To Phillipe: The old girlfriend was definately not into the same things that I was, which was very frustrating for me. I caught her one time, and she was very embarrassed so I left the room. (It was a real stinky one too!) Generally, I could get away with it because she was so tom-boyish. I have several good stories about her, but 4 great ones in particular. I'll share them later. I'm envious of you being able to rub your wife's back in the bathroom. I approached my wife about my hidden desires, and came out of the "Water closet" so to speak. Surprisingly, she did'nt think I was weird or anything. I don't think I'm weird or anything either! Your wife, with her questions, may just be trying to get a little more insight to you. When I started to tell my wife (which was hard), she already knew it. She had sensed it. Women are highly evolving and sensitive human beings. The world is a much better place because of them. Bye!

David W.
I have really enjoyed the pee stories from the last couple of days, now I will share one myself. When I was in kindergarten, I needed to go to the bathroom but there was only about 10 minutes left till the end of the day so the teacher told me to wait. This I could do without any problem. When class let out I went towards the boys room but there was a crowd of older boys around it. I figured that that would be trouble so I decided to go ahead and wait till I got to my neighbors house who was going to baby-sit me that day rather than try to run their gauntlet and risk wetting my pants in front of them. I got outside the school building and walked down the street to the babysitters house. When I still had about half a block to go I really started to get uncomfortable. I then got the stupid idea that if I ran the rest of the way I would get there faster and relieve myself that much quicker. I didn't get very far at all, when the desire became ten times more urgent and for the first time in this ordeal I started dancing and had to grab my dick to try to hold it back. The urge subsided a bit and I maintained control. I thought well if I start running again I'll make it this time without anymore pee dances. WRONG! This time it urgency did not subside, it got worse and worse. With still guite a distance left to go I asked myself if it was worth trying to hold it in. The answer was no. This was not a case where I had to go bad and the next thing I knew my pants were wet. No, I just let loose in my pants as if I were at the toilet. Immediately, the voice of humiliation and shame said WHAT ARE YOU DOING! YOU ARE WETTING YOUR PANTS! I then tried to stop but could only do so for a few seconds. The urgency then returned stronger than ever. I thought well my pants are a little wet anyhow so I let loose again for quite a few seconds. The last remaining shred of dignity made me stop again. If I had to I could have held the rest in and made to the 'sitter but I was still very unconfortable and by now my pants were throughly wet so what difference did it make? I finished peeing in my pants. The upside was my parents didn't get mad and my classmates didn't find out about it. The downside was there was no change of clothes at the 'sitters' so I had to spend the whole afternoon in wet pants.

I posted a while back about wetting myself on the motorway,well ive got another embarassing story,ive started to wet the bed which on occasions have not only woke me, but my wife as well,i tried to explain to her that because of the deep sleep i go into its hard to tell if im peeing for real or dreaming,anyway i just thougt id share this with you guys,ive also started wetting when i go out for any long periods of time,its just i hang on to long,my wife suggests rubber pants ,what are your views. anyway keep up the great posts,ive got some good childhood pee stories to share on my next post

few years ago, while on vacation, I saw something I had not seen before, although most probably have here. I was using the bathroom at a national park, and while I was peeing, a boy of about 12 or so came up and just started going. It did not start fast or anything, but it kept on going and going and going. I left after about 20 seconds, but about a minute later I came back in because I had left my jacket inside. I saw a stream still coming out, still steady. He continued for about 15 more seconds before finally coming to a halt. I could only imagine how swollen a bladder he had had. Then, as I was washing my hands, I was using it again, a boy of about 10 came in, who I later found out was the first person's younger brother. He walked over to the urinal, except that he stood about 5-7 feet in front of it, and started peeing, and kept it up for about 15 seconds. I couldn't believe it. He was standing almost three-fourth's of the way to the other wall, and was peeing away. I remember thinking about just how long they had been forced to hold it before they had been able to go. I asked him after he was finished if he felt better, and he said "yes" with a huge sense of relief. Relief is an understatement.

