Abbey Dawn
Ive been drinking water all day and then stopped for 3 hours. All the water has came out as pee. I think my body is empty now and liquid can travel quicker to my bladder.
Ive done something like this before. Ive drank water for 5 hours and peed. Had fun holding it. Then after like 2 more hours of not drinking and letting all the water out as pee I would drink a certain amount and then I would wait 2 hours and it would all come out as pee. Just the amount that I drank. When my body just has water in it and no food all the water will travel right to my bladder then come out. None of it really stays in my body.

I just drank 8 OZ of water. When will I feel the need to pee and how long will it take all the 8 OZ of water to come out?

I have a question for the guys: How do you pee in a squat toilet? Do you squat, or do you stand, or is there something else I'm missing?

sarah brittany
hello, i'm sarah brittany and i'm 16. something pretty embarassing happened and i was looking for advice on how to handle it. the problem is ever since i was little, i pretty much have to poop before bed or i might have an accident in my sleep. except sometimes i don't have to poop before bed and i just can't. i don't go in bed everytime that happens, but once every few weeks or so i wake up with messy underwear. it's just something i've dealt with for years so it doesn't really bug me too much anymore. anyway, it last happend about 4 nights ago, i tried to poop before bed but i couldn't get anything going, so i just gambled and went straight to bed. i had these pink cotton panties on with darker pink spots on them. except i woke up in the morning with an all too familiar soft, warm squishy feeling on my butt. sure enough i'd pooped my panties. i followed my normal procedure, i waddled to the bathroom and carefully took them off, and emptied the contents into the toilet and tossed the panties into my hamper, or so i thought. apparently they went past the hamper and landed on the floor between the hamper and the wall, but i didn't notice at that point. i cleaned up, got dressed and carried on with my day, and i was excited because my boyfriend was coming over and it was his first time coming to my house. i mean he'd been here before but only in like the front room and outside because it was when he was picking me up and stuff. so i waited all day and finally around 5 he came over. i was giving him the grand tour, and for the finale i took him to see my room. he really liked it and everything was going great, and i took him into the bathroom that is attached to my room. we walked in, and even though i didn't notice before, it may as well have had a flashing neon sign above it now because the second we walked in my eyes just darted right at my pair of pink panties on the floor next to the hamper with a huge poop stain and a little bit of caked on poop in them. my heart stopped and chills came over me. he looked really shocked. i quickly picked them up and tossed them in the hamper and said "sorry, my little sister shares my bathroom and she kind of has a control problem!" i knew i was beat red though and that he wasn't buying it at all. anyway, the rest of the evening was really awkward and he seemed pretty uncomfortable. i could not believe i left my dirty panties on the floor for him to see. he must think i'm a total freak because i'm 16 and still poop my pants sometimes. is there any good way to bring it up to him and explain or should i just stick by the story that they're my sister's and hope for the best???

Cantis friend amanda
Oh my god i was in detention today and on my way into the door i farted. It was kinda wet and i knew i was going to be uncomfortable. I sat down next to canti. ;) i think he has a crush on me. i suddenly felt pressure on my ass. I sat there for about 10 minutes when all of the sudden poop rushed out into my panties. This was the first time in 3 years ive messed my panties. It felt like 1/4 of a cup of pudding. My face was so red. After detention i got out of the classroom and canti asked if i had an accident i said yeah howd you know. He said he was staring at my ass. I walked in the bathroom and the stalls were all takin... When I was walking home. I let the rest go into my panties. Bla bla bla. Well thats it. info about me age 17 female i dont like pooping my panties but if i have to i dont mind it. I wet the bed but i dont like daipers so i put a bed pad thing on my bed. Lol (^_^)

Can't Poop
About a month ago I did not poop for seven days. I had to give myself an enema. It took two to get me cleaned out. I am a 42 year old male and I was embarassed to purchase the enema bag. Has anyone else ever been embarassed about taking an enema? I did feel much better afterwards. Please share your story.

To Streaks~
Funny about your wife running the shower to drown out her pooping sounds. I've been married 6 and a half years and I still won't poop or even pee in front of my husband and I'll still run the sink and extraction fan if I think he's nearby. Yeah, like he's never heard of that old trick! Anyway, you asked what other people's poop smells like. Well strangely enough, sometimes I could swear that mine smells like nail polish! Now that I think of it, I wonder if it could be the skunk smell you described your wife's as having. The next time I go, I will take better notice of this.

