Hi my name is tisha but people call me tish. Me and a friend of mine were at her house and we both had to pee really bad, but only one of her bathrooms worked, so for the sake of our panties we sat back to back on the toilet. We both started peeing really hard and then I farted. We both laughed, then I felt the need to shit. It came out mushy with some farts, then suddenly my friend shrieked. Because I had been bending over whle sitting and the shit came out fast, it splattered some on her butt. I said sorry and sat up straight to continue shitting away. Then she started loudly farting, then she shot out some mushy shit. I laughed and scooted forward to see the toilet, and our shit streams were crossing. Then she quieted down and a really big hard shit inched out of her. It got stuck halfwa out, so i wrapped toilet paper around my hand and helped pull it out. Then we both started loudly farting. Her brother was waiting outside the door, so we finished up, i wiped my shit off her ass, and we left. Her brother didn't know we dumped together, so when he saw how full the toilet was he went "Holy ???? Stacy, what did you eat? I heard you from the living room!"

More dump stories soon, and keep posting!

Caryl Marie
to Shana:

It's been almost 9 months since I've posted. I'm 15 and a sophomore in a large high school. The subject you have brought up has also been of interest to me since I started high school two years ago. I just don't like using those big, dirty bathrooms and I find it frustrating that I have to most every morning. Peeing is not a problem because when I was in middle school Mom learned me to pee by standing over the toilet and keeping my butt a couple of inches off the seat. It works great and only takes a few more seconds then sitting down and also my butt doesn't get cold--a big problem because we live in Minnesota! I wake up at 6 a.m. and head right to my bathroom (the privilege of being an only child!) to pee. I take a little longer on the seat because I have that bloated feeling and know that there's a crap coming. But I'm usually not able to produce and then I go to the kitchen where breakfast is ready. Within 15 minutes, I'm back in the bathroom getting ready for school and a more immediate urge, often with some farts, causes me to sit down again. I know that I have spent as much a 10 minutes on the toilet before finally giving up and completing my preparations for school. I either catch or city bus or walk six blocks to my school (it depends on the weather and how much bus fare I want to save!) By the time I get to the school and my locker, I feel a greaater urge crap and if I go in and sit down immediately, I'm usually wiped and completely through within two minutes. I just don't understand why it can't happen 90 minutes earlier when I'm home. However, I've learned this year that if I go off with my friends first or got get help from a teacher, and hold it in, after sometimes only five minutes I sit and sit and its even more frustrating in the time it takes to do the full crap. Weird!!!!!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Beth again (auto flusher hater)
heres a quiz i found in old posts.
i love this site!

1) do you dribble or squirt a bit after you have peed and pulled ur pants up?
no i make a point to feel 100% empty and wipe thoroughly.

2) Have you gone in anything other than a toilet or ur pants?
peed in the shower once, and once had a poo in a garbage can. i'll save that story for later!

3) Have done 1s or 2s in a pool, beach or another body of water?
never. felt like it, came close, but never did it.

4) How fast dose ur pee come out, is it like a fire hose or just a little trickle?
depends how badly i had to go

5) Have u every gone i front of someone?
i peed with my little sister in a stall once, because i couldn't keep an eye on her otherwise.

6) Have u tried peeing standing up?
shower, once. i even squatted there. if i didn't, it would have got all over my legs. gross.

7) how long was the longest fart u have ever done? can u describe it?
i don't keep track of farts.

8) have u ever hit the toilet seat before by accident?

9) have u pooed before where the poop starts to come out but then gose back in?
yes, once. in a way. what happened was i was desperate to go, i came home, no one was home, so i didn't bother closing the door, and it came out about halfway (it stretched and HURT i nearly cried) but it went back in. then i lowered my pants, hitched up my skirt (yes i wear pants and a skirt, leave me alone :)) and let loose. it felt so good.

10) have u ever played games while doing it? eg battleships or something else. details, were u with a friend or on ur own.
i've counted how many little pieces of poo came out once when i was little but that's it.

11) how old are u?

Hello, I'm Shana, a normally built girl, and 16 years old.

Every morning when I get out of bed, I feel the urge to poop.

When I sit down on the bowl, I pee and wait for 10 minutes if anything comes out. The strange thing is: I can almost never poop at the first attempt!

An hour later, when I arrive at school, I go to the toilet again, and then it slide's out easily within five to ten minutes.

Is there anybody else who recognises this??

Hey! I'm a first time poster and I wanted to say great stories everyone! I'm into peeing in stange places and I though I share a story witn you!
The other day I was watching Grounded for Life and the little kids built this entire fort, but the grandpa or dad (don't know who) smashed it sayign he needed to find a bathroom, and someone asked if they had a bathroom in there and the kids' reply was yes.
Well this brought back memroies of when I was six and used to build forts without my cousin.(i'm seveteen) Me and my other cousin greg used to build forts together and we always made them really big! Well one time we deicded to spend three days in the fort we built.
It weas cool because we had everything in it.... including a bathroom.

At first the bathroom was made to be next to the window so we could pee out the window if we needed to but my cousin didn't think peeing out the window would be 'exciting' so we made a place in the playroom (where we built the fort) behind a shelf where we could pee and shit if need be.
I'll save the rest of the story for later but does anyone have stories Where you made a bathroom in a fort?

The other day when I entered a public bathroom in a mall I sat down to poo. On the other stall it stunk really bad.

