Oh wow! I just took the most relieving dump ever!! Yesterday morning I went for my usual morning dump, but I was only able to squeeze out a small turd, and I knew there was more. But no matter how hard I pushed, all I could do was fart a few times.

I didn't really worry about it, figuring I'd poop again later in the day. By the time I went to bed yesterday, I still hadn't pooped, but I wasn't concerned.

When I woke up this morning, I was feeling a little cramped and bloated. I sat on the toilet as per usual and let off some gas, relieving a little bit of the pressure, but I definitely had to poop. I went to work as normal, and suffered through the day until I got home.

Finally about an hour ago, I felt the poop inside me move and I hoped I'd finally be able to go. I sat on the toilet, completely naked from the waist down and waited.

After a lot of farting, some loud, some silent, a huge turd began slowing inching out. It felt SOO good working all my muscles to push out this monster! At last the familiar SPLASH of my poop hitting the water. Of course, I had to look at this monster that caused me so much trouble.

It was only 5 or 6 inches long, compared with my usual foot long ropey turds I usually have, but damn was it wide around. I was almost sorry to flush it away, but I did after wiping twice.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

To answer Veronika`s question nobody came in/ I could not care if they did, so long as they did not know me. I would not like a child to come in but that was unlikely because it was school hours and the park was almost deserted. Yes, I am Australian. I have been seen on the pot a number of times. I use to do a lot of deep sea fishing in a small boat which did not have a toilet. If the urge hit then we would hang our bum over the back and the crew would move up the front of the boat..if there were other boats around a bucket would be used. We use to go out early and more often than not someone would have a shit. On the boat there would only be two or three of us. One of the fellas I fished with use to get quite constipated but the motion of the boat and the rocking use to wake up his bowels. I have had colonics and the nurse has come in whilst I have been evacuating the water and pouring poo in to the does not worry me. I would have no worries using a doorless toilet anywhere but would hate to do it if I was recognised by anyone. One thing I have learnt with my condition is that take an opportunity to shit when the urge arises because it might be some time before the urge returns. A couple of times over the years somebody has pushed the door open in a public toilet thinking there is nobody does not bother me.
The medication I am can only get it prescribed by a specialist...they should advertise...."Take XXXX and you will never have to go to the toilet again" Actually this is partly true because when you do go the turds are big and hard or sometimes small, dehydrated and hard but certainly very smelly. I see doctors regularly and they stress the importance of laxatives...apparently I am not taking them regularly enough!
TO KEITH: I have often shitted out doors and in Western Australia. I would recommend it. I think every one who has not dropped a log outdoors should make a point of doing so: just to say they have done so.
TO LINDA: I sometimes answer the phone on the dunny...I would never interrupt a shit to answer the door etc. On the subject of hard turds, I have had a few in recent days...the problem is that I get so dizzy with the effort and it takes me a while to recover.
The problem with my laxatives is tht if I take them at night I am up in the early hours of the morning so it mucks up my sleep. This morning I took my laxative first thing and headed to the office thinking I would be the only one there so I could poo in peace when it kicked in but alas one of my staff was there. Anyway early afternoon it it and I had two sessions on the toilet passing solid but comfortable logs...a heap of them but there is still a lot inside me...what was interesting the staff member did not realise I had been to the toilet (twice) so engrossed in the work as she was because later she asked if the toilet was unlocked because she needed it.
Will keep you posted.
THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER.................................................................................................................

To Anny
I am surprised to here that your doctor told you to stay away from enema's when you have your condition. Yes laxatives and enema's can be habit forming so you have to not use them too much. There are many types of enema solutions. If you know your poo is going to be hard a small olive oil enema will at least soften things up for you and must be better than forcing out rock hard poo. A other type of enema is just water and salt or soda bicarb, the salt/bicarb is just to stop you absorbing too muck liquid through the bowel. Epsom salts will make your bowel work a bit more than ordinary salt.
Try another doctor or health professional, properly used enemas are quite safe.
Hope you get some relief.
Aussie John

I just finished my junior year of college. I'm a recreation major and doing my summer internship at a local park. What we offer are free day-camp activities for children ages 6 and older. They can come and go at any time. Most live in the neighborhood. A few parents stick around for a while when they drop the kids off, but for the most part, as my citywide program supervisor says, it's my show! We have a sufficient amount of permanently-placed playground equipment plus a lot of games and other activities planned for Monday thru Friday of each week. We get as many as 25 to 30 participants on any given day, although some of the older ones who ride up on bicycles might stay for only part of the day or perhaps just come in to use the bathroom. And that's the biggest problem. These middle school aged boys who are like 11 or 12 bypass the two urinals and instead pee in the two stalls--both open, by the way--without regard to keeping them clean for the next user. First, I might hear a flush only once or twice a day. Second, they don't lift the seat so there's very little difference for the boys who need to sit and crap in the toilet than if they were to sit on one of the recently-painted wooden park benches after a heavy rain. Yesterday (and this is not in our operations manual put out by the parks and recreation dept.) I was getting some additional basketballs out of our storage room when I saw this boy (I think he's about 9) standing at the doorway of the girls bathroom. He was guarding the door for his friend who was in there crapping because the seats in the boys bathroom were too wet. I later took both of them aside and explained they were not to do that again because it was probably against the law, in addition to some of the other things I didn't want to go into. One asked me what the girls would do in a similar situation if their seats were dirty, and while I admitted it would be a problem, I told them their "solution" was wrong and they wouldn't want a girl walking into the boys bathroom while they were at the urinal or on the doorless toilet. I guess the problem is that public toilet facilities are lacking and, worse yet, abused. I have my stool there each morning before I open and pee at least twice later in the day. I don't mind using the facility and I accept the fact that the toilet I'm sitting on is not going to be as clean as the one my boyfriend and I have at our apartment. However, I feel bad for the boys and I know I would think long and hard about sitting in urine nomatter how bad I had to crap. But my boyfriend said the situation is much more common than I realize.

