Hey all, it's me again. As I said, I'll share what is probably my most embarrassing toilet-related story. I was in middle school when this happened, but I don't remember what grade.

Because I didn't have my own car at that point, I had to ride the school bus home. Normally these rides are uneventful, but on the day in question, I developed a major urge to take a dump as I was walking to get on the bus. The buses will not wait for you, so I had to just hold my poo in and get on the bus.

Luckily, I'm able to hold it for a while, so I was only in a little discomfort when the bus took off. Of course, it's almost like the world's out to get you - the one time you're in a hurry to get home, you stop at every stop light along the way. Couple that with the fact that my stop is towards the middle of the route and I had a problem.

10 minutes passed of the longest ride of my life, and now I really needed to poo. When I noticed what the current stop was, my situation got worse. We still had more stops to go, probably 10 minutes or more. The next 5 minutes were awful - I was desperately trying to hold back my poo, farting silently to release the pressure some.

At last, my stop came, but now I had to stand up. Carefully, I got up and got off the bus, beginning to walk home. I could see my house in the distance, but my body just couldn't hold it anymore, I just let go. A large poo forced it's way out into my panties, and by then it was too late, no stopping it.

My panties were now loaded with poo, so I didn't want to go home, at the risk of getting in trouble. However, my options were limited and the longer I waited, the more uncomfortable having a load of poo in my panties became. Finally, I had an idea - I'd duck behind some trees nearby the house.

I emptied out my panties as best I could, four days worth of poo on the ground. Five big poos, each maybe half a foot long or more. Having no paper, I just decided to pull my panties up and run home. Upon arriving at home I quickly ran up to the bathroom and wiped myself properly.

As for the panties, I hid them in my room underneath a bunch of junk in my closet. Seeing as my parents are still living in the same house, I doubt they've ever found the panties. Or if they have, they never said anything.

Need to go
I took an early spinning class today. Immediately after class I was in a stall to take a dump when I saw and heard somebody rush past the stalls towards the urinals. I hear the sound of shorts being pulled down, the immediate sound of piss being released and the a sigh. He then began to talk to me which is when I recognized him as being the spinning instructor. He said that he said that he had to piss as soon as class began and even considered leaving class to go but decided to hold on. He said he barley made it and he had his hand in his pants pinching it as soon as he got into the locker room. At this point I had moved on to the paperwork. I told him I can relate because I had something brewing from the "other" end since the beginning of class as well. He laughed and said that we were dedicated.

to Danielle:
I understand your concerns and I get the question you are asking: I'm 16 and I'm dating a guy two years older who is just finishing up his freshman year in college. I have several tips that work for me. Our passing periods between classes are only 5 minutes and with all the No Child Left Behind testing and "state standards" I don't think too many of us are going to be given class time to go the bathroom anytime soon. My suggestions:
1) Have a complete mental picture of what you need to do when you open the bathroom door. I just toss my backpack aside and literally go to the first open stall I see.
2. I have my jeans partially unbottoned with one hand while I open the stall door with the other. I know it doesn't sound that good, but I literally rip them down as I'm throwing myself onto the seat. Up to a couple of years ago, I would grab some toilet paper and wipe the seat off first before sitting down. I no longer take the time for that and even will occasionally sit on some splashed urine because as you've said, there's no extra time.
3. When I'm finishing my pee I will have my panties and jeans in my hand and at stool level so there's no leaning down to the floor to grab them. Sometimes there's still a few drips dropping as I briskly stand and make myself presentable with one hand, while the other is on the door latch and throwing it open.
4. Of course, I no longer take time to lean down to the flusher and I'm not about to take time to wash my hands. Mentally, I already have my "run" to class mapped out and I know how many hallway turns and any stairs I'm about to encounter.
5. The biggest problem I have, and this comes at mid-morning pretty much each day, is my crap. After several months of sitting and in frustration pushing and pushing to get it out (and often feeling its need to come out but only farting!) I took the advice of my 25-year-old sister who told me to move closer to the front of the seat and to drop my panties and jeans all the way to floor so that I can spread my legs as wide as possible. It works in getting my "movement" coming out sooner!
6. While on the stool I grab a large amount of toilet paper and while I'm standing up, I will take one thorough swipe with it. No, I won't get every possible skidmark, but I will get the part that would cause the most smell and marks in my panties. Timewise, though, I can only wipe once and I'm usually pulling my jeans and panties up with my other hand.
7. On some days when there are a lot of substitutes in our building, I will apologize that I'm late to my next teacher and tell her that the sub couldn't find the passes. It works every time and I have yet to get a tardy detention.
8. At lunch or immediately after school, I will stop in the bathroom, go into a stall, sit down and more thoroughly wipe myself. This is important because three afternoons a week I go immediately to my part-time job and I don't want my underwear to get too gross.

