Pool Pee Girl
I recently got a pool and this extreme filter someone told me about. It's Amazing! I also got a vacuum for the pool. So, I have been testing it out and it will get just about anything out. One day, as soon as I got in the pool, I had to pee and poop. Not wanting to get out, I decided to do it right in the pool. I was already naked, because I don't need clothes in the privacy of my backyard and fence. I got comfortable and let out my pee and I could see the water turning yellow. Then, I started my poop with a huge fart with many bubbles and a solid piece came out and a few others after. When I was finished the vacuum was already sucking the poop up and the filter was filtering out the pee. I have done this numerous times and plan on doing it more!

One day my son was on the floor in the basment when he started to hold his genitals. My daughter, almost 5 was there also. "I've got to make a poop," he said, pulling his pants off. My daughter didn't even look over. I looked at his BM all ready hanging. "Don't let go, son." I said. I grabbed his regular pooping bucket. I sat it under him and he let go. Then my little girl said, "What's that?" pointing at his groin. He bent over and strained, mush came flying out. Then strained, making poop slither out. "Finished," he said happily. Laying him on his stomach, I wiped his booty. He started to poop again and I pulled it out and I wiped him.About three hours later in the basment, my daughter said, she had to urinate. Pulling pants down, she said, "She couldn't hold it any longer", squatted and peed on the floor. Then my little girl had to pass gas and she dropped little balls of poop. She said, "I've have to doo doo," I said, "I didn't have tissue, don't go doo doo." A long turd was hanging already. Thinking what was I going to do. I pulled over, the pooping bucket. She set it under and started going again. A brown, green and yellow turd started exiting with crackles. The poop is so long that it starts to curl and makes at least three layers before mush started to come out almost filling the bucket. As soon as she finished, she didn't want anyone seeing. She just ran without wiping and nothing on but a t-shirt, and empty the pooping bucket, in the basment, where no one could see and the clean up isn't so bad.

I was driving home to Cincinnati from Pittsburgh from my Grandmothers house today. About 2 hours from home, I felt the urge to poop. I looked for a rest stop, but couldn't find one. In case you didn't catch it from my last post, I dont find pleasure in pooping my pants, but I don't find it disgusting. So I have no problem with soiling myself if there isn't a bathroom around. So I'm about a half hour from my house I get pulled over for speeding. This has happened once before to me, and I got out without a ticket because I got sympathy from the cop when I had an "accident" while stopped. I thought I would try this again. At this point, I did have to poop pretty badly. The cop came up to my car and gave me the whole 75 in a 65 zone talk as well as the how it is unsafe (Although with the speed that everyone around me was going, 65 probably would have been more dangerous). When asked for my license proof of insurance etc. I lifted my butt while pretending to reach for my wallet and gave a small push as I let a large poop into my panties. It crackled loudly and the bulge was somewhat big. But unfortunately, I didn't get any sympathy. I was trying to pretend shocked because I had just pooped myself. But the cop took this as a sign that I was drunk. I begged with him and told him that I just couldn't hold it anymore and that I wasn't drunk at all. But He made me get out of my car with loaded pants and all and do a field sobriety test. I never thought I'd have to do one of those, especially with a load in my pants. Of course I passed it with flying colors. The cop apologized for everything and I drove away with a warning. So I've realized that pooping your pants is a good way to get out of a speeding ticket, its worked for me twice. I rode the rest of the way home. My mom greeted me when I got home. She saw that I had pooped my pants and told me to go upstairs and clean up. She was the one that tought me that pooping in your panties is okay if there isn't a toilet, and sometimes even if there is but you're doing something else. Anybody else ever pooped your pants while pulled over by a cop. If so, was it an accident or was it for sympathy. What reactions did you get from the police officer. Did you end up getting a ticket or not. If so, please tell.

