i had a day out today and had to poo the whole time. i still have to poo. i'm holding it in because we have company.


Now that summer's here, my parents work more than 60 hours a week on the landscaping business they own. I turn 13 next month and need to care for my brother who just turned 5. What sucks is that I have to take him out with me and my friends. Like this noon, we decided to walk three blocks up street to the mall, eat in the food court, and hang out. Well, my problem is what to do with Luke when he needs to use the bathroom. At first I was taking him to the mens room door and he was going in and going on his own. Then an older man brings him out and to me and says Luke is too young and "immature" to be in there on his own. Like he was standing at a urinal peeing, and the man next to him, noticed he had his dick partially in the bowl water because he isn't yet big enough to hold his organ down and point it into the bowl. When I take him into the ladies room, he doesn't like having his freedom taken away. It's like I have to hold him back from the stall while I go in first and lift the seat, otherwise, he pees right over it and doesn't give it a second thought. Yesterday, my friend Stac and I were riding our bikes and talking at the park. Well, he had drank some (probably too much) Dr. Pepper and like he had to crap majorly.It was a small 2-stall bathroom and I escorted Luke into the first stall. He pulled his shorts down, got up on the stool OK, and with his legs swinging, he started dropping his crap. I took the opportunity to sit down in the next stall and pee. Within a few seconds, he is peeking in my stall and snickering as I pee. I told him to get back in the other stall, finish up his crap and then to wipe and flush. When I get done, I went to is stall, looked in on him, and he hadn't even started to clean himself. He was just sitting there kicking his legs and wanting to show me how much wass in the bowl. Well there was a large piece still hanging from is butt that needed to be broken off and he needed to wipe. If I hadn't noticed that, he would have majorly msssed up his underwear. I just don't know what I can do to male him take public restroom use more seriously. This situation is soooooe embarrassing to my friends!

I would like to know after they poop there underwear if they flush them down the toilet? If so why did you do it and did it clog it up. Please explain in detail.

I know this has been discussed before but I wonder what can be done about unruly children who accompany their mothers to the toilet. I had to use the public restrooms at the mall a little while back and on this occasion, very unusually for me, found myself in need of a BM. I much prefer the privacy and security of home to do my BMs. I had just entered the stall at the far end of the row and checked for cleanliness and the availability of TP when I heard another woman come in with what appeared to be two little boys judging from the names she used. As I was pulling down my pants they entered the stall next to mine, much to my dismay. I sat down and the mother told them both to be quiet and behave. It was clear they were full of energy and had no intention of "settling down". "Stand right there in front of me" she ordered loudly followed by an almost whispered "Mommy has to go poo." They went quiet for a little while, long enough for me to relax and let my pee start to flow. I had much more pee than I expected and in the large restroom it must have sounded like a garden hose. I seemed to have been peeing forever when I heard muffled laughter from the next stall. I distinctly heard one of the boys whisper "she's pissing like a horse" and they both started laughing loudly. This brought an instant "Quiet!" from their mother and for a minute peace was restored. As my pee finished I felt my BM starting. I flushed the toilet, shuffled to the front of the seat, leaned forward and held my cheeks open. A quite large poop eventually dropped and splashed noisily in the bowl, once more causing laughter from the next stall. Then a movement from below caught my eyes and I to my horror I saw the face of one of the boys peering under the partition and looking up at my rear. There was nothing I could do, I was speechless, my next BM was starting to push its way out and I obviously couldn't move or try and cover myself. Once more his mother admonished him, his face disappeared and there was relative quiet.

Within a minute all my BMs were finished and I pulled a long length of TP from the roll which clattered noisily. Again there was stifled giggling and this time; I think it was the other boy whispered something like "She's wiping her butt". Their mother said nothing. In fact I was wiping my front, so I took another long length of TP which of course caused another clatter, and started wiping my rear. This time one of them started laughing loudly and exclaimed in a loud voice "She's got a poppy butt" and the two of them started laughing together. Their mother did react this time, telling them with exasperation to be quiet and that she would be done soon.

I finished completely and left the stall, feeling almost violated by these two unruly boys and their mother who wouldn't control them. She should have taken both of them and given them a good hard smack - several times. Also why do they have these huge gaps between the bottom of the partitions and the floor? Anyone could look under them.

Well hello everyone. My time has arrived. Its now 10:00pm and we have just finished watching a good movie. And now I have a shit to work on before we all go to bed for the night. Taking a shit at this time of the night is very unusual for me. But since I have been holding it in. I know its going to be a hard one to get out and I will be doing some grunting, groaning and straining on that toilet.

Well we have now all gathered in the bathroom. I just decided to remove my slacks and thong since we will be turning in if I ever get done. I would also like to show Kar and Sue how my poop looks coming out. So I think I will copy my sisters way of doing it this evening. I was really hurting at this time as I went to sit down and I told the both of them that. Not an upset ????, but just for the length of time I held it in. This was Friday evening and I had not gone since Wednesday. Normally a good crap comes out of me everyday. But I let it build up for when we arrived and this might have been to long.

Well sitting down. I immediately started to push and strain to see if any farting was going to take place. I think I was so blocked up no gas could be passed from my ass. But I could also tell by the straining that I was going to be hurting. I asked Kar if she had any Vaseline or lubricant that could be put all around my anus to soften it up, if I needed it. I now changed my position and leaned way forward with my hands down squeezing my ankles to try and force my poop down. I then folded my arms into my ???? and pushed on it, still to no avail. They both were looking quite concerned as I could tell my face was really turning beet red. My hole did not even want to start spreading apart. Yet I knew this had to take place tonight, so I could sleep. Seeing that Kar got up and reached into her cabinet to get out the vaseline. She handed it to me in case I wanted to use it. Also noticing how hard this was going to be for me to get out. They both offered to leave and let me be so I could really get relaxed and work this one out alone. Kar also said she could bring some magazines in for me to read if I'm alone. I right away said no. I want the two of you for my support.

