years ago i witnessed a young adult woman filling her pants in a parking lot. i was running errands with my girlfriend and we stopped at the supermarket. she ran in to get a couple of things but i was just waiting in the car. i had reclined the seat most of the way but i could still see out the windshield at the cars around me. a women walking to her car caught my eye because she was good looking and had tight beige stretch pants on and had a really great butt. she looked like she was really stressed though. she walked to her car which was in the row right in front of the one i was parked in, and one car to the left. she put the key in the lock, and then i noticed her looking around. she looked right at my car but she probably couldn't see me because i was reclined and the car has a tinted windshield. well, the next thing i know, she just goes completely rigid. she was standing up perfectly straight but had her head down and her hands were clenched into fists down by her sides. i was wondering what her problem was, when i noticed a very tiny bump start to poke out in the middle of her butt. i was astonished, i could only think to myself "is she..crapping her pants??" then, there must've been a poop explosion because suddenly the small bump slowly poking out isntantly grew into an enourmous bulge, like all the poop jsut came rushing out. she bent over slightly for a second then stood back up. she continued to stand there, and the bulge just slowly grew little by little for another 2 minutes or so, and a wet brown stain started to seep through her underwear and show up on the seat of her beige pants. then a rapidly expanding wet stain came from between her thighs and ran partially up her butt before totally soaking the back of her legs and making a puddle on the ground. i couldn't believe this girl! when she was finally done relieving herself in her pants, she opened her car door and slowly got in. the front of her pants were soaked to. as she drove away i just laughed because i couldn't believe what i just saw. a couple of minutes later my girlfriend got back in the car and i pointed to the pee puddle and said "see that puddle?" and my girlfriend went "yeah?" and i said "that's piss. some lady just stood by her car and shit and pissed her pants". my girlfriend gasped and said "oh my god was it some brown haired girl with a blue sweatshirt and beige pants?" and i said "yeah how'd you know?" and she said "when i was walking in the store she was checking out, and she frantically asked the cashier where the bathroom was then just said nevermind and ran out! i guess she knew she wasn't gonna make it."

Kelly P
Gee, nobody responded to my post on page 1655 about pee funnels and peeing standing up. It's been quite a while since I've been on this site, but it seems to me there used to be a lot of discussion about it. So I hope, if any of you do this or are interested, you'll respond.

I'm also quite interested in peeing games. My husband and I have several, including what we call our Olympics, which is so far mostly for distance. But we have some others, too, like peeing side by side in urinals. So if anybody is interested, please respond.

Hugs, Kelly P

Wow.. its a shock sites like this actually exist!
I am sort of new to going on the internet for enjoyment.

We'll I gotta story!
When my second (and final) child began school I felt very useless at home. I decided to seek work.
After a month or two of handing resumes everywhere I got a call from an accounting firm downtown! I studdied very hard for it and worked to the best of my ability. I was eating breakfast the day of the interview and the yogurt I was eating tasted odd... but I thought nothing of it. I was arrived and was told to go into the office and sit down. I was waiting for around 10 minutes when I started to get some very heavy cramping, which led to gas... which lead out of my but(joke implied). I felt like I was about to poop my pants... and even worse I was extremely nervous. I looked infront of me in this gigantic office. All around me where doors... and all I could think of was one of them could be a washroom. I got up and walked over to the first set of three doors (none washrooms) Walked around the office moving every door handel and looking where every door lead. FINALLY I opened the door to the private washroom in the office. I quickly ran in an shut the door. I quickly walked over to the toilet pushed up my shit pulled down my pantyhose and panties and dropped to the toilet unleashing an amazing wave of wet messy poop out of my ass.

I was feeling releaved as the loud farts and large waves of poop came out. About five minutes later I was basically done.. I wiped up and flushed... as I left the washroom the sr. accountant interviewing me was standing infront of the door. He was not happy and told me that washroom is for him and him only. he then interviewed me and I never heard from them again..
OH and that night I checked the yogurt packaging and it was expired!
I blame expired yogurt for me not getting that job.

Today I had a memorable dump at my sports club. I play tenis at 9 and got there a few minutes before so that I could unload before. I entered a small intimate men's with 2 stalls 2 sinks and 2 urinals. I took the stall closest to the door. I droped my puma pants to my ankles and the crackling sounds started. A moment later I heard someone come in the bathroom. He took the other stall and I could infere he was a tenis instructor since he had puma shoes and pants which he dropped all the way down. He farted and started to unload. His smell drifted into my stall but it wasn't bad, just the normal healthy smell of a guy's fresh dump. The guy quickly wiped and went out and washed his hands. I heard another guy came to take a leak. The both made small talk and I confirmed they were tenis instructors. Actually I would have liked to have a budy dump with my own instructor. But that may happen some other time.

Alice T.

Again, a long time since I last posted. And sorry for not signing with 'Alice T.' as I said I would, because there is another Alice on the forum. I will try to remember it from now on!