Pee Shy
There have been different kinds of being pee shy. I will bet that others on this board are pee shy and need to share their stories.

1. A person trained by the mother or father to keep the bathroom door closed when you pee and keep peeing private as if it is something others don't do, will be afraid to admit to friends, girl friends on the first few dates or other guys you are with playing video games or just hanging out. So you hold your full bladder until you are desperate to pee. Then you make up an excuse to go home because that is the only place you are comfortable peeing.

Gradually before you get to burst you might say to your date:"About every three hours I need to pee. What about you. I want us to be comfortable when we are together." You may guess she has been holding on a full bladder too embarrassed to tell you. Or with the guys, "I need to pee and will be right back from the bathroom." Even if some of them go with you and you can't pee around friends, after they have finished and you are still standing there, you can say laughing about it: "Sometimes it takes me a while after I hold my pee so long to pry loose my powerful bladder muscles which give me an iron bladder. I'll see you in a few minutes." Or, "It is so long since I peed last just after school. Now it is 10 p.m. I always hold a lot and I need to take my third piss of the day--after 7 this morning and 4 this afternoon. My pee takes a while to come out after my powerful holds.I need to relax on my own to do it."

2. Then there is "Cure for Paruresis," by a pee shy or bashful bladder guy. His story is really interesting. When he was a kid he used to take long, loud pisses when he got up. His brother make fun of him. I'll bet he was jealous and maybe had his own pee fetish, sexual arousal from hearing long pees and guilty about it, which may be why he tried to embarrass you with your parents. So you covered up the sound and finished your large bladder pee in the shower. First thing you knew you couldn't go at all around other guys and never told girls you needed to pee. Then you found a girl who had a megabladder like yours who held and held. Finally you heard her pee very, very long. Probably her second pee of the day. A two time a day pisser. She did it loud and you heard it. Your brother was wrong. Having a good long piss is a lot better than many short pisses. A large bladder is an asset. You found a girl you were beginning to love who didn't mind peeing naturally for her. Your paruresis went away. You could now excite her with one of your own endless pisses and forget what others might think. Congratulations!

For the rest of pee shy guys,it takes a lot longer.

I'm 18, a senior in high school, and I'm about 5'8''-5'8 1/2''.

I was bored and read totally random pages on this site, and I've read some entries about chicks who piss for like 3+ minutes. What the...? HOW is that even POSSIBLE?

Another question that baffles me is how someone could crap their pants, and then just leave the turd sitting there. And why would someone my age or older crap their pants anyway(if it isn't diarrhea)? I don't know, maybe I'm just unusually good at holding my poop if I really have to go and there isn't a bathroom nearby.

I did have one embarrassing crap moment though. About two weeks before my 17th birthday, I woke up at about 1am feeling terrible, and realized that I was going to have explosive diarrhea at that instant. To make things worse, I was wearing a thong instead of regular underwear. I ran into the bathroom, took a gigantic dump that seemed to last forever, and since I had to go so bad, I didn't turn the lights on prior to entering. After I had crapped more than I ever had in my life, I turned the lights on and realized that I had liquid shit running down my legs. I couldn't shower, because I didn't want to wake my parents up, but I succeeded in removing all traces of the poop. I can gladly say that's the only accident I've ever had(except for when I was being toilet trained as a toddler).

Also, I was just reminded of a funny story about my brother(though it wasn't funny at the time). I was about 5, and my brother was 3 and watching the Little Mermaid. My dad noticed that my brother was sitting in a funny position, and asked him if he had to go to the bathroom. My brother lied and said no, and when he got up 5 minutes later, there was a large turd laying on the floor. I started laughing, but my dad was furious because my brother had lied about having to use the bathroom.

My body has been really strange lately. I alternate between constipation and regular bm's. Very annoying.

The other day I went twice in one day which is unusual for me. The first time was a very painful long turd, about 10" long which also is unusual for me since during my period I tend to not be able to go. The 2nd bm happened after I ate rice pudding. I almost had an accident but thank god I didn't, because it was diarrhea. Usually stuff with milk in it doesn't bother me other than to give me somewhat of a gurgly stomach :S Weird.

