my gf pooped her pants at friendlys
hey, bri here. the title says it all. i'm 21 and my gf is 20, she's a parapalegic so she is in a wheelchair and needs help with things like using the bathroom. even though we've been dating for 4 years she isn't cool with me taking her to the bathroom yet. her mom lives with us to help out with things like that. anyway, her mom usually only works part time so she isn't away all day, but every once in while her boss calls her in to work 8-4. yesterday was one of those days. the problem is kelly has to go either 8+ hours between bathroom trips, or swallow her pride and ask me to help her. anyway, she's in a WC because she has a mild case of MD and has virtually no use of her legs. she's very pretty and intelligent though. she has long brown hair, pale skin, glasses. she's a great dresser too. she had on a tight fitting navy blue v neck shirt and a tight pair of blue jeans. anyway, she made sure to go to the toilet just before her mom left for work in the AM and then her mom left, and we went back to sleep for a little while. when we got up we decided to go to this mall in the area because it was the nearest ticketmaster location we could find online and we were gonna get tickets to a concert. we haven't been in the area that long though so we weren't totally sure where this mall was, and we drove around for more than an hour trying to find it and never did. i had bad directions. anyway, when we gave up we went to friendly's for lunch. the whole time kelly seemed uncomfortable. finally, we were only a little ways into our meal when she said "hey, would you mind if we boxed this up and headed home?" i said "why? are you alright?" she siad "i'm ok. it's just that i really need to go to the bathroom." i said "yeah no problem. but it's only 2:45 even if we went home we gotta wait for your mom." she said "well she told me if i went to her office if it was an emergency then she would help me. and it's an emergency i've had to go since before we left the house." i said no problem and we got our food boxed up. then, all of the sudden i could hear this crackling sound and a couple of little farts. i looked at kelly and her jaw was dropped and her face was turning bright red. she groaned for a second then i could smell what she had done. she quickly said "oh my god lets get out of her" and we headed out to the car. when we got in the car she started to cry. i said "are you alright?" and she said "i'm so sorry i just had to go so bad i couldn't hold it in anymore" i hugged her and said it's ok, and that she should've told me sooner that she needed to go. she siad she thought she was gonna be able to hold it in until later on but when we started eating the pressure got to be too much. i just kept reassuring her and telling her not to worry but she wouldn't stop crying. i asked her why she was so upset, and told her i understood and it's not a big deal, but she told me she was very humiliated and it was the first time she'd ever pooped her pants and she's 20 years old. but there was nothing i could do besides comfort her. she didn't want to go into her mom's work with a mess in her pants so we just went to the house. when we got home and i lifted her into bed, the bulge on her butt from the poop in her pants was noticeable. it still smelled too. i asked her if she wanted me to help her cleanup. she was having a hardtime deciding because even though she didn't want to wait with a load of poop in her pants for 90 more minutes, she also didn't want me to see it. i eventually convinced her that it would be best to cleanup now. i didn't want her to get a rash or anything and i also wanted to avoid her mom knowing about her accident because her mom would totally overreact. kelly agreed. i slowly took her jeans off. they seemed to be clean. she had tight cotton white panties on so her accident was really obvious when she was in her underwear. the bulge was big and the brown stain showed all the way through and covered a large spot on her butt. it was like the size of a CD. it was a fairly solid load though so it stayed in her panties. i carefully removed them and put them in a plastic bag, then i cleaned her up with baby wipes and put them in the bag too. she then told me that she had to pee really bad too and that she should just pee now so she doesn't pee herself shortly after changing her underwear. (she's peed herself quite a few times in the past, probably 6 or 7 times since i've known her). so for the first time i helped her use the toilet. when we were done she said "that wasn't so bad, i wish i just asked you to take me earlier then i wouldn't have pooped my pants in public." i said not to worry about it, and i put on another pair of her cotton white panties and put the same jeans bag on, so her mom wouldn't notice. then i buried the bag with her dirty panties in them in the trash can outside. i think we're closer now, heheh.

Keith D
To Veronika: Do you usually poop during the afternoon? Most people here seem to go of a morning. I usually go in the late afternoon or of an evening. Lunch or dinner really seem to get it started. PS Great descriptive story. We need more like them on this site!

To The Nature Boy: LOL the last drop! Yeah, I think it's something that all guys get. That last drop of urine on the end after you've finished that leaves a tiny wet dot on the front of your underwear. But I'm circumcised and still get that problem so that's not the cause. I guess te drop is just the last residue of pee from along the urethra that the body makes sure it gets out. I wonder if girls get the same thing?

To Lisa: I've heard a few theories about whether poop floats or sinks. Some people say it's the fat content of what you eat, other's say it's the gas content of the stool. Mine usually sinks but I eat plenty of fats and get lots of gas so go figure! But I do occasionally get floaters. They often seem to be softer than my usual dry hard turds so perhaps they are poops that have passed through more quickly.


Hi everyone, this is Karen from Michigan. I don't know how many of you will remember me. It has been a year or more since I last wrote. You can find posts on me on the following pages 1537, 1542, 1547, 1548, 1549 and 1550.

They will be about some of my personal experiences and ones that were shared with my sister Kathy from Colorado. Who along with her friend Sue, are coming to visit me and staying for a week at my house. Kath and myself have already talked about sharing our pooping experiences with you all of the other readers that come to this site. And, I don't think it will take much to get Sue involved in this either as she has been reading this site as well.