To Keith and others who had difficulties pooping when they were young. My earliest recollection of pooping is sitting on a training potty in our kitchen while my mom went about her house work. I don't remember any problems then but by the time I was about 5 or 6 I had started to hate doing a poo. It always wanted to come out while I was busy doing something important like playing. So I started holding it in as long as I possibly could. I remember being furious with these interruptions and wishing endlessly that I didn't have to poo at all. Of course holding it in until bursting point resulted in lots of accidents and heavily stained underwear. I only recall one instance of totally shitting myself and that was when I was about 8 years old. I wanted to go so bad in class but I tried holding it in and didn't ask to be excused. Eventually after squeezing until I couldn't take the pain anymore I asked the teacher and she let me go. I remember so clearly walking to the toilet squeezing with all my might, but half way there I couldn't hold anymore and it just started coming out. I found a stall and pulled my pants down and saw a huge log in my underwear. I pulled it out with some toilet paper and did my best to clean my pants and my butt. My underpants were constantly stained at that age with all the turtle heads I had, and of course the very loose poops that ooze out no matter how hard you try and keep them in. About the same time I remember that more often than not my poos were very painful. It got so bad I dreaded sitting on the toilet and so I tried even harder to hold it in. On many occasions I remember tears and crying with pain as a huge turd tried to come out, stretching my hole far wider than any little boys butt hole was ever supposed to be opened. This went on until I was almost a teen by which time I guess growing up gave me a different perspective on things. I still held my poo in as long as I could but I got better at knowing my limits and when to get to the toilet. During my teens it hurt less and I settled into the routine I now have quite a few years later. I poo perhaps twice, sometimes three times a week. I still hold my poo in as long as I dare and I thoroughly enjoy the feelings that go with that. I also find a really good long hard shit is now one of life's greatest pleasures and that would take another page to describe.

girl on TV pooped
so someone showed me an interesting video online. it was at a popular video uploading site online, and it was about some european TV personality named Tina. she is a good looking woman, perhaps mid 20s, slim, long brown hair. she has on white pants and a black shirt and heels, and she is interviewing a man in a language i don't understand, i think it may be dutch. anyway, she seems obviously uncomfortable during the interview and occasionally puts her hand over her stomach. eventually, the man is answering a question when she winces and groans and puts her hands on her thighs, then on her bottom. she whines to the camera and groans a little more and seems to be in pain, then she turns around and gingerly runs off with her hand over her butt, and a huge brown stain on her butt too. the guy couldn't believe it. that has to be pretty terrible interviewing a guy for television and having a poop accident right on camera! it was probably pretty awkward for the guy too. eitherway, it was a good watch.

i Mickey: Thanks for comment. I like answering questions from everybody so I do my best.

1. How often does this happen
It not happen a lot. My poo mostly firm and 1 long piece. Sometimes 2 pieces. It only happen if I get sick. But it horrible and sometimes burn my bum hole when it happen.

2. How much splash-back do you get normally.
When my bum shoot water like that it make big mess everywhere and bum gets very dirty. Also when I am in England toilets seem different to America. In England poo fall a long way from my bum and does huge splash and make my bum very wet. In America its like as soon as poo is coming out of my bum its touching water and there is no splash.

3. How often have you missed the inside of the bowl and got some on the outside?
I think you mean when water shoot out of my bum. I made big mess only one time. That was at shopping centre and I get sick and I have to run to toilet. I slam door shut so hard it bounce back open but I already pulling panties down and lifting skirt and I cant shut door. I still bending over and still pulling panties down and bum explode before I sit on toilet and it go everywhere all over bowl and back of bowl and wall and floor behind toilet. After first big mess come out of bum I manage to close door and second mess shoot out. But everything so poopy I cant sit so I still bend over toilet and it not all go in bowl. It make horrible mess and I nearly cry.

4. How many times have you blown a plug in your panties and shit yourselves?
I never done that in my panties. I did normal poo in panties.

5. How often have you blocked the toilet, and was it shit or paper or both that blocked it?
A few times. It happen most times when I do huge poo and it a bit soft and it make my bum and bum hole very poopy and take lots and lots of paper.

6. How much have you girls used those Asian squat toilets. Can you tell us about them?
I come from India and we have lots of toilets like you call Asian. I like them better because they are nicer to use because there is always water to get bum clean and if you use paper it only to dry bum not wipe it clean. It also easier and feel nicer to go poo in Indian toilet and no splash to make bum wet with poopy water.

HI MICKEY: Thanks for the questions and support. I have answers for you.

1. The shit in last post may not happen like that to often, but I guess several times in year. I usually go every 2-3 days. So if something urgent happens around day 3, like this last time, a lot of shit has piled up. And yes, that toilet may have nearly "died," as that chunk had to go down whole. Just the smell is tough to take even without that butt load.

