Hi again. I decided that I should tell a little about myself and share some of my experiences. As I said before I'm 15 years old. I have shoulder length brown hair and brown eyes. I'm 5 feet tall and kind of skinny.
When I was younger if I needed to go to the bathroom my parents would do their best to find me a suitable bathroom, but if one couldn't be found my mom would take me out of view of anyone nearby and tell me to go ahead and wet my pants. Usually they wouldn't make me hold it for more than 10 or 15 minutes. Similarly, if I woke up in the middle of the night or in the morning needing to go while someone else was in the bathroom I would be sent back to bed and told to wet the bed. My matress had a protective cover to keep it from being ruined. As I got older I began to decide whether to hold it or not on my own, and my parents never never complained or punished me for going in my pants, especially since I washed my own clothes after wetting.
My wettings weren't always private either. My mom told me from the time I was very young not to take my clothes off around boys. The main consequence of that warning at the time was that whenever I played outside I refused to go behind a tree or elsewhere out of view to pee if I was playing with boys. My unwillingness to do that left me with limited options; go home, go inside a friend's house, or pee my pants. It was a hassle to go all the way home, and I was too shy to ask my friends parents if I could use their bathroom, so I would just go in my pants. Some of my friends thought it was weird but eventually the other girls got tired of trying to pee and look out for nosey boys at the same time, so they started wetting themselves too. Of course, not all of the parents were okay with it. Once it was explained to them why we peed our pants so often most of the parents stopped geting upset. There were a few parents who still got mad, do whenever a girl who wasn't allowed to go in her pants needed to go, the other girls would stand guard to keep boys from watching.
I'm not sure if I would say that I like peeing my pants, but I don't hate it. My experience with times when I've had no choice other than to hold it tells me that I prefer wet pants to the pain of holding a full bladder.
For those of you wondering, yes I've pooped my pants occasionally when a bathroom wasn't available, but I try to avoid it. The convenience of not being forced to hold it is kind of killed by the cleanup that happens later.
One benefit of my willingness to wet my pants whenever and wherever I need to go is that I've gotten over a lot of the shyness that I had as a young child. After you pee your pants in front of 30 classmates a few times there's really no reason to be shy about much else. As you would expect I got teased a lot, but over the years I have witnessed or heard about almost every kid whoever made fun of me, having accidents themselves. Everyone goes to the bathroom and whether you can hold it for 5 hours or 5 minutes, whether you do it in the toilet by yourself or in your pants in front of the boy (or girl) that you like, doesn't matter. It's nothing to be embarrassed about.
One last thing, for the parents. If your kid has an accident, comfort them. Help them clean up. Share the details of an accident you had, because whether you like to admit it or not, there was a time when you had to walk up to your parents with wet pants, so you know how hard that can be.


The R Man
To Claire:

I LOVED your story! Tell us more!:):):):):):)

cool dude
I had a great pooping expirience with my girlfrien a few months ago, and Greatone's story reminded me of it. My girlfriend and I were watching tv when she got up to get a snack. Suddenly she froze, held her ????, and said "dave, I need your help, I'm about to shit myself if I tke my hands off my belly. Help me get to the bathroom!" I pulled down her skirt and underwear, then cupped my hands over her ass to prevent any leaks. Slowly, she started walking towrd the bathroom. As we got about halfway there her belly made a weird noise and she farted out a bit of mucus. I Kept my hands there though. We were lmost all the way into the bathroom (she had shitted a little more into my hands on the way there), and I raised the toilet lid when she made a pained face and sat down on it with several really big farts. she told me she needed my help to let it all out, so after I washed the shit of my hands, I pushed my hand against her belly, involuntarily forcing more shit out. afte almost two full minutes of that, she said" I think im done. Will you wipe me to make sure It gets all clean?" i said sure, but as I was wiping, she started to fart on my hand. I looked at her, and she said don't worry, I just feel really bloated right now and need to let some pressure out, but it's all just gas, I promise!" I continued to wipe her, aroused by the strong wind being blown onto my hand until she accidentally started shitting all over my hand. I washed it off, but that night she kept runing to the bathroom, and At some pont I caught her bug, because the next day I was shitting too, but I will write a bout that next time

to Shannon Rae:
Although I'm a guy and a few years younger than you (17)I can so relate to the need to go to the bathroom when you are on a train or waiting for a train. I have an hour-long trip each morning and every afternoon. Three transfer connections are involved, but my prep school is suppose to position me for a great college, so that's why I endure the daily commute. My grandfather use to tease me that I "break the clock" because my craps come on fast and at various times, but usually once a day. Once or twice I week, I luck out because I get to go at school. There's usually a line at mid-morning and at noon, but we have stall doors and after I wipe the urine off the seat (why some guys--especially the freshmen--won't lift the seat is upsetting to me)I can usually take my full crap. Some mornings, however, the urge comes on strong while I'm on the train or on the stairs of the transit station. Yesterday, I was hoping to make it home during rush hour and because of late trains, I had to take my 4th crap of the week at the station. This was the 2nd time this week I had to go at this particular station. Although 10 stalls were available earlier in the week, 4 were closed off now. One had the toilet taken out and plywood covered the hole in the floor. Because it was rush hour, there were lines three and four deep for each stall. I took my bookbag off because my back was hurting and slid it next to me on the floor, only to find that I had to yank it up fast as a toilet a couple stalls down overflowed and the water ran into the drain near my feet. A little boy, about 6, came out of that stall almost totally bewildered to what happened and his father met him and helped him pull up and buckle his jeans. Finally, my door opened and a middle-aged man came racing out. I noticed that he hadn't flushed. One look at the stool and I could tell my. There was hardly any water to be seen. Crap was stacked higher than the normal water level and apparently the last several users didn't dare flush it! Curiously, the previous user had used toilet paper as a liner on both sides of the seat, over the back, and across the front. Why it hadn't fallen off or become attached to him as he left, I don't know. Anyway, I eagerly sat down on the "protected" seat, despite being able to easily smell the stench beneath me. The gang graffiti and other drawings on the inside door and side panels were amusing and helped me take my mind off the smell and overall grossness of the restroom. I never could figure out what the guy to my right was doing. For a few seconds it sounded like he was having an explosive crap and then a wretching noise made it appear like he might be puking. It didn't matter, I guess, because the smell couldn't have gotten worse. Luckily, my crap came out in one long piece about 2.5 feet long, but as I moved a bit, I could feel the tail of it rubbing up against my butt cheek. I stood up and could see why. The bowl was so clogged it had no where to go. As I stood, and still supporting my book bag on my back, I used two of the tissues of the seat to wipe with (because they were the last of the toilet paper in the stall) and it was one of my cleaner wipes if I do say so myself, I pulled up my slacks and exited. I know that I should have, but I didn't even stop to wash my hands. Too much time in bathrooms like that give me the creeps!

