to Meeka:

I know that it sucks to have to take your young brother into the public restroom. My situation is just the opposite: I'm 15 and in high school and I have to care for my sisters--6 and 4. Although my parents are willing to pay for two or three activities a week (like the zoo, the circus, baseball games, swimming, and bowling) it pisses me off to have to deal with my 2 sisters and their "problems" in using bathrooms away from home. For example, Madison who will be starting kindergarten in a year, is really scared about using the big public toilets. Like she has a lot of alternatives! First, she doesn't sit over the front of the seat like us normal people, rather she uses the side of the stall, hangs onto the toilet paper holder, and throws herself onto the seat from the side. All the time she has her hands on the toilet paper holder. The problem for her is that she doesn't always sit far enough in to get her crap or pee into the bowl. Sometimes when she goes to get up off the seat to wipe, she spreads her crap from her butt over the seat and into her panties. One a couple of occasions--once was at the airport while we waited for grandma's late flight to come in--she actually partly peed into her pants because she didn't pull her underwear all the way down to the floor and didn't sit back far enough to get her pee into the bowl. Part of it went onto the side of the seat and into her underwear. I've tried to show her--actually I've demonstrated for her how to sit over the front of the seat--how such accidents can be avoided but she has so little confidence in sitting all the way back. She's so small that her feet won't reach the floor and she's afraid of balancing herself on the seat. Erica, however, who is 2 years older, will seat herself the normal way over the front of the seat and empty her bowels or urine pretty much without needing help from me, but it takes her so long to get her pee flow going, that there are complaints and on some occasions there is cursing from fellow users waiting for a stall to open. Then when Erica reaches for the toilet paper, she finds only an empty roll. She has messed some of her panties pretty badly, but doesn't seem to learn her lesson that she needs to check the toilet paper first before sitting down. Yesterday we used our parents' tickets for a pro baseball game and Erica must have had me take her down to the bathroom 5 times in about 3 hours. Each time she said she went a little, but not a lot. Why she doesn't stay on the toilet and complete the task is something I don't understand. At the circus last month she sat down twice but was unable to pee until her 3rd sitting. It sounded just like water running into a bucket. I was in the next stall shitting but could easily her what she was doing. Then at the end of the game, Erica needed to go down again--this time it was to poop. It was a noisy one and she let off a number of loud farts before sitting down and actually depositing her shit into the bowl. I agree with you Meeka that taking children of the oppsite sex into a public bathroom is tough. Not just because you are with your friends, but because you are being held responsible for their success and problems. And I agree with you Meeka that there's nothing worse than having a young and immature sibling peeking in on you because they are bored and they feel that justifies messing with you too.

Hello everyone. I am a long time reader, but this is my first time posting. I usally have soft, easy to come out, low odor poops. But today was a iffrent story. I came home, and started to work on a school project. It is due tommorow, so i would have to work hard. I had to poop REALLY REALLY REALY bad, but i wanted work on my project. i finnaly had to get to the bathroon, so i ran in, unzipped my pants, and let the fun begin. I sat down, and it all came pouring out. No pushing or effort, and it wasn;t liquidy or too hard, but it sure did stink up the bathroom! I had to put the fan on and spray some air freshener! I love everyones stories on here, i go on every day and it always give a good laugh to my day. Thank you to every who makes my day with your great stories!

China girl
Hi everyone good to be back. I have to share recent experience last week. I went to meet my friend at office building she works at. It is small building that only holds about 10 offices, and public toilets are like single room toilets. I drive to pick her up but I call her on cell because on way over I just had terrible pressure to take dump. I could not tolerate even to sit on car seat because pressure so uncomfortable. I went in to the building to see my friend and she gave me restroom key. There was single toilet next to the office in hallway but I walked further down to the labeled women's room. Unlocked door, and the counter was to the left with one person in front of mirror, and straight ahead was toilet against back wall out in open. I was shocked, and the women gave me brief welcoming smile though I did not return it because I was looking at toilet at shock of location. I think I surprise her because this Chinese girl just rush in, and I had my hair just pushed up in sloppy pony tail like I just wake up. So my look may be a little intimidating. Although she did not turn dead bolt in door. I made gesture back to door, then she says "there's one right there." I had already seen it before she say but I thought it was custom to leave if bathroom is a private one. What I saw was another toilet situated in an indentation in the wall that is hidden when you open door. It was not in view of the counter area but since it hid in indentation there was no door, and you can see it only as soon as you enter or leave by the women's room door. Unusual layout for restroom. I gave a modest smile and a "thanks" but I'm sure she thought I had to pee. Well I walked into indentation and it was a very round seated toilet, and small to accomodate the smaller space. It faced the front wall of the women's room, not the indentation entrance so it is like side view of the person sitting when you leave restroom just before opening entrance door. I guess it was private enough. I had to sit as soon as possible, the pressure was uncomfortable, there was not even a small fart I can do. I got my pants down immediately, and when I sat I feel top heavy with my butt just smothering over the bowl because it is such compact size. I did not care at that point what would happen or even about the woman at the counter. There was few seconds of silence. Then naturally a little air fart did come and was softly audible. After that there was just a quick, fart pop sound and you could just hear the wet moving sound of turd. I just gave that bad boy a push and my butt instantly flap wide open and it sound like led weight just shot into the toilet. Then just after that, a waterfall of crap that briefly shot out like pressure hose. The smell just dominated instantly. I looked between my legs. The water was total black, and that first bomb turd was not long, but just a huge sloppy chunck that peaked the surface of water so you could see its tightly wound but sloppy texture. It no doubt was bigger underneath the dark water. This toilet was hit hard, and by one of my worst, sloppy dumps, and I was total relief. I stayed sitting, and I hit flush handle as smell curtusy for the women at counter. Nothing exists that would want to deal with this dump and this toilet had to deal within matter of minutes. Well, the water rose very high as I sit there and it does not go down. So the chunck is definitely in hole. I'm sure the toilet would like to beg for another option, but I just sat there. I'm sure the women could tell it didn't flush down. Then the water stopped flowing, just leaving the bowl of soup swirling. After that, a few seconds later, this toilet finally surrendered to fate. There was a little pop sound and the water went down with a little gurgle and of course could not fill up. That chunck must have been nasty. I flush again to clear out the brown puddle of water. At that point, the woman at counter walk fast to door and left. I then wiped, and had load of crappy paper to flush. The smell was still sickening. When I put pants back on I turn to toilet to close lid, to communicate that I finished and that I had nothing more to do with that sick dump and that chunck. It is no longer my problem, and this bowl is still enduring its effect and should be closed to be left alone. When I was my hand and leave. I looked at toilet with confident look on my way out, as there was nothing more to be done and I didn't have a care in the world.