2. I don't get my back splash on my ass. If you shoot out with higher pressure there is splash but mostly in toilet. Most of my ass mess is just from the shit coming out. Also, I typically do long, thick firm shit every few days, not always the large sloppy chuncky ones.

3. A couple years ago, I shot a chunk on the back of my toilet seat. This is really the only time. I always catch myself in time. Anyway, it was my own toilet when I rushed into my apt late one night and could barely hold longer. When I put my pants down while standing, I just had to shoot out right then. So I was standing, bearing my ass over the toilet thinking it would go right in. It shot past and got on back part of toilet seat and lower part of lid. And I covered that whole lower area. It was a large chunk with mush all around it. None got on the floor. I had to sit "half way on toilet" to let the rest of loose shit out.

4. I never shit my pants since being little girl. I have pretty strong ass to hold in till it's time.

5. I block toilet a lot, or a partial block that will flush but partially clog. I typically have to do couple of plunges. The public high pressure flush toilets may not clog though and some have large toilet holes (the public toilet in my previous post is not like that). But my toilet at home and at home of others I know have difficulty with my shit.

6. I come to US early as girl. Although my English is sloppy because I am always around Chinese culture. I am city girl so our trips to China to see extended family and friends always include modern toilets. I actually used squat toilet in Italy in '97 at small train station, but only had to pee. I guess if I had to shit in one, you really have to aim for that hole.

I hope this help. Ask away if you have other questions.

To IBS: Hey I see exactly what you are saying. I'm circumcised and yes when I'm really excited it's not easy to pee. That's because the little tube is all closed up with the same huge pressure that makes your erection hard. The thing is that with no foreskin there's nothing to slow the pee down and I wanted to pee so bad because I had been holding it in while I was still in bed and getting myself excited. I sure learned a lesson there. I'll never do that again. As for thinking about things to take my mind off the excitement, well that never seemed to work very well for me. Except this time, when I had to clean up that mess, even then it only delayed the inevitable. Thanks for the advice IBS, if you think of anything else please let me know. Mickey

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Here is a story my friend told me the other day. Let's call him Billy. Anyway, last week he had a project to do for health where he had to keep a journal of all the food he ate during the week. I noticed when he showed it to me that he ate pretty much only meat, dairy, and white bread. This was probably the cause of his toilet duress. Starting last Monday, he did not go to the bathroom to poop for six days. His bowels were usually a bit backed up but this was unprecedented. For the first few days, everything was alright; by thursday, he was starting to get skidmarks in his briefs. He attributed this to leakage from around the main load. On saturday, he could feel a mass in his rectum, but could not get it to budge. That night he was with his mom shopping and he started to get cramps. He knew it was just a matter of time before he had to unload this monster, but there were no bathrooms at the store. In the car he tried to suck in the poop, but it kept prairie dogging. When he reached his house, he began to waddle towards the bathroom. AT that moment, an intense urge struck him and the poop began to slide out filling his briefs and making a big bulge in his shorts. He also lost control of his bladder and pee soaked the front of his pants. For some reason he kept the underwear which are now almost totally brown even after washing them and showed them to me. He said that the poop was about as big as 4 potatoes. By the way we are sophomores in high school.

Strange Connor
I started my summer job three weeks ago working in retail. It's a large chain store, some 110,000 square feet of space and they alternate me between stock work and cashiering. The good thing is that I'm getting the maximum hours allowed for a 16-year-old and that's good because I want to save up for a car. Now for the bad: the doorless bathroom stalls! It's not so much a privacy issue with me because we have the doorless stalls at school too. Rather, it's the looks and comments I get when its crowded and there's a line for each of the 6 stalls, and its my turn to go in, and I start pulling off toilet paper to cover the seat with. I guess I'm one of the few guys who does it. Everyone else from the 5 year old child to the 75 year old appliance salesman just pulls his pants down and sits. My mom taught me back when I was in grade school that I should put paper over the seat and it was a habit I got into and I stayed with it. A few of the guys do at school, but not many. Yesterday, while I was preparing my seat, a middle aged man who was next with his son (who was about 8) looked to his son and apologized for the delay and the fact that there probably wouldn't be any toilet paper left for him. He said something like, "******, I just don't know what some of these people are thinking anymore. You've got to learn to be considerate of others!" I've asked two girls who go to my school and work with me about it and they say most of the women just sit right on the seat and don't worry about covering it. Am I that strange???

