I agree with Meeka and Troy aabout the difficulties of taking small children of the opposite sex into public bathrooms. I work as a nanny for a professional family (both are lawyers and out of town a lot). At 18, I'm earning my first year's college tuition in early childhood education by carrying for their sons--8, 6 & 4. You might think the oldest would help with his two younger brothers, but he has some problems of his own. For exammple, he crapped his pants last week at the movies and we had to get rain checks to take him home so he could change. Before we left home, I could smell the odor and I knew that he needed to go. I suggested he go into the bathroom, but he said he didn't need to go yet. We stopped at McDonald's for dinner, and again I urged him to go in and go. He said it wasn't quite ready to come out and he would wait until we got to the theater. OK, then a half hour later we're stalled in heavy traffic in the shopping center parking lot where the theater is and he's worrying that he's going to shit has pants. So we get to the mall and we immediately run Brett to the closest mens room. He was sweating profusely and I knew it was a matter of seconds. As we got up to the door I could see him already unbuckling his jeans. Then he gets the big disappointment: all four or five stalls are occupied and he immediately shits his pants. I mean he fills them so fully that the mess will be too great if she sits on the car seat. I know it was embarassing to him and he started to cry. I knew of a lesser used restroom at Sears and although it was about six blocks down at the other end of the mall, I thought Brett, his brothers and I would have more privacy down there. That was a good choice, because nobody came in during the 10 or 15 minutes we were in there. I took him into a "handicapped" stall because there was more space for us to work and I had him sit on the toilet, while he took his shoes, jeans and boxers completely off. The boxers had too very moist logs in them and I just rolled the underwear and its contents up and threw it into the trash. Then I wetted about a dozen paper towels and gave Brett a hands-on demonstration that while seated would allow him to carefully clean himself up on a temporary basis. While he was doing this, he started to fart and had to shit some more. This time it only took a few seconds and what he left--about a half bowl--was very mushy. He thought that he had been constipated for about 5 days. I guess!!! Again, I gave him two or three moist paper hand towels, but he now complained that they made his butt sore. About this time the youngest said he had to pee and pee real bad. He quickly went into the adjacent stall and before I could get over there, there was a spray of pee against the side of my right leg and onto my sandals. I don't think he even had has hand on his organ or was aiming for the toilet so I knew there was going to be another mess to clean up. Once I got in there he was trying to get his organ back into the underwear, but he was still doing some spraying and it was obvious that the seat and floor had been drenched. When I lifted the seat I got as much liquid on my right hand as I would have when I washed up. I was gross!!! At first, he started to cry because I had to grab him to get his attention and listen to me. Then I tore off some toilet paper and had him watch me wipe off one half of the seat. Next, I gave him a mitten of toilet paper and insisted that he wipe off the right side of the seat and then I handed him another for the puddle on the floor. I showed him the splatter on my leg and sandals. I saw him grin a little, something that made me even madder. Then the 6 year old, who has just finished lst grade, said he had to pee. At first, I thought he was just teasing, but as he started to rub his hands on his crotch, I knew he was probably serious. Because there were no urinals, I took him two stalls down, lifted the seat for him and told him to go to it. He, however, dropped the seat and I found that he is a sitting pee-er. Unlike his brothers, he was totally self-sufficient, aimed his organ into the bowl, and he contributed to none of the problems. When he got done, I asked him and his brothers to go on the other side of the bathroom to wait for me because I now had to have my daily BM. I think all the excitement had a lot to do with that. I contributed one long log, although I heard the boys laugh, when I initially let off a couple of noisy farts. Then I reached for the toilet paper and touched just a cardboard roll. ****! Of course, I had forgotten that we had exhausted the supply in cleaning up the earlier "problems". I didn't tell the boys but I knew that both Brett and I had bathrooms waiting when we got home and that we both had some serious cleaning to do. It was well past 7 p.m. and I knew we had just best stay home for the rest of the evening. I just didn't want to take a chance on anything else!

Has anyone seen or does anyone have any stories about babysiting older children that usually go somewhere besides the bathroom when they need to go?

Claire here again....finishing my last story about Abby pooping in her leotard at ballet. I wash in a rush so I couldn't finish.

So after our teacher went to check on Larissa, Larissa said she was done and our teacher left. Larissa came out of the bathroom looking quite uncomfortable as if she was about to cry, as if she had a thick log that was half way out but had to suck it back in because of our teacher. Now the exciting thing was that I was having a sleepover with both Abby and Larissa - at Abby's house. Class was another half hour and we were going straight to Abby's house.

Larissa walked slowly into the studio with the rest to finish class with a scared look on her face, which she tried to hide. I could tell she was severly constipated. The next part of class was jumps, which wasn't going to be too fun for her. We managed to get through jumps okay (20 mins say?) and then was stretching. We did splits, and then class was over. We walked out tired, only to get a call from Abby's mom saying she was going to pick us up late - 30 minutes late because of the weather. Our teacher went outside as usual, for maybe 5 minutes, and then proceeded to teach the next class with the older kids.