I again gave some real hard pushes, grunts, and groans. I truly couldn't believe that I couldn't even fart. Finally I told sis to spread some vaseline all around my anus and if it didn't bother her to slowly slide her finger up inside with vaseline on it to spread some around. That should help soften my hole and also help to get things moving. Again my face was turning beet red with every strain and push. Finally it felt like something was going to happen. Feeling that way. I positioned myself just like my sis did on the toilet. Leaned way over to the left and my right foot up on the seat. They both said my tight hole looked a little swelled from that hard straining. I know started to push real hard and my hole according to them was really puckering out. Sue said it looks like you have the start of a poo ready to come out, if I could keep it up. Kar agreed. I inhaled and exhaled a few times and with that gave a push that did everything but turn my anus inside out. But yes, I felt the poo break through my hole and knew there was no time to stop. Kar also said that it looks real hard and is getting thick as it slowly moves out. Kar suggested rubbing some more Vaseline around the outside areas of my opened up anus. And I told her to do it. Anything to help me through this ordeal.

Doing so, I knew she would have to touch my poo. And she said it is really very hard. Which is what it felt like. I again took a few breaths and Vaseline helps as it continued to move out. I was in extreme pain as it was so thick. They both estimated that it was easily 4 to 4 and a half inches thick. I know the anus was stretched as far as it could be without ripping or tearing which would have been problems. Sue grabbed a wet wash cloth as I was now sweating a little and softly wiped my face and forehead.The poo slowly kept coming out of me. And I really had to continue straining hard to keep it moving. Oh how happy I am that all of my bowel movements are not like that. Bearing down again I let out a huge moan and groan as my poo continued to slide out. Finally it fell from my ass with a loud thud and splash since I was leaned over. The two of them thought it was about 9 inches long and it was so very thick around. I told them more needed to come out, but that I needed to rest my leg. And put it down back onto the floor.

After a few minutes, I again placed my foot up and continued with some massive straining and pushing. I was grunting, groaning and hurting. It felt like no shit had come out of me and my t???y was still feeling heavy and hurting. As I leaned over Sue grabbed the vaseline and told me that my hole wasn't even closed all of the way. It looked like I had a bunch of hemorrhoids which I know that I didn't. Spreading it on Sue said that she could feel my next piece of shit right at the opening and that it shouldn't take much to push it out once the vaseline was on. It was so nice to have the both of them there with me during this painful moment. After lubing me, I asked if one of them would kind of spread my hole apart with there fingers. Sis took her place there and opened me as much as she could. And I just started squeezing while Sue softly talked to me. She was encouraging me to keep on pushing and I believe that both of them really were helping. And just like that a piece of poop just like the first one started coming out. But it was much easier as I think of how well I was lubed. As long as I continued to push it moved. And when that finally dropped Kar said that it is bigger then the first one. About 12 inches and very thick. Sue also said don't stop or rest, here comes the next one right behind and I pushed it out. This one was about six inches. Also very thick. and they were both very noisy as they splashed into the bowl. I also let out a loud resounding fart after that , knowing I was going to get some more out. I was feeling better however. After another long fart, I leaned over again and a long thick soft one about 8 inches came out. That was immediately followed by four more pieces of 3, 6, 6, and 7 inches. I apologized to them for my problem. And told Kar she might need the plunger after I looked into the toilet. I then let out a long stream of farts. The kind that are sort of telling you that you have pooped yourself out. So for the next five minutes I just sat there plip plopping out little one and two inch pieces of shit. And believe it or not I was not really stinking up the bathroom. It was now time for my lovely and wonderful sis to clean me up. I stood up and turned around. But before bending over for my wiping. I was just shocked by how much shit they saw come out of me. Moving to the side so Sue could take some pics. We decided we were going to get a picture album to place our pics along with the dates taken in an album whenever we are together. I then bent over and Kar started cleaning me off. My butt I have to say was quite sore and puckered out as it had not quite relaxed yet. And Kar was being ever so gentle as she wiped. After three soft wipes with the TP, she got some moist wipes with lotion and softly rubbed all around my anus. It was a cool feeling which really made me feel good.

We all thought that now after my 45 minute venture and show with the girls we should get some sleep. I hope if I ever have to shit like that again they will be by my side to assist. I am normally a real big pooper, but much softer and looser. Well I know we will be back again real soon. We have a whole week ahead to spend together.



Good morning to everyone. It is now about 9:45am on Saturday morning and I am heading for the bathroom to take one of my healthy but good morning dumps. And I guarantee it will not be a problem like I fought with last night. And I hope I never do again. Last night was oh so painful and uncomfortable. I don't think I could have ever done it without the great moral support I received from my wonderful sister Karen and my very dear friend Sue. I didn't ever think poop could get that hard and hurt so bad coming out.

Anyway, we again have refreshed our coffee. Sue and Kar are seated and waiting for me. As I walk in, like Sue, I thought that I would just be completely in the nude. Sitting down on the toilet, I immediately start farting loud and long. Brrrrrrrrrrrmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmppppppppppppppppp, Brrrrrrrrrrrmmmmmmmmmmmppppppppp, Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrmmmmmmmmmmmmppppppppp, Pfffffffffffffttttttttttttt, Pffffffffffffffftttttttttttt. Very wet and messy sounding. Which after such a great Mexican Fiesta last night. I was expecting. And of course I am always very loose to begin with.

Well as I continued to fart, Pffffffffffffttttttttttt, Pffffffffffffftttttttttttttt, Pfffffffffffffttttttttttt, knowing it would not be long. I thought that maybe I would try showing my ass as I face the tank. I really wanted some nice pics of my ass and anus taken for our photo album. My t???y was really beginning to hurt. Now I can be quite the sticking woman. I don't believe I compete with Sue however. And sometimes I can have the Hershey's squirts and there is hardly a smell.