Like many students, my high school gets out the 3rd week in June. I'm finishing my freshman year, but you could argue that we're still in grade school by the way so many of the students--especially the older ones--treat our school. The bathrooms are the worst and getting worse by the day. My body is such that I crap about 10 a.m. during homeroom each morning. I pee twice; during lunch hour (actually 25 minutes--a laugh!) and right after school before I start my 6-block walk home. Friday morning I got the pass from my HR teacher and went across the hall to the bathroom. Remember, this is only 2 hours into the school day and with each stall I went into, there was a bowl, undoubtedly clogged with unflushed pee and crap. Some of the crap was stacked higher than the bowl's water level which means several students must have contributed to it. With the opening of each stall door, I became more discouraged. And this was at a time when I was feeling more urgency to have my daily crap. I was somewhat discouraged when I opened the 9th and final stall. Only a bowl of bright, yellow pee! I took my left hand to drop the seat and my confidence ended quickly when I felt something very moist on my four fingers and thumb. There was pee on the left side of the seat and I dropped it with a thud. Then I noticed there were a few very small droppings of crap that were dried but still gross on the very back of the seat. With only two sheets of toilet paper on the roll, I wasn't about to chance it. So I went to the stairs and up one floor. I picked up speed as spotted the restroom, outside door wide open (not closed by cleaning...could this be my day?)! Our 2nd floor is more widely used because of the PE complex, the large lecture hall and the auditorium, and wouldn't you know it, 8 of the stalls were in use. One door was ajar. The middle stall. MINE! ****! Another wet seat. Like a 1st time hover pisser who was both mentally challenged and couldn't stand still. But I couldn't wait, I dropped my undees, quickly pulled up my dress and sat just in time for the head to clear my white undees. It was the closest of calls. I even pulled up the front of my dress to make sure some of the crap didn't rub against my undees. My craps are usually over in about 20 seconds. This was fine by me,especially this time since I was sitting in someone else's urine. So I immediately grabbed for the toilet paper and found only four holes in the partition; the dispenser had been completely broken off and probably stolen. My butt was messy, probably about a 4 on a 5 point scale, and getting messier while I continued to sit in the urine, as I thought about the solution. The phone numbers etched into the fading paint on the door in front of me didn't help. All were about sex and one even involved suggesting that a sex act be done on a teacher. The toilet to my left drew my attention because the new user had been reading the school newspaper while she was seated. Once I heard the door open, I used my left flip-flop to slide the paper over. Two half-page advertising inserts fell down in front of my toilet. One was for a summer bowling discount..three games for the price of two..and the second listed some available temp jobs. I tried to imagine how hard the printed paper would be on my butt. While still seated, I made one complete wipe with one and then a second wipe with the other. Yes, they stung a bit and didn't do the complete job of regular toilet paper, they helped keep the skidmarks less in my underwear. I stood up, tore off the back page of the paper and did another complete wipe. It picked up less so I knew I was making progress. I tore off one more sheet, and did a final wipe, which by now, was hurting me more than the earlier ones. I could also see a little blood on it. I concluded that that would be enough. I caught myself just as I put my hand on the flusher ... an overflow was guaranteed. So I didn't flush. I had the door about a quarter of the way open when the next girl brushed by me, saw the collection in the bowl, and swore at me for not flushing. I didn't even stick around to wash my hands because I was starting to cry a bit and the HR dismissal bell rang and my bookbag was still in HR. When I peed at lunchtime, again I didn't dare flush because there was an almost full role of TP that had been dumped into the bowl. My 8th hour class is on 4th floor and I went in immediately after the bell because I had been holding my pee for a good 30 minutes or so. However, the door was locked and there was a sign saying that due to vandalism the bathroom has been closed for the remainder of the year. Although it took me 5 minutes to get over there, I peed at the Cenex station across the street. I've concluded that adults, although not perfect, sure treat their public bathrooms better than teens.