tulsa boy, what happened that you had to flush them, u got a story about what happened?

Texas Hillbilly
I went to go see Sex and the City last nite with my friend (thats a girl). And in that movie the dark headed one played by Kristen Davis craps her pants after drinking the water down in Mexico. Just thought yall would like to know about that little scene

Once, i was at a friend's house with two other girls. Three of us went up to the bathroom together. After two of us peed, my friend Katie sat down. after peeing, she stayed seated for a moment. then, she turned to us and, "I don't have to poop, but i really want to." so we told her we would wait. she sat there starining and pushing for several minutes. Finally, a single, dry fart came and she became excited saying there had been a "release". My friend and i had sat down by this point and were talking. After a few more minutes, nothing happened so she flushed and we left.

North Pole,

Yea, it's against the law just about everywhere. In some places you're truly screwed if they catch you. I assume you're in North Pole, AK and most anyplace there you can get completely out of sight within a short distance. If I'm right about where you are you'd likely only get a ticket at most if caught again, but better to stay out of sight. I used to live up on Feliz and used the woods around my place as much or maybe more than the tolet inside. I'm likely moving back later this summer.

what news!
i've now, for the first time in my life, done four things at relitavely the same time:
i pooed.
i peed.
i ate.
and i drank.

not much else toilet related. well also i just came from the bathroom- i made a big poo, then almost ran out of paper to wipe with. but i was safe. i smell ok.


Keith D
To Holly from T3C: I've had to stop for a dump by the side of the road before but it was pretty isolated. I used to do a lot of travelling and long distance highway driving for work. I had to go to a lot of out of the way places. I remember driving through a desert region once. It was really hot and I was drinking lots of water to keep from getting dehydrated. I thought it would make me need to pee but I was sweating a lot so I guess I was losing too much fluid. At one stage I'd been driving over two hours without seeing a single town or house or even meeting another car. I pulled over for a rest and got out for a little walk around the car to wake myself up a little.

It was baking hot and there were plenty of nasty little flies buzzing around. As I paced up and down for a minute, I could fell something push against my inner sphincter. It felt dry and scratchy. It was a turd but obviously not a big one. Although the urge was weak, the scratchiness was uncomfortable so I wanted it out. I grabbed a box of tissues from the car glove compartment and went to look for a spot to go. There were no trees or anything, just bare rocky ground, flat for miles, with a bit of low brush a foot high. No real cover. But then no one was around out in the desert. I dropped the box of tissues to the ground and dropped my trousers and briefs to my ankles. I suddenly realised I was standing bare-assed in the middle of the desert with visibility for miles around! I squatted low and clutched my trousers between my ankles. I held my breath and bore down with a hard push.

The poop barely budged. I could feel it compacting against my sphincter but it wasn't opening at all. The poop felt super dry and scratchy. I was soooo dehydrated. I took another deep breath and hunched right down and pushed. I was quivering and shaking, closing my eyes tight, clenching my fists and wiggling my butt up and down. My breath caught in my throat and my ears started to ring. If another car had come along I wouldn't have been able to see or hear them coming. I strained for a minute before it started to push through. The buzzing flies were a real annoyance and they kept flicking around my ears. I felt really sweaty and dirty and just wanted this thing out. It extruded out slowly, my ring was hard and tense from all the straining and barely opened. The poop felt really scratchy on its way through. I felt it hang for a few seconds, it was disappointingly lightweight. I shook to stop it from clinging. Another push confirmed that it was all that had been there. Still crouching, I shuffled away a bit so I could wipe up without dabbing my hand in it. I could see it now. It was tiny! Maybe 4 inches long and only an inch wide. It was pale brown, fibrous and sticky looking. My butt took quite a bit of wiping as it was so sticky. I started to worry I would run out of tissues but the box held out. I pulled up my trousers, feeling a bit grotty. The dirty tissues were rolling off across the rocky ground in a gentle breeze, a bit like tumbleweed. The flies were leaving me alone now and heading for the turd. I staggered back to my car. But as I turned the key in the ignition nothing happened. Not a sound! For a brief moment my heart was in my mouth. I didn't want to get stuck out in the desert. Even if someone did come along and find me, I'd have to hitch a ride standing next to a poop! No guessing why I'd stopped!. Luckily on the second try it started and I was on my way.