We took our tights off, but Lariss kept hers on, but took her leotard off. We all slipped our pants on, Larissa wearing pretty red sweatpants and a denim jacket (it was winter - snowing outside. We all sat down. Larissa still looked uncomfortable, but as if she was thinking. The 30 minutes was a long wait, and 10 of those 30 had passed now.

Larissa went into the long hallway that led to the studio, which the door was open so other's could watch. I went with her to watch, and then left (I didn't really leave, but she thought I did, I was peeking my head) Larissa, as many of the kids did, was not wearing underwear under her tights. I went into the other studio room that had a door with a window that you could see through - I could see Larissa straight and clear and was only a few yards away, but she didn't know it. Abby was busy with her hair and didn't see me spying. Larissa suddenly grab held of the crown molding side of the door, pulled her sweatpants up, and stood quite tall and straight. While watching the other girls dance, she squeezed her butt a bit, and it seemed like she was pushing something. I could tell she was trying to poop, and it was obvious (only to me as I was watching quite carefully)that half of a very thick log (maybe one that would turn out to be a few inches wide) was beginning to come out. Suddenly, I heard a noise and pretended to be practicing, but could still see Larissa. I heard the door open - it was Abby's mom. Abby came out, and Larissa walked towards her two, trying to stay relaxed to prevent sucking the log back in. We walked to the car, and me and Abby sat in the back, with Larissa in the very back. Larissa nevr quite sat down, but didn't make anything look obvious. I was cautiosly looking at her, and she looked quite distracted, trying to push. I could see her butt quite clearly, and it looked like the bulge in the back of her pants was getting bigger, but very stiff. Larissa looked really uncomfortable - like it hurt. Suddenly the bulge got really big really fast, and her sweatpants were filled. Nothing smelled, though.She looked quite relieved now, and sat down. I wondered what was going to happen when we got to Abby's house. When we got there, Larissa had smushed everything so it didn't look like anything obvious. Strangely, there was no smell, either. When we got there, we went into Abby's room to take off our tights and Larissa stood behind the bed and took off her sweatpants, which, I was quite surprised, were completely clean. She did quickly wrap a jacket sround her butt. Larissa went downstairs into the kitchen which was empty. I looked from the stairs and she actually continued to fill her tights. She was just standing in the middle of the kitchen, as I watched her tights hang down more and more. It began to look soft and Larissa looked really relieved. After another few minutes, she stopped, pulled up her tights a little (they were actually hanging down very heavily they were so filled) and wrapped the jacket around her bum again. SHe walked upstairs and went into the bathroom with her clean sweatpants. After 10 minutes, she came out with her pants on and was clean. I heard a flush, I think she dumped all the crap into the toilet and flushed it because a heard a splash. She came out and the tights were thrown out I think. The end.

does anyone know how to fart on command?

Tulsa Boy
To the no-name who wanted to know:

I didn't make it to the toilet, i'm not big on stories though, sorry to disapoint you

Veronika, that was a great story about Ray! Please tell us if you have anymore similar experiences!

Keith D
To Anny: I feel very sorry for you for you after all your hard efforts. I had the same problems for much of my life with very hard irregular poops. I found that diet made no real difference for me either. No amount of fibre helps me. So now I just eat what I want! I guess I finally overcame my problems through a few things. Drinking more water helped me. It definitely softened the poops and allowed them to slide more easily. The right pooping technique also helps. Finding a comfortable position that you can maintain for a while and that puts a lot of pressure on your bowels can move most stubborn obstacles and empty you right out. And finally, for me I find it a lot easier if I can take the time to poop when I really need to. Like right when the first cramps and urges hit. If I wait for too long and have to hold back, then the turd gets hard and compacted and the strong urges never return. So today when I was walking the long way home and had to cut through the woods, when I suddenly got the urge to go I just walked a long way off the path and went behind a tree. I was a bit nervous as I could still see the path from where I was positioned but the poop came so quickly and easily that I was done in 30 secs. But pooping seems to be different for everybody and what works for some won't work for others. Anny take care and don't be too hard on yourself.

Hi again Veronica: Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions and so elegantly too! Yes, I guess you're right that my childhood toilet experiences have seem to had some kind of psychological impact on me. Although I see that has happened to a lot of people on this forum - many people have vivid memories from early childhood of accidents and shared pooping experiences that seem to stay with them for life. I guess it makes a real impression during the toilet training stage (and all that Freudian stuff). And let's face it, most of us don't get toilet training after the age of about three! Everthing else we have to learn for ourselves. Or on this site... As a kid, I found that pooping was a difficult and painful thing that I really dreaded. I guess I came up with a few "coping mechanisms" as you put it along the way but they were crude and only temporary solutions. It wasn't until later when they started to come more easily that I realised just how enjoyable the act of pooping really is. And the more you learn to enjoy it, the better it is and the easier it comes.