I knew I was now within a few minutes of pooping, so I thought I should turn around and face the tank. Sue was going to take the pics this time. I also had her take a real good pic of my face. Even though I was just farting, my face gets red and somewhat contorted. Pfffffffffffttttttttttt, Pffffffffffffftttttttttt, Pfffffffffffffttttttt, I am so sorry that you have to read about my Brrrrrrrrrrmmmmmmmmmmmmmpppppppppp, Brrrrrrrrrrrmmmmmmmmmmmmpppppppppp farting so much. But gassy I can be. Sue told me she had some real good pics of my anal hole pushed outward as I was farting. And now I feel it racing through me. Sue had the camera positioned right on my anus when all of a sudden I just let go with a stream of hot wet shit. Plllllllllllllllooooooooooopppppppppppp, Plllllllllllloooooooooopppppppppppp, Plllllloooooooooppppppp. And it was spraying. All around the insides of the bowl and even on the top rim of the bowl. It was just a total mess. And I was Plllllllllooooooopppppp, Plllllllloooooooooppppppp doing it all over my sisters bathroom. Kar said not to worry, its not nothing that can't be cleaned up. Pffffffffttttttttttt, Pfffffffffffftttttttt, Pllllllllooooooooooppppppppp, Pfffffffffftttttttttttt, Pllllllllloooooooooooppppppppp, Plllllloooooooooopppppppppp. What a change from last night.

Last night I was squirming and reeling in pain. And today I am completely uncontrollable. Brrrrrrrrrrmmmmmmmmmmmmmmppppppppp. Finally it subsided for a few minutes. But I knew there was more brewing in my bowels. And my t???y was still quite upset. But i won't stop eating my Mexican. I can handle a stormy poop like this anytime after a good Mexican meal. Oh my, Plllllloooooooooooppppppppppp, Plllllllllllloooooooooooppppppppp, Pllllllllllooooooooooooooppppppppppp. The girls said it looked so nice coming out. My little lovely exit hole they called it. And exit it did. Plllllllllloooooooopppppppp, Pfffffffffttttttttt, Pfffffffffffttttttttttt, Plllllllooooooooooooppppppppppp. Standing up before the next run started I looked down into the bowl. And it was so loaded with my shit. I could also feel how messy my ass was. It was all over me. And I didn't have to ask the girls either. I could feel it. Brrrrrrrrmmmmmmmmmmmpppppp, Pllllllooooooooooppppppppppppppp. That just came from out of nowhere.

I can't believe how good it feels to take a shit in front of others. Squatting again, here it Pffffffftttttttt, Pfffffffffttttttt, Plllllllooooooooooooppppppppp, came. My ass was like a run away freight train. The toilet was a complete mess. But Sue said some good pics are being taken. And since I was squatting, I could feel some of the real runny shit down by my vaginal opening. Oh well.

Feeling that it was almost all out. I thought that I could feel possibly one solid piece wanting out. And with a few passive strains it easily came out. Very soft but lengthy. About 10 inches we estimated.

I was now ready to clean my ass off. Bending over as Sue prepared to take some more pics. I reached between my legs like I always do. And with the toilet paper in my right hand I went to my vagina first to clean that area. I didn't want any of my poo in that area. Although this time it couldn't be helped. Unrolling some more toilet paper, I was now ready for the big mess. When I went between my cheeks. I could tell it was spread out much wider. After a good wipe there I thought that I would go more to the right cheek then to the left before going inside again.

I really don't know when the last time it was that I was this messy in any one shitting session. And it was just soaking into the toilet paper as well, thats how loose and runny it was. I was now on my eighth wipe and it was finally getting somewhat clean. Sue also had some real good pics of my toilet full and all over the rim of the bowl.

Karen already had everything out that was needed to clean the bowl up. I apologized and she said not to worry about it. She can have it done in a few minutes. I asked her if I should do it and she said "no" You have done enough with your wonderful performance. We all burst out laughing.

Well that made it for two down and one to go. To see who cooks dinner this evening. Bye for now, talk to you again soon. And I hope to see some really other good posts of women pooping in the toilet soon.


Good Saturday morning to everyone. Hope everybody is making nice plans for a safe and wonderful Memorial Day weekend.

Wow, this is our first full day going to be spent together, meaning of course being with my best friend Kathy and her wonderful sister Karen. We haven't planned much out for the week yet. I do know however that plans will always be getting made for the three of us in the bathroom. And thats where this is heading. And in my case pretty quick.

It is now Saturday morning and we are just finishing up breakfast and drinking our coffee. Usually on my weekends at home, its not long after eating that its time to grab my reading material and heading off to my bathroom for a real nice healthy shit. And this did not feel any different. This time though I wouldn't be reading. I would have my wonderful friends to keep me company. And with all of the Mexican food we had yesterday after being picked up at the airport. I have a feeling that I will be dumping loads.

Just before it was time for me to head to the bathroom as I was now feeling it. Kath came up with a real good idea about our shitting today. And of course many pics would be taken for our photo album as we choose the loser. Her idea was that who ever shits the smallest amount has to prepare the whole dinner today. Kar and myself, as I now started calling her that thought it was a real good idea. So I said we will call it "Competitive Pooping." They both let out a laugh.

Well, I told them I was ready. If they care to get some fresh coffee and come along. And we all refreshed our coffee. And off we went. Getting into the bathroom I undid my robe and upon removing it was just completely nude. Kath had seen me like that before. But this was a first time for Karen. I told Kar, I just love to sleep in the nude and only throw my robe on when I get up. Accept of course when I am on my period, then I will have some panties on.

