To Alice T:

To Holly:
I have a story about us when we were younger if this counts
It was the summer holidays and me and Holly were just back from the beach (No Mary in this one, it was before she was our friend, we were about 9)
We stopped at a 7-11 and my mom (it was my parents that took us, 'us' being me, Holly, my mom, my dad and her sister, my siblings, her brother and her parents were somewhere else) said we could all have a drink, it was a Cali summer after all.
Me and Holly begged her to let us have a double gulp (a 64 oz drink) each because we were really thirsty, she said "Ok, but we're not stopping every 10 minutes so you girls can pee" we agreed, got our drinks, drank them surprisingly quickly and got into the car.
After about 25 minutes, we both had to pee, i was at the point where i knew i had to, but it didn't bother me, Holly was already shoving her hands into her crotch.
about 45 minutes into the ride, my bladder was starting to hurt, Holly on the other hand looked like she was about to wet herself, I put my hand on her back and asked "You ok?" she looked at me with brimming eyes and said "No, i'm about to pop, i can't hold it" I asked my mom if we could stop because we all had to pee, Holly's sister was quick to say "I don't" but my mom just said "I did warn you, plus we're stuck in stop and go traffic, where can you go?" Holly half screamed, half sobbed "Please, it's an emergency!"
"I'm sorry you two, there's nothing i can do"
Holly went back to crying, when i had an idea "Holly?"
"*sob* yes?"
"Pee in your empty double gulp"
"I can't, if i move i'll have an accident"
I asked my mom if i could undo my seatbelt, because of how slow traffic was going, she said "Yes, but as soon as we start moving again, it goes right back on"
So i undid my seatbelt, grabbed Holly's double gulp and said "Come on, go in this"
"I can't move"
"It's this or wet yourself"
"I can't f**ing move"
My mom: Watch your mouth!
"Holly, come on, i'll help"
I unzipped Holly's jeans and pulled them down, there was a noticeable wet spot on her underwear, i then helped her pull them down, as i did, i noticed a small spurt come out of her.
"Move forward a bit" she did, i put her empty double gulp in position and told her to go, she did, thanked me, then took the cup from me and tipped the pee out the window, then i took it peed in it and she tipped it away.
The rest of the ride was uneventful
Hope that's what you were looking for :-)


Hi...hope this remains annonymous, as in nobody recognises it's me! Although most people know about this side of me, they think it's strange, and possibly that's because I haven't had a phrase for it that people can identify with. I think what I must have is a fetish for male desperation.

- I don't like seeing little kids become progressively desperate for a lavatory to the point of or past the point of exploding; it's just sad because they can't control their circumstances enough to make sure they're always in reach of a toilet, plus they are the victims of unfair adult rules often.

- I don't like seeing women become progressively desperate for a lavatory to the point of or past the point of exploding; women are known for being far more in the circumstance of needing to go badly at inconvenient moments than men. I USED to like this (which, along with other things, has led to me thinking I may be bi, and turned hetero after puberty hit and altered me), but I don't now.

- I don't like seeing old people (male OR female) become progressively desperate for a lavatory to the point of or past the point of exploding; they again, like children are a victim of circumstance and disability and often neglect as well, and it is sad to see someone progressively lose their dignity as they go through old age.

- I don't like seeing disabled people (male OR female) become progressively desperate for a lavatory to the point of or past the point of exploding; again they are the victims of circumstance in the same way that old people are; it involves a loss of dignity.

- I am a little turned on by young males having accidents if they are merely temporarily ill e.g. flu, but not fully, because again, disability, indignity and circumstance.

However I DO really like seeing young males 17-21 years old say, become progressively desperate for a lavatory to the point of or past the point of exploding. I don't know why, I just really like it. I wish there were more ways of inducing these circumstances without being deliberately cruel or dictatorial! I recently persuaded my 21 year old partner to enter into a holding contest, which was incredible (I put myself through it too for fairness, but it was a small price to pay) but then swore afterwards that I would never make him do it again (though I might ask him to sometimes, I wouldn't MAKE him).

I would appreciate answers to these questions from anyone similar to me;
- do I have a fetish for male desperation?
- are there any male desperation/accident stories people have that would go some way to balancing out the vast majority of female desperation ones out there?