Punk Rock Girl

Oh, GOD! Has anyone here ever had constipation and diarrhea at the same time. Ain't very nice.

I had been constipated for two days. Usually, if I haven't taken a shit for two or three days I'll break down and give myself (or have Colin give me) an enema. I was just getting to that point when I caught some sort of stomach bug. Not only was I feeling bloated and my ass feel like it was full of concrete, but now I had pressure building behind the blockage and giving me stomach cramps from Hell!

Anyway, yesterday I stayed home from work because I was feeling so lousy. I had sat on the toilet a coupld of times and pushed and pushed but managed only to squeeze out a couple of pebbles. Later in the day IT happened.

All of I sudden, my guts flared up like someone had just squirted hot sauce up my ass. I had an intense urge to shit, so I ran into the bathroom, yanked down my pajama bottoms and sat on the toilet. What happened next will go down in my bowel movement history.

The chunk of hardened shit that had been blocking me up blew out of my ass like a cork popping out of a shaken champagne bottle. It was followed by a geyser of diarrhea that felt like molten hot slime filled with bits of broken glass. I actually screamed. I screamed so loud that my upstairs neighbor came running downstairs and knocked on my door asking if I was okay. I told him I just slipped (I didn't want to say, I just shit my guts out - literally).

It was so painful I started crying. My ass was so raw and sore from finally stretching open wide enough to pass that rock solid shit out that the liquid shit now gushing out of me felt like acid. I sat there, dreading every squirt and fart and groaning in pain with every one. After a good twenty minutes of this horror, I finally was done. My insides felt better, but my asshole felt like I had just been sodomized by the monster from ALIEN.

I rolled off some TP and wiped. The ultra-soft TP with Aloe that I use felt like sand paper. I wan't surprised to see a good bit of blood mixed with the shit. I assumed this wasn't from anywhere deeper inside than my rectum so I didn't sweat it. I put some cream on my asshole and just inside and went back out to finish my movie. I sat down on my couch and felt like I was sitting with a Rubick's cube up my ass.

That may just be the worst dump of my life. My ass it still sore. I had my first semi-regular dump today and it felt like it was full of little needles. Ugh.

Peace, especially up my ass, please....


Karen from MO
Hi everybody!
I've been a lurker for at least 5 years now, I lost count. I really love reading all the cool stories on here, as I love talking about going to the toilet. I'm from western missouri. I'm 35, female, as you probably guessed. As I said, I haven't posted here before primarily because I really haven't had anything to post about. I haven't had an accident in my adult life, though I'm sure I came close a few times in college, because I remember I was on a real tight schedule, as anyone who has been through it knows, and I didn't have much time for anything. I've haven't peed outside until recently, which is the story I'm going to tell all of you.

I was sitting at home a few days ago, just sitting around the house watching TV and eating some popcorn when the phone rings. As it was my day off I was thinking "Great, just what I always wanted" but got up and answered it. It was my brother, who was supposed to take my mother out for the day, but he had apparently decided he had better things to do, and was dumping that task on me. I wasn't terribly thrilled about this, but, seeing as I didn't have a choice, I got ready and headed out. My mother's house is about a 45 min drive from mine, so I got there a little bit late, and I was feeling a slight pressure on my bladder, but thought absolutely nothing of it, as I've always been able to hold my pee and poop for a long time, and I didn't want to keep my mom waiting. We went to a steakhouse near her place, and then she said she wanted to go shopping. We went to a nearby strip mall and practically hit every story in the place. Anyway, we finally got through with that and went back to her house. I had had several big glasses of coke at lunch, and so I was feeling the need to pee, but it was already getting late and she lives in the KC area, meaning that traffic gets to be a real pain in the butt, so I got out of there as quick as I could and headed home. I made it out of KC, and figured I was in the clear until I found an accident on the freeway that had traffic backed up for miles according to the radio. I got off at the first available exit, as I was only about five miles from home, and figured taking backroads wouldn't be much longer. The problem was, I had no idea to get home other than the freeway, so I decided I would stop at a gas station to use the toilet and ask for directions home. Well, I got up the door, and it said "Sorry, No public restrooms" Great. Anyway, I got my directions and figured I'd wait until I got home. Unfortunately, the nice guy at the station left out all the distances and the short five mile drive on the freeway quickly turned into a ten mile drive, and on the outrageously slow speed limits, 10 miles can take a long time. And then ten miles turned into fifteen. By now I was grabbing my crotch to hold my pee in. I spotted a little gravel pulloff. About to wet my new pantsuit, I decided to try something I had never done before. I was going to try to pee outside. I pulled over and headed down the hill a little bit so that I would be completely out of sight of the road, and then ran into a problem. I couldn't hold myself anymore and get my trousers down, but if I didn't hold myself, I was going to pee. I came up with an idea that involved me pushing my hand down behind my pants to hold myself while I pulled my pants and panties down in one smooth motion. As expected, I let go of my crotch and immediately started to dribble. I pushed a little and peed a huge amount, lasting at least a minute and a half. When I was done, I was about to pull up my trousers when suddenly I farted very clearly, and I realized I had to poop too. I was about to just wait until I got home but then I said what the h***, and started pushing. It took only about a minute to squeeze the turds out, and when I was done, I was presented with another problem. I had nothing to wipe with. I grabbed some leaves, did the best job I could, and finished when I got home.