To Veronika: Fantastic stories, some of the best that have been on here for quite a while. It must take a lot of time for you to write it all down. Although unisex toilet facilities can be embarrassing in some situations, they can give some enlightening experiences too. There should be more of them, as well as a few single facilities for those people who want a bit more privacy. Veronika I love your discussions of your emotions as you're sitting there. So many crazy thoughts and feelings seem to run through my mind as I poop! And in the right circumstances, in the right setting, with the right sensations, the right consistency of poop and even the right company, pooping can definitely be an enjoyable experience. Keep up the great work! I really need to start posting more stories again...

To Boys-Room-aphobe: I used to be like that too. I avoided public bathrooms until I went to college! But like you, after a few "experiences" I started to get over it. To anyone who has a similar problem, try and start out by finding a few of the more secluded and private bathrooms in places like libraries, and work your way up to more "public" situations, like unisex or bus toilets lol!

Tulsa Boy
To Mimi of T3C:

I'm also a member of the 'bring Diva back' club, but i'd also like to see more from PRG and Smart Guy

Hi, this is my first post here, although I've been here lots.
Well, I'll start by describing myself.
I am a 16 year old female, am physically attractive, and very slim.
I usually take bowel movements in the morning, and I have very large dumps. I usually have to flush 2 or three times to get all the stuff gone.
Anyway, yesterday, I was home watching TV, with my mom in the shower, when I got the sudden urge to have a BM. Now, I hadn't had enough time to go this morning, so I knew I had to get to the toilet fast. However, we are not very rich, so our house only has one bathroom, and since my mom is very private with her body, she wouldn't let me in to go. So, i tried to hold it in, but I just couldn't. I just let my huge dump loose into my pants. I was wearing fairly tight jeans, and a thong, so the poo just slid down my legs. I had to stand their for another 10 minutes while my mom finished up, and then I went into the bathroom and cleaned up.
Well, I hope you liked it.

Which celebs do you think I really big bladders? I would go with Kim Kardashian and Serena Williams. Both women look like they could go for over 2 minutes when totally full......

I finally was able to go poo after days of straining and only producing a little bit and having to eat tons of fruits, vegetables and whatnot.

I went a couple of minutes ago, pulled my pants down sat on the toilet and gave a slight push and this really sticky/hard turd came out. It was really thick and painful. I wiped and there was blood on the toilet paper and now my butt hurts as if I gave birth :(

I've been eating a proper diet...trying to avoid white breads and rices....been eating lots of fruits and vegetables and fibre cereal and not much has been helping to make my poo's a little softer. I have IBS-C and this is quite literally a pain in the butt. No matter how bad or good my diet is my bm's stay basically the same.

My stomach is a lot softer but that definetly hurt.

To: Boys-Room aphobe

I loved all three of your stories. They were great and reminded me of time when I have been in similar situations.

Casie M.
The other day I had to make diarrheoh really bad. I sat down on my toilet at home and sighed as the "butt vomit" was accompanied by lots Of loud messy gassy farting! :) Filled almost whole bowl. ;>( (Stinky)

Other time, was at the mall, and just sitting there, enjoying a slow poop, when I heard this lady run in, and all of the stalls were taken. There was a lady that sounded like she was on her period, there was me, and a third lady passing smelly farts in the stall next to me.I could hear the lady waiting for an open stall groan and let out what sounded like a long, low, gurgling fart that could only mean one thing: poopypants! I decided my dump could wait till the diarrheoh lady in the stall next to me was done. So I flushed, and got out, letting the lady who had to go into the stall. As I opened the door, I realized the lady already had her pants off, waiting for a door to open. As she ran past me, she lost control and I saw her already browned panties fill. she sat on the toilet before any leaked, but didn't get to pull down her panties, so she just sat there with the stall door open, crying and shitting into her panties. I helped her out of them, and she immediatley began to cry and fart. She said "I feel like I could die!" and loudly farted. I told her I've pooped worse, and after several ghastly loud farts, she sniffled and said "really?" I said "YEP!"

Hello all,

Just wondered if there are many woman/girls here who have ever been spanked for messing their panties?

When I was 16 (15 years ago) the girl I was dating and I were sitting on her front porch kissing and doing nothing special since it was still daylight out.
Then the girls mother and younger sister(12 or 13) drove up and both got out of the car,the mother was yelling at the younger girl and grabbed her by the arm and started walking her to the house. The younger sister of my girlfriend was crying and had a terrible time actually even walking and when she passed us sitting on the porch my girlfriend and I saw why.
The back of her light pink shorts were a solid brown and you could see she had messed herself something bad,she was wearing bikini panties beneath the shorts because you could see her obvious panty lines.
The girl walked by us crying and entered the kitchen behind her still irate mother. My girlfriend and I sat there on the porch and listened as her mother announced she was getting the belt because she had messed herself.