To Sarah Brittany
Like many others on this forum I think you should just tell him. If you don't, the truth will surface sooner or later, so it's better to tell him. It might be hard, but just sit down with him and tell him that this is important for you, then tell him. And please keep us posted! :)

To Lizzie
I really liked your story! Please post more, if you like.

To Anny
Nice stories! And I agree with you that 10 years is way too young for someone to be left alone in the evenings.

To Doug
I agree with some others that you should not make her change to suit you. You can ask her about the accidents, ask her out,... but I think you should not tell her not to poop her pants. Please post what you decided and how it went!

To T3C

To yeh
Not very nice of that person to talk about his sister like that. He shouldn't have told everyone about her wetting the bed. Have you heard about someone confronting her with it?

To Emelie
I have also always wondered how anyone can pee that long!

To the unnamed poster telling about his girlfriend having an accident
I really liked your story and I'm glad to read that it did not discourage you to go on with the relationship. Eventually you even got married! Furthermore, I think it was really smart of you to set the seatback horizontally and let her lay down on her belly. I'm surprised no-one (as far as I know) has mentioned this here yet.

To Holly
I have a story for you in respons to your request.

A couple of years ago when I was - I guess - twelve me, my little sister and my parents were going to the beach. We do not live near one, so it was a long car ride. I guess Emma (my sister) had forgotten to use the toilet that morning (we left directly after we had gotten up and had breakfast) because after only half an hour she started to shift a bit in her seat. I did notice, but didn't think anything of it. After another quarter of an hour she started shifting a lot more and she put her hand between her legs. After some time my mom - She was in the passenger seat in the front. My dad was driving and I was next to Emma in the back. - noticed and asked if she needed to go to the bathroom, to which Emma nodded. "Do you have to pee or also poop?" mom asked next and Emma weakly replied "Pee only". Mom said that she had to hold it since we were on a highway which we should be following for quite some time to get to the beach. Five minutes later Emma started to really 'bounce' in her seat and moan a bit. A couple of minutes later she started to cry softly and when I looked over I saw a small wet patch around her hands, which she held between her tightly shut legs. My mom looked over towards her and gave her a look of compassion. Shortly after, she lost it completely. I saw a patch rapidly spreading and heard a very soft hissing sound, not very audible because Emma had now started to cry out loud. I rubbed her back to comfort her while she sobbed. After she had been sitting there with soaked pants for more than half an hour, it was the first time anyone in the car mentioned her wetting herself: my mom said she could change in her swim suit if she wanted. Of course she did, it must've been itchy I guess. When she was removing her wet jeans I could see the wet patch very well. It was large. We arrived at the beach an hour and a half later and my sister rushed out of the car into the sea where she 'washed' herself. She must've felt dirty. On the way back home she wore her swim suit and sat on a towel, because her pants and panties hadn't fully dried yet.

~Alice T.

Well, I said I would post again with a few more stories, but I've been busy, so haven't had the time, but today I've got fairly free, so I decided I would post a few more on here for you all to read:

The first one today comes from when I was 12, three days after my birthday. We were going to have a birthday party at my grandpa's house, which was out in the country. I hated going there because there was nothing to do, but this time it was more fun, because my cousin was coming along, so at least I would have somebody to play with. We had also peed out of doors together a few times, and I I was thinking that maybe we could poop together this time. We set off, and about halfway through the ride, we stopped at our usual rest stop, which was an old diner that served good food, though it's closed down now. I remember always getting a cheeseburger which was always very greasy, and some onion rings. Afterward, I said I had go to the toilet, and got up, and my cousin said he had to go too. The restroom was a fairly small unisex one with a toilet and a sink against one wall. He said he would go first, and stepped up the toilet, undid his pants and peed. Then it was my turn, and I pulled down my shorts, and peed a little longer than he had. We both washed up and went out to meet our parents. When we got there, after we ate dinner, me and my cousin (We'll call him Jeff here, that wasn't his real name) decided to go for a walk. My grandpa's farm was fairly large, and he had a lot of land. A creek ran along behind the house, and during the early summer, which was the season when we there this time, it was generally fairly full from all the rain and storms in the spring. We went down to the creek and walked a little ways up it, looking for frogs on the sand, and we would pick them up, and holding them in the palms of our hands, see which one jumped the furthest. It was nearly dark when Jeff blurted out that he had to go pee. He turned to face the creek, and unsnapped his pants and peed a stream into the water. He asked if I had to go, and I said not yet. I could generally hold my wee longer than he could. A that point, I did have to go a little, but I wanted to wait until I was pretty desperate. About a half hour later, I was having trouble walking with all the wee that was in me, so I told him I had to go. I just crouched down where I stood, pulled my shorts down and immediately started peeing. After I was done, he said he had to poop now, too, and I said I did as well. We crouched down next to each other a little ways up the bank of the creek, and I pushed really hard, and a long thin poo inched it's way out of my butt. He pooed faster than I did and was done sooner, so he came around behind me to watch as I finished up. He handed me a napkin to wipe with that he had cleverly snuck from the table, and, as it was almost completely dark, we walked back home.