mega blowout
Ok, those of you that are into accidents are going to love this. I have bowel problems, so wear protective underwear. Today for some reason, my bowels decided it was time to evacuate, no warning, no waiting... it was going to happen now! I'm used to that, but this one was just totally aweful, it was huge and runny and leaked out of the leg of the protective underwear and down my leg and got on the carpet... it was just gross. I had to change, shower and use carpet cleaner on my floor. It's sad when you keep pet accident specific carpet cleaner for not only your pets, but your own accidents as well.

The Nature Boy
Danielle - How about carrying around a pack of moist wipes or something to use while wiping at school when you don't have a lot of time. Or for that matter, to use ALL of the time. I'm lucky in that home and work bathrooms are both "single occupancy," and the toilet is next to the sink - because I always wet the toilet paper with some water when I wipe.

Like Bethany, I'm not a germophobe, but I like to stay as "clean" as possible.

In fact...I've never told this to anyone before (unless I posted it here and forgot about it :P )...but you know the old ditty regarding guys peeing?

"No matter how you squirm, no matter how you dance, that last drop always ends up in your pants"

Yeah, that's NOT acceptable to me! So, whenever possible, I actually dry off the end of my penis with toilet paper after peeing...

I wonder - think it's because I was never circumcised that I have problems with the "last drop?"

danielle, you shouldn`t be embarrassed about stains. in fact, i thi nk most guys would be turned on by the fact...i know i am!

but, if you don`t want him to see it when you get intimate....when you take off your pants, take your panties off at the same time so that they are hidden inside the pants.

also, if your taking a particularly long dump, you could start wiping between plops...if there`s more than one turd you have to push out.

and jenny, could you tell of that time you shit your pants walking home?

i have a story. my name is donald. last summer i was riding in a car with my girlfriend and a few buddies to the beach. she had taken a laxative earlier in the day and later complained of stomach cramps but couldn`t go once she got the urge. so, we got ready for the trip to the beach and went on our way. my girl, stacey, had to sit on my lap because there were some boxes in one side of the back seat and the other 3 were crammed in the front.
anyway, during the ride i noticed stacey holding her stomach but i didn`t say anything. a few minutes later she was squirming a bit in my lap and she told me she has to fart. (we are very open with eavh other). the windows were open so i told her to go ahead. i couldn`t hear anything but it smelled like rotten eggs! evn our friends up front noticed the smell.
during the rest of the trip she was quite which is unusal for her. in a few minutes, she was squirming again and again she said she had to fart! well, she let go but a lot more came out...much to her(my) dismay!
she squirted diarrhea in her white shorts and some even leaked onto my pants, and smelled horrible!!! the people up front were all gagging and holding there noses, obviously disqusted, and mad, because now we had to head home so my girl could change. she had pooped a LOT of diarrhea and the whole back of her skirt was dark brown and so was the front of my pants! but, for some reason i found the whole thing quite a turn on. dont ask me why.
anyway, we went home and got cleaned up. i have more stories if anyones intersested. hey, has anyone else got pooed on before, and liked it? has anyone got peeded on before?

Keith D
To Danielle: Skidmarks can be a tricky problem. My poops are fairly hard so don't usually require much wiping. But softer ones can be messy and use a lot of paper. I usually find that damp toilet paper cleans the area much better. If possible, you could grab a handful of paper before you take up a stall and run it under a tap in the sink to wet it a little. Easy with a bit of thought before hand but a bit embarrassing if there's a line of people waiting for stalls and they see you wetting the paper first. I guess another option, that a few people have written about on this forum, is to get some of those moist wipes that come in a packet. Baby wipes are a similar thing I guess. Or if you cannot manage to go out and buy things like that even those moist towlette things from Kentucky Fried Chicken would do! You could keep them in your bag and get a couple out when you need to wipe.

