I've been lurking around this sight for about 3 years. I am about 5 feet 4 inches. I probably fit all of the national averages for body type as far as my height is. I'm not "fat" for lack of a better word. But I'm not skinny either. I'm a freshman in high school.

Anyway, today I was walking through the mall. I felt a cramp. It was one of those cramps that tells you that you better find a toilet soon, or your bowels will ignore you. I started looking for the nearest bathroom. When I reached it, there was a line of about 20 women that I wasn't about to wait through. I walked towards the bathrooms on the other side of the mall. About halfway there, I felt another cramp, but this one didn't go away. I sped up. What a relief, the bathroom was entirely vacant. I walked into the stall, hiked up my miniskirt and let nature take it's course. The poop was giving a lot of resistance. I thought nothing of it and started to push harder. I did not realise my fatal error until I started to feel a warm mess start to spread around my butt. I looked down to see what was wrong when I realized that I had just made a horrible mistake. in my hurry to sit down, I had forgotten to take my panties off. Having already let out half my load I just thought Aww heck, and just finished pooping my panties. I looked down to see the results. I had just pooped my panties on the toilet, I just felt horribly stupid. Then I came to another realization. I reached down for some toilet paper to start the cleanup process, and realized that I had forgot to check for that. There was no toilet paper. Truly defeated, I decided to bite the bullet and try to find my mom whithout anyone knowing I had pooped my panties badly. I found her I told her my predicament. She chuckled quietly and luckily for me was very sympathetic. She found it pretty funny that I had had an accident on the toilet. She checked out her clothes and we headed to the car. She told me to be careful sitting down. I put my coat on the seat and proceeded to slowly sit down. My mom rolleds down the window and blasted the air conditioning. When we got home she helped me clean up and I got into the shower and cleaned up. I'm just glad that my mom was so understanding and wasn't strict about it. She said my punishment would be that she would take every opportunity to remind me of this when nobody else is around. I can handle that.

I just feel incredibly dumb that my first accident as a teenager was on a toilet.
Just out of curiosity, has this happened to anyone else where they were in such a hurry to get onto the toilet that they forgot to pull down their panties or they forgot to lift the lid and started going on top of the lid?

Hi, Holly here, and i'm the first one to get a solo post (i think)

Before the story, i want to let you know, that in our 10th post, we'll explain the name

So, the story:

My mom has always insisted that me and my sister be 'ladylike', my sister can just brush it off and do what SHE liked, but me, i just couldn't.
The only part of being ladylike that i had REAL trouble with was the toilet related stuff, these rules were no holding yourself, limit fidgeting, don't run to the toilet and she was aslo VERY strict on farting.
Anyway, one such time that these rules were a problem was at a pool, when i felt like i had a HUGE dump inside me, so i got out to go to the toilet, and i sort of grabbed my butt cheeks through my bathing suit (1 peice) to help hold it,a and my mom saw, she stopped me, gave me a lecture on how it was 'un-ladylike', then, sent me back into the pool and told me that if i was going to go to the toilet, that i had to be 'ladylike'.
So i got back out and as i was walking past my mom, i felt a bit of gas building up inside me, i knew i couldn't hold it, so as i was about 2 feet from my mom it slipped out, it wasn't loud, just a slight pffff, but i had to get back in the pool and start over, i was getting REALLY uncomfortable and knew that i has very little time left, but i knew i could make it to the toilet, so as i got to the door of the ladies' i could feel it about to leave of it's own accord, then, to my horror, the door was locked and there was an 'out of order' sign on it.
I saw my brother in the pool and called him over, i asked him if he could take me into the mens' room, he agreed, but as we walked through the door, it all came out in my bathung suit, i was lucky that the mens' was empty.
My brother took me into a cubical and told me to take the bathing suit off and dump the turd into the toilet, i did, then i told me to give him the bathing suit so he could clean it in the sink, and if i had anything left, use the toilet.
I sat on the toilet and peed for about 30 seconds, the same ammount of time it took him to clean the bathing suit, i put it back on, and my mom was none the wiser

Who will be second to post, Sarah or Mary? Find out whenever they decide to post.


(pronounced) kon-tee. Hey guys ive been reading the posts on this site for a few years. im 15,male. im posting because i was in walmart yesterday and as i was walking in from the parking lot and i saw this girl(she looked 18) and was holding her ass. she was was walking fast and i decided to follow her.(i dont have any poop/pants pooping fetish i was just curious.) when she got in walmart she took her hand away from her ass. she kept walking fastly to the womens bathroom.

STORY cont. all the sudden she started running and i quickly followed. she was almost to the bathroom when she stopped. she looked around. she waddled to the bathroom. her skirt flew up a little when she went a little faster and i saw her ass and panties. she had a huge brown bulge. i got closer and passed her. she said hey and asked if i could spare five dollars. when i asked why her face got red and she said she she needed new panties. long story short were good friends now. (^_^)

I'm 16 and I always find I have to evacuate my bowels when I'm walking home from school, I probably could hold it till I get home but I'd rather not face the discomfort. I do my own laundry and my mom is at work and since all my undergarments are white I just bleach them and nobody knows

hey all! its me again. the auto-flusher-hater.

here's something else i hate: telemarketers. i know its they're job. but today, i came home from school at lunch, had a bite to eat, went to the toilet to pee, and just as i got my stream started, the phone rang. i thought it'd be my mom. like, who else calls at this time? well i clenched myself and stopped my stream (i can do that, my best friend says she can't. guess it's a special talent :]) and ran for the phone which is in the kitchen, pulling my pants up as i ran. well guess what?
"this is ____ calling on behalf of ____ would you be interested in a __________"
i told the woman on the phone, who by the way had a heavy accent, that i was in the middle of something (yes! i was!) and i had to go. as soon as i hung the phone up, i relaxed, and... well let's just say i was glad the floors in my kitchen were tiled. that's right. i had an accident in my jeans and on the floor thanks to a telemarketer. well if you're out there, ms telemarketer, if you're reading... damn you. i wish an accident on you too.

nothing interesting from the other end this week. i've been pooping normally as always. although i DID, for once, have a poo in school. it didn't take long, because my poo never takes long. i was in the middle of class, asked if i could go, and went. it was interesting, sitting there, hoping no one came in. no one did, though. lol, im rambling. i should get some clean pants on and go back to school.
happy toilet days


To Dan Boy
Dan, the answer to your question is right in your post. When you first start taking vitamins that have a lot of minerals, they tend to be constipating especially if they have a lot of calcium. In the meantime, try to eat more fiber as your body adjusts.