I guess these experiences have left me with a real fascination (yes, intrigue is a good work for it) for how other people go about pooping and how they feel about it.

For me, when the urge to poop first hits, it is all at once terrifying and overwhelming. The sensations are so deep. And it's immediately my own little secret. As I make my way to my chosen pooping spot, the muscles are cramping and all the muscles down there get so tight and so tense. Just begging for release and relief. And I become so self aware and aware that others around me don't know about my secret and are just going about their daily activities. I reach the toilet and size it up. Preparations to sit are important but hurried.

As I sit and begin to relax and apply pressure there is that brief moment pause. All is silent and nothing moves. My heart skips a beat wondering if all is loft. Then it begins to move and push down. Pushing and probing its way down through my hole bit by bit. Trying to force its way through the tense musculature. Poking out tentatively then slipping back in slightly. Teasing me as I will it out. Finally my muscles give way and allow the head to emerge. The hole stretches right out to its limit and now the muscles relax fully. They could not tense and contract if they wanted to. The mass slides slowly downwards. Every bump and bulge on its surface pushes and stretches against my ring, massaging the muscles and nerves that confined it so tightly. The relief and the sensations are overwhelming. As more emerges, the log continues moving on its own. The weight of the mass hanging down drags its tail slowly from my body, allowing my insides to collapse and relax. It is a real state of euphoria and nothing can spoil my mood in the moments after. It's a true afterglow.

It's a shame that so many of the people I meet don't seem to enjoy pooping. It's just a task or a chore or a nuisance to them. They seem to see it as something dirty that they shouldn't think about or enjoy. Veronika you're lucky that you do have such a great attitude towards your body's natural functions. Bethany you seem to be enjoying it more now too. You've come a long way from getting annoyed by the auto-flusher!

I got very shy about my pooping when I was having such a struggle as a kid. I felt that I must have been doing it wrong or something and was embarrassed about people finding out. As a teenager, I was embarrassed because I thought I was starting to enjoy it too much. Now I'm finding out that others enjoy it too. But the emotions are always conflicting and confusing. Veronika it's good that you feel so relaxed. But funny that you still get a bit shy if you think that someone is intentionally listening to you, but were fascinated by listening in on Ray at work the other day. So many conflicting feelings and thoughts... It really is the thrill of the intrigue, isn't it?

I think I'm more open about the whole thing now. I try to conceal my pooping habits from family and close friends but around everyone else I'm comfortable.

Everyone keep the stories coming!

I have not been sticking to my diet lately and I guess my body does not like that. That combined with my period and a fairly erratic schedule over the past couple weeks did not do me well. Anyway, I had not had a poop in a couple of days, didn't really pay much attention one way or the other. I go when I get the urge and I don't go when I don't. No regular time or place although I prefer to be alone in the bathroom.

So today I woke up and decided to go for a walk/jog. The path that I go on is surrounded by the canal on one side and the river on the other without any real coverage should the need arise. I woke up and went for my morning pee and although I did not have the urge to poop I did feel a heaviness in my rectum. I thought it was just a little guy--you know those pebbles that slip down and make you feel full but it's really just the size of a grape. I took a deep breath and pushed as hard as I could from the inside sitting at a 45 degree angle at my waist. I did this two or three times and finally it emerged quickly. it was a hard one, not pleasant coming out. It did not, however, feel very big. It was very dry and required very little clean up. I stood up and looked in. Lo and behold I had deposited a 2 and a half inch by 7 inch monster that refused to go away. I flushed and it just sat there and plugged the hole and laughed at me. I put the lid on and went out for my jog/walk. About an hour and a half later when I came home I flushed again. This time it started going down but the water started coming up. I grabbed the plunger and pushed it all away. Two more flushes--one with plunging the other to make sure it was clear--and I was good to go.

The story is not over. I went out tonight with my friend to see a movie and got home around 11 p.m. I had to pee really bad so I went at her house before driving the half hour back to mine. At my house, I suddenly felt an urge for a poop. That's odd, I thought. I'm typically a 2 poops in 3 days type of person. So I grabbed the computer to read the posts on here and sat down. It was another monstrosity. It felt very solid but easier to pass than the morning. It was about 2 and a quarter inch by 8 inch, a lighter shade of brown and you could see the bits of fiber in it. I wiped and then got another cramp in my stomach so I stayed on the toilet. I let out two wet farts and wiped again. That one actually flushed okay though. I still feel a little bloated and full in my stomach but I can't imagine there is anything left in me. I washed my hands and face, got my pjs on and then came here to post.

My 7 year old sister wet herself twice this week. Both times at the park.