They will be arriving Friday afternoon. Kath has said she hopes she will be ready to shit upon arrival here at my house. I am also going to hold mine as well.

Well, I hope you look forward to hearing from us again. There have been many good and great stories of people sharing their experiences. So its time for us to share ours again.

See you all real soon.

Happy Pooping.

Karen, Kathy, and Sue

to the person who replied to me: i am 15. and i suppose that's true.. but it's only a minor thought, the dirt. i don't feel it, nor do i think too much on it.

i was bussing it home today and i had to pee the whole way. there was a delay with the buses and i was stuck for 45 minutes. by the end of it all i had my hair in my face because my hands were at my sides and i was afraid if i moved a muscle i'd pee my pants. when i finally got home and into my bathroom, i slammed the door, ripped my jeans down, sat on the toilet and peed. my eyes went back in my head and i moved the hair out of my face. what a relief! in so many ways!
nothing has ever felt so good. peeing feels better than anything. ever. well, for me that is.


My name is Ally, and im 15 and very pretty. last year i got into a bike acident, and busted up my leg and arm, so i ended up in the hosptal . on my sixth day there, i woke up with bad gas pains feeling like i had to poop(hadn't pooped whole time there, or for about the four days before that) ((also, whatever medicins they gav me probably messed with my bowels somehow)) so when the nurse got there i told her i really had to shit. she said ok and broght a bedpan. I started farting into the bedpan, and i looked up at the nurse and gave her a sort of bashful/embarrased smile. i started to get a little less nervous, and began to drop a few shits into the bedpan. i moved around a little bit, and let out a few farts that echoed in the bedpan. then a lot more realy soft shit began to drop out. the nurse comented that the bedpan was starting to get pretty full, and asked me if i still had to go more. i told her yes, plenty. she raised her eyebrows a bit as if to say "my goodness!" but went off 2 get another bedpan. while she was out i could feel more pressure building up. she got back just in time, and i farted out a lot of realy mushy green-brown shit, and didn't stop th flow until the bedpan was about half-full. she told me to keepgoing in this one while she got a third, just in case. i kept farting an d going into it, and it was startingto fill up, but i couldn't hold back the pressure, and by the time she got back, i had poop all ovr my ass from clenching to try to stop the flow. also by now my ass was really feeling irritatd. she asked, do you still need to pass more stool? i said yeah. i nearly filled up the third one, then i was done for now. she cleaned off my butt with some wet wipes, then gave the lower half of my body a sponge bath. When she was wiping and giving me a sponge bath i farted a couple of times, and even a few times while she used her latex gloved finger to check if there was any more poop up my butt(her finger came out brown), but the rest of the day i was pretty fine other than farting a lot, including one time that when my mom was visiting, i was holding in my gas to be courteous, then i sat up a little straighter, making me release a loud, 7 second far t in front of mom. the next day, i accidentaty pooed my hospital gown, so a nurse got a bedpan for me to sit on. i was watching tv later and taking with my mom, and all of a sudden, i hearda few farts leak out, then, to my supris , a load of shit splattered out with the kind of force that usually only happens with a voluntary bowel movement, and it felt almot all lquid. as the splattering turned into splashes as the shitting continued, i told my mom it wouldn't stop. ight befor the shit completely overfilled, i stopped pooing finally. as the nurse caried the pan out a small but poweful fart left a perfect splatter on the bedsheets.

I was given some antidiarheals, which helped, and it was found that two of the medications i was put both could cause diarrhea as a side effect, and that the combined side effects was what caused my problem.

I never thought much about peeing. But my cousin taught me when I was about 12 years old. We were outside playing in the snow and racing with our sleighs to see who could beat each other. Then we walked back to a frozen creek. He suddenly stopped and said he needed to take a piss. He asked me whether I had ever held my morning piss until I was about to burst. I said no I always went to the bathroom as soon as I got up. Well he said "I have been holding mine since 9 o'clock last night. It is now about noon"--15 hours. He was 15 at the time and like me was circumcised only with a much bigger penis. (To guys in other countries, those of us who were born in the USA are usually circumcised.) I figured that he could hold more because his penis was so big.That was how dumb I was. So he whipped out and must have pissed for nearly two minutes. His piss was dark yellow.It melted some of the ice.

Three years later when he was 18 we went with a high school club to New York City where we stayed for 3 days. The day we went home we got up early. He went to the bathroom and had a really long piss. I did too.
Then we checked out of the hotel. That noon we had a banquet. After that I went to the bathroom. My cousin didn't. It had been five hours since we peeded. We had two hours free to wander around. That afternoon we left for our 5 hour drive home. About 5 p.m. we stopped for dinner. All the girls rushed for the bathroom to take a badly needed pee. I went to the men's room and pee and peed. Then I went back to the table. My cousin was waiting there to hold our table. That was not the only thing he was holding. When he saw me coming he told me to hurry. He wanted to take a piss in the worst way and he wanted to do it before the girls came back. We got up at 7 that morning. He had been holding it all day for 10 hours. He taught me how long a person could hold his pee. He with many others in high school never went to the bathroom. He never did also and even waited longer than that. He taught me that holding is a pleasure. That's why I do it even now that I am in college. My roomate and I often have holding contests.

