I feel so sorry for those who write about parents who wouldn't let their children use public restrooms or--and this is equally bad--had a negative attitude about it. At age 30, I look back on my parents, both of whom are now deceased, as being both nurturing and encouraging almost to a fault. We traveled by car a lot since my dad had company car privileges and free-lanced as a travel writer. When my brother or I needed to go to the bathroom, he would pull over at the next rest stop or a gas station. He never made us feel guilty about interrupting the itinerary, but talked about maybe he could find this one magazine title he was looking for or that there was a nice nature trail at this one stop. I would be on the stool crapping and he would be carrying on a very cordial conversation with another traveler or two in the entryway. Once or twice I crapped only to find that my stall and none of the others had toilet paper left. I mentioned it to mom and she immediately told dad and he would go into the mens room and pull off much more than I could ever use in one sitting. There was no put-downs, sarcasm, or any other agitation that some of my friends had to go through with parents who were often just outright negative. On the other hand, when traveling with friends to an out-of-town amusement park, their parents were very negative about having to stop for a potty break. My best friend's father even timed her and cussed her out when she didn't keep her word to get in and out during one song being played on the radio. I got back in time but I had to cut off my pee, I didn't flush and of course would think of washing my hands. She started to cry and he just mimicked her as being a whiner. Her mother just sat in the front seat and didn't say anything. That summer we were at the beach and my brother, who was in second grade at the time, was constipated. Dad not only took him nearby to the bathhouse restroom, but since there were no doors on the stall, stood in the doorway to give him his privacy while he sat for about 10 minutes trying to get his crap out. As my brother got more frustrated, dad walked him a half mile to our car and took him back to our motel room where more privacy enabled him to instantly fill the bowl. I couldn't have been luckier and try and maintain the same level-headed decorum with my two children who are 6 and 8. Using public bathrooms doesn't have to be the frustrating and traumatic experience that some parents make it out to be!

Hi,Im Jessica.Im 15 years old,5.4 ft,140 lbs,with black fringy hair to my shoulders.
Last friday evening,i was hung around with a few friends.I felt this pressure in my guts since a while,but i was not in the mood to go home yet and there was no public toilet around.
But my need was not too acute and i decided,i could wait some time longer.
But 45 minutes later,the pressure became an urge.Just now as i would say good bye and go home-that's appeared-HE-the hottest boy in our school.
No chance to go home now!we talked and joked and smoked a few cigarettes.
I forgot the time and most my oppressive problem,but then....-prrp-pfrrprt,prrrrpft-..,
My butt reported alarm with three vociferous and mortifying pre-pooping-farts.I groaned"oh,ooh,i need a loo!" and then i rushed away,caught by the laughter of the others.
Now i was in really,really big problems...
I had obviously waited too long.
To say that it is high time,to get the toiletseat under my butt would be understatement...
I could my shit already barely hold back and had another 20 minutes until i would reach my house,but I made it somehow.
jittering and shivering i rushed to the frontdoor.
While i unlocked the door,i felt the turd already slid out and pushed against my underwear,but somehow i made it to push it back.
I dashed upstairs into the bathroom,pressing one hand at my gasping breast and tried with the other hand to prevent the impending doom between my trembling buttocks.I made it...almost...Only 10 feet away from the saving toilet away the turd broke out again and this time i lost a massive glob of shit in my panties,before i could clench my butt again...
I hurriedly pulled down my pants and just in the moment as my buttcheeks touched the seat I completely lost control over my ass.The load shots out of my ass,with a loud crackling sound and with such a might that the water splashed at my butt.What a relief!
But my thong was blotched with squishy lightbrown little lumps and in the backside of my tight bluejeans was a huge blot and a little heap of lumpy and mushy shit.....

MN Guy
I total agree with you Wisc. guy that we should be able to use a womens restroom if we can't come across a mens restoom when you really need to do a poop. Its better useing the womens room then having it go in pants when you can't find a mens room.

Questin for all
After doing a poop how do you flush the toilet. Do get up and flush toilet or do stay seated and flush the toilet? Please explain in deatail thanks.

To Mega Bladder Chick:
Wow, you can hold 36 hours? It's fantastic! I also like holding, and my best record by output volume was 1780 ml, but 36 hours sounds incredible. Can you write more about most longest holdings that you had in your life? Did you ever measured your output when your bladder was ovefilled?