To Ted: i am a girl that usually has skid marks it is usually due to my panties riding up my ass during the day.sometimes actual poo is left in my underwear if i had a really sticky shit that day. so your gf is not the only woman with skids

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Hi, Thunder From Down Under here. Three things happened slightly on the unusual side recently. A few days ago, acouple of days after my colonic, I needed a poo, sat on the pot, pushed and it felt big and hard, but to my delight it moved and really stretched my anus. I looked down into the toilet and saw this big long brown turd coming from kept on coming...I do not know how long it could have been well over 2 feet but I would not know. It broke up as it hit the water and floated for a bit. The next episode was a couple of days later I had to go to a conference and beforehand went into the toilets for a BM. I sat on the throne, it was a big hard one, I started to grunt and there was a female voice "hello?". I decided not to answer and the female came in..she was a did not worry me one bit..I grunted to push that stubborn turd did not take square of toilet paper showed my bum was clean. I flushed and exited the cubicle and walked right past her totally unashamed.
The last incident, and it might not sound very much to you but I had to queue for a wee for a couple of minutes. I think I have only had to queue once or twice in my life before. In such places I strongly believe in unisex would not have made much difference in my case as there were males and females there but sometimes the numbers are very biased in favour of one or the other so unisex would be much more practical.
Joke of the day:
Q What would you do if a bird shitted on the windscreen of your car?
A Not take her out again!
Thunder from Down Under

Full Bladder
T3C Survey:

Age:20, in college.
Hair: Black.
Eyes: Blue.
Pee shy: Very 100.
Poo: 10.
Fart: 10.
Bladder Capacity: 100. = Camel.
Holds a liter (quart).
Colon: Normal.
Words: piss, BM, gas.
Other: Bashful bladder started in Middle School, age 13.
Poked in the back while pissing. Couldn't
get going again. Tried again that afternoon.
Couldn't go. Never tried again. Held all day.
Was in agony by the last period. Later couldn't
piss in any public bathroom. In college have
found a very small private rest room in the
library in my university. After growing very tall
6'4" about age 15, I had developed a very large bladder
like my father and also because I held so long.
Pee now after getting up in the morning and then
not to 7 or 8 in the evening. I go only twice
a day in private. I hold a liter and pee for about
2 minutes at a time. I am descended from an ancient camel!

petite pooper
I haven't posted in a while...but I wanted to post this. Sometime yesterday afternoon, I was on my way home from the local library downtown , and I was feeling a little sluggish. (it was getting close to period time) I had to pee and poop a little, and the urge kept getting more and more intense as I walked back home. I was getting a little nervous because I couldn't hold my farts in, and every fart was making me feel like losing control in my panties. I made it back to my apartment, but just as I entered my living room, I had a huge cramp, that literally stopped me in my tracks. I felt the poop that I was holding for 3 days pushing out into my panties and favorite pants. I couldn't move so I stood there pooping this huge load into my panties, when I heard a knock on my door. It was boyfriend. He told me through the door that he'd just seen me come home, but I was walking too fast for him to catch up to me. I was still pooping, so I told him just a minute. I was embarassed. I didn't want him to see me like this. Eventually the poop stopped and soon after, I peed my panties. I had no control of my bodily functions. He was still knocking at the door, to a cartoon tune or something, so I let him in. He saw me, gave me a strange look, and smiled finally. Lemme guess, he said stating the obvious, You had an accident. He teased me a little, and I was soo embarrassed and relieved. I still had to poop a little and told him. He just said go on and finish, plopped on my couch adjacent to the door where he watched me pushing out the rest of this huge load. It took about 2 minutes because I was running out of room in my panties. When I was done, he immdeiately offer to help me clean up. So we headed to the bathroom, where I removed my pants,(they weren't stained) dumped the load into the toilet and flushed. I put the panties in the sink, prewashed them ,and put them in the wash with the jeans. Then I hopped into the shower, while my boyfriend mopped up the puddle I left in the hall with a rag and bleach. When I got out the shower, he was waiting in living room. He asked me if I was feeling okay because he was planning on taking me out. I told him I wanted to stay in, so we ended up watching old dvds, ordering pizza and later we (u know what). He stayed the night. In the morning, he told me he was extremely turned on by my accident and asked if he could watch me poop sometimes. I told him that was my story. I'll tell you about my next pooping session with my boyfriend.

I am a 47 year-old woman with 3 grown children. I was shopping with my two daughters Lindsay (age 27) and Agnes (age 23). We stopped for a bite to eat at the Cheesecake Factory, and our neighbors Phyllis and Louis joined us for dessert. I had eaten a Reuben sandwich and accidently farted at the table. I quickly excused myself and rushed to the ladies room to have a bm. When I returned,Phyllis asked me if I was ok. I said I was fine, I just had to make a cocky. Well....My daughters were mortified that I used that expression. They said it was innapropriate for a woman my age, and especially in front of a male. I don't think I did anything wtong. My daughters are not speaking to me anymore. I am now very sad.

Lester--That was from Harold and Kumar go to White Castle.

