Beth here again..

i finished the book! it was damn good. sad ending, i cried :( but it was really good still.

anyways, i have a question for all of you:
have you ever been in the bathroom at school, and you're sitting there doing your thing when a bunch of people come in and just make you lock up? or worse yet, do people try to talk to you through the stall walls? do you find that awkward or what? i mean, when its people i dont know thats fine i guess, but i strangely enough dont want my best friend talking to me when i'm expelling unmentionable things from unmentionable places.
get back

i think im going to be a regular on this site. in fact, i'll develop a signature.


creative, right? lol

The other day I was riding the city bus due to a DWI charge I got leaving a buddy's house months ago and I found myself sitting next to this beautiful girl. She was about 5ft 6inches tall, long, culry blonde hair, full set of lips, big, beautiful blue eyes with a nice curvy figure. Since it was late there weren't many passengers riding I was mesmerized by how pretty she was, thinking of the best way to approach when I noticed a foul, familiar stench that was sneaking up from down below. I leaned over figuring maybe I stepped in something but much to my surprise it was coming from her direction. I tried not to stare and if she had an accident, the last thing she wanted was some guy coming up to her while she sat there with a steamy load of poo in her pants.

The third or fourth time the bus stopped she stood up and sure enough there was this huge, wet, brown stain that was smeared, trying to push its way through the fabric of her jeans. She smiled looking at floor as she wrapped her jacket around her waist and got off. I was completly disgusted, I felt bad for her still hoping I would see her again in a couple days.

About 3 days later I got on the bus and there she was, I said hello and she smiled turning her head to look out the window again. I was going to sit across from her but maybe she was embarassed about last time so I didn't want to push it. A few stops later as she stood up the stench returned with a fury, I saw a new brown stain, she smiled, wrapped the jacket around herself and got off.

Now I'm a very open-minded person and I've been well aware of all of the different fetishes out there. I'm actually no stranger to the different types of "extreme kink" that people are into, I know some women like to poop in their clothes, in adult diapers, on objects, in front of people etc, but in public it just seems a little overboard. For the past month I've actually started speaking to her more and she seems like a great catch - she goes to college, works two part-time jobs and we even have a DWI in common, I just don't know how or if I should bring up the whole panty poop thing.

What do you think I should do? Should I ask her out and tell her not to crap on herself? Should I ask about the "accidents"? Do you think she could learn to keep it at home?

Your opinions would really help. Thanks.

i tell you you never want to put shampoo up your butt.i did it yesterday and before igot up from the pain the crap had already slid out into my pants.luckily my underwear was black and i was by myself

Hi Tish. I really enjoyed reading your story. It sounded hilarious! If you have anymore, please post some pee stories. Thanks!!!

I decided to bring up something that was in You Tube that I saw recently. It must have been from a movie that came out some time back. These two nice looking brunette British teen-age girls went into the bathroom and they were farting and pooing in a competitive manner. They were playing a game called Battlesh.. in which one girl tried to outdo the other with big stools and farts, and the girl with the biggest poo and fart was told, "Hey, you sunk my battlesh...," by her friend in the other stall. Does anyone know what I'm referring, and, if so, what is the movie that the scene came from?

The R Man
To Courtney:

I loved your story about you and your friend peeing in the sand box and at the park, it was so cute and loveable!:)

To Caryl Marie.

Have you ever checked if your butthole is fully relaxed? Some people seem to tense up when they have to crap in a short time.

That's not the case with me, however.

My anal musscle's are fully relaxed, but nothing usually comes at the first attempt.

But every now and then it does.


Love a good crap
I just had the wierdest day (bathroomwise)... I was having really bad gas all day...wait. maybe I should describe myself first. I'm 5'0", 13 years old, and i'm in 8th grade. Anyway, I was having really loud, smelly gas all day in very large quantities. I got home at around 4, farting constantly. I had just crapped that morning, so I didn't think I'd need to go again that day. Anyway, at 10 that night, I started getting even more gas, and it felt like there was something up there. So, I make my way to the bathroom and sit down. I relax, after which a torrent of what feels like semi-hard crap in a large quantity. I look in the toilet, and there was a really hard chunk about 4" long and 2" in diameter. There was also around 1 cup of diarrhea. Go figure: diarrhea and constipation (or at least really hard crap) in the same load. It took me 8 or 9 wipes to get clean.

Dave...Why not remove the two urinals and put in thw toilet bowls, them 4 guys can either piss or sit and make doody. 4 toilets in a small truck stop should be plenty enough to keep the flow going even if you have a couple of 'readers" or 'extended poopers"

Johnny Half-Pint

Why don't you just hang up a big old-fashioned brass bell in the toilet block, for anyone to ring if they think other people are taking too long on the bog?

That way, people can take their time if there's nobody about; but if there's a queue, somebody is bound to get impatient and start ringing the bell. And the loiterer can't really do anything about it without getting up!