Saturday, May 03, 2008

for the past two days when lunch time comes around I have started to get badddd diarreah cramps to the point im doubled over. Yesterday I got through them and got home before and peacefully crapped in my house. But today when they started I knew i couldnt hold it all 4th period. The teacher was in his office talking to someone so I had to wait all the time i was sweating until he came out. I ran up to him and asked if i could use the bathroom because I wasnt feeling good and he said he'd write me a note. When he gives it to me he says it has her name on it to and points to another girl in the class who had to pee. I was mortified because I had to go with her and back and she would hear me crapping if I did. She kept askin me questions on the way up there if i was going to the nurse or whatever and I said no im going to the bathroom im sick. and when we got in there i couldnt get the courage to relieve my self and just peed and left with her. By the time we got back to the class my pain got unbearable and I gave her the note and said im gonna go to the nurse or somethin i still dont feel good and walked to another bathroom and FINALLY relieved myself and went back to class about 20 min late but the teacher didnt notice and didnt ask me anything. Do you think everyone knows what i was doin? I was really nervouse.... is there anyway to deal with cramps like that easier?

wisc. guy
well its been a while since I posted on here, jut wanted to bring something up about IBS. it sucks, lol. I think if you have it you should legally be able to use any bathroom anytime, Im a guy but when it hits and there are times when if I cannot find or get into a guys stall you have to start making decisions, you literally get sick, I think if needed you should legally be able to use a womens restroom without backlash or jail. where I am in school now, there is way more womens restrooms than mens and there have been times my ibs has hit and I have either had to nearly go in my pants or use the womes room, Im just saying, its not fair, those who suffer know it can be almost a handicap

Multi-drop Pete
Making a child delay using the toilet is, I feel, extremely cruel; if I'm looking after children I always get a needy child quickly to a toilet, or make it as easy as possible for them to use the bushes or something. However, I am amused when a child voluntarily delays a pee (for instance because they are having too much fun playing) and he or she then has to make an emergency dash to the loo. While boys all squeeze their willy in much the same way, girls have a wider variety of pee-control methods; sometimes using one hand, sometimes both, and on one occasion I saw a girl, aged 4, wearing a swimming costume, running indoors holding herself with just two fingers; index and middle fingers on her crotch, ring and little fingers straight down her leg (not easy to achieve; try it yourself, the ring finger tends to follow the others). Can any of you girls explain the advantages and disadvantages of the various methods?

bubba turd
I just took a huge dump after holding in my poop for ten days, it felt so good! After about two days I started being really gassy, and could push out these loud stinky rippers all the time. I started to get really bloated and pretty soon I couldn't push the farts out, I had to just let them come out silently, because I was afraid that I would end up with a log in my briefs if I pushed at all. Even without pushing I farted almost constantly to the point where it was like a big cloud of stink followed me around all the time. I had to poop so bad that sometimes it felt like it was going to come out even though I would stop what I was doing and clench my buttcheeks together real hard. Wearing tighty whities helped keep it in because they put pressure on my butthole. After like a week my stomach was so distended and it was really starting to hurt, but I wanted to wait until the perfect time to release my huge load. I knew it was going to clogg the toilet so today I waddled to my tub, farting all the way, and laid on my back with my knees in the air. After some loooong farts a huge, dry knobbly log started to inch out my hole. It felt awesome and it was so big i thought it'd never end. I was involuntarily moaning the whole time, this thing was massive! the first log was about a foot and a half long and almost as big as a beer can, and the second was just as dry and hard but not as big. After that there was lots of long farts and some thick, softer logs, they smelled awful. I was so exhausted I fell asleep after that, then woke up and laid some powerful farts. I guess they were stuck in because of all the poop and they could finally get out. Later on I took another large, (but not as big as the first) dump and farted constantly out my tired, sore butthole.

The R Man
To the person who has the little boy who has accedents since you and your wife split up:

It sounds like a phisical manifestation of his saddness for the divorce, I can also relate to your son, I am 19 years-old but I do remember what a divorce is like for a child, my parents split-up when I was little, I also had problums wetting and pooping my pants like him, and let me tell you it is not esey. The child can become confused, angry and even unloved. I HIGHLY HIGHLY SEGGEST the you get your son some counsoling.

P.S. If it is not to much truble can you write back to me to let me know that you got this message? And also to tell me if you found this helpful? If you do, just write through this web-site.