Well this was going to be the normal Sue. By that I mean as I go into the squatting position I start releasing farts as I am going down onto the seat. And this was no different. Pffffffffffffffttttttttt, Pfffffffffffttttttttt, Pffffffffffffttttttttt. Kathy said to Karen as I continued to fart away Pffffffffffffffffffffffftttttttttttttttttt, a very long one. Doesn't Sue have a beautiful body. I then chimed in and told Karen that this has only been over the last year, to year and a half, oops Pfffffffffffftttttttttttttt, Pfffffffffffffttttttttt, Pfffffffffffftttttt. As I had lost 35lbs and worked myself into better shape. And believe it or not I feel this made my bowel movements much more better and healthier. Especially when you add the better eating to it. Pffffffffffttttttttt, Pfffffffffffffffftttttttttttttt, Brrrrrrrrrrrmmmmmmmmmmmmmppppppp. Its now getting close. Karen also made mention to Kathy that Sue has some very nice shapely and firm breasts. That Sue said came from good workouts at the gym. By the way for anybody interested, Brrrrrrrrrrrmmmmmmmmmmmmmmppppppppp, Brrrrrrrrrrrrmmmmmmmmmpppppppppppp, Pfffffffffffffttttttt. I am 5'9" and now weigh 137 lbs. Auburn hair and blue eyes. And a 37D, now that my breasts were mentioned. At that time Kath said to Kar. See how much she can stink up a bathroom and she hasn't even started to poo yet. We all set out laughing.

Finally, I was ready to run with my load. I decided why not put my leg and foot up on the toilet seat and let them see my hole this way. Karen also had her good digital camera ready to take the pics for our album. Getting in that position she took a pic of my clean anus and ass before everything comes out. She also got one as I started to push my puckered hole outward. And it was now ready to enter the bowl. And with that here it came. Pfffffffffftttttttttttt, Pfffffffffffffllllllllllmmmmmmmmppppppppp, Pffffffffffffflllllllllmmmmmmmmpppppp, Pfffffffffffffffflllllllllllmmmmmmmmmpppppppp. I am not a person who is real runny. By my poops are very, very soft, mushy and firm. I think Karen was able to get a pic of the secone one which was about 8 inches long as it noisily filled the bowl. I tend to fart a lot as my poop is coming out at the same time. And as for the stink. Yes, it was the typical Sue as Kath mentioned in the earlier writing. She knows its me shitting when you inhale that smell. I by no means was done. Mexican really does me a number. But I love eating it. Karen took a pic of what was in the bowl as I was leaning over. Brrrrrrrrrrrmmmmmmmmmmmmmmpppppppp, Pffffffffffffttttttttt, Brrrrrrrrrrrmmmmmmmmmmmmmmppppppppppppp. And here it came again. Pffffffffffflllllllllmmmmmmmmpppppppp, Pffffllllmmmmpppp, Pffffffffffffffllllllllllllllllllllmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmpppppppppppppp. That last one was really long. I stood up for a minute so karen could get a real full pic of my load in the toilet. I also told her to let me spread my cheeks and to get a picture of my anus.

After doing so, I felt that a little bit more could come out. Kathy and Karen made a joke out of it and squeezed their nose together. More or less saying how stinky of a person I am. We laughed again. At that time I suggested something Pfffffffffftttttt to them. They thought it was a really good plan. It has to stay covered though until it happens this week. Pffffffffffffffttttttttttttt, Pffffffffffffttttttttt, Brrrrrrrrrrrmmmmmmmmmmmppppppppppp. Leaning over Karen got the last pic of a long 10 inch piece coming out and probably the thickest piece of all. That was now a typical Sue from Colorado crapping experience. And for our collection of photo's I thought that we should wipe ourselves this time as the pictures are taken.

So sitting straight now on the commode, I took some toilet paper in my hand and neatly folded it. I take about 8 sheets at a time and fold it in a way that I can use it twice. Leaning over to my left again and looking at my right hand as I get ready to place it under my ass I look at my arm as it goes from front to back and pressing a little harder as I go over the anal area. Staying leaned over, I bring it out from under me to see how much is on me and for anything unusual. Still leaning I fold the same TP to another clean part and press again from front to back in the same manner. Normally I would just drop it in the toilet, but Karen had to get pics of it and what was in the toilet. Sitting flat for a moment, I unrolled some more TP and folded it before leaning over for more wiping. The third wipe still had a fair amount on it. So I folded it over for a fourth wipe. I then wiped one more time and saw that I was clean.

Karen now took the pics. I was smiling and relieved and out we walked for probably a few minutes at the most. I'm sure one of them had a load building. I also didn't think that I could in anyway lose this deal we made of cooking dinner. We shall see.

Bye for now.


Sunday, May 25, 2008


Well its my turn now. And after watching Karen on the toilet. I have to go more then ever. I knew it was not going to be to long after arriving that I was going to be needing to take a very good healthy shit. This by the way is also the first time I am writing on this site. Even though I have been lurking and reading on here since Kathy told me about it.

I am quite regular and I can make a bathroom stink really bad whenever and wherever I go. And Kath can attest to that. Working together with Kath for the last five years, she knows that it is me shitting if she walks into the ladies room at work. Our desks aren't side by side. But she knows its me on the toilet. Anyway knowing that we were going to be doing this I have gone off of my regular schedule and been holding it for well over a day. I was very surprised that I was able to eat at the restaurant. Most times when I am needing a good healthy dump it is very hard to eat.

Well Kath and Karen walked back into the bathroom. Karen said she felt so good now that she was cleaned out. With that I lowered my white slacks and white thong that I had on. Upon sitting down I just let out with a stream of wet mushy and greasy sounding farts. Kath laughed and told Karen it sounds like the Sue I know. Now I had never gone in front of Karen before. But I knew she was going to be fun. With that another round of wet, greasy, mushy farting took place. This was not going to take long at all. And I knew that I was going to be really loose and runny. I knew I couldn't do it like Karen propping up on the toilet seat. So what I did was removed my slacks and thong. And while Kath went and placed them on Karen's bed, I got up and turned around to raise the toilet seat. I wanted them to see my explosion as well so I turned around and faced the tank. Squatting down a little bit. Kath said to Karen. Doesn't she have a cute little butt hole. I told them to watch because it was now coming fast. With my cheeks spread a little another round of farting took place and I immediately said watch.

