Yesterday, I got a letter in the mail with the return address to the police station. I got scared thinking that the police station had changed their mind and that this was a ticket. But when I opened it, it turned out to be an official apology and they took 2 points off my license. This is the way it works in ohio, when you get a traffic violation, a certain amount of points is added to your record, depending on how serious your infraction was. and when you reach a certain number of points, your license gets suspended untill you go to court and settle it out. I just thought I'd tell you guys that.

On another note, an anonymous poster asked about other accident stories, so I'll tell one of them. This one took place in the clothes store in the mall. I was anout 16 at the time. This was a true accident, I was wearing clothes at the time that wouldn't hide the bulge from a pooping accident. It was a pair of somewhat tight jeans. I was looking through the dresses when the urge first came upon me. I thought nothing of it. Normally, I would have gone to the bathroom in the mall, But I knew that those toilets were the most disusting public toilets I've ever seen. I figured that if I didn't make it home, there would be no problem pooping my pants in the car. Little did I know at the time, but this was a bigger loaad than I thought. I went on shopping for another hour. When the urge started to become stronger, I thought nothing of it, I'd just have to hurry up a bit. After another 20 minutes or so, the urge started to get painful and I knew it was time to leave. I knew I wouldn't make it home, but I had no problem with going in my car. Unfortunately, the checkout was on the other side of the store. Every step I took seemed to make the urge stronger. I got to the checkout just about ready to burst. And to my horror, the lines were very long. I got in the shortest line which had about 10 people. When the person that was in front of me got to the register I felt like I was about to burst. She had a bunch of clothes too. When she was about halfway done, I felt a spasm and the muscles in my butt gave way as a large semi-soft log began to fill my panties. It made a loud crackling sound as my panties and jeans began to form a huge bulge. I knew that everyone withing 10 feet of me knew what I was doing. I just gave up at this point and let it all out. I was so humiliated and reached back to feel the bulge. It was huge. And the smell was far from concealable. I fought back the tears. I reached the register as the cashier tried to act as if she hadn't just seen me completely fill my pants in front of her. When she was finished she put a package adult diapers in the bag. I would have yelled at her for being so cruel, but I was too humiliated to say anything and I just ran out of the store all with the load squishing around in my panties. I got to my car and just bawled my eyes out for like 10 minutes and then drove home after I regained my composure. When I got home, my mom saw how humiliated I was and hugged me and said its all right, it happens to the best of us. I went upstairs and took a really long warm shower to calm down. That was probably the most humiliating instance of all the times I've ever pooped my pants. I'll post some more stories next time.

Myka mika
Its myka!this happened last night. i was at the bar and i wanted to go for my slight urge pee. when i was there, all of the stalls are occupied. so i stood there and wait. there was a gal beside me, jumpin and dancing around. i was actually giggling at her funny action. her face was like crying already. she stuck her hand at her pussy and jumps around like a 6year old. finally, one of them came out from the stall. the gal rushed in leaving the door opened and pee right infront of me. wow. =))

Mr. Clogs
Hey ya'll, Mr. Clogs checkin' in. Hope every one doing well and enjoying the summer like the weather. I'm a bit clogged, I was able to take a dump without the tea and laxatives, for almost a week, nice.

Foods and drinks that make me go all natural (poop and peeing) is Chinese food especially the chicken w/broccoli served with white rice, pizza from a local pizzaria (don't ask it must be the dough that they use, but the pizza is so good, topped with bacon and pepperoni), my dieter's tea of course, coffee, water (makes my bowls more softer and wet, I like it like that), beer.

What gives me a really good motion first thing in the morning is beer and the tea! I came very close to taking a dump in my pants! Not so cool in public, but if I was at home, maybe try it for the fun of it. I'm not into the whole idea of pooping in my pants because of the mess you have to deal with.

Matt: Yes I have tried squatting technique. I have squatted over containers, on the floor in my room, public toilets at work and in the subway stations. I have to admit, I take far more effective dump if I squat. I need my own space to allow my squatting thing wild.

Punk Rock Girl: OWCH!!! That's all I'm going to say on that.

Karen from MO: I liked your story about using the janitors bathroom, I have to agree that their bathrooms are the cleanest of them all!

And to the ladies that posted a few weeks ago having an enema and having a good time with it the video camera, I enjoyed your story and please keep the posts coming. Very interesting and exciting to read. I think I may want to give an enema a shot if you know what I'm saying.

Take care and enjoy your day.


Mr. Clogs

China girl
TO HSH: To answer, once a shit shoots out the smell dissapates bathroom quickly. In many cases my butt smell leaves the bathroom, of course much quicker if door is open. Sometimes I start farting before shitting which can stink up the area quickly, then the shit even worsens it.

MICKEY: I don't hold my turd in long if I don't have to. Once I have sensation I get on toilet as soon as possible. A couple times in distant past I've held in too long and feel backed up. I have lately completely avoided that feeling now. Good to hear from you

To Matt and Mickey: Yes I have used Indian toilet lots of times. When you use Indian toilet you have like a bowl in the floor only it quite long and not very wide. You stand over it and sometimes it has like marks to show where to put your feet but sometimes not. Then you squat right down so your bum is over the bowl. But your bum doesn't touch anything. So it more hygienic than English or American toilets where you have to sit on seat. Most comfortable position is with holding my hands together and my arms straight out and resting on my knees. It also nicer for poo coming out because it come out easier. Also my bum feel like it already open a bit so it not get so messy. And there is no water in the bowl so when my poo falls out of my bum I don't get big splash all over my hole like on English toilets and that's more hygienic too. Then when you finish you take water pipe or there is a big jug of water and you put water in your left hand and wash bum and bum hole completely so it all really clean. It very important you wash bum hole properly. Then I use paper just to dry. In England there's no water and only paper and sometimes I cant get my bum clean and it impossible to clean bum hole properly. So Indian toilet much more nicer than other toilets.