Glad To Help, The R Man

To:Thunder down under. I'm a college senior and my roommate has had the same problem you describe.....I helped her with an enema which gave her some relief but it wasn't until she scheduled a colonic did she really get "cleaned out"...She had been backed up for weeks..She now thinks that she should consider a colonic every couple months...

to the nameless one who responded to my post:
yeah? i mean, i know that in some asian countries they do that but they keep doing it here? well i guess that makes sense. but they couldn't wipe off the seat? oh well. people are just not considerate.
and thanks! my english teachers tell me that too. (that i write well)

i still feel queasy but digestive-wise i've been doing fine. yay!
so... a question for everyone: have you ever had a pee that felt so amazing that you cry? when i woke up this morning, (i had an entire kettle's worth of tea and three bowls of soup for a midnight-dinner last night..) i had to pee really badly. so i went into the bathroom, dropped my pjs and peed. i felt my eyes sting and when i was washing my hands i saw in the mirror that there were tears in my eyes. probably just the tickling sensation of emptying my bladder. but i'd still like to say 'it felt so good i cried'.


Funny tv fart story:

On an episode of 3rd Rock From the Sun in season 2 Dick and Mary were eating Chinese food and Dick was talking and out of the blue Mary lifted her butt slightly off the seat and let off a Pffttt fart. She didn't look bothered by it and looked at him and said simply "Excuse me." Dick kind of looked at her not knowing what to say and then realized what she did and he was like "MARY!" She said "What? I said excuse me." He said "No, no it's fine, I've never heard you do that before." and he started saying that now the relationship is starting to change and now they're comfortable with each other and she said "good there's another one coming." Then he hugs her and she lets off another Pffft-pffft fart and he said "Was that you or me?" and she said "Does it matter?" LOL.

If you haven't seen it it's called Same old Song and Dick part 3.

Hey its me again.
I realized there are all sorts of people on hear.. so I decided to write to all the people that might be like me.
Have you ever had your kids with you in public and needed to poop.. and I mean while they were fairly young (Young enough where they have to come with you)

I remember on several occasions having to bring in a baby carrage and one child on foot into a stall with me just so i could poop or pee.
I realized how hard it is to control them from a how angry you get while your letting go of a load while yelling at your kid.

I still remember we went to a mall to get a few things while I had the runs and had my butt clenched all day and my son didn't want to cooperate with me and I had him in one arm and my daughter I was pushing in the carrage forcing them into the stall and having him yell and carry on the whole time

Anyone els get this?

Dump Bud
Greg! Before anymore time goes by, just a quick note to tell you thanks a whole lot for the time and effort to post your awesome stories and share them with us. You keep outdoing yourself when it comes to loading up each word and phrase with the meaty stuff a lot of us here can't dream of ever getting enough of. Much more to say soon when I get time to tell you what I'm thinking about the latest hot Mike story - I think the idea of posting stories in parts with cliffhanger endings is a totally exciting concept - the first episode of your story gets our imaginations all worked up so we can't help but whip up a followup chapter to move the action along, and then anticipate how you finally wrap up the action so we can compare both. Brilliant, and practical - nothing wasted. I also appreciate the story or stories that didn't get posted, and hope you might consider revising them some way and try to post again. I know you've got alot of fans out there besides me. I hope they take a second to tell you so. Just want to say I enjoy your work and am always anxiously hoping that a GREG pops up each time I check in here.

One more thing - It's fascinating that you've picked up on something in each of your stories that, as far as I've seen in the archives here and elsewhere, have either gone unnoticed or intentionally ignored. At first I thought in was too clinical, but now I see the genius of how the detailed description of the action inside this part of the young male anatomy really vividly describes what our subject is feeling and so tells an intense story that we can almost see and hear and smell sitting or standing or squatting right in front of us.

What I'm sayin' is I think you're the Poet Laureate of the overloaded rectums of youthful male specimens. Thanks again and keep on pumping it out and don't ever get discouraged - you gotta know I'm cheering you on - you and your talent and very clever technical skills. Later, dude!

to Cami:

I'm a senior in high school and I can relate to alot of the questions you are asking. It is amusing, I think, that we can be bored just sitting peeing or crapping and think about all these hygiene questions about who sat on the seat before us, how clean they were, I know that I've asked some of the same questions when I've been at concerts at Muny Auditorium or needed to pee in big stadiums. Three months ago when my sister (she's 26) and I were at the SuperBowl with our dates, the toilets were a disaster and I needed to crap. While we were waiting in a long line she learned me how to get the paper to stay on the seat by taking a longer strip of it and lifting the seat so that the seat you're sitting on is covered with toilet paper that is tucked in and held between the bottom of the seat and the bowl. While it takes more toilet paper to tuck it under the seat, there's less chance of the paper slipping off as you get ready to sit down, or as you found, blowing off due to a ceiling fan. I've also wondered why large bathrooms like stadiums and arenas don't have the nicely cut and shaped toilet seat tissues available like they have at stores such as Wal-Mart and at some gas stations. My sister loves them, and should I admit this, I've seen her take a large supply and put them in her purse occasionally when we're out. I mentioned to her once that it would have been nice if we would have had those while we were in high school and she said she did--again she stole them from other bathrooms! Still, I have many other friends who think nothing of sitting directly on a toilet seat whether it be at school, the arena or a gas station. There's one acquaintance at school who runs for a stall and will put herself down even if there's urine spilled all over the seat. Some of us would never sit in someone else's pee, but she thinks nothing of it! I just think that's so gross!