The first time she was wearing gray sweatpants and a longish sweater over top. She didn't want to come in from playing in the park so she peed her pants and my other sister had to bring her home. My mom was mad that she peed herself because it's not an accident. She's doing it out of laziness. So my sister changed and went back outside.

Then today she peed herself again at the park. She was playing with a friend and our other sister and she had to go to the bathroom so my 11 year old sister called my mom on her cellphone asking what to do and my mom said to ask the friend's mom if she can use the bathroom. So they did that...but the friend's mom said no!

So then she peed herself and soaked the front and back of her pretty skirt and my sister called my mom again telling her what happened. My mom told her to bring her home. When they got in the door my mom was irritated with my little sister. She said "Next time you have to go to the bathroom get your ass home or you're grounded." Meaning if there were no other options, don't pee yourself...come home and use the bathroom (we live right next door to the park). My mom said if she doesn't stop peeing herself while she's out playing she won't get to go out anymore.

I don't get why my sister is doing this. She's going to be 8 years old in December and she's getting too old to be wetting herself, especially since they're not accidents most of the time. She doesn't have any health problems, just mild problems with her bladder. Her bladder isn't growing as fast as the rest of her body.

My mom's getting tired of having extra clothes in the laundry each week because my sister keeps peeing herself.

Tulsa boy and Todd, I once shit my pants and was washing the underwear out in the toilet. I flushed to get some clean water and the pants fell in and were sucked down. There was no clogging at the time, but a week later there was a blockage in front of my house and I called the town to unblock the pipes and was i embarrassed when they showed me the underwear that was blocking the pipes.


Well hello again everybody. I hope that you have been enjoying all of the lovely posts that we have been writing. And this will be another interesting one, that I think you will enjoy.

Today was the day that I received an enema. My first one in many, many years. Has to be since high school. Giving it to me was my real lovely sister Karen. We will all be taking an enema in today. We had been doing some really good eating during our stay and Sue mentioned that we should maybe think about doing it. Its not that I really needed one, as I was not even remotely constipated. Anyway the evening before we went up to the local Walgreen's to make our purchase of three of the Fleet Enema Kits with the mineral oil mixture.

The next morning after we had our breakfast and coffee we all went back into Kar's master bathroom and set everything up. I was already able to feel a shit building in my bowels and knew that I could poop without this. But I figured lets do a real good cleaning out.

Taking my robe off I got down in position in a doggy style manner, my butt was up in the air as Kar got the solution bottle ready. Lubing up my tight anal opening with some vaseline I then felt the tip of the bottle softly and slowly going inside of me. Sis was being ever so gentle. She inserted it all the way in until the cap of the bottle was touching my butt cheeks. It was then that she started off by slowly squeezing the bottle. I could immediately feel the mineral solution entering my anus and travelling upward in me. Through my bowels, and into my large intestine and even far enough to feel it in my ????.

These Fleets that we bought were also the larger bottles. So there was a lot of enema solution for me to accept into my system. I guess I didn't have to take it all in. But all you could do was just throw it out if you didn't use it. As Kar kept on inserting more pressure on the bottle, I was able to feel myself getting quite the bloated feeling. It was feeling like I ate a seven course meal I was getting so full. The mineral oil also had a cool feeling to it. I have to say that I was starting to squirm as it was being put up inside of me. Karen finally said that the bottle was reaching empty. I was very happy to hear that.

After getting it all in I had to stay in this position for five to ten minutes and let it work itself around my insides. Yes, I do have to say it was only a matter of minutes and I really had to start squeezing and holding my anus and butt cheeks tightly clenched. If not I think I could have been squirting all over Karen's bathroom rugs and floor. Again sue took pics of my tightly clenched ass, and my facial features where she could tell I was working hard to hold it all in. This also felt like the longest ten minutes ever in my life. I could have gone sooner but wanted to see if I could make it. When it hit seven minutes, Sis asked me if I could do the last three. Clenching real tight now, I said that I thought that I could. Ten minutes finally arrived and as I started getting up to place myself on the toilet, I thought that I was going to explode all over the bathroom. I really had to be careful. I could just feel the fluid moving all about my insides.

Telling them that I wanted to let them see me empty my bowels, the toilet seat was raised and I turned to face the tank. Slowly moving over the toilet, I centered myself and lowered myself a little bit. The only thing was I going to let out spray jets of shit all over. Something that we wouldn't know until I activated my bowels. Being over the bowl, I was wanting to hold it for a few minutes more to let it work down really well. Sue also had the camcorder ready to film ourselves for this. It was already filming my ass as I squatted so it was basically just waiting for me to decide when to open my bowels. I finally thought that the time had come. I would say that I gave myself an extra three minutes to build up. And here we go............