Sometimes it's good to take a good shit.

Keith D
Another story from when I was on the road for a bit. I used to do a lot of travelling for work and I did a lot of long distance driving out on the highways. I had to use a lot of public rest stops and visit a lot of diners and gas stations. And of course all the motel bathrooms.

Anyway one night I stopped for the night in a small seaside town. The only accommodation was in a trailer park. I booked a trailer for the night and started unpacking my luggage from the car. Aside from a few rental trailers, the rest of the park was empty. No one else seemed to be staying there. I unpacked my gear then went to visit the shower and toilet block, a brick building in the middle of the park. It was fairly new, spotlessly clean (it was the middle of the week and not during peak holiday season so I guess few people were visiting) and very light and airy. The male facilities had about 3 stalls for showers and 5 stalls for toilets, all along the inner wall. I stood and peed a good long one (minute and a half) in one of the toilets, having been on the road all day. Then went back to my trailer.

As I was unpacking more gear from the car, an SUV pulled up towing a trailer and they booked into the park. They took a vacant spot over the other side. A family of 3 got out. The parents would have been in their early 40's. The Dad was of medium build and balding, the Mom was very slim, with blonde neck-length hair and was very fashionably dressed, the daughter was about 14, in t-shirt and jeans with brown hair in a pony tail. While the parents were still setting up the trailer, the daughter jumped out of the car and went straight towards the toilets. She half-walked, half-skipped as she went and was obviously in quite a hurry.

I think it took me nearly half an hour to unpack the car and only as I was carrying the last of my gear in did I notice the daughter leave the toilet block and walk back over to her family. She was walking very slowly and looked pretty sheepish. Her face was flushed and quite red. She must have been really struggling and I felt sorry for her. It seems to be a common thing for travellers to get constipated when they spend so long travelling in the car together. And they rarely get a chance to poop in privacy when they do stop. I couldn't manage a poop that night either.

The next morning I went back to the amenities block and had my shower. I could see the family packing up their trailer ready to move off again. After showering I went into one of the stalls to pee. I was still a bit tired so I took off the towel I had wrapped around me and sat down to pee. As I was still sitting there and slowly getting my weak stream started, I heard loud footsteps approaching. I thought someone must be coming into the men's so I hurriedly pulled the towel across my lap to cover myself and pushed the stall door closed with my foot. But although the footsteps were loud and echoing through the building I realised that they weren't coming in where I was but they were over in the opposite side of the building in the ladies side. The footsteps went clack-clack-clack like a set of stilletos so I figured that it was the Mom going in. Looking upwards, I could see that the back wall behind my stall was very high but didn't go all the way up to the ceiling so a lot of noise from the other side was coming through and it was really echoing in the big building. I heard a stall door thump shut and a click of the plastic toilet seat as someone sat down on it.

The next thing I heard this massive BBBBTHHTHTHT-T-T-T-T-T-T-T-T-T-T-T-T-T!!! The loudest fart I had ever heard ripped through the building, echoing in the toilet bowl. Seriously, it was like one of the air-powered rattle guns they use in pit lane for the Indy cars that they put the wheel nuts on the cars with! It was followed by another couple of shorter blasts BBTHHHT! BTHHT! Then immediately I heard her get up from the seat, open her stall door then go over to the sinks and turn on a tap and start running water. Apparently she had finished in the stall as I could hear her start to brush her teeth.

My little stream tapered off quickly and I dressed, flushed and walked out of my side. As I did I could see the blonde Mom walking out of the other side and heading off in the other direction.

I was shocked at the volume and violence of her fart. It sounded like she was really forcing it out hard. I take it that she had deliberately gone into the toilet just to fart because she was only in there for a few seconds and didn't wipe or flush so wasn't even trying to poop. I guess that is part of the ettiquette when travelling. You don't exactly want to pass gas when you're travelling in the car with your family or sleeping in a trailer with them. Sneaking away to the toilet and doing it there is the right place I suppose. I was just shocked and I'm sure she didn't think anyone would be able to hear her.

Then later as I was packing my car to leave, she actually came past and stopped and started chatting to me. She seemed nice, quite tall and slim, and was waring a green blouse, dark blue leggings, a wide-brim floppy hat with flowers in it, large dark sunglasses, bright red lipstick and a lot of make-up. She obviously thought a great deal about appearances. She spoke in a very proper voice as she made polite conversation about where they were travelling, where I was working and complimenting me on my job. I stood there the whole time trying not to smirk while thinking about the massive fart she ripped through her tight ass! It's hard to imagine someone like that farting, let alone deliberately forcing one out.

Hi all, long time lucker, first time poster.

I'm a 18 year old guy

about 6'2" tall, short blonde hair, and a musclar body.

well, I was recently in Europe on vacation with my parents. We were traveling through France, and we stoped at a campground for a few days.

I went and checked out the bathrooms, and it was just one room for both the guys and girls, 5 stalls of squat toilets, with about a 1/2 foot gap on the floor.

I was just about to go back to the camp site, when I saw a girl hurring up to the toilets.

I guessed she was about my age, she was about 5'10" tall, with brown hair.

She hurried into the 3rd stall, and I took the 2nd.

I pulled my pants down and squated, while she did the same. First she started out with a long piss, and I thought that maybe that was all she was going to do, but then I started seeing little droplets of poop falling out of her butt.

She then shifted her weight, and actually pointed her butt towards me, which gave me an excellant view, and started pushing out a large turd. It was about 2 feet long, and 3" thick. It took her about 20 secs to push put this turd.

She then started on a second turd, just as wide, but only 1 foot long. this took her about 15 seconds.

She then pushed out what I thought was the tip of a third turd, but actually turned out to be only about 3 inches of a soild turd, then a wave of diaherra.

She had about 5 waves of diaherra, most of which splatterd on the area around the bowl, then was finished.

I have many more stories like this one, and will post them when I have time.

Keith D
To Linda from Australia: I often have trouble pooping when I've been travelling a lot. It seems to be a combination of sitting on a hard seat, eating different foods to usual, and a lack of privacy and opportunities to go. Do you find that this makes your constipation worse? How about when camping out?

home pooper
I'm new here and I'm from Germany.