First off I am 19 and I am a college student in Kentucky. I have two stories I would like to share.

The first one was a last year and my boyfriend snuck me into his house and so I could stay in his room for the night. I woke up at like 5 am and I woke him up because I really had to pee. When I have to pee I can't hold it very long so I have to go within like 10 minutes usually. His dad was up so i couldn't go use the bathroom and I told him if he didn't think of something I would pee myself. He found a big cup I could pee in and he would empty it later. He said I could go behind his desk for privacy but I didn't care. I had a nightgown on so I took off my panties and held the cup and squatted over and peed a lot. I think he looked away but I wouldn't have cared.

I was in the hospital last year because I passed out for a couple hours and they called the ambulance. When I woke up in the ambulence I had to pee so bad, I was so scare I can't believe I didn't pee myself. When I got to the hospital and got a bed I told the nurse I had to pee really really bad and she said I had to use a bed pan because they didn't know what was wrong yet. I begged her to let me use the toilet but she said I HAD to use the bed pan. My mom, step-dad and my sister plus two nurses were in the room. One nurse lifted the blankets and told me to lift my butt up. My step-dad left the room. I sat on the bed pan and she covered me back up. As soon as I sat on the bed pan I started peeing. I had never peed in front of that many people before. But a lot of the pee didn't go in the bed pan, the nurse changed the sheets and helped me clean up.

Hi everyone, sorry it's been a while to get back to people; I tend to prefer to go on here when there's nobody around to misinterperate my particular quirk! As I am on here and on a communal computer in the house, spare moments have been few and far between.

Fluidity: Thanks for your stories; these were just what I was looking for! Sorry that you were in such huge pain though, that would have sucked. If only there was a way you could have been in the desperate situation, but without being in such horrible pain! Great stories - please post some more.

Dump Bud: Wow - thanks for your post! It's fantastic that someone identifies with my feelings on this site so much! You're the first person I've heard of in fact, who feels the same way as me. Please post more, looking forward to hearing 'my' story you're going to post!

As for the contest; we went to the bathroom each once at about 9:00am and then resolved to hold until midnight if we could manage it. Frustratingly, I was bursting before he even needed at all...but I grit my teeth and held on, since I knew that he would get into a worse state quicker than I do when he did need, i.e. he would catch up. Eventually, at around 7pm I asked him if he needed and he said he did a bit.

We had supper, and a little while later I asked him again, and he said it was a bit stronger now. I was desperate, but the feeling was not translating into having to wiggle or squirm at all, just shift position sometimes, so I knew I was ok. We played computer games, and after a moment I saw he was sitting with his legs crossed. I decided not to mention it just then, and was shortly bitterly disappointed when he uncrossed his legs and continued to play as normal. I asked him how he was, and he said things were surprisingly calm down there. We carried on, and by now it was about 8 at night, and I was beginning to secretly doubt if I could make it to the midnight mark. But I didn't say anything. Then I realised that he had his legs crossed again, and he kept them crossed this time, even when he leaned down to pick something up from the floor. I pointed this out to him and he laughed, and I commented that it was because he needed the toilet,and he confirmed this, laughing.

We played for a bit more and then settled down to watch a DVD. By now it was about 10:00pm, still 2 hours to go. I should mention he drank a glass of fruit juice during supper, so the urge was building for him now. After about 45 minutes of watching I asked him how he was, and he said it was bad if he moved, but fine if he stayed still. I on the other hand was past moving or laughing, so he had to get up to change the DVD. As he did, he moved slowly and carefully going "aaah...ah..ah!" He managed not to give way though,and asked me never to make him do this again. I said I wouldn't.

We watched a bit more, and then I started to leak uncontrollably. By now this was 11:53pm. I rushed to the bathroom and peed for about a minute. When I came back he pointed out I had lost the contest. I flopped down and waited for him to go. I knew he was absolutely bursting. But the thing is, when you're really desperate, it somehow makes you more determined to hold on, and he was in no hurry to give in. He put on a five minute long song and listened to that, all rigid with the effort of holding on, concentrating part on the music, but most on his bladder.