Minutes later we heard the girl ordered over the table and hang on tight then the sounds of a belt landing and her following pleading and crying.
My girlfriend was giggling at her sisters misfortune then motioned me to stand and follow her which I did. We both then saw her younger sister bending over their kitchen table wearing nothing but her bikini panties and the mother was strapping her or all she was worth.

The girl's panties weren't that messy but there certainly was a lump of shit and her panties were brown stained in the rear as her mother applied at least 15-20 licks of the belt everywhere from her poop filled butt down her upper legs and even a couple on her legs.

Then the girl picked up her poop stained shorts and ran upstairs clutching her still brown covered panties..

There was another episode when I was 13 and a female classmate pooped herself and her own mother came to school and hand spanked her over her slacks and filled panties in another room and then drug her home where rumor had it she again got spanked bare bottom.

Any other of you women spanked for pooping yourself?


Last sunday i was eating my sunday dinner when i felt a feeling that i needed to have a poo. i put my plate on the floor and i ran to the bathroom. i sat on the toilet and i pushed, but it just wasn't coming out, it was queit clear that i was constepated. i was sitting there pushing it was hurting my bum but i knew i could do it. i strained that much that i done a wee. finnaly i had a sudden wave of relief as the poo plopped out of my bum. but then i felt it come on again and i pushed but this time it was diareer. it gushed out of me like a water fountain. i spent the next hour on the toilet, then i got up of the toilet and i looked down the loo and it was full to the top with poo.
i flushed the chain but couldn't be bothered to wash my hands.
love lucy
this is especially to those sexy boys out there!

Sorry I haven't posted in a while...kinda busy lately. I have to oddest story to tell.

I was at my ballet studio, and the teacher was a sweet, thin prima ballerina Russian woman. During the waterbreak, I decided to poop because I had to and hate holding it in. This was so exciting. I just couldn't believe it.

So I went into the bathroom (no boys in the studio- so it was a unisex bathroom really for the fathers but there were no boys, and the fathers of the kids rarely went in there). The beathroom had 3 stalls, and you could see easily under each one even if you were in one.

So I was talking with my best friend, who was in my same class, and her name was Abby, the same height as me but a bit heavier. We were both wearing pink tights, Pointe shoes (those hard shoes where people go up on their toes). I had a black leotard on and she had a minty green color leotard on. I had no idea why she was taking out another leotard, she just laid it down on the shelf.

So we were talking in the dressing room talking, and she said "I guess I should go to the bathroom before we go back in class - our teacher won't get in anytime soon and is outside." I said "I might as well go too". So we walked in the bathroom, and discovered that the youngest girl in the class,named Larissa, who was skinny and had been in the bathroom for quite a while, just sitting still on the toilet in the stall to the farthest right. Then, we departed - Abby going into the middle stall and me going into the stall to the farthest left.

I sat down with my top and tights off and tried to push it out as fast as possible because of the feat that our strict Russian teacher would come and find us and tell us to hurry up. Well, that wasn't going to happen after all, I wasn't pushing all of it out anytime soon. Then, I could see easily into Abby's stall from the bottom. I peeked a little, but she couldn't see me. Meanwhile, Larissa was still sitting there, doing nothing. I assume she was constipated. Surprisingly, Abby hadn't sat down on the toilet seat yet nor was she pulling her tights down. She just stood there. I began to hear a loud crackling sound from her stall - but she wasn't on the toilet! Was this girl that I have known so long pooping her leotard? Really? I couldn't believe it.
My logs were coming out quite well, on the second one. I was done, but sat there anyway to stay for the show.

I heard some unseccessful straining sounds, quite hard, from Larissa's stall, and Abby was still filling her leotard. But why wasn't she unloading on the toilet? She was right in the stall, but chose not to use it. She was still shitting!

I could see her legs quite well. SHe began bending them a bit, to try to push out more in a better position, I guess. I could hear slight straining noises, but louder ones from Larissa.

Now I knew why she was pulling out another leotard - but she didn't actually bring it in. I think she forgot. She waited for me to leave first, but I didn't, just waited to see what would happen. She gave up, and slowly but careful left the stall. This all lasted about 5 minutes only, I figure. She began washing her hands, and then I flushed and left the stall too. I saw the hugest, heaviest, saggiest load in her pants. I'm like WOW. Then a loud fart came from Larissa. She saw me and I whispered consolingly to try to ease the embarrassment, why did you poop your leotard? I was surprised to receive an answer "Because my leotard is stuck to my stomach but something sticky - I couldn't pull it off my stomach and I couldn't pull it down." We were whispering so that Larissa wouldn't hear. Then, I went and grabbed the tights and leotard while Abby flew back in her stall.