A few years ago my little brother friend visit us.
A short time later he want play computer.
At this time was the only PC in my room. I let they in. And start the Computer. They wanted play Driver. They drive alternately whan the car damaged. My brother damaged the car very fast and would drive again. But his friend was on the row and they had trouble. My brother won't let him drive and I'm warned him. And hiw wouldn't go away. So I'm warned him again. Than he stood up and and go out of my room and closed the door with the key. His frind and I don't noticed it. He drank a lot. an half hoaur later he has to pee and go to the door and pushed the door latch down. And pulled. But the door don't open. he come back and drove again. At this time I didn't know that he need pee. So he stand up later and go to the door and couldn't open it. At this time he couldn't come back and stand before the door. Than I asked him: "What happend ?" His answer was: "nothing" And come back again and drive again, too. But with one hand in his pants. My question was to him: "Do you need pee?" He says: "yes" My next question was: "Can you hould it?" His answer was yes again. The I stood up again and go to the door. But the door is still closed. Than he turning left and says: "Oh, oh". I asked him again:
Can you hold it and he aswerd again with "yes". But I stand up and searched to everything where he can pee in. I go in the litte secondary room this is a little junk room. And I found there my old potty. I bring it out and this 4 1/2 year old boy peed in this potty and it was complete full with pee. A short time after that my brother come back and opend the door. And his fiend says I won't play with you today . And was the rest from the day with me.
Sorry, for my bad english

Hi all, I have not posted in a while but made an interesting discovery the other day. An old friend of mine from school days about 35 years ago was visiting recently. Now I remember from way back she always said that she never farted and we all laughed it off as being impossible as we all fart. But we never heard her fart and even at school she would have a pee with others but none of us ever heard her shit or fart. After catching up over the years I asked her straight out does she still not fart, and she said never ever. Sometime during her visit we went shopping and at the mall after lunch we decided to go to one last shop before home. While I was busy with the assistant she whispers to me that she is just going to the loo and will meet me at the car. She goes out and I thought this is it I am going to catch her out. I tell the assistant that nothing is suitable and follow her at a discreet distance. She is walking rather briskly so I am sure she needs to shit. She enters the ladies and I give her a second to get into a booth. I go in and we are the only two there, she is shuffling in a cubicle, I assume wiping the seat, she is rather correct, and I enter the booth next to her making sure I keep my feet away from the side where she could recognize my shoes. I hear her sit and nothing happens, I drop my panties and sit, farting a short snorter and then my usual plug and mush followed by a long pee. Wine at lunch. Still nothing next door, I think she is waiting for me to go out, so I say out loud Jill is that you. A sharp intake of breath and she says yes what you doing here? I tell her same as what she is doing to which she answers no just a pee. I decide to trick her by wiping and chatting away as I adjust my clothing and flush. As I wash my hands I say to her see you at the car, to which she says Ok nearly done. I then make a show of opening and closing the door but I stay inside the ladies. I am now silently standing about 4 feet from her cubicle and can hear her exhale as she relaxes. Then all hell breaks loose, a massive fart followed by a torrent of semi liquid shit and air explodes from her arse. This is followed by another wave of shit and a long pee. She sits quietly as small farts and water escape from time to time. The smell is horrific but semi sweet. Eventually she pulls off reams of paper and I hear her move forward on the seat as she wipes vigorously front and back. I hear her curse as she pulls off more paper, obviously not clean yet but eventually she stands and dresses. She flushes and walks out and her mouth drops open as she sees me standing there. She says how could you?? I said to her you my friend and I never believed you about never farting. She said Ok but our secret, it is finally out not even her husband had heard her. I said don't worry it is normal, to which she said not for her. She told me that she had never had a solid shit in her life, she had seen doctors and they just told her that is how her bowels worked. So she also never risked farting and as a result just never did in case she shat herself. So I had tricked my friend into admitting that she did actually fart but always on the loo as sharting was out, and that she always tried to be alone and had held it for long periods if there was someone else in the loo. I said to her but surely people smell it when you are done and know what you have been doing. She said yes that was not a problem but the violent explosion each time she took a shit was what she was shy about!!!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Linda from Australia here again. I've been on a winning streak with my poos lately, apart from last week when I got a bit backed up. I went almost 2 days without pooping.

To Thunder Down From Down Under: It sounds like you are having a hard time with constipation. A work colleague of mine takes pain medication for migranes and she gets backed up quite regularly too. I remember having the runs a few years ago and I took some imodium for it. It stopped the runs but then when I had a decent poo, it was really hard to get out.

Melinda - Thats a terrible experience for somebody, especially her age to go through. Did it happen very often?

I also know of a similar case. A friend of mine was never allowed to use public washrooms but she was never punished for accidents so she seemed to accept it as a last resort. I can remember her on more than one occasion streaking out to the parking lot when we got out of a movie theater so she could pee her pants without a bunch of people seeing her. It didn't seem to upset her too much as long as she wasn't seen by too many people. Although she would get really embarrassed if she had a poop accident.

AJ :-) Loves Russell ;-)
Melinda--I don't care whether or not Carissa has an otherwise good homelife, what she's being put through by her parents is a form of abuse and needs to be reported.

Report it to a non-judgmental person who won't throw the baby out with the bathwater by removing Carissa from her home but, instead, someone who might be able to educate her parents on how traumatic and unhealthy this is.

Why not talk to Carissa sometime to find out if this is the only thing that's going on in her home.

There might be a lot more than you know.


I talked to Russell on Sunday night (our night to kick back and talk for two or three hours) and he told me that he was going to go "take a p***" and get something to drink, and I told him that I was going to do the same.

So, I head for the bathroom first to pee--and as it turns out--poop as well.

But here's what's I was walking in there, it felt as if I might touch cotton.

However, when I sat down, a small length of it came out fairly fast--and then just stuck there like a butt-plug.

I could feel stuff behind it wanting to get out, but it was being held in so that I had to really push it out instead of letting it come out naturally.

It felt good when it was all out, and I cleaned up and flushed as quickly as possible before Russell thought I'd wandered off somewhere and had forgotten about him.

I grabbed some flavored water on my way back into my office and picked up the phone saying, "Sorry I was so long, but I had to take a crap, too."

Russell said, "I really didn't have to know that about you," in that rumbling, sexy voice of his.

This kind of crap happened one or two more times this week, but I've lately gone back to my usual pattern of sitting down and out it slithers--which is what I prefer.


I'm currently working on writing a book, and a friend is expectng me to call in a few minutes to get some technical help with it, so I'm going to end this soon--but not before asking you the question if you find that spanking yourself lightly on the (lower) cheeks helps you not to touch cotton during desperate times. It does me. Wonder why this is true.

I've seen it done by other people--which is how I learned about it and tried it out on myself--so this isn't some kind of original technique.

How many fellow spankers out there?