When it finished he got up to go, and I reminded himthat he still had 2 minutes to wait it out until midnight. He jumped up frantically and started surfing the net. I snuck a glance at his lower half and saw that he was pressing his legs together really, really tightly and his knees were slightly bent. I heard him mutter "It's SO bad, but it's only one more minute..." I wondered if he could actually physically make it. I think he was wondering that as well just then.

Midnight came, and I reluctantly told him it was midnight. He stood up and grinned. But he couldn't actually stand straight because his legs were still pressed together. I went to get the door for him, but he didn't budge. I asked him if he could actually physically walk there, and he took a step forward and stopped. Then he hunched over and sort of 'knee walked' really fast to the door and into the bathroom across the corridor. The look of relief on his face when he went was something I am never going to be able to forget.

I totally sympathize with you as my mom was the same way. My mom hated public restrooms and almost never allowed me to use them. She never made me hold it even longer for complaining, but she did spank me for it or if I went in my pants. If we were out for a really long time she would take me if there was a restroom that was clean enough. More than once the restroom was not up to her standards and she wouldn't let me use it. I can't describe the feeling of being so close to relief and having it taking from me.

I remember so many times being in total agony and being told that I would have to wait until we got home. I always hated hearing as we were leaving someplace that we still had another stop before we got to go home. Sometimes I would start to cry and would be told that if I didn't be quite I would get a spanking. Like you I was not allowed to hold myself or act like I had to go. Even after getting a bladder infection she still expected me to wait.

I was also told not to use the restrooms at school. She always told me that my teacher would tell her if I tried to use them, so I never tried. It wasn't until the fourth grade did I realize it was a lie. Even still I felt like I was doing something wrong going at school. Luckily by the time I reach junior high she didn't care anymore, but by then I still hardly ever use public restrooms because of the fear of public toilets she instilled in me.

To this day I hate using public restrooms, but when I have to go bad those horrible memories of not being allowed to go come back. Because of this I avoid going out places that I know have nasty restrooms. I'm so glade so many places have family restrooms as those are usually cleaner and private.

Keith D
To Luci: Yeah, pooping is definitely pleasureable. I don't know exactly why. For me it starts to feel good when I first get cramps to tell me I need to poop, apparently there are lots of nerves around the sphincter and the pressure stimulates them. I used to feel terrified when I got poop cramps because I used to be constipated a lot and it hurt coming out. But I learnt that pooping isn't really a bad feeling. It still feels good as I stretch open and feel the poop sliding out. It's like a really good massage! And then there's the feeling afterwards... What a relief! And the achievement! I find that pooping can be a real stress reliever if you're having a bad day. Sometimes when I'm stressed at work I'll go to the bathroom and try to squeeze out a poop just to relieve tension.

To Single woman and Remi: When I used to travel a lot I often lived alone and sometimes pooped with the door open. For the first few years that I had an apartment to myself I always closed the door of the bathroom when I went to the toilet. Just habit I guess. The first time I went with the door open it felt so weird. Like it was dangerous or something. I was so worried that someone would walk into my place. Not that anyone else had keys or anything. But after that it wasn't so scary. I guess I went with the door shut about half the time.

And I often poop in the dark. I seem to prefer to. I mostly poop at night, generally some time after my dinner is the first time of the day that I get the urge. I go in to the bathroom, switch the light on, check the tp and seat then switch off the light and sit. I guess it's for a few reasons. It seems more private that way (I don't feel like I'm sitting up on show under a spotlight). In the dark it's easier to concentrate. If I'm struggling to get it out and starting to overheat, it just seems cooler sitting in the dark. It is mellowing - yes, almost romantic!

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

To Thunder Down Under,
Instead of traveling so far and paying for the colonics why don't you buy a enema bag and do it yourself?
Aussie John

My partner has just returned from a short O/S trip and has had the runs ever since, not too bad though. As for me I have the opposite!!!. Saw the specialist yesterday and I will be on meds for ever and they bung me up. Did not shit yesterday and today at the gym I do an "exercise" where I lay face down over a rubber tube or roller and role on my abdoman to give my bowels a massage, it does help a bit and is a good guage to see the degree of constipation. At the conclusion of my work out I needed a poo so went into the toilets and sat on the pot...I leaned forward with elbows on my thighs and pushed but it was jammed in hard.....a couple of very small hard nuggets dropped out. I then squatted but no good.....these days I am grunting so much, I find it is necessary because it is a risk holding one`s breath whilst pushing.
At home i did what the doc said and took some works rather quickly....I took a dose a little smaller than usual...I think I should have taken a larger dose. Fuit for breakie and plenty of fluids.
Early in the afternoon I got the feeling...I locked the door of work and went out to the toilet...well, was it a big hard arse is still tingling. It was one of those poos that are really hard but are going to come out anyway and come out it did. There was much panting and groaning. the biggest log i have seen for a while : it was all one piece. As I wipped the phone rang...I answered it and it was a fell who works with up at the door to drop of some things. I said I was in the toilet and was coming out now. I feel so much better. Will have some more laxative tomorrow.