We had a church picnic yesterday. Everybody made and brought food. Cakes and Cookies and desserts were sold and the money was given to the church. It was a very hot day. There was lots of drinking and eating. I was glad we were right near the park building with the bathrooms in it. I made it to the mens restroom just in time. To my horror, the toilet stalls had no doors. When I walked in all 3 toilets were in use. 2 with priests, one with my sons buddy's dad. The room stunk. The layman finished up, wiped, and I sat inbetween the two priests. One was about 45ish, the other about 55-60ish. They were both friendly, but both had stomach issues, as they were both farting and squirting. I joined in the 'symphony" with my farts and shit squirts. After a while , guys started piling in, waiting for bowls, so we speed wiped our asses, and got out of there. I shit later in the daybefore I left. The bathroom was amazingly clean considering all the shit that passed through those toilets.

School's out for me. However, the day afterward, I come down with a nasty nasty nasty bout of diarrhea and vomiting. Big, big fun. It all started last night, at about midnight, I woke up feeling incredibly nauseous, and I ran to the bathroom. I didn't make it, and I puked all over the hall floor. If anyone needs to know, it looked like vegetable soup. My mom heard me puking and she rushed me to the bathroom, where I puked twice into the toilet, with her holding my hair back. I told her my stomach felt lots better, and she went to go clean up the mess. I got up from the toilet and went back to bed. This morning, I was having bad gas, and I just let out farts to take off the pressure. Shouldn't I have learned that there is ABSOLUTELY no safety valve??? I should have, but I didn't. I ran to the bathroom, and plunked my ass on the toilet seat. My butt literally THREW UP with a barrage of sloppy poop, farts, and splashing. It came out so hard, that gooey poo came out all over the sides of the toilet. I groaned as yucky turds rolled out of me, leaving my asshole smelly and icky. I wiped, flushed and left. I have to go again, so I'll continue with my story later. Toodles. Ugh.

Brian at Sears: You mention how Sears does things right for their employees, with the great dinner buffet's and the soft toilet tissue in the men's restrooms. I think they should put stall doors to give you men a bit of privacy during your bowel movements. It's just a small thing, but you never know when a lady might mistakenly walk in and catch you 'on the bowls"

To Brain at Sears;

I look forward to your stories everytime I browsed through this site. I am curious about something. Where do you live as in what city?

P. S.

Congratulations on your first child.

hello everyone! long time no post. it was glitching for a while on my computer. was it doing that for you all too?

first things first: i have to poo badly right now but my brother is in the shower.

next, i blocked the toilet the other day. i was at home waiting for my dad to come home and take me to my friends house. i was home alone and the toilet was just calling me since i hadn't gone in a day and a half or two days or something, and i had eaten a gigantic meal with lots of rice and meat, i was about ready to push a boulder out my backside. i figured this was no problem, so i went into the bathroom, pulled my drainpipes (my only pair, and my only clean pants) to just below my knees, and sat down on the toilet. i pushed until i was out of breath and it pretty much came out half way. by the laws of physics that i understood i figured the halfway point would be the hardest and it would only get easier from there. i did an interesting thing right then, because the pushing from my butt muscles was not enough to get the poo out. i lifted myself off the toilet for a moment, and pushed the poo down through my skin. if you have not tried it, i suggest you do. it kinda hurt my skin but within moments the poo was no longer stretching my hole and was now lying under the toilet water. i sighed in relief then reached behind myself and flushed. i heard that the toilet's flushing was muffled and i figured that was just my bum muffling it. but it did last too long. then i felt cold water touch my cheeks, and no sooner than i could get up it all spilled out from the seat, pouring all over the floor, my legs, and the back of my jeans. 'oh shit.' i said. then i added 'literally'. i didn't have anywhere to rest my stinky unwiped and soaked bottom, so i kinda just stayed on the toilet for ten minutes or so until i figured ishould do something. so i pulled up my pants, and went around the house to search for the toilet plunger. lucky me, it was in garage (what good would it do there???) and then... well actually i'll finish this in the next post. i gotta go! laterz!


Keith D
To Veronika: You're right about different people having different reasons for their interest in all things toilet related. Even my own reasons seem complicated. I went from struggling with going to the toilet and feeling so bad about it, to being fascinated by other people's habits to try and work out what was wrong with me, to learning to enjoy it, and now sharing it with others. Glad to hear that other people enjoy the sensation too.