In high school, the boys rooms sucked. There were three, one on each floor, and they were all identical. Two sinks at the front right at the entrance and four urinals along the same wall as the sinks. Opposite the urinals were three toilets. There were no stalls. Just three toilets sitting next to each other. Anyone using the urinals or one of the other toilets to take a whiz got an unobstructed view of you on the toilet.

I used to force myself to hold in my shit until I got home partially due to there being no stalls, but also because there was never toilet paper. Just an empty metal spool on the wall next to each toilet. The school had removed all the paper from the boys rooms because of guys making TP balls and throwing them at the walls or the ceiling of clogging the toilets with them, whatever. For two of the four years I went there it was like that, I can't believe the board of health was never called about that!

One day, during second period, I started having bad stomach cramps. I prayed they would ease up, but they didn't. I started feeling pressure in my rectum, and I knew I would have no choice but to brave the boys room toilet. The teacher in that period was a jerk who refused to ever let anyone leave during class. I asked anyway and was told to wait until after class. I sat there clenching my butt cheeks fopr another twenty minutes. The bell rang and I bolted to the boys room, praying that by some miracle no one else would be in there.

No such luck. I made it to the boys room only to discover two of the three urinals and one of the toilet being used. I swallowed my pride and went to a free toilet (the guy peeing was using the middle one, of course, so there was no way to have a space between us). As soon as I started unbuckling my belt and unzipping, facing away from the toilet, it seemed as though every guiy in there knew what I was about to do and was staring at me in a mixture of disgust and shock.

I pushed my jeans and underpants just past my ass and sat down. As urgent as it was, I had a hard time getting started. Finally I gave a little push and that was all I needed. I had explosive diarrhea for what was probably a couple of minutes but felt like forever. I heard a few snickers and whispers among the other guys witnessing my humiliation, but I kept my eyes toward the floor so as not to lock eyes with any of them. Once I was empty and the pressure in my guts had subsided, I got up and pulled up my pants, doing my best to ignore the slimy and wet sensation between my butt cheeks. I flushed, washed my hands and spent the rest of the day with butt mud.

I didn't get to wipe my ass until I got home, and by that time my ass was sore and itchy as hell and there was a nice skid mark in the seat of my underpants. From that day forward, I always made sure I had a pack of tissues in my pocket just in case that ever happened again.

The R Man
How many times can a 19 year-old mall hold in his pee before his testicles are damaged?

Multi-drop Pete
A few years ago I was the manager of a village shop. Customers sometimes needed to use the staff toilet. For security reasons it was against the shop rules to let customers into the back office, but I was always careful to ensure the strong room and the safe were properly locked so security wasn't that big an issue; of course, a stranger might be intending to beat me up and force me to open the safe, or might be checking the layout of the office in order to burgle the shop later; even a child might just be distracting me while an accomplice went shoplifting; however, most times I was happy to bend the rules and let somebody use the toilet. If I was worried I would advise the customer to use the nearby pub (during opening hours) or the health centre a few hundred yards away. I had part-time sales assistants but much of the time I ran the shop single-handedly.

Once, when I was just locking up, a group of teenagers arrived; I said I was closed, but one of them, a girl aged about 16, asked to use the toilet; I let her in, locked the front door, showed her to the toilet and got on with some paperwork in the office. When she had finished and I let her out the boys made some silly remarks like "What were you doing with her?" Just teenage humour, but it got me thinking; for a couple of minutes I had locked a girl in the shop with me, out of sight, so what if she had made a false accusation? What if strange rumours spread through the village?

Another time a woman came in with two girls, aged about 3 and 8; when I had scanned the woman's shopping and told her the price she gave me a tenner and before I even opened the till she asked to use my toilet; I directed her to it, happy to keep an eye on her children for a bit. Before she had closed the toilet door the younger girl said she also needed the toilet, so I sent the girl in with her mum; by the time they came out I had packed the shopping in a bag and got the change ready. The woman was surprised when I handed her the change; I think she had forgotten it! (Hydraulic pressure erases memory!)

I would always let a child use the toilet on request, but once a little girl came in and asked for it; I said "certainly", but she surprised me by running out of the shop and calling in her whole family, a woman and two teenaged girls. I let them all use it but I thought it was a bit of a cheek.

A woman came in with a little boy, about 4; he said to his mum "I need a wee-wee", but curiously he clipped the last syllable as if he thought he shouldn't use the word and continued "I need a pee-pee - I need a pee-pee!" His mum didn't reply, so I stepped out from behind the counter (locking the till as I went - you can't be too careful) and said to him "Would you like to use my toilet?" His mum, surprised, said "Is there a toilet here?" I said "He can use the staff toilet" and I told the child to follow me; he got shy and clung to his mum, so I sent them both in.

I invited a little girl, about 4, to use the toilet and she confidently headed where I was pointing; this time it was her mother who was uncertain, asking "Will she be all right?" I wasn't sure what she meant by that; did she think I was sending the child into danger, or was she not sure the child was big enough to use a toilet? Of course there was nothing dangerous there, and smaller children than her have used my toilet OK. I just said "You can help her if you like" and she followed her child in.