The teacher came back in the studio - so we were gong to have to make this quick. I ran in the bathroom and threw in her clothes and told her to just throw out that soiled leotard. She agreed, but before I saw her throw it out she dumped all the massive ammounts of crap into the toilet - it was like an explosion went off. She flushed the toilet, and unraveled her shoes, slipped on her tights and leotard, and brought her shoes back in the dressing room to put her shoes back on. There was time to put hers back on because Larissa was still constipated on the toilet. The teacher went into the bathroom and asked if Larissa was okay in a thick Russian accent.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Veronika, Your writings are magnificent!!!!!
Half your luck having a unisex toilet.....I think your attitude and outlook is great....pooing should be enjoyed...and one should not be shy about it.
Today i sat on a toilet without a door. This came about because I had to visit a client for a good part of the day. This client is very hospitable and I ate quite a bit. I have been very constipated and upon leaving I felt the need for a poo....nothing too urgent but decided it is important to take the opportunity...I pulled the car over at a rather nice park where there were public toilets....those toilets, unusually, do not have doors...that did not bother me...I went in dropped my trousers and undies and sat on the throne exposed to whoever might enter...the toilet seat was the most comfortable I have sat on for a loooong while. I pushed out a spurt of shit but that was it...I sat or a few minutes trying for more but no go.
So here I sit now most uncomfortable...I do not want to go back onto the laxatives but I ight have to. The trouble is that I get very blocked up higher in my colon.
Will keep you posted

Hi there Keith...

Sounds as though the act of bodily relief was something of a psychological, if not physical, ordeal when you were younger. (You poor thing!) It would seem as though whatever coping strategy you've come to employ has paid dividends, though. Let's be honest, there's nothing in this world quite like a good poo!

You asked whether or not I 'normally do lots of little drops'. well, it tends to vary. Sometimes, yes, this is the case, with the entire time spent expelling reasonably small, usually soft pieces. Quite recently I was sitting on the toilet at home, slowly releasing a steady supply of soft, light brown material. And whilst I was reading, I was still able to account for the fact that it went on almost constantly for about seven or eight minutes. They invariably produce an extremely strong, but kind of 'soft-edged' odour, as paradoxical as that may sound! although, in this recent example that I cite, I happened to be smoking in there as well, resulting in something of a mixed aroma.

I should point out, however, that at other times they're quite large - although usually of a fairly soft consistency - thus giving my anus a bit of a stretch & a work out on the way out. In fact, only the other day at work I had a little difficulty in trying to eliminate my 'waste material', such was the size, and not to mention consistency, of the poo.

You mentioned something about shyness when pooping. I suppose there is that culturally determined sense of taboo, along with the inherent emphasis upon the public perception of hygiene and other issues of privacy. Whilst not normally shy, I have on the odd occasion been a little self-conscious about the situation, depending upon who's around and that sort of thing. I'm generally quite comfortable with it, not making any attempts at hiding the sounds or anything, but if I knew that someone was intentionally listening to me, as has happened before, I become a little more, shall we say, 'aware' of the circumstances of what I'm doing. But this is the exception rather than the norm. I have pooped with people from the opposite sex definitely within hearing range on many occasions in the past. In fact, my two sisters, Svetlana and Zdenka, are as relaxed about their toilet habits as am I, but there's zero evidence to suggest that they exhibit the same sense of intrigue on the topic as I do.

But on issues slightly closer to hand, I was forced to cut short a pooping session at work yesterday afternoon, leaving a sizable quantity of waste still sitting in my system for a couple of hours. So on arriving home, the first thing on the agenda, upon tossing my scarf and coat onto my bed, was a much-awaited trip to the toilet. Reading material in hand - I'm ploughing my way through Dostoyevsky's 'Crime and Punishment' for the second time - I locked myself away and got down to business.

Now, the very name 'Dostoyevsky' equates to some pretty heavy reading, so my attention was squarely focused upon the textual analysis on the pages resting on my knees, and not on what was being produced by my rear end. Suffice to say, that after 10 minutes of lots of heavy ploops & splashed butt cheeks, I emerged from a rather smelly bathroom, feeling emptier. Oh, by the way, it was an absolutely joyous experience; the very feel of those wide turds stretching their way out of my tight anus and into the water below was close to orgasmic.

Right then, that's it for now, I have a hectic social schedule to attend to! Lots of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and spicy nibblies where I'm going tonight. Must prepare myself and be away!

I'll post again soon.

Love always,


To Tulsa Boy
Where did you flush your poopy underwear down was it a toilet at home or a public toilet? Please explain in detail.

to Xochitl and Concerned Reader:
thanks, and yes i did get to empty myself.

to anonymous:
well described story, and a pretty 'shitty' situation. it really reminds me of what happened to me in kindegarten, because my poo being the size of an orange and in my panties was so memorable for some reason.

i had to pee for a while after i did that poo earlier today which was at aroudn 4 and it's 10 30 now and i still have to pee. i like holding it in in a weird way. is that wierd?


Today I was pooping in a men's restroom when a guy came to the neighbouring stall. He dropped his dockers and I could see his all weather dress shoes. Although he wasnīt very noisy, a strong poop smell drifted to my stall. It was the kind of sweet & sour poop smell. We both exited the stalls at the same time and while we washed our hands I could see he was a handsome tall dark haired / brown skin latino guy in his twenties. I didnīt say anything and got out.

Concerned Reader
Poor Bethany! I hope you get to empty your bowels soon. How bad do you have to go? Tell us about what happened.

This will be my only post. I Just had to share an experience I had yesterday with somebody.

