My son and I (he is 9) went to Lowes to pickup a couple things, I noticed he had been fidgety all morning and was occasionaly holding his crotch, when we got out of the car I noticed a very small pee spot on the front of his blue jeans. We wnet into the store and he continued to hold himself and was also clenching his bottom with both hands alot. We looked around for a while and he had one hand squeezing his crotch all the time now, when he would use both hands to clench his bottom again I noticed the wet spot was the size of his fist now, very noticable. I found the isle I was looking for and asked him if he could look below for an item I was looking for, he squatted down and looked, I heard a faint fart come out and he sat there squatting really still, I asked him if he found it yet and in a strained voice he said no. I asked if he was ok and he looked up at me and said he pooped his pants. I told him to stand up and sure enough, there was a very large bulge. His jeans were probably too tight for him but he loved those and the bulge was very noticable, he turned around and the wet spot covered the crotch area of his jeans now, he was still holding himself too. You could see the wet patch around the area he was holding. I told him that its ok and we I will gelp him get cleaned up when we get home. I grabbed the rest of the stuff I needed and we started walking to the front. My son was in a full potty dance mode now and was jumping up and down and holding himself with both hands, he did this as we walked to the checkout and had completely flooded the front of his pants by the time we got there. People were looking at us and there was some smaller kids in front of us with there dad and they yelled outloud "that boy peed his pants daddy". My son started getting tears in his eyes and was sniffling. He was upset at what he did. We left and got in the car, I had a blanket for him to sit on so the seat didnt get messed up. He sat down slowly because he had a load of poo in his pants. He asked me if he was mad and I said no but just dont let it happen again, I told him to go before we leave next time. He has had alot of accidents since he was 7 after his mom and I split up.

Hi, my name is Amanda and I am 13 years old. I have been reading these posts for a whi terday I went to homeroom but I hadn't peed that morning like I usually do and I had to pee like crazy from holding it all night long. I walked into homeroom, holding my books and crossing my legs as I walked. It was pretty bad. I pee myself a lot for pleasure, but I hadn't had a real accident since 5th grade. I pressed my legs together in my seat and focused on what the teacher was saying. It was hard. I asked her if I could use the john but she said no, just 10 more minutes until next class. We only have four minutes to get between classes and it was customary to go after asking the teacher just after the class had begun. I waited, on the verge of tears, not telling my friend who was sitting next to me. I hobbled out inot the hall, where my boyfriend was waiting for me. I pointed to my crotch and made a pained face. He understood and backed away. As I headed into class, a small spurt came out. I took off my sweatshirt and tied it around my waist, but the I was cold so I put it back on. there was only a small spot. I asked my Social Studies teacher if I could go pee but she said no. I told her it was an emergency, and she finally let me go. I was really in pain now. I crawled (!) to the bathroom, but it was full! there was another girl waiting in line too. She had to go pretty bad, by the looks of it. I told her about what was happening. She moaned and shifted her weight, then just let go, soaking her pants and the floor. That turned me on and I let go too. The sticky hotness flooded down my legs, over my new shoes, and made a yellowish puddle on the floor. I just decided to poop too, so I pushed and grunted and made a big bulge in my pants. The other girl pooped too. Then we went back to our classes. My whole class laughed and whispered. I told them that there was a ghost that was in the bathroom so I couldn't go. Now the whole school knows what happened and I am teased about it. I didn't have a change of clothes on me so I went throught the rest of the day like that. when I got home my mom was disappointed in me. :(


I am from Mexico. Today I pooped at a very popular chain store in Mexico which is Sanborns. People go to that store to buy magazines, tobacco, accesories, etc. but also to take care of nature's call. I took a stall and dropped my puma pants to my ankles. A turd softly emerged of my hole with the usual crackling sounds. Several guys were also pooping and there was a bathroom attendant. After 5 minutes I washed my hands and left. I didn't tip the attendant by the way, I was short of coins.

i'm sick.
i just had something short of an accident. well it was an accident, but it wasnt as bad as it could have been. i was in bed, feeling sick, but i thought i just felt like that because it was morning and i hadnt got much sleep. well that wasnt why. my stomach felt queasy, but usually when i have to poo, the feeling is more like a weight in my gut. this felt more like something tickling my intestines. well it was diheria and it squirted out a little just before i clenched as hard as i could, waddled my way to the bathroom, and exploded in the toilet, with not even enough time to close the door behind me. thank christ no one was home! especailly since it stunk to high heaven. i wiped about twenty times before i felt clean enough, then five more times (as i now take that precaution). then i sat back down and stayed on the toilet for another half hour (this time i closed the door) until my stomach felt better.
now i haven't eaten all day, and still dont feel hungry. what is wrong with me? this is more than just alergies.
happy pooping, friends. hope yours feels better than mine.

To Animal Girl: Are you still on this site? I just read your post on page 1599.

Some years ago on a business trip I got back to my hotel late at night and went to the bathroom. My rather wide beige bottom felt full and behind the toilet was a very large mirror. So I decided to try to poop standing. I was of course completely nude for greater comfort. I was able to crane my neck round to see my bottom.

As I expected, the motions came at once. All of them about 3 - 6 inches long and over an inch in diameter. They were a bit soft which was fortunate. There were 26 of them and they came out at 10-second intervals, more or less. It was great fun to watch them coming out of my bottom one by one.

So now you know at least one woman who can poop standing with relatively little trouble. I have done it again since but I never do it when I have diarrhea.

To Bethany:
In a recent post, you said: "as far as i know it's not reasonable for girls to pee on the seat." (You seem to think that only males have that problem, and so did I, a male, until rather recently.)

Well, lots of things are not reasonable, but they happen anyway. You see, I was once a janitor at a place frequented by Asian ladies, and I found out that more than a few of them liked to stand on the toilet seat and then squat down to pee, because of the squat-toilet tradition of the Far East. Old habits are hard to break, I guess.

The problem was, some of them neglected to raise the seat before peeing, so you can imagine the mess.

I no longer believe gross toilet seats have anything to do with gender, although -- speaking of gender -- my own personal fetish keeps me searching for evidence that women take the biggest shits. (Comments, anyone?)

Keep posting, Bethany. You write well.