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Here's a not being able to use the bathroom day in 2nd grade, we had just got back from lunch/recess, and Tina (who was sitting right next to me) asked the teacher if she could go to the bathroom. The teacher refused then went on a tirade (which wasn't unusual for her) and told Tina that she didn't care if Tina peed her pants in class or not. Tina started to cry. I felt sorry for her. I could see how badly the poor girl needed to pee. Somehow, she was able to make it to the end of the day (about 1.5 hours) without peeing in her light blue slacks. But now there was another dilemma. We only had a couple minutes to get to the bus, which was not enough time to pick up her stuff from the cloak room AND go to the bathroom. So I told Tina that I'd get her stuff and meet her at the bus, while she went to the bathroom. We became good friends after that through the 3rd grade, until unfortunately her family moved out of town.

Good stories
Mina and amy, both of you had good stories.

Mina, could you tell us more about your dump standing on the toilet, did it smell stronger than usual?

not too "petite pooper"
I used to post under the name "petite pooper" but I've gotten much larger since
TO: concerned might be a (uninary tract infection) UTI..I had one and I kept it a secret from my mom for fear of her think ing I was sexually active or something. Plus I was 12 at the time. I'm 20 now.

Hey everyone, I have a story to share. About myself, I am a 12 year old hair with wheat blond hair and blue eyes, eat a raw diet and am skinny. I am homeschooled.

Anyway, when I was 5, I was in a kindergarten where it was just 2 teachers and about 12 students, all kindergarteners. So one day, we were sitting at little desks, where there was one kid on one side of each desk and another kid on the oppposite of the desk. I was the oldest in the class except for one girl who was about seven and we were coloring at the desks. I was on the side of a desk where my back was facing the area where the teachers were sitting. However the teachers couldn't see my back because their was a large bookcase blocking it.

So, I believe sometime after lunchtime, I got the urge to poop. I was fully potty trained, but was shy to ask to go the bathroom. That was silly because you didn't even have to ask. I was just very shy back then, and had NEVER pooped in that school bathroom OR even got the urge to poop there before. This was the first time I got the urge. Anyway, some kids were coloring and some were playing on the floor,I was sitting at a desk putting a puzzle together. By the way I WASN'T wearing underwear, just a pair of leggings and a longsleeved shirt. When I got the urge, I got up and puttered around anxiously trying to decide whether to go to the bathroom and poop in the toilet or see if I could hold it in until the end of schoolday. After about 15 or 20 minutes, I couldn't hold it in anymore. Let me remind you I wasn't wearing underwear. THEN, I stood against the bookcase and did it. Warm, soft mushy poo filled my pants, which were soft, stretchy and light colored cotton leggings. It came out for as long as a minute,and it wasn't hard or dry, but mushy, brown and very soft and warm. Not diarrhea though, I never get diarrhea. For a minute on and off. I let the first round come out, and tried to hold in the rest, so the smell and bulge wouldn't be obvious. But that wasn't possible, it kept coming out of my butt that I tried to squeeze together. School wasn't over for another 2 hours.... OH NO!!!!!! My poo filled pants were bulging out a bit, and the smell wasn't bad, but obvious. I went back to the chair and tried to sit down without mushing it. Then, as a result of not being able to sit down properly, one kid said,"Did you poop your pants?" I said, No way because it was two hours, the school had no replacement undies or pants, and didn't want to get in trouble with the teachers who were always screaming at the kids for doing stuff like that. So I just sat down and mushed it in. Wow, I can't believe I survived that long. And then came recess, oh God Was I dreading that. I had to go on the swing by myself for 30 minutes with a poop filled pants. Yuck. And when we gt back my mother (she was very nice) changed me before we got home. Comment if you liked my story.

OMG!! I have a strange pleasure of liking the feeling of having to pee. Like, I like to test my control and see how long I can go, is that wierd?? Hope I'm not the only one out there!Anyone know how to make another person need to pee really bad? I'm thinkin about playin a joke on a friend of mine!

nick - id love to hear about ur close friend's stories either poop or pee

I use to date this girl back when I was 15 who was also my age. She had the typical parents that basically threaten to kill me if I touched their daughter. When we would go out on dates I noticed she never went to the bathroom. One time she was squirming very badly. I asked her if she wanted me to stop so she could pee. She told me she was fine. I asked her why she never went to the restroom when we were out. I kept pressing the issue and finally showed me why. Her pants were sewn with thread! I found out before I would pick her up her mom would sew her pants up so she couldn't remove them in case we decided to have sex. Basically if the thread was broken her parents would know (assume) she had sex. So she couldn't pee when we were out and had to hold it until I brought her home. Anyway I found out the time we went to Six Flags for a day her pants were sown and that was why she kept saying she didn't need to pee. I felt so bad for her and wanted to tell her parents off. I actually did finally tell them off for something else and ended up punching her dad out only because he attacked me for telling them off. They called the police, but I was long gone and nothing ever came of it. I wish I could have smacked her mom too for doing that to her.

i've read so much here about those buddy dumps and now i have had one!
at a library i really like to go to nearby where i live, there are... you know those bathrooms in public that aren't public? the ones that, when you go in, you see a sink, a toilet, and that's it? well at this library there are two of those, side by side. with apparently thin walls. i was with my best friend (for anonimity's sake let's call her jamie) at that library after going out for lunch at a restuarant called Milestones. we both ate more than we probably should have and we were both looking through the shelves for something good we could read together (yeah we like to do that.. we're nerds, call us what you will) and she said 'my stomach feels like it's going to explode, i need the washroom, like, right now.'. i touched my own stomach and it felt heavyish too, so i decided i'd go too. well we headed off, and right before we both took our keys and went into our seperate bathrooms, i said to her 'see you in ten minutes' she said 'half an hour, okay.' and then we both went inside.
the bathroom itself looked pretty clean (i guess obnoxious vandalizers who like to steal toilet paper don't go to libraries often) although it smelled like poo but worse. like poo after you've been really really sick. anyways, as i checked the toilet seat for wet marks, i heard jamie in the other bathroom ripping her jeans down and slamming her butt on the toilet seat. i figured that the walls were thin and i'd better be quiet, so i slowly pulled my pants down and sat on the relitively clean toilet. i pushed a bit on my ???? to get it going, and immeditely felt the monster moving down. i had to push to get it through - hard to believe it was once pasta, right - then it got stuck about halfway, stretching my hole, then it got sucked back in and i sighed. then i pushed even more, making those 'constipated pushing noises' that i make sometimes, and then i heard jesse quite clearly from the other bathroom, saying 'beth, are you oKAY?'. i was shocked she could hear me. so i figured if we both ate too much and were both going to be on our individual thrones for a while, why not have a conversation? i remembered back to when i was little and sometimes when i was constipated, or even when i just refused to poo because i was being stubborn, my mom would sit me down on the toilet, and the door would be unlocked so people could come in and out as they pleased .. i didn't mind it at first, but soon enough (Around the time i decided i should poo when i have to poo) i felt really embarassed being seen on the toilet mostly because they were just in to wash their hands or something and i'd just be sitting there. i don't know how to explain it really. but anyways, we were both pooing so there was nothing to be embarassed about. i just tried to keep my noises quiet. we talked about stuff and eventually decided on a book (Tom Sawyer!). i finished up first as guessed. she suggested she'd slide the key under the door and i could come in and keep her company. i said no at first but when i got out and the library was empty and no one could see, i just said sure and went in. it was so weird! i was on the non-sitting end of the sitting-on-the-toilet-embarassment. and jamie was not embarassed at all!
joy to the world, EVERYBODY poops!


