and headed towards the deeper brush well away from anywhere anyone would be walking. I found a huge boulder sticking up from the ground that gave good cover.

Looking around one last time to ensure I was well-concealed, I downed trousers and briefs to my knees. Suddenly realising how exposed I was, I quickly squatted down out of sight. I repositioned my feet wide apart to keep from making a mess. A gentle cool breeze passed right between my legs, tickling all the little hairs. Squatting right down it feels like your butthole is poking right out. I could feel the weight of poop on top of it and started to push gently. My ring pushed up and down but didn't start to open. It wouldn't be as easy as I thought. A bit more pushing and I was soon gripping my knees with my hands and my face felt hot and I'm sure I was turning bright red. My breath was catching in my throat. I relaxed a little and looked up. From my position I could see down a valley and over some trees. The river below was mostly hidden by trees but in parts I could see little flashes of the water sparkling. A poo with a view! Finally after a minute more the head of the poop started crowning. It was slow and my hole only opened a little but I could feel the muscular ring really stretching on the inside. The poop was solid but felt smooth. Pushing hard, my ring finally gave way and expanded right out and the log shot down surprisingly quickly. At that point I realised that it must have touched the ground while still in one piece. I suddenly felt resistance as the log pushed against the ground, almost like it was trying to push back up inside of me and was pushing up against my intestines. I lifted my butt slightly and to let more out and felt it drop. I shifted my feet to make sure it didn't get my boots. The tail of the single log fell forwards and my hole closed to signal I was finished. I sat a minute more, sensing my ring expanding and contracting and settling itself after its ordeal.

A crashing in the bushes to my right startled me. A dark shape flashed through the undergrowth. At first I thought it might be a dog. A lot of people brought their dogs to this park for a run although it's technically illegal. And if it was a dog then its owner might be nearby. But then I saw that it had a long tail so it was some form of local wildlife or other. The breeze picked up and whipped around under me, cooling my now burning ring. I realised then that there was no smell, at least not in the direction my nose was pointing. There was nothing to wipe with. Actually, the only thing in sight was a pine cone and I chuckled to myself at the thought of that. But I wasn't worried as the nice low open squatting position would mean there would be very little mess on my cheeks or crack. So I stood, made sure the coast was clear, pulled up my pants and wandered slowly back to the track feeling much lighter and somewhat elated. I glanced at the log as I left. It was about 14 inches long, 2 wide and fairly even, with a short tapering tail. It had a very smooth soft texture and was curling slightly.

Sita, I'm indian too! haha, when i was a kid i was on a train from delhi to ... somewhere i forget now, and we were in the first class compartment where they had indian style toilets. In the second and third class cabins they had western style. I remember I needed to go but was too scared i'd fall through the hole and out the train... haah. so my grandfather had to take me back to the second class cabin to use the toilet. now i don't mind indian toilets

Jeff- those are all interesting stories if you got others keep them coming

okay my medical issues are getting worse.

In the past couple of days I have had wetting accidents less then an inch from the toilet (I use a toileting schedule of going every 45 minutes). I now have absolutely no chance of getting to the bathroom to pee, I constantly leak. At work I wear an alarm so I make it to the bathroom but my underwear is getting wetter and wetter and soon may be notible by my cohorts. the EHN where i work knows I am incontinent but incontinence garments (beside small pads) are not allowable, and I do not do well with catheters (foley or texas style).

On another note I have IBS and I have been alternating frequently and a few times when I was D did not make it to the bathroom. Luckily I was either just waking in the morning or in my car so I could just clean up and put on different clothes. This is really starting to piss me off too.

So to simplify my post. I have lost control of pee and poop and no one allows me to wear diapers.

Monday, June 16, 2008


Hi everyone, sorry I haven't written sooner. Just been quite busy with a lot of different projects. Wow, its been a couple of weeks since my lovely sister Kathy and her friend and now my real good friend Sue left and went back home to Colorado. I really have to admit that it was totally a lot of fun to do all of our poops that week sharing the bathroom and pooping with company. I really hope that everyone who saw our posts really enjoyed them.

We even talked about a July 4th get together where we can meet somewhere in between St Louis, Chicago, Minnesota. Arriving on the 3rd and leaving on the 6th to come back home. Sue said she would check out the cities to see what might be best with them catching flights as well as me catching one here in Michigan. And then being able to depart from that city at close and approximate times together. I think more so for me so I wouldn't have to be alone for a long time waiting my flight back home. So I will keep you informed.