While I try to be helpful, sometimes I got it wrong.
A girl, about 9, came in a few minutes before closing time; I was already bundling the unsold newspapers. For security reasons I watch my customers as closely as possible, and I noticed she quickly clutched her crotch twice as she walked to the confectionery shelves. She bought some chocolate, but didn't ask to use my toilet. I was afraid of embarrassing her, and she didn't appear to be in distress, so I didn't ask if she needed it; I hope she managed to wait until she got home.

Another time, a woman came in with two girls; the younger, aged about 7, was repeatedly clutching her crotch and looking stressed. The woman was buying a selection of lottery cards and it took a couple of minutes to serve her; a queue was forming. The girl said to her mother "I need the toilet, mum" but neither girl nor mum asked me for my toilet; I would normally offer it anyway, but in this case I was so busy I took the easy way out and pretended I hadn't noticed. I recognised the family; they lived only 3 or 4 minutes walk away, so she probably managed to wait with any luck. Afterwards I felt bad; I should have helped, the queuing customers could have waited a few seconds more.

I was wondering, how many women here get ???? aches and rub their ???? while their are pooping? Does rubbing help?

I recently attended a conference held in a big, fairly fancy hotel in the Washington DC suburbs. Attendees were fed a lot of rich, heavy food over the course of the three-day event, and my bowels didn't take kindly to this diet; as the conference went on, I had to take pretty frequent dumps, most of which were large and urgent but semi-solid.

During one of the more informal large-group sessions I had to go to, I started to cramp up pretty badly. Fortunately, I was seated near the back of the hall, and as the main part of this presentation was a film, people were streaming in and out without creating a disturbance, so I snuck out of the room in search of a toilet. A cleaning team was working on the restroom nearest the conference hall and it was closed at the moment, so I had to walk towards the other part of the hotel. I located another restroom without too much trouble. It was small, with two stalls side by side, two urinals in front of them, and a sink next to the door, and empty when I arrived. I took the first stall, pulled my pants and briefs to my knees, and quickly dropped a heavy, slightly mushy load. As I began to piss into the bowl, the door of the restroom opened and someone entered, walking quickly to the other stall on my left. It was then that I noticed how highly reflective the inside of the stalls were; everything from the floors to the rear walls to the divider were made of a very shiny, light-colored marblelike substance (indeed, I could see a slightly dim view of myself sitting on the toilet from the side, reflected on the divider between the stalls). I could somewhat make out the guy reflected on the floor as he faced the toilet while getting some paper off the roll. Between the couple-inch gap between the divider and the rear wall and the reflective nature of that wall, I had a pretty good view of his hand quickly wiping down the seat before he turned around and pulled his dark blue jeans down, then sat on the toilet. The divider was pretty high off the floor, and I could see his lower leg almost up to the knee; he must have pulled his pants down just to his thighs or right above his knees. He sat well back on the toilet, and I could clearly see his smooth butt, the top of his crack, and the back of an orange shirt reflected on the wall behind us.

I suddenly heard what sounded like a hard and loud but short stream of piss hit the water, followed by a couple more of the same. However, when the guy did this once more, the final liquid burst ended with a very loud and wet-sounding fart, and I realized that I had not been hearing on-again off-again pissing but rather some very watery diarrhea. The restroom began to smell slightly bad at this point. There was silence for several seconds, and I got another sharp cramp and let go a bit more crap into my toilet with a small splash. I then heard the guy next door take a deep breath and then start pushing in short pulsing spurts--like "mmmp...mmmp.......mmmmmmmp"--under his breath. This went on for a minute or so, and occasionally resulted in a fart or a little more shit hitting the water. He went silent for a moment, and I could see through the crack as he lifted his butt slightly off of the seat, then reached back with his hands to spread his cheeks wider as he sat back down. He started grunting again, a bit louder this time, but I didn't hear any more shitting sounds. It sounded like he was fumbling a bit with a belt buckle, and as he did this I saw his pants drop further down his legs by an inch or two, but I still couldn't see his waistband. He shuffled his feet around a bit as though he was trying to find a better position for getting the rest of his crap out. All of a sudden, he shoved his jeans all the way down to the top of his running shoes; now his belt and his gray briefs were visible beneath the partition as well as his calves above them, thinly covered with dark hair. He slid his feet back towards the wall up under the toilet and got up on the balls of his feet, to where I guess he was almost straddling the bowl, and started straining and pushing quite hard. In the midst of this I could hear a few squishy-sounding farts and a little more shit hitting the water.

