Just a few days ago something really funny happened. I was at my boyfriend's house, watching TV late at night, when he said he had to pee. I askes if I could watch, and he said "I guess so" I watched him as he stood in front of the toilet peeing. When he was done, he sat on the toilet and said he had to poop. I told him "That's Ok, I'll stay here" He started farting, and then I heard a few plops. I started laughing, and explained to him that It was so funny that on toiletstool,all the stories were about a bo watching a girl take a dump, but here we were, doing the opposite. He didn't find it as funny. When he was done, he got up and washed his hands. I already had to take a shit, and watchng someone go made the urge even worse. I said as I slid off my panties and lifted my skirt so I could sit down, "Come here, o I can return the favor" "you do't have to do that" he said. "Actually, I REALLY do." I said. I lifted y bum a little into the air so he could see all the action. BRAAAAAAAAAP...BPPPPPHHHHTTT...PLOPPLOP...SHHHHPLASPLASHPLASHLASHHHHHHHHHH. As the opening farts led into diarrhea. He wiped me down a little, then once his hand was clear, I let out another LOUD wave. Then my BM became a series of short, loud farts and silent pushes of really watery shit. I sked him to rub my ???? to move things along, and It helped me squeeze out one last sputtering fart before a whole lotta soft serve came out.

I peed and pooped with mt hubby in the backyard. he does really long dudies

To Lazy Lizzie:

I loved your story about your aunt Jo who doesn't bother to wipe herself after a poo. Did you ever see her undies in the laundry, and did they have some big skids inside them as you expected??

My girlfriend often gets dirty panties in much the same way. My girlfriend does actually wipe her ass when she takes a dump, but normally she will only wipe two or three times. If she has a firm turd then that's normally ok, but often she will have a slightly looser BM and that's where her problems start.

She likes to wear quite tight shorts or sometimes just panties and a t-shirt around the apartment, and quite often I will notice her picking at a wedgie as her undies ride up her ass. Sometimes I do get to be in the bathroom with her when she's taking a dump (not that often though), and I have noticed that when she has one of her softer, smellier dumps there is normally more wedgie-picking going on later that evening!! Sometimes I also notice a smell if she has been sitting on the same spot on the sofa for a long time and then gets up to do something.

My gf is pretty embarrassed about her skids, though I know for a fact that she knows I have seen her panties when they were pretty dirty in the butt part. Sometimes, if she has an upset stomach or is just going through a phase where she has particularly soft or urgent dumps, she will wear a lot of black panties, as she knows that these disguise the stains a bit. I've never said anything to her about how I find her slightly careless hygiene a turn-on, or that I'm interested in seeing her poo and looking at her dirty undies - not quite sure how she would react to that!

Anyone else have any stories about a friend, girlfriend, family member or significant other who doesn't wipe too well after going #2? Or does anyone sometimes leave skids in their undies and feel embarrassed about it? I'm very interested to hear!


to Laura (Teacher)
as to your question, me, my sister and a friend of mine are all having diarrhea at the start of our cycles. My sister did even vomit before she got her new kind of pill. She says it helps her even to stop the diarrhea, maybe I´ll try it too.

I have had a gastric bypass and the iron pills i take cause ???? cramps is their anyone else

to Marie:
You must have really been restrained compared to what I would have done. First, I would have gagged about there not being enough toilet paper to put over the seat first. I guess I just have this thing about putting my butt on a public toilet when I don't know who or how many others have sat on it. Also, my dad managed a gas station for about 15 years and when I was really young and hanging out there, he would tell me to put paper down first because the toilets were only cleaned like once every like two months! Second, those bugs would have freaked me out to no end. Like I would have gotten up at mid-shit, not even wiped and probably messed my pants a bit, but I wouldn't have cared. How would you know the bugs were not on the seat and running onto you as you sat there? I agree with your final comment. Although we don't like to admit it, our school bathrooms are pretty clean when compared to the alternatives.

I'm male, 22, from the US. And take it from me, caffeine addiction is no joke.

I don't really consider myself incontinent, but there have been some accidents. I have a tendency to go on really bad caffeine binges. Now, we all know caffeine makes you pee. The other night I was working late and decided to get some coffee and stuff in my system. And almost every time I overdo it on the caffeine, I'll be up all hours of the night until I crash. Often times I'll wake up realizing that I wet the bed.

Moral of the story: go easy on the joe!

My previous posts have been about toilet experiences in the past. This one is different because it happened last week and is well worth posting about.

Late in the evening, completely out of the blue, I discovered there was no water coming out of the taps and the toilets would not flush. I phoned the water company who confirmed the problem was a burst main. They said the water supply would not be restored until the early hours of the morning. The problem was made worse because I needed to poo. I had gone in work that morning, but it was a small load which seemed incomplete. I expected that I would need to go again later in the day and I was right. Although I had the urge early in the evening, it was not that great and I thought I would wait until I went to bed. Now I was wishing I had not waited as my poo could not be flushed away. The urge got greater and greater.

I considered the options. The first was to hold it until the water came back on in the morning. That was not really practical because I would have been in some discomfort which would have effected my sleep. I would probably have had to get up in the night to poo in the bathroom and leave it in the bowl. The second option was to use the downstairs loo now and flush in the morning. I would put the lid down to try and mask the smell as much as possible. This would be difficult because I was sure this would be a big dump and I had eaten curry. The third option, which would not leave a bowl full of poo, was to squat over a newspaper and dispose of it and the contents in the rubbish bin. Finally, I could go in the garden. Privacy is assured at the top, even in daylight, because of the cover of trees and bushes. Neighbours would not be able to see me through upstairs windows. I had used the secluded area at the top of the garden as a toilet in broad day light on many occasions before largely out of laziness, because I was in the big garden (gardening, sun bathing or barbecue) and the loo, the other side of the house is such a distance away. But that was always for a wee. This was different.

My mind was made up after my husband said he was going to wee in the garden to avoid filling the toilet. On his return I said I would use the garden too, but it would not just be for a wee. He seemed shocked and said it did not matter if I used an unflushable toilet. I know he meant what he said and would not be the slightest bit concerned by the smell, but the idea of having an out door poo, for the first time in countless years, suddenly seemed very appealing! This was the perfect opportunity! If the weather had not been dry and warm, I would have chosen the indoor newspaper option though. I explained to my husband that I had been wild camping years before I met him and had had to poo outdoors behind bushes, and in broad daylight, out of necessity. I said it is nothing to be inhibited about and quite pleasant. I added that my privacy at the top of the garden was assured and the soiled toilet paper would go into the rubbish. He commented that, on reflection, what I was about to do was very sensible and if he needed to poo he would consider making use of the garden.