Anyway, I must admit that taking that first shit after they were gone and being alone in the bathroom and sitting on the toilet just reading my magazines was a quiet and lonely experience. And being so different after a week of doing it together really constipated me. They left Sunday afternoon and it wasn't until Wednesday evening that I finally got myself to go. And if you recall, I am a normally very healthy morning pooper. I tried on Monday morning like always before leaving for work. I tried at lunch and I tried Monday evening to no avail. Just some farting would come from my anus. The same for Tuesday and my first two attempts on Wednesday. Come Wednesday evening after eating dinner and really uncomfortable and hurting really bad, I knew that I had to get it all out before I could go to bed. I decided that no matter how long I had to sit there I was going to fill my toilet this evening. So at around 7:00pm after a good dinner and just wearing my comfy t-shirt and a pair of soft cotton workout shorts I grabbed my magazines and into my master bathroom I went. Standing in front of my bathroom mirror I removed my t-shirt and could see how bloated I was. My t???y was also very, very hard. I then lowered my shorts and thong and let them drop right to the floor and stepped out of them. Figuring this was going to be a long sit I wanted to be quite comfortable. I also decided to go back to the kitchen real quick and grabbed a nice glass of iced tea to drink.

I finally sat down and started reading my Kitchen and Bathroom improvement magazines. Something Kath had suggested. Looking for ideas, as I wanted to re-decorate the 2 and a half baths in my house. It again felt like I was not going to be pooping. I mean I was really plugged. I didn't even know if an enema would have helped at this point in time. If I can't get it all out this evening I will take Thursday off from work and go to Walgreen's to purchase a Fleet Enema. Shall we get started.

Immediately upon sitting down I pushed in on my very hard t???y to see if I could get anything going. Straining while I did that did release some small amounts of gas, but nothing like I can normally do. I then leaned way forward with my legs spread and my head almost down between my legs, grabbing my ankles I pushed really hard, again some soft farting. Even that was plugged up inside. After a few minutes I just sat back up and tried to get very relaxed. With my feet very flat on the floor I took a deep breath inhaling and exhaling about three times to get relaxed. I then just started to read my magazines and sip on my iced tea. I kept on breathing that way every few minutes to stay relaxed. I couldn't ever recall a situation like this in my life when I wasn't able to crap a healthy load. Ever since I was 13 or 14 I would shit very healthy and pass long and loud farts. I was hoping that just maybe I could pass enough gas, that somehow it would loosen it all up and just come out. Sitting and reading I continued to rub and push in on the left side of my t???y. Hoping, just hoping. It had now been 20 minutes since I had sat on the commode and I wasn't feeling anything really building, but I wasn't going to give up. All of a sudden I thought about grabbing my mirror and propping my right foot up on the seat, like when my company was here. I wanted to see if my hole was even budging as I pushed and strained. Looking at it, I pushed, I grunted, and I strained to see what was happening. Seemed like it was barely opening even when I would fart. (Sis, where are you when I need you). I knew I needed to get my bowels cleared out tonight. And while viewing my hole I thought why not lube it with vaseline and try that out. Getting up off the toilet for a second I grabbed it. Sitting back down, I rubbed it all over my anal opening which softened it up to where I could even penetrate the inside, which I did. I lubed up inside of my anal canal as far as I could go, pushing and straining as I did. And I still couldn't even feel my poo up there. It had a long way to drop yet. After lubing I got up and walked back to the kitchen and refreshed my iced tea, thinking that walk might help the lubrication work its way further up. Sitting back down I continued to read. About 10 minutes later I heard my bowels and t???y gurgle. Something was finally happening.