My next story comes from when I was much older, 16 if I remember correctly.

At this point, I had my first steady boyfriend, I had had a few short dates with a couple boys at this point, but I can't say I really had a steady one until I was 16. It was a hot, humid night in the summer, and he was into old muscle cars and owned a 1967 Chevelle, if I remember correctly. We went out for ice cream at a little drive-in, and then went for a drive in the countryside. We were getting ready to head home, and I said I had to pee. He asked me if I wanted him to pull over, and I said yes. He pulled over, and looked the other way while I pulled my jeans down, and peed into a ditch on the side of the road. I must have peed for at least a minute, and finally got back in the car, and he drove me home. Shortly after that, we broke up, and I don't know if it was because of that incident, or something else. He never did pee or poop in front of me, and was pretty shy to even pee in my bathroom.

My final story today is fairly recent, so I should remember the details a little better. I was a music teacher, and I taught piano at a local school, as I was trying to bring in some money for college. I was 20 at the time, the typical struggling college kid. My first lesson was at 4:00, and my last class ended at 3:30, and it was a 25 mintue drive if there was light traffic, which there generally was, so I had very little time to do anything in between, including use the toilet. I remember one day very well. I had encountered some traffic, and I was just a little bit late, but the traffic had held up my first student as well, so it wasn't too bad. I had to pee pretty bad, but I didn't want to interrupt the lesson, so I held it. At 4:35 my student left, and I figured I had a few minutes until my next lesson at 4:45. I hurried to the bathroom, lifted my skirt and sat on the toilet with a sigh of relief, as I peed a heavy stream into the bowl. It was the closest I had been to an accident since my early years, but I have had a few accidents in the past 3 or 4 years, but those are for another post.

Happy pooing and peeing to all toileteers!


I know you may think I am crazy but...You should try to poop in front of your husband. Or at least try it with the door open one time. The first time is the toughest for shy poopers. After that it is now big deal. For me it's kind of a thrill to poop with my wife in the room. It's a level of trust far beyond sex. Remember, everyone poops. You are not doing anything so secret that your husband should be locked out. He won't tell anyone about it and niether will you. I addition to being kind of fun, it will make your life a little easier too. My wife used to ask me to leave the room because she had "to potty". This was a pain when I was trying to get ready for work or something. Now-a-days one can shave while the other poops. If we are at someone's house, she will ask me to come with her so people will think I stunk up the room.

I challenge all of you shy poopers to take a day off from your fears and try being open just one time. It's like riding a roller coaster for the first time. You are not going to die and if you really hate it, just don't do it again. How will you know if you don't try it.

Everyone try it and write about the results. The first time I pooped with my wife in the room, I just acted like she wasn't there. My poop came out ok then. She asked me "do you always have to push that hard?" I said "Yes" She said "Me too. My turds are huge. I call it the good hurt."

With that, the ice was broken and we grew much closer at that moment.

i'm so angry right now.
i'm sitting here, i'm in class. before coming to class, i had a stop in at the bathroom to pee, as usual. and i was a little late, as usual. so i walked into the stall, not checking if everything was okay. i just lowered my jeans and sat and peed. and when i was done, i wiped. no auto flusher, no empty toilet paper roll. no problem until i pulled my pants back up and felt the most awkward feeling ever. my butt was soaked in pee, and it was not mine. tell me, guys, do you sneak into girls' bathrooms and pee on the seats? as far as i know it's not reasonable for girls to pee on the seat. of course, after today, im going to start squatting on public toilets always (or just check if the seat's dry) but last time i squatted in a public toilet, it was low enough that i wouldn't pee on the seat. can't people be considerate?!
1) don't pee on the seat. if you do, wipe it off.
2) don't break locks.
3) FLUSH. especailly after you've pooped.
4) don't steal toilet paper rolls.

is this a problem for everyone or do i just have really shitty (haha) luck with bathrooms?

ALRIGHT, i feel better. thanks for reading!


kelly k
hi, i'm kelly k and i'm 15. i just found this place after a few months of looking for a good place to share with people a problem that i've had for the last couple of years. so here's the thing, i was in a pretty bad accident a year and a half ago, and i'll spare you the gory details but the bottom line is, damage was done to my bowels. for a while i couldn't go number 2 without a lot of pain. that his since subsided, but the problem remains that i have a difficult time controlling my urges to poop. it's mainly been controllable during the day but the problem is i have had frequent accidents in bed at night. i've always had to poop first thing in the morning but now with my control issue since the car accident, my bowels dont make it to the morning sometimes and i go in my underwear while sleeping. it got to the point where i started wearing diapers to bed. it was horrible being a teenage girl and needing to wear diapers when i got to bed. i pretty much woke up with a dirty diaper 3 or 4 times a week. eventually it became less and less. recently, i went 2 and half weeks without waking up with a dirty diaper, so i decided i could go to bed with my normal underwear on. of course, to my dismay, i woke up the next morning and i could feel a wet squishy blob on my butt, i totally pooped my panties in bed again. i was so upset! i can't wait until i finish healing from the car accident and i can stop pooping in bed.