Thanks for your time

Fr. P
Well, once again it's been a long time since I've posted here, but a priest's life is anything but an easy one, so I just haven't had a whole lot of time on my hands. I was thinking the other day, and I felt really bad for not thanking NoNameStudent for helping me out by providing me with some wonderful suggestions, and since then I haven't had a single accident, and before I go to bed every night I make sure to use the restroom, even if it doesn't feel like I need to go. I've finally managed to get over some of my toilet shyness, as I was generally pretty shy about using the toilet, especially when I had to poop. I couldn't poop anywhere but the rectory, and it often resulted in me holding it for long periods of time, which was a very bad experience, and finally, I was in WalMart a couple weeks ago and I had to poop, so I simply went to the restroom, and decided that if I didn't think about it, it wouldn't be so bad, and it really wasn't and now, if I have to poop in public, I'm not the slightest bit hesitant, and I don't have to be in pain because I'm too shy to poop. I guess it just took me a long time to realize that everybody has pooped, from the poorest people in the slums of Calcutta, to the Holy Father, or the President of the US, and it really is nothing I have to be embarrassed about. I am so thrilled that God has finally helped me get over my bathroom shyness. And, now I'm taking time out of my day to take care of myself, I have noticed that people enjoy talking to me better, and I'm able to take care of other people better, as I'm not always trying to hold my urine or poop, and when I have to use the restroom while I'm talking to someone, I simply tell the person I'm talking to that I have to use the restroom, and that I'll be right back. I've never once had a person tell me it's rude to do that, and it prevents me from having an accident, which would be pretty embarrassing. I don't have any good stories to post, just wanted to give an update to everyone, and let all the kind folks here know that I haven't forgotten about all of you!

God Bless You All!

Father P

Hi Streaks,
Thanks for the encouraging words...but I doubt I'll ever get over my fear of pooping in front of someone. Even as a child, I had to have the door closed and complete privacy. Must come from strict upbringing about private matters. I remember an instance when I was about 7 and my brother was around 4. He was in the bathroom and for some reason I asked a stupid question like "What is he doing in there?" I think he was just potty trained (late, I know) and had only started using the toilet alone (without Mom holding his hand) recently. So I guess I was wondering what he was doing in the bathroom alone. Anyway, my father snapped at me "He's trying to make, now leave him alone and get away from the door!" Kind of an overreaction, huh? So I guess that's why I grew up with strict and somewhat prudish bathroom values.

Now about the nail polish poop smell. My poop indeed sometimes has a skunky smell, the way you described your wife's! I never equated it with a skunk smell until you put the idea into my head. So now what is that? I wonder why our crap smells like skunk? What kinds of food does she eat?


"Take a day off from your fears" I love it. Could apply to many things besides pooping in front of someone

I've gone mountaineering and backpacking in the winter with many different men and women during my life. Most people use a urine bottle while in their tent when the weather is bad outside, even friends in mixed company. Most people kindly look away while tentmates of the opposite gender are using the bottles. A little embarassment is much better than freezing outside the tent and it takes forever to warm up again. One thing that always secretly amazes me is the variation in women urination style, sound, and amount. Men are almost always the same in sound, last 30-40 seconds, with only minor differences in capacity. Women on the other hand vary from silent to a bubbling roar, a few ounces to filling the bottle, and ten seconds to over a minute. None of the variables seem to coordinate in women, long doesn't always mean a lot and short a little. Politeness in the company of mixed gender doesn't allow the funny comments men make amongst themselves, but a few women I've secretly thought "Good job! You must feel better!".

Kelly P:
Tell us more if you like about your husband and your contests. Be sure to include records for you and him in the categories of distance, capacity, and duration (and who wins each category most often). I am sure others here will post their reports. Oh, be sure to give us your physical stats to see if the competition is fair. <laugh> Can you tell us more about the travelmate. Does it fit into the mouth of a pop bottle? Have you tried that, which size is best? Does it work while seated in a car? My wife would always need such a thing in a car or tent, otherwise she uses the woods.

I was 17 and sitting my A level exam in history. I knew my subject and had no problems except that two thirds of the way through I began to need to poo. No problem - I could hang on half an hour - but you all must know the story. No way and as I was completing my final answer I had poo pushing itself into the back of my underpants. I knew when I stood up it would just drop but I knew also I could hardly wait for the end and then stand in a queue to hand in my paper. I raced to complete, tidied up my desk, gathered up my papers and stood up to walk to hand the work in. As I walked to the front - a walk that felt like 50 miles I dumped a huge stiffish load in my boxer briefs. At least I knew it was secure. The teacher checked my pile of papers and I waited and I know he could smell what I'd done. I needed to die. Finally he grinned and told me I'd beter leg it before I messed my pants. I told him it was far too late for that - I'd done it. He grinned some more and told me to walk carefully on my way out. I laughed and told him it was not the first time.