I have to run now, but I'll post again!

Hey everyone. I've got two tales to share today, about my most memorable toilet-related experiences.

The first one involves my first (and unfortunately only) date with a cute guy. The date went over well, except for when I went to go get my coat from their closet. Apparently, the coat closet is right next to the bathroom in his house, so I walked in on his mom on the toilet. She was working a crossword, so I assume she was pooping. And even though I immediately closed the door and left the house, I'll still remember it to this day.

Second story is about a very open toilet in a backwoods type area. I was visiting some family in a small town out in the middle-of-nowhere. Naturally during the trip, I had to use the bathroom. Unfortunately, there was no toilet, only an outhouse. "Well," I thought, "this should be interesting".

In a very unusual, but practical, manner, the outhouse consisted of three holes so that more than one person could use it at a time. This made an awkward situation for me, but an interesting story nonetheless. Shortly after sitting down, I began squeezing out a thick poop, having not gone in a few days. I was hoping no one would come in while I was pooping, but no such luck. At least it was a female, and a family member I wasn't familiar with.

She took the hole next to me, and began peeing a storm as my first poop finally broke off. I had another thick poop still in me, slowly emerging. Her stream tapered off, and I prayed she didn't have to poop. Luckily for me, she didn't, so just one wipe and she was gone. I finally had privacy to finish my poop. My second poop broke off and I wiped and left, bumping into a male relative on the way out. I knew him a little better, so I was glad he didn't come in earlier.

To Parents
I would like to know if your younger kids poop there underwear do you clean them in the toilet? If so please explain.

I would also like to know if any women clean there poopy panties in the toilet? If so please explain.

Hallee: Has the 6 year old learnt how to do a poo on the toilet yet?
I can understand how difficult it must be to toilet train young kids, because I sometimes have to look after my 5 year old cousin.

China girl
HI SITA: Thanks for the message. Good to hear from you. Don't worry about toilet overflow. It doesn't happen unless to flush many times. I flush one at a time. When I see water level rise from clog, I stay seated and stay patient for toilet job to finish. Sometime I must do something about clog which does not make me happy, and I will force a clog down with harsh manner. I never feel sorry later about what I've done. I just shake my head many time at how low these toilets must be to have to endure some of these butt loads that I drop with these offensive smells. I just could not believe how that huge sickening chunck just shot into that toilet from my butt. I wasn't sorry, I was quite satisfied and in control. Thanks for sharing your story and keep in touch.

School's out for me. However, the day afterward, I come down with a nasty nasty nasty bout of diarrhea and vomiting. Big, big fun. It all started last night, at about midnight, I woke up feeling incredibly nauseous, and I ran to the bathroom. I didn't make it, and I puked all over the hall floor. If anyone needs to know, it looked like vegetable soup. My mom heard me puking and she rushed me to the bathroom, where I puked twice into the toilet, with her holding my hair back. I told her my stomach felt lots better, and she went to go clean up the mess. I got up from the toilet and went back to bed. This morning, I was having bad gas, and I just let out farts to take off the pressure. Shouldn't I have learned that there is ABSOLUTELY no safety valve??? I should have, but I didn't. I ran to the bathroom, and plunked my ass on the toilet seat. My butt literally THREW UP with a barrage of sloppy poop, farts, and splashing. It came out so hard, that gooey poo came out all over the sides of the toilet. I groaned as yucky turds rolled out of me, leaving my asshole smelly and icky. I wiped, flushed and left. I have to go again, so I'll continue with my story later. Toodles. Ugh.

grocery clerk
i work in a supermarket and i do shipping and receiving/stock so i'm working in the warehouse all day. the customer bathroom is in the warehouse. last week a woman of about 30-35, slim, shoulder length brown hair rushed into the customer bathroom. when she passed me there was an odor. she was in the customer bathroom for maybe 15-20 minutes and i was outside the whole time pricing some things that were marked down. finally the woman came out and rushed back out in the store and seemed to be trying to conceal her face. just out of curiosity i peeked into the customer bathroom and there was a small pair of light purple cotton panties sitting in the trash can with a big glob of crap in the seat. i couldn't help but laugh when i saw it. i just imagined that lady just being in the middle of shopping and wondering what happened. did she not realize she had to go and suddenly felt a mess in her panties? did the urge strike so suddenly and so intensely that she couldn't hold it in and crapped herself on the way to the bathroom? maybe she had to go when she was driving to the store and was trying to rush back to the bathroom first but couldn't hold it. eitherway i just found it amusing that a 30 something woman pooped her pants in the grocery store and ditched her messy panties in the bathroom.