Mega Bladder Chick
I have an oddity that makes me feel weird - whenever I pee, I pee huge amounts. My husband and my daughters tease me about it, but it's just friendly like jokes.

I guess it all began back in middle school. The bathrooms there were horrible, some having cracked seats, or even no seat at all, and even the ones with seats often had pee or poop on them. I sincerely hope that school takes better care of its bathrooms now.

To avoid using the school bathrooms, I would always hold it in until after school. Unfortunately, the school lunches forced you to get a milk, so I had to drink that, only adding to the torture. I remember the first few months, every day I rushed to my own bathroom (well, not technically my own, but at least it was at home) and had a nice refreshing pee.

But over time, when I came home from school, I noticed I could still hold my pee for some time after that, usually not going until after dinnertime. As the years progressed, I began to just avoid all public bathrooms, since I could usually hold it anyway, and I didn't want to relive my horrible middle-school bathroom dilemma.

And now, over 30 years after I graduated from high school, I guess I have what you could call a "Mega Bladder". When I fully empty my bladder, it's not uncommon for me to not pee for 36 hours or more.

To Single Woman, yes i keep my washroom door open when pooping and peeing because my washroom is small and i find that i have more space to move around and also the air circulates better. I think also, that i just like pretending that i have an audience. Being single there isn't anybody to offend by keeping the door open. Also at night, i need to keep the door open since i am in a basement suite and can't use my washroom fan during the night so by keeping the door open it helps with venting too.

Don't have any stories right now to tell.


Monday, April 28, 2008

to Rick: what a fine relationship you have with your father. To be able to go to the mens room together, and chat while you were on the toilets is really great. And the fact that the toilet stalls don't have doors, and your not embarrased is wonderful. Best of luck on your new career !!!!

Multi-drop Pete
I've just noticed a question from somebody anonymous on page 1657: "to multi-drop pete, Why were you unconcerned about adults need to use the bathroom?"
An interesting question. I have checked over all my contributions and found the subjects were as follows:
1636 Me (van driver),
1637 Me (bus),
1639 Woman (caver in wetsuit),
1641 Me and Others (wetsuit farts),
1643 Woman, Man and Me (in office),
1648 Little Girl (in woods),
1648 Little Girl ("stop stop…"),
1650 Wife and Me (vomiting) and Office (blocked sewer),
1656 Woman, Teenage Girl and various Children (in shop),
1657 Cat (icy pond),
1661 Me (nose), Little Boy (street), Little Girl (procrastination).

It looks as if adults have had their fair share of stories. Are you, Dear Anonymous, asking why I sometimes directed adults elsewhere when managing a shop (p.1956)? Short answer: Security. For the full answer please reread the first paragraph of that account.
Sorry to take so long replying; I didn't notice the question until a few minutes ago when I Googled "Multi-drop Pete"!

Did anyone see the most recent Episode of Mythbusters on the Discovery Channel, the Alaska episode? The female host, Kari Byron is briefly seen peeing her name in the snow then zipping up her snow pants. She then comments that it was some of her best work.

I think I just tore something taking the most heinous dump in the history of dumps that I've taken. Adderall causes constipation. I hate drugs. I prefer bms that look like fresh salads, mostly because I can gross people out by describing it to them.

At the end of summer 2006 I went for a hike in the mountains of central part of Norway (Finse) with two of my friends. We were camping and had to go to toilet outside. No problem with that. I think all of us liked to be alone when pooping and went well away from the tent to do just that. Once when going to toilet I observed a man on distance squatting behind a boulder. Later I found out that he was one of a small group of young men (about 20yrs, German?) camping about 500 m away from us. Next morning one from this group walked direct in on one of my friends when she went to toilet!

hi im new so i guess ill describe myself im 16 brown hair green eyes im about 5'8 and im in good shape. i was at the beach with my friends mary and kelly and i felt a huge urge to poop. i told kelly i was going to the bathroom and she said she was coming with me cause she really had to poop. we walked over to the bathrooms and there was only two stalls and one was allready taken i told kelly to go in and ill go next. after about 10 mins a girl like 13 came and i rushed in. i noticed she took a huge poop that clogged the toilet. i sat down pulled down my shorts and started to poop. the first turd was like the size of a coke can and was a foot long i watched come out and pile on top of the other girls poop let out some long farts then another turd came it was just as big i wiped and look down at the toilet and there was just a big pile of poop there. it felt so good too finaly get that big dump out i checked to see wat kelly did and three were 3 big turds that she couldnt get down the toilet. i got home and havent taking a poop since

I make big doody 7x a week.

single woman
Hi. It's been a while hasn't it! I have a question for all of you people who live alone. Do you leave the door open when you poop like I do? Anyway I've been going regularly. Last night at about 1:30 I woke up with a cramp. Probably because I had a bowl of high-fiber cereal before I went to bed. So I sat on the toilet. After a few minutes I pushed and a turd came out. I squeezed again and another piece went plop. I didn't turn me bathroom light on since I didn't want to wake myself up. That's hen I relized how much fun it is to poop in the dark. The only light I had was the light shining in through my bathroom window from outside. Does anyone else like to poop in the dark?

I wasn't crazy about using the doorless toilet stalls at my new job, but my dad went out of his way to get me 'on the line" with full benefits. I knew I couldn't hold my shit in me every day till I drove home. So I went during lunch break with my dad, after we finished eating. He sensed I was uncomfortable shitting in the doorless stalls, so he reassured me that it's just something that we guys have to 'grin and bare" (The womens toilets all have doors with locks) We got seats right next to each other, and we both sat down and started farting and log crackling. Before long we were both 'dropping the kids off at the pool" We talked about trivial stuff and the other guys shitting joined our conversation. We both wiped our asses, yanked our jeans up, flushed our toilets, washed up, and went back to our workstations. Thanks dad, (even though I doubt you will be reading this) for making it so easy for me to what could have developed into a very uncomfortable situation.

pee shy
To Lucy. You wanted to know how to expand your bladder. There are limits to how much you can do that. The size of your bladder is probably genetic. You will find that in your family your mom or your dad can wait a long time before they have to go. My dad has a very large bladder. He would take a pee when he got up that would go on and on for at least 2 minutes. Then he would go to work about 7 in the morning and get home about 6 at night. He would head for the toilet right away. We would all hear him splash in the toilet and pee for at least 2 to 3 minutes. We would have dinner. We would watch TV or play a game. About 10 he would get up to go to bed. Mom, who always went about every 2 hours, along with the rest of us except my older brother, told us once that dad always went right to bed and never peed until the morning about 6 a.m. He would hold his pee about 12 hours at a time and went only twice a day. I was like mom until I got pee shy when I was about 13 years old. I could never go at school. So I found that I had to hold it from 7 in the morning until 4 when I got home, 9 hours. At first I was dying for a piss all afternoon. As I got older I found that my bladder got bigger so that a 10 hour wait was no problem. Now I am at college and still can't pee when anyone is around in the men's room. I now, like my dad, only pee twice a day. In the morning I go to the library where there is a men's room in a quiet location seldomed used. Then at night I go back to library to study for the evening and hit the same bathroom and take my second pee for the day. My older brother is not pee shy but only takes a piss twice a day.