I find that how I poop also makes a difference to how much cleanup is necessary. When I sit down to poop I usually spread my buttcheeks a little as I make contact with the seat. I find that this stretches my butthole open a little. The sides of the seat keep my buttcheeks apart. Then when I poop, my buttcheeks are stretched back out of the way so there is no "smearing" on them as the poop comes out and it also seems to stop poop from getting squeezed out around my ring so much. Cleanup is then minimal. 1 or 2 wipes max. Keeping my butt stretched open slightly also means that I can wipe up inside the hole a little so no residue will squeeze into my pants later. Try it.

Don't worry about your boyfriend. When you get to the stage where your relationship has progressed that far, he'll love everything about you and nothing will set either of you back.

When I was 17 I went on a camping trip with my school for two weeks.

There were a very dirty bathroom with five stalls but no doors. The toilets were never flushed and it smells terrible. I hold it back, but on the Night of the 9th Day I got a really strong urge to go. Me and my best girlfriend had to take a dump. We went to the bathroom and took 2 stalls next to each other. I seat on the cold seat and begann to push, but nothing happend.

Then I put my finger up to my butt and could feel the tip of the very hard, large turd.

After five minutes another Girl came in and peed in the stall next to me. When she was finished she sayd "good night" and leaves the bathroom.

Then my friend was finished up and left the bathroom.
I contuine pushing and finally after more then then minutes the very large turd fell out. When I wiped there was some blood on the TP. Which was expcted I guess with the size of the poop and the length of time I held them in.

I washed my hands and walked back to my tent and went back to sleep.

Danielle, for what ever reason, you're missing some of what is left in your butt crack (bc) when you wipe. You don't say anything about your build, but if you are fairly large (weight wise), it may be that you're having trouble reaching the area to clean up. The other possibility is that you have a decent growth of hair in your bc. I had a pilonidal cyst treated one time and the doctor told me that it was because I had a lot of hair in the bc and that I should shave it from time to time. When I do have a soft poo, I will often have troubles with burning and itching from not getting my bc completely clean. I find in that case that using a pair of hair clippers to cut the hair, and another attempt at cleaning, does the trick. Also, try using the flushable wet wipes to clean your bc. You can keep a pack of them with you. While it's true that most men tend to have more and thicker hair there, but that doesn't mean that the ladies don't have problems. BTW, if you're planning to try the "hair cut", use regular clippers or the smaller grooming clippers and not a razor. The razor can get hung up on the folds in the anal sphincter and cut into them, and that gets uncomfortable.

Blissey----Aw, that sucks. Your teacher was a jerk for not letting you go to the bathroom. I do love your stories though, they're the best! You sound like you really take some good dumps.

As for myself, I took a big one today. I'd been holding it in for a while, and when it came out, it had to be like, over a foot long and at least 2 inches wide. That's pretty big for me.

Anyway, take care, folks.

Monday, May 19, 2008

TO LINDA: I was in the toilet for seveal minutes only. There were a few people that came in and they would have certainly heard me. On Wednesday I am off to the pain management clinic for some assistance and I hope I might get some help with the bowel issue.
Presently I am backed up again and if nothing happens I will try a laxative tonight. If problems moving the load the next day then a suppository.

Live from Sarah's house, it's T3C!

Hi everybody, sorry for being gone so long, but everything has been thrown out of whack recently.
Basicly, we had a huge water fight, there were 50+ people there, split into two factions, only Sarah was invited, but her ticket was "Sarah +2" so we all went, but during it, Mary really had to take a dump, but being her, she didn't tell anyone, it was just really obvious, however, we kept urging her to go to one of the toilets there, she said no, but some people there that we didn't know heard us, and tickled her untill she had an accident, she blamed us, stormed off and we haven't made up yet, but belive me, we've tried.
So the obvious problem is that T3C became T2C (Ok, we'll reveal it now, it stands for Those 3 Chicks, a name that Sarah's ex-boyfriend gave us.
But we met our new third at the water fight, and it turns out that she goes to our school, introducing, Mimi ????.

Hi, a little about me, until about 3 months ago, i went to a boarding school, girls only, i couldn't stand it there, but now i'm at (Note from Sarah: i'm sorry, call me paranoid, but i'm not having you telling people what school we're at)
I've got an interesting story about that school, but first some random factoids.
I'm black, not half black, fully black, and just to clear it up, i do not use the N word and i don't belive anyone should.
My favourite band is Bone-Thugs-N-Harmony, they're less sexist then the others, and i think that they're better off without that dispicable bastard Bizzy who is blatently white but calls himself black for goodness knows what reason.