Linda from Australia here again. Ive been a bit constipated all week and Ive been having lots of trouble pooping. Until this morning, I hadn't done a decent poo for about 5 days. Ive been going every day but I could only manage to push out very small loads. My poos have consisted of rock hard balls and short, skinny logs. I haven't been able to complete my dumps in 1 sitting and Ive had to go back for a 2nd and 3rd time to get all the poos out. I has taken lots of effort to get my poos out, straining and even grunting a bit aswell. I didn't feel finished after each dump either. Yesterday I pooped 5 times but because I was backed up, I could only squeeze out a few logs each time.

This morning I managed to push out a massive load of poo and I felt SO much better!


I almost shit my pants last year while out with my boyfriend. Shitting my pants might have been preferable to the humiliation I suffered, however.

We were on our way home from the mall and we hit horrible traffic on the highway. I started feeling queasy and having cramps. I thought it was my period coming on, but it was very early for that. All of a sudden there was this ruch in my bowels and I felt everything down there suddenly move into my rectum. My asshole and butt cheeks clenched up and I groaned loudly. My boyfriend asked if I was okay. I said NO!

I looked for a sign saying how far the next exit was, but I couldn't see one. We were heading past a construction site, and I was thrilled to see a porta-potty sitting behind some concrete barriers. I told him to pull over. He asked if I was going to throw up. I said I WISH!

He pulled over just a few feet from the porta-potty. I jumped out and ran to it. IT WAS LOCKED!!!! I yelled F????K!!! I felt a squirt escape and my buns clenched even tighter. I quickly looked and saw that the concrete barriers would hide me from the waist down from the traffic on both sides of the highway. Out of sheer desperation, I unzipped my jeans and yanked them down to my knees. I squatted, pulled my underpants out of the way and shit my guts out on the pavement.

I just groaned in disgust and hoped to God that the people watching this unfold assumed I was just peeing. As if all of this weren't bad enough, my boyfriend came over to ask if I was okay. He thought I had fallen down. He comes past the barrier and sees his girlfriend bare assed with a pool of diarrhea underneath her. GO AWAY I yelled! He turned and went back to the car. I think he was more embarrassed than I was.

After a few more squirts and some very loud and painful farts, I felt better. It was then I realized I had nothing to wipe my ass with. Considering that I would have to creep over to the car with my ass exposed and somehow get his attention to ask if there was any tissues in the car, I decided to just deal with it for the time being. I pulled my underpants back over my ass, quickly pulled uup my jeans as I stood and rushed back to the car.

I asked him to wait a few minutes to pull out so that anyone who knew what had just happened would have already gone by. We sat there for five minutes or so, then he pulled back onto the highway. We were stuck in traffic for another forty-five minutes! The slimy, wet, itchy feeling between my butt cheeks was so gross and uncomfortable it was driving me crazy.

When we finally got back to my apartment, I raced inside and wiped my ass. I have no idea how, but somehow my underpants managed to not get smeared with shit. I guess it was concentrated around my asshole and inner cheekage.

That was one gross, humiliating experience.

to Marci:

I agree with the second point of advice you give. Until a couple of weeks ago, I would take time to grab toilet paper and wipe any pee off the seat before I sat down. Maybe once a week at school, after waiting in line, it would be my turn and I would go in but not want to sit down because there was no TP available to wipe the seat off with. Then I would have to hurry and go to another stall and the bell would ring and I would get a trardy. It sucked because after every 3 I would get a "night school" (4-8 p.m. in detention hall). I noticed so many of my friends would just sit down, pee and then run on off to class. If they could do it and avoid the DT time, I figured I could do it too. Before I started school, like kindergarten, my mom taught me to wipe the seat off first, but I would only do it if there was pee on it. Now there just isn't enough time to do it. However, when I'm at the mall and there's pee on the seat, I do take the time to wipe it off and if there's no TP in the stall, I select another stall. The problem there, I think, is the mothers with the very young boys and the moms forget to lift up the seat. Even my 6 year old brother has better aim than some of those boys.

Hi all...

I thought I'd submit a post-poop report, seeing as the details are still fresh in my mind.

I'd been doing some catch up work at home when I felt the pressure and the slight urge about an hour ago. I let it carry on for a while, as I was mentally preocuppied with what I was doing, and the break would have proven an unnecessary distraction.

So, work finally done, it was time to attend to a job of a different sort. I wandered down the hallway to my bedroom, grabbed a magazine, a cigarette and lighter, and headed off to the bathroom. On the way there I passed my flatmate Paul, exchanged pleasantries, turned to the right and closed the door behind me.

Unzipping my jeans, I slid them down just before my knees, sat on the seat and lit the cigarette. The seat, by the way, is an old type, of thick plastic with a nicely curved, contoured shape. Great for spending long periods of time on!

Anyhow, I adopted the usual pose - leaning slightly forward, elbows resting on my thighs, magazine in both hands.

As usual, I peed for about twenty to twenty five seconds before relaxing everything in order for nature to take its course. I was in no hurry, as I casually flipped through the pages of the magazine, pausing now and then to take note of anything of real interest.

I think it was about a minute before the first poop made its way down and out into the bowl. As I was reading, my mind wasn't entirely focused on the specifics of time and number. A safe guess would be an estimate of around five or six soft pieces falling into the bowl, each making a light plip, plop sound, and about two to three seconds apart. A minute or two passed before the next arrival, and again, it was in the form of several light pieces dropping into the water - plip, plip, plop.