My first time was about six months earlier when my folks were going off on holiday with my younger sister. I was stopping home to do some work on the house for Dad. The morning of their departure I woke up wanting a pee - desperate - and there was a requirement for a poo building. Everytime I got near the bathroom I was beaten to it. At last I went to wave them off. I was stood in boxer briefs under white tracksuit bottoms and a well tucked sports shirt. I waited for them all to get in the car and for dad to start reversing before I burst. I was on a level with Dad and he saw my piss burst forth and he began to laugh. I don't know if he guessed I was pooing my pants at the same time!

It was during that two weeks I woke up one morning to find I was wetting myself in bed. I nearly died as I leapt out running for the bathroom with piss squirting everywhere. I just stood on the tiled floor and completed the job. I had woken up in time to prevent a disaster - the sheet was wet but the matress could have suffered a lot worse. That was the only time as an older person I have ever done that and I hope the last.


Can anyone else go weeks without having to poop? I just wondered because it seems like most people have to go every day, but I only have to go once or twice every couple of weeks.

Also, what happened to my attempted post? *laughs* Was it flushed down the crapper?

Caryl Ann
to Bethany:

You ask some good questions and have some legitimate frustrations regarding the condition of public toilets. Like you, I didn't wise up until a year ago when I was a senior in high school. Just as in your case, I was often running late between classes and would just plop myself down on the toilet for a quick pee before making it to my next class in the nick of time. A few times the tardies racked up and I was assigned a detention. But I know you can get bladder infections if you hold your pee too much--my younger sister (she's 13) has had one twice in the past year. Like you, I know that sometimes I sat in someone else's pee on the seat. In my school, most of the seats were white and it was really hard to see the pee ahead of time before sitting down. That's why, to this day, I prefer black seats. But I also found that they too have a disadvantage. One day during 8th hour world history class, I had to shit really bad, but I didn't want to miss any class time because we were reviewing for the final exam and there were a lot of notes that I needed to get. So I repositioned myself at my desk and to ease the turbulence in my bowels, I quite drinking from my Dr. Pepper and just counted the minutes until 3:05 when I could get on the toilet and take my long-awaited shit. Finally the bell rang, and I grabbed my bookbag, walked across the hall to the bathroom, and flung it into the corner, while I took a sharp left, was delighted to find that all 10 or 11 stalls were open, and I allowed my thong and jeans to fall as I literally threw myself onto the stool so hard that I was surprised I didn't bruise myself. My thong and jeans missed getting messed up with shit by only 2 or 3 seconds. However, as soon as I sat down, I could feel something most under my left thigh. I sat for about a minute and a half while I violently emptied my bowels, but I could still feel something warm under my left thigh. I looked around and noticed that I had selected a stall with one of the few black seats and as I stood up and looked at not only my thigh, but I also surveyed the seat, I was easily able to identify the source of my discomfort: a 5-inch long piece of very moist shit! Although I had almost filled the bowl and I feeling my greatest sense of relief in hours, I noticed that there were large blotches of moist shit on my thigh as well as the toilet seat. As I cleaned myself off by using a lot of moist toilet paper and a couple of paper towels, I got to thinking what idiot would leave such a gross "gift" on the seat. Since that day, I'm much slower and cautious in using public toilet stools. I told this story to a few of my friends and they, too, say they share some of the same concerns. Since that time, I guess I've accepted my belief that girls can be gross when using public bathrooms. Why, I don't know. Are their any possible thoughts out there?