Keith D
To Graham: Yes, I really struggled to poop as a kid and through much of my teens. I don't think I held it in deliberately, I just didn't get a strong urge to go until after a few days. Then it suddenly hit me so strongly that I was afraid of letting it out. It wasn't until I finally realised that the sensation of pooping isn't so much painful as just plain overwhelming that I learned to enjoy it. I agree with Jenny and Mickey: The cramping and stretching are the best parts!

bad shit
one morning a few months ago i was asleep in bed, at around 4am when suddenly i got up with a huge stomach cramp. i got up quickly and ran to the bathroom, i pulled dwn my pants and started to let out a huge wet fart uncontrollable diarrhea. it lasted for a good 5 minutes. finally i thought i was done so i washed my bum n hands and went bk to bed. i fell asleep straight away thinking it was a one off. i had work the following day when i got up i suddenly needed the toilet again, so i ran and went and sat on the toilet, i let out a huge rush of diarrhea again this time i made noises like uuuuuuuuuuurghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and aaaaaaaa, my stomach made a noise like it had jus released some air and another wave of big mushy diarrhea came out again. i got up wiped n got into the shower, again i thought it was nothing so i went and got ready for work. i got a left to the station and got on the train. i was fine. however when i got to work i ran to the toilet coz i could feel diarrhea coming on again. but i was wrong i only had a few farts and went bk to the upstairz. every 15 minutes i had to run to the toilet but because im in retail no one really noticed. at around 5 i knew i had to go pretty bad, i went dwnstairs pulled down my trousers and shitted out a load of wet poo. it hurt my stomach so i had to sit on the toilet for 15 minutes waiting to see if anything had come out. i then got up and left work going bk was fine as i got home i got into bed and watched some tv. still going to the toilet but nothing was coming out so i assumed i finished and spoke to my bf and went to sleep. i think it was a virus. but im better now. thank god.

It was sunday and i was going to go out with my bf. however he got really sick with the runs. he got up at 2am and ran to the toilet and let out a huge gush of diarrhea. he then went back to bed to sleep, he got up again at 6ish and went bk to the toilet and had some more diarrhea. he didnt think anything of it untill he got up again at 9 and needed to let more shit out of his system, he finished off and came bk to bed. he then went football in the morning. but 10 mins into playin he came bk home and ran upstairs. nothing came out although he had cramps. he went bk to football. again after 15 minutes he had a rest and drove bk home, he ran upstairs but nothing came out. so he went bk. for the last time he went to the toilet and everything came out. he got bk into bed but had terrible stomach pains. for an hour he was in and out of the toilet, he then came bk to bed and slept. he got up at around half 9 and went bk to the toilet and exploded with diarrhea. he came bk to bed n he spoke with me and went to sleep. however at 2am he got up and went bk to the toilet, he had work the next day so he went in and was in and out of the toilet although he had more cramps then letting out shit. he went for lunch but didnt eat anything. while he was driving and chatting to me he needed the toilet again. so rushed to work in the toilets and shitted. it wasnt that bad. he had on and off cramps but by the evening he was better

I suffer from IBS-Diarrhea everyday. I was diagnosed at age 16 in high school. I am age 23 and just currently graduated college. Recently in the past month I have been experiencing more urgency and had six accidents. Today was the worst! I was running some errands around town. I was at CVS pharmacy getting a prescription filled. You all know that familar feeling in the gut. Cramps started and I knew I was in trouble. I started to panic looking around the store for a bathroom, no bathroom in sight. My cramps subsided a bit, and thought I could make it the 10 more min. I had for the prescription. As soon as they called my name the cramps hit badly! I felt paralyzed in my seat! I tried to pretend I was texting on my cell phone (I try to use my cell phone to hide what is going on all the time!) As I stood up bc the cramps weren't as bad I felt a little bit of Diarrhea leak out. I thought I would still be fine. As I made my way to the counter, I lost it completely! I filled my pants to the fullest! The smell was awful! I knew the register clerk had to know what happened. I hurried up and got out of the store. As I am walking out of the store I noticed that I was leaving a trail of Diarrhea behind me. People were walking behind me and commenting to one another. I get to my car and that is when I realized I just cleaned out my car and had nothing to sit on. I am contemplating what to do. Should I just sit down even though I am leaking Diarrhea all over the place or should I go buy a newspaper to sit on or ask for a bag. I decided I was embarrassed enough and just sat down on the seat. As I sit down the Diarrhea started to squish up my back! It was horrible! I had Diarrhea all over me head to toe. I was mortified and started to cry. My boyfriend was at home and I just couldn't tell him that I ended up having another accident this week. I had one on Sunday just two days ago. Thank God that accident was not as bad as this one it happened in my driveway on my way into the house. I didn't know how I was going to walk into the house without leaving a mess behind me. Well, I just did it bc I had to get out of these clothes. As I am walking in the door of the house the second wave hits and I filled what was left of my pants. I thank god only left a tiny trail of Diarrhea on my kitchen tiles to the bathroom. My bf was very supportive and he cleaned it up. He got me some immodium, clothes, and trash bags to throw everything out. I don't know what I would do without his support, care, and love!

In my car, thank god I have leather seats. The smell was horrible and took a day or two to get rid of. I do know that I will never buy a car that doesn't have leather seats lol. I will also always keep newspaper, towels, and or garbage bags in my car to sit on along with two changes of clothes, wipes, paper towels, and toilet paper.

I ended up running to the toilet the rest of the afternoon. My bf and I had a long conversation that I shoud probably start wearing diapers when I go out. I can't be having accidents like this and have to clean up all the time. He thought that diapers would help make my clean up easier if I had an accident. I think he is right. I just can't comprehend that I am 23 and have to wear diapers. How could this be? My bf is the best. He said that he would go out and buy me my first pack bc he knows how embarrassing it might be to purchase them in the store. I hope I can wear diapers. It seems to be a hard concept for me to take in right now. What kind of diapers does everyone find to be the most comfortable? Can you see them or hear them when you walk? What kinds of diapers hold the Diarrhea in the best? I tend to have big bouts of D, I am afraid the diaper won't be able to handle the D and will leak. Please share your expertise about diapers and your experiences. Also, please make me feel better by telling me I am not alone in dealing with horrific accidents. Does anyone else here suffer from IBS-D type or have had terribly emabarrassing diarrhea accidents? Please share to make me feel human again!

In addition to the story I told last week, I don't really know anything about my friends' bathroom experience that I can think of right now, but stephanie et al, I have some of my own experiences. I for some reason very rarely get constipated and even then, it is usually no big problem, so here are two pee stories and one featuring both.

Two years ago I was at camp and it was a rainy morning. THe bathrooms were ten yards from the cabin and I did not feel like getting out of bed because all activities were canceled anyway. I had a vague sense of an urge to void my bladder, but I began to drift in and out of sleep. After about 45 minutes, this became decreasingly sustainable. I now had to wriggle around occaisionally to control the growing pressure. Finally, after another hour I realized that if I tried to get off the top bunk I would hit the floor and the shock would empty my bladder. Rather than taking action, I just kind of tried to hold it while I thought. All of a sudden, the dam burst, the levy broke, and a warm trickling stream of pee started to soak my boxer briefs and my pajama pants. My sheets also were turned yellow. To hide my embarassing situation, I merely changed my pants under the sheets and cover (which was not affected) and hopped out of bed. The rest of my underwear was in the wash and I decided that I would just have to keep that pair on. The other option (wearing none) did not occur to me at the time. I smelled like urine for the rest of the day, though. A camper near me said that he smelled piss, but someone else dismissed the scent as the smell of mildew in the cabin. When I got home, my little brother discovered my sheets in the wash. He would have teased me mercilessly being only one year my junior had he not wet his bed until he was seven. This brings to mind another story.