I think I must have been sitting there for quite some time, as I'd covered several pages of what I was reading, and the cigarette I was smoking was almost finished. But there was more poop inside of me just waiting for release. I gave a slight push and felt some action around the lower abdomen and the feeling in my anus that signals pending action. Leafing through the pages, I pushed a bit more and out it came. This time, it was an almost continuous stream of soft-serve ice cream type material, gently splashing its way into the toilet. It actually felt really good, so much so that I concentrated more on this than on what I was reading. I took one last drag of my cigarette, inhaled, and gently exhaled as the poop continued on its way out of my bottom. The plip-plops went on continuously for fifteen or twenty seconds, finally ending with one last single plop.

After this, I sat for about a further thirty seconds before tearing off a few sheets of TP and wiping. A few more sheets of TP, and it was 'mission accomplished'. Slowly standing up, I pulled up my jeans, straightend out my T shirt, flushed, washed my hands thoroughly and exited the bathroom. Paul was still watching TV; I wonder if he's aware, or even considers that girls can emit such large loads of waste material as I'm often capable of. I don't know if he's even interseted in this sort of thing, and it's hardly a topic that I'm likely to broach any time soon, especially seeing as we're still of a relatively recent acquaintance.

And so here ends the sketchily detailed proceedings of my evening's pooping session. It's time for a shower and I must now re-enter the bathroom and brave the ambient odours of my recent travails. (That is unless my flatmate Paul beats me to the post!)

See ya' soon.



Hi! My Name is Rachel and Im new on this side and I have always had trouble going #2. I am 18, go to College. The dorm I live in has six floors however I live on the fifth floor.

I don't like pooping in public restrooms because its soo embarrasing to me...
I'm afraid someone would laugh at me...

I always had the problem that I have brown stripes in my underwear...

Today at night I awoke at about 3:00 AM with a strong urge to poop and my stomach was staring to hurt. I knew that I was not able to hold it any more, so I walkt to the basement area, there were restrooms that were kind of secluded. I went to the last stall, and spend a few minutes covering up the seat with tp so I could sit on it. Then I pulled down my jeans and panties and sat on the toilet.

I had to strain very hard to push out the piece of poop, but it was a very hard piece. It came out very slowly, and I could feel it was very thick and rough. I was straining so hard and after a couple of minutes of straining the movement started. Finally, after more then then minutes the very large dark browne turd fellt out.

Then I did my wiping, flushed, and washed my hands.

Hello everyone, it's been a long time since I posted here, just been way too busy with school. Anyway, I have to ask you all something, because I don't know much about the government and stuff like that. I was riding my bike yesterday, and I felt an urgent need to pee. It was about 11PM at night, and I was riding home from my friend's house, and the road to his house is like, not busy even during the day, so I simply pulled over kind of behind a small grove of trees next to the road where I would be hidden from view, unzipped and began to urinate. Right after I started, I heard a car approaching, but I couldn't shut off the stream, so I simply tried to look as nondescript as possible, it did help I was wearing a blue blazer with blue slacks and a white shirt, which didn't really reflect any light, but the car got closer, and then I see it's a highway patrol cruiser. The cop hits his lights and pulls over, and shines his flashlight right on me and tells me to not move a muscle. Not like I had a choice, because I was still peeing. When I finished, he ordered me to step over to the side of his car and said "Do you know it's a crime to urinate on a public road?" he asked. "Officer, I swear, I had no idea that it was illegal, if I had, I wouldn't have done it" is what I said, or something close to that. So, anyway, he ended up calling my parents and told them what he had found me doing, and they were like, "Oh, really, well, I guess you do what you have to do" and, since he wasn't getting anywhere with them, he simply walked back to his car, got in and drove off. Now, I can't believe it's really a crime to urinate on a public road, especially when it's that late at night, and there was no way any normal people would have been able to see what I was doing, being I was at least 5 feet from the road, and hidden my trees and bushes, and there was absolutely nobody around. I mean, I have probably ridden that road a hundred times or more, and I seldom even see a car, and the nearest civilization is half a mile down the road from where I was at a taxidermy shop, and I know it's against the law for public urination, or something like that, but I don't think I would consider what I did "public urination" Does anyone know if it's really against the law to do that, because if it is, I probably have broken the law twenty or thirty times without even knowing it.

On a lighter note,
this is my first week off of school for the summer, so I should be posting more often. On Monday, I slept in, and then I went in for a nice relaxing dump, unlike when school is in session and I have to really rush around, and I have like, two minutes to poop in the mornings which really sucks, but, because school wasn't in, I could poop at my own pace, which really rocked. I undid my belt and and slacks and sat down and just let it come out at it's own pace and tried not to force it too much, it was really nice to be able to do that for a change. I got up, wiped, then washed my hands and went down for breakfast. Once again, I could eat nice and slow, and not have to worry about eating quickly to make the bus or anything like that, I could just eat at my own pace. It was so great. This morning, I woke up and I felt an unusually urgent need to poop, so I got dressed, and because my parents were both gone to breakfast, I had the house to myself, and simply sat down on the toilet with a good book and read for an hour while I pooped, which normally, it doesn't take anywhere near an hour, but I had nothing but time on my hands, so I actually enjoyed being able to take a relaxed dump. It also is absolutely wonderful to be able to pee when I need to, not just between classes when I'm already in a rush, so when I feel the urge, I go, and it's that simple. I know I must sound like a three year old getting this excited about something that happens every year, it's just really nice to be able to poop and pee as I need to, without having to hurry up to do it, that's just a great feeling.