To Linda: I know you asked Thunder the question about answering the phone with a turd sticking out, so I hope you don't mind me answering. By the way I suffer from chronic constipation, which I've just had to learn to live with. Consequently most times, the passage of a turd out of my anus is a major event in the day and can take a considerable amount of time, trouble, effort and even pain. Needless to say, the most difficult part for any turd that is oversized, hard, and very slow moving is forcing my anus to open wide enough and for long enough to allow its head to come out. While this is happening I absolutely cannot lose concentration or be distracted because if I do then I run the risk of my asshole closing up and sucking it back in again which could well mean the waste of a huge investment in time and trouble. However once the head is fully sticking out, my turds are usually so hard that my anus can't shut and it's just a matter of waiting while nature takes its course. This can be quite a while since often it will stop part way out as if it needs a rest, or there's no longer any push left to get it all the way out. I should say I enjoy and relish all the sensations of pooping so much that I want it to last as long as possible and I never deliberately push.

Well on this one Saturday morning I had just reached the stage where the head was fully out and I was beginning to relax on the toilet and just enjoy the feelings when the phone rings. Of course it startled me but I quickly decided I'm into much more enjoyable and important things and I let it ring. Eventually the answering system kicked in and a woman's voice announces … "Hello Mr. *****, this is Beverly from *******'* furniture store, I wanted to let you know about the delivery we had scheduled for Monday morning, it's very urgent we talk". Now this furniture thing had been going on for over two weeks and was causing no end of trouble, and now sounded like it was all going wrong again. I quickly decided I had to try and get to the phone out in the kitchen, but how? The only thing I had on for bottoms were a pair of sweats and so I took them right off and pushed them aside. I carefully leaned forward and raised by ass off the seat so I could reach behind and feel how much progress I had made. I felt a stiff very pointy tip and the remainder of its head was as hard as wood with what I guessed to be about 3 inches or so sticking out of my anus. Beverly was still leaving her message while I crept as fast as I dared in a kind of crouching waddle with my feet as far apart as possible, from the bathroom to the phone on the kitchen counter. The feeling of doing this and the sensations of having that huge fat log sticking out of my hole, while I was not even close to a toilet was something I will never forget.

Still crouching I grabbed the phone and croaked Hello into the mouthpiece. She started to repeat what I had heard on her message and I took the opportunity to slowly turn around and start the long long journey back to the toilet. I managed to respond to her once or twice but I'm convinced I must have sounded at the least, "very distressed". By now the action had woken up my stalled turd and as I approached the bathroom door still doing my poo-poo shuffle I felt pressure building and my turd begin to move. It was like slow motion, I could see the welcoming toilet bowl getting closer, oh so very slowly, while at the same time trying to hold a conversation with the woman from the furniture store and concentrate on the enormous turd that was very slowly exiting from my anus.

Eventually I made it and very thankfully, carefully and slowly sat back down on the toilet still terrified that my turd would break off or simply drop onto the carpet. I breathed an enormous sigh of relief and Beverly obviously heard it because she stopped mid sentence and asked if I was OK. I can't imagine what she would have though if I had told her the story of what was really happening at my end. Being back comfortably and securely seated on the toilet I felt almost instantly relaxed and really started to enjoy this new experience of talking to someone while my turd produced those wonderful sensations I love so much in my anus. Within about a minute and with Beverly closing out the conversation my turd finally dropped. I felt my anus close up and that wonderful empty feeling take over. Without thinking I groaned loudly in satisfaction and heard a loud giggle at the other end of the line as Beverly tried to say…."OK…bye bye now, and thanks again for being so understanding"


Hello everyone. I hope life is treating all of you well. I have a few stories to share, and old one from my teenage years, and a new one.

First my old one. I'll try to keep this short. I dedicate this one to Halee, Meeka, and Troy.

When I was 16 my girlfriend at the time was going to participate in a Cortillion (I guess thats how its spelled) Where she was going to be a debutant. Origninally I was going to be her escort, but her mother decided against it because I was heavily involved in sports and didnt have much time to rehearse for the event because of practices. So she chose someone else. I often went to rehearsals to observe when I could. One time we brought her nephew with us, who at the time was 4 (so nows he's about 14) While we were watching her dance with her escort her nephew told me he had to use the bathroom (that and he farted) I took him to the mens room, helped him sit down on the toilet in the stall, and then I turned around to give him some privacy. He stunk it up quick, farted a few times and he was done. I helped him wipe, flush, and wash his hands. That was my first parental type bathroom visit. and I think it went smoothly.

My second story comes from just this morning. While working a medical call, One of the medics on the ambulance mentioned she had to take a shit and had not gotten a chance to yet this morning because they had been doing calls all night with us (the fire department). She was training a new EMT, a blonde kinda cute. When we got to the hospital she made a run for the ladies room, and did her business. I imagined it was a pretty good one. Probably stunk too.

Well untill then Happy peeing and pooping to all.

Hello. I've been reading posts on this site for a long, long time and figured I might as well start posting on it. I'm 20, tall, thin, healthy, etc., and, of course, have had a lifelong fascination, appreciation, openness and sense of humor about bodily functions.