By this point, I figured I had crapped all that I could and didn't want to seem like I was lingering (though the goings-on next door were undeniably interesting!), so I rolled off some paper and began to wipe while sitting. As my dump had been a bit messy, I had quite a bit of wiping to do. After I had wiped a couple of times, I saw the guy in the next stall bring his feet back to a normal position. He sat that way for a moment, and I wiped again, and then I saw him reflected on the shiny floor as he stood up and started rolling off some paper himself. His auto-flusher quickly went off now that he was no longer sitting down. As he reached back to wipe his butt, with his pants still around his ankles now, I could make out a dark patch of pubic hair, but couldn't see his equipment in any great detail. His head and face were pretty out of focus, unfortunately, being so far up from the floor. I wiped one last time and pulled up my pants as he continued to wipe. My auto-flusher went off as I exited the stall, and I went over to the sink to wash up thoroughly. I then began to dry my hands using the loud electric dryer, during which time another guy came in to use a urinal. I was nearly dry and ready to leave when I saw the far stall door open up and its occupant came out. He was in his mid- to late-twenties, handsome, with short dark hair and a goatee. He looked a bit sheepish as he emerged to find me still there, after all I had heard him do, but proceeded to wash up at the sink as I turned around and left the restroom.

New Gal . . . loved your brief account of meeting an old girl friend in the toilet . .and that she had moved back to your area, lovely story.

I had a similar experience recently, I went to school in ????, at ???? . .over twenty years ago now and recently in Cardiff I bumped into a friend from those days. As you can imagine we had so much to chat over, gals always do. We had lunch and then I mentioned I needed the toilet and my friend (Sheila) said she needed to go as well. I got my panties down and almost immediately splattered the back of the pan in a smelly poop, I heard Sheila giggling and then she too replied with a noisy splashy poop. We must have been in the toilets ten minutes possibly more before we emerged still giggling and chatting about how we used to go together at school. I hope to write more soon. I would love to hear from anybody else who has had similar experience, meeting old girl friends. Love, Jill.

Friday, April 04, 2008


Got home last night from work and the phone was ringing as I walked in the door.....I was actually going to have a pee as soon as I got in but picked the phone up automatically. It was a call from a friend and she had some pretty awful news to tell me.
I sat on the stairs and after half an hour or so I really had a desperate need for the loo....but couldnt tell her that so listened on for a bit longer, crossing my legs and holding myself with my other hand, squeezing trying to hold on.

After another 10 minutes I knew I was going to pee my panties and looked around for something.....anything to wee in......the waste paper basket is wicker so no good.......I stood bent double and holding my crotch hard but I could feel a little dribble and was worried it would turn into a gusher.

I looked at the coat rack and saw an old fleece hanging so grabbed it and pressed that between my legs......I so so needed to go, so I managed to wriggle my niks down to my knees, sat on the very edge of the bottom stair held the fleece and spread the rest out to catch the flow if the dam burst and tried to end the conversation as politely as I could.

I was in agony so just spread my legs and let go....nothing happenned....I tried and tried......a tiny squirt came out then stopped. So I knelt on the floor on my knees opened my legs massaged myself a little to relax my sphincter and at last a tidal wave of pee came out........I groaned aloud with sheer friend asked if I was ok, then said 'look I have to go Im desperate for the toilet'. Hmmm so was I I thought as I looked at the sopping fleece and the spreading puddle of pee on the laminate floor.

Thanks for all your thoughts, folks. We are in rural Oklahoma. It's hard to tell if guys are dropping the kids off at the pools, or just reading magazines, unless they are 'noisy" Some guys are quiet shitters. We put up a 'no smoking" sign but nobody pays attention to that, so I doubt they will heed a time limit on the toilets. I'll let you know how the next few days go. Thanks again for the wonderful feedback.

Bethany the girl who hates auto flushers
Keith D,

often enough, is all i've got to say. but it doesn't affect my position on the toilet usually. even if i'm peeing or have a normal/soft poo, i still move around a lot. it doesn't feel right to sit on the toilet like im in a military camp. i feel that it is private time for me to do my private things, and stretching counts as something private.
let's be honest, none of our parents were too strict on posture during toilet training.

i spent about forty five minutes on the toilet this morning. i woke up early, and couldnt get back to sleep so i picked up that book (the same one i read on the auto-flushing-toilet) and went to have a morning poo. first i peed, then i did the other deed, which altogether took maybe six minutes at the most. and after i wiped and flushed and all i sat there reading for forty five minutes. im almost done. the book, i mean. then my brother came bothering me so i packed the book up in the pocket of my sweater, flushed (i contradict myself a lot don't i?) and left him to what he had to do.