Ok, the story about my school, there was a challenge that alot of people would attempt, you didn't get anything from it apart from the right to say you had.
The challenge was that through that day you could only go to the toilet at 8:30 am and 8:30 pm, those 12 hours weren't easy to get through.
So when i did it, i woke up at 7:30 and had a slight urge to pee, but held it, (By the way, i was 12) come 8:30, it was slightly uncomfortable, but not painful, so i went to the toilet and emptied myself.
I wasn't uncomfortable again until 4:00, i knew that 4.5 more hours wouldn't be easy, it began to hurt at about 5:15, and 15 minutes later, i needed to take a shit.
At 8:00 i was holding both ends, jumping around, and when there were only 10 seconds left, the other girls counted down, on 1, i ran into the bathroom, didn't even close the door, just tore down my pants, sat down and released, i was beyond caring who was staring at me.
Usually, i'm not shy about telling people that i have to go, and don't mind people i'm friends with seeing me pee, but i don't like anyone seeing me poo, i'm 50/50 about farting, it all depends on the situation.
And just to say, i've never met Mary so i'm not passing judgement on her.
So over to Holly, who i think has a story

Thanks Mimi, my story isn't much, it's just that during this water fight, i was desperate to pee, so i made a suicide charge at the other team, as i guessed, i recived a water balloon to the crotch, and took that as a cue to pee, but someone on that team said "Holly, it's so blatent that you're peeing"
But aslong as i'm here, i have a story from last summer.
I was at the beach with my family and Sarah's family, well, that's techincly the same family, because i'm Sarah's little cousin (Note from Sarah: you mean baby cousin, lol).
Anyway, i was swimming with Sarah, when i felt a need to poo, i kept swimming for about 15 minutes, then felt i really should get out and go, i was walking to the toilets, when i saw my sister standing by an about 6 inch tall ring wall of sand, she said that she bet i couldn't jump into the middle of it with my eyes closed, i told her i bet i could, she said "go on then" so i did, and found myself in a hole taller then i was, i wasn't happy, i shouted and swore at my sister but to no avail, i shouted for help, but no one came, after 5 minutes, i let out a bunch of farts, and knew that my load wouldn't wait any longer, so i pulled my bathing suit aside (it was a one part one) and squatted, after 5 seconds i let out a 5 inch turd, followed by a whole lot of softer, runnier blobs, 10 minutes later, Sarah came over and peered into the hole, and after commenting on the smell of my desposit, helped me out. (Note from Sarah: it was TRUELY revolting)
So that's it from me.

Ok, about Mary, even if she makes friends with us again, she will NOT rejoin T3C unless another one of us leaves, the reason being, she's been too shy to post anything (Note from Holly: stop being so vindictive, she can rejoin if she want's we'll just have to become T4C), however, stories involving her will still be posted.

And as always, comments, questions and requests are welcome, and infact requests REALLY help us out, because we don't know what stories to post when, so if you want a story about something, give us a shout, i'm sure one of us will have a story about it.

It's a comfort to know there are some knowledgeable people out there that don't pound on the panic button at the "sound" of a little pee, whether it be in the shower (where it will kill a bad case of athletes foot), the pool, or even during an intimate moment. I recall being asked to pee on my friends leg once (she had just peed in the water) after she stepped on a Sea Urchin while swimming in the Virgin Islands, and its been known for years that a way to kill some pain from a Jellyfish sting is a good Pee shower. So the fact is, the toilet is not always the best place to Pee, and to all those who may not see eye to eye with us; well they should do some research.