Man, I have lots of stuff to talk about: toilet habits, public restroom anecdotes, accidents, an awesome girlfriend who has the same openness about "the poop"...hell, I can even talk about the fact that I just took a rather large, healthy, satisfying dump about five minutes ago. Mainly this is just a test post to see how and where it shows up.

However, I think I'll tell one tale, an accident I had when I was 15. I was at home alone, just lounging about in a ratty t-shirt, boxers and pajama pants. I wasn't feeling that great, but I didn't appear to have any symptoms of being ill. I was standing in my kitchen when suddenly I had the major urge to fart. Let's face it, farting is funny, especially if you're a teenage boy, so I had no choice but to BLAST it out of my butt, taking full advantage of the fact that I was the only one in my house, free to do whatever crude activities I wished.
Unfortunately for me, it was way more than just a fart...apparently I had the diarrhea, and before I knew it, I practically exploded into my pants. I totally filled my boxers with poo, to the point where it was actually running down both legs and made a small puddle on the floor. I felt like more was coming, so I made a run for the bathroom, squeezing my butt cheeks together in an attempt to keep my carpet clean. I got to the toilet, did my doody, tossed my unfortunate clothing into the wash and cleaned up in the shower. I didn't really feel shocked or embarrassed since nobody saw me, rather I just thought 'oh, man...' in a sort of laugh-it-off way. After all, it's now become a semi-amusing anecdote that I can share on sites like this.

The moral of the story, kids, is, unless you enjoy doing laundry and wiping liquid poop off the floor, never force a fart.

Well, I hope that was an adequate first post, and I look forward to hopefully making others.

I was talking on the phone with one of my friends when I felt the urge to poop. Our phone has a chord, and I didn't feel like cutting our conversation because I had to poop, so I just let it go in my panties. I don't enjoy pooping my pants, but I have no problem doing it, I don't see pooping myself as a last resort. I'll poop or pee myself about 4 times a month, usually at school. I just wear loose pants so that the bulge doesn't show. I know this is Somewhat odd. I don't enjoy it, but I have no problem soiling myself if it is easier. The longest I've ever stayed in pooped pants was 2 and a half hours at school during an exam. I had to poop and knew that the teacher wouldn't let me go to the restroom. So I just lifted my bum off my chair and filled my pants. It stayed in my pants for 2 and a half hours before I got home and cleaned up.

To AJ :-) Loves Russell ;-) Thanks for your sympathy AJ. Of course, I thought quite a lot about the whole incident after it was over. By what I heard that mom say to those boys I would say she was well spoken and well educated. Maybe they are just a "liberated" family. She obviously didn't mind sitting on the toilet and doing her #2 with them right beside her. For my part I love to enjoy my #2 in privacy - no little boys looking up at me.

Brian at Sears
Hi guys ! Sorry to have dropped off the planet. Busy 24/7 now that we are expectingour first child. Last weekend we did a physical inventory at Sears. Our human resource manager asks anybody who can come to help out to please do so. We closed at 7 pm on Saturday, and had nearly a full crew show up,approximatly 200 employees full and part time all showed up eager to work. Sears even brought in a very nice 'spread" including lunch meat, chicken salad, egg salad, and tuna salad sandwiches. Also some hot dishes, chicken francais, beef stroganoff, and a nice lasagne casserole. All sorts of cakes , cookies, and soft drinks. Sears always does things right for their employees, I will say that for them. Anyway me and my buddies gorged on the buffet until the were ready for us to start scanning. Why do most women eat like birds? LOL .... Anyway after a while, I felt the 'urge to purge" so off I go to the gents lounge. I walk in and already find a 'full house" 3 guys on the bowls, 2 guys waiting, and a peered into the stalls noticing the supply of toilet tissue is getting frighteningly low in all 3 stalls. I made mention of this and "Peter" who was one of the shitters said 'I need to use as much as I need, sorry, and he laughed" Mark suggested, since the ladies lounge has doors on their stalls we should run in and swipe a few rolls. Nobody was brave enough to invade the ladies lounge, so we came up with "Plan B" the napkins from the dinner buffet. Tim, who was waiting for a toilet, says "save my place" and runs out and comes back with a huge stack of dinner napkins, along with one of the department managers who also need to 'purge" Tim split the napkins in 3 piles and handed a bunch to each of the guys on the toilets. Forntunaly, I was next in line, along with Tim, and the manager he brought in. We allsat down, and started farting. "Egg salad is not a suituble choice with this group of guys" said Tim, we all laughed, and continued farting, shitting, pissing. I started to wipe my ass with these huge napkins, very rough and non-absorbent...ugh, as did Timmy and the dept. manager, we all whined about these napkins, but Tim said it was better than working with stinky butts. We all laughed. It was a shame cause Sears always uses first choice toilet tissue in the lounges, soft and absorbant. As we were finishing up, the human resource manager came in with a district manager, waiting to shit. We finished up, washed up, and had to use the crappy napkins to dry our hands. The district manager was curious as to why there are no stall doors on the toilets, and the HR manager simply said "We've had issues in here in the past" Think George Michael" ...."Say no more LOL" replied the district manager. we all laughed. We came to find out later, there was a whole case of soft toilet tissue in the ladies lounge. Oh well, we'll use that up quick enough LOL. Have a great summer everybody !!!