Another Male Desperation Story.

Hey Everyone. Regrettably, I've been unable to finish my Mike desperation story from college as it's a bit protracted and I've not been able to paste it in and I'm too busy to type in individual segments.

However, I DID get treated to a most cool and entertaining sighting this past weekend.

My buddy plays on a Co-Ed flag football team which I help manage along with a couple other of his sports teams. Anyhow, through this team I met the center, Jim, who is about 25-26 years old is a real cool guy with an outgoing personality and this toothy grin that charms everyone he comes in contact with. His short dark hair is matched nicely by a well-trimmed goatee. He also packs 225 reasonably solid pounds on his 6'1 frame and his glutes fill his sports shorts quite nicely, especially when he bends over to snap the ball to the quarterback. Naturally, with my proclivities, I began wondering what it would be like to see Jim on the toilet in the throes of a big major shit. However, after a season had gone by, I sort of forgot about the whole thing.

Then this past Sunday, my buddy had a morning game so I went up to the field early to make sure everything was set up. After checking out the field, I decided to hit the restroom and take a wizz when I saw Jim's car tear into the parking lot on two wheels. When I saw Jim jump out of the car and break out in a walk-run toward the field I knew something was up and was determined to find out what. This was pretty typical behavior of someone who had to go to the bathroom really REALLY bad. Jim had SOMEthing full with the only question being was it the bladder or was it the rectum??

I nonchalantly made my way into the restroom as Jim raced up the walk figuring I was about to find out soon enough anyway and I didn't want to let my curiosity or excitement seem obvious. As I got ready to pee at the little trough, Jim comes just BASHING through the door sweating bullets and probably would have smashed the door down had it been locked.

"Hey Jim! How are you doing Bro?" I smiled as I saw him.

"Hold on dude!!" Jim replied without breaking stride. "I have to take the biggest SHIIIIT in the worst possible way!" As he was speaking, the desperately loaded young man raced into the one toilet stall he luckily found vacant. Obviously, Jim would have been in real trouble had the stall been occupied. He then threw the stall door shut. BAM! He threw down the toilet seat. BAM!! I didn't know what "the biggest SHIIIIT in the worst posible way" was but I was sure ready to find out! Jim was wear three layers of pants, his warmups, his playing shorts and his briefs which he dropped separately but hurriedly grunting the whole time, the desperation clearly evident in his voice. The warmups went down first, all the way to the floor covering his size 15 sneakers. Then, moaning "Oh God" evidently being hit by a huge GI contraction, he dropped his playing shorts hanging them halfway around his well developed calves. Then finally, his underwear stretched around his calves as Jim lowered his tormented butt to safety on the crapper.

A moment later, an explosive wall-shaking fart was quickly followed by an overpowering avalanche of shit which stormed out of Jim's body with absolutely devastating force. The relentless crackling and plopping seemed to go on and on and on as the helplees young man sat there moaning and groaning filling the badly-needed toilet with excrement.

"Finally.... Thank God!!" Jim exclaimed under his breath as he finished bumming his awesome mass of turds out of his body. This indicated to me that Jim had been through a protracted desperate struggle to hold his shit inside him before reaching the bathroom.

Just as I thought that Jim had exhausted his massive shit arsenal, he unleashed a second wave and then a third smaller wave. I then realized I was probably overextending my welcome so I hurried and washed up. However, as evidenced by his ample moaning and groaning, Jim's thoughts were clearly on himself and his massive bowel movement and not on me. I figured at this point, he was only semi-conscious anyway. I then went outside and waited for Jim at the door.

A few minutes later, another guy went into the restroom giving me another look inside. Jim was still sitting with his pants down and still farting a little bit.

"Holy Jesus!!" Said the other guy who was walking in. "Who f***ing DIED in here!"

"Sorry!" Jim replied.

A few moments later, the one dude came out and Jim was STILL sitting with his pants down, STILL grinding out smaller pieces of shit out of his body!

A few moments later, I heard the toilet paper holder banging around for quite a bit before Jim flushed away his unbelievable load. A few moments later, Jim emerged wearing a big ear-to-ear grin and rolling his eyes in a gesture of relief when he spotted me. "Whew! That feels a lot better!" Jim then told me he had held his shit for more than 15 desperate minutes before arriving. As we walked to the football field, my buddy was coming the other way heading to the same restroom where Jim had just unleashed his enormous load.