What up,
Ive been reading this site for a while now and I really enjoy it.
Im a 26yr old gay guy from Portland. Ive always been intrigued by the pooping habits of men. I dont know where it came from. I really enjoy helping a guy take his hot dump. I have done so many times over the phone and I enjoy it when they help me too.
Its like a friend, boyfriend, husband thing for me. Im just helping you out in a time of need. Its almost like a turn on too, to hear him push, grunt, strain and relieve himself.
I really enjoy the pooping habits of ethinc men for some reason, maby because im am ethnic too.Latin and black definatly, I'd like to help and hear for sure.
Ive seen people post about celebrities they'd like to see take a dump, well my list would include Jay Hernandez, Mario Lopez, Pooch Hall, Daddy Yankee, Kamar de los reyes, Taye Diggs just to name a few.
I'd also like to say I've enjoyed reading stories from Carlos, Fernando,Victor, Mike, Brian, Pico Tamale and few others.
Well that is all for now, hope you like this. Bye Bye.

hello everyone!!!

right now, i have to pee so badly it's inhuman.

okay, i just went. my brother was in the bathroom. he got out, i rushed in, dropped my pjs to my knees, and let it flow. it felt AMAZING..
but there was no toilet paper. and i had to call my brother to get it for me. it was a little embarassing but he wasn't immature about it.
happy toilet days everyone!


i'm becoming more and more aware of the fact that wiping until the toilet paper looks white doesn't mean that you're clean. if I had the time, i'd start washing my ass and vag with wet paper and soap every time i used the toilet. unfortunately i haven't got that kinda time. like, i know the part inside the pants isn't the freshest smelling part of the body, and i'm not much of a germophobe but it bugs me a little that i probably still smell like poo and pee down there, even if you can't smell it unless you're IN my pants. but like, what about sex? excuse my ignorance, (i'm a virgin). i don't know anything.

Does anybody have a story about pooping or especially peeing in a bedpan at a hospital? did it take you a long time to get started? thanks!

Linda from Australia here again. I'm on a bit of a losing streak with my poos lately. I did a big poo last night, after not being able to go for 2 days and last week, the same thing happened (I went nearly 2 days without a poo). I actually pooped twice last night, because I couldn't get it all out in 1 sitting. So I had to go again after dinner and I got the rest out.

To Keith D: I don't often get constipated when Im travelling, I find I get backed up at home instead.


Can anyone help me with a problem I have? I'm Danielle, I'm 16 years old and I have this um... problem keeping my panties clean while I'm at school. (No jokes, this is embarrassing for me!) I need to poo most days, and I normally get the urge in the morning period. I hate going to the bathroom at school because the walls are so thin and we can all hear the embarrassing noises we make...but when you gotta go, you gotta go right? The other thing is that we only have really short breaks between classes, so it doesn't leave much time. The bathrooms are always busy in recess and you often have to wait for a stall. It normally takes me awhile to poo (like 5 mins), and by the time I'm finished the bell has usually rung for the next class. I normally have to push quite hard when I poo, but it coems out quite soft and really smelly. I don't think I've had a clean poo where I didn't need to wipe since I was about 13!!

Anyway, so by the time I finish pooing, the bell sounds to signal the start of next period. they're so strict at my school about being late that I nearly always have to rush through wiping to get back on time. Most times I can only wipe a few times before I need to pull up and go, unlike when I poo at home and I wipe 7 or 8 times. The result is embarrassing for me - I get noticeable skidmarks in my panties most days, not always real big ones but definitely there. Sometimes I can also smell myself a little bit at the end of the day, especially if it is hot and I have sweated a lot. I don't think anyone knows about my problem cause I'm always careful to hide my panties deep in my bag when I get changed for gym, and at home I do my own laundry so my mom never sees my panties.

the problem is my boyfriend...we've been dating for nearly a year now, and we're getting to the stage where we would like know...take things further. But I'm terrified that he will notice my dirty butt or see the brown stains in my panties and be repulsed! One time we were in my bedroom at home after school, doing *things*, and my bf had his hand up my skirt touching my ass. I knew that day I had taken a pretty gross dump in the morning and I was so short for time I only got in two good wipes before I had to dress and run to class. I was really scared that my bf would smell me, or that his hand might stink after feeling my butt through my panties. He never did say anything that time, but it's probably only a matter of time until he finds out, either by noticing my laundry or seeing my panties if (when) we do sleep together...

SO any serious advice would be much appreciated!!. this is very embarrassing for me, but I want to sort out this problem before it becomes a bigger deal. Should I just bring the subject up with him (man that would be embarrassing!), or does anyone know any foolproof quick wiping techniques or anything? Before anyone suggests wearing dark panties to hide the stains (I know some of my friends do this a lot if they go on dates or on gym days), my mom still buys a lot of my underwear and it would look suspicious if I started buying all black panties...though that would be a real life saver if I could just wear dark undies every day!

Thank u in advance to anyone who can help solve my awkward problem!