Hello, I'm Allyson or Ally, i'm 32 years old, married, i'm 5'5", 120 lbs, light brown hair just past my shoulders. last summer my husband and i had a sort of moment of truth kind of deal, as in something pretty unexpected happened and we were forced to see how we dealt with it. what happened is as follows: we had just spent a long weekend at his parents' beach house, and it was a great time. spent plenty of time on the beach, swam, ate crab and lobster, had barbecues, did plenty of "things" inside, it was great. the morning we got up to head home i felt terrible. my stomach was flipping over, i was achy, and i needed the toilet incredibly badly as soon as i woke up, and by the time i got to the toilet, i noticed to my horror that i had pooped...just a teeny tiny bit into my underwear. i was a little shocked by it, but i didn't have a total accident so i didn't stress over it. eitherway, i gave hell to the toilet for several minutes, and when i was done i felt a lot better. i put on a clean pair of panties, a full cut bikini style pair of cotton panties that were lime green with pink around the waistband and the leg holes. i didn't need anything too sexy just for a long drive home. i also put on a pair of comfortable light blue jeans that i like wearing on long drives. we finished getting our things together and hit the road. the long part of the drive is pretty much all countryside, with pretty much nothing along the way. it can be very beautiful and very boring at the same time. after about 2 hours of that there is a quick drive on the interestate, then into some more urbanized areas before we get home. we got in the car and started out on our drive. a good 25 minutes in, i felt my stomach bubbling. i thought i was really hungry at first, then i just felt a sharp twinge right in my butt and i thought i was gonna start pooping right then. i gasped. it only lasted a second and then went away, but after it happened i felt all cautious and like, "on guard" for the need to poop. i just tried to relax. over the next several minutes little pockets of pressure kept building in my butt and i would feel like i had to fart, but whenever i tried to let the fart out that same twinge would attack my butt and it felt like mushy poop would start pouring out into my pants if i tried to fart. it was pretty miserable. there must've been something wrong with my stomach from something i ate over the weekend. finally, i said to my husband "i think i need to stop and go to the bathroom." he said "okay well we'll be by the city in about an hour will you be able to hold it or do you want to stop sooner?" stupidly, trying to be calm and adult about it i said i could wait. i was too proud to say "no please stop sooner i think i'm going to poop in my pants!" even though that's what i was shouting in my head. i shifted in my seat a little but and felt a very unpleasant wet squishy feeling on my butt. i reached back with my hand and felt my butt and there was wetness, and warmth. i had pooped myself a little like i did in the morning. my heart started throbbing. just then my stomach groaned again and the pressure came back. i leaned forward in my seat and whimpered from the pain, my husband asked what was wrong-..and i had a total mudslide in my panties. it was wet, it was mooshy, it was noisy, it was fast, it was a lot. total diahrrea accident in my pants. when i was done it felt like someone poured a giant bowl of warm chocolate pudding down the back of my panties. i sat in total shock, disbelief and humilation as my husband kept saying "are you ok?" as he rolled down all the windows, since the car smelled like a port-o-potty on a hot august afternoon. finally i could speak and i just said "oh my god..." he told me to relax and he would stop soon. it felt so miserable. i could feel the wet squishy poop enveloping my entire butt up to the waisteline, and slowly squishing through my pants and covering my upper thighs. a lot had gone to the front too, i could feel it between my legs on my inner thighs. i bet not many people here have ever pooped themselves so bad they had poop in the front of their pants..we stopped at a small market. the best we could do was a roll of paper towels and a tiny bathroom. he brought me the paper towels and a pair of clean underwear and pants from my travel back, and drove around as close to the bathroom as possible. i got out and begun my walk of shame, i had to walk with my legs completely straight and spread out to the sides. according to my husband the back of my jeans looked soaked, more like i had peed myself, and i don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing. anyway, the cleanup was the most disgusting thing ever, i got poop everywhere in that bathroom, i used the entire roll of paper towels, put on my clean clothes although i still felt very dirty, spent 5 minutes washing my hands and got the hell out of their. i'm happy to report that it was a one time deal. i'm pleased that my husband handled it so bravely, haha. one of the most trying moments in a man's life is when his wife shits herself on a long drive!

Lazy Lizzie
Hi there guys and gals........ I haven't posted for awhile but I thought I'd share what happend the other night. My friend ,Mona and I decided to go out for a meal and a drink. Mona came over to my place a little early to help me finish in the small nursery business I run, then we showered and dressed. For the sake of readers I wore a blouse,thong and cargo pants. Mona wore a pleated skirt, high cut undies and a top. We went to this eatery that cooks the most delicious steak. We're both steak eaters so we were both excited to have a good meal cooked by someone else for a change. Mona and I are both single and we get sick of our own cooking.
We started off with a couple of beers,folowed by a bottle of red wine. Now I know from experience Mona is not a big drinker, after the second beer she said it had gone through her like a train. I watched her rise from the table clasping her crotch and hurry to the toilet. When she returned, she said she nearly pissed her panties. Well the steak came and went it was washed down with the red wine and I noticed Mona had about 21/2 glasses, considerably more than usual. As we sat back to have a smoke after the meal I noticed she was slurring her words and giggling more than usual. Now is the time to go I thought because she indicated that we should get another bottle of wine. I reminded her that we were going to a music festival on the Saturday and we'd better go. On the way to the car park Mona was staggering a bit so I held her arm. As we reached the car she farted and said ooooooops , it did stink. I asked if she needed to shit she said she'd be okay, but never really told me yes or no. A 15 minute drive got us home, all the way she was giggling about the night and how she felt and as I drove into the drive and got out to operate the security gate she farted again. As we passed through the self shuting gate and into the carport, she said Lizzie I need to have a shit.
I helped her through the front door down the hallway to the bathroom. By this time I was desperate for a piss my self, but I thought I'd better help Mona in case she shits herself.She backed up to the bowl lifted her dress and pulled down her panties and flopped onto the seat. I took a quick peek at the gusset of her panties and noticed a large skidmark of dark brown poop. By this time I was starting to dribble and there was a small wet patch in the crotch of my pants as well. I quickly unzipped lowered my pants a bit pulled my thong to one side and pissed in the sink, omg I'm glad I can stand up to piss. But I was so desperate I pissed over my hand and down the left leg,but most of it went into the sink. Mona had slouched back against the cistern using it as a back rest. So when she pissed because of the angle of her pussy she was actually pissing on the seat. The next noise was a huge fart followed by a series of splashes,about 4 good size turds hit the water. Now this had not sobered her up one bit , but she said she felt so much lighter now. She sat up in the normal shitting position and rolled off some tp to wipe her ass. She folded the paper about 3 times in the palm of her left hand then raised her ass a bit off the seatand as she went to actualy wipe the tp slipped off her hand into the bowl. She was too drunk to realise this so she actually wiped her ass with her bare hand. That sobered her up, she had shit all over the palm of her hand and fingers. I stood her up off the seat,unbuttoned her dress and through it on the floor,made her step out of her panties and shoes . I then put her in the shower. Oh I did remove her top and bra as well. Poor Mona she felt awful the next day and very embaressed . I had a quick shower as well to get the piss off me as well.