Shannon Rae
to Tessa:
Although I'm a few years older than you, I can so relate to what you say. I still go through that sitting "situation" almost every morning and my current boyfriend and his 8 year daughter from his previous marriage are of very little help. Like you, we have a small, one-bathroom apartment and she is almost always running late for some lame reason. In my case, I have a 45 minute train trip to my office building and it's a challenge two or three days a week to hold my BM until I get there. My best situation is to go at home, but I have to do it before 5:30 a.m. when they get up. There are times when I will sit for 10 or 15 minutes thinking it's about to come when she's knocking on the door or he needs to get in for the shower. Then it's all over for me, if you know what I mean, and I have to vacate. Two days ago, my immediate urge came during a hold-over at my first transfer stop. I probably had about three minutes to get my self down or I would have soiled my suitpants. Only three of six stalls were open and over the past couple months I've just given up looking in on each and doing a comparison & contrast of the conditions. I just make a selection, go in and I'm usually able to lift myself off the filthy seat after about 10 seconds. Yes, a couple of my friends are envious, too! Luckily, there was toilet paper available; otherwise, I just wait and clean myself when I get to my office building. This morning the train was doing a lot more jerking and by my second transfer stop I had to go in. There was a line and the lady before me overflowed the toilet. Again, there was no time to go to the back of the line, but I was thankful that I had hard shoes on as I pulled down my thong and reluctantly placed my butt on the seat which for some reason, by comparison at least, was quite warm. My crap was large and as I moved forward on the toilet during my one big push, my right shoe slipped in the water and almost threw me off to the side of the toilet. I was lucky to have kept my balance. It didn't help that the seat was loose and slide a ways with me. There was enough toilet paper for two wipes--about half of what I needed--some the remainder of the cleaning I did at the office.

Keith D
Dear Anny: I've suffered a similar problem to you for most of my life (now in my late 20s). I was constipated for my entire childhood and most of my teens. I've written about it on here a lot. I only pooped once or twice a week. And then I really had to struggle and strain to get it out. The urge was always very weak.

Yes it is a very lonely condition and most people don't seem to understand. People that can just sit and drop are soooo lucky...

I often used to get the bloating thing too. Made me feel so uncomfortable and awkward. The whole ordeal really effects self-esteem. I felt like a freak. I didn't realised that I had a physical condition. I thought I was doing something wrong. Like I didn't know how to poop properly or something! No doctor was able to give any diagnosis and I soon gave up on that route. I possibly do have some form of IBS or gut motility thing. Doctors just weren't interested. And it certainly wasn't my diet. No matter what I eat, I never get a strong urge. Can't say my family was that sympathetic either. I got in trouble and yelled at if I had yet another accident where wet poop squeezed out into my pants because a big hard lump was bunging me up.

I've never tried laxatives or fibre supplements or enemas or anything. My parents wouldn't allow it and I guess in retrospect it was probably a good thing as I would have become totally dependent.

Although I have never been "cured" I have overcome the problem to the extent that I can now force out a poop almost daily with little grief. With a lot of practice I managed to work out a "position" to sit in that made pooping a lot easier. It just made it easier to get some pressure in my rectum to squeeze it out. It's still an effort but only a slight one and I can get done in about 5 mins now.

It's a hard life but you're not the only one at least. There seem to be many on this site.

Hang in there!

Well, I'm finished another year. Thankfully this finals period I had no rebellion from my body. I just wanted to check in and let you know I survived. I have one story from yesterday. I was studying for my last final and was putting off going to pee. I didn't want to break the concentration because with my ADD I never get back on track...anyway, I finally couldn't wait any longer so I unplugged my laptop and threw it in its little bag leaving everything else in the lounge. Well, no sooner had I got up than a professor came out of her office and walked by me. While walking the 20 feet to the bathroom, she was asking me about my summer plans and stuff. When I opened the bathroom door she came in as well. I took the furthest stall (of 3) and she took the first one leaving the middle one open. She kept asking me questions while we were in there. Because I had been holding it so long, I had to push to get going so I noticed where there was a strain in my voice answering a question. I hope she didn't notice. I'm really not one for chatting while I'm in there...anyway, I had a real gusher that was loud and strong and long and I felt somewhat uncomfortable that she was in there. I had almost finished when she started peeing as well. When I was done I washed my hands and left without really saying anything. I could hear her rustling with the paper. After I got back it was about another 5 minutes before she came back but I don't know if this was all in the bathroom or if she went somewhere else. It was just really weird. I'm glad I didn't have to poop because I don't know if I could have been able to. I hate going when there are people in the bathroom. Yesterday I went at school but it was before the incident I just described. I was having a study group and I was going to go when my classmates got there (so I didn't have to bring the computer with me) and they wanted to get right into it. After about ten or fifteen minutes I was very uncomfortable so I jumped up and said "I'll be right back." and went into the bathroom. I had taken the first stall and there was someone in the bathroom. But I couldn't wait because I had to go pretty badly that it was painful and also because my group was waiting for me and we didn't have much time left to study. I could feel the enormous pressure in my rectum to the point of discomfort, so I pushed and let out 2 little balls (that were very audiable) while the other woman was washing up. Then she left as I released a monster about 2 inches by 10 inches that was two shades of brown in a marbled pattern, smooth but you could see the knobbly part too. It felt soooooo good to get that out. I passed two or three residual tiny pieces, wiped and flushed, washed up and was back to my study group with no one the wiser that I had just given birth to Mr. Hankey because the whole process took maybe four minutes including "travel" to the bathroom.

to concerned parent,
i honestly believe there isn't much to be concerned about. so she peed her pants... lots of kids do. if it continues, maybe it's a bladder problem or something more serious that i can't help you with, but it's most likely just her losing control, maybe not wanting to actually excuse herself to go. accidents happen. also, it may surprise you, but if it has happened before, she probably didn't want to tell you. if i'd peed my pants, it wouldn't be my first priority to go up to my mom and say, 'hey! guess what i did today!' an accident isn't a teen's proudest moment. i say leave her alone about it for a while. if it happens again, confront her and suggest taking her to a doctor... i think.

i went into the bathroom today to pee after just coming home, and the toilet was full of toilet paper, and below that, a huge load of poo. someone in my own house neglected flushing! i peed over it, and flushed only hoping that it wouldn't overflow.