No sooner was that said and a hot wet stream of shit just squirted from my ass. And it was stinking right from the get go. And what a smell it was. Thats why Kath said, see what I mean Kar. I know when Sue is shitting. This must have been a load that continued to come out for a good five seconds. I no sooner inhaled to catch my breath and a combination of farts and shit both passed at the same time. It was just as wet and mushy as the first one. Karen's toilet was getting a good workout for us being there such a short while. Karen also mentioned that I had one dirty ass and took a pic with her cell phone to download for me. I then asked her if she thinks she can get a good pic of my poo coming out. Because another load is coming. When she told me she had the cell phone on my ass I started squirting again. I honestly wasn't expecting this type of shit to be taking place. But it felt good anyway.I told them that I have the feeling of one more load coming through.

After a little bit of pushing and a few good long farts my ass started to open and a soft solid piece of shit was coming out. It was about two inches thick but it just kept on coming. I heard Karen take a pic of it for me. It started working its way through the soft mushy shit. And finally fell out of my ass. The two of them thought it was at least 18 inches long. I pushed and strained for a few more minutes but nothing else was coming. The two of them commented how nice my hole looked opening and closing.

Being in the position I was I asked Karen if she wanted to wipe me. Which in turn meant that upon Kath going I would then wipe her. We were just having some incredible fun and pleasure.

Karen accepted the offer and started taking the toilet paper from the roll. As Karen started to wipe, I all of a sudden told her to move her hand. No sooner did she move her hand back and I let out one very hot and wet stream of shit. A load of farts then came out immediately followed by a load of mucus looking type of shit. I told them to let me push for a little bit more. I was now straining hard and couldn't get nothing out. Not even a fart. Knowing that I was messier then ever I even offered Karen the choice of not wanting to wipe my ass off. She said it was no big deal. Nothing that soap and water won't remove if it gets on her hand or fingers.

She then started to wipe while Kath took a pic of my bowl full of shit . Karen had to wipe my rear end ten times to get me nice and clean. We then flushed the toilet once to let my shit go down. Followed by a second to flush the toilet paper away.

Well me and Karen are feeling much better. We just now have to wait for Kath to go. She said it would be this evening but she was not quite ready.

Talk to you soon.

Hi. I'm 20 years old and work as a paperboy. My boss is a woman , about 40 years old. I've known her for a long time and she is like a mother to me. I have two stories when I had to go to the bathroom for a bowel movement when she was around.

Story 1
The depot where I get the papers is an old, small garage where they have built in a small bathroom. The bathroom door opens directly to the room and under the door, there is a small gap of about 2 cm. The walls are very thin and together with the gap they make that a person in the room can hear everything if it is not to noisy.
Usually, me and my boss are the last two to leave. My boss always goes to the bathroom for a pee just before she leaves because she has to bring papers for some hours after. When she pees I always hear it clearly and loud splattering in the toilet bowl. Then she takes some toilet paper and wipes, which I can hear too.

I have never heard her poop. I have also never pooped myself in there until a few months ago, because I'm afraid others will hear me. But some day in December, I felt that I had diarrhea. Luckily, I could hold on till all the others except my boss had left. My boss was still busy with the papers and stood about 1 metre from the bathroom door. I hestitated for a moment, but I really had to go so I went into the bathroom just after she went to pee. I sat on the seat that was still warm and started to poop. It was very noisy and smelled bad. Well, she must have noticed what I was doing, because after a few minutes, she asked if I was alright. I said yes. She asked if I had enough toilet paper. I looked and said there was very little left. She said she would give me some tissues of her own and asked to open the door. I unlocked the door and she opened it and gave me her tissues, which smelled like her perfume. She seemed to think that I was not ashamed because she opened the door quite wide and saw me. But I was very ashamed, also because of the strong smell. She noticed the smell and asked to spray the air freshener. After this, it took me about 10 minutes before I was sure enough that most of the diarrhea was out of me. I flushed and stepped outside. At that moment, my boss was already done with the papers and was seated in a chair, waiting for me. She smiled and asked if I felt better. I said yes. She noticed I was red in the face and said that it was nothing to be ashamed of because everyone does it.

Well after this incident, I was still afraid to go poop when there were lots of people at the depot, but not anymore when only my boss was still there. So, since then, I have done a number two a few times more when she could hear everything. But I always check if there is enough toilet paper.

Story 2
This happened after the first story took place. I went together with my boss to bring papers around with her car, which I sometimes do. When I do this I alwasy pee at the depot before we leave, also this time.
We were about one hour on the road, when we got stuck in a traffic jam. I quickly became very nervous, because I had a stomach ache and felt I was going to have diarrhea. I had pooped a few times at the depot when my boss was around (read story 1), but this was very different. I had thought to ask to stop at a gas station so I could go to the bathroom, but traffic was moving very slowly. My boss noticed that I was fidgeting and asked if I had to go to the bathroom. I said yes and she asked for which one, number one or two. I said both. She said, grab some newspapers, put them on your seat and go on top of it. Also, she said I should use a water bottle from her to pee in.
Well, I hestitated for a moment, but because we are quite close and I had to go so bad, I just did it. I pulled my pants to above my knees and then went almost directly on the newspaper (I lifted my behind above the seat). I used the bottle to pee in. Luckily the poop remained contained in the newspaper. Then I realised I had to wipe, but I didn't know how, because I needed my arms to support myself to hover above the seat. But before I knew it, my boss asked if I wanted her to wipe my behind. She said, don't be ashamed, it can happen to everybody. Than she wiped my behind a few times and put the newspaper with my bowel movement and tissues away in a plastic bag. I quickly pulled my pants up. Luckily, I didn't have to go again while we were driving. My boss asked if I didn't go at the depot because I was afraid that she would hear me. I said no I didn't have to go then. She said ok, don't be afraid to go for a number two at the depot if you need to.


Hello everyone. Well like I said earlier, I am spending the week at my house here in Michigan with my sister Kathy and her friend Sue. And besides having fun shopping, talking, and doing what we want to do. You are going to be getting our bathroom adventures from us. Its something that we have not done in over a year. And we could not think of a better time to start.