I took a toilet roll from the loo, grabbed a plastic bag and made my way out of the patio doors to the top of the garden. In the place where I would normally wee, behind a big tree, I lowered my tracksuit bottoms and knickers to my ankles. On squatting I felt the grass brushing against my bum. We had not mowed this section of the grass yet this spring. This meant that the pile I was about to deposit would not be conspicuous. I would shovel it into a border when it had dried up, in days to come. It felt really good to be on the point of to relieving myself, in the squat position out doors, for the first time in many months. All the more so as I was going to poo and I was not abroad and perched over a hole in the floor toilet.

To start with I emptied my bladder, the urge to poo had somewhat overshadowed my need for a wee which was also considerable. The wee went on for a long time. When finished, it was time for the serious business. I pushed and the turds easily slipped out. There were a lot, and with no breeze, the odour was pronounced. I would have stunk out the toilet big time. I was sure I was not finished so remained squatting in the same place. Sure enough the urge returned and I let out a loud fart, following through at the same time. Yet more poo followed, with another wee. I really did need to go and this was a big load. What I had produced earlier in the day was miniscule in comparison. I remained squatted until I was sure there was no more to come. My poo had taken some time and I felt relieved and unblocked. I stood up to wipe, first the front end and then my bum. It took a lot of toilet paper which I placed in the plastic bag. When finished, I pulled up my tracksuit bottoms and knickers, making my way to the bin. I dropped the plastic bag in the bin, walked into the house and proceeded to the loo to return the toilet roll and wash my hands with soap from the dispenser (no water).

All in all a very satisfying poo and a memorable experience. The temporary lack of a water supply is not all adversity! I would not have had an out door poo otherwise. I'm glad I did not choose to go earlier when the water was running. I nearly always have an urge to poo in the morning but the following day was an exception, no doubt because of the size of my poo the previous night. This was confirmed on a daylight inspection!

AJ :-) Loves Russell ;-)
Lazy Lizzie--The only people I've personally known who didn't wipe were little kids. However, to my knowledge, all of my adult friends and relatives wipe after they poop.

Even when I was a little kid, I didn't feel right unless I applied the toilet paper to my anal opening and surrounding area -- even though I didn't always get the job done and would occasionally leave skid marks. But it certainly wasn't because I didn't try.

In fact, as a kid, I would do my best not to get it on my hands while wiping. I was known on many occasions to use so much toilet paper (as in some to provide distance from my hands and my butthole) that I ended up flushing the toilet.

Back then, I didn't know about a courtesy flush, either. I would simply do my business and not flush the toilet until the paperwork was done -- so you can imagine what kind of mess I created when I flooded the toilet!

To my knowledge, no poop or paper overflowed with the water onto the floor, but it was certainly in there with the paper for plunging around in.

I remember when I was almost ten that I came home from school, did my business in the downstairs half-bath, and looked in the bowl afterwards to find out that I'd used tons of toilet paper.

In the past, I'd flushed the toilet without closing the lid, so I assumed that it was because the lid was open that the toilet was able to overflow.

So I decided to close the lid so that the water would have to go down instead of flowing over.

I closed the lid and flushed the toilet. Problem solved! NOT!

As I was starting to leave after washing my hands, I noticed that the toilet was making funny sounds.

When I looked over at it, I was shocked to find out that my little scheme didn't work.

The lid was closed, but the seat didn't sit right on the rim of the toilet but, instead, had a space in-between, and the water was seeping through that space and onto the floor.

I ran out of the bathroom hollering for a plunger!

By the time I was able to alert anyone, the water from the toilet had become a river that snaked its way out of the bathroom, down the hall, and made a left-hand turn into the living room.

It was pathetic!

Fortunately, I didn't have parents like the paddle-happy ones I see written about here so much, or I probably still wouldn't be able to sit down over 45 years later!

I just got a mild lecture advising me not to use so much toilet paper in the future -- which went in one ear and out the other, as giving myself a clean bottom without getting skid marks all over my hand was more important to me than not stopping up the toilet. But I did try to be more careful.

These days, it's my habit to flush after I'm finished pooping and, then, flush after two or three wipes -- and the wipes are normal wipes where I fold (usually) or bunch up a few connected sheets of toilet paper at a time instead of wrapping it around my hand like a carpal-tunnel post-surgical bandage.

Although I don't personally know any friends or relatives who don't wipe (to my knowledge), I've actually been in university toilets and have seen paperless poop in the toilet bowl on several occasions and couldn't believe my eyes.

Also, when I was a kid, my folks and I went to this smorgasbord that was recommended to us by somebody. Like the four or five year old kid I was, I had to pee before the meal was over, so my mom asked about restrooms.

The smorgasbord was connected to the house where the family who owned it lived, so we were shown to just a regular family bathroom. When we got in there, the toilet had the biggest log in it and no toilet paper.

My mom asked me if I could hold it, and I told her I could, so we went back to our table and finished eating.

We traveled with my johnny pot if we went any distance, so I just used it after we left.

Oh yes! I thought that smorgasbord was wonderful and kept asking my folks when we were going back. It turned out that they thought that it was overpriced and what they ate wasn't that great (even though I loved everything I ate there). On top of that, there were these wooden booths, and we sat in one of them, and they weren't well-sanded, making my mom get a run in one of her stockings when she got up.

To me, though, it reminded me of my grandparents' summer kitchen back when they lived on a farm in Kentucky.

I saw another work-of-art-sans-toilet-paper when I was in kindergarten.

We had a unisex restroom between the kindergarten and first-grade rooms where it could be used by both grades.

I can't remember any sort of sink being in the restroom. We simply came out and washed our hands in the sink in our room.

There were two very private stalls.

There was an actual thick wall between the two toilets, and the door wasn't one that could be looked through.

But they were little toilets (kid-sized).

One day I went into one of them and couldn't believe my eyes! There was this continuous length of poop that must have been at least as big around as my arm, and it wrapped itself around the inside edge of the toilet bowl in a horse shoe shape. No paper with it, either.