FFLLLLLLLLLLMMMMMMPPPPPFFFFFFFFTTTTTTFFFFFFLLLLLLLLOOOOOO OOOMMMMMMMMPPPPPBRRRRRRRRRRRRMMMMMMMMMMMMPPP PPPPPPPPPPPPPFFFFF FFFFFFTTTTTTTFLLLLLLLL OOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMPPPP and that was only the beginning. And yes, not leaving anything out the whole toilet did get sprayed all over. Inside, outside, even the floor. Karen and Sue were just astonished by what they watched. Hold on here it comes again, FLLLLLLLLMMMMMMMMM PPPPPPPPPFLLLLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOPPPPPPPPBR RRRRRRRRRRMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP FFFFFFFFFFFFFTTTTTTFLLLLLLLLLLLLMMMMMMMMMMPPPPP PPPFFFFLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPBBRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRMMMMMMMMMMMMMPPPPPPPP, wow I was shitting. Karen said Sis you should see how your hole looks as you poop. I will see it when we play it back. And again BBBBRRRRRRRRRRRRRMMMMMMMMMMMMMPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP PFFFFFFFFFFFFTTTTTTTTTFFFFLLLLLLLLLMMMMMMMMMMMMMMPPPPPPPPPPP PPFFFFFLLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOPPPPPPPFFFFFLLLLL LLLLLLMMMMPPPPPPPPPPPPPFFFFFFFFFFFFTTTTTTTBB BBRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRMMMMMMMMMMMMPPPPPPPPPPPP. Its just a total mixture of shit, farts and gas all mixed in at once. I also have a messy ass to clean off as well as a toilet and floor. Karen told me not to worry. Sue volunteered to wipe me if I ever finish. I told her okay. Oh no, PFFFFFFFFFFFFTTTTTTTTTTTBBBBBBBRRRRRR RRRRMMMMMMPPPPPPPPFFFFFFFFFFFFFFTTTTTT TFFFFFFLLLLLLLLLLMMMMMMMMMMMPPPPPPPPFF FFFFFLLLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOPPPPPPPPPBRRRRRRRRRRR RRRRRMMMMMMMMMMMPPPPPPPPP PPPPPPPPPPPPPFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFTTTTTTTTTFFFFFFFLLLLLLLLLLLLLMMMMMMMMMMMMPPPPPPPP. I am really cleaning my insides out. And the variety of colors and different foods that I have ate are all in the toilet. All different colors of digested ???? that passed through. Four or five different colors of shit, and a lot of liquid. And some more shit.......FFFFFFLLLLLLLLLMMMMMMMMMMMMPPPPPPPPPPF FFFFFFLLLLLLLLLLLOO OOOOOPPPPPPP PFFFLLLLLLLLLLLLMMMMMMMMMPPPPP PPPBRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRMMMMMMMPPPPPPPFFFFFFFFFFFFFFT TTTTTTTTTTFLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOO OOOOMMMMMMMMMMMPPPPPPPPP. I can really say my insides are cleaning out everything and anything that was in the way of the solution. So liquidy I could even feel it going over my vaginal opening again. With which I asked Sue if she would softly clean that area right now as I am still squatting. And she gently did. The one thing about an enema is it is very hard to tell when you might be through. You get very tight inside and your bowels and rectal muscles don't just relax so easy. I asked them how my anal opening looked, besides messy and they agreed it was still partially open. Like more could possibly come out. They also said I should turn around and put the seat down and sit on the potty to see if I can do more. I agreed and thought that might help. And after a few minutes of sitting normal I could tell more would come out. PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPFFFFFFFFFFFTTTTTTTTTTTT, BBBBBBRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRMMMMMMMMMMMMMMPPPPPPPPPPP, some loud gas, and now PLLLLOOOPPP, PLLLOOOOPPPP, PLLLLLOOOOOOPPPP, PLLLLOOOOPPPP. Some real solid chunks that were probably deeply up inside me and the enema broke it loose. They splashed into the bowl through the brown murky and poop filled water. I felt some splash back. PLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOPPP,PLLLLLLLLOOOOOOPP,PPPPPPLLLLOOOOOPPP. Those last three finished me off accept for the cleaning time. I asked Sue if she still wanted to wipe me or change her mind. She said "I am wiping your dirty ass woman." "You can't have all of the fun." We all let out a laugh. Karen making it funnier yet left the bathroom for a minute and came back in carrying about six bottles of antibacterial soap. That really got us off laughing. And all of this was being filmed. Can't wait to see it. Well standing up and turning around for Sue. I bent over ans she gracefully spread my cheeks and with the neatly folded TP put the first wipe to me. It was even running down my legs it was so wet. After that first wipe across my anus. She then went for the back portion of my legs. I had a real dirty ass and ass cheeks. Oh and as for the smell, it was very, very raunchy. Wiping again, she softly wiped my cheeks this time. And now started going inside again. Touching my anus as she wiped it was a little bit soft and tender from all of the action but feeling so very good. She then spanked me on my right butt cheek and told me to spread it. Laughing I did. She went for the vaginal area again to make sure there was no poopy there as that could cause an infection to develop. I really didn't count, but I would say it was about ten wipes to be clean.