After picking up my sis Kath, thats what I always called her and her friend Sue, at Detroit Metropolitan Airport we went to downtown Detroit to eat at Mexican Town. Kath had been there a couple of times with me in past visits and Sue had never been there, since it is her first time visiting here. We all really enjoy Mexican food however. We really had a great time catching up on everything while we sipped margarita's,ate chips and salsa before ordering our meals.

As for me, I know that I had not taken a real good healthy crap since Thursday morning. And my t???y was starting to feel bloated and cramped. I don't know about the other two, as nothing had been mentioned. After our drinks, appetizers and meal which was about two hours that we stayed, we got into my vehicle and headed off to my house in Troy. That meal was really help push everything down as it needed space for its eventual evacuation.

I was getting quite uncomfortable but I knew I could make it home. Arriving at my house about 40 minutes later, we unpacked the vehicle. I showed Kath which room she would use and Sue which room would be hers for the week. While they were unpacking, I was back in my bedroom in the big master bath setting up the one chair that is always in there and bringing the one in from my bedroom. It was then I called out to my sis who in turn called out to Sue, that they were needed in my room. Upon entering they proceeded right to the bathroom. I told them that if they didn't mind I would like some company as I started to lower my jeans. Sue seemed a bit surprised to see me lowering my jeans and thong to the floor. But she then said, "Oh Karen, this is going to be such a great week."

With that being said, my ass was placed on the toilet seat. It did not take long for me to start some good and loud farting. Brrrrrmmmmmmmppppppppp, Brrrrrrrrmmmmmmmmmppppppppp, Brrrrrrrrmmmmmmmmmmpppppppppppp. Kath looked at Sue and said, "so who does that remind you of." Sue replied, definitely you Kathy. And if you don't remember. I am 5'10" and weigh 145 lbs with red hair and brown eyes. Sitting back for a minute to get relaxed and inhale a few times, I again pushed and Brrrrrrrrmmmmmmmmmmpppppppppp Pffffffffttttttt, Brrrrrrrrrmmmmmmmmmmppppppp. I knew it was coming and I knew it was going to be a lot and it was going to be big. Leaning forward, I started straining more continuous as I knew it was near. Both Kath and Sue were watching with delight, which at that time made me lean forward more to remove my jeans and thong completely. My shoes were already off. I was so comfortable with them being there. That it was now time to surprise them both.

I knew that I could now push it out with some nice straining. So I leaned over to my left and placing my right foot up on the toilet seat they could both see my tightly puckered anus opening and closing. I told them that I tried this a few times when I was alone in recent weeks to see if I could possibly do it. They were both really excited. With that position being taken. I pushed and strained a few times and let some farting take place. Finally, I felt my puckered hole opening which was good because I had a real awful t???y ache at this point. It was a few seconds later that I felt some thick poop breaking through and coming out of my tight anus. Sue mentioned how nice it was looking being able to see it coming out like that. Kath mentioned how thick it was getting. It wasn't hurting, but I could tell that it was very thick, but firm and soft. Once it started to come out, I didn't feel the need to have to exert much pressure, it just kept coming. Asking Sue how long it was at that point, she estimated about eight inches. Kath made mention how nice my opened hole looked. It finally came to its end and plopped into the toilet. We all agreed that it was about 12 inches in length, maybe two inches in diameter. They both also stated that my bottom was not looking to dirty or messy at that point.

At that time having to rest my right leg, I put it back on the floor to let the rest of my poo get into proper exit mode. I also let out some more really noisy farts. Brrrrrrrmmmmmmpppppppppp, Brrrrrrrrrmmmmmmpppppppp, Brrrrrrrrrrrrrmmmmmmmmmppppppppp. I told them I had another good load coming. And they both wanted to see it again. This one though was feeling more my style. Meaning a bit looser, wetter and softer. We sat there a few minutes with some idle chit chat. I was really relaxed and feeling it getting closer. I told them I am feeling ready and again leaned over and placed my leg on the seat. I was then surprised when I let out a wet sounding fart. So I had a feeling that I was going to give them some nice excitement this time. I knew it wasn't going to be the Mexican meal we had just enjoyed earlier as it takes much longer to work through the digestive system. So I wasn't knowing what to expect. But here it came. I felt my anus spreading apart and all of a sudden a wet soft mushy load just exploded from my ass. Thankfully it wasn't diarrhea as that might have gone all over the seat. But it was a very healthy dump. I stayed in that position for about five minutes as everything was now coming down that I consumed yesterday and for breakfast today. It was really starting to stink, at which time Sue said, "Kath she smells like you when your on the toilet." Kath and myself both laughed at that. With that I spread my legs and they watched a few more soft but firm ones go into the toilet. Sis then told me that after that rush came out you should have a real nice dirty butt to clean. Telling her to check, I stood up and turned around and as I spread my cheeks they both agreed I was dirty and smelly now. Getting ready to sit back down so I could wipe, Kath said if you don't mind I would love the pleasure and honor of cleaning you. How could I say no to someone who I have thought of as a very special person all of these years. Bending over I spread my cheeks. Sue at that time snapped a pic of my dirty bottom with here cell phone so she could download it to me.

Kath then began to wipe. It was such a different feeling having somebody touching your dirty butt and anus. But it really felt good. It took about five wipes to get cleaned. After Sue took some pics of the toilet loaded with my poop, we flushed the toilet and I grabbed my thong and jeans to put back on in the bedroom.

Yes, it is going to be a fun week. Can't wait for my next trip to the bathroom.

Talk to you soon.

Does anyone have any stories about teachers having accidents?

I remember there being one posted about two girls on a field trip where they had to take the ferry but for some reason the teacher wouldn't let them use the bathroom on the ferry. But it turned out that the teacher also really needed to pee. Does anyone remember this story? If so, what page is it on?

To Karen:

Yes, I remember your stories very well and am looking forward to reading about your buddy-dumping experiences.

Hi Keith...

Thanks for the compliments! I'll try to provide clear & descriptive analyses when & wherever possible.