I flushed the toilet before I sat down.

Probably the reason that there was no paper with it was that there seemed to be no paper available.

We had toilet paper dispensers where they were in this metal box with a slit in the bottom from which you pulled out as many sheets as you needed a sheet at a time.

I noticed a screw in the bottom part of the box on the side that faced outwards. I turned that screw, and the box opened up. There was plenty of toilet paper in it, but it had just gotten off-track to where it the last sheet didn't follow the previous one down when the latter was pulled out.

For years, I thought that this must be the way that a baby was delivered.

The mother carried the baby in her ????, and the doctor had a special tool for unscrewing her belly-button. When he unscrewed her belly-button, her ???? would open up just like that toilet paper box, and he could get the baby out.

I recently had my medication changed, it was giving me the very loose poops all the time, now that i have it changed i started having hard poop now which i had to get out the old enema equipment to render the situation.

Yesterday my girlfriend let me see her poop which is really unusual but im fine with it. We had been out for a meal and we had had a long day i was driving her home and felt the urge to poop before we left. When we got to hers she said she really needed a poo, she ran to the toilet and i said i needed to go to, she asked me if i was desperate i said yes but let her go first, while debating who should go first she was doing a poop dance out of desperation, which was a real turn on. she was in such a rush to pull up her skirt and pull down her blue lace knickers and black tights. I quized her on how desperate she was she replied that she usally goes every morning but didnt have time to go before college and needed to go all day but really needed to go after we had dinner. She rested her big round rear on the seat and at this point as usual i was expecting her to tell me i can shut the door and wait in her room but the instruction never came. and i only realised it wasn't coming when she let out a long fart and continued to talk to me and tell me about how regularly she has been going when i did realise she was going to let me watch her take a long much need and well deserved poo my heart started racing like mad and my body became stiff :) just shing her gorgeous thighs on the toilet and her knickers below her knees was amazing. She farted some more and then she said come on poo come out and there was a huge PLOP! she made a reliefing moan oh thats better she said after. There as a really good smell of poo now i was so excited she dropped another poo making a big splash KERRPLUNK she made another reliefing groan followed but a big poo i said have you finihed now but she said now theres still more to come she dropped two more poos followed by many farts and said this is the part i dont like you to see as she pulled off a reel of toilet paper oh well cant have everything

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Linda from Australia here again. When I last posted, I was in a hurry because I had to get to work so I couldn't describe my poos in great detail. Im a bit backed up so Ive been having trouble doing poos lately.

Last week, I went almost 2 days without pooping (I went Mon night and didn't go again until Wed night). I had to go all day Tuesday with a big load stuck inside me. I tried going Tuesday night but nothing came out, not even any farts. Then on Wed morning, I tried again and I could feel the head of a big turd sitting in my anus. I did some farts but the poo wouldn't budge. All day at work, I could feel the logs inside me, slowly moving down. When I got home after work, I went straight to the toilet. I did a wee first and then I started straining. A wide log started coming out and it stretched my anus. It hurt too. It got stuck so I had to push and strain even harder to keep things moving. I was pushing so hard that I screwed up my face and pushed my toes against the floor. After about 10 minutes, I managed to push out a big load but I still had more in me. I tried to get the rest out but it wouldn't move. So I had dinner and waited about an hour. Then I tried again. I squeezed the rest out and it came out easier than the first lot.

A similar thing happened to me this week, I went nearly 2 days without pooping again. I couldn't get all the poo out in one sitting so I had to go back and try again. Even after the second time, I still didn't feel finished. That was on Thursday night this week and then I still had trouble going last night. When I got home from work, I went to the toilet for a poo. It took me about 15 minutes to squeeze out lots of rock hard balls of poo. Yet again, I still had more in me that wouldn't come out. I tried again before bed but I still couldn't get the rest out. I went for a poo this morning and I got a small amount out but there is still more up there. Im getting the urge to go again but Im going to wait for another hour or so.

To Keith D: I mentioned to you in my last post that I don't often get constipated while travelling but I didn't have time to go into details. When I was younger I remember being a bit scared to do poos at friend's houses or when I went on holidays with my folks. I hated taking a long time in the toilet while doing a poo and didn't like going when I knew other people were around (when staying at friend's or relatives houses on holidays). I did get a bit constipated at times while on holidays but never as much as I did when at home. My Dad gets constipated whenever he goes away on holidays, infact I remember a few years ago when they came to stay in Perth (where I live, my folks live in another town). He had been constipated for a few days BEFORE they got to Perth (they had been visiting other relatives). I went to see them at their hotel and he had some suppositories to use. He said he was in desperate need of a poo. He tried one but it didn't work. I saw them the next day and he was still backed up. Three days later, he still hadn't done a poo. Im not sure how much longer he was constipated for.

My Dad told me once that constipation runs on his side of the family and some of my aunts have trouble with it too. I can remember my Dad getting backed up from time to time when I was younger.

To Thunder from Down Under: It sounds like you had a terrible time on the toilet, grunting and groaning to get that huge load out. Were there people in the other toilets? How long did it take to push the logs out?

Greg-You do seem to have interesting posts. I forgot about your Anti-zip post until Dump Bud mentioned it.

I had to use the restroom in the local park last weekend. 3 stalls, all occupied. The middle stall finally emptied. I enter the stall and see that the screws had been taken out of the partition wall between the 2 stalls. It slid down in its brackets and I could easily see over the top,right into the next stall. There was an older guy who had just pulled up his white briefs, he smiled and said something about the stall wall being down. I replied how it's a great way to get to know your neighbor. He chuckled and pulled up his slacks, while i dropped my briefs and shorts.