When Kathy had that massive shit the other day and her friends were helping she said that after the first massive turd dropped her friend told her that her anus wasn't even closed right up. I think about a year ago someone else talked about that too, I think it might have been Sita. I can tell you its true too because whenever I have to shit at home and it feels like its going to be a nice big long one I get my mirror and watch it coming out and I've now seen my hole do the same thing. This morning I was watching my first turd coming out and after about 6 inches was hanging from my hole it stopped. I could see it was going to break off because it was stretching and getting thinner right outside my ring. I could actually feel my asshole closing up a little and then it fell. So I moved the mirror around to get a better view of my asshole. The part of my turd still inside me was broken off and squished a bit but it was still holding my asshole open by about an inch. I could also feel that my hole wasn't closed properly. To get things moving again I pushed and watched my ass dome out with each push. Slowly the broken end of my turd emerged and opened my hole right up again. Another 6 inches slowly came out and I felt it getting faster so I knew it was nearly all out. It tapered off and I saw it had a little bit of a pointy tail as it finally dropped out of my asshole. This time I could see in the mirror that my hole was completely shut and it felt like it was closed too. Until Kathy's note I had never really studied what my asshole does when several turds come out, but she made me curious and now I know.

Tilly, your co-worker was merely being honest about hearing your farts

Kathy and Karen. I loved your enema stories.I hope that you will post more.It kind of makes me want to try an enema. Do people really hold 20 lbs. of fecal matter in thier bodies? wow..

Ugh!! I feel SO sick to my stomach it's not even funny. I HATE IBS-C! I have tried more or less EVERYTHING to rid all that crap out of my body and so far nothing at all has worked.

I've tried taking Benefibre tablets and went through a whole container in a week. I've tried eating lots of fruits and vegetables, and eating fibre cereals and drinking water. I've even tried stool softeners!! It's been almost a month and all I've been passing are small, rock-hard pieces of poo. And I'm getting blood on the toilet paper.

I have NOT used any stimulant laxatives or enema's as my doctor has told me to stay away from those. My next step is to go to the doctors and ask what the hell to do. I've maybe had 4 bowel movements in the past month. This is NOT good!

And as a result my stomach is bloated like I'm 3 months pregnant. And I'm a slim 145 lbs and 5'9! I'm nauseous and feel like I'm going to vomit. It feels like I'm pregnant when I'm not. I've already been tested and I'm not pregnant.

I hope someone can do something about this...I don't know how much more I can take of feeling like I'm going to throw up, having a tender, painful stomach, rock-hard turds and just generally feeling like CRAP (no pun intended).

I hate this disease!

i found an old survey:

1: Have you ever let someone watch you taking a dump? i've been seen.
2: How many times have you been watched on the toilet? don't know. i used to always have the door open when i was really little.
3: Have you ever been put down/dumped/snubbed because of watching/wanting to watch/asking if someone else would watch you on the toilet? no but this site has raised my curiousity and im sure i'll be dumped for it if i ever get a boyfriend.
4: Have you ever been in a stall-less bathroom and someone else watched you take a crap? no.. i don't think stallless toilets exist in my city. i live in toronto.. anyone else from toronto here know of any places with doorless or stallless toilets? i think it'd be interesting to go there.
5: Have you ever been in the same situation as 4 and watched the other person? no but i'd like to!!
6: Do you think, on the whole, that people like to watch women take a dump? Why? yes i think so. i have a guy friend who seems to be inconspicuously fascinated with women and toilets. whether it's pee or poo he's into it for sure and is not good at hiding it.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Long time no post, sorry, just had no time to post. I just got a nnew job at a Dry Cleaners/Laundromat. My job is to seperate the darks and lights. This includes underwear. There have been a few instances where I have found underwear that someone has pooped or peed in. More often than not, they were girls/womens underwear. These aren't just small streaks or yellow spots, I'm talking about the untire crotch area of the underpants being yellow, or the butt area stained brown. The way it works, the people hand me their laundry and then come back when it is ready to pick up. So I see the person. When i come across a pair of underware that someone has soiled, I'm supposed to hand it over to someone that will wash it withgloves on. But i always wonder what happened that caused them to lose control.
Anyone else ever worked in a place like that?

Hi everyone...

Nothing out of the ordinary has been happening on the 'poop' front for the last couple of days... just the usual routine regularity that seems to govern my daily bodily functions.

My most recent episode was last night, following an evening out with some friends. I had been aware for some time during the evening that my body's waste disposal unit was ready for duty, but had decided to postpone any action until I'd arrived home.

This I did, at around ten minutes to twelve, feeling nicely relaxed after one or two too many glasses of red. Fully conscious of the cramping pressure that had been steadily building up, I headed off down the hallway to you know where. Being late, and feeling somewhat sleepy, I decided against reading material, picking up my cigarettes instead and shutting the bathroom door behind me.

Unzipping my jeans, I sat myself down and lit a cigarette. Peeing for around thirty five seconds, I sat staring at the door in front of me, for some reason intrigued by the texture of the woodgrain, and wondering how many coats of paint it had worn over the eighty or so years of its existence.