The other lady was grunting really hard, most of it came out like "Urgh, egh, eee, ahh,". Before I knew it I was pooping large chunks. It came out with large farts at the end of each log. And to sum it up it smelled even worse than before. I quickly finished up and left.

Thirty minutes later I started getting these cramps in my stomach so I returned to the same bathroom, and the same stall. The lady that was there before was still there but this time silent. I let out wet farts of diarrhea. I once again left.

Then once again about two hour later I had to pee. I returned to the same bathroom but out of curiosity. The lady that was there was gone, I went to her stall to see what took her so long. In the toilet there skid marks and pieces of poop.

hey there Im sitting here desperate to poo but i really don't want to go to the bathroom. Mine doesn't work and i have to go to my buddies house, to use his toilet. I could go outside but its cold in this part of Canada still. So I have decided I'm just going to relax let things happen on there own. I guess this goes along with the convenience pooping. I might do this from time to time my bathroom needs to get fixed, until then ill just be in the shower a lot.
hope you all enjoyed my story

one time me and my bf were going skiing. both of us are good skiiers, and we agree that we hate running back to the lodge every time someone has to pee. i took this as a sign that i should probably figure out how to go in the woods in the snow with skiis on without making a big production of it. i stumbled upon a website entailing how to 'pee in the trees on skiis' i read up, and hoped i was prepared. i was simply pounding down water that day, so i had to pee almost immediately after we got off the lift. we rode down the mountain a bit, and i geuss my bf was thinking the same thing i was because we both headed to a secluded patch of woods. first, i took off my gloves, made sure i was covered, and looked up to make sure the lift was not over me. then i spread my skiis into a wedge and pulled my pants and underwear down. i leaned very far back, and let loose. it felt great!! i just kept going and going! then i finished and wiped with tissue. i readjusted my clothing and headed back towards the mountain. i had to pee about 4 more times that day, and i never had to come down from the mountain at all! i even took a small dump using the same technique. the skiis act as a platform, and you can really lean back without losing your balance!!

Hey guys, so this is my first time to post but I had remembered seeing this website a while back. I have a funny story about dirty underpants though. I am a sophomore in college now and don't live w/ my parents anymore. But about 3 or 4 years ago I of course did. One day while I was in high school I for some reason waited way to long to get to the restroom when I needed to go poop. I was coming home from a softball tournament and remember squirming in my seat as I was driving home. (I should have stopped but didn't) Anyway, as I ran into my house I completely filled my panties with poop. I was so embarrassed there was no way I could let my mom or anyone else find out. Plus I remember being a little worried that my mom would've punished me if she did find out. So I emptied my underwear as best I could and stuffed them underneath a bunch of junk underneath this bay window that was in my room (it has a bunch of cabinets in there with all kinds of old games and stuff). I intended to just leave them in there temporarily but completely forgot about them. Well this last Xmas break while I was home my mom mentioned that she was clearing out a bunch of old junk from my room for Good-Will and happened across my old dried up poopy panties. hahaha! She was actually a little mad about it. I was so embarrassed and red faced about it, I even thought about blaming it on my sister for a bit but that probably wouldn't have flown over anyway. She said it was a good thing she never knew about it at the time b/c I would have been a "sorry young lady". (Give me a break) Well, hopefully that never comes up again or at least not around anybody I know.!

Dave, do not limit toilet time. it's cruel, unfair and humiliating.

Keith D
Lots of interesting stuff on here lately.

To SpeedyBK: Sounds like your shared experience with your girlfriend brought you two closer together so don't worry about it. She sounds pretty cool!

To Dave: Yeah, I guess some people do take a long time on the toilet just relaxing but hey, it's one of the last refuges of human kind. I think they even let you relax on the loo in prison! You'd thin they'd get embarrassed and get up and leave with a big line of people watching. You could put the 10 minute sign up. People would most likely find it funny rather than insulting. I think they'd take it as a suggestion rather than rule. It might help speed things along.

To Lizzie: Great story! Although people on this site often have accidents, it's rare that they get to share them with someone else. Yes, please post more!

To Bethany the girl who hates auto-flushers: Sounds like a tough time but do you find it funny looking back now? Some men's toilets have a similar thing for the urinals. There's a motion sensor above the urinals so that they start flushing as you approach. Haha, sounds funny when I use the word "motion"- I'm easily amused. The flush continues for about 3 minutes, so I guess the designers hope that you've finished peeing by then. It's a huge waste of water. Anyway, it can be annoying as they sometimes point out across the room. I find it annoying if I'm struggling with a tough crap and moving around a bit. It's frustrating enough without gushing water in the distance to add to the drama. Bethany, do you often have tough craps? Are there any other people here who swear when they're taking a poop?

Hey pee shy: Not all constipation problems are caused by poor diet. There are a lot of other conditions that contribute. For some people, no matter how much roughage they eat they still can't poop and it's not so simple. People that just sit on the toilet and have their bowels pump out their poop all by themselves through involuntary muscle contractions, like most of the people here, are really lucky and must find it hard to imagine the turds getting stuck up in your butt and not coming out. Like people who never get allergies get really annoyed by people who do because they can't possibly imagine the constant irritation. And I guess many people can't understand pee-shyness. Many people here have trouble containing their bladder, not letting it out! Having personally experienced both constipation and pee-shyness, I know how hard it can be.

Linda from Australia - your story was familiar. I was continually constipated as a child and though I tried to hide it from my mum, she always found out. And I almost always got some kind of up-the-butt treatment (because they work faster than oral medications).
The soap suppositories worked for me though.