Next time Mona does not drink ha ha ha
Love LL xxxxx

daily report. semidaily. whatever.
i have been peeing a lot though. mainly because the weather is warm over here (i live in toronto). and it looks like that pee-on-my-butt incident has affected me a little: lately whenever i go to a public bathroom i squat. it hurts my legs but it's good exercise. and it's better than forcing myself to sit in someone elses urine for the entire day.

from the other end... shyness rediscovered! i realized i still feel awkward pooping while my family are home. just last night, i went to poo before i went to bed. so i walked into the bathroom, lowered my jeans to my ankles (i only lower them that much when i poo, mostly because i needed noise, i fumbled with the shower curtain, stomped my foot on the floor (it shook my belt making it kinda obvious i was wearing my pants...) and reached over, and turned the water on. i was relieved at my scheme, and finished my poo in relaxing peace. but i wonder if i'll ever get over this phobia. i've though i was over it twenty times before. like i know that pooing is something everyone does and i shouldn't be ashamed but for some reason i have this phobia of letting anyone other than my best best best friend in the world know that i poo too.
so anyways, the story didn't end there.
the poo came out silently, i wiped silently, and i showered as noisily as i wanted. but see, the bathroom related rules in my house are weird. since there isn't a working lock on the door, the main indication that someone may be on the toilet is that the door is closed. but the indication that it's safe to come in even if the door is closed, is that the shower is on. we've established that as long as you don't flush (or stink up the place too badly!), you can go to the bathroom while someone's in the shower. of course, no one flushes the toilet while they're in the shower. and i WAS just showering, right?
my brother came in and i suddenly felt myself go red. i heard him lift the toilet lid, and he started peeing. as he peed, he talked to me. "hi beth." i was really embarassed. i said hi back. "nice work in there." i totally turned red with embarassment. then red with anger (and hot water) when he flushed the toilet. i yelled at him. "chris, what the f????k? i'm trying to shower here!" "i'd shower after that, too. you know, you can't get clean with that in the room unflushed anyways."
(i'm paraphrasing what he said, you know.)
i can't believe he listens to me!
or maybe my soudns are just that obvious?
hey, wouldn't it be cool if he was interested in all this bathroom related stuff too?
anyways, i couldn't look him in the eye all today. he hasn't teased me about it or anything. i just felt so embarassed.
sorry for writing too much, guys. thanks for reading!


Yesterday i was doing the laundrey and i noticed something at the bottom of the hamper. It was clothes rolled up in a towel. I opened it up to find my sisters pants all wet and they smelled like pee. Her underwear was soaked in pee. i was shocked cuz whenever amanda comes over my sister teases about her bedwetting. I didnt tell my sis i know but i might use it as blackmail or something in the future. Gtg ill post how my sister foumd out amanda pees the bed later. P.S. My sister is 12.

I thought about this, but has anyone think about when toilet paper
meets butt. ewwwwwwww. Feel sorry for the toilet paper. If can only talk. LOL.

To the no-name guy who posted about his girlfriend's accident:

That was a great story! I hope you'll post again sometime. Have you or your girlfriend ever had any other accidents in front of each other?