Again, fantastic description Veronika. Almost a literary masterpiece. So graphic that I feel like I'm there in that little room with you! Everyone here probably does. Loved how you exhaled in concert with your release into the waters below. So how many people here smoke when they're in the toilet? I met someone once who claimed that they only smoke when they're in the toilet. Well almost…

When I was about 19 I was over at a friend's house. We'd been playing video games and his mom had called us into the kitchen for lunch. The three of us sat and had sandwiches and my friend went outside to put his bike in the garage or something. As I sat there his mom pulled over an ash tray and lit up. She said she hoped I didn't mind. She said that she didn't really smoke much anymore, only one or two a day. Then turning sideways away from the table and crossing her legs, she made the comment that "I think that I really only keep smoking to help me to crap." There was kind of an awkward silence with his mom looking sideways out of the window and me staring straight down at the table. I guess I was sitting there imagining her sitting on the pot with her jeans down to her knees, leaning forward with a ciggy in her hand. It's funny, that image seems to be etched clearly into my mind, even though it wasn't a real picture just something I saw in my mind. The silence was only broken when my friend came back in and we went back to playing games.

Keep up the excellent stories!

To Anny: I suggest you start eating raw food instead of cooked food, getting rid of meat, milk, eggs, and wheat. By raw food, I don't mean any ordinary raw food. I mean fruitarian. Just for a while to get you cleaned out.

What I suggest, is that you eat LOTS of papayas, and their seeds. Papaya seeds have a bitter flavor so they should be swallowed (you can stir them into juice or a smoothie) but they are extreme bowel cleansers. Drink lots of cleansing juices and smoothies (no milk or yogurt, I mean get a blender and whip up your smoothies with fruits.

I'm sure this will help you because eating papaya seeds and just has really done the job for me.

I haven't had any trouble pooping this week. I've been going once or twice a day, which is great! I find that if I eat lots of fruit and ???? (not bananas - they made me constipated last week) I go twice per day. Nearly every day this week, I've done a poo in the morning before eating breakfast. Normally I have to eat breakfast first before I cen do a poo.

To Keith D: When I was a kid, I used to go camping with my grandfather quite often, mostly during school holidays. I can remember holding my poo in for a few days one time and then letting it out the day before we came home. I dropped a MASSIVE load of poo right next to my grandfather's 4 wheel drive. I remember he wasn't too impressed that I did a huge poo right next to his vehicle. Plus I didn't dig a hole first before doing my poo. He made me bury it all before we left!

To Poop

Another time when I was older (I was about 20), I went camping with some friends. I slept in a tent that got thrashed around in the wind and it wasn't very comfortable. As there were lots of other people camping in the area, I didn't want to do a poo and risk someone seeing my. I held on for 2 days and then I decided, I really needed to do a poo. On the third day, early in the morning, I went for a walk, well away from the camp site. I pulled my pants down and squatted. I spent about 20 minutes squeezing out LOADS of skinny turds. They were well formed but they came out easily - they just kept coming out!! I felt SO much better after that!

To Pooperazzi: Great story about how you answered the phone with a turd half way out!! I think I would've answered the phone aswell, it sounded urgent. It would be a strange feeling, having a turd poking out of your butt and not being anywhere near a toilet. Have you ever had to break a turd off, when you were in a hurry to do a poo? Have you ever had to do a difficult poo at a friend's place?

Does anyone have any interesting experiences with people who clean the restrooms? Where I work the restroom cleaners are all women and its not uncommon to be using the facilities when there's a knock at the door, it opens a jar, and you hear the call "Housekeeping". This happened to me a few days ago. I was working late and had been feeling rather bloated for most of the day. By evening I was close to finishing my work for the day but decided I needed a break and what better way than to go sit on the toilet, relax and hopefully gain some relief. I hadn't been sitting long when I felt things start to move inside telling me there was a poo coming down and getting ready to come out. I felt the pressure building on the inside of my hole and very very slowly I felt my ring starting to open. Like many others I see here, that to me is one of the greatest sensations, feeling your hole slowly open as your turd starts to poke its nose out. I must have been totally absorbed in the sensations around my hole because I almost jumped off the toilet when I heard the door open and the call "Housekeeping". I was so startled I really didn't know what to say and the first thing that came out of my mouth was a stuttering "'s just starting to come out!" I instantly wished I hadn't been so honest and expected a somewhat caustic response, but to my amazement I got a reply that was unexpectedly sweet and understanding. "That's OK you just take your time...there's no hurry...I'll check back in a little bit". I muttered "OK" as confidently as I could and I heard the restroom door shut leaving me in peace and quiet once more.