@ Keith D: I have had some very similar experiences myself. Normally, I am not constipated, living on the beans-and-cabbage diet of my slavic ancestors (steak and salad do not seem to agree with me). Neither do I have any trouble with public toilets. Here in Germany we never have the open stall type. If someone hears me, no problem, nobody knows me. But trouble starts if I have to share the toilet with someone I know and who is not of my direct family - husband and daughter. Let's say, some friends, or parents-in-law.

Once I complained about being bloated, and about not having gone the entire five days we were staying at our parents-in-law, because I felt that I can not stink up other people's toilets. My daughter was fascinated by that. "What do you do, do you supress it?" she asked with perfect horror. "No", said I, "it's just that I do not get the urge and I can not go if I don't feel it." My daughter looked as if she had no patience at all with such a fool. "You just go and sit on the bowl, Mom", she explained in a very knowing way, "and sooner or later it will come out."

The wisdom of kids! But for me it works only partially, meaning that I go a little bit, but most of the stuff stays inside. My worst experience was when we were going on a journey with our sports club. We went to the North Sea, and stayed in a small hotel that had something like family rooms, meaning that two bedrooms shared one bath and a small antechamber. Not bad if you have small children, but dreadfull for me as the occupant of the other room was an adult, too - in our case a very attractive blonde in her twenties. Now I'm on the wrong side of forty and not pretty, (never was, though), and I simply *could not* shit in the same bathroom Nicolette (the girl) was supposed to use. Looking at her make-up and cosmetics while I do it, too. Stupid, I know - it's not only my shit that stinks!

To try my daughter's suggestion I sat down when everybody else was having another beer. I was carrying a very thick volume by Tom Sharpe with me. But, no success, only big pain. At last, I placed the volume on my lap and leaned over it, so that it pressed really hard and painfully into my abdomen. Hard and edgy. It did the trick, though I got a possibly record-breaking anal fissure. I didn't like the book, but at least it was helpful in one way!

Keith, if you were having a chronic constipation since your childhood, and your inner "mechanism" seems to be rather weakish, did you have yourself checked for an obstruction, like an inner prolapse?

To answer your question: I used to take something to read, but I have broken with this habit now, as I generally try to avoid multitasking. Instead, I do a little meditation (all you meditation pros, I beg your pardon...): I imagine my pelvic floor is hanging like a hammock... and hanging deeper... and deeper... and deeper. This serves to avoid unconsious tension of the pelvic floor which does not make the job easier. It seems to help. This year, we were at my father-in-law for ten days (his 70th birthday) and I actually went three times - an unbroken record!

Kelly P
It's been ages since I posted here, but I recently rediscovered this site and have been having fun reading some of the posts. I've always been rather interested in pee and poo, and luckily my husband is, too. One thing I like to do is pee standing up. I've tried quite a few different ways, and I'm curious if some of you or your wives or girlfrinds do it, and what your favorite ways are?

I started out with the spread and lift method just using my fingers, but it's messy if I'm wearing pants. It's still the way I do it when my husband and I are alone on the beach and have our pee distance contests because I can just take off the bottom of my bathing suit. I'm ahead 5 to 2, by the way. Looking forward to more contests next summer.

I've used several different kinds of funnels for when I'm wearing clothes. They all work, but I find some better than others. I once tried a paper funnel. It was easy to dispose of, but a little scary because I was always afraid my pants would bump it and make it collapse. The cardboard P-mates work quite well, and I've used two external plastic funnels that you can get at sports stores that are OK. My favorite now is the Travelmate, which is very small and fits between your lips and right over your pee-hole. It takes a bit of getting used to, but not much, and it works really well right through the fly of my jeans. It's great if your using the guys' urinal. With the Travelmate your lips never even get wet so you don't even need to wipe if you don't want to. I think that's the main reason I like it best. It just feels so much neater to me.

So, has anybody else tried any of these ways?

hi i'm melissa, i'm a petite slim girl with long brown hair and green eyes, i'm a sophomore in college. i wanted to respond to some posts by susie and kayla about "convenience" pooping. i was wondering, do you really just decide each time it happens that you're going to poop in your pants or that you want to poop in your pants? because i occasionally poop my pants myself, but i'm not entirely sure whether or not it qualifies as "convenience" pooping or if i'm just having accidents. for about 8 years or so i've been pooping my pants occasionally, probably about once a month, but it's usually because i have to go so bad and i'm in a situation where i can't really get to a toilet, so i poop my panties. it's not that it happens because i can't hold it anymore, it's like i get this idea in my head that there's no chance i'm gonna make it to the toilet so i just give up and go in my pants. i don't really want to do it per se, i just think it's my only choice. is this convenience pooping or would you consider why i do accidents?