Davure, I bet your mens restroom stinks 24-7 many shitters , so few toilets LOL

so, weird story. earlier this week my sister called me at about 11:30 in the morning. i thought it was weird because she's a few years younger than me, a junior in high school, and she never really ever calls me, plus she should've been in school. anyway, i asked her what she was calling about and she just pleaded with me to come and pick her up at school, but wouldn't say why. i agreed, and she told me to go to this service driveway near the back because she would be by a secluded door because obviously she was ditching school. i found the spot and saw her hiding behind a little wall. she saw me, and she started to come over to the car and was walking really funny and was completely red in the face. sure enough she opened the door and when she turned to get in the car, her light blue jeans had a wet brown smear and a big mushy bulge on her butt. i burst out laughing and she told me to shut up, and she sat awkwardly in my car trying not to put her butt all the way on the seat so she wouldn't smoosh all the poop and spread it in her underwear. of course i asked her what happened and she again told me to shut up. so, i stopped the car and said "fine you can just go back to class" and she said "OKAY. what do you want me to tell you i f****** crapped my pants!" i asked her how a 17 year old girl craps in her pants in school. she told me she had an uneasy feeling in her stomach all morning and tried to go at one point but couldn't then she had to go really bad all of the sudden during a class and got up to go to the bathroom, but as she was walking down the hallway she couldn't hold it in anymore and started to fill her pants in the middle of the hall. she said luckily no one was around because it was during class and she just immediatley went to the exit near a truck unloading platform by the cafeteria and stepped outside. she texted a friend in her class and told her she was ditching and to gather her bag from the classroom and bring it home for her. i couldn't help but have a chuckle at her expense. it was just weird to me because i've never had a problem holding in a load, i mean by the sound of it she lost it and pooped her pants just a couple of minutes after the urge really struck. just seemed odd to me. she did take a while to potty train though and soiled her underwear on a semi frequent basis throughout her childhood, but this was her first panty pooping of her teenage years to my knowledge. oh, and during the ride she got tired trying to hold herself off the seat and had to gently ease herself down. she made a wince as she felt the poop smoosh between her butt and panties and spread out. it really stunk up my car.

Karin K.
hi to all,

i´ve been read this site since a few weeks and now i wanna tell you,what happened to me last summer...
My name is karin 39 years old,5,6 ft,164 lbs,buxom curves and neck-length,light-waved blonde hair.

at this day in july i left the factory where i work at 4 pm. as i opened my car,i felt this short pressure in my intestines .but in in few seconds it went by and i dont waste any thoughts about it....
it is a 20 miles-drive from the factory to my home.

20 minutes later,the pressure came back and now i knew-i had to poop!
at the beginning i was not very concerned-in 45 minutes i would be at home and take my shit,until then i could hold out...
but about 8 miles to my home i felt that my shit sat already so dangerously loose,that i pulled over to the next gas station.

as i left my car,the pressure between my cheeks was intensified seems that it was only the seat that hold back my turd and now the poop tried to forced its way out,i clenched my cheeks with full force and rushed as fast as i could in the gas station to get the key of the toilet.

but it was 5 people before me,that payed their fuel and a few trivia.
i stood at the end of the line,with my desperatly compressed butt and attemped everything i could to hold back my raging shit,but suddenly the turd slid out and because i dont wear any underwear on this very hot day, the shit hit the inside of my dungarees.

gasping i could get back the control over my backside,but what came out was already in my pants
Finally i got the keys and hasten to the toilet and while im ran i felt the backside of my dungarees adhere hot and slushy on my buttocks.
i reached the toilet but as i unlocked the door...Pffrrprrrrrrmmmmpf...
oh shit-too late-i could not believe it,but it was happened,i had completely crapped my pants....

i thought desperatly about what to do the toilet i disposed my comletely ruined dungarees und cleaned myself.
What should i do now?

carefully i peeked out the car was parked 30 ft away. i grabbed my car-keys und peeked out again-nobody was in sight. so rushed to my car,only wearing a t-shirt,redfaced and clasping my crotch,i hope so much that really nobody saw me.
Hurriedly i drove away and left back the toilet-key and my dungarees in the toilet.

Oh no,I will never refuel there....

It's a significant obstacle to get pee or poop time between classes at my high school because the 12 or 13 stalls (usually one or two are broken and sometimes there's one toilet that nobody would sit down on because its just too gross like there might be pee dripping from the seat or shit hanging over the front of the bowl!). So my favorite time to go is during social sciences which is at about 10 a.m. each morning. There's not a lot of notes in the class so I don't miss much and there's these long discussions about POWs, Congress, budgets--topics that I really don't care about. Also, my teacher is cool about letting students use the bathroom when they need to; I truly appreciate this confidence in us and the fact that he doesn't use scarcasm or putdowns when I ask him permission. However, a couple of times this quarter I have been on the stool and had a peaceful pee or leisurely shit interrupted. One girl came running in pretty fast, literally slammed a stall door back, and you could hear herself throw her butt onto the seat with a thud. She was cursing to herself about some student she hated, and she got even more heated when she pulled out her cell phone and she dropped it and it went sliding across the floor, stopping only at the drain that was under the partition between our two stalls. I put my left hand down and slide the phone to her, but she didn't thank me and only continued cursing to whomever she dialed up. I think the 2nd or 3rd call she made was to her mom and she was explaining what a bad day she was having and how she hated her third hour teacher who had given her detention hall time for tardies. I think her mom might have asked her why she wasn't in class and she started to go off on her mom, even to the point where she apparently put the phone between her legs so that her mom could hear her peeing. Then she started cursing at her mom like I never heard anyone talking to an adult before. I think it's hard to concentrate on getting a three-day shit going when there are so many distractions in the stall next to you. Finally, she hung up on her mom, slammed the door open and walked out without flushing or even washing her hands.

Hi everyone, it's me again. I made my first post a day or so ago and I have something to ask in case anyone knows. I've been having to crap a lot in the last 3 days. Not diarrhea or anything, but rather the opposite. I've had to crap 3 times today, and I went 4 times yesterday. But they've all been rock hard. Not hard to pass, just really firm, and they sink immediately to the bottom. Normally, I poop maybe once day, sometimes every other day and they are usually on the firm to soft side. I haven't changed my eating habits at all or done anything (as far as I can tell) that would affect the change in consistency. I was wondering if anyone had any idea why this could be happening. They only thing I can think of is about a week and a half ago I started taking a multi-vitamin and flaxseed oil supplement twice a day. Any idea why the sudden change?

to multi-drop pete,

Why were you unconcerned about adults need to use the bathroom?