To MN Guy--re flushing. I wipe sitting down, throw the paper in the bowl, stand up, pull up my pants and do the buttons/belt/etc, turn around and yes I do look. If I am at a home, I flush normally with my hand. If I am in a public restroom, I will flush with my foot. Does that help?

Voice of Reason
Melinda, while I'm not a law major, it only takes common sense to know that it's child abuse to not allow a child to use the bathroom and then to punish when said child can't hold it any longer, regardless of whether said punishment is corporal, verbal, withholding of privileges, or anything else.

I would recommend that this be brought to the attention of a higher power, such as a school guidance counselor, even if it's embarrassing to talk about it, because that is the seriousness of this situation.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

So I brought up the the story from seventh grade to candice. I asked her why she didn't ask to go to the bathroom when she had time to. Her original excuse was that she was shy, but when I probed a little more she gave me a surprising answer. She said that the timing was an accident, but the accident itself wasn't so much an accident. She paused and blushed before she responded. She said that her friend Sarah (not her actual name) had sort of a thing for pooping her panties. She said that one night while she was at sarah's house, sarah had an "accident" and candice (being the curious girl she is) asked her what it felt like to poop her panties. Sarah said that it would be hard for her to understand unless candice did it herself.

Remember that this is candice's account, so this probably doesn't include all of the details.

She said that when she was in school the next day, she felt the urge to poop right after second to last bell, but she didn't have enough time to go use the restroom. Her urge apparently went away a little into class. But then the urge came back a little before the end, but this time it was very strong. She said she considered going to the bathroom but remembered what sarah said. She Said that she had about 10 minutes left until the bathroom deadline, and she was trying to either build up the courage to poop her panties, or ask to go to the bathroom. She said that when the deadline passed. She knew that she wouldn't be able to hold it untill she got home. She said that that was when she lifted her butt and pooped her patns. She said that she actually somewhat enjoyed the experience and commented about how it felt (I won't give those details). She said when class was over she sort of saw me following her and got nervous. But then she realized that this was her opportunity. (turns out she had a crush on me too!) she said she found my arousal amusing but didn't connect it to the fact that she had pooped her pants. She said she knew that teenage boys were rather inexperienced at controlling themselves at that age. When we got off the bus she said that she actually thought I didn't know she had had an accident untill I mentioned it.

When she was done explaining it, she asked "I bet you enjoyed it didn't you?" as she grinned. She then sat up as I heard a crackling noise as her shorts bulged out. She finished and sat back down carefully as I heard a quiet squish. There was still a smile on her face. I was shocked. We then continued our conversation. For another hour or so and I helped her clean up afterwards. When we were finished in the bathroom, we hugged and she said in my ear that she misses being my girlfriend. We discussed it for a while and I agreed and we are now dating again. I hope this wasn't too long. Happy pooping.

Hi there I just found this site because I was looking for information for my best friend Carissa. I will just give a breif description of her since shes the one with the problem. We are both 13. she has long curly brown hair that she usually keeps in pigtails, she is average height and weight. Anyways I was reading the more recent posts and I saw Brittany's post about her parents refusing to let her use public restrooms and having to hold it until she gets home. This is EXACTLY what Carissa's parents make her do. She has learned to always go before she leaves her house but quite often she has to go again before she gets home. I've tried a million times to talk her into using public toilets or to just go in the bushes.. but she is too afraid her parents will find out some how. The worst part is if she has an accident. She gets a spanking if it happens twice in the same week. Not to mention the humiliation of peeing and/or pooping her pants usually in front of other people. The last time that I know for sure it happened was when her mom took us shopping in the city. It was a 45 minute drive to the mall and on the way there I noticed her fidgeting a bit but it wasnt until we were pulling into the mall parking lot that I found out for sure why. As her mother was pulling into a parking spot Carissa asked her mother if she could please use the malls restrooms because she didnt think she could hold it until she got back home. Her mother is very strict and when she told Carissa "ABSOLUTELY NOT" I felt so sorry for her. We had only been in the mall for 15-20 minutes when it became clear that Carissa wouldnt be able to hold it until she got home. I doubted that she would even last another 10 minutes. She was wearing a light pink pair of sweats that were tight enough that I could see the lines from her full cut panties underneath. After about 10 more minutes I knew she was about to lose control and I asked her if she was ok and she started crying.. her face flushed bright red and she froze in her tracks. She tried to use her hand to hold her bum closed but it was pointless and she covered her face with both hands instead and she turned away in shame. This gave me a perfect view of her butt. There was only a small golfball sized bump at first, but in less than 20 seconds the bulge was larger than a softball. Her load was wet enough to stain thru her panties turning the seat of her pink sweats a light brown color. The second she stopped pooping herself her bladder released. She just stood there crying with pee running down both legs. She was standing in a huge yellow puddle and this softball sized brown bulge on her butt, there was no less than 30 different people watching her at this point. Finally her mom noticed what had happened. She didnt yell or get angry she just grabbed Carissa by her wrist and led her out to the car. Carissa was sobbing as she walked thru the mall either because of the embarassment or the fear of the spanking she would get later. Carissa had to sit on newspapers in the back seat for the 45 minute ride. When she got home her dad spanked her 30 swats with a ping pong paddle. I have never gone anywhere with them since then because i was really uncomfortable. I told my parents but they said that her parents can toilet train their kids however they see fit. Anyways I am not sure what to do. other than this one thing... Carissa has a very good home life. So unless she asks me to tell the authorities about it I am not going to get involved. The only time I was ever punished for something like this was the time that I purposely wet my pants in detention so I could get sent home. My dad grilled me until I admitted it was intentional and then he spanked me pretty bad for it.