The next year at camp, we were coming back from a pleasant outing in a nearby metropolitan area. Having been on a boat for a few hours, a fellow camper had for some reason indulged in seven or eight pink lemonades which I imagined would come back to haunt him. The ride back was going to be about an hour and a half, but there were some delays getting started. From the beginning this guy, who I had made a point of sitting next to, started to complain that he had to go. At first, he seemed only mildly agitated, but he was genuinely worried considering the length of the trip. Soon another camper followed suit and some of the girls expressed a mild need which they did not really make a show out of unfortunately. I playfully discussed liquid topics, but I tried to hide my interest. After about halfway through, this fellow was literally holding his cock through his shorts to keep from wetting himself. He actually seemed pretty upset. By the end, he was standing up and jumping up and down. He barely held on as we went over the speed bumps in the road. Finally returning to camp, he sprinted for our cabin and I followed at a more leisurely pace. Another fellow made it just in the nick of time, but this guy was really unlucky. While fiddling with the buttons on his shorts, he let loose and soaked his pants. I felt bad for him, but was somewhat gratified.

One more a story. As I mentioned before, my brother had a bedwetting problem for seven years. Now this is not that unique I guess because many kids go through something similar, but about once a month he still has these accidents and recently they have involed a little more than "wetting" if you know what I mean. He is a bit too cavalier about his habit though as demonstrated by the following. About 6 weeks ago he was having a sleepover to celebrate his birthday with three of his friends in our basement. He had a lot of soda, candy, etc. before going to sleep and that of course was a recipe for disaster even now. If he drinks too much before going to bed, it dramatically increases his chances of bedwetting. I went downstairs that next morning to wake them up around 9:30 AM (cruel I know) to come get breakfast, but before I did I saw that my brother had wet his pajama pants and his t-shirt a bit and then I smelled something. I looked into his pants (not his briefs though)and distinguished a large brown bulge in his underwear. I being a nice brother woke him up discreetly and alerted him to these facts. He went upstairs and got cleaned up and I changed the sheets on his aerobed to cover up the damage. About half an hour later, I woke up his friends and no one was ever the wiser. I guess bathroom issues are one area in which we have some solidarity.

to tom, u have other stories?

Saturday, June 14, 2008

What is the deal with when you exercise, you have to take a crap? Or is that just me??? We went to the park earlier today and I was walking on a trail with my mother. The trail is about a mile long and it was hotter than hell. The walk was actually strenuous after the first mile we did with the heat. It was like out of nowhere that I had to go to the bathroom. However, I refused to go because the toilets and bathroom at that park were either being renovated or had not had proper cleaning attention in a long time. Later on, it started pouring down rain and we were DRENCHED! By the time we got home, I went to the bathroom to change and I was completely soaked. My briefs looked like I had peed in them, although I hadn't. I changed, however I kind of chaffed and I am freeballing, which for some reason makes me need to pee a little more often than I usually do.

To Mickey and all of the other guys who have this problem...
I was with my cousin (who is a few years older than me, but we are like brothers)and we both had to have a bowel movement, so we just went to his bathroom. He went first because he had to go really bad. He pulled his pants and boxers down, sat on the toilet and began to crap. Of course, he became erect while on the toilet and in the process he had to pee. Since he could not point his penis into the toilet easily being erect, he grabbed a wide-mouthed drink bottle, shoved his penis in there and peed into the bottle. When he finished his bowel movement and cleaned up after that, he poured the pee into the toilet. His method seemed to work well for him, although I think he was a little jealous that I was erect when I went to sit on the toilet and was able to point it down into the toilet a lot easier than he could.

A couple of nights ago when I was on the toilet before I took my shower, I had to pee suddenly and was not situated to pee into the toilet. I had a wad of toilet paper, almost ready to wipe, so I just held it infront of my penis and peed into that, although it wasn't too terribly helpful. I honestly like taking a crap outside because when you have to pee when erect during your movement, you can just let go, as long as your pants/underwear are not in the way.

I was thinking the other day when I walked outside and the heat hit me like a ton of bricks about how to keep cool during the summer. I thought back to when one of the kids that used to live a couple of houses from me and I would have "water wars" where we would play around with the water hose, water balloons, waterguns,etc. That reminded me of the "accidents" we had. Instead of tracking in and out of the house to pee throughout the day and tracking water everywhere, we would just pull out our penises whereever we were and would pee (noone ever said anything since we were like 5 when we started this). One day, we met up in our swim trunks and I had to pee so bad as soon as we met up at his house that I just let go and peed on myself. Well, instead of constantly stopping to pee, we just would pee on ourselves. It didn't matter since we were already wet and we were constantly getting each other even more wet. Well, a few days after we started this trend, I had a bout of diarreha. We were playing when I suddenly had a cramp and had to go. I didn't really have time to think about what to do or even to react when I lost control and loose boweled on myself. When I was finished, my friend helped me clean up and I was completely embarrassed abtuo what just happened since I hadn't done anything like that since I was toilet trained. To make me feel better, a while later, he crapped on hisself and cleaned it up.

I didn't think that anyone else would pee on theirselevs like we did when we were soaked from swimming or having water wars until one day when I was with my younger cousin. He had been playing in the pool and in the hose for a couple of hours when we had got there. I didn't bring my swim trunks with me because I didn't plan to play in the water until he convinced me to ask my mom, who agreed. We found a pair of shorts that was a size too big for him, but were perfect for me (since I was older). After I changed into the shorts, we were on his patio doing something before going to the pool when I heard what sounded like water being spilled onto the concrete. I looked at him and saw he was peeing through his swim trunks. I asked him why he didn't go to the bathroom. He told me that there was no sense in going to the bathroom since we were going to be wet in a few minutes. Then he asked me if I ever did what he did, so I told him I did a lot and I also told him about the bout of diarreha I had on myself a couple of summers earlier. I also learned about peeing in the tub/shower from him (or at least I think it was him, might have been another male cousin, but it was that same day). We were showering later that evening and I told him that I had to pee and he said, well just let go and pee. I was shocked but and refused to at first, but when he did it a few seconds later, I was a little more at ease in doing so. Now, I never get out of the shower or tub to pee.

Oh well, this is long enough. I will post more later.