I posted here a little over a year ago how my mom never let my brother and I use public restroom. From the time we were fully potty trained my mom forbid us to use any public bathroom making us hold it until we got home no matter how bad we had to go. She hated public restrooms and wanted us to be trained to never have to use them. When we were young she never kept us out for more than a few hours, but as we got older the time increased. Of course even then it was hard to hold it in. We were required to act perfectly normal and were never allowed to display our needs. If we did we would be made to hold it even longer when we got home. My brother never complained too much about having to go, but I had a hard time with it and did.

One of my worst experiences happened when I was 8 years old. My parents took us on a road trip. The trip was about 7 hours long. We left on Friday morning around 10 am. My mom told us that we had better go to the bathroom because we would not be allowed to go until we got there. I had gone when I woke up at 8 am, but no matter how hard I tried I couldn't get anything to come out. I had breakfast at 9 so I knew it was a matter of time before I would need to go. I told my mom this, but she didn't seem to care. Well as you would guess about 30 minutes into the trip I got the urge to pee. It wasn't bad, but bad enough where I could feel it. Remember I had been made to hold it many times before so I had a faily large bladder. As we continued to drive the urge slowly got worst. After about three hours I had to go pretty bad. We stopped to get gas and then stopped at a Dairy Queen around 1:30 or so. The restroom was right in front of us, but we were not allowed to use it. When we finished eating my mom told me to drink the rest of my Sprite because it was hot and she didn't want me getting dehydrated. My dad went into the restroom to pee. As you may remember my dad was the only one that would use public restrooms and he usually never said anything to my mom about making us hold it. My mom only went twice a day. I asked my mom if she could make an exception and let me go because I had to pee really badly for the last three hours. She said she was sorry, but I was going to half to wait until we got to the hotel. As we left I started to cry because we still had at least four hours to go. I can not describe the feeling of leaving there knowing that my only chance was gone. By then I really had to go and could not enjoy the scenery of the trip. After another hour I started feeling like I was in some kind of nightmare. Just the sound of my parents talking made my bladder hurt worst. Nothing I could do to ease the pain. Before the urge would come and go, but it was now strong. My heart was pounding, my body was sweating and my legs were shaking. I couldn't help but to grab myself. My mom told my brother to make sure I didn't touch myself and that I stayed still. With about two hours left the feeling overcame me and I busted into tears telling my parents that I couldn't wait anymore and was about to pee my pants. My dad said if I peed on his seat he was going to beat my ass. My mom then jumped in telling me to be quite or she was going to make me wait even longer when we got their. I wanted to cry even more, but I knew she would do it.

Luckily with about an hour left around 5 pm my dad remembered that motels were cheaper outside the city and knew there would be traffic so they started looking for one. I remember getting all excited when we stopped at one, but they didn't have any double bed avalable so we left. What happened next I will never forget. My mom and dad started arguing about missing a turn or something. My mom looked at me holding myself again. She told me "THAT IT I TOLD YOU TO KEEP YOUR HANDS AWAY FROM YOURSELF, NOW YOUR GOING TO WAIT ANOTHER HOUR WHEN WE GET THERE". This caught me by surprise and I just completely lost it saying "NO mommy please……." My dad said "he's been waiting long enough and he's not going to wait anymore" The argument got really bad and my dad even threatened to turn to car around and go home. My brother pointed that there was a motel ahead. My dad and brother went inside and was in there for about ten minutes. My mom the whole time was yelling at me how she knew I was going to do this. She also said the hour wait still stood no matter what my dad said. I was sobbing the whole time! My dad came out and said he found a room. When we got out of the car the pain was unbearable and no matter how hard I tried I couldn't stay still. Suddenly as we were walking to the room door I started peeing my pants. I tried to stop it, but couldn't. When my mom seen she started spanking me right there in the parking lot. I couldn't even feel the spanking as my concentration was on relieving the pressure. I was already in trouble and knew I wouldn't be going at all so I just finished. The pee soaked my pants, my socks and my shoes. When I felt it going into my shoes I fell to the ground, but my mom picked me back up and kept spanking me. When we got in the room I came back down to reality and started to get scared. My mom went to the suitcase and got the paddle out. She made me take my clothes off, drugged me into the shower and gave me a cold shower. When she was done she made me place my hands on the sink counter and started spanking me with the paddle on my already sore bottom. I don't remember how many swats I got, but it was enough to make my bottom black and blue. She then made me get dressed to my shoes and told me that I would not be allowed to go at all the next day.

I'll post the rest next time.