So you may have a relative who has a large bladder. Maybe you will inherit it. As to stretching your bladder, I had a girl friend who said she did. She went about every 6 to 8 hours. She learned to train her bladder to hold longer. She told me that when she got up in the morning she would only empty her bladder about half way and save the rest. She would then drink a large bottle of water. When she would need to go badly, she would to the bathroom and let out only about half a bladder full. She did that over and over every day. She held a full bladder all the time. She would empty half and fill up, etc. She eventually got to the point where she could hold it about 8 hours and used to go only three times a day.But she never got a bladder full like I did. She and I like to hold as long as we can. We like the feeling. But we never held to the point of pain. By going half way and drinking a lot always kept her hydrated and never let her urine stagnate in her bladder.She and I never had a bladder infection. Except in the morning our urine is usually a light yellow color or clear as water. Dark yellow means more chemicals in your pee. If it is always that color through the day then your urine is apt to be keeping in
more bacteria and will eventually will cause an infection.

For Matt: your being forced to hold your pee for so long on the trip is cruel. Now days your mother could be arrested for child abuse. Maybe if she went to jail they would put her in a cell without a toilet and insist that she drink a glass of water every half hour and not let her go to the toilet for 24 hours.

Please tell what happened next.

As you grew up into your teens did she still control your bladder. Did she make your teachers see to it that you were never allowed to pee in school?

She is a control freak. Too bad your father didn't stand up for you.

when I was 13 in middle school my best friend was a girl named Liza (not her real name) who was also 13 and in all of my classes. we had known each other since we were babies because our moms were best friends. anyway, we were very close but just friends and told each other almost everyhting. after we got out of middle school in the afternoons we'd have to hang out at the elemtary school next door because our moms both worked there and we had to wait for them to leave. so we spent most days outside on the playground just hanging out if we didnt have homework. so one day we were out there on the playground after school and liza asked me to push her on the swing and i said ok. she was wearing a knee length skirt and sat down with the skirt hanging down over the back and i got behind her and pushed her. as she got higher and higher the wind was keeping her skirt up and i couldn't help but see up her skirt to the back of her panties. i was shocked to see that her light pink panties had what looked like a big brown spot under her butt and also looked like mostly dried wet across most of her butt like she had peed and pooped her panties. i had to ask.

liza did you have an accident in your pants or something?

oh my god, yeah, i did. i'm sorry.

what happened?

well in gym i really had to go bad but did have time after we got out and i hate the gym toilets they are so dirty so i held it. but last period i was so desperate i knew i couldnt hold it. i begged mr potter for the hall pass and he let me out but on my way to the bathroom i couldnt hold it anymore and totally peed and pooped myself. luckily it was a firm poop, haha. i ran the rest of the way to the bathroom, emptied out my panties, and waited there until class got out and ran to grab my books and come over here. now my butt is all itchy from the dried poop in my panties and they are cold and wet. i can't wait to get home to change.

oh, that sucks, i'm sorry.

But i wasn't really that sorry. i was actually really turned on i had never seen a girl pee or poop herself before and i had an erection. she stopped swinging and noticed that i was turned on and i was embarrased. she said it was ok. i asked if she had peed or pooped herself before and she said yes that she pees her pants once or twice a year and has pooped her pants every few years since she was a kid because she holds it too long. she asked if it made me turned on and i admitted yes. so i asked her if she would do it for me sometime and she thought for a minute and said i guess so.

so the next day was a friday and we were at the playground again after school and i couldnt stop thinking about what she had done and said. after a while she said she needed to use the bathroom. i stopped her and asked if shed do it in her pants and let me watch. she said my mom will find out cause she was wearing jean shorts today. i begged her so finally she said ok and we hid around the corner and she stood with her legs apart a little and at first had trouble starting with me watching, then a squirt came out and darkened her crotch and we laughed. then a bigger stream started and slowly spread out her whole crotch and down her legs and made a puddle on the sidewalk. she laughed about it and said i think i have to poop too and i begged her to do that too. at first she said no but i kept begging so she finally said ok and turned around and pushed. the seat of her shorts bulged out and i heard a crackling sound and smelled it. after a minute she stopped pushing and said she was done. i asked to see her panties and she pulled her shorts down just to her thighs and showed me the big bulge of poop. she was wearing dark red panties today and they showed the wetness a lot but no brown mark from her poop. she pulled her shorts back up and said she was going to go inside to the bathroom to clean up. i went with her to help look around corners so nobody would see her. she said her mom was upset with her for having another accident but didnt punish her.

after that i tried every chance i could to get her to have accidents for me and sometimes she would all the way through high school but she stopped once she left for college. i still talk to her sometimes but really miss seeing her pee and poop herself for me. sorry it got so long.

TO LYNDA, I had another colonic last week and I passed a real lot of poo...both nurses said I must have been very form of constipation is that I probably pass say 80% of each days "passable" food and you do not need to be good at arithmetic to know it just slowly builds up. After last weeks colonic, my best result yet showed that my lower section was a real lot better. I am becoming backed up again...all due to medications...I do not have the time to travel and hour each way to have a colonic and it is expensive too. I am trying to get good advise regarding laxatives. The Aust Gut Foundation is sending me a book on the subject.
As to poo leaking...what happens is that I get skid marks when constipated and I only rarely get butt phlegm and then only the smallest amount until I read Linda`s post and related question. The next day ( I had no had a BM for two days) when on the loo i passed a large amount of butt phlegm in one big poo though. The next day, today I did a big hard poo...see what tomorrow a.m. brings and if not a good result a laxative.