I remember reading a story here about a girl's boyfriend who wasn't too keen on this subject but ended up wetting his pants when she tickled him, and she didn't know about it until later. Was I just hallucinating? I can't seem to find that story at all. I wish that there was a search that you could do with this forum, it would make accessing things you know you've read so much easier. Saw a gardener peeing in his pants today, it was kind of amusing because he was standing there about to turn on the sprinkler (I suppose as an excuse for his appearance), but I actually *SAW* his pants get wet. I guess he just couldn't hold it! I liked that, a funny little sight to see.

Friday, May 08, 1998

Earlier today while I was in the exercise place at the university, I had a mild urge to move my bowels. I went in to the bathroom and peeked through the crack of the stall. I just saw the toilet and assumed it was empty. I tried to open the door and found it was locked. I was thinking about crawling under the stall to open it, assuming that a small kid used it then crawled under to get out. As soon as the thought entered my mind a man with a foreign accent said he was in there. I apologized and he forgave me. Susan, this is one time someone peeked through the crack and got a wrong idea. The next time feet will have to be checked.

Please describe the sensations you feel when you need to go to the bathroom.

Pooper-Snooper: thanks for your response. I too agree that the entire act is a turn on and that's why I always look forward to taking my next good, healthy dump. The Texas rest stop story was a classic, something I fantasize about happening to me someday. Ryan: any interesting J.C.Penney stories to tell us? Keith: are you still around? Your stories were always so interesting and descriptive.

Silent Spice: If your mom really said those things to you about your graduation, then I'm sorry. Just bear in mind that you are the one who's graduating, and you are the one who's a winner! On an occassion like that, everyone and everything else just comes in second! Have a good one.

To Pooper-Snooper: I loved your account of your girlfriend of the time taking a s....Has she ever expressed surprise or embarassment at you always being there when she was on the throne, or were you at any time afraid that she would discover your attraction for her pooping sessions? I share the same interest as you do over female pooping habits and now regularly "assist" my pregnant wife for her pooping. When I say "assist", I mean that she regularly calls me on to rub her helps the motion. She now knows that I have a fetish over this, but each time she questionned me about this, I found ways to elude the conversation, because I feared I would be regarded as a pervert of some sort. What about you ?

Wednesday, May 06, 1998

Bridget, I think it was you who was interested in seeing Leo D on the shitter. I can't say that I have ever seen him, but there have been numerous other male stars shown on the toilet in movies. Luke Perry is shown on the toilet reading a newspaper in American Strays. Josh Charles and Stephen Baldwin are seen on the toilet reading magazines in Threesome. Marky Mark is seen in Basketball Diaries (which strs Leo D.). There are several more, but I can't think of them at the moment. I anyone knows of others let us know.

George: I like your humour very much. I'm a Yank, and I've often wondered myself if when we "take a shit", just where are we taking it to? On the same note: I'm dying to know where the term "Loo" comes from. Drew: I have a comment on your theory of male virility and bathroom performance comparison. Speaking for myself, I can't really say, because the act in itself is a sexual turn on for me.(I've already been scolded for using this terminology once already, but I don't care.) I prefer reading about women, but I found the story of the Texas rest stop to be very interesting as well. Yes, I'm one of those who likes to listen to, smell, and watch the ladies when they're going potty. Can't help it, some kids used to play baseball; Me? well...This brings me to a story about a girfriend that I had many years ago named Kyra. She was very cute, and tom-boyish, and there were several occassions when I got to peek in on her, and actually be present when she did her biggies. There was one time in particular. We'd been out drinking the night before, and she stayed over at my apt. She got up early the next morning to make coffee, and I heard her go into the bathroom and shut the door, but it did'nt latch all the way. I heard the "Plunk" of the toilet seat being lowered, and then I heard the sound of her panties being pulled down. I got out of bed, and tip toed over to the door, to try and steal a peek at her. She was leaning forward and grunting really hard. There were a few moments of silence and then a "Sllippp-plp-plop-slooop-plop-plop" of several hard sounding poops-(or jobbies)- falling into the toilet. The arousal factor was at 98 % at this time, as she kept grunting and "Slop-plopping" away. She had dumped a pretty good load from the sounds, and then she reached around behind her and gave the toilet it's first flush. After a few minutes, she started in again, only with bigger waves of poop. I knocked on the door and said "Can I come in, I need to get some aspirin" She hesitated for a moment, and said "OK, but enter at your own risk". I came in, and she looked so gorgeous just sitting there, with her light blue panties stretched across her knees. Surprisingly, the room did'nt smell too bad, and was fairly tolerable. I took my time in there, stalling for whatever reason I could find, and then another sloppy load of poop came spilling out of her. As she was nearing the end of her job, I excused myself and left, and crawled back into bed and waited for her. Now. I have managed to somehow share the bathroom with her whenever she dumped and each time was glorious! She was also a great camper, and I got watch her in the woods a couple of times as well.