I can't remember if I told this story. Last night at around 7 pm there was a lot of banging upstairs. And I do mean A LOT. Someone kept pounding and kicking one of the doors upstairs and yelling and stuff. It was getting annoying because the person was extremely persistent. I almost went out into the hallway to tell them to knock it off.

It turns out it was my sister's friend. She is around 10 years old and she was locked out of her apartment because her parents were at work or out and she couldn't get in. She had tried asking the super to let her in but he kept telling her knock on the door. I finally asked her what was wrong. She was sniffling and crying and she told me that her parents weren't home and she couldn't get into her apartment. She went outside to look for someone and I noticed that the back of her pants were stained brown. Kind of makes me wish that the superintendant had've just helped her in the first place, since he DOES have the keys. Which brings me to my 2nd thought--why didn't her parents give her a key? Isn't 10 years old a little young to be home by herself in the evening? Amazes me that some people have no common sense. I heard her crying later in the evening, so I'm guessing her parents weren't too happy with what she did.


Liking the stories on this site :) I've been coming here for 2 years now :)

Happy pooping.

To Full Bladder:
That wasn't a survey, it was just our fact files, but thanks none the less


accident prone guy
Would love to hear more about your sisters they sound cute more stoys plz

Keith D
Hi Linda from Australia. Glad to hear that the winning streak is continuing. I wish that I could poop twice daily. It just feels so good that once is not enough. When I'm having a stressful day at work I sometimes will go sit on the toilet a few times through the day just to have a push. Even if nothing comes out, it's a great stress reliever!

I'm usually a once-a-day guy. It's not at a regular time but usually after lunch or dinner. I don't get the urge of a morning. Perhaps because I'm not a coffee drinker? I was constipated throughout my whole childhood and mostly only went once or twice a week. As an adult I've faired much better. Although it is always a strain and I always need to push, I do one most days. Some days I do not get the urge so don't even try to sit and push. If there's no urge then there's definitely no action! I only get constipated a few times a year now. It's usually only for a few days but I find it really frustrating to push with no success. I usually sit and try a few different positions until I can get it out and am usually successful. But I'd never stay more than 20 minutes these days. I've wasted too much of my time on the pot!

Linda, I don't think I do get a huge build up in my bowels, I think that the longer it is in there, the drier and more compacted it gets. It all seems to heap up down near my rectum. Once ready, it moves around a bit, up and down hammering against the inside of my anus. But after about ten minutes, the urge goes and may not return for a day. I get a small "window of opportunity" in which to poop. Do you get this too if you are forced to hold back? I usually only squeeze out a bit in a go because that's all there is. I don't eat a lot and I do single logs. They're just very hard and compact.

I've never been able to feel the poop up inside my gut. I'm intrigued by the posters on this site that can. After I heard about massaging the abdomen here I tried it once but it did not seem to help. I never really seemed to have cramps when I was constipated at school. I only ever got the sudden hammering when it was trying to get out.

Yeah, when I am pooping and I feel my ring starts to stretch and reach its maximum width, it feels as though the poop is about halfway out. But when I reached down there once because it felt like it was stuck, I found that it wasn't sticking out at all! I've read that the butthole has multiple sphincters so is actually quite a long tunnel to get through. I guess I can sense it going through the inner sphincter. When I was constipated as a teenager, I used to try all sorts of things to "loosen" up the sphincter to help the poop get out as that was where it seemed to get stuck. I would try stretching my butthole as wide as possible. I would try to stretch it side-to-side by spreading my butt cheeks between the two sides of the seat. Sometimes I would try to stretch it forward by reaching under and pulling my scrotum forward. Holding my butthole open manually seemed to help sometimes.

I like hearing about other people's struggles with constipation and some of the techniques they've tried. Roadside diners are actually a great place to find out about pooping behaviour. I used to be on the road a lot and would often stop. People travelling often get backed up as it can be a long time on the highway holding it in and when they're travelling with friends they get poop shy. You notice them wait until their friends are all eating before they sneak off to the toilet alone. Many don't come out for a half hour.