Cute and Shy, where are you? I miss you and your fun bathroom stories. Come back soon!!!

Multi-drop Pete
Great news today - I've got a winning ticket for the EuroMillions lottery! Any of you who actually like my random writings needn't worry; my new wealth won't stop me contributing.
Today's Random Writing #1: Once, many years ago, I was dozing naked in bed in the morning, half asleep, when I noticed a bad smell and was shocked to full wakefulness by the horrible realisation that I had just been picking my nose with the fingernail I had been using to scratch my bottom. The word "yuck" comes to mind.
Random Writing #2: My children are both boys. I've always had a casual attitude to peeing; if it doesn't make a mess why worry? For instance, my older lad, then aged 5, needed a pee when we were driving through the London suburbs; I turned into a residential street, stopped and invited him to pee in the road. There was nobody nearby, but we were clearly visible from the houses. He worried that somebody would see him, so I just said "So what? They don't know you, you don't know them, you'll never meet them so what does it matter what they think?" He agreed with that logic and relieved himself in the gutter.
R.W. #3: Years before I had any children of my own, a friend asked me to mind his 5-year old daughter, M., for a weekend, while he was having a family crisis. I was happy to help, so he left her with me Saturday morning. She played in the garden while I did some housework, then came in looking a bit upset and lifted her skirt to reveal urine running down her legs from her saturated knickers. I was surprised; she seemed a bit old for an accident, and she knew where the toilet was, but I didn't ask any questions and just calmly suggested she should wash her legs in the bathroom and change her underwear; she had brought a change of clothes with her. No fuss, no big deal. M. wasn't shy about toilet matters; later that day she used the toilet with the door open and happily waved to me as I walked past and saw her. I always take a leak as soon as I get up in the morning; it makes sense to go before getting dressed. I was interested to notice that M. didn't pee when she got up on Sunday; as the hours passed I wondered how long she was going to last. She was, of course, perfectly free to use the toilet any time she wanted. About 10:30 she started clutching her crotch every few minutes. About 11:00 she asked permission to make herself a sandwich; I would have made one for her on request, but I took her literally and invited her to help herself from the fridge. As she prepared her snack, standing on a stool to reach the work surface, with both hands occupied she had to cross her legs. She ate her sandwich and still didn't go to the toilet. I was a bit anxious, hoping she wasn't going to wee on the carpet; I considered ordering her to use the toilet, or just asking her why she was waiting so long, but I kept quiet as I felt her bladder was her business, not mine. When she was eventually forced to take herself to the toilet it was nearly 12:00. When I was that age I would be ready for my second wee of the day, not the first, by that time.

That's enough for now; I have to go and decide what to spend my lottery winnings on. I matched 2 balls and both stars; that makes a massive 16.50 in British pounds. Maybe I'll buy 3 or 4 books to read in the toilet.

i recently wrote a response to a post by Erica and i will now respond to this feedback from that post

"To the girl who had an accident who wrote recently to Erica.
Can you tell us in more detail about your little unfortunate panty pooping accident you had while in school. We will be good sympothetic supporters. Paul "

there isn't a whole lot to it. i was in 10th grade, my stomach had been bothering me for about a day in a half. i stayed home from school the first day which was good because i had to poop about 6 times that morning and early afternoon, which would've been miserable to deal with at school. it wasn't really watery or liquidy as i thought it would be it was just loose moosh. anyway, the next day i had a more solid but still pretty creamy BM in the morning and felt well enough to go to school. during my 2nd period class i had to go again, i excused myself and went to the bathroom and had another dump. i thought i would be good for the rest of the day. in my 5th period class i had a test so i knew i wouldn't be allowed to get up, and i felt a tiny bit of pressure like i was gonna need another poop soon, so i tried to go after 4th period but nothing really came out. when i started my test in 5th period the cramps hit hard, and i had to go pretty bad. i started to rush through my test because we're not allowed to leave for anything other than a medical emergency if we're not done with our test. i was making good progress and i thought i would be able to finish my test in time to run to the bathroom. unfortunately, i didn't make it. i had a page left in my test when a really bad cramp hit and a lifted my butt slightly off of my chair as mushy poop pushed out and spread through the back of my panties and jeans. i was in absolute horror. it felt hot and soft, and my jeans were pretty snugg so it was really getting mooshed and spreading throughout the seat of my pants. it didn't make a lot of sound coming out so i thought i could get away with it. i obviously couldn't concentrate on my test at all because i was sitting there with the strange feeling of warm soft poop under my butt. after a minute or so the smell got really bad and i noticed people making faces and looking around the room. another minute or so went by and i knew i had to get out of there, the smell was filling the whole room. i slowly stood from my desk and i heard a lot of kids start to whisper to eachother. i rushed to the teacher's desk, handed in my test and asked to go to the bathroom and he just said "yes, go go" and i rushed out of there. i got to the ladies room and the bulge in the seat of my pants was enormous, and there was wetness soaking through right around my butt crack near the top of my thighs. it was pretty obvious that i pooped my pants. i had to walk to the office like that and ask if i could call my mom to pick me up. they originally tried to tell me i could only ask her to bring me a change of clothes then i'd have to go back to class but i got so upset by it that they had mercy on me and let me go home. the entire school heard about my accident within a day or so. no one ever really teased me about it to my face i just got a lot of weird looks for a while and people whispering about me. it was the most embarassing moment of my life.

Tish again! I have another story about when I had a big dump. We were on vacation(I seem to have toilet experiences almost every vacation!), and heading to the beach. I was having fun looking out the window when suddenly I really had to dump. I told my mom, and she said to wait. I involuntarily farted really loud and said "I can't! It's about to come out right now!" she handed me one of the large buckets we were taking with us to the beach. I took off my suit and began farting out shit. With each big fart came more shit. About 7 farts later, I was done. We dropped the bucket in a gas station trash can and left for the beach. When we were at the beack, I really had to go again. I dashed to the dune outhouse and completely shitted my brains out. I thought I was done then, but when we went back to the hotel, I was sleeping and I had to go yet again. I ran to the toilet, flipped the light on, and sat down, but my brother had forgotten to lower the toilet seat, so It was like a muffled explosion. I sat dow into the water and all hell broke loose. The water was full of bubbles, and turned a dark shade of brown in just a few seconds. The shit nightmare continued for a while, but I felt better at the end.