That's all for this post, but I hope to post again soon!

Chris, Dave and Mitch: Funny story. glad I wasn't in that mens restroom. Sounds like youse guys really stunk it up bad !!!! LOL. Good luck with the deck.

Friday, May 23, 2008

I had a REALLY memorable buddy dump with my friend Stacy about 3 or 4 years ago. We were at the mall, and Stacy said she had to shit. So we went to the bathroom and she ran into one of the stalls, and I heard her farts echoing in the bathroom as I checked my makeup. Suddenly, a small fart escaped, and i realized I had to go too. I knocked on Stacie's stall door(the other stall was REALLY gross) and asked if I could join her. She said it was OK and she opened the door. I pulled down my satin panties and first let out a dry, loud fart, then a few more farts and a big glob of mucus. Then Stacy groaned and said "My guts feel like they're churning..." Then all of a sudden, it was like the floodgates opened. She just farted and then let out a huge flow of green-brown liquidy shit. I started having diarrhea a few minutes later(Stacy was shitting on and off by now) but it wasn't as bad as her's.

Another time, we were having a sleepover, and I was on the toilet while Stacy was next to me, combing her hair in the mirror.I let off a quiet fart. Stacy looked at me, stuck her butt out a bit, and farted a little louder. I one-upped her, then she started pushing really hard, and farted loudly, but I saw a big bulge under her clothes. She had shit herself! It was hard and dry, and the weird part is it didn't even leave a bit of stain on her undies.(P.S. after that, I won our little contest with a really loud, sputtering fart)

question for you whats better if your poop sinks or floats? mine verys from day to day so it has to do with what I eat.

My 7 year old sister had an "accident" earlier today. I was over at my mom's because she invited me for a tea and to see the kittens. My two younger sisters (age 11 and 7) were playing with the kittens.

Anyway my youngest sister for some reason was running around...and then she stood still and went to sit down and I noticed she had a HUGE wet stain in the front and back of her gray sweatpants.

I said to her "Trisha, you might want to go change your pants." and my mom looked over and said "PATRICIA HOLLY!" She was kind of mad at Trisha. She told Trisha to go change and when Trisha walked by to go get some clean underwear and pants my mom slapped (spanked) her butt because she did it on purpose and in the house when she was only 5 steps away from a bathroom.

I didn't mean to get my sister in trouble, but I know what my mom's like when it comes to accidents--change and clean up immediately and DON'T sit on the furniture.

I don't get it. My sister is almost 8 years old and having accidents every few weeks. She had a history of bladder infections in the past but now she's having accidents out of laziness.

Say if she goes to the park or play in the hallway, she'd rather pee her pants and continue playing rather than come inside and go to the bathroom.

My mom potty trained her when she was 18 months old. She switched right from diapers to underwear. She had only a few accidents, understandably. Then around age 2 my mom had to put her back into diapers/Pull-Up's because my mom thought maybe she wasn't ready. So she was really potty trained around 2 1/2 turning 3 years old. Ever since then she's had tons of accidents, especially the past 2 years. She's peed herself at home, at school, at the grocery store, the park, you name it. I just hope she can somehow grow out of this soon. She's going to Grade 3 next year and I hope the kids won't tease her.

to danielle
i had a solution to offer for you. you said you have a problem with getting stains in your panties because you don't have enough time to wipe thoroughly at school. well you might try keeping a pack of wet wipes in your purse or school bag. one wipe with those will do a pretty good job of getting you clean enough to prevent a skidmark. as a young girl and a teen i used to get stains in my panties quite often because i was either too rushed or too lazy to wipe with TP 8-10 times. i got tired of getting stains in my panties (and yes, it is very embarassing when someone sees. my young cousin saw my panties in a laundry basket and asked me, very loudly with people around i might add, "did you poopy your underwear?") that i thought of the wet wipes idea. now it only takes one wipe with a wet wipe, then one wipe with regular TP (mostly just to dry myself) and my panties are pretty much stain free. i hope this helps.

To Bethany,
I have no idea how old (or should I say young) you are but if you are giving tours, most people expect a pee pot to smell like pee. Even so, they still call it a snack stand and dream of the day they get to do more than look. If you don't leave spots or skid marks in the undies, you are wiping well enough.

I have a great story from mid-june last year. For those of you who don't know me, I'm 12, 5 feet tall (almost exactly) and weigh a little over 100 lbs. Anyway, that summer I broke my arm while biking with a friend. I was in the hospital for around 3 days, and for two of those the nurses wouldn't let me get out of bed because I just had surgery. So it was around 2 in the morning, and I really had to pee. This isn't your average "I haven't peed all day" need to pee, this is "I've been on a constant saline drip for the past 2 days and I haven't peed since Thursday" need to pee. So I called the nurse in, and (thank God) the nurse on call was a guy. I told him that I had to pee, and instead of helping me stand up so I could use the toilet, he reached under the sheets and held a large bottle under my already spurting penis. So I started peeing, but he didn't have the bottle tilted vertically enough for all the pee to stay in, so after around 45 seconds I started wetting the bed (because the bottle wasn't holding all of the pee). So THEN he helped me out of the bed to change my hospital-provided clothing and the sheets.