hey aleysha, tell us about some of nicolette's poops

Hey guys! It's me again. I am feeling much better, my poops aren't liquidy, green or yucky, they're more solid, and I'm getting to the bathroom on time. Today, I had a really really REALLY great poop. I was watching The Simpsons when I felt my stomach gurgling, and I went to the bathroom to go poo. I had to take a shower, anyway, so I would just poo before I had my shower. I decided that I would look for a mirror to watch my poop come out, cuz I've never seen my butthole or seen a poo come out of it. So I took off my clothes, and looked for the hand mirror. I looked on the bathroom counter, and in the drawer. I felt like having to poo even more and my stomach was starting to hurt slightly. I got down on all fours to look for the mirror. I farted softly, and a gooey poo eased its way out onto the floor. I found the mirror, clenched my buttcheeks together while holding my stomach, and wiped my bottom to get rid of the poop squished in between my buns to see my butthole a little bit better. It was pinkish and puckered up. I farted and pushed. I saw my butthole widen and a soft light brown poo came out, followed by a hard dark brown turd. I peed, and let out some soft farts. Then I held up the mirror again and saw my butthole open up really wide and a long creamy light brown came out and coiled in the bowl. I wiped, flushed, washed my hands and left the bathroom. After I left the bathroom, I felt kind of weird, sort of like I was a little bit turned on. I don't understand why I felt that way, though. If anyone could tell me why, I'd appreciate it.

-Blissey (Happinasu!)

How dare you clock people while they use the toilets, Dave? Do you time the women too? Remind me not to eat at your establishment.

I work in retail and as some other posters have mentioned, when you're on register, sometimes there is just no time whatsoever to pee. So, eventually you just have to ignore it and hope you won't notice it for a while. I did this the other day and I got lucky bc I didn't notice it. But then, when I finally did get to pee I was shocked. It took at least 2-3 mins. the last one being entirely near stops and starts, and/or stops and starts which I NEVER have. By like the 4th or 5th one, (bc I seriously lost count)I was like wtf?! I think I was actually late getting back from my break that day but, FOR ONCE it WASN'T my fault. Lol.....But then, later that night, I had such a PAINFUL hold experience in class. Horrible. I never have time to go before i have to leave work for class and then my teacher is just a bitch so I never want to go in class. Whatever. But yeah, I guess I screwed my bladder up pretty bad from the other one that day and I was in AGONY and had a SERIOUS pee-gasm after class!

public toilets suck
all today i had cramps in my ????, and i figured pooping would make it go away. well i did, at my work, but felt no better. on the way home from work, i stopped by the bathroom in a mall i work near. i went in, found there were two stalls. one was occupied, the other looked fine. so i went in, and i was about to lower my pants, until i foudn there was no lock on the door. that was not something i wanted to risk so i left the stall, and thought i'd wait for the other guy. as i left the stall some other guy came by me and put his luggage down (so to speak) but he had a lot of bags and stuff.. he put that all down. under the door, i saw him lower his pants to his ankles, and i heard unspeakable noises that grossed me out. i waited and waited and nothing. creepy people came in and out and gave me disturbing looks but still, nothing. anyways, after a while that guy left and i went into that stall forgetting it had no lock, not relaly caring either. i dropped my own stuff, and then lowered my jeans to my ankles, and sat on the toilet. the second i realized the door had no lock, i raised my pants to just above my knees, just high enough so that even if someone did walk in on me and see me on the toilet, at least they wouldn't see my package. both packages, so to speak. so just my luck, some creepy scrawny guy DID open the door, all the way before I could say 'it's occupied, buddy'. i was red in the face, and felt no better when he just stood outside the stall waiting for me. anyways, i gave the poop a push, it was clearly not waiting to come out, it was just there. i got it out with no trouble, wiped myself, and realized i still felt no better. i push a little bit more, felt my stomach to see if i could feel a monster in there- felt nothing. on the bus ride home, i started to get horrible cramps. even though i'd have to pay extra fare, i hopped off the bus at a major intersection, came by a donut shop, and asked if i could use their bathroom. the girl said it was only for customers. so i bought a donut, and she said it was occupied. so (and this proves i was desperate) knocked on the bathroom door. the guy said "i'll be a while.". i said "come out now and there's a donut in it for you.". he seemed to think about it for a minute, and then flushed, came out, and I gave him his donut. he was big and looked like a yedi. i rushed in, and yanked my jeans down to my ankles. the bathroom i was in was one huge room, with a urinal on the wall, and beside it, a toilet. and a sink. other than that it was a bunch of empty space. then i realized i forgot to lock the door, and the yedi took the key with him. i sighed, but then i stopped breathing and started pushing. something HUEG was coming out of me. it started to stretch my hole, and just as i was moaning and leaning forward and turning red, the woman i had asked to use the bathroom came in. at the sight of my tomato red self sitting on the toilet trying to practically give birth, she closed the door, leaving it unlocked. i heard her laugh. i said 'thanks' out loud, letting out a lot of air. the giant poo was halfway out now and it hutr a lot, stretching my hole so much. anyways, long story short, i pooped, it was the stinkiest thing you'd ever smell, the biggest poo you'd ever see, and i was so embarassed when i walked by that girl again.
on the way home, i realized i forgot to wipe. i stopped at another public toilet (i have no change left, needless to say) and after i wiped, i sat on the toilet a little more making sure there was no more. i did feel better, so i left it at that. but the whole time i was in there, some old guy was watching me through the crack. i felt so violated. the second i flushed, he dashed into a stall. what a creep. i hate public toilets.

just an idea here, for anyone who's ever been watched through the cracks, take off some toilet paper, a long strand, and hang it over the crack, so no one can watch you. have REAL privacy.

peepeepoopoo guy
hi again! just a quick story here. this happened yesterday while i was on my bike. suddenly a huge piece of poo was just sitting in my pants. i think my anus is not capable of holding poop in any more. im very worried. does any one have suggestions? i need this to stop. i also did it on the bus on the way home the other day.