i had my first adult accident this weekend. i'm 23 and short, thin, light brown shoulderength hair, fair skin, glasses. i spent the day at my boyfriend's parents' house for a barbecue. in the mid afternoon i needed to poop but i didn't want to go because there were a lot of people at his house so i didn't want anyone to see me go into the bathroom and take note of it if i took a long time. i'm just one of those people who for whatever reason likes to hide from the world that i actually poop sometimes. anyway, i just held it in and waited until it was time to go home. i was holding it for 2.5 hours without incident, and we had finished dessert so i told my boyfriend i was tired and we should be heading home. about a half an hour later after gathering things and saying goodbyes we were finally on our way. it was about 1 hour and 15 minutes drive to our apartment from his parents house. the first 40 minutes is all in residential and commercial areas and plenty of stores so if i had to go really bad there were several places to stop, but ideally i would like to make it home to go to the bathroom there. after those first 40 mins though the rest of the drive is on the turnpike, and on the turnpike you can't get off without paying a toll, so you don't really want to get off the turnpike anywhere before your exit. so my dilemma was this: we were about 4 miles from getting on the turnpike when the pressure started to intensify, and i farted. i had to poop bad now. i dont know why i didn't say anything, i was stubborn. but i let us get on the turnpike needing to poop extremely bad. i kept telling myself it was only about 35 minutes until we would be home, so if could hold it over 3.5 hours to this point i could make it 35 more minutes. but my bowels did not agree with me. it kept pressing on my butt, trying to force it's way into making a mess in my panties. i was farting uncontrollably every minute or so, but they weren't that loud and the stereo was on so my boyfriend didn't hear them.. i didn't make it very much further. i farted again and a little poop came out, i felt it touch my panties. i whimpered and tears started to stream down my face. my boyfriend paused the music and asked if i was okay and i whined "i'm really sorry i think im gonna poop my pants". no sooner than i said that, i ripped two more farts that came with mooshy globs of poop. it felt hot and sticky in my panties. then the real show started. just out of reflex my stomach tensed up and i raised my butt slightly off the seat and mushy warm poop just came churning out into my panties, kind of fast but at a steady speed. i could hear it crackling and feel the warm stickiness spread across my butt cheeks in all directions, smooshing between my butt and panties. the pungent smell of fresh poop pierced the air, and my boyfriend rolled down some windows. he was white as a ghost and couldn't say a word. i just sat mortified, sobbing like a baby with a hot squishy load in my panties. it wasn't much longer before i thoroughly wet myself as well, to add insult to injury. i couldn't believe what i did. when we got home he sheepishly asked me if i needed anything and i siad i was fine. he went and opened the door and went in the living room, and i walked gingerly inside. by now the wetness on my butt and all over my thighs was cold, and the peed made my jeans cling to my legs. it was very uncomfortable. the squishiness off the poop in my pants as i walked wasn't fun either. when i got into the bathroom i stood there and cried for several minutes. i had no idea where to even start. i finally took of my shoes and socks, and slowly peeled off my jeans. they were soaked and there was a brown stain with some mooshy light brown poo caked around it in the seat. i turned my head and i could see the back of my panties in the mirror. i had on light pink cotton panties with darker pink butterflies on them. now, they entire seat of them was a darker shade of pink from the wetness, with an enormous bulge making them sag a little. the brown stain showed through too. it looked ridiculous. there was poop on my upper thighs too outside of my panties. i stood in the bathtub and carefully took them off. they just had a great big pile of light brown mooshy poo sitting in the crotch and completely covering the seat. i carefully carried it to the toilet and just dropped them completely in and let everything come out in the water, then i pinched the very edge of them to hold on to them while i flushed, and i took them out and dropped them in the garbage. i would see in the mirror that my butt had poop all over it too. i tried cleaning it off with toilet paper first, but it was a disaster, and i just got in the shower. it was gross seeing it all over the bathtub as i rinsed it off of my butt. when i was finally done cleaning myself i got out and put clean underwear on, and my pajamas. i'll tell ya, you don't appreciate a clean, fresh pair of panties as much until you've pooped and peed yourself. after i was dressed i cleaned out the whole tub with bleach. i also cleaned off the toilet. i emtied the waste basket with my soiled panties in them. i went to bed and my boyfriend was alreayd there and asleep. it took forever to fall asleep because i kept thinking about my accident. i was so embarassed.

i hope you liked my story.

cool dude
The girlfriend i had before the one I have right now was super secretive about her bowels. She wouldn't even fart If I was around.Then, one time she fell asleep while we were watching a movie, and she farted. I looked at her, and she was asleep. Then she farted a few more times, the BBBRRRRRRRRRPPPPPHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!, she copletely shit herself. She suddenly woke up, and ran to the bathroom. I could hear her shitting from the living room!!! I asked I she was OK, and she just told me "don't come in!" After that kind of awkward experience we stopped seeing each other.

Mr. Clogs
Hey folks, it's Mr. Clogs again! Got a quick post to share so here goes.

EARLY Saturday morning, I get up to do my usual trip to the bathroom to pee, I was so tired and out of it, so I was too lazy to walk to take a piss. I grabbed my big cup and used it to pee in. I filled it up to the brim! Lucky for me that was all I could squeeze out at the time. So I put my PJ on and went to sleep.

Hope you enjoyed my quick post, let me know what you think. Keep peeing/pooping into any container you cn find or use.

Have fun,

Mr. Clogs

We've all heard horror stories about having a sudden attack while on a first date, stuck in traffic or meeting your in-laws for the first time. However, I had one such attack while on my first day at a new job!

I was in a meeting where my new boss introduced me to my new-coworkers (only one of whom I already knew). I started feeling pressure building within a few moments of the meeting starting. The pressure slowly moved from my stomach to my ass and I started feeling like if I relaxed even a little a flood of liquid shit would fill my pants. I clenched my cheeks and forced a smile on my face for another half an hour or so until the meeting was over.

I stood and as casually as I could hurried toward the bathroom. The office is small, so there's two unisex bathrooms. I got to one and it was occupied. I rushed over to the other and it was also occupied. I stood by the door resisting the temptation to put my hand to my ass (like that helps anyway). Finally, the door opened and a woman came out. We smiled at each other and I rushed inside and locked the door.

I got my pants and boxers down and sat and had very loud explosive diarrhea. I sat there for a good ten minutes farting and squirting before I was confident it was safe. I wiped my ass sven or eight times and had to flush the toilet three times before I was sufficiently clean down there.

I washed my hands and left the bathroom, hoping no one had heard my explosions or paid much attention to how long I was in there. No one seemed to.

That was a bad first day! Luckily, my guts have cooperated since.