To Drew: Thanks for your response. I think you're right. I do know one guy who has an interest in males whenever they use the toilet and he is straight. And then, of course, there are people who have no interest in anyone going to the bathroom. So for myself, there's probably another reason why I have this interest. My last relationship broke up because I got to the point where I enjoyed watching my girlfriend go to the bathroom more than making out. Hope that is not too extreme. Oh well, I'm glad there are others who share this interest.

Hi guys! Bridget, I'm glad there's somebody else who doesn't believe in taking laxatives and will let nature take its course. Way to go! (I will admit to drinking prune juice, eating spicy food, or other naturally high fiber foods in order to induce a dump. Never laxatives, though). George, I suppose the "take" in "take a..." means taking time to go to the bathroom. It's different than "taking a shower," where one receives water. Isn't the English language fascinating? (I'm majoring in Sociology, but minoring in English. For those not familiar with US Colleges/Universities, one declares an Undergraduate major with the option of a minor). Very different than Italian, almost a second language to me (my father's from an Italian speaking area of Switzerland), where the linguistic rules seem to be more established and inflexible. Silent Spice, I also remember the stories about your mom. Sorry to hear that, and about your grandpa's death. I suppose the consolation of having other loving relatives around will ease the pain. Are you off to college next year? I've never fantasized about any actors (or actresses) going to the bathroom, but I wish I could see my boyfriend go. He's very shy about those things, so I haven't pressed it. Drew, I'm straight (though I do have many gay and lesbian friends), but loved the few times Alex and I have gone to the bathroom together, and was glad to help Allison when she needed help in going. I have no extraordinary bathroom stories to report at this time. Peace, Steph