Mr. Clogs
Hey folks, Mr. clogs checkin' in. Got a quick post to share.

I haven't pooped in strange things lately, you know not enough time or free space if you know what I mean.

Today I had the opportunity to poop in a garbage can today.

I put a plastic shopping bag lining the can so the raw poop won't stick to the bottom. I took off my sweat pants and underwear and got ready. I got into a full squatting position so that the poop could fall into the can and let it rip! Ahh it felt so good to have a bowel movement in the can so to speak. I took some napkins and wiped up with. I threw the napkin into the can and tied up the bag with the smelly poop and napkins for toilet paper. I discarded the poop into an empty Doritos can and close it and taped it tight so it seal in the smell. I washed my hands after I took a piss in the bathroom.

A girl who hates auto-flushers: I'm like you in this regard, I hate them too while your taking a nice relaxing dump. What I usually do to keep it from auto flushing while I'm on the can, I put a piece of toilet paper over the senor window so it won't constantly flush. Hope this helps and happy peeing and pooping.

Lazy Lizzie: I love your plant nursery stories, they're the best. Please post often. Thanks.

Well I got to go, I hope you enjoyed my story, will post something later.

--Mr. Clogs

Ok I just don't get it. I take a shit and wipe and wipe untill there is nothing left to wipe. Then take a shower get out dry myself and dry my ass and shit gets on the towle why does this happen does anyone else have this problem?

Shana, this is not at all unusual.It is well known that people who are wheelchair bound often have problems with getting constipation. This is why people who have limited, or worsening mobility, are encouraged to be as ambulatory as possible.

To Dave: Putting up a notice would change nothing. Some people know that they shouldn't keep others waiting unnecessarily, and others simply don't care and would probably spit at the notice.

I like to stay a long time on the bowl simply because I pass a lot of motions slowly. But if people are waiting, I will probably come off and hope I can go again later. I do that because I hate waiting in line myself especially if I have diarrhoea, which is quite often. (If I have diarrhoea I won't come off - I would be courting disaster....)

Hello everyone, just found this website, and I really like it, it's really cool what they have on the world wide web these days. I'm female, 29, and currently single, but have an awesome boyfriend at the moment. I've been interested in toilet things since early childhood, when I was around 6 or 7, when we got some new neighbors who had a young boy, and we liked playing together, as my parents had built a huge sandbox in the backyard, and me and their young boy were practically inseperable, and he was like a brother to me, as I was an only child. It all started one day when he came over to my house to play in the sandbox with me. I remember it like it was yesterday, and I'm not sure how, but anyway, we had been playing for a little while, and my mom called us to lunch, we ate and went back outside. We were making some kind of a wall or something like that, and suddenly he comes over to me and whispers in my ear "I have to go potty" and he was holding his privates. I had never seen anyone else use the toilet before, and asked him what he was going to do. He said he was going to make some wet sand for us to build with, and I wasn't sure what he meant, but then he turns around and pulls his shorts down to his ankles and peed on the sand. Then he pulled his shorts up and then started making a little tower out of the wet sand. Now I know how disgusting that was, but we were just young kids and didn't care. A little while later, I said I had to "tinkle" and he asked if I was going to go inside. I had never gone anywhere but the toilet, but the idea of going outside intrigued me, so I told him no. I pulled down my shorts and panties, and kinda crouched down and started to go. At the end, I was about to pull my pants up when I farted really loud and we both started giggling hysterically. Some time after, both of our parents decided to go on a picnic together and bring us along. It was a very very hot summer day I remember, so he had shorts on, but no shirt, but me being a girl, I didn't have that luxury and my mom had me dressed in this flowered dress that I hated, but she made me wear it often because she loved it, yet I couldn't stand it. We got to the park, and we played on the playground and ran around outside, I don't remember all the details, so I'll tell you everything I remember. We had been there a long time, I don't remember exactly how long, but it was kinda late in the day, and he said that he was going to go potty somewhere and asked if I was coming. I said yes. I told my parents we were going for a walk and we ran off, with him starting to hold himself a little. We got a little ways off, near a lake, and he said he would "make potty in the lake" He got to the edge of the lake, and took his willy and peed a long stream that went pretty far into the lake. Then it was my turn, and I crouched over the edge, but then got scared I was going to fall in, so he held my hand while I made a strong stream into the water. I lowered my dress and we chased each other around the park until our parents yelled it was time to go home.