I'm 16 years old, female, with brown hair and an average body size, I'm about 5 feet tall. I was home alone yesterday (at least from my parents). I was wearing an abercrombie shirt and loose fitting sweatpants. We have People that come to our house every other sunday to clean, so they were there. Our house only has one bathroom, but it is very big, because it has a bathtub and a seperate shower, a toilet, and a little closet to hang clothes in. It is on the upstairs floor. I'm the kind of person that only likes to poop when there isn't anyone around unless I have no choice. I felt the urge for a poo about an hour after the people showed up. I thought I could probably hold it untill they left. But it turned out that I had to go worse than I thought. I walked upstairs figuring that I had no choice now but to use the bathroom while the people were here. But Unfortunately for me they had started cleaning the bathroom already. I wasn't going to ask them to leave so that they would come back and smell a room that was pooped in. So I just held on and hoped I could make it. They were taking longer than usual because our dog had rolled in the mud and then shook it off in the bathroom before we gave him a bath the day before, so I was running out of luck. They had been in there a half an hour when I couldn't hold it anymore. I froze in horror as a long semi-soft log proceeded to fill my panties. I just stood in the middle of my room having an accident right in my pants. It took about 5 minutes to finish the deed. I must have stood there for another 10 minutes just from shock, while trying to think of a way out of the situation. I had just taken a major poop in my panties like a 2 year old and had no access to the bathroom. Even after they finished cleaning the bathroom, I couldn't go in because they would be suspicious when I flushed the toilet multiple times and then took a shower. So I had to stand in my room in warm heavy panties until they left. When they did leave, I walked into the bathroom and took off my sweatpants to see what the damage was. There was a big brown in the back of my panties about the size of an orange. It was disgusting. I felt the urge to pee and found it pointless to pull down my panties, so I just sat on the toilet and peed through them. When I finished I took an hour and a half just to clean up.

To Kathy B.. Loved your story about being caught with your pants down by those two teenagers. I would love to have been one of those guys. When I was quite a bit younger I used to run and on one occasion going through the woods near my home, I saw a woman, obviously a fellow runner, appear from behind a clump of bushes a way up on the trail. She saw me coming but carried on running ahead of me. It was like sudden inspiration, I knew she must have been squatting and I veered off, slowed down to give her chance to get out of sight and made for those bushes. I looked around a little nervously just to make sure she hadn't doubled back to check on me. Satisfied that she hadn't, I started to search all around the bushes. To my amazement and total delight I was rewarded with an incredible find. There nestled in a clump of short grass were three absolutely fresh, solid, well formed turds. All three were light brown, smooth with a few small cracks, and shortish, about 3 or 4 inches long. But they were also very fat at over 2 inches across. I stared at them, examining them from all angles wondering how long it had taken her to get them out, did she have to push hard, or was she so desperate she had to hold them in, did they hurt and did she grunt or moan when they stretched her asshole wide? As a runner I also knew her situation. Running loosened my bowels up on many occasions and I also had to find a clump of bushes to go behind.

Tulsa Boy
To Todd:
I have done that once, no clogging happened.
I did it because they were beyond saving, they would be brown for the rest of time

i've not pooed for two and a half or so days, and today was a tiring day. i felt something was weighing me down. when i got home no one was home so i got into the bathroom sat down on the toilet with my pants above my knees, and waited. well it wasn't coming out so i gave it a little push, still nothing. then i lowered my pants all the way to my ankles (a lot of work for a tired girl...) and pushed as hard as i could (Still a lot of work) and it came out after a little bit of grunting and straining and all that. then, since i sometimes flush while sitting on the toilet, i reached back for the flusher until i caught a glimpse between my legs at what i had made. it was gigantic and it felt hard and there was no way it was going down the toilet. so i just sighed and practically collapsed, dropping my head to my lap, which i soon realized was pretty stinky. i was really too tired to wipe. but i eventually mustered up the strength, wiped my ass thoroughly, then with my pants still at my ankles moved over to sit on the side of the bathtub, which was really cold, and just stared at the giant in the toilet. then i decided i'd break it up with the toilet brush, so i did. and then i cleaned it out in the bathtub. then i pulled up my pants, washed my hands, and came to write this.


Keith D
Hello all. Great to see some really descriptive stories on here again. It's almost lke being in the room with someone. Kathy, Karen, Sue, Veronika and Helen keep up the good work!

I've been having an easy time of it lately, dropping a couple of small soft poops a day. Sorry to hear about your recent losing streak Linda and hope you are doing better.

To KevPoops: I share your poop-shyness when I'm around friends or family. I don't like any of them to hear it coming out. But public toilets are fine and can sit and anonymously make as much noise as you like. Perhaps if you spend some time sitting in public settings you might lose some of your shyness - the way I did. A big public venue like a library is good. If you are embarrassed about any noise that you or others made, then wait until everyone leaves before you come out. BTW I do feel sorry for Brenda. You really were violated by those kids. I've also tried your methods for "muffling" my activities - putting paper in the bowl to "disarm" the splash or wrapping a handful of paper around the log as it comes out and lowering it down. But I'm not as fussy these days. Reading this forum has made me feel much better about pooping.

To Veronika: Thanks for such detailed answers. Do you normally do lots of little drops? I usually drop a single solid log. Sounds like you really enjoy your work! I was constipated a lot as a kid and used to hate pooping. It got really painful and I used to really dread going. I always got a big urge to go and cramps right after dinner but would go and hide outside or in my room and hold it in. But when I got better at getting it out I really learned to enjoy it. I still have to push quite a bit though. As I've described here in a hundred stories! I like the position that Karen described where she sat on the toilet seat and put one foot up on the seat while she went. I often do a similar thing when I'm having trouble getting a poop out. But I usually put both feet up on the seat. It puts a lot of pressure on my lower abdomen and opens my butthole up a bit and really makes squeezing a tough one out much easier.