I found "A Pseudonym's" posting of May 5 most interesting in his detailed account of accidents both wetting and soiling . Having suffered such a couple of times myself as a kid at Primary (Grade) school I also have tried to discover what makes this happen, apart from the usual attacks of diarrhea or not being allowed to go to the toilet by nasty teachers. Of course I also have been turned on since I was about 5 by defecation anyway and suppose I was a coprophiliac for 15 years before I discovered the meaning of word. Although he states, as do many books, that soiling of the underpants is more common in boys than girls his mention of encopressis reminded me of a girlof my age in our road when I was about 10 who often did a jobbie in her knickers. It wasnt that she had the runs and it always seemed to be a solid formed stool she passed. On a couple of occasions my mum even took her in and cleaned her up and I rememember seeing the big mass of poo in the seat of her white knickers which my mum washed out and dried over our radiator. Most of the kids mocked her but I felt sorry for her having had the odd accident myself. I used to think she was a bit simple as they used to say and perhaps just didnt link the feeling of a motion in her back passage with having to go to the toilet and pass it, but I now wonder if she perhaps did it on purpose as I now realise that some people are turned on by doing it in their underpants, IM CERTAINLY NOT! but whatever floats your boat. Regarding overflow soiling this happened to my mother one time when I was about 13 or so. She was badly constipated but as I have previously posted, didnt use laxatives or ever give them to me. Like many women in her late forties moderate constipation was her usual condition but this time she hadnt been for about 5 days or so! Although she didnt discuss her bowels or their functions as some other readers' parents did she didnt hide this fact. On this particular occasion she was in the house and obviously felt she had a pain in her ???? and it was just wind so farted. I heard the wet squishy gurgle sound and smelt the stink and she went "Oh no, Ive got the runs now and sprinted to the toilet" I couldn't help but hear the sounds of her squirting diarrhea into the pan, a definite TURN OFF for me! When she had finished some 10 minutes later and come back out she got herself a clean pair of knickers off the drier and had washed her dirty ones in the wash basin and hung them to dry over the radiator. Again I felt sorry for her as I had also been taken short like this from time to time and I hate having diarrhea anyway as I like my jobbies to be large, formed and solid and likewise those done by others. About half an hour went past when she clutched her ????, said "Oh, I need to go to the toilet again!" and dashed back to the loo. I thought she was going to pass another wave of diarrhea but instead I heard her fart a long squeaky fart then surprisingly go "OO! OO! OO!"as if straining to pass a large solid turd , then there was a resounding "KUR-SPLOONK!" and a loud sigh. Aroused I waited till she had finished and come out again. The weak flush of our toilet didnt shift it and I observed this great fat hard nobbily, lumpy jobbie stuck in the bottom of the pan. It was about 8 inches long , two and a half inches thick and blunt at both ends and a very dark brown. I now realise that this was the hard mass that had accumulated in her rectum and she had had overflow diarrhea first then had been able to pass this massive lump as the surface of it had no doubt been lubricated by the watery feces she had passed earlier and been slightly softened. She didnt have a motion next day as far as I was aware but the day after that reverted to her normal bowel habit of passing two firm to easy jobbies of about 6 or 7 inches long each and 2 inches thick with a loud "kersploonk!" kursplonk!". I have experienced similar happenings myself on the odd occasion, (once or twice a year) if very constipated, passing a wave of loose to watery stool then perhaps a few hours later passing a good big solid hard lump. Have others had this experience and is it more common in females given the different wider shape of their rectums compared to that of the male. Certainly women seem to be constipated more often than men , can any reader say why?

Silent Spice, to answer your question, I fantasize about Leo pooping several times a day. Thank you for your offer to tell me of any movies that he might be in which shows him taking a dump, although I probably won't need any help in finding out, since I am always on the lookout for any new movies he might be in. I'm sorry to hear about your "strained" relationship with your mom. I can't believe she treats you that way. Regardless, I wish you a lot of luck on your graduation.

Jean Claude
To Drew: Speak for yourself sir. I actually get grossed out by men in the next stall (cubicle) grunting and farting their way through a "intestinal sculpture"...However females in the same situation give me a raging you-know-what! Back in the 70's when I was a musician playing the clubs and dives along the Mid-Atlantic seaboard, there was a certain club that had a window to the ladies room (loo) that was right beside where the band parked our van (lorrie). Through the first window you could see the female subject approaching the ladie's room door, then the second window, although glazed over, provided the "music" of these gals upon the throne! One of my fondest memories...

Regarding the post about school toilets being locked. When I was at school our toilets were locked because of vandalism. The only time they were unlocked was at lunch break, when teachers supervised there use. If any one needed to go, they would have to ask the teacher to be excused & then go to the staff room & find another teacher to take them. Very embarrasing!! It was alright for the boys, at morning & afternoon break they would go round the back of the school or the cycle sheds & pee. Us girls had slightly more problems. Once I remember being desperate, so I asked to be excused & was told to wait till the end of the lesson. At the end of the lesson, I decided I could not wait any longer & just had to go. So instead of going to the staff room, I just walked out of school, & went to the petrol station down the road. The toilets were round the back, so I headed straight for them. The ladies was locked, so I tried the mens. It was also locked. Oh no! I thought. Then I decided I could wait no longer, so I hitched my skirt up, pulled my panties down, & squated over a drain outside the ladies toilet door. WHAT BLISS!! I must have had my longest pee ever! As I finished, I looked around & thankfully no one had seen me.