I was in my second to last class today when I felt the urge to poop. I asked the teacher if I could go to the bathroom. We were in the middle of a lesson so he said no. I thought it was no big deal he didn't want me to miss anything. After he was done, i asked again. He said no again. I couldn't beleive it. I sat back down at my desk frustrated. It was beginning to get painful, and we still had 20 minutes left in the class. I decided to poop my panties at school since I hadn't done that in a while. I lifted my butt slightly off the seat and let go. A warm soft load started spreading through my panties. When I was finished, I slowly sat back down, careful not to smush anything. So I sat through the rest of math class with a warm poo in my panties. Next I went to Speech and Debate class. Thank god I had done my speech yesterday. The last thing I wanted to do was give a speech to the entire class with soiled panties on. Nothing interesting happened there. I got in my car and went home. When I got home, I was greeted by my sister. She asked me if I had an "accident" again. I just said yes. I walked upstairs and got cleaned up. I have to say, that was a pretty relaxing panty-poop. It was hurting to hold it in.

To Cassy: A few posts back you asked about sitting on the toilet quickly and discovering that the lid was down. That happened to my cousin many, many years ago, I think she was around 7 or 8 at the time. We were at a family re-union, which we had a few times a year and us kids slept in the family room (in sleeping bags, gosh those were the days) which is on the lower level of my aunt's house with a bathroom nearby. Early the next morning (it was light out though), my cousin Carolyn gets up out of her sleeping bag and heads to the bathroom and closes the door. I think several of us were awake, but not wanting to get up yet. The next thing I hear is an oh-no from behind the closed bathroom door. We find out after she opens the door that she had pulled her pajamas down and sat on the toilet but was too sleepy to realize immediately that the lid was in the down position. She had started to urinate on the lid and knew something was wrong but not until she said oh-no was she able to stop, get up, wipe the lid with toilet paper, put the lid up, sat back down and finished urinating in the toilet. That woke us all up and we thought she had peed her pajamas so were all curious. She was a bit red-faced but it would have been worse if she had peed herself.

i've just realized something: i complained about people being inconsiderate by not wiping the seat... but after i realized i'd sat in someone's pee, i didn't wipe it myself!
point being we all need better bathroom manners.

I was on my way to work today. I stopped in at a bathroom in a mall to have a quick poo. The stall door didn't quite lock. When my poo was halfway out, a teenager boy opened the door and saw me in the middle of my business. Humiliating! What's worse, he stood around outside the stall until I was finished. Of course I didn't dare leave the stall until he left. Even after I was done pooping, I didn't move until I was sure he was gone!

Senior Chick
to Camden:

Your posting speaks for a lot of us who regularly must use the school's restrooms. You are right--they suck and there are some things I feel the administration and students could do to improve them, but I doubt it's going to happen. There are about 1,200 girls using and in many cases, misusing the bathrooms at my school. However, it's not just a gender issue. My boyfriend, also a senior, is a jock, straight A AP student who has lots of confidence and focus, but in the 3 years we've gone together, he has gone out of his way, and in some cases, taken me out of my way, to avoid sitting down on a public toilet. Since I got my drivers license a few months before he did, he'd bribe me to drive him the 7 blocks home on our lunch hour so he could take a quick crap. While he was doing that, he gave me lunch money to go thru the drive-thru at nearby Burger King and we'd get carry-out food to take back to school. He says most of the stalls in the boys bathroom have doors, so it's not a privacy issue, but he says guys are too hurried to waiat for the urinals, so they just go into the toilets and neglect to lift the seat. I also know when we're at the mall or movie, he will rarely use the bathroom and he'll make the excuse to swing by his house to pick up some money even though I offer to lend him some. As for me, I agree with you that the large black seats are a real turn-off as is the pee that's deposited by a few hover pissers who think they have a good aim but they don't. I learned in health education class that pee is the cleanest of the body fluids, so I don't have to worry too much about sitting on a few drops of pee, but I'm totally turned off by sitting on a toilet with someone else's unflushed crap in the bowl. I find it to be so gross, although--and there's probably not a lot of logic here--I usually don't flush urine left in the bowl before sitting down. Like you said, Camden, there's been a few rude students throw the door open on me because some of the locks are broken off and occasionally a noisy shitter in the next stall will piss me off, but I guess I've survived 4 years of high school bathrooms pretty well. My sister who is already in college said the bathrooms there are in much better condition and because the students are more mature, they have more amenities. One example, is they have a container of toilet seat papers in each stall and she said some of the girls really like using them. As for me, I don't think I would and I would probably worry that they could clog the stools. Like you, I think I will always prefer my home bathroom to the others in public places. I've learned that we just have to make the best of using public bathrooms because there aren't a lot of practical alternatives.