Matt's story about not being allowed to use public restrooms brought back a lot of bad memories. I remember vividly long car trips with no stops and not being allowed to even ask if I really had to go. I was luck that I had a strong bladder and could hold it but several times it hurt so bad I actually felt sick I needed to go so bad. I can still remember my bladder pounding and not being able to enjoy anything going on around me using all my strength to hold it in. Even shopping trips could be a problem as we were never allowed to find a bathroom in a store or other places. One time when I was about 8 we were out in a nearby community in a new strip mall. I began to feel the pressure and knew it would be a long day if I didn't go soon. That time I didnt want to try and hold it, so I told my parents I was going outside to "play." The strip mall was against a hill and I luckily found a place to relieve myself. I went but was nervously looking around to make sure my parents weren't watching. I kind of knew that time I would probable have an accident if I didn't go. Despite several torturus moments, I never wet my pants. I think I was pretty luckly. Since then I've done some work with kids (mostly adolescents) and try to be aware of their needs. I always find a bathroom when they need to do and don't make them wait because I know the feeling. I was pee shy for may years and afraid to tell anybody if I had to go, even if I could barely wait. By the time I was in college it became a little easier and now I don't even care. But for many years, longs trips and outings could be rutal. Matt, I feel your pain.

concerned parent
last night i was sitting in the family room with my teenage daughter and husband and the television was on. my daughter suddenly started acting strange and i asked her what was wrong and she mumbled and rushed off. when she got up, there was a large wet stain on her bottom. there was also a large wet stain on the couch where she was sitting and it smelled like urine. i was shocked, and she refuses to talk about it. i don't understand how she was just sitting there watching television and suddenly wet her pants. i don't believe this has happened to her before and if it has she has kept it a secret. what may have brought this on?

My boyfriend and I got our first apartment and moved in together two weeks ago. We are both 18 and the apartment is like all the efficiency units in our building--small. But we're saving money since I'm in my freshman year of college and he doesn't make much money delivering auto parts. While he's sensitive to my needs and feelings, (he asks permission to come into the bathroom and shave while I'm on the toilet) and I'm OK with that because he gets docked if he's just two or three minutes late in punching the time clock. He has, however, started teasing me while he's shaving about me spending too much time on the toilet. The issue for me is that I like to spend a little more time sitting hoping that I can poop before I run for the train. The toilets in the subway are atrocious; the last time I used one I swore my butt stuck to the seat for a couple of seconds and there was no toilet paper to wipe with. If I were able to hold my crap until I reached campus, there's usually a line for each of the stalls in the student center and also in arts & science hall where the first of my three back-to-back classes are. My boyfriend brags that he doesn't have any trouble crapping at the gas stations or auto parts stores on his route, but I don't know exactly how I can help him see my perspective. My grandma used to talk about the need to "break a man in". Do any of the rest of you have a situation like this?

your nameBob
I've been having trouble with water or pee in the front of the bowl on the floor i've tried sitting and i'm not peeing out of the bowl. Can the seal be leaking in the front and cold my weight be a diffence ? [350 lbs] iCHECK AND THE MAT IS WET A LITTLE IN FRONT OF THE TOLIET AT TIMRES BUT THE BOWL IS ALWAYS DRY. I DON'T FEEL I'M PEEING ON THE FLOOR....COULD IT BE THE SEAL ? PLEASE ANY HELP WOULD BE GREAT. THANK YOU BOB

I Have another story to share again its about my GF

Yesterday i was at her house and we were talking and she looked uncomfertable and she was holding her bum when i noticed i asked if she was ok she said "yeah fine" another hour went by and there was a huge wet fart a loud one that came from my gf and she started crying and asked me to quickly pull down her knickers and trousers i did and i looked into them and saw a big shart in her knickers while i was looking she asked me to take her to the bathroom and i did so i was taking her bum and fanny naked to the toilet. we got there and i sat her on the toilet and i was about to leave when she said "no don t leave." i said ok and she started pooing she let of loads of farts and i heard 7 plops and she was done she asked me to wipe her and i said sure and i wiped her and she farted on my hand really cheeky lol. afterwards she let off another fart but she was still bum naked and she said take me to the bathroom i said ok and she said wait i can t move so i carried her she was farting all the way when we got to the toilet i could see a turd half out and she sat down and proceeded to fart and poo at the same time. when she was done i asked if she was alright and she said yeah and we kissed and hugged and then i asked what did you eat and she said "well ive had to macdonalds in the past week and i haven t pooed in the last week!" i said ok then we went back into her room

To Daniel
that was a cool story about the girl pooping her pants during class and you eventually wound up dating her. i had a very good friend in middle and high school who i never dated, but we were pretty close and i wanted to date her but she never would date me. it was one of those annoying deals where we were such good friends and knew so much about each other that she said "it would be weird" to date, but whatever. anyway, she was really good looking, but she was casual and cool about it like a girl next door she didnt go flaunting her good looks all the time. she was just a natural beauty which i really liked and she had a really nice butt. anyway, her and used to go for these long walks a lot and just talk about random things and it was always a good time. and because we were so close she wasn't shy to let her body do it's thing if she had to do. she would burp a lot around me an occasionally she would fart. we'd be walking and she would just stop for a second and i would hear like 2 or 3 little farts and she would sigh in relief and continue walking, i think she thought it was funny. she wouldn't dare do that around others though i dont think she ever did that when we were with anyone else just went it was the 2 of us. anyway, one day were on a walk. i had been gazing at her butt a lot while we walked because she had this great pair of light blue jeans on with no pockets on the back and they hugged her butt so well i looked great. also the back of her t shirt didn't cover all of her back and i could see the edge of her panties which were like mint green and frilly. i complimented her on her butt all the time so she knew i liked it so she didn't mind me staring at it while we walked. so we were walking and she stopped for a second like she was gonna fart. i didn't hear her fart though and she got a nervous look on her face. then continued walking. i asked her what was the matter. she said "um. dont freak out but i think i'm gonna s*** my pants." i said "why do you think that? are you ok?" she said "i just tried to fart but i pooped a little bit and now i have to go really bad i think it's diarrhea. i had it yesterday and i almost sh** my pants twice yesterday." i said "well we can hurry up and get back to your house" and we started walking. she kept mumbling "oh god oh god oh god" and she was walking really funny. i got a little bit behind her and she had a tiny wet brown stain on the middle of her butt, so it was definitely pretty runny poop to stain all the war through her panties and jeans and make a wet spot. i asked her how she was holding up and she said "dude i dont know if i can hold it anymore im gonna explode in my pants". we kept walking fast but we were still a ways from her house. i asked her if she had to go the whole time we were walking and she said no she just suddenly got that cramp and thought it was just a fart but she started to poop instead and after that she really had to go. i asked her if that ever happened before, and she went "aaaagggh i can't hold it anymore" and she winced and ripped this really loud bubbly fart. i was still behind her and it looked like she was peeing her pants because the poop was so liquidy. this huge wet spot just spread across her butt super fast and ran down her thighs, then her pants started to turn brown in the middle of her butt. she squatted down and continued with these nasty farts. i could hear a squishing kind of sound as the crap spread around in her panties and jeans. she kept groaning. i said "are you gonna be allright" and she said "yeah im almost done". she was still squatting when i heard a splattering noise. pee we leaking from her jeans and splashing onthe sidewalk. i guess she figured she already had diarrhea in her pants what difference does it make if she pees them too. she finally seemed to be finished. she mumbled "good god" and stood up slowly. her face was bright red and her eyes were a little teary. she looked at me and she smiled sheepishly and said "well that sure wasn't my best moment. god this is embarassing im sorry" and i just said "hey, it's me. don't worry about it." she said "yeah i know i know..but still..i just peed out of my ass in my pants right in front of you...its pretty humbling dude. damn diarrhea." she asked me how bad her pants were in the back. her entire butt was wet and it was wet down the back of her legs. i said "it looks more like you pissed your pants except theres a pretty big sh** stain on your ass." she said "ew. god its running down my legs too." there was little drops of brownish liquid all over the sidewalk near her feet leaking out of the ankles of her jeans. she said "i'm afraid to even move god". i had 2 shirts on so i took one off and let her wrap it around her waist to cover her butt so she could at least hide the brown stain. we contiued on and she waddled the rest of the way leaving a trail of little drops of brown liquid. we laughed about it and made fun of the whole situation the rest of the way because it seemed to be making her feel better. i quipped "well hey now you can say you know what it feels like to sh** your pants." and she admitted to me that she already knew. she confessed to me that it was the third time in her teenage life that she crapped herself. she told me that the day before, when she had said to me earlier that she "almost" did it in her pants twice, she actually did go in her pants one time. she said she was half asleep on the couch and woke up with some crap leaking into her underwear and she bolted to the bathroom but totally sh** her pants before she could get to the toilet. so it was the 2nd time in 2 days she had the runs in her pants. she also told me when she was 14, in the summer her family went to florida and drove the whole way. the were going through virginia and there was just nothing and she had to take a crap, but her dad didn't want to stop until they got somewhere with restaurants and gas stations so they could all take a break. her dad is pretty stubborn about driving so she just tried to hold it in and didn't bother asking again. she said she asked him again to stop when it was starting to poke out and he said "there's a town in 10 minutes hold on." she was "praire dogging" it for like 2 more minutes before she couldn't hold it anymore and went in her pants. she said that one felt a lot different than the latest 2 accidents because it was a solid normal poop. she said it felt squishy and comfortable under her butt at first but after a couple minutes it hit her that she had a load in her pants and she got mad at her dad and got upset.