Belated replies to previous posts (I tried posting this before and it didn't get printed).
Debbie's enema/anal leakage story sounded all too familiar to me - there were periods when my mother would routinely check my panties for brown stains that, in her opinion, would always indicate that I was constipated and in need of a suppository or enema (apparently forgetting that diarrhea and wet farts occasionally happen for other reasons). At least in my case it stopped before I started secondary school (high school) - it was happening, I guess, at various points between the ages of 3 and 11. But, like you say, no matter how many dozens (hundreds?) of times I was given an anal treatment I perceived it as a violation, a random assault.
Sniper's shampoo up the butt trick - I know it hurts. Despite the symbolic appeal of using sham-poo to force a real poo. Shampoos, like soaps, can contain artificial scents/preservatives that will irritate your shithole like crazy (they were never meant to be stuck up there, after all). I tried it a few years ago just as an experiment - remembering how when I was little my mother at times tried sticking some kind of liquid handwash-soap up my shithole, as the latest desperate attempt to make me do as much shit as she thought I should.

Johnny Half-Pint
I had a scary thought this morning.

If Gordon Brown and co get their way, everyone will need to carry a biometric identity card. The logical extension of this will be that you will eventually need to swipe your identity card through the locks of public toilets -- "to prevent vandalism and misuse of the premises" or something that sounds like it's for our benefit.

But if they know exactly who is using a toilet, this means they will be abe to analyse people's body wastes to make sure they have only been enjoying themselves in ways officially sanctioned by the state -- and they will know who you are if you haven't.

Linda from Australia here again. I got a bit constipated again this week. I went on Tuesday night and then I didn't go again until Thursday afternoon. I thought I had a big massive load in me but it only consisted of a few small balls of poo. It only took 5 minutes to get it all out too. Then I went again today and it only took a few minutes to push my poos out.

To Thunder from Down Under: It sounded like you did a massive poo!! Had you been constipated to get a turd that long? How long did it take for you to squeeze your load out?? It also sounded like you had a good poo when that cleaner came into those public toilets. I wonder if she got embarrassed when you grunted. Did you grunt loudly? Do you hover over the toilet at home when you are pooping? Also, do you ever stand up to poop?

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Age: 15
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Pee Shyness (0 being none, 100 being very shy): 10
Poo Shyness: 60
Fart Shyness: 70
Bladder Capacity (0 being none, 100 being camel): 40
Colon Capacity: 90
Word for pee: pee
Word for Peeing: taking a piss, peeing
Word for poo: shit in speaking, poo in writing. poop, also.
Word for pooing: taking a shit in speaking, having a poo in writing. or pooping. also, pooing.
Word for fart: gas
Word for farting: farting but i dont say it much
Other: i like to read and i can hold my pee pretty well when i must (teachers are mean). also, i am..


To Stevie..
please, call me beth.
i don't deny that i pee and poo (clearly), but aside from this site, i don't really like to talk about it. the same way like prude folk don't talk about sex (am i a hypocrit or what?).

It has been a while since my last two posts about the trepidations and joys of relieving myself out doors. Thanks for the positive comments. This post is in essence about going to the toilet in the same way as out doors. It follows an article I read about western style sit down toilets being installed in China in preparation for the Olympics. A lot of people are not aware that toilets in many parts of the world are the squat or hole in the ground type, totally unlike what we are accustomed to in the west. Being faced with one for the first time can be a real culture shock! I have never been to China but have visited a lot of countries where there are hole in the floor toilets and some countries where they are the norm for public facilities. I like using them now, as a pleasant occasional variation to the sit down type, but this was not the case to begin with and I can quite understand the Chinese authorities being a bit apprehensive about the reaction from first time visitors from the west.