I am a 43 year old female 6'3" tall with short blond hair and a small to medium build. Several days ago, we had our first warm day of the season. I called a male friend of mine and asked him if he wanted to go with me for a walk. He said yes and indicated he would be at my place within 20 minutes. I had to go poop since early that morning and knew it was going to be a BIG one but figured it could wait until later. He showed up and we left for a 40 minute walk. 25 minutes into the walk, I began to feel cramps come and go and let loose several silent but deadly farts. 5 minutes later, the cramps became more frequent and stronger and i began to realize that I might do a BIG POOP in my pants before making it back home. several minutes later i felt a very strong cramp and let out a big fart. My friend said "Marcia, are you OK?" Before I had a chance to answer him, I felt a big load of soft poo rush past my sphincter out into my pants and could feel it tenting outward and forming a massive bulge in the full cut Fruit of the Loom panties i was wearing and the light grey corduroy jeans I had on and I turned red as a beet. I reached back and touched the seat of my pants and felt a big cucumber sized bulge down there. My friend then said "Marcia, did you poop yourself?" I said yes. We then started walking back home. As I walked, I could feel a squishing sensation in the seat of my pants which I have to admit felt good!!! We got back home and I went right to the bathroom and started cleaning up. After taking off my corduroy jeans, I noticed that some poo got past the leg openings of my panties and the poo traveled up the back of my panties to about an inch below the waist band. It was quite a mess to clean up and my friend was very helpful and understanding. He later told me "Marcia, these things happen. Don't feel embarrassed about it or let it bother you."

This was the first time I had a poop accident my pants since having one at school when I was 6. I Felt rather embarrassed about it at first. I have to admit that it felt pretty good packing a big, stinky load in my pants as I walked home.

Part 1

OK Dump Bud, HOPE this works!! (Fingers are crossed!!)

I remember early spring of my Junior year in college and I was expecting my buddy Mike (Yes this IS another Mike story!) up for a long weekend visit as he was on Spring Break from his school. During his drive up, Mike encountered about the same situation as your cousin Vince. That's because for about the last 17 miles of the trip up to my school, there were no exits with bathrooms. This was during the time when 55 miles per hour was the law and that stretch of highway is always crawling with cops, so speeding to cover the last several miles in a hurry was out of the question. Mike took pride at that time in life (Age 21) in telling me that he usually experienced at least one significant bowel movement every day and two in a day more often than not.

So anyway, Mike had called me about 90 minutes before to let me know he was getting in the car and was on his way. I previously described (Page1452) the bathroom setup in my fraternity house as being one small bath per each two-bedroom suite. I had already anticipated having the opportunity of seeing Mike loaded on the toilet because the door to the bathroom had already been torn off by another fraternity brother in a drunken rage. I wasn't expecting the treat which I got however!!

Before leaving, Mike had eaten a substantial lunch. He also had quite a bit for dinner the night before followed by his usual big breakfast the following morning.(Do you get the idea that Mike ATE a lot! He never put on any weight though, so it all had to go SOMEWHERE!!) Despite all that, Mike had not had a bowel movement in a couple of days which was quite unusual for him. It was all about to catch up with him at the wrong time. After stopping for fuel and a drink, Mike felt the first urges of a strong bowel movement coming on as his pooper finally began loading up. At this point a potential crisis COULD have been averted if Mike had only headed straight to the toilet, dropped his pants and made a pre-emptive strike right then and there. Mike KNEW his rectum was quickly filling with crap but luckily for me, the bathroom there wasn't exactly the cleanest or very private so he really didn't want to lower his pants there and become helpless prey to all those gas station bathroom germs.

After a few minutes back on the road Mike was really regretting his decision as his digestive tract mounted an all out assault and kept on relentlessly filling the increasingly worried young man with excrement. Mere minutes later, Mike's rectum was ABUNDANTLY full with a whole lot more shit behind it and my desperately-loaded buddy was now in a full-blown panic from the enormous intra-rectal pressure just minutes after deciding he didn't need to sit on the gas station toilet.

To Be Continued! (Told You I was going to make it a cliffhanger ending! Get to keep you in suspense for a few days!!)

Be Safe Until Then,


Hey Dump Bud!!

I just wanted to say, I DID see your phenomenal post on page 1654. I DID have another Mike story to post in response to it sinceI know how much you enjoy my Mike stories! He is a great guy and and was an even better crapper in his youthful prime although his sons appear to have taken up his mantle!!! But for some reason I'm having trouble getting it posted. It's a bit lengthy because of my wordsmithing as you like to call it and for reason, even though I'm well within the text limit, the system is not accepting my post. I'm not sure what it is. Before, I tried cutting and pasting and so I thought maybe there was a spam safeguard, so I spent some time typing it all in but that was in vain as well. Your own post however was VERY lengthy so you must have figured it out. I've tried on different computers and the hotline here never works. :-( Sigh. I'm guessing if it's a length issue, I'll just have to break it up and leave you with cliffhanger endings for a couple weeks! Anyway, I thought I would say hello and thank you for the compliment and your terrific post!!

Be Safe,


OK... Here's my profile

Age: Ahem...
Hair Color: Sandy Brown/Blonde
Eye Color: Green-Blue
Pee Shyness (0 being none, 100 being very shy): 15
Poo Shyness: 25
Fart Shyness: 8
Bladder Capacity (0 being none, 100 being camel): 50
Colon Capacity: 75 (I swear, sometime I think some guys I've posted about were 250)
Word for pee: Piss, Urine
Word for Peeing: Pissing, Wizzing, Urinating
Word for poo: Crap, Poop, Excrement, Turds
Word for pooing: Oh my gosh. I've made up so many terms here, I've lost count. I guess "bumming" would be my most commonly used.
Word for fart: Flatulence
Word for farting: Dropping Bombs, Breaking Wind, Cutting the Cheese.
Other: I describe the condition of guys who have to shit in my postings in various ways. Most often, I use the term "loaded" with some kind of adverb modifyer like "badly," "desperately," or "seriously."