It had now been about 35 minutes on the toilet. My butt cheeks were getting quite sore and numb it felt like. I don't think toilet seats are made for long time sitting. Standing up I did some squats and toe touching exercising. Anything to try to get myself moving. It was now time to sit down for the long haul. I don't know what those exercises did but shortly afterward it felt like stuff was breaking loose and moving down. I even released some louder gas, not long amounts however. Taking a deep breath I relaxed myself and continued to read. I was now on my second magazine, as I had grabbed all four that I had bought. My t???y was now really starting to hurt. I don't know if that was good or bad and it was starting to gurgle more and louder as well. But when I was doing poo pushing to try and get it out. It didn't seem like it wanted to budge yet. I really think that a real good farting session needed to take place and hopefully it would. It was now 7:50pm and I all of a sudden was now feeling pressure in my bowels more so then anytime in the last three days. I told myself to stay relaxed, keep reading and just sip my iced tea. I definitely knew something was happening as my anal canal and intestines were feeling the pressure. I was now positive that I was going to poo tonight. While reading I gave a slight push and felt my anus open up a bit and all of a sudden BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPMMMMMMMMMMMMPPPPPPPPPPPP, a good solid fart finally made its way out. I again felt a bit better and could tell things were breaking loose. Another push allowed me to BBBBBBBBBBBBBRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP, BBBBBBRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP, BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMPPPPPPPPPPPPPP, three good solid farts. My kind of farting that is normal for me whenever I start to work on a bowel movement. I was very relaxed and wanted to stay that way. So, I just kept reading throughout my farting session. I would put the magazine down when I knew the time was ready. BBBBBBBBBBBBRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRMMMMMMMMMMMMPPPPPPPPPPPPPP, BBBBBBBBBBBRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRMMMMMMMMMMMMMPPPPPPPPP, BBBBBBBRRRRRRMMMPPP. An hour had now passed, I had some very sore butt cheeks. I wanted to get another glass of iced tea, so I thought getting up and walking back into the kitchen for one final re-fill would help loosen up a poo session as well as helping my butt cheeks. And while I was in my kitchen getting my re-fill the phone rings and it was my friend calling to see how things were going. And this was a friend that can really talk for long periods. Knowing that I wanted to get back to the toilet. I was upfront and honest, telling her that I have not had a bowel movement for three days and was heading for the bathroom, I hoped would get her off the phone. I didn't tell her how long I had already been sitting in there. But I promised to call her back afterward. Even though I had no idea how long I would be in there if I started to go. She told me she would be up late anyway. Hanging up I walked back to the bathroom and immediately upon sitting down I let out a very loud and long fart. BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP, one very good long one. I was definitely going to go this evening. Starting to read again, the pain was now coming unbearable. I thought now might be the best time to start working on my crap. Putting the magazine aside I grabbed the mirror again and propped my foot up on the seat to view my anus. Pushing I started to fart pretty good. BBBBBRRRRMMMMMPPP,BBBBBRRRRRMMMPP,BBBBBBBBRRRRRMMMMMPPPPP,BBBBBBBBBRRRMMMMP. Now I could also see that my anus was spreading more then before. I also rubbed some more vaseline around the outside and up inside. I knew that it could only help. Looking into my vanity mirror I could see the look of pain and discomfort. Keeping my foot up there I gave a very hard push, grunting and moaning. Straining and pushing. I knew my insides were being forced apart and stretched wide and shit was coming down and through. A last few BBBBRRRRRMPPP,BBBBBBBRRRMMMMPPPP,BBBBBRRRMMMP'S took place. Now it was a matter of letting it reach my opening. Putting my foot to the floor for a few minutes to rest it. I also took a few sips of my iced tea. And with no further pushing, straining, and grunting just naturally let my system take over and let it work it down to the opening. It was now and hour and fifteen minutes of working it out. Finally the time had come as the pressure reached the exit hole and now needed some of my help. Placing my foot up again and the mirror in place I pushed and pushed harder, and even harder. But I could feel it wanting out. And then it happened I was opening very painful as it was a very hard, compacted, and thick piece of poo trying to squeeze through. I knew that it was not going to be easy to get it out. Resting a bit in between pushes to relax the sphincter muscle I continued my journey to relief. With the next push I waited until it was about three inches out. It was very wide and looking like it was going to get wider yet. Another deep breath and I worked it out about three more inches. I also could tell that it was very heavy. Watching it I again pushed and it was getting thicker, but I couldn't let up. I pushed really hard this time . It was now hanging from me and easily 12 inches in length. With one more good push about three more inched came out and KERPLUNKED into my toilet with a splash. That wouldn't have happened if I had been sitting normal. I definitely had to rest at that point, but there was more and my sphincter muscle was really spasming so I sat and relaxed and caught my breath. And downed my glass of iced tea. I also took one more trip to the kitchen for some iced water this time. Even though I could feel shit right inside my anus wanting out. Getting back I sat down took a sip of water and propped my foot back up. With the mirror in place I pushed and here came another long thick hard one. I was pushing just as hard to move this one and maybe harder. It also was thicker right from the get go. Again my muscle was hurting being so overstretched and overworked. We were at 3 inches, 6 inches, 9 inches and at about 12 inches it also KERPLUNKED into the toilet bowl with a splash. And with that came a big BBBBBBBBBBBBRRRRRRRRRRRRRMMMMMMMMMMMMPPPPPPP, BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBRRRRRRRRRRRRRMMMMMMMMMMMMPPPPPPPPP. I right away felt the next piece of my shit coming as much as my bottom was hurting I wasn't going to stop this piece from coming through. 3, 6, 9, 12 inches and KERPLUNK. All together that was about 39 inches of hard massive poo that had come out of me. My t???Y really gurgled then. And within seconds I had to push and oh my a real nice load of soft mushy soft serv. And what a mind blowing load. Not quite diarrhea but close. Again FFFFFFFFFFLLLLLLLLLLLMMMMMMMMMPPPPPPPPP, PPPPPPPPPFFFFFFFFFTTTTTTTTT, FFFFFFFFFFLLLLLLLLLLMMMMMMMMMPPPPPPP, FFFFFFFFFFFFLLLLLLLLMMMMMMMMMMMPPPPPPPP, PPPPPPPPPPPPPPLLLLLGGGGGGGGGHHHHH, PPPPPPPPPLLLLLLLLLLLLGGGGGGGGGGHHH. I was now being the real Karen. My type of normal shitting session was now taking place. Looking into the bowl the long thick pieces were still sticking up out of the water with soft serv all around it. I knew that I was not going to flush it down without breaking it up. This was definitely a toilet plugger. But hold on, FFFFFFFFLLLLLLLMMMMMMMPPPPP,FFFFFFFFLLLLLLLLMMMMMMMPPPPPPPPPPPPPPLLLLLLLLLGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH,PPPPPPPPLLLLLLLLLLGGGGGGGGHHHHHH,,FFFFFFFFFFLLLLLLLLMMMMMMMMMPPPPPPPP. Another load, and then the signal letting me know that I am done. Along loud blast. BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRMMMMMMMMMMMMMPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP. Wiping myself I placed the messy toilet paper temporarily on the floor. I had to get my cleaned out bowel happenings flushed away first. My ass did end up getting quite messy. And it was a total of seven nice wipes. I decided to flush hoping to get a lot of the soft serv down and out, which it did. Using the toilet brush I then started to break up the hard lengthy poo in my bowl. It was very hard and was not breaking easily. Again I flushed some went down. The next flush plugged up my toilet as the water started to rise. Off to my cleaning closet to get the plunger. I wasn't surprised. Plunging away, the water finally went down along with some more poo. There was still poo in the toilet, but I placed the toilet paper in anyway. Bad choice as the water almost rose like it was going to overflow onto the floor. Another plunge was needed. Down it went. One more flush did it all. I also felt very, very good now. I hope never to go through a situation that bad again. I learned a lesson the hard way. I also promised myself that I would always have at least two Fleet Enema Kits in my vanity. Well an hour and fifty minutes after I started my work was done. Putting my nightie on, I think upon calling my friend I will tell her the whole story. She will probably enjoy it. Bye for now, hope to write again real soon. And I apologize for it being so long.