I think little girls may have more problems with frequent wetting because their bladder gets fuller when they need to pee. When a guy gets a mild to moderate urge to pee he fels ot in his penis. When he becomes more desparate he will feel it in his abdomin. A lady feels a mild urge to pee in her lower abdomin, according to the resposses I get. Hence her bladder is fuller and more prone to an accident.
TO SUSAN from Canada:
Are you stoll reading the posts or have you found a new boy friend? I liked the one about the attractive lady in a golf shirt taking a healthy dump.

Re: Childhood wetting experience. I was about 7, out of school for vacation or too much snow. I was sledding with many neighborhood kids on the steep hill of a street a couple blocks from home. I was out for a long time, using my blue plastic sled... the kind that is flexible, you can roll it up. Sledding was very exciting... I didn't pay any attention to my urge to urinate. ("Tinkle" was the noun & verb in my family, but I really dislike that term now. Then, too.) I probably held it in for quite some time... although I really was "old enough" (whatever that means) to know better, and hadn't had other accidents in recent memory, it happened at the bottom of the hill. I slid in to a stop in a snowbank on the edge of the street. No other kids were around. I was laying on my ???? on the sled. If I had tried to hold my urine in it would not have been successful for long. But I didn't really try to hold it -- just felt a strong urge and sort of let it go. Not having much experience wetting my pants, I didn't really think it would be a big deal, I remember as the flow started I thought to myself that it would just sort of soak through my clothes and, if I got off the sled, into the ground and sort of disappear. I didn't even realize at first what I was doing, then I realized, I'm wetting my pants... and that this was something that kids my age weren't supposed to do, only maybe if you were running for the bathroom and couldn't make it (happened only once I think, age 5, I'll post later). But I hadn't even been thinking about using the toilet. I urinated in my pants for quite some time, and it pooled up in my stomach and thigh area because I was wearing snowpants (overall type, fastened up over my shoulders with the heavy coat over all. I couldn't have gotten out of all that if I'd even thought to relieve myself outdoors, which I didn't know how to do). I lay there for a minute, then got up to climb back up the hill. That's when the cons! equences set in... all the urine (maybe 2 quarts? is that unlikely?) ran down, wetting my blue jeans underneath the snow suit. That's when I really got the "wetting my pants" sensation, even though I had stopped urinating. I seem to recall a feeling of injustice... after all, I'd already done the deed, it was over with; why should pee be running down my legs uncontrollaby *now*? So I went back up to continue sledding... one of the neighbor girls, quite mean all through my childhood, came and whispered at me "Did you wet your pants?" I said, "No," as if she'd asked the most ridiculous thing. She whispered, "Yes you did, I can SEE it." Not really mean that time, maybe trying to do me a favor by telling me discreetly. Her sister wouldn't let me take a ride on her sled because I wet. I went home some time later. My mother helped me out of my snow gear... Didn't have to get any further than the boots before exclaiming "You're soaking wet!" as though maybe I'd fallen in a ! pool or something... then realized, and whispered "Did you wet your pants?" I denied it... she said "Yes you did. I can tell." I said how can you tell, she said she just could -- but finally said she could smell it. Next snow, I was about to bundle up, and she came and whispered to me did I want to wear diapers, she still had them from when I was a baby. I became very indignant and insulted... after all, we had had Xmas and maybe a New Year since my little accident, it was ages ago, how dare she imply that I might not take care of my toileting according to training. She became almost tearful and said she didn't want me to get sick from being in wet clothes... which didn't make me accept her offer of diapers, just guilted me into being damn sure I *never* wet my pants again. (Until I started carefully orchestrated experimentation a few years later... not the same as accidents though. More later.) A real shame, now that I'm 25 and have a full-on fetish with the whole thing and have fondly recalled the previous experience uncountable times. I'm envious of stories of people who were forced/allowed to be diapered after babyhood, and here I had my chance and blew it. It's too bad that my sense of dignity flared up at that moment; at that age I was already wrapping the bedsheets around my pelvis at night, pretending they were diapers (but never wetting). I would have loved to have worn diapers in my snowsuit. How different would I be today if I had said, "Thanks, Mommy..." (I am a woman.)