The R Man
To Claire:

You asked for it:) Hear is my story:)

When I was al little boy, every time I would need to go poop at the park I go lay down underneath the equitmant and hold it for a while until I just decided to let it go. And out came a big poopy! It felt so good!:)

P.S. Sorry it couldn't be longer.

im 15 incase u didnt read my other post. i get really consipated and dont poop for days. when i finally get the urge to poo i take massive craps that are rock hard, take at least 30 to finsh and they clog the toilet like every time i poop even the school toilet. anyone take massive poops like mine. ill post a story after i take the dump i have been holding in.

i LOVED your story Blissey it really made my day. one of the best.

Claire - Great story about you pooping your pants in kindergarten. I liked the part where you stood up against the bookcase and pooped your pants. Then you had to sit in it for two hours. And except for that one kid, no one noticed. Wonder how many others have pooped or peed their pants in school and were able to hide it from the class? I don't have any pants-pooping stories (or at least none I can think of right now), but I do have several pants-peeing ones.

Lazy Lizzie
Hi guys I just happened to ne reading soem old posts one of which sort of reminded me of something that happened when I was a teenager.

I used to frequently stay with an aunt of mine in the country. Now I was about 13 and aunt jo was about 33 I think. My other aunt Jill used to live next door. Jill was always I guess the closest thing we had in the family to a hippie. She was then very arty, open minded sort of person whose personal habits were always an open book. Jill had long brown wavy hair, about 5'6'tall a bit on the busty side and always seem to dress in overalls and t shirt. I'm sure she did not own a bra either, she wore sandals on her feet most of the time. I can remember when she was going to the toilet she would let anyone who was there know what she was going to . For example"liz I'll be back in a minute I gotta go have a shit". So I just guessed ppl accepted Jill for who she was/is. If we happend to be in the woods she'd just drop her overalls and do what ever she had to do any carry on.
One thing I did notice when she had a shit in the woods that Jill would never wipe. She'd just drop her overalls and panties,squat have her shit then dress and just keep going . Well I just assumed she would wipe when she got to a toilet.
The next spring I stayed with her for a week, Aunt Jo was away on vacation herself. Her house was like a hippie hangout, or so I thought some of her friends were definetely hippies , but we got on really well. When it came to showering or using the toilet Jill never shut the door, I was a little embaressed but I soon got over my shyness. I remember one morning I just had breakfast and the urge for shit came upon me, so here I am sitting on the toilet with my pj's around my ankles when Jill walked into the bathroom. She was alitle surprised I guess and she asked if I ws gonna be all that long cos she had to take a crap. I was just about finished so I said "no" , I remember wiping my arse about 3 times,then I was going to hop into the shower which was beside the toilet. Jill had started to unclip her overalls, as soon as I stood up she had her arse on the seat. Iniatally she let go a gusher of a piss,followed by a loud fart, then a soft grunt then a few god turds hit the water. During that time I was preparing myself for the shower. Jill flushed the toilet while she was seated then stood up, pulled up her panties and overalls and left. I thought Jill doesn't wipe her arse, maybe she forgot. But I noticed this was a regular occurrence with her and at times during the day I would catch her pulling out a wedgie. She must have had some gooooood skids.

Does any one here know of anyone who doea
s not wipe after a shit???

My name is Aymie, i'm 13, brunette, and thin.

About a year ago, I hit my growth spurt, so we were going to get me new undewear, because the panties I had were getting too tight. My mom told me to throw all of the old pairs away. I did, and we got some new panties that fit me better, but a few days later, I found one old pair in the back of the dresser. All the new pairs were in the wash, so I put them on. I had thrown up the night before, so I was home sick all alone. I had been running back and forth to the bathroom all day, with diarrhea. I was waching TV, and I didn't want to get up again, so I laid out some newspapers on the couch during the commercial break, took off my jeans, and kept watching TV. Sure enough, soon I had to poop. I raised my butt into the air a bit, and had a low, gurgling fart, and My panties began to bulge out a bit. Slowly, I controlled the flow as to not overfill. once my show ended, I slowly walked to the bathroom to empty them out. As I alked with sagging panties, more farts and poop flowed out. they were too full when I reached the bathroom, so I just sat in the tub as i shit, cried, sobbed, and puked my brains out.

I just got my drivers license after several months of anticipating what it would be like to drive myself to school and not have to rely on a parent or school bus (the story of my last 10 years!). I've always peed at home before I leave and my daily crap comes about 3rd or 4th hour. While the toilets at school are kind of dirty and some of the stools get stopped up, my experiences have been a lot better than many of the experiences I read on this site. The drive to school is only 10 minutes but road construction caused a jam Friday morning and my BM started coming early. Originally, I thought I could hold it until I got to school but before long (it took me so long to wait for one intersection that the traffic light changed four times before it was my turn to go through). That got me thinking that my best and most immediate option was probably to stop at the lst gas station I came too. I did. They were really busy. It was one of those old-style places with the restrooms on the side of the building. The womens room was locked so I had to go in and get the key from one of the mechanics. He came out and opened it for me. I only had about 10 minutes before I would be late to school so I lowered the seat, dropped my jeans and thong and knew that it would be over fast. The seat was a bit cold as my butt hit it and I noticed I had something moist between my two fingers that I used to drop the seat. I was hoping it wasn't somebody's pee. But how could it be, the seat was up? I grabbed for the toilet paper and discovered there were only two sheets left on the roll so I wiped my fingers on my jeans. One moderate push allowed me to empty my bowels in one spurt and as I imagined how I would wipe with just the two sheets, I noticed several ants running on the floor between my legs and a couple of water bugs (were they dead or asleep?) near my right shoe. I did the wiping I could, pulled up my thong and buckled my jeans rather hurriedly after making my discovery. I had to door open and was leaving as I leaned back in to flush. I didn't even stay to wash my hands. Sorry Mom! I was about 3 minutes late to lst hour because I went into a stall and fnished cleaning myself. Come to think of it, our school's bathrooms aren't bad at all!

Fr P--thank you so much for the compliment. I'm really glad that I was able to help. Even though your job is to counsel and advise people, sometimes you do need others to remind you to take care of yourself and to counsel and advise you. I'm glad I could do that and I'm always willing to help if you need it. I'm sorry it took me so long to get back to you now but I've been swamped with finals and it took awhile to read back.