Ok, first post, so it's introduction time
There are three of us, here are our profiles

Age: 13
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Pee Shyness (0 being none, 100 being very shy): 25
Poo Shyness: 75
Fart Shyness: 50
Bladder Capacity (0 being none, 100 being camel): 50
Colon Capacity: 20
Word for pee: Pee, lol
Word for Peeing: Peeing, lol
Word for poo: #2
Word for pooing: Pooping
Word for fart: Gas/wind
Word for farting: Deflating
Other: Well, Sarah is my cousin and i have a bladder condition that makes me need to pee at wierd occasions, oh, and i'm dyslexic.

Age: 14
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Pee Shyness (0 being none, 100 being very shy): 2
Poo Shyness: 5
Fart Shyness: 0
Bladder Capacity (0 being none, 100 being camel): 76
Colon Capacity: 51
Word for pee: Pee
Word for Peeing: Peeing
Word for poo: Crap
Word for pooing: Crapping
Word for fart: Fart
Word for farting: Letting one rip
Other: Holly's my baby cousin (it pisses her off when i say that) and i'm prone to costapation during my period.

Age: 14
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Pee Shyness (0 being none, 100 being very shy): 90
Poo Shyness: 100
Fart Shyness: 99
Bladder Capacity (0 being none, 100 being camel): 95
Colon Capacity: 100
Word for pee: Wee
Word for Peeing: Weeing
Word for poo: Poop
Word for pooing: I usually avoid using any word for it
Word for fart: Wind
Word for farting: Releasing
Other: My large capacity is to due with my shyness, you see i've had to learn to hold it when i can't bring myself to say i have to go.

To let you lot know, there have been alot of stories posted about us that aren't by us, who they're by is beyond us, we're still trying to find out but disregard them, only trust it if it's by T3C

Anyway, we hope to be posting soon, we'll be signing each post with a the name of the poster to keep things simple, here are our signatures

Holly (Keeping it simple, lol)



Seth, there's nothing itchier than a dirty ass.

Multi-drop Pete
One cold winter my cat took to crossing my little frozen garden pond. After a few days the weather warmed up and she unwisely walked on thin ice; her back legs broke through and she went in up to the waist. I ran out to rescue her but she scrambled to safety before I arrived, and surprised me by making a top-speed dash to the flowerbed for a pee. Some people say sudden exposure to cold makes them pee, but I didn't know it works for cats and I haven't experienced the effect myself. What about you guys 'n gals?

Hey Lester
The scene where the two girls are playing Battleshits is from the movie Harold and Kumar go to the Whitecastle

lester, the movie that scene was from is 'harold and kumar go to white castle'. the movie is halarious, and that scene really makes it that much more better!

doug, there`s nothing wrong what-so-ever of crapping your pants. it`s just frowned apon because of the fact that, as youngsters, most have been conditioned to view such acts as foul or nasty, without the notion that maybesome find it a turn-on, as an extreme dislike of something seems to be what draws most to view such as stimulating.

besides, if it makes her feel good....then what`s the problem? it hurts no one, and she probably injoys it. i say let her have her fun.

Love a good crap
Yo, R man, your pee is stored in your BLADDER. The only thing the TESTICLES have in common with the BLADDER is the PENIS. if you hold in your pee too much, nothing will happen to your TESTICLES. Something might happen to the SPHINCTER MUSCLE in your PENIS or to your BLADDER, but nothing will happen to your TESTICLES.

to: Dave. since you and your partner use the same toilets, I can assume all of your male employees use the same toilets. Employees need to have acccess to toilets when they need them. They are on duty and can't waste 30 minutes waiting for a bowl. Since there are no partitions or stall doors, my question is simple: Can you put a sign on the toilet lid of one of the bowls labeled "EMPLOYEES ONLY" then, if the customers want to tie up one of the toilets, you and your guys can always have one bowl just for your own use?

Hey everyone! I'm a long time lurker here, but this is my first post. I'll give a short description of myself. 6'0", 195 lbs, blond hair in a buzz cut, athletic body, 22 years old. I've got a story that pretty fitting for this place. I've actually gotta take a dump pretty bad right now so I'm gonna try to make this quick.

Last year, my gf at the time (now an ex-gf) was staying at my house for a while. If you're interested, she's 5'7", 120 lbs, long brown hair, athletic figure...very cute and a little younger than me. Anyway, one morning shortly after we woke up and "stayed in bed for a while" she got this weird look on her face. I kind of just looked at her and she seemed to know what I was thinking. She blurted out, "I gotta pee," then jumped up and ran to the bathroom, which is directly next to the room we were in. A combination of both wondering if she was ok and actually being turned on by girls going to the bathroom caused me to get up, and put my head to the floor by the bathroom door. The toilet is right next to the door and you can see someone's feet and hear everything like it was right next to you...because, well, it is.

So I hear her pull her panties down and I see her feet positioned in front of the toilet, appearing to be spread pretty far apart. Next thing I hear is her moan softly, then what sounded like a short explosion of gas and soft poop. *boom-sperlat* Then I hear a zipper fart followed by 10 seconds worth or chunky poop. The smell starts to come out from under the door and let me tell you, it reeked! She must have been dying in there herself, because i saw her hands come down and search the basket next to the toilet for some air freshener. She found some and sprayed liberally while still on the toilet. She kept sitting for about 6 minutes letting out a few wet zipper farts and the occasional trickle of runny poop. Then, as if in some big finale, she exploded again just like she did when she first sat down. *pop-sploot*

She started wiping, which took another 3 minutes for her, flushed 3 times, and sprayed air freshener so much I could smell it in the hallway. I went back into the room and waited for her. When she came back she looked absolutely drained! I gave her an "are you okay?" look and all she said was she thinks the different water and food here (she's from way out of town) made her stomach upset. I comforted her until she felt better then we found a way to get rid of some energy I had built up. ;)

Sorry if it's a little long. Oh, and btw, I ended up leaving to take a dump in the middle in case you were wondering about that. Are there any girls on here who have stories about pooping there pants? Or any stories from high school or college?