As I drew on the cigarette, the first poo was taking up station, and awaiting its orders for release. This came after about twenty seconds of deliberating on the bathroom's interior decor, its arrival into the world heralded by a sizable 'sploosh', and hurriedly followed by another two, but slightly smaller plops. Taking another drag on my cigarette, i inhaled as the fourth one began to emerge, exhaling a plume of smoke as it slid out and flopped into the toilet bowl.

Having expelled four solid pieces of waste, I sat upright on the seat, and ran my left hand down my thigh to where the tops of my jeans rested, absent-mindedly fingering the denim fabric. The pressure from inside my bottom was seemingly as firm as it was when I'd sat down, indicating at least several more minutes of sitting on the toilet.

Approximately twenty five seconds later, and the first of the rest was on its way down and out. Still sitting upright, I gazed down, past my breasts, eyeing my thighs and hips, noticing the way they hid the toilet seat from my view. Plip, plop, plop, ploop, plip, went a steady progression of medium to small sized pieces into the water below. A conservative estimate would suggest around twelve to fifteen all up, one to two seconds between each one. This process went on to repeat itself over and over, a half minute or so of waiting, followed by a progression of poops dropping and splashing into the toilet.

Again, drawing on my cigarette, I closed my eyes once again and exhaled in time with the steady plipping and plopping into the water below. A brief pause, and more were on their way, repeating what had just gone on only moments before.

Leaning forward now, elbows resting upon my knees, I waited for still more to emerge. I had known all along that this was going to be a long night!

This time, a faintly audible fart, followed by two little drops, another slightly louder and longer fart and four more little plops into the toilet. I waited for the next release, took one last drag from my cigarette, inhaled and timed the exhale to coincide with the release of a single 'plop'. Approximately two minutes and several little drops more, and the show had drawn to a close. Actually, I sat there for around fifteen seconds beyond that time, before lazily tearing off a length of toilet paper and giving my bottom a well deserved wipe. Repeating the process several times, I stood and hoisted up my jeans, and turned to flush. It's probably not all that necessary to describe the contents of the toilet, but suffice it to say that there was no water visible, such was the mass amount of waste matter that my body had eliminated from its system.

Gazing at my reflection in the bathroom mirror, I reflected upon the recent ten or more minutes of recent activity, and decided that no adjective is capable of adequately capturing or summing up the experience that I'd just been privy to.

I'll post back soon.

Love always,


Hello everyone...

THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER - wow, with a sobriquet like that, It's a fair assumption that you're an Aussie, or perhaps an NZer. (I'll go with the first guess!)

I can't even begin to imagine what it must be like to sit and poop on a public toilet with no door. Did anyone enter whilst you were taking care of business?

I giggled to myself at the mention of it being a comfortable seat. It's important that the 'equipment' provides both a functional as well as a pleasurable service!

Please do post any more stories you may have of using toilets in such an 'exposed' fashion. It's rather compelling reading.

Keith... that was a hugely descriptive account of both the physical, as well as the psychological experiences that constitute the act of defecation. It's patently obvious as to why it's such an odious topic for most, yet at the same time one that allows for such overwhelming relief. And who knows why it is that this bodily act that we all know and experience on such intimate terms is able to generate the interest that it does? (At least, for some of us.) The various psychological and psychoanalytic literature is chock-full of in depth reasons and accounts as to why this should be the case. But like most theories, scientific or other, the premise is founded upon inductive reasoning - that is, going from a fairly limited base sample of knowledge, and expanding upon this so as to arrive at a generally accepted account. And there in lies the flaw in the system. Perhaps we simply have to accept that the reasons and rationale behind a common interest, such as this, are as wide and varied as our private conscious and subconscious lives are from each each and every other person.

Anyway. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about your mental state, and the fleeting dispositions that it takes as you sit on the toilet. In that sense, we're acutely alike. Perhaps we both just think too much! You promised some good stories, and you've definitely delivered. I impatiently await the next instalment.

Somebody else requested any similar, or follow up stories on the situation with Ray in the unisex toilets. well, so far nothing to report on that front. I somehow suspect that he'll be confining himself to the men's room from here on in. But anything's possible.

Our board meeting went without incident; neither of us gave any hint to the other that anything had occurred earlier that afternoon. We even engaged in professional dialogue like real adults during the course of the afternoon!

I shan't make this an overly lengthy post, but will nonetheless report in with some more pooping tales in the near future.



Keith D
To Linda from Australia: Hi again. Wow, I find that bananas have the opposite effect on me. Good to hear you're feeling better now though. I guess it depends on how many you eat... Yes, I have some good memories of my adventures pooping in out of the way locales while travelling. I had particular trouble pooping in the desert. I guess dehydration made my stool a bit dry. They always seem hard to move without their own moisture and self lubrication. When I first got out of the car by the side of the highway and stood up and felt the log press against my inner sphincter, I felt that the urge was weak and the poop felt dry and scratchy but I just wanted it out! You know that yucky up-the-butt sensation of something foreign just sitting there? It's just uncomfortable.