Moving out of the way Karen held the camcorder and filmed as I reached for the flush handle and then we filmed the shit filled toilet as it emptied. Three flushes to handle everything. And the clean up around the bowl wasn't that bad to do. Well I hope you enjoyed my writing here and will be back again. And shortly the other two have there enema trips coming. Until then have a good day.


Hello everyone, lets do it. Its now my turn to see how much fun it can be to get a mineral oil enema. After witnessing these first two Sue and Kath go at it, I was going to try and prepare for the best. I could tell as I took my robe off and stood there in the nude that I had a long and loud sounding fart to let out. The way I always start one of my pooping sessions. I didn't know if I could take the enema bottle in without releasing it. Well here goes. Getting down onto the floor with my butt raised, Sue started to lube my anus, in and around it to soften it up to take the tip in with no discomfort. Getting it deep inside I could feel the rush of mineral oil start racing through me as it went deep up and inside of me. I mean it almost felt like it was all the way up into my throat. Of course it wasn't.

I was really feeling full and bloated inside and that gas just wanted to come out. I squeezed my cheeks a few times and Sue spanked me telling me to relax. We laughed, but she didn't know what I was going through. Finally the last of the fluid from the bottle gurgled into my insides. And oh boy. Did I ever have to clench myself tight. I was trying to get myself into a relaxed feeling as I waited out the ten minutes for everything to circulate. I wanted to be able to get up onto and over the bowl with no problems. I was trying to push it all back in. And get it to go deep inside and it felt like it was happening. And it finally felt like it did. As I became very relaxed. The ten minutes was almost here and then I was going to put on my show for the two of them to enjoy. Finally Kath said okay Sis, your on. And with that I got up and placed myself over the bowl. Squatting as low as I could get, but with my anus still showing on the camcorder I got into position. My spray jets were getting ready to activate. And I think with the way I squeezed everything up and in it was going to be bad when it bursts through. And it did two minutes later.


Now giving some pushes to see what happens. A load of solis soft serv's came out of me. And they came out pretty quickly. Fairly thick and all about 8 inches according to the girls. But not to much splashing took place. Thankfully. Another round of liquid was coming though, as I could feel it......BBBBBBBBRRRRRRRRMMMMMMMPPPPPPP PPPPPPFFFFFFFFLLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP PFFFFFFFFFRRRRRRRMMMMMMMPPPPPPPPP PPPPPPPPPPPPPPFFFFFFFFFFTTTTTTTTTTTTTBBBBBBRRRRRRRRRRRRRRMMMM MMPPPPPPPPPPPPFFFFFFLLLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOPPPPPPPPPPPFFFFFFLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOPPPPPPPPPPPPPPFF FFFFRRRRRRRRRRRMMMMMMMPPPPPPPPPPPPPBBBBBBBRR RRRRRMMMMMMMPPPPPPPPPPPPPPFFFFFFFLLLLLLGGGGGG HHHHPPPPPPPPFFFFFFFFFFFTTTT. The sound of runny shit and farts is so loud and noisy. To be honest, I wouldn't mind doing this type of shit sometime at the mall with strangers hearing me. And maybe keeping the door open, like I was in such a hurry I didn't have time to close it. I'm going to have to think whether or not I can do an enema at home and hold it in long enough to reach the mall and restroom after parking in the deck. Somerset Collection is only five minutes from where I live.

Soon some smaller chunks departed my ass. They were a little bit harder as they plip plopped into the bowl. I think about 5 or 6 pieces. But nothing to big and long.........followed by............BBBBBBBBBBBRRR RRRRRRRMMMMMMMMMPPPP PPPPPPPPPPPFFFFFFFFFLLLLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOO OOPPPPPPPPPPPFFFFFFFFLLLLLLLLL LLMMMMMMMMMPPPPPPPPPPPPPFFFFFFFLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP PPFFFFFFFFFFTTTTTTTTTTBBBB BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRMMMMMMMMMPPPPPPPP PPBBBBBRRR RRRRRMMMMMMMMPPPPPPPPPPPFFFFFFL LLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOPPPPPPPPPPPPPFFFFF FFLLLLLLLLLLGGGGGHFFFFFFFLLLLLLL LLLLLLLMMMMMMPPPPPPPPP. Another wet sounding load. It was also feeling like I was finished. I thought that I should squat for a few more minutes however, as I wanted to be sure. I kept on pushing my anus open and closed. Yes, that was it. Now for the pleasure of feeling Sue wiping me. I promised her that I would not poo on her hand as well. Grabbing a handful of toilet paper, she started working on my legs and coming up towards my anus. She then went for the vaginal area to get off any shit that ran down and around. And it was quite a bit. She wiped that area three times alone. Cleaning my legs again a little bit more, she finally started on the cheeks and worked in towards my anus. I was so, so messy. Never in all of my 32 years was I like that. I was a complete mess. But I was feeling good about what I did. I remember reading one time that they say even when you have a good normal bowel movement. You still hold like 20 lbs of fecal matter inside of you. Well it thats true, then it definitely came out today. Kathy counted 16 wipes of my body before I was clean. That I know is a record for me. But I enjoyed the enema immensely. I hope to do this on a regular basis every month or two. I feel that it would be very good for your health. Now the only question to answer is can I pull this off and make it to the mall in time without shitting my pants. Somerset get ready, you might have some fun headed your way.