To Connor:

It sucks that you're being put down because you might be a little more clean about yourself than some of the other guys. I'm 13 and don't worry about using public toilets. I just sit right down, unless I'm at a place like Wal-Mart where they have a holder of those seat papers you can pull down and sit on. I've used those a couple of times, but not every time. I guess sometimes I'm in too much of a hurry to just sit down and pee. Sometimes when I hold my pee until I get to a bathroom I start hurting so I'm gonna wanna place myself on the toilet just as fast as I can. Sometimes my pee comes out so fast it's like there's a fizzle or bubbles whenit hits the water in the bowl. What really sucks is when I start my stream and have to stop it and then start it up again. This also hurts me. This happened last week at the mall. I had just started my pee and my friend Kirsten, who has bad manners and sometimes pisses me off because of it, tapped on my door and said she had an emergency. I like reached for the door from where I was seated and even by sliding myself up to the front of the toilet seat, I still couldn't reach the latch for Kirsten. So I had to stop my stream, stand up and unlatch the door and all she did was grab some toilet paper off the roll so she could blow her nose. Like I really needed that interruption! Then as I tried to close the door and get her out of there, she wanted to stand and talk. I had to tell her "LIKE NO!" To directly answer your question Connor, I know a few friends that do spread toilet paper over the seats. One places a brown paper towel across the front and another over each of the two sides. A couple actually lift the seat and squat pee without actually sitting on the seat. But most of us just go the normal way. However, I agree it's wrong to put somebody down just because they have been taught to do something a bit different. And putting a person down in front of others is even worse. That father who made the negative remark to his son about you Connor might have just been trying to pressure you to sitting down and getting done faster, or worst yet, just getting pissed, pulling up your pants and leaving. I'm glad you stood your ground; it served them right!

to Merrilee

My grandma has this saying that "pigs will be pigs..." and I think that applies to what happened to you in the bathroom of your school. Although you are a year older and more experienced than me, I know that we have some prankers and others who deliberately mess the bathrooms up. If they do it earlier in the morning, that means it sucks for the rest of us for the remainder of the day. I agree with you about not being able to flush when you are done with your crap because someone has put a soda bottle, sanitary napkin, personal planner book, and in one case last week, a biology book into the toilet. Like you, sometimes I really need to go badly and I'm just getting ready to put my butt on the seat when I notice what looks like droppings on the seat. Our white seats make it much harder to see such a mess and try and tell if it's someone's pee or a splash from the really wicked flush. My mother would probably kill me if she found out, but most of the time now I just sit right down because I crapped my pants one November afternoon when I had waited three-deep in a line and my anus was about the explode. My crap was ready to ready to come out and I took a couple of seconds to notice that there was quite a bit of liquid on the seat. I was debating on whether to get into line again for another stall, when I farted and felt my crap slowly come into my underwear. I said "what the hell..." and sat down on the toilet with the intent of quickly sliding my jeans and underwear forward. Wouldn't you know it, I had trouble unbuttoning my jeans and I did a complete crap (luckily it was harder than many of my shits)in my underwear. Finally, I swear it took about 35 or 40 seconds, I got my jeans unbuttoned and I pulled them and my underwear down while I continued to sit on the toilet. First, I sat and cleaned myself the best I could and then I took off my jeans and then my underwear. I carefully rolled my underwear up with one medium-sized crap in it and I must have sat on the toilet for 20 minutes before everyone cleared the bathroom and I could come out of my stall and throw my underwear in the trash can. I missed more than half my 6th hour class and was given a DT by our teacher. Then right after school, both Kirsten and I had to pee. There was only one good stall available because of the mistreatment of the restrooms that you wrote about, Merrilee, and Kirsten wanted to share it with me. I never should have let her in there with me. It was too crowded and when I dropped my jeans (wouldn't you know I didn't have any trouble with the button this time!) she noticed I didn't have any underwear and made a big deal of it. After I peed, she sat down and peed and she complained about how cold the seat was and that I didn't warm it up enough for her, etc. Then I told her she was welcome to get up and use one of the other vandalized stalls. So she halfway apologized. So Merrilee, I sympathize with you.

Dick's sister Karen
Hi, this is Karen from England. I haven't posted since page 1657.

Now my twin brother Dick and I are 25 and we share a house with my baby daughter Emma who is nearly 2 years old. Dick gave me so much support after my ex-fiancée Mike (Emma's father) left me and Dick is just like a father to Emma who has never known Mike. Dick and I share all the childcare and housework and he is so kind and caring. We have never had an argument and I am so incredibly fond of him. Like any guy in his 20s, Dick has certain needs but he hasn't had a girlfriend since the time he wrote about on page 1643 when he and Mandy split up last year. He could easily find another girlfriend but he and I have a deeply affectionate emotional bond and I do something for him that none of his girlfriends ever did; I cater for his interest in toilet matters, especially girls pooing. I suppose I helped him to develop this interest when we were children, like the times that he wrote about on page 1614 and I wrote about on page 1649, when he watched me poo, I asked him to wipe my bum and he did.

Now, when Dick needs to poo after Emma has gone to bed, he whispers in my ear, "I need a poo-poo", like we used to whisper to our mother when we were about 3 or 4 years old. Then he likes me to take him to the toilet, take his pants down, stay with him while he does it and then wipe his bum afterwards. He also likes me to whisper in his ear when I need to poo then he takes me to the toilet, watches me poo and wipes me. He also likes me to sit on my potty (which is a bit larger than my baby's potty) and do my poo there.

We live quite near ????, which is nearly 6,000 acres of protected forest to the ????. In summer if the ground is dry, we like to go for an off-road cycle ride on the forest paths on a Sunday but most of the year when the ground is wet and soft, we go for a long walk. I need to get more exercise, as I have been trying to lose a bit of weight since I had Emma. On our walks or cycle rides, Dick likes us to get 'back to nature' and go to the toilet together in the forest. We eat plenty of fruit and fibre so we usually do a good healthy poo every morning and sometimes at other times. On a Sunday morning, instead of doing our poo in the toilet at home, we try to hold it, and then we go to visit our parents. They look after baby Emma while Dick and go out for a walk or cycle ride in the forest. Since I had Emma, my pelvic floor muscles are a bit weak and I can't hold my poo so well if it's soft and urgent so I put a double layer of paper kitchen towel inside my panties in case any poo slips out on the way to the forest.

We take a toilet roll and a large self-sealing plastic bag in our backpack and we go to a dense holly thicket in the forest where no one can see us. If the weather is really warm, I take my jeans and panties right off and I pee standing up, otherwise I just pull them down a bit and squat to pee and poo. I do my poo into the bag while Dick holds the bag underneath me, while watching me from behind and then he wipes my bum. Then Dick takes his pants down and I can tell that he has enjoyed watching me do my poo and wiping me. He does his poo into the bag and then I wipe him and we put the toilet paper into the bag of poo and seal the bag to take home for disposal. It is Dick's way of going back to his childhood when he used to poo under the hedge in our garden with his childhood sweetheart Anna and then sometimes with me. It also reminds us of the night that Dick wrote about on page 1638 when we both went for a poo in the forest after I had split up with my fiancé Mike. Hugging each other in the car that evening marked a turning point in our relationship and since then we have wanted to be together all the time.