After finding a spot to go out on the rocky plain and downing my pants, I guess it took about 5 minutes to get that little log out. And I was working hard at it because the beating sun and buzzing flies and trickling sweat were annoying the hell out of me! It was pretty intense as the dry log would barely move. I could feel my butthole stretching open and distending but turd just resisted. The whole time I was crouching low to the ground, back hunched, teeth clenched eyes tight shut and watering and fists clenched til I'm sure my knuckles were white. I don't think I made a sound. I was holding my breath as I pushed and trying to use it to put pressure on my gut. So much pressure that I couldn't even squeak. Although I could have screamed out there with no one around to hear me. Only in the last couple of minutes did it start to edge out. It was dry and scratchy like it had sand in it! When finished I felt disappointed like I hadn't produced much (it sure looked small) but I couldn't feel any more up inside (unless sitting on the hard car seat had forced it up in) and I guess the log looked small because it was dry.

I guess I generally find it easier to poop when I'm outdoors. Especially when I'm constipated. I've often broken a losing streak while outdoors. I don't know if it's the exercise of walking, the crouching-squatting position that puts pressure on my bowels, or the urge to push hard and hurry so that no one sees me. Or all of the above. Linda do you find that pooping is different outdoors? Have any experience in the Western Australian outback?

AJ :-) Loves Russell ;-)
Last day of seven-day cleansing kit session. I'm going to be preparing my first meal of the day in a little bit (late, I know, but I've been needing my sleep and, then, have been in here online--plus doing an interesting poop).

Right now, I'm going in to take my morning packet (It's GOT to still be morning somewhere--actually, it's late morning where Russell lives, and it's even earlier in Hawaii. Perhaps, I should prepare some kind of Hawaiian breakfast.) It's three supplements of one kind and one supplement of another. I'll take it with water, wait awhile, and will then prepare some sort of breakfast, which will include four ounces of liquid with a fiber powder mixed into it.


I'm back. I've just swallowed my supplements and am drinking the rest of the bottle of water. I'm thinking about having juice (between 4 and 6 ounces blended with the powder plus at least one eight-ounce glass), banana, cold cereal, broccoli, carrots, rice cakes, and iced tea in awhile, doing this brunch-buffet-style over a period of time.

Shortly after I woke up this morning (late morning), I felt great pressure to poop.

I sat down and, immediately, out it came. It slithered out quickly ending with a poof sound.

I decided to look and see what was there, and there was some that had sunk to the bottom and on down the opening (how far I have no idea). One piece (which might or might not have been originally attached to the rest when it exited--but, likely, was) was a floater. It was probably six or seven inches long and quite fat (at least two inches across, I'd guess).

The whole thing was a kind of very, very, very light brown--almost like white paint into which a small amount of medium-brown paint had been added and the two mixed together to form this color.

I would describe it as being basically smooth in texture.

There was no problem in flushing it. In fact, I seldom have problems with flushing my poop, which is mostly solid-but-soft in consistently.

Anyway, that poop left me feeling really cleaned out.

I reseated myself to pee and reflect on the day to come before cleaning up, flushing, washing my hands, and leaving.

My first meal yesterday was a bowl of cold cereal, a banana, and some pomegranate-flavored water (whole bottle with between four and six ounces of it being mixed with the powder).

I had three cookies while out running errands (double-chocolate chip and chipotle cookies).

Later, I went to a well-known pizza chain to pick up a loaded side-salad and a three-cheese pasta bowl to enjoy while watching demolition work being done on this old factory.

That night, I was full enough that my last meal (the one with which I take my PM supplements--a packet and an acidophilus captule) consisted of two eight-ounce glasses of juice and a glass of iced tea.

I need to sign off and get on with eating, so I'll be back in a day or so to visit and finally tell you about the prairie dog.

May Everything Come Out All Right!
AJ:-) Loves Russell;-)

To ucgenie
I would like to know do always clean your poopy underwear in the toilet? If so please tell some more stories. What if your at a public toilet and you have poopy underwear do you clean your poopy underwear in a public toilet?

I got the weirdest problem. Every time I need to poop I gotta go pee too, even if I went 10 minutes before. About a week ago I had just got out of bed and was quite "excited" in front, if you know what I mean. I could also feel I had to do a poop real quick too. So I went and sat on the toilet and realized I had a big problem. My poop was trying hard to come out, but if I relaxed my hole, I knew I would pee, and the problem was I couldn't point my wiener down into the toilet like I always do. I sat there and tried to hold my poop as long as possible hoping my excitement would go away. Eventually I couldn't hold it in any more and my turd started to open my hole even though I was squeezing as hard as I possibly could. I felt its head come out and I was still squeezing as best I could but I just started to pee and there was nothing I could do about it. I did a huge pee which went up in the air and splashed all over the bathroom floor. It was so gross cleaning it up. Anybody else got this problem and what do you do about it.

To China Girl: Hi China Girl, Im so glad youre still here. I remember you so funny about how you punish your toilet and feel sorry for it after. I have had same thing as you. I have big lump come out and then lots of brown water shoot out of my bum. When it happen, the big lump splash so big it make my bum all wet. Then smaller lumps come so fast they splash all poopy water on my bum and it gets horribly dirty. So I use lots of paper to wipe and when I flush it all get stuck and brown water comes almost up to the top of the bowl and I get real scared it will go on floor. But it didn't and I left it because it didn't go away like yours.

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