To NorthPole

That law is a pain in the ass (Or bladder as the case may be) i think that no law should prohibit people from doing what the have to do, so long as it's out of sight of the general public and isn't inconvienent for others e.g. the middle of a path
Personaly, there have been many times where i've been in a car and needed to pee, and if the driver would pull over, i've never had a problem squatting and going, just so long as i'm shielded by the car.

Does anyone have a story about pooping by the side of the road, because i personaly haven't and nor has anyone else on the current T3C roster (Mary, however has, but she confronted me in school, saying that if any stories about her showed up on the internet, she'd kill us)

So, as always, requests, questions and comments are apricieated.


Regarding the law with urinating on the road-

Yes it is illegal even if you are hidden from view on a deserted road. I know because I was ticket $150 for peeing on the side of a dirt road at midnight about a year ago. It's considered an indecent act, and in some states you can be charged with a sex offense!!!! I live in Ga

Man I feel you pain about having to hold it in because you have company over. Hope you'r given the time and privacy to tend to your business.

Hi, this may be sort of an odd comment but.
Diva! Please if you're lurking come back, i love your stories!!!!!
Also, a while back, you said
"I don't have any pooping stories 'cause I'm not into pooping, or rather I should say I DO have pooping stories but about zero interest in sharing them. Especially to someone who obviously has some kind of fetish (sexual or otherwise) involving Black women pooping. Forget it, I ain't gonna be the one to fulfil them for you. Look at the pictures on this site or find someone with less dignity than I."
That's not a fair comment, i think there's nothing wrong with posting stories about whatever, i mean, i'd post a story about any aspect of toileting here, and so what if a few sickos get off to it?

On that note, a pooping story from when i was 6.
I was at a friend's house, in total, there were 6 of us, me, our host (7, male) and 4 others (5, female. 7, female. 7 female. 6, male), we decided to play hide and seek, me and the host hid in the bathroom and locked the door (the way we played, you had to be tagged), after about 10 minutes, he said he had to pee, so he walked up to the toilet, and he let me hold his thing while he went (if only that was acceptable at my age now), when i was done, i said i had to go aswell, so i went and he wiped me.
Almost instantly after that, i realised i had to poo, bad.
It took me about 5 minutes to work up the courage to tell him that i had to, i got sort of self consious as i started, but he didn't help by holding his nose, i finished, refused to let him wipe me, and that was that.


As I've gotten older, I've overcome my fear of public restrooms. When I was a kid, however, I used to be deathly afraid of doing anything more than peeing in public or at school. I remember three occasions in which a bowel emergency made it necessary to take a shit at school or in a public restroom.

First was when I was eleven. I was in sixth grade. I had successfully avoided taking a shit at school for seven years. However, one day while taking a quiz, my guts began to rumble and cramp. It started to hurt so much I was literally bubkled over in my seat. I kept fidgeting, hoping I could hold it until I got home, but I knew there was no way. I was about to ask the teacher if I could have the pass when she asked me if I was okay. I said no, I think I'm sick. She gave me the pass and I rushed to the boys room. The main reason I had avoided taking a shit at school was that the stalls had no doors. But I barely even thought about that as I bolted into the boys room, ran to the closest stall, yanked down my pants and underwear and sat on the toilet. I had very loud and painful explosive diarrhea. I guess I was there a long time, because my teacher came INTO the boys room and ask if I was okay. I said yes, just another few minutes please. I was positive she would come over to the stall and see me sitting on the toilet, but she didn't. After a while I felt better and wiped and flushed. Amazingly, no one came in.

Second time was actually later that same year. My family was at a park for a big community picnic. I started having intestinal cramps and rushed over to the mens room. I walked in and was horrified to see that the two "toilets" were those bucket type ones that campgrounds have. Not only did they not have doors, they had NO STALLS! They just sat against the wall right next to the urinals. If I had time, I would have ran off into the woods and found a bush somewhere, but it was too urgent. The bathroom was full, and there was a line of men and boys at each toilet waiting for their turn to pee in it. I dreaded when it was my turn, having to wipe the seat off with TP, turn around, bare my ass and sit down. Finally it was my turn. In full view of every other guy in that bathroom, I rolled off some TP, wiped off the seat, then covered the seat with more TP, turned around, pulled my jeans just past my ass, did the same with my underpants and sat. It took several moments for me to relax enough to go, but as soon as I did, my guts emptied loudly into the compost heap below. I snatched a few peeks at the other guys in the room ans was met with a few sympathetic glances. I wiped my ass without checking the paper and yanked my pants back up and hightailed it out of there without even washing my hands.