It takes me about 24 hours to build up for a good poo and unless I am constipated, it usually comes out in a few seconds, so it is all over rather quickly. Dick has rigged up a small web cam in our toilet bowl connected to a portable PC. He can record a close-up view of my bum with my poo coming out, with sound and he enjoys watching an 'action replay' later. I call it the 'poocam' and if I need to go to the toilet when he is out, I sometimes record myself. We take it away if we are expecting visitors of course. Dick has a collection of video clips of me that he calls "Karen's greatest shits" and his favourites are the ones where I have to run to the toilet, then I pull my panties down quickly and do a loose, urgent and noisy poo. I know that he also likes to look at toilet-related web sites on the Internet, including this one. After I have gone to bed, he often stays up late on the computer. I know what he is looking at but if he hears me coming down the stairs, he quickly switches to some other program on the computer and makes it look like he is writing e-mails.


I live in Newcastle in the North of England, which has a reputation as a bit of a party city. Lots of people come here for stag/hen nights or just a good night out. There are loads of bars and clubs and drink is relatively cheap. I was out with my mates one night in a particularly busy bar. and the time came to pee. I shuffled passed everybody to get to the mens toilets and noticed the Ladies toilets on the way and how busy they were. There were women queing outside. Not so in the mens which is quite normal. I went up to the nearest urinal -they were the pod type and there were about 4 or 5 in a row. A bloke who was there when I went in was on his way out. I'd had a couple of pints so started a nice long relaxed pee. What happened next came as a big surprise! 2 girls aged about 19 or 20 came in - one of them looked apologetic and said she couldn't wait in the queue for the ladies- would I mind if she went in here. I was a bit gobsmacked but said I didn't mind thinking they'd both just go in the cubicles. One did in fact but the other said standing up is much quicker and came over to the pod next to mine. She was wearing a short skirt which she hitched up and then she kind of leant back a bit and using boh hands started peeing (accurately, I must say ) into the pod. I tried hard not to look too interested but in reality we could both see each others private parts, but actually it seemed a very natural thing to do. She smiled and said that standing is much easier and quicker than that (pointing towards her friend over in the cubicle) and sorted herself out washed her hands and was gone. The other girl was still in there when I went out. I told my mates what had happened and they both had ths happen to them before. They reckoned it was quite common - especially when the bars get busy. First time for me though. I would have to say it didn't bother me at all but some people might take it the wrong way so I don't know that it's a good idea.

Hey I usually lurk, but I wanted to share this story. Sorry if it's kinda short. Okay, so last year I was studying for exams (I am in highschool) and I felt a tiny urge to poop. I hadn't gone in two days, which is normal for me, and I normally would have just held it. But I was eager for any excuse to stop studying, so I got up slowly, stretched, and turned off my light. (By the way, my room is like 30secs top from the bathroom if I walk slowly...)So anyway, I walk out of my room slowly, and began to skip to the bathroom and I have gone like two steps when all of a sudden, for some strange reason, the urge to poop intensifies to the point where I think I am going to poo all over my floor. So I began running full speed to the bathroom, and right before I got in, I sharted a bit in my PJ pants. By the way, this has NEVER happened to me before...When I reached the bathroom, I ripped down my pants and literally THREW myself onto the toilet. As soon as my butt made contact with the seat, and maybe even a second or two before, a whole bunch of poop just poured out of me. Oddly though, I had been expecting to have diarrhea, as that is the only time this ever happens to me, but the poo was solid. It was definately softer than usual, but not diarrhea. Anyway, I actually loved the whole experience and have been trying to duplicate it ever since.

I love all the poop stories, and would appreciate lots of detail regarding texture, sounds, smells, and the feeling of it as it slides out of you, and as you hold it in.

Thanks alot,
XOXO Pooperman

To THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER... Thanks for confirming my guess.

I've heard similar stories about guys on fishing trawlers hanging their bums over the gunwales to poo whilst at sea. You seem to be rather relaxed regarding your bowel functions... and that's great! I'm not quite sure how I'd react at having to defecate in a public restroom in the park sans door. Who knows, perhaps one day I'll be forced to experiment.

Keith - so, the 'graphic' description enables you to feel as though you're 'in that little room' with me. Well, what can I say? That would present as an interesting scenario. Pooping in front of a guy with a definite interest in these sorts of affairs would certainly add a different dimension to the whole thing, wouldn't it? Have you ever been in the company of a female sitting on the toilet before?

Also, you were wondering about people smoking on the toilet. Well, until quite recently, I was living and working back over in Europe, sharing an apartment with two girls (or rather, young women). Neither of them, it seemed, would go the toilet without a cigarette. Both were exceptionally attractive - a tall, leggy Swiss woman with short dark hair and a Dutch girl with blonde hair and peaches and cream complexion. The toilet in our apartment had a well supplied magazine rack, which ensured each and every visit was a lengthy one!

It was also fairly common, prior to the advent of smoking bans, for women to be smoking in the toilets at the various establishments that I'd worked at over the years.

Your anecdote of pooing in the desert with all of those flies buzzing about sounds decidedly hideous! I've no issues with outdoor relief - I've been there on occasion myself... but those flies - eeuuww! I guess this is where I'm just a delicate female! And yes, you're right; pooing outdoors does deliver a different scent.

HSH - in response to your recent question, it takes an inordinate amount of time for the odour of my poos to dissipate. I never use toilet deodorisers as, quite frankly, it simply smells like chlorofluorocarbon spray mixed with shit! I'm a minimalist... and a purist.

OK, I must up and away... things to do and places to be.

Love & kisses,


Has anyone ever tried the squat technique? I've been aware that that's what the majority of the world does, but it wasn't until a while ago that I learned that it's supposedly healthier...there are even special platforms that you can buy and position in front of your toilet so that you can squat in the privacy of your own home! Which, in itself, is actually a rather disturbing, and possibly inconvenient, invention; face it, there are times when you NEED to use the toilet and you just can't afford the time to start setting up special tools and equipment in order to do so...

I actually tried it once, in my own home: I took off my pants and balanced, both feet on the rim of the toilet, and pooped. It didn't feel any faster or more fact, it actually felt a little strange, since my body's not used to taking a dump in said position. The main drawback is that when my poo hit the water, it made such a loud splash that I wouldn't dare want to try it in public, or even if there was someone else in the house with me. One good thing, though, is that you hardly ever have to wipe your butt: your poop falls out totally clean!