Next time I post, I will have another poop story, one about being really gassy, and two pee stories! Ciao!

I'm usually just a lurker because nothing of note happens to me regarding bathroom habits, however today i do have something to contribute

i peed my pants a bit by accident at work because i put off going to the bathroom too long, and i'm 23 years old! it feels good to be able to admit it

i pooped before i went to school this morning. when i was toilet training i learned always to wipe until i feel clean and the paper comes back white. i did that, but half way to school i started to feel dirty back there, like something was sticking to me. well it felt so uncomfortable. i had to walk around in this. i figured i'd just rush into school, get into the bathroom, and wipe it off. wrong. i was rushed to class by a teacher because i was late, and i was to 'take no detours'. so i was walking funny, needless to say, and the teacher said nothing. i got into class and sat there not paying attention for the longest time, until the teacher finally stopped her lecture and i asked if i could use the bathroom. when i got there, i took the end stall, three others were occupied. i hitched my skirt up, pulled my jeans down to my ankles, and (why not, while i was there?) peed. it was a soft dribble because i didn't really have to go. so i ripped off a long length of toilet paper, wiped my vag, then went over to the back to wipe it. i look on the paper, NOTHING. i still felt dirty. i feel ok now but it felt so weird. anyone else suffer this?
anyways, guys... i also walked in on my brother in the middle of a monster size poo (i could tell by his face) the other day. it was sorta on purpose sorta on accident. either way, it was funny, and i dont really feel embarassed about my visible load anymore. yippeee!


Hi...I'm new posting stories to this site..and i'll krrp posting stories as long as they happen..This past weekend i was staying at my girlfriends house along with her brothers who are like cousins to me...well any way that night Me and my gf's brothers got to drinking and got out of when i am drinking i pee like a mad man, i pee like every 15 min. But anyway's i came back into my gf's room drunk and laid down beside her.....from their i blacked out until i found myself in the bathroom with soaked pants....i don't know how i got there in the first place......then i had to poop and i was aware of that and used the toilet while on the toilet i puked everywhere.....after i was done i took off my jeans and boxers which were soaked and for some reason still drunk as hell put my jeans back on and went to the couch and slept.

When i woke up i remembered everything i had just told jeans were pretty dry but still damp in places. i went to the bathroom in shock at what happened the night before so i took a shower and then went to my gf's room. As i walked in i saw a towel on the floor and blankets where i was layin on the bed the previous night. I was thinkin oh no i pissed the bed....then i was like no i didn't cause someone would have told me by i layed down by my girlfriend and she rolled over and said that i wet the bed i was so embarassed at the fact i'm 17 and wet my gf's bed but she just laughed about it and said that while i was beside her she heard a hissing noisr and yelled for her brother to come and take ne to the bathroom.....

that is so embarassing to say that i pissed feel like a real winner...i hope you guys and gals like it cuase i hated it it.....D-Dub

You wonder if you "have a fetish" for male desperation. It all depends upon what your words, "I DO really like..." mean. Your body will tell you the answer to that question.
When I was that age range (17-21) I had two very intense incidents which you might enjoy reading. They both involve a long bus ride on a bus with no bathroom.

The first was a ride to a math conference when I was a senior in high school. I don't remember exactly what led to this incident but I had to leave home early in the morning and get to school and catch the bus. I probably had an extra cup of coffee and did not try and find a rest room when I got to school before getting onto the bus. Whatever led to this, as the ride proceeded I found my bladder becoming very full. I passed past the point of discomfort to well into the area of strong pain. My bladder ached it was so full. There was never any danger of my leaking; my sphincters were tightly shut and sitting down I had no difficulty holding my urine, but the pain was terrible. It was not a sharp cutting pain but an intense aching pain. I probably should not have to describe it for we all know what it is.

I was fairly introverted at that time and didn't have any really close buddies (or gilrfriend) with whom I could share my condition. I simply had to sit there silently and suffer. Finally the bus arrived at the campus of the university where we were to meet. The bus came to a stop and I immediately got up and went to the front of the bus and asked if I could get off and use the bathroom. The fact that I was willing to do that is an indication of how frantic I was to relieve the intense pain I was suffering. I didn't mind any humiliation as long as I could relieve my bladder. I must have known that I wasn't the only one on that bus who was bursting but I couldn't think about anything else but my own need.

Finally ten minutes or so later (felt like an hour) we stopped and I was able to walk toward the bathrooms. Now I'd be very aware of who else was frantic but then I only wanted to take care of my own need. When I finally got to the men's room and in front of a urinal and pulled my (fortunately) flaccid organ out I found that I could not pee a drop. My sphincters were so tightly shut that they would not relax and open. I had to stand there for a considerable time before a little trickle began. Eventually I got myself empty enough for comfort, but I probably had to go back and whiz again shortly after I fully relaxed. Do girls get tight from holding like that?

The other bus ride was in Spain with my Father. We were on vacation and riding to Pamploma for the Festival of San Fermin where the "running of the bulls" takes place. We were on a Spanish bus with no toilet and very few stops (only men on the bus). During one long leg of the trip I got as full as before and had to just sit there and suffer that intense ache of the full bladder which can not be emptied at the time. When we finally got to the stop I had remembered the earlier incident and so I did not run to the bathroom. Instead, I walked around for five minutes hoping to get to a state where my sphincters relaxed and I knew that as soon as I "let go" I would gush like a fire hose. Finally I got to that state, holding my bladder back through just will power and not screwed shut sphincters. When I got to the urinal it almost hurt I was whizzing so hard.