My first experience of a hole in the floor toilet was comparatively near by on my first visit to Paris many years ago. I was told about them in advance by someone who had been there before and hoped she was exaggerating. She was to an extent because most public toilets are of the sit down type, but not all. One evening I was in a café bar and needed a wee. To my absolute horror, on opening the door, I discovered that the one toilet was a hole in the floor type. I knew that we would be staying in the café for some time and the only alternative I would have to using it would be to wet my knickers. In hind sight I do not see why I was so stressed. After all I had had countless wees outdoors since I was small and was well accustomed to squatting, but the prospect of relieving myself in a toilet, as if I was outside - that was something different. The thought of ripping off some paper, leaving the café, looking for a quiet ally way, and returning did cross my mind. But it did not seem very sensible, I did not want to be alone in the dark in a strange place and someone might see me. The only difference to going outside was the ceiling over my head, the three walls, confined space and locked door. The locked door was the deciding factor in me having my first wee in a hole. After staring at the squat toilet, for what seemed a considerable time, gritting my teeth I eventually stepped inside and locked the door behind me. The urge to wee subsided but I knew I had to go. I tenitively pulled my jeans down to my ankles, knickers slowly following. Then it became so different to having a wee outside. Instead of just squatting on the spot I also had to position myself over that hole. I lowered my self, facing the door, and looked down to check my hole was more or less in line with the one below. When satisfied I let go and began what was a long wee. It seemed s strange to be squatting and not producing a pool or stream beneath me. When finished I wiped and pulled the flush which cleaned out the hole. My knickers and jeans came up a lot faster than they went down. I washed my hands and left the toilet, so glad it was all over with. One of my friends who had not used a hole in the floor toilet, had to follow out of desperation, and was far from amused!

For many years, on my travels, I would only wee in a hole in the floor toilet if there was absolutely no alternative. The thought of having a poo in one was too horrendous to even contemplate!. It was only after having my first enforced out door poo, described in a previous post, that the idea of having a poo in a hole in the floor toilet seemed less intimidating. In fact it was something I wanted to try!

I made up my mind on an over night sleeper train which had both sit down and squat toilets. I thought it would be a nice experience to give the sit down toilet a miss for my regular morning poo. I had traveled on similar sleeper trains for a number of years and would often wee in the squat toilet, but for the poo it was always the sit down one. On this occasion my mind was partly made up by the door on the nearest sit down toilet not closing properly. I felt an urge to poo on waking up, but decided to wait until after breakfast, and only had a wee in the squat toilet. After breakfast the need to poo became a lot more acute, which was what I wanted. With a sense of some excitement, I entered the toilet, locked the door and lowered my shorts and knickers. I positioned my bottom over the hole, let out a loud fart, and immediately began to poo with no inhibitions. It felt very pleasant and was such a nice change from sitting down. After having a wee I was aware that I had not finished and there was more poo to come. After another fart I produced quite a few more logs, remaining in position until I was done. Much of my poo, which was substantial, had slipped down the tube and gone straight on the track, which was visible flashing past below, the remainder was stuck in the tube. My bottom took quite a bit of wiping and the dirty toilet paper blew far and wide after being dropped down the hole. When finished I pulled the flush which washed away the remainder of what was left in the tube, on to the track below. I pulled up my knickers and shorts, washed my hands and left the toilet feeling very pleased as well as relieved after a very needed poo. This was my first poo in a hole in the floor toilet and it would not be my last. No way!

I think going to the toilet is a pleasurable experience and the variation of using different types of toilets adds to it. Whilst, on balance, I do prefer the sit down variety, whilst in places where there are hole in the floor toilets I will always use them in preference, both to wee and poo in. They say variety is the spice of life and I think it is a nice change. When staying in accommodation, where there is always only sit down toilets, I like to hold my poo in the morning until I am out so I can use a public hole in the floor type. This of course means carrying a good supply of toilet paper in my hand bag as it is not always available. Using hole in the floor toilets in countries where they are the norm is also more hygienic because people most familiar and comfortable with hole in the floor toilets will often squat to use a sit down one. This is not easy and I have seen some horrific examples of seats being covered in poo, one on a train. Going back to the train there was one occasion when the train stopped at a station after I had started my poo. I could not really stop but it meant that my shit was dropping on the track from the train in public view. The view was all the more public as the platform was not raised. Out of consideration I did not wipe until the train had left the station as what would have been left behind would blow about and be more unpleasant.

Going back to the Olympics, I think it is wrong for some of us in the west to consider hole in the floor toilets as primitive, they are just different and going that way is in fact more natural. If there is no toilet you always go that way and toilets have not existed from time immemorial. I am aware that in the west sit down toilets have been in existence for hundreds of years, if not the flush variety. On visiting a castle I noticed a sit down toilet built into an outside wall, a very practical arrangement but something for anyone near the outside wall to be aware of! I expect it would have had a comfortable wooden toilet seat in years gone by!