Question for all the ladies:

How long does it take for stench of your poop to dissapate from your bathroom after you've pooped?

Hey, everybody, I'm on my toilet RIGHT now, getting ready to pee and poop, so you know what's going on right down to the second. I can feel the urge to poop pretty strongly, cuz I'm farting a bit (some long and slow ones), and I can feel it in my ass... it's probably gonna be a little sloppy cuz I'm cramping. I'm pushing softly as my first turd is easing out... its mushy, very smelly, and it splashed into the toilet with a small *ploop*! I peed a little bit... it doesnt smell like anything, or maybe it does cuz its being masked by the poop. I'm farting some loud ones now, kind of stinky, so I'm probably going to have to poo another log soon. Another turd is coming out without any pushing, and it hits the water with a small plop. I'm done now, so here's what I made: Light yellowish pee, doesn't smell like anything--it's almost clear, some NICE-sized sloppy turds, and a couple of nuggets, all a creamy brown color. I'm wiping now, flushing, and leaving the bathroom. Happy pooping!


To Sita: Thanks so much for answering my questions. Can you tell us about Indian toilets, I've always wondered about them. Do you squat or bend over or what? Why are they nicer than western toilets? And Wow! You must have been desperately holding your shit in when you went all over the toilet. Just barely got your panties down and your skirt up - wish I had been there to see it. I read your reply when I was sitting on the toilet this morning and it made me real excited.

To China Girl: So glad you replied to me - thanks. Wow you and Sita must be soul mates. You also barely got your panties down in time before your ass shot shit everywhere. I would love to have watched you too. I somehow knew you had really strong asshole control, what's the longest you have ever held your turds in and do you like holding them in or do you generally go sit on the toilet when you get the urge? By the way, reading your reply right after Sita's in the posting was just too much for my excitement if you get my meaning.

Thanks to you two girls that was the best morning shit I have had in months.

To Jenny: Loved your story about your short fat turd. I love it when I shit like that. The long ropey turds just flow out and you hardly feel them, but nice hard short fat ones that s-t-r-e-t-c-h your asshole feel fantastic and the longer the shit lasts the better it feels.

To Graham: Great story. I love holding my shit until the last minute too. And like Jenny, there's nothing quite like the feel of a good long hard fat turd coming slowly coming out your asshole. Oh yes, and when I was a little kid I remember sitting on the toilet hoping my asshole wasn't going to hurt too much when my turd came out.

To Merrilee: Wow, you too only just managed to get your panties down and your skirt up before the nose of your turd touched cotton. Did your turd start coming out as you were pulling your panties down or had it already started and in fact you were already shitting yourself and just barely avoided a calamity. It must have been a fairly soft turd judging by your 4 out of 5 score for ass-mess.

Hey it's me again.
I have two stories to tell all of you.
I wanted some books yesterday and I also wanted to go jogging so I went to the library and I jogged there (Killing two birds with one stone). I got really gassy and crampy during my jog so I figured a poop was on its way.
When I got there I rented out my books and then finally the feeling came just before I left the Library. I walked back in and headed for the washroom when the librarian took my books from me and told me I can't bring them into the washroom with me, which was a shame because I had planned on reading a bit. While I was taking this LARGE very smelly poop the door swung open and it was the janitor!! He turned red and I played it off he apologized and quickly turned out. I was a tad more embarrassed because the bathroom was like the size of a walk in closet and the smell was atrocious. Before I was finished I realized he was coming in to refill the toilet paper! which angered me because its not like I could not wipe I was wearing leggings and that would make a wet mark on my but. I figured he might be waiting outside of the door, so I opened the door slightly and peeked my head out saw him and WISPERED LOUDLY. "Can I have the toilet paper!"
He smiled and then handed it to me.
I wiped left and laughed slightly while walking by him on my way out

Second Story
Around 15 years ago I was running in a park near my old appartment and had to pee!
while I was going in the bushes two a young child who lived in the same building as me ran over saw me gave this helarious look and ran the other way
he told his mother and the women confronted me about it!
she asked that if I am going to "expose" myself do it in a washroom.
I honestly wanted to punch this woman in the face, she obviously never had a desperate time to go in her life
I actually developed this hate for her as time went on just because of that moment

To Linda: You asked me if I have ever had a difficult poo at a friend's house. About a year ago a good friend of mine invited me to see his latest renovation project - a split-level house he had purchased and intended to flip. Needless to say the place was a disaster area, not the least issue of which was a complete absence of internal doors including bathroom doors. Of course it was my luck that while there I started to feel the increasingly insistent urge of a turd demanding its freedom. I held it in for as long as I could but eventually realized it meant business and it was time to sit on the pot. I turned to my friend and said "Hey dude, I really have to take a shit, do you mind" he replied "No problem, let it out man" and he pointed to the toilet right next to where we were standing. "It's the only one that works, go let that bad boy out", he said grinning.

Now we had been close friends ever since we were kids and had no hang-ups with each other so I pulled my pants down, sat on the bowl and tried to make myself comfortable. We kept up the small chat and after a few minutes he asked, "How's that turd coming along"? Well it wasn't coming along. "It's stuck" I told him, "Just now I was squeezing my asshole shut to keep it in and now I'm on the pot it doesn't want to come out" "Yeah I get those too sometimes, give it a good push" he said, "That'll get it moving" Now I'm not normally a pusher, I like it to come out naturally but in this case I decided I couldn't sit there all afternoon. I leaned forward, pushed my pants all the way down, opened my knees wide and gripped my ankles. I looked up and saw him watching me. I started to push and grunted with the exertion. Nothing happened and with him still watching I took a deep breath and pushed even harder. I pushed so hard I moaned loudly and I could feel my face turning red with the exertion.

He stopped what he was doing, put his hammer down and gave me a look of concern. I took another deep breath and started pushing and groaning at the same time. "Man, you're gonna pop a cork, you're all red!....You always have such a hard time shitting?" he added. "Noooo.." I croaked, and taking another deep breath I let go my ankles, reached behind and opened my crack to try and help my asshole. I stared at him and started pushing again, feeling my face burning and all screwed up with the exertion. This time I felt some movement. "I think its coming" I winced as I continued to push as hard as I could. "Ohhhhhhh come ONNN!" I gasped, "COME ONNN!" My friend came toward me, "Let me have a look" he said and stood beside me looking over my back.