As to your question, my pooping schedule tends to vary somewhat. At the moment, I'm usually going twice a day - once in the afternoon and then again in the evening. Sometimes the urge strikes in the morning, but that's the exception rather than the norm. I understand where you're coming from as far as feeling the need to poo after eating; it has a similar effect on me as well. I eat lots of fruit & fibre, along with a fairly liberal amount of vegetables. I also try to drink about eight glasses of water a day.

Despite having said that I'm pooping twice daily, today's effort amounted to only one visit. Having said that though, it was a rather lengthy exercise, stretching out over about a fifteen minute time span. (Mind you, a great deal of that time was spent reading.)

I had just arrived home from a long walk, and was already feeling that lower abdominal sensation that we all associate with 'poopie time'.

After picking up the weekend newspaper, I headed off to the toilet.

Hoisting up my skirt & lowering my panties, I sat down on the seat & made myself comfortable. after the obligatory pee, I relaxed and started to read the front page headlines.

My poop started its descent from my bottom almost as soon as I'd finished peeing, slowly snaking its way down & into the water. It was an unusually long one this time, making no splash at all. In fact it simply kept coming out as one long piece, breaking off once one end had come into contact with the bottom of the toilet bowl. This went on for several seconds, with what amounted to a large pile formed into a sort of island. I breathed in and contracted my abdominal muscles in an effort to rid my system of the excess waste that had accumulated in my bowel & lower intestine. I could definitely feel the pressure, and it felt as though things were moving, so I applied gentle pressure until I could feel the mass of brown waste begin to slide out.

Again, like the first, it was a rather long one, which tapered & fell away as it touched the previous pile of poop in the bowl. There was a residual length of poop still hanging from my anus, which gave up the fight to stay courtesy of a little bum wiggle. Once that monstrous load had been jettisoned, I eased up somewhat, just relaxing, on the toilet seat & leafing aimlessly through the pages of the newspaper. (I should add that at this stage, the toilet was really beginning to smell like someone was having a number 2!)

Some minutes passed when I felt the next arrival ready itself for the swan dive into the toxic dump I'd created. Unlike the uncharacteristically long ones (for me at least) of several minutes before, what issued forth this time was a series of smaller, loose pieces, which dropped onto and added to the pile below. Whilst I never maintained a count (I was busy reading and simply enjoying the sensation), it went on for what seemed an eternity, this constant emission of soft poop, punctuated by the occasional wet-sounding fart. This process repeated itself for some minutes more, the semi-runny soft poops with the occasional one or two minute spell in between.

sadly, all good things must come to an end, and this afternoon was to be no exception. Having ridded my body of a sufficient amount of waste material, I read for a minute or so longer before folding the newspaper and placing it on the edge of the bathtub, pulling off several sheets of toilet paper and giving myself a thorough wipe. Two more good bottom wipes and I stood up, rearranged my panties and skirt and flushed the toilet. Actually, it took two flushes, followed by a good scrubbing of the bowl with the toilet brush, and then a third flush to remove any residual evidence. Of course this does nothing to eliminate the strong odour I'd created!

Anyway, that's it; I have other pressing engagements to attend to. Happy pooping everybody. Keith, I hope I gave sufficient coverage to your questions.

Bye for now!



Karen, I loved your post on 1537. I love reading how women go take a shit together. men don't do that as far as I'm aware. I'm always embarrassed when a large log is leaving my asshole, in case someone hears. When you have to go, it isn't easy to keep quiet. I put t/paper down in the bowl for the turd to land on to silence the sploop, if people are around.
A few friends were at our place for a barbeque. The outdoor area has the tiolet backing onto it. We were all talking as a group, and one woman got up to use the toilet. She closed the door and there was a russle of material and the sound of her sitting on the seat. Then everyone went silent for some reason. I wonder if they were also intrigued at being able to hear her.
There were no sounds for a few seconds, then the low crackling of gas escaping from around her turd as it came out. She let out a low "UUhhh" and there was one long sploooop. A quite large turd it must have been.
Then she trickled a stream of pee, wiped, flushed and then our conversations got louder again and she came back to the party, oblivious to her being overheard. It was just a natural requirement to slide this big turd out of her bowels, so she did.
I admire people who can be so casual about it. I had to go real bad when we had people over, some weeks after that in the same scenario.
I sat quietly and it strained at my hole. I put paper down and tried to ever so slowly ease it out of my ass. Once I was open, it wasn't going slow for me. I had paper in my hand so I guided it forward onto the porcelain so it wouldn't make a splash. It was hard to choke off half way out so I quietly sat and strained to slow it's exit.
It is silly to be so embarrassed. I don't know if anyone heard. I made sure there was little to hear after overhearing the woman previously.
My sister sits backwards on the toilet so she drops her turds on the front porcelain so as to not make a splash. It leaves big skid marks that she doesn't always clean off.

Has anyone here ever had cystitis? I've just had it and it was really bad :(

I was on holiday with my boyfriend in Geneva and on the last day we went for a walk in the mountains. After a couple of hours I really needed to pee but i didn't dare because we were walking along tracks where there were always too many people around. I was too scared to go off the path to pee in the woods because the terrain was so steep that it might have been dangerous. I was so jealous of my boyfriend, who peed three time during the walk. One time I just stopped by a tree to take a photo and the next thing I knew he had just casually started peeing beside me without even so much as a break in the conversation.

When we finally got to the hostel I rushed to the bathroom and it felt good :) But ten minutes later I felt a strange burning feeling like I needed to pee again. I made an excuse to my boyfriend and rushed to the bathroom but I could only squeeze out a couple of drops. I was really confused.

For the next few days I was in agony. I constantly felt like I needed to pee but most of the time I didn't and it was really quite painful. The problem was that when i did need to go I really couldn't hold it. That was a new experience for me as I can normally hold it all day.

One day I was at a client and I really needed to go. I was just about to find the bathroom when the finance director came to speak to me and I had to sit back down. He started asking me some complicated questions, and all the while I was trying to answer I was desperately trying to fight the growing pressure in my bladder. I nearly lost control at one point and released substantial squirt which soaked my panties but I regained it and finally he left.