Hello everyone! I'm new to this site, not even a lurker but I found it thanks to my eldest daughter. As you can see from my name I'm Cathleen. I live in Florida with my youngest daughter, Rosalyn, who's five and my oldest daughter, Vanessa, is in college at the moment. I'm slim but shorter than I would like to be and 45 and my daughter's are 20 and 5. I know massive age gap but I adopted Rosalyn five years ago. Now I don't actually have a story myself but I have something to relate that my oldest did.
Vanessa has the week off at the moment so I was picking her up from the campus (she has a car but I enjoy the moments we have alone together) So I picked her up from the college campus and she was all smiles and telling me who did what and what her professor did that was hilarious and other whatnot. When we hit the highway she became less talkative but I thought it was because she had run out of things to talk about. She squirmed a little in her seat and I thought she was just adjusting her position turns out I was wrong. She grabbed her stomach and told me it hurt a lot and she thought she would crap herself. I was a little shocked, my daughter a smart girl didn't think to use the toilet before we left (It's a two hour drive). I told her not to worry if she did, and I grabbed some newspaper from the backseat and told her to sit on it. She groaned some more and I knew she was fighting a losing battle. She asked me if I would be mad at her if she did crap herself and I told her no, it's natural, but she should plan further ahead next time. She chuckled and said too late. (At the time she was wearing brown sweatpants and a green tank-top). She pulled her sweatpants off and I saw that she was wearing a striped white and orange panties. She lifted her butt off the seat a little and I saw the bulge forming. I opened the windows (We were off the highway already and probably 30 minutes from the house). The bulge was massive about the size of a grapefruit and half of another. When she sat down again I just looked at her and she had a half-smile on her face. Then she started talking non-stop again and I just wondered how she could be so nonchalant about the crap in her panties. When we pulled into the driveway I told her to wait in the car so that I could pay the babysitter and she wouldn't be seen. When the sitter left she got out of the car in only her panties, her pants over her shoulder and took her luggage out of the car. I asked her how she could be so nonchalant and she confessed that she had filled her panties when it was more practical, "Rather the mess then the pain," she said. She also filled her panties when she was studying by herself in the library or in her dorm room. I asked her how it felt my mouth agape and slightly shocked and she said it actually felt kind of nice, the poo just flattened against her butt. She said I should try it some time. She dumped her panties out in the backyard and asked me if she could use the washing machine, she said she liked this pair of panties. I told her that I would do it because I still am her mother.