To Ted:

Hey Ted. I also find skidmarks to be a turn on. Nothing overly filthy though...just the natural wear of a long day. Usually for me, stains are mostly visible when I wear lighter colored underwear.
I have seen many other people's skidded underwear in my life, too. My girlfriend's brothers always leave dirty underwear all over the house. One of them must NEVER wipe, lol, because he gets really bad stains usually. One of my female cousins that I live with during the summer time also seems to get skids all the time in her underwear, and she also doesn't seem to mind just leaving them around the room...haha. I've even seen some pajama shorts that she obviously did NOT wear underwear with, as there were a much of ass marks in them. Maybe more people are secretly turned on by this than we imagine...

Today was so bad
I had the worst runs ever.
I dropped the kids off at school this morning and had to run in and poop for 15 minutes, and the thing I REALLY hate about this toilet is its like right in my daughters class room, its meant for the little children and its right at the back of the class room with 2 stals and a sink next to it , so any parent or kid who walked by could probally hear a load leaving my ass.. Then I got home and noticed I had no food in the house... (PERFECT) so I had to run to wall-mart and while I was there good old nature called once again, but this time ... a little more urgent and I had to run to the bathroom into a stal and barely aviod pooping my pants. On the drive home I had to stop again! I saw a MacDonals so I ran in pooped there again and left. Then I went home knowing I only had about an hour before I had to pick the kids up. I pooped twice at home and picked up my kids came home and pooped again.. and now im posting this and I know il have to go again in about a half hour

Kathy B.
Hi, I am a 42 year old mother of 3 and I just found this sight yesterday. I am a little heavy, but not fat and have shoulder length blond hair. This story happened three year ago at Thanksgiving. We were having a lot of family over so the house was a little crowded. Thanksgiving dinner went fine despite me eating quite a lot and ignoring my diet. Anyways, next morning I get up feeling fat and decide that I am going to go for a walk. It is almost 50 degrees outside, relatively warm for Chicago area. I have a thought about whether I should try to use the toilet before I go but then my family wakes up and begins to take up the bathroom so I just decide to go when I get back. That was my first mistake. So I head out going no particular destination. After about 20 minutes I realize I am near the woods and they have nice walking paths there. Heading over there takes anther ten minutes and I am just beginning to feel minor discomfort when I get there. I ignore it though determined to take a long walk and burn of all of my excess fat around my ass and thighs. I walk through the parking lot towards the trails and see porta-potties lined up along the building. I feel a sense of relief and realize that if I do need to go on my way out I will be fine. I walk the loop through the woods and come back out a little more discomforted with the feeling in my gut. I look over at the porta-potties and decide I will hold it until I get home. I walk out of the woods headed back when all of the sudden I feel a kick in my gut. It feels like I have to poop. I now think back and am shocked as I realize that I have not shitted in 4 days! Adding thanksgiving dinner on to this I know what is on the way. As I feel another kick kinda of feeling I decide to head back to the porta-potties. I head back down the road towards the woods parking lot. Just then a big truck with blue porta-potties attached to the back zooms past me. Oh Shit! I comprehend that they must be taking them away for the winter now. I begin to walk a lot faster worsening my condition I have to get to those porta-potties before they take them away. I am almost there but then I see the truck coming back with the porta-potties now strapped to the back with the others. I am now both desperate and scared. I get to the parking lot again but they are all gone! As if my sphincter knows what this means I feel the hard turd poke out for a second. I am going to loose it very soon. Now I have to make the decision of what to do. There is only one thing that I can do. Shit in the woods. I have never even peed outside and so this is almost unthinkable. But I know I will shit my pants if I don't so I begin to walk towards the woods becoming even more desperate. BY the time I reach the trees I am turtleheading very bad. I run in to the woods stumbling over branches before I finally find a large enough tree and I go behind it, don't even look around and I pull down my exercise pants just as the shit I have stored up in me comes piling out onto the ground. I feel immediate relief but I still have a lot left inside so I proceed to grunt and push the remaining shit out. I am in the middle of pushing out a hard turd when I hear voices. Looking up for the first time I realize with shock that I very close to the path with my ass facing it. The people are coming up from a hill and although I can not see them yet they will be on top of me any second. I am in no position to move anywhere right now so I frantically push and grunt trying to get the one log out of me. Before I know it they are here. Two teenage boys on bikes reach the top of the hill and stop in shock. We stare at each other for about two whole minutes, or at least that's what it felt like. Finally, the move on still shocked but beginning to laugh. I am so embarrassed. My face is red and I have still not gotten the shit out of my ass. I regain some composure as I hear more voices. No way am I going to let this happen again. I stupidly pull up my short on top of the turd. It squishes onto my ass. I run back through the woods with shit in my shorts and decide then to just go back home. 30 minutes later I am back at my front door with a definite stain on my shorts and a noticeable bulge. On top of that I really have to finish my shit and pee. I am pretty desperate again. I pear through the kitchen window and see all my relatives eating breakfast together. There is no way I can get through that way. I go to the back but it is locked. Looking around I decide I will go behind the tool shed because I don't want to make this situation any worse by messing myself a second time and possibly peeing myself. I go behind the shed completely in privacy except for the view into the alley. Pulling down my already soiled shorts I finish what I started and pee as well. MY ass is pretty messy but all I have to wipe with is leaves. I wait a while in back and then go quietly into the front door and up the stairs. I make it into the bathroom and clean up. What an experience. I am now an avid walker and shit regularly in the woods. I just learned not to do it next to the path and bring something to wipe with. The only problem I have ran into is having my family discover the obviously human shit in our well fenced in yard. I did;t take part in the discusion of whose it was but guess who finally cleaned it up?