Hi! My Name is Daniel and i'm from Thurgau/Switzerland (in the near of the „Bodensee"). At first I must say sorry for my bad english...

My age is 18 and i had a g/f, his name is Eva. Eva is very thin, has a beautiful face and long brown hair. She is also age 18.

Now I want to share my story:

My g/f lives with me at home at a big house. My parents are bankers.

At one morning i went with my g/f to a mall for shopping. I drive with Eva with my Mercedes to the mall and parket the car. Then we went shopping. After the shopping, she sayd, she must go tho the toilet. I waited in front of the womanrestroom. After fifteen minutes i take my mobile phone and chose her number. She sayd she still needs a while, I will have to go to the car. So i went to the car and begann to reading a magazine. After half an hour she she came to my car, and I started the engine and put the car in motion. She says nothing...

After we reached the highway, I asked if everything was ok. She sad that she was very constipated since more than a week and she is so happy she could finally go...

Im on a winning streak with my poos lately and I haven't had any trouble at all for about 2 weeks. Yesterday at work, I had a strong urge to do poos all day but I waited until I got home. When I got home, I tried but nothing came out. Then I had dinner and waited about an hour, before trying again. A massive amount of poo shot out of my anus and into the toilet. It took me about 5 minutes to finish my poos and they were coming out the whole time I was on the toilet. I had a look at my job and the bowl was full of loose stuff and some firm logs. I felt SO much better after dropping that load, I haven't had a good poo like that for a long time.

To Keith D: I can't remember if I asked you this before but do you get constipated quite often? Do you go every day? Or do you go a few days without pooping? It sounds like you get a huge build up of poo in your bowels, especially when you can only squeeze out a small amount in one sitting (and you still have heaps left in you). How long does it take for you to do a poo (when your constipated)? Can you feel the poo inside you, if you put your hands on your stomach? Sorry if I have already asked you this but Im just curious and I love hearing about difficult pooping sessions. I remember being backed up in high school and trying for a poo and only being able to get a bit of it out. It was so frustrating and I hated being so full of poo. You mentioned that sometimes when you are pooping, you can feel a turd coming out of your anus but when you feel it with your fingers, nothing is there! I also get this sometimes, especially if Im constipated.

I remember when I was about 15, my friend and I went on holidays with my parents. It was a road trip that lasted about 5 or 6 days. I pooped before the trip but I got a bit backed up during the trip. As we camped out every night, we had to squat in the bush to do wees and poos. I hated squatting to do wees, let alone poos. Plus it often took me a long time to drop a load and I didn't want my parents or my friend to know what I was doing. So I held it in for the most of the trip. Actually, I didn't get the urge to go, although I knew I was backed up and needed to do a poo. I just didn't bother trying to push or strain.

On the last day of the trip, when we were on our way home, we stopped at a roadhouse. We had lunch and then I told my parents I needed to go to the toilet (I didn't tell them I was constipated or that I was going to try for a poo). My friend came with me. There were 2 toilet cubicles in the complex and I took the first one, she went into the next one. We chatted as we both did a wee and then I told her I needed to do a poo aswell. She said she needed to do one too. Then I said I hoped my parents weren't in a hurry because I might take a while. Everything went silent, as I concentrated on pushing and straining to get things moving. It took a long time for anything to start coming out. I pushed and pushed as hard as I could, until I couldn't hear anything. The turds came out slowly, one by one and each one got stuck coming out. I was having an extremely difficult time on the toilet and my logs were rock hard and very dry. I managed to push out several logs and some small rock hard balls. I still had more in me but by then, I had been on the toilet for what seemed like over 30 minutes. I wondered if my friend was still in there, I didn't think she would be. I decided that I felt better after getting most of my load out and that last bit would have to wait until later. At least I was able to get lots of poos out.