Austin R.
Wow, I feel really embarrassed to be saying all of this. Last month was the most embarrassing(and only)public wetting accident I have ever had. We had our Homecoming and I dressed myself to look handsome for this girl I really, really like. So I walk in, and see her. I ask her to dance on a slow song so we start dancing and I am sooo embarrassed by the largest erection I have ever gotten. I was soooo embarrassed and started turning red. I have always had a problem with my urine control because when I was around 3 years old, my foster parents would make me hold my urine until I would break blood vessels inside of my bladder and penis. (They got arrested,and I got adopted by an older couple, thank God!) So I have had several wetting accidents at home, but never in front of others. Because of the damaged vessels, I have lost some sensation in my bladder and even in my penis, so sometimes it is hard for me to control myself. Well, anyways, I get a humiliating erection while dancing with this pretty girl, not to mention I am sure she can feel my hardness against her stomach! She looked disgusted and quickly left after the song was over. I go to sit down, dissappointed in my own body. She comes back over a couple minutes later and apologizes, never clearly stating that she was disgusted by my erection. We go to dance on another really, super long slow song and while I am dancing with her, I feel a twinge in my bladder and it comes on suddenly that I really need to use the restroom. I don't want to embarrass myself in front of her, so I try not to wet myself. At the end of the dance (right when I was prepared to clutch myself and hurry off to the mens room), the girl I like comes up to me and starts talking. I couldn't pay attention to what she was saying too much because the pain in my bladder was becoming out of control. I know I'm going to wet myself. I really tried to hide it, but pretty soon, I was urinating all over myself and onto her shoes. She felt really bad afterwards, so she went out with me and discovered that I'm actually a pretty nice person. We are currently dating. I guess theres no embarrassing moment that goes without its joys!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

, again! I went to my colon therapist and had a colonic. I was really backed up. it took a while to produce poo but when it really did. Three days ago I had a whole lot of prune juice but to no the end of the session I noticed that familiar smell of prunes turned into shit. The new meds I am on are powerful but they really bung me up.
I am going back tomorrow morning early for another session.
The type of constipation I get is really a much reduced output....very hard stools that take a lot of effort for a small result. What ends up happening is that I put off going to the toilet...this and the meds cause me to loose my urge to defecate. I take fibre supplements but they create further problems in that they just remain inside me and build up and build up. I am now getting skid marks on my undies so are giving them a scrub before washing.
I am looking forward to tomorrow, the two nurses there were very helpful.

I have a question for all the females:

What food causes the biggest logs?

For me it´s pizza, bananas and white bread.

Amanda (cantis friend)
Ive been sick for the past few days. It started when i was in wegmans. I was getting milk for my mom. I was walking through the doors. I started feeling sick. I kept walking until i couldnt take it anymore. I got to the bathroom and threw up in the toilet. When i stood up i felt a feeling simalar to when i was in detention on my ass. I felt my ass and my panties were totally filled. I unlocked the stall. And walked out of the bathroom and got to my car. When i sat down alot of the poop came out of the legholes. i drove home and got changed. I fell asleep and pooped those panties and pants in my sleep. I of course peed them too. I gotta go ill post later

I hate when I go to the bathroom to take a poop, and then half the poop comes out, but the other half stays in my butt. Then when I wipe, my butt is covered in poop and I have to use almost a whole roll of toilet paper and wash my ass, just because of one stubborn turd!!

Punk Rock Girl

Just a quick story, don't have much time but I haven't posted in a while. I decided to go hiking with Colin yesterday. It was chilly, but nice enough. Anyway, we got to the park and I had to take a shit. Luckily, I knew there was a porta-potty there. I tepped in and saw that there was no TP. It was urgent enough that I figured I just go, and take my chances that it would be a clean, solid dump.

Of course it wasn't. It was ooze. I felt like I had a glob of chunky peanut butter squashed between my buns. Me, being an idiot, figured I could deal with it. We went hiking anyway.

By the time we got home, my underpants looked like an inverted skunk.

Nice, huh. Peace!


Hello i just wanted to post cuz i hauent posted in a while... Amandas not feeling well. She said she shes had a few accidents. I hope shes ok... well gotta go. (^_^)

To sarah brittany,

It would be nice if you could tell your guy the truth and he could be understanding and supportive, but it takes a really special guy to handle something like that. Consider the flip side. Could you handle your friends finding out that your boyfriend poops his pants? Also, think of the future. What happens the first time HE gets to wake up smelling YOU and watch you do the "pooped panties waddle" as you gather up clean clothes and head to the bathroom.