Well ladies hope to read some of your exciting shit stories real soon. This sight is so much fun to share your shit times. Well now off to have some fun.

We will talk to you again real soon. Bye.

Our unisex restroom at work has no exhaust fan. After I finished in there, a young fellow told me he heard me farting. I think he was totally out of line. Opinions?

Casie M's story about the lady at the mall reminded me of a somewhat similar instance. I was waiting to use the bathroom (it was just a single stall bathroom, so I was waiting outside the door - I was the only one waiting). A lady wearing a light orange shirt and white pants comes running up. I could see that she was very desperate before she even said a word. She stands next to me with her legs pressed tightly together and remarks, "I have to go so bad I'm about to pee my pants." I wasn't anywhere near as desperate to pee as this lady was, so I told her she could go ahead of me. She thanked me, and about thirty second later, the previous occupant came out and she scurried in. When she came out a few minutes later, she thanked me again. I glanced down at her white pants and I did not see any wet spot, so I figured she made it. When I came out of the bathroom, the lady was still there. She thanked me yet again. I asked her if she made it and she said, "Just barely. And I mean JUST barely."

Claire's story about her friend pooping in her leotard brought back this memory from 3rd grade...Andrea (not her real name) went up to the teacher's desk, asked to use the bathroom, and was given permission. A couple minutes later, I went up to the teacher's desk to ask her some question. While I was still at her desk, Andrea came back and whispered to the teacher "I pee-peed in my pants." Sure enough, she had peed her jeans and was wet all the way down her legs. The teacher told me, "Take Andrea down to the nurse's office." On the way, I asked Andrea what happened, figuring she had probably peed her pants on the way to the bathroom. Andrea said that she couldn't undo her belt, then couldn't hold it anymore and she peed her pants. (Apparently, it was some new-fangled belt that she wore for the first time.) Her mother took Andrea home for the rest of the day, so the rest of the class figured she just got sick (as I don't think anyone else saw Andrea's wet pants because the teacher's desk was right by the door).

Unfortunately that same year/class, amother girl wasn't so lucky. Debbie (not her real name) was a very shy and quiet girl. She was in my 1st and 2nd grade classes too, and I never once heard her ask to use the bathroom. One day in 3rd grade, Debbie went to the bathroom in her seat. One of the kids shouted "Debbie peed her pants", and everyone turned to look. There she was, sitting in a puddle of pee, her face as bright red as the shirt and pants she was wearing, crying. When she got up, her pants were a darker shade of red in the back from almost her waistline to her thighs. The poor girl didn't return to class that day.

Anyone else have some good pants-peeing stories?

Linda from Australia here again. Last weekend, I ate too many bananas and I got backed up. I was able to squeeze out small amounts each day but I had heaps of butt phelgm. I felt miserable and bloated. This lasted all week, until Friday, when I managed to squeeze out a HUGE load of poo. I went about 6 days without doing a decent poo. I won't eat that many bananas again.

To Thunder from Down Under: It sounds like you are really constipated. Did you manage to push a load out that day? Do you ever have to break a log off, if it gets stuck in your anus? Or have you ever had a thick log, halfway out and stuck in your anus and you've had to answer the phone or the door?

To Keith D: Great story about how you took a dump in the desert! It sounds like you had a really hard time getting that log out. How long did it take for you to push it out? I've had stubborn logs like that before, one time it took me an hour to squeeze out 2, medium sized logs. I was straining the whole time and even grunting a bit too. I was a bit disappointed that it took me so long to only get 2 medium sized logs. They were rock hard but not very wide. They hurt my butt too. As I mentioned, Ive been on a losing streak with my poos all week but now Im back to normal.

Monday, June 02, 2008

AJ :-) Loves Russell ;-)
Witness--I think that your girlfriend's mother and the mother of the other girl are dumber than a box of rocks and very meanspirited.

These things happen at times and should be treated with compassion.

These women need to learn parenting skills--or get some kind of professional help. They probably actually have fun hitting their kids and would find another excuse to if it weren't that one.

The compassionate part of me says that these women were probably abused as children and now like being the one in charge. That's why child-abuse becomes a cycle.

I'm having a pooping good time with my internal cleansing.

At this time, I'm on the seven-day cleanse that will not only clean both intestines but, also, bloodstream, liver, and lymph nodes.