"You better wait dude! I just took the biggest nastiest shit!!" My buddy came back a few moments later looking green in the face!

During the game, I couldn't look at Jim's butt in the same way realizing the ordeal it had just been through!!

Be Safe,


i'm nicole, i'm 20 and a sophmore in college. i'm short and i'm not really fat but i have a big butt and chest. i'm also blonde and i wear glasses. i noticed every once in a while on this board people are weirded out that teens and adults can't hold it any longer and wind up pooping in their pants if they don't have diarrhea. i understand a lot of people, in cases of needing a regular poop but not having access to the toilet, the urge goes away and you become constipated, but with me it's like, if i have to poop, i can hold it in for hours but it's going to come out eventually it doesn't just go away. so i guess i'm responding to those who doubt it's even possible to "accidentally" do a regular poop in your pants. last week i had 3 classes on wednesday that go from 12-5:30 in the afternoon with breaks in between. i usually poop before i leave but i just couldn't get anything going. so i pulled my panties back up (they were light orange) and my jeans as well (they were light blue and tight fitting) and headed off to school. i got really annoyed because as soon i was in my car on my way to the campus i got an urge to poop. that happens sometimes and it really bugs me because i was just on the toilet trying to poop. also, i hate pooping in public bathrooms, which isn't uncommon. so i knew i was in for a long afternoon of having to poop. it wasn't so bad for my first class, it was barely noticeable. after that class, i debated rushing home to poop during my break, but i knew i would be really late for my second class and with finals coming up i can't afford to miss anything. so i just wandered around campus, letting out little farts every now and again to relieve pressure. things were pretty bad during my second class, the pressure was bad and i was really struggling not to fart in the classroom, which would be extremely embarassing in itself. a couple of farts escaped but thankfully they were quiet enough that no one seemed to notice. after that class i was really having a hard time deciding if i should rush home or if i should "bite the bullet" and use a public bathroom. i did more wandering around farting in my pants, and about 15 minutes before my last class, i started to let another fart go, but it felt different. it felt like a small piece of poop came out into my underpants. that little heatwave of fear or shock ran over my whole body, and i made a bee line for a bathroom. there were like 8 girls in there but there was a stall open. i quickly opened my jeans and pulled them down to my knees and shot my hand to the back of my panties and felt my butt. i could feel a little poo-pebble nestled right in the seat of my panties. i quickly yanked them down and dropped the poop into the toilet. then i had a long debate with myself over whether or not to just go. but i had stage fright. there were so many girls in the bathroom i couldn't even get anything to come out now. frustrated, i pulled my panties back up and my jeans too and went off to class, still dealing with the pain and pressure in my butt of needing to poop real bad. i entered the hall where my last class is, and i was struck with another intense urge to pass gas. i tried to hold back but it was gonna come out whether i wanted it to or not. a quick little burst of 3 or 4 farts escaped, and they made noise. thankfully no one was close enough to me to hear. i had to go so bad. then, without warning, my butt gave up. a big, warm, solid load slowly forced it's way into my underwear. i couldn't help but sigh in relief as i stood in the hallway crapping my pants. it was by no means diarrhea and i was by no means doing it on purpose, so yes, it's possible to accidentally take a regular old dump in your pants as an adult, to all those non believers. i must have stood for 5 minutes with my back to the wall crapping my jeans. finally, it felt like i was done. my jeans felt a lot tighter and it felt like someone shoved a warm grapefruit down my pants. i discretely put my hand on my butt and felt the enormous bulge in my pants. there had been hardly anyone passing through the halls as it happened so i didn't get caught in the act, but now i had to figure out how to get out of there without a ton of people seeing the huge bulge on my ass that made it totally obvious that i pooped my pants. i waited until no one was around and i headed straight to the ladies room again. this time there was only 1 girl in there and was paying more attention to herself in the mirror to notice a girl with a huge load in her pants walk in and lock herself in the very last stall. it was time for damage control. i carefully removed my jeans and inspected them, and to my relief they did not appear to get stained. as for my underpants, i carefully removed them. they were heavy with all the poop in them. i dumped the poop into the toilet, it all came out in one big mass. it was pretty solid but still left a bad stain in my panties. there was a lot of poop on my buttcheeks and between my legs too. i used like 3/4 a roll of TP cleaning my butt off. then i wiped the inside of my panties the best i could, but the stain was pretty obvious both inside and out. i put them back on, pulled my jeans up, washed my hands and went to class. thank god i don't think anyone noticed.

i hope this helps some of the people who doubt it's possible for an adult woman to simply poop in her pants out of sheer desperation think again.