the first time it ever happened (at an age where it would be considered unusual, at least...i often pooped in my pants as a little girl) was when i was 15. a fairly common situation kids find themselves in as i've learned by reading this site, i had to go very badly one the bus ride home from school. i was getting really anxious, i was convinced i was gonna lose it it my pants right there on the bus. my eyes filled with tears i had to go so bad. the last thing i wanted to do was be the 9th grade girl who crapped her pants on the bus. the whole school would know about it almost instantly, the way gossip spread at my school. i managed to keep my butt clenched long enough, and we got to my bus stop. i live on a long rural road and my house is up a long quarter mile driveway, so i don't have a bus stop where i meet with other kids, i just get picked up and dropped off at the end of my driveway. so that pretty much decided the fate of my panties...if there was other kids getting off the bus with me, i would've fought it a little longer, but since i was alone getting off the bus and since the poop was already poking out as i was walking down the aisle, the second the bus door closed behind me i let out some loud bubbly farts as the poop came rushing out after forming an enourmous bulge in the seat of my panties. i couldn't believe i pooped my pants. i waddled up my driveway and it felt like i had smashed fruit or something in my underwear. i got inside and made my way to my room and looked in the mirror at the big bulge on my butt in disbelief. i was feeling a little ashamed at first, wondering why i didn't fight to hold it in longer and try to make it into the house, instead i just pooped my pants like a little girl. as i was walking around my room getting clean underwear and jeans, feeling it squish up against my butt, i kind of started to realize how relieving it felt and that it was kind of nice just letting my load go in my pants like that. when it came to cleanup though, i was grossed out and ashamed feeling again. i had these pink and yellow striped cottom bikini panties on that had a gigantic brown stain going up the back of them, and seeing my panties that badly poop stained freaked me out. after that, i had more incidents like that, but i never really tried to do it on purpose. i eventually came to accept it though.

i do need to be going however, i will share so more stories soon.

hey, i'm julia and have never posted here b4, but i thought u guys would enjoy this hilarious story ;)
i was at my grandma's house, and i needed to pee, so i went to the br, obviously. when i was washing my hands, i heard a knock on the door, and then the guy that had been mowing grandma's lawn loudly shouted at me "i am really desperate for a poo, and i think its diarreah, will you please hurry up!!!!" i quickly reassured him that i was done, just washing my hands, and he barged right in! (i had left the door unlocked) he said sorry and pulled down his pants, then sat down and diarreah suddenly started spewing out of his hole! to make matters worse (for him) i was still staring stupidly at him the whole time! as he finished up, i think he realized the circumstance: him having diarreah in front of a his own age, and the staring helplessly at him. "um, sorry this is really embarassing...could you turn around for a sec?" he stammered.
"oh sure, sorry..." as i was turning around, i hurredly explained,"i don't normally watch people use the br, i was just in shock because you kinda came out of nowhere!"
"and i don't normally barge in on people while hey are using the br..."
well, he was really hot, i noticed as he was washing his hands: blond straight hair, very mscular, and tall (about my height)
"so, i guess i'll go finish mowing the lawn now."
"ok, souds good."
he ended up staying for dinner, and we all had a great time! when my grandma was gone, we exchanged email addresses...
well, hope u thought it was funny!

Dave: Don't put the sign up. People should not feel rushed in the restroom.

Hi Alexis,

I have CP also. I have lots of constipation problems because of it, comes with the territory I think. It's due to the fact that I hold it in when I'm away from home and also because I have lots of trouble pushing. I hate going in public toilets I can't get in the non-handicapped toilets because of my wheelchiar and I HATE the raised toilets in the handicapped stalls. I don't know who's brilliant idea they were but I find they make pooping ten times difficult. I need my feet firmly on the floor when I bear down, dangling over the edge doesn't help. How about you, does your CP effect your bowels?- JW

Lizzie- I loved your story! Please post more! Did your boyfriend ever crap in his pants for you?

Hey you all!
i just stumbled upon this page and thought i'd share. Last weekend, me and my boyfriend of one year took off to go camping by a lake for a long weekend. as you can imagine, lots of stories. So we are driving up, and we stop at mountain mikes pizza for lunch. i had 2 slices of cheese pizza and 3 large sodas (free refills). i was planning on going before we left the restauraunt, but the bathrooms were under construction. i didn't really have to go at that point anyways. after that, civilization got farther and farther away. I saw matt (my bf) start to squirm, and he was looking kind of uncomfortable. i aksed him what was wrong, and he gave a very unconvincing, "nothing Honey" i asked him if he wanted me to drive, but he sed no. from there, he started gripping the steering wheel very hard and holding himself. i knew what was happening, so i said if you have to use the bathroom, lets stop. he agreed, but we were sorta far away from any businesses, and we had passed the last gas station long ago. finally, 10 minutes later, he couldn't take it anymore and pulled over to the shoulder. he hobbled out of the car and i walked around to help him. i waited, and watched him run up the hill to find seclusion. Finally, he couldn't wait, and right out in the open, he dropped his pants and started peeing a gusher. it must have taken 3 minutes. feeling much better, he asked me to go because we wouldn't stop again, probably. i wandered up the hill and found a tree. i stripped off my pants and thong so they wouldn't get dirty. i squated and waited. nothing. i really had to go by now, so i started massaging my bladder and pushing really hard. still nothing. my bf came up and tried to help me, but no luck. so he sed, fine well stop later. of course, as soon as we start moving a horrible urge hits me. i asked him to drive, even though it was my turn. i was in serious pain. i leaned my seat back and tried to sleep until we got there. finally, i was crossing my legs and holding myself. without my asking, my husband pulled over again and asked me to try again . i did. this time i tried various positions, and even tried running water down my stomach. i felt horrible we were wasting all of this time. embarassed, i told my bf i had gone. i hadn't but i felt so bad about him waiting. he smiled and said, finally. we got in the car, and i double crossed my legs and discreetly sat on my hands. i felt like i was going to pop. my bf was no longer buying the story, so he offered me a super sized fast food cup. i stripped and placed it under me, but still nothing. only 1/2 way there, and i wasn't going to make it very much farther. we stopped again, and i sprinted out of the car. i wandered into some light woods, my husband close behind. we decided just to wait it out until i had to go so bad my body couldn't physically hold it. i laid on the forest floor and he massaged my bladder hard. a squirt came out. no relief. i just started pounding down water, hoping to fuel something. my bf sed hun, lets try something. i sed, ok. he had me sit on a tree stump, and told me to vividly picture sitting on a toilet. before i knew it, a little pee leaked out. that was it for then, though. i hobbled back to the car, and i was in agony. my bf was driving as fast as he could willing for me not to wet his car. i told him, i would go at the campsite. he told me there weren't bathrooms there either. i slept for about fifteen minutes, but awoke and screamed for him to stop the car. i squatted by the road while he took a nice healthy piss. i finally found relief in the car, when we were almost there. i peed alot into the fast food cup, the jumped out of the car and peed on the side of the road. lots more stories from that weekend, but thats good for now. the best part is that i am now engaged!!