I've got lots more stories from when I was young, I'm out of time for now, though, but I will post again soon

When I was in High School I used to get constipated at lot. A lot of the problem was that I avoided the school rest rooms because I was afraid of the bad girls who used to always be in there. Also the stalls were open and always disgusting. So I used to "hold it" a lot. I used avoid drinking anything until I got home so I wouldn't have to pee at school, which also contributed to my problem. Even at home, because the bathroom was off the living room, I used to only go when no one was there, which meant often I would "put off" a bowel movement, even if it meant a struggle. Sometimes I would be constipated, bloated and unable to go for days at a time. Then I would get the urge at an inconveniante place like on the bus or walking home and have to hold it at great effort. Often liquid poo would go around my turd and get by my butthole and stain my panties and I worried that people could smell it. My mother would notice the stained panties in the laundry basket and ask me about it. She suspected that I was holding and starting lifting my skirt to check my panties like a little kid when I would come home. It was very embarrassing. Several times I leaked and stained my panties and I couldn't hide it. She knew I was constipated so she made me go in the bathroom and bend over while she lifted my skirt and administered an enema in me. Each time it felt a little like I was being being violated. Then she would put a sanitary napkin in my panties in case I leaked and made me hold it for several minutes in order for the enema liquid to soften my hardened poop. Sometimes I could feel myself squirting without any control, which was very humiliating, especially one time when it got past the pad and stained my panties and ran down my hose and my legs. After awhile I got smart and wore a large size pad when I was constipated so I wouldn't have to worry about my panties being stained and my mom finding out.

Keith D
I was staying with some friends a couple of years ago. They lived by the sea. I was there for about 1 week and am a bit shy about pooping around friends so was holding it in. By holding it in, I mean suppressing it when I got the occasional urge. Clenching usually pushes it back in after a couple of minutes and the urge does not return for hours so it is not a thing I had to struggle with constantly. But after 4 days it just felt uncomfortable, I was a little gassy, and I knew that the discomfort would only get worse.

I got the chance to get out by myself and went for a walk along the beach. The beach was very popular so there was no chance of sneaking into the dunes to sneakily drop my load. And the water was too freezing to go in. Eventually I came to a toilet block. Brick structure, mens only, pretty poorly maintained, with a single urinal and single stall. It was one of those typical beachside ones that have no outer door (just a curving entranceway to stop people passing by from seeing in) and no roof, just walls going up to an open sky. Makes a poorly-maintained and generally dirtly toilet seem much less smelly and cleaner. I entered the stall to find to my dismay one of those nasty vandal-proof stainless steel bowls with no seat. I shut the stall door but there was no latch. The top of the bowl had pee on it so I wouldn't be able to sit on it. And my urge to poop was so weak that I wouldn't be able to stand to drop it. I decided to stand up with my feet on the bowl and squat down. It was a difficult balancing position, with my trousers and briefs down around my ankles and knees. To make things worse, the bowl was narrow so my feet were close together and balancing was difficult. I didn't want to slip and fall on the pee that covered the floor!

I was also nervous about someone barging in through the unlocked stall door and catching me in such an odd position. And there were plenty of holes and gaps around the door so that anyone walking in would catch sight of me anyway. I started to bear down and squeeze.

There was a spak-pop-spfftt of gas coming out but no real movement on the hard scratchy lump I could feel up in my rectum. I had waited too long and it would be a tough one. I strained and heaved silently, gripping my arms around my knees and swaying precariously as I pushed. No movement. Part of the problem was that the bowl was so narrow that I had to keep my feet and legs close together and I guess this was restricting my pelvic area and poop-hole a bit.

For about five minutes I strained and was starting to make a bit of noise. Just a quiet "errrrrrrrrrr" sound in the back of my throat. I really wanted it out. But I was starting to feel dizzy and was worried that I might fall. I looked through a crack in the side wall and could see outside where workmen were fixing a sidewalk and in the distance girls in bikinis braving the cold water. Watching other people was a good distraction from the effort. Finally a little straggly piece of poop was squeezing out. It felt scratchy and stringy. A little piece broke off with a plip and the rest started sneaking back up in. I pushed as hard as I could and a bit more stringy poop came out. That was all I could feel up there but there must have been more after four days. I wiped but was fairly dry. It was weird wiping while in the full-squat position because it made my butt stick out a little and the little hairs in my crack were brushing against my hand. I got down and looked in the toilet. The "log" was more like a stick - less than half an inch wide, pale brown and only 4 inches long, and another little bit. I had a bit of a headache but was satisfied with my small victory.

To Linda from Australia: I have trouble from straining to hard and long too. I know what you mean about straining until you can't hear. It must do terrible things to someone's blood pressure. I have pushed until I've seen spots in front of my eyes or even given myself a headache. When I was a kid I heard about someone having a heart attack on the toilet from straining too hard. That frightened me for a long time. Yeah, our toilet was part of a closed in verandah too. An afterthought on a building that originally had an external "outhouse" toilet down the back garden.