Hi everybody...

I first came across this site some years back, and after a lengthy hiatus, I thought it was time to introduce myself and take the big plunge (no pun intended).

First, a brief description.
I'm about 175cm (roughly five feet, ten inches), straight shoulder length dark brown hair, olive complexion & dark brown eyes. I wear black-rimmed glasses, and have been told too many times that I look like a librarian. I'm thirty three years old and live in Melbourne.

Anyway, down to brass tacks! My most recent poop was this afternoon (around 1530) at work. I had been rather preoccupied with other matters, and so was compelled to wait some time for relief.

When the time finally came, I made my way to the second floor toilets, which happen to be the unisex ones, and headed for one of the cubicles. There are six in this group, and the closest one was already occupied, so I went into the third one along, leaving a gap of one between myself and the other person.

I lowered my pants half-way down my thighs and sat on the seat, leaning forward with my elbows resting on my knees. after peeing for about thirty seconds, I sat relaxed, and waited.

It took about five seconds after peeing for the first poop to do its thing; it made a gentle, soft plopping sound, followed two seconds later by a similar sized one which also plopped gently into the toilet. Five or so seconds elapsed before several soft ones followed, all dropping in a 'plip-plip, plop ploop' manner, which lasted for about ten seconds. By this time, the cubicle was beginning to take on that familiar 'poo-like' odour, and it was a minute before the next wave made its way out.

This was much like the previous load, only slightly softer and I think the pieces were a bit smaller. Another minute of nothing, then an involuntary fart, followed by several single plops, about seven or eight, on memory.

At this point, I sat up straight stretched my neck, knowing that there was more to come, but feeling as though it may take some time... which it did.

About three minutes had elapsed, the person in the other cubicle had finished & left, and I was back in business. Two farts, several soft plips & plops, another fart followed by a steady course of small poops and I was feeling slightly 'emptier'. This process went on for a few more minutes - intermittent plips & plops punctuated with a few seconds of silence, until after around ten minutes, I had nothing more to offer.

After wiping several times, I zipped up my trousers, looked at what I'd done (don't we all), flushed and exited the smelly cubicle that had been my 'space' for an extended period of the work day.



Back in the 1960's I worked at "The Waldorf Lounge" in Akron, Ohio, as a waitress. They had many big celebrities performing. In the ladies room, I heard Florence Henderson urinating between performances. I thought I heard a fart coming from her stall. I never questioned her. I should have.

My friend recently told me about this site and he said I should post the story of the time I snuck into the girls' bathroom at school. A few years ago, I was in high school and some friends dared me to sneak into the girls' bathroom.

I decided that just after lunch would be the best time. Waiting until just after the bell rang, I carefully snuck into the bathroom, taking a stall. For most of the first hour, I was alone reading my book. A few people trickled in, all of them for just a quick pee.

About 15-20 minutes before the bell to transfer to the last class rang, a girl came in and took the stall right next to me. As with the other girls before, she began a forceful stream of pee right after sitting down. This stream lasted at least a minute before trickling off, and then I heard rustling of toilet paper as she wiped twice.

What happened next, I'll never forget though. I only wish I actually got to see the action, but hearing it was a gift enough. Pffft, Pffft, Ooh, Krrrkl, Mmm, Plop, Braaaaap, Pffffffft, Krrkl, Ohh, Mmm, Unnh, Plip, Brraapp, Unnnh, Mmmmm, Oooh, Ohhh, Unnngh, Mmm. After that I heard her tear off toilet paper and wipe five more times and flush.

When the changing classes bell rang, a large influx of girls came in and all had long flowing pees. It seems most girls don't poop at school, rather holding it until they get home. I did get to hear one more pooping session, after school let out. Initially lots of girls had pees and stood at the mirrors talking about nothing important, but after the first crowd, another girl came in and took the stall on the other side of me.

Unlike the earlier girl, she didn't even pee at all, instead opening with a very loud Brrrrrraaaaaaapp style fart. Krrrrrkl, then a long silence, followed by two quick wipes and she left without flushing! I got so excited about this, I just had to go look at what she'd produced. When I made sure no one else was coming, I quickly switched stalls to inspect.

I saw just sitting in the toilet a huge, long turd. I wondered if she was constipated prior to laying this massive beast. The odd thing was, the turd wasn't even covered up with toilet paper, instead it was off to one side. It was almost like she wanted me to see this mammoth of a turd.

okay that poo i said i had to make before, when i said i had to poo so badly its inhuman, it just came out and for the first time ever, it hurt coming out. i spent about eight or nine minutes just sitting there and pushing. no WONDER it was knocking at the back door so hard. i had to break it up with the toilet brush before it went down! and it smelled so dry. but then when i wiped i had to do it like ten times. happy pooping!