Regarding preventing children from access to the toilet as a form of child abuse: I looked for about a half hour but was unable to find any cases on point. This could just mean I wasn't looking using the right keywords, or it could mean that no cases were reported. Most of the cases I did find were really really disturbing though. Anyway, from a legal perspective, the state will take a child away from his/her home only in the most extreme circumstances where severe physical or psychological harm is imminent. The basic mantra is being poor doesn't mean the state has a right to take the kids away. This means that before taking the kids away, the state will try to educate a parent on proper hygiene, health and nutrition and provide supplemental income such as food stamps to help a parent provide for the child. I would imagine that a similar education and assistance program would be implemented before a child would be taken away from the parent. However, it would probably be better for the affected child to go to a trusted adult (like a friend's parent, grandparent, etc. or possibly a teacher, but a teacher may have a duty to report) before going to the State. Not legal advice, just practical advice.

Hi again

Here are some of my early memories and more details on my toilet habits.

My mom has a note that she saved from my Kindergarten teacher, it says I had an accident on the school bus on the way to school. It doesn't say If I peed or pooped.

I vaguely remember peeing my pants while standing at an easel painting in Kindergarten. I knew I had to go but for some reason I didn't tell the teacher and eventually I couldn't hold it anymore.

When I was six years old our house was damaged by a tornado. The night that the tornado happened we were unable to make arrangements to sleep somewhere else so we had to stay in our house. We had no electricity and there was glass on the floor. My parents were afraid that I would step on glass and hurt myself so my parents did their best to clean up my play room, which had hard wood floors and told me to stay there until bedtime. When I had to go to the bathroom my parents told me that it wasn't safe to walk to the bathroom and that I should just go where I was. I wet my shorts twice before bedtime. When it was time for me to go to bed my dad carried me to my bedroom. My mom helped me change into a long T-shirt and dry panties. She told me to stay in bed until they came and got me in the morning. I wet my bed once during the night and once in the morning after I woke up. Not long after I woke up I needed to poop. I didn't know what to do since I wasn't allowed to walk to the bathroom, so I called for my mom. She told me to go in my panties and she would clean me up after I finished. I don't remember much about what it felt like to poop my pants but I remember my mom cleaning me up afterwords. She did it just like you would change a baby's diaper, and I remember feeling really safe and loved. Later that day we went to a hotel and stayed there for three weeks while our house was being fixed.

I pooped my pants while watching a baby cow be born during a field trip to a farm in first grade. I got dizzy and thought I was going to throw up but much to my shock it came out the other end.

When I was in 2nd grade after being constipated for a few days I finally felt like I could go. I asked the teacher and went to the bathroom. Unfortunately I still couldn't go, and I started to worry about how long I had been in the bathroom. I didn't want to get in trouble so I went back to class. I can't explain exactly why, but later in the day while sitting at my desk in the middle of class, I started trying to push my poop out as if I were sitting on the toilet. After several minutes I was successful in forcing my poop out into my pants. I could tell it was completely solid, which meant no mess. I could also tell that it was huge. I had hoped I could get away with it until the end of the day but a few minutes later my teacher approached my desk and asked me quietly if I'd had an accident. She sent me to the nurse to clean up. The nurse started questioning me, "Are you sick?" "Did you know you had to go?" For some reason I lied and said I didn't know, at which point she pointed towards my huge poop which by now was in the toilet and asked "You didn't know about THAT???" I think my eyes must have popped out of my head when I actually saw it. To this day I have not repeated a single poop that big. It was fat, and about a foot long.

I know this will annoy or upset some but I am an unapologetic pool pee-er. The way I see it, if a person is healthy, urine straight out of the body is sterile, and even if it weren't the pool is loaded with chlorine which would kill any bad stuff. As for the argument that it upsets the chemical balance, it would take an entire nursing home of incontinent grandparents to have any effect. And there is no chemical to turn the pool purple when you pee. Your parents lied to you. The only color that will give you away is yellow.

On a related note, I pee in the shower almost every time. My parents are to blame for that, as I was taught from a very young age that I didn't need to get out of the bathtub to pee.

It's almost bedtime and I need to go pee before I sleep, so I'll write more later.


Accidental Tourist

You asked for stories about people pooping in their pants in public. I have a couple of stories. One is about my cousin Jenny (not her real name), who is 6 years younger than me. She was about 5 when this happened, so I would have been about 11. We went to visit them in Chicago over Thanksgiving, and on Friday after Thanksgiving, we went downtown to see some museums.

Jenny even at that time was known for having accidents and for being pretty casual about them. She would sometimes wet her pants rather than come in from playing, and my aunt and uncle were frequently frustrated with her. As it happened, she may have also had some stomach trouble from the large Thanksgiving dinner of the previous day.

I remember clearly she was wearing stretchy flowered leggings that day, in a basic peach color with a pale orange or peach top. We were at a museum looking at a large electric train table, which fascinated the boy cousins. Jenny was whining about not feeling well, and my aunt was trying to talk her into being a good sport about this museum, that we would go to a different, more interesting section soon. Jenny went over and sat on a bench and pouted. Her mother had to chase after Jenny's three-year-old brother at that point, leaving Jenny on the bench. I was watching the trains when out of the corner of my eye I saw Jenny stand up and walk over toward the middle of the room. She stood rigid for a minute and got a very concentrated look on her face, and made an "Unnhh" sort of grunting sound. She stood there for a minute or two, and her face got red. I didn't know what she was doing, but a few minutes later when her mom came back, Jenny walked kind of stiff legged over to her. there was a huge discolored bulge at her butt, and a finger of brownish wettishness starting down one thigh, and I suddenly realized that Jenny had crapped in her pants. She began to cry, her mother didn't know what to do (of course, she had brought no change of clothes for Jenny), and shortly later they left to go home. I heard later that some loose wet poop had slid down her leg and dropped off onto the museum lobby floor. When we got back to their house later, I saw Jenny's poopy underwear and pants (and top -- some had even got on there) lying in the bathtub.

As for an adult story, I have one of those too. In the mid-80s I took a trip to Mexico with my then-girlfriend. We flew in to Mexico City and took buses across to the western coast, to Puerto Vallarta, where we spent about a week. One day we decided to have lunch not at one of the beach places but at a more authentic restaurant in town. Lisa (again not her real name) ordered a kind of pork flauta. When we were almost done I noticed she was turning a little pale and I asked her what was wrong. She said she needed to get to a bathroom, and soon. We were about 7-10 blocks from our hotel, but in a part of town that we didn't know very well, so there didn't seem to be any alternative but to walk back. As quickly as I could I got the check and paid it and we began walking. Lisa was walking as fast as she could, and making little moans of discomfort every once in awhile.