Yours (embarrassed),


It's so embarrassing but I had to share this somewhere! I went out drinking with my friends two nights ago and had a bit more than I usually would. I don't think I've ever been so sick! I was puking so hard that I actually started to poop my pants! I had to keep puking so the best I could think in that state was to get my jeans down to keep them from being ruined and then I puked again and simultaneously a big mushy poop came out into my panties! I'm sooooo glad no one was there for that!

I was so terribly sick that I couldn't even bother to clean myself up, I just slid my panties down to the ground with a plop, and then put some old sweatpants on and went to bed on the floor outside the bathroom, covered in poop.

I can't believe it but I didn't even get a rash and thankfully the poop didn't really smell!

I never want to be sick like that again!


I posted a bit last year but have been really busy since. However I saw Claire's request for tales and thought I'd relate a couple.

1. When I was in year 1 I had eaten something dodgy at lunch and felt a pain in my stomach. I asked the teacher if I could go and she said yes. Well I ran down the corridor and turning a corner bumped into the headteacher! He asked me what I was doing, going to the toilet I said, getting very fidgety, he then stood and lectured me about how you shouldn't run in school corridors because it could be dangerous. All the time I was dying to go, fortunately he sent me on my way and disappeared into a side room. Well as soon as he was out of sight I started running again, I tore into the toilets. Now because it was after lunch, the school janitor had been in, filling the paper etc, but he also mopped the floor. Of course I tore in, slipped on the slippery floor and fell. The shock of my fall meant some poo popped out into my pants. This increased, I heard a squelching sound as it all came out and filled my pants. I stood up and started to cry, but calmed down. I went into a stall and emptied the poo into the toilet. Then tried to clean my undies with toilet paper but it didn't work so i threw them in the bin. I spent the rest of the day without underwear!

2. We were in a test later in the year and I hadn't been in a couple of days. The need was quite urgent so I asked; but no we were doing a test, no exceptions. It grew worse and worse until eventually I did some poo in my pants. Fortunate it wasn't much though one of the boys said "Who's farted?". Nobody noticed though and I cleaned it out at break.

Here's a question for any guys/girls in school, will you use the bathrooms? I don't mind them, I pick the quieter ones, but some of my friends never do. They prefer to hold it in all day. A girl who lives down the road from me never goes at school (says they're disgusting) but is always desperate for the loo on the way home. So is it better to put up with the smelly loos at school or try and hold it in until you get home??

I really really like your story Mallory. If you have any more please tell them. I liked the part in your story about you cleanin your poopy panties in the toilet.

Hey everyone, my name is Jenny, but everyone calls me Jen. I'm in my twenties and have long blond hair stretching down my back. I'm not really thin, but I'm in good shape. Anyway, I began dating a guy a few weeks ago and he just stayed over last night.

My boyfriend has seen me pee before, but never poo. Well, this morning when it came time for my morning dump, he got a treat. He was shaving, getting himself ready for work, so I just came into the bathroom, pulled down my pink thong and sat on the toilet.

We exchanged some conversation while I had a long pee. It must have lasted a minute or more. After that, I let out a loud long fart and two more shorter ones. I commented on how I could feel a big poo building and I could tell my boyfriend was getting excited.

One more loud, sputtering fart, and I felt the poo getting in position. I farted silently and began squeezing out a poo. It wasn't really big around, but it seemed to just grow forever. I love the feeling of my bowels working to squeeze out a long poo. At last it snapped off *plop*. A few silent farts and another loud fart as I squeezed out another smaller poo.

I stood up to examine my dump and saw a long dark brown poo heading down the bend and curving back around and almost exiting the water. That was definitely one of my best creations. My boyfriend was amazed at how my hot body could produce