To Lori: It's great that you and Lucy helped each other out when it counted. I wonder how much difference it makes having a buddy to talk to when you're constipated?

To Dave: Wow - that was a mixed bag of responses! Is limiting toilet time really that offensive? I had an uncle who used to care for welfare kids that had been removed from there homes for abuse problems, etc. My uncle didn't have kids of his own and wasn't exactly a nurturing person. He decided that all kids were lazy and had them run tight schedules. He even printed out "programmes" for them to follow: 6:00am wake up. 6:01am get out of bed. 6:02am get dressed. 6:04am go to toilet to pee. 6:05am poop. 6:10am brush teeth. 6:15am go to kitchen for breakfast... Ha!

To Aleysha: I'm like you, if I'm in a situation where I wouldn't be comfortable to poop, I suppress the urge so much that it doesn't come back for a long time and just gets weaker until it vanishes. And no amount of time just sitting on the toilet will bring it back. Just the sight of the toilet seems to "frighten" my poop back up inside my bowels. And I thought it was just guys that couldn't poop when a pretty young girl was around! But then if I was in your situation with the shared bathroom and it was a person that I didn't know that well (wasn't a close friend or family member) I might have been able to go. Did she not go the whole time you shared? Great novel use of the book. Funny, I have never found that pressure on massage on my stomach has any effect on my bowels. The meditation sounds good, I seem to have real problems relaxing my muscles down there to allow the poop to pass and not clench back up in. Although I always had constipation problems as a kid, my parents never took me to a doctor about it. They tended to avoid doctors. And they just thought I was lazy. It was probably a mistake. I have had some stomach problems so they might be related to a bowel condition. But in adulthood I've been too busy - and too afraid - to get it checked out. It's silly I know. I've just gotten used to straining hard in different positions until poop comes out. I don't know how I'd explain it to a doctor. I'd be embarrassed. Until I found this site I didn't know that most people got big involuntary muscle contractions that help force their poop out. I thought everyone had to strain like me. I looked up the inner prolapse thing you suggested. Yeah, perhaps it could be something like that. Not a prolapse where everything starts to hang out your butthole but perhaps my intestines are a bit stretched inside, either as a cause or result of my constipation. Aleysha are you a medical professional of some sort?

i was reading here about convenience pooping by a few of the ladies recently. it reminded me of an incident with my girlfriend about a year ago. we were going to college together and we had one class together. we were laying in bed one night studying for a test, and it was a lot to go over and the test was the next morning. i didn't notice much happening but after awhile there was a fowl odor in the air, and i thought she had farted or something. it wouldn't go away though. i was too polite to ask her what "that smell" is because i knew it wasn't me and i didn't want to embarass her. well, turns out she took care of that herself. as seen as we were finished she said "ok, well don't freak out, but...i kinda crapped myself" i just stared blankly at her and said "shut up, no you didn't" she turned redder and redder and said "i'm sorry..i was trying to hold it in until we were done studying, but then it just started to come out. i hope you don't think i'm a freak." i was really surprised. sure enough, she got out of bed and waddled to the bathroom with a big sagging bulge in her pajama bottoms and a brown mark on her butt. it was one thing that she loaded her panties in bed, but she actually laid there with a mess in her panties for like another half hour without saying anything. if that's not convenience pooping then i don't know what is.

Mr. Clogs
Ah man, what a day! Just none stop pooping! Let me start this morning. I just started to take my shower and already I had to shit. Luckily I had my "pee-cup" with me which was full of yellow piss from last night. I dumped half of it into the commode and kept half for me to poop into. While I ran the water, I squatted down aiming my butt hole so I can load up the cup, without any help I exploded into the cup! I felt ok for that moment so I proceeded to take my shower. I felt another wave coming on, so I grabbed the cup again did the same thing. I haven't pooped in a cup in a while and felt good for the moment.

Enjoy the post.

--Mr. Clogs

The Nature Boy
DAVE: I agree with NoNameStudent - you obviously need SOMETHING there to help 'move things along,' but an arbitrary time limit probably ain't the best idea. I agree with the "Please Be Mindful of Those That Are Waiting" idea (or something like that).

Dave ~~~~~~ Put up the time limit sign . These guys are loitering ...

new gal
The other day I was at the mall when I felt like I really had to poop and pee. As I was walking to the restroom door I thought I recognized another girl heding for the bathroom. As i walked in i reckognized her face right before she closed her stall door. We used to be best friends, but then she moved across the state. I would have spoken up to her but my urge to go overruled the idea so I sat down in the stall next to her and decided I would catch her on the way out. As i sat down I heard her begin to pee really loud. I started peeing too, and then I farted, the noise of the gas burst echoing in the stall. I grunted and felt my anus start to stretch. A big shit was coming out. As it silently expanded to the most an anus could go, she started noisily splattering the bowl. After we were done I found out she moved back to this area!

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