hey all
so i was camping with my girl friends a few weekends ago in a campsite that was supposed to have bathrooms. unforutnately, they were 3 miles from our camp, and we didn;t want to walk that far, so we used nature most of the time. the first thing we did when we were there was set up the tent, then my friend merci ran for the cover of a tree. we didn't know what was happening, so we followed her, only to find her with her pants off, squatting. oh! she shouted, but she couldn't seem to stop. She sed she'd had to go all day. after that, lucy decided she had better go too. she squatted, but nothing happened. we thought she might have been a bit shy, so we left her to her business. i didn't have to go quite yet. after the tent was set up, we cooked over an open fire, and knocked back a couple of smirinoff ices. then, we all had to pee again. merci peed another huge gusher, and lucy again couldn't squeeze out a drop. i squatted, but was only able to get about 1/3 of the way empty due to embarassment. we went to sleep, but i awakened in the middle of the night with a searing pain in my bladder. i srinted to get out of the tent before there was a full-blown flood. i barely made it out of the door when i had to drop my pants or risk dirtying my warmest sweats. i peed a trickle, but not enough to aleviate the pain. i realized a had a big dump coming, but didn't want to do it right next to the tent. i stumbled into the woods and barely made it past the treeline when i had to squat again. i felt a huge log try to come out, but it was a tough one. i had a great idea. i took off my pants completely and grabbed a low branch adn put my feet at the base of the tree for leverage. i pushed as hard as i could. i was in serious pain. i pushed again. little progress. i stream of pee shot out. something crashing through the brush startled me, but it was only lucy. she was walking rather funny, but i think she was more concerned about what i was doing. i explained about by tough poo that wouldn't come out. she looked under my bum and sed it was coming, but every time i stopped pushing it went back in. i gave my hardest push yet. still nothing. she offered to help by massaging my stomach. finally, the head of the turd came out. i was exasperated that i was not yet even at the fullest part. i pushed again and again and again. i got down and squatted. lucy offered her favorite pose, leaning over, bending her knees, and pulling her cheeks apart. the poo slid another inch. i was crying in pain. it finally dropped, but only because i pinched it off. i had to drop 6 more such logs. it took 1 hour! i must have been more constipated than i thought, though i often don't keep track of such things. only after i was done(finished with my long held gusher of pee, thank god), i asked lucy if she had had sucess. she started to cry, and said n0, that she hadn't peed in over 24 hours, that it just wouldn't come. i offered to help, but her wee did seem quite stuck. i massaged her bladder, gave her water, and sat with her. finally, i came up with the idea to make her a makeshift toilet. i helped her onto a stump. she closed her eyes and strained. a tiny squirt. she squated on the stump and pushed out a log and another shot of pee. then she touched her finger to her pee hole and massaged, and yelled at me to move. a huge shot of pee came right out, and she had the biggest look of relief. she must have sat there for ages peeing and peeing. thought u all might enjoy that!!

i was at the beach one day when i noticed a beautiful young woman with some friends on the beach. she seemed to be uncomfortable, crossing her legs and such. her friends talked for a while, and then decided to go for a dip. she stripped down to her tiny green string bikini but did not go to the ocean with them. one came up to ask her why not (i could hear and see everything), and she said she badly needed a pee. her friend told her just to go in the sea, as she had just done. she kept shaking her head. the freind went off. about an hour passed, and the girl looked desperate. she squatted, pondering it, and then decided against it, voting for dignity over comfort. another 1/2 hour, and she was double crossing her legs and holding herself. by this time her freinds had come back up for lunch, and they were eating sandwhiches. i had to pee, so i threw a towel on my lap, took out my thing, and peed heartily into the sand. i noticed the friends try to set up a little circle of towels around the poor gril, but from what i could see from under it, she was pee shy and couldn't go. her friends put the towels away and finished their lunch. fifteen minutes later, the girl was standing, legs doubled crossed, bent over in pain. she suddenly began stumbling for the waters edge, telling her friends to clear out, she was going to do a huge pee in the water, and that it was already leaking then she stopped right where the waves touched her feet and i honenstly don't think she could take another step. she squated (i hada great view0 and a look of pure relief come over her face. for a moment i saw nothing, then i saw a gushed come straight through her swimsuit. a wave rushed up, adn she was still peeing hardily when it retreated. that went on for about thrity seconds, until she gained control. she ran the few remaining feet to the water, her friends circling her. she told them she was NOT done, and she stood to go, so i could still see. 2 more minutes! i was astonished!
just thought i'd share.