And that's my story but…I'm wondering if I should try her method of…convenience accidents

constipated girl
ok, so I got to take my load.

I sat on the toilet feeling a strong urge to let out a wide turd. I felt the poop coming out, but then nothing happened.

It was kinda stuck there. So I strained for a little while to get things moving, and i could hear this hard, dry, turd crackling out of me.

it hurt more towards the middle of the turd, but then, things became easier.

after about a minutes and a half, the turd dropped into the bowl, with a splash. then I pooped out a few more hard nuggets.

i wiped, even though it wasn't needed, because my poop was so dry.

I think it was Brenda 2 or 3 weeks ago who suffered the indignity of having two boisterous little boys in the next stall while she was trying her best to perform her BM as she put it. It so happens that I also had an experience with kids just this week. I was already seated in my stall, and was looking forward to a very enjoyable shit. I had decided that I would give it a push to get it started since it didn't seem to be too enthusiastic about coming out on its own, even though it had been trying quite hard to open my ring just ten or fifteen minutes before.

Now when I push, particularly if I have to push a little firmly, I like to have my ass close to the front of the bowl and my knees well bent and well apart so my feet are actually back by the side of the bowl. I like to lean back, grab the back of the bowl and rest my weight on my hands.

Most times I close my eyes so I can get the maximum enjoyment from my shitting session. I had just started my performance when I heard another guy come in with presumably his two daughters. I heard him say "Julie, go on, sweetheart, use that one there, I'll wash my hands and I'll be there in a bit....go on now before you poop in your panties." "Mandy....just make sure she's OK till I've finished here". I opened my eyes at the disturbance as I heard Julie come into the next stall, and under the partitions, which like Brenda, I realized were remarkably high off the floor, I saw her stand in front of the bowl and her little panties appeared around her feet and then she hopped up onto the bowl. I could still see her feet and her panties although she couldn't reach the floor.

I closed my eyes again and started pushing very gently. I could now hear Julie grunting softly and the faucet still running where her dad was still washing his hands. My pushing was being rewarded as I felt my asshole opening and the nose of a nice firm turd began to emerge. Having got the nose out, things were feeling very nice as my turd was now moving, albeit very slowly, all on its own. But something, I have no idea what, made me open my eyes, and when I did I was startled to see Mandy almost pressed up against the door post separating Julie's stall and my stall and one of her bright blue eyes peering through the rather large gap between the edge of my door and the door post. She was getting a wonderful view of me with my pants around my ankles, my knees wide open, and me leaning back showing everything I had to show. At the same time my turd was hanging out of my asshole and I simply couldn't move. I hadn't even noticed that the faucet was no longer running, but I heard her father say, "Mandy...get away from there...that's none of your business" and he appeared beside her and dragged her away, but not before looking through the same gap himself.