I am SOOOO humiliated. Add this to the list of "teachers not letting students go to the bathroom" stories. I woke up this morning, feeling slightly bloated and crampy, and my body was aching a lot. I went to school anyway, so I wouldn't miss any lessons. Anyways, in 3rd period, I felt like I really had to shit badly. I doubled over in pain, and my stomach gurgled loudly. I asked my teacher to let me use the bathroom, but obviously he said no. I tried to let a tiny piece out, thinking I would make it until when the bell rang. Wrong. Wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong WRONG!!! I also thought that nobody would find out about that tiny piece. Well, that piece wasn't exactly tiny. I tried pushing out a tiny piece and I farted really loudly. The whole class looked at me, my face turned really bright red. A LONG turd made its way out, as the whole class was laughing their asses off. It hit the floor. The teacher silenced the class. I ran away, crying. I went to the bathroom, lifted my skirt and panties, and sat on the toilet. I went diarrhea into the toilet, making really nasty squelching and squirting noises. I doubled over in pain, feeling another set of poop making its way down into my ass. I grunted, farted loudly, and pushed hard, making a huge fart, following a long string of sausage-like poops, splatting into the bowl. Lastly, I farted out some nasty soft poop. I wiped my butt, and looked in the toilet to see what I had done--A LOT of dark brown liquid poop, some yellowish mush, and some really fat sausages, coiling in the bowl. I flushed that down, left, and put my poop-stained undies in the sink when I felt something warm trickle down my leg. I got my period. I always get diarrhea before my period, and I get queasy, and I get bloated and crampy. I washed my panties and threw them away. I went back to class, feeling like I had some shit in me. That could wait. I tried going back to class, but the teacher said he sent one of my friends to get my stuff and put it in the office so I could go home. Today was the worst day of my life... and I KNOW I'm going to get teased about it. >.< I can feel some nasty shit brewing, and I know it's mushy, I know it's stinky, I know it's icky, and I know that it's poopy. I know it's going to come out any second if I don't leave now and sit on the potty, so I must leave.


Oh yes, and to the very kind Alexis who liked my post, thanks very much :-)!

When I was younger, I was not so good with my exercise and eating habits. While I wouldn't say I was fat, I was definitely overweight. In addition, my bowels were a bit sluggish. Throughout high school, it was common for me to go three or four days without taking a dump. In fact, I'm reminded of one time in particular when I nearly clogged a school toilet.

The day began like a normal day - I went to school and had lunch. About half way through sixth period, I knew I'd need the bathroom soon. I desperately wanted to make it home, but after maybe five minutes more, I realized there was no way. I asked the teacher if I could go to the bathroom and he let me, so I grabbed the hall pass and walked quickly to the nearest bathroom.

Luckily for me, there was only one other person in a stall, so I could grab any stall. I took the closest stall and yanked down my skirt and panties. Just after planting my butt on the toilet, I let out a big poo. I could feel the poo stretching my hole as it slowly inched out and grew longer. It broke off fairly quickly, but there was at least three more following shortly.

I felt so much better after that, but I knew there was still a lot more to come. After thinking that to myself, I farted loudly a few times and ejected a large poo that kept coming out for a long time. I farted silently at least four times, each time spewing out small chunks of poo, almost liquid. I felt my stomach churning as I let out some loud sputtering farts and then another big poo. One more really long poo and two more silent farts and I was done.

I stood up to look at what I'd done and the toilet bowl was nearly full with my poo alone. There was no way I could wipe without clogging the toilet. As it happened, the toilet already wouldn't flush. I tried another flush and the relief was immense when the large load of poo began to budge and swirl down the drain. One more flush and it was all gone, so I could wipe at last. This dump was very messy, and I needed ten wipes, maybe more, I don't remember for sure.

If anyone would be interested, I'll post tomorrow about the time I thoroughly pooed my pants while walking home. That would have been an embarrassing day if anyone else were around to know about it.

About 12 years ago, I was 16 I went to the beach with my Auntie and her family. After a terrific day, I started to feel a little sick. As we had about a 20 minute walk to the car, I knew I would be in a little trouble.
After about 5 min I pooped in my panties, over which I wore a very short Skirt. . My younger cousins teased me, and my Aunt and Uncle berated me.Everybody looked at me, my poopy panties very obvious as they hung lower than my skirt.
When we got to the car, I was made to change into my Aunties spare panties, which were huge and totally see-through. To my horror, my Aunty gave me an absolute spanking in the change room and then made pulled me into the car dressed in only her panties and a T-shirt.I was so embarrassed.

Keith D
To amy: When I was your age I was constipated most of the time. I pooped every 3-7 days. I just didn't really get the urge until after several days. Then I would find it really hard to poop. I would need to strain a lot and the turds were really hard and dry and scratchy. They weren't that big - I think they lost a lot of their size as they dried out! But they used to hurt so much coming out. It's great that you can get so much out in one sitting! Don't be ashamed of the size of your poop or your constipation. It's natural for some people.

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