Tuesday, May 05, 1998

When I go to the bathroom simply to pee, I do try to poop also. After I finish peeing, i push just a little to see if I can feel anything wanting to come out. Sometimes, I realize that I have to poop even if I wasn't really aware of it beforehand. As for using alternatives such as laxatives or enemas, I have never used any of those and don't intend to use them at all. I believe in the natural way, even during the worst bouts of constipation. Usually, I just try to pass something eventhough I know it will be virtually impossible to do so, or I wait a few days until my routine gets readjusted. I find that I usually have to go if I simply wait it out.

Alex put her finger on it when she related about going for a pee but then doing a BM, in her case diarrhea. Its safer for a bloke to sit to pee in a cubicle (stall) rather than stand at a urinal. I have sat to pee since chidhood, only standing if really desperate and no cubicles available. On quite a few occasions I have avoided a messy accident when a number two started to come out as I was peeing. If Id been standing at the urinal I'd have soiled my panties! Its not only when one has diarrhea that this can happen, although obviously that is the most likely scenario. A solid easy motion can also be pushed out if a man is really straining to empty his bladder. I witnessed such an accident once about 20 years ago. I had gone for a pee and went into one of the cubicle in this cafe , what you Yanks call a Diner, where there was only one stall and a large slab urinal. I sat down to pee and had just finished, dried my cock with toilet paper and pulled my panties up when I heard another bloke come in. He tried the door of the cubicle and I said "Hold on Im nearly finished" but he said "Ill just have a pee instead". When I came out he was standing at the urinal peeing, his track suit bottoms pulled down a bit at the front . As I was washing my hands I heard him say "Oh f***!" and I smelt a strong fecal smell and heard the cracking noise of a solid jobbie coming out and could see the bulge start to form in the seat of his tracksuit bottoms. I asked, "have you got the runs then mate" though I could see it was obviously a solid one. "No he replied, I thought I could hold it in and just have a pee" then he waddled into the stall and shut the door and I left him to clean up. My curiousity got the better of me and after he had come out of the toilets some 15 minutes later and went straight out of the pub, no doubt embarrased, I went back into the toilet and entered the cubicle again. The smell of shit was strong although there was nothing in the toilet pan but I noticed that nearly all the toilet paper on the roll had been used where it had been nearly full when I had used it and on the floor were a pair of white Y-Front mens briefs with a large partly squashed up turd in the seat. The unsquashed part showed that it had been a solid easy motion. This left two points with me. First, that its far safer to sit to pee even if you are a man, and second that there really ought to be more than one stall (cubicle) in a Men's Toilet as more than one bloke might want a motion at the same time. I see my friend Tony has posted about a similar unfortunate accident he had because in part to their being too few cubicles in male toilets. Abolish urinals now , it would make for cleaner toilets (no nasty pissy smell) for both functions and frankly, its more satisfying to sit and have a rest for a few minutes while you pee.

On a different tack, as one who finds language interesting I enjoy the differences between US and UK usages and try to use American terms(though I stick with UK spelling) where I feel that would make it easier for the majority of readers of this website. One point I have noticed is that while we Brits talk about "DOING a jobbie, HAVING a motion, PASSING a turd" etc you Yanks talk about "TAKING a shit or a dump or a BM". I used to wonder where you took it, having humourous visions of loads of Americans walking to some location with their jobbies in a bag. Seriously, as Winston Churchill said, "Two great peoples divided by a common language" God bless America!