When I got out of the toilet, my friend came out at the same time!! As it turns out, she was constipated aswell!! She had a really hard time getting it all out too and like me, she couldn't squeeze that last bit out either. So we spent the rest of the trip feeling very uncomfortable, having a hard, sharp turd stuck up out butts. It took us about 5 hours to get home. As soon as we got home, I went to the toilet and pushed the remainder of my poo out. It burnt my anus but I felt SO much better after that!!

Petite Pooper, Welcome back. Do you still go in the plastic bags?

Hi everyone.

I forgot to introduce myself last time I was here. Im 3o, single, tho involved, Im a staff nurse and work in Maternity. Im slim build, long brown ...ish hair....grey/blue eyes.

We had a lot of snow yesterday, tho it didnt last long. However my friend and I went for a walk as the countryside was so pretty, all white and clean looking.

We walked for about 2 hours, it was really cold and we decided to head across the fields to a coffee house to get a drink, Kez also needed a pee. We walked on in quite deep snow, and Kez was complaining about the need for a loo..I suggested she just peed in the snow but she said it was too cold so we kept walking. I too needed a pee and as I needed to go bad I just dropped my trousers, pulled them asway from my body half squatted and let go a lovely hot stream of pee. God it felt good. Kez was squirming and saying hurry up Im so desperate Tia.....we huried on as best we could in the snow....Kez suddenly stopped clutched herself and groaned.....suddenly I could see her trakkie bottoms becoming darker.....she stood legs open wide....clutching her crotch trying to stop the flow........I was sooo well u know......we then had to retrace our steps all the while she moaning as she was so cold.

Have a good day


I saw something really strange on the bus today. A man, who was wearing white pants, got on the bus. When he walked by me, I noticed that he had a large brown stain on his pants. I didn't smell anything when he walked by. He didn't seem at all embarassed. He was about forty years old.

During the bus ride, while the bus was stopped at a stop light, he noticed a dog in the back of a pick-up truck. He said, "cute dog."

Maybe he pooped his pants, washed them, and continued to wear them... even though he couldn't get the stain out.

I just read Lizzie's story from a while back (the end of march) and I want to know Lizzie if your boyfriend has asked to see you pee in return for him letting you be there when he peed his pants?

I'm 15 and work up at 9 a.m. this morning. This is the first day of my week-long spring break and I had the house all to myself since my parents were at work and my brother, whose 19, was off at community college classes. As is the case every morning at this time, I felt the strong need to take a shit. I walked from my bedroom across the hall to the bathroom, dropped my PJs all the way to the floor, spread my legs and within 15 seconds I filled more than half the bowl. I got to thinking about how satisfying that was and must have spent at least 30 minutes on the stool just thinking. Since I hadn't closed the door, Princess, our family's cat, came running in, jumped up on my lap and curled up for a rest. I remember thinking about how nice it was to be able to immediately sit to shit rather than waiting for 10 minutes or more in line, how nice it was not to have to wipe someone else's pee off the seat or worse yet, after the wait, finding there was no toilet paper in the stall. There were no eyes peeking in on me through the door, I wasn't spooked by the huge farts from some of the adjacent stalls and no one kicked the door in on me and when I was holding my bruised knee, said "I didn't think anyone was in here!" I mentally love flipping off such #######! I was able to move forward on the stool and turn around a look at my prize in the bowl without activating the flush sensor and I was able to savor my accomplishment without having to worry about getting a detention next hour for successive tardies. I also got to thinking how nice it would be if the school bathrooms had white or blue seats like we have at home rather than those ugly and old faded black seats that my mother swears they had when she was a student there in the 1970s. It's 5 p.m. now and I remembered that I haven't peed all day (I normally have to go twice a day at school) and wonder why that is. It's so nice being able to avoid the school bathrooms. Do any of you have similar thoughts? Will you share them please?

I have some accident stories (not mine, but my sisters') I want to share:

My 7 year old sister just recently stopped peeing herself because she was doing it frequently several months ago, often coming home with wet clothes (she would pee her pants and sit in it all day at school) and have accidents at home as well when she didn't want to use the bathroom. This resulted in many loads of laundry for my mom to do. She was most notorious for doing this when we went to the park. She'd be so busy playing and didn't want to go to the bathroom (despite living next door to a park) so she would pee her pants so she could continue playing. I never understood the logic of it. I never understood why she would do that and then stay in those clothes at school. It's gross.