To Ms Single Woman: I too leave the door open when I poo while alone at home. I like it all the more when my poo takes a long time and is a lot (and that's more often than not). And yes, I also like to poo in the dark. Romantic! Again, especially when I poo many times in the same sitting and take a loooong time.

I'm 13 and in middle school. I will start at our high school in the fall. Sometimes over the past couple of years I've been crapping at school or peeing at Wal-Mart and while I'm sitting there bored I get to thinking about whether it's really clean for me to place my butt right onto the seat. A couple of months ago I had to use the bathroom twice at Hannah Montana. Once there were splashes on the seat. I don't know if they were from the flush or someone's urine, but that and the cold seat got me to thinking as I sat there waiting for my pee flow to start. The 2nd time I went in I needed to crap. I guess you could say I was constipated because I don't think I had gone for three or four days. Well anyway, I tore off some toilet paper from the roll and tried to place it on both sides of the seat. I must have tried five times. Each time it slipped off. Once it blew off because the fan in the ceiling came on. After two or three minutes, I felt I was going to mess in my pants, so I just sat down like normal and was able to unload in about 20 or 25 seconds. Then I reached down on the floor and used the paper to wipe with. I hate clutter like that on bathroom floors. Do any of you have problems like this? What do you do? Thanks.

A few days ago I woke early. I remained in bed for another 15 or 20 minutes then decided to check my e-mail. I sit at the computer (panties only) and sign in to E-mail. After reading 3 or 4 letters I feel discomfort. I figured another 15 minutes before heading to the bathroom. My bowels had other plans. In 3 minutes I was scrambling for my jeans. I had to sit down to prevent pooping myself as I put them on. I grabbed a t-shirt and pulled it on as I left the bedroom. I walk downstairs and across the kitchen into the bathroom. I push the bathroom door closed. At that moment I lost control. I turned my head to the mirror and watched the poop buldge grow in my own pants.

Hi to you all,

My name is Sabrina,28 years old and i wanna tell you whet happened to me yesterday...
I was appointed with a few people,who works in the same bureau with me,to a picnic at a nice glade near our town.
I was a little bit constipated the last 3 days.Yesterday morning I spend nearly a half hour at the toilet.I strained really hard but except a couple of farts and 3 little brown beadlets-nothing...
I should have not go to the picnic,but Jan,the new workmate would come too,and yes...i be nuts about him a little bit...
That chance i would not miss,not because this "little bit" constipation...
I should have known better....
The picnic was wonderful,warm sunny weather,nice people and delicious food.Iwas flirting a little bit with Jan and he seemed to like me too...
I be not a really beauty,but not unattractive(tall,long curly darkbrown hair,with long legs and lush firm breasts and a nice round butt)
But around 3 p.m. my problems started...
The food,the coffee and the cigarettes brought my digestion in motion.In the beginning it was just a little queasy feeling in my intestines but around ah half hour later i felt the pressure in my backside increase and it said me:"Congratulations Sabsi,very fine,now you have to shit with a bunch of men around you and no toilet in sight..."
But i was not too concerned,my poop is really solid most of the times and after three constipated days my defecatin should be very pertinacious.
No i would not go in the bushes with all the guys around,i would wait until would be uncomfortable, but not more...
But it was uncomfortable faster than I thought, much faster...
Most of the remaining time I spent on a stub...My workmates was playing frisbee,but not me,because I absolutely had to sit to manage my urge...
Around 5 p.m. finally the decampment.
Jan was dove me at home.Normally,i would be very glad about this fact,but at this time,i had other problems...
Already the 200 meters to his car took me to the edge of the doom.Finally i had the carseat under my butt...not a minute to soon...
But to my anxiety,the sit brought me just marginal releive...I had to go already far to urgent at his time....
While the 45 minutes drive at home i pressed my butt intense on the seat and tried everything to hold back the shit in my guts.The backed up load of three days raged in my poor ass and at a few times,the shit touched already my underwear...
As we arrived my house,and i left the car,it happened...the turd pokes out again and as i clenched my buttcheeks,the tip of it broke off and fell out of my trouserlegg...I yelled and ran into my house,without to say good bye....
As i reached my bathroom,the log was already stuck out least at half out of my butt and fell off as i liftet the toilet lid. A few seconds later i felt the toiletseat under my cheeks and let loose the rest of my brown load.
I had to sit 15 minutes and left a huge turd in the toilet,although i had already a big log in my pants and left this lump on the street.
I should have stayed at home yesterday.....

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