Linda from Australia here again. During the week, I did a poo on Wednesday night and then I didn't go again until Friday night. I think I got a bit constipated because I have been eating a fair amount of junk lately. I thought I was going to have a really difficult time on the toilet on Friday night but it was ok. It only took me 5 minutes to push the poos out.

To Keith D: Although I did get skidmarks in my knickers as a child, my mother never threatened that she would rub my nose in it. I can remember getting constipated and being too scared to tell my mum. After 2 or 3 days, she would figure it out because I would spend so much time on the toilet. She would say to me "You're constipated arn't you" and I would say "No" and then she would ask me "Then why have you been taking so long on the toilet?" I would tell her that I was thinking in there. Then she would ask "When did you last do a poo?" and I would have to tell her. I would try and convince her that I wasn't constipated but I knew I was and she knew it too.

The toilet at my parent's place sounded similar to yours. It was out the back, at the end of an enclosed veranda. Bugs, spiders, frogs and other crawlies got in there quite often. It was a roomy toilet, enough room to stretch your legs out or to squat on the floor (which I did once or twice when I was constipated).

I hate going for a poo and not having success. Especially if I have to try to do one in a hurry. And its even worse if Im backed up. I hate it when Ive only got 15 or 20 minutes to do a poo before work and it just won't come out. Its worse if I have to go out after work, or stay there for a staff meeting or whatever. Then I have to wait all day and then some more before I can even think about trying for a poo again. Plus I hate having to go at someone elses place. Sometimes I can't tell if Im going to have a difficult time or not so its safer for me to wait until Im in the privacy of my own toilet. Also, I hate it when you think its going to be an easy one and it turns out to be a really hard one.

As for doing poos at someone elses place, I remember having an extremely difficult time at a friend's house about 5-6 years ago. I was staying the night and I hadn't done a poo for almost 5 days. I hardly ever went had constipation for that long. We were all watching tv when I got the urge to go but I waited till everyone went to bed. By then, the urge had gone but I was in dire need for a poo so I decided to try for 1 anyway. I got on the toilet and waited. It took a good 15 minutes for the poo to start moving down and I did lots of farts. Then I could hear my hole crackling as the poo moved closer. I could feel the head of a HUGE turd knocking at the door but I knew this was going to take a while. I pushed and pushed but all I managed to do was a wee. I kept pushing and more wee and farts came out. I strained and strained as hard as I could to try and get things moving a bit more. I found that I was holding my breath for a bit too long so I had to stop and rest a few times. I considered giving up and going to bed. But I could feel this big, hard, impacted lump of poo in me and I had to get it out then and there. I just hoped nobody woke up to do a wee, as Im sure by now I had been on the toilet at least 30 minutes. I kept straining and pushing and heaving against a big, hard, dry mass. It kept getting stuck in my anus but I kept straining with all my might. Then I knew I had to give it all I had so I pushed so hard and held my breath for so long that I couldn't hear anything. I did this twice more and FINALLY, the big load slowly slid out in one, very long, thick, dry and extremely rock hard turd. Then I pushed again and more poo came out, at the same time I did a wee. It must have taken me the best part of an hour to get that load out. I had a look in the toilet and the poo must have been 30 centremetres long!!! My hole was sore after that too. Luckily, nobody was waiting to use the toilet. That was the last time I was well and truly constipated for so long.

I can remember staying with my grandparents as a kid and I was constipated at the time. When I was about 7, I suffered with chronic constipation and it lasted for about a year. I remember my mum telling me that my grandfather was constipated aswell. There were 2 toilets in the house and he always used the same one. Everyone else had to use the other 1, in case my grandfather was in there trying to do a poo. My mum told me it took him a long time on the toilet. I walked in on him once by accident and he was in there, staining and heaving against a big load. On the same visit, I was playing outside one day with my dolls. I felt some liquid poo escape from my anus and onto my knickers. It wasn't just a little bit either. There was nobody else around (except my mum was inside) so I pulled down my pants to have a look. There was runny poo all over my knickers so I ran inside, without pulling my pants up, they were around my ankles. My mum saw me and I pointed to the mess in my pants. It was all over my bottom too. She took me to the shower and cleaned me up.

Dave, what state is your truck stop in? I cannot believe that those guys sit on the toilet for so long reading when there is a line. That is pretty rude, so maybe it is not a bad idea to put up that sign to help move things along. If a guy has to sit for longer and is pooping well it's no big deal but to just be reading while there is a line that is a not acceptable.

To Dave: Don't embarrass your patrons by giving them a time limit on the toilets, they are money spending grown adult men, who might be either constipated or have diahreah, and might need more time on the bowls Tell your partner it's not a good business move.

Dave--I think you should not set a time limit. Just put a sign that says "Please respect those who are waiting" or something to that effect. There's no problem in taking as long as you want if no one else is there, but I agree the men should not just sit and hang out if they are not using the toilet and others are waiting. However, putting a time limit would not be cool because what if someone genuinely needs more time? You may also look into expanding the facilities in order to have more for both the men and women.

To Dave

Taking a dump is not a "shit n git" for everyone. A time limit is definately inappropriate. As for the men's room, it may not be required by an inspector, but at a bare minimum you should install a divider between the bowls.