P.S. Does your mom know about this? Have you gone to a doctor to see if anything can be done about it?

To sarah brittany

Tell him the truth! Don't try to lie, you'll fail sometime, and he finds out anyway. Tell him that's a problem for you and he may can help you somehow. If he can't or doesn't want you better look for an other guy. Hard but it's better so. Trust me!

Once while out shopping in a big mall, my girlfriend told me she couln't hold it anymore after searching for a bathroom for the last half hour. She has a problem with public restrooms, especially multi-stall ones and she thought we could make it home in time until this day in the mall parking lot. She looked pained and walked slower than usual as we made it to our parking level-she had to almost stop once or twice and I could smell her gas and see the tension in her face, now reddening. I unlocked the car from a few feet away and figured she jump in as quickly as I did but putting the key in the ignition, starting it and looking through her window, I could see her stooped over with her hand pressing in her crotch and tears falling from her cheeks. I turned the car off and waited for her, figuring she wanted to deal with this on her own, then I heard a groan and 'oh no..' as a 'dull point' protruded out of the back of her tight skirt, forming a big bulge the size of a softball. She'd pooped herself and I wasn't sure what I could do for her now so I got out of the car and went to her but she got more upset and squatted by the car door, her back leaning against it. I could see the big mass sagging between her legs-bobbing with her covulsive sobbing so I took charge and cradled her in my arms, guiding her up and into the passenger seat, setting the seatback all the way down and told her to lie on her stomach. I put an old jacket I had in the back seat over her and shut the door. The car smelled poopy but I opened the vents and the windows and after a little while, she calmed down and looked up at me, her face blushed and makeup-smeared from crying and asked me if I hated her to which I replie, o"Of course not!" I'm happy to say she's now my wife and we reflect on this incident from our early dating days with great levity!

To Emilie,
At age 18 many things seem hard to understand. Some people not only poop their pants, some even sit in their crap. I remember I once pooped my pants at a service station waiting in line for the restroom. I did not have clean clothes to put on so I sat in that soupy mess over an hour as I drove nearly eighty miles home. You spoke of an accident just before your 17th birthday, What if that accident had taken place during school? Let's say toward the end of third class you asked to be excused to the restroom. And let's say you had that accident on the way to the restroom. Your options are: be caught in the restroom in the midst of cleanup during next class change, or go home and shower. Would you have tried to clean up in the school restroom or would you have chosen to wear those soupy poopy panties home to clean up without an audience?

Hi every body, Sarah's in the building!

2 things 2day
1: alot of people have been answering our profiles like a survey, it wasn't, but thank you all anyway :)

2: A story
One day, us 3 wanted to go and take a walk, so we did, at one point we all got hungry, so we went looking for a place to eat, we found a little Italian place, we all went in and had a pizza.
About an hour later (it was a looong walk) i felt sort of wierd in the stomach reigon.
About 10 minutes after that, i knew i had the runs, BAD, so i told the crew, and Holly said she did aswell, so we began looking for a good spot to go, about 10 minutes after THAT, we were at the stage where we were doubled over, clutching our stomachs/asses, afraid to let one rip because what might come out, in the nick of time, we found an old empty bucket (we were in the woods btw) so me and Holly both went for it, then began to argue over who was going to go first
Me: Come on, i'm desprate
Her: So am i!
Me: I'll let you go first next time
Her: Yeah, Yeah, there won't be a next time, plus, i'm dying to pee
Me: You're ALWAYS dying to pee
Mary: Why don't you just go back-to-back
So we did, we both stood at opposite ends of the bucket, pulled down, sat down and went, the sounds we were making made a terrible cacofony (Holly taught me that word) picture it like the differnet tracks on garage band (For the mac users out there) it was like this (Remeber when reading this, it was all at the same time)


Bucket: Creak
My ass: *Indiscribable anal noises*
Me: Oh maaaaaaaaaaaan!
Mary: Eeeew!
Holly's ass: *Indiscribable anal noises*
Holly's vagina: Hhhhhhiiiiiiiissssssssssssssssssssssssssss
Assorted things hitting the bucket: *Mixture of splashes, splats and thuds*

And the smell was horrible, we were on that thing for 10 minutes, doing our thing, until Mary said "Please can we get a move on!" it was obvious that she had to go, so Holly said "If you need to go we'll both get up, we know you're shy"
Mary: I don't need to go, i just don't like watching you 2...... uummmmm.....
me: Shitting?
Mary: Yeah, that

Me and Holly agreed, that we sould head for home, so we could do it there, as we were getting up, we realised we had really messy asses, and no paper, so we combed the floor for something, and found nothing better the pinecones (OUCH!)