I waited ten seconds and hobbled to the bathroom. It turned to only be one stall and it was taken. I stood there for a minute but the woman was having explosive diarrhea and from the grunts and groans it didn't sound like she would be finished any time soon. I knew I was going to wet myself so i took off my panties, hoisted myself onto the sink and did my pee. I needed to poo also but stopped myself as i didn't want to ruin the sink.

I had several more close calls before the infection finally cleared up :(

To introduce myself btw, my name is Helen and I'm 24 years old. I'm about 5 ft 5, just under nine stone and have a substantial chest which I am always trying to avoid drawing attention to :) I used to be quite shy about doing poos but over the past few years I have been able to be more and more open.

I had a really bad experience a few weeks ago when I was hungover. My boyfriend and I were staying in a hotel in London where I was working, and one night we went out for a few drinks. I had three glasses of wine which is what i usually drink, but when i woke up in the morning I felt like i was going to be sick. I was sitting chatting to my boyfriend and contemplating getting dressed when I felt a stirring in my bowels. I had been constipated for several days, and now I *really* needed a poo. I guessed it was going to be messy so I told my boyfriend to go to breakfast without me and sat squirming in discomfort on the bed while he slowly got dressed and left. At one point I got a bad cramp and thought I wasn't going to be able to hold it.

Anyway, he left and I dashed to the bathroom to relieve myself. I knew he wouldn't be long so i needed to get it over with quick. The only problem was that i was still drunk, and the act of standing up made me incredibly nauseous. By the time I got to the bathroom my need to vomit had overcome my need to poo, and I started being horribly sick in the toilet. No sooner had I started vomiting and was unable to move when I had another horrible cramp. I was so busy being sick that initially I hardly registered it and the result was that I lost control. Before I knew what was happening, a massive long piece of shit had fallen out of my butt and down my legs. This was followed by seemingly uncontrollable bursts of diarrhea. Dark mushy poop was spewing out of my arse and covering the backs of my legs.

When I thought I had finished throwing up I quickly jumped on the toilet before the next wave began. Unfortunately i hadn't finished and before I knew what has happening I vomited again. I tried to lean forward into the toilet but all that happened was that I threw up over my chest :(

Eventually it stopped and I jumped in the shower and cleared up the mess before my boyfriend got back. I didn't tell him what had happened but got changed into my business suit and jumped into a taxi to work. Unfortunately I was travelling through Central London in rush hour and it was pretty slow. Within five minutes I had a desperate urge to shit again and within ten minutes I knew I wouldn't be able to hold it. I squirmed and clenched with all my might but the cramps were too strong and I gave up with a low groan as mushy shit began filling my little white panties. The relief actually felt pretty good, and before I knew it my panties were filled and the disgusting mess was squishing all round the back and the front. Not so good :(

Arriving at the client, first stop had to be the toilet. My panties were ruined so I just had to chuck them but I didn't have any spares so was apprehensive about the rest of the day. I was right to be so.

First off I had a client meeting and halfway into it I had the worst cramp yet. I knew I couldn't hold it for another hour and within a few minutes I worked up the courage to excuse myself on pretence of having to take an important call. I ran to the bathroom and as I did so a few squirts of diarrhea were already escaping from my butthole. Eventually i made it to the women's lavatories.. only to find both stalls taken. I banged on the doors in desperation to ask how long they would be. One woman said she was constipated and not coming out until her laxative had taken full effect. The other woman was pregnant and having morning sickness. Damn it :(

Already messing myself, there was nothing for it but to run next door to the gents. I did so, only to find the single stall taken. By this time I really couldn't hold it so i pulled up my skirt, crouched down and literally exploded onto the floor. I started vomiting again and in the end i had to remove my suit so it didn't get ruined (it isn't washable). Imagine then the scene when one of the directors came into the room to take a piss. A naked woman kneeling on the floor retching with horrible diarrhea squirting uncontrollably out of her butt and coating everything in sight. Oh, the humiliation :'(

AJ :-) Loves Russell ;-)
North Pole--It's hard for me to believe that it's illegal to discreetly empty your bladder along a roadside while riding your bike. It's not as if you were being obnoxious with it like an exhibitionist or something. What your mom and dad said to the cop and how easily he gave up and just returned to his car and left shows that this surely couldn't have been that strong of a law, and he must have seen the ridiculousness in the situation after your mom and dad spelled it out to him in simple language.

Todd--I have no idea what I would do. If there were a stick (like a tree branch) near-by, I would raise the toilet seat so that the poop wouldn't splash on where I was going to be seated after which I'd use the stick to remove the panties. I would be afraid that they would back up the toilet if I left them in there.

After that, I would flush the toilet so I would have a fresh bowl of water. Then, I would sit down and do my business.

Of course, if it were just pee I was doing, I would simply hover over the toilet, release it, and leave without flushing.

I'm starting an internal cleansing session the first part of the week, so I'll be reporting on that at different times during the week.

In six minutes, Russell and I are talking to each other on the phone. We usually talk for two or three hours. I have just enough time left to go pee--or I COULD call Russell and say, "Guess where I'm calling from!"

He'd probably tell his dog that the phone call was for him! LOL

Ladies I would like to know what would you do if came across a public toilet with poopy panties in it what would you do? Would you use the toilet if that was the only one, or would take the poopy panties out and put them in the trash, or would you just flush them down the toilet? Please explain in detail.


Long time since i last posted (they are few and far between anyhow, sorry). Was visitng realatives this past weekend. We went out for a very nice dinner on Sunday. All of the food was served very hot (in temperature). We stopped at a few places on the way home and then suddenly one of my female companions we very trouble and that she had to use a bathroom soon saying "she had a very bad stomach ache " which I knew really meant she badly needed to have a bowel movement. She said it was from the food being so hot. She had diarrhea for the rest of teh evening. Does this happen to anyone if they eat food that is still very hot?

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