They both disappeared into Julies stall and I heard her exclaim happily, "Daddy I done big big poopy" and she hopped off the toilet. At that time, my turd dropped with a big plop and it was time to wipe. By what I saw of Mandy she was probably 7 or 8 and I'm guessing her sister was probably about 5 or 6. Either way it was still very disarming having first a little girl looking me over when I'm in such a vulnerable predicament on the toilet and then to have her dad do exactly the same thing.

I'm with Brenda, when she asks, "Why are there such huge gaps everywhere in public toilets? They really don't provide a full enough sense of privacy in my opinion.

i have a survey for the women;
how many girls here love to fart?
do you love the smell of farts?
how would you feel if your significant other said they were turned on by farts?
has someone ever farted on you? explain.
have you ever farted on someone else?
most of the time when i leave the house, i have to pee shortly afterward, and most times, i go behind a tree...after holdingfor about 3 hours. by then, i am usually desperate. i remember about a week or so ago, i was at the library and accidentally farted, and it was loud! luckily, no one even said anything. that`s usually ho it is in dc, people are very lenient, and don`t usually overreact on such a natural bodily function.

great post, sierra

Heyhey everyone, I've posted on and off for a while. Most of my older posts go back a few years but I'm always hanging around because this site is great. Anyway,the last times I posted were experiences I had seeing another guy take a dump wearing sandals, which as far as I'm concerned is the best. However, it's rare that I see it because I live in the Northeast and the weather is consistently cold.
I have however seen a guy on the toilet wearing sandals, and one of the few times was actually kinda scary. It takes place at the community college I got my degree from. It was a good school, not too large, etc. The particular building I was in had a basement level that had some class rooms and one set of mens/womens rooms that I liked to use for the privacy. The men's room had two urinals and two toilet stalls. One Friday I had just gotten out of class and entered that building to go take a shit and get some reading done. In the building I passed a very muscly asian guy, wearing a baggy great sweat pants, black thong sandals, and a grey sweatshirt. He also had on a blue knit hat, and had a backpack slug over his shoulder. I made note of all that because his outfit didn't really match the fact he had on sandals,but whatever, I had to shit . I went downstairs to the bathroom and hit the stall furthest from the door and got settled. I pushed out two 9inch logs and some pellets and sat there reading. After 10 minutes, the door opened and someone walked in. I heard that familiar slapping that flipflops make, and the guy entered the neighboring stall. After shutting the door, he dropped his backpack to the floor and started lining the seat with paper. I recognized the feet under the divider as the asian guy, so I put my book away so I could watch/listen to this. After lining the seat, my neighbor opened his backpack and got out a CD player and a pair of large headphones. I heard him swapping out a CD, then put the headphones on, and finally turned around and dropped trou. His sweats met his ankles and the seat creaked as he sat down, and he farted too. The fart really stunk, and thanks to some shiny tiles I could see his muscly tan butt too, and what looked like a large tattoo on his thigh/upper torso. The guy then started the CD and I heard some rap song start. Watching his feet under the divider, his toes tensed and a muffled crackle started as he grunted under his breath. The crackle lasted a while and resulted in a flooomphssplsh noise. The guy sighed lightly and then proceeded to repeat the procedure and drop another huge sounding log into the pot. The stink was pretty ripe too, but I didn't really care. It was well worth the show. Anyway, after log two the guy groaned audibly and shuffled his feet and I heard a clattering noise. I could really see what made it, but the he groaned louder and slowly got further and up on his toes, gripping the soles of his sandals with his toes until KERRFLOMMPHH! He dropped a mammoth sounding turd into the bowl and shuffled his feet again raising his toes a but as ANOTHER crackle started and flopped into the very full toilet. My neighbor sighed "ahhh" in relief. I looked down a bit further and noticed that during the last foot shuffle had slid something under the divider unintentionally: a black semi-auto pistol. I suddenly sat up very straight and got very nervous. I had no idea what to do, and a million different scenarios ran through my head. In the background I heard the rap music still playing lightly and my neighbor was still seated. I started to sweat profusely as I started downwards at the floor, his feet and muscular calves, the sweatpants and sandals, and finally the gun. I tapped lightly on the stall wall but he didn't hear it. I decided to get out of there and not risk any trouble so I franticly started wiping my ass. It felt like it took forever, and then I saw neighbor's feet shuffle once again, and heard paper unravelling. He wiped sitting down and took only a few passes before standing and hoisting his sweats. He didn't flush either, kinda odd but I franticly finished my own paper work. He departed first, walking over to the sinks and washing his hands. I then thought "maybe this is legitimate and I'm making too big a deal out of it." I reached down and picked up the gun, then slowly departed the stall. "Excuse me" I said louder then I wanted to, causing the asian guy to look up at my with his dark eyes, "you dropped this." He pulled his headphones down around his neck, and took the pistol from me. He looked at me dead straight in the eyes and we stood there for a good 10 minutes while I became drenched in sweat. Finally I said "listen man I don't care why you have that or whatver, so for what's worth, I, I didn't see nothing." That's all I could say, I was too ???? nervous to say anything else. He held the gun up, and grabbed a paper towel and wiped the grips down, then lifted his shirt revealing his muscular physique and a large dragon tattoo (which I mentioned earlier). He slid the gun into the back of his pants and said "thanks." And walked out of the room, casting a glanceback at me before leaving for good. I turned slowly and noticed the toilet he had used. A heaping pile of waste, several large dark brown logs amidst the used paper. I could no longer take the stink and then took off calmly but very quickly. The whole situation scared the hell out of me but it was cool that I got to watch that guy shit wearing sandals. But given the choice I'd rather not have to deal with that kind of situation ever again.