A couple of recent incidents after a few months of no accidents from her:

1. Last week she got up at around 11 pm still half asleep and needing to pee. Apparently she had to go so bad that she was peeing herself on the way to the bathroom, pulled down her panties and sat on the toilet and went. She fell asleep on the toilet and my mom had to wake her up and my sis went to pull up her pants and realized what she did, so my mom had her change her undies and go back to bed.

2. She was playing with her friend in the hallway in our apartment building about 2 weeks ago and didn't want to come in so she wet her pants.

3. The other day my family was playing a game of Uno where the cards shoot everywhere and my sister laughed so hard she peed her pants.

My 11 year old sister has also had her fair share of accidents over the years too, mostly diarrhea ones tho (poor kid) :( :

1. Last year she was really sick with the flu and was out of it and in a deep sleep and she accidentally farted and pooped her underwear.

2. Once she got food poisoning when she was 3 and she complained her stomach hurt and she asked me if she should go to the bathroom or poop herself and I said go to the bathroom. She did--but she didn't make it and pooped herself badly. My mom had to get up to put her in a bath and throw out her (destroyed) panties.

3. She wasn't feeling well once in junior kindergarten and my mom didn't know that or underestimated how badly she felt and took her to daycare. The daycare wasn't open yet and my sis complained she needed the bathroom. My mom told her to hang on for a couple more minutes and they tried to go to the Tim Hortons. Needless to say my sister couldn't hold it and made a huge mess in her pants.

4. Similar to story 3....the next year in senior kindergarten she was sick again with the flu and hadn't felt well when she got back from school but didn't tell my mom. She knocked on the door, then pounded on it and I opened it and she said "I pooed my panties." She half ran half waddled to the bathroom and whimpered the entire way. She apparently had had to go diarrhea when they were on the way up the stairs and couldn't hold it. I informed my mom that my sister was sick and my mom helped her clean up. My mom had to throw out the sweatpants and underwear because they were so badly soiled.

5. Another "sharting" accident--my sis was on antibiotics for something and my mom told her not to fart and 2 seconds later my sis said that she had. My mom wasn't happy.

6. Most recently--last year she had a peeing accident at the park. She had to go and either apparently couldn't hold it or decided to let go and peed her pants.

That's all for now :)

So I am sitting around watching t.v. and all of a sudden I feel like I need to fart. I try to let it out but it turns out I was wrong and I pooped my jeans really bad. Worst of all I am in college and I was hanging out with a bunch of my friends. I had to excuse myself quickly and run back to my room to clean up.

Hi, it's me, Tish again. I have a few more stories to tell.

This one time I was at the mall and I felt like I really had to go, so I walked into a bathroom. These two girls were in front of the mirror putting on makeup and chatting away. I went into a stall and sat down. After a few opening plops, I began noisily farting into the bowl. As more shit began to fart out, I realized the two girls were having to talk louder. I was so amused! My shit attack had actually drowned out their conversation!

To Doug,
First you should examine your issues. Why should you ask this beautiful young woman to change to suit you? If you did ask this woman out on a date, and on that date she filled her pants and had to cut the date short to go home and clean herself, would you escort her home? Would you ask her out again? Regarding the two incidents you witnessed, what if you found out she hates public restrooms more than crapping herself? That she passed up an opportunity to use a public restroom knowing she would not make it home, would you still want to date her? If "as-is" doesn't work for you then it won't work for her.

As for asking her about the past incidents, risky...You're first instinct was to ask her to not do it again. Can you really expect her to be open and honest about it?

Greetings. I have been married for 4 years now. On our honeymoon, my wife would die if I even knew that she pooped. She would tell me that she had to shower, but then lock the door with the shower running. I would lay on the floor and see her feet on tippy toes as she grunted. 4 years later, she will poop with me shaving 2 feet away. I love it.

Anyway, I have noticed the when she poops, it smells like a faint skunk smell. Strange to me is that we both eat the same things. My poop, however smells like a meatball sandwich.

I have also noticed that I can tell when she has to poop by the smell of her fart. The worse the smell, the worse she has to poop.

I have to ask, what does your poop smell like? How about your significant other? Can you relate the smell to everyday things?

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