So we walked home (to Mary's where we were going to have a sleep over) me and Holly made about 10 stops in the 25 minute walk, but when we got back, we talked to Mary's mom, and she gave us some tablets (Not Mary tho, who still claimed not to need to go)
We spent a little while in Mary's room talking about whatever, and she seemed to be growing more and more desprate, when it looked like she was about to have an accident i said "i'm gonna go downstairs and get some OJ, anyone else want some" then i winked at Holly, she said ok, but Mary said she was fine
Me and Holly went just to the bottom of the stairs, when we heard, as i had guessed, Mary Charging to the bathroom, we went upstairs, and waiting like half-an-hour outside the bathroom, till she came out, when she did we both said "I thought you said you didn't have to go" it was really funny, her face went all red


Sarah Brittany, if you are good friends with this guy, then honesty and trust are important to the relationship. It's expected that he would be uncomfortable about it, partly because you are. Don't make a big deal of it, but when you have the opportunity, sit down and tell him. Explain to him what's up and that it's something that you can't always help. He may come around, or he may decide to end the relationship. The bottom line is that if he really cares about you, what he saw won't matter, and he will accept you for who you are. If he can't accept you as you are, then you'll just have to move on and consider your options. Remember that if he can't accept you, it's about him, not you.

anyone have stories bout pooping a thong

hello alll i'm new to this site and ill tell u my story
the other day i was watchin tv and had the urge to poop so i got up
and wen to the bathroom and sat down and began to pee then i pushed a lil mmmmm... plop.plopplop..plop then took a breath and pushed now nuttin but i still fely full so i pushed relly hard mmmmmm...uahhh.. nuttin darn so i put my pants around my ankels and spread my legs and pushed once more still nuttin so i so i took my fingers and went inbetween my legs and started to dig out the hard poop i was digging like for 5 min or so and thenmy poop came out with a a big ka-plunk and then i was done and i wiped 6 times and flushed and thers my story any other males or females in here who hav had to dig let me know well bye for now ill keep u all posted.

In public restrooms, most women sound alike when peeing.

I heard two exceptions. One woman peed about ten times louder than most womem. She emptied her bladder quickly and it seemed as if she had a large capacity. I was jealous.

Another time when I was in a public library, a woman was peeing one drop at a time. I've always wondered why. I couldn't stand listening to the sound, so I left the bathroom.

Time for a change?
Ok, let me preface this by saying that I'm blind. Not a big deal to me, but the fact is, I think it had something to do with part of the series of events that occurred today, though definitely not the third.
I was walking to the mall from my favorite pet store when I suddenly realized I had to pee, and I mean *PEE*.
There is nothing really on the mile walk, I mean nowhere to go into and find a bathroom, and the stretch of walk goes along a busy road, so no chance of dropping trow behind a bush.
So, it's either squirm around, get disoriented because I'm concentrating on not pissing myself, or letting go and getting to a bathroom to change as soon as I can. Seeing as I wear depends because of IBS anyway, I chose the second option and just peed as I walked. Not a bad solution, though not something I prefer doing. Well I got to the mall, and it's not a place I know well and the realization strikes… I have to poop.
Well, ok. It's not urgent at the moment and I'm heading to the bathroom to change anyway, right? Wrong!! For some reason, everyone, and I mean *everyone* I asked directions from seemed bent on giving me either wrong directions or such vague ones that I got even more lost. This is where I think being sighted might have helped as the bathroom is in plain sight… if you can see it.
By the time I got to the bathroom, the impending bowel movement was no longer impending. The only thing holding it back at all was the fact that my pants are a bit on the tight side.
The second I got into a stall and unbuttoned my pants, out it came.
Ok. I'm used to this… change pants and move on with my day. So I did, and as I'm doing so, several people came in. One took a whiz, the other decided to have some rather liquid sounding diarrhea… and it smelled!
I finished my business and got the heck out of there!
Well that' smy experience for the day.
Hope you enjoy.

yeah, i was sitting in 2nd hour when one of the troublemakers* of the class was talking to one of his friends. and he said "yeah, i was sleeping in my sister's bed wiht her one night and i woke up and it was wet. So i asked her if the cat peed the bed and she said "no, i had a dream i was swimming and peed. Man that was f****** gross!" I heard that and i got turned on. His sister is smoking. to think what that wud of looked like...hmmmm