The other times I watched guys poop with sandals on were far less tense and I could enjoy them a lot more, but hey, I'm still breathing and crapping!
(If anyone else has good posts like this please share!)

Peace out everyone!

My boyfriend thinks that i'm not healthy because I poop once a week. Sometimes I poop twice a week. I think I am very healthy, because I eat right, and get plenty of excercise.

However, whenever I do have the urge to poop, I have to strain a lot. Sometimes, it takes me two days later after I feel that urge until I finally get it out.

I'm a little nervous, because I know this isn't normal.

ok, I'm going to go to try again, and I'll post back later.

It very strange we just talk about doing very wet poo because I am just finishing with an upset. I think I also have constipation and diarrhea at same time. This morning I get up and feel not quite OK inside but I ignore it and think it because I haven't done a poo in nearly 4 days. After breakfast I get ready for school and I feel pain inside and it spread very quickly all around inside me and then I feel I need to go poo very badly. I know something wrong because even when I'm constipated I have plenty of warning that I need to go sit on toilet. This time I have to squeeze my bum shut very hard because I'm affrays something will come out. So I stop what I'm doing and go to the toilet very quickly and sit down.

As soon as possible when I sit down I stop squeezing and relax bum hole and straight away huge poo starts trying to come out. I have terrible pain inside and I bend over to try and make pain inside go away. Then I feel bum hole opening and poo trying to come out, but it so huge and it force its way out so fast it hurt my hole and it make me cry out. My mum hear me and open door and ask what's the matter and when she see me she kneel down in front and hold my knees. I'm nearly crying with pain and I tell her my poo hurts and I feel bad. Then my hard poo come out completely and my bum hole makes a huge long wet noise and I feel all like hot water with bits in it shoot out of my hole and make horrible noise. It feel like pain is much less when all that messy poo finished coming out and my mum ask if I feel better. I sit up straight and tell her yes a lot. But she tell me to sit there for a while to make sure it's all out.

Then she go and get some medicine but by the time she get back my insides start hurting again and I know I'm going to do some more poo. I tell her I got some more to come out and my bum hole make another long wet horrible noise and another huge lot of burning water and poo pieces fly out and make a huge splashing sound all over the toilet. I could feel wet poo stuck all over my bum and bits dripping off. The pain go away again and my mum kneel down again and put some medicine in a spoon and I drink it. She tell me to stay on toilet because some more might want to come out and I had to go straight to the shower when I finished. She pulled my panties right down and took them off and she unzipped my skirt and lifted it up over my head and took it away then she took my shirt off. Now you don't get your clothes dirty when you get up she told me.

She tell me to sit there for another ten minutes to see if any more wanted to come. A little bit later I felt small pain inside and I got bad cramps and my bum started straining so hard and for so long it hurt but nothing come out. After ten minutes mum came back and asked if I did any more and I said no. So she turned on the shower and I went in. I didn't even wipe my bum with paper. Mum cleaned the toilet while I was in the shower.

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