At times I thought she wasn't going to make it, but we miraculously found ourselves at the hotel lobby and walked quickly over to the elevator (there was no restroom in the lobby). Our room was on the 4th floor. The elevator seemed to take ages to get there, and as we rode up, Lisa suddenly reached around and held her butt, and gave a sort of grimace of pain. The elevator arrived at our floor, and I shooed her out ahead of me, saying "Hurry".

She had her key out and was walking toward the room, which was at the other end of the hall, when she suddenly doubled up and diarrhea just exploded out of her, immediately soaking her khaki shorts and running down her legs. I thought she would start crying -- she had come so close to making it -- but she was more annoyed and resigned than anything. I helped her to the room and into the shower, took a towel back down the hall and cleaned up the puddle on the hallway's tile floor and the drops that led to our room, and then helped her finish cleaning herself in the shower (which led to another story I will not repeat here).

Later I tried to wash out her panties and shorts in the sink. We ended up throwing the panties away, they were ruined. The shorts still had a barely visible stain years later.

I have been reading this site for a little while now,but I never in my wildest dreams thought that at my age I would have accidents. I am a reasonably attractive brunette, 32 yo, 5'7" , good figure and have a good career in sales.
Before I go to bed I always have a shower and I make sure I have a good piss(usually in the shower). Last Friday night I went out with a few friends for steak and a few drinks, we do this every month. Now my bm's a very usually regular,every morning b4 I head off to work I always have a good dump, my turds are hard or sometimes a litle sticky.
Saturday I woke up early as I usually do most times I'm busting for a piss. If I want to stay in bed for a few more minutes I usually end up putting my hand inside my panties and holding my crotch. This particular morning was no different waking up with bursting bladder, but Ifelt this wedgie in the back of my panties. Instinct told me to remove my hands from inside my panties to pull out the wedgie. As I grabbed the seat of my panties I felt this huge sticky mess in my panties. Yes at 32 yo I had shit my panties in bed,this was more than a wet fart, it was a full blown shit. I gingerly got out of bed trying not to get shit on the sheets, but there was a small mark under where my bum was. Making my way to the toiletI started to piss my panties a little . Itipped out what I could into the toilet then had a shower,washed the sheets .
saturday night I stayed home, wnt to bed that night , made sure I had a piss b4 getting into bbed. I woke up the next morning as per usual busting for a piss,no wedgie, but this time I hadn't shit my panties yet!!!! But I could feel poop coming out , yes I was shitting my panties. I jumped out of bed hurried to the toilet but unfortunately I completelyfilled my panties b4 I sat down. Fortunately I got none on the sheets this time.

Now since then I have been wearing diapers just in case I have firther nocturnal accidents, well I have to say there has been no m ore. I have been waking up busting for a piss,that is normal,but have not shit myself since. Thank goodness I live alone,but how embarassing that would have been if I'd been in bed with a fella or slept at a gf"s place as I sometimes do.

Has anyone here had this type of mishap, hopefully this is a twice in a lifetime experience.????????????????????

Laura (Teacher)
Hi All,

It's been quite a while since I lasted posted, but, for those of who do not know who I am, my name is Laura, I am 28 years of age, slim / tone frame, athletic, 5'9" tall, brunette hair just shy of my shoulders and brown eyes. I am a Math and Science teacher at a local private high school in the local area in New England USA.

I am now engaged! Jake and I officially set the wedding date for September of 2009. We decided that we will purchase our first home together. We both do not make much money, so we are looking around to find the best deal. It's going to be tough, but, we are both savers and we continue to look for the best deal! We haven't moved in together as of yet, but, for right now, there are too many other things that I am thinking about, and to be completely honest with you, I guess you can call me old fashioned, but, until we officially purchase our first home together, or get married, that is when we should officially move in with each other.

Anyway, before I bore you all with that, I apologize for not posting recently, I have been busy with working both jobs, and house hunting but, I thought I would share a story. On Friday I hadn't been feeling well as I had been going through a bad case of menstrual cramps. I awoke Friday morning with abdominal pain and some bloating. On most mornings, as soon as I get myself out of bed, I usually go for a quick morning run (20 to 30 minutes at the most), but, because of the cramping, I simply did not have the motivation. I got myself out of bed, ate a light breakfast, showered and got ready to teach my first class.

I do not want to sound disgusting, usually when I am starting my period, I periodically get diarrhea. Friday was no different. No sooner had I arrived to work, my stomach was in agony. To relieve some of the pressure, as I was driving, I had been cutting a few "silent but deadlies" I knew the next bout of gas was not going to be gas at all.......I needed to get to a toilet quickly. As soon as I entered my classroom (I was the first to arrive), I placed my things down on my desk and scurried off to the women's faculty washroom. As I entered, the custodian was re-filling the paper towel dispenser. I smiled and said "good morning" to her as I closed the door to my stall. I lifted my skirt, pulled down my panties, removed my tampon and quickly took a seat. As the custodian was working, I let go of a loud fart and immediately let go of a loud round of diarrhea (which in fact, also sprayed the backside of the toilet bowl). I simply did not care who was listening. After all, there is no need to be embarrassed, this was after all a washroom, and when a woman's got to go, a woman's got to go. After I released the first round, I heard the washroom door open and a faculty member take the stall to my left. My stomach continued to churn. To ease the cramping, I spread my legs further, and placed my elbows into my thighs while I crouched over. The woman who took the stall to my left had a loud pee then there was silence. I could feel my stomach continue to cramp up. Once the cramps came back I had another case of the runs. The smell that I created was simply disgusting. I felt sorry for the poor woman who was sitting in the next stall. As I continued to drip bouts of diarrhea and pass gas, the woman in the stall to my left started dropping her poops as well. One turdlet after the other.....kaplop......kaplop......kaplop......a long pause…..then a few more turds.....kaplop....kaplop....into her toilet below.