Dave, if you put up a time limit for toilet time, you have to put up a toilet tissue limit too......Your partner is very petty

to lizzie - yes id love to hear what happened to you guys the other 2 times, sucked ur bf had it happened but at least you enjoyed it

Sunday, March 30, 2008

To kelly from page 1650 - I hope you're still around and will see this. I totally understand the frustration of being dependent on others to use the toilet. I'm 23 years old and I have Cerebral Palsy. When I need to go to the bathroom someone has to help me get onto the toilet. Either my parents, or during my days in school, an aide. I've been in the exact same situation you were in, where I really needed to go, and the person who was supposed to help me got sidetracked, and just like you, it led to accidents. The best advice I can give, is that clothes can be washed, and so can you. Don't get too down on yourself, or your mom, when accidents happen. Just be thankful you were in the privacy of your own home and not in public.

I have really enjoyed some of the stories here mostly the ones of hairy women post more if you have them as for me I spent two long days drinking and them spent a day of nothing but loose dark shit pouring out of me i wiped so ouch i bled and was very raw for a while

My business partner and myself recently purchased a small 24 hour truck-stop/ restaurant. Business is pretty good so far. The restrooms have not been renovated in years. The women's restroom is a single occupancy room with a toilet and a sink, and a locking door. The men's restroom has 2 toilets and 2 urinals and 1 sink, and of course no lock on the swinging door. There was never any divider between the toilets, and we were told at our closing, that because it is classified as a truck-stop, the 'open toilets' are grandfathered in and passed inspection. Had this been strictly a restaurant, we would be required to put at least a partition between the toilets. Nobody really complains about the lack of privacy while shitting, the only problem is some guys sit there reading newspapers or 30 minutees, causing a back-up with men who need to shit. My partner wants to put a sign over the toilets saying '10 minute limit on toilets please" I think that would be rude, as I have sat there for 20-30 minutes reading newspapers myself, and so has my partner. But as he says "we OWN the place" What do you folks think ?

Lost ******
hey evryone i once seen a post in here that a guy was saying how to make a huge log by eating a lot of somthing, well i just want to know how to do it. i want to try what he posted and lay huge log in the toilet.

Keith D

I've just had a funny memory. I've been thinking about what I said earlier about how people seem to have unique toilet habits when pooping or peeing because we rarely have a chance to see each other using the toilet so we don't really copy each other or learn from each other. An exception may be guys when they are at a urinal in a public toilet. I remember from when I was being toilet trained as a little kid. I originally learned to pee while sitting on a potty. As I grew, I wanted to be able to pee standing up, like I had seen older kids doing. I had to wait a little while because I was not yet quite tall enough to be able to reach over the top of the toilet bowl to pee! But once I was tall enough I learnt to just stand facing the toilet and dangle my thing over the side.

When I got to elementary school it was my first real experience with public toilets and urinals. It was kinda exciting to be able to try one out. I remember going up to the urinal and starting to pee for the first time. The toilet block was empty when I went in so I just went over and started to pee. It was fun to be able to aim my pee in different directions and target different things. But then some other kids came in behind me and started laughing. I didn't get it at first but then they all lined up and started to pee too. I then realized my error. The other kids just unbuttoned and unzipped the top of their pants, got their gear out and peed. I, on the other hand, had unbuttoned and unzipped my pants, then dropped trousers and underway all the way down to my ankles. I was standing there with my bare butt out, peeing.

When I had taught myself to pee standing up as a toddler, I had gone from sitting on the pot with my pants around my ankles, to just turning around and standing up. I guess it had never occurred to me that I no longer needed to pull my pants all the way down to my ankles to go. Embarrassing but I got over it pretty quick. And learnt to pee with my pants still up.

To Linda from Australia: When I was constipated as a kid my mother always knew about it - that's because I was always constipated! One or two poops a week, but by the very next day I'd be getting poop cramps because another big one was ready to come out but I would be afraid to let it out. When I got the cramps I would go and hide somewhere, then hunch down and try and fight them by squeezing my sphincter tighter and tighter. But sometimes a little liquid poop would slip out and make the tell-tale skidmark in my underwear. I always got in trouble for that. Not serious trouble though. Just yelled at. And once she threatened to rub my face in my dirty pants. But I don't think she would have ever actually done that to me.

I don't use public toilets very often and don't often hear people in there often struggling with constipation. Although I wish I did as I've struggled so often myself and would love to hear how other people deal with it. I've posted stories about a couple of people I've heard struggling (pages 1609, 1639). I can remember another occasion.

I was down at a beach last summer taking a long walk. I hadn't pooped for a couple of days and the walk started to get things moving with some weak cramps so I thought I'd head to a nearby brick toilet block to sit and try. As I was going in a minibus pulled up nearby and some tourists got out, 4 or 5 of them. They looked like they were setting up a picnic. They were in their 20's and dressed in swimwear for the beach. They were laughing and yelling in german. I went inside the brick building. It was cold and dark. It had showers, benches for changing clothes on and a couple of stalls up one end. I took one and sat (pants down, to my ankles of course)! To my dismay the faint urge to poop disappeared immediately. If I don't have an urge, I really can't go. I sat for a while and made some feeble urges to push. Then I heard footsteps approaching. "Great" I thought "company…" I'm a little poop shy and sometimes I can't go with others around. And I sure couldn't go with someone right next to me (there were only 2 stalls). But the visitor didn't come and take the stall next to me and I realized that they had gone into the opposite side of the building, into the ladies toilets. The brick wall separating each side was high but did not go all the way to the roof so you could hear a bit from the opposite side. There was a clatter of a stall door and toilet seat as she took a pew. I resumed my gentle pushing but there was nothing coming.