Another incident I remember was a few years earlier when on a long car trip with my parents (I'm an only child). We were out in the middle of nowhere but my bladder had filled up and it did not look like there was any place to stop like a gas station. Obviously I could have tried to hold it longer but the discomfort just got too intense and I mentioned that I really needed to pee. My Father kindly stopped soon thereafter but there was no cover at all. What was worse, somehow I had developed an erection, perhaps because of the pressure of my bladder (a not uncommon thing for men past puberty, perhaps especially teens). So when I walked away from the car I couldn't walk far enough to be hidden and my erection was not going away. So I stood there and simply could not pass any urine past that erection! I finally gave up, with just as full and uncomfortable a bladder as before, but now I had to get back into the car and pretend I had relieved my need. I was so frustrated I could hardly stand it, but I had to sit there with that achingly full bladder. I can't remember whether I gave up and asked to pee again (after I became flaccid), or somehow waited until we took a normal stop, but at least I eventually was able to have a terribly needed whiz.

I hope these stories were to your liking, Laura.

Matt, that was a terrible story you told of your Mother enforcing her rule that neither you nor your brother could use public rest rooms, even over a seven hour car trip.

There is a biography written by a famous author about his childhood which involves a Step-Mother making impossible bladder demands upon the two boy children of her husband's earlier marriage. The author was the older brother. The only bathroom in the house required the children to walk from their bedroom through the parents' bedroom to the bathroom. The Step-Mother made a rule that after the children went to bed they could not walk through the parents' bedroom to use the bathroom. The author was old enough to hold his urine all night but his younger brother was not. The younger brother would wake up in the night filled to his capacity and unable to get to the bathroom. The older brother would devise methods to allow his brother to pee; he would get bottles and let the kid brother pee into the bottle and then hide the bottles behind books in the book shelf, or pee out the window. The other point the author made was intense anger that his Father did not stand up against the Step-Mother and for his children and their very reasonable needs.

The book I refer to is "A Hole In the World: An American Boyhood" by Richard Rhodes.

I hope you have not had too severe an effect from your experiences.

Hi, I have a diarrhea story to tell, in fact I am right now experiencing it. Today, I am alone at home (boyfriend is on travels until evening) and since I was sort of constipated the last few days, I thought I might as well try a real clean out. I don't do this often, but I kinda like it, and I also believe that having diarrhea of the "real and hardly to control" isn't that bad from time to time. In fact, I sometimes like it, but more so when I know why I have it. So, this morning, while my boyfriend was still in my flat, I started mixing two sachets of milk of magnesia in two tall glasses of prune juice for breakfast. My boyfriend starred at me, then smiled: "Is this your breakfast - you know what will happen to you soon if you drink this stuff?" Well, yes, I knew, he knew, and I drank it. I changed into an old pair of soccer shorts (shiny nylon - easy to clean and nice to wear) and waited for my special treatment to begin. It began after I had a glass of mineral water perhaps 60 minutes later that my stomach produced an incredible storm inside. I had gurgles as I hadn't believe it was possible. Actually, I liked the feeling of a storm brewing in there. Hard to explain, but it's full feeling and you know that it's only a question of time until you have to release yourself rather forcefully. I lay down on our couch (we have fairly large and light living room) and read in my book when the cramps started. Slight, but still strong enough to make me bend over several times. Within another ten minutes, my stomach sounded like the ocean in a storm. And then it went real quick - as I knew it would: first, gas, much of it. Then more than gas. I hardly managed to run to the toilet, and released a huge amount of creamy foamy sh*t; runny. The last bits were really watery. I felt reliefed and really well. And while at it, I started preparing lunch. Let us see ... onion soup. I chose onion soup because since I already had diarrhea, I thought I could as well take onion soup, which always gives me the runs, even without milk of magnesia or prune juice. Well, if the milk of magnesia and the prune juice did the trick, the onion soup added the substance (and the air): my stomach is now in constant turmoil, with gas and watery diarrhea coming every 15 minutes or so. And even while writing this text I have been to the toilet three times. I feel quite fine, actually, and yes, I enjoy the procedure. The funny thing is: my boyfriend rang a while ago and wanted to know everything - how things are going (running would be better a description). After I told him he "confessed" to me he would like to try it out, too. So maybe this weekend, it's his turn. That's all, have to run.

The R Man
Anyone here refer to their penis as the "Peter"?

The R Man
To Matt:

First I would like to say that I really don't mean anything by this.

What did she expext from you, not only where you just a little boy, but would she rather you have a bladder infection and/or bladder burst then let you use a public restroom!? What was wrong with her!? She was being very selfish!

P.S. Again, I really don't mean anything by this.

To the girl who had an accident who wrote recently to Erica.
Can you tell us in more detail about your little unfortunate panty pooping accident you had while in school. We will be good sympothetic supporters. Paul

Keith D
I don't usually struggle to poop but last night I had an unusually tough crap that wasn't in any hurry to kiss the porcelain.

I usually poop once a day and usually after a meal - either lunch or dinner. I got my first urge to go just after dinner as I was going upstairs to the attic. I'd had a big meal of vegetables and a glass of milk and about halfway up the stairs the urge suddenly hit me. I felt a hard knobbly mass push against the inside of my sphincter and I instinctively clenched hard and found myself stopped on the stairs bending forwards. I waited a few seconds, gathering my composure and letting a couple of quiet farts slip. Milk always gives me extra gas. I went up a couple more steps then it hit me again, really pushing at the inside of my anus with a hard, scratchy, burning sort of sensation. I crouched on the steps for a couple of minutes waiting for it to subside. I didn't want to go to the bathroom straight away. I was going up to collect some books and I had friends over and they were hanging out in the living room near the bathroom. I'm a bit poop shy and can't go when someone is around who might hear me.

I went up into the attic and spent about a half hour going through the book shelves looking over some old stuff. Eventually the urge to poop subsided so I could leave but by then I noticed that the attic had started to stink as I had been slipping out a few farts to try and relieve the pressure. I rejoined my friends and the urge to poop did not return but I had that slightly uncomfortable rock-up-the-butt feeling for most of the time. Finally, a couple of hours later my friends were watching tv up the other end of the house and I got a chance to slip away to the bathroom without anyone really noticing.