My brother David and myself are building a deck for our parents 40th anniversary. We were at the Home Depot last Saturday pricing pressure treated lumber, and getting some advice from one of the employees, and older gent named Mitch. After we finished with Mitch, we went to the paint department, and the garden section, aswe are going to landscape around the deck also. We must have killed two hours in the store. Before we left, I told Dave I had to find the mens restroom. He agreed it was a good idea and we found it way in the back of the store. We were surprised to see that none of the toilet stalls had doors on them. It appeared they were removed, as there were holes in the partitions where the hinges would have been. There were 3 toilets and one was already occupied, so we took the middle and right toilets. We both papered our seats and dropped our jeans and undershorts, and we both sat down. We both pissed, farted and cracked our logs out, as did the customer in the left stall. It sure felt good. I would have given anything to have been able to light up a cigarette, while Dave is a cigar smoker. But we didn't dare. The outer door creaks open and in walks Mitch, the gent who had helped up earlier. He saw us both sitting down, and with a big Irish grin, said "Caught you sitting down on the job" "You'll never get your deck done relaxing in here" We both laughed. Mitch was waiting to use the left toilet, and the customer was just finishing up. Mitch hopped on the other toilet and had explosive diahreah. It really stunk.. Dave said "Mitch, your killing us" We all laughed. Dave and myself finished shitting, wiped our asses clean, and washed our hands. We thanked Mitch again for his assistance, but we both were cracking up on how bad Mitch stunk up the mens room. Mitch wished us luck with the project, and told us to let him know how it turns out. We both said 'of course, Mitch" and ran outside the restroom for fresh air. It was funny.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Jenna - I liked your story about you pooping in your pants in the 2nd grade. The nurse's reply was funny. Like the old adage - if you don't acknowledge you pooped your pants, then you didn't. (Even if it meant sitting there in your pooped pants the rest of the day.)

Mallory - Sorry about your accident. So embarrassing, especially wetting your pants on top of pooping them. If it was me, I probably would've thrown the jeans away too.

Now a story of mine...this happened when I was about 10 years old. My friend Kim (same age) and I were playing out in the backyard at my house. We had a small wagon, and we took turns pulling each other in the wagon. This time, Kim was in the wagon, and we went flying down the hill and stopped at the bottom, like we usually did. Kim said "Uh, oh!" and looked down. I looked, and saw a wet spot on her pink jeans, which grew rapidly. Kim was peeing her pants with such force, she was unable to stop it or even move. I helplessly stood there and watched her totally flood her jeans. I had seen other girls and boys pee their pants before, but never so much, and never from the moment they started peeing their pants. Kim must've sat there and peed her pants for over a minute. When she was finished, we surveyed the damage. The wagon was full of pee. Kim's pants were wet practically all the way up the back of her butt down to her knees. Fortunately, since her feet and lower legs were on top of the wagon and not in it, that part of her jeans were dry. I asked her if she wanted to go home, and she nodded. I walked her home (we only lived a few houses apart). We told her mom what happened, and she was OK about it. She told Kim to change up and then gave us popsicles. Kim's mom then told us that she peed her pants in her 1st grade class. But, we forgot about the wagon still full of pee until quite a bit later - oops.

danielle, i really think the best thing for you to do is to either hold it or wipe thoroughly. i don't poo at school so i don't have that problem, but every time i use the toilet, no matter what the situtation, i make sure i'm clean after. or clean enough, for that matter. don't worry about being late for class.
start pooing in the morning.

Clair asked about adult pooping accidents. I have one that I will remember forever. I was a tourist in San Francisco. I went to dinner at one of the city's finest restaurants and had a wonderful meal. I spent two or three hours at the restaurant and probably consumed a bottle of wine. When I left I did not recognize any bathroom need.
My hotel was not far, perhaps a ten or fifteen minute casual walk. But soon after leaving the restaurant I felt a need for a BM. I proceeded swiftly through the streets but the urge became greater and finally I knew that I would not make it to my hotel. It was too far to go back to the restaurant. I probably could have brazened myself into a bar but instead there was a modern movie theater. I walked up to the ticket booth and asked for a ticket to the next show (I couldn't
scream at her, I don't care what the show is!!). As i stood there buying the ticket I lost my battle and my pants began filling up. I walked into the theater and gave my ticket to the young woman and asked where the rest rooms were.
She pointed and I walked in that direction and I know that I was leaving blobs of poo on the floor which were falling down my legs.
When I got to the men's room it was a disaster. I had to try and clean out my briefs with toilet paper. When I did what I could, I walked out of the theater (my movie had never begun) and walked the additional ten minutes to my hotel.
I ended up putting my briefs and slacks (dress pants) in a plastic bag and dropping them in the hotel trash bin.
Not my finest hour.
Recently I developed a back pain and my doctor prescribed a pill which is a combination of "Tylenol (acetaminophen) plus Codeine". I took it mostly overnight for about six days.

When I went back to see the doctor on an unrelated subject, I casually mentioned that I had become constipated. I had not had a BM in about six or seven day. My doctor immediately said that it was the codeine.

Be aware that codeine can cause you to become constipated!!!

I stopped it and over the next two days have had some very large and messy dumps but I think I'm nearly back to normal.

Danielle: You simply must find time at the end of the school day to wash yourself and change your panties.
If you have time at (or near) the end of the school day, bring a wash cloth (in a zip-lock baggie) to wipe yourself and and a clean pair of panties. You don't want to get intimate with your boy friend and not be clean for him.
(Guys need to remember this, too.)


My boyfriend wants to take me camping and I am worried about the bathroom situation. I have never really had good luck with peeing outdoors I usually get it on me if I don't take off my pants. I saw this travel/outdoor toilet thing at Wal-Mart, it kind of looks like a potty except a little bigger and not colorful. Or I might get one of those funnel things I'm not sure, but I am leaning towards the toilet thing. Any suggestions?

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