I continued to push and I heard him say "You're all bulging out........ and your asshole is trying to open. Keep pushing man....keep pushing". I let my breath go, shuffled my ass on the pot to get more comfortable, leaned all the way forward and started pushing again with all my might. "Yeah ....yeah...come on...your asshole's opening...come on...push man..push" I moaned with the effort of pushing and at last felt my asshole begin to open. "Come on....I can see the tip..come on" I continued to push and felt my hole giving way. "'s coming...keep's coming out......" I took another breath and continued to push; scared it would suck back in an all that effort would be wasted. I felt my hole stretch wider and wider only to have a searing pain to add to the stress and strain of all the pushing. "OOOWWwwww", I yelled in pain, "Oh geeez...." my friend gasped. " got one massive turd coming out...what have you been eating"? I continued to push and slowly felt the pain diminish with the realization that the worst was probably over and now my shit was coming out on its own with no need for me to push. I let out a huge sigh of relief and felt the remaining length slowly easing its way out of my asshole. My friend was still watching carefully and commented, "It's coming out real slow .....It's kinda thinner a little bit now.....its still coming.....still coming" Then in a final flurry it's tail left my hole and it splashed into the waiting water, accompanied by a huge sigh of relief from me.

After a pause of what must have been at least two minutes, I stood up and we both looked in the bowl. My turd wasn't particularly long; probably no more than 8 or 9 inches but its shape explained all my difficulties. It was almost perfectly pear shaped. Its fat rounded nose which we both guessed at almost 3 inches across at its widest explained why I couldn't get it started and also why it hurt so much when it eventually did come out. Its tapered back end explained why it didn't hurt so much at the end and indeed why it came out all on its own. My poor asshole, stretched to the limit simply squeezed it out as it tried its very best to close.

And oh yes, from my previous post, when I got off the toilet and waddled into the kitchen to answer the phone with my turd half out of my asshole; it did indeed seem really weird having several inches of turd hanging in mid air. I could feel it was still firmly embedded deep in my ass but nevertheless I was very nervous about my hole not being over the bowl.

I got sick today, for the first time in a while.

i was in chem class when all of a sudden i felt like my mouth was really dry and i felt unsettled in my stomach. the dissettlement quickly became a sick feeling. I felt the need to go take a dump but since i was in the middle of taking a test, that wasn't really an option. I finished the test as quickly as i could and as i stood up i felt really dizzy. i got permission to use the restroom and made it there feeling really weak. i passed loose logs, they were soft and fell apart as i flushed the toilet and there were maybe 3 or four of them. Surprisingly that made me feel even sicker. Well, as I wasn't able to poop anymore and didn't want to stay away from class for too long, i head back to the classroom.

the period ended about 10 minutes later and by that time i was feeling full out naucious. i barely got to the bathroom when i exploded with wet farts and gurgling diarrhea. The wave lasted about 5 minutes before the bathroom was silent and then i would let out the grossest wet fart and dark brown liquid- literally liquid would start pouring out again. i was on the toilet for almost 40 minutes before i felt it was safe to get up. i washed my hands and left the bathroom, planning to call my mom and get a nurse's pass to go home. by the time i reached the first floor (from the second) i was clenching my cheeks together. but when i got to the bathroom, the diarrhea that had filled my rectum only a second before was gone. i went on to the nurse and as she was asking me what was wrong/ what i needed i puked all over the floor.

needless to say, i got sent home... haha. it was wierd for me though, because i haven't been sick to my stomach since i was about 6 and i'm 15 now. also, i've never had diarrhea before this... wierd...

Cool Dumper
I have a question I hope someone can answer. Back in 1987 I was on a vacation trip driving from Las Vegas to Barstow California. As you leave Las Vegas you first come to the Cali state line. Then you cross a dry lake (first time I had seen one of those) then go over a long steep hill. At the bottom of the other side of the hill there is a rest area. I stopped and went inside the men's and found urinals plus several toilet stalls with doors and locks. But right next to the stalls was a single toilet sitting completely out in the open (inside the room of course) with no stall or partition around it at all. It looked like it was designed that way and was not an act of vandalisn. Does anyone know why this would be?

Jeff - interesting story, is this the only time that this has happened to him, do you have other stories

I was about fifteen years old at the time. We were driving back from a movie in Davenport, Mom, Dad and my girlfriend Jennifer. Jenny had to go number two really badly, but Dad didn't want to stop again for he had just stopped ten minutes ago for us all to pee. After about ten more miles, Jenn was desperate and started to cry as she let little hiney farts fro, time to time.

I was mad at Dad for not stopping for Jenny, so I told her to sit on my lap and pull her panties out and let it go between my legs. It was one long crackling sound as a huge, soft brown poo filled her panties, and then another. The car was herewith filled with what I called the little girl poo smell. But then another and another. How could all that and still more have come from that cute little behind? Well, I held her little behind down hard on my lap and, well really. We drove in the driveway at 11 pm and mom took Jenn to the toilet to change her underware. End of story.

To: Strange Connor: That is your toilet time, you should paper the seat if you feelthe need. If other men harass you, call the security guard. He or she is there to help eliminate harassment.

To Sierra:
I would like to know more examples of times you have pooped your pants because you were doing something and didn't want to use the toilet. Also, please tell more about your mom's attitude towards pooping one's pants for convenience. I would like to see some more stories!


Thursday, June 12, 2008


I loved your story. My story with the police was when a mate and I were trespassing on some old buildings - we were not really being criminal but a lot of damage had been done and so someone ha seen us go in and phoned the police. Now I don't really know why we were so scared but when they found us crouching behind some oil drums two very frightened young men came out. I lost it and began to wet myself. It was as simple as that - then they pushed us both against a wall and began to search us. They wanted to check out our underpants for drugs and told us to drop our trousers. I messed myself as I was dropping them. Two huge soft turds just coiled into the back of my briefs and I almost died with shame. My mate was looking at me in horror but I was pleased to see his pants and shirt were soaked. They just took our names and sent us home but I'll never forget the humiliation of shitting myself out of fear.

I have messed my pants since but I have always got away with it without being found out. Certainly all the police did with my mate and I was laugh at what we did in our pants.