To B E T H A N Y,

Yes the name is creative. I have a question. Every man, woman and child including your best friend makes poopies. Why is it "unmentionable things from unmentionable places?" Does it make you a better person to pretend you're body does not make stinkies?

Dave, before you take that posters advice and replace the urinals with toilets, consider this. You are going to have four men shitting 24/7/365 including yourself and your business partner. The room is going stink really , really bad. Might be eye-ball watering stench, in fact. And furthermore, your bound to use a roll of tissue an hour per bowl ...thats 96 rolls of toilet tissue EVERY DAY !!! ....I would keep the two toilets / two urinals , and try to keep the flow going. You do have a serious situation on your hands. It's tough to rush guys on the toilets, but you cant have men standing there watching and waiting for a shitter bowl. Goood Luck

Dick's sister Karen
I have some embarrassing camping toilet stories to tell you about my twin brother Dick. Our parents bought a family size frame tent for summer camping holidays. We also had a camping 'porta-potty' in the tent; this was a smart flushing type with a water tank and a waste tank but we were told only to use it in the night and only for peeing, except in emergency. The Channel Tunnel had recently opened so it was possible to take the car to France without going on a car ferry and without the worry of seasickness that Dick wrote about on page 1614.

When Dick and I were 15, Dad booked a campsite near St Tropez on the Mediterranean coast in the south of France. We spent two days driving from home to the South of France and when we got to the campsite, we found that the toilets were 'interesting' to say the least. They would be quite unimaginable in Britain and probably also in the US. Not only did men and women share the same toilet block but also, there was a men's urinal fixed to the wall just inside the door, in view of everyone passing by. There were two rows of four stalls facing each other with 'hole in the floor' squatting type toilets. There were 3-inch gaps under the stall doors and also under the partitions between the stalls! Mum was amazed and summed it up by saying, "I don't want to walk past men peeing to get to the toilet then squat down to 'do my business' and if someone looks under the partition, they could see my bare bottom and everything".

We visited several other campsites nearby and Mum inspected the toilet facilities. Some had separate toilets for men and women while others were mixed, some squat type and some regular type. All the other campsites offered more privacy in the toilets but they were all fully booked as it was the peak summer season. In any case, we had already paid quite a lot of money to book our campsite for two weeks and we couldn't claim a refund just because we didn't like the toilettes!

At the campsite, Dick seemed to spend as much time as possible in the toilet. He would get up early (unusual for him) and go for a shower followed by a long toilet visit before breakfast and then another trip to the toilet after breakfast. When we came back to the tent in the afternoon, he would say that he was going for a walk. I suspected that he might be walking further along the coast to a nude beach but when I followed him, I saw that he only walked as far as the campsite toilet block. I suspected what he might be doing so while he was in the toilet, I waited outside. Two women came to the toilet, one looked about 18 and the other was probably in her 40s. They seemed to be mother and daughter. The daughter went in and took the stall next to Dick while her mother took the stall opposite. Then I had a quick look under the stall partitions from the side. Sure enough, I saw him squatting down and looking under the partition so that he had an underneath view of the daughter peeing in the next stall. Then I could hear that the mother in the stall opposite Dick was pooing. When I had another quick look under the stall partitions from the side, I saw that Dick was looking out under the door of his stall and under the door of the stall opposite, which gave him a front view of this woman squatting with her legs wide apart and soft poo pouring out of her bum. Then I left and he didn't know that I had seen what he was doing.

That next morning after breakfast, I felt a stomach cramp and an urgent need to run to the toilet. I knew that I was going to have diarrhea and I had an idea. Dick had gone to the toilet a few minutes earlier and I decided to give him a really 'cheeky' and smelly surprise. Only one stall was occupied so I knew where he was. I ran into the stall next to him and stepped out of my bikini panties to make it easier to squat. I squatted down, turning my bum slightly sideways towards his stall to give him a better view. Then I let rip with a big fart and a load of smelly diarrhea that splattered out into the wide shallow squat toilet bowl or 'cuvette' set into the floor. If he were looking at me under the partition, this would only be a few inches from his nose! Then before wiping, I suddenly bent down and looked under the partition where I saw Dick looking at my bum under the partition. "Fancy seeing you here", I said. I wiped myself, flushed and put my bikini panties back on. Then I went out of my stall and waited for Dick to come out of his stall. When he opened the door, he looked pale and he was shaking. "Please don't tell Mum and Dad", he pleaded. I said that I wouldn't tell anyone but I warned him to be careful not to get caught by anyone else. I asked him if he liked watching my bum while I was having diarrhea. He said that it was OK apart from the smell and I said that it served him right for watching me.

We went back to the tent then we walked down to the nearby beach with our parents. At the beaches in the St Tropez area, going topless seemed to be 'de rigeur' for women so Mum and I felt rather conspicuous with our bikini tops on and we both went topless on the beach. There were no toilets at the local beach and people used to go into the sand dunes to pee or poo. Later that morning, I needed to poo so I asked Mum to lend me the toilet roll that she had brought. She suggested that I should go back to the campsite toilets but I told her that I couldn't wait that long so I would have to go and do it in the sand dunes. Mum suggested that I should take my brother with me to stand guard and warn me if anyone was approaching. Dick and I ran towards the sand dunes and as soon as we were out of sight of the beach, there was no time for modesty; I quickly took my bikini panties right off, squatted down naked and squirted my diarrhea into the hot dry sand. Then I handed the toilet roll to Dick and told him that as a punishment for spying on me in the toilet, he had to wipe my messy bum for me. He did but I don't think it was a punishment for him. That day I paid a few more visits to the sand dunes to have diarrhea and Dick came with me to 'stand guard' and then he wiped me. Fortunately, I didn't feel sick and the next day my diarrhea had stopped.

The next morning, after breakfast, we were all ready to go to the beach except for Dick who wasn't around. I said that he might be in the toilet so Mum and I went there to 'flush him out'. "Richard, are you in there?" Mum called. "I'm having difficulty", he replied. Then he came back to the tent and he told Mum that he had a stomach ache and he had been constipated since we left home 5 days ago. Mum offered him some laxative pills and he took the maximum dose. Mum told him that dose would make him run to the toilet so he should stay near the toilet today. As there were no toilets at our local beach, Dick said that he would stay at the campsite for the day.