Sorry about the name, I know it's really, really lame... I've only got a minute, so no reams of text today :) Alex: I'm male... I have a practically photographic memory which is more or less continuous from age 4 or so, so I can remember any amount of fine detail from what happened to me and other poeple years ago. Anonymous person who posted after Moira: I never wet myself in primary school, but I remember it happened quite a bit - one of the boys used to wet himself any time he was upset - he'd just start crying, and then his trousers would go dark and a puddle would start to appear under him. However, it was mainly girls who had this sort of accident, as I mentioned earlier. One time I remember particularly clearly was in the Infant II, when we were just having a normal lesson and working sitting around tables doing some spelling or whatever. One girl who normally wouldn't have had this sort of problem was coming down with the mumps, and as a result she was feeling off-colour. She went really quiet for a few minutes, and then suddenly said 'Oh no' in a soft voice and then starting crying gently. She was sitting with her chair turned out towards the class at the time, so we all saw as the back part of her skirt (touching the chair) became sodden, and then urine started to trickle down her legs onto the floor. She started to get up, but when she did all the liquid that had been held on the chair between her legs spilled over the back, making what looked like a small lkae. She sat back down and started crying harder, and the teacher came and comforted her. I think boys do get into more trouble for having accidents than girls, and I can't see any reason why - it must go against the 'in control' stereotype for blokes that many parents still have, and the opposite for girls. I read in a psychology text that /frequent/ wetting is genuinely more common in girls (I think about twice as common), and /frequent/ soiling three times more common in boys (1.5% of boys sampled at age 8). However, these don't relate to occasional accidents, so I only have my own time at primary school to refer to for that. Frequent soiling is entirely different, and usually happens if a kid gets very constipated through refusing to use the toilet for some reason. Liquid faeces from higher in the gut force past the hard mass in the rectum and out of the anus without the kid being able to do anything, as the muscle has become insensitive from holding back the larger mass. Encopresis is yet another medical definition of dirtying problems, and means passing normal stools into the pants (instead of the liquid dribble in overflow soiling). This can be accidental or deliberate, and in either case only needs to happen three times in three months to be 'official'. However, it isn't usually a problem unless it's happening very often - I may tell a story about that when I have more time. I hope that little bit of psychology is of interest to someone... I tend to use 'clinical' descriptions to describe technical stuff and 'nursery' descriptions for memories, as it makes it easier to remember stuff if I don't have to translate from one to the other :)

Sorry to add this on as a second post... I just reread Alex's post about the provision of toilet facilities - I don't think a 3:4 ratio is too bad, seeing as most times people go to the toilet it's to urinate. In my infant school, for the first two years (reception + Infant I) there was a mixed-sex toilet with about 6 cubicles for around 60 kids (two classes). However, in the Infant II the girls had about 5 stalls between 30 girls, whilst the boys just had one - and it was very prone to blocking, which didn't really help. After that I moved and changed schools, and the situation got even worse - the rising 8 year (7-8 year olds - this school had a different year system) got 2 cubicles and no urinal for 30 boys, and in the M1 and M2(year after - 'Middle School' - Junior school but shifted a year, but with absolutely no difference apart from the names of the classes) there was a set of 3 or 4 cubicles and a urinal for 60 boys (both school years). After that it did get better, and we had three cubicles for thirty boys for the rest of primary school, because 'big kids' got better facilities. Secondary school was seriously bad for the first two years (aged 12-13 and 13-14), because 500 boys + girls had only two toilet areas with 50 boys per cubicle... And after some older teens trashed the toilets (not their own, of course) the teachers started locking the doors, so no-one could go at all. That led to a lot of accidents in this age-range, where you wouldn't normally expect to see very many. It was mainly shy kids who had problems, because they'd wait 'til they were desperate before asking, and then even if they had a sympathetic teacher they had to wait to get a note, go find someone with a key to unlock the door and then actually get across the school site to the toilet. I'll write some more about the results of this another time... I'm going to be too busy to write much more 'til June, but I'll probably answer questions or whatever if I have time :)