A little bit ago, I got the urge to pee and realized that there's no way in hell that I would have made it all the way to the bathroom, so I'm letting it out slowly into my protective panties (so that it will soak in instead of overflowing).

Of course, I'm delivering all poops to the toilet--and I certainly had an interesting session of them a short while ago.

Some came out as kind of loose flakes, but one came out as interesting, little sticks that were about three or four inches long and about as big around as somewhere between a baby carrot stick and a larger carrot stick.

Each movement came out with at least some kind of explosion.

Another interesting session happened while I was still in the Magnesium Citrate phase.

I sat on the pot and kept delivering presents to it in a kind of session where each one came out with a poofing sound in fast succession.

Since Monday afternoon, I've been eating vegetarian.

After this cleansing session ends, I'm still going to be eating mostly vegetarian with fish/seafood being my main kind of meat. Other meats I'll eat in moderation and only every few days.

This way of eating isn't written in cement, as I believe that there are no really "bad" foods. But I am watching what I eat and am trying to see how quickly--but safely--I can get down to my ideal weight of 128 lbs. My guess is sometime next year.

China Girl--Great to see you back! You have such an entertaining way of telling your stories. You're right about that being one strange toilet.

Bethany--I'm so glad that things are getting better for you in the bowel department and hope that it keeps up. You might look into internal cleansing, as it will make your digestive tract healthy in a lot of ways. Not only that, but it's also very good for your entire body. I actually have no complaints when it comes to bowel function, but I have two other problems: I can't seem to lose weight quickly anymore (very slow metabolism) and I hold water in my tissues. The cleanse will, I hope, help me with those concerns.

Fernando--Just goes to show you that studmuffins sometimes stink, too. LOL

Just now letting out some more pee into my panties, and it's really a relief to have it outside instead of inside. It feels nice and warm like water in a heated pool.

Anyway, my computer gets stupid on me sometimes and goes to a blue screen, so I'm going to post this now before it does--and will share the story about the prairie dog in my panties at another time.

Happy Pottying!
AJ:-) Loves Russell;-)

P.S. Speaking of loving Russell, we're getting our first facetime in about six months! WooHoo!

Hey everyone, Wow havene't posted in the LONGEST!!! time sorry about that. Nothing much as happen though just the usual. I was sick last week very sick actually I had food poising it was terrible. but I haven't have nothing else to say so i post something later if something comes around. one more thing, Does anyone else have any stories of convience pooping? ( don't know how to spell sorry lol ). Surprised to see that there are girls out there that will come foward and say "I like to panty-poop" lol it's pretty cool but i post something later bye!.

Hey Dump Bud and Zip! Thanks for your very kind words. I'm glad you STILL remember the "Anti-Zip" story after all this time. To me, since "Zip" represented the kind of guy who is totally uninhibited and not one bit bashful about addressing personal issues in the public restroom. Therefore, the "Anti-Zip" is someone who would rather roll through broken glass shards before being humiliated aboard a public toilet unless his turds had him totally at their mercy.

To answer your question, I can't ever remember another person being quite THAT self-conscious about bumming on the toilet. With Mike, Josh and all the other fit young men I have had the immense honor of seeing go down with a big load, I'm sure none of them woke up that morning and thought to themselves "What an awesome day! I think I'll go and take a great big nasty shit in front of Greg today!!" You don't PLAN to do that, but it wasn't exactly the end of the world for them either.

However, there was one time years ago I was working at a restaurant and I went back to the employee restroom because the one I usually used was closed for a special event. I was in there for several minutes not even realizing that RJ, a cook who worked with me had been in there on the toilet. I think RJ was about 19 years old, about 5'10, 160 pounds with a dirty-blonde buzz cut. I was grooming myself when I heard this voice come from the stall..... "I'm trying to take a SHIT!!"

"Huh??" I relied somewhat surprised that someone else was even in there with me."

"I SAID, I'm TRYING to take A SHIT!!" Came an exasperated-sounding reply.

"Hey. I'm not here to stop you buddy." I replied with a laugh. I was just here to piss and clean up myself."

"I know." He grunted. "But I can't get my shit out with someone standing there, so will you please hurry up and finish what you were doing and leave."

"Sure." I replied. "I would just HATE to be responsible for you having to hold your shit longer than necessary!"

Drying my hands, I went to the door and pretended to leave by opening the door and slamming it. A moment later, RJ started to shit as he finally let go of a ton of soft loose crap accompanied by lots of gas and plenty of moaning. Splutsplutcracklesplattersplutsplutsplattersplattercracklecracklesplutsplattersploot. I couldn't figure out why RJ would want to hide his light under a bushel and conceal such an impressive display.

Anyhow, I was able to sneak out a moment later under cover of a rather noisy fan and RJ's own bumming and moaning. I guess you would have to classify RJ as an "Anti-Zip" as well.

Be Safe,


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