For the time being, I felt that it was safe to start the cleaning process. I grabbed some toilet paper, wiped my front and then started to wipe my back side. My bum was very messy as I had to wipe approx. 12 X or so. I flushed the toilet (twice), inserted a new tampon, pulled up my panties, lowered my skirt and went to wash my hands. As I was washing my hands, I heard the other toilet flush and it was Jessica. Jessica is new as she recently graduated University. She had been hired as a teacher's assistant, and she's doing a great job on top of that.

As we made eye contact, I noticed Jessica was somewhat embarrassed about me hearing her taking a dump. I simply said "good morning" she replied with a "good morning" back. To break the ice even more, I told her "I am glad that the weekend is almost here." She also said the same thing. From there, as I was drying my hands I told her "well, have a good day today, if there is anything you need, feel free to let me know." She thanked me, wished me a good weekend if I didn't see her throughout the day, and pretty much, that was that….it was a good way to break the ice. I didn't make much of it, she's young, and, honestly, when I was her age, it was embarrassing for me that others could hear me taking a loud dump in a public toilet. However, as I said earlier, it is a woman's toilet, and when a woman's got to go, we've got to go!

Because of the menstrual cramps, I did have two other bouts of diarrhea during the day, but, other than that, I was fine.

For the ladies out there…..when it comes to our monthly cycle, how many of you seem to get diarrhea? I never bring this up with anyone besides my family (my sisters), but, my sisters always seem to get constipated during their cycle as I almost always seem to get diarrhea during the start of my cycle.

I hope all is well with everyone!


To Anny,
Have you tried using a Enema? They don't have to be painful, and are safe if properly given. Don't use them too often, but they will give you instant relief though you will need to set aside about 1 -1.5 hours by the time you prepare and then finish pooing. I'm not talking about the chemical enema's like fleet, but water enemas.
Regards Aussie John.

Thanks for the replies Aussie John and Linda.
The other day I needed to "go" and it was after the gym at home. I sat on the toilet but the poo was big and hard....I do not get the urge for some bowels appear dead or asleep and then the urge hits and I am greeted by a big hard turd. Anyway I sat on the toilet and dropped a few small rocks after much pushing etc but in the end a poor attempt. I could not linger because I had to take the kids to school and from there I went on to see a customer. I arrived very early so I went tinto a shopping centre, Which had been refurbished, found the toilets, went in ( nice and clean and new) and dropped my pants and sat . Straight away the turd went into position and I was big and painful...I was grunting and gasping so loud anybody who came in would have to be deaf not to hear. I was dropping hard rocks, one to several grunts and then the finale was a big longish but rather wide turd. I looked in the bowl and there was quite a bit of poo. That was last Wednesday and today is Tuesday and I have not had a decent evacuation since...several small ones only. On Sunday Night I was walking close to home and farted but actually sharted...I could feel a gooey mess in my undies. I waddled home and went into the bathroom and noticed it was all brown butt phlegm.
Right now I am in need of a poo so I will go for a sit and see what happens. Wish me luck!

The R Man
To The Person Who Takes Plesure In Holdin In Pee-Pee:

No I don't know how to make a person have Pee really bad, sorry about that, but you taking plesure in holding it is werd, but not werd in a bad way like you think of it as being, but werd in a good way:) I also love doing that!:) It is AWSOME!:) I also TEST my BLADDIE (BLADDER)!!!:) So Don't feel bad:)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Hello everyone. I posted a story about pooping my pants in kindergarten. I would like to see more people write about kids pooping their pants in public or adults pooping their pants in public. Does anybody have any stories to share? :)

I'm back and I had a really awesome monster shit yesterday--it was the first time in which I pooped and peed in front of a GUY. Anyways, this guy was over at my house and we were playing video games together, and I told him I could pee standing up (which wasn't a fib, I actually can), and he asked to see. So we went to the bathroom, I undid my jeans and pulled down my underwear, spread my legs, hovered over the toilet and started peeing. He stood behind me, getting a view of my round bottom, he probably got turned on by this. I let out a couple of loud farts. He laughed. After I was finished, he looked in the toilet and said "That's amazing". My pee had a little bit of foam on it, and it was a light yellowish color and it didn't smell like anything. So I wiped my vagina, flushed the toilet and left. We stopped playing video games after that and just chilled out. I let out a couple of farts that smelled like rotten eggs. He wrinkled his nose and he said, "Can I watch you shit?" and I told him he could as we went back to the bathroom. I pulled down my pants and underwear and sat on the toilet. He was just standing there, getting aroused. I let out a couple of loud farts that stank. I leaned forward and bore down as hard as I could, grunting as a thick long turd came out and plopped into the bowl. I sighed as my stomach muscles relaxed. I sat there for a couple minutes. "Are you done?" he asked. I felt like I wasn't, so I said no--I hadn't gone in a couple of days. He smiled like the Cheshire Cat, and he just stood there. My guts cramped up, as I pushed out some soft logs which really stank bad. My friend just smiled, he was probably just taking it all in that girls really do shit and fart. I know he found it sexy. Then I felt a really big cramp--I doubled over in pain as a load of really sloppy poo plopped into the bowl, followed by a bunch of wet-sounding farts. He got my hair out of my face and rubbed my belly. I grabbed his hand as a huge wave of gooey diarrhea made its way out into the bowl. It stank so bad, but my friend was still there, not fazed by any of this. I pushed out smaller wave of diarrhea accompanied by a couple of wet farts. I was finally done. He asked me if he could look at what I did in the bowl. It looked like I literally had created Poop Island--a huge dark brown hard poop, surrounded by small lumps of butterscotch-colored turds, and pooling around that was some dark brown diarrhea. I think he found my poop more amazing than my pee, LOL. I asked him if he would wipe me, and he gladly accepted. He wiped my bottom about six times and slapped it. I flushed the toilet, we washed our hands, and we left the bathroom.

That was the best poo experience I've ever had. EVER. Hopefully I'll be able to poo in front of him again really soon.

Happy Pooping!


Melinda - Thats a terrible experience for somebody, especially her age to go through. Did it happen very often?

I also know of a similar case. A friend of mine was never allowed to use public washrooms but she was never punished for accidents so she seemed to accept it as a last resort. I can remember her on more than one occasion streaking out to the parking lot when we got out of a movie theater so she could pee her pants without a bunch of people seeing her. It didn't seem to upset her too much as long as she wasn't seen by too many people. Although she would get really embarrassed if she had a poop accident.

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