I regained my composure, relaxed and went back to concentrating on the task in hand and enjoying the pleasures. During the excitement my asshole had closed up and forced my turd back in so now I had to start again, but I must admit I wasn't sorry, after all I could enjoy the feelings of my asshole opening again. And very slowly it did just that. I leaned forward and lost myself in the sensations in my ass as my ring expanded and my turd started to peek out at the waiting water once more. Slowly slowly it opened my hole and the feelings of it sliding past my stretching ring became quite simply, erotic. I moaned as it got so wide it started to hurt just a tiny bit, but that added even more to the pleasure. I soon realized however that it had stopped coming out. Its head was almost completely out, but not quite. My ring, already stretched wide, was reluctant to open any wider and I was left sitting there with what amounted to a huge stuck turtle head poking out of my hole.

The feelings in and around my hole were exquisite and I must have sat immersed in my pleasure for quite a few minutes because again I heard the restroom door open and the familiar call of "Housekeeping". I was startled once more although this time I managed to regain my composure and replied almost confidently "I'm's still hanging....can I have another minute?" Her reply was even more disarming than before. "OK sweetheart, now don't you worry, you just sit there and take your time and you enjoy yourself for as long as you like, OK? Do you have everything you got enough toilet paper there?" Involuntarily I looked at the rolls on the cubicle wall and replied "Yes, plenty thanks". "OK, I'll go do the ladies room so it'll be all nice and quiet for you", and the door closed once more.

Again I was left to my pleasures and it wasn't long before the pressure increased inside me and I felt things starting to move. Finally I had the full head out, and without a pause, the rest of my turd, ever so slowly, eased its way out. Within a minute I felt the pressure on my ring relax slightly then it was all over. It dropped silently into the waiting water and my hole closed up leaving me sitting there with a wonderfully satisfied feeling.

Finally took a dump last night--but like Punk Rock Girl's story, it was both constipation AND diarrhea.

We had pizza for dinner last night, and sometimes pizza upsets my stomach, sometimes not. Sure enough, about half an hour after dinner I started getting nausea and stomach cramps from hell. I was cringing and at one point where the cramps hit me where I could not get up, I half rolled over and fought the urge to throw up. Finally when I could get myself up I made my way quickly to the bathroom. I sat down--and it was only gas. Figures.

I went back to the couch and watched the movie with my husband and about 10 minutes later the cramps hit me again, worse this time to the point I almost screamed. Instead I held my stomach and went "Ughhh!" Again when the cramps subsided enough so I could get up, I went back to the bathroom and almost lost it in my undies, but I got them down quick enough and sat down.

I had to kind of push at first and it felt like a knife against my hole. I relaxed for a few seconds and pushed gently.

These hard turds shot out, just like Punk Rock Girl described--like a cork shooting off of a champagne bottle. Blat, blat, blat, blat!! They shot out all at once. It hurt like HELL.

Then came a wave of diarrhea, with a lot of noisy gas. Finally I was done so I wiped and it was pretty messy, mixed with a bit of blood.

There was a lot of brown water and 3 or 4 3-inch turds.

My stomach felt a little softer but not by much.

Jessie (male)
hey Brian at Sears, good to hear from you as always. Your posts are great, because they are so 'real" never any talk about looking at each others dicks or other nonsence, just how you guys deal with shitting in doorless toilet stalls on a daily basis. You seem to inject humor when your all in there shitting and stinking up the bathroom (cool how you call it the mens lounge, I suspect your in the south) We had doorless stalls years ago when I worked at Westinghouse,a factory in Pa, but we had rows of cinder block small partitions separating them. the main mens restroom had 10 stalls on each side of the room facing each other, but it was not often that both sides were used at the same time, usually one side was corded off for cleaning, and then reversed, since it was a 24/7 operation plant. Keep up the great posts and good luck with the 'bambino"

To Kathy,Karen and Sue:I really enjoy reading all your posts.So keep on posting!

Keith D
To Pooperazzi: When I get constipated I have the same problem. The main difficulty is getting the head of the poop to emerge. And the problem seems to be that no matter how hard I push, my butthole remains rigid and clenched. Once it opens and the log gains some ground then the whole show moves along by itself. I too really need to concentrate to get my hole to relax and limber up.