When we came back to the tent in the afternoon, Dick was lying on the grass sunbathing near the tent. I sat next to him and asked him what he had been doing today apart from shitting. He said that he had done plenty of that and Mum's pills had really given him 'the shits'. I said that wasn't surprising as I thought that he was only pretending to be constipated to justify spending so much time in the toilet and to get Mum to give him some laxative so that he could spend most of the day in the campsite toilet, looking at women with their panties down. He admitted this was true.

Dick said that he met a girl who was also making frequent visits to the toilet. He admitted that he saw her squatting and doing diarrhea in the toilet several times. While she was in the toilet stall, Dick went and stood peeing at the urinal. As the girl walked past, he smiled at her and said "Hello". Then he met her in the toilet again about half an hour later and said jokingly, "Do you come here often?" She told him why she came here often and they started talking about their diarrhea. Then he found out that her name was Andrea, she was 15 and was from Germany. She was staying with her parents on the same campsite.

Dick and I were both learning French and German at school. Dick had been practising his German with Andrea and she had been practising her English. He told me some German words that we hadn't learned at school like 'Durchfall' (literally through fall) for diarrhea, 'kacken' meaning to shit, 'Po' meaning bum or butt and some rude words that I can't mention here.

Dick has a certain way with some girls and it certainly worked with Andrea. They used to go off for evening walks along the coast. Andrea always took a toilet roll as she had picked up a 'stomach bug'. She had soon got over her sickness but her diarrhea had continued. A few days later, Dick and Andrea were out late one evening and our parents were getting a bit worried because it was nearly dark. Mum was worried about what they might be doing together as they were both under 16 but I pointed out that the minimum age for that is 15 in France, not 16 as in the UK.

After Dick and Andrea returned, he told me all about what he and Andrea did but it is a bit too risqué to mention it here. When they had finished, Andrea she said that she needed to 'kacken' urgently then she just squatted next to him and did it into the dry sand. Then Dick wiped her bum with the toilet roll. She said that no one had done that for her since she was a child but she liked it. I reminded Dick to wash his hands thoroughly to avoid catching Andrea's 'stomach bug'.

The next night, Mum, Dad and I were woken up by the sound of Dick being sick into the camping porta-potty in our tent. Then Dick sat on the porta-potty and had diarrhea. He asked Mum to pass him the bucket then he was sick into the bucket while he was having diarrhea on the porta-potty. Mum gave him the toilet roll and he sat on the porta-potty most of the night. The next day, he stayed in the tent most of the day. "I think I've caught Andrea's stomach bug", he told me. "Did you wash your hands properly after wiping her bum?" I asked him. He said that maybe he didn't.

The next day was the last day of our holiday and Dick was feeling much better. He and Andrea spent most of the day on the beach together, cuddling each other. That evening they went off to the sand dunes for a fond farewell but this time, it was Dick who was carrying a toilet roll. The next morning, we packed up the tent and loaded the car while Dick and Andrea hugged each other and said a last tearful farewell.

We drove along the beautiful coast road towards Toulon. At one point Dick asked Dad to stop the car by the side of the road and Dick jumped out. There weren't any bushes to go behind so he dropped his pants right by the car, squatted down and did his diarrhea onto the ground, in full view of the passing traffic. Then Mum took a toilet roll for him. She also got the roll of wide paper kitchen towel, tore off 4 sheets and told him that he should put the paper inside his pants in case he had an accident. We would be on the Autoroute soon and we couldn't stop there. I teased him about wearing a nappy at his age. Later, when we had stopped and our parents had left us in the car, I apologised to Dick for being so cruel to him. I could see that he was very upset because his holiday romance with Andrea had ended. He cried and I hugged my lovesick brother and comforted him in the back of the car. When Mum came back to the car, she thought this was very sweet.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

I was reading the posts about mothers asking if you had done a poo. I had an adult like situation. For those that follow the posts I am on pain meds which bung me up so I take laxatives etc. I also have the occasional colonic, which is given at a government approved place by a registered nurse. I was due to have a colonic so I go off laxatives for a few days to "give it a break" . The two days before my colonic I had small hard shits but the day of my colonic I tried but it was so hard I decided not to force the issue and let the colonic do its work.
Anyway I go into the treatment room and mount a platform and my bum is parked over a basin for me to poo in and a hole towars the end for the poo to flow is like a very weid toilet bowl. Any way you lay there is a semi reclined position with legs up as if giving birth....very, very undignified. When in position you press a buzzer nad a nurse comes in and sticks a tube up your arse, turns on the water and if fills up the colon and you need to shit real bad which you do time and time again whilst the tube remains in place.
The nurse came in and asked me to spread my legs and she looks at my anus to see if all is OK and then inserts the tube.....this time she said "when di you last do a poo...I bet it was not today...are you constipated?" She then presses on my lower abdomen and it hurts. She said "I was full of shit and there was a big hard piece of poo in my rectum and it may push the rectal tube out and if so ring the bell right away and I will put it back in." She turned on the water and left.
Within less than minutes I was getting strong urges, I pushes and water sprayed out of my arse but no poo. The pressure became greater and then on a push..out it came with a thud on the base of the bowl and it pushed the tube out. I rang the bell and straight away I much younger nurse came in...turned off the water, had a look at my big hard turs lying at the foot of my bum..then my nurse came in. She looked at my production and said that it was a big hard one but asked me to try and poo some more before she put the tube in so as my retal area could be as clear as possible. So in front of her I had to poo and out came quite a bit of stuff ( and the smell). She then squirted water around my bottom to clean up a bit and reinserted the tube.
Several minutes later the younger nuse came in to massage my abdomen....she said that I needed colonics regularly...she would give me a vigorous massage and as the water was continually flowing into the colon she said as I get the urge, just push and I did but in the course of it I did a very loud smelly fart.
When she finished with me the water was turned off and she handed me some toilet paper to give my bum a wipe before getting of the platform and sitting on a normal toilet to get rid of any thing left. Now I have pood in front of the opposite sex and wiped my bum etc.
The procedure is very gross but in my case beneficial. I really do not find such things embarrasing but most would. I will be going back but it will be a while. In the meantime I was given some bowel tonic to help things.