I quickly got seated on the bowl with my pants around my ankles and started pushing. I released a bit of quiet gas "pfffffffffttt pfff squeak" and my butt started making moist crackling noises but I could not feel poop moving. I sat up straight with my hands on my knees and feet flat on the floor and strained hard but nothing seemed to budge. I always have trouble going once I've lost the urge. I put my feet up on tip-toe and leaned forward slightly and squueeeeeeeeezed, gasping for breath and rubbing the palms of my hands up and down my thighs. Still nothing after a few minutes. I lifted my feet up off the floor and onto the seat of the toilet in a squatting position. I strained really hard. Although this nearly always works for me it didn't. I could feel hard knobbly poop pushing against my hole but it wasn't coming through. I held my breath and squeezed my knees against my chest and pushed really really hard. Over and over again. I felt like screaming. My chest was starting to hurt from the force. Finally I could feel a tiny scratchy ball of poop pass through the rim of my anus and made a tiny plip in the water below. At least it was a start. Usually when a little bit gets out it seems to open up the path for more. More hard straining and another little ball squeezed through. Surely that couldn't be all! I strained with all my might but nothing more came. The edge of my anus started to burn and be sore. I could feel it puckering out every time I strained but nothing would pass.

I put my feet back down flat on the floor, sat up straight with my knees wide apart and pushed more. I could feel myself getting dizzy. My anus was still opening and closing. Then I realized that I could no longer feel the weighing heavily above it. There was no more poop to be had! Disappointed, I wiped once (not even a mark on the paper), flushed and left defeated.

A couple of hours later my friends left and almost immediately the poop-cramps returned. I think it's a psychological thing that I don't get the urge when other people are around. I went and sat on the toilet. Sitting straight upright with my feet flat on the floor and legs slightly apart I pushed hard and immediately felt a turd moving into position. A few more pushes and a slightly softer, though firm and knobbly, mass started to push through my hole. This was much easier! I stopped pushing so hard to slow it down and ease it through. It wasn't big, only an inch or so across but very knobbly and I could feel every bulge on its surface. I let it hang for around ten seconds before it dropped. Another two similar logs followed, all knobbly and about 3 inches long by one inch across. The last one was a bit softer. In the bowl they looked very dark brown. Again, cleanup was minimal. Victory at last! I hate it when the poop beats me…

Does anyone know how to expand the size of your bladder? I know that's been discussed in previous posts, but I can't seem to find a post after I read it (forget my own head if it wasn't nailed on lol). I think one of the ways is to hold your pee until you almost have an accident, but I was wondering if there are any other ways.

Also, does anyone else here pee or poo themselves for pleasure? And I don't mean sexual pleasure, for the people who filter posts. What I mean is messing yourself because it simply makes you happy. Like getting to eat chocolate, or watch your favorite TV show. Or am I the only one who does?

Lastly, where is the weirdest place that anyone has pooped before? For me it's a tie between my pants and the woods next to an elementary school I walk past. That was an interesting experience.

Have fun with your goings!


I shit a lot. I shit a lot because I love shitting. Its my hobby. I like to sit down on the toilet and squeeze out giant brown chunks.

Linda from Australia here again. I've been dropping some very nice loads lately and even going twice a day some days aswell. Today I didn't go before work but I had a strong urge to go all day. I could feel a load sitting in my rectum and I wished I felt more at ease about doing poos at work. On the way home, the urge got even worse and I really needed to do a poo. As soon as I got home, I ran for the toilet and closed the door. I took my pants off completely and almost straight away, several logs shot out of my butt. They came out quickly and I felt much better after that.

To Thunder from Down Under: It sounds like you were extremely constipated. I can remember getting skid marks on my knickers as a kid, when I got consitpated. Do you also get butt phelgm? Or do you get liquid poo that leaks out and soils your pants? This happened to me as a child and I hated it. That colonic sounded like it worked well for you. Have you been backed up since having the colonic?

Keith D
To Luci: You only go poop once or twice every couple of weeks? I used to be like that. Up until I was 18 I only went once or twice a week at the most and I think at times it must have been up to 2 weeks. It would be 3 or 4 days after my last poop that I would first get the urge to go again. But I would hold back as it used to hurt. And then the urge seemed to go away. Then when I tried to poop it was really difficult. When I was a young child, I used to get skidmarks in my pants where some soft poop would squeeze past the big hard mass that blocked my sphincter. But later I learned to control it. These days I am much more regular with smaller, softer poops. But they are nowhere near as satisfying as the big hard ones I used to have. Holding it in for so long never seemed to do me any damage. I guess I just had a big poop capacity. You must too Luci. I think it's just normal for some people.

Kelly P
Hi High Sierra Camper. Fun story about peeing in your SUV with your girlfriend. Hiking is when my husband and I started peeing together, too. That was quite a while before we were married (8 years ago, how time flies).

Hi Anonymous. The TravelMate is described on their website, including instructions. Your wife will love it once she gets used to it. Sure beats squatting. As to contests, all we've done is distance so far. We've tried to figure out an accuracy contest, but haven't been able to yet. For duration, who wins, the fastest or the slowest? With us I'm always quickest, so it wouldn't be much of a contest. My husband slows down even more when he gets hard.

When they make peeing an Olympic sport you can bet we'll be glued to the TV, especially for the mixed doubles freestyle.

Enjoy, Kelly

i took a gigantic shit when i got home this afternoon! i didnot flush the toilet! i have havent flush the toilet for three days now ! i have peed up until today! my girlfriends are coming over today and i want them to see what is in the toilet!

Some Guy
Hey all,

I've been a lurker for some time, and I'm finally getting around to posting. I'm currently 22 and in college, and I'm trying to train myself to poop here at school with the door open. I had a roommate who would poop with the door open. While I'm straight, he looked really good on the toilet. Our thighs are about the same, little fatty, but healthy, if you know what I mean. He never seemed bothered when I would see him on the toilet. I figure that we're all guys and that if we poop out in the open, who cares? Unfortunately, we have single toilets in our room, so I can't buddy dump, which I would LOVE to get to do sometime. I just can't find anyplace with at least 2 open toilets.