Elizabeth Nudist
Hi! I briefly posted a while ago, but never had any stories to tell. I finally have a few and just remembered this site. One happened quite a while ago. It was on the weekkend, and people were just walking around, you know, mingling, and I had noticed everyone, including me, had been breaking a lot of wind, and quite a few people had run off to the bathroom frequently. There must have been some virus in the water, because around three o' clock, one of the men, Dave, started leaking poo from his ass as he was walking. He suddenly ran by a bush and started squirting diarrhea. Since we all gather and eat at the same time, We all started shitting soon after that. I was next, about 30 minutes after Dave ran to the bush, I was sitting and talking with a friend of mine when suddenly my ass just went off without warning, and I was suddenly sitting in shit. My friend backed away, then she started farting and erupted too. Almost everyine had diarrhea, and so many of us didn't make It to the toilet we all had to chip in to pay for cleanup. It wa pretty horrible.

Hi. Im still sick. I heard theres a virus goin around that lasts for two weeks. That sucks because i dont want to wear daipers and i cant stop pooping my panties. The five pairs ive beem pooping and rewashing look like someone soaked them in soy sauce. I had 46 accidents this week. Today i laughed at somehing on tv and i pooped but i was to tired to care so i fell asleep and pooped even more. When i got up. I got changed and right when i put on the panties i pooped them. What should i do?

hey. i read here all the time but have never had anything worth posting but right now i have something happening currently that i'm excited to post. so my girlfriend and i are in our 20s and have an apartment together. i'm laying in a recliner in the bedroom watching a baseball game online with my laptop. my girlfriend is sick and she's sleeping in the bed. for the past 20 minutes or so there's been a weird smell in the room, wasn't sure if the dog or cat had gas or something. well, i just looked over to ask her how she's doing, and she is laying on her side with her back to me, wearing a pair of denim shorts. turns out what smells is that she has pooped her pants. a wet spot on her butt with a bulge. i will wake her up and let her know in a minute i just want to lay here and enjoy it first. as far as i know she's never pooped her pants before but i've had suspisions as she has a couple of pairs of panties in the drawer that she never wears and they have some large suspicious stains in the seat. now as i look over again the wet stain on her butt has some brown starting to show through. don't know if it just soaked through after a while or if she is still pooping her pants. actually the bulge looks like it's slowly growing i believe she may still be pooping. it must be coming out slowly because of resistance, she wears tight underwear and the jean shorts are tight too. this is really cool to watch has anyone ever watched someone poop their pants before? well i think it's cool she's probably not gonna feel the same about it when she wakes up. she wet in her pants at the movies a few years ago and was pretty upset about it so i feel bad she's probably gonna have a fit when she wakes up and finds out she's pooped her pants in bed. oh man the bulge just got a bit bigger i can't believe she's still filling up her panties after all this time. i can see a little brown on her upper thigh now near the edge of her shorts. okay she's waking up i think i need to act like i didnt know what was going on and then help her out i'll let you know how it turns out later on. this is so cool. oh wow she's pissed off.

Pooping a thong is like pooping your pants while wearing no undies at all. the jeans get most of the mess.

To Erica
i find it very daring and intriguing how you would just poop you panties right in class so casually and carry on about your day. how do you get away with it? nobody smells it and there is no bulge or stain on your bottom? i find it especially interesting because you said you have a car so i imagine you are a high schooler too, and you are brave enough to poop your pants like that and hope no one notices. you must be a really lucky girl. when i was in 10th grade, i pooped my panties at school by accident once, and it was a disaster. the entire room smelled, people started trying to figure out what it was, and i had no choice but to get out of my seat and leave the room and there was quite a reaction. i had a great big bulge on my butt. EVERYONE knew i pooped my pants. it was the most humiliating moment of my life. i can't believe you can do it on purpose and get away with it.

Blue Rizla Girl
I don't know why someone doesn't invent a spring-loaded toilet seat that simply reverts to the "up" position whenever nobody is sitting on it. That way, it would be much less likely to get piddled on. (For home use, where people have lids on their toilet seats, I guess it would have to be made to stay down if the lid was also down.)

On the rare occasions that I ever actually wee in a toilet, I just hover (in fact, I often hover when I am doing a pooh). I find it so much quicker than putting the seat down, and of course my son and BF approve :)

Friday, April 18, 2008

Hello fellow toileteirs

A rating system for how bad you need to go was devoloped and spread around my family in late 1990, when me and Sarah became inseperable with Mary, her family grasped it aswell, now, friends, i pass it on to you!