To Punk Rock Girl: Ouch! You poor thing! I really sympathise. I've had some painful movements from constipation but nothing like that!. I really shared your pain through such a graphic description.

Karen from MO
Hi everybody!

Well, today was not really an interesting day, just the usual routine, but I do have a little bit of a story to tell. Where I work, which is a fairly small two story office building, there are the normal employee bathrooms on the lower floor, but then there are bathrooms for the executive staff upstairs. Also, up on the roof of the building, in the janitorial storage area is another bathroom that I love using. There's never anyone around, so, even though the door doesn't lock, I never worry about anybody seeing me, because nobody is ever up there. Last night I ended up having to work late and didn't leave until close to midnight. I decided to use the restroom up on the roof before I left (It's not literally on the roof, but it's in a miniature third story, above the second one, and acessed with a spiral staircase) I climbed the staircase, and went in to the bathroom, which, being basically in a janitorial closet, is always the cleanest bathroom in the entire building, which is part of the reason I like using it. Also one entire wall of the little building is a huge glass window, and you can see the entire city while you do your business. It's really neat to watch, especially late at night after the sun goes down. I had just taken off my blazer and settled down on the toilet for a nice relaxing poo when the door opened and one of the janitors came in. He seemed embarrassed and said that he just needed to put some stuff away. I told him to go ahead, as I really didn't care if he saw me on the toilet, I've never been one to be terribly private about bathroom stuff, I mean, everybody has to do it at some point. Anyway, he put away his things and then after he left commented on how odd it was that I was using it, why wasn't I using the executive staff bathrooms downstairs, as I am actually a member of their "executive staff" I said I liked it better upstairs, and he said he could understand why. He left to go home, and I finished pooping, and got up. After I wiped, I pulled my trousers up and washed my hands before heading home.

That's all for now, but I hope I have more stories to tell soon!

P.S I noticed several pages back a Catholic priest named Fr. P was posting occasionally. As a lifelong Catholic, it's really cool to see a priest with interests like mine, I've never seen a priest who wasn't secretive about going to the toilet, it seems they never want you to know they're doing it, though I've never understood why

Ta-ta for now!

To China Girl and Sita: You two girls are awesome. Wow, love the way you both had plugs in your asses that blew out and let all that liquid shit shoot out as well as those other lumps. Sita, I would love to have seen your ass just after you finished, and China Girl I bet your toilet nearly died with what came out of your ass.

Can I ask you both some questions pleeeeeze.

1. How often does this happen?
2. How much splash-back do you get normally? Like Sita had it all over her ass this time..
3. How often have you missed the inside of the bowl and got some on the outside?
4. How many times have you blown a plug in your panties and shit yourselves?.
5. How often have you blocked the toilet, and was it shit or paper or both that blocked it?
6. How much have you girls used those Asian squat toilets. Can you tell us about them?

Thanks Mickey

To Mickey: I can relate to you almost exactly. The only difference is that I don't point up in the air when I get excited. Peeing while having your bowel movement is not easy at all though for guys once they reach puberty. I have been in your situation many times though. About all that I can tell you to do is to completely take your mind off of your "excitement" by thinking about other things such as a math test. I never had that problem though until I was circumcised in 2004. No matter which way it would point when erect, my pee would just dribble out through the foreskin and into the toilet.
If I can think of anything else, I will post later.

Now for stories:
Yesterday was a weird day in the bowel department. I went when I woke up yesterday morning. Somewhere around 2:00 PM, I had to go again. However, I was becoming constipated. So, I finished up and left. Later that evening when I took my shower, I had to go again,but nothing really came out because I was definately constipated by then. I tried several more times to go before I went to bed at 12:30. This morning when I woke up, I was still constipated, so I took a suppository and within about 10 minutes, success! It hit me very fast and I almost had an accident.

A few days ago, I was hanging with a friend. He told me that that he had to take a crap and it was sudden. We have been firends for many years, so we were comfortable about going in front of each other, so he talked me into going with him. Well, about as soon as he got up, he lost control. He filled up his boxer-briefs instanly and left a puddle of pee on the floor. He had a hard time cleaning up and he was totally embarrassed about the accident until I convinced him that I have done the same thing.

Oh well, gotta go. If I have anymore stories, I will post later.

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