Monday, April 14, 2008

In answer to Linda`s questions. I had not been for a day or so, I had been eating a lot of fibre...I guess I had not been pooing that well of late so there was a build up. I had a colonic a few days before and maybe that did something. I can still remember the feeling....sitting on the toilet..trying so hard and that big bit of hard poo in me...then I really wanted to go.... It stretched things as it came out but just kept comming and comming and felt so great. I was not there that long, only a couple of all came out in one loooong turrrrd!
The episode at the conference, yes my poo was again rock hard and yes I did grunt...not really loud but she would have heard because the cleaner (female) went into the next cubicle. I do not know if she was embarrassed but if she goes in them she takes what happens. My job was to concentrate on my job...and I did, with success. I have squatted on the floor at home or elsewhere when the going gets tough. I do stand to poo when at a public toilet that may not be that the conference I sat normally.
My latest is that on Sunday I did not poo and barely got the urge. At the gym (maybe the result of a good glass of prune juice ) I stopped my exercises for a big poo and it came out OK and quickly. After my showe I needed another one but it was butt pee. I weighed myself when Going into the gym and again on leaving, just to see the difference...I lost well over 3/4 kl, however, the poo weight would have been more because I drank quite a bit of water during the session and ddid not sweat much.
One thing about doing a really big poo is that it feels so good.
Linda...I really think you should poo at work when needed because you could be in for all sorts of problems if not.

No Confidence Chad
To Camden:

I'm 14 and finishing my freshman year of high school. I, too, am on spring break this week. I agree with you. It's bad for us guys who don't have a lot of experience in using public bathrooms at school because All our stalls, with the exception of two which are located next to the theater/athletic wing, have no doors. I got use to doors in both grade school and middle school and in August it was a big shock that our school didn't have them. What sucks is that you can see where the stalls had doors and their are still latches and holes in the partitions from when they were taken off. I don't know about you Camden, but I'm very self-conscious about myself. There's some bullying, etc. that goes on in the guys room. One guy I know is very under-developed and he made the mistake of taking the very first stall (everybody would have to walk by him to get to the urinals), his mother had bought him briefs (most of us wear boxers), and worse yet, he didn't stop to think and literally dropped them and his jeans all the way to the floor. Guys at the urinals and those waiting for one of the other five or six stalls would nudge one another, point him out, and some gave him such a cruel stare down that he eventually gave us, got up and ran out. I thought it was pretty cruel what they did to him and especially the one guy who is a senior then takes over the stall, sits down very confidently, and takes a thunderous shit that would have been impossible for most of us who don't have that confidence. It helped when I told my dad about the situation at school. He told me these problems go back several generations and that when he was in school he would hold him craps until he got home. In four years he NEVER crapped at school, although he said he knew of some guys who got bullied and teased. For me, he recommended that I talk to my teachers and get a pass to go during class time. It helps because there are less guys using the bathrooms then. He also said I should walk upstairs to some of the lesser-used bathrooms. That tends to work better too. Also, he showed me at home and had me practice crapping with by using the top of my boxers to sit down on. I pull them down only as far as necessary to let my crap drop, and by sitting on them, I'm exposing less of myself to anyone who comes into the room. Too often, the bathroom could be clear, and I was gaining some confidence that I was going to be able to drop my crap, and then two or three guys would walk in and I would lose my confidence, pull up my pants and leave, and have to painfully hold my dump until later. It must be tough on you girls, Camden, who have to use the bathrooms like you say two or three times a day. Like you, I enjoy days off school where I can just relax on the toilet next to my room. School bathrooms suck and I guess they always will.

Hi, first to make it clear, i'm NOT holly from T3C.

But i'm here to make a request, does anyone have any stories about having kids that REALLY had to go while in the car?

A Vacationer
I came across this website while searching for information on urine separating toilets. I am planning a new toilet for a remote vacation cottage with currently only a carry-out barrel chemical toilet. I was thinking about a composting toilet replacement. Most literature states that separating urine from solid waste is beneficial for smell, processing, and even fertilizer. The commercial urine separating toilets are expensive, so I was going to build my own with a bowl-like partition in the front to collect and divert the urine to a separate pipe and an opening in the back to let the solids fall through a trap door to a composting drum. Being male I can figure out how far back to make the urine bowl for sitting men (and separate urinal for standing), but I really question if the same partition would be right at the right place for women. I am not nieve, I also know that a lot of women hover too, which changes where the urine lands in the bowl. There are more variables for women such as angle, pressure, and seating position, which I can't predict, but changes where the urine collection section needs to be.

Can any women give suggestions on how far back to make this separating partition go from the front rim of a standard elongated American toilet to collect all the urine and keep the liquid and solid wastes separate??

A story to match the theme of other posts. When I was in college in a fraternity, during a large party one night I was returning to my room, which was 2 doors down from the guest bathroom which had a long queue. I had left my room door closed, but unlocked. I briefly saw two unknown women giggling and hurriedly leave my room as I approached down the hallway. I immediately wondered what they had vandalized or stolen in my room. I didn't notice anything wrong immediately, then I saw 2 big beer cups from the party with initials in magic marker on them (which is common at parties) on my desk. Both were over 3/4 full (one nearly to the rim) with something other than beer, if you know what I mean. Next to the cups was a small note in very feminine handwriting with an apology, saying that they couldn't wait any longer and they were enjoying the party. I was mad for a split second, but got over it when I considered I might have been cleaning that huge amount of pee off of my floor if they were less courteous.

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