What you do, is add up the numbers that apply to your situation, the maximum is 50

First, if you need to pee, how bad (One of these scores maximum)

1: Aware of a need to go, but is not problem what-soever
2: Sort of need to go, but can easily hold it
3: Mild discomfort, not painful though
4: Slight pain, can hold with ease though
5: Beginning to be very painful
6: Mild figeting becomes involentary
7: Signifigantly painful
8: Hard to keep still, hurting quite a lot
9: Barely mobile, in extreme pain
10: Wetting yourself

Second, if you need to poo, how bad (One of these scores maximum and score is doubled if it's diahreoa (SP?))

1: Don't feel any need, but haven't gone for a while (2 days or more)
2: Aware of a need to go, but is not problem what-soever
3: Sort of need to go, but can easily hold it
4: Mild discomfort, not painful though
5: Slight pain, can hold with ease though
6: Beginning to be very painful
7: Mild figeting becomes involentary
8: Signifigantly painful
9: Hard to keep still, hurting quite a lot
10: Bad cramps, farting often
11: Prarie-Dogging (If you don't know what that is, look it up, i'm not explaining, lol)
12: Very painful, often almost losing control
13: Barely mobile, in extreme pain
14: Terrible cramps, farting uncontrolably
15: Pooing yourself

Third, sickness (One score maximum)

1: Mild feelings of sickness
2: Slight nausa
3: Bad stomach pains, close to vomiting
4: About to puke
5: Throwing up

Fourth, other

1: (for girls) on your period
2: Scores apply for all 3 main catagories*
4: More halfway to the top of all 3 catagories*

*Only one of these maximum

Hope this help s someone out


Continuing on, I went to the colon therapist early this morning. I laid on the table, legs up like in the birthing position, very undignified! She asked how I was and I told her that my bum was sore and I thought I had piles. >she had a look and a feel and said I did have some piles and my anus was a bit damages, due to hard rock poos. She inserted the tube and I pooed like there was no tomorrow. After the treatment I sat in the waiting lounge having a cup of tea. Another women in her 30`s sat near me filling out the usual form, it was her first time. The nurse then came in to discuss what she had found in my poo. I had a high candida count, and undigested food...she told me to chew my food more. I spoke about the difficulty in having a BM, being rock hard and sluggish. I then spoke about fibre supplements...I am apparently having far too much fibre and it is clogging the works. According to the nurse one should have only a low dose, however, if a higher dose is desired then an enormous amount of water need be drunk. All this conversation was going on right in front of this young lady...she might as well get use to it... colon therapy robs all dignity and privacy.
On the way home, which is about an hour I had to stop three times for the toilet and pass liquid ???? is very rumbley now.
Joke for the day
Q: How would you know if a clown farts?
A: Something smells funny.

P>petite pooper
To beth: I agree. I absolutely hate it when people make small talk to me while I'm on the toilet. Especially in public. I just want to go in, "do what I gotta do" and get it over with. People are always talking to me through the stalls, especially at school. I go to a community college and the restrooms are really small only two stalls and two sinks, everything's soo bunched together. I try to go in the mornings, there's this private single stall bathroom, feels like home. It's usually clean in the mornings.

Once again it's me, Tish.

Recently, my famiy was taking a long car trip, and while we were in part of the Nevada desert, my brother said he had to pee really bad, so we stopped the car. There was no bush or sign or pretty much anything for cover, so he hjust turned his back to the car and started peeing. I had to go too, so I got out and squatted, being fairly close to my brother, but faving away from him. It wasn't long before I began to fart, then a bunch of soft crap flowed out. My brother spoke his surprise at my lack of modesty, and I laughed and just crapped some more.

Later on the trip, when we were at our hotel, my dad was taking a shower.My mom kept knocking on the door, asking him when he would be out(I geuss she didn't want to outright say "I have to shit")She kept looking nervous, then ran to the small trash can next to the bed, pulled down her pants, and unleashed a noisy shit-fury.

A third story I have is one time when I was with my friend Stacy on a my-family her-family camping trip. She had to shit, so she grapped the little shovel and headed out, with me accompanying her. After digging the hole, she remembered the toilet paper and ran back to the campsite, but we left the shovel on accident. We got back, then she squatted, relaxed a bit, and started taking a gassy dump. I suddenly had to go too, but we left the shovel back at camp. The hole wasn't big enough for a buddy dump, so I went over by a bush., but the spot I went gave Stacy a full-side view of me. I must have really had to go, because the dump began with a strong full-liquid shit that covered the bush. After some thunderous farts, My ass began firing again.We probably caught some kind of food poisining, because Stacy was also shitting furiously, to the point that the hole overfilled. We laughed and said, at least we remembered the TP!

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