This roommate has moved on, so I don't get to see him on the toilet. I would always need to poop right after him, but I was never able to do it with the door open. I hope I'm getting better. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

To Holly (not related to T3C): You were asking about stories of kids needing a bathroom while in the car. I have two events to mention. [I'm male, would prefer not to post a name right now]. The first one was told to me by a co-worker when we were talking about vacations. She, her husband, and her son (who was about 5 at the time) were driving from the east coast of the US up to Canada for a vacation. Her son was complaining that he had to pee very badly. They were in a minivan and she asked her husband who was drivng to stop along the roadside. Although she didn't explain why she didn't have him go outside (I'm assuming it is because he was very desperate to go), she had him stand up on the floor of the minivan with his pants down and she held a cup while he stood there and urinated. She did comment that he had an almost immediate and powerful urine stream so he obviously needed the relief quite urgently. The second event is related to a long drive back home after having Thanksgiving at a relatives house in an adjacent state within the US. I was in the back seat with my cousin's daugther, and my cousin was driving with my wife in the passenger seat. We had spent that Thanksgiving long weekend at the relavites house and were heading home on Sunday afternoon; of course so were a lot of other people. So the story goes that as we were sitting in traffic waiting to cross a bridge, Rebecca (who was 10 at the time) said she needed to use the bathroom soon. Her mom (my cousin) asked how bad it was, and she said sort of bad and that it was a poop (of course). Even worse, she had been costipated for the past several days, and, on top of all the good food, I think it was obvious that she really did need to go. So the closest restrooms were over the bridge and she was asked to hold it until we got to a gas station. The wait in traffic over the bridge was somewhat long and after about 15 minutes of crawling, Rebecca got mighty uncomfortable. She said to her mom she was about to go in her pants. Her mom understood her great need and said it was ok if she needed to go in her pants and had asked me to help out if needed. She took her belt off and leaned forward and spent the next several minutes pushing out a pretty large load of poop. She stayed leaning forward as best she could until we got to a gas station, where her mom helped her out and they went in with a change of clothes to the restroom. As an adult, I can certainly understand the urgent needs for relief; after all, we all are in situations when we really do need to go and many times must hold it in, so to speak. With kids, they may not have the control needed for long holding durations, and I think they try their best when the situation arises to hold it.

Just wondering , how many women rub their stomachs when they go poo? When and how do you do it? Do you grunt and groan too?

Dump Bud
Laura - You and I are totally in synch with whiat we think about male desperation. I'm going to post a story especially for you.. If you get a chance, tell us more about your contest and how your partner was acting at different stages especially the final climactic one!

I had an interesting poop a minute ago. I usually poop first thing in the morning, but for some reason I didn't today. Well about noon the urge hit and I sat on the toilet. Within seconds I was pooping what felt like one long rope. I usually have loose poop so this was new. It took 5 minutes to finish, and when I looked it was about 20 inches long and un broken!

Tom, It's a good thing you wear boxershorts and not boxers, cuz all that poop would be dropping out.

High Sierra Camper
To Anonymous: I completely agree with you about female bladders and peeing styles. We guys pee at about the same flow rate and time, although I'm about 6'5" and can often pee for quite a bit longer than 30-40 seconds. But I've got to tell you there are women out there with bladders that have to be the size of large watermelons!

I went backpacking with a group of friends from my university last summer. Most of the hiking were day trips coming back to our cars and SUV's in the evening. After a week we became pretty casual around each other without breaching any privacy barriers. During that time I noticed that three of the girls always came out of the camp restroom roughly the same time but that Dawn, a tall athletic girl from my orienteering class took quite a bit longer- no a LOT longer- to come out. I just assumed she was doing whatever women do in National Park restrooms. The last couple of nights we all decided to take the drive up to a more remote location for a change of scenery. We had decided to rough it in our vehicles and to heck with the restrooms and showers. And that's when I found out about Dawn's pissing prowess.

That last night we all partied pretty hard and had drunk quite a bit of the remaining beer. For some reason Dawn and I started getting more and more sexually charged which was weird because we were platonic buddies for an entire semester in class. After most everybody else turned in I offered that she could sleep in one of the sleeping bags in my Toyota Highlander and I promised I wouldn't even attack her beautiful body (lol.) She said yes. And here's where it gets interesting.

We were lying down in separate sleeping bags in the fold down rear of the SUV when all that beer started taking its toll. I heard her say something to the effect that it was too bad we didn't have a 30 foot motor home with a bathroom in it. I told Dawn that I had a red plastic gallon container that even had a yellow funnel in an emergency if she really needed it. For some reason that started us laughing- we were pretty buzzed. Dawn said I was such a wonderful host and date having a lousy pee container in an SUV out in the middle of nowhere. Then for some reason I blurted out she had better make up her mind to pee because I would use it first and fill it up before she had a chance. She squealed and gave me an elbow through the sleeping bag, telling me I was a typical bragging guy. "The next thing your going to tell me is that you pee so long you can write the entire Declaration of Independence in the snow." One thing lead to another and I found myself positioning my self on a seat in front of the SUV, my hiking shorts down and my dick hanging into a yellow plastic funnel with Dawn lying a few feet away in back edging me on. We hadn't even dated before! I was trying to pee and Dawn was making comments like "is it hanging to the floor" (I wish) and "everything coming out O.K.?" I took a pretty long and loud pee and every ten or fifteen seconds Dawn would say something until my pee stream stopped around a minute-and-a-half later. To my surprise rather than be impressed Dawn started to tease me even more, telling me that it was a pretty tiny pee for such a big guy; was that all I was going to go? Didn't I want to give it another effort?

We switched places and for the first time in my life I was awed by the simple act of a woman peeing. As I sat in the rear of the Highlander she positioned herself over the container and let loose a jet of piss that went on...and on...and on! It let up for a moment then grew stronger, a cycle that repeated itself over and over. Jeez! I only wish I had a watch. I had probably filled the container a little over a quarter full (a quart plus) but by the time she was done the level reached the neck of the container and I'm telling you the honest to God truth. She turned to me and said "here you're gonna have to emptying this thing outside, it's full. I could pee some more but that's O.K."

When Dawn looked down at me I was rock hard!

The Crank
Hi guys! Been a long time huh! I've been following the posts here since 1999. That means it's a good 9 years already! Wow.

I love peeping at my girlfriend taking a dump. From under the bathroom door and from the reflecting of the tiles, I can see a nice side view of here bum on the toilet with her panties at here knees. And the grunts! She makes the sexiest grunts as she's often constipated. I don't enjoy watching if she allows me to though. It's different.

Anyone shares my interest?

Dump Bud
Laura - You and I are totally in synch with whiat we think about male desperation. I'm going to post a story especially for you.. If you get a chance, tell us more about your contest and how your partner was acting at different stages especially the final climactic one!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

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