Third was a few years later. I had pretty much conquered my fear of shitting at school or in public, but this time I was on a school trip to Washington DC and stuck on a chaarter bus. There was a bathroom in the back of the bus. I was sitting there reading when I suddenly, desperately had to shit. It didn't feel like diarrhea, but it was urgent. I got up and headed back to the bathroom. Not surprisingly, my journey back to the bathroom was met with a few chuckles. I made it to the bathroom and closed and locked the door. I pulled my pants and underwear down and sat. My bowels emptied into the blue water. It wasn't diarrhea, but it also wasn't solid. It was that super-sticky sludge that you wind up having to use half a roll of TP afterward. Well, when the last bit oozed out, I reached over only to discover that there WAS NO TOILET PAPER. I sat there in anguish for a few moments, knowing that every second I stayed in the bathroom I was making it more obvious to everyone on the bus that I was taking a shit. I finally decided to swallow my pride and ask if there was any TP. I stood up and felt like I had spackle smeared between my cheeks. I opened the door slightly and asked one of the chaperones seated in the back if she had any tissues, there wasn't any TP. She said no, then proceeded to walk up the aisle asking anyone if they had any napkins or tissues. Finally, the bus driver gave her a box of tissues and she walked all the way back with it. She handed it to me and I closed the door. I must have emptied half the box out wiping the shit-paste off of my ass. I had to fluch the toilet two or three times to keep it from clogging. When I was finished, I had been in the bathroom for at least fifteen minutes. That, plus my request for tissues, left little to the imagination. I left the tissues in the bathroom for the next person and gulped as I left the bathroom. My journey back to my seat was accompanied by several more chuckles and a few fart noises.

After that, my fear of shitting at school or in public began to fade. But those three experiences are forever burned into my mind!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I JUST remembered a story from a year or two ago.
I went out for lunch with a friend of mine and after we went to a coffee place. She convinced me it would be a good idea to try green tea
That night I had a parent teacher interview for my son.
While I was waiting, I started getting cramps. When I got to my sons teacher we began talking and I eventually got this really bad feeling, I couldn't concentrate on what the teacher had to say thats how bad I had to poop. I eventually stopped her in her tracks and said "Sorry, I need to use the bathroom, where is the closest one?" she told me at the back of the room (washroom I mentioned before) but if I use it she recomends not sitting because the kids do all sorts of wonderful things in there. To bad for me I don't squat very well and I wasn't willing giving it a try when I had to go this badly. I got up and walked quickly to the toilet locked myself in the stall and pooped a very loud poop with a lot of farts and loud waves of wet poop, WITH the teacher with in an ear shot! When I finished I washed my hands and found out my interview is far past time so I had to arrange another meeting .. funny stuff though

AJ :-) Loves Russell ;-)
Brenda & Meeka--Don't be mad at me for laughing--especially, at your story, Brenda! I just love reading stories about kids and their antics. Those brothers were quite a pair. Just think! Their mom has to live with that drama all of the time!

Well! The time has come! It's about three-thirty the morning of Tuesday, May 27, and I'm about to drink my cherry bomb (cherry-flavored Magnesium Citrate).

Just to be on the safe side, I'm going right in and sitting on the toilet.

The store was out of lemon-lime (which I used the last time), so I have the cherry-flavored this time. I thought the lemon-lime tasted delicious, so I'm expecting to like the cherry-flavored one as well. And, of course, I'll definitely like what it's going to do for me!

I'm long-overdue for a good cleaning-out.

I'll be reporting on my progress here, so stay tuned.

Last night--unbeknown to me--I dozed off with a prairie dog in my panties.

But details on that one later. For right now, it's time to get this show on the road...

Desperate to poop
Hi All

I have a bank holiday desperation story for you. I went camping with my G/F and we stayed at this quite remote campsite. It was also very basic and I found out that the toilets was just a large plank affair with 3 holes one for each of the toilet, very basic indeed.

I was not overly bothered about it although the looks of some when they came in was a sight to see :)

Anyway the second morning I was bursting for a shit, the evenings BBQ playing merry hell with ???? and ????. I grabbed some toilet roll just in case and made way quickly to the toilet. Unfortunately when I got there all 3 cucibles were taken and a large 40 yr old lady was waiting in line. The end toilet quickly became free and the 40 yr old lady took the girl who as in her 20's place. She let out a big fart and started a steady poop. The other two were also pooping. The lady in the middle cucible was having severe diarreoh and moaning and groaning with her head in her lap (poor thing especially with it been so open). The other lady was pushing out a large log but it seemd with considerable ease.

I was getting quite desperate now and had to jiggle about a bit and occasionaly hold my ???? which was churning.

Finally after 10 mins the lady on the end had pushed our two big size logs and was wiping up. I was now really desperate and turtleheading (as I've heard it called). The lady finally pulled her slacks up and I rushed to take her place. My bum made a loud fart as I sat down and a large log starting to make it's way out. It came out pretty quickly in one go and was then followed by a lot of soft serve. The lady on the other end had know finished and said she felt relieved as she left, I smiled and said I was getting a good clean out. The Lady with Diarreoh was also finishing but didn't look well. Not surpisingly I thought she washed up left the building and 3 mintues later whilst I was still shitting away she came hurrying back lifted her dress quickly up and erupted into the bowl with 'oh gosh'. God dit it stink! Between the two of us were making the toilet a right mess.

I was on there another 10 mins but didn't chat to other lady as she had her head in her hands again. A couple of other ladies came in but only to pee.

Finally after about 20 mins, I finished up and flushed. I asked the lady in the middle if she needed any help and she declined just saying she needed to sit and get it all out.

I left feeling a whole lot better.

Happy Pooping

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