anyway, we finally got to her house and she told me she was just gonna get in the shower with all her clothes on and laughed. i wished i could get in the shower with her but i didnt have the balls to say that to her. anyway i watched her waddle in to house with her messy pants and i said bye. i headed home thinking about how much i wanted to date her even more now that i witnessed her having an accident and learned that she has a history of pooping her pants. but unfortunatley we never dated and she never pooped her pants in front of me again. now we're at different colleges and don't talk much, but maybe we'll reuinte some day

Dump Bud
Greg - My all-time favorite of your offerings here is your encounter with the young dude you characterized as the Anti-Zip, who not only wasn't looking for a Dump Bud, but dreaded having a comrade even in the same room, who could even hear him urgently relieving himself, who could even see his feet reacting during the Main Event, and who would empty himself in a non-empty Mens Room only when his so badly needed toilet took over and gave him no choice.

Have you ever come across any other dudes like him, either through a personal sighting or hearing about an experience like that, and would you be so generous as to share it with your fans? Thanks in advance, bud, from a very grateful reader.

For those of you who'd like to read about Anti-Zip, Greg's post is in the archives, page 1463.

Daniel: Great story! Watching her poop her pants in class and then getting to sit next to her on the bus - I'd have been excited too. Heck, I got excited in 6th grade when the girl I had a crush on who sat next to me (and our desks were together), her fly was down. But no stories like yours though.

Jenna: Couldn't agree more! Kids shouldn't be forced to hold it for hours, as that can cause serious harm. As you said - go to the bathroom and if you can't do that, go in your pants. And they should not be punished or scolded for wetting their pants either, another thing that happens far too often.

Here we go again...trying to find solutions to my constipation problems! Well just in case anyone does not know me on here, I'm 21 (22 next month), slim, 5'9"...and I suffer from IBS-C and have ever since I was a very young child. Even as a baby I had problems going to the washroom and as such my mom had to insert a suppository up my little bum. As a little kid I would sit in the washroom for up to 45 minutes writhing and straining and stomping my feet to get the damn poop out....despite eating a VERY healthy diet! My mother would have to give me laxatives to try to produce anything. When I would go it would be 3 and 4 days at a time and would be very painful.

Now I'm almost 22 and still suffering from this blasted problem. Only my family knows about it and they sympathize but can't do anything about it. My friends don't know I have it or even that the disease exists...they know I'm sick a lot of the time because of it. I'm constantly complaining of nausea and a sick, bloated stomach and the sensation to throw up. I know they're my friends but I don't want them to treat me any different or think I'm weird.

My doctor does not take me seriously either. She's sent me in for tests and everything comes back negative. She thinks it's all in my head. Well, no...then my head would be bloated! She "thinks" it's IBS. What does she know? She sent me in for only a gastroscopy...which came back negative and had me do a fecal sample which also came back negative. She didn't bother with the other tests.

The thing's not "in my head." It's VERY MUCH in my body and REALLY ruining my life. I'm thin but have this bloated distended GUT because of it. I've tried medications, different types of drops, fibre, you name it. Nothing so far has really worked. She concluded it as a gut motility disorder but didn't really help. I don't like feeling fat. I constantly have to hold in gas because my stomach is always bubbly and making awful noises. I don't like straining for up to 20 minutes in the bathroom.

So now I'm going to try my own method. Tomorrow I plan on going to Walmart and the grocery store to buy a jar of Benefibre (this clear powder you can mix into any drink, or chewable orange tablets), a tub of Activia yogurt and lots of water, Special K and fruit and see if it helps start regulating me.

The past few days I've had a really sore bloated sick stomach. Yesterday I went out with my friends for breakfast and my jeans just barely fit because my stomach was so distended. I think the milk I had in my tea at the restaurant was bad because I had tons of bubbles in my stomach and had to force myself to hold the gas in on the bus. The stomach cramps got worse when I got home to the point I almost cried when I tried to move because it hurt so much. I had a bowl of Special K and that helped a bit. I went poo twice...the first time was a hard log and the second one was softer. It didn't help completely though.

There's nothing out of the ordinary with my diet. I eat fairly healthy and try to drink as much water as I can stand. So I will have to see how I do with the fibre tablets, cereal, water, fruit and Activia added to my diet.

Sigh...IBS sucks. And I would give ANYTHING to not feel sick, exhausted, bloated, gassy, etc anymore.

If this doesn't work...I don't know what will.

Any fellow IBS-C or IBS-D sufferers here?


The R Man
To the guy who posted about going through a "drnking alot of water and hold it as long I can" phase:

That was so cute!:) Do you have more stories like that of when you where little? If so, we would love to hear more:)

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