After a couple of minutes I realized the girl on the opposite side of the wall was sitting silently. Then after a while I heard someone exhale deeply. There was silence for about 15 seconds, then another quiet exhale. This continued for quite some time. I guess I was doing the same thing, holding my breath, bearing down to push, then exhaling quietly as I composed myself for the next breath. But I wasn't holding my breath for as long. We both sat for what must have been about 20 minutes. She was quietly pushing the whole time. Kind of stealth constipation. And with no plops to signal success. Poor thing, it sounded like she was working very hard. I guess that traveling around in a little minibus with your friends, you don't often get time and privacy alone to yourself to take a regular crap. Let alone a difficult one.

I could hear more footsteps approaching and two guys came running into the men's side, laughing and chatting excitedly in german. They played with the shower taps and turned them on and off. The girl on the other side immediately flushed the toilet and left. I guess she didn't want her friends to hear her pooping so just gave up. One guy came and took the stall next to mine and the other knocked on my door calling "Helllloooooo……" "Occupied" I grunted as I gave a final shove. No joy today. I decided I would leave unfinished and let the guy have the stall. I hate leaving a poop unfinished. Oh well. After I washed my hands and left, I could see in the distance that the others had set up the picnic and were eating. There were a couple of girls in the group, both with brown hair in ponytails, tanned skin and wearing bikinis. I suppose one of them had been my companion on the other side of the wall. I hope she found some private time later to finish. It's a tough life on the road…

I tend to avoid public toilets myself if I'm really constipated but there are exceptions. I might post about one next time. I think I posted about taking a difficult crap at a friends place on p1633.

I have a question for everyone out there, what do you do to occupy yourself when sitting on the toilet for a really long session? When I was a child and wasted hours on the toilet, I used to sit and daydream for ages. So many wasted hours and so many crazy thoughts. I kinda miss that time from when I was a kid. I also remember spending hours watching bugs and spiders crawling around. Our toilet room opened to the outside of the house and the door was left open when not in use to ventilate it so lots of creepy crawly things came in. I've never sat and read. When I'm sitting making a really genuine effort to push out a tough crap it takes a lot of my concentration.

Hi. Ive been reading this site for a long time and now want to post my own event.

I went shopping this morning, stopped halfway thru and had a large coffee (having had 2 cups for breakfast earlier). Finished the shopping and needed to pee so went to the bathroom only to find a queue. I wasnt that desperate so decided to head on home.
As luck would have it (sods law) there was a huge hold up on the road as there had been an accident. I sat waiting patiently for about 30 mins realising I really needed the loo, but there was nothing I could do but sit and wait. Another 15 minutes and the traffic began to move albeit slowly. Hurrah I thought I will soon be home. However the traffic was really snarled up and we moved about 10 feet and stopped and this continued for quite a while. By this time I was squeezing my thighs together and listening to the radio trying to block out the messages from my bladder. Another 5 minutes found me having to press my hand into my crotch to try to relieve the pain and hold the pee in, this made it hard to drive easpecially on the few occasions I had to change to second gear so meant I had to move my leg.

Eventually I got home and pulled up on the drive as I braked I felt a little squirt in my panties, so I sat still in order to control myself. I then opened the door and got out, another squirt....decided to leave the shopping and come back later and tried to walk as normally as I could to the door, when all I wanted to do was hold myself and walk with my legs together bent double. Just got to the front door and my neighbour called out.....,.I said I could hear the fone and would come back in a few minutes, I truly knew I couldnt stand talking to her even for a second. Another squirt....and another.......I walked as fast as I could to the bathroom..........then a huge squirt and another, my panties were soaked thru by now so I grabbed two bath towels held them between my legs. bent my legs at the knees and just let go.......I so badly had to go I just couldnt have held it for another second not even to pull my panties down or walk across the floor to the loo.
I seemed to go for ages, the towels were saturated, it was running down my legs into my shoes and making a huge puddle on the floor......but the absolute relief.
Luckily it didnt take too much to clean up, however since then Ive had to go about 7 times (in 4 hours) and each time I really pee out a lot, I really have to go, I darent go out of the house as I keep needing to go......I actually started to pee myself whilst in the garden, Id rushed out to get in the wash and needed to pee and suddenly I had to go so bad I started to go.
Maybe Ive irritated my bladder from holding it so long earlier?

Hi, I have questions for the ladies who visit this site.

1. What is your age?

2. What is your body type?

3. Would you say your normal bowel movements consist of diarrhea (completely liquid), really soft turds (ex. soft serve ice cream), or solid turds?

4. If your BM is diarrhea or soft serve, do you have a medical condition?

5. If your turds are solid, is it usually one big piece, or several solid pieces?

6. How often do you poop REALLY big turds?

7. Do you feel more satisfied when you produce a big turd, or does it not matter to you?

8. Are you a vegetarian or vegan? If not, what would you eat first a) a big sandwich b) meat, vegetables, and something else?

9. If someone was in the bathroom while you were pooping, would they a) not smell a thing b) smell the poop aroma but not too bad c) would have to leave the room?

10. Do you have the ability to feel whether a turd's going to be really big as soon as you get the urge to move your bowels?

11. What was the biggest turd you ever remember pooping? Describe how it looked, were you home, did it flush, etc!

Thanks and I appreciate all the answers!

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