Linda from Australia here again. Ive been dropping some very nice loads lately and going twice a day. Yesterday, I went twice and I went again this morning.

To Keith D: I remember being very poop shy when I was a kid and I only liked doing poos in our toilet at home. The toilet door got stuck sometimes when it was closed properly so if I was just going for a wee, I would only close it half way or not at all. When I went for a poo, I would close it fully. I would also close the other doors to the enclosed back veranda because I felt more comfortable with ALL the doors closed. As I quite often took a long time to do a poo, I liked my privacy.

Last night I met up with a friend who was in town. We used to date but we are still good friends. We got the train to the city and went out for dinner. Then we walked around the city for a while, until he told me he needed to find a toilet. He told me he needed to do a poo. So we walked up a street until we found a pub. He said he was going to do a poo and that I could get a drink if I wanted while I waited for him. I went to the toilet aswell because I needed a wee. After I had done my wee, I felt the urge for a poo but when I tried, nothing came out. I gave up, washed my hands and waited outside for him. He took about 10 minutes. We got the train back to the train station where my car was. Then we drove to the cinema. When we got there, he told me he needed to got to the toilet again (it was about an hour after we used the toilets at the pub). He said he needed to do more poos. He only took about 5 minutes this time. Later, when I got home, I did a big poo in my toilet.

Hi, I'm Ted from the UK, long-time lurker and first time poster!

Does anybody else have/had a girlfriend or wife who had a problem with skidmarks? My girlfriend of 2 years (23, slim and sporty) regularly gets stained knickers (at least 3 times per week).

When we first started going out I noticed that she would always wear black knickers when we would go out on a date, at the time I didn't think anything of it but now I realise that it was probably in order to save her from any embarrassment at bed time if I noticed that she wasn't as clean as she should be!

Now we live together and out of necessity she has become less shy about her "problem", and when I do the laundry I will often spot pairs of knickers with light to medium staining. She likes to wear cutton boy shorts and bikini style panties (predominantly Top Shop brand!), and she has a wide variety of colours. The stains range from very small spots or faint brown rub marks where her undies have ridden up into her butt during the day, right through to solid, darker and thicker marks in the back of her knickers, up to a couple of inches long. She clearly knows that I see them, but for a long time she wouldn't mention anything to me, and would always ensure that the dirtier ones weren't sitting at the top of the laundry pile.

I've wondered for a long time what causes her to dirty her knickers like this, and as we've become closer I have been able to observe a couple of points. She is now more or less comfortable with going to the toilet if I happen to be in the bathroom shaving for example, and her poos are usually fairly soft and urgent (she will often wait til the last minute to go). However, the stains do not come from "touching cotton", "prairie dogging" or following through with a wet fart - only on a couple of occasions have I seen her sit on the toilet with a stain already in her knickers (and she was quick to cover them with her feet as she sat on the loo!). Her poos are fairly soft and come out in many pieces - in fact, she seems to pinch them off regularly, rather than letting them come out more naturally, and this is probably making her ass dirtier. She also sticks to a pretty rigorous "3 wipe policy", and will tend to wipe herself the same whether she has had a hard, dry shit or a much softer, looser one. When she has diarrhea she may wipe a little more (though she doesn't usually go in front of me if she knows that it is going to be a wet one), but generally she sticks to 3 wipes which is sometimes adequate and quite often not. I have also noticed that she will often begin to wipe before she is fully finished (doesn't like to waste time on the pot!), and will often have to stop wiping to poo some more, or there will be a little bit of poop hanging when she begins to wipe, which can obviously result in a messier wipe. I think also that she doesn't like me to see her wipe, as this makes her embarrassed, so she probably wipes less in my presence than she would in private.

The heaviest stains usually come when she has worn the knickers while going to the gym or playing sport (she is on her company's netball team), and in these cases there is often a bigger, more spread-out skidmark due to the sweating and physical activity. The skids are never dark enough to be visible from the other side of the fabric, but those days when she plays sport are usually the dirtiest. When she goes at work (she hates to do this as the stall walls are very thin and other people can hear her) there are normally lighter stains if she leaves a skidmark. When she's on her period she wears a pad (Always Ultra usually, I think) and sometimes there will be a little brown dot on the back of her used pads where the back has nestled against her dirty asshole.

When we first started to date she was very careful not to let her poor wiping become noticeable to me, and she would usually disappear to the bathroom to "freshen up" any time that sex was imminent. The underwear was usually hidden away at the bottom of her laundry pile, though I quickly discovered where to look! These days we're a lot more open, and I think she is less worried about me thinking that she's gross. Sometimes I slip her knickers off before sex and there's a skiddy inside, and ususally she will wriggle her legs to get the dirty panties off and out of sight as quickly as possible, but she doesn't seem overly embarrassed. Although we've never spoken about her skidmark problem directly, she will occasionally make reference to it, such as the time when she couldn't find her undies in the changing room of the swimming pool that she attends, and that she didn't want anybody to see them as she had "been wearing them all day and they were a bit dirty". Other times if I'm about to ???? she knows that she has a pretty solid skid mark in her undies from an earlier poo, she will whisper to me something like "baby, not right now, I haven't had a chance to shower today" or even one time she said "honey, I'm not very clean down there right now, I'm sorry"! Of course, I always tell her not to worry and usually she lets me go ahead unless she knows that it's particularly bad ;c)

I would like to talk about this topic with my gf some more, as I know that she is still (needlessly) a little embarrassed about the sometimes dirty state of her knickers, but I'm not sure how to bring it up, or the fact that I find it a turn-on.

Does anyone else have a wife/gf who gets skidmarks in their undies on occasions? If so, do they try to hide this fact from you, or are they open about it? I'm really intereted to hear if other people have had similar experiences

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