Kathy- you wrote "Today was the day that I received an enema. My first one in many, many years. Has to be since high school." Could you tell us more about your eariler enema experiences? Did you have them ofter as a child? I had lots and often wondered whatthey we like for girls.-- JW

to Connor:
That was a horrible thing for the father to say to his son while they were invading your space in the store bathroom as you were spreading paper over the toilet seat. You are more adventurous than me! I don't ever think I could use an open-doorless stall and have others waiting and watching for me to get done. I would want them to move to the other side of the room and to give me some space. Privacy is important to me too! Now to your question as to whether you are "strange" for putting toilet paper down before you sit on a public toilet seat. Like you, I'm 16, and I rarely put toilet paper over the seat. First of all, there's not enough time between classes at school, and as you know, if more students used the paper, it would run out a lot faster and more students would be pissed. Second, when I'm at places like the mall, or like last night, at a professional baseball game with my boyfriend, at the most I will just wipe the seat off real fast before sitting down on it. The reason for that is that sometimes there are splashes on the seat and I have no idea whether I would be sitting in water splashed from the flush or someone's urine. Last night was such a case. At the stadium, a mother came out of the stall with a young boy. He was probably about 4. She hadn't lifted the seat for him and his aim really sucked. Why she didn't wipe up after him, I don't know. Hey, I probably should have insulted the two of them just like the father and son did you! But I'm a cheerleader and our AD at school constantly tells the student body that we need to have "class". What was different, though, last night with my crap was that the stool was higher than I often use and because I'm only 5',3" I didn't feel I was seated as comfortably as I could be because I was a bit too far back on the stool. So much so that the back of my knees and my shorts were pretty much up against the front of the toilet. The last time I had crapped was at school and that was on our last day on Friday. I knew it would be large and I had a lot to get out. In order to get my legs spread wider (this has helped me in the past) I slid my butt over more to the front of the seat, but in doing so, my feet went out from under me (probably due to the wet floor in front of the toilet)and my pubic area scraped over one side of the seat before I grabbed the front of the bowl to prevent from falling. So Connor, even if I had been sitting on toilet paper, I don't think it would have been very helpful. About three minutes later I was able to empty my bowels. Since I was down there in the bathroom longer than normal, my boyfriend was wondering what happened. I explained it to him and he thought it was funny. He said I was lucky because at least the womens rooms have stall doors. His father is a real fan and has season tickets. TJ said when he was younger his father would take him to a game each week. His dad always had him go in and try to crap before they left home and TJ thought that was strange because he knew there were bathrooms at the stadium. Apparently, each of the restrooms is one hugely long room with 30 or 40 stalls (all without doors) on one side and one long urinal that everyone pees into on the other side of the room. Once he saw guys sitting and crapping under such conditions while others waited their turn, he understood where his father was coming from. TJ went down to pee twice last night and didn't seem to have any trouble doing it. I did ask him about whether the guys put paper over the seat before sitting down and crapping and he said no. One problem is that sometimes there's not even enough paper in the stall to wipe with when they get done. I use to think that the girls had it worse because we have to sit down more than the guys. However, thru and my boyfriend, I'm learning differently.

Keith D
To Thunder from Down Under and Linda from Australia: Yes pooping outdoors is an experience like no other. It has all the sensations of the traditional indoors poop but with the added bonus of an exotic location and a possibly a view. It is an entirely different experience. Even the sensations are a little different, probably enhanced by the low squatting position. I also find that poop smells different when you are doing it outdoors. I find it just doesn't smell as bad! Has anyone else noticed this? To me it smells a whole lot less gassy, less sulphur and methane smells. Perhaps that's because it is outside and the breeze immediately wafts the gases away. Whereas a poop inside on the bowl confines the smell. It just seems less pungent.

Very funny about you leaving a huge pile next your grandfather's car Linda! I bet he was not impressed. Were you embarrassed at the time or proud of your huge achievement?

Mike , Gregg, Frankie , Josh, Pete
I'm Mike, I'm writing on behalf of me and my 4 buddys. We went to the beach Saturday.
It was soooooooooo hot. We swam , sunbathed , played volleyball , ate, drank ....and of course , we pissed and pooped throughout the day. The mens bathroom was large, about 12 urinals, and I guess about 8 toilet stalls without doors facing the urinals. the sinks were on the other side of the room, with a changing bench, and 2 pole showers, each with 6 shower heads. So, before we left, we all decided to shit. We invaded the bathroom and took over 5 of the 8 doorless toilets. We all cut loose farting , pissing, and log or mush dropping, 3 other dudes took over the other bowls. The room stunk !!! We all started laughing about the stink WE created, made worse by the 115 degree temperature in the room. The cleaning guy walks in with his helper, looks at us, laughs, and says to his helper "lets come back later, let them finish shitting , and air out the place, they don't supply us with gas masks" they both laughed, and, I'm not sure who but a few of the shitters blew out more farts and shit. We all wiped up, having to share the toilet paper, since the rolls of paper were attached to the stall endcaps, meaning 7 rolls for 8 toilets. but we finished up, showered, dressed and drove home. I say lets do it again soon .....

Oh wow! I just took the most relieving dump ever!! Yesterday morning I went for my usual morning dump, but I was only able to squeeze out a small turd, and I knew there was more. But no matter how hard I pushed, all I could do was fart a few times.

I didn't really worry about it, figuring I'd poop again later in the day. By the time I went to bed yesterday, I still hadn't pooped, but I wasn't concerned.

When I woke up this morning, I was feeling a little cramped and bloated. I sat on the toilet as per usual and let off some gas, relieving a little bit of the pressure, but I definitely had to poop. I went to work as normal, and suffered through the day until I got home.

Finally about an hour ago, I felt the poop inside me move and I hoped I'd finally be able to go. I sat on the toilet, completely naked from the waist down and waited.

After a lot of farting, some loud, some silent, a huge turd began slowing inching out. It felt SOO good working all my muscles to push out this monster! At last the familiar SPLASH of my poop hitting the water. Of course, I had to look at this monster that caused me so much trouble.

It was only 5 or 6 inches long, compared with my usual foot long ropey turds I usually have, but damn was it wide around. I was almost sorry to flush it away, but I did after wiping twice.

Here's a story from just this past weekend at a charity walk I was doing. I happened to meet Leah (an acquaintance) there, so we decided to walk together. A little over halfway through the walk, Leah told me she needed to go to the bathroom so bad she was going to wet her pants. Leah mentioned she had a large iced tea before she got there plus she had nearly finished her second bottle of water on the walk. And there was really no place for her to stop and go, plus I knew she wasn't comfortable peeing outside, either. Leah then said, "I know I'll wet my pants before we get to the next port-a-potties" (located at various places on the route). I said, "If you do, you do." Then she said, "Would you still walk with me?" I said, "Of course." We continued walking and maybe about a minute later, Leah remarked, "My shirt's so long, if I wet my pants, it would hardly be noticable." I looked down at the grey shorts she was wearing, and said, "We could also spill water on your pants so no one would know." Then I added, "But I think you'll make it." About fifteen minutes later, we did make it to the port-a-potties. Leah had her pants unbutton and unzipped before she even got into the port-a-potty, and she didn't even bother locking the door. She made it, though!

Karen from MO - Excellent story about you peeing outside because you were about to wet your new pantsuit. You stopped just in time!

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