Silent Spice
Alex: I am glad that someone remembers me and my rude mom. Nope...shes not coming to my graduation. It was a few months since she told me shes not going to my grad and yesterday she told me again GET IT THROUGH YOUR SKULL...IM NOT GOING TO YOUR f???ING GRADUATION. STOP BUGGING ME AND LET ME BE. Let her "be" what?? A royal pain in the BUTT?? So I dont think shes going. But I WILL tell you what happens okay?? But on the BRIGHT side there will be tons of NICE people dad an sister, my uncle alan(maybe)and earl, my auntie mary and auntie lynne and grandma(grandpa would of came but he died in feb). So they will be there. Who needs a grump of a mom at their grad anyways?? Bridget: How many times a day do you fantasize seeing Leo poo?? If I ever hear of a movie where he does I will tell you asap okay?? I didnt have another dream about the BSB pooping since that one where Brians poop gets stuck. I only saw Titanic twice. But my sister saw it five times(still not as much as you though!) Bye!

Craig, I don't think our sexual orientation is an important factor in who we prefer to watch, listen to or read about when it comes to matters relating to the toilet. From the postings it is obvious that heterosexuals are interested in either the toilet habits of the opposite sex, the same sex or even both sexes. I'm heterosexual, but I'm far more interested in anything relating to another guy taking a dump. There is a sexual aspect obviously, but as I suggested months ago I think it has more to do with our own virility and being able to compare our 'performance' in the toilet with others of the same sex. Any comments on this?

Monday, May 04, 1998

Hi guys. Doug, I'm the same as my friend Steph in that I usually know whether I have to shit or just pee. I've mentioned before that I often fart into the toilet when peeing. I remember an incident back in 9th grade (about 5 years ago). I was in study hall when I had the urge to pee. I went down to the girls room and sat to pee. When I went to fart, I let out a stream of diahrrea. That's the one and only time I recall shitting when I didn't intend to. I would have hated to be a guy in that situation, standing at a urinal and then "farting" :( Duke, I thought I was alone in my infatuation with bathroom habits until I found out about this site last Summer. I told a few of my friends (Steph, Jodi, Laura) and my brother (Eric) about this site, and they've all posted at one time or the other. Silent Spice, I do remember reading about your "mean" mom... You mean to tell me she's not planning to attend your graduation? I hope she'll have a change of heart. Please let me know how things work out. Luv, Alex :)

As a nurse, I know first hand that urine and feces may not always be a pleasant thing.However, I still enjoy watching and reading about women using the potty. Maybe because I'm heterosexual? This input isn't too exciting, but there was one memorable experience for me when I was in grammar school. One of my classmates had a parent who was a teacher's aid. This attractive lady would occasionally excuse herself to use the restroom. One time I overheard her asking my teacher if she could go to the girl's room. About 10 seconds later I asked if I could be excused and immediately headed towards the bathrooms. I remember waiting 15 seconds before entering. By the time I had entered, she was already seated on the toilet.I walked up to the stall and peeked through the gap. I stood there watching her while she urinated. After she peed, she sat there looking at the floor. I stood there for about a minute hoping she might defecate. To my surprise, she looked up and leaned over and said "Is something wrong"? I was so scared that I ran out and returned to class. She probably thought it was a young girl in the bathroom because when she came back,she acted as if nothing happened.

pooping girl
When I went to the toilet yesterday to poop I brought the cell phone with me along with the newspaper. Nothing worse than trying to run and catch the phone with pants and underpants around your ankles. No sooner had I pulled my pants and underpants down(white with red and yellow flowers) and started to tinkle then the phone rang I grunted and pushed out some gas and a nice sized jobbie then answered the phone with a strained hello. As I talked I covered the mouth piece and grunted out a couple more jobbies and sat to relax. I then started to pass gas as I was talking not just a little but loud and alot, it just kept comming. My friend asked what that noise was, I said what noise as I started to weewee again. she said to me are you on the toilet? I just sat there and said I was. She laughed and told me that it happened to her one time when she was talking to her boyfriend and had a bad case of the noisy runs and her fanny just exploded. We finished our conversation a! nd I finished with one more little jobbie and another fart. I wiped my fanny and pulled up my underpants and pants checked my effort and flushed.

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